Riddellhmm, we don't seem to have packages of qbzr00:11
yuriyalso, shouldn't bzr be installed by default?00:11
* yuriy just noticed because he was installing 5-a-day00:12
Riddell4MB, that's more space than we can afford for a developer tool00:13
yuriynot that I think it should be, more just that i thought it was part of a base ubuntu install since it's sabdfl's favorite toy00:15
Riddelloh i think it should be00:17
Riddellbut there's not enough space for desktop stuff never mind developer stuff00:17
nixternaloh my, 4.0.2 == garbage00:19
Artimusnixternal: Wasn't that just uploaded to Hardy?00:21
Riddelluh oh00:22
Riddellwhat's wrong with it?00:22
nixternalRiddell: plasma is silly buggy, the panel resize doesn't work correctly...00:22
nixternalI had to ctrl+alt+backspace 4 times before I had a useable desktop00:23
ArtimusFrom my quick experience with it, it seemed a little better.  Desktop Effects murder my desktop slightly less now.  I'm not 100% convinced this isn't my Xorg setup or graphics card's fault.00:23
nixternalI rm -rf ~/.kde400:23
nixternalseemed to have made things worse00:23
ArtimusI've only killed Plasma once.  I was reminded of an Explorer.exe crash00:23
ArtimusIn my defense, I was probably doing something dumb00:23
nixternalplasma never crashed, but it went all white a few times00:24
ArtimusWell, not in my defense.00:24
ArtimusIn KDE's defense00:24
nixternalor it stayed all black00:24
ArtimusWait, you can resize the panel?00:24
yuriyhmm, i haven't had any of these issues yet. maybe nvidia is saving plasma more than eating it00:24
nixternalya, but I would recommend against it00:24
Artimusyuriy: Do you have desktop effects on?00:24
yuriyArtimus: yeah00:24
nixternaldesktop effects are much smoother and faster with 4.0.200:25
Artimusyuriy: Any custom xorg.conf hackery?00:25
yuriyArtimus: hmm i don't think so, just using the nvidia driver00:25
yuriyi only used 4.0.2 for a little while on my other machine, i still need to restart this session and see how it works out00:26
yuriybut i just saw bug 198362 and bug 198470, which aren't *too* bad. resizing the panel and such worked00:26
ubotuLaunchpad bug 198362 in kdebase-workspace "[KDE4] Upgrade to 4.0.2. -> Panel is not displayed properly" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19836200:26
ubotuLaunchpad bug 198470 in kdebase-workspace "wallpaper broken in plasma in kde 4.0.2" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19847000:26
ArtimusI'm not sure how to describe what was happening when I enabled desktop effects...  I'd see "dead" windows.  If I moved a window, it'd still appear rendered on the screen when the window was elsewhere.  Nvidia card...00:27
ArtimusI should probably turn them off and mess around with the rest of KDE4 for a while.00:27
yuriyArtimus: that's with the proprietary driver?00:28
Artimusyuriy: yeah00:28
ArtimusI also tried turning on Composite with some instructions.  It made no difference.00:28
ArtimusI'll probably go back to the default settings and try it again.00:28
yuriyon a related note, has bulletproof X been implemented for kdm?00:29
yuriyafter a kernel update, i restarted x but not the machine and got a cannot start displayconfig-gtk message00:30
Riddellyuriy: yes, that's bulletproof X00:32
Riddellthe scripts still need to be modified to test for and run displayconfig or something else if available00:32
Jucatogood evening jjesse00:41
jjessemorning Jucato00:42
jjessehow are things for u?00:42
Jucatodoing ok. nervously waiting (for 2 months) for word on my application to college :)00:42
jjessei saw that on your blog, good luck00:42
nixternalargh that kdiamond game is addicting00:51
jjessehrm hotel is blocking some of my vpn connection :(00:51
Jucatothat's the bejeweled clone right?00:51
nixternalI guess00:51
nixternalwaiting for qt-copy to finish compiling00:52
nixternalqt-copy sub-src that is00:52
Jucatothere are 2 more game clones I'm looking for in Linux: Bookworm and Text Twist00:52
nixternalafter sub-src comes sub-tools00:52
jjessenixternal: i was in o'hare this morning at 5:30 :(00:52
jjesseon my way to harford00:52
nixternalthat sucks, I was in bed by O'Hare at 5:30 :p00:52
* nixternal needs food00:53
nixternalback in a few00:53
ArtimusJucato: Yeah, it is.  And I thought Frozen Bubble killed time.00:53
Jucatokdiamond is the new frozen bubble :)00:54
Hobbseemmm....frozen bubble...00:54
Hobbseethat looks fun too00:54
ArtimusI don't know, the game seems kind of laggy on my box00:54
JucatoHobbsee!!! :)00:54
Jucatothere were problems with kdiamond. aseigo blogged about it00:55
ArtimusI'm not familiar wth aseigo's or anyone else's blogs...00:55
Artimus(I'm always looking for more, though.  I've recently started using RSS more)00:56
nixternaldamn food isn't ready00:56
nixternalsmelled like it was00:56
Hobbseehey Jucato!00:57
* Hobbsee likes gweled, though00:57
* nosrednaekim is watching the error messages as he upgrades from dapper to hardy... or attempts to00:57
Artimusnosrednaekim: I mourn for your install00:58
Hobbseeit's known to be broken.00:58
nosrednaekimthis is a separate partition :)00:58
Artimusnosrednaekim: Didn't want to jump a few times?00:58
jjessegrumble vm is not starting up today :(00:58
yuriyArtimus: planetkde.org00:58
Jucatohttp://aseigo.blogspot.com/2008/02/animating-lots-of-things-simultaneously.html <-- about kdiamond01:00
nosrednaekimuh oh... now its wanting 20MB of stuff... I hate doing this on dial-up. :)01:03
Artimusnosrednaekim: Are you  keeping notes on what's dying?01:03
nosrednaekimnothing has "died" yet actually01:04
yuriynosrednaekim: you're dist-upgrading on dial-up? :O01:04
nosrednaekimyuriy: apt-get dist-upgrade -qq --force-yes --print-uris does wonders :)01:05
nosrednaekimok....goin back to my gutsy install...01:08
nixternalhrmm, kpovmodeler-kde4 and rsibreak-kde4 were both kicked back with md5 issues...that wasn't right..the md5sums are the same and correct01:24
Jucatohead <- palm01:25
* Jucato is beginning to hate kword's frames...01:25
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* ryanakca loves netsplits :)03:03
=== r0uzic_ is now known as r0uzic_ausente
nixternalwhat is wrong with this stinkin' network tonight?05:30
dasSKreechIt's smelly?05:31
nixternalthat it is05:34
dasSKreechnixternal: network has been freaking for a while06:20
nixternaldamn, I thought we were in here06:20
nixternalhad me talking in the other chan06:20
dasSKreechstephaniewhiting doesn't hang in here too often06:21
nixternalmmmm Guiness is the bestest!06:22
dasSKreechHows class?06:25
dasSKreechoh nixternal can you change resolution in System Settings?06:26
nixternalclass is kicking my arse06:27
nixternalhrmm, I think I am going to create a customized skin for my laptop... maybe a little Kubuntu and KDE flavor06:28
dasSKreechHmm nothing I do will give me the apply option for my desktop06:28
dasSKreechnixternal: stick it on brain storm!!06:29
nixternalkeep restarting X...it will eventually allow you to apply06:29
nixternalya, 4.0.2 seems to be a slight regression thus far06:29
dasSKreechthat's brilliant06:29
dasSKreechI haven't seen a changelog for it06:29
dasSKreechCourse I didn't know it was out06:30
dasSKreechI thought it was shipping Wednesday06:30
nixternalkde 4 from trunk is great though06:30
dasSKreech!info akregator-kde4 hardy06:30
nixternalas long as you don't try to build on a monday that is :)06:30
ubotuPackage akregator-kde4 does not exist in hardy06:30
dasSKreechyes yes stop rubbing in the lack of ppa builds already06:30
nixternalwth, we have 6 kdm patches in kdebase06:33
* dasSKreech laughs at aseigo's latest blog06:35
dasSKreechRight let me make a SoC suggestion pre bed06:38
dasSKreechnixternal: so no idea if it's actual regressions or packaging issues?06:39
nixternaldon't know yet06:39
dasSKreechooh can I put strikethroughs for Kubuntu SoC ideas that have been shot down?06:41
nixternalI tried, there aren't strikethroughs on our blog06:41
nixternalwe need some real SoC ideas, then I might apply for one06:42
nixternalthen again, I think it is bad for me to do that06:42
nixternalI would rather get fresh blood in to do it06:42
dasSKreechyou could mentor06:44
nixternalI want to work on some coding...thought about getting involved in a different project though06:45
nixternalneed to see how the applications go this time around06:45
nixternalI don't see any patches that are out of place that could be a problem06:47
nixternalheh, I said there aren't strike throughs on our blog...I mean wiki :)06:50
nixternalwhat's up apachelogger06:51
apacheloggermy maths professor just suggested to throw chalk at us if we don't stop talking about KDE06:52
apacheloggerpffft, gnome users are so unfriendly -.-06:53
dasSKreechKhalk ?06:53
dasSKreechapachelogger: give them the Boot!06:53
dasSKreechwhere would kipi be in the svn ?06:53
apacheloggereither graphics or libs06:54
apacheloggerwhat happened?06:57
apacheloggerother than kde4libs for gutsy is still not built -.-06:58
apachelogger143 language packs to go06:59
stdinwooh, language packs are fun :p06:59
nixternalI made a HUGE n00b mistake06:59
apacheloggerstdin: I tend to don't like them anymore07:00
Hobbseewhich one?  :)07:00
nixternaland nobody even caught the n00b mistake in revu07:00
apacheloggerwe are providing free breakage for our KDE 407:00
nixternalshame on you revu'rz07:00
apacheloggerHobbsee: https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-langpack/+archive/+builds07:00
nixternalapachelogger: kpovmodeler-kde4, my f'n binary was named kpovmodeler...d'oh! can't do that, we already have a kpovmodeler07:00
dasSKreechHobbsee: Hey you still hang out here :)07:00
nixternalthank god our archive is smart07:00
Hobbseeapachelogger: yummy07:01
apacheloggeryeah, blocking soyuz for half a day now :S07:01
apacheloggernixternal: omg, indeed!07:01
stdinapachelogger: I swear they wait until we want to do a release before doing that, every single kde release (from the alphas to 4.0.1) they have decided to do that...07:01
nixternalapachelogger: you didn't catch it either in revu, shame on you :p07:01
apacheloggernixternal: omg!!!!07:02
nixternalthat was a couple of months ago07:02
apacheloggerdid I advocate?07:02
nixternalapachelogger: you aren't the only one, lets say a core-dev didn't catch it either07:02
apacheloggerstdin: maybe we should talk to them07:02
nixternalapachelogger: yup07:02
apacheloggernixternal: ok, that is pretty bad07:02
Hobbseeapachelogger: wouldn't surprise me07:02
nixternalya, but I created that horrid booboo...live and learn..thank god it didn't turn out worse07:02
* apachelogger adds an item to his checklist for revus07:03
dasSKreechnixternal: gnome-init07:03
nixternalluckily the version for kpovmodeler-kde4 is < kpovmodeler07:03
stdinapachelogger: and say what? "please don't kill the PPA buildds for over a day, kthxbye"?07:03
apacheloggerstdin: well, if we can preannounce KDE releases to them, so they can delay their builds until we pushed KDE in07:04
apacheloggerif they are willing to do that at all07:04
* dasSKreech did a search for kipi and got fully distracted by a cosplayer07:05
stdinbesides, "them" seems to just be Martin Pitt, and recently Arne Goetje (arnegoetje). the real problem with it is not just the number of packages, but that they are only built on the i386 buildds, so other archs start to build then ftbfs needed a manual re-queueing07:06
stdinso while the language packs build, we get no -dev packages built07:06
* Hobbsee resists ranting07:06
Hobbseestdin: if it's just a couple of packages, i can reprio them07:07
Hobbseeparticularly if it's only i38607:07
apacheloggerHobbsee: https://edge.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-members-kde4/+archive/+builds?build_text=&build_state=pending07:07
dasSKreechapachelogger: You understand kipi?07:07
stdinHobbsee: we really just need kde4libs on 386 built, so it stops depending on libgif for gutsy07:07
Hobbseeapachelogger: you need kde4libs?  yeah, OK07:07
dasSKreechwhat does the wallpaper plugin do?07:08
dasSKreechit seems to manage the KDE wallpaper07:08
apacheloggerHobbsee: yep, most important07:08
nixternaldasSKreech: allows you to set your wallpaper07:08
nixternalfrom a kipi enabled application07:08
* Hobbsee bumps07:08
nixternaldamn enter key07:08
apacheloggercurrently kdelibs5 will beak or best case not install07:08
Hobbseethank goodness for greasemonkey, even if i can't use buildd.py07:08
dasSKreechnixternal: hmm ok and the slideshow plugin does slideshows of images07:08
* stdin hails the stick'o'buildd-bumps07:08
Hobbseesaves one click07:08
nixternalwhich is now fixed cuz of me :)07:08
dasSKreechbut it's not plugable07:09
* Hobbsee hates the fact that there is *no* global build queue for ppa07:09
nixternalHobbsee: I deserve massive stick abuse for my horrible mistake07:09
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about stickme - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:09
apacheloggerme tooo!07:09
nixternalhahaha, we need that so we can punish ourselves07:09
* dasSKreech will avoid the stick thank you07:09
nixternalapachelogger: it was just kpovmodeler which wasn't life or death, but it is bad to have that attitude07:10
nixternalit isn't like we destroyed X, or Gnome, or heck, even KDE :p07:10
dasSKreechor windows07:10
stdinyou aren't a man until you've broken KDE at least once :p07:10
stdinor woman, for out female inclined devs07:11
stdins/out/our/ - /me gets more caffeine07:11
nixternalI see Ubuntu picked up another female dev...women are starting to kick some free software ass07:12
apacheloggernixternal: we weren't perfect!07:12
nixternalwe had a talk at the uni today by a lady who worked for Microsoft but has since moved to Red Hat and is a free software lover07:12
apacheloggerperfection is the most important thing at all07:12
nixternaland we have another lady coming to Flourish next month and giving a couple of talks, plus she is going to sit on the FLOSS Panel with myself and others..that is going to rock hardcore man..I can't wait for Flourish07:13
* apachelogger is looking forward on talking with some guys @ their CeBit booth07:13
dasSKreechnixternal: I should tell you about the woman who presented the Students Developers talk for .Net 1.0 at my Uni07:13
nixternalI think I am going to move to Europe, they have way to many Free Software conferences07:13
apacheloggerand money wasting ones07:14
dasSKreechnixternal: Come to Jamaica we have way too few :)07:14
nixternalmost of our CS instructors are women, I just now realized that, and our LUG advisor is a woman07:14
* apachelogger spent a lot money on fosdem07:14
dasSKreechHobbsee: coming to KDE Kamp ?07:14
nixternalif I move to Europe, anyone looking for a wannabe hacker to work for them? I will need a job of course, at least enough to buy some food and a warm blanket so sleeping in the park doesn't freeze me to death :p07:15
apacheloggernixternal: you could work at Microsoft's07:16
HobbseedasSKreech: no?07:16
dasSKreechHobbsee: Drat07:17
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dasSKreechnixternal: http://www.poutz.com/img/arte/contrucoes-com-moedas/07:54
nixternalholy smokes, that is cool08:01
jussi01nixternal: ?08:06
nixternalthat picture that dasSKreech posted08:06
nixternalor those pictures rather in the link he posted08:06
jussi01nixternal: ahh. have a look at this one also: http://www.chrisjordan.com/current_set2.php :)08:08
nixternalthat is cool as hell too08:14
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emonkeynixternal, will there be an announce about 402 on kubuntu.org ? I've already written a news for -de and we want to wait until kde and .org will publish the news ...09:22
Jucatoemonkey: he might be in bed (or should be)09:26
emonkeyJucato, ok thx. we can wait09:26
Jucatowe are the borg. we can wait"09:26
ubotuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore09:32
Jucatojussi01: ^^^^09:34
jussi01Jucato: yeah, I noticed09:34
jussi01very weird09:34
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boom1992someone knows in which language ubiquity is written and where can I find the sources?09:45
* Jucato wouldn't be surprised if it were python :)09:46
Jucato!info ubiquity09:46
ubotuubiquity (source: ubiquity): Ubuntu live CD installer. In component main, is optional. Version 1.6.8 (gutsy), package size 1966 kB, installed size 7448 kB09:46
Jucatoboom1992: you can do "apt-get source ubiquity"09:46
boom1992Jucato: oh no =( I don't have Kubuntu installed :P I'm going to write a Live-CD-Installer for ArchLinux and we want to make it as easy as Kubuntu one's ;)09:47
boom1992thx =)09:47
Jucatoyep. written in py09:49
Jucatosee the code tab09:49
boom1992yo =/09:50
blizzzekJucato: can i search in lauchnpad (or somewhere) for apps written in a specific language (py e.g. :D)09:52
xRaich[o]2xHm. The Plasmabar int 4.0.2 seems to have a problem with widescreen displays.09:52
Jucatoblizzzek: not really sure... you'd have to ask in #launchpad :)09:52
xRaich[o]2xThe scaling looks quite weird.09:53
blizzzekJucato: ty ;)09:53
* xRaich[o]2x really needs webspace to upload all these screenshots off visual bugs -_-09:55
Riddellboom1992: ubiquity uses debian-installer modules for a lot of its configuration11:30
boom1992Riddel: mmh ok =) btw the partitioning-part, is that an embedded qtparted?11:31
jussi01morning Riddell11:31
Riddellboom1992: it used to be, but qtparted is pretty broken, it uses a custom UI on debian-installer's partman now11:34
boom1992Riddel: ahh ok =)11:35
boom1992thx :)11:36
Riddellnew alpha candidate CDs for testing, 20080305.111:36
jussi01yay :)11:37
iRonRiddell: Does bulletproof-x need to be finished before BetaFreeze?11:43
RiddelliRon: what still needs doing?  just changing the scripts to run other apps as appropriate no?11:44
iRonRiddell: yes.. only this11:45
iRonRiddell: we need to consider what app to use -- displayconfig-gtk or displayconfig11:46
RiddelliRon: the gnome side are chaning over to gnome-display-properties11:47
Riddelland kde 4 has an randr kcontrol module11:47
Riddellso I think it should run the first available from gnome-display-properties, kcmshell4 randr, displayconfig-gtk, displayconfig11:48
hungerWill kubuntu-desktop get updated for the new OOo soon?11:48
iRonRiddell: ok. i'll contact Bryce about this..11:49
Riddellhunger: what's new about it?11:49
jussi01Riddell: quick question, do the autostart file movings have bugs?11:49
hungerRiddell: Dunno. The version number?11:50
hungerAptitude wants to remove kubuntu-desktop when I try to update OOo.11:50
Riddellhrm, sounds like a bug in the openoffice packaging11:50
Riddelldoes anything else get removed?11:50
hungerIf only aptitude would not crash all the time!11:50
* stdin retunes huffing an puffing11:51
hungerMaybe that is due to OOo itself depending on a missing package though.11:51
jussi01Riddell: I imagine a diff of the debian dir is enough? or do you want an actual patch created? (for the autostart patches)11:52
Riddelljussi01: debdiff best11:52
jussi01Riddell: sure11:52
kristjan_I'm not sure if this is the correct channel for default look discussion, but why don't you drop polyester style and crystal windeco in favor of domino style & windeco?11:58
Riddellbecause artwork is subjective? :)11:59
kristjan_ok. what is the default look most important purpose? to appeal to largest audience possible?12:01
hungerPlease don't change styles if not at all necessary (e.g. for KDE4). I'll have to retrain my parents in law on each change:-|12:03
Hobbseegot a screenshot of the domino proposal?12:03
kristjan_Hobbsee: no. I just like it alot, nothing comes close to it in kde3.5 (in my honest opinion)12:04
kristjan_Hobbsee: domino is sort of different from standard, windeco is part of window itself (e.g. oxygen style) http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/LightGrey+for+Domino?content=5272112:06
Seregahi all12:15
kristjan_how come kubuntu does have this? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Hardy/Alternate12:15
Riddellkristjan_: that looks quite a lot different from the kde 3 norm12:17
jussi01Riddell: where do you want this debdiff for knetworkmanager?12:18
Riddelljussi01: anywhere you can put it12:19
Riddellbug report or pastebin is fine12:19
jussi01Riddell: here you are: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/58479/12:24
jussi01I need to run.12:24
jussi01catch you later.12:24
Riddell"kdebase-workspace-bin: Depends: libqimageblitz4 but it is not installable"12:27
Riddellgutsy ppa having trouble there12:27
Riddellstdin: do you know if qimageblitz was removed from ppa packages in the past?12:28
stdinnot that I know of12:28
Riddelloh, maybe I just need universe in my chroot12:29
Riddellthat helps12:31
\shsebas: wine will work again ;)12:43
Riddellnareshov: about?13:07
ryanakcaheh, yet another ice day :)13:24
ryanakcaRiddell: any more backports?13:24
Riddellryanakca: mostly someone needs to fix the ones that have failed13:26
ryanakcaok, and where can I find those? ~kubuntu-members-kde/+ppa ?13:26
Riddellryanakca: kubuntu-members-kde413:28
ryanakcayep, found them :)13:28
Riddellryanakca: kdebase-workspace-dev needs fixed for libxklavier1{2,1}-dev13:28
ryanakca  kdebase-workspace-dev: Depends: libxklavier12-dev but it is not installable ... so fix libxklavier first and then try?13:30
Riddellno just make it depend on libxklavier11-dev13:31
ryanakcaah, ok :)13:31
ryanakcaRiddell: hmm... I see that kdebase-workspace 4:4.0.2-0ubuntu1~gutsy1~ppa1 built successfully, so I'm guessing its ~gutsy2~ppa1 or ~gutsy1~ppa2 that I want?13:37
Riddellryanakca: ~gutsy1~ppa213:38
ryanakcaok, thanks13:38
Hobbseeoops, you broke it13:44
* ryanakca wonders if there's a dget that'll work with launchpad/PPA13:48
Riddellyes, I think stdin wrote one13:49
vorianyou can go to the actual link and dget as well13:49
stdinfor launchpad librarian URLs there dgetlp (from ubuntu-dev-tools)13:50
stdinwhich got a whole new rewrite by me again a couple weeks ago :)13:50
ryanakcastdin: nice, thanks :)13:51
ryanakcahow can I temporarily add a repository/source line to schroot? ex, lp/ppa does it with "RUN: /usr/share/launchpad-buildd/slavebin/override-sources-list ['override-sources-list', '531217-1385008', 'deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-members-kde4/ubuntu gutsy main', 'deb http://ftpmaster.internal/ubuntu gutsy main restricted universe multiverse', 'deb http://ftpmaster.internal/ubuntu gutsy-security main restricted universe multiverse', ...14:01
ryanakca... 'deb http://ftpmaster.internal/ubuntu gutsy-updates main restricted universe multiverse']"14:01
ryanakcaoh, that line was longer than I thought :)14:01
Riddellnever heard of schroot14:03
ryanakcahmm... I guess I'll manually edit the chroot :)14:04
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hungerThat drat scim thing is getting dragged onto my system yet again. This time by ubuntu-desktop.14:26
Riddelltry removing scim-bridge-client-qt14:27
hungerShouldn't it just not start on environments where it is not needed?14:27
Riddellthat would be best yes14:28
hungerRiddell: Nope. Best would be it not getting installed when not needed:-)14:29
ryanakcahunger: remove 'scim'14:35
ryanakca(that'll take off scim-*)14:35
hungerryanakca: Last time I had that installed I said that I'd just remove the stuff and was told to not to so that I could help getting this fixed.14:36
hungerryanakca: You guys do not know what you want;-)14:36
ryanakcahunger: lol, I'm just telling you what I did, if you want to help test, kudos to you :D14:37
hungerryanakca: Besides: That removes ubuntu-desktop now...14:37
ryanakcaheh, bad idea asking for packaging help in #debian-mentors ;)14:38
hungerryanakca: You have not updated recently? The new ubuntu-desktop drags in scim again.14:38
ryanakcahunger: updated monday night... *reupgrades*14:42
ryanakcahunger: hurra, 262 to upgrade, 20 not to upgrade14:43
hungerryanakca: OOo is currently borked.14:43
ryanakcaheh, thankfully I write all my documents with vim + LaTeX :)14:44
* jpatrick hugs ryanakca 14:44
davmor2Riddell: what's skim14:53
jpatrick!info skim | davmor214:53
ubotudavmor2: skim (source: skim): smart common input method platform for KDE. In component main, is optional. Version 1.4.5-2ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 1238 kB, installed size 2688 kB14:53
Riddellkde frontend for scim14:54
davmor2Sorry more specifically what does it do?14:55
Riddellinput for chinese and the like14:55
davmor2right okay just noticed it had appeared on the task bar of the latest live cd just wondered about it :)14:56
Riddellothers have noticed it too14:58
davmor2Riddell: why is on the taskbar out of interest?15:00
Riddelldavmor2: it should only appear if you're using CKJ, but there's been a change in the seeds which makes it appear for all15:02
RiddellI'm not sure the best way to fix that15:02
davmor2right okay.  Is it just because of it being the livecd then?  it shouldn't show up on the installed system is that right?15:03
ryanakcaRiddell: hmm.../go -ment15:07
ryanakcaRiddell: do I dput somewheres or debdiff?15:08
ryanakcaRiddell: debdiff: http://ryanak.ca/~ryan/kdebase-workspace_4.0.2-0ubuntu1~gutsy1~ppa2.debdiff15:10
ryanakcabuilds fine :)15:10
Riddellryanakca: are you a member of kubuntu-members-kde4?15:15
ryanakcaryanakca: nope15:15
jpatrickryanakca: don't you just love tab? :-)15:16
Riddellryanakca: I've added you15:16
Riddellryanakca: edit ~/dput.cf as per https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart for kubuntu-members-kde4 and put there15:16
Riddelldput there15:17
ryanakcaRiddell: ok, thanks. As for buildlog_ubuntu-gutsy-lpia.kdeedu-kde4_4%3A4.0.2-0ubuntu1~gutsy1~ppa1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz ,   kdelibs5-dev: Depends: kdelibs5 (= 4:4.0.2-0ubuntu1~gutsy1~ppa2) but it is not going to be installed   has that been fixed? Tried to build 17 hours ago15:17
ryanakcajpatrick: lol, yep :)15:18
davmor2Riddell: doesn't fade to black on my laptop any more :)15:19
davmor2still fade just not to black :)15:20
jpatrickanyone here like to be roomie with me at UDS?15:20
ryanakcajpatrick: I could, but I'm not going :(15:21
etretyakI've changed my nick from `iRon' to `etretyak' to get a cloak :-)15:21
jpatrickryanakca: aww15:21
ryanakcaetretyak: they didn't like iRon ?15:21
etretyakryanakca: iRon was already registered by someone else15:22
ryanakcajpatrick: well, a) its a school week, and b) my parents don't feel like dishing out 1-2k to fly me half way across the world, stay in hotel for a week, food, fly back, etc15:22
ryanakcaetretyak: ah :)15:22
jpatrickryanakca: a) meh b) Canonical pays all15:23
ryanakcajpatrick: lol, school doesn't really matter much, I'm ahead in all my classes, and I can catch up. and b), didn't know they'd do that :)15:24
davmor2ryanakca: You mean you didn't explain about it's importance in your social and education development ;)15:24
=== _czessi is now known as Czessi
jpatrickryanakca: there is a reason it's called "all-expenses paid" ;)15:26
ryanakcahmm... E: kdebase-workspace source: missing-build-dependency po-debconf15:26
ryanakcajpatrick: yes, well, I never saw that part, and I doubt its all-expenses paid for the parent/guardian that insists in comming along15:27
ryanakcapo-debconf... I guess I can just append that to build-depend15:27
ryanakcaor is there a reason why we didn't have it in...15:28
jpatrickryanakca: debhelper depends on that15:30
ryanakcajpatrick: so I can leave it out since we already depend on debhelper?15:32
jpatrickryanakca: yeah15:32
LjLwait... we have 4.0.2 in ppa before it's released?15:39
jpatrickLjL: yeah15:39
jpatrickLjL: they release tars to us before release to package for release date15:40
LjLjpatrick: isn't that a bit confusing to users who have PPA enabled as per kubuntu.org?15:41
Riddellit's on ftp.kde.org15:43
=== jpetso_away is now known as jpetso
davmor2Riddell: Skim shows up on the installed system too :(  other than that I don't see much wrong.15:50
davmor2oh volume level much better too don't know if it is volume change or just improved drivers :)15:50
ryanakcaheh, I never even noticed, I thought 4.0.2 was already released ;)15:51
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=== xRaich[o12x is now known as xRaich[o]2x
davmor2Riddell: I just noticed there is an update for almost all of open-office does this mean they'll be another cd ?16:05
Riddelldavmor2: yes, I'm afraid so16:05
davmor2Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn  Shruggin fassin Dick Dasterdly :)16:07
davmor2Riddell: will kde4 be effected too or is it safe to keep downloading it?16:07
ryanakcaHmm... anybody know why OOo always seems to be alternating between broken and fixed?16:08
\shryanakca: it's evil...16:08
Riddelldavmor2: yes, seems it is16:08
davmor2ryanakca: other than it's OO.o?16:09
davmor2Riddell: Okay np.  Most of my issues with KDE on my machines are over any way :)16:09
ryanakcadavmor2: lol16:09
davmor2\sh: any idea when the wine update will hit the repo's at all?16:11
\shdavmor2: nope...depending on the load of the buildds16:16
\shdavmor2: according to https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+source/wine/0.9.56-0ubuntu1 it should be already on the archives16:21
\shdavmor2: but looks like that it didn't hit the ftp archive ..16:22
davmor2ah right np's thanks for the heads up :)16:23
jpatrickScottK: you applied for DM?16:25
jpatrickyay, /me now knows who to poke for quick uploads16:26
ScottKI'm just starting T&S in my NM and so this'll give me some ability to upload in the mean time.16:26
ScottKjpatrick: NM is only for packages I'm maintainer for.16:26
jpatrickmaybe I could do the same..16:27
ScottKSorry. That was DM.  NM Is the process to become a DD which I may someday finish...16:27
NthDegreeanyone know what the status of a CD-ROM based alternate install is like for Alpha 6?16:38
yao_ziyuanktorrent doesn't seem to fully support unicode filenames (filenames specified in a torrent). i suggest ubuntu uses the official bittorrent client instead.16:46
\shoh wow...this guy has nerves16:48
\shmore likley that the torrent file doesn't provide really utf-8 filenmaes, but non-unicode stuff (e.g. gb18030)16:48
jpatrick\sh: yeah, he's done that loads of times...16:49
jussi01and now in #k having a complain... sigh16:50
jpatrickyep, I'm watching..16:50
jpatrickhi nosrednaekim16:52
* ryanakca waves to nosrednaekim and Czessi 16:52
nosrednaekimhey jpatrick... thanks for fixin up that package.16:53
jpatricknosrednaekim: no problem16:53
* ryanakca wonders why the guy doesn't just file a bug report16:53
jpatrick< yao_ziyuan> sorry i feel it uncomfortable to file a bug :)16:55
nosrednaekimits apparently not feng shau....16:56
* \sh doesn't say anything about it...the torrent file attached to a bug would be better...but I doubt that's a legal file he tried to download ,-)16:56
jussi01someone should tell him complaining in #k wont help16:56
jpatrickno, it isn't16:56
ScottKWell I feel uncomfortable making changes based on random IRC rambling, so I guess we're even.16:56
jpatrickjussi01: why, I thought you'd never volunteer16:57
* jussi01 huggles ScottK 16:57
jussi01jpatrick: he ignores me. If I go in there too much Ill kick him, and I dont want to do something stupid16:57
jpatrickjussi01: err, tell me if what I just did was right16:58
jussi01jpatrick: perfect, he was flooding16:58
* jpatrick goes back to writing emails16:59
nixternalemonkey: yes there will be info about 4.0.2 in the release notes17:06
nixternalI am going to get those all doctored up today17:06
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emonkeynixternal, ok thank you17:07
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
NthDegreejpatrick: what compiler options does Ubuntu Hardy use for the majority of packages?17:11
=== uga|away is now known as uga
=== haggai_ is now known as haggai
davmor2Riddell: should the Hardware Drivers Manager not run on first restart after install?17:33
RiddellI suppose so17:33
davmor2It doesn't :(17:34
Riddelldavmor2: what happens if you run "jockey-kde --check" ?17:34
davmor2Riddell: everything is fine if you run the tool manually17:35
davmor2I'll try it for you next batch of cd's17:35
Riddellnew CDs are up, ubuntu desktop oversized though17:36
davmor2I'll give it a bit before I run my script :)17:37
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smarter_Could kubuntu-kde4-meta includes oxygen-cursor-theme?17:45
Riddellsmarter_: yes, it should17:52
=== smarter_ is now known as smarter
smarterk-d-s-kde4 has disappeared?17:53
nareshovRiddell: I'm here17:56
nareshovwas out all day17:56
Riddellnareshov: it's ok, ryanakca fixed it :)18:19
Riddellnareshov: but there's proabably still packages in the ppa that need given back18:19
nareshovah, ok18:20
nareshov"that need given back" ?18:20
stdinI wonder what nixternal did18:21
Riddellnareshov: retried18:22
davmor2\sh_away: Yeah wine works a dream :)18:22
nixternalrequirements of an irc op: be a retard18:35
seelenixternal: there is an MD loco meeting tonight if youre interested18:37
seelesince soon enough youll be here :)18:38
nixternalwhat time?18:38
nixternalI just might have to check in18:38
seele20:00 in #ubuntu-maryland18:38
seele20:00 est18:38
* seele waves to DaSkreech 18:43
DaSkreechHi seele18:43
nixternalwow, #ubuntu-maryland is super quiet isn't it18:45
nixternalI wonder if there are an SMIBs in the MD LoCo18:46
nixternalI think only those in southern MD know what a SMIB is18:46
nixternaldon't think the rest of the state knows18:46
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seelenixternal: yeah.. they're having some internal battle about IRC vs Message Boards vs Email18:47
nixternalChicago was the same way, but eventually everyone caught on18:47
nixternalplain and simple, you can't be a geek and not use IRC..it is a requirement18:48
skreech_How are you seele ?18:48
=== skreech_ is now known as DaSkreech
nixternalI get on people at the uni who claim to be geek...I always ask which IRC channels they hang out on :p18:48
nixternalI am such a meany18:48
seeleDaSkreech: good.. just trying to get caught up with job stuff so i can get some floss work done later this week18:48
ScottKnixternal: Got a minute to put on your MC hat?18:49
DaSkreechseele: Cool If I can help let me know18:50
seeleDaSkreech: with my job? lol18:54
DaSkreechseele: :-) Sure with your job18:58
seeleDaSkreech: not really but thanks for the offer18:59
=== smarter_ is now known as smarter
tlaytonScottK: updated guidance from your ppa today. there is a missing double quote in wineread.py on line 3019:01
DaSkreechNo akregator for KDE4 ?19:01
ScottKtlayton: Thanks. looking.19:02
smarterDaSkreech: akregator is in kdepim which has not been released19:05
ScottKtlayton: Fixed.  Thanks.19:05
DaSkreechsmarter: ah right. Thanks19:05
tlaytonScottK: np. you're welcome19:05
DaSkreechThat's gonna hurt19:06
nixternalScottK: what's up?19:12
DaSkreechnixternal: does http://www.pidgin.im/~seanegan/blog/ open for you in Konqui ?19:18
stdinDaSkreech: KABOOM!19:19
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DaSkreechstdin: Yup19:23
DaSkreechsmarter: There is a koffice alpha out right?19:24
DaSkreech!info koffice-kde419:24
DaSkreech!info koffice-kde4 hardy19:24
ubotuPackage koffice-kde4 does not exist in gutsy19:24
ubotukoffice-kde4 (source: koffice2): KDE Office Suite. In component universe, is optional. Version 1: (hardy), package size 6 kB, installed size 48 kB19:24
ScottKtlayton: I just uploaded another kdeguidance to my PPA.19:31
ScottKRiddell: My latest PPA (I swear) kde-guidance as a full MonitorDB update from hwdata SVN.19:31
RiddellScottK: where does that come from?19:33
ScottKI wanted to run that by you before I uploaded it for real.19:33
Tonio_hum I noticed that my tonio@ubuntu.com redirection doesn't seem to work..... am I the only one ?19:34
RiddellScottK: seems sensible but I'm not really familiar with the codebase19:34
ScottKFrom what I can see the data is the same format and it's where Dell pushes all their changes (and Ubuntu uses that data).19:35
stdinRiddell: you think I should backport decibel 0.5.0+svn737972-2ubuntu1 to the PPA, for kdenetwork, or is someone else doing it?19:36
Riddellstdin: I think kdenetwork-kde4 should be changed to not use decibel19:38
Riddellit would also require a backport of tapioca etc19:38
* stdin takes a looksee19:38
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Riddellhmm, I can't make the meeting on saturday20:06
Riddellanyone else want to lead it?20:06
DaSkreechHi hunger20:06
ryanakcaRiddell: Has Kubuntu ever used MootBot for logs/transcripts?20:07
hungerDaSkreech: hiho.20:09
DaSkreechhunger: Don't forget to hug Eva :)20:11
stdinryanakca: we did a couple times, but iirc jpatrick hates the thing20:12
ScottKThen he can lead the meeting.20:13
ryanakcaScottK: who can? jpatrick?20:13
hungerDaSkreech: I will not risc a sexual harressment suit just so you can make fun of me.20:13
stdinhe usually does the logs anyway20:13
ScottKIf he's going to complain.20:13
ryanakcastdin: ah, any idea why? supposedly they're working on a log to wiki feature...20:14
* ScottK will not be there either ...20:14
stdinryanakca: I recall him saying something about not liking the way it floods the channel20:14
DaSkreechhunger: Ha ha fine tell her that hugs were sent on faith from Jamaica then20:15
ryanakcastdin: ah. I see... I could probably switch it to msg the commands to the chair instead of to the channel while I'm fixing it for classroom...20:15
stdinor jut mute the thing :p20:16
DaSkreechwhy doesn't apt-get install libstdc++[56] work ?20:16
ryanakcaor that...20:16
stdinif the chair is +o and the channel is +z then they would still see the messages too20:17
ryanakcaDaSkreech: package doesn't exist? E: Couldn't find package libstdc++[56]20:17
DaSkreechryanakca: I know but shouldn't bash step in and split that to ... oh lord never mind I just figured it out20:18
ryanakcastdin: well, then you'd have to voice everybody who is participating, other than the bot... meh, if you show up half way through, you can always poke the chair for +v20:18
stdinryanakca: no, if the  channel is +z then even though it's muted anyone who's +o will see it20:19
ryanakcastdin: *is lost* wouldn't you want +zm, that way only those voiced are able to talk? otherwise, everybody would still see mootbot, since they have the same status as it?20:22
* ryanakca wonders if there are any backports left...20:23
stdinryanakca: no, when the channel is +z then anyone who's muted (or banned but not removed) can still be see by anyone who is +o, but not by anyone else20:23
ryanakcastdin: oh, you mute the bot, sorry, missed that :)20:24
Riddellryanakca: have you checked if they've all compiled? (ignoring lpia)20:30
* stdin has been helping the PPA along20:35
ryanakcaRiddell: built fine20:36
stdinkoffice seems horribly broken though20:36
ryanakcaRiddell: lpia, i386 and amd64...20:37
Riddelldoes everything install?20:37
Riddellstdin: koffice2?20:37
stdinRiddell: yeah20:37
stdindebian/tmp//usr/lib/kde4/lib/libkisexiv2.so.5 isn't built it seems20:38
Riddellremove it from the .install files I guess20:39
stdinI bet it's not the only "missing" file though, and koffice2 takes so long to compile :p20:39
Riddellwait for the next alpha?20:40
stdinI'll try to get it built tonight, see how long it takes me to either succeed or give up20:42
davmor2give up now save trying to build ;)20:43
ryanakcaRiddell: hmm... it doesn't complain about missing depends. I'm just waiting for 164MB of depends to download to test the install though :)20:46
stdinI've only seen one failed install in -kde4, and that's because they have kde4base installed for some reason20:49
ryanakcaRiddell: installed fine21:01
stdinoh wait, koffice2 is fine, I was looking at ~gutsy2 when ~gutsy3 is built fine :p21:07
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jpatrickryanakca: yes, stdin's right, I do _dislike_ the MootBot21:39
* stdin is always right21:39
stdinunless I'm wrong that is21:39
jpatrickI might not make the eeting, (internet's is going at ~8B/s), but if I do, I will lead if you want21:41
jpatrickNthDegree: re your question, most of them can be found in /usr/share/cdbs/1/class/kde.mk for kde packages21:45
* jpatrick => bed21:46
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
Tonio_Riddell: ping ?22:20
Tonio_Riddell: I don't receive any email to my @ubuntu.com email address redirection for 2 days now....22:22
Tonio_Riddell: my mailbox works like a charm, so I  must say I'm very, very annoyed :)22:22
Tonio_Riddell: I use my ubuntu.com address for everything.....22:22
Tonio_Riddell: any idea who to ping for the issue ?22:22
ScottKTonio_: IIRC you 'ask a question' against launchpad for such issues, but I'm not sure.22:31
Tonio_ScottK I was asked to eventually ask on canonical-sysadmin channel......22:32
Tonio_ScottK not sure what to do, and where to ask......22:32
Tonio_Riddell may know better...22:32
ScottK#launchpad or #canonical-sysadmin is where I would go, but it's the wrong time of day to get much help unfortunately.22:33
Riddellas ScottK says, #canonical-sysadmin22:40
theunixgeekIn Designer, how do I import a class' slots?23:06
nosrednaekimtheunixgeek: you have to assign the slots to a function23:06
theunixgeeknosrednaekim: what do you mean?23:06
theunixgeeknosrednaekim: I already wrote the code.23:07
nosrednaekimthen why are you importing them?23:07
theunixgeeknosrednaekim: ok, how do I connect signals to personally-written slots?23:08
Tonio_Riddell: no response yet, but I'll retry tomorrow :)23:09
nosrednaekimtheunixgeek: in python, you do it like so: QObject.connect(self.ui.noEffectsButton,     SIGNAL("clicked()"), self.noEffects)23:09
nosrednaekimtheunixgeek: I think its fairly similar in C++23:13
=== uga is now known as uga|away
theunixgeeknosrednaekim: in designer23:18
nosrednaekimooh! designer :)... I read kdevelop somehow23:19
nosrednaekimso you want to import a Qradiobutton's slots?23:20
theunixgeeknosrednaekim: no23:20
theunixgeeklet me restate ;)23:20
kwwiierm, when is the next meeting?23:20
nosrednaekimkwwii: this friday iirc23:20
theunixgeeknosrednaekim: I wrote a method that changes the test of a QLabel:  void sayHello(QLabel label) { label.setText("Hello"); }23:21
Riddellkwwii: saturday at 11UTC but I can't make it23:21
kwwiiSaturday March 8, 2008 at 11:00 UTC23:21
theunixgeeknosrednaekim: I want to connect a button's clicked() signal to run that slot. how do connect them?23:21
kwwiiyeah, I just figured that out too23:21
kwwiiRiddell: well, I wonder if _StefanS_ is going to present his stuff23:22
kwwiihe went to all this work and then makes nothing of it23:23
kwwiioh well23:23
nosrednaekimtheunixgeek: with the code I showed you above (only in C++)23:24
theunixgeeknosrednaekim: again, in designer23:25
theunixgeeknosrednaekim: I already wrote the code for my method23:27
nosrednaekimI'm not sure that can do it in designer.23:29

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