icanhasadmin... anyone?00:02
phoenixzI want to run kontact, but it gives me this error: missing libkdeprint.so.500:07
phoenixzhow can I install this library00:07
geniiphoenixz: Maybe try: sudo apt-get remove --purge kdeprint; sudo apt-get install kdeprint00:18
theunixgeekI'm getting a "hal-storage-removable-mount-all-options refused uid 1000" error upon trying to mount my flash drive. What should I do to fix this?00:18
genii!info kdeprint00:18
ubotukdeprint (source: kdebase): print system for KDE. In component main, is optional. Version 4:3.5.8-0ubuntu2.2 (gutsy), package size 1452 kB, installed size 2568 kB00:18
Jucatolibkdeprint is from kdelibs.. but libkdeprint.so.5 is from kdelibs5 (KDE 4 kdelibs)00:19
phoenixzgenii> trying, thanks!00:20
geniiJucato: Thats what I was trying to figure out00:21
phoenixzJucato> genii> hhhhmmm... I just tried installing the new kde4pim (which by the way also doesnt work).. it also had a problem with the same package... Maybe its related?00:21
phoenixzgenii> maybe a purge of the kde4pim and reinstall of kontact?00:22
geniiphoenixz: Are you running kde4?00:22
Jucatonot sure if kde4pim should be there, since kdepim wasn't released for KDE 4.000:22
Jucato!info kde4pim | hardy00:22
ubotuhardy: kde4pim (source: kde4pim): KDE PIM suit for KDE 4 testing. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.94.0-0ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 91917 kB, installed size 266876 kB00:22
Jucatoyes, kde4pim is a pre-release (beta or alpha) version00:23
phoenixzgenii> yep00:23
phoenixzgenii> actually using it as my "production" desktop even.. quite okay, with some glitches like these here and there00:23
Jucatophoenixz: do not install kde4pim, since that version was made *before* KDE 4.0 was released00:24
camserverhow do you connect to a wired network via cli00:26
geniiWeird. The last update removed my kde400:26
camservernosrednaekim: /j #ubuntu00:26
camserverim having an off day00:26
phoenixzJucato> ahah, that might explain one thing or two.. but in that case, it may be a better idea to remove that package all together00:26
camservernosrednaekim: how do i connect to a  wired network via cli00:27
nosrednaekimcamserver» why?00:27
camserverbecause my menu bar is gone an di have no way of conecting00:27
Jucatophoenixz: yes. keep using KDE3's Kontact in the mean time. KDE 4.1 will have kdepim again00:27
camserveri dont know the start string for wicd00:27
camserverand i dont have knetwork manager installed00:27
phoenixzgenii> the last update had definately a load of dependancy problems.. I've seen multiple instances already where the update removed many packages (removed gnome, mplayer, dvdrip, k9copy, etc)00:28
nosrednaekimcamserver» "sudo dhclient eth0"00:28
phoenixzJucato> no way to use the new kde4pim before 4.1?00:28
geniiphoenixz: I'm reinstalling kde4 now00:28
Jucatophoenixz: not that package from Kubuntu. no00:28
Jucatophoenixz: it's like this. for 4.0, kdepim doesn't exist00:28
mrunagithank you nosrednaekim00:29
nosrednaekimmrunagi» for?00:29
nosrednaekimmrunagi» ah :)00:29
mrunagii just deleted my ~/.kde to try and get my menu bar back but it didnt work00:29
mrunagiany idea why it might have disappeared?/00:29
nosrednaekimmrunagi» for kde3?00:29
Jucatoer... don't delete ~/.kde just to get one app's settings back00:30
nosrednaekimmrunagi» run "alt+f2"and enter "dcop kicker kicker restart"00:31
Xbehavecompiz closes flash windows asoon as i click full screen on youtube is there an easy way to not apply animations to flash videos? or another way to fix this? only happens on compiz not in kwin00:31
mrunagithere it is00:31
mrunagiand there it went00:31
JucatoXbehave: might want to ask in #compiz-fusion00:31
nosrednaekimmrunagi» do you have to set to autohide?00:31
mrunagiand there it is again00:31
nosrednaekimmrunagi» you might want ot turn that off'00:31
mrunagiis it broken?00:32
Jucatoit's just set to auto hide, so it hides automatically00:32
phoenixzJucato> okay, thanks for the info.. I'll remove the package00:32
* mrunagi tries to hold in the sarcasm00:32
mrunagiits so hard not to come back snide =)00:33
Jucatoit's not broken. you can turn off autohiding00:33
mrunagiif autohide isnt broken i dont want it off00:33
mrunagilemme rephrase..........i had it purposely set to autohide, but suddenly it didnt want to appear again when i put my mouse down00:34
mrunagiwhich is why i said it was gone, not hidden00:34
nosrednaekimmrunagi» well, turn off autohide for now.... you may have auto hide set to raise the panel with a different event other than putting your mouse down there00:35
JucatoAlt+F2, "kcontrol", Desktop -> Panels -> Hiding tab, reset the settings for autohide00:35
mrunagiits working now00:36
mrunagianyone want to help me with a gimp problem im experiencing?00:36
geniimrunagi: Try ctrl-f11 to bring it back, sometimes hitting alt-f4 hides it by mistake00:37
Jucatooh gimp?00:38
mrunagii dont understand why when i erase on a top layer i get white and not the next layer00:39
BluesKajmrunagi, perhaps the ppl at #gimp can help00:46
BluesKajppl with long underscored nicks shoul be encouraged to be more creative ..personally i find it very annoying.Maybe I'm just being an old grump :P00:52
JucatoBluesKaj: it's not like it's their fault00:53
Jucatoit's a Konvi default setting for alternate nicks00:53
BluesKajroot____________ ?00:53
Jucatowell that's an exception :)00:53
* genii hires some punk with a long underscore name to leave a bag of flaming poo on BluesKaj's porch and ring the bell00:53
BluesKajgimme a break00:53
* Jucato considers 2 underscores too long already00:53
geniiWell, yeah more than 3 is silly00:53
BluesKajgenii , yer 7mos too early for that :)00:54
MrJoeyWhy does my remastered Kubuntu (with modified squashfs contents) take so long to get past the "squashfs: version 3.2-UBUNTU..." screen?00:54
geniiBluesKaj:  ;)00:54
MrJoeyIn qemu, it's taking practically forever00:54
=== michael is now known as nosrednaekim
MrJoeyon a real computer, it took about 30 seconds or something ridiculous like that00:55
Daisuke_IdoMrJoey: what are the specs of the pc you're running qemu on?00:58
BluesKajTv time with wifey, BBL00:59
MrJoeyMrJoey: what are the specs of the pc you're running qemu on? ==> Circa 2002, 1GHz RAM, 1.7GHz Celeron, 128KB L2 cache.  qemu has 128MB of RAM delegated to it.01:02
MrJoeyand I'm only booting to single (i.e. not all the way to desktop)01:02
MrJoeyIt took about 10 minutes or so for qemu to get past the squashfs part, but it finally did01:03
theunixgeekI went to do an rm -rf /media/mountpoint but accidentally did rm -rf / media/mountmount :P01:03
theunixgeekgood thing I backed up the day before!01:04
MrJoeyMaybe next time, do cd /media ; rm -rf mountpoint :)01:04
MrJoeyoops, while going to press 'm', a magnitude 9 earthquake struck, causing me to hit / and enter :D01:05
MrJoeyAll my files got deleted, and I'm devastated!01:05
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nosrednaekimtheunixgeek: ouch!01:05
theunixgeeknosrednaekim: good thing I backed up the day before! :D01:06
nosrednaekimno kiddin01:06
Apple_Catprobably good practice to replace rm with ls then see what it's about to delete01:11
=== |john| is now known as Colonel_Panic
JucatoApple_Cat: or you can alias rm to "rm -i" so that it will ask you every file you wan to delete :)01:13
Apple_Catyep that too : )01:15
=== bmk789 is now known as ChuckNorris
=== ChuckNorris is now known as bmk789
* Jucato passes genii a barrel of coffee01:19
=== genii_ is now known as genii
geniiJucato: Thanks :)01:19
root__epale como andan por alla?01:19
geniiI had ghosted.01:19
root__epale maria milagros soy karina01:20
ubotuSi busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.01:20
ubotuPor favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.01:20
Jucato(dunno which one)01:20
=== root__ is now known as Guss
pauloboa noite a todos01:23
pauloé minha primeira vez aqui01:23
Jucato!br | paulo01:23
ubotupaulo: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.01:23
paulosou um novo usuario no mundo linux01:23
paulocomo faço isso01:24
Gusshola me llamo maria y estoy lok01:27
=== Guss is now known as Mariiita
Mariiitaesta verga es maa rara01:28
JucatoMariiita: English only01:29
geniiOs apologies, esta canaleta são somente para altofalantes ingleses.01:29
geniiGotta love babelfish01:29
Jucatoare you sure it's spanish and not pt? :)01:29
geniiJucato: That one is portuguese, was for paulo when I did it01:30
geniiOr some earlier person from there, forget now01:30
geniiJucato: Since the idea seems to have permeated I won't bother pasting the Spanish version yet01:32
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=== jitendra is now known as jitendra_
jitendra_can anyone help me with apt01:52
jitendra_i want to know the file that apt consults when checking if dependency for a particular package is already installed01:53
nosrednaekimjitendra_: what with apt?01:53
jitendra_package management tool01:53
jitendra_nosrednaekim: i posted my question already01:54
nosrednaekimjitendra_: yeah. sorry, I have a big of lag hre01:54
jitendra_its ok01:54
jitendra_anyone please answer my question.01:55
nosrednaekimi'm looking for it01:56
geniijitendra_: To answer your question it looks at the file /var/lib/dpkg/status01:58
nosrednaekimthanks genii :)01:58
nosrednaekimjitendra_: But I wouldn't edit that if I were you...01:58
geniiIt's automatically created anyhow01:58
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=== _basti is now known as basti
icanhasadminAfter I change that, do I have to like.. restart something or is there a command to otherwise redo that without having to reboot? <-- sorry, repeat for netsplit spam :P02:11
nosrednaekimicanhasadmin: just log out and then do "ctrl+alt+bckspace"02:12
icanhasadminthank you02:12
nosrednaekimicanhasadmin: I turned off part/join events.. I can see:)02:12
icanhasadminHooray, new errors.02:14
icanhasadminI guess that's better.02:14
nosrednaekimwhat errors now?02:14
icanhasadmin"/usr/bin/compiz.real (core) - Fatal: GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap is missing"02:14
icanhasadminand then of course, no manageable screens02:15
nosrednaekimuhh... run "glxinfo"02:17
icanhasadminother people who seem to be having this issue are on hardy.. which i am not02:17
nosrednaekimare you using the 8.2 ati drivers?02:17
icanhasadminuhm, it gives me a LOT OF HEX02:17
icanhasadminwhere is that in glxinfo? I'm almost positive it's 8.2 but not sure02:18
nosrednaekimicanhasadmin: look more towars the top02:18
nosrednaekimicanhasadmin: look for "direct rendering"02:18
=== kewark is now known as bunyx
icanhasadminit just says "yes" :P02:18
nosrednaekimthats good at least.02:18
icanhasadminYeah, I just ran "Phun", the sandbox physics engine, works great02:19
icanhasadminwhich surprises me, considering my crappy specs02:19
Dr_willisIve been playing with phun all week. :)02:19
icanhasadminDr_willis: oh yeah :D :D02:19
Dr_willisTry makeing a water pump. :)02:19
Dr_willisor a piston engine.02:19
icanhasadminpiston = fun. there's no air displacement yet i don't think... so hydro is out for now ;)02:20
Dr_willisif you like phun, theres some other   similer type programs.02:20
Dr_willisconstructo (i think) and hmm some other..02:20
icanhasadminnosrednaekim: btw, in my glxinfo it says "GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap" just like the error says is missing02:20
icanhasadminyeah there's a crayon one or something, i'll look into them at some point, just busy y'know ;)02:20
nosrednaekimicanhasadmin: ask in #compiz-fusion02:21
Dr_willisconsto is more of a erector type set  simuilator thing.02:21
icanhasadminlol yes sir02:21
geniiooooo erector sets02:21
Dr_willis!find constro02:21
ubotuPackage/file constro does not exist in gutsy02:21
Dr_willisYou can do bridges and buildings and so forth and watch the stress levels on the parts02:22
nosrednaekimwhat? awesome!02:22
geniiDr_willis: You are njow obligated to provide links!02:22
Dr_willisgenii,  they all seem to be dead. :(02:22
dent-42Dr_Willis: this what you talking about   http://www.chroniclogic.com/index.htm?pontifex2.htm   ???02:24
Dr_willisxspringies and constro  :) are the 2 others i was thinking of.02:24
* genii investigates02:24
Dr_willis!info xspringies02:24
ubotuPackage xspringies does not exist in gutsy02:24
Dr_willisdent-42,  thats  program is like constro x100000000000000000000000002:24
dent-42cool :-)02:25
dent-42i think its on bit torrent somewhere02:25
geniiBah that program is Win only02:25
geniipontiflex anyhow02:26
dent-42what program ?02:27
|Tann|After an update i did today, no sound is produced by any of my software, but sound will go through the line on my comp just fine.02:27
icanhasadminwine it :D02:27
icanhasadmintann, sound card?02:27
Dr_willisShame shame.. :)02:28
Dr_willisTorrents are for Linux ISOs!02:28
root_______como formateo linux de mi pc???02:28
root_______alguien me puede decir02:28
nosrednaekim|Tann|: kernel upgrade?02:28
NickPresta!es | root____02:29
uboturoot____: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.02:29
NickPresta4 different nicks? Is that really needed?02:29
geniiGeez, another netsplit?02:30
|Tann|icanhasadmin: Realtek ALC655  chipset02:30
nosrednaekimicanhasadmin: theyhelping you over there?02:30
icanhasadminnosrednaekim: not particularly, i'm trying a hack on my xorg.conf, about to restart x in a sec02:31
justin_does anyone recommend using kde 4.0??02:31
nosrednaekimicanhasadmin: mmk :)02:31
icanhasadminjustin_: the kde developers02:31
NickPrestajustin_, what type of system do you have?02:31
nosrednaekimjustin_: test it out... see if you like it. I like it.02:31
|Tann|justin_: I like it except for the panel setup.02:32
icanhasadmin|Tann|: hm.. i'm not terribly familiar with those, are you using alsa drivers?02:32
NickPrestajustin_, meaning, a home desktop, testing machine, etc? If you are concerned about KDE 4.0's stability, I would stick with 3.5.*02:32
|Tann|icanhasadmin: yes02:32
icanhasadmin|Tann|: hold one sec, i'm going to check something02:32
=== bunyx is now known as krawek
icanhasadmin|Tann|: Can you pastebin your "/etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base"02:34
skeetim on my desktop but i can type that in terminal02:35
nosredna_ekimicanhasadmin: anything?02:36
nosredna_ekimicanhasadmin: would you like my xorg.conf for reference?I have basically the same chip02:36
icanhasadminnosredna_ekim: that would be nice02:37
icanhasadminalthough i didn't restart yet02:37
icanhasadminlet me know if |Tann| posts his alsa-base :P brb02:37
|Tann|icanhasadmin: http://tan-com.com/alsa-base.txt02:39
icanhasadmin:( same error02:39
Erickj92for some reason all kinds of junk is poping up after i log in. how to i precent this?02:40
|Tann|icanhasadmin: http://tan-com.com/alsa-base.txt02:40
oloughlin75Erickj92: What is the junk?02:40
icanhasadminyeah, please describe all kinds of junk...02:40
* icanhasadmin waves to oloughlin7502:40
Erickj92like konsole, gparted, and somthing else i cant remember02:40
* oloughlin75 says howdy02:40
Erickj92i guess its not really junk02:41
oloughlin75Erickj92: Click the launcher - System Settings - Session and modify what starts up02:41
oloughlin75nosredna_ekim: Is that where it is in kubuntu?02:41
nosredna_ekimoloughlin75: yup02:42
Erickj92i dont see the session thing02:42
nosredna_ekimErickj92: under advanced02:42
nosredna_ekimErickj92: set it to "restore previous session"02:42
oloughlin75nosredna_ekim: AWN is great02:43
icanhasadmin|Tann|: what is exact verbatim under "Audio Device" when you lspci?02:43
|Tann|icanhasadmin: there is no "Audio Device" but there is this...02:44
|Tann|00:11.5 Multimedia audio controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT8233/A/8235/8237 AC97 Audio Controller (rev 60)02:44
icanhasadminoh.. that's interesting.02:45
icanhasadmindoes alsamixer work?02:45
oloughlin75AC97 should be supported on a default install, shouldn't it?02:45
icanhasadminoloughlin75: Should. ;) should is a funny word02:45
nosredna_ekimoloughlin75: yeah its sweet, but a bit too GNOMEish02:45
oloughlin75nosredna_ekim: I am on gnome! :)02:45
icanhasadminI WANT AWM. That's why i'm trying to get compiz to work :(02:46
oloughlin75nosredna_ekim: Little annoying with amarok... I have to minimize and not click the X... hard habit to break02:46
nosredna_ekimicanhasadmin: lol....02:46
nosredna_ekimoloughlin75: ^_^02:46
nosredna_ekimicanhasadmin: let me see your xorg.conf02:47
icanhasadminnosredna_ekim: My mom told me never to show strangers my xorg.conf :(02:47
nosredna_ekimicanhasadmin: but i'm a doctor...02:48
nosredna_ekimso to speak <_<02:48
=== Pici` is now known as Pici
icanhasadminnosredna_ekim: http://pastebin.com/d48b4197702:49
nosredna_ekimicanhasadmin: I don't have that "load module glx" sections02:53
icanhasadminI'll toss it, but glx is uninstalled so i don't think it's a big deal02:53
Ownerwhat does the site mean by having a six month release cycle02:53
ubotuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases02:54
nosredna_ekimicanhasadmin: its what?02:54
icanhasadminnosredna_ekim: my xgl is nonexistant. i don't have it. removed it. gone. byebye02:55
Tannicanhasadmin: do you have any ideas?02:55
OwnerWhat does it mean that it is supported for 18 months to five years? does that mean that if I want support i have to reinstall at those intervals?02:55
PiciOwner: The clock begins when the release comes out, not when you install it.02:56
OwnerI understand that, I just mean to ask, does that mean that i have to reinstall to continue to have support?02:56
icanhasadminTell me that's not a real question Owner?02:57
icanhasadminTann: Honestly, no. you should be supported. does alsamixer work?02:57
OwnerI just thought that 18 months was a bit short02:57
Tannicanhasadmin: yes02:58
nosredna_ekimicanhasadmin: glx is not the same as xgl02:58
=== claydoh_ is now known as claydoh
icanhasadminTann: volume all the way up? no "MM" (muted)?02:58
PiciOwner: 18 months for a free OS is not really that short.  Take a look at the Questions section in this link: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Website/LifeCycle02:58
icanhasadminnosredna_ekim: oh you're right, i never even caught that, lol! i'll try it02:59
Tannicanhasadmin: volume all the way up, and no mute02:59
icanhasadminthey are helping me in compiz-fusion now :P so thank you mate02:59
icanhasadminTann: hmm..03:00
OwnerAh, I see, I dont have to reinstall, just that the updates occur03:00
icanhasadminTann: Honestly, outside the realm of SDA INTEL chips.. i don't know much :/ i looked around but i can't find much.. I think there's an also channel on here tho they might help you03:00
icanhasadmin*alsa channel i mean03:00
OwnerI was simply worried about having to completely reinstall every 18 mths03:00
rewati_hi there i dont have sound on my system03:01
rewati_00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 02)03:01
Tannicanhasadmin: k, thanks03:01
rewati_this is my audio card03:01
icanhasadminOuch, sorry rewat.. that's even farther away from my expertise lol, maybe if crimsun shows back up he could help03:02
nosredna_ekimOwner: yuo can upgrade easily03:03
nosredna_ekim!intelhda | rewati_03:03
uboturewati_: For fixing your Intel HDA sound this page has useful information https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto03:03
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about hd - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:03
regeyaoh right03:03
raposahi. does hardy come with compiz?03:08
icanhasadmini hope not03:08
raposaor a 3D manager?03:08
* raposa needs to wow his friends.03:08
icanhasadminlol you can always install one.. :P03:08
raposatrue enough.  just be nice if it 'just worked' outta th' box.03:09
raposaor, from the disk.03:09
dudeIgotadellhello every103:10
dudeIgotadellI put kde4 on my ubuntu box per the instructions on the kubuntu page03:10
nosredna_ekimraposa: run "sudo apt-get install desktop-effects-kde03:10
dudeIgotadellit will not let me upgrade from adept because it says unsighed packages03:10
nosredna_ekimraposa: its a easy compiz manager written by yours truly ;)03:10
dudeIgotadelli tried --force-yes03:10
raposanosredna_ekim: will do.  thak you.03:11
raposavery cool.03:11
dudeIgotadelli tried apt-get --force-yes03:11
* raposa can tell his friends he chats with the developer.03:11
nosredna_ekimraposa: course, i'm not saying its not without bugs... please do report any ;)03:11
raposaof course.03:11
nosredna_ekimraposa: hehe03:11
nosredna_ekimand you will of course have to install the proper drivers for your video card03:12
raposathe initial apt-get update && apt-get upgrade is huge on this install of hardy alpha 503:12
* raposa has to deal with a crying baby, will be back soon.03:12
nosredna_ekimraposa: did you already install them? I've heard of some problems with the ATI drivers and hardy03:12
raposajust ran the installation CD.03:13
raposanow upgrading everything.03:13
raposaback soon.  hungry little guy awaits.03:13
jcgkffycsI paused amarok and now when I try to play again i get this error "03:14
jcgkffycsAudio output unavailable; the device is busy.03:14
jcgkffycsxine parameters:03:14
jcgkffycsI also tried vlc and i get a similar error03:15
jcgkffycsany ideas?/03:15
jcgkffycsthis is the output from vlc03:16
jcgkffycs[00000352] oss audio output error: cannot open audio device (/dev/dsp)03:16
jcgkffycs[00000352] main audio output error: couldn't find a filter for the conversion03:16
jcgkffycs[00000352] main audio output error: couldn't create audio output pipeline03:16
blashola a todos03:16
blasalguien en espaniol03:16
ubotuSi busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.03:16
nosredna_ekimjcgkffycs: try system settings->sound system-> kde sound control auto suspend..se that to zero03:17
jcgkffycsthat didn't do anything03:19
nosredna_ekimjcgkffycs: you have some audio program blocking the sound out-put then... loggin out usually helps03:20
jcgkffycsno, nothing else is playing, no open apps, no remote desktop with sound, nothing. Ille try logging out, be beck in a second03:21
jcgkffycsthat worked03:23
nosredna_ekimjcgkffycs: yup.03:23
terettes15i need help with my deluge bit torrent03:24
terettes15im new here03:24
terettes15beener showed me this03:24
jcgkffycsI have another sound issue though, once when I was trying to compile and install custom window borders kde reset to some default state. and now when ever I open or close a window or a dialogue box opens a sound plays and it is very annoying do you know of a way to make kde less noisy?03:24
nosredna_ekimterettes15: what about it do you need help?03:25
nosredna_ekimjcgkffycs: uhh yeah, one second03:26
michaelseriously? kde 3.5.8 doesnt automatically recognize my printer!?03:26
BluesKajjcgkffycs, system settings /notifications/ apply to all applications/ turn off all sounds03:26
=== brendan_ is now known as brendankidwell
nosredna_ekimmichael: spoiled by gnome? ;)03:26
terettes15i dont know how to set my bandwidth so i can download faster.03:26
michaelnosrena_ekim: yeah totally, but no luck on kde.03:26
terettes15my hard drive almost got wiped out and everything got reset03:27
jcgkffycsthanks I think that worked03:27
nosredna_ekimmichael: system settings->printers and then "add new printer" its a very simple dialog03:27
michaelnosrena_ekim: seriously, i like kde more, but gnome has been easier for me, i wish kubuntu was shown the love ubuntu gets03:27
nosredna_ekimmichael: we all do :)03:28
BluesKajfeeeel the luuuuv for kde :)03:28
* nosredna_ekim sees if there is a brainstorm request for that03:29
nosredna_ekimthis is the one to vote up http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/478/03:31
terettes15is this for me? or nothing to do with me03:31
nosredna_ekimterettes15: not for you...03:32
nosredna_ekimterettes15: I'm not familiar with deluge, i'm sorry, they may have a channel though03:32
terettes15ok thanks03:33
nosredna_ekimyes... #deluge03:33
guesthe just needs to know how to set the globle information and per torent information03:33
guestsame as in ktorrent\03:33
nosredna_ekimi'm not familiar with ANY torrent03:33
guestthough i myself dont know how either03:33
michaelnosrena_ekim: thanks.. easy but could be easier! :) i selected samsung - ml-2010 from a list, then it asked me what kind of printer it was, haha03:34
guestwell then just double klick the blue lookin delug thing03:34
=== AmyRose_laptop is now known as AmyRose
terettes15allready did beener03:34
nosredna_ekimmichael: well, thats just the "name" of it, second question was for the driver03:34
BluesKajktorrent is very similar to utorrent , guest03:35
guestyup yup i know just was sayin what he wanted03:35
Daisuke_Idonosredna_ekim: voted it up, but i can't agree with some of the mouth breathers posting comments there...03:36
nosredna_ekimI know... but the general point is right03:36
michaelnosrena_ekim: i know :) just funny that it doesnt suggest one, based on the name. no biggy03:36
michaelnosrena_ekim: thanks for your help.03:37
sonic__anyone know a program I can use to graph economic data. something similar to this :http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/a/a7/Economics_rybczynski_theorem_diagram.png03:38
nosredna_ekimmichael: yep... i've wanted that for a while, but it was never big enough to complain about :)03:39
Jucato!info kmplot03:40
ubotukmplot (source: kdeedu): mathematical function plotter for KDE. In component main, is optional. Version 4:3.5.8-0ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 528 kB, installed size 1668 kB03:40
Jucatosonic__: try that one? ^^^^^03:40
nosredna_ekimDaisuke_Ido: read the comment by nixternal:)03:41
=== jhutchins_kc is now known as jhutchins
justin__i am trying to use wine and it says it needs a dll where do i put it when i get it03:45
nosredna_ekimjustin__: ask in #winehq03:45
sonic__Jucato: Thanks, Here I am messing with koffice and Ive got kmplot installed from kde4 svn and I never even knew it was there... :p03:46
Jucatothough I'm not sure about the state of kmplot for kde403:46
nosredna_ekimlawl... http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/2987/03:47
sonic__Jucato: Well kdesvn-build grabbed it and installed from the default config and it compiled so Its gotta be out of playground already03:49
sonic__Jucato: Runs ok so far that I can tell.  Now I just got to figure out how I use it ;)03:49
terettes15is there anyone that is really good with torrent programs that can help me03:50
BluesKajterettes15, what are you trying to do ?03:52
vikkuiam getting the error stdio.h file no found when compiling a c prgrm03:52
vikkuhow can i fix it03:52
vikkugcc is installed03:53
terettes15i am trying to set my global and per torrent settings to make me download and upload faster.03:53
nosredna_ekimvikku: "sudo apt-get install build-essential"03:53
terettes15i had it set before but my hard drive almost got wiped out03:53
vikkuok lemme try03:53
BluesKajterettes15, that's a function of your port choice and the bandwidth , the number od seesders vs leechers and availability of the files03:55
BluesKajif you're trying to DL files off the large euro sites , then you have to configure your tcp port number 50,000 and above .03:57
vikkunosredna_ekim : iam geting following errors03:57
vikkuErrors were encountered while processing03:57
vikku acpid03:58
terettes15its at 6881 to 688903:58
guestuse that03:58
vikkuE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)03:58
BluesKajyes terettes15, change them to 50110 or some such number03:59
terettes15ok what next04:00
yao_ziyua1is it good for computer health to frequently try out alpha distros in virtualbox?04:00
BluesKaj6881 is blocked by some of the large euro ISPs04:00
vikkuiam getting the error stdio.h file no found when compiling a c prgrm04:00
vikku how can i fix it04:00
terettes15whats the port for?04:00
BluesKajare planning on using UDP (a sort of supplementary to TCP Ports) , then do the same.04:01
BluesKajterettes15, 6881 used to be the std port for many large torrents site servers04:02
terettes15oh i get it04:03
=== guest is now known as beener|afk
terettes15my down speed is now 8953 and my up speed is now 374.04:06
terettes15is that good?04:06
jhutchinsterettes15: Yes.04:08
terettes15right now im using someone elses settings until i can talk to the guy that set it up for me last time04:08
Adriankubuntu en español?04:09
ubotuSi busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.04:10
terettes15im gonna go. thanx for the help. i know alot more know. ill probaly be back for some more help with something else. :)04:11
BluesKajwell , sacktime here ...take care folks04:12
=== luser is now known as Marphine
vikku__how can i add #ubuntu in this konversation, does ny1 know the settings04:37
storbeck./join #ubuntu04:37
storbeckHeh, must have been lunch break.04:45
=== r0uzic_ is now known as r0uzic_ausente
WhatAreYouhi how can i extract the audio from a youtube vid (flv) to an mp3 file without losing quality?04:54
Arwenanyone here use Konversation? is there a way to make it so that it executes a command when it detects and action to have been performed?04:59
Arwenlike unbanning when it detects a ban04:59
Daisuke_IdoArwen: i've been looking around, and i don't think it does05:08
Daisuke_Idothere's always kvirc though! *throws up a little in his mouth*05:08
gundam_rx78nt1or you can always go with the curses version of irc chat client.05:14
|Tann|Today after an update, no sounds made by software go through, but my line-in jack works.05:14
karthikpRunning Gutsy here. Have issues with mounting external hard drives.05:15
karthikpWhen I plug them in, kded goes nuts.05:15
karthikpIt uses up almost all resources (top).05:16
karthikpI have to kill -9 the process, restart dbus and kded to get my comp back to normalcy.05:16
karthikpWnyone else see issues mounting external hard drives?05:16
gundam_rx78nt1not me, but I don't install unsupported packages, etc.05:17
|Tann|Could anyone help me?05:18
maduseris it ntfs?05:18
karthikpMaybe I should reinstall gutsy. I've hard some issue or the other with it since the day I upgraded from Feisty.05:18
karthikpAll my drives are ext3.05:19
maduserthen there should be no problem05:19
karthikpI saw something like this on the net for kde 3.4.05:19
karthikpThat's where I learnt to restart dbus...05:20
karthikpGuess I'll just hold on till April for Hardy...05:21
regeyameh.  anyone else use ivman with kde, and not able to umount removable drives without firing up a term?05:23
regeyaI get errors about devices not being listed in hal-mtab05:23
=== bob__ is now known as bobbym
gundam_rx78nt1which is a good ftp client for KDE?05:32
mmmiiikkkeeewhats wrong with useing konqueror as an ftp client?05:33
purpleposeidonI think dolphin can be used as well05:34
mmmiiikkkeeeto use konqueror for ftp check out: http://lexi.net/main/page.php?page_id=10705:34
ubotu日本語の場合は #ubuntu-jp または #kubuntu-jp を参照して下さい05:34
=== fignew` is now known as fignew
gundam_rx78nt1I hate dolphin.05:49
gundam_rx78nt1I loved konqueror for a file manager.05:50
gundam_rx78nt1I just want to use an ftp client.05:50
fignewdoes FTP05:52
gundam_rx78nt1fignew, I think I didn't make it clear, I don't want to use konqueror as an ftp.  It doesn't work with some ftp servers very well.05:53
=== bradc_ is now known as skyion
dwidmannHm, I've got a question soooooo, here goes. Does anybody know why when even after adding my ssh key to the remote accounts (in this case, just another account on this computer for testing purposes) ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file it still asks for the password instead of the keys passphrase?06:25
Taggnostrwhen I right click on a folder->properties, the window that appears is the same whenever program I use (dolphin, konqueror) or it changes?06:32
=== Erick is now known as Erickj92
LeAstraleHi ppl06:34
LeAstraleHow do i manually mount my WD 500 gib external ?06:34
LeAstralei get hal-mount-point refused ID1000 when it try in GUI06:35
Taggnostrand all these programs like dolpin and konqueror (or explorer on windows) have a name?06:35
prince_jammysfile browsers?06:35
Taggnostrit could be06:36
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about filebrowsers - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:36
Taggnostrfilemanager maybe?06:36
prince_jammysthat's it06:37
Taggnostrand what about the other question?06:37
prince_jammysi don't know the answer to that. my guess is yes, they are the same06:37
prince_jammysthey tell you the permissions and owner of the directory, and how many files it contains, etc.06:38
prince_jammysso i assume it doesn't matter what file-manager you use06:38
Taggnostrit depends of the os, isn't it?06:38
prince_jammysthe os?06:38
prince_jammyswell yeah, windows will tell you something different. windows doesn't even use the same kind of permissions06:39
TaggnostrI mean, the information displayed on kubuntu are given by kubuntu itself, not by the file manager you are using06:40
prince_jammysmy guess is yes06:42
prince_jammysit's the same info you get when you do 'ls' in a terminal06:42
kevoI'm running kubuntu gusty on a vostro 1500.  problem: no sound.  I installed alsamixergui and it tells me 'no such device' when06:43
kevoi  try to run it06:43
kevoany help/pointers?06:43
kevo(sorry, a little "enter"-happy I am today.06:43
prince_jammysTaggnostr: mine is showing Name: Type: Modified: Owner: Permissions:  , and i use konqueror06:43
Taggnostris there a command that returns the size of a given folder in the terminal?06:44
prince_jammysTaggnostr: actually, if i right click i see Type Location Size Modified Access06:44
stdinTaggnostr: du -sh /path/to/directory06:45
Taggnostrme too06:45
surgyi cant seam to move a file from kubuntu to windows vistta, the file is visable in vista, but when i try to copy and paste it it says "you need permision to perform this action" and then when i click "try again" it doesnt do anything but ask again, what am i doing wrong?06:46
Taggnostrthe window says 1.3 MB, 1413432 bytes and du -sh says 1.5M06:46
Taggnostrbtw I'm writing an article on binary and decimal prefixes and I was trying to understand how kubuntu use them06:47
stdinsurgy: samba? try putting "security = SHARE" under "[global]"06:48
surgystdin: i think its actually the windows side thats messinbg up06:48
surgystdin: seams to work with a single file but when i try to move a folder it gets mad06:48
stdinsurgy: if it's a windows problem, then ##windows is the place you ask06:49
Taggnostris there some other command to see the size of a folder?07:00
prince_jammysstat *maybe*07:01
Taggnostrlet's see07:01
prince_jammysmaybe not07:01
Taggnostrit just say 409607:02
prince_jammysyeah stat is for files. i don't know, you can check man stat07:02
Gide0nhi chanel I need help, somebody familiar with routing tables07:02
Gide0nI have only one shot at this via ssh, and I was hoping somebody could help me with the command line and parameters I need07:03
Taggnostrprince_jammys, I can't see nothing useful07:03
prince_jammysyeah, stat is for files. what's wrong with du?07:04
TaggnostrI tried with another folder of 15208663 bytes, du says 17M, right-click->properties says 14.5 MB (instead than MiB)07:05
TaggnostrI used du -H that is supposed to use the SI prefixes, but 17M seems plain wrong07:08
Taggnostractually the apparent size seen by du is 15196758, just a few kilobyte less than the size seen by dolphin or konqueror07:09
ubuntu_hey has anyone on here seen kkathman here lately07:18
ubuntu_can anyone in here help me with installing this software because i have an older machine07:19
ubuntu_hey jkiceman can you help me out07:20
ubuntu_please is there someone in here somewhere07:21
ubuntu_hey Colonel_ Panic can you help me with this software07:21
prince_jammysubuntu_: try #ubuntu07:23
smurfsloverhi there07:24
smurfsloveralles ok?07:25
=== keith__ is now known as compilerwriter
compilerwriterGents I seem to have done something some time ago and have only now learned what I did.  It seems that I have somehow set my desktop to extend beyond the edges of my monitor screen.  How do I get my desktops to only be the expanse of my screen again?07:28
stdinsounds like a resolution issue, you set the resolution to something the monitor/graphics card can't handle. try lowering it07:30
ibilici have no icons on my desktop, and when I right click on it, no menu appears07:30
Taggnostrprince_jammys, try dd if=/dev/zero of=test bs=1MB count=10 and dd if=/dev/zero of=test bs=1MiB count=1007:30
Taggnostrit copies the right number of bytes but when you use MiB it show 10MB07:31
Taggnostrok, that is right, 10MiB are 10.486 MB, 10 MB rounded07:32
Taggnostrdu instead returns strange values07:32
matt_I'm sure you guys have been getting this question ever since the 4.0.0 release, but what do I do to resolve the unmet dependencies issue when I use the PPA repo.07:38
smurfsloveri have a little program with kubuntu gutsy07:38
stdinmatt_: just wait a while07:38
jussi01matt_: please join #kubuntu-kde4 for kde4 issues :)07:38
smurfsloveri have an issue with kdm07:40
smurfslovermy screen goes black right after kdm has started07:40
smurfsloverlike in powersave07:40
sgroverAnyone running a server and using NFS?  Know any decent channels where I can get some assistance?07:57
jussi01!night | sgrover08:05
jussi01oh, ubotu is dead :(08:05
sgrovernight time?  is that why it's so dead here ??? :)08:06
jussi01sgrover: yeah08:08
jussi018 am in the uk, night in the us08:08
sgrover1;13 am here...08:13
apparlesgrover: Whay are you telling that08:14
sgroverapparle: left over from previous posts.. :)08:15
sgrovernot important08:15
dwidmannO.O 3:15 and I'm still awake? ..... that's not good, that's not good at all.08:15
dwidmannSeems my motivation for stayinng awake is gone though ..... a relatively simple to use sshfs setup for sharing certain files betwixt my computers ...... 'twas a piece of work ....08:17
sgroverdwidmann: ssh and keys combined with rsync didn't do the trick?? :)08:18
dwidmannsgrover - ssh and keys and sshfs did the trick08:18
dwidmanngetting it such that it was read only was why it was a piece of work.08:19
sgroverguess if you needed to mount the remote resources... makes sense...08:19
sgroverI'm trying something similar but with NFS.  Not sure how to set up the permissions right... lots of digging via Google right now.08:19
dwidmannnew user, new group, moved the files to the new home directory, new keys for each guest (blank passphrases), chmod 750 all the dirs, chmod 640 all the files, make the files belong to my real user, but the others group (which I happen to be a member of) .... add my keys to the auth file of the new user, and finally, figure out a good fstab line :)08:22
dwidmannAlmost more effort than it was worth, if I had to do that all the time I wouldn't be too happy.08:22
apparleAll those who are having problems with ALSA may give atry to OSS. I am telling because I successfully solved the final problem with OSS08:29
dwidmannapparle: mixing?08:31
sgroverOSS is supposed to be deprecated isn't it?08:31
dwidmannsgrover: deprecated in the kernel though it doesn't seem to be inferior, I hear it has uppoints08:31
apparledwidmann: what do you mean mixing08:32
dwidmannYou said you solved the final problem .... the only problem I ever had with oss was getting it to play multiple sounds at the same time.08:33
apparledwidmann: I didn't have that problem ever08:34
apparledwidmann: Many softwares like audacity kmix didn't run. And I got how to run them,(obviously I didn't solve it. Just found it)08:35
VelcroManWhich version of KDE is in the 7.10 Gutsy?08:50
Jucato3.5.8 by default, 3.5.9 available for updates08:50
jussi013.5.8 with the ability to be upgraded to 3.5.9 or 4.0.208:51
VelcroManok, thanks Jucato08:51
Jucatojussi01: you don't "upgrade" to KDE 4 :P08:51
jussi01Jucato: hehe, :P08:52
enrydoes anybody know how to safely remove hardware link floppy drives or pci cards?08:58
storbeckIt helps if you turn the power off first, then use a screw driver08:59
enryi mean in software side09:00
enrywhat does it happen if i remove hardware and then i power on with modified configuration?09:00
enrycan I break something?09:01
Jucato!caps | stond09:01
jussi01enry: unlikely.  afaik09:01
enryuse sudo09:02
jussi01unliikely you will break stuff. i have done that regularly09:02
stondwell can anybody tell me how to move files to my root folders it keeps telling me acess denied09:02
enryso you say that if I remove a floppy drive or a pci card and i power on09:02
enryit does not give any problems?09:02
enryyou can use sudo09:02
stondwhat envy09:03
enrysudo mv09:03
prince_jammysstond: sudo mv myfile /usr/local/bin09:03
enryor you can also09:03
jussi01stond: go to a terminal, type: kdesudo konqueror09:03
enrysudo konqueror09:03
enryor your file browser09:03
jussi01enry: ahah...no.09:03
jussi01kdesudo for graphical apps09:03
prince_jammyskdesudo for GUI09:03
Jucatoactually better just use "kdesu" so that it works whether or not kdesudo is installed :)09:04
enrysudo konqueror works09:04
enryjussi01 "no" stands for NO problems? :)09:04
enryor for09:04
stondok I think i got09:04
enryYES problems?09:04
prince_jammysif the bot were here, he would tell you the problem09:04
jussi01enry: just because it "works" doesnt mean its good.09:04
Jucatoyou're lucky ubotu's not here09:05
prince_jammysthe problem is it doesn't work properly09:05
enryhow do you do that?09:05
jussi01enry: it can seriously break stuff09:05
enrywhat is the procedure to remove hardware then?09:05
jussi01enry: turn off, remove hw, turn on.09:06
enryyeah it is what i was sqaying09:06
stondI am trying to install NETHOSTFS and USBHOSTFS and I cant get the executables moved to /usr/local/bin/ does anybody know how to do this09:06
jussi01enry: I was refering to the sudo thing about the serious breakage09:06
enryobvously I don't remove while it's on!09:07
Jucatoenry: we were taking about sudo konqueror09:07
enrybut for example if there is a floppy drive, at the boot it tryes to mount it, if i remove the drive what happens?09:08
prince_jammysnothing bad09:08
prince_jammysi've done that many times09:08
enryand with a pci device?09:08
enryand if i plug another device in the same slot09:09
prince_jammysi can't guarantee it, but i've never broken anything that way and i've messed a whole lot with hardware09:09
prince_jammysenry: that's ok too09:09
enrybecause i've heard about problems09:09
prince_jammysi have 6 computers and i juggle the hardware constantly09:09
storbeckprince_jammys: Wow, you don't ever drop them?09:10
prince_jammysdrives. sound cards, video cards, ram, floppy...09:10
enryi had a problem simply by monitor substitution :D09:10
prince_jammysno, i work in a circus09:10
prince_jammysi do it in a cage with tigers09:11
prince_jammysand the hardware still doesnt break09:11
storbeckWow, impressive09:11
enryit doesn't recognize the right resolution09:11
enryi need to press09:11
enryalt+e at the beginning09:11
prince_jammysenry: well you may have configuration problems, but you can always revert to the old setup09:11
storbeckI wish my resolution went higher >.<09:12
enrylogin screen has the wrong resolution09:12
enrydon't know why09:12
enryi wish to have it at 1440X90009:12
enrybut it doesn't work09:12
jussi01enry: what is it at to start withP?09:13
storbeckenry, Does your video card support it?09:13
enryyes, because09:13
enryafter login09:14
enryit works fine09:14
enrybut everytime i have to press alt+e at the login screen09:14
prince_jammysoh, only the login screen09:14
storbeckenry, That's why I don't use a gdm :D09:14
enryif I don't press alt+e sometimes, only sometimes, it loads wrong resolution09:14
prince_jammysi use gdm. i thought he used kdm09:15
storbeckWell, gdm/kdm.09:15
storbeckcli login for me :D09:15
prince_jammysi've had this problem too, but i don't remember how i fixed it :)09:16
christianphi all09:40
christianpproblems with quickcam for notebook installation: i follow this:http://wiki.ubuntu-it.org/Hardware/Webcam/DriverGspca09:41
christianpat the end of the tutorial, my camorama seems to work finely09:41
christianpnot the same for kopete or skype09:41
christianpwhen i reboot my notebook, starting camorama i have: no device /dev/video009:42
christianpwhat's the matter?09:42
ubot5If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »09:43
pushaxhi all.   Is there a program that resets all your permissions and attributes of the default files?09:55
prince_jammyspushax: to my knowledge, no10:01
prince_jammyspushax: what happened?10:01
prince_jammysmajor permission mess?10:01
pushaxprince_jammys: hi pj.  the other xp sp3 did something to my /home drive on its own hd.  I had copy the files to another drive and then rebuild that drive.  I also had to do a grub kernel recover.  now my sound wont load, nor HDTV10:03
prince_jammyspushax: so the permissions problem is just in your /home?10:04
pushaxI installed kubuntu onto a old computer and did a #ls -laR > dir.txt   and then compared it to my machine now.  I noticed in /dev dir most all the ownership were root:root  not root:devtype10:05
pushaxprince_jammys: I've done alot of checking but I'm worried I missed something or maybe a file has been set wrong internal due to the mess.10:06
prince_jammyson most of mine they are root:root10:06
prince_jammysbrw-rw---- 1 root     floppy    2,   0 2008-03-01 18:07 fd010:06
pushaxprince_jammys: I have Intel HD audio and I modprobe it but it wont stay after reboot.10:06
prince_jammyspushax: post this in #ubuntu. this channel is too thin right now10:07
pushaxprince_jammys: I've notice my changes didn't take effect.  I beleive.  let me do more research10:09
pushaxprince_jammys: is linux like windows in that it recovered changed system files?10:09
prince_jammyspushax: i don't think so, but i have no experience in this department10:10
pushaxprince_jammys: ok10:11
Sinnermanwhat package do i have to install to get amarok to play mp3 files?10:14
Jucatoor just install kubuntu-restricted-extras to get a whole bunch of codecs and plugins10:15
Jucato(java and flash)10:15
storbeckSinnerman> amarok should be able to play mp3s without any other packages10:15
Sinnermanstorbeck hmm... it's asking me to allow it to get mp3 support though. and i've manually installed all the packages off the ubuntu-restricted-extras package too.10:16
storbeckHave you tried install win32codecs?10:17
max_I need to use criticalSection in KDevelop, what is the include file or library to lock some part of my code?10:17
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
Sinnermanstorbeck umm, no, it's a clean install of ubuntu, last time i did that, i don't remember installing anything win32 to get mp3s to work with amarok.10:18
storbeckWell, I've also never had to install additional packages to play mp3s in amarok10:19
stdinSinnerman: try libxine1-ffmpeg or kubuntu-restricted-extras10:19
Sinnermanstdin thanks. let me have a look.10:19
Sinnermanstdin that did the trick. thanks. :)10:21
stdinSinnerman: amarok should install libxine1-ffmpeg automatically when you try to play an mp3, but it sometimes just fails so a manual install is required10:22
kgxdoes anyone where kde 3.5 saves the keyboard shortcuts? i thought it was .kde/share/config/khotjeys* but that doesnt seem to be it10:22
Sinnermanstdin i was looking for the name of the package too, for future reference. thanks.10:23
pushaxis there an easy way to load and remove modules from the kernel?10:27
SlimeyPetepushax: investigate insmod, lsmod, rmmod and modprobe (they're not *easy* but they're not usually that complicated)10:28
pushaxSlimeyPete: thx.  I've already used modprobe .  do you know of a graphical one?10:29
SlimeyPeteno, sorry10:29
Apple_Catwhy do you want a graphical one ?10:35
kgx.join #kde10:35
ActionParsniplo all10:35
kgxbah stupid uk keyboard10:35
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Greeneryanyone with mplayer, with the recent update mplayer is uninstalled?10:50
ActionParsnipGreenery, I use Kaffeine (sp) sory man, wassup anyhoo?10:52
Greenerymy mplayer is automaticauninstalled with recent update10:53
Greeneryi checked adept and try to install there, it said update (BREAK)10:53
ActionParsnipGreenery, what do you get if you sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade10:54
Greeneryeverything is normal10:55
ActionParsnipGreenery, ok, so when do you get the message? at update or execution of mplayer10:55
Greeneryi don't see my mplayer after the update10:56
Greeneryeven my kmplayer won't let me play cos mplayer is not running it says10:57
ActionParsnipGreenery, can you run mplayer <some file here>10:58
Greenerymplayer command not found, it asked me to install them10:59
ActionParsnipGreenery, sudo apt-get install mplayer11:00
GreeneryActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/58468/11:01
ActionParsnipGreenery, sudo apt-get install libungif4g11:03
Greeneryit removes libgif411:04
membriveis a conflict with some kde4 packages11:05
membriveit will be fixed soon I think11:05
membriveI have the same problem11:05
Greeneryah i see, i do use KDE411:06
ActionParsnipGreenery, do you get it in kde3?11:06
Greeneryi'm on KDE3 and no mplayer after the recent update11:07
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membriveGreenery, confirmed, I am getting now new packages and libunfgif4g, so I think in few time all dependencies will be solved11:09
Greenerycool good to hear that11:09
membrivenow I am getting mplayer again without lost kde4 packages11:11
Greeneryyeah am installing mplayer now, no more break11:12
SaiedRiddell: i want to know where is dot.kde.org news for KDE 4.0.2 on kde svn repository? i want to use it for translation11:16
ActionParsnipGreenery, you not happy with kaffeine?11:16
Greenerymkv can't play on Kaffeine11:17
Greeneryi'm very happy with kaffeine though11:17
Greeneryjust some files can't play well on it11:17
ActionParsnipGreenery, http://lists.matroska.org/pipermail/matroska-users/2005-August/000662.html11:19
ActionParsnipGreenery, just get better codecs :)11:20
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VelcroMan_Hi, i burned the kubuntu 7.10 cd image to an DVD-RW. But it doesn't boot properly. It stays on a black screen with a blinking white cursor11:26
ActionParsnipVelcroMan_, did you md5 check the disk?11:26
ActionParsnipVelcroMan_, ok not a good start, If you disable stuff in your bios it may help but you may have a defective image11:27
VelcroMan_Disable what?11:28
ActionParsnipVelcroMan_, you may need to turn cerain functionality off in your BIOS to get it installed then enable it later11:28
VelcroMan_What kind of functionality? What stuff?11:29
RiddellSaied: 4.0.2 hasn't been announced yet, you can /msg sebas and ask if he has a time planned if you want11:29
ActionParsnipVelcroMan_, USB (if its not needed), power management, Network devices etc etc11:29
SaiedRiddell: ok11:30
ActionParsnipVelcroMan_, I'd also MD5 check the disk to make sure it is correct11:31
Riddell** new alpha candidate CDs for testing, 20080305.111:37
PlantainAnyone know of a tool that lets me intercept traffic from local interfaces, edit them, then send them?11:57
PlantainI'm essentially trying to fuzz an app through a MITM attack, only all the tools I've found so far sniff the traffic, then allow me to replay it later11:57
barananyone can help me how can i open source of a .swf file11:57
Plantainoops, I meant that for ##networking11:58
ubot5For playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs12:05
ali3n51how to change the login themes12:10
ali3n51i want to change the login themes, how?12:10
ali3n51please help me, to change the login in different themes12:11
kristjan_ali3n51: it is broken sort of12:12
kristjan_ali3n51: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kubuntu-default-settings/+bug/13272312:13
ubot5Launchpad bug 132723 in kubuntu-default-settings "[gutsy] kdm use the default theme instead of the kubuntu one" [Undecided,Confirmed]12:13
kristjan_ali3n51: and https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kde-systemsettings/+bug/14870612:13
ubot5Launchpad bug 148706 in kde-systemsettings "kdmtheme module can not apply changes" [Undecided,Confirmed]12:13
KR-datahow do I make Firefox go back in history when pressing backspace (like you would expect) in stead of making a page up replacement (wtf. is that even good for?)12:17
DOOM_NXwhere can i find the difference between Kubuntu CD and DVD version?12:23
DragnslcrThe DVD has more packages on it12:26
DragnslcrAll of the packages on the DVD are in the repositories, so you can always download them if you install from the CD12:27
ForgeAushey all is the style of dolphin location bar like that's like Mautilus and Thundar called breadcrumbs??12:29
JucatoForgeAus: yes. but Dolphin's has an additional feature the others don't have12:30
ForgeAus:) Jucato12:30
ForgeAusjust one?12:31
Jucatoat least one that I know :)12:31
ForgeAushehe so you keep me in suspense? I've used dolphin before a few times12:31
Jucatoif you click on an arrow or click and hold on a name/location button, you get a drop-down of its "sibling" directories12:32
ForgeAusahh well the qt-address-bar XP drop-in replacement does that too12:32
* Jucato thinks Vista incorporated a similar feature12:32
ForgeAusyes... basically the same thing12:32
Jucatowe're talking about Linux though :)12:32
ForgeAusyeah kewl :)12:33
Jucatoneither Nautilus nor Thunar has that12:33
Jucato(and it's Thunar, not Thundar :P)12:33
ForgeAusyeah well Thor Thunder Thunar Donar, its a little confusing sometimes:)12:33
Jucatoheh I only know Thunar. I lost track of Xfce a long time ago :)12:34
ForgeAusI don't use XFCE much so I rarely care about it12:34
ForgeAusit wasn't too bad in I think it was either zenwalk or wolvix that was using it... but I prefer KDE12:34
Jucatoyeah. Xfce's not bad at all for a lightweight DE :)12:34
ForgeAusit feels alot like a Gnome-Lite12:34
ForgeAusI think I'd choose Fluxbox over XFCE for lightweight12:35
JucatoFluxbox isn't a DE :P12:35
ForgeAusoh ok12:36
DOOM_NXisn't it?12:36
JucatoFluxbox is a Window Manager12:36
DOOM_NXoh i see12:37
DOOM_NXjust like metacity?12:37
Jucatoyes. except that metacity is closely tied to GNOME (a Desktop Environment)12:38
Jucatojust as KWin is tied to KDE12:38
DOOM_NXooooh i see :D12:38
DOOM_NXthanks a lot12:38
ForgeAusso what desktop does fluxbuntu use?12:39
ForgeAusI know it uses fluxbox WM, but I'm confused what desktop it uses12:39
Jucatoit doesn't use a DE afaik. just fluxbox plus a whole heap of applications12:39
ForgeAusJucato I'm not sure I understand12:40
SlimeyPetepart of the point of something like fluxbox is thatyou don't use a DE with it12:40
ForgeAusso what its a Desktop replacement?12:40
blujaySo, 4.0.2 is out already.  :)12:40
Jucatonote that I used the term "DE" or "Desktop Environment", which *has* (usually) a Window Manager and provides an integrated system12:40
SlimeyPeteForgeAus: it has none.12:40
JucatoDesktop replacement?12:40
ForgeAusI know fluxbox is a wm but when you boot up into a fluxbox environment you don't have a desktop?...12:41
SlimeyPetejust a toolbar.12:41
ForgeAusyeah and a menu12:41
Jucatothe main difference between a Window Manager and a Desktop Environment is the level of integration it provides. a DE, such as GNOME and KDE, provide stuff like interpocess communication, embedded components, a default set of base applications, etc12:41
storbeckFluxbuntu uses Rox12:42
ForgeAusits fairly simple and feels professional/simple12:42
ForgeAusRox as in Oborox ?12:42
storbeckNo, Rox as in Rox12:42
SlimeyPeteRox-filer etc.12:42
ForgeAus(which btw is an "evolution" of sorts of RiscOS's desktop)12:42
Jucatowell you have a "desktop" in the sense of you have a desktop/background, panels, etc12:42
ForgeAusOboroX is Rox's WM tho isn't it?12:42
SlimeyPeteI used to run Fluxbox (without Rox) - it was very nice.12:42
SlimeyPeteI can't really give a decent reason why I don't use it now tbh.12:43
SlimeyPeteI just kinda stopped.12:43
storbeckI use Fluxbuntu12:43
ForgeAushmm thats interesting a script to convert XML <-> TeX lol12:44
SlimeyPetethere's not really much point in running a full DE like KDE or GNOME if you don't need an integrated file manager or desktop.12:44
ForgeAus(ie Changes TeX-like tags (abc{...}) to XML-like tags (<abc>...</abc>). hehe)12:44
JucatoSlimeyPete: it's not just an integrated "file manager", but yes on the "integrated desktop"12:44
SlimeyPeteJucato: yeah... actually now I'm thinking of it I rarely use apps in combination with each other and I don't use graphical file managers or a desktop (I run everything full-screen)... maybe I should just run fluxbox/openbox/wmii with a bunch of KDE apps.12:46
* SlimeyPete ponders12:46
Jucatoto each his own :)12:46
* Jucato uses KDE *because* of the integration :)12:47
ForgeAussporry I said oborox apparantly its OroboROX12:47
ForgeAusUnder X, you can choose to run any window manager with any desktop. Many of the screenshots show the xfwm4 or OroboROX window managers in a more-or-less default configuration.12:47
SlimeyPetewell, indeed. I appreciate that many people find the integration stuff useful... I'm just not sure that it's much use to me.12:47
ForgeAusso Fluxbox uses ROX + Fluxbox? instead of xfwm4 or OroboROX ?12:47
JucatoForgeAus: sure you can. that's what makes it possible to use Compiz in GNOME and KDE12:47
JucatoForgeAus: I think storbeck said "Fluxbuntu uses ROX"12:48
SlimeyPeteForgeAus: you can run fluxbox over the top of KDE (instead of KWin) if you want to, but I'm not sure why one would want to do that. Perhaps because Fluxbox allows you to group windows together.12:48
DexterFok who gan gimme a hand with writing a video dvd with k3b? I told it "new video dvd", dragged the VOBs into the VIDEO_TS folder and burnt. disc won't work.12:49
DexterFcan mount it but kaffeine or smplayer don't recognize it as a video dvd12:49
SlimeyPeteDexterF: should be fine, assuming the VOBs are unencrypted.12:50
DexterFSlimeyPete: they are12:50
SlimeyPeteyou normally need an IFO or something too though12:50
ForgeAusSlimyPete do you mean that would be Kwin + fluxbox istead of running Kicker (or kickstart or whatever kde4's is called?)12:50
SlimeyPeteForgeAus: it'd be fluxbox instead of KWin (so... the KDE desktop but with Fluxbox handling the window management and decoration)12:51
DexterFSlimeyPete: all there. copied the disc to disk with DVDshrink in windows, smplayer plays it alright when I tell it to open the folder.12:51
storbeckYou can't use Fluxbox with KDE12:51
SlimeyPetenot sure if Kicker would work. It might. If not you could no doubt use fluxbox's bar12:51
storbeckThat's like saying you can use Gnome on KDE12:51
SlimeyPetestorbeck: oh... why not?12:51
SlimeyPeteworks with GNOME12:51
Jucatostorbeck: yes you can12:51
storbeckHow so?12:52
SlimeyPetestorbeck: it's nothing like that ;p12:52
SlimeyPeteFluxbox is a WM, not a DE12:52
SlimeyPetelike KWin.12:52
Jucatostorbeck: fluxbox is *not* like GNOME. it is *not* a Desktop Environment12:52
Jucatofluxbox is like metacity (GNOME) or kwin (KDE)12:52
DexterFstorbeck: deep in kde's guts you can tell it to use another win man than kwin. why someone would wanna do this is beyond me tho :)12:52
storbeckI'd like to see a screenshot of that...12:52
ForgeAusme too12:52
DexterFme not :D12:53
storbeckI'll believe it when I see it.12:53
SlimeyPetestorbeck: http://images.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl=http://octopi.files.wordpress.com/2007/05/snapshot1.png&imgrefurl=http://octopi.wordpress.com/2007/05/12/gentoo-secret-sauce-apple-macbook-pro-g4-667/&h=854&w=1280&sz=134&hl=en&start=4&sig2=R8gsY7VvTmau4YE3lxyeag&um=1&tbnid=lK2QagD5JZkgpM:&tbnh=100&tbnw=150&ei=xZfOR9yWMoOkeLLhtQY&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dkde%2Bwith%2Bfluxbox%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DN12:53
SlimeyPeteick, that's a nasty url ;)12:54
Jucatohere's one too: http://www.ubuntux.org/kubuntu-with-fluxbox12:54
ForgeAusnice and short URL there :)12:54
Jucatostorbeck: if you can't use fluxbox (which is a window manager) with KDE, it's like saying you can't use compiz/beryl with KDE12:54
storbeckSlimeyPete: How is that fluxbox?12:54
SlimeyPetestorbeck: notice the window decorations.12:55
ForgeAusJucato what part of that screenshot makes it KDE?12:55
SlimeyPeteit's running fluxbox as the window manager12:55
derjenshello everybody12:55
storbeckThese days I will replace KDE with Fluxbox and testing some alternative compilers like D/Digitlmars an stuff.12:55
JucatoForgeAus: that's the tricky part about using a different window manager for GNOME or KDE12:55
storbeckThat's in the website.12:56
ForgeAushehe Jucato I agree, its confusing12:56
storbeckI don't think he's running fluxbox on KDE.12:56
ForgeAusI can certainly see the fluxbox there12:56
SlimeyPetestorbeck: look, just try it. It works fine, I can assure you. It's a bit pointless but it works.12:56
derjenshere are two students... i've been using linux for some years but i am not familiar with ubuntu12:56
derjensi should help this guy with his external harddisk12:57
ForgeAusbut nothing about that shows me that it's running on KDE  (rather than Kubuntu)...12:57
storbeckEh, I'd rather not install KDE. :] I'm really not that worried about it12:57
derjensthere are some vfat partitions which are mounted automatically, but all the NTFS cannot be accessed via Dolphin12:57
Jucatoyou see, the problem is that you are just looking for "visual cues" to whether he's using KDE or fluxbox.. you're just looking for things like a panel or window decorations, without taking into consideration the processes that are  running benath12:57
derjensit's kubuntu 7.1 he just said12:57
derjensis this kubuntu version capable of auto mounting ntfs partitions?12:58
ForgeAusJucato partly yes, but I was looking more for how KDE blended (or perhaps how it doesn't blend) with fluxbox12:58
derjensread-only access is suitable12:58
JucatoI need to compile fluxbox just to prove a point? hm...12:58
ForgeAusyou keep making a distinction between the desktop and the window manager...12:58
Jucatoyes. because a desktop environment does *more* than just provide window borders (which is what you're trying to look for in a screenshot)12:59
derjenswhy does HAL not mount a NTFS saying it "refuses uid 1000"?12:59
blujayThat screenshot is using a kwin window decoration.12:59
Jucatoderjens: I don't think Kubuntu 7.10 is able to automount NTFS just yet, but ntfs-3g is installed by default12:59
Jucatoblujay: yeah. quartz13:00
derjensJucato, well, we can mount ntfs as root -- it works obviously... why does it not work with auto mount?13:00
ubot5ntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions13:00
Jucatosorry I'm not familiar with mounting NTFS13:00
derjensdolphin tries to mount the device but HAL refuses to do so13:00
DexterFderjens: I had to tinker with fstab settigns but finally got it working, ill paste you the line, moment13:01
DexterFderjens: /dev/hda5  /media/e     ntfs-3g   users,gid=users,umask=0002,silent,utf8,locale=de_DE.utf8 0 013:02
derjensDexterF, does this fstab solution work with ANY device plugged in?13:02
DexterFderjens: oh, you mean like a usb disk?13:02
derjensthis is all about usb harddisks13:02
derjensDexterF, yes13:03
ForgeAusJucato Fluxbox does more than just provide window borders13:03
Jucatohttp://developer.kde.org/~seli/kdewm/ btw13:03
DexterFhmm. ok, you'd have to pass users/gid somehow... good question. possibly you have to mess wiht the udev rules or remount manually.13:03
stondcan someone please tell me how to remove and delete root folders13:04
Jucatostond: that depends. normally you shouldn't. which folders are you asking about13:04
Jucato(they are not owned by you for a reason)13:04
DexterFstond: you mean like / ? you dont wanna delete that13:04
DexterFderjens: have a look here, guess you can do that stunt in kubuntu, too: http://de.opensuse.org/NTFS13:06
Jucatohttp://fluxbox.sourceforge.net/ lists "KDE support" as one of the features. :)13:06
DexterF(scroll down to the section about external disks)13:06
ForgeAusyeah well according to the previous page you sent me to Enlightenment has KDE support too13:06
stondi have created two folder in ?usr/local/bin called nethostfs and usbhostfs and i put an executable file in each one plus I moved a couple of other executable there and I want to remove them and dont know how using a terminal13:07
Jucatoyeah. and E is a schizophrenic WM :)13:07
ForgeAusit only has partial Gnome Support tho13:07
ForgeAuslol I agree Jucato13:07
ForgeAusYou can see KDE dockets, on the Fluxbox slit. Also WindowMaker dockets work well.13:07
ForgeAuswhat exactly is a kde docket?13:09
derjensi just tried to change the permissions of the mount point13:09
derjenschown USERNAME /media/harddisk_xyz13:09
derjensthere was no error message but the owner did not change13:09
derjensi have already done such things on the distros13:10
derjenswhy does it not work for this NTFS partition?13:10
ForgeAusshouldn't it be docklet?13:10
llutzderjens: because it is a non-unix-filesystem which won't work with unix-permissions. permissions have to be set by mount-options13:11
derjensi tried to change the owner of other mount points in order to give special permissions to some user, but there was the error "permission denied"13:11
DexterFderjens: actually you override the perms with gid/users and linux then won't care about perms.13:11
llutzderjens: read documentation for ntfs/ntfs-3g13:11
derjensllutz, what do you mean by setting permissions per mount point? this is what i tried to do, in my point of view13:12
llutzderjens: nope, i meant mount-options not changing them by chmod/chown13:12
stondhey  I want to delete all the stuff I added to /usr/local/bin/ can anybody tell me how to do it using Terminal13:12
llutzderjens: "man mount"13:12
stondhey  I want to delete all the stuff I added to /usr/local/bin/ can anybody tell me how to do it using Terminal13:13
ForgeAusbtw Jucato why do you need to compile fluxbox, can't you just apt-get it?13:14
stondhey  I want to delete all the stuff I added to /usr/local/bin/ can anybody tell me how to do it using Terminal13:15
ForgeAuserm stond be careful there13:15
JucatoForgeAus: I'm not on Kubuntu right now. hold on is storbeck still around?13:16
ForgeAusif you know the name(s) of the files simply use rm <filename>13:16
llutzstond: "all"?      find /usr/local -type f -exec rm {} \;13:16
ForgeAusof course from /usr/local/bin you may need sudo13:17
ForgeAusoh and because its a directory (I just backread) you'd find it easier using rm -rd13:17
JucatoForgeAus: screenshot coming soon13:17
stondllutz i just want to delete folders and files I installed to /usr/local/bin/13:18
ForgeAusJucato, some portage-based distro?13:18
Jucatosource based, but not portage-based13:18
llutzstond the walk through the dirs and delete by hand (cd, rm, ls, or better mc will help)13:18
storbeckJucato: Do you need me?13:19
Jucatoin a while.13:19
storbeckOkay, it might take a bit to respond. I'm watching Saved by the Bell :)13:19
ForgeAushmm that rules out Gentoo13:20
Jucatostorbeck, ForgeAus, SlimeyPete: http://jucato.org/stuff/kde-flux.png KDE using fluxbox as WM (ugly, needed to do it quick). notice kicker (KDE panel) and the flux panel running at the same time13:21
stondllutz what do you mean I am a noobie at all this could you please expllain what you mean and what is (cd, rm, ls) and what is mc13:21
ForgeAuswow that looks nice Jucato :)13:22
ForgeAushmmm the is the K-menu a docklet?13:23
JucatoI did it hackingly though... killed kwin, started flux...13:23
Jucatono, it's just kicker with lots of icons ;)13:23
ForgeAushehe hmmm well it seems to have worked nicely enough13:23
storbeckHeh Jucato, you didn't really need to do that. I didn't really care all that much13:23
ForgeAusI wasn't talking about your screenshot13:23
ForgeAusin fact your kicker looks more like an OSX dock (or kooldock or something)13:24
storbeckLooks like kxdocker13:24
ForgeAusyeah something like that13:24
Jucatothat's what I meant. it's just kicker with icons :)13:24
ForgeAus(kooldock is similar)13:24
Jucatono fancy stuff13:24
llutzstond use google to find some howtos/tutorial on linux shell-cmd basics.13:24
Jucatobrb. gonna try something again :)13:24
ForgeAusyeah anyway Jucato I was asking about if Kmenu is a docklet?13:24
ForgeAusbecause you could add it to your fluxbox slit that way :)13:24
ForgeAus(since flux supposedly has kde docklet support)13:25
ForgeAus(also the WindowMaker dock-bar)13:25
ForgeAuswouldn't a K-menu make the fluxbox slit more useful?13:26
ForgeAusthat and probably a shutdown and/or trash icon hehe13:27
Jucatohaha! KDEWM works as advertised! :)13:27
Jucatono need to kill kwin and start fluxbox manually. :D13:27
Jucatoactually I don't know much about flux :)13:27
Jucato2nd time I tried to use it. but if you do run KDE+Fluxbox, you sort of dont' get the right-click menu of flux13:27
Jucatoah yes.. kdesktop is the "killer"13:27
Jucatoif kdesktop is running, you get the KDE "desktop" (wallpaper, icons, right-click menus)13:28
Jucatokill it to get flux's (as long as fluxbox is running)13:28
ForgeAusI still think your screenshot looked nice :)13:28
ForgeAus(you could probably set up your mouse buttons so you get a middleclick menu for one and a rightclick menu for the other13:29
ForgeAus(whichever wm you prefer for which)13:29
Jucatoyou can do that in KDE13:29
=== eth01` is now known as eth01
JucatoConfigure Desktop -> Behavior -> Mouse Button Actions13:29
ForgeAusyeah switch ur kde rightclick menu to middleclick and fluxbox will probably do ur rightclick?13:29
ForgeAusJucato I've done it before :)13:30
ForgeAuswell not the flux thing13:30
ForgeAusbut the mouse buttons I've messed with13:30
ForgeAus(added a middleclick menu from memory)13:30
ForgeAuswhat I should have done is added an Mac-menu switch to it somehow.. (so I can use the middle button to toggle kde's top-screen menu like Macintosh has)13:31
ForgeAusnot that I prefer to use my PC that way13:31
ForgeAusmany OSX themes use that + Baghira13:31
Jucatolots of stuff you can do :)13:32
ForgeAusme personally I'd add more functional components to that "menu"13:32
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Dark-Alien-Corecan you help me? im a newbie and i wanted on my homepage a formular send to my email,so i have found a script from this page http://www.scripted.de/lekt4h.htmlbut i don`t know how i can send the formular to my email13:52
DexterFDark-Alien-Core: rather a webserving question. tried #apache?13:55
Dark-Alien-Coreok i try it13:56
=== alx_ is now known as alx1
DexterFgot an ntfs-3g mount here, works so far apart from one thing: on each chmod/chown action it yells. I added "silent" to the fstab line but still no change. what's wrong?13:57
KR-datahow do I make Firefox go back in history when pressing backspace (like you would expect) in stead of making a page up replacement (wtf. is that even good for?)14:16
SlimeyPeteKR-data: type about::config into the url bar14:17
SlimeyPeteyou have to change a setting there - I'm afraid I can't remember which one14:17
SlimeyPeteerm, about:config even14:18
storbeckLOL @ swiftfox's about:config14:18
storbeck"This might void your warranty!"14:18
KR-dataSlimeyPete, thanks, do you know why that ridiculous setting has been made?14:20
SlimeyPeteno idea14:20
SlimeyPeteit is a bit silly.14:20
KR-dataI agree, and I hate it, because it's annoying14:21
KR-dataSlimeyPete, browser.backspace_action should be set to 0 ^^14:23
josephlately, firefox seems to crash when any video is played, regardless of file type.  is anyone else having this problem?14:27
storbeckjoseph: flash videos?14:27
josephflash and mpeg14:28
josephanything that plays in the browser14:28
storbeckI've never had it crash on an mpeg, but I managed to reduce the crashes a lot by using swiftfox14:28
storbeck(on flash movies)14:28
ActionParsnipjoseph, try renaming your ~/.firefox folder14:28
el-gokulono crash. here now, since ive updated the nvidia driver14:29
josephActionParsnip: i don't have a .firefox folder.  i do have a .mozilla folder, though14:29
jhutchins_wkNone here on several boxes, but I don't do a lot of video.14:29
ActionParsnipjoseph, that'll do it14:29
ActionParsnipjoseph, if it doesnt make a difference, rename it back]14:29
josephyeah, it doesn't make any difference; firefox still freezes when playing video.14:31
jhutchins_wkjoseph: ram/videocard/cpu?14:31
josephjhutchins: everything worked fine before a couple days ago14:32
Agent_bobanyone that might be able to help me figure out why i can't ssh into a particular box as root ?14:32
josephnothing has changed14:32
ActionParsnipjoseph, ok then rename it back and relaunch your firefox14:33
josephhas flash been updated lately?14:33
llutzAgent_bob: because it's configured with "no rootlogin"?14:33
ActionParsnipAgent_bob, dont ssh as root, ssh as user and sudo if you need admin power14:33
Agent_bobActionParsnip so can you help me figure out why it's not working or not ?14:34
ActionParsnipsee what llutz sid14:34
Agent_bobllutz not it.  checked that.14:34
ActionParsnipAgent_bob, i'd strongly suggest against it14:34
josephAgent_bob: so can you ssh as a normal user?14:34
Agent_bobjoseph yes14:35
ActionParsnipAgent_bob, I've never done it myself, let me google14:35
llutzAgent_bob: check "PermitRootLogin" in sshd_config14:35
Agent_bobActionParsnip it's ok.  no need searching.   i do this all the time, and only one of 7 boxes is giving trouble.14:36
josephso you ssh in as a regular user and then use sudo to execute root commands.  unless the ssh box is on your local network behind a firewall, it's just not a good idea to ssh in as root.14:36
Agent_bobllutz i said i checked that14:36
llutzAgent_bob: if it is set to "yes" check server-logs for reason14:36
Agent_bobjoseph can't su/sudo14:36
ActionParsnipAgent_bob, what is the message when you try to ssh?14:36
josephAgent_bob: if you can't sudo, then you probably shouldn't be using root to begin with.  i'd check to see if your normal user is in the sudo conf files in /etc14:37
Agent_bobActionParsnip says   Permission denied, please try again.14:37
Agent_bobroot@'s password:14:37
Agent_bobPermission denied (publickey,password).14:37
Agent_bobjoseph :)   sudo doesn't work on "nosuid" systems.14:38
josephAgent_bob: ok, my mistake.14:38
Agent_boberr  not unless you are already root.14:38
josephyou should probably run ssh with -v options to get more info on why you can't log in14:38
Agent_bobi'm not seeing any ssh log .....14:39
Agent_bobwhat's the normal log file for ssh ?14:39
Agent_bobsshd   ^14:39
llutzauth.log, syslog14:40
josephyeah, but you can do like ssh -vvv and you'll get good logging info in standard output14:40
Agent_bobhah.  got a syslog  but i can't access it cause i'm not root14:40
llutzAgent_bob: also "su" won't work?14:41
josephsu cat /var/log/auth.log14:42
Xbehavesometimes my keyboard locks up entirely and even my sysrq keys fail  but my  mouse still works fine, ive even restarted x but it didnt help14:46
=== bAgent_bo is now known as intelikey
Agent_bobsorry for that interruption.14:50
Agent_boband before you say it.    NO !   the password is correct.14:50
BluesKajhiyasall :)14:51
Agent_bobit doesn't look like i'm going to have enough free time to work on this today anyway.14:51
=== sebastian_ is now known as sebastianito
Agent_bobBluesKaj shalom14:51
sebastianitohow do i install programs that i downloaded in kde 4.0.1?14:52
sebastianitodoes kubuntu use deb or rpm?14:52
jpatrick!debian | sebastianito14:52
ubotusebastianito: Ubuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/relationship - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!14:52
Agent_boband in short.  if it's a .deb    dpkg -i /path/to/file.deb14:53
Agent_bobman dpkg for all the details.14:53
Agent_bobwell   i'll come back when i have more time to spend on that ssh question.14:54
sebastianitothe problem is i downloaded skype for ubuntu and i dont know how to install it14:54
dthacker-workHi!  I have a very nice Gutsy install on my laptop, and I am using Kmail.  Do I have to install postfix to send mail from my laptop to the internet?14:54
ubotuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto14:55
dthacker-worksebastianito: ^^14:55
sorin7486can anybody tell me what was that command that would print a famous quote in command line ?14:55
sebastianitook thx14:55
sorin7486It's driving me crazy ...14:56
dthacker-worksorin7486: fortune14:56
sorin7486right... thanks14:56
sebastianitodthacker-work i got command not found14:56
dthacker-workDo nothing unless you must, and when you must act -- hesitate.14:57
sebastianitoubotu: thx i think it will work :D14:58
dthacker-worksebastianito: what command was not found?  (need those details ;)14:58
* dthacker-work hugs ubotu14:58
ubotuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto14:58
sebastianitois ubotu a bot?14:59
dthacker-worksebastianito: yep. and a very smart one!15:00
ubotuYum! Err, I mean, APT!15:00
sebastianitoya i noticed15:00
sebastianitoubotu: how do i install msn15:00
sebastianitohaha he doesent seem very smart15:01
dthacker-worksebastianito: msn messenger?15:01
sebastianitoanybody know where to get more widgets for kde4? i looked at kde-look but didnt find any15:01
sebastianitodthacker-work: no i was just trying the bot15:02
ubotuYum! Err, I mean, APT!15:02
ForgeAuserm not so many botsnaks...15:03
dthacker-workstart with an exclamation point, and please don't abuse the bot.  (get what you need for info and leave it be....)15:03
ForgeAusI mean they're cute but it leads to bot-abuse15:03
ForgeAuslol and for those that don't know Yum is a package manager that Suse (and perhaps some other distro's) use15:04
sebastianitohow can i lock my desktop in kde4? i get an error message15:06
Jucatos/Suse/Red Hat and Fedora/15:06
JucatoSuse doesn't use yum. it uses libzypp15:06
ForgeAusisn't Yast a frontend for Yum?15:07
ForgeAusI'm certain Suse uses yast15:07
JucatoYaST is not *just* a package manager. part of it has a package manager (yast2 iirc)15:07
* ForgeAus shrugs15:08
dthacker-workSuse does use yast, but it is more than a package manager15:08
dthacker-workJucato is too fast.  :)15:08
ForgeAuswhat else is it?15:08
rjune_yast is a frontend to rpm15:08
dthacker-workEquivalent of Systems-Settings15:08
rjune_is a configuration tool15:08
JucatoYaST = "Yet another Setup Tool"15:08
ForgeAusok fine15:08
rjune_and yes, suse can use yum.15:08
rjune_both zypp and yum use rpm, so both will work.15:09
ForgeAusmandrake uses rpmdrake right?15:09
ForgeAusoops mandriva15:09
trappistmandrake uses urpmi15:09
trappistright, mandriva :)15:09
ForgeAusI still think of it as mandrake lol15:09
Jucatohm.. I don't think yast can use yum. just because both libzypp and yum use rpm.15:10
ForgeAusalthough taht was long ago, mandriva = Mandrake + connectiva but then Lycoris got absorbed into the mix too15:10
trappistI think yast is suse, and suse is rpm15:10
* dthacker-work reaches in his pocket for a yellow card offtopic15:10
josephthey should disable the botsnack feature.  everyone complains when you use it.15:13
ForgeAusjoseph I wasn't trying to complain...15:13
josephForgeAus: your point is well-taken, though15:13
josephthere's no utility in that command15:13
ForgeAusI like it I was just saying they were in danger of overusing it15:14
dthacker-workIf I don't specify an outgoing host in Kmail, will it just try to connect to mail.domiain-im-sending-too.xxx?15:14
dthacker-workISP at home requires you to send through their server, but at work I can't reach it.15:14
dthacker-workso I'm trying to debug15:15
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about fetchmail - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi15:17
ubotupostfix is the default !MTA and !MDA on Ubuntu. For help, read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Postfix and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PostfixBasicSetupHowto - See also !MailServer15:17
trappistok all of a sudden kontact/kmail is working fine except I can't read my emails.  they're listed in the list pane, but nothing ever shows up in the preview pane.  any ideas?15:17
trappistrestarted kontact, restarted the imap server on the other end, no help15:18
BluesKajpreview pane can be dangerous ...or is that just my "windows" way of thinking ?15:19
SlimeyPetedoesn't really matter on Linux at the moment but it pays to be prudent.15:19
trappistBluesKaj: yeah, outlook & oe like to execute everything they see15:19
trappistso you get an email with some javascript or something and it says ooh look! code!15:20
trappistanyway I have kontact display my emails in plain text as a precaution15:20
AranelJack_Sparrow: It works, thanks :) But the sound is really low.15:20
Araneloh, he's gone :/15:21
noaXesshi all15:22
noaXessi have a running touchscreen pad.. now i need a handwriting recognition software.. what to se for this?15:23
noaXess...to use...15:23
=== _czessi is now known as Czessi
jhutchins_wkgg: linux handwriting recognition15:33
eko_hi, I get an error message KDEInit could not launch '/usr/lib/kde4/bin/knetattach'.15:36
eko_but, when I use command apt-get install to install knetattach...15:36
eko_it said knetattach already installed15:36
xamaztianyou don't speak spanish?15:37
eko_any idea please?15:37
=== JohnFlux2 is now known as JohnFlux
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about xstroke - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi15:38
xamaztiani don't speak english15:39
ubotuSi busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.15:39
=== bewofthe is now known as cuznt
jhutchins_wk!find xstroke15:47
ubotuPackage/file xstroke does not exist in gutsy15:47
Agent_bobssh root login problem is solv'ed15:54
Agent_bobit was the shell variable    if anyone ever runs into that  same error message again.15:54
Agent_bobor should i say $SHELL15:55
Agent_bobi don't understand why local login works and remote doesn't,  but that's how it turns out.15:55
* jpatrick never does: ssh root@..15:56
josephok, so i decided to use fetchmail to do google imap15:57
josephhowever, when i check mail with kmail, nothing comes up15:58
josepheven though mailx says i have mail15:58
jpatrickjoseph: have you set up kmail to use IMAP from your Gmail?15:58
Agent_bobjpatrick ummm hmm but with "nosuid" systems the only powwable way to remote admin is an ssh root shell15:59
jpatrickAgent_bob: I just use sudo, or su :)15:59
josephjpatrick: no, i set up kmail to read from the local mail spool15:59
Agent_bobnot on a nosuid system you don't15:59
joseph /var/mail/joseph15:59
jpatrickjoseph: ah ok, no idea then15:59
francismjoseph: try using fetchmail to connect to gmail via POP.16:02
josephfrancism: why?16:02
=== xRaich[o12x is now known as xRaich[o]2x
Agent_bobthere is no such thing as using su/sudo on a nosuid system    or should i say only root can do that.    so in essence it can't be done.  @ jpatrick16:03
jpatrickAgent_bob: I read it :)16:03
josephafter running fetchmail when i check mail using kmail, it says "Transmission failed.  Could not lock /var/mail/joseph"16:03
josephfixed it16:05
josephhad the wrong locking method specified16:05
Agent_bobjpatrick therefore if sshd is only listening on the dmz and root login is with sshkeys only  it makes it pretty hard to admin if ssh root@192.168.*.* stops working.  or doesn't work.16:06
jpatrickAgent_bob: right16:06
Agent_bobdon't worry.  i'll leave in a minute.16:06
sentinelhi ... i'm new with kubuntu ... where i can find the hardware manager?16:08
Agent_bobof the systems that i have access to one is a "normal" +suid system,   and i hacked it the other day to prove that it could be done.      haven't been able to on these nosuid boxen   but that doesn't mean it can't be done...16:08
Agent_bobsentinel setting at the keyboard.16:08
Agent_bobwhat kind of hardware issue do you have ?16:09
sentineli'm using 3G broadband connection .. Knetworkmanager showed no connection , i ca't connect to th net16:11
Agent_bobis that wireless ?16:11
SlimeyPeteit's not wifi16:12
SlimeyPeteit's mobile phone (cellphone)16:12
sentinelyes correct16:12
Agent_bobSlimeyPete can you walk him through it?16:13
SlimeyPeteI'm afraid not - I know what 3G is but I don't use it myself16:13
SlimeyPeteI think I'm just about the only geek in Europe who doesn't ;) Sorry.16:13
sentinelhey no worries16:13
* Agent_bob dislikes/avoids all wireless.16:14
sentineltis will not deter me  away from kubuntu ... i'm changing from windows16:15
sentinelagent_bob... wireless is fredom ... am i wrong?16:15
Agent_bobwhat dir does sshd actually "listen in" ?    anyone know ?16:15
Agent_bobsentinel freedom from what ?16:15
Agent_bobsentinel wireless is "your neibour using your connection without your permission"  in most places/cases16:16
Agent_boband often reading your mail.16:17
Agent_bobso yeah it is freedom    for him.16:17
SlimeyPeteAgent_bob: sshd listens on a port, not a directory...16:17
SlimeyPete(port 22 by default)16:17
Agent_bobSlimeyPete i didn't say on or to   but in.  everything is running some place16:18
Agent_bobSlimeyPete and sshd is not listening in / cause bin/sh would work as a shell if it was.   neither is it in root's home cause bin/sh would work if it were16:18
SlimeyPeteAgent_bob: oh, you mean the working directory.16:19
SlimeyPeteyeah, that. I'd've guessed / too, *shrug*. Doesn't /bin/sh work?16:20
Agent_bobSlimeyPete /bin/sh does  but bin/sh does not16:20
Agent_boband root's shell is set to bin/sh on that box.16:21
Agent_bobbecause of a restricted and logged shell16:21
hydrogenso give it the full path..?16:22
Agent_bobi might be able to use ~/bin/sh   but listing the full path is not really an option there16:22
Agent_bobummm nope   Cannot execute ~/bin/shell: No such file or directory16:24
Agent_bobseems it doesn't expand the tild16:24
=== br1003 is now known as kazuu
Agent_bobNDPMacBook:  more work to do. jpatrick hydrogen SlimeyPete    gooday16:27
=== hydrogen is now known as EhrfurchtigeSobe
tsbWhen I have read emails, I move them to a folder ("proccesed") - is there a way to make a shortcut for that? Like how del moves it to trash16:34
=== stefano_ is now known as coren_ita
yao_ziyuanktorrent doesn't seem to fully support unicode filenames (filenames specified in a torrent). i suggest ubuntu uses the official bittorrent client instead.16:45
=== EhrfurchtigeSobe is now known as Hydrogen
NickPrestayao_ziyuan, are you absolutely sure ktorrent doesn't fully support unicode filenames? Have you asked on the Ktorrent forums?16:48
Daisuke_Idoit supports unicode fine -_-16:48
yao_ziyuanNickPresta: i used ktorrent to download some torrents which contain chinese filenames16:48
NickPrestaDaisuke_Ido, I thought so too.16:48
yao_ziyuanthey're displayed as boxes and can't be opened by ktorrent (must manually open in a file browser)16:49
yao_ziyuani'm in english locale16:49
yao_ziyuanmaybe this is the problem16:49
NickPrestayao_ziyuan, can you give me an example of such a torrent?16:49
yao_ziyuanbut i'm sure the official bt client can do well16:49
Daisuke_Idolink please!16:49
yao_ziyuanNickPresta: are you fbi?16:49
NickPrestayao_ziyuan, if you can't provide me with a torrent that isn't illegal to post here, then don't post it :)16:50
Daisuke_Idothe official bittorent client is a non-adjustable bandwidth hog - making that the default would be an extremely poor decision on the ubuntu team's part.16:50
jhutchins_wkyao_ziyuan: What client you use is entirely up to you.16:50
yao_ziyuani'll give you a way to find a chinese torrent file:16:51
jhutchins_wkazureus is pretty popular.16:51
yao_ziyuangoogle: btchina16:51
yao_ziyuanand click into the first result16:51
yao_ziyuanit is a torrent search engine in china16:51
yao_ziyuanjust enter a movie name in english16:51
yao_ziyuanit should give you a list of results. click any of them, you get a torrent file16:51
jhutchins_wkyao_ziyuan: Really, no need to prove that ktorrent can be broken - it's the kde component, using the kde shared libraries, so it's the default on a kde desktop.16:52
jhutchins_wkyao_ziyuan: How about say a Live CD torrent?16:52
jhutchins_wkyao_ziyuan: Is the issue handling chinese characters in names?16:52
yao_ziyuanthe torrent must specify files and/or folders that contain chinese characters16:52
yao_ziyuanjhutchins yes16:53
yao_ziyuanjhutchins_wk: yes16:53
jpatrick!bugs > yao_ziyuan16:53
yao_ziyuansorry i feel it uncomfortable to file a bug :)16:54
Daisuke_Idoworks perfectly, i don't know what's wrong with yours...16:55
NickPrestaI just started a torrent and told it to save the contents to this folder: 字16:55
NickPrestait worked fine for me...16:55
nosrednaekimwth is that character NickPresta?16:56
NickPrestanosrednaekim, the first chinese character I could find on wikipedia under 'chinese character' lol16:56
yao_ziyuanNickPresta: then it failed. because there can't be a folder named with just one character16:56
nosrednaekimNickPresta: hahah16:56
NickPrestayao_ziyuan, what do you mean you can't have a folder name with just one character. sure you can.16:57
yao_ziyuanmy case is:16:57
yao_ziyuani got folder names like:16:57
yao_ziyuangot it?16:58
Daisuke_Idothen you should really install the correct language support, huh?16:58
NickPrestayao_ziyuan, I would say that is a language support issue. I can display unicode characters just fine in my terminal and anywhere else I please (Including chracters like é)16:59
ryanakcayao_ziyuan: If you file a bug report, you have a greater chance of having the "problem" fixed.17:00
yao_ziyuani "filed" one to #kubuntu-devel :)17:00
ryanakcayao_ziyuan: it'll get lost. It should be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu instead, that way we can keep track of it and monitor its progress.17:01
yao_ziyuani'm not that enthusiastic about filing bugs, although i filed many17:02
yao_ziyuanbut this one isn't a very important one17:02
re-alignBah, seems I forgot to install some packages so that I can play Windows Media format videos in Firefox...and Realplayer, etc...and here I thought I'd gotten the restricted formats package installed..:/17:04
re-alignEr, realplayer format, not the player itself17:04
ubotuThe Win32 codecs are available from the Medibuntu repositories (see « /msg ubotu medibuntu »), and for releases prior to Gutsy, also at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages17:05
emilsedghnosrednaekim: well, if youre looking for a SoC ptoject to do...what about something like Dolphin's media management for konqueror? atm konqueror is not able to handle media...17:05
re-alignAnd it seems the nifty online doc I used before under Ubuntu isn't gonna work here as I'm using Kaffiene for video playing...17:06
nosrednaekimemilsedgh: media management?17:06
re-alignHmm, so the moved them. Might be another reason I couldn't find 'em17:06
=== _czessi is now known as Czessi
emilsedghnosrednaekim: if you insert a disc into your cd-rom drive, or plug a flash memory, konqueror is unable to mount/handle them17:06
emilsedghnosrednaekim: maybe something like media:/17:07
nosrednaekimoh... right.17:07
re-alignheh, already have w32codecs installed. And still no worky...:(17:08
* re-align had to check with Adept Manager17:08
neosixhello! Does anybody use KVirc17:09
Erickis there a professional Free webpage maker for ubuntu? one like Microsoft Publisher?17:10
ryanakcaneosix: I sued to17:10
nosrednaekimErick: komposer17:10
neosixwell how can I change font output color17:10
Erickneosix, i use KVirc17:10
neosixhow can I change font output color?17:10
ryanakcaErick: you might want to look at bluefish for a webpage maker / html editor17:10
nosrednaekimor quanta+17:11
Erickneosix, i think that can be done in the theme settings?17:11
Erickneosix, or, you could join #kvirc and ask there.17:11
neosixno there is no option for outpu text only for input17:12
Erick!info komposer17:13
neosixthese command won't work17:14
Erickwheres da bot...17:14
Erickneosix, did you join #kvirc?17:15
neosixyes I am17:16
Erickok, i see17:16
re-alignHmm...let's see if installing kaffeine-mozilla helps...17:18
mifauna_holacomno estan17:18
re-alignNope, no effect...hmm...17:21
NickPresta!es | mifauna_17:21
=== Timmy is now known as TimS
mifauna_este es17:22
re-alignI think Ubotu is having issues atm17:22
ubotu_mifauna_: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.17:22
re-alignOr maybe just lagging...17:23
neosixOK I solved the problem17:24
neosixthanks Eric, godbye!17:24
jmichaelxi never really liked Ubotu very much anyways17:24
=== Erick is now known as Erickj92
=== ubotu_ is now known as ubotu
=== llutz_ is now known as llutz
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots17:32
=== james_xxx is now known as jmichaelx
=== anon32 is now known as Arwen
Arwenargh, why does dolphin suck?17:37
=== kewark is now known as krawek
Arwenand huh, it's OpenOffice.org 2.4rc2. w00t.17:39
flaccid_hug day wtf17:40
nosrednaekimbug day17:40
mrunagishrug day17:40
flaccid_incorrect topic day17:40
mrunagiofftopic day17:41
flaccid_who cares day17:41
=== nkightz is now known as knightz
mrunagieveryone is an op day17:41
nosrednaekimJucato is an app ALWAYS... so behave17:41
mrunagii sure wish i wasnt banned rom #ubuntu-offtopic17:42
Arwenbug day huh? Does dolphin sucking count as a bug?17:42
ubotuKDE 4.0.1 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. KDE 4.0.1 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.1.php - More information can be found at http://www.kde.org/announcements/announce-4.0.1.php - Support in #kubuntu-kde417:42
flaccid_i'm banned from everywhere17:42
knightzhow do i know how much video memory i'm using?17:42
LjLthis is not the channel to discuss bans17:42
Arwenknightz, with great difficulty17:42
redlexwhat's normal memory usage with kubuntu?17:42
Arwenyou might be able to find a minimum VRAM in use, but afaik there's no way to determine the actual amount17:43
=== jhutchins_ is now known as jhutchins_wk
knightzso ur telling me that i can't find out how much video memory i'm using?17:43
Arwennope (not that I know of at least)17:43
knightzhm.... hm... that's very serious I feel17:44
knightzcause what if there a memory leak17:44
stonddoes anybody out there know how to use usbhostfs and/or cisoplus for linux17:44
hydrogena video memory leak?17:44
hydrogenthat'd be unique..17:44
knightzcause I'm sharing v memory17:45
stonddoes anybody out there know how to use usbhostfs and/or cisoplus for linux17:45
BluesKajusbhostfs? ...most usb drives are formatted to fat3217:45
knightzi don't want my vid memory using more memory than the system it self17:46
Arwenknightz, oh, if you're sharing memory, just look at how much Xorg is using17:46
knightzhow do i do that?17:46
Arwenin the process table17:46
stondwhat do you mean formatted i just want to connect my PSP to my PC using usbhostfs17:46
VermuxIm trying to download a photo from a web site, firefox  asks to install additional plugins. Then, it says that Java runtime environment is available. but it doesnt install it(no plugins were installed). Anybody know what to do?17:46
flaccid_!java | Vermux17:47
ubotuVermux: To install a Java compiler/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java5-jre from the !Multiverse repository. Enable the backports repository on Edgy to install sun-java6-jre. Please don't use Adept to install Java if you are on Kubuntu 6.10 (Edgy) or earlier.17:47
stonddoes anybody out there know how to use usbhostfs and/or cisoplus for linux17:47
BluesKaj!patience | stond17:47
ubotustond: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines17:47
Vermuxflaccid_: I have Java installed already!17:48
=== tackat_ is now known as tackat
flaccid_Vermux: dang17:49
stondsorry i didn't know I have trying for a month to get these to work but I cant figure it out17:49
Vermuxflaccid_: ?17:49
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about komposer - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi17:50
Vermuxshould I install icedtea-java7-plugin?17:50
Vermuxflaccid_: ^17:50
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about usbhostfs - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi17:50
mrunagiis there a 'head' op?17:50
mrunagior do all ops run the show whether they are wrong or not17:51
Vermuxneed help with java plugin for ffox17:51
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about cisoplus - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi17:51
jussi01mrunagi: please dont pursue that in this channel17:51
mrunagii was banned from ubuntu ops17:51
mrunagiwhere would i have persued it17:51
* flaccid_ is just another user17:52
BluesKajmrunagi, persuing it here won't help you17:52
Erickj92flaccid_, we are all king of users in a sence17:52
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about bluefish - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi17:53
jussi01!info bluefish | Erickj9217:55
ubotuerickj92: bluefish (source: bluefish): advanced Gtk+ HTML editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.7-2 (gutsy), package size 1584 kB, installed size 6756 kB17:55
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats17:56
re-alignVermux, you may have Java installed, but that doesn't neccissarily mean you have the plugin installed for your browser.17:56
Erickj92!info komposer17:56
ubotuPackage komposer does not exist in gutsy17:56
Vermuxre-align: what do I do?17:56
re-alignBah typos ftl17:56
paulocomo vou para sala em pt-br17:56
jussi01!info kompozer | Erickj9217:57
ubotuerickj92: kompozer (source: kompozer): Complete Web Authoring System. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.7.10-0ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 8510 kB, installed size 26160 kB17:57
re-alignWhat's your browser, firefox?17:57
mrunagiyou know what17:57
mrunagiscrew thios17:57
mrunagii hate the fucking ops17:57
Vermuxre-align: yes17:57
Erickj92Vermux, i had a similar problem in gentoo17:57
Arwenuh, wtf: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats17:57
mrunagifuck all of you17:57
mrunagiim going to get on my phone17:57
ArwenPreferredFormat: Ogg Theora17:57
Arwenso we prefer our videos to look terrible?17:57
* stdin sux17:57
Erickj92stdin, you get oped only when needed?17:58
paulocomo faço para ir para uma sala em portugues brasil17:58
BluesKajErickj92, http://bluefish.openoffice.nl/17:58
re-alignMake sure you have the plugin for firefox installed. Lemme go find the package...17:58
jussi01!br | paulo17:58
stdinErickj92: that's freenode policy, yes17:58
ubotupaulo: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.17:58
VermuxErickj92: I went to manual install, to java web site but I dont know which file to install17:58
Arwen"If you do not require compatibility with a DVD player, consider encoding your videos in the [WWW] Ogg Theora format. " <-- shouldn't this read "if you don't want your videos to be watchable..."?18:02
stdinArwen: why?18:02
ArwenI'm all for free software, but bad advice is bad advice18:02
Arwenbecause Theora sucks. A lot.18:03
hydrogenbad troll is bad?18:03
Arwena ~1Mbit/s, I still see all kinds of compression artifacts.18:03
stdinArwen: you're opinion, not shared by me and others18:03
ArwenWith XviD, there might be noise and even then18:03
Cyrushi there18:03
Arwenwith x264, it would be transparent to the original18:03
Cyrusi need help with the new kubuntu18:03
* Arwen wonders if any of you ever actually tried doing what you suggest18:03
re-alignVermux, right, you have the official sun java package installed, or a third party java package?18:04
* stdin wonders if Arwen grasps the concept of a wiki18:04
Arwenexcept, the wiki reflects the official standpoint of Ubuntu project.18:04
Vermuxre-align: I think the officeial java18:04
Cyruscould someone please help me?18:04
stdinCyrus: ask your question18:05
re-alignVermux, open your package manager (such as Adept Manager) and search for sun-java18:05
BluesKajhmm, never considerd theora ,xvid and divx seems to work ok for cpmpressed video.. one can't expect too much from a 7:1 compression :)18:06
Cyrusi downloaded kubuntu 7.10 and tried to load it at an old laptop. it just started windows normally. other distributions like knoppix or backtrack booted from cd... what am i doin wrong?18:06
flaccid_Cyrus: probably need to change your boot order in BIOS18:06
Cyrusboot-order: cd - floppy - harddrive18:07
Vermuxre-align: I have sun-java6-bin and sun-java6-jre installed18:07
BluesKajCyrus, you must change your boot sequence in BIOS to have the laptop look at the dvdrom drive first18:07
Cyrusit is first.18:07
re-alignVermux, right, for the browser, you'll need sun-java6-plugin18:07
flaccid_Cyrus: take out the hard disks and use cd rom only and see if there is an error or if it loads18:08
flaccid_i mean take out the hard disks from teh boot order18:08
BluesKajCyrus, bad burn or non bootable cd18:08
Cyrushow should i take out a harddrive on a laptop O.o18:09
re-alignCyrus, make sure the CD burned correctly by trying it in another computer. It may be you burned a coaster.18:09
Limbeauxcan anyone recommend a network monitoring utitily with a novice output like a graph of traffic going through my sonicwall ?18:10
Erickj92how do i install firefox 3?18:10
ArwenErickj92, download it from mozilla corp18:10
Limbeauxethereal is too extensive and the results are over whelming18:10
Erickj92Arwen, how do i install it?18:10
ArwenErickj92, download and extract18:10
Arwenthen run it18:10
flaccid_Limbeaux: what values do you need?18:11
re-alignLimbeaux, you might try etherape18:11
hydrogenand break dependancy checking completely.18:11
re-alignOr wireshark18:11
Arwenhydrogen, got a better suggestion? It has the same deps as normal firefox anyway.18:11
Limbeauxi need to know who uses the most traffic and what protocols are using the most bandwidth18:11
flaccid_an ok18:11
flaccid_!nfo ntop18:11
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about nfo ntop - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi18:11
NickPresta!info ntop18:12
ubotuntop (source: ntop): display network usage in top-like format. In component universe, is optional. Version 3:3.2-10.1 (gutsy), package size 2707 kB, installed size 11172 kB18:12
Vermuxre-align: ok, I installed but still cant download. it says applet downloadctl started.18:12
flaccid_thanks Nick LOL18:12
hydrogenArwen: but things will be overwriten and other things will explode in the future if you have files that are not package managed overwriting those that are18:12
re-alignVermux, one step closer. Did you restart firefoxafter you installed the plugin?18:12
hydrogenArwen: it makes much more sense to wait for it to either hit -backports or a ppa18:13
mmanceI want to print forms to be filled in with pen, whats a good app to create them18:13
* re-align stabs spacebar18:13
Erickj92how do i test to see if my webcam is working?18:13
hydrogenwhich I'm sure it will, because lots of people seem to think firefox is good18:13
Vermuxre-align: no, but now it worked. I didnt change the destination now18:13
flaccid_!webcam | Erickj9218:13
ubotuErickj92: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras18:13
hydrogenstill havn't figured that one out, but meh18:13
Vermuxre-align: yay!18:13
Arwenhydrogen, err... you can install it to /opt or ~/bin18:14
Arwenyour argument is moot18:14
re-alignVermux, it's all about having the right packages installed18:14
Arwenhe could always fetch the source tarball from upstream and compile it himself but that's not a sensible or practical answer18:14
flaccid_there is no standard webcam protocol so it comes down to what cam you have and if ubuntu/linux can support it18:14
hydrogenArwen: you still lose the benefit or dependancy checking18:14
Vermuxre-align: it seems that I have the right packages, but I cant change destination when downloading photos. I c that always some lielle things with Linux cannot be done18:15
Daisuke_Idointriguing.  linus denied ndiswrapper its gpl status.18:15
Arwenhydrogen, you don't need it if you have firefox normal installed too18:15
hydrogenif packages happen to depend on firefox, you will now have two separate packages installed, and may experience misbeahiors18:15
Arwenyou can even use a dpkg divert to reroute those packages and install over18:15
re-alignCheck your firefox settings18:15
Arwenum, no?18:15
hydrogenit makes _Much_ more sense to just wait for it to be packaged18:15
hydrogenthan to bypass the package manager18:15
Arwenerr, no? especially because that DOESN'T ANSWER HIS QUESTION18:15
hydrogenit's what the package manager is there for18:15
Arwenanswer the question first, then you can preach all you want18:15
hydrogen"How do I install it" -> "Wait for a package to be made availible"18:16
hydrogentheres the answer18:16
hydrogeneveryones happy18:16
hydrogenlife goes on18:16
hydrogenyou're still wron18:16
hydrogen!enter | hydrogen18:16
re-alignVermux, check your firefox settings (Edit > Preferences)18:16
Arwenhydrogen, no, you are18:16
Arwenthat's the same as answering "how can I fill my gas tank" with "wait for some friendly guy to give you free gas"18:16
Arwenit's nice and all if it happens but that doesn't get him what he wants right now18:17
hydrogenno, its more like me responding "wait till you get to a gas pump"18:17
Arwenuh huh.... you know, for being all "free" and crap, I detect a lot of "you're not worthy, get lost" attitudes18:17
Vermuxre-align: looks fine18:17
=== JohnFlux_ is now known as JohnFlux
hydrogenright.. because trying to keep ones system in a sane condition is the same as being unworthy18:18
re-alignHmm. I dont run into that problem18:18
hydrogenyou're logic is impeccable18:18
hydrogenand I can't spell, but that's okay18:18
Arwenyour logic is "you can't handle it, bad things will happen, just have faith"18:18
Arwenrather than  "you can do it yourself and here are some hints or you can wait"18:19
Arwenyou are HIDING options from him18:19
hydrogenNo, my logic is "if you want to get into your house, wait for someone to unlock the door rather than busting out the sawzall and making a new hole"18:19
re-alignVermux, Dunno then, perhaps restart ffox.18:19
Arwenuh huh.. because if it's my house I don't have the right to do as I want with it?18:19
NickPrestaGuys, relax. Both options have been presented to the person asking the question. He can either install it into /opt and be careful, although he may experience unforeseen problems, or he can wait for it to hit a repo. No need to argue over this...18:19
Vermuxre-align: ok, thanks18:20
Vermuxwill do that18:20
hydrogenso are you by your wonderful logic arwen, another (equally viable) option would be to respond "Install windows xp and download it and run it there"18:20
hydrogenyou didn't tell him that, omg u r hidin ze options18:20
Arwenyes it would, and depending on the situation, that may or may not be a viable answer18:20
Arwenand I would indeed recommend Windows if it were a *logical* solution to a problem18:20
hydrogenthe point of this channel is not to give a huge array of possible solutions, but to provide the best solution18:21
Arwenwho are you to decide what's the "best"?18:21
ubotuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, join #ubuntu-bots and ask there.18:21
flaccid_no such thing as a 'best' solution18:21
hydrogenthere is such thing as a better solution18:22
flaccid_i mean for a stable OS, ubuntu is not the best decision, thats a fact18:22
Arwenanyway, we're scrolling the channel far too much, I'd be glad to debate elsewhere18:22
flaccid_a suitable solution is probably a better term18:22
stdinuh, the arguing should stop now18:22
flaccid_'best practice' comes to mind here...18:23
* Daisuke_Ido listens to the crickets18:29
ramieverytime i open a window it freaking bongs every time! and i cant turn it off!18:29
stondwhat does it mean when your terminal says  cannot execute binary file18:29
ramihow can i turn it off?18:30
hydrogenI want the crickets back.18:30
ramiyeah, you know when you minimize a window18:30
ramiit sounds18:30
Erickj92so Microsoft webcams arnt suported?18:30
stondwhat does it mean when your terminal says  cannot execute binary file18:30
ramiand its VERY annoying!18:30
Daisuke_IdoErickj92: is it on the supported hardware list?18:30
flaccid_rami: try running kmix and then turning off pc speaker18:30
Daisuke_Idostond: it means you can't execute the binary file.18:31
flaccid_stond: what are you trying to execute?18:31
Erickj92Daisuke_Ido, i dont think so18:31
stondhow do I fix it18:31
flaccid_we can help fix if we know what you are trying to do18:31
Daisuke_IdoErickj92: then that may be a good sign that no, it isn't supported.  keep an eye on the forums to see if anyone has any luck with it though :)18:31
ramii want the conputer to chime when i turn it off or on, and thats it. turning off the pc speaker ruins everything18:31
=== sven_oostenbrink is now known as phoenixz
Daisuke_Idoso change your notifications not to play a sound when minimizing or maximizing.18:32
stondI am trying to excute cisoplus a program for compressing and decompress PSP game isos18:32
ramii cant,18:32
stdinrami: have you looked in system settings? perhaps under notifications?18:32
flaccid_rami: if you have a soundcard then that shouldn't be a problem if your sound scheme is enabled in system settings18:32
ramiit isnt in notifications.18:33
ramiso i cant change.18:33
stdinso you've looked at the Even Source "The KDE Window Manager" settings?18:34
flaccid_a chime is usually a wave file played through the sound card. so pc speaker won't chime.18:34
ramii guess so.18:34
flaccid_they are defaults18:35
stondflaccid I am trying to exute two programe and I cant figure out why it aint working18:35
flaccid_stond: how are you executing them and what are they?18:35
ramii dont mean a chime. i mean whan you minimize a window, it kinda does a whistle sound18:35
stdinrami: I just told you where the setting for that is18:35
stondthe programs are cisoplus and usbhostfs18:36
ramiand stdin, i dont really know what youre saying means in swedish, could you please simplify?18:36
flaccid_rami: if its doing pc speaker on minimise and your soundcard driver is loaded then im not sure what could be the problem, but muting pc speaker in kmix can certainly help18:36
stondplease understand I am a noob at all this to18:36
frank_stond: did you set the files as executable?18:36
flaccid_stond: how did you install these programs?18:36
stondThey are executables thier icon is a gear18:37
flaccid_but how do you install them18:37
stdinrami: System Setting -> Notifications, choose The KDE Window Manager from the drop down list, disable the sound for "A window is maximised" and "A window is minimised"18:37
flaccid_!info cisoplus18:37
flaccid_!info usbhosfs18:37
ramithanks, i'll try18:37
stondwhat do you mean info18:37
ramithere isnt such a thing in the drop list18:38
flaccid_stond: where did you get these programs from and how did you install them?18:38
stonddo you what to know what folder I put them in18:38
frank_stond: in a shell   chmod +x filename18:38
frank_stond: then ./filename  to execute18:38
ramiif there was a remote thing like you get in MSN, you could step in and help....18:38
stdinrami: at the very top18:38
ubotuPackage cisoplus does not exist in gutsy18:39
flaccid_the remote msn thing is insecure18:39
ubotuPackage usbhosfs does not exist in gutsy18:39
flaccid_!software | rami18:39
flaccid_can somebody fix ubotu??18:39
stondI got the programs from WWW.PSP-HACKS.COM18:39
ramiyou shouldnt download hacks for the18:39
* flaccid_ goes to look18:39
ramiPSP. you might brick it18:40
nicolas_il ya des francais ou pas18:40
stdin!fr | nicolas_18:40
flaccid_we don't support that rami18:40
uboturami: A general introduction to the ways software can be installed, removed and managed in Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoftwareManagement - See also !Packages, !Equivalents18:40
stdinok, ubotu is just lagging a bit18:40
ramii said that he shouldnt18:40
flaccid_stdin: yeah i got banned from #ubuntu as a result of the lag18:41
felixhummelwhat is the simplest kde program for cutting jpeg images into smaller pieces (gimp is too heavyweight)?18:41
stondIf i brick it I have a Pandora battery and a Magic Memorystick so unbricking is no problem i done bricked and unbricked atleast 4 times18:41
ubotunicolas_: Allez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.18:41
ramiwell, thank you very much.18:41
felixhummeli scanned some old photos and just want to cut the page into smaller pieces...18:41
user5in hardy 804 problem for amarok plugin mp3 no go18:41
user5someone helpme18:41
stdin!hardy | user518:41
frank_stond: you have to set them as executable. either with chmod in a terminal as I said or right-click->Properties->Permissions18:41
ubotuuser5: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu18:42
stdinwell, that's a lot of CAPS18:42
user5thank you18:42
hydrogenI'd like more caps please18:43
hydrogencaps means its srs18:43
BluesKajuser5, not sure about Hardy , but in Gutsy the pkg needed is libxine1-ffmpeg.18:43
stondafter I do that then what do I do I put one in ?usr/bin/ and the other in /usr/local/bin18:43
user5is isntalled it si ok18:43
user5thank you18:44
user5gretting from italy18:44
=== juergen_ is now known as Adapter
flaccid_cia0 italia18:44
BluesKajuser5, and maybe kubuntu-restricted-extras18:44
Adapterguten abend , good evening18:44
frank_stond: no just run the programs from where they are in your home directory.  in a terminal   ./filename18:45
BluesKaj!hi | Adapter18:45
ubotuAdapter: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!18:45
Adapterhi ubotu18:46
BluesKajAdapter, ubotu is a bot18:46
stondok thank you18:46
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots18:46
stondI will be back if i have anymore problems18:47
=== kewark is now known as krawek
Adapternice bot18:47
flaccid_except when there is lag. that got me banned from #ubuntu!18:47
flaccid_ah well18:47
BluesKajAdapter,ubotu beats Mr. Roboto :)18:48
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto18:48
RobotGuyWhat would cause Kubuntu to suddenly stop booting?  It was fine yesterday morning, but then later in the day it would not boot at all.18:49
RobotGuyKubuntu just hangs at the loading screen.18:49
flaccid_RobotGuy: do you have an error or any other behaviour to report?18:49
RobotGuyNo error.  It just hangs.18:49
=== Admiral_Chicago_ is now known as Admiral_Chicago
flaccid_if you didn't do system changes, then there are some bugs18:49
RobotGuyI did not do any system changes between boots.18:50
flaccid_do you know how to go to grub and edit an entry, RobotGuy?18:50
RobotGuyI know how to get into Grub.18:50
BluesKajRobotGuy, does cycle back to the login screen after logging in ?18:50
RobotGuyBluesKaj: I can not get to login.  I stated it hangs at the loading screen.18:51
flaccid_RobotGuy: take out the quiet and splash options, then boot. then see where it hangs with which error18:51
flaccid_so thats 'e' then edit and take out those parms. then 'b' for boot18:51
RobotGuyRight.  I can load Knoppix and chroot into my system to make those changes.18:52
flaccid_thats irrelevant RobotGuy as youa re initing a dif operating system18:52
flaccid_the quiet and splash options will hide kernel and other output on init18:53
Adapterhow can i install skype 2.018:53
flaccid_thats where the error will be18:53
Adapterin hardz18:53
Adapterin hardy18:53
ubotuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto18:53
flaccid_!info skype18:53
ubotuPackage skype does not exist in gutsy18:53
ubotuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto18:54
ubotuInstant Messenger Client Kopete (http://kopete.kde.org) is supporting MSN, Jabber, AIM, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, ICQ and IRC. See also !Pidgin18:54
flaccid_hopefully that page is up to date Adapter18:54
BluesKajskype does if the right repos are enabled18:54
Adaptermust fix keyboard18:55
teo--how can i install .key file?18:56
flaccid_teo--: where is it from and what is it?18:56
Adapternow its good18:57
teo--its a repository key.. for acer laptop for the wifi..18:57
Adapterhardy looks good18:57
flaccid_teo--: a repos key for what exactly18:58
flaccid_maybe ask acer?18:58
flaccid_if its plain text, maybe its your wpa or wep key18:58
TetracommI want to upgrade to KDE 4 from 3.5 but it says I have the latest version, help?19:08
Daisuke-Laptopthere is no upgrading from 3.5 to 419:09
Daisuke-Laptopthey're completely separate releases19:09
Daisuke-Laptopyou will have to install kde4 alongside 319:09
TetracommHow can I switch?19:09
Daisuke-Laptopso you will actually have *both* if you decide (as many have) that you don't like 419:09
Daisuke-Laptopi'll qualify that with a "for now" because 4.1 should be improving things greatly when it's released19:10
ubotuTo install a Java compiler/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java5-jre from the !Multiverse repository. Enable the backports repository on Edgy to install sun-java6-jre. Please don't use Adept to install Java if you are on Kubuntu 6.10 (Edgy) or earlier.19:11
Tetracommsudo apt-get install kde4?19:12
ubotuKDE 4.0.1 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. KDE 4.0.1 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.1.php - More information can be found at http://www.kde.org/announcements/announce-4.0.1.php - Support in #kubuntu-kde419:12
frank_Tetracomm: actually kde 4.0.2 came out   http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.2.php19:13
frank_ubotu, kde4 is KDE 4.0.2 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. KDE 4.0.2 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.2.php - More information can be found at http://www.kde.org/announcements/announce-4.0.2.php - Support in #kubuntu-kde419:15
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user5hi peoples19:26
user5hardy somebody?19:28
user5using hardy?19:28
stdinuser5: you were told already, hardy help only in #ubuntu+119:28
sammywhy would ubuntu clobber my xorg.conf? I didn't update or re-install the xorg-xserver package. I specifically removed modelines above 1200x1024, and rebooted, and now they're back! but, somehow, it didn't reconfigure the file from scratch, because it didn't put back the 'virtual'line I removed19:29
sammydoes kdm fool around with xorg.conf if something is screwy?19:29
adz21csammy: not to my knowledge19:30
sammyadz21c: I didn't think so either. it made this huge 1600x1200 virtual screen, so I removed the did dpkg-reconfigure, to start from scratch, then removed the 'virtual'line, then removed all the mode lines above 1200x1024. I reboot, and voila, they're back! but the virtual line isn't there. I end up with an automatic 1600x1200 virtual desktop on top of the 1200x1024 mode I put first in my screen section19:32
Vermuxsammy and susu19:32
sammyI know this sounds like an X problem, but X doesn't screw around with my xorg.conf by myself19:32
sammyerm s/myself/itself19:32
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TetracommWhy can't I just download and install one package?19:49
TetracommI'm having difficulty, could someone help me?19:49
NickPrestaTetracomm, what problem are you having?19:50
leandogoalguien que hable en español?19:50
NickPresta!es | leandogo19:50
TetracommI don't know how to install it from all those packages, they're confusing me, and the install FAQ on KDE's website doesn't wor.19:50
NickPrestaTetracomm, what are you trying to install?19:50
TetracommKDE 4.19:51
NickPrestaAre you using Gutsy (7.10) or Hardy (8.04)?19:52
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TetracommYes, Erickj92?19:55
Erickj92gusty or hardy19:55
TetracommI'm using 7.10.19:55
NickPrestaTetracomm, do you know how to edit your sources.list?19:56
TetracommI haven't in a while, though.19:56
NickPrestaTetracomm, okay. You need to add, 'deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-members-kde4/ubuntu gutsy main' to your sources.list. You can do it easily via: kdesu kate /etc/apt/sources.list19:56
stdinyou can do it via adept too19:57
TetracommThank you.19:57
NickPrestaTetracomm, once you have done that, run: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install kde4-core19:57
TetracommAdept? How?19:57
Erickj92Adept package manager19:57
stdinin adept: Adept > Manage Repositories19:57
Erickj92Kmenu--System--Adept Manager19:57
Erickj92then you need to go to the 3rd party tab19:58
stdinthen click 'Add'19:58
andy_hi guys i have installed samba and it can see and send files to my laptop and mylaptop can see my linux box but when i try to open the file i shared it asks for a username and password can any one help19:58
Erickj92andy_, your username and pass you use for kubuntu?19:58
andy_tried that didn't work19:59
Erickj92does samba allow you to disable password protect?19:59
stdinandy_: put 'security = SHARE' under '[global]'19:59
andy_stdin: how?19:59
stdinedit the config file /etc/samba/smb.conf20:00
andy_stdin: where do i put in in there?20:01
stdinandy_: search for the word "security", it should be in there somewhere already20:01
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TetracommThank you, NickPresta. :)20:03
jhutchins_wkUse swat.20:03
TetracommIt is working now.20:03
noaXessdoes anybody use kubuntu on a tabletpc?20:03
NickPrestaTetracomm, enjoy KDE 4.0.220:03
TetracommThank you to those who assisted me.20:03
stdinswat is a bit broken (and not well supported), but it can help20:03
TetracommI will.20:03
rjune_wouldn't smbpasswd -a work too?20:03
Erickj92NickPresta, is it possible to use KDE 4 and KDE 3.5 at the same time?20:03
stdinErickj92: if you see the announcement page on kubuntu.org it shows you how to do that with Xephyr20:04
NickPrestaErickj92, you can use the 'xserver-xephyr' package and run 'Xephyr :1 & export DISPLAY=:1; xterm' and then run 'startkde' inside that Xerphy xterm.20:04
Erickj92ehh, then nvm20:05
noaXessErickj92: yes it is :)20:05
Erickj92is the new KDE 4 more stable?20:05
noaXessjust select kde4 before login in20:05
NickPrestaI would imagine so. It isn't any less stable at least :)20:05
noaXessErickj92: it should20:05
noaXesssomebody know anything about a handwriting recognition software for linux?20:07
martijn81are there any konqueror mouse gestures?20:07
blaze_anywone how can i fix the kopete msn error?20:07
andy_stdin: do i need to restart or anything?20:08
stdinandy_: yep, you need to restart or reload samba (try reloading it first): sudo /etc/init.d/samba reload20:08
Ax-AxIs Kopete's MSN-code newer than Pidgin's?20:09
andy_stdin: brb20:09
Erickj92well im installing KDE4 now. i hope to be part of the bug reporting and such20:09
LjL!kde4 > Erickj92    (Erickj92, see the private message from Ubotu)20:09
blaze_anywone now a solution for kopete in kubuntu 7.10? i'm getting the same error when i try lounching msn20:10
Erickj92LjL, what was that for?20:10
martijn81msn works here with kopete-kde4 package20:10
andy_stdin: didn't work20:10
stdinandy_: still asking for a username/password?20:11
blaze_well mine isnt working20:11
NickPrestamartijn81, Sort of. In System Settings > Accessibility > Input Actions > Gesture Settings, uncheck 'disable mouse gestures globally'. Then expand the Konqueror Gestures tree and see what the mouse gestures are.20:11
LjLErickj92: well, to point you to the right channel for KDE4 discussion for starters. and also because in that channel's topic there is a pointer to another place where you can help being part of the bug reporting and such.20:11
andy_stdin: yes20:11
blaze_it gives an error20:11
Erickj92i se20:11
jhutchins_wkLjL: KDE team is now rejecting bugs filed against 3.x.x as obsolete/eol.20:11
stdinandy_: can you post your /etc/samba/smb.conf to pastebin? (you can remove any bits you don't want me to see)20:11
LjLjhutchins_wk: thanks, you ruined my day20:12
martijn81NickPresta:  and in kde4?20:12
ubotuKDE 4.0.2 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. KDE 4.0.2 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.2.php - More information can be found at http://www.kde.org/announcements/announce-4.0.2.php - Support in #kubuntu-kde420:12
jhutchins_wkLjL: Didn't make me reall happy either.20:13
NickPrestamartijn81, I don't know. #kubuntu-kde4 should be able to help you.20:13
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Limbeauxi am not so sure about this kde4   -->  right click on desktop has no option to create a new folder20:16
LjLthat's because the desktop is not a folder in KDE4. anyway, #kubuntu-kde420:17
Limbeauxoh ok.  hmm i typed mkdir /home/me/Desktop/foldername and it showed up20:17
LjLbackwards compatibility20:18
Limbeauxhmmm ok20:18
LimbeauxI do have installed along side kde320:18
TetracommE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)20:19
Limbeauxhow do you select multiple files on the desktop?20:19
TetracommWhen installing kde4-core20:19
LjL!kde4 | Tetracomm20:19
ubotuTetracomm: KDE 4.0.2 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. KDE 4.0.2 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.2.php - More information can be found at http://www.kde.org/announcements/announce-4.0.2.php - Support in #kubuntu-kde420:19
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TetracommSynaptic now says that I have 8 broken packages on my system since I installed KDE 4.20:26
Erickj92Teracomm, there is a special channel for KDE4 support20:26
stdinkde4 help in #kubuntu-kde420:26
TetracommI tried to install KDE 4 with synaptic first and it didn't work properly, then I used aptitude to install it fully afterwards and now it just logs itself back out.20:26
zimonTetracomm: aptitude install -f20:28
NickPrestazimon, the packages are currently broken20:28
stdinshould be fixed soon though20:29
zimonoh .. sorry then20:29
TetracommIt didn't work, help?20:31
heathi have an app stuck in limbo and can't get it out of apt-get... can anyone help20:32
andy_is there an issue copying files bigger than 4GB? to a external fat32 hard disk?20:34
nosrednaekimandy_: FAT does not support file that large20:34
Erickj92huh, i thought fat32 did20:35
Erickj92im out of date20:35
nosrednaekimdon't think so20:35
andy_i thought fat 32 did as well20:36
andy_ok so what is best bet?20:36
andy_need a file system that windows can read and linux ntfs is a ball ache20:37
stdinuse ext3, there's a windows driver for it20:37
ubotuext3 is the default filesystem on Ubuntu, and the most popular on Linux. You can read/write from Windows to ext3 via http://www.fs-driver.org20:37
andy_that only says ext220:39
Erickj92why dont my screenlets open back up after a restart?20:39
m_tadeuhi everyone20:40
m_tadeuapport is not working here....what can I do?20:40
stdinandy_: ext3 is ext2 with a journal, it's backwards compatible with 220:41
andy_ok i formated it as ext3 using gparted as root now the hard disk has root only acsess how do i change it?20:42
stdinsudo chown <username>: /path/to/mountpoint20:43
andy__how long should it take to format a 40GB usb2 drive as ext3?20:47
Thecksandy__ you got a USB 2 port on your PC?20:48
phoenixzWith what application can I open microsoft project files?20:48
ThecksDepends the state of the HDD, speed of HDD20:49
ThecksDon't really see it taking longer than 10 minutes though20:49
ThecksProbably like 520:49
andy__how do i change the write permissions on thedrive?20:49
windvogelquickformat it's about 20 sec20:49
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about touchscreen - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi20:50
stdinphoenixz: try OpenOffice Presentation (ooimpress)20:50
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about tabletpc - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi20:50
noaXessno idea about linux and handwriting recognitio??20:51
noaXessi'm searching no one day about it.. but found nothing that fits what i need..20:51
SpamInaCanis there a macro program?20:52
revgreendave<http://linux-software.penreader.com/PenReader.html>; Handwriting recognition comes to Linux | Geek.com:20:52
noaXessrevgreendave: penreader is java based right?20:52
revgreendavePenReader kernel is written in C++20:53
noaXessrevgreendave: where is the download for linux?20:53
revgreendavei do not know that20:54
revgreendave!google penreader20:54
SpamInaCan!google Linux Macro Text20:55
SpamInaCancan someone help me find one (a working one.....)20:55
stdinthere is no !google function of ubotu, go google yourself20:55
revgreendave[15:55] <goldeybot> revgreendave: Search took 0.19 seconds: Download PenReader – handwriting recognition for Tablet PC: <http://www.penreader.com/tablet-pc-software/PenReader/articles/Download_area_for_PenReader.html>; Download PenReader – handwriting recognition for Tablet PC: <http://www.penreader.com/tablet-pc-software/it/28-lingual/articles/Download_area_for_28-lingual.html>; PenReader 2005 Professional / free dow20:55
ubotuGoogle is a very popular search engine: http://www.google.com  -  Google also has a Linux-specific search engine: http://google.com/linux20:56
stdinplease stop spamming the channel with that20:56
SpamInaCani have been looking...20:56
revgreendavesorry... i took a chance to see,20:56
revgreendavei have it in two other networks20:57
* revgreendave is spoiled and appologises20:57
noaXessrevgreendave: sorry.. but this penreader is only a online demo..20:58
heathis there a way to remove an app from being install if it is failing?20:59
revgreendaveusing a terminal there should be.21:00
revgreendavei got to quit adept and start safe mode to install java21:00
revgreendavebut i suck21:01
heathI have a kernel upgrade that won't finish because grub is messed up and I just need to get it out of there21:01
heathatleast your honest21:01
revgreendaveuse your terminal21:02
revgreendaveand try apt-get help21:02
revgreendavecrap sudo apt-get help21:02
heathI need to know the commands.. dpkg --configure -???21:02
revgreendaveit will tell you21:02
heaththe -a tries to repair the install and finish, but I need it to abort and forget it21:03
tekteenI do not think there is a way21:03
tekteensorry, i don't know21:03
heathwell that sucks...21:04
heaththanks for the help though21:04
zimonheath: what's the problem? you've interrupted the installation and now there's a half-installed package?21:05
revgreendave[16:01] <heath> I have a kernel upgrade that won't finish because grub is messed up and I just need to get it out of there21:06
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heathzimon: that is correct21:09
zimonheath: have you tried dpkg --purge <kernel-package> ? only recommended if you have a working kernel installed21:09
heathI have a custom kernel that is working great I will give it a try21:09
andy__ok i gave up i formatted the drive as ntfs and used ntfs-3g and mounted it it is now copying fingers crossed21:11
andy__GB and counting21:11
SpeSanyone with kubuntu gutsy and the KDE4 repo? upgrading has uninstalled mplayer... any solution for that? "mplayer-nogui: Depende: libungif4g (>= 4.1.4) pero no va a instalarse"21:12
stdinntfs support (even with -3g) isn't perfect, make sure you have backups of important stuff21:12
heathzimon: is there a way to resolve depends with a purge?21:12
tekteenSpeS: kde4 support in #kubuntu-kde421:12
andy__this is only a errr legal movie i downloaded21:12
SpeStekteen, ok sorry :)21:12
stdinSpeS: update you're repositories, that was fixed hours ago21:13
zimonheath: if you have broken dependencies run aptitude install -f21:13
MurielGodoiHi all, anyone got "1164:0601 YUAN High-Tech Development Co., Ltd" HP Analog TV Tuner working under linux?21:13
andy__mmmm HD movie21:13
revgreendavei had kde4 installed and the plasma work crashed21:13
coggzhey all21:13
andy__i am leaving kde4 for a while it has potential but IT'S A S READY AS VISTA AT THE MOMENT21:13
stdin!caps | andy__21:14
ubotuandy__: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.21:14
andy__sorry hit Caps by mistake21:14
ubotuIt's ok, I can't stay mad at you.21:14
SpeSstdin, here the problem persist an update :(21:14
andy__4.1 GB woohoo21:14
stdinSpeS: what does "apt-cache policy kdelibs5" say? (use pastebin)21:15
heathno matter what I do it tries to run grub which will fail and then get stuck21:15
zimonheath: you couldn't even remove the package?21:16
SpeSInstalados: 4:4.0.2-0ubuntu1~gutsy1~ppa121:16
SpeS  Candidato: 4:4.0.2-0ubuntu1~gutsy1~ppa221:16
SpeSoh, pastebin, sorry again :$21:16
heathno... it just keeps yeeling at me about depends21:16
zimoncould you paste the output?21:17
SpeSstdin, http://pastebin.com/m43c43ac721:18
SpeSBTW it's in spanish :)21:18
heathzimon: i'm trying but pastebin is acting up21:19
andy__will ext2 handle 4gb21:19
zimonheath: try something else, like http://paste2.org/21:20
stdinandy__: it'll handle that and more21:20
heathzimon: http://pastebin.org/2253421:20
andrea_ciao a tutti21:20
SpeSshould apt-get upgrade the "ppa1"--->"ppa2"??21:20
stdinSpeS: post what "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" wants to do21:20
stenon riesco a connettere kopete come faccio?21:20
andrea_qualcuno e di venezia?21:20
ubotuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!21:21
SpeSstdin, Los siguientes paquetes se han retenido:21:21
SpeS  kde4libs-bin kdelibs5 klipper-kde4 kwin-kde4 systemsettings-kde421:21
SpeSthose packages are "retenidos", don't know the translation, "kept"?21:21
zimonheath: it's not removed because dkms depends on it. do you need dkms? i don't know what's that for, i don't have it21:22
SpeSstdin, shouldn't dist-upgrade force all the packages to upgrade?21:22
ScorpKingheath: i usually do sudo aptitude safe-upgrade.21:22
andy__thanks again for your help all21:23
heathzimon: Dynamic Kernel Module Support (DKMS)21:23
zimonheath: yeah, i found that. but i still don't know what it's for :-)21:23
heathzimon: http://linux.dell.com/projects.shtml#dkms21:24
SpeSstdin, http://pastebin.com/m7a3d2a4221:24
stdinSpeS: post to pastebin what "sudo aptitude dist-upgrade" does21:25
stdinTetracomm: ?21:25
heathzimon: I'm just going to remove it and then put it back21:25
TetracommI no longer see any broken packages, but kde4 still logs out right after logging in, help?21:25
heath.... hopefully21:25
zimonheath: right .. maybe you should use aptitude purge linux-image-... instead, this way the dependencies are removed automatically21:26
stdinTetracomm: try with Xephyr, see if any errors show21:26
heathzimon: that did it.... now lets see if I can put dkms back??21:27
zimonheath: maybe you don't need it at all21:27
TetracommI don't think xephyr is installed.21:27
heathzimon: I don't think I do... Everything is based around that kernel21:27
SpeSstdin, yes, it seems to do an autoclean too, and reinstall those packages! :D I thought aptitude was only the same than apt-get! :D21:28
heathzimon: thanks abunch for your help. I was pulling my hair out21:28
SpeSstdin, http://pastebin.com/d5f4809f721:28
SpeSstdin, thanks! :)21:28
stonddoes anybody know how to use ciso21:28
zimonheath: the working kernel you have ... that's a custom built?21:28
zimonheath: did you use the ubuntu config?21:29
stdinSpeS: just do I understand ;) that says it's going to install libungif4g too yes?21:29
SpeSstdin, yes, it reinstall that package, so I could install again mplayer... and also removes unneeded packages (auto-clean)21:29
heathzimon: I used http://www.linuxforums.org/desktop/the_newbies_guide_to_compiling_your_first_kernel.html21:29
stdinSpeS: ok, all good then :)21:30
heathzimon: with some mods21:30
SpeSI'll read about aptitude...21:30
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stdin!aptitude | SpeS21:30
ubotuSpeS: aptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. Like other APT front-ends, it can install/remove packages and their dependencies (on Dapper and earlier, however, only aptitude keeps track of unused dependencies). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptitudeSurvivalGuide21:30
Tetracommstdin: How do I get xephyr?21:30
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stdinTetracomm: sudo apt-get install xserver-xephyr21:31
heathzimon if you are interested check this out....21:31
zimonheath: alright .. maybe you should reinstall dkms then, although i don't think it's required21:31
stonddoes anybody know how to use ciso21:31
Tetracommstdin: It said package not found.21:31
heathzimon: i'm not going to21:31
heathzimon: if I have problems I know where it came from....21:32
heathzimon: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=623874&highlight=compile+gutsy+kernel21:32
stdinTetracomm: you sure?21:32
stdin!info xserver-xephyr21:32
ubotuxserver-xephyr (source: xorg-server): Next Generation Nested X Server. In component main, is optional. Version 2: (gutsy), package size 1550 kB, installed size 3884 kB21:32
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stonddoes anybody know how to use ciso21:32
zimonheath: i'm already running a custom .. but i didn't take the ubuntu-config, cause that will create a generic kernel that's way too large21:33
stonddoes anybody know how to use ciso21:34
ScorpKing!repeat | stond21:36
ubotustond: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com  http://wiki.ubuntu.com http://www.ubuntuforums.org or http://www.kubuntuforums.net while you wait. Also see !patience21:36
Tetracommstdin: Yes.21:39
TetracommStdin: Sorry, I mistyped it.21:39
revgreendavei am running dapper.. i upgraded to kde4 but that was bad,, so question is gutsy stable?21:39
stdinrevgreendave: gutsy is the latest stable, yes21:40
revgreendaveno other way to upgrade but with a cd is there?21:40
Tetracommstdin: The xephyr command still doesn't work, how do I open it?21:41
stdin!upgrade | revgreendave21:41
uboturevgreendave: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes21:41
heathzimon: what do you think about that zen kernel?21:42
stdinTetracomm: case sensitive, "Xephyr :1" then do "DISPLAY=:1 xterm" then you can start kde with "/usr/lib/kde4/bin/startkde" inside the X window21:42
deflexhi everyone21:42
Daisuke_Idocurrently updating to kde 4.0.2...  we'll see what it's like21:42
Daisuke_Idoi really dislike not being able to do anything with the panel21:42
zimonheath: i don't know it21:43
Tetracommstdin: It won't let me type anything after Xephyr :121:43
TetracommA window is up now.21:44
stdinTetracomm: then just start a new terminal or close the window and use "Xephyr :1 &"21:44
heathzimon: do you think u could help me get sound?21:44
zimonheath: lspci |grep -i audio and cat /proc/asound/card*/codec* | grep -i codec will tell you which driver you have to configure21:45
deflexhi everyone, i have a question about kubuntu, i have an inspiron 1420 and i was wondering how kubuntu manages the multimedia keys of this laptop. It's a daemon? anyone?21:46
Tetracommstdin: I don't understand.21:47
heathzimon: I do not have a /proc/asound21:47
stdinTetracomm: just start another terminal and put other command in that one21:48
zimondeflex: there's the kmilo daemon that should detect most of the multimedia keys21:48
Tetracommstdin: That doesn't work either.21:48
deflexzimon, bingo, thanks21:48
TetracommI did that now. stdin.21:48
Tetracommstdin: What now?21:49
stdinthen you can start kde with "/usr/lib/kde4/bin/startkde" inside the X window, and see if any errors show up21:49
zimonheath: hm .. so there's no soundcard detected at all during boot .. that's weird21:49
TetracommI can only move the mouse in the X window...21:49
Tetracommstdin: I can't do anything in that grey window.21:50
zimonheath: does lspci show an audio device?21:50
stdinTetracomm: you put "DISPLAY=:1 xterm" in the 2nd terminal to open a shell in it21:50
heathzimon: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller21:51
heathzimon: and Audio device: Creative Labs SB X-Fi21:51
zimonheath: that's quite new .. what kernel are you running right now?21:51
TetracommXlib: Connection to ":1.0" refused by server. stdin.21:51
TetracommNo protocol specified21:52
stdinI don't know then, that same thing works here21:52
TetracommI'm using Konsole, btw.21:52
zimonheath: check your options in device drivers -> audio21:52
heathzimon: device drivers--?21:53
zimonheath: in the kernel config21:53
zimonheath: it's device drivers -> sound .. not audio21:54
deflex_zimon, where can i configure kmilo? I have it installed but i can't find anything to configure21:54
TetracommStep by step.21:54
TetracommI typed Xephyr :1 in the first window.21:54
TetracommIt opened the X window.21:55
TetracommThen I opened another terminal and typed DISPLAY=:1 xterm21:55
TetracommIs that right?21:55
zimondeflex_: i don't know how to configure it ... but it should work out of the box .. at least for the most common keys like volume, play, mute, pause etc21:55
heathzimon: there was an intel hd audio, but it was not checked when I configure this kernel... is there a way to patch or do I have to make a new21:56
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zimonheath: i think you have to rebuild the whole kernel, as a single ubuntu-package is built during the make-kpkg process .. but i'm not sure21:58
heathzimon: i think you are right... here goes nothing... good thing the cpu is quad core21:59
zimonheath: also, you need drivers for your soundblaster, if you want to use it21:59
mikademus_Hi folks. Be kind to a newbie, please. Are there any upgrade packages (or similar) for Kubuntu to kernel v 2.6.24.x?22:00
stdinTetracomm: sorry, I have to go away for a while, family stuff. I'm sure someone else here or in #kde can help22:00
heathzimon: I'm pretty sure that card will not be supported... it is VERY new and only half way supported in Windows22:00
zimonheath: ok :-)22:00
zimonmikademus_: no22:01
mikademus_zimon, ok, that was a concise answer :p So, is it problematic to upgrade the kernel?22:03
zimonmikademus_: that depends on how well you know your hardware22:04
Daisuke_Idomikademus_: if you want to move to the next stable kernel release (ie. 2.6.24), you'll want to wait for hardy, as that is the default kernel there.22:04
Daisuke_Idounless, as zimon says, you *really* know what you're doing22:04
zimonheath: if you want make to use all of your cores, run "export CONCURRENCY_LEVEL=5" before starting the build process22:05
heathzimon: cool... do you normally have to run make modules_install as a superuser22:07
zimonheath: with the ubuntu way you create a .deb that's installed with dpkg -i ... that will install the kernel image and the modules22:07
zimonheath: i.e., you don't run modules_install at all22:08
Tetracommstdin: Do you think that uninstalling both KDEs will help?22:11
mikademus_SOrry for delay, Sinefelt (sp?) was on. Well, I know my hardware pretty well. I build a kernel (my first ever) a couple of days ago, and it worked. But it wasn`t very stable though and the boot was slow due to issues22:12
zimonmikademus_: it wasn't stable but it worked? :-)22:13
mikademus_hehe, yeah, define "working", i know I know... :p But give me a break, it was my second day ever on Linux22:14
mikademus_and the OS ran22:14
nosrednaekimmikademus_: thats pretty amazin ;)22:15
ryanakcamikademus_: most people don't build a kernel... ever22:15
zimonmikademus_: well, i think no one has ever managed to build a working kernel on the first attempt ..22:15
zimonmikademus_: do you still have the config that you created?22:16
ryanakcawell, other than those who are kernel developpers, the really geeky ones... and the insane ones :)22:16
mikademus_You know, I have no idea what so ever if you are ironic right now... I live in this perhaps incredibly naive conception where the Linux kingdom is populated bu Ents with magic in their fingers22:16
mikademus_Ehrm, well, no, that was about three different distros since. Thank the not Divine Gygax for rewritable DVDs22:17
mikademus_But basically, I downloaded the 2.6.25-3 source, ran ./configuire I think, make install, answered a boatload of questions about my hardware, spend five hours scuouring the net, then spent five hours learning about mkinitrd or whatever it is called...22:18
mikademus_but I had great fun!22:18
zimonmikademus_: ah .. ok. there are several howtos on compiling a kernel for ubuntu using make-kpkg, and the latest 2.6.24 is very stable .. so have fun22:18
zimonmikademus_: but other than all those howtos i don't recommend using the ubuntu config as a start, cause what's the point in building a custom generic kernel?22:19
mikademus_zimon, well, for me, the only reason is really because 2.6.24.x is the first that has built-in support for my MS Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000, the best keybaord ever made, even though it is a MS product.22:20
zimonmikademus_: why does it need a driver?22:22
mikademus_It has a non-standard (jap) layout, with additional meta keys, and bracket keys in unorthodox places22:23
mikademus_Hmm, re-reading the comments above, I realise you were serious? That it is uncommon to build your own kernels, and that it is difficult to get them to work at all?22:26
nosrednaekimmikademus_: yeah :)22:27
nosrednaekimmikademus_: at least for new users22:27
zimonmikademus_: it's not difficult. you just have to be patient and eliminate the errors one by one22:28
mikademus_I feel I have much to learn, this is actually a bit disconcerting, the feeling of not really knowing anything... Well, if so, thanks for the compliments (or congratulations on my good fortune?) you gave!22:28
nosrednaekimnoth i'd say22:30
mikademus_Btw, is chatting ok in this channel, or am I creating noise?22:31
Daisuke_Ido!offtopic | mikademus_, usually we go here22:31
ubotumikademus_, usually we go here: #kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!22:31
mikademus_zimon, so the general procedure is to save the config script, and toggle suspect parameters, recompile, remake the initrd image, update grub, reboot and pray?22:36
zimonmikademus_: right .. except that the proper way with ubuntu would be using make-kpkg ... that'll create a debian package which is installed with dpkg -i22:38
mikademus_Ah, ok. But it is still as time consuming?22:39
zimonmikademus_: it's a lot more time consuming :-)22:39
heathzimon: I can't use the ubuntu packaged kernel22:39
heathzimon: I have a fake raid setup and the grub part fails... that's how I got hung up in the first place22:40
zimonmikademus_: but it's simple. you just do make-kpkg & dpkg -i ... you don't need to update grub manually, you don't need to make modules_install, you don't need to build the initrd ..22:40
zimonheath: i don't know anything about raid setups and how grub needs to be configured for that .. sorry22:41
mikademus_So, beyond perhaps relatively little to gain from it, it there some reason why not to make a custom kernel for Kubuntu; if I make it with make-kpkg it will be fully conforming with (k)ubuntu?22:41
heathI got the config... but can I use an ubuntu style kernel without it running grub at the end??22:42
zimonmikademus_: yes it will. here's a nice howto: http://symbolik.wordpress.com/2007/11/10/vanilla-kernel-26231-on-gutsy-gibbon/22:42
mikademus_Aah, thanks! Great!22:42
zimonheath: i don't know .. what does dpkg -l | grep your-linux-image say?22:44
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mikademus_But it has been a strange journey. With Vista I decided I fas finally fed up with Windows and wanted to try out Linux seriously. So I started with Kubuntu, then some ten or fifteen other distors, some great, but all with more or less severe drawbacks, and I find myself back at Kubuntu...22:50
noaXessis it possible to start a virtual keyboard, eg. kvkbd before any user logs into kde?22:50
nosrednaekimyou mean for the loginmanager?22:51
noaXessnosrednaekim: jep.. cause its a touchscreen nd users have only a pen22:51
Gutsy_GibbonHow can i uninstall KDE 4.0.2 from my Kubuntu 7.10?22:52
nosrednaekimnoaXess: nasty... not sure...22:52
nosrednaekimGutsy_Gibbon: uninstall att the packages with -kde4 int he name22:53
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santyhi can anyone tell me what is the spanish channel?22:53
ubotuSi busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.22:54
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moope1how do i make a script so I can double click on it to execute?22:58
zimonmoope1: make it executable22:58
zimonmoope1: chmod +x file22:58
Gimpy_Gnomeif you happen to like pretty guis22:59
moope1zimon: it is executable22:59
Gimpy_Gnomeright click on the script22:59
Gimpy_Gnomecheck executable22:59
moope1I use it every day, but when I try to double click it itopens it in kate22:59
zimonmoope1: the first line must say #! /bin/bash (if it's a bash script)22:59
twosouls82why is kwriteconfig missing from 4:3.5.9-0ubuntu1~gutsy1~ppa1 ?23:00
moope1zimon: it does23:01
moope1zimon: I mean, it does have the #! /bin/bash23:02
zimonmoope1: that's weird ...23:04
twosouls82hmmzz, bot kreadconfig and kwriteconfig are missing in the 3.kdebase-bin 5.9 ppa package, their manpages are in the package though23:08
root______a todos23:11
ubotuSi busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.23:11
root______q es esto como descargo msn23:11
root______no se puede instalar23:11
zimonmoope1: i have no idea ... it should be working. and i don't find an option in the konqueror config that says "open with editor instead of execute" or something ..23:12
root______ummmmmmmmmmmmm aqui no  hay nadie?????????????????????''23:12
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BluesKaj!es | root___23:13
zimonmoope1: maybe you didn't give yourself execute right? what does ll <script> say?23:13
uboturoot___: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.23:13
root______o dios alguien contesteeeeeeeeeeeeeee23:13
root______como intalo msn o ares23:13
BluesKajidiot is both languages :)23:14
nosrednaekimhow true :)23:14
santyhi all23:21
santyi need some help installing kubuntu23:22
santythis is my first time on linux23:22
jussi01santy: ask :)23:22
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santyanthanx jussie23:24
santyi'm trying to install kubuntu 7.1023:25
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santybut i got a problem with the partition of the disk23:25
santyit's now crashed23:25
karthikpLike hard disk failure?23:27
santyno. it just stopped running. and which is worst i can't shut it off23:29
Sakkathi have a microsoft usb wireless mouse taht has worked on every distro of linux i've tried so far.... but it doesn't work on kubuntu! lsusb shows it, and it's def not the port since it lights up (the receiver). also i can't find gpm? it says something refers to it but it has no candidates (apt-get install gpm)23:29
Sakkathi have a microsoft usb wireless mouse taht has worked on every distro of linux i've tried so far.... but it doesn't work on kubuntu! lsusb shows it, and it's def not the port since it lights up (the receiver). also i can't find gpm? it says something refers to it but it has no candidates (apt-get install gpm)23:33
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arno_eagleeyesgood evening23:37
cheebyhi.  running hardy.  where is mysql-server?23:45
kilrae_kubuntu.org says 4.0.2 is available, but i still only see 4.0.123:47
Dragnslcrcheeby- I would assume it's still mysql-server and/or mysql-server-5.023:47
Dragnslcrcheeby- #ubuntu+1 would be more helpful23:47
tlaytoncheeby: i have 5.0.51a installed from hardy23:48
kilrae_ah, the other packages are upgraded, but they didn't change the version of kde4-core23:51
TannWhere are the configuration files for alsa-base?23:55
* genii sips some coffee23:59

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