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MootBotMeeting started at 15:00. The chair is barry.15:00
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]15:00
barryhello everybody and welcome to this week's ameu reviewer's meeting.  who's here today?15:00
* gmb listens to the wind blowing around the mostly empty meeting15:01
barryyeah, the asiapac meeting was pretty sparse too.  sprints and team-leads meeting15:01
barryhopefully then we can make this quick.15:02
barry[TOPIC] agenda15:02
MootBotNew Topic:  agenda15:02
barry* Roll call15:02
barry * Next meeting15:02
barry * Action items15:02
barry * Queue status15:02
barry * Mentoring update15:02
barry * Review process15:02
barry   * sabdfl request: make sure enums to be in the same interface files as the schemas where they are expressed.15:02
barry   * thumper - unwrapping import statements (line wrapping that is)15:02
barry   * drive-by copyright year updates15:02
barry[TOPIC] next meeting15:03
MootBotNew Topic:  next meeting15:03
barryi will be traveling to pycon next week.  can someone else chair this meeting?15:03
danilosbarry: can we have MootBot do it? :)15:03
barryother than that, does anybody else know they will not be here for the next meeting, same time and place?15:04
barryalso note that i will miss the 3/19 meeting too15:04
gmbbarry: I think you're better mailing the list about next week's chair.15:04
barrygmb: +115:05
barry[ACTION] barry email list about needing a chair for the next two weeks15:05
MootBotACTION received:  barry email list about needing a chair for the next two weeks15:05
barry[TOPIC] action items15:05
MootBotNew Topic:  action items15:05
barry* intellectronica to solicit feedback on ReviewRequestTemplate from launchpad15:05
barry mailing list.15:05
barryi think this was done15:05
gmbYes, it was.15:05
barry* barry to communicate to l-r list that when allocating general queue15:06
barry reviews, please favor (but don't overwhelm) new recruits15:06
barry * barry to communicate to l-r list that >800 line branches need to be15:06
barry arranged with a reviewer '''before''' they are submitted15:06
barry * gmb to hack review-submit to enforce 800 line limit.15:06
gmbDone, but I need to run it past mwhudson.15:06
gmbSo leave it as an action for next week, I think.15:07
barrygmb: cool, np15:07
barrygmb: thanks15:07
barry[TOPIC] queue status15:07
MootBotNew Topic:  queue status15:07
statikme! sorry i'm late15:07
barryi think intellectronica and danilo kicked ass today15:07
sinzuiWe have a volunteer for a chair15:07
barrylast night the general queue was huge.  today, it's small15:07
danilosyeah, we are both on last branches in general queue15:07
danilos(both by barry)15:08
barrystatik: wow, thanks for chairing this meeting for the next two weeks! :)15:08
barrydanilos: you rock15:08
* gmb chuckles at intellectronica's email.15:08
barrywe have 6 pink branches, with 3 of those in conflict15:08
statikbarry: I deserve that. sure , I can do that15:08
barrystatik: it's okay if you can't or don't want to :)15:09
gmbintellectronica would be here but millbank caught fire so he's gone home :)15:09
statiki vill do it15:09
gmbI think "caught fire" might be an exaggeration15:09
barrystatik: awesome thanks.15:09
barrysalgado: what's up with julian's embargoed-archive branch?15:10
salgadobarry, I think it's been approved already15:10
barrysalgado: oh cool, PR probably wasn't update.  no wories15:11
salgadoand I forgot to update its status15:11
barry[TOPIC] mentoring update15:11
MootBotNew Topic:  mentoring update15:11
barryany mentors or mentoree comments today?15:11
sinzuiI should give more branches to schwuk15:12
barrysinzui: give them /all/ to schwuk and take the weekend off :)15:13
sinzuibarry: to hack of formatdoctest,py?15:14
barrysinzui: :)15:14
barry[TOPIC] review process15:14
MootBotNew Topic:  review process15:14
barry   * sabdfl request: make sure enums to be in the same interface files as the schemas where they are expressed.15:14
barryhave i mentioned that one here before?15:14
gmbYes, last week, I believe :)15:14
* barry needs some ginko15:15
sinzuiThere is always an issue of circular imports that must be reconciled.15:15
barrysinzui: yep15:15
barrythough for the one specific instance i changed, it wasn't a problem15:15
barrye.g. from canonical.launchpad.interfaces.teammembership import TeamMembership15:16
barry(or whatever)15:16
* barry skips thumper's proposal which we rejected last week15:16
barry   * drive-by copyright year updates15:16
sinzuiI can fix that with sed in a few minutes.15:16
barrysinzui: do you want to take that as an action item?15:17
barrysinzui: you'll need something to do this weekend :)15:17
sinzuibarry: we /seriously/ want all the 2007 => 2008?15:18
barrywell, i don't think it's a big deal personally15:18
sinzuiI can do it. It wont take long.15:18
barryi think it's fine to do it as a drive-by but if you're motivated, rs=barry :)15:19
* sinzui still has a trailing whitespace script sitting in Tomboy15:19
barry[ACTION] sinzui to sed-ify update to copyright years15:19
MootBotACTION received:  sinzui to sed-ify update to copyright years15:19
danilosI'm pretty sure we've got files which have 2006 as the last year15:19
danilosor even 2005 or 200415:19
barrydanilos: we're all over the map15:19
barryi'm sure we have files that have only one year in them15:19
sinzuidanilos: right15:20
barrysinzui: oh, btw, i have a python script that does this for mailman.  might be easily adapted, if sed isn't your bag15:20
barrysinzui: it handles copyrights with only one year in them15:20
danilosI don't think it's a big deal either (once we start opening up parts of LP, we might want to take a look over that, but no big deal atm)15:21
sinzuibarry: I also have a my own find script written in Python that should be upgraded to do replace.15:21
schwukbarry: sorry - got delayed15:21
barrysinzui: cool.  i'll leave it to you then15:21
barryschwuk: np15:21
barrydanilos: agreed15:21
barrywell, anyway that's it for me today.  i'll open up the floor in case y'all have anything not on the agenda15:22
gmbI have one thought.15:22
gmbWhich is this:15:22
gmbCan people, devs and reviewers alike, *please* make sure to Reply All to review emails rather than just replying to the list.15:22
gmbThe conversation should be between reviewer and developer with a copy going to the list.15:23
barrygmb: +115:23
gmbEmailing the list directly and not at least CCing the reviewer means that it can get filtered away.15:23
barrygmb: do you want me to send an email on that?15:24
gmbbarry: If you would, yes.15:24
* gmb gets off his soapbox15:24
barry[ACTION] barry will email about cc policy on reviews15:24
MootBotACTION received:  barry will email about cc policy on reviews15:24
daniloswell, I'd say people should generally use "Reply-All" ("follow up") anyway, except when they specifically target a person (to exclude everybody else)15:24
gmbdanilos: Yes. It seems, though, that quite a few people do "reply to list" instead of "reply all"15:25
statikemail is for old people15:25
gmbI think it's habit for mutt users to hit "L" when replying to mailing list messages ;)15:25
danilosgmb: I found that the headers sometimes seem a bit different when an email finally hits launchpad-reviews list15:25
gmbdanilos: Is there some munching going on?15:25
barryi don't think so.  should definitely not be munging reply-to15:26
danilosfor example, I've seen my emails get there without CCs to my mentor or a developer, even if they got their messages15:26
gmbdanilos: Now that you mention it, I saw that whilst salgado was metoring me. His replies would go to the developer and the list, but not to me directly.15:27
danilosfor example, look at my emails from today: I've sent them all to tom.berger@ as well, and that's not showing up in the list15:27
gmbbarry: This might be worth looking into, though I haven't got the first clue about why it'd be happening.15:28
danilosgmb: what would barry know about mailing lists anyway? ;)15:28
barryactually, nothing :)15:28
* barry has no clothes15:28
gmbI hope that's an emperor metaphor...15:29
* sinzui hands barry a banana leaf15:29
barrygmb: i haven't noticed a problem with ml traffic.  can you or danilos email specifics and/or an example?15:29
gmbbarry: I'll see if I can find one in my archives.15:29
barrygmb: take it anyway you want.  i'm not saying :)15:30
danilosbarry: sure, I can send you both what my client sent, and you can have a look at the same message in launchpad-reviews15:30
barrygmb, danilos cool15:30
barryanything else today?15:30
MootBotMeeting finished at 15:31.15:31
barrythanks everyone!15:31
gmbCool, thanks barry.15:31
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