lime4x4is is just me or is network places broken again00:00
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richard__I have alpha 6 fever! :D01:16
lime4x4i take it places/network is broken again01:17
Dr_willisIve not seen it work every...01:19
Dr_willisever. :)01:19
Dr_willisi cant get the fusesmb thing working either.01:19
lime4x4it was working fine for me a few days ago then they had some nautilus and gvfs updates now it doesn't work again01:20
ki4cgpI deleted some of my older vmlinuz & initrd.img stuff from /boot. I wasn't paying attention and I deleted my newest version as well.  I have managed to get back initrd-image by uninstalling and reinstalling but which packages do I need to do to get the rest back?01:22
lime4x4is it worth the aggravation of install 64bit for a dual core duo?01:27
RAOFlime4x4: Sorry; the best answer I can give with the current information is "maybe".01:28
lime4x4sorry for got the rest01:28
RAOFInteresting context includes: how much RAM do you have?  How much heavy processing work do you do?  How much do you care about flash?01:28
lime4x4i do alot of video work converting avi's to dvd and graphic work01:29
lime4x44 gigs of ram01:29
RAOF4GB is the very limit of 32bit addressing, and you'll lose some to various memory-mapped devices.01:29
lime4x4flas would be nice i assume eventually it will be working01:30
RAOFAlso, x86-64 has fewer stupid design limitations than IA32, which means that a fair set of code runs significantly faster under x86-6401:30
RAOFFlash can work - we have a 32bit compatibility layer, and a 32-to-64 bit firefox plugin loader.  But flash is less stable under 64bit, because of the extra layers.01:31
lime4x4okay maybe this weekend i'll have time to reinstall hardy 64 bit this weekend01:32
ki4cgpI deleted some of my older vmlinuz & initrd.img stuff from /boot. I wasn't paying attention and I deleted my newest version as well.  I have managed to get back initrd-image by uninstalling and reinstalling but which packages do I need to do to get the rest back?01:33
lime4x4one of the advantages of having /home on a seperate hard drive01:33
danagehi - does anybody else here run hardy alpha and get the problem that the root user doesn't work anymore. sudo just kicks me back to command prompt01:34
scizzo-danage: nope01:37
Dr_willislime4x4,  makes it much easier to reinstall the os - keeping the user data safe01:37
lime4x4sudo works here just fine01:37
danagescizzo-: nope you dont run it or nope you dont have the problem01:37
scizzo-danage: probably not in the visudo file01:37
Dr_willislime4x4,  i also find it faster. :) while running.01:37
scizzo-danage: nope as in no problem here with sudo01:38
lime4x4yeap just have to remember all the apps i had installed along with all the tweaks01:38
danageare you on the latest updates01:38
Dr_willislime4x4,  for a lot of video work. You may even benifit from haveing a data drive just for video work.01:38
scizzo-danage: yes01:38
lime4x4i just updated 5 min ago01:38
danagei cannot sudo -s, or su01:38
danagesudo will accept the pass, but kick me back to the shell without changing the user01:38
danagesu will tell me authetication failed01:38
scizzo-you have more then one user on the system?01:39
lime4x4Drwillis i do i have a seperate 160 gig sata drive that i use as /tmp01:39
danagescizzo-: i have a user user and root, i suppose01:39
crimsun_danage: sanity-check: is the user in the admin group or explicitly given in sudoers?01:39
danagei suppose the user is not in the admin group, since i need to type in root passwd for update manager (this is where i initially found out the problem existed)01:40
scizzo-danage: but is this a new user?01:40
danagewho? root or my user01:40
scizzo-danage: you can see what groups the user is in with: groups command01:40
crimsun_danage: no, you're misunderstanding.  Please ensure that your user is in the admin group.01:40
danagemy user i have been using ever since i installed01:41
danagedennis@Computer:/etc$ groups01:41
danagedennis vboxusers01:41
crimsun_there you go.01:41
scizzo-right....its not a admin user01:41
scizzo-like crimsun_ said...01:41
danagewell, it never was01:41
danageis that a problem?01:41
crimsun_if it's an *ubuntu install, that will prevent you from executing sudo successfully.01:42
scizzo-danage: for doing admin tasks yes01:42
scizzo-danage: to be able to run sudo stuff...the user needs sudo access or adm group access depending on the task01:42
ubotusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information.01:43
danagehm, please help me here01:43
danagewhy did it work before01:43
danageand not anymore01:43
crimsun_is this a new user that you created (possibly in a VM)?01:43
scizzo-danage: changed user, groups changed, the user was removed and added again..various reasons01:43
danagecrimsun_: no but i added the vboxusers to his privileges01:44
danagei might have overwritten something?01:44
crimsun_danage: well, something or someone removed your user from quite a few groups.01:44
scizzo-danage: with: usermod -G group or something simular?01:44
scizzo-danage: man usermod01:44
scizzo-danage: see what -G does01:44
scizzo-danage: it overwrites _ALL_ existing groups for that user01:45
danagewhat do i need to restore?01:45
scizzo-danage: its a "Know what you are doing" tag... ;)01:45
danagei thought it would append01:45
danageoh well01:45
scizzo-danage: hmmmm you have more users with sudo priviliges?01:45
danagecould you point me where i can read how to restore?01:45
danagescizzo-: nope01:45
danageoh oh01:46
crimsun_on a Debian-based system, please use adduser :)01:46
crimsun_adduser someuser somegroup01:46
danagedoes that mean i'm.... in trouble?01:46
scizzo-danage: I think you can run a recovery mode to change the groups01:46
danagedennis@Computer:/etc$ adduser dennis admin01:46
danageadduser: Only root may add a user or group to the system.01:46
crimsun_(yes, it requires superuser privileges)01:46
scizzo-danage: or run it in single-user mode01:46
danageok so in gdm, i select recovery01:47
danageand then...01:47
danagein the bash?01:48
scizzo-danage: in the grub menu.....01:48
scizzo-danage: that is the kernel choice menu01:48
scizzo-danage: then try to change the group from the recovery mode01:48
scizzo-danage: long time since I did a single user mode access to be honest01:49
scizzo-crimsun_: you know the single-user mode thingy?01:49
crimsun_scizzo-: sure, what's up?01:50
scizzo-crimsun_: I mean how he can access it01:50
crimsun_sure, he needs to reboot and choose the recovery option in grub01:50
crimsun_(rather, the topmost recovery one if he has multiple)01:50
danagethat will give me a regular console01:51
danagehow do i restore the groups file?01:51
crimsun_you don't need to restore the groups file01:51
crimsun_just use: adduser dennis admin01:51
crimsun_then: logout01:52
crimsun_and it should continue booting normally01:52
crimsun_after that, you can log in and readd yourself to the default set of groups01:52
danagewill try01:52
danagei love hardy btw :)01:53
knixyou give me a hardy01:53
lunksNot sure if it's a Hardy's faulty, but my usb mouse isn't working. It shows on dmesg, though.01:53
Pici!language | knix01:53
ubotuknix: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.01:53
danagewill try now, later!01:54
gilsteri need some help. getting the gnome-settings-daemon error. how do i get this working?02:04
gilsterany help?02:05
lunksNot sure if it's a Hardy's faulty, but my usb mouse isn't working. It shows on dmesg, though.02:13
scizzo-mouse not moving or something like that?02:14
lunksscizzo-, it's not moving the cursor at all. :P02:22
lunksscizzo-, i'm on a notebook, so I'm using a touchpad.02:22
scizzo-lunks: aaaa....so you want to be able to use 2 mice?02:22
lunksscizzo-, yeah02:22
lunksscizzo-, I've got 2 sections on my xorg.conf already, but probably I'm missing something02:23
lunksmy xorg.conf02:23
lunksBut look like it doesn't miss anything now, but it still won't work.02:23
AutoMatriXhi folks02:24
scizzo-lunks: try to use another protocol on the configured mouse02:24
scizzo-lunks: like "ImPS/2"02:24
AutoMatriXI just tried to reinstall hardy 5 but my CD-rom player just broke down02:25
scizzo-lunks: oo wait02:25
AutoMatriXis there a possibility to do a 'direct' net install ?02:25
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lunksAutoMatriX, have you tried unetbootin?02:26
lunksAutoMatriX, I dunno what version of hardy it'll install, though02:26
scizzo-lunks: it seems that most people are using /dev/psaux for the touchpad and /dev/input/mice for the configure mouse02:28
DanaGI'll netbootin U!  (joke.)02:29
lunksscizzo-, yeah, but would that work?02:29
scizzo-lunks: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=34811502:29
scizzo-lunks: looks like a good testing guide02:29
DanaGOr more like, net unetSPLITin. (bad joke.)02:29
lunksscizzo-, I'll try, thanks02:30
lunksscizzo-, looks good, indeed =D02:31
scizzo-lunks: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/18835102:31
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188351 in xorg "[Hardy] External mouse on laptop will only double-click" [High,Incomplete]02:31
scizzo-lunks: check that also02:31
lunksI've checked, that would not be it02:31
scizzo-lunks: might give some ideas of what might be wrong02:31
lunksscizzo-, But that howto looks like a great guess... I've googled for it and didn't find it02:31
lunksHang on, I'll try and reply you with the result02:31
DanaGOh, another broken thing: udev.02:32
DanaGerr, evdev.02:32
AutoMatriX_can one use the mini install.iso to install hardy ?02:36
DanaGGaack, what's with the beep on lid open and close?02:42
wastrelyes i have that02:45
DanaGbeep.  BEEP.  aagh.02:45
Bambi_BOFHany sugestions on debugging a system that freezes within a minute of booting to login console?02:45
AutoMatriX_is it possible to install hardy, getting the latest packets from the net, instead of installing the cd and doing upgrades afterwards ?02:46
wastrelyou can upgrade from gusty02:46
DanaGhere's what I did about the beep:   sudo chmod -v 000 /usr/share/gnome-power-manager/*lid*02:46
DanaG(makes it not readable or writable by anybody or anything).02:46
wastreli usually have my sound turned off nayway02:46
wastrelit's a reminder : your sound is on!02:47
AutoMatriX_wastrel, I don't have gutsy on that machine, I tried a new installation bu tmy cd-dive just let me down02:47
wastreliono then02:48
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AutoMatriX_iono ?02:48
Bambi_BOFHor for that matter, a way to search on only relevent seeming bugs02:49
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lunksscizzo-, didn't work =\ I even looked up on /dev/input what showed up when pluggin the usb mouse02:49
lunksAnd it didn't help either02:49
wastreliono :  i don't know   but slangier/lazier02:49
lunkstouchpad still works, usb mouse not moving =P02:49
* kgoetz wonders if lunks uses ubuntu or debian02:50
lunksubuntu =)02:50
kgoetzlunks: there should be a tool to control the touchpad, they often have a thing about using it and mice together02:50
AutoMatriX_wastrel, tx for upgrading my english vocabulary, at least I got some help here :D02:50
wastrelit's not english it's irc slang, horrible horrible irc slang02:51
lunkskgoetz, looked for the same help there, as ubuntu is debian based and I wasn't getting help on #ubuntu =D02:51
wastrelkgoetz: booting the rescue image work?02:51
lunkskgoetz, I can't seem to find this tool. :P02:51
kgoetzwastrel: i dont remember, i'll try it again to check. brb02:53
scizzo-lunks: hmm not sure then02:53
scizzo-lunks: need to sleep now anyways02:53
lunksscizzo-, k, I will keep trying here02:54
lunksthanks for the help =D02:54
WorkingOnWisewith 32 bit Hardy, on a dual core AMD64 laptop, what is the more stable flash and java? from what is available in the repos.02:55
kgoetzi find it somewhat bizare that on a server (without xorg) your given the option to repear it02:57
lunksJust dropped by to say it worked!02:58
lunksI had to set usb mouse to "CorePointer", on both device and layout sections, and sendcoreevents to touchpad.02:59
lunksOn startup, touchpad didn't work, but after sometime it did.02:59
* DanaG wishes there were a real touchpad config thingy that exposed ALL options.03:11
DanaGIt'd be something like the Synaptics Windows control panel.03:11
Andre_Gondimwhat can I install to some java software works?03:25
rhineheart_mIs ebox already installed in hardy?03:25
WorkingOnWisewhat java plugin is most stable in 32 bit firefox on 32 bit ubuntu? same ??? for flash.03:31
RAOFWorkingOnWise: You'd be after the official Sun and Adobe plugins, respectively.  sun-java6-plugin or somesuch, and flashplugin-nonfree03:35
WorkingOnWiseRAOF: thanks. kinda wha I thought. I have found myself in a position with my work that all of a sudden firefox with flash and java are the apps I use 90% now!03:36
WorkingOnWisebut...I still want to be able to test and learn on Hardy, so I gotta run 32 bit for the greater stability....03:37
* RAOF notes that it's still not recommended to run Hardy on any machine you might need to be working at any particular time in the future.03:38
WorkingOnWiselol...yeah..i figure it like this.... I ran MS stuff since 1992. Hardy is more stable that anything they got. Yeah, Gutsy is more so, and I would be more stable there, but Hardy has a few key aps that Gutsy is a little behind on...mainly Evolution. so..I take my chances, knowing that if I were like the 90, I'd be having more troubles and less fun with my laptop than on Hardy  :)03:44
WorkingOnWiseoh...and I like blood03:44
jadacyrusI upgraded to hardy, now I cant change my background in gnome. i click on the walpaper i want but it doesnt change until i ctrl+alt+backspace or reboot03:46
cwillu_THAT_ is cool04:05
cwilluclicked a checkbox on my desktop, and another on the test machine04:05
cwilluand the test machine's sound started coming out of the speakers on my desktop :)04:05
WorkingOnWisewhat are u doing to pull that of?04:06
cwilluWorkingOnWise, absolutely nothing (I think)04:06
cwillupreferences | pulseaudio preferences04:07
cwilluturn on multicast receiver on the one side, and sender on the other04:07
WorkingOnWiseah...I gotta get up to speed on that...04:07
cwillunow I just need to get dmx working, and I'm in nirvana04:11
danagecrimsun, scizzo-, thanks for your help, it worked04:13
rhineheart_mIs hardy better comparing gutsy in server environment?04:18
cwillurhineheart_m, that's one of those hard to answer questions04:23
rhineheart_mcwillu: what are you trying to say? gutsy is already stable and doing good in server ed?04:23
cwillurhineheart_m, I'm trying to say that I don't know if it's possible to give an honest answer without knowing what you have in mind04:27
Hobbseerhineheart_m: hardy will be better *after it releases*04:29
pwnguindoes brainstorm support html markup?04:53
ethana2VLC and PA04:55
ethana2what's the quickest way to remedy this?04:55
RAOFethana2: sudo aptitude install libasound2-plugins && asoundconf set-pulseaudio04:59
jadacyrusI upgraded to hardy, now I cant change my background in gnome. i click on the walpaper i want but it doesnt change until i ctrl+alt+backspace or reboot05:01
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Raspberryheh -- I broke openoffice :)05:13
Raspberryanybody here working on those packages?05:13
Raspberry2.4 isn't 100% and 2.3 isn't happy ... I'm in a lurch05:14
jadacyrusim trying to change my wallpaper in gnome and it wont change05:18
atrusi've got a huge vfs.debug file in my home directory that's growing every second with no useful information i can see. is there a way to stop that?05:22
J-_Do you think it would be practical to install Hardy on a new Thinkpad, or should I wait?05:29
RAOFJ-_: This depends on how much work you are expected to do on this new Thinkpad.05:31
RAOFJ-_: If the thinkpad will ever be required to work at a specific time and place, I'd suggest not.  If it doesn't matter if things are broken for a couple of days, then maybe (and file bugs!)05:32
atrusit's still a little up and down on my lenovo 3000 n100.05:33
J-_RAOF: Well, it's not a production machine. And, yeah, bug reporting would be nice.05:33
J-_I juset bought a R61e05:33
J-_I know it'll run nicely with my GM965 chipset, and open drivers.05:34
J-_Hopefully anyway05:34
RAOFJ-_: If it's not your only machine, go for it.  Hardy is settling down somewhat.  As long as you're familiar with the apt package system (and carefully read what it's going to do when you update), Hardy should be fine.05:35
J-_Amaranth told me it would anyway. (sorry if you're busy, had to give you credit)05:35
J-_RAOF: What would I need to know? I'm quite familiar with apt. Been running Ubuntu for a few years now I think.05:36
[Hardy]TuTUXGbanshee is written on c#?05:36
RAOF[Hardy]TuTUXG: Yes.05:37
[Hardy]TuTUXGRAOF, shock05:38
J-_Which hardy CD should I download for a Core 2 Duo?05:38
RAOFJ-_: Just a familiarity.  Probably updating with aptitude (and carefully checking that it's not going to be removing something critical) is good.05:38
J-_I've always used x86 cd05:38
[Hardy]TuTUXGJ-_, i38605:38
RAOFx86 will work, as will x86-64.  Which you want depends on what you want from your machine.05:38
J-_Never had a core 2 duo before(just arrived today)05:38
RAOFOh, and how much RAM you have.05:38
[Hardy]TuTUXGx86, sorry05:38
Hydrogenbanshee is written in bad.05:39
RAOFJ-_: Well, that should be supported fine with either x86 or x86-64.05:39
RAOFx86-64 is faster for some things, but unless you're really hitting the CPU this is generally unnoticable.05:40
* RAOF fails his will save05:40
[Hardy]TuTUXGHydrogen, no suprise05:40
RAOFHydrogen: How so?05:40
HydrogenRAOF: 1) it uses gtk 2) it uses mono 3) it tries to clone itunes05:40
J-_x86 or x86-64 means, PC(intel x86) desktop CD) or 64-bit PC (AMD64) desktop cd?05:41
RAOFJ-_: x86-64 is less supported by annoying proprietary vendors (flash, java, mainly)05:41
HydrogenI'm pretty sure that the sum of those three is something around absolute zero05:41
RAOFJ-_: AMD64 is x86-6405:41
[Hardy]TuTUXGJ-_, x86_64 is for both amd64 or intel_6405:41
J-_RAOF: K that clears it up =) Will I have to switch anything in bios if I use x86?05:41
J-_Thanks a lot05:42
[Hardy]TuTUXGHydrogen, lol05:43
J-_So, I guess I'll go with x86 for now, then switch to x86-64 after it is supported.05:43
[Hardy]TuTUXGJ-_, i doubt that x86-64 will be well supported ever05:44
J-_Is there any difference in performance?05:45
J-_Will anything be not used in x86 than x86-64?05:45
[Hardy]TuTUXGJ-_, if u have any applications built to take the advantage of 64 bits, yes05:45
J-_ah okay, cool. Makes sense05:46
[Hardy]TuTUXG4g of ram05:46
RAOFJ-_: Not really.  You won't be able to run 64bit code, but you probably don't care.05:46
J-_RAOF: exactly =)05:46
J-_I just hope hardy doesn't break my lappy.05:47
[Hardy]TuTUXGi really wander how fast will it be with 4g of ram05:47
J-_I'll scream, possibly go insane a little.05:47
[Hardy]TuTUXGJ-_, wat model is ur laggy?05:47
RAOFThe x86-64 architecture relaxes some of the stupid limitations of IA32, so code built for x86-64 is generally a bit faster.  But you probably won't care.05:47
J-_Thinkpad R61e05:47
[Hardy]TuTUXGJ-_, hi mine is t61p05:48
RAOF[Hardy]TuTUXG: x86-64 is well supported right now.  Just not by closed-source annoyances :)05:48
J-_Core 2 Duo  @ 2Ghz, GM965 chipset, 2gb RAM, Intel PRO wireless.05:48
RAOFWhich will probably change shortly, as the standard ram loadout exceeds the 32bit address space.05:49
[Hardy]TuTUXGRAOF, i thought java is open source?05:49
RAOF[Hardy]TuTUXG: Kinda.05:49
[Hardy]TuTUXGJ-_, sweet05:49
J-_I just hope it runs well.05:49
RAOFSome of java is open source, and the rest will be.  But you can't currently build a Sun java environment from open code.05:50
RAOFWhich is why icedtea exists - it's a temporary open-source fork of OpenJDK.05:50
[Hardy]TuTUXGRAOF, im learning java now and sun-java is terrible with 64bit05:50
* J-_ wonders if the newer Transmission is in get deb05:50
RAOFJ-_: Newer than 1.0.6, or whatever is in Hardy?05:50
J-_yes, newer than what is in Gutsy05:51
[Hardy]TuTUXGI thought hardy has the newest stable version05:51
RAOFI believe it does, yes.05:51
J-_1.06 is there05:51
RAOF[Hardy]TuTUXG: What's wrong with 64bit java?  Apart from the lack of a browser plugin, of course.05:51
RAOF[Hardy]TuTUXG: Heh, maybe you should run it in the Mono VM with ikvm :P05:52
J-_RAOF: that would definitely suck. I watch a lot of youtube myself. =P05:52
[Hardy]TuTUXGRAOF, browser plugin is big problem05:52
RAOFThere is an icedtea plugin, but icedtea != Sun java.  It's still a bit incomplete.05:53
[Hardy]TuTUXGmy university teaches sun java05:54
[Hardy]TuTUXGand we need to learn java-applet05:54
RAOFSo did mine.05:54
RAOFWell, they're pretty simple.  It's just Java without a main, inherited from an applet class.05:54
[Hardy]TuTUXGwhich means icedtea is probly not a good option05:55
[Hardy]TuTUXGthe api is incomplete05:55
RAOFYou should be able to use it.  I'd imagine you're unlikely to hit the incomplete areas as a part of introductory Java.05:56
[Hardy]TuTUXGRAOF, i agree with u05:57
J-_Man, I can't wait til my wrt54gl tomorrow. =D Going to put Tomato firmware on it.05:57
[Hardy]TuTUXGRAOF, im just dont wanna take the risk05:57
RAOFFair enough.05:57
[Hardy]TuTUXGRAOF, i dont want my windows classmates say that linux sucks ;P05:58
J-_It doesn't though. >.>05:58
[Hardy]TuTUXGthey r stupid05:59
[Hardy]TuTUXGthat's the problem05:59
* J-_ will hopefully be all primed up tomorrow for the LUG meeting and the new Lappy.05:59
J-_with Hardy on it of course.05:59
[Hardy]TuTUXGJ-_, hardy is pretty stable right now on my box06:00
[Hardy]TuTUXGJ-_, but it's still alpha, so be aware06:01
J-_[Hardy]TuTUXG: which chipset do you have on it?06:01
[Hardy]TuTUXGJ-_, same as urs06:01
J-_ohhh excellent.06:01
J-_I'm happy already06:01
[Hardy]TuTUXGJ-_, graphic card?06:01
[Hardy]TuTUXGJ-_, i heard that the intel driver is little bit buggy06:02
[Hardy]TuTUXGdont know if they fixed it06:02
[Hardy]TuTUXGRAOF, any idea?06:02
[Hardy]TuTUXGgoing to eat, brb06:02
J-_Cool, I was talking to a dev a couple weeks ago, he said everything should work awesome06:02
J-_I just hope so =P06:03
* J-_ wonders if putting Ubuntu on the lappy, if it'll void my warranty06:03
DanaGJust watch the load-cycle issue.06:04
J-_Can't stand Vista, will be glad to have Hardy on it. Took me 5 minutes to see what resolution I was using.06:05
RAOF[Hardy]TuTUXG: About the intel graphics drivers?  They're not particularly buggy.  They've got pretty much the best support going.06:05
J-_ohh nice06:05
RAOFThey *do* suffer from the problem that the whole linux & X acceleration architecture is in the process of being redesigned, but that's neither here nor there :)06:05
J-_RAOF: Is that bad?06:06
RAOFNot really.  It's just that they're not the super-fast drivers that should be available in, say a year's time.06:06
J-_ah okay.06:07
RAOFEXA performance really _needs_ the TTM work that's being done; the intel gallium driver is apparrently substantially faster than the current DRI, and will fix redirected-direct-rendering, et.06:07
RAOFBasically, they'll be much more awesome in 6 months or so.06:07
J-_It's not like I play games or anything. Although, I'd like to install CS:S in wine sometime. But that's just meh. I'd rather learn something worth doing like code.06:08
J-_1h before I get to burn Hardy. =D06:10
* DanaG can't use Wine as long as it clashes with PulseAudio..... and as long as it changes my screen resolution without asking, for some apps, even when they're not set to fullscreen.06:10
J-_Oh yeah. I hope the Graphic installation works just as good as the Alternate.06:10
J-_hrm, no Pulse support?06:11
J-_Ah well06:11
J-_It's not like I play it a lot. I haven't had it install for probably 2 years now.06:11
J-_installed even06:11
RAOFHeh.  I've only just fixed a bug which made wine & pulse coexist peasefully.06:11
RAOFDanaG: Is that with "asoundconf set-pulseaudio"?  Sucks.06:12
DanaGYOu might want to rephrase the previous sentence -- it seems to say the opposite of what you intend.06:16
RAOFDanaG: No, it says exactly what I intended.  alsa-driver wasn't providing mixers correctly, so pulseaudio wasn't claiming the soundcard.  Wine uses alsa in a broken way, so it wasn't fazed by the lack of mixers and went merrily along.06:18
RAOFBy fixing ALSA, wine no longer plays nicely with pulseaudio :)06:18
RAOF(And by fixing this, I mean "using module-assistant to build alsa-source")06:20
HobbseeRAOF: when will it be done?06:22
Hobbseeoh, 6 months06:22
RAOFHobbsee: You mean TTM/gallium?  Yeah.  It might make Intrepid.06:23
=== OSUKid7` is now known as OSUKid7
HobbseeRAOF: well, intel drivers working nicely06:23
Hobbseeunder exa06:23
DanaGaah, so the thing about pulseaudio was s/made/incorrectly let/06:26
RAOFI want the nouveau guys to make a release, so Intrepid can have nouveau instead of/as well as nv.06:26
=== Fujitsu_ is now known as Fujitsu
J-_Will my GM965 chipset be comparable to my fx5200 nvidia card in my desktop or be any better? Usage wise?06:30
RAOFJ-_: The driver situation is pretty much better for the Intel chip.  As far as performance, the fx5200 will probably stomp all over the Intel card.06:34
J-_ah cool06:34
J-_:shrug: =)06:34
AmaranthThe Intel chip is missing some key features but is much more stable06:34
J-_Amaranth: Sorry for the bother earlier. =)06:35
J-_Ah, I highlighted you06:35
J-_Guess it didn't do anything.06:35
Amaranthoh, i was asleep06:36
Amaranthit most likely beeped very loud as i had forgotten to turn my speakers down06:37
J-_Won't do that anymore then.06:37
[Hardy]TuTUXGJ-_, take a look at thinkwiki.org when u install ubuntu, pretty helpful06:37
AmaranthJ-_: Unless you're trying to get someone's attention it's considered polite to mangle their name a bit06:38
J-_[Hardy]TuTUXG: K06:38
Amaranthlike A.maranth06:38
Amaranthnot that I care06:38
AmaranthIf you're talking about me I'd prefer you used my name plainly that way I can find out what you said about me :P06:39
J-_Amaranth: I got the Lappy today. =)06:39
J-_Exactly, that's why I pretty much did it.06:39
AmaranthJ-_: I know, I said "Put hardy on that sucker"06:39
AmaranthAnd you said you hadn't even turned it on yet06:39
Amaranthbtw, while the 965 does work well the driver for it is rather...simple06:41
Amaranthso you can expect it to run faster, better, and more efficiently as time goes on06:41
Amaranththey're still optimizing :)06:42
J-_I can't wait06:42
J-_61% done downloading the x86 iso.06:42
J-_If I wasn't quite lacking I would have already downloaded the darn thing. lol06:43
J-_days ago06:43
AmaranthWhat one are you getting?06:44
Amaranthalso, why x86?06:45
Amaranthyou have java programs that are closed-source and don't work with icedtea?06:46
J-_Hmm, figured it would be better with software support as said earlier...?06:46
Amarantheh, i guess x86 is slightly easier06:46
J-_After the final release, I'll probably switch to x86-6406:46
Amaranthand if you manage to fit more than 4GB of memory in there you're rewiring the mobo06:47
J-_I have 2GB06:47
Amaranthlaptops tend to max out at 4GB or less06:47
J-_That sounds partially bad. lol06:47
Amaranthso you can't get enough ram in there to need amd6406:47
Amaranththe extra registers and junk don't help much06:48
J-_Yeah I think this lappy supports upto 4GB06:48
J-_I think I'll be happy with 2gb though. I've always ran 512bm06:48
Amaranthand actually amd64 removed some instructions that are useful for virtual machines06:48
J-_512mb on my desktop that is.06:49
Amaranththey had to remove a couple instructions to fit the extra registers06:49
J-_I see, I don't really understand that though.06:49
Amaranthwell, they didn't _have_ to06:49
Amaranthbut they're stupid06:49
Amaranthhehe, that's ok06:49
J-_Too far in zee realm.06:49
AmaranthJust think "amd64 helps video encoding but hurts Java/.NET"06:50
Amaranththe pentium 4 was like that too but much much worse06:50
J-_hmm, I have a P406:50
Amaranthnetburst is a virtual machine writer's nightmare06:51
J-_Works pretty good right now, but dying. Or, maybe it's just my Gutsy Installation I don't know06:51
AmaranthNetburst being the name of the P4 architecture06:51
RAOFAmaranth: The insane pipeline length?06:51
AmaranthRAOF: that's part of it06:51
Amaranthyay stalls06:51
J-_Can anyone suggest a router that I can hook up a external drive to? Or, would I need a network? I figured a ext. drive hooked up to a router would essentially be a network drive. But, I could be totally wrong.06:53
RAOFJ-_: You need special hardware in the router.  Viz: some form of hard drive interface :)06:54
[Hardy]TuTUXGtime capsule + airport extreme (kidding)06:54
J-_Ah okay. Then, I'll just figure out how to hook up my ext drive to my server, and SSH to it06:55
J-_Not sure of a way to do so, but if there's a will there's a way06:55
AmaranthI find it amusing that a 1Ghz Pentium 3 blows away a 2Ghz Pentium 406:56
J-_hrm, my desktop in a P3 3.o Ghz06:56
AmaranthWell, no, once you get to 2Ghz the Pentium 4 starts to take the lead06:56
J-_p4 too06:56
J-_darn fingers.06:57
Amaranthbut basically you have to have double the clock speed or better06:57
RaspberryI'm excited to say the MESA / OpenGL problem will be fixed soon :)06:57
J-_P4, 3Ghz06:57
AmaranthJ-_: So a 1.6Ghz Core 2 Duo will be faster than that :P06:57
AmaranthEven without using the second core, really06:57
J-_Amaranth: Nice, that's awesome as this one is a 2ghz.06:58
J-_c2d @ 2GHz06:58
Amaranthright, so faster than your desktop06:58
RaspberryI'm running a 1.6Ghz Core 2 Duo (T7500)06:58
Raspberryit's faster than my AMD64 AthlonX2 4800+06:58
AmaranthHD speed is probably close between the two as well, unless you have a really good one in the desktop or a really bad one in the laptop06:58
[Hardy]TuTUXGRaspberry, ? my T7500 clocked at 2.206:58
Raspberrysorry L750006:59
J-_the HD is only 5400rpm. slow =(06:59
J-_In the Lappy that is06:59
RaspberryI did a lot of research on HDD 5400rpm isn't that much slower than a 7200rpm06:59
J-_Ah well, I can upgrade later.06:59
Amaranthi traded size for speed when i got mine06:59
Raspberrysave your money and upgrade to a SSD SATA HDD for your laptop :)07:00
Amaranthcould have gotten a 200GB 4200rpm one but I got a 100GB 7200rpm one instead07:00
Raspberrythey're lightning fast07:00
AmaranthNow they're up to 160GB 7200rpm drives07:00
* DanaG has a 200GB 7200RPM drive.07:00
Raspberryand they use 15%-30% less battery07:00
J-_Amaranth: wow07:00
AmaranthDanaG: In a laptop?07:00
J-_Raspberry: really?07:00
DanaGYup.  Hitachi 7k200-200.07:00
DanaG7k200 is the (simplified) model, 200 is the capacity.07:00
Raspberrythe hitachi's burn out after 3-5 years of use07:00
AmaranthRaspberry: SSD are slower for sequential reads/writes07:00
J-_Raspberry: Probably throw ya back a few bucks though. lol07:01
[Hardy]TuTUXGJ-_, swap the optical drive to a ultra bay hd adapt and put a ssd on it07:01
AmaranthDanaG: ah, that's the successor to mine07:01
DanaGGot load cycles?  I have 80000 of them.07:01
RaspberryI haven't had a hitachi that's lasted longer than 5 years in a laptop ... with most of the burning out at 3 years of daily use07:01
glanceanyone here that have successfully installed hardy with fai?07:01
Amaranthfastest drives you can get in a laptop07:01
J-_[Hardy]TuTUXG: Don't know what you mean at all. Hardware illiterate here.07:01
DanaGIn 1240 hours.07:01
glancei have some stupid debconf problem with grub.07:01
glanceit won't generate a menu.lst for mee.07:01
RaspberryJ-_: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1682060924407:02
[Hardy]TuTUXGJ-_, u can swap ur optical drive to a ext battery or a hd07:02
[Hardy]TuTUXGJ-_, which is called the ultra bay by ibm07:02
RaspberryI have the ThinkPad X61t model 776298U07:03
[Hardy]TuTUXGRaspberry, sweet07:04
J-_Sounds neat.07:04
[Hardy]TuTUXGt61p 8891cto07:04
J-_that drive looks delicious. the review is even funnier.07:04
Raspberryit's faster than my desktop -- I have it plugged into a 24" Benq display and it works great at 1920x1200 (VGA) & 1400x1050 (LVDS)07:04
Raspberry4gb of RAM running Hardy 64bit ... everything is great except that the MESA drivers for Ubuntu have been broken for almost 3 months now07:05
Raspberryso I can't do anything with OpenGL07:05
J-_If I don't have an optical drive, how the heck am I suppose to watch DVD's, or reinstall Ubuntu? =P07:06
Raspberrynot over 2-3 fps anyway -- any opengl from WINE restarts X07:06
[Hardy]TuTUXG$1800 for a hd07:06
RaspberryJ-_: rip the DVDs to 700mb AVI :)  or put a external DVD R/W on your desk like I do07:06
[Hardy]TuTUXGmore expensive than my laptop07:06
J-_Raspberry: Makes sense. Good sense at that, but teh price is a bit overwhelming. But solid-state is goodness.07:07
J-_Yay, Hardy is downloaded.07:07
J-_Time to put on CD07:08
[Hardy]TuTUXGthat's y macbook air is a joke07:08
DanaGHP makes a business 2" laptop with an optical drive.07:08
RAOFRaspberry: What card?07:08
[Hardy]TuTUXGand now we have x300 too07:08
DanaGLost a digit.07:08
DanaGHP 2510p.07:09
J-_[Hardy]TuTUXG: I think the new Lenovo will kick the air's arse. But I don't want to flame, or start a flameware.07:09
RAOFRaspberry: Mesa shouldn't be broken :)07:09
[Hardy]TuTUXGJ-_, the ssd price is a joke07:09
J-_a lot of cash07:10
RaspberryRAOF: The X310007:10
[Hardy]TuTUXGwait max 1 year, when major hd vendors are able to deliver ssd, it gonna be cheaper than hdd07:11
* RAOF skeptates.07:11
RaspberryRAOF: Intel X310007:11
RAOFRaspberry: Can you give the bug number?  That card should be well supported, right?07:11
Raspberrythe Ubuntu people blamed it on FreeDesktop and refused to fix it ... marking all the bugs INVALID.... so I did a bunch of digging on FreeDesktop and it turns out the issues with MESA were fixed almost 45 days ago... and the new MESA / Intel drivers hadn't been recompiled since then07:11
Raspberryafter pointing that out -- they put it in the upstream with priority for release with Alpha 507:12
Raspberryi'm looking up the bug #s07:12
RAOFRaspberry: I remember reading a bug in the freedesktop bugtracker about wine pushing an invalid fragment program to the driver, which promptly crashed.07:12
RAOFIs that it?07:12
DanaGDo take a look at notebookforums.com.07:12
AmaranthRAOF: Which, of course, is still the driver's fault07:12
RaspberryRAOF: part of it, but primarily, yes07:12
J-_I just hope I don't get affected by the bug as I have a x310007:12
Raspberryall x3100 people are affected07:13
Raspberrywe've been affected for months07:13
AmaranthRAOF: Everyone blames the programs when they manage to do something to kill the driver, the driver is supposed to protect against such things07:13
Raspberryhamstringing our 3d performance in Linux / X07:13
AmaranthRaspberry: I find this hard to believe, I know people happily running Compiz on their X310007:13
RaspberryAmaranth: the driver was fixed in Early January07:13
RAOFAmaranth: Absolutely.  No application should crash X, ever.  It's always an X/driver bug.07:13
RaspberryAmaranth: I'm happily running it07:13
J-_I see, at least I hope I can run the stuff I do coherently.07:13
Raspberrybut it's using DRI stuff not truely OpenGL07:13
AmaranthRaspberry: Compiz is OpenGL07:14
Raspberrythey've moved it to Alpha6 now07:14
Amaranththere is no "DRI" stuff, you access the 3D hardware with OpenGL07:14
Raspberryhere's the FreeDesktop bug: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1349207:14
RAOFUnless you're a driver implementing OpenGL, of course. :)07:14
Raspberryhere's one of the many Ubuntu bugs on this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mesa/+bug/17829207:14
ubotuLaunchpad bug 178292 in mesa "3D-Accelerated Games cause X to crash with Intel Driver" [Unknown,Fix released]07:14
AmaranthRAOF: well, duh :P07:15
RaspberryI would say this MESA driver issue has caused at least 20 separate bugs to open that I've seen and I can only imagine that there are/were dozens more --07:15
J-_Amaranth: Is that why you suggested Free drivers when you told me that my lappy is supported in Hardy?07:15
RaspberryJ-_: the intel drivers are Free07:16
RAOFRaspberry: Yup, that was the bug I was thinking about.  It should only affect wine, since other programs are likely to not push invalid programs :)07:16
J-_Ah okay. =S07:16
RaspberryRAOF: it effected lots of other things :)  Like Enemy Territory07:16
Raspberryand TuxRacer07:16
RaspberryI was getting 2-3fps07:16
J-_I vaguely play games anyway, so I don't think it'll affect me. But, I do run minimal Compiz-fusion with Emerald.07:17
RaspberryI still only get 2.0 fps in Extreme Tux Racer with my X310007:17
RaspberryCompiz works fine for the most part, although I only turn it on to show off ... because many of the effects are choppy07:17
J-_I think I will use this lappy more for research than anything. I like the mobility, and I can bring it anywhere I like. (first laptop ever. Only used a laptop twice before owning one)07:18
RaspberryI started testing 3d performance with TuxRacer because when I told people I was testing it with glxgears they laughed and said that wasn't a real test07:19
RAOFRaspberry: Tuxracer running slowly would have had exactly nothing to do with that bug.  Either it would've crashed X, or you were seeing another problem.07:19
Raspberryso how can I improve opengl performance with my X3100 card -- I should get better than 2.5fps in TuxRacer, since I get 25fps+ in World of Warcraft07:20
pwnguinvia wine?07:21
pwnguinor via windows?07:21
RAOFNo idea.07:21
J-_Was there a lot of fooling around to get this chipset working? Or, has it worked smoothly? I hope I made the right choice of downloading the live cd.07:21
Raspberryvia Windows ... I get 8-15fps when I could run WoW in WINE07:21
RaspberryJ-_: i just worked07:21
RaspberryJ-_: IT just worked... just make sure you're using the "intel" chipset07:21
J-_Yeah it says on my receipt, "Intel GMA x3100 GM965"07:22
Raspberryno in X07:23
pwnguini think you mean driver, not chipset07:23
pwnguinthe chipsets the same whether you try to load vesa or intel ;)07:23
Amaranthdid freenode just die for anyone else?07:24
Amaranthbeen trying to reconnect for 6 minutes, this is the third time i got connected07:24
pwnguinjust a split07:24
Amaranththe other two i got disconnected before i even got through the MOTD07:24
Raspberryfreenode is working07:24
Amaranthno, that's not a split07:24
J-_Amaranth: Netsplit, and I didn't die07:24
stdinI know card split07:24
Amaranththat's a server going down or something07:25
pwnguinim just saying, on my end, it says niven split07:25
Amaranthcard didn't split, it died07:25
pwnguinpresumably because it was under massive load07:25
Amaranthpwnguin: you're in niven07:25
Amaranthit doesn't say niven split, it says niven gave you that message07:25
Amaranthcard hiccupped07:25
pwnguinoh, card's the name of another server07:26
Raspberryhere's the specs on the laptop I have: http://www-01.ibm.com/common/ssi/cgi-bin/ssialias?infotype=AN&subtype=CA&htmlfid=897/ENUS107-640&appname=lenovous&language=en07:26
J-_wow. loading Ubuntu up on my lappy. Seems weird to see "ubuntu" on it.07:26
* J-_ giggles07:26
Raspberrythey just compiled new drivers on the 26th of February, but this problem still isn't fixed :P07:26
pwnguinconfusing, when the discussion was about video cards ;)07:26
Raspberrythey = ubuntu devs07:26
J-_Live CD taking a while to load. Still not loaded yet.07:27
J-_Checking out graphic mode first.07:27
RaspberryJ-_: what laptop do you have?07:27
J-_She's booted, soonish now.07:28
bazhangHardy is really nice on my R60e ;]07:29
J-_Wow, disk kind of sounds weird in there07:29
pwnguinalso, it can be a bug in both mesa and X07:29
pwnguinx shouldn't crash07:29
pwnguinbut just stopping x from crashing may not be enough07:30
J-_Should I check out an unsecured wireless network? I guess I shouldn't, or shouldn't ask. I could be illegal.07:31
J-_"questionable legal activity"07:31
ethana2Windows users are bad for my health.07:39
ethana2They raise my blood pressure.07:39
J-_jeebus man. I just can't believe the performance with this laptop. there's a huge noticeable difference on the live cd portion of the laptop. I'm sure it'll be a lot better once it's installed.07:45
J-_I mean, HUGE different between my desktop and laptop.07:45
J-_Way better on Lappy.07:45
J-_it's crazy07:46
AmaranthJ-_: when i got my laptop it ran the livecd better than my mac mini ran an installed system :)07:46
J-_you guys are doing something right, Amaranth =)07:47
Amaranthi just make compiz go07:47
DanaGLaptop CD drives are slow, and Mac Mini CD drives are worse.07:48
DanaGOh yeah, here's that HP ultralight.  http://www.notebookreview.com/default.asp?newsID=390507:48
DanaGOh yeah, there ARE now 5400rpm 1.8" drives.07:49
J-_man, it really sounds like the laser in my lappy is going crazy when the cd is spinning. Is that normal?07:50
RAOFpwnguin: Yeah.  There's the bug in wine that it's sending a broken frogment program.  there's the bug in the Intel driver that a broken fragment program takes down X :)08:00
ethana2gallium come quickly08:01
J-_should just use the whole drive on the lappy as Ubuntu? =P As I didn't install Ubuntu first. I have Vista on.08:02
RAOFHm.  I wonder if nouveau's gallium is fixed...08:03
J-_screw it, I haven't used iwndows in a year.08:03
RAOFWine is really quite good, now :)08:03
* DanaG goes to bed now. Good night.08:06
DanaGOh hey, something random:  I put the following line in something in /etc/acpi/suspend.d, and it improved suspend reliablility:08:07
DanaGDISPLAY=:0 glxinfo08:07
DanaGI had noticed suspend being more reliable when on AC then when on battery, and then I realized that that's because I use compiz when on AC but not on battery.  I tried Metacity on AC and Compiz on Battery, and it turned out that Compiz was the deciding factor.  Thus, apparently it helps to kick the GPU into 3D mode before suspend.08:08
AmaranthRAOF: Hows that for ammunition in the "turn compiz off on battery" battle? :D08:15
bazhangwell the open-office hypenation bug went away with the last update ;]08:16
AmaranthDanaG's laptop suspends more reliably when using compiz :D08:16
AmaranthRAOF: oh, that reminds me, nvidia fixed sync to vblank08:16
AmaranthNot that it matters, sync to vblank sucks power08:16
J-_65% done installing =D08:17
bazhangand trackerd can now be turned off yeah! ;]08:18
J-_jeebus, screen went blank for a sec, scared teh crap out of me, but I guess that's normal lol08:19
J-_no use = screen turns off08:19
J-_bazhang: new lappy - installing hardy =P08:20
bazhangJ-_: brave soul ;]08:20
AmaranthJ-_: so was compiz working right away on the livecd too?08:20
J-_yes, default compiz08:21
AmaranthRAOF: did you ever try static?08:21
J-_Amaranth: im guessing I don't have to install drivers, etc.? everything will be preinstalled as they are free drivers?08:21
AmaranthJ-_: everything should just work08:22
J-_or will I get a warning like when I enable restricted?08:22
Amaranthno need to get drivers or anything08:22
Amaranthno restricted08:22
J-_used to nvidia =P08:22
Amaranthyou probably won't even have to tweak anything to get suspend to work08:22
J-_nice =D08:22
J-_so when I close lappy, she'll go to sleep?08:23
J-_typing weird because laptop is infront of me and I'm hugging screen to type. lol08:23
Amaranthdon't do it now though :P08:23
J-_neh sir!08:23
darrendAmaranth: are you saying suspend is more reliable in hardy than gutsy?08:24
darrendI have reliability issues in gutsy on several laptops08:24
J-_ubuntu's sound has went off 3 times while installing so far.08:24
Amaranthdarrend: very much so08:24
Amaranthdarrend: mostly thanks to 2.6.2408:24
darrendI'm only running hardy on my desktop right now08:25
Amaranthbut also since he has a thinkpad with all intel stuff inside08:25
Amaranthso it would probably suspend just fine in gutsy too08:25
darrendhmm.. my Asus is mostly intel - I geta single successful suspend/resume - after that it will never resume from successive suspends until a hard reboot08:26
Amaranthdarrend: But on my laptop in gutsy 1 out of 10 times (at least) my laptop would fail to resume and I had to do a bunch of tweaks08:26
J-_i have to ask. on this thinkpad there's this weird slot on the left beside the one usb port. what is it? lol08:26
AmaranthWith hardy I don't have those tweaks and suspend has yet to fail08:26
AmaranthJ-_: firewire?08:26
RAOFAmaranth: No, I didn't.  I'll wait till it hits some form of VCS :P08:26
AmaranthRAOF: it's like 40 lines of code08:26
J-_dunno, the button I can press and it ejects long, and i can put it back in08:27
AmaranthJ-_: oh, is the slot about the width of a credit card?08:27
darrendanyone know why several of my custom icon sets don't want to work in hardy?  The OSX set for one :(08:27
AmaranthJ-_: it's either pcmcia or expresscard08:27
Amaranthprobably expresscard08:28
J-_303 updates!!!!!08:28
J-_Amaranth: cool, thanks08:29
Amaranthyeah, that's hardy for ya08:29
Amaranththey're actually preparing the next alpha release right now :P08:29
bazhangoh my gosh Hardy supports hibernate!! this is unreal!08:29
Amaranthgetting the CDs down to size then handing off to testers, i guess08:29
bazhanggave a little beep when I closed the lid and then again when I opened it ;]08:29
Amaranthah, i only tried hibernate once08:29
Amaranthbut it too worked08:29
Amaranthsuspend beeps for me too, just like a thinkpad08:30
bazhangfirst time ever ;]08:30
Amaranthi think gnome-power-manager just wants to make me feel like i got a better laptop :P08:30
* Amaranth throws computer through window08:30
* Amaranth goes crazy08:30
J-_MAN, UNREAL! whoops, 500 kbps. my nic on my desktop must be going08:31
Raspberrythey changed the suspend beep sound08:31
bazhangHardy is now the world leader of OSes ;]08:31
Amaranth'for a38 and up you have to name the files *.chroot and not *.bootstrap.'08:32
Amaranththanks a lot08:32
Amaranthstabbity stab08:32
bazhangthis is weird--there is a small crescent moon on my thinkpad that blinks when it hibernates--never seen that before08:33
Amaranthbazhang: it had better not do it when you're hibernating08:33
Amaranthbazhang: hibernate == suspend to disk, zero power usage08:34
bazhangAmaranth: what does it signify?08:34
Amaranthas in, you can pull the battery out and leave it for a year08:34
Amaranthyou're doing sleep08:34
Amaranthsuspend to ram08:34
Amaranthdon't pull the battery, it'll die :P08:34
Amaranthwhen you sleep basically everything except the RAM turns off so you need to keep power to the RAM08:35
Amaranthbut on the other hand resume is almost instant08:35
bazhangso to get back just hit enter? Amaranth08:35
Amaranthhibernate writes out the contents of RAM to disk and turns off completely but it takes forever to resume08:35
Amaranthbazhang: sure, push any key on the thing08:35
Amaranthon my any key on the keyboard, the volume keys, and the power button will resume it08:36
bazhangnice thanks Amaranth08:36
Amaranthbasically everything except the mouse08:36
bazhangneed an op in #ubuntu08:39
=== nanonyme1 is now known as nanonyme
bazhangwow resume took a long time ;]08:44
J-_hmm my battery status says it can't get data, and shows a plug...08:46
J-_just updating though08:46
J-_wasn't like that before08:46
J-_back to normal now =D08:49
=== Seeker`_ is now known as Seeker\`
=== Seeker\` is now known as Seeker`
pwnguinso ipw is gone08:57
pwnguinis anyone using iwl currently?08:59
dencryptcd /media/09:17
dencryptwrong tab ;)09:18
RAOFpwnguin: Yo, iwl here!09:19
RAOFAmaranth: So you didn't see mjg's LCA talk "Why hibernate doesn't work, never worked, and cannot work?" :)09:20
RAOFAt least, I think that was mjg...09:20
AmaranthRAOF: Yeah, I saw it09:20
Amaranthit was him09:20
Amaranthyou can tell by the sarcasm and hate of the title ;)09:21
pwnguinRAOF: im having difficulties with the wireless, and im not sure why09:23
RAOFMy laptop leads a charmed life.09:24
RAOFI should probably be on the lookout for moving woods.09:24
J-_Amaranth is the man!09:25
pwnguinim upgrading a kernel right now, so if im lucky, it fixes itself09:25
AmaranthJ-_: Did suspend work or something?09:25
J-_no, my fricken laptop works! you told me what to get and I got it. =P09:26
J-_well I don't know if suspend works yet09:27
Amaranthclose the lid with the power cord removed :)09:27
AmaranthRAOF: I really hope someone implements his idea, it'll fix most of the annoying issues with sleep and hibernate09:28
J-_laptopwhy the hell is there tor? wtf!? this better not limit me09:28
J-_laptopI'll be creaming at my isp09:28
pwnguinwhy is there tor?09:28
RAOFAmaranth: Ah, mjg's "let's just kexec into a kernel that can do everything sensibly" idea?09:28
RAOFYeah, that'd be awesome.09:29
AmaranthRAOF: after that hibernate should basically work all the time and it makes sleep simpler09:29
J-_laptopI don't know, really. My ISP included it in my hostmask.09:29
RAOFAmaranth: And on !x86, too :)09:29
J-_laptop#ubuntu better not block me.09:29
AmaranthJ-_laptop: you're not on tor09:29
pwnguintoronto duh09:29
beast-feastmmmm tor09:29
J-_laptopAmaranth: toronto, yeah. lol09:29
AmaranthJ-_laptop: tor gets a special hostmask cloak that we have banned, you wouldn't have gotten into the channel09:29
RAOFAmaranth: static fails to build for me.09:29
J-_laptopAmaranth: okay, cool09:30
AmaranthRAOF: you need smspillaz's version09:30
pwnguinif you're on tor, it's doing a crappy job of hiding your ip09:30
beast-feastAmaranth, wrong, at least, regarding this channel09:30
J-_laptopkinda freaked me out a bit09:30
AmaranthRAOF: the original one is for 0.609:30
zniavrei got strange behaviour of network-manager :each rebbot i must setup manualiy the network cause there is no ip usable09:30
zniavreis it known as bug?09:30
AmaranthJ-_laptop: try suspend already :P09:30
J-_laptopokay okay, hold on. :closes lid:09:30
J-_hahaha it beeped.09:31
pwnguindid it fail?09:31
J-_crap I didn't remove power cord.09:31
pwnguinoh, heh, turned that off09:31
J-_laptopnice it worked despite the power cord.09:32
J-_laptopbut, now I'm lagging.09:32
* J-_laptop tries without powercord.09:33
RAOFAmaranth: Yes, it's approximately as cool as I expected.09:34
J-_the suspend light blinked, while the battery icon went off, now the suspend light is solid09:34
AmaranthJ-_laptop: yeah, you just disconnected :P09:34
Amaranthso it has to catch up on everything while you were gone since you weren't gone long enough for it to drop the connection09:34
J-_that could be bad in a long instance of being on suspend....09:35
Amaranthno, because then you just get disconnected for real09:35
Amaranthand have to reconnect, same as if your network had died or something09:35
pwnguineventually you get dropped, since you're no longer responding to the net anyways09:35
J-_laptopah okay, sounds neat.09:35
J-_laptopOnce I get my server going again, I should get screen going on that, and just log in from a session on there since it'll always run 24h like it did before09:37
J-_laptopIf it can be done that is.09:37
AmaranthJ-_laptop: do you use irssi now?09:39
J-_laptopyes, always have09:39
Amaranthah, alright then09:40
henkjanirssi users?09:40
Amaranthscreen works for you then09:40
henkjan/disco dance for nice colors :)09:40
Amaranthotherwise you can run irssi in screen and enable the irssi proxy plugin so you can connect to it from xchat too09:40
Amaranthso xchat when you can, ssh and screen when you can't09:40
J-_laptopneat, I've never used screen before. Just irssi. actually, I lie, I've used it but it was for a short time.09:41
J-_laptopI should ask an op in freenode to get me a hostmask for this nick. Don't want no hackage. <309:42
awalton_laptopshould probably do the same.09:43
* Amaranth hugs his cloak09:43
AmaranthJ-_laptop: so everything is working good?09:43
* awalton_laptop notices J-_laptop and awalton_laptop match.09:43
AmaranthJ-_laptop: just don't try windowed OpenGL applications, always run them fullscreen :)09:44
Amaranththat means no google earth09:44
J-_laptopYes, so far. I lurve it. My fingers aren't working fine though, small keyboard, lol.09:44
J-_laptopAmaranth: that's alright, I never used that before anyway. But, now I must sell a Les Paul Custom to pay for this lappy and school that is due. =)09:56
J-_laptophehe, ah well. It's worth it. I have a few extra guitars. I wanted to get a martin before, but grabbed the laptop instead.09:57
J-_laptophmmm try to play somafm, and exaile crashes.09:58
AutoMatriXzniavre, high there09:58
J-_laptopmaybe it needs a codec I don't have09:59
zniavreAutoMatriX:   :o)  good morning09:59
J-_laptoparrgh, no ubotu10:00
JDahlI would like tracker to use thunderbird instead of Evolution.  If I go to Systems->Preferences->Search & Indexing->Email,  then there is a click-box to enable thunderbird,  but it cannot be selected (grayed out). Any way to enable it?10:03
RAOFJDahl: No; the thunderbird backend is experimental.10:06
JDahlok, thanks10:07
=== gil2 is now known as Gil
pwnguinRAOF: you know, i recall setting up some custom rules for iwl. maybe its time to undo those10:22
J-_laptopdamn it, now I'm not getting any sound.10:27
J-_laptopfirst crash, sending bug report =P10:32
GilAnybody here using nonfree Nvidia drivers with Hardy?10:32
savvasoh crash report, good thing you reminded me10:32
savvas  Installed: 169.09+
savvas  Candidate: 169.12+
savvasGil: what's the problem?10:34
Gilsavvas I get a crash using nvidia-settings10:35
Gilbasically, Hardy doesn't think my monitor can do 85hz when it can10:36
Gilso by default I can only choose up to 60hz10:36
Gilso I did an apt-get install nvidia-settings10:36
Giland changed to 85hz through that, which was great10:36
Gilhowever, when I tried to save settings to the X configuration file10:36
Gilthe app crashes10:36
Giljust wanted to see if this was just me10:36
savvasGil: gksu gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf10:37
savvasin section "Device" add this line:10:37
savvasOption         "DynamicTwinView" "False"10:37
* Gil writes it down10:37
savvassave, close and log out10:37
GilI'm at work :)10:37
Gilwill do it when I get home, so writing it down!10:37
savvaswell... this fixes the bug for the correct hz :)10:38
Gilexcellent! Is this a hardy bug?10:38
savvasi contacted nvidia about it, they said they'll set it to false by default probably10:38
savvasum.. nvidia-settings is nvidia's stuff i think10:39
savvasdo a sudo nvidia-bug-report.sh10:39
savvasand send them an email about nvidia-settings10:39
Gilapart from that, hardy's been working great for me so far10:40
Gilalthough for some really odd reason, I can't play doom3 unless I'm root10:40
Gilbut meh10:40
savvashm.. well i'm having problems updating/reporting crashes and doing other internet things at the same time10:40
savvasit looks like hardy doesn't control the internet flow10:40
pwnguinwell hurray. iwl solved10:45
pwnguinwould have been solved faster if id noticed i left the radio switch on off10:46
RAOFpwnguin: :P  I always do that :)11:05
pwnguinwell, it was set correctly originally11:07
pwnguinbut apparently i needed to remove a workaround that was breaking the udev script11:07
RAOFMine has a tendency to be flipped as I take it out of the laptop bag.11:07
J-_laptopHow much to laptop backpacks generally go for?11:09
J-_laptopOr should a regular backpack do?11:09
* J-_laptop ponders11:10
pwnguini just use a regular backpack; the more pretenious use soft cases from neoprene or something to avoid scratches11:10
pwnguinmade from11:11
J-_laptopI should get some sort of nice microfibre cloth from a fabric store and make a soft case11:11
J-_laptopthat way I have a soft case that goes inside my backpack11:11
J-_laptopor something that I can use with no static.11:12
RAOFI use a backpack with a compartment to strap the lappy in.  In my other backpack it'd just rattle around and dig into my back.11:13
J-_laptopI could make a strap type deal too11:14
J-_laptopdarn! Laptop screen brightness doesn't work11:15
J-_laptopthe keys11:15
J-_laptopFn and Home/ End11:15
J-_laptopwhat the hell, the Fn and PgUp keys... what is that?11:15
J-_laptopa light?11:16
GilJ-_laptop I would advise getting a specific laptop case - I have a compaq evo n610c that I carred around in a standard shoulder courier bag for about a year and if it wasn't so well built, it'd be in pieces by now. It seriously took some abuse :)11:23
J-_laptopdoing some research, it seems so(light)11:23
GilAnyhow, you may want to check out www.aria.co.uk - I bought some parts from them last week, and noticed they had some pretty cheap laptop bags11:24
J-_laptopGil: nice11:24
J-_laptopThanks, I only wish I was in the UK though =P11:24
=== bmk789_ is now known as bmk789
GilI doubt the shipping will be too excessive - I saw bags for around £12 in their superdeals11:25
Gilj-_laptop : http://www.aria.co.uk/SuperSpecials/Other+products/42+degrees+sling+bag+for+Notebook+-+Black%2FOrange?productId=2838811:25
J-_laptopjeez man, these are cheap11:26
GilYup! Also: http://www.aria.co.uk/SuperSpecials/Other+products/ZIGNUM+backpack+for+15%27%27+Notebooks?productId=2837411:26
pwnguindoes compiz stop gl apps from running fullscreen now?11:27
Gilpwnguin I ran doom3 fullscreen last night if it counts11:27
pwnguinwith compiz running?11:28
Gilbut I could only run doom3 as root11:28
GilIt was late, couldn't be bothered to figure out what was stopping me running it as user11:28
Syntuxalpha 5 rocks, almost stable11:29
pwnguinso are the openGL OO.org slide transitions slated for 8.04?11:30
pwnguin(WW) NVIDIA(0): No valid modes for "1024x768"; removing.11:31
pwnguinperhaps something related to that's the culprit11:31
Gilpwnguin this may be similar to the problem I had11:32
Gilsavvas pointed this out to me earlier after I had a problem with refresh rates11:33
GilSet "Dynamic Twin View" to "False"11:33
Gilin xorg.conf11:33
pwnguinim pretty sure my problem is compiz11:35
pwnguini try running "titanion -fullscreen"11:35
pwnguinand it jumps back and forth11:35
Gilyou'll have to excuse my ignorance - I've had about a two year absence from any linux distro - but compiz is the rendering of all the new fancy gnome effects?11:39
Gilthings like the wobbly minimize/maximize etc11:40
Gilokay I definately have those enable11:40
Giland managed to run doom3 full screen last night11:40
pwnguinwell, if i turn off compiz, it suddenly works as intended11:44
pwnguini donno if doom3 is specia11:45
J-_laptopGil: that's pretty nice11:45
pwnguinGil: mind sharing your xorg.conf via pastebin?11:47
J-_laptopwonder how well xmoto will run on this bad bitty11:51
Gilpwnguin I can email it you when I get home - I'm at work at the moment :-\11:52
pwnguinGil: oh right11:52
Gilwill you be around this evening?11:53
mrtimdogWhen I save a dia diagram on the desktop, the nautilus thumbnailer is starting up dia, which gets a little confusing as I've not asked for dia to start. Is there any way of disabling thumbnailing for specific file types?11:53
pwnguin<-- screen+irssi = omnipresence11:53
Gilpwnguin you're lucky - I'm locked down so tight here, I'm lucky to get a web irc chat past the corp firewall :)11:54
mrtimdogAh, got it. Found it in gconf-editor.11:54
KrimZonah nice, the battery monitor works for me now :)11:56
savvasdoes anyone have 256k or 512k adsl connection?11:58
savvastry upload a file 4-5MB large and browse the internet at the same time, does it lag?11:59
Gilsavvas I got a bit of lag last night uploading a bug report12:00
void^savvas: that's normal.12:01
KrimZonsavvas: ive had that sort of thing - installing flightgear with synaptic basically blocked everything else from the web12:01
savvasvoid^: it wasn't normal in gutsy12:01
savvasvoid^: by lag i mean i can't open any internet page *at all*12:02
KrimZonduring the time it was downloading, i tried pinging google.com and couldnt even resolve it12:02
savvasmy irc ping is around 12 seconds as we speak12:02
void^savvas: well, that's not lag then12:02
savvasvoid^: how would you define it? I'll change the bug report in a few minutes, I thought it was apport, but it does the same thing when downloading/uploading/upgrading something12:04
savvaswas there a software-wise internet flow control in gutsy or something? :\12:05
void^"can't open internet pages at all" is a good start, perhaps ping a site and see if there's packet loss and include that12:05
savvasvoid^: ping: unknown host google.com12:06
savvaswhen the uploading is done, everything's back to normal12:07
void^try ping
savvasthe ping keeps rising12:08
void^well, include a few lines of that, mention your network device and include iptables -L and tc qdisc show12:09
J-_laptopMan, this laptop light is fricken awesome.12:10
J-_laptopI can ruin my eyes forever now!12:10
savvasvoid^: ok thanks, any binary package hint?12:12
pwnguingod i hate scrollkeeper12:21
pwnguinafaict, its job is to consume cpu12:21
pwnguinand overheat cpu12:21
savvasum, how do we enable num lock by default?12:24
pwnguini used to use the numlockx package12:25
savvashm.. it's enabled on boot, while not get the default value?12:26
Gilare you using a laptop?12:26
pwnguinprobably because laptops hate it12:26
GilI think some distros override it and disable it by default for laptops12:26
Gilbecause it does whacky things :)12:26
pwnguinsuddenly the right half of the keyboard is a numpad12:26
pwnguininstead of jkl;12:27
savvasGil: desktop :)12:27
GilI remember years ago trying a mandrake beta that just killed a laptop12:27
Gilall due to numlock being on12:27
Gilworse still, you couldn't turn numlock off :)12:27
savvastrue :P12:27
savvasthe apport lag / at all thing12:28
Gilat least it's confirmed12:30
bazhangsuspend and hibernate in Hardy ;]12:38
=== AutoMatriX is now known as HardyMcDeal
=== HardyMcDeal is now known as Lone_Wolf
glaucouswhen I upgraded from gutsy the other day, it's making me use the -386 kernel.  If I try to boot the -generic, it plops me in initramfs or something like that.  Should I wait for updates, or...?13:09
zoidberg_so guys is there really anything new in hardy13:10
zoidberg_there doesn't seem to be anything truly exciting going on with the past few relaess other than beryl stuff13:10
bazhangtons zoidberg_13:11
Picizoidberg_: Hardy is an LTS release, so the focus this time around is on stability.  But of course theres new stuff.13:11
glaucousalso, my webcam doesn't work.  how can I diagnose the problem so it gets looked at?13:11
savvaszoidberg_: www.ubuntu.com/testing13:12
zoidberg_Pici, and bazhang, i know what u mean...i dunno maybe i'm reading the wrogn relasenotes or don't know enough..but wahts something really cool...functionaly speaking that hardy will have13:12
zoidberg_i know its only in alpha right now13:12
savvasglaucous: uname -r13:12
glaucoussavvas: 2.6.24-11-38613:13
bazhangzoidberg_: this is not really the ubuntu marketing channel; there are tons of websites that list the new features13:13
glaucousI'm not sure why I'm using -386 but I can't use -generic, it's borked13:13
savvasglaucous: ah sorry, I haven't updated to that one yet13:13
glaucousI suggest you don't13:13
bazhangglaucous: why not install the right ones13:13
glaucousthe right ones?13:14
bazhanggeneric if you are smp13:14
glaucousI just upgraded from gutsy and that's what I got13:14
savvaszoidberg_: the website i gave you contains what's new and what's not up to this point13:14
glaucousbazhang: if I boot into -generic, I get dumped into an initramfs prompt and can't do anything from there13:15
torthoanyone running Virtualbox under Hardy?13:16
bazhangglaucous: that is odd, the generic is okay here; did you not have the generic under gutsy?13:17
glaucousbazhang: I think I did, but maybe not.  I'm pretty much just a dumb user, but I want to help somehow13:17
bazhangtortho: not yet (but planning on running vmware if that counts) ;]13:17
glaucousbazhang: I need my hand held quite a bit :(13:18
bazhangnot to worry glaucous ;] this is still early days13:18
torthobazhang: I have been using VirtualBox for a while and it just works perfect... upon upgrade to hardy I found that it needs the 386 kernel and not the generic one and... 386 kernel does not work properlly on my laptop...13:19
bazhangwell the topic does say it all ;]13:19
savvastortho: vbox works ok here13:22
glaucousbazhang, when the next updates come will it switch me to generic?13:22
savvas$ apt-cache policy virtualbox13:22
savvasvirtualbox: Installed: 1.5.6-28266_Ubuntu_gutsy13:22
torthosavvas: yes, it works but is dependent of the 386 kernel package... is it supposed to be that? Cant see the need to install a 386 kernel if you are using the generic one... and especially when my computer can not run the 386 one...13:23
bazhangglaucous: no guarantees, but the latest updates fixed two big problems I had plus added sleep and hibernate which i have never had before on this laptop ;]13:24
glaucoussleep and hibernate have never worked on my laptop.  ever :(13:24
savvastortho: apt-cache policy virtualbox && apt-cache depends virtualbox13:24
glaucousthey still don't13:24
savvastortho: paste it to http://pastebin.ca13:25
bazhangglaucous: same here until just now ;]13:25
gribelutortho: what is the problem exactly? vbox doesn't install?13:25
glaucoushow can I tell if I have a certain driver installed?13:26
glaucousI'd really like to get wifi working13:26
bazhangwhat card glaucous13:26
glaucousI hate being connected to the internet by a cable :)13:26
gribelutortho: i'm running virtualbox on hardy .. ran it with both 386 and generic kernels13:26
torthogribelu: it does install, but I don't really see the reason to install several kernels... When you choose to install virtualbox it also adds the 386 kernel.13:27
glaucousbazhang: 06:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection (rev 02)13:27
bazhangglaucous: network manager does not show wireless hotspots? what about ifconfig in the terminal?13:28
gribeluhmm that's weird13:28
glaucousno, no wireless in network manager13:29
glaucousifconfig shows lo and eth013:29
bazhangglaucous: have you done all the updates?13:30
glaucousI believe so, yes13:30
glaucouschecking for more now13:30
bazhangI have that very same card and it shows the wireless hotspots13:31
torthosavvas: http://pastebin.ca/92897313:31
glaucousnow I'm completely upgraded, bazhang13:32
glaucousbut it was just scim stuff13:32
savvastortho: where does it say that it depends on -386?13:33
gribelutortho: virtualbox and virtualbox-ose aren't the same thing .. virtualbox is the one i'm running13:33
* J-_laptop is scared to use hotspots.13:33
savvasthat's right, i'm using virtualbox too, not the -ose version13:33
bazhangglaucous: just trying to remember what I did to get this working..13:33
torthosavvas: give me 2 sec and you will see.13:34
J-_laptopHow well does Emerald work?13:34
glaucousbazhang: it seems like I don't have the drivers for wireless and webcam, but I don't know how to check or install them13:34
torthogribelu: I know.. but the difference is not thet big, and ose version is the only ne in the ubuntu repos.13:34
gribeluhere's the dependencies for virtualbox http://pastebin.ca/92898113:35
gribelurecommends linux-headers13:35
gribeludoesn't seem to force -38613:35
torthosavvas: look at this one... here you have the 386 image.. http://imagebin.ca/view/Sa9PXUXA.html13:37
gribelutortho: do you have linux-headers package installed?13:37
J-_laptopdoes the brightness options work for anyone? Fn+pageup or pagedown?13:37
J-_laptophome or end I should say13:37
J-_laptopthe applet comes up lagging, but the screen brightness doesn't change13:38
torthogribelu: Yes I have.. and just to clarify. there is no problem at all to install or run, just that I dont want the 386 kernel added together with everything else..13:38
bazhangglaucous: I am thinking back, and I believe I installed a bunch of restricted stuff--let me check synaptic to see if that included the restricted modules13:39
savvastortho: I'd report that as a bug :)13:39
gribelutortho: i think it's a problem with the virtualbox-ose* packages13:40
gribeluit does try to pull in -386 kernel13:40
J-_laptopwow, hibernate kinda works13:40
gribeluvirtualbox package doesn't tho13:40
J-_laptopIs Fn+F4 hibernate on a thinkpad?13:41
J-_laptopor is it suspend?13:41
savvasvirtualbox-ose-modules |Depends: <virtualbox-ose-modules-386> |Depends: virtualbox-ose-modules-generic13:41
torthosavvas: good, I'll report it... that was what I was looking for.. Just wanted to have some other's view on it, as there is enough bugs already :-)13:41
glaucousbazhang: thanks.  I hope you find it13:41
gribelutortho: using sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose virtualbox-ose-modules-generic works13:41
gribeluas in it doesn't pull -386 stuff anymore13:42
gribelusomeone should report this to the virtualbox people :)13:42
bazhangglaucous: I have all the restricted modules for my kernel installed as well as the restricted extras--though I would have to ask danag to give the final word on this--seems the new drivers are iwl and not the old 3945 restricted drivers13:43
PiciLog a bug at bugs.ubuntu.com13:43
torthogribelu: I'll do, and put it on launchpad as well.13:43
glaucousbazhang: how can I tell if I have the iwl driver?13:44
torthogribelu: your command line install also does add the 386 :-)13:45
gribelunot for me13:45
gribelutortho: i actualy used aptitude13:46
gribeluaptitude doesn't pull 38613:46
bazhangglaucous: I think it is kernel level now--if memory serves--I would suggest you get the restricted modules but you are not able to use that kernel so not sure what to advise here13:46
torthogribelu: Thats correct :-)13:47
* gribelu pets aptitude13:47
glaucousbazhang: it says linux-restricted-modules is already installed13:50
bazhangglaucous: just a wild guess here, but does your laptop have a hardware switch to turn on and off the wireless/bluetooth etc?13:51
glaucousbazhang: it does, but the light is on.  I just flipped it to see and was told bluetooth went off (and then back on)13:52
glaucousbazhang: I have an hp dv8230ea, if that helps13:53
bazhanglsmod |grep 3945 try that in the terminal glaucous13:58
glaucousbazhang: nothing13:59
bazhangiwl3945 is the driver glaucous just a sec let me check something13:59
bazhanglinux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24 is this installed glaucous?14:00
glaucousbazhang: ah ha.  the generic is installed, but the 386 is not14:03
bazhangglaucous: you can install them then? what about the modules two lines up?14:03
glaucouswhich modules two lines up14:05
glaucousinstalling now14:05
* bazhang points to glaucous's scroll key14:07
glaucousha ha, but I don't have anything like that because I did a search14:07
glaucousit didn't say I had to reboot but I stil have no wireless14:08
bazhangdo a search for modules then and install them14:08
bazhangapt-cache search modules from the terminal14:09
glaucousI think I did14:09
bazhangdouble check ;]14:10
glaucousI installed linux-38614:12
bazhangshould be linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.2414:13
glaucousyeah it did that14:14
glaucousmaybe I should just wait until alpha six and do a fresh install14:16
glaucousthe upgrade apparently isn't ready14:16
savvastortho: still here? can you do uname -a ?14:16
savvasThe following extra packages will be installed: virtualbox-ose-modules virtualbox-ose-modules-2.6.24-11-generic virtualbox-ose-modules-generic14:17
savvasamd64 here, Linux ubuntu 2.6.24-10-generic #1 SMP Fri Feb 22 18:26:06 UTC 2008 x86_64 GNU/Linux14:17
glaucousthanks for your help, bazhang14:20
=== J-_laptop is now known as J_-laptop
=== J_-laptop is now known as J-_laptop
bazhangglaucous no worries ;]14:29
savvasbazhang: do you have i386 ubuntu?14:30
bazhanggeneric savvas ;]14:31
savvasi meant if you use x86_64 or i386 :P14:31
bazhangor did you mean x86 vs 64 bit then it is 32bit14:31
=== J-_laptop is now known as J_-laptop
torthosavvas: tortho@tortho-laptop:~$ uname -a14:33
torthoLinux tortho-laptop 2.6.24-11-generic #1 SMP Fri Feb 29 22:08:31 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux14:33
savvasbazhang: can you sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose and paste me the "The following extra packages will be installed" line?14:33
bazhanghang on a sec savvas14:33
savvasit's a bit weird that it requested tortho to install the -386 linux kernel14:33
=== J_-laptop is now known as J-_laptop
savvasbrb in a minute, going for a quick reboot14:35
bazhangall of it or the linux-image-etc-i386?14:35
savvasalrighty i'm back14:37
savvasbazhang: got the line?14:38
bazhangsavvas:  all of it or the linux-image-etc-i386?14:39
savvasthe line about the extra packages that will be installed14:39
bazhangthus my question14:40
bazhanglibaudio2 libqt3-mt-mysql ,etc, etc, and then the linux image 2.6 etc i38614:41
torthosavvas: feel free to add comments.. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/virtualbox-ose/+bug/19876014:42
ubotuLaunchpad bug 198760 in virtualbox-ose "Virtualbox-ose requires 386 kernel image" [Undecided,New]14:42
bazhangI get that too tortho14:42
torthobazhang: good, then its not only me  as usual :-)14:43
bazhangtortho: haha savvas asked me check ;]14:44
bazhangerr to check14:44
savvastortho: apt-cache policy virtualbox-ose | grep archive14:45
torthosavvas: tortho@tortho-laptop:~$ apt-cache policy virtualbox-ose | grep archive14:46
tortho        500 http://no.archive.ubuntu.com hardy/universe Packages14:46
hwilde_does ubuntu do gratuitous arp, and if so can it be disabled?14:47
savvastortho: ok, i'll add that screenshot you showed me before to your bug report :)14:49
torthosavvas: ok, I can do also if you dont have it avaliable..14:50
hwilde_does anybody even know what gratuitous arp is here?14:53
savvasin other words, i have nooo idea14:56
hwilde_yeah me neither14:57
qziohm, i did an upgrade and lost open office word ..?15:15
qziois this a known bug?15:15
qzioer, openoffice.org-writer..15:16
qzioinstalled that package.. it's working now, so nm..15:17
bazhangsavvas: you got the info you needed from me?15:18
bod_is hardy still alpha atm?16:11
savvasbazhang: yeah, thanks16:12
bazhangno worries savvas ;]16:13
bod_are we likely to get a beta b4 the release date?16:13
savvasbod_: everyone that uses hardy already, uses the latest alpha/beta/whatever with the latest updates :)16:14
bazhangbeta b4 haha16:14
bod_savvas, ok, can u elaborate please,. that doesnt make sense to me16:15
burnerhardy is getting sweet... whoever made ftp work in nautilus again, thank you! :)16:15
bod_is t still orange?16:16
bod_ok, a serious question, how would i go about upgrading to hardy when its released?16:17
bazhangbod_: dont wait ;]16:22
bod_bazhang, what do you mean? upgrade now?16:23
PiciPlease wait.16:24
bod_haha  ok mixed results, why do you say wait Pici?16:24
Picibod_: Because theres nothing ensuring that the next update won't completely break it.16:24
bod_Pici, true, could i make a 10gig partition and have hardy on that to play with?16:25
PiciI had missing dependencies the last time I did an apt-get upgrade, and I dont think that everyone wants to deal with that.16:25
Picibod_: sure16:25
Milos_SDwhen will the bug with keyboard layout switching by some key be fixed?፡)16:26
bod_Pici, oh, i just remembered my old windows disk has a broken instal, i could format then have hardy there,.,. can i download hardy live cd or summit like that?16:26
bazhangbod_: well you are only on irc and that works, so why not? ;]16:28
bod_bazhang, im not sure what you mean?16:29
bazhangbod_: just a joke; probably best to listen to Pici and wait ;]16:30
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bod_bazhang, i have an old disk im gonna use to play with hardy,.,.heheh,.,.16:31
* bazhang backs away, saying 'not my fault'..16:32
bod_so, is there a hardy live cd,.,. or how would i install hardy on a disk with no os, would i have to put gutsy on it then dist-upgrade there?16:32
bazhanglive cd bod_16:32
bod_bazhang, just checked the ubuntu site, cant find the hardy iso,,.can u link me please16:33
bazhanghttp://www.ubuntu.com/testing/hardy/alpha5 bod_16:33
gj_schoutenHey someone knows how to make my hp zd8000 laptop less noisy and less heating using ubuntu hardy???? suggestions for using APM instead of ACPI and maybe powersaved instead of apmd????16:34
bod_cheers bazhang,.,.16:36
* bod_ twiddles thumbs while cursing at this slow 2mb download speed16:36
bazhangbod_: ;]16:36
bazhangget the torrent!16:36
gj_schoutenHey someone knows how to make my hp zd8000 laptop less noisy and less heating using ubuntu hardy???? suggestions for using APM instead of ACPI and maybe powersaved instead of apmd????16:37
bod_bazhang, why, my torrents are just as slow16:37
bazhangoh ;[16:37
bod_does hardy have its own repo's or is it using gutsy repo's?16:39
bazhangits own bod_16:39
bod_bazhang, cool, 1 other thing, kubuntu gutsy has a right click-->run as root   option so you dont have to use terminal to open pros with pivileges, does hardy ubuntu have something similar?16:40
bazhanglet me check bod_16:41
bod_ty ;~)16:41
bazhangright click on the desktop bod_?16:42
gj_schoutenanyone knows whats better when it comes to cpu overheating fan control using ubuntu on a hp zd8000 notebook??? acpi or apm and which daemons????16:42
bod_bazhang, what? does that work,.,. im using gutsy atm,.,.,.,.15% hardy download16:43
bazhangon the desktop bod_? then not that I can see..16:44
hwilde_bazhang, I think that is a nautilus install option...16:44
bod_bazhang, oh, do you mean a desktop edition -- yes16:44
bazhanghwilde_: you are likely right16:44
hwilde_apt-get install nautilus-gksu   I think16:44
bazhangthere you go bod_16:44
hwilde_I always do that and   apt-get install nautilus-open-terminal16:45
bod_hwilde_, cool, cheers, just checked synaptic, its there16:45
bod_hwilde_, what does that one do?16:45
hwilde_right click, open terminal option16:45
hwilde_bazhang, sry if I had attitude earlier this arp thing is destroying my brain.16:45
bod_hwilde_, oh, ive got it on hotkey ctrl+alt+z   so thats quicker for me ;~)16:46
bazhanghwilde_: hehe no worries ;]16:46
bod_this could take some time brb16:46
=== EhrfurchtigeSobe is now known as Hydrogen
* bod_ tum tee tum16:49
* bazhang gets some popcorn16:52
* bod_ wonders whether bazhang has got sweet, salted or toffee popcorn.....16:53
hwilde_have you seen the new hot cheese popcorn from HErr's ?16:53
hwilde_its scarily curious16:53
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!16:53
bod_but you have to admit, its one of the funniest ot's ever16:54
hwilde_not like we're interrupting some serious discourse here lol16:54
ubotuPlease don't use "LOL" and "OMG" and so forth on a regular basis. This is IRC, not IM, and using those lines on their own is not required, and it is rather annoying to the rest of the people in the channel; thanks.16:54
bazhangsorry Pici16:54
bod_apologies Pici16:54
bod_any idea what the codename for 8.10 is?16:56
ubotuIntrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IntrepidIbex16:56
gj_schoutenanyone knows whats better when it comes to cpu overheating fan control using ubuntu on a hp zd8000 notebook??? acpi or apm and which daemons????16:56
bod_is that the latest codename or is there a 9.4 codename?16:57
PiciThats the latest.16:57
bod_gj_schouten, you might have some luck in #ubuntu16:57
bod_Pici, what 8.10?16:57
Picibod_: hes using Hardy.16:57
bod_Pici, yer, but the ubuntu guys may know in general what may cause overheating,.,. docs for fiesty work with gutsy -- that was my frame of thought16:58
Picibod_: But those have both been released, Hardy has not.16:58
PiciThats what this channel is for.16:59
bod_Pici, calm down,.,. was just a suggestion16:59
bod_i know, but he's not getting answers here16:59
Picibod_: I'm not uncalm :), just clarifying.16:59
bod_Pici, ok,.,.;~)16:59
bod_50%  haha,.,. im off to help in #ubuntu ,.17:02
savvasi got a weird firefox error17:07
savvasASSERT: null node17:07
savvasStack Trace:17:07
savvas1:BT_onClick([object MouseEvent])17:07
savvas2:onclick([object MouseEvent])17:07
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Do``hey guys17:11
Do``did anyone experience problems with xorg?17:11
Do``it seems it doesn't save my settings and boots with default settings every time17:11
Do``i couldn't find anything related in launchpad though /:17:11
Do``doing a manual dpkg-reconfigure xorg-server didn't help either17:12
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=== ubotu_ is now known as ubotu
emet_is Firefox 3 to be the default browser in hardy?17:33
LasivianI'm curious if anyone knows anything about the Hermes I wireless chipset and if it's been added into Hardy18:04
Lasivianhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=583426 <-- the problem i'm talking about18:05
Lasivianit seems Hostap was written to handle the Prism II chipset, and the Hermes I was left unsupported18:05
Kuniso the inability to perform a partial upgrade...is that normal atm?18:12
savvasKuni: what do you mean?18:14
savvasemet_: yes, firefox 3 beta 3 is the default browser for hardy heron, i don't know if it will stay that way though :)18:15
KuniThe upgrade manager tells me I can't upgrade, but can try a partial upgrade. I try that, it says "can't calculate partial upgrade"18:15
KuniWhen I look at the upgrade packages, everything related to open office is unchecked.18:15
savvasyou executed update-manager -d ?18:16
macogwKuni: the hyphenation package might still be broken18:16
Kunisavvas: yeah18:16
bazhangit was fixed here18:16
macogwsavvas: why would they get rid of ff3?18:17
macogwff2's going to lose support in a year or so....it wont be supported throughout the LTS18:17
savvasmacogw: well I don't know if it will make it as stable until april :)18:17
macogwer....what's not stable about it?18:17
Kuniah, heh, a re-check fixed this issue. No partial upgrade anymore18:18
emet_macogw, yeah it might be only an RC by April 24th18:18
savvasthat's why they have a 8.04.1 planned in june/july18:18
macogwoh i didnt know that18:18
savvasI'm really not sure, I'm not a developer :)18:18
emet_no one is sure yet18:18
macogwwell ive only got one problem on ff3, and that's the fault of the developer of firebug for abandoning the project after ff218:18
emet_it might be final by the release date18:18
macogwno i meant i didnt know there'd be a 8.04.118:18
Kunitentative june 5th for 8.04.118:19
savvasI guess it's meant for apps like firefox 3, in case they don't make it in the final release18:20
macogwwith dapper the 6.06.1 was because the installer was broken for a big chunk of computers, right?18:20
Derevkoanyway in universe there is firefox-218:23
savvasmacogw: I read about that somewhere, not sure18:23
frank_macogw: I thought it was just dapper with all the updates released up to that point18:23
macogwfrank_: i installed in july and it was 6.06.1...it was only released at the end of june18:24
savvasit was something about the partition manager used in ubiquity?18:24
frank_macogw: oh. I guess I was wrong then...18:24
Amaranthmacogw: it was mainly just a grouping of all the updates currently available18:26
Amaranthwas a good time to get those installer fixes in there though :)18:26
ViakenI'm getting odd behavior out of my nvidia card. When I try to drop to console, the screen stays black. When the screen is turned off by power management, it won't show a picture again until I ctrl-alt-f1, ctrl-alt-f7.18:29
macogwAmaranth: oh ok18:33
macogwViaken: is framebuffer on?18:33
macogwViaken: i know in gutsy with framebuffer the tty's dont work18:34
macogwmaybe that bug's back18:34
Viaken...how do I check?18:35
hwilde_anybody seen ubotu ?18:35
ViakenNo /dev/fb*18:35
macogwhe quit a fw minutes ago18:37
macogwViaken: when the tty was working, did you have little text or big ugly text?18:37
Amaranthubotu is coming back in a minute18:38
Amaranthit is actually on now, just takes a while to get back in all the channels18:38
macogwwhat does OOo writer2latex do?18:39
macogwdoes it create LaTeX output of whatever you do WYSIWYG-style, like LyX does?18:39
Lasivianhow do I request a driver be added to Hardy?18:41
Viakenmacogw: When it was working? I've not seen it work yet... I suppose I could try bootlevel 2.18:41
atrushuh, my usb mass-storage mp3 player doesn't mount anymore18:41
macogwViaken: this isnt red hat :18:42
macogw2-5 in Debian are the same18:42
macogwi actually think 2 is ubuntu's default18:42
atrusUnable to mount SanDisk Corp. Sansa E200 series: Error initializing camera: -1: Unspecified error18:42
ViakenI run Gentoo on most of my machines. :P Sorry...18:42
macogwdo you have a vga=number in the boot parameters?18:43
* Viaken goes to get his E280 to try it.18:43
ViakenNope, macogw18:43
macogwViaken: k then its probably not framebuffer.  dont know.  my mom's comp does that sometimes, but her graphics chip has been in its death throes for 3 years now18:45
ViakenMine worked fine til Hardy18:45
* Viaken shrugs18:45
Amaranthnvidia boog18:45
ViakenNot a huge deal, but an annoyance.18:45
AmaranthSomeone like that is _always_ a driver bug (or bad hardware)18:45
AmaranthIt might be a change in the kernel or X server that caused it but it is the driver's responsibility to deal with it18:46
Viakenatrus: Mine works fine. Yours in MTP mode?18:46
atrususb storage18:46
ViakenWhich one is it, specifically?18:46
atrus(i also use it as a usb key)18:46
atrussansa e28018:46
ViakenNot that it should matter18:46
Amaranthatrus: Does it mount? Or does it just not show up in rhythmbox or something?18:46
atruspops up that error message when it's plugged in now.18:47
atrusworked a couple weeks ago, suspect it's related to gvfs? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gvfs/+bug/19851618:47
ubotuLaunchpad bug 198516 in gvfs "Cannot mount my Sansa E260" [Undecided,New]18:47
* Viaken updates rockbox18:47
atrusnothing shows up in /dev/sdb either, which is annoying.18:47
Amaranthatrus: What is the error message?18:48
Amaranthlaunchpad is loading slow :P18:48
atrus<atrus> Unable to mount SanDisk Corp. Sansa E200 series: Error initializing camera: -1: Unspecified error18:48
macogwatrus: files wouldnt show in /dev/sdb though...itd just exist if it exists or it wont18:48
ViakenWhat's lsusb say?18:49
atrusBus 005 Device 014: ID 0781:7421 SanDisk Corp. Sansa E200 series18:49
AmaranthIt is being detected as a camera?18:49
AmaranthThat would be a hal problem18:49
atrusi dunno why it would be18:49
ViakenDoes it mount on other systems?18:49
AmaranthMaybe a hal update setup a rule that started picking your device up as a camera accidentally18:50
AmaranthSo then hal tells gio/gvfs "hey I have a camera here" and it falls over18:51
abbiecan someone point me to installing new java for ff318:53
ViakenI usually just install ubuntu-restricted-extras. XD18:53
savvasabbie: the java plugin for firefox?18:55
savvasi think ubuntu will use iced-tea from now on18:55
savvas(the application, not the drink :P)18:56
abbiejava doesn't work on my firefox318:57
abbiethe install is for firefox2?18:58
Amaranthabbie: you have to use icedtea18:58
abbiethankyou very much18:59
LasivianHow can I check if a driver I need has been added to Hardy?18:59
mooboo1please make pidgin 2.4 in repo19:01
savvasmooboo1: try report a bug with a [wish] in the subject :)19:13
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu19:22
user5somoone some problem about amarok in hardy?19:30
user5after update of today?19:30
user5no going mp3 plugin in amarok19:31
user5news about this problem19:31
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mattikHello, I like to know how new vi have to work in Kubuntu Hardy. If I press i for insert and I move cursor by arrow buttons it write capital letters and I cannot end vi. I tried it command sudo visudo19:39
mattikyes normal vi works right but visudo not19:45
TheArthuri cant sudo unless im online19:46
ViakenWhat error do you get?19:47
TheArthurcannot resole <my-hose-name>19:47
TheArthuri added <hostname>19:48
TheArthurto etc/hosts and fixed19:48
TheArthurbut had to find a wireless AP to fix it ;)19:48
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user5sameone problem with amarok after update today?20:16
user5on nhardy kubu 80420:16
a1fapckg manager is pissing me off20:18
a1fai want to manually add those sources20:18
mooboo1I have a dual-core CPU with 4gb RAM and 7200rpm SATA2 disk, yet it happens that my MP3 skips20:19
donspauldinghi all, with the upgrade to FF3, I've somehow lost the ability to login to basic-auth sites20:19
donspauldinganyone else seen this problem?20:20
mooboo1not tried20:20
mooboo1you tried http://user:pass@host/ ?20:20
mooboo1you can report on bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/ or bugzilla.mozilla.com20:20
donspauldingmooboo1: yeah, I didn't see any similar bugs on there the other day, I'll submit one.20:21
user5I have a little bug on amarok for plugin mp3 audio20:22
donspauldingmooboo1: weird, that worked20:22
user5don't it go afte up date today20:22
mooboo1i use ff3b3 and check my Gmail ATOM feeds with https://user:pass@mail.google.com/mail/feed/atom20:22
mooboo1if you have gmail, try if that works20:22
mooboo1if you dont have gmail, try it anyways :p20:23
donspauldingmooboo1: I do, and it did.20:23
donspauldingthe moz irc folks pointed me here, I suppose I should open the bug at launchpad, not mozilla right?  I mean, it'll get forwarded upstream if it needs to?20:24
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mooboo1not sure20:28
gilster32anyone here using compiz on an ATI X300 card. I have it working sem-smoothly on heron without xserver-xgl . was wandering if i should still be using that regardless20:40
gilster32anyone here using compiz on an ATI X300 card. I have it working sem-smoothly on heron without xserver-xgl . was wandering if i should still be using that regardless20:40
savvaswe saw you the first time :)20:41
savvasit's not like in #ubuntu - you don't get much traffic here20:41
gilster32yes i know. i didnt see my full text here.20:42
mooboo1the font in firefox3 is strange20:47
mooboo1anyone notice?20:47
mooboo1like the font for the gui20:48
mooboo1its not the system font20:48
gilster32let me reword my question21:03
gilster32when i install xgl on my Heron, i get the nasty gnome-settings-daemon error.21:04
gilster32what is the way around this problem? anyone experience this?21:04
mooboo1http://launchpadlibrarian.net/12449331/Screenshot.png <-- look font in firefox menu & gnome menu is not same21:05
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mooboo124939 packages in repository! We must make it 25000!21:10
savvaswho said so?21:14
savvasmooboo1: ok i have one for you: make a gui for crash reports :)21:14
savvas(patent pending, tm, r, c, and copyleft) :P21:15
=== savvas_ is now known as savvas
gilster32i have CF running now on the fgrlx ati drivers and it seems to work ok but not great. I do not have XGL installed. When installed it i get a gnome-settings-daemon error21:24
gilster32is anyone here using Compiz with an ATI x300 card?21:26
gilster32is there anybody out there!!!21:27
panosruhi when i insert an audio cd i get the error message: The playback of this movie requires a Audio CD source plugin which is not installed.21:35
Q-FUNKI know the freeze is on, but any chance we'd get pidgin upgraded to 2.4.0 before the release?21:49
Q-FUNKor is there any package made already for hardy+1 that I could process through pbuilder?21:50
RAOFQ-FUNK: Do the paperwork for the freeze-exception, and the chances are greater.21:50
RAOFThere are no hardy+1 packages at this time.  Everyone's working on Hardy!21:51
Q-FUNKRAOF: ok, fair enough :)21:51
* Q-FUNK files the sync request and produces the diffstat21:53
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Odd-rationaleIs there a list of new features for hardy? Thanks!22:06
FlannelOdd-rationale: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron/Alpha522:06
RAOFAww, yeah!  Gnash 0.8.2!22:07
RAOFAnd NM 0.6.622:11
Odd-rationaleHmm. I'm surprised that something like banshee or exaile is not replacing rhythmbox...22:17
rbs-titoOdd-rationale: Why?22:17
rbs-titoOdd-rationale: Rhythmbox is still the most HIG compliant, and is the best integrated into the GNOME desktop22:18
Odd-rationaleRhythmbox gets the job done well. Can't complain...22:19
Odd-rationalerbs-tito: Isn't banshee an gnome project?22:20
rbs-titoOdd-rationale: I'm not sure. It is definitely not as HIG compliant though, and it doesn't have the nice  soundjuicer integration going on22:21
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191027 in totem ""Failed to connect stream: Invalid argument"" [Low,New]22:23
nemoanyone else running into this?22:23
nemoOdd-rationale: Audacious :-p22:23
Odd-rationalenemo: Audacious is not bad. (this is getting ot now...)22:24
a1fahow do you enable dapper-proposed deposatory?22:28
Odd-rationaleYay! Hardy will be able to restore files from trash! I missed this feature...22:29
a1faanyone in here22:34
naliotha1fa: dapper kind aold22:34
a1fai ment to say hardy22:34
a1fawhen i run update-manager -d22:35
a1fanothing happens22:35
a1faso i cant upgrade to hardy22:35
nemoSay. What happens when Hardy stabilises. do all ubuntu testers automatically get bumped to Irascible Iguana or whatever comes next?22:36
nemoor do we stay on Hardy?22:36
a1faso now i replaced my apt source to hardy22:36
Picinemo: you stay on hardy22:36
pwnguinyou stay on hardy22:36
nemogiven I moved my mom to hardy rather reluctantly :)22:36
nemowas forced on me :(22:37
pwnguinhow so?22:37
nemohalfway through Gutsy soundsystem got screwed up.22:38
nemoSo bad, that every single app that used sound was hanging or crashing22:38
nemoyeah. that's one word for it :-p22:38
pwnguinmy roommate cant install linux22:38
pwnguinnot for a lack of trying22:38
nemofound a bug with similar behaviour, and was recommended Hardy22:38
pwnguinwell, the developers usually say22:39
pwnguin"does it work in hardy"22:39
pwnguinit's kind of a cop out22:39
dencryptcan anyone reach http://acid3.acidtests.org/ here?22:39
pwnguinbecause people reporting bugs in stable versions usually dont, wont and cant run development branch22:40
Artimusdencrypt: Blame Slashdot22:40
nemopwnguin: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/145747 in case you're curious22:40
ubotuLaunchpad bug 145747 in ubuntu "Sound system locks up" [Undecided,Fix released]22:40
pwnguinwhat i really like though22:40
pwnguinis when i complain about my laptop's microphone jacksense22:40
dencryptArtimus: yeah. Their all a bunch a let-y'all-know-all-people.22:40
nemoArtimus: acid3 hit /. ?22:40
pwnguinand being asked if it works in cvs22:41
Artimusnemo: Yes, just a little bit ago22:41
nemoso much for my testing acid2 in IE8 :-/22:42
Hydrogenyea.. because browsers that are acid-2 complaint are definatly the most useful browsers currently existing.22:44
nemowell, I suspect I'm going to have to alter my optimistic tests on my site22:45
nemoright now, I was whitelisting IE8 - treating it just like Opera or Firefox or Safari22:45
nemothat included assuming it handled <button> correctly, and knew what to do if a page had an <object> and could figure out what would happen if said object was, say, application/xhtml+xml or heck the page was22:46
nemofrom some of what I've been hearing, hoping IE8 could pass the bar of last year may be a wee bit optimistic22:46
Hydrogenthe real question22:49
Hydrogenis why the hell are you talking about it here?22:49
HydrogenIt has absolutely nothing to do with hardy heron22:49
nemoHydrogen: I have no clue. pwnguin started it :-p22:50
nemoHydrogen: and hell. you kept it up22:50
oliver_g1any ubuntu-artwork ppl in here?22:51
nemopwnguin: sorry. dencrypt started it :)22:51
oliver_g1anyway... maybe you (=artwork ppl) could tweak the color of hyperlinks, like the links in the usual Gnome About dialogs?22:52
oliver_g1the links are currently in orange on grey, which is difficult to read22:52
=== Hydrogen is now known as Gimpy_Gnome
pwnguinoliver_g1: perhaps a screenshot?22:53
nemooliver_g1: adjust your contrast? :)22:54
oliver_g1pwnguin: screenshot coming in a minute :-)22:54
oliver_g1btw. do you know a better image hosting site than imageshack? Something like "image paste"?22:55
oliver_g1nemo: adjusting contrast might be an option, but having "contrast-full" colors from the start is nice as well :-)22:56
nemooliver_g1: ubuntu does make some curious artsy decisions22:57
twbHas anybody successfully installed slapd on hardy?22:58
oliver_g1nemo: yup... orange-brown is a curious decision for itself...22:59
oliver_g1btw. I do like the new theme (so far), it's just irritating that it comes so close to the Hardy release, and there are so many minor glitches with it :-/23:00
nemooliver_g1: the ubuntu palletes are presumably intended to recall a kind of pallette of human skin tones?23:01
nemojust guessing23:01
nemothey have that kind of melanin feel23:01
* oliver_g1 just blinks at the just-updated just-rebooted Hardy and wants to undo his comment about murrine glitches23:01
pwnguinoliver_g1: there's an entire channel for art, if you havent found it23:01
oliver_g1never mind... looks like many glitches have been fixed :-)23:02
oliver_g1pwnguin: a whole channel for what?23:02
twbIs there a TECHNICAL reason command-not-found-data can't just be an `apt-file update'?23:02
pwnguinthere's the matter of apt-file not being installed by default ;)23:03
pwnguinand apt-file being in universe23:03
oliver_g1nemo: yes, it's probably a close-to-earth/nature feeling that shall be conveyed by the orange-brown...23:03
twbpwnguin: so build-depend on it23:04
twbpwnguin: universe I can understand, although it annoys me.23:04
twbEr, s/build/pre/23:04
* DanaG uses a bright-orange Aurora theme.23:04
oliver_g1here's the screenshot, but I will now better look in ubuntu-artwork channel for this: http://img155.imageshack.us/img155/2595/hardymurrinelinkcolor1om5.png23:04
pwnguini should reboot23:05
twbIt looks like a server install doesn't result in console-* .postinst configure being done.23:05
twbOh, maybe it's because I bumped debconf priority to "low" on this box.23:05
pwnguincuz mine doesn't look like that23:05
pwnguinwhy would you do that?23:06
oliver_g1pwnguin: OMG lame yuo are not uptodate!!111!23:06
twbpwnguin: to whom are you speaking?23:06
pwnguintwb: why would you set debconf to low?23:06
twbpwnguin: because slapd and krb assume that my machine only has one network, and picks the wrong domain if I'm not paying attention.23:07
twbAlso because I was debugging slapd being broken23:07
oliver_g1so, any idea why after the update and reboot I now have a little SCIM applet in the panel? I didn't ask for it :-)23:10
DanaGHmm, new Murrine looks phunky.23:13
DanaGThe squarish reflections are odd.23:14
DanaGI should post a screenshot of my theme.23:15
DanaGCan't do it right now, though -- I'm not at home.23:16
twbDanaG: ssh alice.danag.org env DISPLAY=:0 import -window root tmp.png23:16
twbMaybe using startx remotely first :-)23:17
oliver_g1twb: does that also work with MIT-MAGIC-FU-COOKIE-MONSTER and that stuff23:17
twboliver_g1: you don't need it23:17
twbUnless you use gdm, I guess.  Then you need to work out what XAUTHORITY is set to23:17
oliver_g1twb: ok... nowadays you probably instead need a policy-kit token and have to connect to the sessions dbus first to invoke "import" >:-)23:18
twbMy .Xclients does a little dance to make gdm put .Xauthority back in the traditional place, so I can access the (emphemeral) X server from persistent screen sessions and remote ssh and suchlike.23:18
twboliver_g1: import(1) doesn't need dbus.23:18
oliver_g1twb: not yet ;)23:19
twbDon't scare me like that23:19
twbEven goddamn dnsmasq wants dbus these days :-/23:19
twbIt's a conspiracy23:19
twbI'm more worried about the servers23:19
* oliver_g1 is reminded of that .sig mentioning the mozilla-gnome-cabal...23:20
oliver_g1.. ah yes, here it is: http://linux.slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=78492&cid=696242023:22
=== Gimpy_Gnome is now known as Hydrogoner
oliver_g1and to make this more real and scary: some weeks ago I somebody in #ubuntu asked how to start the screensaver on the machine where he was logged in with ssh... Suffice to say, gnome-screensaver indeed requires DBUS, and without the session bus ID/whatever, it won't respond :-/23:23
DanaGI don't run an ssh server, actually; I also don't leave my laptop on when I'm not present.  Next time around, I'm getting a smaller notebook.23:23
DanaGHmm, if I got that, I'd still want another DTR-ish system.23:25
J-_laptophmmm weird, computer failed to suspend but it did suspend all day which left me with 10% battery life23:26
twbPfft.  I only use an eeePC now; I no longer have any other computer (except for rackmount stuff in colos).23:26
LasivianHow can I check if a driver I need has been added to Hardy?23:26
DanaGMy current laptop is a Gateway M685 (also known as NX860 series).  17", 7.5 pounds.  Core Duo 1.83GHz, 1 gig RAM, 128MB Go 7600, Hitachi 7k200-200.23:26
twbWow, only 128MB?23:27
DanaGThe one thing that bugs me about the Eee: it could have probably something like TWICE the battery life if they'd used a Pentium M instead of a Celeron.23:27
DanaGYeah, Gateway played it cheap.23:27
twbEven the XO-1 has 256, IIRC23:27
DanaG1 gig RAM.  128 is VRAM.23:27
twbI'd feel bad about not using Geode on the eeePC if it weren't for the fact that i8x0 is so much less hassle than openchrome.23:28
DanaGI want my next notebook to be 14 or 15-inch, with nothing weaker-for-its-generation than the Go 7600 was for that generation.23:33
Jordan_UIs there a reason that update-manager is not offering to perform a dist-upgrade for openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us but apt-get dist-upgrade is willing to?23:36
* LimCore dicovers another application that fails massivly to work23:39
LimCorecan't OFFS guys get even half of popular programs at windows-world-like quality?23:40
oliver_g1LimCore: which specific app do you mean?23:40
LimCoreoliver_g1: nessus (the client) crashes23:40
oliver_g1whats nessus?23:41
LimCorewait I will report it. as I do every day.23:41
oliver_g1!info nessus23:41
ubotunessus (source: nessus-core): Remote network security auditor, the client. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.2.9-2 (hardy), package size 222 kB, installed size 576 kB23:41
oliver_g1LimCore: if it crashes, didn't it offer to make send a backtrace etc.?23:41
LimCorekde apps do that23:41
* oliver_g1 loves the apport feature23:41
LimCoreI run it in gdb though23:41
oliver_g1LimCore: well try running it normally23:41
LimCoreit crashes as well23:42
LimCorewhy do you think I run it in gdb?23:42
oliver_g1LimCore: yes but then it will (should) bundle up all info and send it to Launchpad23:42
LimCoreit didnt23:42
oliver_g1the crash reporter is really nice23:42
LimCoreactually I never seen such thing23:42
LimCorehow to enable it?23:42
oliver_g1unfortunately the crash reporter _also_ has bugs :-D23:42
pwnguindoes apport run with kubuntu?23:43
LimCorefree software: by bored devlopers for pennyless users \o/23:43
oliver_g1dunno if apport runs/is installed under kubuntu at all23:43
LimCoreoliver_g1: so where it is installed?23:43
pwnguini find it hilarious that a security researcher is complaining that windows is better23:43
oliver_g1LimCore: do you have the directory /var/crash/ ?23:44
oliver_g1LimCore: whats in it?23:44
LimCorepwnguin: more reading skills, you need.23:44
oliver_g1pwnguin: did I miss some news?23:44
LimCoreoliver_g1: only _usr_bin_restricted-manager-kde.*.crash23:44
Jordan_UIs there a reason that update-manager is not offering to perform a dist-upgrade for openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us but apt-get dist-upgrade is willing to?23:45
oliver_g1LimCore: well that's not enough...23:45
LimCoreoliver_g1: pwnguin missread my previous statement23:45
pwnguinis offs a specific entity and not a typo?23:45
LimCorepwnguin: windows programs != windows23:45
LimCorewindows as system is far inferior to ubuntu in terms of security/stability etc, esp. vista23:46
oliver_g1LimCore: if you run nessus in gdb, does it actually crash with segv?23:46
LimCorewindows programs are usually far superior to linux programs on the other hand23:46
twbLimCore: I disagree.23:46
pwnguinexcept when they're the same program23:46
LimCoretwb: I can report monthly at least 30 serious bugs while using ubuntu23:46
LimCoretwb: with windows it was like 1 per month23:47
twbLimCore: I meant, I disgree that Windows programs are generally superior to those for Linux.23:47
LimCoreusing typical popular windows, and typical popular ubuntu programs for everyday work etc23:47
twbWith the exception of special domains (e.g. medical imaging) where there is no implementation for GNU/Linux.23:47
LimCoretwb: ubuntu, and most distros (all probably) are INCREDIBLY buggy. It was rare to encounter serious bug in a popular windows application.. perhaps one bug pre month. not 30 per month!23:48
twbLimCore: so when you say "applications" you mean "desktop applications that I've used"?23:48
LimCorein 2 years using windows email client (thebat) I  0 time lost email,   0 times it crashed,23:48
LimCorekmail lost 4 my emails, and crashed 5 times this week23:48
pwnguinthe beauty of open source is that theres several tools to get the job done. the tragic beauty is that you dont know which one is any good at it ;)23:48
twbAll Software Sucks.  All Hardware Sucks.  QED23:49
pwnguinso, we're not going to mention outlook?23:49
LimCorepwnguin: I would prefer one _good_ tool.  evolution is next in line, if kmail continues to be a smoking pile of coredumps23:49
twbEvolution isn't exactly "good".23:49
LimCorepwnguin: typical windows programs are better, just avoid the ones by M$23:50
oliver_g1twb: I use Linux at work and must admit that it's seriously buggy...23:50
LimCoretwb: ok, so evolution is not good, kmail crashes like crazy, what then?!23:50
twboliver_g1: you would prefer Mach?23:50
* pwnguin uses linux and fixes it23:50
twbLimCore: well, I use mutt and gnus.23:50
oliver_g1twb: and it's buggier than the Windows and Windows apps in terminal server23:50
LimCoretwb: nativeamrican, please23:50
LimCoretwb: gui, advanced filters, openpgp23:50
LimCore+integration with address book23:50
oliver_g1twb: ok, you got me there :-) in fact, I use a Red Hat KDE desktop, and it and it's apps are seriously buggy23:51
pwnguinMINIX will solve everything23:51
twbBoth mutt and gnus have a GUI and support GnuPG.23:51
pwnguinsoftware will run like cars and set top boxes!23:51
twbFor filters I'd use procmail.23:51
LimCoretwb: can I drag&drop?23:51
twbI don't know.23:51
twbI don't use a mouse.23:51
LimCorecan I fastly move emails between folders when I sort them?23:51
twbLimCore: sure.23:51
LimCoreunicode, i/a-spell ?23:52
twbI don't know about spelling.  I know they both support CJK, Hebrew and Greek.23:52
ethana2...man, i wish the system monitor would show me per-app resource usage graphically23:52
LimCoresupport for many identities with separeate language for each identity23:52
twbThey will almost certainly have poor bidi support.23:52
twbI don't know about that; you might prefer Claws.23:53
LimCoretwb: only kmail had all feautures I need... but its crashable23:53
LimCoreI tried it as well, sucked23:53
pwnguini hear good things about thunderbird23:53
twbFor me, "not crashing" is a core feature.23:53
LimCoreentire program hanged when downloading email, obviously developer of Claws didnt know threads23:53
twbDownloading mail is fetchmail's job.23:53
Jordan_UIs there a reason that update-manager is not offering to perform a dist-upgrade for openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us but apt-get dist-upgrade is willing to?23:53
LimCorepwnguin: thunderbird is breain dead about support for several accounts/identities23:54
pwnguinsounds like you want evolution then ;)23:54
LimCoreevolution sucked with something23:54
LimCoreI think it was lack of identities23:54
LimCorekmail is approaching windows-application-quality about feautures but it is incredibly unstable23:55
pwnguinit definately supports multiple inboxes and send as23:55
LimCoreif they will fix kmail, then in mid 2008 linux will have allication as good as windows had in 2002, wtf.23:55
pwnguinpersonally, i just use gmail23:55
pwnguini love the threading stuff23:55
LimCoreand when you work offline?23:55
twbYou can use all these MUAs with gmail.23:55
LimCoreI would really love for random people in usa to read my emails23:56
pwnguinfair enough23:56
LimCorepwnguin: offline - with no internet access, i.e. laptop in travel23:56
pwnguinthen i dont write23:57

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