DarthFreddAnyone here?02:20
DarthFreddI was looking for a channel about art, and this is what I came up with.02:20
DarthFreddAny suggestions for a better channel, or better network, are appreciated.02:20
Tm_Tkwwii: moin moin12:27
kwwiiTm_T: afternoon in the meantime :-)12:32
andreasnkwwii: art meeting on saturday?12:35
kwwiiandreasn: yes, whether you like it or not you have to be there :-)12:35
andreasnwell, I don't have anything else planned really, so sure12:36
andreasnwhat time was it?12:36
kwwiisuggested is 21:00 UTC12:37
kwwiiI'll firm that up later today12:37
andreasn21:00 utc, what's that in swedish/german time?12:39
Tm_Tkwwii: 1450 here (too)12:51
kwwiiandreasn: 21:00 is english time, atm13:13
andreasnall right13:13
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thorwil_MMA_: finally got around to buidling inkscape svn: drawing glitches seem to be gone, export works16:50
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kwwiierm, seems my server died22:13
kwwiioh well, did I miss anything?23:00
kwwii_MMA_: you didn't message me the meaning to life, did you?23:01
kwwiiI can always hope23:01
_MMA_I thought all us geeks knew? :P23:01
oliver_g1just a note for you arty workers: I noticed that in Hardy hyperlinks in GTK are now displayed in orange on grey, which is difficult to read23:09
oliver_g1see here: http://img155.imageshack.us/img155/2595/hardymurrinelinkcolor1om5.png23:09
oliver_g1anyway, thanks for your work on the new theme23:09
kwwiioliver_g1: is that the current stuff from today?23:27
kwwiiit looks like it23:27
oliver_g1kwwii: yes, at least it's as up-to-date as I could get it :-)23:27
kwwiiI guess we can set those links to something better23:27
kwwiithat was my mistake23:27
kwwiiI wondered where those values where used!23:28
kwwiithanks for noticing that...I'll fix it tomorrow (after midnight here)23:28
oliver_g1kwwii: thanks23:33
oliver_g1kwwii: maybe it could be back to blue? as that's what people recognize as links?23:33
_MMA_kwwii: Thats a easy fix. Its an option near the top.23:34
kwwiioliver_g1: yepp, definitely23:39
kwwiioliver_g1: I'll set them to something reasonable tomorrow23:39
kwwiikinda late here now23:40
oliver_g1kwwii: (same here :)23:40
kwwiithanks for noticing that23:40

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