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CIA-24partman-auto: cjwatson * r255 ubuntu/ (debian/changelog lib/auto-shared.sh perform_recipe):10:16
CIA-24partman-auto: * Ensure that there is always at least one primary partition after10:16
CIA-24partman-auto:  autopartitioning. An existing primary partition on the disk satisfies10:16
CIA-24partman-auto:  this, as does a recipe partition explicitly marked $primary{ }; if10:16
CIA-24partman-auto:  neither of those exists, then arbitrarily promote the first recipe10:16
CIA-24partman-auto:  partition to be a primary partition.10:16
CIA-24partman-auto-lvm: cjwatson * r199 partman-auto-lvm/ (debian/changelog lib/auto-lvm.sh):10:18
CIA-24partman-auto-lvm: * Ensure that there is always at least one primary partition after10:18
CIA-24partman-auto-lvm:  autopartitioning, considering only the non-LVM parts of the recipe.10:18
CIA-24partman-auto-lvm:  Requires partman-auto (>= 73ubuntu4).10:18
CIA-24partman-auto: cjwatson * r256 ubuntu/ (debian/changelog recipes/atomic recipes/home recipes/multi):10:20
CIA-24partman-auto: * Remove explicit $primary{ } specifiers from standard recipes. We only10:20
CIA-24partman-auto:  need them to be primary if no other primary partitions exist already.10:20
CIA-24partman-auto: cjwatson * r257 ubuntu/ (2 files in 2 dirs):10:24
CIA-24partman-auto: * Relax auto-resize constraints now that a primary partition is not10:24
CIA-24partman-auto:  unconditionally required; this will allow auto-resize partitioning on10:24
CIA-24partman-auto:  systems that already have three primary partitions (LP: #134950).10:24
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xivulonI noticed you are short of space on the CD, I can squeze ~700K off wubi since now debugging is on15:31
xivulonunfortunately last time I turned it off I had a crash in vista (which I cannot reproduce when debugging symbols are in)15:32
xivulonI will give another go tonight and see what happens15:32
cjwatsonthat would be great if it can be made safe15:32
xivulonI will try my best, but debugging without symbols is a major pita...15:33
xivulonHopefully some of the other changes since last time "addressed the issue"15:33
xivulonbut I am usually not that lucky...15:33
ebelThe netinstall directory has a file "splash.rle" that's a simple ubuntu splash graphic. It's shown to clients.16:26
ebelHow can I edit this file or make a new one? What format is it?16:26
cjwatsonit's syslinux lss16 format16:29
cjwatsonbest documentation for creating a new one is probably in build/boot/x86/pics/polverini_b.README in the debian-installer source package16:29
cjwatsonthough the colour assigned to palette index 7 may vary16:30
ebelBrilliant, thanks cjwatson16:30
evandmichael_e_brown_: While the install in noninteractive mode completes, something is preventing oem-config from getting installed.  I'm looking into it and will keep you posted.18:12
mebrownevand, ping. Tried with todays daily CD and it gets further, but I get the same ValueError19:08
evandassuming you didn't see this as well:19:09
evand13:12:41 < evand> michael_e_brown_: While the install in noninteractive mode completes, something is preventing oem-config from getting installed.  I'm looking into it and will keep you posted.19:09
mebrownah. yeah, that would be my home account19:09
evandmebrown: can you post logs?19:09
mebrownhavent seen it since I havent been home in the past couple days19:09
evandah, ok19:10
mebrownI'm looking into it... I might not have yesterdays daily... (I was told it has been updated, but /.disk/info says 20080303, which seems wrong19:10
evandI should note19:10
evandthere were a few CDs today19:10
evandonly the most recent works19:11
evandas the previous ones didn't have live filesystem updates19:11
mebrowncan you give me a URL and I'll manually pull down and update?19:11
CIA-24ubiquity: evand * r2540 ubiquity/ (3 files in 2 dirs): * Fix the --no-continue option.20:31
xivulongood news: can make wubi 700K smaller, and do not get any crash :)22:18
xivulonevand will upload soon22:18
evandxivulon: great!22:19
evanddid the crash just stop occuring or did you find the root cause?22:20
xivulonpure luck, some of the other changes might have fixed it22:20
xivulonI'll keep an eye on user feedback anyway and ask users to check well the new build22:21
xivulontonight I am also uploading the umenu pot... Last chance for text changes...22:22
TheMusoevand: You know there is a way to gather the metadata needed to get dmraid to sdupport that ATI controller? I'd have to dig it up, but its possible to do, and its then a matter of sending upstream, which can be then used to write supporting code.22:22
evandTheMuso: ooo, that I did not.  I'll definitely have to look into that.22:23
evandxivulon: I'd suggest going with the ones suggested on the wiki, except for the bit about WinFOSS applications unless you can convince slangasek and henrik that we have enough time to persue that.22:29
xivulonDo you mean proposal 3 in the umenu wiki?22:32
xivulonThat does notmap correctly since it does have 4 bullets, and am not sure the last one applies22:32
xivulondo you want to change the english text yourself?22:33
xivulonthen I will pull22:33
evandwill do22:33
TheMusoWhat is the windows installer written in if I may ask?22:35
TheMusoI pulled the source the other day, and saw it was some form of scripting...22:36
mebrownevand, looks like noninteractive is going now. gotten way past where it failed before.22:43
xivulonTheMuso that is nsis22:43
xivulonand calling it scripting is a big word22:43
xivulonplugins are mostly in c/c++22:43
TheMusoxivulon: Ah ok, showing my ignorance clearly. :)22:43
xivulonwas not my choice...22:46
mebrownevand, percent complete is a bit wonky, though. Goes from 99% complete copying files back to 75% complete configuring target system.22:46
xivulonI took over from the original interface and kept adding... Would have been much wiser to migrate everything to python/venster...22:47
evandmebrown: yeah, the display needs a bit of polish.  I have some changes in my local branch.22:47
mebrownevand, any way to skip "getting time from network time server?"22:47
mebrownalso, not properly clearing the line when it scrolls22:48
mebrownWizard instance has no attribute 'reboot'22:48
evandclearing line> yeah, that's one of the things I have a fix for in my local branch22:48
mebrownalso doesnt appear to have run my scripts22:49
mebrownsome weird behaviour, not sure what to make of this....22:49
mebrownIt gives the attribute error (noininteractive.py, line 122 in progress_loop)22:50
mebrownThen, it displays this:22:50
mebrown0 percent complete: Detecting file systems...22:50
mebrownNo root file system: No root file system is defined.22:50
mebrownPlease correct this from the partitioning menu22:50
mebrownBad password: You entered an empty password, which is not allowed, please choose a non-empty password.22:51
evandre time server>  I think preseeding clock-setup/ntp false will fix that22:51
evandhrm, perhaps it called return_to_partitioning22:52
mebrown(not a huge deal, just sits there for about 10 secs, which I wanted to eliminate.)22:53
mebrownbiggest problem is that it does not appear to have run my post-install scripts22:53
evandah, found the problems, I believe.  One moment.22:58
CIA-24ubiquity: evand * r2541 ubiquity/ (debian/changelog ubiquity/frontend/noninteractive.py):23:10
CIA-24ubiquity: * Properly handle success_command and rebooting in the noninteractive23:10
CIA-24ubiquity:  frontend.23:10
evandmebrown: there's some more changes I want to do here, but I'll let you know when that lands on a CD.  You might be able to get around it for the time being by removing ubiquity/reboot from your preseed file.23:12
mebrownwill that fix the issue with it not running my scripts?23:12
evandoh, no it wont.  The only way to do that is to modify the code.23:14
evandin the initramfs, before ubiquity runs, that is.23:14
mebrownbut you know what the problem is?23:15
mebrownhow long until it hits a daily CD?23:15
evandyes, I forgot a call to run_success_cmd in the noninteractive mode23:15
evandI can try to get it in for tomorrow's CDs, but I'm not sure how sucessful I'll be as we're in a freeze leading up to Alpha 6.23:17
mebrownI'm working on getting our factory install revamped to use the noninteractive feature and a few other things.23:17
mebrownhow long is the freeze, as I am trying to get something workable this week23:18
mebrownso I can move on to some other improvements23:18
mebrownIf you could let me know, I'd appreciate it. Time for me to go home for today.23:19
evandit's until the Alpha is released, which should be tomorrow.  I'll do my best to get this in asap though.23:19
mebrownif it is delayed until Friday, it wont be the end of the world for me.23:20
mebrownI was just afraid if the freeze is for another week, that is problematic23:20
evandah, understood23:20
mebrownjust keep me informed and I'll be happy.23:20
evandwill do :)23:20
xivulonevand rev 449 for wubi23:25
TheMusoevand: I think https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dmraid/+bug/112402/comments/14 has the info you need to at least try and collect the needed data to be sent upstream.23:30
ubotuLaunchpad bug 112402 in dmraid "Fasttrack Promise not recognized: "No RAID disks"" [Medium,In progress]23:30
evandxivulon: thanks23:31
evandTheMuso: thanks23:31
TheMusoevand: np23:31
TheMusoHowever, that could only be for Promis controllers... In general though, the metadata is somewhere at the end of the disk.23:32
TheMusoI think its just a matter of having to search around for it...23:32
xivulonevand the 449 build should be 1.3M as opposed to 2.123:45
evandxivulon: committed my attempt at polishing the wording on the options for umenu.  You might want to have another person look over that as well though.23:46
xivulonyou might want to run make clean first23:46
xivulonah thanks23:46
xivulonnot sure about "Reboot assistance"23:50
xivulonthat is basically the title of the page with the options: reboot now, reboot later, boot helper23:51
evandyeah, me either, but at the same time I'm not sure about "boot into a new world"23:51
evandboot helper works for me23:51
xivulonsuggestions welcome anyone...23:51
xivulon"reboot required" maybe?23:52
evandoh, I misread completely23:54
evandyes, that works23:54
xivulonhmm at least in wine there is not enough space to display option 223:57
evandxivulon: I seem to be missing Hungarian.nsh when building wubi.23:57
xivulonyes I took it out as explained in the changelog23:58
xivulonsince it was creating problems with encodings23:58
xivulonbut it should compile anyway23:58
xivulonat least it does on mine23:58
xivulonor better I renamed the po files to hu.po.ignore23:58
xivulonone sec23:59

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