mib_uxwl3xgkI need support but can't get to the support channel because of my IRC client, can anyone help?00:11
LjLmib_uxwl3xgk, can't you connect using a real client? like from port 8001?00:12
mib_uxwl3xgkno, not with this machine.  I can't install anything new on Ubuntu, am using a web-based client00:12
LjLmib_uxwl3xgk: ok, hold on a minute please00:13
LjLmib_uxwl3xgk: please try to join #ubuntu now00:14
mib_uxwl3xgkthanks LjL look like I am there00:15
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greg-ghello, I am I recently approved Ubuntu Member and I would like to graciously request my ubuntu/member cloak04:57
naliothgreg-g: got a launchpad account?04:59
Zelutgreg-g: how gracious of you :)05:00
greg-gZelut: :)05:02
greg-gI felt like adding some flare to my request ;)05:02
greg-gnalioth: is there anything else you need from me?05:08
naliothgreg-g: i'll get it figured out05:09
greg-gnalioth: ok, just ping me if you need me05:09
greg-gnalioth: just got the confirmation email, thanks05:13
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LjLubotu should be back into all channels it used to be, please tell me if that's not the case14:41
etretyakHi! Can I get a cloak?14:54
jpatricketretyak: ubuntu cloak of unafflicated?14:55
etretyakjpatrick: ubuntu14:55
jpatricketretyak: if Ubuntu, please give us a link to your Launchpad page14:55
etretyakjpatrick: I've changed my nick from `iRon' to etretyak.. becase iRon was registered by someone else. :)14:56
jpatricketretyak: ...well that explains it14:56
jpatricketretyak: have you set an email for your nick and linked it to an alternative?14:57
jpatricketretyak: Freenode recommends: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup14:57
etretyakjpatrick: yes i've done all steps from this faq page14:58
jpatricketretyak: excellent, please wait till nalioth comes back for your cloak, and PriceChild will add you to the cloaked people group.14:59
* PriceChild looks in14:59
PriceChildetretyak: please /msg nickserv info and paste it into a PM for me so I can check before I ask for the cloak.15:00
* jpatrick runs for the hills15:00
PriceChildand wow this is -irc15:01
jpatrickyeah, most people come here asking for cloaks for some reason...15:02
PiciI personally like them asking in here than in -ops15:02
etretyakjpatrick: I asked here because it is described in LP/~ubuntu-irc-cloaks page15:03
LjLhey, this *is* the right place for this15:03
jpatricketretyak: ah, cool15:04
PriceChildyeah but no-one's ever read that before :)15:04
LjLi read it!15:04
LjLwait, i wrote it too :P15:04
PriceChildetretyak: please '/msg nickserv info' and paste it into a PM for me so I can check before I ask for the cloak.15:05
PriceChild /msg nickserv info etretyak15:06
LjLPriceChild: no, the one you gave works too15:06
jpatrickPriceChild: same thing here15:06
PriceChildgood good then15:06
PriceChildetretyak: you need to register a secondary nickname and link it to the first, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup and ask for help here if needed.15:08
etretyakhm.. i did this15:08
PriceChildwhat you pasted to me in pm says you didn't15:08
PriceChildif you linked it correctly, /msg nickserv info would tell you all the nicknames linked15:09
etretyakdo i need to disconnect and connect to server again with another nick? and ther register it?15:09
LjLetretyak: /nick <newnick> will let you change nick15:10
LjLwithout disconnecting15:10
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PriceChildetretyak: you should now be cloaked :)15:13
jpatrickPriceChild: you have cloaking powers? :-/15:13
etretyakgot it! thanks!15:15
LjLPriceChild: the right answer is "define powers" :P15:16
PriceChildjpatrick: define powers.15:16
PriceChildI can request cloaks.15:16
PriceChildI can't do the nickserv magic myself though.15:16
* jpatrick waves at Zic and effie_jayx 15:57
effie_jayxjpatrick,  sir how are ya15:57
Zichi :)15:57
jpatrickeffie_jayx: I'm not a sir15:57
jpatrickeffie_jayx: and I'm fine, but tired.16:00
effie_jayxjpatrick,  can imaigne... how's school?16:00
jpatrickeffie_jayx: great now16:00
jpatrickfetova: o/16:01
fetovahola jpatrick :D16:02
jpatrickfetova: si, todavia siguo con vida16:02
jpatrickZic: I thought as -fr op, I'd drag you in here16:03
Zicno problem :)16:03
fetovajajajajaja :D16:03
fetovajpatrick: tuviste que despedirte de tu ISP?16:04
Zicarrêtez où je parle français :)16:04
jpatrickfetova: nah, estoy en la biblioteca16:04
jpatrickZic: I studied French 6 years, forgot it all - shame...16:05
Zicquel dommage jpatrick :}16:05
jpatrickfetova: but I still understand it :)16:06
fetovawhat?, jpatrick, french?16:06
jpatrickZic: ^16:06
jpatrickfetova: that and german16:08
fetovajejejeje, chingon :)16:09
Zicpersonne d'autre à part jpatrick parle/écrit/comprend le français ? tsss16:10
no0ticoui/yes, if you understand english :)16:18
* jpatrick hugs no0tic 16:19
LjLZic: j'ai compris ce que tu ais dit, donc je ne sais pas :)16:20
Zicah, zut :)16:21
Zicno0tic: great16:21
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dngnmstrhello is this message visible?17:51
dngnmstrim trying to get Pidgin to connect to IRC and not sure if its working.17:52
Picidngnmstr: yes.17:52
dngnmstrexcellent.  thankyou very much.17:52
atoponcenope. can't see it17:57
Zelutatoponce: smart mouth18:50
xarquidwho you heheing at?19:17

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