emberwhy :CONFIG_SND_VERBOSE_PROCFS was removed on -11?02:16
gmathtI am trying to package compcache. Control.modules.in does not seem to be used by debuild. Am I correct in assuming that control.modules.in is only used when users compile there own modules using the module assistant?03:08
gmathtAlso, is there a recommended way of overriding "uname -r" in upstream modules?04:45
gmathtadding a custom path with custom uname binary, or just patch the upstream source?04:45
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Kanohi, could somebody revert08:07
Kanousing sound off is no good08:07
Kanonot only "standard" alsa modules are affected also other modules which rely on alsa as build dep08:08
Kanolike the video ones you see which are removed too08:08
amitkKano: that commit will stay, we will move the video ones to LUM.08:55
Kanobut there are other external modules like em8300 which requrie sound08:55
amitkKano: rtg just pushed some changes that will build headers for LUM, so you should be able to compile these external modules against those headers08:56
Kanothen you can not simply use m-a a-i em8300?08:57
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amitkthe headers will be searched for in order of preference - LBM --> LUM --> Kernel08:58
amitkI am not an expert on m-a08:58
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Kanowell just try it09:01
amitkKano: we will, once the move to split headers is complete :)09:02
jakeb_good morning13:03
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BenCGood morning kernel ppl14:16
Nafallogood day BenC :-)14:16
NafalloBenC: how are things?14:17
smbGood morning14:17
zulmorning BenC 14:17
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* BenC is just getting his first coffee down, so other than "good morning", he is not able to communicate14:18
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BenCkylem: hey14:23
tseliotBenC: have you received dholbach's email on EnvyNG?14:41
BenCtseliot: yeah, but haven't had a chance to review things yet14:59
tseliotBenC: no problem15:01
kagoutrying to finf why my Right CTRL key don't work, i'v rebooted my Hardy system on recovery shell (root) to eliminate xorg problem. And i can say that Right Ctrl+C don't work here too15:12
kagoui suspect a kernel problem15:12
kagouany ideas or opinions ?15:12
BenCkagou: does Left ^C work?15:14
kagoui'v open Bug #198759 but now i'm going to assign it to kernel15:14
ubotuLaunchpad bug 198759 in xkeyboard-config "Right CTRL don't work" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19875915:14
kagouBenC, yes15:14
BenCkagou: I seriously doubt kernel then15:14
BenCkagou: run showkey...if it notices you pressing right ctrl, then it isn't kernel15:16
kagoufor left ctrl :15:17
kagoupressed and left15:17
kagoufor right ctrl :15:17
BenCI show 0x9d 0x1d for mine15:17
kagou0x61 0x61 0x61 0x61 0x61 0x61 0x61 15:18
BenCFor left, I show 0x61 0xe115:18
kagoubenc same here15:18
BenCkagou: then something has borked your right ctrl key mapping, if it shows 0x9c and not 0x9d15:19
BenCkagou: did it ever work right? Does it work right from a livecd?15:19
kagouright ctrl don't work since ...  a week15:19
BenCyour right ctrl key matches my right ctrl key15:19
kagoui install fresh daily iso every 2 days15:20
kagou0x1d 0xe1 for right ctrl15:20
kagoubut right ctrl+C don't work15:20
BenCso the key mappings match...which means it isn't the kernel (those are raw key codes from the kernel)15:21
kagouOk i understand. As i'am in recovery mode, just a root shell (no xorg etc.)15:22
BenCkagou: does it work from the livecd (as opposed to your installed system)?15:22
kagoui''v reboot mu notebook15:23
kagoui use 20080305.2 daily-live-i38615:24
kagouBenC, here, under Gutsy i have 0x61 0xe1 for right ctrl15:29
BenCkagou: is that a gutsy livecd, or gutsy kernel with hardy userspace?15:30
kagouunder gnome-terminal right ctrl+C works :/15:30
kagouOn Hardy live, under gnome-terminal right ctrl+C works :/15:30
BenCkagou: ok, if it works under livecd, it isn't the kernel15:31
kagouBenC, indeed15:31
BenCkagou: try creating a new user, login as them, and see if it works there15:32
BenCif so, it's some local config in your homedir15:32
kagouthank you.15:32
BenCkagou: I assume you keep your homedir on these fresh installs?15:32
BenCkagou: Ok...the new user thing should help you out in tracking it down15:33
kagouunder Hardy live gnome-terminal Right ctrl+C work, not under hardy installed. Under Gutsy recovery root shell right ctrl+C work, not under hardy recovery root shell15:39
BenCkagou: hmm...note that in the bug report15:40
BenCkagou: not sure where to assign it though15:40
kagouit's noted15:40
kagouwhat a strange bug15:42
kagouthank you BenC. Best regards15:53
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hischildi've been redirected here with a problem. Ubuntu doesn't seem to be able to recognize my second core. cpuinfo returns http://pastebin.com/f510a2e5316:15
tjaaltonhischild: what does 'uname -r' say?16:17
hischildtjaalton, Linux hc 2.6.22-14-generic #1 SMP Tue Feb 12 07:42:25 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux16:17
hischildoh wait16:17
hischildthat's -a16:17
tjaaltonit would have revealed if you had -386 kernel16:18
tjaaltonI don't know what's wrong then..16:18
hischild:( 16:19
hischildthe wierd thing is that on a previous install of ubuntu it recognized it just fine16:19
hischildunless ... does acpi=off change anything related to this?16:19
aboganihischild: What 'cat /proc/cmdline' say?16:22
hischildabogani,  root=UUID=902c64c2-ffee-4902-a356-e3d705035c10 ro quiet splash acpi=off nmi_watchdog=016:22
aboganihischild: What are the reasons for last two options?16:23
hischildabogani,  nmi_watchdog is because vbox wouldn't load properly without that option (during install i was told to add that option), the acpi=off is because my pc won't boot properly without it. If i leave that off it will reboot or freeze as soon as it hits gdm. 16:24
hischildacpi=off only took about 10 hours to figure out 16:29
aboganihischild: Please try this: reboot and in grub menu cut out "quiet splash acpi=off nmi_watchdog=0". Select recovery mode. When you have in front a prompt execute cat /proc/cpuinfo and report us. 16:29
hischildabogani, isn't that the same as just selecting recovery mode? as that one only has "single" added to it16:30
aboganihischild: I can't know if you have added these options manually. :-)16:31
aboganionly single is perfect16:32
hischildalright i'll do that :-) back in a few min 16:33
johanbrcking: About bug 124797 that you said was a HAL bug, I don't think that's right. On recent kernels, at least on my Inspiron 1420, the cpufreq directory for core 1 simply disappears. I don't think that's caused by HAL.16:35
ubotuLaunchpad bug 124797 in linux-source-2.6.22 "CPU Frequency Scaling Monitor applet on dual-core doesn't work after resume" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12479716:35
gj_schoutenHey someone knows how to make my hp zd8000 laptop less noisy and less heating using ubuntu hardy???? suggestions for using APM instead of ACPI and maybe powersaved instead of apmd????16:36
ckingjohanbr: Hi, I think there are two issues here:16:38
cking1. The suspend/resume cycle does not restore the governor values properly, 16:39
hischildabogani, alright i'm back ... yet to no avail, it hasn't changed. Gimme a sec while i pastebin it16:39
cking2. The missing cpufreq - which I will investigate further.16:39
hischildabogani, http://pastebin.com/f447957ee16:39
johanbrcking: Right. Thank you. Should anything be done launchpad-wise? (more info, file a new bug, reopen the old one, ...)16:41
ckingjohanbr: I think open a new one, as it is quite different from the one reported at the start of the bug report.16:42
NthDegreeAccording to the 8.04a6 announcement the kernel now has a memory protection which randomises PIEs - can someone explain or elaborate on this as to what patching or technology is used for this?16:42
gj_schoutenanyone knows whats better when it comes to cpu overheating fan control using ubuntu on a hp zd8000 notebook??? acpi or apm and which daemons????16:42
Solarionso I'm rolling my own kernel, and the /lib/modules/<kernel> directory is *huge* (well over several hundred MB) which runs me out of space; any idea why it's so huge?16:42
Solarionby comparison, 2.6.24-11-generic is 112MB (the self-rolld kernel takes up well over 320MB)16:43
ckingjohanbr: ..you can also refer to 124797 as background information.  I also suggest sending the usual dmesg information etc.. as required on bug reports16:43
BenCNthDegree: it's been in the kernel for awhile, but you need to compile programs with the correct compiler options to make use of it16:44
BenCSolarion: because you have CONFIG_DEBUG enabled, and we strip our modules after compile16:44
Solarionthat might do it.  :)16:44
Solarionis debug enabled by default?16:44
BenCSolarion: find -name \*.ko | xargs strip16:45
BenCdo that before make install16:45
BenCSolarion: we do it by default in our builds so we can get a vmlinux with debug symbols for linux-debug pkgs16:45
SolarionBenC: I'm using the debian scripts to make this happen; what do I need to poke?16:45
BenCSolarion: you mean make-kpkg?16:45
BenCcan't help ya there...we don't use that for our builds16:46
BenCmaybe make-kpkg build, then the strip command I showed you, then make-kpkg binary16:46
BenCor something similar16:46
Solarionhow about using debian/rules then?16:46
johanbrcking: Alright. There's one bug open that already has the necessary information (bug #183033) and seems a better fit for the "cpufreq missing" issue. If you could have a look at that, it'd be much appreciated.16:46
ubotuLaunchpad bug 183033 in linux-source-2.6.22 "Intel Core 2 Duo - Resume from suspend, CPU Frequency Scaling is gone on CPU1" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18303316:46
* Solarion is going off of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile16:46
BenCSolarion: wiki page in topic has info on that16:46
Solarionbuilding a kernel is easy if you blissfully ignore the distro, but I'm trying to do things The Right Way for a change16:47
ckingjohnabr: will do - no problem at all16:47
NthDegreeBenC: this question may be OT but what compiler options does Hardy now use?16:48
aboganihischild: Mmmmm You should check you cpu: 1) It don't have k8 flag 2) It don't have svm flag 3) have up that meaning "SMP kernel over UniProcessor"16:50
hischildabogani, you're getting a little bit over my head with the technical terms .... what should / can i do?16:51
aboganihischild:  Seems to me that this cpu isn't cpu the say to be... :-)16:53
BenCNthDegree: no idea what userspace is doing...#ubuntu-devel might be better to ask16:53
hischildabogani, i'm sure this is indeed an AMD Athlon 3800+ X2 ... it's always been this one ... it's specifically the one i bought .... 16:54
aboganihischild: Joke apart: try to update BIOS. I don't have other advice. Sorry.16:54
hischildabogani, right :( 16:54
aboganihischild: just curious do you already tried with Hardy live?16:56
hischildabogani, well tbh i'm more likely to go and try hardy then to flash my bios ... 16:56
hischildbut ... it used to work well in the past ... that's why i'm wondered16:56
gj_schoutenanyone knows whats better when it comes to cpu overheating fan control using ubuntu on a hp zd8000 notebook??? acpi or apm and which daemons????16:56
aboganiOk. 16:57
hischildabogani, as soon as my laptop is running smoothly (missing a shitload of drivers ... have to use xp on it :( ) i'm goin to try hardy again16:57
hischildtbh=to be honest16:57
aboganiThanks. I'm not know IRC slang at all. :)16:58
hischildabogani, no problem :-) 16:58
Solarionwhy would debian/rules updateconfigs say 'No rule to make target updateconfigs'?17:04
BenCSolarion: because you don't have our git tree installed17:05
Solarionit requires the git tree?17:05
BenCSolarion: the linux-source pkg doesn't include the build scripts17:05
Solarionthat's not at all clear from the wiki page17:06
Solarionso, I should really be building against the git tree?17:06
sorenI need some help with git. I'm trying to merge some of the virtio stuff from Linus' 2.6.25 tree. The virtio stuff we have in the kernel is based off of 2.6.24 with some changes from another git tree on top of it. To simplify the review for Linus, the patches were redone into more logical hunks, so even cherry-picking won't do. What would you do in such a situation? Rewind the patches we have locally (to get back to a clean 2.6.24) and then cherry-17:10

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