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* ArneGoetje waves06:57
* slangasek waves06:57
* Hobbsee waves, and hands out obligatory coffee06:57
Hobbsee(the drips, not the cup variety)06:58
dokogood morning06:59
cjwatsonI've just gone for the cup, I'm afraid06:59
* slangasek percolates06:59
* TheMuso waves.06:59
* ogra fumbles for matches to keep eyes open ... to even find the coffee on the table06:59
cjwatsonbryce was ill yesterday, which is still today for him, so I don't expect to see him06:59
* TheMuso goes for the water, unless its very cold, then he goes for the cup.06:59
cjwatsonso just waiting for asac07:00
cjwatsonwill wait one more minute07:02
ogracjwatson, sorry, no report yet, i was smart enough to dd something to /dev/sda instead of /dev/sdd yesterday afternoon ... :( sda is a member of my raid1 while sdd is my usb stick ....07:02
ograat least i had a week old backup about 4am i had it played back ....07:02
* ogra votes for distinct names for usb sticks in the future07:03
cjwatsonI found my fingers typing 'dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda' rather than 'dd if=/dev/zero of=alt.img' yesterday and was glad that (a) I didn't press Enter (b) I hadn't put sudo on the front07:03
ograheh, i did both07:03
cjwatsonok, let's start, asac can catch up when he arrives07:03
ograno big damage done though just took lots of time07:03
cjwatson * Actions from last week07:03
cjwatson  * scim-bridge testing results?07:03
calci've done rm -rf ~ (hit enter before completing the path), that was painful07:03
cjwatsonthat was asac and ogra IIRC07:04
TheMusoogra: I *think* its called lack of sleep. :p07:04
ograTheMuso, no, thats how i'm feeling right now after 3h of sleep this night :P07:04
slangasekogra: clearly it should be corporate policy to not give Canonical employees root on their systems, to avoid such mishaps07:04
cjwatsonogra: did you get a chance to test scim-bridge for dead-key support last week?07:05
ArneGoetjeI didn't receive any feedback for dead-key support under scim-bridge... but some users' feedback in some LP bugs suggest that it works for them... so I decided to go for scim-bridge anyways.07:06
ograi tried it once and didnt find any difference to the normal behavior ... but note that i still have an xorg.conf from the gutsy that was installed, not sure that has any influence07:06
cjwatsonkeyboard handling is one of the few things that has not changed much in xorg.conf07:07
cjwatsonso that sounds ok07:07
ograyeah, but i dont know if scim changed :)07:07
ograso i mentioned it07:07
cjwatsonArneGoetje: I mentioned something related in /msg, but I think you may have missed it07:07
cjwatson08:49 <cjwatson> installing im-switch at the moment will cause scim to be started for everyone, AFAICS07:08
cjwatson08:49 <cjwatson> even those not in a CJK locale07:08
cjwatsonperhaps im-switch should put 'default' below 'none' for all_ALL?07:08
cjwatsonit sounds like it won't break anything (from the testing above), but also seems inefficient?07:08
cjwatson(but if there's a good reason not to do that, I'll back down)07:09
ArneGoetje'default' seems to disable scim, because the envirenment variables are empty in that configuration.07:09
ograi wonder if scim by default couldnt solve our kbd issues with x07:10
ograafaik thats one of the reasons we still keep an xorg.conf for07:10
ArneGoetjeogra: which kbd issues?07:10
ograit seems to handle non CJK setups just fine07:10
slangasek(well, I know one problem it doesn't solve is oversized CDs... :)07:10
cjwatsonArneGoetje: oh. I apologise, I was looking at my local configuration and assuming it's the default07:10
ArneGoetjecjwatson: common mistake ;)07:11
ArneGoetjecjwatson: in fact the im-switch setup is not as straight forward as it could be...07:11
ograArneGoetje, Xorg can wonderfully work without xorg.conf nowadays ... we keep a config file because we have no sane way of handling keymaps and mice yet07:11
cjwatsonogra: input hotplug needs some more work than that, I think07:11
cjwatsonTimo tried the obvious hal approach and it broke for him07:12
ograbut scim seems o be there already07:12
ogra(i dont talk about hardy :) )07:12
cjwatsonscim doesn't do generalised keyboard layout handling, just specialised CJK-type things07:12
cjwatsonok, I'll add im-switch to desktop at the next opportunity on Arne's behalf, then; it's tiny07:13
cjwatson * Alpha-6 status07:13
ArneGoetjequestion remains:07:13
cjwatson... I gather size may be relevant here ...07:13
ArneGoetjeshould scim be enabled or disabled by default for all_ALL?07:14
cjwatsonmy vote is for disabled07:14
ArneGoetjecurrently it's enabled07:14
ogracan you select by locale ?07:15
cjwatsonArneGoetje: but as you said above all_ALL points to 'default' by default, which doesn't start scim07:15
cjwatsonogra: that is the default07:15
* asac appears07:16
ArneGoetjecjwatson: I'll have to do some checks on im-switch... fact is that scim-bridge now has highest priority... where the actual link to enable scim is set, I'll need to find out.07:17
cjwatsonslangasek: ^-- alpha-6 status?07:19
ogra_alternate looks good from what i tested (beyond being oversized)07:20
calcooo has now built with lzma on all archs but powerpc (some weird buildd error there afaict)07:20
slangasekin terms of installability and bug count, we're looking pretty good for alpha-6; thanks to everyone for their diligence at squashing those milestoned bugs07:20
ogra_edubuntu-addon as well (works without net connection now, yay)07:20
cjwatsonI was impressed with the alpha-6 bug list when I glanced at it yesterday07:20
calcooo-l10n is currently building with lzma as well07:20
slangasekthere are still a few bugs listed on https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+milestone/hardy-alpha-6 that could use some attention; most of the remaining bugs are not actually blockers for alpha-6 so I'll be moving them around later this evening, but everything there is at least high-priority for release07:21
cjwatsonit's probably time to start gardening the targeted-to-hardy bug list too07:22
slangasekas ogra notes, there are some size issues currently with the images - we have about half a dozen packages newly seeded on the Ubuntu liveCD since alpha-5, for instance, and between that and the death-of-a-thousand-cuts growth of individual packages, we're hurting to get the images down to size07:23
slangasekbecause we've already pruned almost all of the language packs in earlier alphas, leaving us with almost nothing left to prune in that department right now(!)07:23
slangasekmvo has already helped out with this last night by shrinking one of the new packages for me, but if anyone can think of changes they've made since alpha-5 that are costing us space and that we might be able to squeeze more space out of, that would be helpful07:24
slangasekotherwise I'm going to see what I can do with the langpacks still07:24
ogra_slangasek, artwork ?07:24
ogra_my new wallpaper says its 3.5M big07:24
TheMusoMousetweaks has been added, but I think its small. I shall investigate however...07:24
slangasekand yes, at this point the targeted-to-hardy bug list also includes a number of bugs we should be working on in parallel: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+bugs07:24
ogra_(compared to 900k or so with the defaults we had before)07:25
slangasekogra_: I don't mean to take up the meeting with brainstorming; I'm around for several hours after the meeting, we can take this up out-of-band07:26
slangasekcjwatson: that's it for my report07:26
cjwatsonsounds like today is going to be a weight-watchers day for Ubuntu07:27
cjwatsonok, thanks Steve07:27
cjwatsonany other business?07:27
TheMusoI've had another idea that could give us 1.2MB of space back.07:27
slangasek(more like Slim-Fast, I think :)07:27
* TheMuso will take to devel07:27
slangasekno other business for me07:30
calcsorry my router ate itself07:32
calci can't see anything, is the meeting still going on?07:34
evandcalc: yes, we're on AOB07:34
cjwatsonwe're on "Colin had thought it was done and wasn't paying attention" :-)07:36
slangasekheh :)07:36
cjwatsonadjourned, thanks all07:36
slangasekthanks :)07:36
TheMusothanks folks.07:37
calcgoodnight everyone07:37
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* ogasawara waves19:00
* stgraber waves19:00
henook, let's start19:03
MootBotMeeting started at 19:03. The chair is heno.19:03
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]19:03
henoagenda https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Meetings19:03
henoFirst, welcome all :)19:04
heno[TOPIC] Kernel bug migration update (bug day tomorrow)19:04
MootBotNew Topic:  Kernel bug migration update (bug day tomorrow)19:04
ogasawaraI've been going through the High/Critical bugs for the older kernels19:05
henoI put that on the agenda so ogasawara would have a target for the high/critical migration19:05
henohow is it going?19:05
ogasawaraI've got maybe 50 or so left to look at so I imagine I'll have it all wrapped up by end of the week19:05
henoI see the plan is prepared for tomorrow19:06
ogasawarayup, so we should get extra help from the hug day tomorrow too19:06
henoogasawara: anything else on that topic?19:07
ogasawaraheno:  nope, I think we're good19:07
heno[TOPIC] Past week's bug day summary: g-s-t and HAL19:07
MootBotNew Topic:  Past week's bug day summary: g-s-t and HAL19:07
henothe g-s-t bug day ran out of bugs it looks like :)19:07
henoand I guess pitti has been running a 1-man HAL bug day today19:08
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henook, next19:10
heno[TOPIC] Desktop testing KVM images - instructions for download and use - liw19:10
MootBotNew Topic:  Desktop testing KVM images - instructions for download and use - liw19:10
liwI've made some packages of the automated desktop testing stuff, and a KVM/qemu image that can be used to run them19:11
liwhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Automation/KVM and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Automation/Desktop have some further details19:11
liwI'd be grateful if a couple of people could check that those things work for them19:11
liwthere's only one set of tests right now, but now that all the packaging infrastructure is there, I can easily add more, and will be doing that in the near future19:12
stgraberI'm downloading at the moment19:12
nandliw: I'll test this WE19:12
henoliw: the pages look very good, thanks19:12
* heno downloads as well19:12
stgraberpeople.u.c seems overloaded :) downloading at only 300k/s19:13
henoliw: how shall we report feedback? email, or will you set up bugtracking on LP?19:13
davmor2I'll have a look latter when all the images have re-downloaded again :)19:13
liwfeedback to me via e-mail to start with19:13
liwlars@ubuntu.com that is19:14
heno[TOPIC] Alpha 6 ISO testing19:14
MootBotNew Topic:  Alpha 6 ISO testing19:14
henodavmor2, stgraber: anything scary so far?19:15
stgraberI haven't started testing yet19:15
stgraberwe had a broken OOo19:15
stgraberI have updated the tracker with a fixed download info box19:15
henokde4 seems to work, which is cool19:15
stgraberand updated the testcases19:15
stgraberadding Kubuntu-KDE4, Wubi and modifying Edubuntu19:15
henosome of the testcases will need some updating too19:16
davmor2OO.o screwed up testing having to re-download now.  On the whole Kubuntu has been okay couple of minor things but that's it19:16
bdmurraydid the wubi test cases get written?19:16
henobdmurray: sort of19:16
stgraberbdmurray: yes by heno and xivulon19:16
henothere is room for improvement ...19:16
stgraberxivulon updated it a bit this morning IIRC19:16
henodavmor2 and i will look more at test cases on Saturday I guess19:17
heno(at the Oxford testing mini sprint)19:17
davmor2Indeed :)19:17
bdmurrayOne thing I was thinking about was the importance of capturing the right files when people are testing19:18
henoooh, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Cases/Wubi actually looks decent now!19:18
henoyay xivulon!19:18
bdmurrayI mean getting the complete information right away19:18
henobdmurray: a script that just vacuums up a bunch of could-be-useful log files perhaps?19:20
henowith dedicated test installs I don't think we have to worry too much about privacy19:20
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bdmurrayheno: maybe, I don't have an answer was just thinking about.  do we have documentation about how to get files off a live cd?19:21
henoso we could put 'wget script; script' on a wiki page and ask people to use that19:21
henojust for ubiquity AFAIK19:21
henoyou mean in case of missing network and so on?19:22
stgraberwe can use pastebin and my pastebinit package if the files aren't too long (as pastebins are usually limited)19:22
henoor tgz and attach it to a wiki page19:23
bdmurrayheno: right, the process of getting the files off.  its easy if you are at the desktop but the other ways might not be well documented19:23
henoindeed, I don't think they are19:23
henolots of info in individual bug comments19:23
henogetting files from busybox, photographing the screen, etc19:24
bdmurrayright, that's what I was thinking of19:24
henook, let's add some info here as we think of different techniques https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/CollectingLogs19:25
henoso ISO testing for a6 continues ...19:26
heno[TOPIC] Brainstorm status - fixing bugs, writing use documentation, seeking dev and moderator participation19:26
MootBotNew Topic:  Brainstorm status - fixing bugs, writing use documentation, seeking dev and moderator participation19:26
nandwell, for now I'm pleased with the website19:27
henoThe launch seems to have gone extremely well!19:27
nandgood idea turnout19:27
stgraber3389 ideas and 11234 users !!!19:27
nandthe new front page ordering seems very efficient19:27
henowe also have 10-12 moderators signed up and some developers19:27
nandNow the next target is the handling of duplicates19:28
nandespecially preventing them19:28
henostgraber: any idea on how many active ideas? (non-deleted, non-dupes)19:28
nandwith a ajax system like ubuntuforums.org && LP19:28
nandYep, I should also add a stat page soon :)19:28
henonand: that strikes me as a big task19:29
nandheno: Noo, I can do it in one day19:29
stgraberheno: I have a fresh DB dump here so I probably can tell you that with a bit of SQL19:29
nandThe architecture behind QAPoll is pretty clean :)19:29
henoalso, please help improve https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Brainstorm19:30
bapoumbamay I have a question about duplicates handeling ?19:30
henoit's now linked from the front page19:30
nandbapoumba: yes?19:30
bapoumbahow to deal with duplicates of duplicates ?19:30
nandheno: I've seen, yes, nice howto!19:30
nandbapoumba: the main idea cumulates the votes of all its duplicate. And by cumulate, I mean smartly cumulate19:31
bapoumbasay A is reported as dup of B which is already a dup of C19:31
nandi.e. if one user vote +1 for two dups, only one +1 will be counted19:31
nandbapoumba: I'll add soon a list of all the duplicate at any level (dup, dup of dupe) on the idea page19:32
bapoumbaokay :)19:32
henoI think the dup system should not block on bug or spec links19:32
henothey should be carried forward also when duping19:33
nandA problem I have noticed:19:33
henowe are losing some links ATM19:33
nandit's no so easy19:33
nandbecause often bad bugreport or bad spec are linked19:33
nandold, non revelant19:33
nandand thus it influences baldy on the status19:33
stgrabernand: What's the 'status' for deleted ideas ?19:34
henoyes, this may need a documentation-solution19:34
nandE.g. an idea is marked as "worked in progress" whereas it is not19:34
nandstgraber: the SQL number?19:34
stgrabernand: yep19:34
nandcheck qapoll.install, it's documented19:34
nand-2 IIRC19:34
henoie. the moderators need to move some links around19:34
nandPersonaly I often check and update the attachments, and this should be asked to the moderators too19:35
stgraberqawebsite=> SELECT count(id) FROM qapoll_choice WHERE duplicatenumber='-1' AND status!='-2';19:35
stgraber count19:35
stgraberheno: ^19:35
stgraber  224519:35
stgraber(1 row)19:35
nandsot that's the number of non-deleted and non-dup ideas19:35
nandstgraber: the nb of dup please?19:35
stgraber326 deleted19:36
henothat seems like roughly sensible numbers19:36
nandoh, well pleased with the nb of dups19:36
henomost of that was Jose's spam19:36
henoany other topics?19:37
bdmurrayI've made some progress with markus's help on yesterday's bugs19:37
MootBotLINK received:  http://people.ubuntu.com/~brian/reports/yesterday/19:37
bdmurrayThe report shows all the new bugs reported yesterday19:39
bdmurrayMy thought was we'd try to drive it to 019:39
bdmurrayI've added the sourcepackge like we discussed earlier and it is phenomenally faster19:39
henosounds very good19:40
henoit would be cool to have a graph of the number over time19:40
henoyesterdays bugs three days ago, etc :)19:40
bdmurrayheno: with the number "resetting" every day?19:40
henobtw, 130085 is likely now from yesterday19:41
henobdmurray: how exactly do you define yesterday?19:41
henojust the previous date from when the script runs?19:41
bdmurrayso at 00:00 UTC it'll be 0 I think19:42
henook, how often does it update?19:43
henoit should run at 23.50 then really19:43
bdmurrayer, that's not true it'll be whatever the total reported on the 5th was19:43
bdmurrayit runs every 10 minutes at the moment19:43
henoassuming it runs once a day - ah, ok19:43
henoso you want to drive it to 0 in real time each day?19:44
bdmurrayso if we go triage some of those the report will be shorter in ~10 minutes19:44
henoI get it now, cool19:44
henosounds like a powerful tool19:44
henocan we do a bug day with it to introduce it to people?19:45
henoseems suitable for 5-a-day also19:45
henobdmurray: ^ bug day?19:46
bdmurraybug day: probably - one concern I have is covering such a wide variety of packages though.  I feel the same way about apport-bug tagged bugs, but we could try it and see what happens19:47
stgraberliw: is your screen 1600x1200 ? :)19:47
bdmurray5-a-day: right, just another entry point for finding "fresh" bugs19:47
henoand Finnish tz :)19:47
liwstgraber, 1680x1050 actually... the kvm image uses a too-big screen?19:47
liwheno, and Finnish keyboard, too, actually19:48
liwnot sure how to solve that one19:48
stgraberliw: well, I have a 1680x1050 screen too but qemu started with 1600x1200 for usplash19:48
henoI'll send you a UK keyboard :)19:48
liwstgraber, yeah, it does that19:48
liwstgraber, I've no idea why19:49
henowe can take this to #ubuntu-testing19:49
henoI think we are done19:49
nandoh my.. And i have 1024x768...19:49
MootBotMeeting finished at 19:50.19:50
henothanks everyone!19:50
henooh, anyone care to do a summary? :-D19:50
henoI still suck at that :(19:51
henonope, ok. I'll take it19:52
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RichEdwho's here for the edubuntu meeting ?20:01
=== emonkey-t is now known as emonkey
LaserJockanybody around for Edubuntu meeting?20:06
pygiLaserJock, me me20:23
LaserJockso, this is like the most exciting meeting ever ;-)20:26
stgraberyes :)20:26
stgraberanyone actually has something to say/ask ? :)20:26
stgraberonly note from my side : iTalc has been promoted to Main !!!20:27
pygioh noes!20:27
pygithe windows app in main!20:27
stgraberwell, I and upstream have no problem with you rewriting the UI in GTK :)20:28
stgrabersome parts are already moving to a separate lib20:28
LaserJockstgraber: what is it written in?20:29
pygistgraber, you mean I should rewrite entire app? xD20:36
stgraberpygi: well, yeah :)20:41
pygistgraber, you're no fun at all!20:41
=== ubotu changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Current meeting: Server Team Calendar: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/event | Logs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/ | 08 Mar 11:00 UTC: Kubuntu Developers | 12 Mar 21:00 UTC: Server Team | 19 Mar 21:00 UTC: Server Team | 26 Mar 21:00 UTC: Server Team
mathiazhello !20:58
faulkes-that it is20:58
sommerwhat up all20:58
* jdstrand waves20:58
faulkes-I think we are good to go20:59
mathiazso - let's get started !21:00
MootBotMeeting started at 21:00. The chair is mathiaz.21:00
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]21:00
faulkes-lead away mathiaz21:01
mathiazToday's agenda can be found online: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/Meeting21:01
mathiaz[TOPIC] Review ACTION points from previous meeting.21:02
MootBotNew Topic:  Review ACTION points from previous meeting.21:02
mathiazPrevious meeting: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/Server/2008022721:02
mathiaz[TOPIC] forum reporting21:03
MootBotNew Topic:  forum reporting21:03
faulkes-ok then21:03
mathiazanything to add or disscuss on the forum front faulkes- ?21:03
mathiazI think you've published the code on LP21:03
faulkes-I did a complete rewrite of the code and published it to LP21:04
mathiazfaulkes-: great - do you have some documentation somewhere ?21:04
faulkes-it is much more exact in the nature of how it selects and adds stuff21:04
faulkes-there is a README file supplied with the source21:05
faulkes-and I have documented the source as well, it's only about 120 lines long21:05
mathiazfaulkes-: great. So what's the next step ?21:05
mathiazfaulkes-: do you want to add more features to it ?21:05
faulkes-the next step is linking the individual graphs and categories, to being able to see the individual posts21:06
mathiazfaulkes-: or should we think about what we can do with the outcome ?21:06
faulkes-which should be fairly easy to do, I have been very busy the last week with pm course exams and taking on a new FT position21:06
faulkes-the outcome, is more a time based situation, I will also add in the ability to select by date21:07
mathiazfaulkes-: ok. Seems great.21:07
faulkes-because the posts affecting something from time X to time Y, may be unrelated due to version from time Z to time L21:07
owhfaulkes-: Is there a way to host the current branch so it can display results?21:08
owhAs in, be "live"21:08
faulkes-that may be possible but it would require access to my database21:08
faulkes-if you want to host one yourself, you can run the code completely independent of me21:08
=== neversfelde_ is now known as neversfelde
faulkes-and allow it to gather stats21:09
faulkes-the requirements are listed in the README for running it21:09
owhDoes the code have a means to generate a database as well?21:09
faulkes-there is sql files included in the LP branch21:09
faulkes-the README has instructions regarding them21:10
owhExcellent, documentation that actually helps :)21:10
mathiazHow is the classification of post done ?21:10
mathiazfaulkes-: I think this is the trickiest part21:10
faulkes-classification is done via a dictionary21:11
faulkes-unfortunately, that means building the dictionary21:11
faulkes-I have included the one which is currently used21:11
mathiazfaulkes-: ok - is there a way to reassign posts to a different category if they've been misclassifed ?21:11
faulkes-so, if you wanted to use the code to monitor say, Desktop forum, you would need to build your own21:11
faulkes-mathiaz: currently no, that would be an admin feature I guess, but wouldn't be hard to build in21:12
faulkes-as well as add additional categories, terms, etc..21:12
owhGoing that route would then require a sort of "meta" individual, that seems like a lot of work.21:12
faulkes-right now, it is by hand, mostly for lack of time on my part to build that in but it would be a fairly straight forward excersize21:12
mathiazfaulkes-: These are more features. Let's try to get something done first and see how can extract information from that.21:13
mathiazLet's move on.21:13
mathiaz[TOPIC] Server survey21:13
MootBotNew Topic:  Server survey21:13
owhThat would be me.21:13
faulkes-me again I guess as nijaba is away or do you want to handle it mathiaz?21:13
mathiaznijaba is not around.21:14
faulkes-I can go from his action email, that you updated21:14
mathiazI've updated the ReportingPage with a status he sent me.21:14
mathiazAnything else to add ?21:14
owhWhile faulkes- is looking...21:15
owhI created https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/ServerSurveyLaunch which has as many contacts in it as possible, but suggestions are welcome. The intent is to use the body text as the email text.21:15
owhI tried coming up with actual press contacts where relevant, but I don't have any actual Canonical press contact.21:15
owhI'm not sure how we best ask Server Team Members to blog about the survey so it shows up on Planet Ubuntu.21:15
mathiazIt seems that the survey is too long to take.21:15
owhYes, I'd agree with that.21:16
faulkes-well, we've only had a small sampling so far21:16
faulkes-we should be always reporting feature/bug requests to LP, I don't generally check the page itself21:16
faulkes-so there is some stuff there that I can work on21:16
faulkes-as for shortening the survey, I think we can do that effectively21:17
kirklandmathiaz: I've communicated with Jonathan Corbet of LWN before, I can send him a note asking if it would be possible to publicize on LWN.net21:17
kirklandno promises--he only sometimes responds to my email :-)21:17
faulkes-I will look at tuning the questions so it is faster21:17
owhkirkland: Add it to the wiki page, you don't need to give the email address if you're not comfortable with it.21:17
mathiazkirkland: seems great - could you add that to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/ServerSurveyLaunch ?21:18
owhkirkland: That way we don't hit LWN multiple times.21:18
owhfaulkes-: I wonder if the survey length is a function of a poorly defined audience/spec. I'm not saying it is, I'm just wondering.21:18
mathiaz[ACTION] faulkes- to work on tuning the questions to make the survey shorter21:19
MootBotACTION received:  faulkes- to work on tuning the questions to make the survey shorter21:19
owhfaulkes-: It seems to be sprawling all over the place.21:19
mathiazowh: faulkes-: could you coordinate with nijaba ?21:19
faulkes-there is some logical order which needs to be done on the questions21:19
faulkes-mathiaz: yes, I will speak to nijaba21:19
kirklandmathiaz: owh: done.21:19
mathiazowh: faulkes-: thanks -21:20
mathiazLet's move on.21:20
owhPerhaps we can catch up afterwards faulkes- and have a chat about it.21:20
mathiaz[TOPIC] ServerTestingTeam21:20
MootBotNew Topic:  ServerTestingTeam21:20
mathiazSo I spent some time to revamp the ServerTestingTeam wiki pages.21:21
mathiazThe idea is to increase hardware testing for hardy.21:21
mathiazReporting the results is done in the wiki.21:22
faulkes-interesting, ok, I may be able to add some to that21:22
mathiazI'll also send an email to the previous people involved in the team and ask if they can still contribute.21:22
mathiazAnyone that has some server hardware is welcome to participate.21:23
faulkes-for those unaware of my current status, I've moved from being a consultant to a FTE job, I will be converting the current environment to -server21:23
mathiazThe idea is to download an iso and make sure the installation is successfll21:23
mathiazYet another way to contribute to the Server Team :)21:24
faulkes-mathiaz: I should have extra hardware resources now available to put to it21:24
mathiazfaulkes-: great ! I've updated the wiki page to streamline the reporting process21:24
owhmathiaz: That's looking great. Do you think it would be useful to add that link to the Survey Announcement to encourage more helpers, or might that be counter productive?21:25
mathiazowh: I'll make a separate announcement21:25
faulkes-mathiaz: will ServerTestingTeam be a subset of the ServerTeam for membership purposes or?21:25
owhGiven that we're targeting -server users.21:25
mathiazfaulkes-: for now, there isn't any LP team or membership21:25
mathiazIt may be usefull at some point.21:26
faulkes-owh: well, I think the survey is geared more to established environments rather than test ones21:26
mathiazfaulkes-: correct - this is targeted at development versions.21:26
owhSure, but they're the same audience I would have thought.21:26
faulkes-however, I see the reverse of that, in which we could bring in more people who have to support -server21:26
* faulkes- nods21:26
owhHence my query :)21:27
mathiazI'll send an email to -server to bring more people on board for the ServerTestingTeam21:27
faulkes-I think for now, we should leave it seperate and let mathiaz start21:27
mathiaz[ACTION] mathiaz to send an email about the ServerTestingTeam21:28
MootBotACTION received:  mathiaz to send an email about the ServerTestingTeam21:28
mathiazLet's move on and Review Roadmap and ReportingPage.21:28
mathiazSo I'd like to go through the items that are on the Roadmap but haven't any status on the ReportingPage21:29
owhIs there a way to combine the two pages so it becomes more obvious?21:30
owhOr is that counter productive?21:30
mathiazowh: well - I'm still trying to figure out how we can do that correctly21:30
mathiazso I'm still experimenting with this21:30
mathiazThe ReportingPage is something new21:31
owhWe could make a template that "encourages" correct editing.21:31
mathiaz[TOPIC] iscsi support21:31
MootBotNew Topic:  iscsi support21:31
mathiazsoren: any news on that ?21:31
sorenUm... It seems that there are a few use cases that I had not taken into account when I implemented it.21:32
sorenBooting off of the network and having your root filesystem on iscsi for instance.21:32
sorenSo.. That's still work that probably needs to be done.21:33
mathiazsoren: would this be for hardy ?21:33
mathiazsoren: isn't that a new feature ?21:33
sorenmathiaz: Yes. Yes, it is.21:33
sorenmathiaz: WEll, from certain users' perspective it's a bug.21:34
sorenI'll have to take it up with dendrobates and slangasek.21:34
owhmathiaz: Isn't it only a bug if someone looses functionality, aren't we talking about *new* iscsi support?21:35
mathiaz[ACTION] soren to talk with dendrobates and slangasek about iscsi support for root fs21:35
MootBotACTION received:  soren to talk with dendrobates and slangasek about iscsi support for root fs21:35
owhI mean, at present it's just "not yet supported".21:35
mathiazowh: correct - this is why it needs to be discussed with the release team.21:35
sorenowh: It's a grey area.21:36
* owh shuts up.21:36
mathiazowh: we could try to get a FFexception.21:36
sorenJust because something has never worked doesn't mean it's a feature.21:36
mathiaz[TOPIC] Fix bugs marked by the QATeam21:36
MootBotNew Topic:  Fix bugs marked by the QATeam21:36
sorenEr... crap, that came out wrong.21:36
owhI understand, I just figured we're better off making sure that what there is is working.21:36
mathiazThe qa team has put up a list of bug for hardy21:37
mathiazkirkland: did you fix the nfs bug ?21:37
faulkes-at least from my experience, booting from san for root fs has been around quite awhile, especially via pxe21:37
kirklandmathiaz: affirmative, with the help of kees, and inifinity21:37
kirklandmathiaz: no longer in that list ;-)  woohoo21:38
mathiazkirkland: great !21:38
mathiazthere is an ntp bug left now21:38
owhIsn't that just a case of changing the init.d order for ntp?21:39
kirklandmathiaz: I was thinking that it could be solved by similar locking21:39
mathiazowh: I don't think so.21:39
kirklandmathiaz: i think it has to do with NetworkManager21:40
mathiazkirkland: are the two bugs caused by the same problem21:40
mathiazkirkland: yes - that's what I think too.21:40
kirklandmathiaz: only distantly...21:40
kirklandmathiaz: both have upstart implications21:40
mathiazso it's an ifup/down script problem may be.21:40
mathiazntp hasn't been designed to run on a laptop/desktop.21:40
owhIt seems to be related to DHCP rather than NetworkManager per se, that is, the ifup/down script.21:41
mathiazanyone wants to have a look at the bug ?21:42
zulnot me21:42
faulkes-I wont likely be able to touch it either21:42
* soren looks up in the air21:42
* faulkes- whistles innocently, hands behind his back21:43
owhI'll have a squiz.21:43
kirklandmathiaz: I don't think it's ifup/ifdown so much21:43
kirklandbut perhaps...21:43
kirklandmathiaz: should I tackle that bug?21:43
kirkland(I hadn't been concentrating on it)21:43
mathiaz[ACTION] owh to look into the ntp bug on the qa-server tag list21:43
MootBotACTION received:  owh to look into the ntp bug on the qa-server tag list21:43
owhDamn, too slow :)21:44
mathiazkirkland: too late ;) - but you can still help out owh21:44
* owh accepts any help:)21:44
mathiaz[TOPIC] Virtualization21:44
MootBotNew Topic:  Virtualization21:44
kirkland;-)  ping me owh21:44
mathiazsoren: any news ?21:44
sorenkvm 62 was uploaded.21:45
sorenI've just now (within the last 47 seconds) discovered an issie with virtio_net in it which I'm working on.21:45
sorenI've sent the corresponding updates to the kernel to the kernel team.21:46
sorenIt'll be pulled after the alpha releases.21:46
sorenI'm also looking into some last minute virtio fun to include in the guest kernel.21:46
sorenThe paravirt clock, to be exact.21:46
zulsounds scarey21:47
sorenOther htan that, I'm going into mad bug fixing mode.21:47
sorenzul: I pretty much hooks up your guest clock to the host's ditto. And that's the end of sucky timing issues in virtual machines.21:47
mathiazsoren: great21:47
mathiaz[TOPIC] Windows authentication integration21:47
MootBotNew Topic:  Windows authentication integration21:47
zulsoren: how well tested is it? does it report clock drifts and the like?21:48
mathiazdendrobates: is there a new version likewise-open ready to be tested ?21:48
sorenzul: That's the sort of stuff I need to check up on first.21:48
zulsoren: yah :)21:48
mathiazpeople started to test what's in hardy and reported bugs.21:48
dendrobatesmathiaz: not yet.  waiting on upstream.21:49
dendrobatesmathiaz: was supposed to be today.21:49
mathiazOk - I think that's all for the Roadmap.21:50
mathiaz[TOPIC] Any other business21:50
MootBotNew Topic:  Any other business21:50
mathiazanyone wants to add something ?21:50
zulebox had a ffe filed today21:50
zulbut nothing from me21:50
mathiaznealmcb: could you add an factoid for servergui ?21:51
mathiaznealmcb: I've added an item about it on the Roadmap21:51
sommerivoks mentioned that he's been sick for the last 10 days, but should be back soon21:51
sommerto work on bacula, etc21:52
owhDoes this mean we have a meeting that actually finishes in less than an hour?21:53
mathiaz[TOPIC] Agree on next meeting date and time.21:53
MootBotNew Topic:  Agree on next meeting date and time.21:53
mathiazsame time, same place, next week ?21:53
owhThese early mornings are going to kill me one day :)21:54
mathiazalright then. See ya next week21:54
mathiazthanks all for being here.21:55
mathiazAnd happy alpha6 testing ! :)21:55
sommerthanks mathiaz, later all21:55
owhThanks mathiaz21:55
MootBotMeeting finished at 21:55.21:55
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