LaserJockScottK: woot, going for DM00:15
zulLaserJock: dungeon master? :)00:37
LaserJockheh, something like that00:37
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emgentChuck ?01:17
zulshitty gary gygax has passwed away01:18
Hobbseeeffie_jayx: poke02:12
bddebianHeya gang02:15
crimsun_bddebian: 'lo!02:20
bddebianHeya crimsun_02:20
RAOFHeya crimsun_, bddebian.02:21
bddebianHi RAOF02:22
LaserJockhi bddebian, crimsun_ , RAOF02:23
bddebianHeh, heya LaserJock02:23
TheMusoHey folks.02:23
TheMuso(Easier to do. :p)02:23
bddebianHi TheMuso... :-)02:24
crimsun_'lo RAOF, LaserJock, TheMuso02:24
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effie_jayxHobbsee, yep???02:57
crimsunTheMuso: I may need you to upload soonish (or post-Alpha 6 - up to you guys now)03:13
crimsunerr, sorry, alsa-driver being the source.03:13
TheMusocrimsun: Probably post alpha 6 is the best bet atm, but sure I can take care of it.03:14
crimsunTheMuso: thanks.  Given post-Alpha 6, then, I'll ping you.03:15
TheMusocrimsun: Sure.03:15
D-Unitis there a link on the ubuntu wiki that says how to make a .deb? i checked ubuntuforums and found a guide but its not like easy to follow...i dont like guides that always lead u to clicking other links, i like it all in 1 page04:00
TheMusoD-Unit: I suggest you search the wiki for the packaging guide, and go to http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU to be linked to further information.04:00
Hobbseeeffie_jayx: can you fix libapache2-mod-python please?  at least in gutsy, it appears to depend on 2 versions of python.04:05
D-UnitTheMuso, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide ?04:08
TheMusoD-Unit: I'd say thats the one.04:08
D-Unitk, thx04:08
LaserJockoh man, it's awesome when Debian fixes things :-)04:57
LaserJockI thought my fitting program was gonna be toast04:57
* cody-somerville is actually pretty impressed with his interactions with debian.05:07
cody-somervilleI had heard all this bad stuff05:07
RAOFI think the deal is that "Debian" as a whole is not a valid unit of social interaction.05:08
Hobbseethat' strue05:08
Hobbseesome are nice, some aren't.05:08
RAOFYou can have excellent dealings with individual maintainers, but if you try to interact with "Debian" (by, for example, attempting to become NM), it's icky.05:09
TheMusoAll DDs I've worked with have been great.05:09
cody-somervilleIt seems Debian is so big that cliques form05:09
* bddebian refrains from comment05:17
slangasekcody-somerville: how dare you say that Debian is cliquish, I'm not sitting with you at lunch anymore06:01
cody-somervilleslangasek, hehe :D06:01
* cody-somerville makes a note to sit by slangasek at the UDS.06:01
LaserJockit's amazing what Debian talks about on it's mailing lists06:04
LaserJockthey really like to hash stuff around06:04
LaserJock(not that we don't at all)06:04
LaserJockreading debian-devel and debian-project can be really interesting06:05
slangasekthe mailing lists are important for staying on top of where things are going... but they're definitely not where the work happens. :)06:05
LaserJockbtw, I sent in my application for DM yesterday :-)06:06
LaserJockand ScottK sent his in today06:06
slangasekI noticed that, cheers to the both of you06:07
LaserJockhopefully I won't get booted out in the first week ;-)06:07
LaserJockI hope DM will be a real good initiative for Debian06:12
LaserJockI know it's been a motivator for me06:13
nixternaloi oi06:15
TheMusoLaserJock: dm? Is this the same as NM?06:15
StevenKDM is not the same as NM06:16
LaserJockTheMuso: no, it's different06:16
LaserJockDebian Maintainer is for people who don't want to be full Debian Developers yet06:17
LaserJockthey are limited to packages they are a Maintainer or Uploader for06:17
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emgentmorning people08:27
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\shdamn..why people assign randomly bugs, just because there is one who uploaded...grmpf09:52
RAOF\sh: Because they don't understand the process.  And want to make you look bad :)10:07
\shRAOF: I blame sbuild ,-)10:08
RAOF\sh: Yeah, wierd bug.10:08
\shbecause wine works with pbuilder / manual build10:08
sorenWhich bug are we talking about?10:11
RAOFsoren: The bug where wine segfaults on everything if built in sbuild/buildd, and doesn't when built in pbuilder.10:12
sorenSounds like fun. Compared build logs?10:12
RAOFYou'd want to ask \sh that :)10:13
\shsoren: wine crashing10:13
\shsoren: I compared everything...there is no change...I also removed dh_strip to get rid of some problems with it...10:14
\shsoren: funny though: using a snapshot chroot, which is also used for sbuild, and do a manual build...wine works...using sbuild directly -> package binaries -> crash10:15
\shsoren: so I think something strange happens when building the package...and there is a difference between sbuild and pbuilder10:17
sorenA guy posted to the bug with his ./configure output.10:19
\shbut I'm at the end with my knowledge, or as you say in german "ich bin am ende mit meinem latein"10:19
sorenIt's different from the build logs from launchpad.10:19
sorenchecking for -lXi... not found10:20
\shsoren: yes...because he doesn't do the magic we did10:20
sorenchecking for -lXinerama... not found10:20
sorenOn Launchpad.10:20
\shsoren: this is already resolved10:20
\shsoren: a temp problem...(which is not the cause of the crash)10:20
sorenDid you compare the full build logs?10:21
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\shsoren: yepp....I can reproduce this on any compile host I have...the build logs are the same and even the compile output of the manual build compared to the sbuild log (minus the package building process)10:22
\shand if someone has time and wants to help...it'll be appreciated :) I'm lost for now10:24
sorenDo you happen to have the build logs handy from pbuilder where it works?10:25
\shsoren: my sbuild logs are still available..pbuilder i have to recreate one...10:26
* \sh is just building another one...I have to md5sum check the binaries from the package with the ones I build manually10:26
\shsoren: I'll publish them when I have the pbuilder logfile..10:27
albert23\sh: in the bug report you wrote wine does *not* work when built in pbuilder, and it doesn't work for me either. I have a fix to make the pbuilder working again.10:28
\shalbert23: somehow my last pbuilder try worked...sbuild didn't10:29
\shalbert23: what did you change?10:29
soren\sh: sbuild is not really interesting. Launchpad has those, and it's the case where it doesn't work. I want to compare to the case where it *does* work.10:30
albert23\sh: problem is the standard  LDFLAGS to default value: -Wl,-Bsymbolic-functions set by dpkg-buildpackage10:30
\shsoren: yepp..you'll get the pbuilder output :)10:30
albert23\sh: if I reset LDFLAGS and make sure not to strip, it works again10:31
sorenWine is like a half hour build or thereabouts, no?10:33
albert23\sh: this is my debdiff: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5308/10:33
albert23\sh: it makes dh_strip and dbgsym creation work again as well10:33
sorenIt claims to also fix the segfault? Is that accurate?10:34
albert23soren: yes it is10:34
albert23\sh: see also http://www.winehq.org/pipermail/wine-bugs/2007-July/062505.html10:34
\shhmm...give me a shot...10:37
effie_jayxHobbsee,  ping10:38
albert23\sh: note the Unexport FLAGS set by dpkg-buildpackage was not needed and is commented out in debian/rules10:38
\shalbert23: yepp..could you push your change towards the bug report? (bug #191575)10:40
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191575 in wine "wine segfaults on winecfg" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19157510:40
albert23\sh: yes I will, after first cleaning up the unneeded change10:41
\shalbert23: much better, if you could checkout the wine debian/dir from ubuntu-wine project10:41
\shalbert23: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-wine/wine/ubuntu-debian-dir :)10:41
albert23\sh: sorry, I have not used bazaar before....10:43
\shalbert23: ok..I#ll do it then when it works :)10:52
\shbut first lunch...bbl10:52
Hobbseeeffie_jayx: pong11:19
Hobbsee\sh: because they expect you to fix it if they assign it to you.  duh.11:19
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jussi01If i change the /etc/pbuilderrc file distribution to hardy from gutsy, then run sudo pbuilder update --override-config, that will update my pbuilder to hardy successfully?'11:31
sorenProbably not.11:32
sorenAFAIR distributino is only really used at creation time.11:32
jussi01soren: ok, whats the correct way to upgrade pbuilder then?11:32
jussi01delete the base, change the distribution and run pbuilder create again?11:33
sorenYou need to either create a new pbuilder from scratch (which I recommend) or change the source.list in your current pbuilder and then run the command you mentioned.11:33
* soren needs food, so goes to lunch11:33
emgentjdstrand, heya :)11:54
jdstrandhi emgent!11:54
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\shalbert23: you are the hero12:05
albert23\sh: :-)12:06
\shalbert23: would you like to give me your realname?12:07
albert23\sh: it's in the debdiff12:07
staniIs there anyone later today who can help me uploading Phatch & SPE?12:11
emgentjdstrand, i have some debdiff for your todolist :P12:12
stanisorry, wrong channel12:23
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tbfcould someone remove the existing gnome-lirc-properties_0.2.2-0ubuntu1.dsc package, please? it is broken.12:35
tbfhmm... or should dcut do the job?12:36
slytherinDoes anyone know if LZMA is default compression for packages now?12:49
jmehdihi, I'd like to know if I could upload a new package on revu even if it is "feature freeze"12:49
jdongslytherin: no and yes12:53
Hobbseejmehdi: you can.  likely no one will look at it12:53
jdongslytherin: no for most, yes on some large packages12:53
slytherinjdong: large packages like OOo?12:54
jdongslytherin: the compression and decompression costs of LZMA are usually several orders of magnitude away from that of gzip/bzip2 so it's not globally enabled12:54
jdongslytherin: and yes OOo is one of the LZMA'ed packages12:54
jdongthe other cool thing is that it brings "lzma" into main and installed by default12:55
jdongwhich for modern PC's is a great alternative to gzip12:55
zulmeh....dislike doing ffe12:57
jdong"Bug Fix." I swear. ;-)12:59
emgent bug #19873113:05
ubotuLaunchpad bug 198731 in lighttpd "[CVE-2008-1111] Failure to Handle Exceptional Conditions " [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19873113:05
mok0I read in the policy that the distributions field in changelog can be a space separated list of distributions. Does that actually work with the build system?13:15
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azeemmok0: that part is from the old Debian ages, I don't think Ubuntu is using it13:20
mok0azeem: ok. Seems smart though. Although I don13:21
mok0t think the distribution information belongs in changelog13:21
azeem"distribution" as in "hardy", "hardy-backports" etc.13:21
mok0azeem: yes13:21
azeemwhy wouldn't it belong into changelog?13:21
mok0azeem: because it's a silly to have to create a new changelog entry just because you are compiling a package under a new distribution13:22
azeemthat doesn't follow13:22
mok0azeem: no?13:22
azeemyou can override the distribution in the .changes file13:23
mok0azeem: how do you do that?13:23
azeemvi foo.changes13:23
mok0azeem: because it's a silly to have to create a new change file entries just because you are compiling a package under a new distribution :-)13:23
azeemwell, it's what the Ubuntu autobuilders do with synced Debian packages I guess13:23
mok0azeem: I think the logical association is that a distribution is a set of packages. A package does not necessarily have anything to do with a distributgion13:24
mok0In fact, a package can be part of many distributions.13:25
azeema source package mabye13:25
mok0Therefore, it doesn't make sense to define the distribution in changelog13:25
azeembinary packages tend to get rebuilt for the respective distribution13:25
mok0azeem: the changelog documents the source package13:25
mok0azeem: exactly: from the same source13:26
azeemmok0: well, what's your use case?13:26
azeemupload the same source to hardy and dapper-backports?13:26
mok0azeem: I have a bunch of packages that need to be compiled unchanged for hardy13:26
azeemupload the same source to unstable and hardy?13:26
azeemmok0: unchanged fro what?13:26
mok0azeem: unchanged from gutsy13:26
mok0azeem: I need to process them all manually to correct the distribution in debian/changelog13:27
azeemwhy would you upload package to gutsy at this point?13:27
* slytherin wonders why the heck OOo fails to build on powerpc13:27
mok0azeem: we run gutsy on almost all machines13:27
effie_jayxdoes it make sense for apache to have two pyton versions in the depens line?13:28
azeemmok0: and where are you uploading to?13:29
mok0azeem: a local repo13:29
azeemso autobuild the package for gutsy from there13:29
mok0azeem: autobuild?13:30
azeembuld the hardy source package for gutsy13:30
azeemI don't see why you would have to change debian/changelog in this case13:31
mok0azeem: you mean, just override the distribution?13:31
azeemdoesn't pbuilder (or whatever you're using) have an option for that?13:31
azeemsbuild has13:31
mok0azeem: I haven't seen one for pbuilder... I'm not (yet) using sbuild, although I plan to13:32
mok0azeem: In fact, I'd like to have a complete building environment, like that in the PPA13:33
mok0azeem: because I need to build for several distributions and 2 archs13:33
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RainCTtbf: a bit late, but dcut doesn't work on REVU13:50
tbfRainCT: so some demigod has to cleanup it seems?13:51
tbfah! revu's demigod did! :-D13:51
mok0Hmm. Major upset in openoffice in today's hardy upgrade13:54
sorenYeah. Excellent excuse to yank the sucker out. I like it.13:54
mok0soren: Harsh words on an otherwise innocent Wednesday...13:55
\shwhat's wrong with our beloved office app? ,-)13:57
slytherinapart from that it is blazing fast. :-P14:01
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soren\sh: I'm assuming that's a rhetorical question.. :)14:03
\shsoren: kind of ;)14:04
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mok0Trying to figure out what cdbs' tarball.mk is good for. Anyone knows?14:13
azeemit's for orig.tar.gz's which contain other (possibly multiple) tarballs14:16
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hellboy195\sh: congratulation :)14:48
\shhellboy195: no give your congrats to albert23 :)14:48
hellboy195\sh: true but you also put a lot of work and time into it ;)14:49
\shhellboy195: that's one of the duties...:)14:57
\shhellboy195: the only rant i have, the bug was known to wine bugzilla..but was set to closed/invalid14:58
albert23\sh: I liked the explanation: Don't mess with linker flags unless you understand exactly what they do. Now what would the dpkg developer think of that?14:59
hellboy195\sh: grrr15:00
\shalbert23: regarding the wine bugreport...it's wines fault...or better not wines fault, but it's an exception I would liked to know earlier...and it's not any other ones fault of a misbehaving wine...I think wine needs a status like mplayer, which is pushing their own LDFLAGS too15:01
\shalbert23: the fun part about this bug is, that the bugreport was set to closed/invalid, but actually it's not invalid neither should it be closed...15:10
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albert23\sh: yeah, at least they could have given a bit more explanation.15:11
\shalbert23: so for the next time, I need to refine my searches to include invalids/closed bugs too ,-)15:14
albert23\sh: Maybe. Actually, first I found the fix. Only when I tried to validate the fix I found that bug report15:15
\shalbert23: well, after 2 weeks trying to search what was the cause, you don't see the obvious...15:16
\sh4 weeks actually15:16
albert23\sh: it's just that I was caught by those standard flag settings before that made me try this15:17
\shalbert23: which source was it? :)15:19
albert23\sh: that was gcal. First it build fine, suddenly it was FTBFS15:20
bddebianHeya gang15:20
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\shalbert23: but it was CFLAGS in gcals case ... but yes...15:26
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emgentjdstrand, another debdiff for your todolist :P15:39
emgentbug #19873115:39
ubotuLaunchpad bug 198731 in lighttpd "[CVE-2008-1111] Failure to Handle Exceptional Conditions " [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19873115:39
emgenthardy fixed by \sh, gutsy, feisty, edgy, dapper ready and tested.15:39
ScottK\sh: It this a good wine to backport and did you see the note I left for you about kdeguidance wineconfig?15:41
jdstrandemgent: ok.  thanks!15:42
\shScottK: you can try :) and no..I didn't get the note15:42
ScottK\sh: Would you please look at the wine related debdiff in Bug #151982 and tell if you think we should do that?  I'm preparing a kdeguidance upload over the next few days.15:43
ubotuLaunchpad bug 151982 in kde-guidance "Wineconfig doesn't detect Wine" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15198215:43
\shScottK: regarding /usr/local/lib* I think it has to follow the very same rules as /usr/lib*...but I would even drop the /usr/local/lib* check complety15:47
\shScottK: and yes, the patch is fine :)15:47
ScottK\sh: Thanks.15:48
ScottKThe local bit's in there from upstream, so I'll probably leave it.15:48
ScottKUser install stuff in /usr/local it's their problem.15:48
\shScottK: so go ahead :)15:49
ScottKMain's frozen until the last alpha is released.  Unless someone kvetches about the version I have in my PPA, I'll upload it after the freeze is off.15:50
\shScottK: yepp...15:51
\shcrimsun: are you working on a fix for libflashsupport?15:53
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mdomschScottK, did superm1 get you what you needed yesterday re: kde-guidance?16:17
ScottKmdomsch: No, but it's a few days yet, so as long as I get it from one of you soonish.16:17
superm1mdomsch, sorry i got disconnected yesterday when you mentioned my name w/o a log.  what was needed?16:20
mdomschI had a bug at one point against kde-guidance, needing new MonitorsDB file from upstream16:20
mdomschthe copy in the kde-guidance upstream tarball is by definition out of date16:21
superm1you said that you have some of those guys using hwdatadb on the same page, i'm guessing kde-guidance isn't?16:21
ubotuLaunchpad bug 157321 in kde-guidance "28 new Dell monitors for MonitorsDB file" [High,Fix released]16:22
ScottKSo the question would be are there more?16:22
superm1everything is marked fix released on that bug?16:22
mdomschsays 'fix released', but there are plenty more...16:23
mdomschin fact, exactly 2916:23
mdomsch28 more16:23
ScottKsuperm1: I'm uploading a new kde-guidance after the freeze is over, so I'd like to get that wrapped up into it.16:23
superm1ScottK, should just be a matter of grabbing the latest MonitorsDB on that git tree i'd expect16:24
superm1and dropping it in place16:24
mdomschScottK, http://git.fedorahosted.org/git/hwdata.git?p=hwdata.git;a=blob_plain;f=MonitorsDB;hb=HEAD16:24
mdomschis the new upstream for that file16:25
mdomschsuperm1, right16:25
ScottKOK.  I can do that.16:25
superm1mdomsch, ScottK realistically i think it'd be a better idea to stop shipping different MonitorsDB files in different packages, but rather symlink to a "single" MonitorsDB and keep that in sync (add it as a dependency to all the others)16:26
superm1it's probably too late to do that for this cycle, but its something we should look at doing for Intrepid16:26
ScottKsuperm1: I agree.16:27
ScottKBoth with doing and it's to late for this cycle.16:27
mdomschsuperm1, I agree too16:27
mdomschthe hwdata package in hardy is up-to-date right now with the hwdata git tree16:27
superm1ScottK, so if you want to have a small BoF at UDS this time around, all that can get organized there16:27
mdomschthat's where I would expect to see the file live, and kde-guidance get a dep on hwdata16:28
superm1i can write a spec for it16:28
ScottKsuperm1: Please do.  We need to totally revisist displayconfig for Kubuntu for Intrepid in any case.16:28
superm1alrighty :)16:28
mdomschhuh, hwdata shouldn't be quite up-to-date, let me rerun my script16:29
ScottKmdomsch: It'll be a bit before I get to it.16:30
mdomschhwdata is in main btw, as is kde-guidance, so no cross problems there16:31
ScottKmdomsch: Could you also please add this monitor while you're adding so I don't have to maintain it as an Kubuntu unique difference: Bug #19289916:32
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192899 in kde-guidance "New monitor Viewsonic VA702B in MonitorsDB" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19289916:32
mdomschScottK, sure, one sec16:32
mdomschScottK, pushed upstream16:36
mdomschScottK, if you're going to have a bunch of those, we can get you commit rights on the upstream repo16:38
ScottKmdomsch: I probably won't.  I only hit that one because I'm preparing an kdeguidance upload and was trying to cherrypick through the other open bugs and get the easy ones.16:38
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ScottKDarkSun88: Around?18:06
=== Ubulette_ is now known as Ubulette
mathiazScottK: for libdb transition, which package should be used in the build-dep: libdb4.6-dev or libdb-dev ?19:05
ScottKmathiaz: I'd use libdb4.6-dev so you aren't suprised19:06
mathiazAre grepping for transactions in the source code is enough ?19:06
zulmathiaz: im working on cyrus-imap its a bit more complicated19:06
mathiazor is it transaction ?19:06
ScottKzul: What I told them to do was grep for the word transaction in the package and leave it alone if they found it.19:07
mathiazScottK: ok - thanks.19:07
zulScottK: ah ok19:07
ScottKTrying to get less experienced folks to knock out some of the easy ones.19:08
mathiazScottK: and by them you mean ?19:08
ScottKmathiaz: You and others when we discussed it in the server team meetings19:08
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mathiazScottK: ok.19:08
mathiazScottK: if transactions are used, what are the issues ? migration ? API breaks ?19:09
ScottKYou have to migrate the data to a new structure.19:09
ScottKmathiaz: Look at pitti's liddb4.6 transition patch in cyrus-sasl2 for an example.19:09
mathiazScottK: ok. So existing datas have to be migrated. However the source code doesn't need to be updated ?19:10
ScottKAs I understand it, yes.19:11
mathiazScottK: ok. Thanks :)19:11
zulmathiaz: however some the api has changed as well like smtpguard19:12
zuland cryus-imap as well19:12
mathiazzul: when do you catch that error ? when building the package ?19:13
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ruluspersia: FYI, the new gnuvd is in Hardy now :)19:39
* \sh hates wireshark ,-)=19:49
hellboy195\sh: uhh updating wine right now. *Love ya* :D19:51
\shhellboy195: beer at linuxtag is appreciated ;)19:52
hellboy195\sh: I would do it if I'd be there :\19:52
\shhellboy195: you need to come :)19:53
hellboy195\sh: no time, no money :(19:53
* ScottK hands \sh https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment#Removals19:53
\shScottK: lol yeah...it would be better if we could just inject new upstream versions for wireshark...that would stop my headaches ;)19:54
\shcherrypicking patches is boring ;)19:54
\shand bug #19:54
\shbug #172283 is really a long list...downto dapper;)19:55
ScottKPersonally I have a very strong policy of never running wireshark on a machine that's not well hidden behind an external firewall.  I assume it's got security trouble.19:56
ScottKIf I have to do stuff on the internet I use tcpdump.19:56
\shScottK: I wonder really who the guys are finding out all those issues...I think they don't have a real life(tm)19:57
ScottKIt's a popular package.  They do say that with enough eyes all bugs are shallow.19:57
\shScottK: yes, but presenting a malicious mp3 is really art19:58
ScottKYes, but the world if full of artists.19:58
ScottKLast night I went with my wife to see a seamstress about making a dress for her (my brother is getting married next month).  While we were there she was trying to go to the web site of a dress pattern maker and apparently get a typo.19:59
=== kuechengarten is now known as thekorn
ScottKShe ended up with a pop-up recommending she download some 'security' software.20:00
ScottKFortunately she thought before clicking to accept the install and asked me (knowing I know a bit about computers)20:00
ScottKDunno what would have happened if I hadn't been there.20:00
\shScottK: I hope she bought you a nice old bottle of <insert your fav drink here>20:01
ScottKWell she and my wife are still haggling the price of making the dress.  I'm hopin it factors in there.20:01
\shbah....one CVE but already fixed with an old one...what the heck are they doing20:21
emgentgood night people21:06
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* Fujitsu incinerates scipy.21:10
FujitsuI think I've finally got it building on all archs.21:11
FujitsuIt doesn't like it on any arch if LDFLAGS is set at all, but works with FFLAGS set everywhere except amd64.21:11
DktrKranzScottK, do native packages require a FFe if they ship only bugfixes?21:27
\shoh damn...21:39
RAOF\sh: So wine joy?21:40
\shRAOF: much better...my second package I'm buggin in, wireshark21:40
RAOF\sh: Oooh, someone's fixed dh_strip for wine, too!21:49
\shRAOF: na..the fix is -X ;)21:50
\shRAOF: but that was already in my local debian/ dir21:50
RAOFOh.  Well, it's still 1/3 the size of before :)21:50
\shRAOF: well, it should have the size of gutsy again (with some bytes more)21:53
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mathiazzul: can you have a look at bug 182571 and include it in the samba merge ?23:14
ubotuLaunchpad bug 182571 in samba "smb.conf(5): Poor backspace escaping" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18257123:14
slangasekyuck, what's it take to fix the tools being used to generate the manpages?23:17
ScottKjdong: Ignoring the Main/Universe split for backports is definitely there again.  Please complain.23:42
jdongScottK: bug filed23:47
jdongnow we... wait :D23:47
phoenix24Any tool/program to wrap a text file in 80-col format ?23:48

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