Ubulettemozilla bug 40774800:14
ubotuMozilla bug 407748 in Breakpad Integration "Ubuntu 7.10 Crash report submission failed: problem with the SSL CA cert" [Normal,Resolved: invalid] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=40774800:14
lidbasac, Hello, how to resolve the rpath problem when built with xulrunner 1.900:18
lidb__how to resolve the rpath problem when built with xulrunner 1.905:14
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asacUbulette: for cairo: seb is fine with us uploading it. do you have a diff.gz as well? or just the debdiff?09:30
asacUbulette: please bump shlibsversion though09:31
asac(if you didn't do it yet)09:31
asacarmin76: does gentoo have releases?09:34
asacor is it a constantly rolling head?09:34
armin76yes :P09:34
armin762008.0 should be out this month09:34
armin76and i say _should_09:34
armin76because 2007.1 was supposed to get out on november but was cancelled :)09:35
asachuh ;)09:35
armin76so yes, but you don't need to switch to a release when its released09:36
armin76like switching from gutsy to hardy09:36
armin76its all auto09:36
asacok so you cannot stick to an old release?09:36
armin76well, you can, if you don't upgrade your system globally :)09:36
armin76in fact a lot of ppl never upgrade their system because they don't know :P09:37
asacok,l but support for previous releases is instantly dropped when a new release comes out?09:37
asacwell ... then its still "switching" imo09:37
armin76yeah, more or less09:37
armin76but all packages are available to all the releases09:38
armin76except some core packages, like glibc and stuff09:38
armin76but two profiles are maintained atm09:39
armin76so, for example, with 2006.1 on alpha, you were blocked on glibc-2.309:39
armin76with 2007.0 there's no glibc block09:39
asacah ok09:40
asaci understand09:40
asac(a bit)09:40
armin76yeah, its a bit weird :P09:40
asachehe ... i always thought that wierd can be bidirectionally translated to gentoo :)09:41
asac wierd <=> gentoo ;)09:41
* asac hides09:41
asacok, but thanks for educating me09:41
armin76its more easy than debian :P09:41
armin76or ubuntu, at least the development part :)09:41
asacyeah ;)09:41
asachi carlos. thanks for the mail11:11
carlosasac: you are welcome11:11
carlostoday I will fix all issues with the import/export process11:11
carlosand provide you again with updated files11:11
carlosare you able to test your scripts with that file?11:11
phoenix24asac: How should I download sources from CVS ?11:13
* phoenix24 is confused about the TAGS & RELEASES.11:13
phoenix24for fireftp, you specified a TAG, what does it mean =>  export -D "26 Feb 2006 00:00 UTC"11:17
asaccarlos: have you seen my comment about the line feed gltich?11:52
carlosasac: yeah, that's one of the things I'm going to fix today11:52
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armin76[reed]: checkin!17:07
cwong1asac: ping17:24
phoenix24ubotu: bug #19878018:29
ubotuLaunchpad bug 198780 in firefox-3.0 "firefox crashes immediately on opening webpage" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19878018:29
phoenix24cool ubotu!!18:29
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asacgnash + network-manager uploaded19:05
asacright in time for a6 :) ... i am sure there will be no regressions (cough)19:06
Ubulettestill no cairo ?19:07
asac10:30 < asac> Ubulette: for cairo: seb is fine with us uploading it. do you have a diff.gz as well? or just the debdiff?19:08
asac10:31 < asac> Ubulette: please bump shlibsversion though19:08
asac10:31 < asac> (if you didn't do it yet)19:08
Ubulettei've bumped it. do you want the full diff ?19:09
asacyes please19:10
Ubulettewill do19:10
Ubulettehm, asac, full debdiff right ? not diff.gz of 1.5.1219:16
asacnono ... just diff.gz ... and open a bug to track that19:17
asacor not19:17
asaci don't mind19:17
asacbut diff.gz for me ... i think i already have the debdiff19:17
Ubuletteit's the same as my debdiff then19:20
asac[reed]: i get an X61 tomorrow ;)19:20
asacUbulette: how can it be the same19:20
asacthe debdiff was a diff against a debian dir ... while a diff.gz is the _complete_ debian dir (at least) afaik19:20
Ubulettesorry, i meant it brings nothing more compared to the debdiff but nm, i'm upping it19:21
asacfor review the debdiff is better... for applying the diff.gz is easier for me imo19:21
[reed]asac: cool20:04
[reed]asac: since upgrading to hardy, hibernate doesn't work, and I'm having weirder wifi issues with DNS resolution not working at random times20:04
[reed]oh, and then it just died randomly today20:05
[reed]pretty sure it's a gnome-power-manager bug not monitoring power correctly20:05
[reed]and failing to notify me20:05
asac[reed]: i will see tomorrow20:17
asaci guess i will volunteer to test alpha6 CDs ;)20:18
asacISO testing20:18
asac[reed]: which USB instructions did you use?20:18
phoenix24bug 19489420:26
phoenix24bug #19489420:26
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194894 in firefox "Hardy's Firefox reports "version 1.9b3" in "about:"" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19489420:26
phoenix24Firefox About-Dialog says: "Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:1.9b3) Gecko/2008021416 Firefox/3.0b3"20:27
phoenix24is this a valid bug ?20:28
[reed]asac: don't remember... one of the ones you mentioned20:41
[reed]phoenix24: that's an interesting bug20:42
[reed]phoenix24: not seeing it on nightlies20:43
phoenix24[reed]: I was about to traige that, but was already triaged :(20:44
Ubulette[reed], remember our ff3 is built with libxul20:58
[reed]yeah, we use libxul, too20:59
[reed]just not exactly the same way20:59
Ubulettei mean, with --with-libxul-sdk20:59
Ubulettei don't think you do that21:00
asacyay ... an atm just ate 700 EUR21:03
asaci guess you know what mood i have21:04
Ubulettehow could it ate your money, it's supposed to give it to you, not take it from you21:04
asacyes ... i asked for 1k ... then suddenly 300 k came out ... i took them21:05
asacnext i looked and saw a bunch of 50 EUR bills21:05
asaci tried to reach for them ... managed to grab a corner, but suddenly the money was pulled back in21:05
asacand the lid closed21:05
asacso kind of ETOOMANYBILLS21:05
asacnot funny21:05
Ubuletteaahahahaha (sorry)21:06
[reed]asac: call your bank?21:06
asacwell ...  i called them ... they say things will be fine21:06
Ubulettecheck your account on the web21:06
asacthough i somehow doubt it21:06
[reed]"they say"21:06
asacyeah ... but its in the middle of the night and nobody will come21:06
asac(middle of the night for banks)21:07
Ubulettei wish tb3 and sm2 were --with-libxul-sdk ready21:08
* phoenix24 CVS is driving me nuts!21:15
UbuletteIE 8b1 gets 17/100 on acid3, ff3 b4 gets 6421:16
[reed]should be 66-6821:18
Ubulettemaybe, 64 was b3 or something21:18
UbuletteThe server at acid3.acidtests.org is taking too long to respond.21:18
Ubulettewhen built with --with-libxul-sdk, ff3 doesn't install .idl/.h on make install21:26
Ubuletteie the browser part of the sdk21:27
Ubulette[reed], is that something known ? ^^21:29
[reed]I haven't seen a bug on that21:30
[reed]check first21:30
[reed]and then file one21:30
Ubulettekind of tricky to check21:30
Ubulettemozilla bug 374278    21:31
ubotuMozilla bug 374278 in Build Config "xpidl can't find IDL files for java when building firefox with --with-libxul-sdk" [Normal,Resolved: invalid] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=37427821:31
Ubulettecan't find anything21:32
Ubulette[reed], what component is that ?21:33
[reed]Core :: Build Config ?21:34
[reed]cc benjamin21:34
Ubulettemozilla bug 42116821:44
ubotuMozilla bug 421168 in Build Config "firefox using --with-libxul-sdk doesn't install .idl/.h on make install" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=42116821:44
armin76yuck, java21:55
UbuletteBenjamin answered "it's by design"21:56
asacUbulette: can you prod me about that again tomorrow or so21:58
Ubuletteabout what ?21:58
asaci have to ask him something i cannot phrase right now21:58
asacmissing idl+.h21:58
Ubuletteit's WONTFIX now21:58
asacyeah ... but thats bullshit imo21:59
Ubuletteyep, me too21:59
Ubulettedo we know of anything needing those idls ?21:59
asacnot sure ... maybe all are indeed "private"22:00
asacbut i would guess that there are idls that extensions might want to interface wit22:01
Ubulettebug 19804922:03
ubotuLaunchpad bug 198049 in firefox-3.0 "firefox-3.0-dev contains only documentation" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19804922:03
Ubulettethat's what I was trying to fix22:03
asacUbulette: RMs poked at me to reduce the documentation redundancy by linking to equal files in depending packages22:58
asacthinks like copyright is duplicated everywhere22:59
asacif you look at /usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/debhelper.mk:24323:00
asacyou see that cdbs already tries to do that, but it appears it doesn't work for indirect depends nor depends build in the same run23:00
asacbackground: as usual CD space is scarce and we are currently far beyond what would fit onto it ;)23:01
Ubuletteit's 29k * n, still not very huge23:01
asacevery K counts ;)23:02
asacMPL is probably duped as well?23:02
asacoh and we have this bogus README dir in doc as well23:03
asacthats definitly a stupidity thing of debhelper i would guess23:03
asac$ find /usr/share/doc/firefox/README/23:03
asachehe README.build is just 87 bytes ;)23:04
asaci see that MPL == copyright ... so just ignore that comment23:04
Ubuletteyes, i know that. it wanted to fix that since the beginning but i never got the chance23:04
Ubuletteyou patched cdbs in ff223:05
Ubulettejust to add -type f or something like that23:05
Ubulettewe don't care about README.build anyway23:05
Ubulettehm, tb3 with system xul is failing earlier than i expected23:07
asacwhy do you try ;)23:07
asaci mean they don't even try to fix that atm afaik23:07
asaclike seamonkey devs: first features; second something; last: libxul :)23:08
asacUbulette: look at https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/gutsy/+source/network-manager/0.6.5-0ubuntu723:09
asacapparently launchpad _can_ parse changelog contributors (we should include the mail)23:10
asacits just a matter of associating tht in +packages ... or maybe +contributions23:10
asac(the latter doesn't exist yet)23:10
asacanyway, i guess dch should be fixed to copy the email too23:11
asacunfortunately its perl ;)23:11
asac/usr/bin/dch ... is it line 982 where this needs to be fixed?23:12
asacoh its 1086 i guess23:13
asacUbulette: like http://paste.ubuntu.com/5331/ ??23:14
Ubulettenot sure $EMAIL is the right one23:15
Ubulettebut the syntax is correct23:15
asachmm ... wasn't the right place23:15
asacnothing changed if i run dch -r23:15
asaci changed name and email and still got http://paste.ubuntu.com/5333/23:17
Ubulettei'll have a look later, i'm on something else right now23:18
asacha 1038 :)23:18
asac$lastmultimaint :)23:18
asacunfort lastmaintemail is not parsed23:19
asacthats the patch i gues23:23
asacno idea why i added $lastmaintemail to my (...) at the top23:24
asacthe regexp most likely is stupid as well ;)23:25
Ubuletteuse /^ --\s+(.*?)\s+<(.*?)>/ instead23:27
Ubulettebug 13954323:33
ubotuLaunchpad bug 139543 in firefox "firefox .deb overwrites firefox.cfg which stores systemwide settings such as startpage, proxy" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/13954323:33
Ubuletteour /etc/ff3 stuff is totally broken23:33
Ubuletteasac, https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mozilla-devscripts/  was parsed correctly23:38
Ubuletteasac, https://edge.launchpad.net/mozilla-devscripts  how come you have 2500 pt and I only have 24 ??? wtf?23:40

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