directhexyou can configure assorted auto shutdown/wakeup stuff, but i've never sued it00:02
staind9383is there a way to build shutdown / reboot into the menus in myth?  i think that i saw that on a knoppmyth image once00:04
rhpot1991staind9383: I think mythwelcome has them, not sure if it works or not00:06
wilberfandirecthex: you mean in myth itself?00:18
directhexyeah, in myth00:20
wilberfandirecthex:  must be on one of those (myriad) config screens, huh?00:21
directhexyiou can never have too many config screens00:22
directhexjust look at kde!00:22
wilberfanif you shutdown via...er, "shutdown"--is that a problem...?00:22
directhexno idea00:28
wilberfani'm beginning to think it might not be possible to do this from within mythtv... (been doing some reading...)00:30
staind9383this might not be the right place to ask this.... but where/what dir can i put a private key file so that i can login via ssh using keys instead of passwords00:56
tgm4883_laptopstaind9383, http://www.debuntu.org/ssh-key-based-authentication00:59
staind9383so OpenGL support seems to eat CPU when i am on the menu idling...  Basically when i am on the menus doing nothing else, one of my cpu cores maxes out -100% usage by mythfrontend.re.  When i took off open gl menus, this stopped happening01:33
staind9383is this completely strange?01:34
rhpot1991well opengl does menu stuff like fading in and out so its not completely strange01:35
rhpot1991are you using generic graphics drivers?01:35
staind9383this was what i was seeing last night.  I am using the restricted nvidia drivers01:36
directhexit's a myth/theme prolem01:36
directhexsome themes define an "alphapulse" - a pulsing element. there is no limit to how fast it pulses - it's cpu limited01:37
directhexhence 100% cpu use01:37
staind9383do you think that it is specific to the theme that i am using or just a general prob and the fix would be to use QT menus for now01:37
staind9383i see01:37
directhexit's both. a different theme, or the qt painter, both eliminate the issue01:37
staind9383that worked01:40
wilberfanI don't think my frontend is talking to the backend (so-to-speak)...02:14
wilberfani don't think the xfs partition is getting mounted (but i have no idea why)02:14
wilberfanthe fstab seems to be ok...02:15
wilberfan_no...wait..it IS getting mounted...02:16
wilberfan_...i think this happened before:  if the permissions of the 'recording' partition aren't correct, things won't start up correctly....02:17
wilberfan_anyone know about recording partition permissions and myth?02:17
wilberfan_"Could not connect to the master backend server"02:18
rhpot1991mind is 777'd02:19
rhpot1991you can prob just get away with making mythtv or the user running mythtv as the owner/group02:20
staind9383anyone know how to get channel icons?  the link in the wiki to the mkiconmap.pl script is dead02:20
wilberfanas i recall (?) the permissions of the recording partition have to be the same as....something...02:22
wilberfani can get the front end to start...(I can watch videos from a different partition)...but no backend I guess?02:22
wilberfanand why on earth does the keyboard STOP functioning sometimes???02:25
wilberfanthe keyboard WONT work...but the remote DOES?!  WTF02:26
staind9383is there any way to keep the OSD across the whole screen when switching from HD to SD?02:29
npurcifulI am having a problem getting my hdhr to work via dhcp connect to my computer02:32
wilberfan__I'm the owner of the recording partition and the group is 'root'...is that correct?   or should "mythtv" be in there somewhere??02:33
wilberfan__directhex, you around....?02:38
wilberfanany dip left?02:47
tgm4883_laptopwilberfan, the owner:group should be mythtv:mythtv02:51
wilberfani thought maybe so...02:52
wilberfanwhat's the command to change that....?   chmod?02:52
staind9383apparently my cable provider does not implment the 5c flag at all... i can record everythin through firewire02:53
wilberfan__tgm4883_laptop, i don't use that command often enough to remember it...02:53
tgm4883_laptopsudo chown mythtv:mythtv dir02:54
nettow0822what desktop does mythbuntu 8.04 use?02:54
wilberfan__tgm4883_laptop, just the subdir (the recording one) or it's parent, too?02:55
tgm4883_laptopwilberfan, depends on what dir you are in02:55
tgm4883_laptopbut you can do the full path and that would work02:55
wilberfan__not sure what you mean...?02:55
tgm4883_laptopjust use the full path02:55
tgm4883_laptopfor instance02:55
tgm4883_laptopwhere is yours mounted?02:55
wilberfan__so, "sudo chown mythtv:mythtv /mythdata/recordings"?02:57
wilberfan__lets see if that works02:58
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wilberfan__that would be a "woo-hoo!"02:59
wilberfan__yep, that was the problemo....02:59
wilberfan__so just one last problem (i think):02:59
wilberfan__how do i make the front end show up on the TV--and not the monitor...?03:00
wilberfan__I have the TV configured (and have a desktop showing)...03:00
wilberfan__it's "to the right" of the monitor...03:00
wilberfan__but myth starts up on the LCD (not the TV)03:01
staind9383wilberfan__: i had that problem when i first started testing out myth... i didnt intend on keeping the monitor there permanently though, so i ended up just usingthe TV03:10
staind9383i was tryin out component out at the time though, whicxh didnt work as well as vga03:10
staind9383for the tv that is03:10
wilberfanthis is essentially a reinstall of myth (it got severly borked last night)...03:13
nettow0822Is it much trouble to change to gnome if I need too (xfce4 mythbuntu 8.04)?03:13
wilberfan...only, instead of installing a _separate_ mythbuntu...i just installed it this morning under an existing gutsy...03:13
tgm4883_laptopnettow0822, no, it's a simple click in MCC03:14
wilberfanthe clean install of mythbuntu (not under gutsy) results in some kind of configuration (automatically) that starts up on the tv and not the monitor...03:14
nettow0822great ty03:14
wilberfanif the tv is powered on during the install...it recognized it and made it 'default' somehow...03:15
nettow0822I'm still having the xine /mythtv problem.....going to try a newer version of myth03:15
wilberfanbut under this mornings "add mythtv to gutsy" install, i had to manually ADD the tv as a 2nd screen....03:15
wilberfanit IS sending signals to the CRT...but just a duplication of my desktop...03:16
wilberfanthere's gotta be a fairly straightforward way of making the CRT (S-Video) the "default" screen when the frontend fires up...?03:16
wilberfani've poked around in nvidia-settings...but not sure what i'm looking for...03:17
staind9383wish i knew more to help you out :(03:17
wilberfanwonder if i have to do something to the xorg.conf....?03:19
foxbuntuwilberfan, if you plug the tv into the video card and restart X does it pickup the tv03:24
wilberfan__foxbuntu, the tv is always plugged into the video card...03:25
wilberfan__Here's a comparison of the 'old' xorg (that defaulted to the TV) and the 'new' one:  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5297/03:25
wilberfan__(i think the old config only had one device listed, to begin with!)03:26
wilberfan__wonder if this makes a diff:03:27
wilberfan__or, maybe line 112:  Option         "Xinerama" "0"03:28
wilberfan__I'm afraid i'm in over my head with xorg configging!!03:29
staind9383how can you get the video and recording files to show up as downloadable links in mythweb?03:30
staind9383or streamable for that matter03:30
foxbuntuwilberfan, why not replace the current xorg with the old one?03:31
wilberfanhmmm.... that might be worth trying, huh...?03:32
foxbuntustaind9383, they can only be streamed in .2103:32
staind9383i see03:32
staind9383same for downloaded>03:32
wilberfanfoxbuntu: although i WOULD like to know how to 'fix' the current xorg...03:32
foxbuntuno you should be able to download in .2003:33
wilberfanjust for the sake of learning and understanding...03:33
foxbuntuwilberfan, it looks to me like the current one is missing the correct monitor section, Video card settings and Screen settings03:33
staind9383is there a specific setting for that to enable the doanload links?03:33
foxbuntustaind9383, there is no setting...its just part of mythweb03:34
staind9383they dont seem to work for me03:34
wilberfan__foxbuntu, keep in mind that i started with a 'working' Gutsy install (and no TV settings), and then ADDED the TV screen via nvidia-settings... (and then 'merged' them)....03:34
wilberfan__foxbuntu, that's undoubtedly why tv-oriented stuff might be missing?03:35
staind9383ok so the recordings seem to work as downloadable.. not so much the videos03:35
foxbuntustaind9383, videos wont03:36
foxbuntustaind9383, videos show up in .2103:36
staind9383i see03:36
foxbuntuwilberfan__, there is some good docs and wiki's on setting up Twinview for nvidia out, just google for it and you will find out what you are missing03:42
staind9383thanks for the help guys03:43
staind9383i'm headed out for the night03:43
wilberfanhmmm.  my remote (pvr-350) works ok with the menus and shows i've recorded...but NOT with my downloaded videos, etc....04:02
wilberfanonce the video is started (via the remote) no pausing, no jumping ahead, no volume control, etc...04:02
tgm4883_laptopwilberfan, what do you play the videos with?04:08
wilberfanyou mean what proggie?04:08
wilberfanwhatever is the 'default' with myth, i guess...?04:09
wilberfanwhat IS default with myth...?04:09
tgm4883_laptopinternal player04:10
wilberfantgm4883_laptop: i didn't intentionally change it or anything...04:11
wilberfanalthough i did select the option in the setup to install those other 2 or 3 players...04:11
wilberfanvlc and mplayer and...?04:11
tgm4883_laptopwhat remote?04:12
wilberfanthe one that comes with the PVR-350....04:12
tgm4883_laptopprobably just need to generate some codes for it then04:15
tgm4883_laptopyou should be able to do that in MCC04:15
wilberfani don't see a lot of options there...04:18
wilberfan"generate dynamic button mappings"??04:18
wilberfani have no idea what that means...04:18
tgm4883_laptopcheck that04:21
wilberfanok...there's a progress bar....04:22
wilberfanok, now it's gone...  the MCC screen is back, and that "dynamic" box is UNCHECKED again...04:23
wilberfanis that normal?04:23
foxbuntutgm4883_laptop, unban me04:24
tgm4883_laptopthat was an accident04:24
wilberfantgm4883_laptop: success on the remote situation...04:28
tgm4883_laptopgood to hear04:28
wilberfanok.  i'm whipped.  perhaps more tomorrow...  thanks to EVERYone who helped out this morning and again this evening...04:35
wilberfan(loving the new theme and colors, btw!)04:36
wilberfanthat's REALLY disapointing!!:06:22
wilberfani thought it would be fixed by now:   every time I delete the only remaining recording...myth locks up.06:22
citybirdhi, question about controlling set top boxes. where can i get one of those ir controllers to change the channel of the set top box from the computer?11:39
directhex|bspan ir blaster?11:39
citybirdis there a list of controllers that work with mythbuntu?11:39
citybirdir blaster is that what it's called??11:39
directhex|bspgoogling for "ir blaster" works. i believe you get one with the xp media center remote, too11:39
citybirddidn't know that it sends as well11:40
citybirdand this works with mythbuntu.11:42
citybirddam it's cheap!!11:42
citybirdoooo, a 64-bit version. how well does that work??11:59
directhex|bspnot very well, if you have a 32-bit cpu12:01
citybirdheh. ok, ill check that first.12:15
citybirdi have a couple of boxen lying around that i can stick this into for testing...12:16
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javatexanhey guys...finally dug out from that pile of work and now I am ready to get started writing a plugin for mythbuntu.  How is the best way to go about this exactly....is there a development workspace for mythtv or do I have to install it and then just make changes to that version of it?17:10
javatexandoes mythtv have a testing db, fake inputs, etc ....just curious before I head off too far into the weeds17:13
npurcifulhey i got my HDHomeRun and DHCP installed but HDHR_config cant find device, I have it detect connect to my network card via a crossover cable. Can someone help please17:17
pdragonmight want to try the forums if no one here is answering17:38
npurcifulcanone here help my with direct connecting my HDhomerun?18:11
npurcifulCan someone help me with HDHR direct connect please18:43
Chi11yI have a computer that is exactly right on the minimum sysreqs, how bad would it run?18:43
adaptr"exactly right" for what ?18:44
tgm4883Chi11y, what do you mean exactly right?18:45
Chi11ywell, not excatly right18:45
Chi11ythey are spot on18:45
tgm4883AFAIK, it's a range18:45
tgm4883lets do it this way18:45
tgm4883Chi11y, what are your system specs18:45
Chi11ytgm4883: exactly the same as what is called "minimum syste requirements" on the site18:45
Chi11y1.0 GHz x8618:46
Chi11y192 MB of system memory (RAM)18:46
Chi11yand a huge hd18:46
tgm4883what tuner card?\18:46
Chi11yno tuner card, I'm not gonna use fo TV, but more as a media center18:46
tgm4883you should be fine then, providing that you don't try to play HD content18:47
tgm4883or processor intensive video18:47
Chi11yokey, well I wont play no HD18:47
Chi11ynice :)18:47
Chi11ythen I'll check mythbuntu out as media center when I have time, thank you very much! :)18:48
adaptrChi11y: 192MB is enough if you don't use a desktop18:58
Chi11yadaptr: okey nice :)18:58
adaptrwith a desktop and firefox, for instance, it quickly rises to 400MB18:58
* adaptr cannot live without amaroK, so desktop it is regardless18:59
Chi11yI have lighter distros as desktop ;)19:01
adaptra distro is not a desktop19:01
adaptrit typically HAS a desktop19:02
Chi11ywell, as desktop distro, keke? ;)19:02
adaptragain, a distro isn't typically light or heavy19:03
adaptrfor simplicity, one could say that KDE is heavier than Gnome, which is a lot heavier than XFCE19:04
Chi11yit sure can be19:04
adaptrI wouldn't run anything but XFCE on 192 MB19:04
adaptrand probably not even that19:04
Chi11ylol it would19:04
Chi11ywhatya know? :P19:04
Chi11yI've actually used gnome + compiz on that computer19:04
Chi11yit lags abit though19:04
Chi11ybut runs pretty decent19:04
Chi11ythat required some hacking though :P19:05
alexvdAnyone here have mythtv registered to asterisk to do caller id screen pops.  It keeps crashing the frontend. I think its a bug19:35
Tuv0kreport it19:36
KjetilKwhat's the recommended way to start mtd on mythbuntu?20:12
gleedhey, someone wanna help out a newb? Trying to get my mythbuntu to play movies that are packed in .rars without unpacking them?21:47
npurcifulhello anyone have the time to help my setup HDHomeRun direct connect to pc cant seem to get dhcp right21:50
frank23I'm testing out mythbuntu alpha3. Problem is I can't setup my wireless network connection. The network is WPA encrypted. The network settings menu in Mythbuntu is completely grayed out21:53
rhpot1991tgm4883: whats your verdict on the storage groups?22:31
nettow0822Hey all23:10
nettow0822after mythbuntu 8.04 is installed...should I do any updates?23:10
WcktKlwnupdates are a good thing23:11
nettow0822ok ty23:11
nettow0822is it possible to setup a file manager like gksudo nautilus in xfce?23:22
nettow0822what is the graphical text editor in xfce?23:33

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