naliothLjL: just issued a +e in #ubuntu 00:17
naliothplease be watchful00:17
LjLnalioth, sorry, let me give a demonstration00:17
LjLactually, if i give the demonstration the bots will have to forget about the one i just let in00:18
naliothit's ok00:18
LjLnalioth, perhaps if i had the bots do that instead of just setting a +e myself, it's because there is no need to be watchful that way00:18
ubotuThere are many different channel and user modes on !freenode. Here's a list: http://freenode.net/using_the_network.shtml00:21
LjLi'll explain how this works, as i guess seeing a +e is a bit offsetting00:29
LjLthe bots are in #ubuntu-proxy-users (well, no, they aren't right now, because first Mibbit needs to fix a little problem - but pretend they are)00:29
LjLwhen someone joins from an "identifying" web gateway, that is one which provides a way to know the user's *real* host (currently, that's Mibbit)00:30
LjLa +e is set on that session only (so they can't join like a dozen clones - only that session)00:30
LjLand they are informed that they have been granted an exempt to join #ubuntu00:30
LjLwhen they part, or are kicked, or are banned/muted, the exempt is removed00:31
LjLbefore setting the +e, in any case, their real host is checked against the bans list: if it's banned, the +e is not granted00:31
Seeker`makes sense00:42
* mneptok doesw the splits02:14
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ubotuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, recon said: !netsplits is <alias> netsplit02:35
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mneptok24 hur instaban for trying !twss in -offtopic. good idea?02:52
PiciHow about aliasing twss to a reason why it should be used.02:53
mneptokif that trigger returns *anything* i think we're asking for trouble02:54
ubotuprince_jammys called the ops in #ubuntu (Strawberryjam)04:06
nickrudmneptok: don't you ever sleep?04:08
mneptoknickrud: i figure ill catch up on sleep when i die04:09
nickrudhuh. I just had imagemagik open a picture in firefox. Weird04:10
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Cpudan80Hey guys05:19
Cpudan80see HILLARY_CLINTON in #ubuntu05:19
Myrttiwhat the heck06:12
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tonyyarussogeez, lots of splits today07:34
jussi01where did it go???07:40
Hobbseestill lots of netsplits, even though teh connections in are fine07:46
Hobbseethe test bot keeps dropping in and out too07:46
Hobbseeflooodbots are acting up again07:59
HobbseeLjL: ping07:59
* Hobbsee deops them08:01
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Jucatoubotwo`: join #kubuntu09:02
jussi01Jucato: Ill bring my bot in. please kick when ubotu gets back09:08
JucatoI used to have ubotwo powers :(09:09
jussi01have you identified to the bot?09:09
Jucatoit doesn't reply at all09:13
Jucatojussi01: which one is your bot?09:14
jussi01in #k now09:14
Jucatois there an ubotu4? :D09:14
Jucatoubot4 I mean :)09:14
jussi01I dont know, but whatever09:14
jussi01muted in here?09:18
Jucatolooks that way...09:18
AmaranthYou guys seen anymore bots?09:20
jussi01Jucato: do you have super cow powers in #ubuntu?09:20
jussi01Amaranth: no,09:20
jussi01Amaranth: are you op in #ubuntu?09:20
Jucatojussi01: nope09:21
Amaranthjussi01: Yep09:21
jussi01Amaranth: ok, I will add ubot5 to #ubuntu if you like, if you could then kick it when ubotu comes back?09:21
Amarantheep, ubotu left09:22
Amaranthalright, i guess that works09:22
Amaranthhey, wtf09:32
Amaranthubotu is still alive and in other channels09:32
jussi01umm really?09:32
Jucato#kubuntu-devel for one O.o09:32
jussi01not alive to me...09:33
jussi01doesnt respond to pms09:34
jussi01Jucato: wth is going on there??09:35
Jucatono idea :(09:36
jussi01anyway, i need to be going soon. if ubot5 does anything weird, please kick/ name ban if necessary. Ill be gone for a good few hours. 09:37
Jucatoand thanks09:38
jussi01no probs09:39
jussi01(just dont ip ban, as thats me as well)09:40
* Jucato snaps fingres09:40
Jucatofingers even09:40
jussi01oh, and dont tell anyone about @why :P09:42
* jussi01 -> gone09:43
jussi01Jucato: back for a sec, you now have control of the bot, if need be. so any rogue factoids etc. its not identified to services, so no pm replies. 09:49
Jucatohm.. ok :)09:50
* jussi01 -> really gone now09:51
stdinjussi01: you still here?10:00
MezLjL, ping10:13
Mezand Pici, I guess too10:13
jussi01stdin: back for a few mins, whats up?10:15
stdinjussi01: you should probably put the bot in here, so we can see when ops is called, and in -monitor too10:16
stdincan it do what ubotu does, show the message after the | ?10:17
jussi01ubot5: join #ubuntu-ops-monitor10:18
ubot5jussi01: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:18
stdinit's in there now :)10:18
jussi01yeah, its just rying to find that as a factoid also10:19
jussi01!test | stdin, like this?10:21
ubot5stdin, like this?: Failed.10:21
stdinjussi01: no, like when someone calls ops | some reason10:21
jussi01stdin: Im not sure. Ive never tried calling ops with it. 10:22
ubot5jussi01 called the ops in #dib5sn10:22
jussi01well that worked. 10:22
ubot5jussi01 called the ops in #dib5sn10:22
jussi01stdin: no. 10:22
stdinwell, at least there's a notice in here now10:23
Mezjussi01, replacement? why cant Seveas's code just be dropped over ?10:24
Mezwait, where is ubotu ?10:24
jussi01Mez: ubotu is missing. hence ubot5 10:24
jussi01replacement = fill in10:24
Mez* [ubotu] (n=ubotu@ubuntu-nl.org): Ubotu10:24
Mez* [ubotu] #ubuntuforums #ubuntu-devel #ubuntu-motu #kubuntu-devel #edubuntu #ubuntu-classroom #xubuntu 10:24
stdinit's not joining most channels for some reason10:25
jussi01hehe, I think i just figured it out. ubotu doesnt seem to be identified, so its not respondng to pm?10:26
stdinalso ubotwo` isn't responding, and no one here has access to ubot310:26
stdinit responds to me :)10:26
jussi01do you have pm from unregged users on?10:26
stdinof course10:27
Mezyes, as do I10:27
Mezer, I think it might have been an issue with the netsplit last night10:27
stdinit's generally a Good Thing(tm) for an op10:27
MezI think also, if a staff member kills it, it should come back, identify and rejoin10:27
jussi01hence it responds to you. can we make it identify somehow?10:27
jussi01anyone remember the irssi command to turn it on?10:28
Mezjussi01, /msg nickserv set filtered off10:28
stdin*unfiltered on10:28
Mezoh lol10:28
jussi01done :)10:28
MezLjL and Seveas are the only people who can make it identify10:29
jussi01someone call Seveas... :P10:30
* Mez sends him a text message10:30
MezRight, he's got an SMS waiting for him10:32
Mezah, fone not on10:32
Mezweird, my sisters cute colleague added me on Myspace10:35
jussi01meh... myspace... :P10:36
jussi01Mez: are you into that social networking stuff? if so, could I have an opinion?10:37
Mezjussi01, "into" it, no - "use it", yes, "create it" yes10:38
jussi01Mez: aye, got you. can you give me an opinion of what you think about the site the company I work for is developing? (if you want an invite tell me and Ill send you one) www.lifematta.com10:39
Mezjussi01, Don't know if I'm the person to ask, seeing as I'm actually working on Social Networking code right now, so professionally, I shouldn't really comment10:42
jussi01Mez: ahh, fair enough. :)10:43
MezI will have a brief lookn though10:43
jussi01Mez: curiosity, can you reveal which social networking site? (ok if not)10:43
Mezjussi01, it's the social networking stuff for vBulletin10:44
Mezjussi01, my first thought is "what the hell does this do"10:44
MezIt doesnt seem to be made clearly on the front page, or on the about page10:45
jussi01ok, good point10:45
MezForum needs more styling, looks like it's broken, 10:47
jussi01yeah. I agree with that10:47
jussi01the whole site needs tweaking, its nly about 1 week old10:47
MezNavigation back to a users page, and around that users profile isn't exactly intuitive10:48
Mezand it seems a little like a WAYN clone.10:48
jussi01Mez: btw, I thought "LifeMatta is a service for sharing location information and multimedia from the mobile phone with friends." was reasonably clear?10:48
Mezjussi01, too many buzzwords, sounds like marketing speak instead of "telling the end user what we do" speak10:49
Mez"Tell and show people where you are and what you're doing"10:50
ubot5stdin called the ops in #ubuntu10:52
jussi01Mez: care to join me in #dib5sn? probably better to chat there than here10:52
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Amaranthjussi01: I don't see the point of this website11:38
AmaranthThen again I don't see the point of twitter either11:38
AmaranthReminds me not to work on anymore social networks11:38
Amarantherr, remind11:38
jussi01Amaranth: hehe, fair enough. some people love it, some hate it11:39
* Seeker` dislikes web dev11:39
Amaranthit's a google maps + flickr mashup?11:40
AmaranthAlso, isn't social networking kind of broken if you have more than one site for it? :P11:41
jussi01Amaranth: sort of, but the real bit is the realtime uploading from the mobile phone - meaning you dont have to do _anything_ just have your mobile with you.11:41
AmaranthSame argument as launchpad11:41
AmaranthIf we had a million installs of launchpad the whole point of the thing would be gone11:41
jussi01I dont follow... (kinda tired here)11:42
jussi01the idea is that it is an add on to current sites etc, not a replacement11:43
jussi01soon there willbe facebook integration11:43
LjLuh... was there a "little" split?13:50
stdinjust a wee one13:50
PiciLjL: When?13:50
LjLPici: 7:3713:51
LjLand before, 4:3013:52
LjLbut the 7:37 one made the bots totally panick13:52
PiciLjL: What timezone?13:52
LjLPici: UTC13:52
PiciLjL: Ah, yes.  That was when a third of freenode fell off.13:53
LjLPici: i see, a little split.13:53
PiciOr at least, it seemed like that.13:53
Jucatoubotu is still AWOL except in #kubuntu-devel btw13:57
PiciAnd #ubuntuforums #ubuntu-devel #ubuntu-motu13:57
Jucatowhoa? is ubotu +i now? didn't notice that :)13:58
LjLJucato: always been for a long time :)13:58
LjLwho's ubot5?13:58
Jucatobecause ubotwo` isn't working either13:59
PiciWhat about ubot3?13:59
LjLseems working to me13:59
JucatoI must have been gone that long....13:59
Jucatoa while ago it wasn't13:59
JucatoI mean when jussi01 put ubot5 in13:59
stdinwell ubotwo` isn't responding to /msg's14:09
LjLdoes for me...14:09
LjLubotu is also up and running, but not identified14:10
PiciNether is ubot514:11
LjLPici: but in ubotu's case i guess that means it can only join a limited number of channels14:11
PiciLjL: I don't think the two issues are related14:11
LjLPici: hm?14:12
LjLPici, ubotu is working, it's not even lagged14:12
LjLit's just that  [Whois] ubotu is a user on channels: #kubuntu-devel #kubuntu-kde4 #ubuntu-classroom #ubuntu-motu14:12
LjL(of course it's on more than that)14:12
LjLi think it would help if staff could ghost it :)14:13
Picihay there14:15
LjLPici: see? it's at maximum channel #14:15
PiciLjL: ahhh14:15
LjLi had to make it part another channel to join here14:15
PiciLjL: I misunderstood.14:15
PiciLjL: do you have @reconnect power?14:15
LjLPici: no14:16
LjLPici: i should be able to ask it to identify to nickserv, but that doesn't seem to be working either14:16
ubot5dgjones called the ops in #ubuntu14:16
Piciwakka wakka wakka14:17
LjLPici: hah i made it14:18
LjLPici: little trick was asking it to change nickname14:18
LjLstill now i don't know what the original channel list was *sigh*14:18
LjLjussi01: make 5 part and tell me which channels it's on please14:20
PiciLjL: @config supybot.networks.freenode.channels14:24
Pici@config supybot.networks.freenode.channels14:24
ubot5Pici: #dib5sn #kubuntu #ubuntu #ubuntu-ops #ubuntu-ops-monitor #ubuntustudio-devel14:24
ubotu#bzr #edubuntu #falcon #jokosher #kubuntu #kubuntu-devel #kubuntu-kde4 #kubuntu-offtopic #kubuntu-testers #launchpad #launchpad-meeting #ubuntu #ubuntu+1 #ubuntu-accessibility #ubuntu-artwork #ubuntu-au #ubuntu-bots #ubuntu-bugs #ubuntu-ca #ubuntu-chicago #ubuntu-classroom #ubuntu-desktop #ubuntu-devel #ubuntu-doc #ubuntu-gr #ubuntu-il #ubuntu-in #ubuntu-installer #ubuntu-ir #ubuntu-irc #ubuntu-iso #ubuntu-kernel (2 more messages)14:25
ubot5Pici: Error: You haven't asked me a command; perhaps you want to see someone else's more.  To do so, call this command with that person's nick.14:25
ubot5Pici: Error: You haven't asked me a command; perhaps you want to see someone else's more.  To do so, call this command with that person's nick.14:25
LjLpici, thought that command was privileges14:25
ubotu#ubuntu-lb #ubuntu-locoteams #ubuntu-marketing #ubuntu-meeting #ubuntu-midwest #ubuntu-mobile #ubuntu-motu #ubuntu-motu-torrent #ubuntu-mozillateam #ubuntu-mythtv #ubuntu-mythtv-dev #ubuntu-ni #ubuntu-nl #ubuntu-no #ubuntu-offtopic #ubuntu-ohio #ubuntu-ops #ubuntu-ops-monitor #ubuntu-proxy-users #ubuntu-read-topic #ubuntu-release #ubuntu-release-party #ubuntu-server #ubuntu-testing #ubuntu-uk #ubuntu-unregged (1 more message)14:25
ubotu#ubuntu-us #ubuntu-us-az #ubuntu-us-co #ubuntu-us-ga #ubuntu-us-mi #ubuntu-us-mn #ubuntu-us-oh #ubuntu-virginia #ubuntu-wine #ubuntu-x #ubuntu-youth #ubuntuforums #ubuntuforums-beginners #ubuntuforums-hardware #ubuntustudio #xubuntu #xubuntu-devel #xubuntu-offtopic14:25
LjLPici: still ubotu's list is not complete - it's just the channels i made it join now14:25
LjLor, not...14:25
PiciLjL: thats @channels, and yes, this *should* be locked down14:25
LjLPici: yeah14:25
LjLubotu should be back into all channels it used to be, please tell me if that's not the case14:41
popeycan !envy please be reworded to be less terse and dismissive?15:15
ubot5envy is not needed or supported. Use the Resticted Manager to install binary drivers and see « /msg ubotu binarydriver »15:15
ubotuenvy is not needed or supported. Use the Resticted Manager to install binary drivers and see « /msg ubotu binarydriver »15:15
PriceChildWow that's better than it was... what do you suggest?15:16
popeyi dunno, I just don't like the wording15:16
popeyit smacks of "you're too stupid to do this properly"15:16
popeyand after a discussion in #ubuntu-uk it seems that even some semi-intelligent people use it :)15:17
popeyspecifically for the ATI driver15:17
Mezpopey, who do you count as semi intelligent and using it15:17
popeynot you, don't worry :)15:18
PriceChildThe way I read it, I see it saying that envy is pants.15:18
Mezpopey, I know, I'm not using it15:18
popey"Envy is a 3rd party tool to assist in the installation of binary video drivers. Some people find it helpful for keeping up with new drivers that aren't yet in the official repositories. Use at your own risk."15:18
popeyhow about that?15:19
LjLit should be clear that we aren't going to support a system where envy is used15:20
popeywould we support a system where someone had installed a binary driver from nvidia.com or ati.com ?15:20
popeyso it shouldn't have any different status than that then15:20
PriceChildis there an nvidia.com factoid you can reference to show what it shouldn't be any different form?15:21
LjLpopey: it may give a false impression that it's actually doing things the correct was, as opposed to installing manually15:21
popey"Envy is a 3rd party tool to assist in the installation of binary video drivers. Some people find it helpful for keeping up with new drivers that aren't yet in the official repositories. Use at your own risk. We generally recommend people install binary video drivers from the repository, not from the vendor website or from 3rd party tools"15:21
popeyLjL: what makes you think envy does anything any _less_ _or_ _more_ evil than vendor supplied drivers?15:22
popeyit's better in some ways in that it has a nice uninstaller15:22
Myrttiyeah, my samsung mfp has a nice uninstaller too15:22
Myrttitoo bad the whole installer is crap and it can't unmake the mistakes it's done itself15:22
LjLpopey, i said it gives an *impression*15:22
LjL!envy is an unsupported tool to install newer versions of binary video drivers than provided by the official repositories. Use at your own risk, and remember that the latest version is not necessarily the "best". See « /msg ubotu binarydriver »15:23
ubotuBut envy already means something else!15:23
LjL!no envy is an unsupported tool to install newer versions of binary video drivers than provided by the official repositories. Use at your own risk, and remember that the latest version is not necessarily the "best". See « /msg ubotu binarydriver »15:23
ubotuI'll remember that LjL15:23
PriceChildWe suggest packages from the repository. If someone is trusting to install ubuntu, they install those packages.15:23
ubotuenvy is an unsupported tool to install newer versions of binary video drivers than provided by the official repositories. Use at your own risk, and remember that the latest version is not necessarily the "best". See « /msg ubotu binarydriver »15:23
LjLpopey: it tells me "hey look this will generate a .deb for you, that you can install like anything else", so i start to believe it's safe to use15:23
Davieyerm, ati driver from ati.com _can_ produce a deb15:24
Davieyi assumed that is what envy did, just scripting the process together15:24
PriceChildWe suggest packages from the repository. If someone is trusting to install ubuntu, they install those packages.15:25
Davieythink you said that one15:26
AmaranthEnvyNG (hardy only) is very sane and safe to use15:49
Amaranthwell, as safe as installing a new driver can be (bugs in the driver)15:49
PiciAmaranth: Is there a Envy (non NG) for hardy?15:56
LjLdon't despair, it's back already16:06
mrunagijust wondering if i get my ban lifted today16:36
jussi01hi all16:42
jussi01ubot5: part16:42
jpatrickhi jussi01 16:42
jussi01hi jpatrick 16:42
jussi01was ubot5 removed from #kubuntu and #ubuntu? or did Jucato part it?16:44
Jucatoremoved. didn't get to part it :(16:44
Jucato[22:31] <-- ubot5 has left this channel (requested by LjL).16:44
Jucatojussi01: ^^^16:44
jussi01ok. thanks. Ill go make sure it doesnt auto join next time. thanks16:45
naliothwhat happened to the 4th ubot* ?17:09
naliothand who does ubot5 belong to?17:09
jdongthere's ubot2many!17:09
Pici@lart jdong 17:09
Picinalioth: er, I mean its jussi01's17:09
LjLhere we go again17:12
Seeker`whats with all the netsplits today?17:13
PiciThere was a wallop about DDoSes earlier.17:13
PiciI don't know if this is the same problem though17:14
Seeker`didn't see it17:14
Seeker`ah, yes, seen it now17:14
Piciwell, ubotu is in #ubuntu, but with a tail and un-identified17:24
LjLPici: it's just happening again, will have to rejoin it to everything, argh17:26
Jack_SparrowLjL, I know you are busy, but when you get a chance, explain what is happening.. or is it just some major split17:28
PiciJack_Sparrow: major split17:28
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LjLJack_Sparrow: i know as much as everyone else i'm afraid17:31
Jack_Sparrowok, thanks17:34
mrunagiso i was just wondering if today is the big day17:43
LjLwhat big day17:44
mrunagithe big ban lift day17:44
LjLforget it... i never said you could ban evade and misbehave again while doing it, during the time you were banned17:45
LjLyou know what17:45
mrunagido i?17:45
mrunagior did i just ask what for fun17:45
LjLyou know what.17:45
LjLyou were back with two attempts at ban evasion.17:46
mrunagii dont believe i was17:46
mrunagibut you are the all knowing op17:46
mrunagii can never disagree17:46
LjLindeed, it would be no use.17:46
mrunagiof course not17:46
mrunagiops are ALWAYS right17:46
mrunagiand NEVER listen to reason17:46
mrunagiif i was to ban evade i would get on my cell phone17:46
LjLreason is not coming back with a different ident.17:46
mrunagiyou dont know my situation17:47
mrunaginor will you listen17:47
LjLno, the time for listening has long gone.17:47
mrunagithere was never time for listening17:47
mrunagithere never is17:47
mrunagiif you are wrong you dont want to hear it17:47
mrunagibecase ops are NEVER wrong17:47
mrunagiwhich is bull17:47
mrunagiyou should ban me not my server17:47
LjLi told you already17:47
Picimrunagi: How do you want us to do that?17:47
LjLcomcast doesn't allow you to put on a server17:47
mrunagiban my nick  not my server17:48
LjLso don't come up with lame excuses nobody is going to believe17:48
LjLi don't think so17:48
mrunagiof course you dont17:48
mrunagiyou dont listen to reason17:48
mrunagiyou are NEVER wrong17:48
PiciCrazy today..17:49
LjL[18:50:02] <mrunagi> i didnt fucknig ban evande you piece of shit jackass17:50
PiciI don't think he gets it.17:50
LjLsearch for "waynrdude" in the tracker17:50
PiciAlthough I do think that we should have re-banned as soon as we knew he was evading.17:50
mrunagiso thats how you run things17:51
mrunagiyour word is THE word17:51
mrunagiwrong or not17:51
mrunagiand then kick people when there is wrong doing17:51
Picimrunagi: Do you have anything constructive to contribute here?17:52
mrunagiyea i do17:52
mrunagiif i am allowed17:52
mrunagii dont know what i can and cant do17:52
mrunagiim wrong no matter what17:52
mrunagi1 + 1 = 2........if an op says its 3 then its 317:52
LjLmrunagi: do you have anything constructive to contribute here?17:52
* stdin emphasises the word "constructive" there17:52
mrunagiif you have a problem with me then ban me dont ban my business17:52
mrunagii was NOT ban evading17:52
mrunagii wasnt IN here in the past 2 days17:53
mrunagii wasnt ON irc in the past 2 days17:53
mrunagii dont care what LjL THINKS17:53
stdinplease, ease up on the enter key and the CAPS17:53
LjLmrunagi: if your business has a server connecting using comcast, then you're against the terms of services anyway.17:53
LjLmrunagi: and you're responsible for your internet address, in any case.17:53
LjLyour connection is banned.17:53
LjLthere's nothing you can do about it right now.17:53
LjLif you have something else, then please state it, else leave.17:54
mrunagiyou said you wouldnt lift my ban because i was ban evading17:54
mrunagitherefore i have an issue here17:54
mrunagibecause i was not ban evading17:54
LjLyou really cannot claim that.17:54
Picimrunagi: Theres a few things going on here.  Not just an instance of ban evasion.17:54
mrunagii can claim whatever i want to claim when its the truth17:54
mrunagiif i wanted to evade i would have evaded17:55
PiciI dont like overusing this phrase but:  Whatever.17:55
LjL[Wed Mar 5 2008] [01:26:10] Join        camserver has joined this channel (n=camserv@c-67-167-160-147.hsd1.tn.comcast.net).17:55
LjL[Wed Mar 5 2008] [01:26:10] Part        camserver has left this channel (requested by ChanServ).17:55
LjL[Wed Mar 5 2008] [01:28:53] Join        mrunagi has joined this channel (n=mrunagi@c-67-167-160-147.hsd1.mi.comcast.net).17:55
LjL[Wed Mar 5 2008] [01:29:00] <mrunagi>   thank you nosrednaekim17:55
LjL[Wed Mar 5 2008] [01:29:13] <nosrednaekim>      mrunagi» for?17:55
LjL[Wed Mar 5 2008] [01:29:20] <mrunagi>   <----------camserver17:55
mrunagiits not me17:55
Picic-67-167-160-147.hsd1.tn.comcast.net is your connection.17:56
PiciYou're on that right now.17:56
mrunagithere are 7 people working in this building17:56
LjLmrunagi: don't be ridiculous, you *stated* it was you.17:56
LjLreally, enough time wasted.17:56
mrunagithis is stupid17:56
mrunagiyou wont listen to anyone17:56
PiciWe're only going on what evidence we have.17:56
mrunagiif you think you are right then you are right17:56
LjL[18:50:29] <mrunagi> maybe if you were a good fucking op you would actually listen to people you piece of shit17:56
mrunagithat is stupid17:56
mrunagii dont care!17:56
mrunagii asked you if you are banning me, my nick, or my 17:56
jussi01poor stdin 17:58
stdintab completion is stupid ;P17:58
Picitab completion is stdin 17:59
* jussi01 waits for him to pop up somewhere else17:59
pleia2he's in #xubuntu complaining18:03
Piciah, I'm not in ther18:03
pleia2of course he's stopped now :) but his language was not nice at all18:04
LjLi'm sure it wasn't, i'll pass on there though18:05
mrunagi_big time18:09
PiciMaybe let him in here but leave him muted?18:11
LjLPici: i'm sure he can come back18:11
PiciI'm sure as well.18:12
no0ticnow, he certainly ban evaded :)18:12
LjLno0tic: it's only the fourth time by now18:13
PiciLjL: #freenode18:14
no0ticLjL, and he still claims he didn't 18:14
no0ticwow, klined18:16
mrunagi_so where do i file a complaint against ops that abuse their power18:17
mrunagi_and when you  ban someone are you banning the person, the nick, or the server18:17
PriceChildmrunagi_: ubuntu has a conflict resolution process, leme find the link.18:17
LjLor not18:18
mrunagi_anyone answer the question?18:19
Seeker`Why does he keep on getting K-lined18:21
Gary'cos he keeps k-line evading?18:21
Seeker`but what caused the initial K-line?18:22
credibleerm was there a reason for nixternal to be k-lined? O_o18:22
Picicredible: hes on comcast18:24
PriceChildSeeker`: I assume lots of ban evasion18:25
Seeker`How does he keep on comin gback without changing his host?18:26
LjLSeeker`: look carefully at the hostnames18:26
Seeker`ah, they are changing18:26
Seeker`some look very similar at a quick glance18:26
LjLfor some reason, comcast is stupid enough to give the same IP a slightly different reverse hostname18:27
naliothfor the same IP, even18:30
Giuggi_someone know when Lollo's ban expire?18:32
PiciGiuggi_: Bans don't expire.18:32
PiciThey need to be lifted manually.18:32
Seveas<-- ubotu has quit (Client Quit)18:33
Seveasthat was me18:33
PiciI figured. 18:33
Seveasit's on its way back18:33
Giuggi_...sorry, I used maybe a wrong word18:33
Giuggi_a ban can disappear?18:33
SeveasGiuggi_, someone can lift a ban18:34
LjLSeveas: "client quit" kind of gives it out18:34
LjLGiuggi_, why doesn't your friend come here to ask himself?18:34
Giuggi_what is the meaning of "lift"?18:34
SeveasGiuggi_, remove18:34
PiciGiuggi_: remove.18:34
nixternalwho was the idiot behind my kline?18:34
Giuggi_...I don't know ...18:34
Giuggi_I ask him18:34
* Pici doesn't point at nalioth 18:34
Giuggi_because he's banned, I think18:35
LjLGiuggi_, not from this channel18:35
PiciGiuggi_: what issue are you talking about now?18:35
PiciGiuggi_: er, nevermind, I misread.18:36
naliothnixternal: you unfortunately have nasty neighbors18:36
nixternalwe all do, but that still isn't enough reason for me to get klined18:36
nixternaleverybody with a . in this hostmask has nasty neighbors18:36
Amaranthnixternal: finger slipped? :)18:37
LjLhi LollinopiL18:37
Seveasnixternal, someone klined *!*@*, that was fun18:38
LollinopiLhi everyone .... please can u delete my ban from ubuntu's channel ? 18:38
LjLLollinopiL, not that easy18:38
nixternalhehe, they did that the other day on OFTC18:38
nixternaland they said it was a boog18:38
LjLLollinopiL: why did you spam that link several times?18:38
LollinopiLi've only spammed a youtube video 18:38
LjLLollinopiL: "only"? you've done it *twice*, in several channels18:38
LollinopiLuhm sry ... buy i was excited by compiz's power .. !18:39
nixternalthat was my first kline ever...damnit nalioth you ruined my record for 0 klines in roughly 15 years18:39
LollinopiLi need ubuntu's help ... i've leaved completely winzoz !18:39
LjLLollinopiL: windows*18:39
PriceChildLollinopiL: I may be thinking of someone else, but you put this in more than #ubuntu didn't you?18:39
naliothnixternal: i can include you in all future klines, if you wish...  ( you can hold the record for "most klines and still welcome" )18:40
LjLPriceChild: yes, -ot, something else... two consecutive days18:40
LollinopiLlet's enable only ubuntu one if u want18:40
nixternalhey, a new record!18:40
LollinopiLubuntu channel ... 18:40
PriceChildLjL: as well as other channels like #freenode and #defocus?18:40
PiciPriceChild: I think so. At least #defocus18:40
LjLPriceChild, not that i noticed18:40
AmaranthEveryone gets excited about compiz :)18:41
AmaranthExcept the poor maintainers and the main bug triager18:41
AmaranthI may be biased here18:41
LjLPriceChild: but, yes (#freenode at least)18:41
AmaranthJust a little bit18:41
LollinopiLuhm yep ... so do i have some hopes to enter again in ubuntu chan to have some help ? 18:41
LollinopiLcm on it wasn't an offtopic video too loool !18:42
LjLLollinopiL, it was an offtopic video.18:42
LjL#ubuntu is a support channel18:42
AmaranthLollinopiL: All youtube videos are offtopic :)18:42
LjL#ubuntu-offtopic is for non-support stuff18:42
LjLand you *knew* about #ubuntu-offtopic18:42
AmaranthAnd #ubuntu-offtopic is sick of me talking about compiz already :P18:42
LollinopiLyes i know it guys, i was joking :)18:42
LjLLollinopiL: why don't you register to freenode, by the way?18:43
LollinopiLhowever ... what's your answer ? can i join ub support channel again ?18:43
LollinopiLwhat's freenode ?18:43
LjLLollinopiL: freenode is the IRC network you are on.18:43
LjLLollinopiL: (second, bot is lagging)18:43
ubotufreenode is the IRC network that you're on! See http://freenode.net/faq.shtml18:43
ubotuBy default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname.18:43
LollinopiLuhm i didn't know i had to reg18:43
LjLLollinopiL: you don't *have* to, but that will give you a unique identity on the network, and it will allow you to send private messages to other people18:44
LollinopiLokz i'll do it18:44
LjLLollinopiL: i would like you to read our guidelines, too18:44
LjL!etiquette > LollinopiL    (LollinopiL, see the private message from Ubotu)18:44
LjLLollinopiL: please come back when you have read everything in there, and tell us if you have any questions18:44
LollinopiLi've a question now before the reading 18:45
LollinopiLare you18:45
LollinopiLa member of the Community Council ? uhuhuhuhuh18:45
LjLno, i am not18:45
LollinopiL( i'm reading an ubuntu's book )18:45
LollinopiLoh okz18:45
LollinopiLbut you're an ubuntero 18:46
LollinopiLok i go to read18:46
AmaranthLjL: Aren't you on the IRC Council?18:48
AmaranthWow I really need to keep up with these things18:48
LjLAmaranth: he asked about the community council18:48
LollinopiLonly the best in the CC18:48
AmaranthLjL: Right, but the CC is not directly involved or responsible for IRC :)18:49
PiciAmaranth: I think he was just curious.18:49
LollinopiLbut it meets in IRC18:49
LollinopiLyes 18:49
LollinopiLwhere can i register my nick ?18:52
Pici!register | LollinopiL 18:52
ubotuLollinopiL: By default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname.18:52
LollinopiLdon't findi it in bot's messages18:52
LjLi gave it before...18:53
LollinopiLoh okz18:53
LollinopiLi go to dinner, then i'll do it 18:53
LollinopiL10 min and i come back ;)18:53
LjLok, see you18:55
=== LollinopiL is now known as LoLLo
LoLLouhm i think i've registered my nick 19:01
LjLLoLLo: you're still not identified. you need to /msg chanserv identify <password> (do it in your status window), or even better, put your password as the server password in your IRC client19:02
LoLLouhuh LoLLo is already registered19:03
LoLLohmmmmmm 19:03
=== LoLLo is now known as LollinopiL
LjLLollinopiL: you can ask for LoLLo to be dropped, it's old19:03
naliothLollinopiL: if you want lollo, /nick to it19:03
LollinopiLnow i do /nick ?19:04
=== LollinopiL is now known as LoLLo
LoLLonono i keep the other19:04
=== LoLLo is now known as LollinopiL
naliothLollinopiL: see PM19:04
LjLLoLLo: as you prefer. you should have two, anyway, one primary and one secondary19:05
LjLat least, it's better to have two19:05
LollinopiLuhm okz19:05
=== LollinopiL is now known as LoLLo
LoLLook i've registerd 2 nick19:06
LoLLonow ?19:06
LjLLoLLo: now you should link them. which one do you want as primary?19:06
LoLLoi must write here nick and password ? i keep LoLLo as primary19:07
LjLLoLLo: then « /msg nickserv link LoLLo <password> » (NO, not here)19:07
LjLerr, i meant to say19:07
LjLforget that19:08
LjLLoLLo: 1) /nick LollinopiL19:08
=== LoLLo is now known as LollinopiL
LjLLoLLo: 2) /msg nickserv link LoLLo <password>19:08
LjLLollinopiL: this will help you in case you lose your connection19:09
ubotuOn IRC, if you own a nick that is currently being used, you can make it quit by typing: /msg nickserv GHOST <username> <password>19:09
LollinopiLdone ?19:10
LjLLollinopiL: i have no idea. you can /nick lollo again if you're done.19:10
=== LollinopiL is now known as LoLLo
LjLno, it's not done, the two nicknames are still not linked as far as i can see19:11
LoLLoeverything's ok19:11
LjLLoLLo: well, have you read the ubuntu irc guidelines yet?19:11
LoLLowell can i join support channel now ?19:12
LoLLouhm no, but now i'm reading the book on my bed 19:12
LoLLoi've read the behaviour rules like nickspam etc etc19:12
LjLLoLLo, if i let you back in the channel, you will *have* to follow everything in !etiquette, or otherwise you will be banned again19:12
LoLLono problem, thx for averything19:13
LjLLoLLo: so make sure you read them and don't spam again19:13
LoLLosure 19:13
LoLLothx and sorry !19:13
LoLLoeverytime i log in i must typ 19:14
LoLLotype 19:14
LoLLomsg etc etc ?19:15
LjLLoLLo: no, you can set it as the server password19:15
ubotuYou can identify automatically by using your NickServ password as the server password in your IRC client. When identifying manually, do NOT send the command from a channel's tab, or a typo may give away your password. If that happened, type « /msg NickServ set password <new-password> » in the server tab as soon as possible.19:15
ubotuIn #kubuntu, frank_ said: ubotu, kde4 is KDE 4.0.2 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. KDE 4.0.2 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.2.php - More information can be found at http://www.kde.org/announcements/announce-4.0.2.php - Support in #kubuntu-kde419:15
LjLLoLLo: how that's done exactly depends on your IRC client19:15
ubotuKDE 4.0.1 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. KDE 4.0.1 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.1.php - More information can be found at http://www.kde.org/announcements/announce-4.0.1.php - Support in #kubuntu-kde419:16
LjL!kde4 is <reply> KDE 4.0.2 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. KDE 4.0.2 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.2.php - More information can be found at http://www.kde.org/announcements/announce-4.0.2.php - Support in #kubuntu-kde419:16
ubotuBut kde4 already means something else!19:16
PiciKDE 4.0.X is the latest....19:16
LjL!no kde4 is <reply> KDE 4.0.2 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. KDE 4.0.2 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.2.php - More information can be found at http://www.kde.org/announcements/announce-4.0.2.php - Support in #kubuntu-kde419:16
ubotuI'll remember that LjL19:16
LjLPici: better to have the version number, the less confusion the better19:16
LjLi updated the channel topic but forgot the factoid19:16
PiciLjL: Right, these are KDE users19:16
* Pici hides19:17
Amaranth'To whoever made it so you can't /nick when you're in a channel you can't send to: please die in a chemical fire.'19:33
PriceChildGonna give flaccid_ https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcTeam/DisputeResolution. He's just trolling me in pm.19:33
PriceChildAmaranth: /nick Hello-im-talking-in-a-moderated-channel19:33
PriceChildAmaranth: /nick you-all-smell19:34
PriceChildAmaranth: /nick understand-it-now?19:34
AmaranthPriceChild: /nick ajax-said-it19:34
=== TheSheep is now known as I-have-no-mouth-
I-have-no-mouth-argh :)19:35
=== I-have-no-mouth- is now known as TheSheep
Piciah, :)19:36
TheSheepexecuted it by mistake19:36
Amaranth<ajax> you could just /join, /part, change your nick, and repeat.19:38
Amaranth<ajax> all you've done is made nick-spamming _more_ annoying19:38
flaccid_PriceChild is breaching guidelines and has banned me for claims of breaching guidelines due to lag with ubotu.19:38
flaccid_this is with #ubuntu19:38
Seeker`flaccid_: how did he breach guidelines?19:38
Piciflaccid_: or what does he claim you did?19:38
PriceChildflaccid_: that is incorrect. I muted you temporarily, then decided not to unmute, and banned after discussion with you in pm.19:39
flaccid_be considerable, be respectful, be collaborative19:39
flaccid_i pointed a user to ubotu factoid, ubotu lagged. so i said search the wiki to get the result19:40
flaccid_PriceChild went a bit crazy from then on19:40
Amaranth<Gibb> Hello. How do I setup a crontab to start a media filetype at 6 pm tonight?19:40
Amaranthgah, lost my place19:41
Amaranth<flaccid_> learn cron19:41
flaccid_yeah i know crontab already Amaranth19:41
flaccid_but thanks anyway19:41
AmaranthThis is a paste from #ubuntu19:41
AmaranthDon't try to be funny19:41
flaccid_[Thu Mar 6 2008] [04:38:41] <flaccid_>!crontab19:42
flaccid_[Thu Mar 6 2008] [04:39:28] <ubotu>cron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto  -  There is also a decent Howto at http://www.tech-geeks.org/contrib/mdrone/cron&crontab-howto.htm19:42
flaccid_nearly 1 min lag there19:43
Piciflaccid_: so?19:43
flaccid_i got banned for it19:43
Piciflaccid_: no. 19:43
Pici"14:43:24 <?flaccid_> i got banned for it19:43
Pici"google is quite helpful19:43
Pici12:43:13 <?flaccid_> i also advised to search the wiki which is a primary knowledge base19:44
Pici12:43:23 <?flaccid_> what else should i do, spoonfeed?19:44
Pici12:43:34 <?flaccid_> i am also a volunteer19:44
Pici12:45:18 <?flaccid_> i thought ubotu was lagging19:44
Pici12:45:52 <?flaccid_> smells like double standards :p19:44
PiciI see we disagree here.19:44
AmaranthIf you don't want to help don't help19:44
AmaranthTelling people to go search the wiki or google something does not help19:45
flaccid_how does it not help?19:45
flaccid_i used ubotu first, then it lagged so  i asked them to search19:45
flaccid_thats not outside guidelines, thats within guidelines19:45
Piciflaccid_: They're in IRC not because they want to be told to look through google or the wiki.19:45
Seeker`flaccid_: Most poeple know they can find stuff on google or the wiki - they come to IRC because they want human help19:45
flaccid_i understand that19:46
flaccid_not exactly, i've been helping for over 3 years and not many people search19:46
Piciflaccid_: The only times that is a valid response is after all other support methods are exhausted.19:46
flaccid_what are the support methods please Pici19:46
Piciflaccid_: Actually walking someone through troubleshooting. 19:46
PiciOr if its something that we have a wiki that walks them through, you can provide them with a link.  19:47
PriceChildI think its best that this doesn't drag on and a decision of whether I wheteher what he did was against the guidelines or not.19:48
PriceChildI think it would be good to then sort out any other problems quickly, such as his acccusations against me personally.19:49
PiciPriceChild: Although one party isn't supposed to be the mediator.... thanks :)19:49
flaccid_i don't see this in the guidelines19:49
flaccid_please point me to a URI on "walking someone through troubleshooting"19:50
flaccid_in the guidelines please19:50
PiciHow about. Listen to the bot: 19:50
Picioh.. it just died, didn't it?19:50
flaccid_Pici: thats what i did originally. i pointed the user to the correct factoid.19:50
flaccid_Pici: this is the problem and why PriceChild accused me of insufficient help19:51
flaccid_because of ubotu lag19:51
PiciBut now that ubotu isn't around, I'm going to provide you with a link to what it would have said, instead of telling you to go find it yourself.19:51
Amaranththe guidelines basically say "don't be a jerk" and I'd say telling people to go search on google fails that test19:51
flaccid_but thats not in the guidelines19:52
flaccid_i can't find the word jerk in there19:52
flaccid_i gave them the factoid, just like you tried to give me then19:52
Piciflaccid_: Telling people to RTFM or to "just google it" is not very polite, find them a url or at least give them some directions to documentation they can use.19:52
flaccid_then on fallback asked them to search the wiki19:53
flaccid_not google19:53
Piciflaccid_: Under the "When helping: be helpful" heading19:53
flaccid_i didn't do that19:53
Pici then19:53
Pici12:39:06 <?flaccid_> Gibb: google gives all19:53
Amaranthflaccid_: You're reading the guidelines very strictly19:53
flaccid_i mean PriceChild gave me !volunteer19:53
Amaranthflaccid_: Just because you didn't use those exact words doesn't change the intent19:54
flaccid_my intent was to help a user19:54
flaccid_so i agree19:54
flaccid_it is not my fault ubotu is not responding. maybe you should fix that?19:54
Piciflaccid_: What issues do you have with PriceChild here? What actions has he taken against the guidelines?19:55
flaccid_i already pointed that out19:55
flaccid_its more the other way19:55
flaccid_i tried to help a user and got banned because of ubotu lag19:55
flaccid_that is not something i should have to take responsibility for19:55
AmaranthNo, you got banned for what you did after ubotu wouldn't give the answer19:56
Piciflaccid_: But you didn't say "Oh, the bot is lagged, let me find the link", you just told them to look at google19:56
flaccid_and how would i verify that ubotu was lagged?19:56
AmaranthIt didn't say anything?19:56
AmaranthThat's how you tell, it didn't say anything19:57
flaccid_thats kind of outside the guidelines anyway Amaranth19:57
PriceChildAmaranth: he was muted temporarily for that.... he was only banned after the pm discussion19:57
AmaranthCould we see that? :)19:57
flaccid_we are working with something scientific here, not emotions.19:57
* Amaranth hugs ubotu19:57
flaccid_oh hooray19:57
Amaranthflaccid_: And the guidelines are not a legal document, they are guidelines19:57
Piciflaccid_: Do we have to explicitly put 'use common sense' in the guidelines?19:58
PriceChildPici: that's in isn't it?19:58
flaccid_common sense does not equal common practice, you guys have demonstrated that19:58
PiciPriceChild: Probably, I didnt look too hard.19:58
PriceChildI will be back in 20 mins19:58
Amaranthflaccid_: If your interpretation of the guidelines does not match ours that is not our fault.19:58
AmaranthPriceChild: Hold on a second.19:59
flaccid_subjectivity and ambiguity will be the problem for you guys forever until you write a proper document.19:59
AmaranthPriceChild: It'd be useful if we could see a log from the PM19:59
flaccid_legal or not, it needs to be explicity and not general. i hope you understand that.19:59
Amaranthflaccid_: No because most people don't have problems because the guidelines are basically "use common sense and don't be a jerk"19:59
flaccid_Amaranth: you summarised it yourself. you are not everybody.20:00
AmaranthWe only have problems with people that do not do those things and then try to say the guidelines don't say what they did is wrong.20:00
flaccid_thats your interpretation20:00
flaccid_its not my fault your guidelines are 'fuzzy'20:00
Piciflaccid_: We can't put down every single possible iteration of an issue in the 'guidelines'20:00
flaccid_learn to copy-right20:00
naliothflaccid_: explicit documentation would require more paper than any forest could provide.  please don't continue down this path20:00
flaccid_see a lawyer, do whatever you need to do to fix it20:01
Amaranthflaccid_: And being in #ubuntu is a privilege, I'm not seeing a problem here.20:01
AmaranthIt is not a right.20:01
flaccid_isn't that what ubuntu needs?20:01
Piciflaccid_: Your attitude here is not helping your case very much.20:01
flaccid_don't you guys wan't clarity and legal position in the market?20:01
naliothflaccid_: this is going nowhere.  did you have anything else?20:01
Seveaswhat ubuntu needs is people being respectful to each other flaccid_ 20:01
Seveasflaccid_, and you're not showing any of that20:02
flaccid_Seveas: i've done that for over 3 years20:02
flaccid_look at #kubuntu logs20:02
flaccid_i'lll rest my case there20:02
Amaranthflaccid_: You are not doing so now20:02
flaccid_i've helped thousands of people compared to the operators20:02
flaccid_that is a fact.20:02
flaccid_past, present, future. they are all important20:03
flaccid_ubuntu's future is probably the most important20:03
PiciI can't even come up with a nice response to that.20:03
AmaranthNope, I deleted three responses trying20:03
Seveasa clear case of bruised ego20:03
AmaranthThe nicest was probably "We are operators because we were being helpful and showed good judgement"20:04
AmaranthI will admit to not being very active in #ubuntu over the last year or so though, because I've been busy helping in other ways :P20:05
PiciMine started off "We don't care if you helped Mark Shuttleworth himself", but I think I was being too adversarial.20:05
AmaranthHey I've done that :P20:06
AmaranthHe really likes compiz ;)20:06
LjLi think he was being borderline in #kubuntu or somewhere hours ago already20:08
stdinhe's often borderline, needs "reminding" of the rules often20:09
Pici12:42:13 <?flaccid_> i'm banned from everywhere20:10
PiciDoesnt give me nice feelings20:10
LjLyeah, that.20:10
LjLhe was discussing bans with unagi20:10
PiciYou didn't miss much20:23
Seeker`lo PriceChild 20:23
PriceChildI'm amazed he /part'ed so easily20:23
PriceChildWas talking with im in pm since them mute.20:23
TheSheep.oO( and to think that most marketing companies are struggling to *create* passionate users )20:37
AmaranthTheSheep: If only we could direct such passion20:42
naliothTheSheep: how are you voiced and not identified?20:42
TheSheepnalioth: I accidentally changed my nick and then changed back20:43
bod_hey guys,. i was wondering about getting a factoid !appreciate  i just helped someone for like 30mins, although some of things i suggested were not amazingly helpfull his attitude was rude and unappreciative. I have seen this happen a few times in #ubuntu and although there are factoids that touch on my point, none of them really get my point accross i was thinking of "Excuse me, but all of the people in this channel have given t21:52
bod_heir free time to help 'you'. 'You came with a problem and volunteers gave their time and effort to help 'you'. 'You' returned their kindness with rudeness. Seeming as this factoid has been al about 'you' perhaps you should sstop being so self centered and say 'Thank you'. "21:52
Seveasbod_, I think that one's a bit too harsh but the idea is good21:52
stdin!attitude | there's this21:53
ubotuthere's this: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines21:53
bod_stdin, its kinda brief and i dont think makes a big enogh impact21:53
bod_Seveas, fancy given !appreciate a touch up?21:53
Seveasbod_, yeah I'm thinking about it21:54
Seveas!appreciare is <reply> The people in this channel are all volunteers who donate their valuable time. Please do not 'reward' this kindness with rudeness. Saying 'Thank you' is more appropriate.21:55
ubotuI'll remember that, Seveas21:55
Seveas!forget appreciare21:55
ubotuI'll forget that, Seveas21:55
Seveas!appreciate is <reply> The people in this channel are all volunteers who donate their valuable time. Please do not 'reward' this kindness with rudeness. Saying 'Thank you' is more appropriate.21:55
bod_nice, me like21:56
Seveashi Giuggi 21:56
LjLSeveas: actually i kind of hate it when people thank me21:56
Seveaswhat can we do for you?21:56
LjLuseless traffic, for starters21:56
PriceChildPoint is that its more appropriate than rudeness.21:56
SeveasLjL, well, that's your problem then :)21:56
bod_but better then people bein rude21:57
PriceChildIf someone doesn't get thanked or rude to, then factoid isn't called at all.21:57
Seveas.!ljl is <reply> Do not thank this one!21:57
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ljl - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi21:57
bod_oh, i see the dot now ;~)21:58
bod_thankyou for your input guys, Seveas PriceChild (not LjL cause he doesnt like it) ;~)21:59
bod_stdin aswell,.,.;~)21:59
bod_cya later guys *waves*21:59
Jack_SparrowKeep an eye on laughed ...22:16
ompaulGiuggi, how can we help you22:17
Jack_SparrowI had enough and muted him...(Laughed)22:18
ubotuThere are many different channel and user modes on !freenode. Here's a list: http://freenode.net/using_the_network.shtml22:23
ompaulJack_Sparrow, he was trolling 22:24
Jack_SparrowThanks .. I tried PM but he would not listen22:25
ompaulyou should have removed him once he came out with that - 22:25
Jack_SparrowWhen should I un do it22:25
ompaulI would not bother22:26
ompaulI'd let it expire naturally 22:26
Jack_SparrowOk.. I made notes just in case.. thanks again22:26
ompauli.e. when the list is being cleaned22:26
ompaul* Poacher (n=Poacher@ool-4355eaeb.dyn.optonline.net) has left #ubuntu (requested by ompaul: "ban evasion")22:31
ompaulJack_Sparrow, you might be interested22:31
Jack_SparrowGood one..22:32
Jack_SparrowHow did yo spot him.. I was busy with that modem22:33
LjLwho's this guy?22:33
Picihes a poacher22:33
ompaulJack_Sparrow, IP22:33
ompaulool-4355 with ISP22:34
ompauldown side it is dyn22:34

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