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Ngshould alpha5 have had the EXA greedy stuff for most Intel chips?11:38
NgI re-installed with it last night and I got EXA, but it's not greedy11:39
jcristauNg: for 965 afaik11:41
Ngah I thought it was going to be extended to cover older chips too11:42
mvobryce, tjaalton: can we get something like http://people.ubuntu.com/~mvo/tmp/xserver-xorg-video-intel_2.2.1-1ubuntu3.debdiff ? there was a discussion on the xorg list and i965 has hardware overlay afterall - it would be nice to use it11:51
mvofor me on my 965 even with greedy a fullscreen video is flickering11:52
mvothe debdiff has two issues: a) textured video is still default b) it conflicts somehow with the exa+greedy patches (blank screen when both are applied)11:53
mvoplease let me know what you think11:53
* mvo -> lunch11:53
tjaaltonmvo: you mean remove patch 01_fix_compiz_video.diff and replace with 10&11? why not11:59
tjaaltonNg: ugh, I should have uploaded that package, but forgot11:59
Ngaha :)12:03
NgOOI, is there a way to enable EmulateScrollWheel type things without editing xorg.conf?12:03
tjaaltondon't think so12:03
tjaaltonbusy hacking into winxp :) ->12:04
mvotjaalton: not exactly, 01_fix_compiz_video needs to stay, but in a modified form, it is required for xf86VFillKeyHelperDrawable - but that is something that should probably go upstream too12:19
mvotjaalton: it needs some love to make it work with bryce greedy patch, I don't know it, so I will just wait for bryce to comment. but the ubuntu3 version works fine for me and video playback is smoother and work on 965 and compiz the same way as the others (that is, on screen transformations the video window is blank, but it does not do any damage like dri)12:20
tjaaltonmvo: ok, sounds good12:31
mvothanks tjaalton12:32
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mvobryce: did you see my earlier question about 965 and overlay mode?20:44
tjaaltonmvo: I guess he's on sick leave..20:44
mvotjaalton: oh, sorry then, I wasn't aware of ths20:45
jcristautjaalton: badalloc with -intel on i830 with XV and compiz, does that ring any bells for you?20:46
brycemvo: yeah came down with the flu... let me check20:47
mvoget well! its not terrible important, I was just curious about your opinion (see scrollback for more details)20:49
tjaaltonjcristau: hmm, actually I've seen that with nvidia20:49
brycemvo, it looks like it adjusts support for some features with 9xx and 965 hardware.  If upstream has reviewed and accepted it, and if we have ample testing by people on various hardware, it may be safe.20:53
brycemvo, since it opens up functionality where it's not been available before, it probably needs a lot of testing20:54
brycethe patch feels a bit more on the "feature" side than "bug fix" side, so I'd also want to understand the problems it solves in more detail20:54
brycemvo, also it appears there are several distinct patches in the patch, that look like they're not interdependent (but I could be wrong).  It may be better at this stage in the release to treat each piece as a separate patch, to make it easier to revert them individually if needed.20:56
brycemvo, I'm also curious how it conflicts with the greedy patch20:57
mvobryce: the patch adds a option to make textured video configurable (that bit is complettely optional) and it also turns on the hardware overlay support for i965 (just like we for 810-945). overlay video runs much smoother for me than textured video (at least with compiz)21:14
mvoupstream is in the process of reviewing it (keith replied to the patch on xorg some days ago)21:15
mvoI have no idea how it interactes with the greedy patch currently, i haven't looked into that21:15
mvowe didn't do that for gutsy (i965 hardware video overlay) because we thought that it would not be available on i965 (there were no docs from intel back then)21:19
mvobut it turns out that there is hw overlay support 21:19
brycemvo, ah gotcha.  Since I'm not up to par anyway, let's wait for keithp's review first, and see what form of the patch they take upstream.21:33
mvosounds good, thanks for looking at it21:33
mvoand get well soon :)21:33
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