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sadmac_Keybuk: how do you feel about fusefs?15:36
Keybuksadmac_: in what kind of sense?15:52
sadmac_Keybuk: In the sense of solving your logd problem15:52
Keybukhow would that help?15:53
Keybukis there anything you can do with fusefs that you can't do with any other fs?15:53
sadmac_Keybuk: we can create those ring buffer files without having to submit a kernel patch15:54
Keybukyou can do that with a tmpfs15:54
sadmac_how's that?15:55
Keybukwell, ish15:56
Keybukit wouldn't be a ring15:56
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sadmac_and it would keep growing through the life of the system15:57

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