vrkhanshi i dont know for some reason my panel just disapear , i tried xfce4-panel in terminal, but as i exit the terminal my panel disapear too. what should i do01:38
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solomonis there a known issue with recent versions of audacity in xubuntu?03:28
solomoni have 1.3.4-1.1ubuntu1~gutsy1 which i think was recently updated, and i can no longer open audio devices03:29
crimsunerr, well, that is a backport.03:43
solomonhm, perhaps i should remove the backport and reinstall the known-working ver then03:51
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larsemili have the feeling that xubuntu doesnt mount my usb-disks as good as my other computer with ubuntu. is there a solution to this?07:39
Dennis2good morning ;)07:47
Dennis2somebody here who can tell me a little bit about xubuntu?07:49
larsemili have the feeling that xubuntu doesnt mount my usb-disks as good as my other computer with ubuntu. is there a solution to this?08:20
gabkdll1larsemil: ubuntu and xubuntu use different volume managers08:34
larsemilgabkdll1: can i tell my xubuntu one to use ubuntus instead?08:36
gabkdll1start thunar08:37
gabkdll1go to edit -> preferences08:38
gabkdll1uncheck "enable volume manager"08:38
gabkdll1then install gnome-volume-manager08:39
gabkdll1I think that should do it08:39
larsemilwill try08:39
gabkdll1although, I think that might pull in some other dependencies08:39
gabkdll1plus, you will then have the option of configuring gnome's volume manager ;)08:40
larsemilit barelly pulled anything else08:40
larsemilbut it did not work...08:41
gabkdll1did it start? try "ps -ef | grep volume"08:42
larsemilyes its started.. but looks like thunar is still trying to mount it.08:43
gabkdll1oh :(08:43
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gabkdll1maybe you have to restart for the configuration to take effect? or maybe kill Thunar manually?08:46
larsemilwill try to restart x08:48
hyper_chTheSheep: are you online?12:18
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GHETOOOOhi, i have debian and i want to install xubuntu, but i dont know how to uninstall debian, and not having problems with the grub once i install xubuntu, so if i just use the cd of xubuntu, and pick my partition of debian and to be formated to install xubuntu will that be ok or its deeper than that?13:46
pleia2GHETOOOO: that's fine, there is a step in the installer where xubuntu will want to install it's version of grub, and that will handle your boot loading stuff13:49
GHETOOOOpleia2 ok thats what i needed to know :), and look xubuntu supports spanish?13:51
GHETOOOOhi? does xubuntu supports spanish? anyone... :)13:58
maxamillionGHETOOOO: yes14:07
GHETOOOOnice :)14:07
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Faust-Canyone awake/alive14:35
Faust-CTheSheep, mind if i ask a few questions14:36
ubotuIn place of  "Does anyone/anybody...", please be aware, one persons expert is another persons beginner, please ask your question in full, then see what helps!14:37
haakon1Can i change the linuxboot.cfg to run the live-cd from the hd (with default.xbe added in the apps-section of avalaunch)?14:45
maxamillionhaakon1: no clue, try it out and if it works ... go to the wiki and document it, not sure anyone has tried that15:02
haakon1Where is the init located? Getting kernel panic15:04
TheSheephaakon1: in initrd15:06
haakon1append init=f:\Apps\Linux\isolinux didnt work15:07
TheSheepno wonder, linux doesn't know what f: is and doesn't use backslashes in paths15:09
haakon1I kinda knew that, but since this project most likely isnt going to work, I used my optimism in the config: )15:10
* totalwormage knows the feeling15:11
haakon1But this isnt been done before? I just want linux on my xbox without giving up avalaunch :)15:11
sloopywhen i try to put my wireless pci card in ap mode it gives an error (madwifi driver) does the stock xubuntu driver not have the ap stuff compiled in?15:53
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mrunagifucking ops dont listen to ANYONE17:57
mrunagithey only fucking care about what THEY think17:57
RULONhi i have a problem that has me :@, i downloaded ubuntu a few weeks back, i burned the iso, boot from the cd, checked my language, and set "start or install ubuntu" and the loading starts but theres one point when the loading bar finishes,and u think its about to start the installation manager then my monitor starts just turns off, and the leds starts to titilate, well i tried everything so i desisted and installed debian, well now i burned today the xubuntu im17:59
RULONi guess noone knows about this here, is there any way to install xubuntu with only a command, i mean without the graphic interface18:09
RULONMY GOD NOONE HELPS HERE? does xubuntu atleast have an alternate cd? one that installs from the terminal?18:19
TheSheepRULON: yes, it does18:27
RULONTheSheep is it hard to install from the alternat cd? or it just runs by its own?18:38
TheSheepRULON: about as hard as with the livecd, you just have menus instead of clickable buttons18:39
RULONTheSheep ok18:41
RULONTheSheep that will be my solution to my gui interface not appearing on the monitor right18:41
RULONcause its just pure terminal18:42
ubstud /msg NickServ jusama9119:01
ubstudoh well19:02
ubstudanyway could someone help me get my video card working correctly?19:02
TheSheepubstud: that's a pretty generic question, care to elaborate?19:03
ubstudTheSheep, well I don't think it's working correctly, like the desktop runs fine and stuff b19:04
ubstudbut like games don't19:04
ubstudfor example I'm trying to play Unreal Tournament (original) and it doesn't run properly, it lags, doesn't run in full resoultion and I can only start it in safe mode19:05
ubstudI don't think 3d accell is working correctly19:05
TheSheepubstud: now, the most important question is: what graphics card do you use?19:05
ubstudlspci says I have a: VGA compatible controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. S3 Unichrome Pro VGA Adapter19:06
ubstudI know it's intergrated..but on the previous versions of Xubuntu I got it working fine after some help. I don't remember what I did19:06
ubstudbut I know it involved openchrome.19:06
TheSheepI don't know anything about s3 :(19:06
TheSheepyou migth want to google and search the forums19:07
TheSheepor ask on #ubuntu -- the graphics stuff is similar19:07
ubstudok, ty19:07
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Nfreaker91hey guys20:07
Nfreaker91i want to install xubuntu20:07
Nfreaker91do i need ext2 or can i use fat32 ?20:07
uninvitedI won't stop you20:07
zoredachethouh it is possible to do on fat32/ntfs ext3 or some other *nix filesystem is strongly reccomended20:10
uninvitedzoredache is right20:13
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Nfreaker91i'm not sure i get whar ur saying, ill just use ext2 or ext3 then...20:16
zoredacheNfreaker91: I am trying to say that running it on fat32 can be done... but it a) takes a fairly advanced level of skill to do it b) will perform worse then use ext3 c) will be less stable and far less well tested then running on ext3 d) will confuse anyone trying to help you20:17
Nfreaker91zoredache:  thanks, that helped me a lot. ill just use ext3. im not looking for a challenge, just want everything to work20:19
Nfreaker91but is it possible to have a harddisk that can be read by both windows and linux? can is use fat32 for that, if linux is installed on a different one?20:20
zoredacheNfreaker91: from the linux side you can read the fat* partions without any work, and for ntfs partitions you can use ntfs-3g20:21
zoredachefrom the windows side there is a driver that allows you to read ext2/320:21
zoredachea fat* partition is will be supported on both sides without having to install any drivers or additional software to make things work20:22
Nfreaker91zoredache:  thanks, thats exactly what i wanted to know20:22
haakon1Hi. Does xubuntu or x-dsl support reading the xbox hd?21:51
TheSheephaakon1: 'x' in xubuntu comes from 'xfce', not from 'xbox'21:52
TheSheephaakon1: just in case, and I don't really know the answer :)21:53
haakon1But it supports xbox. :)21:53
TheSheephaakon1: I think there was something like 'xbox ubuntu' or such21:53
TheSheepfor a while at least21:53
haakon1Anyhow, I've installed xbox-damnsmalllinux but i dont know how to mount fat-drives21:53
TheSheepmount -t vfat /dev/hda1 /mnt/myfat21:54
zoredacheif it is fat, it should be something like 'mount -t vfat /device /mountpoint'21:54
ubotuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions21:54
zoredacheIs there a way to completely disable the 'you did not choose your prefered browser' in xfce-terminal?  I don't want to setup a browser, and I don't want clicks on links to try to use one21:57
TheSheepzoredache: I think there is an option in ~/.config/Terminal/terminalrc21:58
TheSheepzoredache: you would have to check the help page of Terminal21:58
zoredacheyeah I had already checked there and didn't see anything obvious... :|21:59
zoredacheI'll double check though21:59
TheSheepchange this to false22:01
zoredacheTheSheep: that didn't seem to work...22:03
TheSheepzoredache: you need to close/kill all the terminals22:04
zoredacheall of them?  Not just the one I was working... hrm...22:04
TheSheepzoredache: that's because it's really just one application with multiple windows22:05
zoredacheah... there we go22:06
zoredachewell that might explain why some other tweaks I was trying to make didn't work22:06

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