slashdotfxanyone had any luck to make ltspfs mount unpartitioned usb stick?00:45
elisboaslashdotfx: you mean pendrives that have the mbr formatted, instead of a partition?00:54
elisboasuch as some mp3 players?00:54
slashdotfxelisboa, yes exactly00:55
elisboaslashdotfx: do you have the detection script with you righ now?00:55
elisboaI can check it out00:55
elisboaif it's a shell script, it won't be hard to fix00:56
slashdotfxyes, it's a shellscript00:56
elisboaslashdotfx: can you send me?00:56
elisboaor paste via web somewhere?00:56
slashdotfxok, hold on00:56
slashdotfxvia ltspfs.pastebin.com ok?00:56
elisboaok :)00:57
slashdotfxuh, should we looking at udev instead of the shellscript?01:00
slashdotfxaccording to this document https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebugLocalDev01:00
elisboaif it's with udev, I don't know01:01
elisboabut I will look at the script first, and try to find what is lacking01:01
elisboais the script available somewhere?01:01
elisboait says it doesn't work with unpartitioned disks01:02
elisboait's a bug01:02
elisboaand is fixable01:02
slashdotfxI'm a bit confused which script should be modified01:02
elisboacan i have the script?01:02
slashdotfxthere are01:02
elisboaslashdotfx: I have made a probing script, sometime01:03
elisboaand it predicted unpartitioned disks as well01:03
elisboa` it reads data from sysfs01:04
elisboaslashdotfx: do you want to see it?01:05
slashdotfxyes please01:06
slashdotfxmaybe I can merge it down into my box01:06
elisboaslashdotfx: have it: pub.ueberalles.net/probe.sh01:06
elisboaslashdotfx: my script has a problem; it checks if the device is listed on fstab; if it is not, it isn't listed01:08
elisboaactually, it shouldn't need fstab after all01:08
elisboait fetches the device mount path from ther, instead of define a bsae rootdir and complete it with device's name01:09
elisboabut it's not hard to understand it's engine, i ugess01:10
elisboamaybe you can use it for you01:10
slashdotfxok, I'm digesting here01:10
slashdotfxyour script should be installed under ltsp chroot right?01:14
krsnendulooking for help with choppy flash videos on thin clients. I have LDM_DIRECTX set but still choppy. I'm using Hardy.01:20
krsnenduIn Feisty the choppiness went away with LDM_DIRECTX.01:20
slashdotfxaccording to this thread01:20
slashdotfxI need to modify udev rules01:24
slashdotfxelisboa, does your script executed manually?01:27
slashdotfxit works, after modifying udev rules01:52
slashdotfxACTION=="add", SUBSYSTEM=="block", KERNEL=="sd[a-z]", RUN+="add_fstab_entry %k auto"01:53
slashdotfxadding that to /etc/udev/rules.d/88-ltsp.rules01:53
elisboaslashdotfx: yes, it executes manually02:23
elisboait only probes devices02:23
elisboaslashdotfx: sorry for the delay; i was moving fro mcollege to home02:24
elisboaslashdotfx: tell me, did it help to fix the bug?02:24
slashdotfxic, no problem02:24
slashdotfxwell I need to test it further02:24
elisboaI am at home, ubuntu here02:24
elisboaI can help you if you want02:25
elisboahelp to test, I mean02:25
slashdotfxsince I'm test by deleting my own pendrive partition, and mkdosfs it without partition02:25
elisboaslashdotfx: you can use mkfs.vfat too02:26
elisboaor mkfs.vfat -F32 if it's bigger than 2 GB02:26
slashdotfxwell now the pendrive is mounted, even without partition02:27
slashdotfxelisboa, I'll report back to the channel asap after I got some real user bringing their mp3 players02:29
slashdotfxthank you very much for your help02:30
elisboaslashdotfx: can I see how did you modified your 88-ltsp.rules?02:30
slashdotfxok, its in here http://ltspfs.pastebin.com/m1176d89002:31
elisboaslashdotfx: I don't want to be preachy, but... Wouldn't it be interesting to use a rule for removable cd writers as well? They usually are named /dev/scd*02:36
elisboaslashdotfx: I've made this alteration: http://ltspfs.pastebin.com/m5140919702:36
elisboaI don't have a removable CD writer here, but I have it at work02:37
elisboaif you want, I can test it there02:37
elisboait's 00:00 now where I am. Brazil, -03:0002:37
elisboaI usually get to owrk at 10:0002:37
elisboaor 13:00 GMT02:38
elisboaoops, 01:00 PM GMT02:38
slashdotfxic, I don't have removable cd writer here either, but it doesn't hurt to test it right02:38
elisboaif the line doesn't present any syntax error, it will be good for now :)02:40
elisboaso, I can test it at work and see if it works02:40
slashdotfxyes, excellent02:41
elisboaI know it's somehow hard to imagine that a thin client would have an external cd-drive, but if this lines gives us this feature, then there will be no excuses for this feature not to be present02:42
elisboasorry if my english is seems ; i am not a native speakerbad02:42
slashdotfxno, your english is great02:45
slashdotfxI'm indonesian, english is not my native language too, but as long as we understand each other, its ok02:46
elisboagood :)02:46
elisboaI had a little problem with the keyboard, haha02:47
slashdotfxoops, now I'm seeing double mount point04:08
coolioi have a weird problem, the server goes really slow when then its nor directly connected to the internet, any thoughts07:00
stgraberdns resolution problems probably07:36
johnny_hmm.. is gnome-cups-manager still needed these days?07:36
johnny_evil thing pegs my cpu to 100% every once in awhile, causes music to skip07:36
stgraberjohnny_: nope, it's replaced by system-config-printer07:57
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Muhammad_SaadHello, I have a question. Does a standalone Edubuntu workstation installation also contain the kernel headers? I will need them to compile the driver for my modem? I want to make everything ready before I install Edubuntu.08:20
johnny_thanks stgraber :)08:27
johnny_it wasn't autoremoved when i upgraded tho08:27
Muhammad_SaadDoes anyone know about my question?08:36
Muhammad_SaadIf I have to download the kernel headers separately, which packages should I download?08:38
cooli1just started installing gutsy I chose raid 1 and now want delete, what to do from here10:40
bdgrauewhere can i get an hardy alpha5/6 cd-iso?15:16
bdgrauei can only find an current dvd-image15:17
ogra_cmpcyou need the ubuntu desktop or alternate cd for it15:28
ogra_cmpcalternate has the ltsp bits in case you are after that15:28
ogra_cmpc(which can be found at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/hardy/alpha-5/)15:34
bdgraueogra_cmpc: i am looking for the edubuntu thin client installation, i have an 400MHz AMD-K6 with 192 MB RAM and will install an edubuntu, i think a normal edubuntu installation is to big for the old machine.15:47
ogra_bdgraue, thin clients need a server15:48
ogra_they boot off the network15:48
bdgrauei thought i can use my kubuntu desktop as server15:48
ogra_that spec would indeed make a godd TC15:48
ogra_well, then just install ltsp on your kubuntu desktop :)15:49
ogra_no need for the iso15:49
ogra_(at least with a decent DSL line)15:49
bdgrauei have to learn, how to configure the thin client15:50
bdgrauei'll try and learn :)15:50
ogra_it configures itself15:50
ogra_during boot it detects all HW related stuff it needs and sets up everything15:51
ogra_the client is only used as a display and input/output device ... the actual session runs on the server so all that would be there to configure would be tweaks of the X server setup for special mouse or keyboard setups ...15:53
ogra_there are some things to change in your desktop setup if you use kde though (i.e. redirect the desktop sound output)15:54
bdgrauei will read all i can get and try it, thanks for your help ogra_15:55
bdgraueif i have more questions, i'll aks :)15:56
ogra_if you have questions, dont hesitate to come back and ask :)15:56
bdgrauei have a lot of questions, but all for a later state15:58
bdgraueone step after the other :)15:58
bdgraue(i think my english isn't the best)15:59
cberl1Hi folks.  got a little issue with an edubuntu server not authenticating clients (X11 connection rejected because of wrong authentication).  I know I've seen this issue discussed in the mailing list for edubuntu-users, but I can't seem to find the solution.  Any thoughts?16:23
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cberl1I can't ssh to the server and forward my connection, either.  Does this help at all??16:28
cberl1Hey, anyone know what scp-client is?  I seem to be missing it on my Edubuntu LTSP server...16:46
cberl1Okay, found out what it is.  any idea if it may be the cause of my users not being able to authenticate and get a session on my LTSp server?16:49
bdgraue* Starting DHCP server dhcpd3             [fail]  <-- and i have no idea why, i thought it would be simple to set up an ltsp-server and only start the 'client-pc' via lan :(17:00
bdgraueis it easier with hardy alpha then with gutsy?17:05
Muhammad_SaadHello, I want to know if the edubuntu cd comes along with the kernel development headers. I need them to compile my modem driver.17:13
Muhammad_SaadIn the directory /pool/main/l/linux-source-2.6.22 on the CD I see some packages starting with linux-headers-x.y.z.deb. Are these what I need?17:15
Muhammad_SaadDoes anyone here know?17:21
Paladineanyone know if Alistair Crust frequents this channel (see http://www.ubuntu.com/products/casestudies/Skegness )18:03
* LaserJock stabs bugzilla.gnome.org20:02
ogra_Paladine, he writes to the edubuntu-users ML from time to time ...20:10
johnnyogra_ hi..20:14
johnnyi got federico to do autotools magic for me.. and now sabayon is actually going to generate proper desktop file with X-GNOME-Bugzilla-Version20:14
johnnyso bug reports will be filed more correctly20:15
Paladineogra_, thanks, was hoping maybe he came in here, he has invited me to his school to tour his labs, would have been nice to have a "face to face" in the irc sense first :)20:27
ogra_if he is/was here, i'm not aware of his nick20:27
Neon_lightsum...hello? xD21:41
Neon_lightsHiya. :] I had a couple questions about Edubuntu.21:42
Neon_lightsand I'm prolly gonna sound like an idiot, but oh well. I always do. Heheh. ^^; But anyway, I'm in Vegas, and my mom knows quite a few people on the county's school board21:43
Neon_lightsAnd we were reading the paper today, and they're revamping their computer systems and stuff21:44
LaserJockI'm in Reno ;-)21:45
Neon_lightsCool. I envy you, Reno is a lot more awesome then Vegas. =P21:45
Neon_lightsSo anyway, we were thinking we'd send a couple emails out and ask if it's possible if they'd use Linux instead. =]21:47
Neon_lightsAnd I guess I'm just wondering if ya know of any schools in the country that already use it that I could maybe use as a reference or something?21:47
LaserJockboy, I'm not sure of the specifics off the top of my head21:48
LaserJockbut there's schools in Maine and Indiana21:48
LaserJockperhaps some in California too21:48
LaserJockI'd send an email to the edubuntu-users mailing list or look through some of the archives even21:49
Neon_lightsHm, okay21:49
LaserJockbut yeah, there are a number of schools around that are using it successfully21:49
Neon_lightsCool. :D Thanks.21:49
Neon_lightsMaybe we'll add a couple more to that number21:50

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