jjessei would like to compalin that the new theme in hardy is not black00:07
jjessei read that it was going to be and i blame kwwii for that :)00:07
jjesseoh i didn't see kwwii join this room00:08
* neversfelde loves white themes and is glad, that it is not black ;)00:10
* ScottK is just happy it's not brown00:10
neversfeldeor orange00:10
ryanakcahmm.... *wonders if Kubuntu has ever had a green look*00:11
ryanakcahasn't since Dapper I don't think00:11
ryanakcaNor breezy... didn't use it before then though...00:11
neversfeldeI think many users would prefer a darker theme00:13
ScottKDapper isn't green (I'm on a Dapper box right now)00:15
Riddellgreen is too suse00:15
neversfeldebut we sell green shirts^^00:16
ScottKYou can have any color you want as long as it's blue00:17
ScottKTo paraphrase Henry Ford.00:17
ryanakcaScottK: sorry, misphrased. Kubuntu hasn't been green in the time between Dapper and now, including Dapper.00:18
neversfeldegOS is a green Ubuntu00:19
nixternalwhat's the trick to get Konqueror to use webkit instead of khtml again?00:20
nixternalI always forget, and I can't google it anywhere00:20
Riddellnothing currently00:20
nixternalI am using trunk/00:20
ryanakcanixternal: if your compiling, is there a ./configure option ?00:21
nixternalbut that is just for qt400:21
Riddellnixternal: it /may/ work with qt 4.4 compiled with webkit and webkitkde compiled from svn but probably won't00:21
ryanakcaah.. hmm. Dunno then...00:21
nixternalahh, webkitkde..that's what I forgot00:22
nixternalit was working before, a couple of weeks back iirc00:22
nixternalAdded jockey-gtk to desktop-recommends-i386  <-- added to gobuntu-meta..isn't that defeating the purpose of gobuntu?00:25
Riddellnixternal: I'd say so, best tell evand00:30
nixternalevand is the one who uploaded it00:31
nixternalI know about 10 people that will tick off, and manchicken isn't one of them :p00:32
manchickennixternal: Oh how wrong you are :)00:32
nixternalooh, updated kdevelop... Riddell you have to teach me how to use KDevelop correctly...I have gotten so used to Eclipse that I get lost quite easily in KDevelop still..to the point I try to avoid it at times00:33
nixternalok, so manchicken makes it 11 :p00:33
manchickenNow that you presumed not to know what ticked me off... well that ticks me off.  How dare you run webkit, you are a terrible person.00:33
nixternalhey, webkit allows me to run dashboard widgets00:34
nixternalalthough, I have yet to find a dashboard widget that I really like00:34
nixternaladding superkaramba support to plasma was the best move yet I think...I heard a bunch of people on kde-look.org go 'ahhhhhhh'00:35
nixternalKnubuntu, I think I will get the seeds rolling :p00:37
ryanakcahmm... is zUbuntu still in development?00:37
nixternalI don't even know if I have heard of that one00:38
ryanakcaIts been around for ever methinks... well, for quite a while00:38
ryanakcaSince 2005-12-3100:39
nixternalyou know, I had a professor kick my arse today on our marketing examples00:39
nixternalI did the whole Kubuntu/Ubuntu branding topic..and it was going good until the instructor said00:40
nixternal"I have heard of Ubuntu, what is Kubuntu?"00:40
ryanakcatoo true :)00:40
nixternalthen I explained, and he said, "For non-geeks, Ubuntu is the first thing they will hear and only the techies know Kubuntu..." and then went into the branding efficiencies and coefficiencies00:40
nixternalI was mad...I thought I had it covered, but he stumped the heck out of me00:41
nixternalI totally got owned in my presentation00:41
nixternalhe smashed my "OK, if you go that route, think about A&W Root Beer becoming 'Coca Cola with root beer flavoring'"00:42
nixternalhe ate that up00:42
nixternalthat's what I get for assuming the professor wasn't technically versed00:42
ryanakcaI'm guessing its like a book report, where you pick the most obscure book you can find, and then completely make up the story for the book report because you're too lazy to read it... and then find out that its the teacher's favorite book?00:44
nixternalnah, not quite like that, but yes it is somewhat similar00:44
nixternalit isn't like I am going to pick marketing a drug company or something that I know absolutely nothing about00:44
nixternalthis all goes together with our final task of our business plan00:45
nixternalmine has changed 3 times in the past year...it is so hard getting the numbers when it comes to software00:45
nixternaldamn pirates!00:45
ryanakcalol :)00:46
ScottKIsn't the marketing easier when you don't acutally know it's all a lie?00:47
nixternalnah, easier to add more lies to it00:47
nixternalplus, with something that I do know, it makes it easier to BS my way through it if need-be00:47
nixternalalthough today, I couldn't even BS myself out of a wet paper bag00:48
RiddellTonio_: "Disable autostart entry from skim.install00:48
Riddellis that related to skim autostarting now?00:49
nixternalI need to come up with a cool business name too...thus far I have just been labeling the business name as 'KPartners' so it will be easier to search & replace when the time comes00:49
Riddellvorian: ktorrent-kde4 packaging is old00:50
Tonio_Riddell: yep, that was previously removed, but recently re-added due to debian sync00:50
Riddellkde.mk needs updating as do the rules in debian/rules (which can possibly be removed)00:50
Tonio_Riddell: I'm sure we don't want skim to autostart for everyone, as only asian people would eventually need that one00:50
seeleRiddell: isn't it past your bedtime? :)00:50
RiddellTonio_: so how does skim start for people who need it?00:50
nixternalRiddell: the reason it wasn't is because they shot it down for his FFe iirc00:50
Riddellseele: what makes you think I'm not in bed? :)00:51
nixternalnow that we have a blanket FFe, we can go ahead and do it00:51
Tonio_Riddell: start it once, from the Kmenu, and it'll be restored within kde session management00:51
Tonio_Riddell: amarok doesn't autostart for people that need it at first boot :) same purpose imho, no ?00:51
* Tonio_ is still writting that stupid commercial proposal...... needs to be done for tomorrow morning00:52
seeleRiddell: so I guess when we see asddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd, you fell asleep?00:52
Tonio_Riddell: then I'll become a kubuntu contributor again :) I'v been working likea mad on this for 2 weeks now, almost 12 hours a day...00:52
* n8k99 chuckles00:52
Tonio_Riddell: do you have another option to let skim autostart ?00:53
Tonio_Riddell: autostart script that detects the $LANG for example ?00:53
vorianRiddell: ok, I'll file a ffe00:53
Riddellvorian: that's not needed00:53
voriannixternal: the keurocalc port is ready00:54
vorianRiddell: really? kewlness00:54
Riddellvorian: it's just some packaging changes needed, no new features00:54
vorianI'll prepare a candidate then00:54
nixternalk, I will have to hit it later, I have about 15 more ERD models to create00:54
vorianhave fun with that :P00:54
Riddellvorian: take a look at any recent kde 4 package00:54
nixternalno way man00:54
voriancmake.mk and kde.mk changes?00:55
nixternaloh man, I just found out Patrick Swayze has one of the most lethal forms of cancer00:55
nixternalI was hoping for a Roadhouse 2 by him00:55
seelenixternal: MD loco meeting?00:55
nixternalroger that00:55
ScottKnixternal: Are you going to a MD loco meeting soon?00:56
nixternalright now00:56
nixternalScottK: I am going to try and make a MD appearance next month, but I am stocked with conferences next month00:57
ScottKLet me know.  I may have to make an exception and show up.00:57
seeleyeah for DC-Metro people!  we need more kubunteros!00:57
nixternalyou all will know if I am heading out that way :)00:58
Riddellvorian: yes00:58
vorianthanks Riddell00:58
ryanakcahmmm... we need more Kubunteros in my neck of the woods to00:58
nixternalI have a buddy in VA, as a matter of fact, Riddell used his picture holding the Kubuntu license plate...get him to show up too00:58
ScottKQuote of the day from Debian planet: "Please remember to fix a release critical bug every time you reply in a thread that ends up being somehow stupid."00:58
* n8k99 moved from nyc to cambridge,ma00:58
Jucaton8k99!!! just the guy I was looking for.00:59
Jucatogood luck with your GSoC project. :)00:59
n8k99oh noes!00:59
ryanakcaAnybody moving to eastern Ontario, or even just Ontario, Canada? :)00:59
ryanakcan8k99: oooh, whats your GSoC project?00:59
n8k99wha-- how'd you hear bout that?00:59
Jucatomailing lists :)00:59
n8k99oh that01:00
n8k99fitting plasma to umpc01:00
seelenixternal: where at in VA?  NoVa or NoWheresville?01:00
n8k99and touchscreen01:01
Jucatoman I wish I had a Nokia tablet right now... just to follow :)01:01
nixternalseele: can't remember where exactly he is now...he works by DC I think for some banking industry01:01
ryanakcan8k99: umpc being those small tablet things?01:01
Jucatooh hi seele! :)01:01
seelenixternal: probably NoVa then (or close by)01:01
* Jucato was considering replying to her blog01:01
n8k99nixternal: that would put him close to NoVa01:01
seeleJucato: hallo01:01
seeleJucato: go for it01:01
nixternalactually I think NoWheresville is more like it01:01
n8k99ryanakca: yeah- i have a Fujitisu U81001:02
Jucatoryanakca: yeah. Ultra Mobile PC's... n8k99 has one :)01:02
nixternalbah, he isn't online right now01:02
n8k99but maybe the Asus EeePC would qualify01:02
seeleFujitsu > *01:02
nixternalI gotta side with Compaq01:02
Jucatonah.. Eee PC is a whole new breed01:03
nixternalthough they don't have anything portable01:03
seelen8k99: Fujitsu had an uber subnotebook at CES that looked like the 3e01:03
nixternalmy Compaq is a brick01:03
nixternalohhhh, Samsung has one at Best Buy that is totally gorgeous01:03
Jucatoor probably subnotebook :)01:03
nixternalhad Vista running on it though :(01:03
n8k99seele was it the U810 about the size of a paperback novel?01:03
Jucatohahah! vista :)01:03
seelen8k99: oh maybe.. i forget the name of it01:04
Jucatonixternal: my sister is crying her heart out. the laptop her office gave her has vista on it, and some of her favorite programs won't install/run :)01:04
nixternalhahaha is right, I wiped it off of my desktop finally01:04
ubotuOh no!  The pointy-clicky Vista lover has arrived!  He's rumoured to be giving out free money, too!01:04
n8k99i bought on in august when it was released in the states01:04
n8k99ooh free money! yay!01:04
nixternalto bad I don't have any money01:04
Jucatoyou're gonna get your own free money n8k99! leave nixternal to us :)01:05
n8k99i'm gonna have to work for that free money!01:05
Jucatoaw c'mon. you're going to have fun!01:05
Jucatospecially if aseigo mentors you :P01:06
ryanakcahttps://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-doc/2008-March/010375.html ... isn't drupal PHP ?01:06
nixternalcKey -|------o|- cID   <-- how in the heck could that be true? the Customer Key can optionally have just 1 ID....ahhh I just got it01:06
JucatoIsn't drupal going commercial? :)01:06
Jucatoseele:  is Alan Cooper a big person in user interface design (though he now prefers the term "interaction design") and usability circles?01:07
n8k99Mentors: Adriaan de Groot and Armijn Hemel.01:07
seelen8k99: not free money.. you have to pay taxes on it (at least if you are american)01:07
nixternalAlice Cooper rocks!01:07
nixternaloh, Alan Cooper01:07
seeleJucato: yes.. he wrote the Inmates are Running the Asylum01:07
n8k99seele yup american- right down to my O's hat01:08
Jucatoseele: which pioneered the "personas" approach? (his book claims)01:08
seeleJucato: he's kindof an old name like Jakob Nielsen, (the late) Jef Raskin, Don Norman, etc..01:08
nixternalseele: I have to give it to you...I am in the 2nd part of my Systems Analysis and Design phase and it is all GUI/Usability and it makes me want to sleeeeeeepzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz01:09
nixternaloops, fell asleep there01:09
seelen8k99: yeah.. $4500 ~= $1,125 in back taxes :(01:09
seelenixternal: lol.. dont be knocking my livlihood01:09
Jucatoheh I got an old oooold edition of his About Face book. :D01:09
seeleJucato: yeah.. that is pretty out of date01:09
=== kewark is now known as krawek
seeleJucato: a good GUI book I've been recommending is Jenifer Tidwell's O'Reilly book01:10
nixternalthey have machines you screw into your head and it follows your eyes...I don't think that is what it is doing, I think you usability people are inputting stuff into your brains01:10
Jucatooh yeah I read your post about that :)01:10
seele(forget the name of it.. designing interface or something)01:10
Jucatoyep Designing Interfaces :)01:10
* Jucato checks with the bookstore if I can special order it :)01:11
ryanakcanixternal: its the start of world domination by usability people. Hopefully it's all open source so that we can turn it against them :)01:11
* Jucato is more interested in the side of User Interface Design, which of course needs input from Usability :)01:12
nixternalthe book we are using right now is "User Interface Design and Evaluation" The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Interactive Technologies01:12
seelenixternal: who is the author?  there are a lot of books called that01:13
nixternalit is thicker than the bible01:13
nixternalStone, Jarrett, Woodroffe, and Minocha01:13
seelehmm.. i wonder why MK's HCI Models, Theories, and Frameworks isnt part of that series.  It is a farily new edition01:14
n8k99nixternal is that a Guttenberg or a Gideon Bible?01:14
seelenixternal: btw.. these MD loco guys are taking having a loco serious if you can't tell by now01:14
nixternalthen we have 2 more books to purchase for the next 2 HCI classes01:14
seeleat the last physical meeting they were in a heated debate of IRC vs mailing lists vs forums01:14
nixternalhehe ya01:14
nixternalI forced the Chicago guys to use IRC01:15
nixternalnow we have a bunch of dudes, and a few chicas talking like truck drivers and talking smack to each other01:15
nixternalit seems that BarCamp started a whole new barrage of "Yo Mamma" jokes and it is still going on01:15
JucatoI just remembered this guy who got banned in #ubuntu because he kept on saying "hi. do you need help" to everyone that enters the room and then says "have you posted in the forums first before asking here"01:15
nixternalJucato: did you see me get klined today?01:16
Jucatothen he went on a tirade in -ops about how the forums is more newbie friendly and that everyone should use that first before IRC01:16
Jucatonixternal: oh noes I missed it!01:16
nixternalya, happened about 7 hours ago maybe01:17
ryanakcahehe, I did, lost your record of 15 years on irc without a kline or something?01:17
* seele pokes Riddell01:17
seelesssh, i think he's sleeping!01:17
nixternalI have been on IRC for more than 15 years and never had a kline...boom nalioth ruined that one for me01:17
ryanakcalol... anybody have ssh access to his computer? cat /dev/urandom > /dev/dsp   :)01:17
* Jucato will have to give nalioth an opsnack later01:17
Hobbseeklines are fun.01:18
* ryanakca remembers a time where imbrandon use to get them daily or something of the sort01:18
ryanakcahmm... what happened to him? haven't seen him in a while01:18
Riddellseele: mwuh?01:19
seelei think he had Life going on for a while01:19
seeleRiddell: nonono go back to sleeep!01:19
* seele pats Riddell on the head01:19
* Jucato sings Riddell a lullaby01:19
* ryanakca plays Riddell "Cradle Song" on the pipes01:19
theunixgeekHow can I use a slot I wrote to connect in Designer?01:20
Jucatotheunixgeek: #qt please. thanks :)01:21
ryanakcaheh, another patrick01:21
* seele falls over 01:21
* ryanakca sticks a pillow under seele 01:21
seelei think i might "forget" about the next MD loco meeting01:21
seelethese guys are way too serious for me01:21
seelethey voted on if we should take meeting minutes for physical meetings01:21
seelethen got in to an argument about who should write the minutes down01:22
seeleand now instead of just putting htem on the wiki, we have to sent them to the Leader01:22
Jucatooh wait until you get to voting whether you should vote about issues. now *that* is fun :)01:22
seelelike.. its a freaking wiki.  CO-LAB-BOR-A-SHUN01:22
seele"motion to move on"01:23
Jucatopassion is running high... it will die down soon. fortunately or unfortunately :)01:24
ryanakcawhy not take turns? I write them this week, next week bob writes them, and then jane writes them. And we rotate :)01:24
seelebut what happens when bob cant make it? does that mean jane has to do it and then bob next week?  or you do it twice in a row and we skip you the next time around?01:26
Jucatojust voluntell (Hobbsee's favorite) someone and be done with it!01:27
ryanakcaseele: lol, I dunno. You decide to take the initiative, or, as Jucato says, voluntell someone to do it.01:27
ryanakcaAnd if you're going to pout, well, the door is that way ->   :)01:28
seelebut i don' wanna!01:31
ryanakcalol :D01:31
ryanakcagotta love babysitting? :)01:31
Jucatodon't wanna pout or don't wanna *you* -> door? :D01:31
vorianRiddell or other accomplished motu, bug #197226 has the updated debdiff for ktorrent-kde401:32
ubotuLaunchpad bug 197226 in ktorrent-kde4 "ktorrent-kde4 IP filter not loaded" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19722601:32
seelemmm.. probably the door.  sometimes pouting gets me cookies :D01:32
* Hobbsee voluntells Jucato to fix it all01:32
* n8k99 eats all the cookies01:32
Jucatonoooo the pointy stick! get it away from me!!!01:33
* Jucato has longpointystickophobia01:33
n8k99mmm cookies on a longpointystick01:33
Jucatohahah like marshmallows on a stick?01:33
Jucatostill a longpointystick... so no for me :P01:34
ryanakcan8k99: watch it... the pointy stick of doom will poke you in the mouth :P01:34
Riddellvorian: when you compile that does the .desktop menu file get edited to set the absolute path?01:34
n8k99mmm doom cookies on a longpointystick01:34
* ryanakca wonders if Riddell ever sleeps...01:35
Hobbseehe just keeps drinking01:35
vorianRiddell: you mean this bit...01:35
vorianif test -x /usr/bin/dh_desktop; then dh_desktop -p$(cdbs_curpkg) $(DEB_DH_DESKTOP_ARGS);01:35
vorianyes it does01:36
voriani didn't scroll down enough01:36
vorianRiddell: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/58555/01:37
Riddellvorian: yes01:37
vorianin the kde.mk, it's there01:37
vorianlemme install to be sure01:38
Riddellright but it doesn't always get run depending on the mood of cdbs01:38
vorianRiddell: yes, .desktop was set and installed correctly01:41
Riddellgroovy, uploading01:42
Riddellthanks vorian01:42
vorianno problemo Riddell01:42
seeleew, daily is downloading at 10KB/sec01:52
seelethere we go.. 300KB/sec is much better01:53
Riddellseele: good luck with it, let me know how it works01:56
* Riddell snoozes01:56
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n8k99is there a netsplit going on?03:57
hads14:53:57 -!- Netsplit kornbluth.freenode.net <-> irc.freenode.net03:57
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=== kewark is now known as krawek
nixternalYAY, ERDs complete!05:58
nixternalsleep time big time!06:12
* Hobbsee has another 3 hours of lectures to go...06:13
nixternalI am hurting06:13
nixternalI have finals tomorrow06:13
Hobbseeyeah.  6-9pm06:13
nixternalwe are allowed to have a cheat sheet06:13
nixternalI am not worried about definitions, just all of the damn design diagrams06:13
nixternalalrighty, time for some sleep06:14
n8k99if i am setting up a kde4 development environment do i need to remove all the packages installed from the launchpad ppa?06:16
Hobbseehm, bugger.06:16
Hobbseemaths assignment is already out.06:16
* Jucato thought Hobbsee said "hm, burger"06:19
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Hobbseeso, if the maths department has screwed up, do i tell them, or do i let them live in ignorance, so everyone gets the marks?06:43
Hobbsee"this can not be true for all natural numbers, as it fails in the base case, where n=1.  QED"06:43
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seregahi all08:11
seregaRiddell: ping08:16
tseliotRiddel: PyKDE 4-4.0.0 has been released. I have two questions:08:32
tseliot1) Does it include Kparts and Konsoleparts?08:33
tseliot2) Will you include it in Kubuntu?08:33
tseliotI meant Riddell (with 2 "l"s)...08:34
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=== \sh_away is now known as \sh
Riddellhi serega10:16
davmor2Riddell: skim gone :) 32 live is okay install nearly complete all seem okay :)10:17
Riddelltseliot: 1) I've no idea but the kde 4 Konsolepart is very limited  2) yes, python-kde4 is in hardy  3) why do you ask?10:18
Riddelldavmor2: sounds good10:18
davmor2Not likely to be any more images today though is there (the right answer here is No!)10:18
seregaRiddell: hi Jonathan. I have the next debdiff, please review it: http://kubuntu.pastebin.ca/93009610:20
tseliotRiddell: I'm using QProcess and a QTextEdit to simulate the behaviour of an embedded virtual terminal so as to show the output of a script in the terminal (and in a log). It works well but the order in which it shows the output is a bit inverted.10:21
tseliotRiddell: I was hoping that Konsolepart could help me with this10:22
davmor2Riddell: The module Monitor & Display could not be loaded.10:26
davmor2this is on a fresh install :(10:26
davmor2You have old third party module lying around.10:26
davmor2An error occurred during your last KDE upgrade leaving an orphaned control module10:26
davmor2Possible reasons:10:26
davmor2The diagnostics is:10:26
Riddelldavmor2: known10:29
RiddellScottK has a fix that's waiting for freeze to end10:29
davmor2Riddell: cool as long as it is :)10:30
Riddelldavmor2: which build are you testing?10:30
davmor2Riddell: no battery icon either :(10:30
davmor2Riddell: ^10:31
davmor2Riddell: why?10:34
Riddelljust making sure you're doing the right one (you are) :)10:35
davmor2Thank god for that :)10:35
davmor2Riddell: is the battery icon also known?10:36
jussi01where is the correct place to file kde4 bugs? (for the ppa stuff)10:40
davmor2Riddell: Well I'll bug it on LP then.  You unplug the power no battery icon appears :( I even went as far as restarting the laptop with the power lead out still battery icon.10:41
Riddelljussi01: wherever someone will fix them10:42
jussi01Riddell: lol...10:42
jussi01so where is that likely to be - to kde?10:42
Riddelljussi01: if it's a kde problem rather than something we've made, yes10:43
jussi01ok, what about packaging bugs for the ppa/other items we have made?10:43
Riddellfix them :)10:44
davmor2Riddell: is there anything I can try to get the battery applet up?10:48
davmor2see if it a bug somewhere along the lines10:49
seregaRiddell: what's with patch? is it ok?11:10
Riddellserega: sorry, yes that looks fine, just we need to wait until the alpha freeze is over before uploading11:18
seregaRiddell: oh, ok. thanks :)11:24
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ScottKdavmor2: I've got a package in my PPA that may or may not fix your problem.  If you can test that package and let me know if you have problems after that, I can try and add another patch if we can figure it out.12:10
ScottKdavmor2: https://launchpad.net/~kitterman/+archive12:10
davmor2ScottK: Sorry afk which problem the battery one?12:13
ScottKdavmor2: More likely the "The module Monitor & Display could not be loaded." one12:13
davmor2ScottK: Okay cool as soon as this KDE4 install has finished I'll check it out is it 32bit/64bit/or doesn't matter?12:15
ScottKShouldn't matter.12:15
ScottKdavmor2: If you do try 64bit it'd be helpful if you could test out wineconfig and see if it works (you'll need to install wine).12:16
davmor2ScottK: np's in that case I can try it in a second or two12:17
davmor2Riddell: Kde4 it still is poping up the close dialogue after you have told it to close why?12:21
Riddelldavmor2: goodness knows, upstream issue12:22
davmor2Riddell: Bizarre I think I could understand it more if it threw up a confirm box to you selection rather than having to hit your selection again :)12:23
davmor2Riddell: Stuff in lost and found again in KDE4 (three items all keyboard stuff) other than that seem okay :)12:25
davmor2ScottK: I just got to go do something it's all installed I'll test when I get back12:30
ScottKdavmor2: No rush.  Upload won't be until next week (I'm leaving town for the weekend early tomorrow and I'm not going to upload kdeguidance and then disappear for 3 days).12:47
seeleRiddell: Kernel doesnt load (x86) for March 5 daily13:07
Riddellseele: looks like they made new ones overnight, probably that's why13:18
Riddellseele: it should be quick to rsync to the new ones13:18
txwikingerRiddell: Will the kde4 apps stay in /usr/lib/kde4/bin ?13:21
Riddelltxwikinger: for hardy yes13:24
txwikingerhmmm... I think there is a small problem with sudo then13:25
txwikingerIt is not in the secure path, so if someone says "sudo kate" on commandline it will not find the command13:26
nosrednaekimI'd say thats a good thing.....13:26
Jucatoshouldn't use sudo with GUI apps anyway...13:26
ScottK2txwikinger: You shouldn't do that13:26
nosrednaekimkdesudo find them fine.13:26
txwikingerIt does?13:26
txwikingerok.. then it is ok13:26
Jucatobut which command doesn't "sudo kate" find? "sudo" or "kate"?13:27
txwikingerWell.. if I do kdesudo env | grep path, I get the secure path from sudo13:28
txwikingerJucato: It does not find kate13:28
Jucatois kate for kde4 installed? (though if the PATH is correct, kde3's kate should be seen right?)13:29
txwikingerwell.. what if kde4 kate is installed, but kde3 kate is not13:31
davmor2scottK: ping13:33
davmor2scottK: do I need all 3 apps?13:34
ScottKYou have a battery problem and a displayconfig problem, right?13:35
txwikingerShould the kde4 app path be in the search path for kdesudo or do we live with this problem?13:36
ScottKdavmor2: Then all 313:37
davmor2ScottK: okay cool Testing now :)13:38
ScottKMy prediction is the battery problem won't be fixed and I won't be able to fix it because it's really a hal/kernel problem and that I'll be able to make displayconfig not crash, but TBD if it will do anything useful.13:39
davmor2ScottK: Monitor looks good testing wine13:39
davmor2ScottK: Wine looks good too Battery I'll need to test on my laptop13:41
ScottKdavmor2: Thanks.  Don't get to hopeful on that one.13:41
davmor2ScottK: your right not fixed the Battery but works with monitor and wine in 32bit too :)13:51
ScottKdavmor2: Thanks for the feedback.  I'll upload that early next week (I'm leaving town tomorrow for the weekend) and so please let me know if you find any regressions.13:52
davmor2Riddell: KDE4 the about on the desktop has a question mark for an icon should it be?  Or should it be a book like on KDE3?14:00
Riddelldavmor2: it's a bug14:00
Riddellwe have worse bugs :)14:00
davmor2Riddell: is it known or do you want me to write one?14:00
Riddellit's known in my head, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to report it (on kubuntu-docs)14:03
davmor2Riddell: Can I leave that with you then please about 101 iso's left to test :)14:05
Riddelldavmor2: I think alternates will need rebuilt14:05
Riddellnewly discoverd issues in partman14:05
davmor2:P Damn it not again :)14:06
* Jucato points Riddell at the once-more-existing stdin and then runs away14:07
* stdin notes that "don't tell anyone" to Jucato means "tell everyone" :p14:08
Jucatostdin: no. just "tell Riddell" :D14:08
n8k99oh you funny guys14:16
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jussi01Riddell: Im leaving for 3 days. but from #ubuntu-motu: [03/06/08 18:21:42] < tjaalton> jussi01: knetworkmanager is started on GNOME, please fix :)16:49
Riddelloh, hmm, it needs an OnlyShowIn=KDE;16:52
jussi01Riddell: ahh, ok. Im just leaving, if its ok, i can do it when i get back16:56
Riddelljussi01: ok, unless someone does it first :)16:57
jussi01sure, not an issue16:58
* jussi01 is going snowmobiling16:58
Riddellhave fun16:58
jussi01I will16:58
Jucatosnowmobiling for 3 days? O.o17:00
nosrednaekimyou know....for kde3 to kde4 themeing, there is another option... use the same style in both.17:17
nosrednaekimpolyester now had a kde4 version.17:17
Riddellwe want to use oxygen for kde 417:18
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nixternalgood afternoon18:28
txwikingerhi nixternal18:31
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Riddelllooking a bit sparse here https://wiki.kubuntu.org/HardyHeron/Alpha6/Kubuntu18:33
davmor2Riddell: I think that is classed as minimal minimalist :)18:35
Riddellthanks yuriy18:55
yuriyRiddell: i don't know about other features that were added unfortunately, or at least can't think of anything off the top of my head18:58
Riddellyuriy: post feature freeze these things are supposed to be a bit light19:00
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nixternalRiddell: I wrote up the Alpha page yesterday, all I had on it was KDE 4.0.219:03
Riddellnixternal: you did?  where?19:04
nixternalright where Yuriy did19:04
nixternaldon't tell me I hit preview instead of save19:04
Riddellnoo, I started that page and there was nothing there19:04
nixternaloh man, I am a moron19:05
Riddellbut we still love you :)19:05
nixternalI must have not saved it, but hit preview thinking I did19:05
nixternalhahahaha, what an idiot I am19:05
nixternalactually, yuriy's looks better19:05
Riddelllacks screenshots19:05
nixternalI have been meaning to change the layout of the release page template19:05
nixternalif I can get my desktop box to stop locking up I can get some screenies19:07
yuriyi'd take some screenies if my desktop didn't look so ugly for lack of wallpaper19:25
Riddellthat doesn't seem to affect the live CD19:25
Riddellso it may be an upgrade issue19:25
nixternal13:21:16 [   ppallen] What are some good links for how to customize gnome? I.E. Setting up installation defaults and such.19:25
nixternal13:23:14 [ nixternal] http://www.kde.org <- best link for customizing gnome :p19:25
yuriyRiddell: actually i think it only happens if the wallpaper changes after loggging in19:34
yuriysuch as by changing it manually or if slideshow is turned on19:34
apacheloggerI'm leaving for cebit19:38
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nosrednaekimapache: kiss a eeepc 900 for me19:39
nixternalman I wish I was in Europe!!! CeBit and all that cool stuff...our big converences in the USA are nothing but proprietary :(19:40
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txwikingernixternal: want to change?20:09
nixternalman, 4.0.2 is a regression when compared to 4.0.1 I think20:10
nixternaltrunk is more stable20:10
nixternalthough I am seeing a nasty image issue with buttons in trunk right now20:10
txwikinger4.0.2 is already in the ppa, isn't it?20:12
nixternalI believe it is rather20:13
txwikingervnc doesn't show the clock plugin20:14
txwikingerat least about claims it is
nosrednaekimI've only heard good things about 4.0.2, besides the wallpaper issue20:14
nixternalya, I just stumbled into the wallpaper issue trying to help the foresight guys fix an issue20:15
nixternaldamn, I have not done any of my work for my finals tonight20:15
txwikingerwhat is the final?20:15
nixternalsystems analysis and design...a bunch of diagram building for a big IT project20:16
nixternalERD, DFD, Decision Tables, Pugh Analysis, and Weighted Analysis charts and diagrams tonight20:17
nixternalERD, Decision Tables, and Weighted Analysis is easy20:17
nixternalDFD isn't tough either20:17
nixternalPugh though, I don't even know wth it is20:17
txwikingersounds like a disease ;)20:18
txwikingerNull pointers?20:19
txwikingernixternal: http://thequalityportal.com/q_pugh.htm20:20
nixternalya, I can create 1 cheatsheet for my charts, so I was planning on converting some of the wikipedia results and that same page20:22
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