WorkingOnWiseis the kernel 2.6.24-11-generic a 32 bit kernel?00:03
RAOFInsufficient data.00:03
WorkingOnWisewhat else do u need to know?00:03
RAOFThe i386 -generic kernel is a 32bit kernel, the AMD64 -generic kkernel is a 64bit kernel :)00:04
WorkingOnWisein a console, there is mention of x86_6400:05
twbYou can't apt-get install the "wrong" architecture kernel, AFAIK00:06
WorkingOnWiseThe cd I instaled from was the x86 iso, but now I see debs with AMD64 in the package name flying by as apt-get updates things....00:07
twbAre you sure you installed from i386?00:08
twbSwitch to vt2 and run `uname -a' to find out.00:08
WorkingOnWisethe last part of the text string that is output is x86_64 GNU/Linux, but the cd is definitly i386. I just double checked00:10
cwilluWeird.  ff3 is displaying very huge00:12
twbHe's wrong.00:13
cwilluI am not :p00:13
twbcwillu: not you, the other guy who thinks he's running an i386 install00:13
cwillutwb, I know, just felt like telling myself a joke ;p00:13
LasivianI'm curious if anyone knows anything about the Hermes I wireless chipset and if it's been added into Hardy00:21
twbLasivian: what's the package name?00:23
Lasivianhrrm, it's not a current package00:26
Lasivianthe Orinoco driver works with it, but has no monitor mode. The monitor mode driver is third-party, but hasen't been made current for the 2.6.22 kernel so it can't be compiled00:27
Amaranththen it almost certainly is not in hardy00:27
Amaranthwhich has 2.6.2400:27
Lasiviani'm a total newbie, pardon my lack of knowing exactly what i'm talking about :)00:27
Amaranthso the driver is unmaintained and falling behind kernel releases badly, from the sound of it00:27
Lasivianis it possible to request it's addition?00:27
Amaranthprobably not00:28
Amaranthsounds like there is no upstream00:28
Amaranthdead project00:28
Lasivianit's still a widely used card00:28
AmaranthWe try to remove dead projects from Ubuntu, not add them :P00:28
Lasivianok, do you know where I might be able to hire someone to update it for me?00:28
AmaranthThen again those kernel guys are weird00:28
Amaranthwhat is the name of the driver?00:29
Lasiviannot precisely sure, here is the thread regarding it: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=58342600:29
AmaranthOh, this drivers seems to need a port to the new wireless driver interface00:31
AmaranthThat should be...fun00:31
LasivianI sense sarcasm00:36
HydrogonerWUTS SSARCASM00:37
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Eragonsomeone owns this name :(00:37
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Allthegoodonesrtcome on00:37
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ubotuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes00:39
Instabinhow stable is 8.04 right now?00:40
InstabinAlso is the synergy package made for the distro yet00:41
joomlaNEWBIEanyone know if I can put hardy on a flashdive to isntall it00:41
joomlaNEWBIEsince I don't wanna waist a cd00:41
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash00:42
joomlaNEWBIEyea I now but it says for dapper and edgy00:42
joomlaNEWBIEI want to do it with the new 8.0400:42
pwnguinacpid clearly notices that i have pressed the power button00:43
pwnguinbut GNOME doesn't bring up the menu i request00:43
InstabinjoomlaNEWBIE: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick00:44
InstabinjoomlaNEWBIE: You will have to modify it for 8.0400:46
joomlaNEWBIEInstabin: how?00:47
hischildis there a specific reason as to why hardy will only find a single core on my pc?00:48
joomlaNEWBIEInstabin: how do I modify it00:54
joomlaNEWBIEso it works with 8.0400:54
[Hardy]TuTUXGooo 2.4 uses really large font00:56
joomlaNEWBIEcould I just upgrade from 7.10?00:58
[Hardy]TuTUXGjoomlaNEWBIE, yes00:58
[Hardy]TuTUXGhardy is still alpha, u really want to take the risk?00:59
joomlaNEWBIEI got 7.10 in alpha also... I love to test00:59
joomlaNEWBIEeven though I am not very technical..00:59
joomlaNEWBIEanyhow... where is the place to upgrade00:59
joomlaNEWBIEcan't find the hardy page on the site01:00
[Hardy]TuTUXGsudo update-manager -c -d01:00
[Hardy]TuTUXGgoogle it01:01
joomlaNEWBIEalso can someone explain me sudo iwlist scan I get what it does01:01
joomlaNEWBIEbut what does iwlist mean?01:01
joomlaNEWBIEI am just trying to understand the command01:01
Jordan_UjoomlaNEWBIE, Sudo is not required with that command, it scans for wireless networks01:02
[Hardy]TuTUXGinterface wireless list?01:03
Jordan_UThere is also iwevent, iwconfig etc01:04
pwnguinthere's a manpage..01:05
pwnguinman iwlist01:05
hischildis there a specific reason as to why hardy will only find a single core on my pc? and how can i remove/disable the indexing thing?01:08
joomlaNEWBIEI know it scans for wireless networks..01:09
joomlaNEWBIEbut I was wonder what iwlist means01:09
[Hardy]TuTUXGit's just a name01:09
ubotuServices to index files for fast searching include: Beagle (front-ends: beagle, catfish, gnome-main-menu, mozilla-beagle for !GNOME; kerry, kio-beagle for !KDE; beaglefs for !CLI) - Tracker (tracker-search-tool, libdeskbar-tracker for GNOME; tracker-utils for CLI) - Strigi (strigi-applet, strigi-client for KDE, strigi-utils for CLI) - Kat (for KDE) - Pinot (and pinot-applet for GNOME) - Doodle (for CLI)01:11
hischildyeah ... but which one should i remove to get rid of the right top thing?01:11
[Hardy]TuTUXGhischild, that's just an applet01:12
[Hardy]TuTUXGremove it won't stop the indexing01:12
hischildyeah ... i know ... yet i dont know the applets name ... and it wont go away01:12
hischild[Hardy]TuTUXG, doesnt have to stop indexing ... sorry should have been more clear ... the thing just has to go, :-)01:13
cwilluhischild, have you updated and restarted the session today?  there was some updates that affect that I think01:13
hischildcwillu, i isntalled it about half an hour or so agi01:13
hischildno wait, make that 1,5 hours01:13
cwilluaka, applet preferences | animate icon when indexing, and hide icon might be what you want01:13
cwilluhischild, and did you relog?01:13
hischildit didnt save it :( iĺl retry01:14
cwilluokay, then it's a matter of waiting till they fix it :p01:14
hischildcwillu, after the update? ofcourse01:14
hischildcwillu, hence why i want to remove it ;-) but iĺl see what i can find in gnome-session-properties01:14
hischildthat should do it01:15
cwilluhischild, it's a status bar thingy (not just an applet), as long as the tracker daemon is running it'll show up there;  you could just get rid of the tracker gui completely, but that's not really useful from a testing standpoint01:15
hischildcwillu, true ... yet it was merely annoying me01:16
hischildi hate things that annoy me :p01:16
cwilluhischild, you should see what firefox looks like on my machine :p01:16
hischildcwillu, pics01:16
cwilluone sec :p01:16
[Hardy]TuTUXGcwillu, what does it look like?01:17
cwilluone sec01:17
hischildthat looks like a _huge_ font size01:19
cwillueverything else is normal though (other apps, look to the right)01:19
cwilluff theme is standard01:19
cwilludeleted out .mozilla, all the .gonf/etc folders01:19
cwilluso it's kinda baffling me01:20
naught102anyone know how to get kooka to find SANE in hardy?01:20
[Hardy]TuTUXGcwillu, cant u just set the font size?01:20
cwillu[Hardy]TuTUXG, you're looking at the url bar, etc, not just the page, right?01:20
cwillulook at the size of the menu bar compared to the terminal's01:21
[Hardy]TuTUXGcwillu, u...01:21
cwilluthe zoom of the page is reset, it only zooms out one more setting, which is still bigger than normal01:21
cwillu(me realizes that the placing of the full user name in the status bar is something of a privacy issue for screen grabs...)01:22
cwillu[Hardy]TuTUXG, ?01:22
[Hardy]TuTUXGcwillu, nah..01:23
cwilluit's definately the full-page zooming thing going on, but I don't understand where it's getting it from01:23
cwilluweird even01:24
SeveredCrossHas anyone else had rendering issues with FF3?01:25
[Hardy]TuTUXGcwillu, how about disable the icons01:25
SeveredCrossJust generally misrendered images, pages, etc.01:25
SeveredCrossI can't tell if it's Firefox 3 or fglrx causing the issues, because Firefox 2, Opera, Epiphany and Konqueror all work fine.01:25
cwillu[Hardy]TuTUXG, i.e., for gnome in general?01:25
[Hardy]TuTUXGcwillu, for ff01:26
cwilluI don't follow01:26
hischildallright im out for the night ... c you all later =)01:26
cwilluoh, okay01:26
hischildand tnx01:26
hischild!helpercookie | all01:27
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about helpercookie - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:27
cwilluya, it's still weird, the text is just in a too huge bar, and the page text is still way bigger than it should be01:27
hischildstupid bot01:27
[Hardy]TuTUXGcwillu, for the manu bar and the bookmark toolbar01:27
cwilluya, I did01:27
cwilluit's still weird (note the page is displaying wrong too, at default sizes etc)01:28
cwillufont size is set to 10 points in appearance as well in firefox01:28
[Hardy]TuTUXGcwillu, out of idea01:29
* cwillu wonders if it's xrandr related01:29
twbcwillu: sounds like the DPI s 100 instead of 7501:29
cwilluonly other thing i can think of01:29
cwillutwb, no, already checked01:29
twbcwillu: note that both xrandr and gnome try to change the DPI on the fly01:30
cwillutwb, everything else in the session displays fine (I'll post another screenshot to show)01:30
twbEven *new* clients?01:30
crimsunthat network-manager upload completely hosed my connection01:30
cwillutwb, everything01:30
cwilluI can open up anything and everything except firefox01:31
cwilluat least, I haven't found anything else that displays wrong01:31
maccam94idk if this is the place to mention this, but will hardy handle 6G ipods automatically? and if it doesn't already, it should be made to. (this depends on rhythmbox and libgpod)01:31
[Hardy]TuTUXGmaccam94, 6G is those on with video?01:32
cwilluI'm just gonna disable the second head and see if it works better01:33
cwilluhmm, that fixed it01:34
maccam94[Hardy]TuTUXG: the iPod Classic01:34
maccam9480GB and 160GB models01:34
[Hardy]TuTUXGmaccam94, newest one?01:35
[Hardy]TuTUXGno idea01:35
cwilluthat's odd01:35
[Hardy]TuTUXGmaccam94, if they use the same firmware...01:35
bazhanglibgpod is version 0.6.0 currently can handle newer iPods maccam94 (in Hardy that is)01:35
maccam94[Hardy]TuTUXG: i have one right now, and getting it to work in Gutsy and in gentoo is a royal PITA01:35
maccam94bazhang: correct, but when i've done it you need to manually run a command01:36
maccam94[Hardy]TuTUXG: the problem is that the music database is now encrypted, and it needs to be decrypted by a tool that's part of libgpod01:36
[Hardy]TuTUXGmaccam94, try medibuntu?01:37
ubotumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org01:37
maccam94[Hardy]TuTUXG: the problem isn't codecs01:37
Bambi_BOFHwhats the best way to start debuging a system hard lock? tail syslog/messages?01:37
SeveredCrossNo, because those'll get overwritten when you reboot the system.01:37
[Hardy]TuTUXGmaccam94, they have newer libs too01:37
SeveredCrossAt least I think so.01:37
maccam94[Hardy]TuTUXG: there is a tool that is part of libgpod 0.6, but it needs to be run manually afaik01:37
maccam94i'm just saying in terms of getting new users, it's something that should be addressed for Hardy01:38
Bambi_BOFHSeveredCross: was that to me?01:38
bazhangmaccam94: to get them working in gutsy you can install the Hardy version of libgpod--very risky imo though01:38
[Hardy]TuTUXGput it on ubuntu brainstorm01:38
SeveredCrossBambi_BOFH: Yes.01:38
maccam94bazhang: well i just compiled from source01:38
maccam94[Hardy]TuTUXG: good idea!01:39
Bambi_BOFHSeveredCross: syslog is rotated daily, its not a per-boot thing. i was thinking of tailing live though, not after the reboot01:39
SeveredCrossAh, it's not?01:39
* [Hardy]TuTUXG luvs ubuntu brainstorm01:39
SeveredCrossI thought it was rotated at every reboot. Learn something new every day.01:39
SeveredCrossTailing live might work if the crash is reproducible.01:39
Bambi_BOFHits more a hard lock - it could even be heat related, but i dont know hyet01:40
SeveredCrossCrash, hard lock, same thing, you got the point. :)01:40
bazhangmaccam94: no need to compile, though you can if you wish01:40
Bambi_BOFHafk a bit, testing $stuff01:41
=== crimsun changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: network-manager currently broken; fixed source has been uploaded | Welcome to #ubuntu+1 "Home of the Hardy Heron" | dapper/edgy/feisty/gutsy in #ubuntu | If you are here to ask questions such as "what repositories do i use?", "is hardy going to break for me?", update without checking what is to be updated, or do not know how to resolve dependencies with apt, DO NOT RUN HARDY | Help test LTS upgrade: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTSUpgradesHowto
[Hardy]TuTUXGcrimsun, how broken?01:41
biggahedhello there. Ive got a notebook which has a hotkey to disable/enable bluetooth/wireless and id like to know how to manually setup those, as theyre not working. kern log even shows that the event is captured, by enabling the wireless. The problem is that it only enables it, every keypress. Any clues?01:44
crimsun[Hardy]TuTUXG: nm-supplicant.c01:44
crimsun[Hardy]TuTUXG: was broken.01:44
crimsun[Hardy]TuTUXG: that broke wireless.01:45
[Hardy]TuTUXGcrimsun, i c01:45
cwillucrimsun, yay, so I didn't brick my router :p01:48
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about kooka - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:49
biggahedwrong place to ask? :)01:51
maccam94biggahed: which version of ubuntu are you using?01:53
biggahedits a lenovo notebook. has a keyboard almost like the thinkpads. in thinkwiki theres a method to make this work, but involves messing with /proc/acpi/ibm/blue* , which is not available for me in the acpi dir01:59
SeveredCrossIs NetworkManager broken for anyone else?02:27
maccam94SeveredCross: /topic02:27
SeveredCrossOh hey.02:27
* SeveredCross missed that.02:27
SeveredCrossI really should learn to read the topic(s).02:27
crimsunfor shame.  I even put it at the beginning.02:27
dohboythats a long topic and my client scrolls it to the end :)02:27
maccam94mine cuts off after the beginning :-P02:28
secretlondonxchat gives you it all02:28
ethana2whoever got scim working in firefox3..02:29
maccam94in pidgin if you doubleclick the topic it lets you see the whole thing02:29
ethana2i owe you02:29
maccam94what exactly does SCIM do?02:29
maccam94i've seen it somewhere before...02:29
secretlondoninput methods for chinese etc02:30
dohboyis anyone else using a linksys wpc300N wireless pcmcia adapter with hardy?  Ive been using ndiswrapper to get it online lately.. just curious if theres a better way02:32
dohboyof course now isnt the time to screw with it since network-manager is broken today :)02:33
DanaGHmm, I didn't install the NetworkManager update, because there were no changelogs.02:35
DanaGThus, it's not broken for me.02:35
crimsun-0ubuntu1 is broken; -0ubuntu3 is fixed.02:35
crimsunand wired Ethernet connections are fine.02:35
* desrt tickles the dohboy02:36
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twbWithin the busybox recovery shell, host(1) is installed but cannot run because liblwres.so.30 is not present.03:00
twbThis is an initramfs-tools bug.03:00
twbSimilarly ping(1) has no libresolv.so.203:01
twbOh, I'm sorry.03:01
twbSomething has added /root to $PATH; I must be running things that aren't in the initrd at all.03:01
DanaGI'm on 0.6.5-0ubuntu17 for network-manager.03:03
vlowtherDanaG: don;t upgrade then. :)03:05
SeveredCross0.6.6~rc2-0ubuntu2 I think.03:07
SeveredCrossubuntu1, sorry.03:07
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Cpudan80Hello all03:16
Cpudan80Has the artwork for hardy been decided on yet?03:16
SeveredCrossI think so, yeah.03:17
SeveredCrossI really like the new default background.03:17
Cpudan80Any screenshots you know of?03:17
Cpudan80I hope they got rid of the brown03:17
Cpudan80I'm not a fan of the orange/brown03:18
secretlondonthey won't - that's the 'house style'03:18
secretlondonyou either love it or hate it03:18
SeveredCrossI would do shots of my install but it's got Compiz customizations and crap, and I'm too lazy to turn it all off.03:18
Cpudan80lol np03:18
Cpudan80secretlondon: Well maybe not get rid of it completely, just kinda give it a face lift03:19
secretlondonnothing stopping you making yours dull and blue though ;)03:19
secretlondonwell the new wallpaper is interesting and a face lift :)03:19
Cpudan80I switched to clearlooks - but I didn't really like that03:19
pwnguinthe color theme is important03:20
pwnguinit's sort of a branding thing03:20
pwnguinits pretty easy to spot when someone's using ubuntu for screenshots etc03:21
maccam94lol indeed03:21
pwnguini liked the elephant skin03:22
maccam94moi aussi03:23
J-_I'm trying to configure my wireless internet, and I'm just wonder if there are any problems with wpa2 and hardy?03:23
secretlondonsee the topic03:23
maccam94J-_: network manager is broken today03:23
pwnguinis it?03:24
pwnguini hadnt noticed03:24
secretlondonwifi only03:24
pwnguinseems to work for me03:24
J-_Darn, I had it working earlier on roaming connected to my unsecured network03:24
J-_then, I enabled wpa2, it kept going back to wpa03:25
J-_now it's not doing anything =P03:25
J-_and I haven't updated today03:25
pwnguinguess i'll hold off on the nm upgrade then ;)03:26
J-_is wpa easy to crack now?03:26
* J-_ sees if he can use wpa instead03:26
pwnguini havent seen anything quite like the WEP hacks03:27
crimsunwell, WEP is far more broken than WPA03:27
pwnguinor at least, we know that wep is really quite broken03:28
pwnguinnouveau is really snappy with ff303:31
pwnguinscrolling i mean03:31
J-_darn no wpa usage either03:34
atrusgrr. gnome-power-manager doesn't notice that the ac is plugged into my laptop sometimes, so if i leave it alone, it'll suspend itself to save batteries, even though suspend is configured "off" when the ac is plugged in03:36
pwnguinis it just me or does the splash screen fail at hiding the text?03:40
pwnguinbootsplash i mean03:40
* DanaG uses wpa2 -- viva la dd-wrt!03:42
DanaGI really like the new Heron wallpaper, but the background itself (not the heron) made my mom think of baby puke.03:43
DanaGI'd love to see the Heron become part of the default wallpaper -- then I could get it as a case skin for the lid of my laptop, and use it show off that I use Ubuntu, without it being blatantly branded.03:43
J-_I just bought the darn wrt54gs hoping to have wireless tonight =(03:44
DanaGUse dd-wrt if it's not the cheapo weak version with little memory and flash.03:45
J-_it was like $9003:46
J-_the dude it's the same as the wrt54g just with a speed boost03:46
J-_the dude said*03:47
J-_I just hope my network is secure. =|03:47
J-_the gf was 10 bucks more the the g03:47
J-_I wanted to get the wrt54gl but they didn't have em03:48
pwnguindo they publish gimp versions of the background?03:48
DanaGThere are SVG versions.03:48
J-_than the g*03:49
pwnguinalso, someone should probably go about adding image support to brainstorm03:49
pwnguinfor themes etc03:49
tonyyarussobother, I just lost my wireless card in Hardy03:51
J-_tonyyarusso: I did too03:52
J-_was working for about 5 minutes. bought the router tonight then network manager borked03:52
tonyyarussoJ-_: Intel 2915 A/B/G here - you?03:53
secretlondontonyyarusso : its everyone see topic03:53
tonyyarussoThis is the first time I've had to boot into Gutsy for a few months actually03:53
tonyyarussosecretlondon: Ah, doh.03:53
tonyyarussoI really need to find out how to make irssi handle topics properly on channel join.03:53
J-_I have an Intel PRO wireless, and something else. I don't really know. But I just thought of something. there's a button slide thing that turns off wireless. I wonder if I turned it off...03:54
J-_on mistake that is03:54
* J-_ checks03:54
tonyyarussonah, apparently it's n-m itself.03:55
tonyyarusso(yeah, I thought to check my radio too)03:55
=== crimsun changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Fixed network-manager available | Welcome to #ubuntu+1 "Home of the Hardy Heron" | dapper/edgy/feisty/gutsy in #ubuntu | If you are here to ask questions such as "what repositories do i use?", "is hardy going to break for me?", update without checking what is to be updated, or do not know how to resolve dependencies with apt, DO NOT RUN HARDY | Help test LTS upgrade: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTSUpgradesHowto
pwnguinwhich one's the broken version?04:01
DanaGI posted a screenshot of what I have as my theme now:  www.csc.calpoly.edu/~dgoyette/screenshot.png04:02
* J-_ doesn't really know what hardware is enabled. I thought when I got this new lappy they gave me wireless cards. But, it may only have the Intel Wireless PRO in it.04:03
pwnguinive been trying to find a satisfactory ubnutu palletted version of http://people.cis.ksu.edu/~jld5445/dualism-versus.png04:03
pwnguini wish i'd saved that config though04:04
DanaGI like my theme.04:04
pwnguinyour screenshot's a 40404:04
J-_so it's fixed now? (network-manager)04:04
DanaG... statement of the obvious.04:04
* J-_ zings04:04
DanaGI mean, "I like my theme" is obvious.04:04
DanaGOkay, try again.04:05
DanaGServer seems to be case-sensitive.04:05
DanaGFilename starts with a capital letter.04:05
pwnguinwhat's the black region?04:06
DanaGOh, and I revised the colors in my system monitor applet (I really should file a bug about that.... "nice" load should be less prominent, not brighter.)04:06
DanaGThat is a glitch of some sort.04:06
DanaGI used Gnome to take the screenshot, under compiz.\04:06
pwnguinwhile you're filling that bug04:07
pwnguinask to make iowait visible ;)04:07
pwnguinnow that hard drives are quiet04:07
pwnguinits hard to know why my desktop's unresponsive without checking top for the usual suspects04:08
DanaGAnd Cache should be made less bright, too.04:08
pwnguinsetting iowait to yellow or something helps distinguish it from normal states04:08
* DanaG still has that load cycle issue.04:09
frank23can anyone get gmail to show in konqueror (kde3)? I just get Loading...04:09
J-_is the fixed network-manager in teh repos?04:12
J-_I just updated, updated some security stuff04:12
J-_that's about it04:12
secretlondondifferent mirrors can be slower than others04:13
J-_yay 29 updates, wth!?04:13
* DanaG wonders how to change the UUID of an HFS+ partition.04:14
atrusso this new totem version is supposed to be able to work with a mythtv backend. any pointers how to use that?04:14
DanaGI have two partitions with the same UUID (one a clone of the other, on a different device), so it thoroughly confuses gnome volume manager.04:15
CaesarIs there a hardy backports repository?04:18
CaesarAlthough this is more of a forward port...04:18
CaesarI'm going to have to build a python2.2 package for hardy for internal use, I figure I might as well put in backports or something...04:18
secretlondoni've just been offered n-m 0ubuntu1 after updating04:19
secretlondon0ubuntu3 is supposed to be the fixed one04:20
secretlondonso I'm guessing the gb mirror has just broken ;)04:20
frank23Caesar: you could put it in a ppa04:20
Caesarfrank23: I guess I could04:21
J-_7 minutes to go onteh update. holy shmokes04:31
J-_on the*04:31
J-_hopefully no one is stealing my webernetz04:32
NickPrestaAndre_Gondim_, are you around?04:33
Andre_Gondim_NickPresta, yeah04:34
=== Andre_Gondim_ is now known as Andre_Gondim
NickPrestaI just finished reading your latest blog post and perhaps I'm missing something but the latest links for Hardy Alpha 6 are 404's. Is this an issue with the site not uploading the images yet so have I missed something?04:35
Andre_GondimNickPresta, will be in 6th04:36
danagehi! i am having problems enabling 3d effects on a mobility radeon 7500 (uses radeon drivers, i believe). anybody know how to troubleshoot? running compiz on command line gives me Checking for Xgl: not present.04:36
NickPrestaAndre_Gondim, ah cheers. I am eagerly awaiting :)04:36
frank23can anyone get gmail to show in konqueror (kde3)? I just get Loading...04:39
DanaGDAMNIT, my keyboard got stuck again!04:47
[Hardy]TuTUXGwhat did u do?04:47
DanaGHeld the arrow key to scroll in a document.04:47
J-_is there a way to reconfigure network-manager?04:47
DanaGGreat, now my mouse thinks my ctrl key is stuck down!04:47
DanaGAnd ctrl-alt-backspace isn't working -- Xorg isn't catching the "terminate_server" keycode!04:48
DanaGTime to magic-sysrq the damn thing.04:48
naught101I just rebooted hardy, and now I have no access to X04:49
naught101anybody feel like giing me some pointers?04:49
[Hardy]TuTUXGnaught101, kernel update?04:49
naught101apart from upgrading, I think the only thing I did to the system was add a scanner firmware04:50
DanaGHeh, "New restricted drivers in use" .... unless something magically swapped my Intel WiFi card for a Broadcom, I shouldn't have anything new!04:50
naught101[Hardy]TuTUXG: I have the latest in the repos04:50
naught101When I log in to a terminal, I get LOTS of permission denied to /dev/null/ errors04:51
DanaGbug 12440604:53
ubotuLaunchpad bug 124406 in ubuntu "Keyboard keys get stuck and repeat (Feisty, Gutsy) (dup-of: 194214)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12440604:53
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194214 in xorg-server "Keys get "stuck" down" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19421404:53
=== boomer` is now known as boomer
naught101would anyone know if not having permission to use /dev/null would break Xorg?04:55
naught101everytime I press <TAB> in bash I get a /dev/null/: permission denied error!04:57
twbWhy don't the initrd scripts print any debugging information when I boot without quiet?05:01
yuriyhmm hardy not booting today05:02
naught101yuriy: what problem?05:02
yuriynaught101: it mostly starts up, i think maybe even X starts up actually, but then it hangs on a black screen05:03
yuriysometimes if i then hard reboot it it boots but that doesn't seem to be working anymore05:03
=== Unoriginal is now known as Hydrogen
naught101what happens when you log in to bash?05:04
yuriymight be an nvidia issue, haven't tried anything to stop it from starting X yet05:04
naught101I don't use nvidia, and I can't get into X either05:04
naught101anyone know what packages were updated today?05:05
yuriyooh worked this time, i'll see if there are more updates or something05:06
naught101I updated ~147 packages, perhaps it was one of them, but I have no idea what they were :S05:06
naught101anybody know what packages were updated today that may have broken X?05:11
DanaGnaught101: if /dev/null isn't writable, that itself may break stuff.05:20
DanaGI don't know how to fix stuff, though.05:20
DanaGI mean, how to fix that.05:20
Hydrogenwhy in the world would it not be writable..05:21
macogwnaught101: just a moment. i havent updated yet, so i can probably tell you what's in the list05:23
desrt/dev/null isn't writable by default at bootup05:24
desrtit's because the copy of it in /lib/udev/devices (the directory that seeds /dev) is accessible only to root05:24
desrtthat doesn't change until udev trigger occurs05:24
macogwnaught101: no X packages updated today for me....05:25
macogwthere's some OOo brokenness waiting to be resolved before i can update though05:26
naught101Hydrogen: says it's not world writable.. would that be screwing stuff up?05:27
naught101desrt: any idea why udev would create /dev/null with crw-rw---- ?05:28
Hydrogennaught101: grep null /etc/udev/rules.d/40-permissions.rules05:29
naught101Hydrogen: Kernel=="NULL" MODE="0666"05:31
naught101is there a better command line IRC client than tinyIRC? this sucks...05:32
Hydrogenthats interesting..05:32
yuriynaught101: irssi05:32
naught101how about I change it manually and try to start x05:32
naught101well, that stopped the /dev/null errors, but didn't fix X. it still won't start05:33
naught101GARTinit was unable to open /dev/agppart (no such file/dir)05:34
naught101it can't find any devices in /dev/dri/card**05:35
naught101(reading from x log with no copy paste)05:36
twbThis line is wrong, it should use su, not sudo, because root is not necessarily in sudoers:05:37
twb /usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/casper-bottom/30accessibility:        chroot /root sudo -u "$USERNAME" gconftool-2 "$@"05:37
naught101did I miss anything?05:40
J_-network manager is still borked for me =S05:41
J_-wonder if there are any updagtes05:41
naught101were there any Xorg related upgrades in the last two days? ie. in the last ~170 updates?05:42
twbnaught101: ask /var/log/dpkg05:43
J_-newp no more network-manager update for me this time around. hmm05:43
J_-can't even connect to my unsecured network. hehe tried both secured, and unsecured05:45
J_-maybe I'll reformat again, see if that works05:47
J_-OR is there a way to reconfigure network manager?05:47
naught101twb: thanks. now I'm even more confused :)05:48
naught101sigh... reboot time05:55
kayce_i know this channel is for hardy, but i cant get any answers anywhere else (either there is no one present or no one knows)06:01
kayce_is there anyone here that knows anything about gusty x server errors?06:01
vinegaroonwhat's the error?06:02
kayce_well, When i try to use "Login in a Window", i get the error "The x server failed. Perhaps it is not configured well."06:03
vinegaroonwhat's login in a window?06:04
kayce_ive tried 2 methods, and niether work, "sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg" and "xandr --auto"06:04
kayce_its a window with a second login, such as so you dont have to log out of your user account and use root at same time06:05
vinegaroonI don't know anything about it06:05
kayce_ahh.. ok, thank you06:06
naught101why would my xorg.conf not include a driver for my videocard?06:10
naught101after I just dpkg-reconfigured it?06:10
naught101and/or is there a way to dpkg-reconfigure with more options than -plow?06:11
RAOFnaught101: Because Xorg doesn't need xorg.conf.  As such, dpkg-reconfigure no longer has all the driver/screen/display/milk logic in it.06:13
naught101ROAF, so is it somewhere else?06:14
naught101my X isn't working at all, I'm trying to find out why06:15
RAOFnaught101: The quickest way for us to help you is for you to pastebin /var/log/Xorg.0.log.06:15
RAOFThat *should* contain enough info to help you.06:15
naught101RAOF: I can't... I'm in a terminal06:16
RAOF!info pastebinit06:16
ubotupastebinit (source: pastebinit): command-line pastebin client. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9-0ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 8 kB, installed size 84 kB06:16
RAOFnaught101: Tada!  Commandline pastebin access!06:16
naught101BTW, how does one follow links in manpages with man?06:17
naught101ROAF: http://pastebin.com/f35ece45406:20
naught101did it come through alright?06:22
RAOFSorry;  I'm more likely to see it if you spell my nick correctly :)06:24
RAOFR_A_O_F :)06:24
naught101hehe, very sorry06:24
RAOFnaught101: You appear to have only 7Mb of RAM dedicated to graphics.  Is this deliberate?06:25
naught101no, I haven't changed anything related to X since I installed just before alpha 506:26
RAOFThis would be a BIOS setting, most likely.06:26
RAOFEither that, or you've hit a bug.06:26
naught101I haven't touched the BIOS for months06:26
naught101I booted into X fine this morning06:26
RAOFI'd have a check, anyway, but that makes it more likely that you've hit a bug.06:26
naught101then I updated the last ~150 updates and rebooted06:27
naught101ok, I'll check the BIOS, back in a bit06:27
danageanybody else notice the network manager daemon package is broken?06:30
naught101RAOF: 8MB for video, I assume more shared, because it can't be changed in BIOS06:33
RAOFOh.  Interesting.06:33
naught101this is a dell d410, with a p4m cpu..06:34
naught101and ~1300Mb RAM06:34
RAOFI'd file a bug.  Xorg is thinking that 7mb is all it has to play with; this clearly isn't going to support what you want, and it really wants an offscreen buffer, and...06:34
RAOFnaught101: Bah!  I'm silly.06:35
naught101Can I manually set more memory?06:35
RAOFProbably the better thing to ask would be: why is /dev/agpgart missing? :)06:35
naught101yeah, I asked that in here before, but no-one answered06:36
RAOFAlso; why is the DRI module not loading.06:36
naught101I assumed DRI wasn't loading because there was no card** in /dev/dri06:36
naught101and that that was because of the /dev/agppart missing06:37
RAOFMaybe; I'm not certain.06:37
naught101can I manually set up /dev/agpart?06:37
RAOFYou could try "sudo modprobe -vvv agpgart".06:38
RAOFAlso, pastebinning dmesg is likely to be useful.06:38
GhotiPhudhey guys06:39
GhotiPhudhaving a couple issues after the updates today06:39
naught101also interestin was that my /home didn't mount manually with the UUID, I had to change it to /dev/sdb3. think that could be related?06:40
GhotiPhudthis SCIM thing won't go away06:40
=== AnRkey_ is now known as AnRkey
twbAfter enabling LDAP in /etc/pam.d and nsswitch.conf, sudo and su both hang on this Hardy a5 client.06:40
RAOFGhotiPhud: Join the scim-haters club.06:41
GhotiPhudalso, I'm running the ati radeon driver and it won't let me enable desktop effects anymore06:41
GhotiPhudhaha, at least it's not just me with the SCIM06:41
naught101RAOF: http://pastebin.com/f6a1cdc9306:41
GhotiPhudevery time I try to run the desktop effects, it tells me to install fglrx driver06:42
GhotiPhudI can still run compiz --replace and everything works fine06:43
naught101agpgart is already listed in lsmod, RAOF06:43
RAOFnaught101: Right.  That's not very informative, ut it shows agpgart being naughty.  File a bug, against the linux package, attaching dmesg.  Check out the kernel debugging guide, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeamBugPolicies06:45
danageGhotiPhud: i have the same problem. what card?06:45
twbGhotiPhud: did you ensure that your tainted driver is compiled against the current kernel and loaded?06:46
twbActually I don't remember -- do tainted drivers need a kernel part, or do they just use a generic DRI kernel module?06:46
RAOFtwb: They don't need to taint the kernel if they just use a DRI interface :)06:47
danagetwb: how to tell which driver is loaded?06:47
twbRAOF: fair enough, but they're still tainted of themselves.06:47
GhotiPhudI have an X300 mobile06:47
danageGhotiPhud: me too06:47
GhotiPhudtainted driver?06:47
twbGhotiPhud: you need to check /etc/X11/xorg.conf06:47
RAOFtwb: Absolutely.  But there's no need for them to taint the kernel :)06:47
twbThe non-Free drivers "taint" your system.06:47
GhotiPhudI'm running Radeon driver06:48
danageGhotiPhud: there's plenty of bugs related to that one. i think it's on the blacklist of fglrx06:48
GhotiPhudopen source06:48
twbapt-get install vrms06:48
danagetwb: no more xorg.conf in new x server06:48
twbdanage: er, I sure have one.06:48
GhotiPhudhaha, xorg.conf is still needed06:48
GhotiPhudjust less06:48
danagetwb: i have one almost empty06:48
danageno gfx driver inside06:48
danagestill, i got x running :)06:48
twbdanage: so compare lspci PCI IDs to /usr/something/something/pci/*.ids06:48
danageehh ok06:49
danagewhats something and something in this06:50
J-_laptophttp://pastebin.ca/930048 Can anyone take a look at that and see if there is anything wrong?06:50
GhotiPhudhere's my xorg.conf06:50
twbdanage: also obviously you can look at /var/log/Xorg.0.log where 0 is from DISPLAY=:006:50
danagewill put pastebin06:50
twbGhotiPhud: you're using the Free driver06:51
danagemy xorg.conf has no driver section06:51
GhotiPhudI know that06:51
danagehowever: radeon driver is loaded06:52
RAOFdanage: Indeed.  Hotplug.06:52
GhotiPhudthat's why it's weird that the Appearance menu is asking me to install fglrx06:52
twbGhotiPhud: the Free drivers probably don't support 3d acceleration in the newer (r3xx and up) GPUs06:52
GhotiPhudthey do06:52
twbWhat, ati auto-selects the r300 driver now?06:52
GhotiPhudif I run compiz --replace everything works06:52
GhotiPhudit's just the appearance menu got screwed up after the update06:53
danageyeah so why does compiz not work06:53
danagei dont get it06:53
danageit tells me glx not loaded when i run it06:53
danagebut aiglx is loaded06:53
twbdanage: what does glxinfo | grep direct.rendering say?06:53
danagedri enabled06:53
RAOFGhotiPhud: It's probably either a bug in the desktop-effects thingy, or we're saving you from crazy radeon bugs on x300 cards.06:53
danageit says YES06:53
danagei am sure i read the X300 was blacklisted in the fglrx driver06:54
GhotiPhudwell, I've been running on my card for like a year or two06:54
GhotiPhudwith 3D06:54
GhotiPhudso I don't know why it changed all of a sudden06:55
GhotiPhudi've never gotten the error06:55
danagewell you are using radeon anyways06:55
twbYeah, you should be using Matrox06:55
twbThey don't fuck up, nossir06:55
danagei read somewhere in a bug report it might be the order in which the drivers get loaded06:56
danageyou could try that06:56
GhotiPhudwhere would I modify that?06:56
twbWhy does sudo not want to work06:56
ubotuLaunchpad bug 144077 in xserver-xorg-video-ati "[gutsy] Regression - "Desktop effects could not be enabled" on ATI Mobility Radeon" [Undecided,Confirmed]06:57
danagetwb: i had the same problem yesterday, what does it do for you?06:57
danageturns out my user wasnt in the admin group06:57
GhotiPhudvery odd06:58
twbdanage: waits forever06:58
twbdanage: you had this when using flat passwords?06:58
GhotiPhudI've never had a bit of trouble on gutsy06:58
danagenope, mine went back to the shell without doing anything06:59
danagemust be another issue06:59
twbdanage: oh, you just weren't in the sudoers file06:59
twbTotally different06:59
danagetwb: but do you know what my problem with 3dfx could be?06:59
twbI don't buy from ATI or Nvidia, they are enemies of my Freedom06:59
danagebuy intel instead!07:00
RAOFATI are much better now.07:00
twbRAOF: no, they aren't.07:00
twbRAOF: they released *2d* documentation for an *obsolete* chipset.07:00
vinegaroontwb: they have released much more now07:00
twbvinegaroon: what, in the last two weeks?07:00
GhotiPhudcheck out phoronix.con07:01
GhotiPhudthey've been covering it all07:01
GhotiPhudone of the amd developers frequents the forums there07:01
twbGhotiPhud: "catalyst driver" is Free software?07:02
twbSo they *haven't* become better.07:02
GhotiPhudthey're developing a new open driver from scratch07:02
danagehelp me please07:02
twbOh, I see you were referring to a different article to the one that's currently at the top of the front page.07:02
vinegaroonmy links is just some of the info on phoronix regarding amd's open source stuff07:02
RAOFtwb: On the other hand, r500 3d specs, and r600 3d specs "soon".07:03
twbRAOF: yeah, it's when "soon" becomes "today" that I will start thinking about caring07:03
RAOFtwb: Certianly, not as good as Intel, but much, much better than nvidia.07:03
GhotiPhudafter the release of the new specs, textured video got added to the radeon drivers07:03
GhotiPhudstill isn't used by default though07:03
GhotiPhudbut it takes time07:04
GhotiPhudjust recently the open drivers got all the features that I've been wanting, so I made the switch07:04
GhotiPhudit was really just Tv-out I was waiting for07:05
vinegaroonI have and nvidia card.. I would use nv or nouveau but I like neverball and a few other 3d games..07:06
GhotiPhudI've found that those run pretty well with the open source driver07:06
naught101RAOF: can you check bug #199034 for me?07:07
ubotuLaunchpad bug 199034 in linux "X server will not start (agpgart)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19903407:07
naught101make sure it all came through properly07:07
vinegaroonI'm talking 'bout nvidia07:07
GhotiPhudI think nvidia's open drivers are a little behind since Amd started releasing specs07:09
vinegaroonthat's why I use the blob07:11
GhotiPhudif Ati's blob was as good as Nvidia's I might consider07:12
twbnvidia's Free drivers have been worse than ATI's Free drivers for a long time.07:13
vinegaroonIf I had and AMD/ATI card I would run an open driver.07:13
twbBecause nvidia's non-Free drivers mostly worked, so nobody worked on the Free alternatives.07:13
savvaswhat's blob?07:13
twbsavvas: http://www.openbsd.org/lyrics.html07:13
twbSpecifically, http://www.openbsd.org/lyrics.html#3907:14
savvasnice :P07:15
naught101does ubuntu have any other GUIs apart from xorg?07:15
twbXorg isn't a GUI, it's a windowing system.07:15
naught101twb, thanks, that's what I was looking for:07:15
twbYou could argue that GNU Screen provides much of the same functionality.07:15
naught101does ubuntu have any windowing systems apart from xorg?07:16
naught101is it available in the repos?07:16
twbapt-get install scren.07:16
hydrogenscreen and xorg07:16
hydrogenare kind of complete opposites07:16
hydrogenscreen is definatly not a gui07:16
twbIt's a GUI07:16
hydrogenits not07:16
twbIt's a *character cell* gui rather than a *raster* GUI.07:17
hydrogenit's missing the whole "graphical" part07:17
hydrogenit's a TUI maybe07:17
hydrogentextual user interface07:17
naught101can one use a mouse in it?07:17
twbTUI is a retroactive term used to denigrate portable and fast GUIs07:17
twbnaught101: yep.07:17
hydrogenbut one can't  use pictures07:17
naught101right, that's probably good enough for me07:17
twbhydrogen: actually, w3m-img works fine through screen.07:17
naught101I don't need pictures, I just need a mouse07:18
hydrogenor you know.. any advances ones seen in computing in the last twenty years07:18
twbhydrogen: where "advanced" means "has buttons with gradients"07:18
hydrogenI'm not sure if ubuntu/debian packages it07:19
hydrogenbut there used to be a Y windowing server07:19
twbYeah, it's pretty much dead.07:19
hydrogenI don't think it ever got that far though07:19
savvasis it possible to install a language using the menu system -> administration -> language support?07:19
twbPeople stopped caring about it, like the framebuffer.07:19
hydrogenthey have the "Y Sound Server" still packaged, not sure if thats related07:19
naught101huh... screen won't run 'cause it can't find any "PTYs"07:19
twbnaught101: that's probably because you're still root, but your tty is owned by you.07:20
naught101I am me07:20
twbThen it's because /dev/pts isn't mounted or something equally horrific.07:20
naught101Xserver problems really suck07:21
twbYou can always use vesa07:21
naught101pts is mounted07:21
naught101twb what's vesa?07:21
twbVESA is a standard interface for GPUs07:22
twbEverything since about 2000 supports VESA, and modern cards will "Just Work" with it.07:22
naught101go on..07:22
naught101how do I use it?07:22
twbChange the Driver line in the Device stanza of your xorg.conf07:22
twbNote that VESA offers NO 2d or 3d acceleration.07:22
twbWhen you say "xserver sucks" you really mean "the hideous 3d-accelerated driver"07:23
naught101Driver "vesa" ?07:23
naught101I didn't say xserver sucks07:24
* DanaG wonders how good or bad ATI (open or closed, doesn't matter too much to me) will be by June.07:24
* DanaG thinks nvidia is lame for not offering native-res framebuffer.07:24
naught101vesa didn't work... no valid modes07:25
twbDanaG: it doesn't matter to you *now*.07:25
DanaGI'm currently on nvidia.07:25
twbI suggest you read RMS' _The Right to Read_ to see an example of the ramifications of accepting non-Free software07:25
naught101apocalyse now07:26
DanaGBut at least I'd be getting a blob from somebody who's now making an effort to un-blobify.07:27
GhotiPhudI have a pretty dated ATI card, but under the free drivers everything mostly works07:27
GhotiPhudif you're not looking for the latest and greatest card, then ATI might be good07:27
GhotiPhudNvidia's probably a safer bet right now07:28
naught101RAOF: you there?07:28
GhotiPhudpoke around Phoronix in June07:28
DanaGI currently have a 128MB GeForce Go 7600.  For the next thing, I'll want something not weaker for its generation than mine was for that generation.07:29
DanaGOh, and if that Heron is accepted as default, I am soooooo getting a laptop-lid skin of it.07:30
GhotiPhudhow old is this current laptop?07:31
GhotiPhudcause that doesn't seem like a "weak" card at all07:31
GhotiPhudprobably blows mine out of the water07:31
DanaGBy not weaker, I'm being a bit silly.  I won't want to go from a 7600 to an 8400, for example.07:31
DanaGEVen if 8400 was as good as the 7600, it'd be weaker for its time than 7600 was for that time.07:32
GhotiPhudso upper middle class of the graphics card07:32
twbWhat do you need a GPU for at all, except games?07:33
GhotiPhudas far as ATI vs Nvidia, whatever works at the time, all the ati stuff is up in the air right now07:33
twbAnd all the "I need a fast GPU" games don't run on GNU/Linux anyway07:34
GhotiPhuddual boot07:34
DanaGFine, I'll boot Windows for them.07:35
GhotiPhudthat's what I do07:35
DanaGBesides, Wine + PulseAudio == ... well, it doesn't work.07:35
twbSo why not just use the onboard GPU while running Linux?07:35
GhotiPhudI enjoy the linux experience more for the desktop though07:35
DanaGMine doesn't have an onboard.07:36
GhotiPhudwhy pay for the card if you only get to use it every once in a while?07:36
twbGhotiPhud: well, precisely.07:36
DanaGAt least, I'm pretty sure it doesn't.  Gateway M685, also known as NX860 series.07:36
GhotiPhudwine is improving quite nicely also07:36
twbIt seems to me that if I were a gamer weenie, I'd buy a game console rather than dual boot, because then at least I'd have a few years of not having to buy hardware upgrades just to run new games07:37
DanaGI could try booting without the MXM card, though.07:37
GhotiPhudI can play Command and Conquer Generals on it now07:37
GhotiPhudnew games?07:37
GhotiPhudwhat are those07:37
twbGhotiPhud: eh, the only thing I've EVER got wine to run is evidence tracking software07:37
GhotiPhudI shop in the bargain bin07:37
DanaGI haven't used any recent games.  I tried Crysis and amused myself at how slideshow-ey it was.07:37
twbGhotiPhud: "new" means "since Windows stopped being a DOS shell"07:38
GhotiPhudhaha, okay maybe a bit more recent than that07:38
GhotiPhudI actually had to make a windows 98 VM just to play a game I found in my attic07:39
twbHonestly, I can't be bothered jumping through all the hoops necessary to babysit a Windows system (and all the ridiculously overspecced hardware) if the only benefit is that I get to play 3d games.07:41
DanaGSimCopter..... DirectX 3  (yes, 3!) game.07:41
GhotiPhudStarship Titanic07:42
DanaGAnd crappy graphics even for its time!07:42
GhotiPhudStarship Titanic was written by Douglas Adams07:42
GhotiPhudsame guy who wrote Hitchhiker's Guide07:42
twbNo, it was written by Terry Gillam07:43
twbAdams worked on the computer game07:43
twbArgh, getent group hangs07:43
DanaGheh, dd from /dev/zero to /dev/null with bs 1M: 5.4GB/sec07:44
SebastianWhy do I suddenly have SCIM in my systray (and cannot disable it)?07:44
GhotiPhudjoin the club07:44
twbDanaG: why would you do that?07:44
pwuertzhi... I would like to test a fixed version of python-scipy... someone wrote an answer to the bug-report: "A fixed version is now being tested in my PPA."07:45
pwuertzhow to find these packages?07:45
DanaGCuriosity, that's why.  And randomness.07:45
ubotuLaunchpad bug 187004 in python-scipy "python-scipy uninstallable (needs gfortran transition)" [High,In progress]07:45
GhotiPhudinteresting facts there twb07:46
GhotiPhudhave you played it?07:46
twbGhotiPhud: hmm?07:47
DanaGIs Wine un-broken yet?  I'm currently using the Gutsy version.07:47
GhotiPhudyou were saying that Starship Titanic was written by Terry Gillam07:47
twbIs anyone else here using LDAP?07:47
DanaGHardy one in repos is 0.9.56-0ubuntu107:48
twbI am having Grief07:48
=== BaD_CrC_ is now known as BaD_CrC
DanaGDAGFLABBIT, damn keyboard got stuck again!07:50
DanaGbug 19421407:51
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194214 in xorg-server "Keys get "stuck" down" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19421407:51
DanaGMy current theme: www.csc.calpoly.edu/~dgoyette/screenshot.png07:52
twbI have come to the conclusion that themes are just a way to make people waste countless otherwise-productive hours tweaking chrome07:55
DanaGActually, this is one I've been using for a while, and haven't felt a need to change.07:56
twbI suppose so.07:56
DanaGAnd it's much more cheerful than a cloudy, dark-blue one based on the same GTK engine with the Nodoka windeco.07:56
twbOTOH, I spent like two weeks trying to work out how to get a usable #000-backgrounded gtkrc-2.007:57
J-_How can I see what my laptop mac address is? my router isn't picking it up. It did before, but it isn't now.07:59
twbRouters don't "pick up" IP addresses.07:59
twbThey either assign them to DHCP clients or are told in advance what to expect (static routing).07:59
J-_I said mac.08:00
twbOops, MAC address.08:00
* twb needs more coffee.08:00
twbIf you're using DHCP, the MAC is included in the DHCPEQUEST08:00
DanaGOh heck, I'll set my thing back to the blue theme, momentarily, and screenshot it.08:01
DanaGOdd.... my metacity theme doesn't change with my other parts of my theme.08:03
savvasyou broke it!08:05
DanaGLooks nice, but it was severely affecting my mood.  I changed to the orange one, and my mood changed literally instantly.08:07
DanaGNot gradually.  Instantly!08:07
DanaGUnfortunately, the Nodoka theme engine and windeco really don't look as good in orange.08:08
DanaGEEh, gtk is fine, windeco is not.08:09
RAOFDanaG: I find it (gtk) looks quite good with a sortof slightly-tanned-flesh main & maroon highlights.08:14
DanaGThe Nodoka one?08:14
DanaGHeh, whenever I say that name, I can't help but think of the character from the Negima series (multiple mangas and multiple animes).08:14
DanaGHmm, do you have a screenshot somewhere?08:15
DanaGOh yeah, I just checked out the latest murrine-human.  Looks pretty good now; last time I tried it (2 days or so ago) it was ugly.08:15
DanaGIn fact, the progress bars remind me of candy, for some odd reason.08:16
RAOFDanaG: http://cooperteam.net/Nodoka.png08:17
DanaGHmm, interesting combination.08:18
RAOFTeh awn bar is ugly; I'm playing with it currently.08:18
savvasDanaG: http://img111.imageshack.us/my.php?image=savvasblackrs8.png08:19
DanaGOOh, nifty.  If that Heron becomes the default wallpaper, I am soooooo getting a case skin of it.08:19
RAOFIn fact, the awn bar might just die completely.08:19
savvasthe heron wallpaper made it in alpha 508:19
naught101RAOF: can you check bug #199034 for me?08:19
ubotuLaunchpad bug 199034 in linux "X server will not start (agpgart)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19903408:19
DanaGI've never found any dock apps for Windows or Linux I've liked.08:19
savvasit was default in live cd, but orange :\08:19
DanaGI'm using the not-bloody version now.08:20
DanaGWHenever I see the name Nodoka, I think of this:  http://avetremaevrin.deviantart.com/art/Cuddle-Time-72504785  -- especially the blue color.08:20
RAOFnaught101: You obviously didn't read the kernel bug reporting guidelines I linked :(08:21
DanaGHere's the exact orange I set:  #E48A3408:21
DanaGI'm also using the Tropic windeco with the red-close-button line disabled.08:22
RAOFnaught101: Given that you haven't added the output of lspci, uname -a, etc.08:22
RAOFnaught101: Once more, with feeling: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeamBugPolicies <- The top 4 lines, particularly.08:23
RAOFDanaG: Scim has a _latex_ mode?08:25
DanaGIt does things like this:08:25
RAOFWith what porpoise?08:25
savvasis anyone using nvidia pci express card?08:25
RAOFsavvas: Yo.08:26
DanaGI R08:26
savvasRAOF: post your xorg.conf in pastebin.ca please08:26
DanaGargh, it's not working.08:26
savvasor anywhere08:26
DanaGX ≹ Y08:26
DanaGTrigger it with backslash.08:27
savvaswhat's that ugly looking sign? :P08:27
DanaGNot greater than or less than.08:27
naught101RAOF: ok, must have missed that. thanks08:27
RAOFNot greater than or less than.08:27
RAOFNot to be confused with "equal too".08:27
* DanaG is ∃08:27
DanaGIs "there exists"08:27
savvasyou belong in a group? :p08:27
naught101what's the difference between that and equals?08:28
RAOFnaught101: X may be incomparable with Y.08:28
savvasnaught101: it means they can be equal or not comparable :)08:28
RAOF(We may be in a lattice, rather than a totally ordered set)08:28
DanaGZ = jωL08:28
DanaGHandy for typing up stuff like that.08:28
savvashaven't used math symbols in  years :)08:28
RAOFDanaG: That's kinda cool.  Easy to set up?08:28
savvasnever required anything in med school :p08:29
DanaGJust set it to Latex mode, and hit backslash.08:29
DanaGThen start typing stuff to explore.08:29
RAOFI may reinstall scim to check this out.08:29
DanaGX ⋛ Y08:29
savvasis anyone going to upload their /etc/X11/xorg.conf ? :(08:29
DanaGWhat's THAT one for?08:29
DanaGGreater than, equal, or less than.08:30
savvas∓ ±08:31
RAOFsavvas: http://pastebin.com/f448b857d08:31
* DanaG goes to abuse the US International (AltGr Deadkeys) layout, with unicode numpad:08:31
RAOFI don't think it'll do you much good, though.  That's the output of "sudo nvidia-xconfig --twinview"08:31
savvasty :)08:31
DanaGOh, and right-to-left is fun to abuse, but remember to insert "pop directional formatting" characters or you'll royally screw up your IM app's logs.08:33
RAOFDanaG: No, it isn't :P08:34
DanaGNot using Pidgin, I assume?08:34
RAOFAt least, not in my irssi terminal.08:34
DanaGHere's what I see (retyped, not copied and pasted):08:34
RAOFDanaG: You're using pidgin for irc?08:34
DanaG                                                                                                                                    !sdrawkcaB :DanaG (12:33:46 AM)08:34
savvas△ABC ≅ △DEF08:35
DanaGYup, it consolidates all my chat stuff to one app.08:35
UnksiDanaG: i user irssi+bitlbee for the same :)08:35
savvasDanaG ∉ Ubuntu08:36
naught101pity it can't do voice08:36
DanaGI don't remember that symbol.  I know I used it in my CSC141 ("Discrete Structures") class.08:36
DanaGNot within a set?08:37
RAOF"Not contained in"08:38
RAOFOr rather "not a member of"08:38
savvasDanaG: is not an element of :)08:38
savvasi mixed it up before with the inversed E08:39
DanaGOh, hint for SCIM: vertical lookup table with hint.08:39
DanaGOr horizontal.08:40
cwilluanybody else running into wireless issues (other than the library issue that was fixed a few hours ago?)08:42
savvasRAOF: you're using hardy? were all those settings automatically set up in xorg.conf?08:42
* DanaG throws a(n) ✈ at somebody.08:42
RAOFsavvas: Using hardy, yes.  I manually added the synaptics thing, 'cause it broke some time in the past.08:44
RAOFsavvas: All the nvidia-specific stuff was got by running "sudo nvidia-xconfig --twinview"08:44
DanaGI posted my xorg.conf at my csc web space.  www.csc.calpoly.edu/~dgoyette/xorg.conf  (I use only one screen.)08:45
DanaGI love using my touchpad -- in fact, if I had to get a desktop, I'd probably get a keyboard with a touchpad!08:45
DanaGNo RSI from it, even if I use it way too much.08:45
cwilluwlan0_rename: auth with ap...08:46
cwillufollowed by a timeout08:46
cwillufollowed by a auth frame received, but not in auth state, ignored08:46
DanaGtwo-finger scrolling, two- and three-finger tapping without 1-finger doing anything.  Middle button emulation.08:46
savvasthanks RAOF08:47
DanaGWhat's "MultisampleCompatibility"?08:47
DanaGOh yeah, is there a way to tell the nvidia driver to ALWAYS assume any connected CRT can do at least 1024x768x60, without overriding the max also?08:48
DanaGSome projectors at my school have Pin 9 missing.08:48
DanaGSo... nvidia assumes they can only do 800x600.08:49
cwilluDanaG, add a mode and disable validation?08:49
DanaGOh yeah, I figured out something interesting about suspend with nvidia: it works better if you have the video card in 3D mode before suspend.  Even a 'DISPLAY=:0 glxinfo" will do it, I think.08:50
cwillushould be able to play around with xrandr and see what works08:50
DanaGOh yeah, Pin 9 is EDID pin, though you probably already knew that.08:52
cwilluradeon driver has 'ignoreEDID', which doesn't help you08:53
cwillu --custom-edid=CUSTOM-EDID, --no-custom-edid may help08:53
cwilluman nvidia-xconfig08:54
DanaGOh, that's an idea: dump the EDID of a better monitor, and override the CRT output with it.08:55
cwilluthere's a disable-edid option there too08:56
cwilluwhich might be more what you want08:56
cwilluit'll still autodetect, but it won't override what you specifiy iirc08:57
RaspberryOk -- there's a new problem with Brightness settings on my laptop since Alpha5 :)08:57
Raspberrywhen adjusting the brightness on the appletor with the function keys on the keyboard -- it shows that the brightness is being moved up and down, but the screen doesn't get brighter or darker08:58
RaspberryThis worked fine until last Thursday or Friday ... the exact same time that the display turning back on when resuming from suspend started working :)08:59
* DanaG just recently had a brightness issue FIXED: bug 121833 (yes, I've memorized the number.)09:02
ubotuLaunchpad bug 121833 in linux "LCD backlight turns off when between discrete levels, both from hotkeys and from dim-on-idle." [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12183309:02
RaspberryThis new SCIMthing is stupid09:28
Raspberryit's hot key is SHIFT+SPACEBAR09:28
RaspberryWTF... so while I'm typing and trying to capitalize things it shifts my keyboard layout to RAW09:29
Raspberryit's some new standard package as far as Ican tell09:29
RAOFRaspberry: Yes.  This is being disucssed in #ubuntu-devel as we speak.  Welcome to Hardy.09:30
RaspberryI'm not pissed that it's in there09:30
RaspberryI'm just letting you know -- it seems to be pretty impractical09:30
RAOFAs such, the discussion is "why has it suddenly been turned on for everyone, and what can we do about it?"09:31
RaspberryI just quit SCIM  and it killed all my KDE apps :P09:32
* Raspberry is using Konversation09:32
loaCan someone explain why Update manager request partial update.09:52
loaWhat is it?09:52
loaIt request for example firefox, but i didn't have this package!09:52
RaspberryIt's because it's updating the whole system with changes to the naming / structure of packages09:55
RaspberryHardy is still in Alpha and there are things changing09:55
loanext alpha you mean this?09:56
cwilluloa, no, just big enough changes (bigger than you'd get in a released ubuntu) that the normal update behaviour isn't enough to fix it09:59
zenohi a kernel update just downloaded (guessing that did it) and now sudo modprobe ndiswrapper gives the error: FATAL: Module ndiswrapper not found.  any ideas how to fix?10:00
loasudo apt-cache search ndiswrapper10:02
loaand install10:02
zenoloa: it says it is installed10:07
savvas(wrong window)10:08
mrtimdogWhat's the X command to change the keymap on a running X server?10:16
muszekanyone else got problems with upgrading open office (yesterday's update)10:25
muszekopenoffice.org: Depends: openoffice.org-writer2latex  but it is not installable10:25
muszekit's not in repos: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=openoffice.org-writer2latex&searchon=names&suite=hardy&section=all10:26
Raspberrymuszek: install everything but the openoffice.org package10:41
muszekRaspberry: ok, thanks.10:41
Raspberrymuszek: go into the synaptic package manager and install the openoffice.org-base base-core write calc .... so on and so forth10:41
Raspberrythat package is still missing I think10:41
muszekI market every other package to update and synaptic wants to _remove_ package openoffice.org10:43
Raspberrythat's fine10:45
Raspberryit's not a valid package right now10:45
RaspberryI am a bit confused though because OpenOffice is still branded as 2.3 but if you go to About it says it's 2.410:46
NgRaspberry: it's a pre-reease of 2.4 atm10:48
Ng"pre-release" rather10:48
cwillumuszek, it probably asked for a partial upgrade before?10:48
muszekcwillu: yeah, it did10:48
cwillumuszek, that'd be why10:48
Raspberrywell let me go into gimp and make them a new splash screen :p10:48
muszekcwillu: so I shouldn't touch it?10:49
cwillumuszek, restart the update manager, and do the partial upgrade10:49
muszekcwillu: and leave OO.o stuff not updated, right?10:49
cwillumuszek, no, tell it to do the partial upgrade, it won't give you any further choices, other than removing obsolete packages after its done10:50
cwilluI don't mean 'update with things unchecked'10:50
cwilluyou should get a mini version of the dialog you get when you do a full upgrade between releases10:51
muszekwhat's this "partial upgrade" thing anyway?  I don't recall seeing it before (been using pre-release versions since after I dist-upgraded from hoary).10:51
cwillumuszek, it's been common for a few releases now, although alot of people  just let aptitude or apt-get muck around instead :p10:52
muszekbut I never dist-upgraded that early, maybe that's why10:52
J-_laptopI have a bug, well not really a bug. But, while adding a location to the time applet for gnome-panel, I add it as my home location, and set the weather, and 12h format, when there's a mouse-over it still shows 24h format.10:53
J-_laptopnot sure if it was intended to be like that10:53
cwilluJ-_laptop, post it on launchpad, see what they say10:53
muszekJ-_laptop: God gave us 24h format for a reason :)10:54
J-_laptopactually sorry, its "sunrise/ sunset" time10:54
J-_laptopoh noes, 25 minutes til my battery runs out and im comfy =(10:56
J-_laptopoh yeah, I also fixed my wireless issue. it was really a fix, but a stupid doing on my part.10:57
J-_laptopit pretty much came down to booting hardy live, and see if it was a driver error, or something broken as a last resort, and thankfully it worked and figured out what Idid wrong. I was putting my routers password into the passphrase or key password when trying to connect. lol10:59
cwillufooey, that doesn't help me with why mine doesn't work :p10:59
cwilluah well, bed time :p10:59
J-_laptop=) have a good one10:59
J-_laptopim laying in bed =D11:00
J-_laptopnice! xmoto plays awesome in hardy with compiz on11:08
naught101is there any way to downgrade linux-image-generic with the standard repos?11:10
Stonekeeperhi. Can anyone confirm that 8.04 will come with a stable openvz kernel? thanks.11:15
astanhi. is there a guide for temporarily substituting a kernel driver module with a version from upstream git (linus' tree)? i need to temporarily test the arcmsr (RAID controller) driver from git to see if a bug has been fixed. i'm running hardy.11:16
astanit should compile well with the 2.6.25 ubuntu kernel i'm running.11:16
astane.g. what to i need to aptitude install first to be able to build the driver, and is it then just a matter of backing up the current one and install the new one? or do i need to run some command after the new driver is installed?11:17
naught101RAOF: you know how you said that I should file the bug under 'linux'?11:20
naught101I just tried using older kernels that are lying around on my machine, and the same thing happened11:21
naught101back in a bit11:22
mesilliacdoes anyone have a working wacom drawing tablet in hardy?11:23
naught101mesilliac: i did have, a bamboo, but now xorg isn't working, so no, I don't11:23
mesilliacahh... gone... was going to ask if it's possible to get it working without installing the new wacom X driver manually.11:26
=== RayRaspi is now known as Raspberry
ZicAlpha 6, we are waiting you :}11:35
mesilliacnaught101: did you have to manually install the newest wacom X driver to get your tablet to work? or was it possible with the driver in hardy?11:40
* naught101 goes off to see if linux-386 is any different to linux-generic11:41
naught101mesilliac: pretty sure it worked straight up11:41
naught101what tablet do you have?11:41
mesilliacokay thanks. guess i'll mess around a bit. It's a graphire bluetooth, so it shouldn't work, but I managed to piece together some hacks for gutsy which got it working. Was harder to make it work in hardy though :(11:42
naught101yeah, mine worked slightly better in gutsy I think11:42
naught101I haven't used it much in hardy11:43
naught101actually... come to think of it, maybe I haven't used it in hardy at all...11:43
mesilliacI had trouble getting X to load the wacom driver for it. It kept defaulting to using it as a normal pointer (without pressure sensitivity etc)11:43
AutoMatriXhello ubuworld11:56
naught101is there any way I can find out which package installs the agpgart module?12:03
void^naught101: the kernel package12:04
naught101void^: that's what I thought12:05
naught101if I was running fine on 2.6.24-7>10-generic, then installed -11-, and things with modules started stuffing up, would it normally fix it to go back to a previous kernel?12:06
void^you can always boot the previous kernel, unless you actually uninstalled it12:07
naught101void^: right, but I booted the previous kernel, and the problem remained12:07
naught101does that point to the problem NOT being with the kernel?12:08
naught101but with something else that was updated?12:08
void^just read the backlog a little. i think this suggests the problem is in the X driver.12:12
naught101I've tried with intel and vesa12:13
Turskihaving a problem12:14
Turskigetting this when trying to start FF3:12:14
TurskiInconsistency detected by ld.so: ../sysdeps/i386/dl-machine.h: 550: elf_machine_rel_relative: Assertion `((reloc->r_info) & 0xff) == 8' failed!12:14
void^naught101: did you figure out what messed up your /dev/null permissions? perhaps some other device node permissions are also wrong..12:17
naught101void^: no, I haven't. I noted that in my bug report, but it's odd, because udev seems to set it correctly12:18
naught101or at least, the udev rule is correct12:19
void^and X fails to start with vesa driver?12:19
naught101perhaps I should try with i81012:20
void^did you pastebin the Xorg.log with vesa somewhere?12:21
naught101I got a mouse with i81012:22
naught101void^: check bug #199034 for the xorg.log12:22
ubotuLaunchpad bug 199034 in linux "X server will not start (agpgart)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19903412:22
void^probably an udev issue altogether12:24
naught101I tried dpkg-reconfigure udev, no luck12:25
void^does 'udevtrigger && udevsettle' create /dev/agpgart?12:26
=== Amaranth_ is now known as Amaranth
naught101void^: nope12:31
naught101just getting the package list together for the upgrade12:31
void^naught101: and there's no agpgart in /sys/bus/pci/drivers?12:32
naught101void^: correct, there isn't.12:34
naught101void^: doing that udevtrigger+settle DID reset /dev/null to 0660, instead of 066612:46
naught101I uploaded all my updates that may have caused the problem to the bug12:49
void^well, that doesn't make sense at all if you udev rules say 0666 :/12:50
naught101do you think I should add udev(linux) to the affectslist for the bug?12:52
naught101udev(ubuntu) I mean12:52
Turskican someone help me with that firefox's error?12:54
naught101Turski: don't know how, sorry. have you submitted a bug?12:56
Turskibut isn't that something else than firefox-s bug?12:57
naught101no idea. searched for it on the 'net?12:58
naught101I'd submit it as a firefox bug, then someone there will be able to tell you whether it is realted to something else or not13:02
Turskifist i'm trying the windows-way to fix problem :P13:03
Turskireboot -->13:03
muszekI though that Windows way was "reinstall the OS" :)13:05
Turskihaha, wtf :D13:06
Turskiit worked :D13:06
zniavredo you know how to activate the agp fast write on hardy ?13:07
zniavrethe gutsy way does not work13:07
* naught101 is going to bed...13:21
GijsKhello all. I'm trying to update 7.10 to Hardy. I ran update-manager -d in gnome terminal, but it seems to hang when trying to verify the gpg signature of the tar.gz it downloaded.13:25
GijsKwhen I manually try to verify it, gpg complains that it doesn't have the public key13:25
DanglyBitswhen will alpha 6 be avialable?13:25
GijsKwhat should I be doing to fix this? I've tried googling around, but I haven't found anything that seemed useful...13:25
savvasif you have any alpha, DanglyBits just update13:26
Zampaktuhi fellow ubuntu users, i am starting to test the hardy herron release, but i would like to learn a little more about interpreting trace files from utilities such as strace or truss. does anybody have some documentation that could help? thanks13:30
=== Gil2 is now known as Gil
savvasGijsK: sudo apt-key list13:35
savvaspub   1024D/437D05B5 2004-09-1213:35
savvasuid                  Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com>13:35
savvassub   2048g/79164387 2004-09-1213:36
savvasdo you have this one?13:36
GijsKsavvas: yes.13:37
savvassame numbers in pub and sub GijsK ?13:38
GijsKyup, exactly the same.13:38
GijsKwould it matter that I start update-manager from a sudo -s terminal?13:38
savvasweird, maybe the apt mirrors are missing some keys? :P13:39
savvasthere was another one that complained a couple of days ago about it13:39
GijsKah, but looks like apt-key has a different key list from gpg13:42
GijsKwhich is, well, a little bit lame.13:42
GijsK(gpg --list-keys is empty)13:42
savvassudo apt-key export ftpmaster@ubuntu.com >> ~/Desktop/ubuntu.key13:43
GijsKsweet, was poking about for exactly that :)13:43
savvasgpg --import ~/Desktop/ubuntu.key13:43
savvaslet's see if that solves the problem13:44
GijsKhrmpf, this is in a vm so copy/paste is hard13:45
GijsKbut gpg complains it doesn't find any GPG data in the key file13:45
savvasdo you have seahorse?13:45
GijsK"no valid OpenPGP data found"13:45
GijsKuh, no idea what that is.13:46
GijsKthat means the answer is probably "no", unless it is the name of another one of the mozilla clones by debian et al. :)13:46
savvassudo apt-get install seahorse13:46
savvasgui for gpg13:46
savvasapplications -> accessories -> passwords and encryption13:46
GijsKah, cool. Let me kill update-manager first, though (apt-get is not happy with the locks)13:47
GijsKsavvas: ok, the import button on that claims the file is in an invalid file format13:51
savvasGijsK: try find a remote key13:51
GijsKmm, was trying that :)13:52
savvas(1)Ubuntu Archive Master Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com> 4096 bit RSA key 3F272F5B, created: 2007-11-0913:53
savvashm.. looks like there are new keys :P13:53
savvasgpg --search-keys ftpmaster@ubuntu.com13:54
savvas4)Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com> 1024 bit DSA key 437D05B5, created: 2004-09-1213:54
savvastry this one13:54
savvasnothing? :\14:00
GijsKnah, just very slow :)14:00
savvasah ok14:01
GijsKok, at least gpg is happy now14:01
savvaslet's see if update-manager will be too :P14:02
GijsKdoesn't look like it. :(14:04
* GijsK wonders if he's misdiagnosing the problem14:04
GijsKthe one other clue I have is that it warns, at startup, that it can't initiate dbus14:05
GijsKother than that, the terminal output gets to "authenticating /tmp/blah/hardy.tar.gz with /same/path/hardy.tar.gz.pgp" and then stops14:05
GijsKthe UI is "checking update manager" and then hangs14:05
GijsK(and stops repainting)14:05
Daveeeyhi there!14:06
GijsKer, excuse me, I meant "package manager" rather than "update manager"14:06
Daveeeyanyone got alpha 6 yet?14:06
donald_how bad is Hardy now?14:06
savvasGijsK: try reload in update manager14:06
Daveeeydont know :P but today the last alpha would be released14:06
Daveeeybut cant find it :\14:07
GijsKsavvas: you mean "Check" ?14:07
GijsK(the button thing)14:07
GijsKor am I missing something?14:07
savvassorry :)14:07
GijsKsavvas: that doesn't seem to help, either. :(14:09
savvastry this in terminal: do-release-upgrade14:10
GijsKthat says "no new release found"14:11
GijsKthe update manager it does list that I could upgrade gnome-orca, under a "distribution upgrade" header, but (1) it's greyed out and I can't select it, and (2) I have a custom-built orca trunk version installed.14:12
GijsK(which is actually the reason I want hardy in the first place - current orca trunk wants gnome 2.21)14:12
savvassudo apt-get update -o Acquire::http::No-Cache=True14:13
savvassudo apt-get dist-upgrade14:14
GijsKstill the same output, but complains it kept back gnome-orca14:15
* GijsK force-installs that, and tries again14:15
GijsKhrm, doesn't help14:15
savvassudo do-release-upgrade --devel-release14:16
GijsKah :)14:16
savvasand i hope this works ;p14:16
GijsKyeah, that looks like its happier! :)14:16
GijsKsavvas: thanks a lot, also for the patience! :)14:17
GijsKoh, huh. :s14:17
savvasGijsK: everything's ok? it's upgrading14:17
savvas:P i don't like that humming14:18
savvasGijsK: if it's not working, upload /etc/apt/sources.list at http://pastebin.ca or someplace14:20
GijsKyeah, it's not working14:21
GijsKI'm going to upload the output instead14:21
GijsKsavvas: http://pastebin.ca/93031514:23
GijsKsavvas: I have no idea why it's still unhappy though. It just seems to say "Aborting" without describing why...14:24
savvasus.archive.ubuntu.com ?14:24
savvastry switchin to archive.ubuntu.com14:25
GijsKby editing etc apt sources.list? :)14:25
savvasor by system -> admin -> soft sources14:25
savvasdownload from: main server14:26
GijsKit's being slower downloading updates now, so I guess that might be a good thing. :P14:26
* savvas crosses fingers14:27
GijsKhrmpf, still aborting! :(14:28
savvastry with  update-manager -d first, maybe it's solved14:28
savvaspress check14:28
savvasand then upgrade14:28
Milos_SDdid someone manage to do the update for OpenOffice?14:28
Q-FUNKwould anyone happen to know where the weather report that is now integrated in the clock applet gets configured?14:28
Milos_SDQ-FUNK, right click on clock, Preferences -> Weather14:29
Milos_SDand Location14:29
savvasQ-FUNK: click on the clock applet -> locations -> edit14:29
Q-FUNKMilos_SD: it doesn't show me anything to input the location it should show by default.14:29
Milos_SDGo to Add14:30
Q-FUNKthe home location that appears right besides the time itself.14:30
* GijsK waits for his vm to stop sucking :\14:30
Milos_SDAnd find your location14:30
savvasGijsK: try report a bug about it14:31
Q-FUNKMilos_SD: ok, but now I pointlessly get my home location in two places:  besides the time and in the locations list.14:32
savvasa screenshot would help14:32
Q-FUNKvery strange way to configure things.14:33
Q-FUNKbut, ok.  thanks!14:34
GijsKsavvas: yeah, it doesn't seem to be any better at the moment. :(14:41
GijsKsavvas: I'm in class, and supposed to solve this cryptogram using kerckhoff's superposition - so I'll file the bug when I get home in a few hours. Anything in particular I should keep in mind to get it attention?14:41
savvasum.. no idea14:42
savvasyou could try gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list14:43
savvaschange gutsy to hardy14:43
savvassudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade14:43
savvasKerckhoffs' principle ? :)14:43
a1fadid anyone notice how slow hardy is?14:47
a1fa7.04 release was flying for me14:48
a1fa8.04 is so slow for some reason14:48
Gila1fa which version? 64 or 32?14:48
bazhangheh Hardy smokes here ;]14:49
a1fabazhang : smokes like crack?14:50
a1fa1gb of ram, 1gb of swap14:50
bazhangplus I got suspend and hibernate for the first time ever a1fa14:50
a1fa2 cpus14:50
bazhangthis is since dapper14:51
a1faalso screen resolution does not work14:51
a1fayou cant change it14:51
savvasa1fa: same here, i get my desktop/login in less than a minute14:51
a1fathrough preference14:51
a1fasavvas : smokin?14:51
a1fathats fast for me to14:51
savvaswell.. it's fast14:51
a1fabut like effects, menus, etc14:51
a1famouse movement is choppy14:52
a1facopy and paste dont work either14:52
savvasthen it's your graphics driver14:52
savvassystem -> administration -> hard drivers14:52
savvashardware drivers14:52
savvasi'm bored to type it all14:53
a1fai dont have that14:53
a1fai have restricted drivers14:53
savvasis this hardy or gutsy ?!14:53
a1fahardy i hope14:54
savvasin a terminal do: gksu /usr/bin/jockey-gtk14:54
bazhangi hope classic14:54
a1fa8.04 hardy14:54
a1fai dont have jockey-gtk14:54
savvassudo apt-get install -f --reinstall ubuntu-desktop jockey-gtk14:55
savvasyou upgraded using update-manager -d ?14:56
a1faapt-get dist-upgrade14:56
a1fai had to manually edit my sources14:56
a1faupdate-manage -d did not work for me14:56
savvasbadsig errors ?14:56
a1fait just told me no updates available14:56
savvashave to ask, did you click the check button?14:57
a1facompiz.real crashed14:57
savvas15:55:31 < savvas> sudo apt-get install -f --reinstall ubuntu-desktop jockey-gtk14:58
a1fadid that14:58
a1faits done14:58
savvasok now try run gksu /usr/bin/jockey-gtk14:58
a1fano drivers14:58
a1fano proprietary drivers14:59
savvaswhat's your graphics card? intel?14:59
a1faevery time i log in and log out14:59
a1fait does not save the resolution i want14:59
savvasin screens and graphics?15:00
a1fadefault screen is checked15:00
savvashow about system -> preferences -> screen resolution ?15:01
a1fathat doesnt work15:01
savvascan you upload your /etc/X11/xorg.conf to http://pastebin.ca ?15:01
savvasi have 5 minutes to spare :P15:02
GijsKsavvas: 941 upgraded, 174 installed, 68 removed ('to be')15:03
GijsKsounds good!15:03
* GijsK hits enter15:03
savvasa1fa: gksu gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf15:03
savvasa1fa: see the Modes"1024x768@85" line?15:04
savvaswhat resolution would you like?15:04
savvassay "1280x1024@60"15:04
savvasadd it in front of "1024x768@85"15:04
savvasthe line would be Modes "1280x1024@60" "1024x768@85" etc etc.........15:05
savvassave close gedit15:05
savvaslog out, hit ctrl-alt-backspace and log back in15:05
a1fai want 1024x768@8515:05
Daveeeydo you have ati or nvidia?15:06
savvasintel Daveeey15:06
savvasrun gnome-display-properties15:06
savvaschoose a lower resolution and hit apply15:06
Daveeeydoesnt intel have a config utility? like nvidia has?15:06
a1fagnome-display-properties doesnt work15:07
savvaswhat does it say?15:07
a1fanothing happens15:07
a1faconsole output: sending client message15:07
savvasa1fa: sudo apt-get install -f --reinstall ubuntu-minimal ubuntu-standard15:08
savvasthen: sudo apt-get install -f15:08
savvassomething is definitely installed in a wrong way here15:09
savvassudo apt-get install -f --reinstall gnome-display-properties15:09
savvasah wait.. forgot its package15:10
savvassudo apt-get install -f --reinstall gnome-control-center15:11
savvasrun again gnome-display-properties15:12
allquixotichow can I turn off scim?15:12
a1fanot working15:12
a1fanot even help works15:12
a1fathe help button doesnt even work15:12
a1fai am going to remove it and purge it15:13
a1fawhats the purge button?15:13
savvasnext to resolution, you see no resolutions?15:13
savvasah crap, they changed the screen resolution app waaaaaah15:14
savvasoops, pardon15:14
savvasa1fa: try a system reboot, see if that helps in anything15:15
savvasI'll have to go15:15
a1fai just hosed gnome15:15
a1fabut its sitll there15:15
savvaswell.. stay there with a broken gui :P15:15
a1fatasksel: aptitude failed (100)15:18
a1faanyway to remove all packages15:18
a1faand start from minimal without reinstalling?15:19
b4l74z4rany news on x-fi in ubuntu?15:26
a1faso i am reinstalling15:38
a1faback to 7.1015:38
glancehave anyone succeded to get update-grub working after fai-install with hardy?15:38
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=== ktogias_ is now known as ktogias
muszekhi... I've just installed KDE4.  Logged into it, ran synaptic and tried to install yakuake-kde4 (while having old yakuake already installed).  Now apt window that pops up in synaptic when you click on "apply" is frozen @ "setting up yakuake-kde4 (2.9.0-ubuntu1)...".  What should I do now?16:11
muszekI just killed it... going back to Gnome. bye16:14
Aeroraptor-MI'm upgraded to a6 now :D16:27
kykloneit didnt released yet... at least not isos16:28
ZicAeroraptor-M: not realy released yet, but it is the same16:28
Aeroraptor-Moh? I thought I was. I just got a huge fleet of updates.16:28
Aeroraptor-Mand seeing as OO.o now works....16:28
Aeroraptor-Mit didn't work for me pre-updates16:28
=== sourcode_ is now known as sourocde
MFenafter last night's round of updates, wpa with wifi is broken.  is there a fix available yet?16:52
MFenoh, is that the topic?16:52
MFeni guess i'll go look for the newest network-manager package16:52
makaveli8hey guys16:55
makaveli8i heard alpha 6 was released today16:55
makaveli8but the link seems to be dead16:55
makaveli8anyone have an active link?16:55
Amaranthmakaveli8: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/hardy/alpha6 says 404 so i'm going to say no16:56
makaveli8yea, thats the link i checked too16:56
Amaranthit is not out16:56
makaveli8k thnx16:56
makaveli8appreciate it16:57
Amaranthmakaveli8: probably 24-48 hours from now16:57
makaveli8heres a question16:57
makaveli8a buddy of mine has alpha 516:58
makaveli8live cd16:58
makaveli8now should i jus borrow that? do the updates and changes come out on updates for alpha 5 users?16:58
makaveli8or should i jus say screw it and get a fresh copy of alpha 6 when it comes out16:58
Amaranthyeah, it'll update you automatically16:59
makaveli8oh ok :)16:59
AmaranthI know people that have had the same install since 4.10, you never need to reinstall16:59
makaveli8so no point in downloadin 700 megs if i can get my hand on alpha 516:59
makaveli8k perfect16:59
Amaranthwell, the upgrade to alpha 6 might be kinda large17:00
Amaranthbut if you don't have to download alpha 5 that should be alright, the upgrade will probably be less to download than the full iso17:00
makaveli8as long as the end result is the same17:00
DanaGThat's odd: the SCIM toolbar shrinks when you press the 'ctrl' key.17:05
DanaGIt's quite distracting.17:05
pbbdhey i am trying to install ubuntu 7.1 on my computer and am having an issue17:06
pbbdI get to the part "prepare partitions" and i have an external HD that i have three partitions in it (each of 40GB) and i try to install it on one of the partitions and it says "No root file system is defined. "Please correct this from the partitioning menu.", can anyone help?17:07
savvaspbbd: you're trying to do it manually?17:13
savvasthe release is 7.10  by the way, and if it's about that release you should've asked it in #ubuntu17:14
Lasivianany recommendations where I should go if I need an old unsupported driver updated to the current kernel?17:27
MFenok, seriously, who broke my wifi17:27
MFeni have the latest network-manager installed (and i even reinstalled all of its dependencies which include wpasupplicant) and i still can't access a wpa network17:28
MFenis there a fix?17:28
MFendoes anyone at least know which package is broken, so i can downgrade something?17:29
ZambeziWhich is the kernel after latest upgrade? I have reboot since like a week.17:29
MFen-11 is what i have17:30
ZambeziIs the one I use now.17:33
dasKreechis X busted?17:54
MFenX wfm17:55
=== nalioth__ is now known as nalioth
MFenwpa wifi is borken though17:55
MFenafaict. nobody seems to know anything about it.17:55
dasKreechI can't change my ersolution17:56
frank_MFen: did wpa break today?17:58
dasKreechMFen: sudo dpokg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg doesn't seem to help18:02
scristianis there any reason why a distupgrade wants 90Mb on /boot ?18:07
mohbanahow can i remove a package without its dependencies?18:12
=== kalpik_ is now known as kalpik
frank_mohbana: like I said. that's not the right question if I understand you correctly18:14
MFenfrank_: yes, wpa broke today18:22
MFenfrank_: i've tried asking on #madwifi if anyone knows anything about it, no response yet18:22
MFeni doin't even know what package is broken18:22
frank_MFen: I guess I won't upgrade for a while them18:22
MFentopic says network-manager was "fixed" as of 10am yesterday, but the fix broke things because it was all working before i upgraded and not after..18:23
strabesalpha 6 is coming out right now right?18:25
makaveli8yea strabes18:31
ethana2people are voting my ideas down18:31
ethana2...but i feel they're good ones18:31
ethana2you know, in brainstorm18:31
strabesit might be because they're not as urgent as other ideas18:31
strabeslike fixing suspend & hibernate18:31
makaveli8havent installed ubuntu in awhile18:33
makaveli8but hve they fixed the 'keyring' pop up at startup?18:33
makaveli8cause i searched and searched and coudlnt find a solution18:33
ethana2http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/3583/ http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/3581/  (if anyone wants to give them a look)18:34
ethana2i think we've really been moving a lot of password stuff around18:34
ethana2...so i'd by default expect to not have that problem anymore18:34
strabesmakaveli8: there is no keyring popup anymore. you're talking about for wireless passwords, etc?18:40
strabesi remember something like that from edgy or feisty; i can't remember which18:40
strabesbut it's no longer present18:40
makaveli8oh ok :)18:42
dasKreechIs X havnig issues changing resolution curerntly?18:44
baastruphey there, im having some problems with my network in hardy, is there anyway reset the network devices, looks like the show wrong op under ifconfig, it shows ups as wmaster 0 a vnet0 hmm strange19:04
baastrupI have tryed to reinstall udev19:04
baastrup# PCI device 0x14e4:0x1673 (tg3)19:09
baastrupSUBSYSTEM=="net", ACTION=="add", DRIVERS=="?*", ATTR{address}=="00:1c:23:1a:1b:66", ATTR{type}=="1", NAME="eth0"19:09
baastrup# PCI device 0x8086:0x4222 (iwl3945)19:09
baastrupSUBSYSTEM=="net", ACTION=="add", DRIVERS=="?*", ATTR{address}=="00:1c:bf:51:4a:03", ATTR{type}=="1", NAME="wlan0"19:09
h3sp4wnDoes anyone know which of the machines that run ubuntu mobile are actually for sale19:16
h3sp4wn(similar price to eepc or so)19:16
h3sp4wnI guess ^ is probably not wonder why they want to get that running on expensive machines that mostly run vista - doubt it will have alot of users19:24
kyklone<h3sp4wn> UMPC? what is that? who buying it?..19:27
kyklonepc? nice, can i play urban terror with it?19:27
hdevalenceI'd just install vanilla (k)ubuntu on an eeepc but that's me19:28
=== nrp_ is now known as nrp
h3sp4wnkyklone: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileAndEmbedded19:33
h3sp4wnkyklone: The list is all of stuff released before the eepc so as far as I can see its all silly expensive19:34
h3sp4wn(and all you have to pay for vista)19:34
h3sp4wnSupposed to be a gigabyte menlow in june but thats a few months away yet19:35
=== credible_ is now known as credible
h3sp4wnhdevalence: I think I would probably use Freebsd with it (Or maybe Netbsd if wireless works with it)19:39
kykloneM528 with "Battery life in the 3-4 hours range" ? :/19:39
kyklonegigabyte m52819:41
h3sp4wnIts all speculation as well as they all say coming in June19:42
kyklonewell if you see current specs for "UMPC" guess 3 hours is a fact... or not?19:43
hdevalenceh3sp4wn: i'm lazy and want everything to 'just work'... I've had good experiences with Kubuntu in that regard19:44
h3sp4wnhdevalence: well you will have to at least patch madwifi for working wireless with an ee19:45
paulo-falcaono sound after upgrade to hardy, can anyone help ?19:45
hdevalenceI don't have one myself, so it's not really an issue19:45
abstrakAnybody know when the "alsa update breaks kernel ABI" bug will be resolved ?19:46
paulo-falcaono sound after upgrade to hardy, can anyone help ?19:47
h3sp4wnkyklone: Not sure dunno if I need more than 3 hours19:47
paulo-falcaono sound after upgrade to hardy, can anyone help ?19:50
h3sp4wnnot without more information19:51
paulo-falcaowhat information?19:51
abstrakpaulo : maybe this  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24/+bug/19255919:51
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192559 in linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24 "alsa update breaks kernel ABI" [Critical,In progress]19:51
kyklonedoes Urban Terror run on EeePC?19:53
paulo-falcaook, tjks19:53
=== marko-_-_ is now known as marko-_-
abstrakA bug like #192559 take 1 week, 1 month ... how many time this will be resolved ?19:58
h3sp4wnIts marked Critical (highest severity level)19:59
abstrakA work around for now ?19:59
h3sp4wnUse oss20:00
h3sp4wn(whether you think its worth it is upto you)20:00
cwilluabstrak, if you _need_ things to work, then you shouldn't be using hardy.20:00
abstrakhow to simply downfrade my install ?20:01
h3sp4wnIt depends on what you actually need20:01
h3sp4wnI need zsh and a compiler and emacs20:01
hdevalenceI need xorg 7.320:01
h3sp4wnand one of matlab or octave20:01
cwilluabstrak, you can't really (you can, but you really have to figure it out yourself)20:02
savvasabstrak: simple, format your root / partition, keep your /home in a separate partition and don't format it :) then do a manual partitioning while installing an older ubuntu release20:02
h3sp4wnI don't really need X (I should get XiG working again though)20:02
cwilluabstrak, in principle, you'd changes your sources back to gutsy, set the prefs to strongly prefer gutsy versions, and run aptitude full-upgrade + dpkg-reconfiure -all over and over20:02
savvaseh, my way is easier :P20:03
h3sp4wn1001 forces a downgrade20:03
cwilluyour way isn't downgrading an install :p20:03
abstraki use hardy to get the latest for a media center ... not a good choice ?20:04
savvascall it what you like, it's doing an installation of an older release :P20:04
h3sp4wnI think if I had to do it now I would use a spare partition20:04
h3sp4wnand the installed package list and apt-get dselect-upgrade20:04
savvasabstrak: you might wanna try mythbuntu20:04
cwilluabstrak, hardy isn't finished.  It's not close to being finished.  It's still in alpha, aka, full-on development that breaks arbitrary things on a daily basis20:04
h3sp4wn(I have done the full downgrade with aptitude though but its not nice)20:05
savvasabstrak: http://www.mythbuntu.org/20:05
cwilluabstrak, once it's in beta, then you'll get some sympathy when it breaks.  until then, you just get to keep the pieces :p20:05
h3sp4wnMy media player runs Solaris Express Community edition works fine20:05
abstraki know mythbutun ...20:06
abstraki use this computer to develop too... i want to contribute...20:06
cwilluabstrak, a virtual machine would be more appropriate for that20:06
h3sp4wnNo laptop or desktop ?20:07
h3sp4wnDeveloping in a virtual machine is not good20:07
h3sp4wnif you are not using your own stuff then why should anyone else20:07
cwilluthat's what vm's are for20:07
oliver_g2so how do I get rid of that &%(&%&( SCIM stuff?20:08
cwilluI'm running hardy, but I have 4 machines on my desk20:08
cwillucase in point, oliver_g2 :p20:08
h3sp4wncwillu: maybe if its very early in development but as soon as you are publishing it anywhere20:08
oliver_g2I was just typing, and suddenly it won't let me :-((20:08
oliver_g2not funny20:08
h3sp4wn(expecting others to have and use it then you should live / die by your own sword etc)20:08
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about motd - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi20:08
h3sp4wnSun Engineers are forced to run there own stuff20:09
cwilluh3sp4wn, how do you mean?  hardy is still alpha20:09
oliver_g2cwillu: luckily Hardy is confined to Virtualbox, but it sucks anyway20:09
oliver_g2h3sp4wn: that's how sw develop is supposed to be20:09
cwilluoliver_g2, thank you for being smart about it :)20:09
* cwillu goes stark raving mad20:10
oliver_g2h3sp4wn: though I hope the canonical employees are not forced to run Hardy Alpha, cause then they wouldn't really get things done#20:10
h3sp4wnoliver_g2: What do you mean ? Its not alpha in the traditional sense of the word20:11
cwilluoliver_g2, nah, that'd be appropriate:  people responsible for the release, it makes sense;  they have the resources, the knowledge, etc, to fix things as they break20:11
cwilluh3sp4wn, it's very much in the traditional sense of the word:  it's broken in arbitrary ways, on any given day20:11
oliver_g2cwillu: btw. is doesn't really matter for me whether SCIM is enabled, but my mom is currently using Gutsy and is supposed to use Hardy, and this SCIM **** is bound to give some phone calls :-(20:11
oliver_g2h3sp4wn: IMHO it's still too buggy to use20:12
cwilluoliver_g2, the keyboard icon in the task manager, you can disable the keyboard shortcuts from there20:12
h3sp4wncwillu: Its using mostly upstream software defined as stable20:12
h3sp4wnoliver_g2: I have it on 2 boxes and have had for Months for what I need its been fine all along20:12
oliver_g2cwillu: I have hidden the SCIM panel icon yesterday...20:12
cwilluh3sp4wn, integration is easily a third of the work20:12
h3sp4wn(other than for 1/2 day I had a broken gtk)20:12
hdevalencethere's no way to get xorg 7.3 w/o upgrading to hardy right?20:12
cwilluh3sp4wn, yes, but you know how to fix things that break :)20:12
cwilluI've been running hardy for months as well, firefox 3 trunk builds for a year now, etc20:13
oliver_g2cwillu: do you know a way to completely disable SCIM? I don't see that I need it at all20:13
cwilluoliver_g2, when you hit shift+space, does it pop up a tiny window in the bottom right?20:13
cwilluright click on that, you can get into the prefs20:13
h3sp4wncwillu: Ever run Freebsd -CURRENT ?20:14
cwilluh3sp4wn, I'm just saying20:14
oliver_g2cwillu: oh, so the shift+space was what started the **** ... I somehow mistyped, and then the little icon appeared, text was underlined, and some keys were disabled :-/20:14
cwilluhalf a day where gtk was broken == things that happen in uncooked distributions20:14
cwilluh3sp4wn, no I haven't20:15
oliver_g2cwillu: right, the prefs are a HIG nightmare it seems...20:15
filthpighi, I'm considering an upgrade to Hardy these days, are there anything serious I should beware of at this time? I'm used to running betas and rc's, so I have a pretty good idea what to expect on a general basis :)20:15
cwillufilthpig, don't20:15
cwillujust don't20:15
cwilluwait till it's a beta :p20:15
macogwhey anyone using network-manager-vpnc?20:15
filthpighm, I thought it was betatime now :p When is the beta due?20:16
* oliver_g2 wonders why oh why somebody integrates something unfinished-looking and intrusive like that SCIM thing NOW?20:16
h3sp4wncwillu: Thats alpha to me or what sid used to be like 3/4 years ago20:16
cwilluoliver_g2, apparently they were just discussing that in #...-dev this morning, it wasn't supposed to have been enabled yet20:16
cwilluh3sp4wn, aren't we still in alpha?20:16
macogwfilthpig: alpha 6 will be out soon20:16
oliver_g2cwillu: "not have been enabled yet"? so it rather should have been enabled in the final? ;)20:16
cwilluoliver_g2, it wasn't cooked yet, I just remember somebody saying that they weren't sure what happened20:17
h3sp4wncwillu: theoretically20:17
filthpig(slightly OT, but Alpha 6 reminds me of some 70's/80's band?)20:18
cwilluh3sp4wn, I don't see what's theoretical about it:  network manager was broken yesterday, wine was broken for weeks, tracker was causing issues last week, etc20:18
oliver_g2anyway, what setting would you recommend to set to completely disable SCIM? I'm still not sure20:19
macogwmy touchpad not scrolling is the grand total of my breakage20:19
macogwwell no i lied20:19
cwilluoliver_g2, I just disabled all the shortcuts, not sure if there's a better way right now20:19
mjphilli_tracker was being a disk I/O whore.20:19
macogwcuz i was just going to ask about nm's vpnc support20:19
macogwthats the grand total.  2 very small issues.20:19
macogwoh i disabled tracker first thing....cant quite figure out how to stop it completely. its not in my gnome sessions startup thing, but trackerd is *still* running20:20
cwillumacogw, I know there were changes re synaptics, might check if the new config dialog is on, and if there's some setting you can tweak now20:20
cwillumacogw, it's in init.d20:20
cwilluI think20:20
macogwi thought i looked there...20:20
oliver_g2gah... the deeper I delve into the scim settings dialog, the nightmarisher it gets :-((20:20
macogwcwillu: nothing with a t in init.d/20:20
h3sp4wnJust remove it for it20:20
h3sp4wn*Remove it for a bit20:21
mjphilli_macogw, I had the same problem, killing trackerd didn't help.  Its respawning from somewhere.20:21
cwilluoliver_g2, :)20:21
macogwis anyone else using network-manager-vpnc?  my traffic doesn't forward through it, and it *should*.  vpnc only works from the command line for me.  can anyone reproduce?20:21
h3sp4wnmacogw: No but someone said the same thing about the openvpn network manager plugin20:22
macogwcwillu: i dont thinkthat has an effect20:22
mjphilli_what is xdg?20:22
h3sp4wnand there is a generic bug relating to that (maybe against just network manager)20:22
macogwcwillu: i think that's just what goes in in the session startup by default until the user changes it20:22
jorgpwill alpha 6 be released today?20:24
macogwsomeone on planet said yes but it was empty when i looked20:25
savvasjorgp: is it that urgent?20:25
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192559 in linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24 "alsa update breaks kernel ABI" [Critical,In progress]20:25
jorgpsavvas: not really20:25
h3sp4wnThey wouldn't release an alpha with that20:25
savvasjorgp: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/ pre-releases20:25
savvasgood that I use OSS :p20:26
jorgpsavvas: thanks friend20:27
h3sp4wnsavvas: Yeah I do also (on the box connected to my good speaker)20:27
savvasn/p :)20:27
h3sp4wnactually I need to update to the new oss 4.1 build20:28
* savvas releases h3sp4wn to the alpha-females20:28
macogwh3sp4wn: funny thing about that bug is that it was reported last july, when network manager handled vpnc correctly for me, but didnt save my password.  now that it saves my password on hardy, traffic doesnt go through the vpn.20:28
savvashttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alpha_female <-20:29
cwillumacogw, what do the routing tables look like (I'm familiar with openvpn, but not the other)20:37
spideylinuxlastelement0: what brand of wireless card do you have?20:37
macogwcwillu: dunno im currently connected through the command line one because i cant reach the tubes through the gui one20:38
cwillumacogw, forgive my ignorance:  does it use its own interface when connected?20:39
macogwno, tun020:40
* GijsK mutters as his VM does not agree with hardy, and now he's stuck with a 640x480 display resolution for it :|20:41
oliver_g2GijsK: what kind of VM?20:42
h3sp4wnusing kvm ?20:42
oliver_g2GijsK: same here20:42
GijsKthe hardy guest additions also don't actually work, which is sad. :(20:42
GijsK(modprobes are failing, so the kernel module is prolly broken somehow)20:43
oliver_g2GijsK: VB itself works fine at 1024x786, but didn't install guest tools20:43
oliver_g2h3sp4wn: no yuk, virtualbox is great20:43
GijsKoliver_g2: to be clear, I'm actually running VB in Mac OS X (this is a macbook, please don't kill me!), and hardy is in the VM20:43
h3sp4wnoliver_g2: What makes it better than xen ?20:44
h3sp4wn(or kvm for quick tests)20:44
GijsKand at first it was 800x600, which was not very good already, but now it's 640x480, which is just plain archaic20:44
oliver_g2GijsK: ok, won't kill you :-) but I'm not sure that the host system makes such a difference to VB20:44
GijsKh3sp4wn: for me, the fact that it works on Mac OS is a pretty big boon... :P20:44
oliver_g2GijsK: yes, 640 is too small for Gnome :-/20:44
oliver_g2h3sp4wn: doesn't xen require an appropriate CPU, with VT?20:45
h3sp4wnoliver_g2: No20:45
oliver_g2h3sp4wn: oh, didn't know that20:45
h3sp4wnFor it to work at its best you need a paravirtualised kernel20:45
h3sp4wn(it can use vt but its not optimum)20:46
oliver_g2h3sp4wn: so, I can install it on my running Debian without any reboot or whatever, and start installing Hardy in it?20:46
oliver_g2(because with VB, I can do that)20:46
h3sp4wnoliver_g2: Its a different kernel you need to run the xen kernel20:46
oliver_g2h3sp4wn: well then it's pretty much out... I don't really want to reboot my machine20:47
h3sp4wnHardy is a bit of messing around to install under Xen but thats the fault of Debian / Ubuntu20:47
oliver_g2h3sp4wn: besides, what advantages does xen have over VB, if not running on VT hardware? Is it still faster?20:47
h3sp4wnI can easily install Fedora / Centos / NetBSD onto my xen box that's running Solaris20:47
h3sp4wnoliver_g2: paravirtualisation is faster20:47
* GijsK doesn't need fast, just working.20:48
h3sp4wnoliver_g2: Can you have hardware accelerated Opengl with virtualbox ?20:48
oliver_g2h3sp4wn: no :-(20:48
h3sp4wnyou can with xen20:48
oliver_g2h3sp4wn: does xen offer that?20:48
h3sp4wn(or kvm)20:48
GijsKdoes xen do clipboard sharing, mouse/kbd integration, folder sharing?20:48
oliver_g2maybe then I really have to try it20:48
GijsKsoooo... messing with xorg.conf without too much care was apparently not the best idea. :\20:49
zzatsis there any information around on x.o 7.3 and peripheral devices? I'm looking for a solution on my non-functional multibutton mouse20:49
* GijsK kills self and proceeds to attempt to repair the damange20:49
oliver_g2GijsK: can't you try to completely restore xorg.conf?20:50
prodigelHi. I'm trying to compile a rt2561 wifi chipset driver for 2.6.24 kernel (ubuntu 8.04) and I get some errors. the first one is : "error: implicit declaration of function ‘SET_MODULE_OWNER’".20:50
oliver_g2GijsK: what did you want to change there anyway?20:50
GijsKoliver_g2: probably, but I just edited two lines.20:50
GijsKthe resolution list for the virtual screen :)20:50
oliver_g2GijsK: 1024 was still too small? :-)20:50
GijsKwhich I did, per instructions, but I didn't leave the old one, and I bet there's a selected value around that I didn't update and that's why it's confused20:50
GijsKoliver_g2: 640x480 was too small20:50
h3sp4wnGijsK: Dunno about that with Linux Dom-0 but it all pretty much just works with a Solaris Dom020:51
oliver_g2GijsK: I had to edit xorg.conf so the "screens and graphics" dialog would work with it, and then I selected a 1024x786 monitor in that dialog, and that was it20:51
h3sp4wnGijsK: choice of nfs or iscsi for getting the folders20:52
oliver_g2h3sp4wn: well I certainly don't want to start messing around with a Solaris now (at least, I would do that only in VB :)20:52
GijsKh3sp4wn: I don't care about that either, I just want it to work. I don't care what imaginary filesystem it thinks it has ;)20:52
GijsKoliver_g2: yeah, I just screwed up and missed a line, I think.20:53
h3sp4wnIts not imaginary its real implimentations20:53
h3sp4wnYou can use either over the network as well20:53
GijsKh3sp4wn: I don't need to :)20:53
h3sp4wnIts worth the small amount of extra learning20:54
h3sp4wn(and you have everything upstart was supposed to be)20:54
macogwzzats: oooh yeah theres tons20:54
h3sp4wnand zfs / dtrace20:54
GijsKwhy, though? Things work for me as they are... :)20:54
macogwzzats: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManyButtonsMouseHowto20:54
zzatsmacogw: thank you.20:54
macogwzzats: oh wait 7.3....meh its probably similar...i guess20:55
macogwzzats: i didnt pay attentionto which channel this was when i said tons20:55
zzatsmacogw :)20:55
macogwso i thought it was normal #ubuntu20:55
h3sp4wnGijsK: Are you using zfs already with the Mac ?20:55
zzatsmacogw: well, for normal that would've been useful.20:55
h3sp4wnIf so having somewhere on another box to send backups etc also with zfs is nice20:56
GijsKh3sp4wn: I have no idea. I'm using whatever the default was.20:56
GijsKI can check though, if you care a lot! :)20:56
h3sp4wnI don't care that much20:57
oliver_g2GijsK: btw. here's my xorg.conf, which should work in VB: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/58672/20:57
GijsKoliver_g2: sweet, thanks!20:57
deepjoyanybody know what happened to alpha 6?20:58
jorgpdeepjoy: I think a bug or 2 caused its delay20:58
GijsKoliver_g2: nice, that wfm. What's the default resolution though - 1280x1024 or something?21:05
oliver_g2GijsK: what default resolution? It depends on the gues system I suppose, and Ubuntu will probably stay with 640 when it doesn't recognize the hardware (like under VB)21:06
deepjoyI can't seem to find a view in launchpad that will give me a decent view of items pending for 8.04 or alpha 6 for that matter21:06
jorgpdeepjoy: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/21:07
GijsKoliver_g2: ok, it was using 1024x768 now. Now that I've managed that, though, I'm keen to make it use something more happy for my widescreen laptop :)21:07
GijsK(it's never really good enough :) )21:08
oliver_g2GijsK: oh well... do I hear some kind of hybris there? ;-)21:08
deepjoyjorgp: thanks21:08
GijsKoliver_g2: only a little bit :)21:08
jorgpdeepjoy: np21:08
oliver_g2The gods are right now looking down sadly at you, shaking their heads at your insatiable resolution greed ;)21:09
hphamgood afternoon everyone21:09
oliver_g2but you wanted it so...21:09
jorgphello hpham21:09
oliver_g2GijsK: I'm just trying to set it higher here, but just get a garbled screen :-( maybe have to configure more video memory in VB21:11
GijsKoliver_g2: uh, actually, something a bit more acute - your keyboard settings are different.21:11
oliver_g2GijsK: oh, right... suppose so :-(21:11
* GijsK goes to look for the right bits to copy from his old conf (I saved it :) )21:11
oliver_g2or you could go buy a german keyboard ;)21:11
GijsKugh... where is the colon key. Now I can't quit vim :(21:12
oliver_g2try the key net to L ?21:13
oliver_g2or the key two besides M ?21:13
oliver_g2eh, it should be the key two keys right to the M, but with Shift...21:15
GijsKoliver_g2: don't bother, I solved by ctrl+shift+t in gnome terminal, followed by killall vim21:15
GijsKvery effective21:15
GijsK(and then I used nano <3)21:16
oliver_g2well who uses vim anyway?21:16
oliver_g2when there is nano?21:16
oliver_g2and gedit?21:16
jorgpI use vim all the time21:16
delhageed is the standard...21:16
* delhage hides21:16
jorgpactually vim is the standard21:17
oliver_g2text editor21:17
daveuxHey, what's with this scim applet in my notification center that I can't seem to disable? It keeps changing my input to egyptian. Is this happening to others?21:17
* GijsK suggests you all join #holywars21:17
* oliver_g2 has a skewed view on vi* since he had/has to use some crippled unusable vi-something on some old Solaris box at work :-/21:17
jorgpheh, I think the holy war is vim vs emacs21:17
macogwoliver_g2: thats probably real vi21:18
* oliver_g2 admits to hence not being fair against vi*, but still likes kate and gedit better21:18
macogwoliver_g2: you could compile vim for it. i did that on one of the school's servers21:18
* GijsK does too, but cmdline editors are useful to know how to get around with21:18
jorgpI like kate much better then gedit21:19
oliver_g2delhage: right, hence: ed the standard. text editor.21:19
GijsKso I learned vim a little bit.21:19
macogwdaveux: Standard Chinese Input Method21:19
oliver_g2macogw: that was at work, and I wasn't allowed to do that21:19
macogwdaveux: stop hitting shift+space or ctrl+space21:19
MFenso am i still the only one who has seen the wpa network problem?21:19
daveuxmacogw, I can't help it - that's how I type. How can I turn it off?21:19
oliver_g2macogw: instead, I fled the solaris boxes as soon as possible and went back to the snugly Linux desktop :)21:19
GijsKanyway, I have the keyboard thing fixed now. Using the UI, even (though it only worked after a restart, and yes, I know possibly login/logout would have done it...)21:20
oliver_g2ugh... now I have tried to set 1280x960 in virtualbox, and the screen is garbled :-( where's bulletproof-x _now_?21:20
oliver_g2is there some magic key combo to press in login screen to force bulletproof x?21:21
macogwdaveux: go into its settings (right click it maybe?) and turn off all the triggers21:21
daveuxmacogw, someone needs to alert someone about this. It's a huge problem.21:22
* oliver_g2 just discovered that pressing Esc in gdm login screen for some seconds gives a nice drum concert21:22
macogwdaveux: er...i think its your setup21:22
macogwdaveux: scim doesnt do anything by default, as far as i know21:22
macogwi have to go through a 15-step process to install japanese support in it21:23
daveuxI just upgraded to hardy alpha 6, and now I ቻንን ባረልይ ትይpe21:23
daveux*can barely type21:23
* GijsK blinks21:23
jorgpdaveux: what was that? last part was garbaled?21:23
daveuxyes, exactly jorgp21:23
jorgpdaveux: how is alpha 6?21:24
jorgpstill alpha21:24
daveuxWell, my resolution broke and I keep typing in weird character sets.21:24
daveuxI say stay away.21:24
naught101still no Xorg...21:25
daveuxAlso, I can't kill scim. I kill -9 every scim process, and they just respawn.21:25
jorgpnaught101: alpha 6 has no xorg?21:25
naught101jorgp: I currently have no Xorg... bug in AGPgart21:26
jorgpdaveux: upgrade or fresh install?21:26
oliver_g2Ubuntu recovery mode RICKS!21:26
jorgpnaught101: upgrade or fresh install?21:26
naught101jorgp: upgrade from pre alpha521:27
oliver_g2GijsK: that's what you should have done from the start21:27
jorgpI was about to install a today snapshot iso21:27
naught101stopped working yesterday after an upgrade21:27
jorgpso maybe I should wait21:28
naught101I dunno, no-one else seems to have my bug21:30
naught101bug #19903421:31
ubotuLaunchpad bug 199034 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "X server will not start (agpgart)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19903421:31
jorgpI have an older nvidia card21:31
jorgpgefore mx 42021:31
frank23does wpa work right now?22:04
Do``i just noticed a new effect in ubuntu - at first i thought it was a compiz fusion effect - when i click on icons on the gnome panel, i can see them kinda explode and also fade away22:06
Do``does anybody know where i can find it's config.. and what it is called? :D22:06
mjphilli_maybe in the gconf-editor ?22:08
mjphilli_under apps/metacity then look for composite22:08
Do``mjphilli_: i don't think metacity is running here22:10
Amaranthmetacity has a very basic compositor22:10
Do``my window manager is compiz-fusion22:10
jorgphow is everyone liking gnome 2.22?22:10
Kamus_H_Zwischmy debian sounds like a elefant22:11
Kamus_H_Zwischor something like this22:11
Kamus_H_Zwischthe net is too slow22:11
Amaranthbut the explode thing is just gnome-panel taking advantage of having a compositor running22:11
mjphilli_jorgp, when I click on the time / weather applet everything crashes22:11
cyphasejorgp: it's nice, but i'm running hardy in a VM, so i don't get the full effects, etc22:11
Amaranthexpect more apps to do such things as time goes on22:11
Do``Amaranth: ye but what's it called? i want to show a video of it to someone but i can't find a video on youtube without a name? :))22:11
Kamus_H_Zwisch4435B/s 39min52s, and i have a 2MB link22:11
AmaranthDo``: it doesn't have a name22:11
AmaranthDo``: and i doubt there is a video of it22:11
Do``blurgh :(22:12
Kamus_H_Zwischdown to 806 :(22:12
jorgpmjphilli_: not good22:12
AmaranthDo``: it's just a little thing in gnome-panel, no compiz plugin or anything involved22:12
* cyphase ups the power on his DoS against Kamus_H_Zwisch22:12
Do``jorgp: i like it very much, although i disable most of it, i only see the improvements in nautilus when copying multiple stuff over samba and the new worldclock applet \o/22:13
Do``Amaranth: i'll try to take a video of it with istanbul then :)22:13
* cyphase likes the new weather feature in the clock22:13
cyphaseno more need for a separate weather applet (not that it takes up any significant amount of resources)22:14
GilHi all - I'm having an issue with my monitor refresh rate in Hardy - it keeps defaulting to 1600 x 1200 at 50 Hz. However, when I switch back to 1280 x 1024 it won't let me bump the refresh rate any higher than 65hz. I'm using non-free Nvidia drivers, and if I go into nvidia-settings then I *can* access 85hz at 1280 x 1024, but I can't save my settings as it crashes when I try to do that! - so does anyone have any clue what ma22:14
Gily be going on?22:14
RAOFGil: At least one part of what's going on is that the nvidia drivers lie about the refresh rate (by default).22:16
* cyphase curses at proprietary drivers22:16
RAOFThe refresh rate they report is actually made up, so that they can shoehorn twinview in.22:17
cyphaseIntel and ATI have open source graphics drivers.. nVidia needs to get with the program22:17
=== credible_ is now known as credible
GilRAOF right. In that case, I suppose my first port of call is to remove non-free and see what happens then....22:18
h3sp4wnI don't think it needs to get with the program22:19
RAOFGil: You'll lose 3D accel, and it's likely that performance will drop quite a lot.22:19
h3sp4wn(Still nothing comparible for any remotely complicated opengl)22:19
GilRAOF yeah - I mean just temporarily so I can see what parts of my issue are related to non-free :)22:19
RAOFRight :)22:20
h3sp4wnIs the xserver-xorg-nv driver deobfusicated yet ?22:20
GilI mean, ultimately, I can always go and directly edit xorg.conf, but I want to at least see if this is a bug first of all22:20
RAOFh3sp4wn: No, and it's not going to be.  That'd be nouveau :P22:21
RAOFh3sp4wn: In fact, nouveau sprung originally from the rejection of deobfuscation patches against nv.22:21
AmaranthRAOF: http://gould.cx/ted/presentations/scale6x/slides/62_drivers.svg.png22:21
Amaranth"nvidia is the monkey on our back"22:22
RAOFYay!  Monkeys!22:22
mjphilli_nvidia mostly just works though22:22
AmaranthRAOF: did you see than LWN article?22:22
mjphilli_ATI has the white screen of death and is a bitch to get compiz working with it22:23
RAOFAmaranth: The first part of the nouveau update?22:23
Amaranthmjphilli_: Would you like me to go through the list of problems that make me want to throw my nvidia laptop out the window?22:23
Amaranthnvidia has a "white screen of death" too22:23
Amaranthtry user switcher22:23
mjphilli_Amaranth what driver do you use?22:23
mjphilli_from the repo or the website?22:23
Amaranthwebsite is no different22:24
mjphilli_i disagree, do you want to try to fix your problem?22:24
Amaranthmjphilli_: You are talking to the wrong person22:24
mjphilli_I will walk to through what i feel a pretty fail safe way, its easy22:24
AmaranthI used to maintain a l-r-m package with up-to-date nvidia drivers when they first got texture_from_pixmap support.22:25
AmaranthAnd my hatred of nvidia comes almost entirely from crap I run into while working on compiz22:25
RAOFmjphilli_: Incidentally, the 'white screen of death' is user error + Xgl, generally.22:26
mjphilli_i remove the restricted driver manager, blacklist nv in the restricted modules and install using the driver from the website22:26
mjphilli_works 100% of the time.22:26
Amaranthmjphilli_: Magic fairy dust reinstalls will not fix my bugs22:26
Amaranthmjphilli_: Because my bugs are deadlocks in the DDX and broken features.22:26
AmaranthOh, and some awesome ACPI corruption22:26
AmaranthOh, and some fun blinking22:26
mjphilli_that sucks22:27
h3sp4wnFast user switching works for me22:27
RAOFAnd some frikkin screen update freezes between blinks!22:27
h3sp4wn(or at least doesn't crash anything)22:27
h3sp4wndunno exactly how its supposed to work though22:27
h3sp4wn(on nvidia)22:27
Amaranthh3sp4wn: If compiz is running you'll come back to a white screen.22:27
h3sp4wnAh I don't bother with that22:28
AmaranthBecause when the X server is not the active VT new textures don't get memory so they come up blank. Fullscreen gnome-screensaver == white screen22:28
AmaranthType your password blindly and hope gnome-screensaver really is running22:28
RAOFh3sp4wn: Yeah.  If you don't use compiz, nvidia is much less annoying :P22:28
AmaranthAlthough many of these bugs can be triggered with games too22:29
AmaranthJust not as often and not as likely22:29
mjphilli_compiz gives me hard locks up from time to time so i just use composite in metacity22:29
h3sp4wnWhen compiz cooperates properly with cadence then maybe I will try it22:29
Amaranthmjphilli_: Yes, those are nvidia bugs.22:29
Amaranthmjphilli_: As a compiz dev you have no idea how frustrating that is22:30
void^nvidia drivers generally give me hardlocks every 2 to 4 days even when not using any 3d features22:30
AmaranthEven when compiz seems to be at fault (using 100% CPU and not updating the screen) if you pull up gdb to see what it is doing it always seems to be spinning somewhere inside libGL22:30
AmaranthSo, again, nvidia22:30
mjphilli_Amaranth, so do you recommend ATI?22:30
AmaranthMaybe in a year22:31
AmaranthThen again in a year nouveau will probably be good to use22:31
Amaranthmjphilli_: http://gould.cx/ted/presentations/scale6x/slides/62_drivers.svg.png22:31
h3sp4wnI doubt nouveau will ever have the same performance22:31
mjphilli_unless nvidia provides documentation22:32
h3sp4wn(Unless somehow they get the specs)22:32
Amaranthh3sp4wn: ha22:32
AmaranthThey can already do Xvideo as fast or faster than the blob22:32
RAOFThey've managed better performance on 2d than the blob (but that's presumably much easier).22:32
AmaranthAnd better looking too22:32
Amaranthoh, and better 2d performance22:32
Amaranthand with gallium we have the most advanced shader compiler in existence22:32
h3sp4wnOne more thing quadro == tested22:33
h3sp4wnthey don't care about the others as far as I can tell22:33
Amaranthquadro == geforce card they didn't disable things on22:33
h3sp4wnBut they test the driver on it prior to release22:33
RAOFYeah.  Gallium would be a big advantage for nouveau.22:33
cyphaseWhere's this new screen configuration tool that's mentioned in the alpha6 release notes?22:33
RAOFcyphase: Sys->Prefs->Screen Resolution22:34
gilHmm I've just removed Nv non-free drivers, and restarted X, and now I only have one resolution option in Preferences/Screen Resolution :-\    Still defaulting to 1600 x 1200 - I'm wondering if this is maybe related to the fact that my 8600GT has twin outputs, and maybe two screens are running here somehow?22:34
RAOFSame as the old one, but shinier.22:34
RAOFAnd, of course, doesn't work on nvidia.  Because randr12 is for pansies.22:34
cyphaseRAOF: i was looking for a new button22:34
* cyphase has an nVidia card :(22:35
RAOFcyphase: Works with nouveau :)22:35
RAOFOr nv, if you've got a nv5x.22:35
cyphaseso i won't be able to change my resolution if i have an nvidia card?22:35
macogwRAOF: does nouveau do 3D yet?22:36
gil....and I'm not sure if this is a hardy thing, but administration/screns and graphics is coming up with every option blank, and crashing hard the moment you try to do anything with it :-\22:36
h3sp4wnRAOF: Can I set the default screen with randr 1.2 properly yet ?22:36
macogwgil: we all know22:36
Amaranthmacogw: experimental gallium driver for NV4x22:36
macogwtilthats on all hardy22:36
macogwwrong one22:36
macogwgil: thats on all hardy22:36
gilmacogw according to the status page, nouveau does not do 3D yet22:36
gilmacogw thanks22:36
RAOFgil, macogw: The status page lies.  Nouveau does OpenArena on my lappy.22:37
Amaranthgil: That's just to scare off people who won't be useful for testing ;)22:37
RAOFOr did, until they broke it.22:37
macogwgil: thing is, the new screen resolution thing has a nicer interface for marking which screen is left and right and all that, so i wouldnt be surprised if it replaces screens & graphics22:37
AmaranthScreen Resolution says "Unknown" for me22:37
Amaranththanks a lot nvidia22:37
gilmacogw it looks great - I just can't get it to set anything for me :)22:37
macogwwell ill stick with Intel until Nouveau's in good shape22:37
cyphaseScreens and Graphics doesn't even do anything right now in hardy22:37
s3phirothis wine broken on hardy ?22:37
macogwgil: oh well um thats a problem22:37
Amaranthi have two monitors setup, it just has one big Unknown sized 2592x90022:38
gilmacogw also, rather worringly, it gives me the option to set my resolution to "off" - that can't be right? :p22:38
cyphaseit doesn't even show that any screens exist22:38
macogwcyphase: i thought they just merged one that did stuff?22:38
h3sp4wnCan it just scale nicely (Like e17 does)22:38
AmaranthScreen Resolution is a randr12 frontend22:38
RAOFAmaranth: Yeah, me too.22:38
Amaranthnvidia _still_ does not do randr1222:38
Amaranthso you can't use it22:38
macogwgil: you can only do one screen at a time while configuring22:38
s3phirothi'm getting a Segmentation Fault everytime i try to run wine. is this happening to everyone ?22:38
cyphasemacogw: i don't know about that..22:38
Amaranths3phiroth: 55?22:38
gilRAOF / Amaranth - is the 3D support for the 8x series or just the earlier models?22:38
Amaranths3phiroth: you need 0.9.5622:38
macogwgil: so you turn off the left screen while setting the right's resolution, then turn on left's and right's off and set left's resolution, then turn them both on22:38
h3sp4wnAmaranth: Do you think it ever will ? (or at least until either RHEL or Sun wants it badly enough)22:38
Amaranthgil: they don't even have 2D acceleration on the NV5x22:38
RAOFgil: nouveau isn't really working on nv5x.22:39
s3phirothAmaranth: yes, 55, hardy's latest22:39
RAOFs3phiroth: Update your apt lists; 56 has been out for at least a day :)22:39
Amaranths3phiroth: 0.9.56 is either building right now or on hold until after the alpha 6 release22:39
Amaranthoh, is it out?22:39
Amaranthi have a custom build so mine is pinned22:39
s3phirothRAOF: oh...22:39
s3phirothlet me check22:39
* RAOF used aptitude forbid-version, so it automatically updated to the not-broken version.22:39
s3phirothoh, yes it is. let me upgrade it then.22:40
macogwcyphase: i saw something about it on planet the other day...lemme look for it22:40
Amaranthh3sp4wn: nvidia will never do randr12, they refuse22:41
Amaranthh3sp4wn: supposedly they'd do randr13, whenever that gets done22:41
gilmacogw - thing is, I'm only running one screen - I think something got confused somehow. I tried disabling twinview manually in the devices section of xorg.conf, but still no joy :-\22:41
s3phirothby the way, is anyone around here using an ati mobility x2300 on hardy ?22:41
macogwcyphase: http://bryceharrington.org/drupal/display-config-122:41
cyphasemacogw: i think i saw that already..22:41
gilAmaranth / RAOF kk was just checking that part of the status was up to date, or set to scare people off also :)22:41
macogwgil: there's not supposed to be much of anything in xorg.conf in hardy22:41
cyphaseyea, i did22:41
RAOFgil: You'd be wanting to disable "dynamic twinview", which will make nvidia report the actual refresh rate.22:42
cyphasemacogw: that's the thing that replaces System -> Preferences -> Screen Resolution22:42
macogwcyphase: yeah22:42
cyphasemacogw: not Screens and Graphics22:42
RAOFgil: I'd suggest checking out nvidia-xconfig --advanced-help.  I don't manually edit xorg.conf :)22:42
s3phirothoh wow ! wine is running :)22:42
macogwcyphase: well that *is* the screen resolution thing...uh but what doesnt it do that screens & graphics does?  set the driver.  that's it.22:42
cyphases3phiroth: you must be really drunk if your alcohol is running from you22:43
gilRAOF so you don't think "dynamictwinview" "false" is a good route to go?22:43
s3phirothcyphase: hah !22:43
s3phirothit...grew legs !22:43
s3phiroththe fonts are a bit weirdish but at least it's running22:44
cyphaseanyone know when alpha6 is coming?22:44
RAOFgil: Oh, that's probably what nvidia-xconfig will stick in your xorg.conf.  I'm just not sure where it needs to be.22:44
s3phirothand on my new laptop it's blazing fast22:44
gilRAOF I tried putting it under devices, but it seemed to ignore it - I'm going to vanish for 5 minutes and try and reinstall non-free and try adding it through nvidia-xconfig this time :)22:44
macogwOOo still isnt fixed22:46
macogwstill cant install updates22:46
Amaranthmacogw: I have no idea what you're talking about22:50
AmaranthI'm fulling up-to-date22:50
Amarantherr, fully22:50
macogwAmaranth: The following packages have unmet dependencies: openoffice.org: Depends: openoffice.org-writer2latex which is a virtual package.22:51
Amaranthyou got issues22:51
macogwand it wants to remove openoffice.org, openclipart-openoffice.org, and leave openoffice.org-writer's dependence on openoffice.org-writer2latex unresolved22:52
h3sp4wnThats a recommend22:52
h3sp4wn(I got that but aptitude did the sane thing)22:52
macogwthat IS aptitude22:52
macogwit wants to remove openoffice.org though22:52
macogwwhich i guess might be a virtualpackage....22:53
h3sp4wnjust do a safe-upgrade22:53
h3sp4wnor change aptitude to not treat recommends as dependencies22:53
gilRAOF Success :)  nvidia-xconfig --disable-dynamic-twinview worked like a charm22:53
willis_thats weird. I did a update & upgrade, then when i logged in, restricted-manager tool THEN decided to let me upgrade the nvidia drivers.22:53
RAOFgil: Woho!22:53
willis_I would of thought it would of auto-upgrade them.. since i was allready using them22:54
willis_using twinview here also. :)22:54
willis_what does dynamic do? never used that optiun22:54
gilRAOF so now, in Screen Resolution, it is able to detect all the refresh rates my monitor is capable of - it doesn't want to change resolution though, but at least I solved half of my problem :)22:54
h3sp4wnwillis_: same sort of thing xrandr 1.2 does22:54
willis_I just got an issue with KDM/GDM appearing on the wrong screen. :)22:55
willis_but thats fixable in kdm/gdm configs22:55
willis_Heh. NOW it wants a reboot.. :) go figure.. couldent of tole me that 10 min ago..22:57
Amaranththat's fixable in gdm config?22:59
Amaranthi thought that was because nvidia was stupid and setting my external monitor as the primary22:59
willis_yes. :) you have to manually edit the config file22:59
strabeswhat's the story with alpha 6?22:59
strabesisn't it supposed to come out today?22:59
macogwstrabes: not out yet22:59
Amaranthbecause obviously the one physically attached to my laptop is not the main screen22:59
Amaranthwillis_: change what?23:00
strabesoh, bummer23:00
macogwsomething about a bug thats too bad to release with23:00
willis_Amaranth,   I though the problem was with X being stupud. :) but I am on a desktop, so which one is the primary. :)23:00
willis_Amaranth,  theres some default screen to start gdm on, setting in the gdmrc23:00
Amaranthi don't do multiscreen though23:00
Amaranthi have twinview23:00
willis_I nogiced the nvidia-xconfig tool had a check box for primary monitor also.23:00
Amaranthone screen stretched over two monitors23:00
willis_Amaranth,  yes. but gdm still sort of sees it as 2 screens23:00
Amaranththat nvidia-settings checkbox does something that breaks nvidia's emulation of xinerama23:01
Amaranthso panels blow over both monitors and alt-f2 dialog is half-and-half and etc23:01
willis_twinview is doing some tweaking., twinview normally REpLACES xinerama  - i dont think you want to enable ximerama and twinviewq both23:01
Amaranthno no23:01
Amaranthrandr12 and twinview both pretend to be xinerama23:01
Amaranththey set the "xinerama hints" so applications know what is going on and don't "center" themselves half on one monitor and half on the other23:02
willis_From what ive seen If i enable xinerama - i get those problems you mentioned.  I enble twinviww, disable xinerama, and have no idea on randr12 :) never used that befior23:02
willis_even with twinview ive seen some dumb apps still go in the middle.23:02
Amaranthright, because they don't read the xinerama hints23:02
willis_that makes vmware a real pain that they dont do that. :) it may be fixed in vmware however.23:03
macogwthe new intel wireless isnt in l-r-m, right?23:04
macogwits unrestricted, right? it doesnt show in the restricted manager23:04
willis_well time to reboot this puppy and see what the new kernel offers. :)23:05
Amaranthmacogw: right, it's included in 2.6.24 and has no control daemon23:07
Amaranthit's just driver and firmware23:07
Amaranththe firmware is in linux-ubuntu-modules23:08
cyphasedoes anyone else find it annoying that if the system "thumbnails" a video before installing codecs, after you install the codecs, it doesn't re-thumbail the files?23:08
cyphasei know i can just delete the ~/.thumbnail directory..23:08
cyphasebut that's not a really good solution23:09
macogwAmaranth: so why do i have l-r-m?23:10
Amaranthbecause it's pulled in automatically23:10
Amaranthbetter to have the driver and not need it than need it and not have it, i guess23:10
macogwif i purge them will they go away from my vrms?23:12
macogwor will they keep messing up my score?23:12
Amaranthvrms? are you serious?23:13
macogwoh purge does work23:13
macogwmythtv sent it to heck anyway23:13
* RAOF wonders what vrms is, and how it has a "score".23:13
macogwRAOF: Virtual Richard M Stallman23:13
macogwcounts what % of your packages are non-free23:14
RAOFRight.  That was what I was thinking.23:14
macogw1.6% now that i got rid of l-r-m23:14
macogwwhy are the ubuntu human icons non-free though?23:14
macogwi dont get it23:14
Amaranth  9 non-free packages, 0.6% of 1611 installed packages.23:14
cyphaseanyone know what package that would fall under? that tumbnail bug..23:14
macogwi tango is because its CC not GPL23:14
Amaranthmacogw: they're creative commons23:14
macogwoh ok23:14
Amaranthmacogw: CC licenses are not DFSG-Free23:15
macogwi dont really get why CC is considered non-free23:15
Amaranthcyphase: nautilus23:15
Amaranthmacogw: Debian Free Software Guidelines23:15
macogwCC-SA is pretty much identical to the GPL23:15
AmaranthNope, not legally23:15
* hydrogen giggles23:15
hydrogenomg ITS NOT FREE ENOUGH23:15
macogwwhats the difference? it says if you use it you have to use the same license that says "share!"23:15
hydrogenMy virtual rms is better endowed than your virtual rms!23:16
AmaranthDFSG is stricter than FSF, according to the DFSG the GFDL is non-Free23:16
askandAnyone knows anything about alpha 6?23:16
macogwwell i cant purge myth til my school project is done23:16
AmaranthGFDL is from the FSF :P23:16
macogwaskand: held up by a bug23:16
macogwAmaranth: i know23:16
hydrogenmostly because debian users need a way to feel like they are better than everyone else23:16
Amaranthlinux-generic             Complete Generic Linux kernel23:16
Amaranthoh, it pulls in linux-restricted-modules23:16
Amaranthwhich i need, nvidia23:16
askandmacogw: ok thanks23:17
macogwmine's all mythtv, human icons, tangerine icons, and spim (MIPS emulator for school)23:17
Amaranthvrms is not very precise though, gnewsense has stripped individual files out of the kernel because they aren't free enough23:18
macogwi think flash should be on the list too, but it came along when i copied my ~/.mozilla or something so vrms doesnt know about it23:18
macogwi really wish more media was available as oggs :(23:18
Amaranthso according to gnewsense the pristine upstream kernel tree is apparently not free enough :P23:18
Amaranthapparently there are some files that they say are just non-Free firmware converted into mostly unreadable C code23:19
macogwoh like the NV drivers?23:20
macogwsuper-duper-obfuscated crap?23:20
Amaranthsomething like that23:20
Amaranththey probably don't ship nv either23:20
cyphaseAlpha 6 is coming down..23:34
h3sp4wnThe gnewsense take seems a little extreme to me when they support running with a non-free bios23:38
naught101have there been any updates in the last few hours?23:39
h3sp4wnAnd they don't even support ppc - pegasos open desktop workstation is the only machine I know with fully open everything23:40
cyphaseAlpha 6 is here!23:42
NoelJBAh, I love the smell of alpha code in the evening ... http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/hardy/alpha-6/23:58
pwnguinwhy do people come in here and advertise new alphas?23:59

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