xivulonHi all, is there any artwork planned for wubi/umenu?13:58
_MMA_I've seen calls for help on the mailing list but no real work AFAIK.13:59
xivulonI asked for some icons some time ago', I did create them myself, but are not very neat14:03
xivulonAlso now I am using the same log for kubuntu/kubuntu-kde414:04
xivulonif someone is interested pls let me know and I will provide further details14:05
_MMA_xivulon: Unfortunately, I think you will have to rely on yourself. Maybe try another post to the mailing list.14:07
xivulonI did already rely on myself...14:08
xivuloncurrent graphics is here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron/Alpha6#head-738a532079220eeb5e0aeb98e8eb0f6f3885b89b14:09
xivuloneventual contributions would involve replacing the following bmp/ico files: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-installer/umenu/devel/files/agostino.russo%40gmail.com-20080306001619-xbuv01zf5nyec2tc?file_id=images-20080212233008-kvy2sm0usmkk5nf3-1114:12
xivulonIs there a different logo for kubuntu and kubuntu-kde4?14:35
_MMA_xivulon: I dont believe so. Ask "Riddell" in some of the -devel channels or kwwii might know.14:37
xivulonthx will do14:38
kwwiierm, which icons are you talking about?14:51
kwwiixivulon: there is not a different logo for kde4 kubuntu14:53
xivulonkwwii thanks, Riddell said the same thing14:53
kwwiiI made a couple of pics for henrik a while ago14:53
xivulonkwwii: for the icons if you look in the link above, you can see the ones I am using now14:54
xivulonthe ubuntu one is tidy, but the others (that I have made) do not look that good14:54
xivulonI basically scaled the svg to 32x32 and saved as .ico14:54
xivulonwith arguable results14:54
xivulonkwwii: I haven't seen any pic by the way14:55
xivulondid not talk to henrik in a couple of weeks14:56
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kwwiixivulon: I still do not understand which icons you need :-)14:59
kwwiiis it just the small ubuntu icon or more?15:00
xivulonkubuntu and xubuntu15:00
xivulonthe ubuntu one is fine and edubuntu does not come with a livecd anyway15:00
kwwiihrm, for kubuntu, you could use the glossy version from kdm or the kubuntu usplash15:01
xivulonI just used plain 2D SVG logos with dropshwadow.... everyone got the same treatment...15:02
kwwiiwell, there is already a small one that ubuntu uses, just save that as in ico file15:03
kwwiithen using the glossy kubuntu one could be used :-)15:04
kwwiibut anyway15:04
xivulonYou mean to replace ubuntu.ico? That is the one I got from the website15:04
xivulonthe wiki15:04
kwwiiwell, I would use the one from the operating system15:06
kwwiianyway, I won't get picky :-)15:06
xivulonWhat is normally the path for that? Is there a place to get curreny icons across distros? Last q: are those expected to change before final?15:15
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kwwiixivulon: that icon will not change before final :-)15:37
xivulonkwwii: is this the one to use? /usr/share/pixmaps/ubuntu.svg16:01
kwwiixivulon: yepp16:05
xivulonI assume that extends to kubuntu/xubuntu16:07
xivulonfor the graphics does a simple dropshadow on whitebackground work? or you have better ideas?16:08
kwwiiit looks kind of out of date, if you ask me16:10
kwwiiI would just use a simple image16:10
kwwiiperhaps a large one which is cropped by the bottom of the window16:10
kwwiianyway, gotta run to the store16:11
xivulonI have a predefined image size to respect (see the size of Ubuntu-vertical.bmp and Ubuntu-header.bmp). Will see what to do16:14
xhakerCimi: hello16:52
Cimihi xhaker16:57

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