Pelook swat,  it was just a bit busy in there and I don'T have the patience tonight00:42
swatTXit was busy indeed00:42
PeloswatTX, is there suppose to be anyting on your hdd or is it supposed to be clean00:42
swatTXPelo, there is suppose to be something there but I'm assuimng (since GParted showed all unallocated) everything was lost somehow.00:43
PeloswatTX, what was supposed to be there ?00:43
swatTXPelo, my previous install00:44
PeloswatTX, of ?00:44
swatTXPelo, Ubuntu gusty gibbon00:44
PeloswatTX, was that one a fresh install that went wrong or one that you had used a while with important data ?00:45
swatTXPelo, I've had it for about a month nothing too important which is why i was gonna just fresh install again but am getting errors now00:46
Pelogo back to the live cd desktop , we are not going to do this from the installer00:46
swatTXPelo, ok just exited the installer and am sitting at the live cd desktop00:47
Peloopen the gnome partiton editor from the admin menu00:47
swatTXok GParted is loaded00:47
Pelowill there be anyting else on that hdd or just gutsy ?00:48
swatTXjust gutsy00:48
Pelook now for that next bit you will need to fiigure it out on your own cause I don'T have gparted installed, and I can't check,  it's in french anyway so the translation migth be off00:48
Pelocheck in the gparted menues for   make a new lable or something similar00:49
swatTXPartition -> New ?00:49
PeloswatTX,  not , new label,  we are starting from the very very bottom00:50
swatTXthere is also set disklabel00:50
Pelothats, the one00:50
Pelomsdos or something similar00:50
Pelothat will basicaly revirginise your hdd00:50
swatTXwow, 'Error while setting new disklabel'00:51
PeloswatTX, interesting00:51
PeloswatTX, ok there is the possibility that there is someting wrong with your hdd00:52
PeloswatTX, how old is it ?00:52
swatTXPelo, a few years.00:52
swatTXPelo, now there's a crash report detected00:52
PeloswatTX, well assuming it is less the 5 this shouldn'T happen00:52
PeloswatTX,can you read the report ?00:53
swatTXPelo, it was from GParted crashing... it's just asking me if i wanna restart the program00:53
PeloswatTX, do this,  shut down the computer,  wait a couple of minutes ,  boot the live cd back up and come back here00:53
swatTXPelo, ok00:54
PeloI'll wait for you00:54
swatTXPelo, shutting down now. thanks btw00:54
PeloswatTX,  is this another pc you are installing on ?00:55
swatTXPelo, yea an old laptop00:56
Peloah, this explains why you can shut down and not leave00:56
swatTXPelo, seems like whenever i try to install anything from the default i always endup at that initramfs screen00:56
* Pelo needs to get himself one of them old laptops00:57
swatTXPelo, (booting back up now to the live CD)00:57
PeloswatTX, beleive it or not , I am not 1337 enough to know what an initramfs is00:57
* Pelo just figured out what init RAM File system means 00:58
swatTXPelo, me either... from what i can tell it's a shell that you get dropped into when something system critical is wrong.. i can just never get around it and usually end up doing a fresh install00:58
PeloswatTX, when you get to the desktop go straight in to gparted,  no messing with the installer00:58
swatTXPelo, gotcha00:58
PeloswatTX, have you considered using the alternate install cd,  it is text based and is usualy easier on system resources during the install00:59
swatTXPelo, I'm not sure i have a problem with system resources.. everything works great default. I haven't tried the alternate install cd though.01:00
Pelothe live cd uses part of the RAM as a virtual drive so it can run the lice cd desktop , it's a bit more demanding, it's also fussier about hardware for some reason01:01
Peloanyway,  are you in gparted yet ?01:01
swatTXit's loading GParted now. just try the disklabel again?01:01
Pelonot quite yet01:02
Peloanyting showing on the hdd ?01:02
Peloany partions or stuff ?01:02
swatTXnope. still 74.56GiB unallocated01:02
Pelook  disklabel then01:02
Peloyou'll need to pick the msdos thingy in disklable when asked01:03
swatTXGParted crashed again01:05
Pelook restart gparted, and go straight to making a new partiton  5-10 gig ext3 for /01:06
Peloand apply right away01:06
swatTXnot sure what's going on. i went to Partition -> New and it took me to the disklabel screen again and then crashed01:07
Pelook restart the comp and head into the bios, see if you have the option to low format your hdd anywhre in there01:08
swatTXrestarting now01:09
swatTXin BIOS but dont see any formating options01:09
Pelook here is what I can suggest at this point01:10
Peloyou can try getting the gparted live cd online and boot from that , see if you can partition your hdd properly from that ,01:10
Peloor you can take yoru comp in to have it check by a pro01:10
Pelothere isn't anything more that I know to do to help you out online01:11
swatTXthanks for trying....01:11
swatTXits probably a bad HD01:11
* Pelo feels like a failuer01:11
Pelothat would be my guess01:12
Pelobest of luck , I'm heading off, work early tomorry01:12
swatTXg'night. thanks again01:12
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