xivulonah didn't do make clean for translations and missed the error...00:01
xivulonremove Hungarian from src/wubi/translator.nsh (line 25) and compile again00:03
evandfantastic, thanks00:05
evandbut r447 was 1.4M00:06
xivulondo not know why but am glad about that :)00:06
xivulonI had 2.1 and 1.3...00:07
xivulonthat though means that the savings are 300K as opposed to 700K00:07
evandindeed, but that still helps, I imagine00:08
evandok, I'm heading out for a little bit.  I'll be back later tonight.00:08
xivulonevand see my msg about umenu text for option #2 being too long00:14
xivulonumenu rev 17 is up00:16
xivulondid not fix the option 2 text though00:17
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HADES\stephansnot sure if this is the spot to ask... but, I have a question regarding the installer.08:46
HADES\stephansI have ubuntu booting fine via tftp boot08:46
HADES\stephansit grabs the preseed file fine off the we server08:47
HADES\stephansdoes every thing.. but it refuses to use my internal mirror of the repository...08:47
HADES\stephansis the online install repo hard coded in to the installer?08:48
HADES\stephanshere is the relevane section in preeseed:08:48
HADES\stephans     14 d-i mirror/http/hostname string http://horus.farorbit.com08:48
HADES\stephans     15 d-i mirror/http/directory string /os/ubuntu/gutsy/08:48
HADES\stephans     16 d-i mirror/suite string gutsy08:48
sorenHADES\stephans: "http://horus.farorbit.com" is not a hostname. It's a URI.08:59
cjwatsonright, that's a likely cause09:03
HADES\stephanssoren it matches the documentation here: http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/manual/en.i386/apbs04.html09:03
HADES\stephansshould I omitt the http://?09:03
cjwatsonno, it does not match that documentation09:04
cjwatsond-i mirror/http/hostname string http.us.debian.org09:04
cjwatsonhttp.us.debian.org is not the same as http://us.debian.org09:04
cjwatsonyou should definitely omit the http://09:04
cjwatsonit wouldn't do any harm to file a wishlist bug on choose-mirror to have it skip over http:// automatically, mind you09:05
xivulon evand, cjwatson: just to let you know that received a report of a user with working suspend under wubi/ntfs!09:48
xivulonI must admit I didn't test the feature with the new kernels, and cannot do so until tonight. If someone else could also confirm this would be great!09:49
xivulonalso my understanding is that hibernation doesn't work with a swap file (correct me if I am wrong), but it does not seem that the pm policies check for that10:11
xivuloni.e. you are shown the hibernate button even if your swap is on file10:11
xivulon2 users confirmed they can suspend...11:25
xivulonyes I am really pleased, was just asking mjg59 if there was any change in that respect!11:38
xivulonI did squeeze down wubi by turning off debugging symbols by the way11:39
CIA-24partman-xfs: cjwatson * r755 ubuntu/ (3 files in 3 dirs): * Make finish.d/aptinstall_xfs and valid_filesystems/xfs executable again.12:03
CIA-24partman-basicmethods: cjwatson * r713 ubuntu/ (choose_method/filesystem/do_option debian/changelog):12:04
CIA-24partman-basicmethods: * When changing filesystem, set the default mount options to the contents12:04
CIA-24partman-basicmethods:  of /lib/partman/mountoptions/${fs}_defaults if it exists (LP: #160450).12:04
CIA-24partman-basicmethods: cjwatson * r714 ubuntu/debian/control: Ubuntu maintainer address12:04
CIA-24partman-basicmethods: cjwatson * r715 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 38ubuntu112:04
CIA-24partman-basicmethods: cjwatson * r716 ubuntu/ (choose_method/dont_use/choices debian/changelog): * Make choose_method/dont_use/choices executable again.12:04
CIA-24partman-basicmethods: cjwatson * r717 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 38ubuntu212:04
* cjwatson hits that cscvs bug from the dawn of time with a spoon12:05
CIA-24partman-xfs: cjwatson * r756 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 35ubuntu212:05
CIA-24partman-partitioning: cjwatson * r668 ubuntu/ (debian/changelog free_space/new/do_option): * Silence warning in case $id/options already exists.12:07
CIA-24partman-partitioning: cjwatson * r669 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 54ubuntu412:08
CIA-24partman-target: cjwatson * r707 ubuntu/ (commit.d/clear_partitions debian/changelog): * Don't clear partitions that aren't marked as using a filesystem.12:57
CIA-24partman-target: cjwatson * r708 ubuntu/ (5 files in 4 dirs):13:05
CIA-24partman-target: * Run clear_partitions from finish.d, not commit.d; commit.d is run in all13:05
CIA-24partman-target:  sorts of places, such as while configuring RAID, where we don't want to13:05
CIA-24partman-target:  clear partitions yet (LP: #198106).13:05
cjwatsonright, the changes I've made can be replicated as follows13:06
cjwatsonboot the installer, and run through it until it asks you for a partitioning method (Guided, Manual, etc.)13:06
cjwatsonpress Alt-F2 and then Enter to start that shell13:06
cjwatsonthen type the following commands exactly:13:06
cjwatsonchmod +x /lib/partman/choose_method/70dont_use/choices /lib/partman/finish.d/70aptinstall_xfs /lib/partman/valid_filesystems/25xfs13:08
cjwatsonmv /lib/partman/commit.d/60clear_partitions /lib/partman/finish.d/10clear_partitions13:08
cjwatsonnano /lib/partman/finish.d/10clear_partitions13:09
cjwatsonscroll down to line 19, where it says '[ -f "$id/method" ] || continue'13:09
cjwatsonimmediately below that, add a line that says:13:09
cjwatson[ -f "$id/use_filesystem" ] || continue13:09
cjwatsonsave and exit13:09
cjwatsonreturn to the installer (Alt-F1) and continue13:09
BashtoniOK, giving it a try now13:10
cjwatson(you can use tab-completion to help with the awkward filenames of course)13:11
BashtoniGah, damn vi-less installer13:14
BashtoniIt failed because the 10clear_paritions included :w ;)13:15
BashtoniTrying again properly..13:15
cjwatsonI use vi myself, but memory is more important in the installer so we pick a single one that most people can cope with13:16
BashtoniOK, that worked13:17
BashtoniOnly oddness is that I created two RAID partitions - a small one for /boot, larger to use as LVM13:18
BashtoniOnly prompted me to create one MD device, the other seemed to already have been created13:18
cjwatsonI'll try not to debug that at the same time :-)13:20
cjwatsonpresumably that's not actually a problem as such, just odd?13:20
BashtoniNice, just noticed the installer uses relatime by default now :)13:22
BashtoniActually, there was one other small issue13:23
BashtoniThe installer complained about not being able to mount /dev/md1 (which is a pv for lvm)13:24
BashtoniLet me continue fine though13:24
cjwatsonI think that's a known one13:24
cjwatsonIIRC anyway13:24
cjwatsonthere is some pain around lvm/raid combinations, but I think mostly warnings13:25
cjwatsonyeah, relatime by default was yesterday13:25
cjwatsonok, that sounds good enough, I'll upload that13:25
BashtoniNP, thanks for sorting it :)13:25
CIA-24partman-target: cjwatson * r709 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 54ubuntu213:26
CIA-24ubiquity: cjwatson * r2542 ubiquity/d-i/update-changelog: use dch -t option, added in devscripts 2.10.913:38
CIA-24oem-config: cjwatson * r429 oem-config/d-i/update-changelog: use dch -t option, added in devscripts 2.10.913:39
evandxivulon: fantastic!14:06
xivulonindeed! when you have a couple of mins can you test it to confirm?14:07
evandwill do14:09
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xivulonA user reported the following issue during kernel upgrade:14:29
xivulonln: creating hard link `/boot/initrd.img-2.6.24-11-generic.dpkg-bak' => `/boot/initrd.img-2.6.24-11-generic': Operation not permitted14:29
xivulonI managed to upgrade successfully yesterday night14:30
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evandperhaps ntfs-3g has issues with hard links14:32
xivulondo not recall having such issues in the past, and as mentioned I did a kernel upgrade myself which I'd expect would involve similar steps14:34
cjwatsonthat code in update-initramfs changed recently14:40
cjwatsonperhaps the semantics for hardlinks on NTFS aren't POSIXy enough to support what we need14:40
cjwatsonTheMuso_: ^-- thoughts?14:40
cjwatsonI bet you can't rename over the top of another file with link() or something :-(14:41
evandI really need to always configure my VM installs to output to a serial console.  I just ran into a hard lock when installing Wubi, but I cannot reproduce it now.14:45
xivulonwas that during ubiquity? same amd64 issue?14:50
xivulondidn't hear any complaint about that from users by the way14:50
evandindeed, during X startup.14:52
xivulonI'd thought that the news on suspend had to be compensated somehow...14:52
xivulonDo not think that X startup should be related to wubi though... Would be a first...15:05
evandI imagine it would be a bug with ntfs-3g or FUSE if it was Wubi-specific, but I wouldn't worry about it.  If I can reproduce it, I'll take care of getting decent logs.15:07
evand"Fix: file and directory removal, rename and move may have been denied with an "Operation not supported" error message." - perhaps related?  That's from the ntfs-3g changelog for 1.221615:12
xivulonlooks plausible15:17
xivulonwhat is the current version of ntfs-3g?15:18
evandAlso, I checked with the ntfs-3g ML regarding the amd64 and VMWare bug and was told by a SuSE developer that the bug (which is in FUSE, not ntfs-3g) is not present in the FUSE kernel module from 2.6.24 (instead of using the one from fuse-2.7.2)15:20
xivulonah good catch15:21
evandwell, he did basically tell me to Google next time as it was the top hit on the ntfs-3g forums for the top of the stack trace :/15:22
evandI'll take it to -kernel.15:23
xivulonwould it be possible to upgrade ntfs-3g?15:24
xivulonit might be that the error is triggered only in some particular circumstances though15:24
xivulonwhich would explain why I did not notice a thing15:24
evandnot sure, I imagine that's a call for slangasek to make.15:24
xivuloncan you ask him or do you want me to do it?15:25
cjwatsonif there's a good reason to upgrade it, we probably should - subscribe the ubuntu-release team to the bug and ask for a feature freeze exception15:25
xivulonI'd guess the same holds for fuse/vmware15:26
xivulonI'll write a bug report then15:27
xivulonbut if I link that to the kernel-upgrade failure, it might be difficult to prove that 1.2216 might actually fix that15:28
xivulonsince the ntfs-3g error might be sporadic15:28
xivulonI will make it a bit more generic maybe15:29
xivulonI have created bug #19916115:44
ubotuLaunchpad bug 199161 in ntfs-3g "File and directory removal, rename and move may have been denied with an "Operation not supported"" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19916115:44
xivulonI subscribed the ubuntu release team, let me know if I need to do anything else for the feature freeze exception15:45
CIA-24ubiquity: cjwatson * r2543 ubiquity/ (d-i/manifest debian/changelog):15:49
CIA-24ubiquity: * Automatic update of included source packages: partman-basicfilesystems15:49
CIA-24ubiquity:  56ubuntu3, partman-basicmethods 38ubuntu2, partman-ext3 49ubuntu2,15:49
CIA-24ubiquity:  partman-jfs 25ubuntu1, partman-partitioning 54ubuntu4, partman-reiserfs15:49
CIA-24ubiquity:  39ubuntu1, partman-target 54ubuntu2, partman-xfs 35ubuntu2.15:49
CIA-24ubiquity: cjwatson * r2544 ubiquity/debian/po/ (79 files): debconf-updatepo15:55
CIA-24ubiquity: cjwatson * r2545 ubiquity/debian/changelog: releasing version 1.7.1616:11
cjwatson^-- just in case they need to respin with the partman-basicmethods fix16:13
evandah, whoops.16:14
cjwatsonnot your fault16:16
cjwatsonI had forgotten about the antediluvian cscvs bug that caused that16:16
tjaaltoncjwatson: thanks for working on relatime-support.. it should be the default now?16:27
tjaaltongah, to the bus ->16:28
xivulonwould you think that a lower swappiness would be beneficial in wubi installations (given that the swap is an ntfs-3g file)?16:30
cjwatsontjaalton: alternate only for the moment, desktop support probably not in alpha 6 but in beta16:30
tjaaltoncjwatson: I've done a couple of netboot installations, and at least mount(1) doesn't show the options?17:22
cjwatsontjaalton: I had to add it to busybox mount17:38
tjaaltoncjwatson: I mean the installed system doesn't seem to use it, or is there something missing?18:16
cjwatsontjaalton: does it show up in /etc/fstab?18:18
tjaaltoncjwatson: no, only "defaults"18:19
cjwatsoncan I see your syslog and the date of the netboot image you used?18:20
cjwatsonyou need to have downloaded it on Tuesday evening or later18:21
tjaaltonthe image is from yesterday morning.. damn18:21
evandWould it be reasonable to call dhclient in the initramfs?  The removal of eth0 from the interfaces file breaks preseeding via a URL on the desktop CD.18:23
cjwatsonurr. might need to ask that in a wider forum, I'm not quite sure18:23
cjwatsonyou could do it if and only if preseeding is in use18:23
evandOr perhaps I should just add the lines back to interfaces if url= is set?18:24
tjaaltoncjwatson: http://users.tkk.fi/~tjaalton/foo/syslog18:24
cjwatsontjaalton: busybox definitely too old18:26
cjwatsonMar  5 15:45:53 kernel: klogd started: BusyBox v1.1.3 (Debian 1:1.1.3-5ubuntu10)18:26
cjwatsonbusybox (1:1.1.3-5ubuntu12) hardy; urgency=low18:26
cjwatson  * Add support for relatime and norelatime mount options (closes: #460824).18:26
cjwatson -- Colin Watson <cjwatson@ubuntu.com>  Tue, 04 Mar 2008 11:02:33 +000018:26
tjaaltoncjwatson: yeah, I'll try again tomorrow :)18:27
cjwatsonmaybe downloaded it from a mirror that was behind18:27
cjwatsonoh, we were having internal mirroring problems yesterday morning18:27
cjwatsonthat would probably be it18:27
tjaaltonI fetch installer images from a.u.c, the rest is mirrored locally18:29
xivulonlooks like I spoke too soon on the ntfs-3g issue... The chap came back and he is using fat32 not ntfs...20:32
xivulonso the feature freeze exception looses one case study....20:33
xivulonI'd still think that 1.216 is useful20:34
xivulonbut now I have to find out what is the issue with vfat20:35
xivulonobvious q are hard links supported in vfat?20:39
TheMusocjwatson: hrm. Interesting, but not entirely surprising to me. I wonder whether we should check what filesystem /boot is sitting on perhaps? At this point, I have no other ideas.20:49
mebrownevand ping21:25
evandmebrown: pong21:26
mebrownwe had a conversation here that I was going to ask you something, but I've forgotten...21:33
mebrownjust a sec while I think... :)21:34
evandheh, ok21:35
mebrownevand, nope, cant remember. doh.21:36
evandhaha, that's ok.  Just ask in here or via email when you do :)21:38
xivulonevand ^ on ntfs-3g21:44
evandxivulon: hard links are not supported on vfat, as I understand it21:49
xivulonyeah that was my guess too21:50
xivulonI am wondering though if hard links in kernel upgrade scripts are a new feature21:50
xivulonI don't think I have seen anyone complain about that before21:51
evandprobably because hardly anyone uses fat32 anymore :)21:51
TheMusoHard links don't work on NTF either do they?21:52
TheMusoOh of course not, that was what was being discussed earlier.21:54
evandTheMuso: works for me21:55
TheMusoevand: HRM so its just FAT32 then.21:55
TheMusoActually... That might explain why the wubi test I did the other day on a FAT32 windows install didn't boot properly after it had finished installing. :)21:56
evandxivulon: perhaps we should just tell people using fat32 to covnert their filesystem to NTFS?  I can't see any reason why someone would want to keep using FAT32.21:56
evandYou don't support < Windows 2000 anyway, right?21:56
TheMusoevand: People still may want to access windwos from Linux without having a separate partition.21:58
TheMusoevand: Although the problem with this, is that FAT32 wouldn't support symbolic links either I would think.21:59
evandTheMuso: I don't follow.  Why wouldn't they be able to do that?21:59
TheMusoevand: Yeah thinking about it more, now that we have ntfs-3g with write support, it is totally nullified.22:00
xivulonevand I did have several users with fat...22:00
xivulonso I am a bit perplexed22:00
evandsymbolic links do not work for me on vfat22:00
xivuloncan you double check hard links22:01
xivulonthat is only relevant for /boot22:01
xivulonI am not sure why hardlinks are needed at all to be honest...22:01
xivulonI would have thought that you just have to generate an initrd and drop it in /boot22:01
TheMusoxivulon: Its more complex than that I'm affraid.22:01
TheMusoxivulon: It has to do with making sure that a valid initramfs is still present, even if a new initramfs generation fails.22:02
TheMusoI think is the correct URL.22:02
evandxivulon: double checked, no such luck22:02
cjwatsonwe could fall back to a more stupid and less reliable implementation if the hardlink attempt fails22:03
TheMusocjwatson: Thats what I'm starting to wonder about.22:03
cjwatsonlike cp -a (takes more space, but would do)22:03
TheMusocjwatson: I guess we could simply put the hard linking into an if check, and if it fails, then we copy...22:05
cjwatsonwell, ln -f blah || cp -a blah22:06
cjwatsonbut yeah22:06
xivulonthat would be great!22:06
cjwatsonnot really much that can go wrong with ln that wouldn't break cp too22:07
cjwatsonaside from vfat22:07
cjwatsonso that approach should be safe22:07
* cjwatson sighs at crappy non-POSIX filesystems in this day and age22:07
evandwell, vfat isn't really this day and age :)22:07
TheMusoyet heaps of devices still use it.22:08
* TheMuso looks at USB sticks.22:08
evandpoint taken22:08
xivulonhave a look at your usb key...22:08
xivulonOk I will have to rectify the feature freeze request22:09
xivulonI still think that it is valid, since ntfs shortcomings might also have produced the same issue22:09
TheMusoWell thsi initramfs issue is a bug, and well found too.22:09
cjwatson*my* USB key is ext3 :-P22:11
xivulonreformatting that does not count...22:11
CIA-24partman-target: cjwatson * r710 ubuntu/debian/ (changelog rules): * Fix build; commit.d is gone, really.22:12
cjwatsonhow about I test-build partman-target this time :-/22:13
cjwatsonurgh, ubiquity doesn't notice d-i components failing to build22:15
TheMusoAlright, what I might do, is make initramfs changes, and check whether they make a difference locally on a modified image using wubi. If so, I'll upload.22:15
CIA-24partman-target: cjwatson * r711 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 54ubuntu322:16
mebrownf13 ping22:22
mebrowndoh. wrong channel22:22
CIA-24ubiquity: cjwatson * r2546 ubiquity/ (configure configure.ac): bump to 1.7.1722:25
CIA-24ubiquity: cjwatson * r2547 ubiquity/ (d-i/Makefile debian/changelog): * Ensure that our build fails if one of the d-i components fails to build.22:58
CIA-24oem-config: cjwatson * r430 oem-config/ (d-i/Makefile debian/changelog): * Ensure that our build fails if one of the d-i components fails to build.22:59
CIA-24oem-config: cjwatson * r431 oem-config/ (4 files in 2 dirs):23:03
CIA-24oem-config: * Add a check-manifest tool to ensure that d-i/manifest is in sync with23:03
CIA-24oem-config:  d-i/source/ on upload (from ubiquity).23:03
TheMusoWhat file or files does wubi check on the CD to check that it is an Ubuntu CD?23:19
CIA-24ubiquity: cjwatson * r2548 ubiquity/ (d-i/manifest debian/changelog): * Automatic update of included source packages: partman-target 54ubuntu3.23:22
TheMusoxivulon: How does wubi know what CD it is being run from, i.e ubuntu, kubuntu, etc?23:32
xivulonTheMuso, it parses .disk/info23:33
xivulonif it's an ISO it first extracts .disk/info23:33
xivulonto be precise, wubi scans all disks for signs of an Ubuntu CD starting with the drive hosting the exe23:36
xivulonif a CD is find it enters into CD "mode", so that for instance you cannot select a different distro23:36
TheMusoAh ok, thanks.23:44
xivulonhmm is it possible/useful to test suspend-to-ram in vm (virtualbox)?23:50
xivulonsuspend to ram seems to be disabled by default in such setup and if I run the command manually does not work too well23:50
CIA-24ubiquity: cjwatson * r2549 ubiquity/ (d-i/Makefile debian/changelog):23:53
CIA-24ubiquity: * Don't clean console-setup; bits of it are intentionally missing from our23:53
CIA-24ubiquity:  copy, and it's not necessary.23:53
CIA-24oem-config: cjwatson * r432 oem-config/ (d-i/Makefile debian/changelog):23:54
CIA-24oem-config: * Don't clean console-setup; bits of it are intentionally missing from our23:54
CIA-24oem-config:  copy, and it's not necessary.23:54

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