pegwinhi all06:52
gani am following the ubuntu doc of creating the live cd , but not supporting , it is coming upto mounting the filesystem16:00
TokyoFrenchHello there!16:02
gani am following the ubuntu doc of creating the live cd , but not supporting , it is coming upto mounting the filesystem16:03
TokyoFrenchJust to say I am planning to install Ubuntu on an Hitachi FLORA 270HX laptop which is old laptop16:04
TokyoFrenchI have 128 Mo RAM, so not too sure if I can install the Ubuntu or if I should prefere XUbuntu...16:05
TokyoFrenchanyway when I installed stackware I had to use some kernel options like noacpi (if I remember correctly)16:05
TokyoFrenchAnd I don't see this laptop listed on the ubuntu webpage.... so, just hope it'll work16:06
MagicFabTokyoFrench, Xubuntu will barely be functional, but will work16:06
MagicFabTokyoFrench, I'd suggest installing a "command line" system only from the alternate disk, then adding the xubuntu-desktop package16:07
ganlivecd which i created based on ubuntu is not booting on laptop16:07
MagicFabTokyoFrench, you may also consider openbox, there have been quite some posts about it on different blogs16:07
MagicFabgan, brand & model ?16:08
TokyoFrenchMagicFab: Thanks for the tips!16:08
ganMagicFab, thinkpad IBM16:08
MagicFabTokyoFrench, also see some draft notes I have here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FabianRodriguez/DefaultInstall16:09
MagicFabgan, see http://www.thinkwiki.org for great tips on thinkpads16:10
MagicFabgan, what exact TP model ?16:10
MagicFabgan, have you tried the latest hardy alpha ? a *lot* has improved for laptops16:11
ganMagicFab, no16:11
MagicFabgan, you may want to base your liveCD on Hardy if you' re targetting laptops - just my personal opinion16:13
ganMagicFab, ok16:13
TokyoFrenchMagicFab: so my understanding is that installing command line system and then xubuntu-desktop will actually install less package than directly installing XUbuntu, and thus making a lighter system..?16:15
MagicFabno, TokyoFrench16:15
MagicFabit will install exactly the same16:15
MagicFabexcept you can use that same CD to install other Ubuntu flavors (like Ubuntu, Kubuntu, etc)16:15
TokyoFrenchMmm ok.. so the point is just testing the different flavors?16:16
MagicFabAnd in my personal experience, installing with the text based installler on older machines ALWAYS works, as opposed to using the standard live CD16:16
MagicFaboups compiz crash :)16:18
TokyoFrenchThank you for helping. I really look forward to install this Ubuntu (I never tested before), cause I am too much a newbie for slackware haha16:18
MagicFabthe point is install in ~20 minutes (text install, minimal system) then choosing whatever flavor you want and knowing nothing will crash or hang (graphcis specifically) later on16:18
MagicFabinstalling on 128ram will take a looooong time using the liveCD16:19
TokyoFrenchsounds great16:19
MagicFaband if you're experimenting taht time adds up :)16:19
MagicFabI am upgrading my system so I expect to loose my connection - brb16:20
TokyoFrenchsorry if it's not the channel topic, but do you know if ubuntu is able to manage encrypted partitions? (cryptsetup)16:20
MagicFabYes... well at install time the only option that works is encrypting everything16:21
TokyoFrenchhaha I like that16:21
TokyoFrenchI alre16:21
MagicFabIf you want to do it after install time it's still a rather manual-ish procedure16:21
TokyoFrenchI never tried Ubuntu but I already love it ;-)16:21
MagicFabIf you encrypt all as suggested in the partition manager during install time, you get a nice prompt at boot time asking for the password16:22
TokyoFrenchgreat... but encryption doesn't slow general performances too much?16:22
MagicFabI have been using that on my main laptop for ~8 months and never had problems even when the machine was turned off brutally (battery drain)16:22
MagicFabTokyoFrench, on an older machine, you can feel performance drops specially if you encrypt your swap partition (because, well, swap is used often on very low memory conditions)16:23
MagicFabbut on recent systems is not noticeable16:23
TokyoFrenchyep... I actually plan to crypt one partition, that will generally be not mounted, and when I need it to be mounted, to unable the cache...16:24
TokyoFrenchI mean disable the cash16:24
TokyoFrenchI mean disable the Swap.... haha I should go to bed16:24
MagicFabFunny: todays update of Network manager includes this: " #432322 - network-manager: package upgrade kills network connections every time"16:25
MagicFabTokyoFrench, the easiest way to do that I foujnd was.... wait...16:25
MagicFabread all the comments, though16:26
TokyoFrenchyep thks16:26
TokyoFrenchlol et bien, ca chauffe sur certains forums ubuntu ;-)16:42
TokyoFrenchMagicFab: thank you for your help, I will follow your advices16:43

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