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pittihi all13:44
Keybukpitti: hey13:50
KeybukI'm not going to be able to lead today's meeting13:50
Keybukthere's a lot of brown material hitting a lot of rotary air cooling devices that I need to try and catch before it creates a mess13:50
Keybukcould you lead it for me?  I've put the page together, only thing on the agenda is a new item to go down the QA desktop bug list and make sure someone's claimed each one or removed it13:51
pittiKeybuk: ok, no problem13:53
* mvo waves13:55
pittiKeybuk: ok, found the page and the bug list13:56
seb128pitti: what bug list?13:57
pittitedg: here?13:59
pittigood morning :)13:59
mvogood morning scott13:59
pittihm, AFAICS we are just missing Mirco13:59
pittiand mpt, but he said he was busy with LP this week14:00
mvomirco is on Cebit leave14:00
seb128pitti: leading the meeting?14:00
pittiYes, Scott is EBUSY14:00
seeledesktop meeting, right?14:00
mptGood morning14:01
pittidoes anyone have some new agenda items?14:01
pittihello mpt14:01
tedgYeah, virtual interfaces in HAL.14:01
tedgThey show up in NetworkManger and are very annoying.14:01
pittiso, there is some discussion on the ML about this14:02
pittikees asked me to pull the hal patch for this14:02
tedgOh, haven't gotten to that yet :)14:02
pittiother people seem to think that fixing NM to deal with them would be better14:02
pittiIMHO it should be asac's decision, since he will end up being the one who fixes the bug14:02
* pitti pings him14:02
mptIs that why I have non-existent "RR-TPN", "TPN", and "TPN-PPPoE" networks showing up in NM?14:03
pittimpt: if it started a few days ago, then most likely14:03
tedgmpt: Perhaps, but my show up as "Unknown Computer"14:03
pittiso, let's defer this until asac turns up, or let's decide it on the ML14:04
pittidoes that work for everyone?14:04
pittiso, the only agenda point today is to walk over the QA hardy list and make sure about who is working on what14:04
pittilet's go through everything starting from the top which is not assinged to a particular person14:04
pittiif some bug is assigned to you, but you don't think you can work on it, please shout14:05
pitti131976 (apparmor)14:05
pittiIMHO that shouldn't be on the list; we worked around it in casper, and getting AA to work is not very critical for the live system IMHO14:05
* asac reading backlog14:06
pittiasac: Q: should I pull the 'virtual net interfaces' patch from hal (as requested by Kees) or do you want to fix n-m to ignore them?14:06
asacpitti: whats the problem with the interfaces? (summary please)14:06
mvoI take the command-not-found and apt ones (next three)14:07
pittiasac: see ML14:07
asacpitti: subject?14:07
pittiasac: distro-team@, some activity report14:07
asacok i have found it i guess14:08
pittimvo: thanks14:08
pittiso, there's a bunch of compiz bugs14:08
pittimvo: we have quite a good relation to upstream for compiz, right?14:08
asacbug 19829514:08
seb128asac: I didn't try yet using the new nm but some days ago when starting virtualbox nm was switching from the wireless network I'm using to the wired network14:08
ubotuLaunchpad bug 198295 in hal "FF exception request: update hal to git head" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19829514:08
mvoyes, but I think 99508 is actually a X bug14:09
pittimvo: do you think you could talk to upstream about those and check which can be fixed, and which should be taken off the list?14:09
mvoI can do that14:09
mvo#127705   is extremly unlikey to get fixed14:09
asacpitti: can we ctake that off the meeting. i cannot really tell right now whats going on and don't feel like i can make a decision based on the info i currently have14:09
pittiasac: sure14:10
asactedg: can you please file a bug about that NM behaviour and attach a full syslog to it?14:10
pittiasac: thanks14:10
pittiasac: ML?14:10
pittimvo: hm, that one sounds like a bug for TheMuso to look into?14:10
asacpitti: first bug ... then ML if we have results14:10
asacpitti: is there still a apckage with that patch somewhere? ppa?14:10
pittiasac: current hardy does have that patch14:10
pittiasac: current ppa, too; bzr head doesn't any more14:11
mvopitti: I'm happy to talk to him about it, but its a difficult one IIRC the problem is conceptual, compiz does not use pango in its core so there is no atk14:11
asactedg: ok, please file a bug then.14:11
mvoon window switching14:11
pittimvo: can you please assign the other bugs to you? I'll talk to TheMuso about the speak one14:11
pittiand discuss taking it off the list otherwise14:11
mvoI would like to share some of the others with mirco if possible14:11
* pitti hugs mvo, thanks14:12
pittibug 146918 is an interesting one14:12
ubotuLaunchpad bug 146918 in gnome-volume-manager "poor descriptions for some startup programs" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/14691814:12
pittiquite easy to fix, but should be done in accordance with upstream for not breaking translations too hard14:12
pittiseb128: a 'desktop-bugs' assignee means basically you? (as primary responsibility, and you coordinate the delegation)?14:13
pittior is it just a kind of 'this is a desktop bug' task14:13
seb128pitti: yes, usually it means me14:13
pittiseb128: are you ok with the 'desktop-bugs' assignments on that page, or do we need to discuss any of it?14:14
seb128I did untag all the bugs I want to fix and milestone those some days ago14:14
seb128I didn't understand the page was supposed to be a list of things we need to fix14:14
seb128I though it was a list of suggestions to consider14:14
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seb128and that we were supposed to untag or milestone14:15
pittiI'll take care of the system-config-printer task of #146918 (speak with Till)14:15
pittiseb128: correct14:15
seb128I'm fine with those assigned to desktop-bugs14:15
pittiseb128: that's what I mean, if a bug is not really appropriate for hardy, then we should take it off14:15
pittiand we can discuss it here14:16
seb128well, either untag or,and milestone until getting the list empty, right?14:16
seb128"Unable to login when disk space is exhausted"14:16
seb128I'll not likely work on this one14:16
seb128didn't we have a spec for that?14:16
seb128who was assigned to it?14:16
pittiright, Ian was working on it14:16
pittiuntil he left14:16
seb128well, I though he did implemented it for gutsy14:16
pittihm, didn't we get the 1 MB tmpfs /tmp at least?14:16
pittiso shouldn't that be fixed?14:17
seb128I though it would be but I didn't check14:18
pittiseb128: so if /tmp was the actual issue, it should be fixed14:18
pittiif ENOSPACE on ~ is a problem, too, then we need more fixes14:18
pittidoes anyone feel like giving this a test?14:18
pittiand adopting this bug for the duration of the test at least?14:19
seb128I'll try to do that while doing desktop testing if nobody else do but not guaranty, I've tons of things on my hardy list14:19
pittitedg: ^ interested?14:19
tedgtedg: Sure, I can try.  I haven't looked at the bug, is there detail on how to reproduce?14:20
pittitedg: I guess it shuold work to log out, dd if=/dev/zero of=/tmp/bigfile until it aborts, and then logging in14:21
pittierm, maybe not /tmp14:21
pittiand then reboot14:21
pittii. e. fill your root partition to the max, and check if you can log in14:21
tedgI think I'll virtualize that test ;)14:22
pittikwwii: how does your schedule look like? do you have some time to look into bug 149437?14:22
ubotuLaunchpad bug 149437 in example-content "Examples folder content should be updated for Gutsy" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/14943714:22
kwwiion bug 149437 we might get an update from a design company, keybuck would know more14:22
pittikwwii: I'm fine with doing the actual package update, but we need someone to run over the documents and check which need updating14:22
kwwiiI have been waiting the whole time to press enter on that comment :-)14:23
* pitti hugs kwwii14:23
pittikwwii: could you talk to him and ask him about this?14:23
kwwiipitti: yepp, I'll stay on top of it14:23
pitticool; mind to assing the bug to you?14:23
kwwiiyepp, will do14:23
pitticool, thanks14:24
* pitti reads bug 149665 and wonders whether tedg already knows something about it14:25
ubotuLaunchpad bug 149665 in linux-source-2.6.22 "when returning from suspend my laptop tries to hibernate" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/14966514:25
tedgasac: bug 19914014:25
pittian upstream "Linux" task header with a gnome bug, yay14:25
ubotuLaunchpad bug 199140 in network-manager "Network manager shows and connects to virtual interfaces" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19914014:25
Riddellwhat is this bug list?  I don't understand how these bugs were chosen to be special and why there's a list there rather than on launchpad14:26
tedgpitti: Yeah, the curious part about that one is gpm blocks all events until it resyncs for that reason.14:27
pittitedg: do we already have the patch davidz mentions in http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=486138#c6 ?14:27
ubotuGnome bug 486138 in gnome-power-manager "suspend after resume from hibernate" [Normal,Unconfirmed]14:27
pittiRiddell: it's the qa-hardy-list tag sorted by team14:27
Riddelland they're chosen just by qa team considering them important?14:28
tedgNo, that's on my list to look at from Fedora.14:29
pittitedg: anyway, assuming that the bug reporters answer, could you collect enough hal and g-p-m logs from them to update the upstream bug? At least finding out whether it's a hal or g-p-m bug? (the reporters should try the hal git snapshot in my PPA, to be uploaded tomorrow after alpha-6)14:29
pittitedg: ok, so seems you already own that bug?14:29
tedgpitti: Yes.14:29
pittiRiddell: its a pool that we should pull from, not a commitment list14:29
pittiRiddell: IIRC it was choosen for bugs which are particularly annoying people, or have many dups, etc.14:29
* tedg needs to go buy 10 random laptops to recreate some of these...14:30
pittiRiddell: we can untag them if a bug isn't something appropriate for hardy14:30
pittitedg: I think if we can get detailled logs and pinpoint whether it's gpm or hal and send it to David, we have a good chance14:30
pittimvo: bug 96705 sounds easy to fix?14:31
ubotuLaunchpad bug 96705 in synaptic "Unclear language about Automatic Updates in Software Sources" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/9670514:31
pitti(and we should do it soon, since we are in UI freeze)14:31
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mvopitti: yeah, give the synaptic ones to me too14:32
pittiok, thanks14:32
pittiRiddell: can you comment on the KDE ones? anything which is inappropriate for the list?14:35
Riddell99044 is a feature14:35
Riddell19802 ugly but not that important14:35
Riddell36655 I have no way of testing unless someone gets me a modem14:35
Riddell50039 likely very complex to fix14:36
Riddell125767 I don't know what this one is about, would need to look into it, sounds like a feature14:36
Riddell145337 is on my todo :)14:37
pittiRiddell: bug 99044 sounds like the counterpart of bug 3291714:37
ubotuLaunchpad bug 99044 in kdebase "KDM does not work if disk is full and gives no warning about it" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/9904414:37
ubotuLaunchpad bug 32917 in rhythmbox "Multimedia keys only works after re-configuring in gnome-keybinding-properties and restarting rhythmbox" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/3291714:37
pittierm, I mean bug 3521714:37
ubotuLaunchpad bug 35217 in gdm "Unable to login when disk space is exhausted" [Unknown,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/3521714:37
pittiRiddell: so with /etc/init.d/mountoverflowtmp it might be fixed for Kubuntu as well?14:37
Riddellyes, it does14:37
RiddellI don't know what that does14:37
RiddellI can look into it14:38
pittiRiddell: it creates an 1 MB tmpfs on /tmp if / is full14:38
pittiRiddell: tedg will test it for GNOME14:38
pittiRiddell: I think that'll solve it for /; it might be an issue if /home is on a separate partition and /home is full, though14:38
pittiRiddell: 19802 should be untagged then?14:39
Riddellpitti: indeed, I don't think it's worth spending much time on14:40
pittiRiddell: bug 125767> ah, I see; I think it means that if you have configured a wifi in /etc/network/interfaces, there's no GUI way to disable it again14:41
ubotuLaunchpad bug 125767 in knetworkmanager "KNetworkManager Can't Set "Roaming Mode"" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12576714:41
Riddellright, that's a pain and should be fixed, but it's not my highest priority14:41
pittiRiddell: in GNOME, we have a "Configure manually..." menu item in network-manager which spawns the network configuration tool (network-admin in gnome)14:41
Riddellwe do too14:41
pittiwhich allows you to disable the /e/n/i one14:42
pittiah, ok14:42
pitti"Riddell| 125767 I don't know what this one is about", so I thought I'd explain14:42
Riddelland now I know :)14:42
pittiRiddell: I agree that it's not an OMGRELEASEBLOCKER thing14:42
pittiso, untaggin it is then?14:42
Riddellshrug, keep it tagged, maybe me or someone else will find time for it14:43
pittiRiddell: at least it should be reassigned to the network kcontrol package?14:43
Riddellyes (kdeadmin)14:43
pittisince a normal user can't change /e/n/interfaces anyway14:43
pittiok, thanks14:43
pittiRiddell: hm, 145337 is in fact a KDE bug? sounds like a hal bug at first sight14:44
Riddellpitti: likely an issue with kmilo14:44
Riddellso kdeutils is the right place for it14:44
pittiso, I think that's the list; any questions, comments, bugs to discuss/throw out/reassign due to overload/cry for help?14:45
pittiI personally don't have a lot of milestoned/tagged ones14:46
pittiso I'm concentrating on hal/utopia ones ATM to improve hardware support14:46
seb128_we have lot of desktop bugs, anybody is welcome to crack on those ;-)14:46
pittiso I can help out if you need me14:46
seb128_nobody does avahi by any chance?14:46
pittiseb128_: I'm interested in learning about gvfs, I might have a stab on it14:46
seb128_pitti: cool ;-)14:47
pittiavahi> lool?14:47
* seb128_ hugs pitti14:47
seb128_pitti: lool is mobile team now though14:47
pittiseb128_: I don't know much about it, but I have good contact to Lennart14:48
pittiseb128_: so if you stumble across a bad one, toss it to me, and I'll discuss it with him and see what I can do14:49
seb128_pitti: ok, that's my issue, avahi doesn't go out of the registering state on my desktop14:49
seb128_might be a race with network manager or something14:49
seb128_there is several similar issue on launchpad14:49
seb128_that breaks totally gvfs dns-sd14:50
pittiseb128_: ok, I added "look at avahi bugs" to my TODO list14:50
seb128_restarting avahi make it work correctly14:50
seb128_does lennart do IRC?14:50
seb128_could you ask him what informations would be useful to him?14:50
pittioccasionally, but most often I use jabber14:51
pittiseb128_: bug#?14:51
seb128_if you have a chance to ask him14:51
seb128_pitti: I should likely open a bug upstream14:51
pittiseb128_: if it totally breaks, please add qa-hardy-list14:51
seb128_but yet another bug tracker where to register14:51
pittiseb128_: so the avahid started from rc2.d has that problem?14:51
seb128_but not on all the system14:52
pittiseb128_: ok, let's handle htat in #u-devel, shall we?14:52
seb128_it does on my desktop14:52
pittiany other topics for the meeting?14:52
seb128_and there is similar issues on launchpad14:52
seb128_yes, thanks14:52
seb128_no other topic14:52
pittiok, thanks everyone then14:52
pittilet's go zap bugz!14:52
seb128_thanks pitti14:53
pittiseb128_: let me write and send the meeting report, then I'll get back to you14:58
seb128_pitti: sure14:58
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mruiz@schedule Santiago15:56
ubotuSchedule for America/Santiago: 08 Mar 08:00: Kubuntu Developers | 12 Mar 17:00: Server Team | 19 Mar 17:00: Server Team | 26 Mar 17:00: Server Team15:56
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