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Valeriehow do i get ubuntu mobile on my dell axim x501:53
StevenKLooks like an ARM device01:54
nrpit is01:54
nrpif she stayed a bit longer, i would have suggested familiar linux01:54
MutantBCwhich one is for x86 ubuntu mobile from this link http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/moblin/releases/7.10/pre-alpha/02:12
MutantBCis it the menlow_crownbeach_install-usb or menlow_full_install-usb02:16
MutantB1which one is for x86 ubuntu mobile from this link http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/moblin/releases/7.10/pre-alpha/03:02
MutantB1which one is for x86 ubuntu mobile from this link http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/moblin/releases/7.10/pre-alpha/03:08
MutantB1which one is for x86 ubuntu mobile from this link http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/moblin/releases/7.10/pre-alpha/03:35
mjg59MutantB1: That depends on what hardware you have. If you have a Q1U, use the Q1U image. If you have a Menlow prototype, use the Menlow image. If you have neither of the above, you'll have to build one yourself03:36
MutantB1what is menlow prototype? im using similar specs to the eeePC03:44
mjg59You'll need to build a custom image right now, I believe03:44
MutantB1for the chipset where using VIA VX800U03:44
MutantB1how can I do that, do i have to have ubuntu install first then follow the instructions in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileAndEmbedded03:45
dholbachgood morning07:12
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amitksmagoun: still can't get the kernel, I am using this command: git clone rsync://moblin.org/repos/projects/kernel-mid-2.6.24.git moblin-kernel-2.6.2414:32
smagounamitk: I tried the same thing without the trailing 'moblin-kernel-2.6.24', it WFM14:34
amitkhmm.. nevermind, Intel can confirm regarding the patch later this evening.14:34
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loolrustyl: I think you are not registered with freenode; this means all your /queries wont be visible to registered users; could it be preventing your messages to reach davidm_?16:03
sodarock_homeamitk: You can pull from moblin.org via rsync if http doesn't work.16:26
sodarock_homeOh nevermind, I see you are using rsync16:26
rustyllool, yea, i know i'm not registered on freenode16:45
davidm_rustyl, we checked the registered owner has not shown up on FreeNode in better then 3 years, if you send an email to the FreeNode folks they will likely free up rustyl for you to register.16:47
rustyldavidm_, yea, i should do that16:47
davidm_I had to do the same for davidm16:48
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davidmI have davidm, davidm_ and davidm__ registered.  Makes life easier if I get bumped from my connection16:48
* rustyl reads over the freenode FAQ16:48
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GrueMasterdavidm:  did we ever come up with a solution to the beta image issue?16:52
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davidmWell future images will be pulled from the snapshot of both hardy and ppa so they will remain stable for quite a long time.16:54
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davidmSo we will pull snapshots of them, then build from the snapshots so there is no possibility of getting something into the image that is not already frozen.16:55
davidmI think that will get you what you are looking for GrueMaster 16:55
GrueMasterthe main thing is being able to pull devel tools into the image for developers.16:55
GrueMasterlike the kernel headers that match the kernel in the image.16:56
bfillerdavidm: are we having a meeting?17:01
alek_deskyeah, same question.17:02
davidmlool, is going to run it today17:02
MootBotMeeting started at 17:03. The chair is lool.17:03
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]17:03
loollet us review last week action items17:03
lool[topic] patm to to produce boot charts for squashfs vs ext3 for hardy CB by 13 March.17:03
MootBotNew Topic:  patm to to produce boot charts for squashfs vs ext3 for hardy CB by 13 March. 17:03
davidmlool, patm will not have time to start on this until next week17:04
loolpatm: Did you manage to generate bootcharts in both scenarii?17:04
loolOk, carrying on the action then17:04
davidmGood enough17:04
lool[action] patm to to produce boot charts for squashfs vs ext3 for hardy CB by 13 March. [cted]17:04
MootBotACTION received:  patm to to produce boot charts for squashfs vs ext3 for hardy CB by 13 March. [cted] 17:04
lool[topic] asac to provide the general algorithm for converting .po files to xpi structures and provide with example input files to mobile list email.17:05
MootBotNew Topic:  asac to provide the general algorithm for converting .po files to xpi structures and provide with example input files to mobile list email. 17:05
loolI saw the wiki page produced by asac 17:05
loolDoes someone have the URL?17:05
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lool[link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/LaunchpadTranslationSupport17:06
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/LaunchpadTranslationSupport 17:06
davidmWe got the demo files yesterday17:07
loolThis is material for davidm and agoliveira to work on the scripts17:07
davidmso we (adilson and I will get started next week)17:07
loolSo the action on asac is closed17:07
lool[topic] davidm & agoliveira to look at what asac provides and get script written by 13 March that does conversion of .po files to xpi structures.17:07
MootBotNew Topic:  davidm & agoliveira to look at what asac provides and get script written by 13 March that does conversion of .po files to xpi structures. 17:07
looldavidm: As I understand it, you received sample data only recently and didn't have time to start on the implementation17:08
loolSo i'm carrying it on for next week17:08
davidmand adilson is on holiday until monday17:08
davidmYes please17:08
lool[action] davidm & agoliveira to look at what asac provides and get script written by 13 March that does conversion of .po files to xpi structures. [cted]17:08
MootBotACTION received:  davidm & agoliveira to look at what asac provides and get script written by 13 March that does conversion of .po files to xpi structures. [cted] 17:08
lool[topic] kyleN to prepare a mapping of hildon source packages to gettext domains, and list where the gettext domains are in maemo.17:08
MootBotNew Topic:  kyleN to prepare a mapping of hildon source packages to gettext domains, and list where the gettext domains are in maemo. 17:08
kyleNi am working on automating this.17:09
loolkyleN: Did you manage to look into the maemo SVN and build such maps17:09
kyleNcarry over please17:09
loolkyleN: Please get in touch with me if you're stuck on parts of it17:09
lool[action] kyleN to prepare a mapping of hildon source packages to gettext domains, and list where the gettext domains are in maemo. [cted]17:09
MootBotACTION received:  kyleN to prepare a mapping of hildon source packages to gettext domains, and list where the gettext domains are in maemo. [cted] 17:09
lool[topic] Mithrandir to split up remaining Hildon packages that need to be upgraded amongst everybody except people who claim they are busy with other things. Loïc to get involved in this. (carryover address this week in email)17:09
MootBotNew Topic:  Mithrandir to split up remaining Hildon packages that need to be upgraded amongst everybody except people who claim they are busy with other things. Loïc to get involved in this. (carryover address this week in email) 17:09
loolI did this this morning; sorry, it was quite late17:09
loolI updated the "Assigned" people on this page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileAndEmbedded/Hildon2%2e017:10
bfillerlool: great, thanks17:10
loolmjg59, StevenK, agoliveira, bfiller, smagoun, horaceli and me have items on that page17:10
loolI couldn't tell about hildon-help; does someone know about its status?17:10
bfillerkyleN: ^^17:10
kyleNa wise man once said: if thesoftware is good you don't need help17:11
loolbspencer: Thanks for giving us some horaceli cycles to work on these updates; I assigned two modules to him (as many as to other folks)17:11
bfillerkyleN: funny coming from a tech writer :)17:11
kyleNas far as I know there are no provision for onboard help in mobile17:11
kyleNtech writer is only one of my hats17:11
bspencerlool, sound fair17:11
loolbfiller: The tech writer then relaxes :)17:11
bfillerkyleN: of course :)17:11
bfillerkyleN: but can you look into hildon-help?17:12
kyleNI'll take a peek17:12
loolkyleN: It would be nice if you could look at what it carries whether it would be useful for us etc.17:12
lool[action] kyleN to look into hildon-help; what's is useful for and whether we should package it for UME17:12
MootBotACTION received:  kyleN to look into hildon-help; what's is useful for and whether we should package it for UME 17:12
loolI'm not actionning everybody with assigned packages; instead I propose to add an action for us to review progress on hildon 2.0 next week17:13
loolSounds alright to the parties?  :)17:13
bfillersounds good to me17:13
lool[action] lool review progress on Hildon 2.0 updates next week17:14
MootBotACTION received:  lool review progress on Hildon 2.0 updates next week 17:14
loolAnything else to add on the topic?17:14
loolOkely, moving to next topic17:14
lool[topic] mawhalen to follow up on when theme tools are updated, and then gen a new theme using the tools with sabotage (Shane Bryan) (carryover)17:14
MootBotNew Topic:  mawhalen to follow up on when theme tools are updated, and then gen a new theme using the tools with sabotage (Shane Bryan) (carryover) 17:14
loolmawhalen: Are you around?17:14
loolsabotage: ^^^17:14
mawhalenlool: yes, is Shane here?17:14
bspencersabotage, ping17:15
sabotagesorry was in another desktop17:15
bspencersabotage, do you see the question above?17:16
sabotagemawhalen and I discussed this by email, and we have a gap on the tools side...there is currently no schedule17:16
kyleNminor clarification: the point is that moblin doesn't have up to date files needed by hildon theme tools, so you can't modify the theme using the tools17:16
sabotageThe Theme Guide is my only focus at this time17:16
mawhalensabotage: what is the status of the guide?17:16
sabotagestill 0.6, but I've incorporated the edits from Noel17:17
sabotageand Kyle and I chatted last week and I am adding/rearranging per his input17:17
kyleNsabotage: can you please address my point above?17:18
sabotageOne question to all, would this be better to release as a document (PDF) or as HTML?17:18
sabotageit's some 25 pages right now17:18
kyleNdepends on the audience, both maybe?17:18
* sabotage reads kyleN's question17:18
bspencersabotage, depends on if we want collaboration.  If we do, a wiki is best.17:18
bspencerbut PDF or HTML is fine if it is perfect17:19
sabotageagreed bspencer , but we don't have a wiki ;)17:19
lool+1 on bspencer 17:19
bspencerok.  so we will have a guide in some format soon...  0.7 on the way17:19
davidmbspencer, who do you see as the collaboration parties, the entire community or ??17:19
sabotagekyleN: I'm not sure I understand your point?17:19
sabotagecan you rephrase17:20
kyleNlayout.tx and tempalte.png aren't up to date, right? so you can't use hildon theme tools i thought?17:20
bspencerdavidm, people who care.  For now we'll release a PDF and work on the wiki aspect.17:20
sabotageand I address that in the doc as something to be solved but we need to collaborate on it17:20
davidmbspencer, OK the ubuntu wiki is open as the the shared wiki17:20
kyleNso my question is what moblin's plans are for providing up to date files needed to use hildon theme tools to modify the theme17:20
sabotageI have several proposals, varying from making moblin themes an "add-on" over hildon, with it's own tools17:21
sabotageto modifying hildon tools to work with more than one layout and template file17:21
sabotageto forking hildon tools to do what we want17:22
loolsabotage: Who's deciding which option you'll follow?17:22
sabotagelast option is least favorabl for hopefully obvious reasons17:22
loolAre you investigating on your side or waiting for moblin or UME discussion?17:22
sabotageI'm documenting the options with pros/cons17:23
sabotagebut it really should be decided in a broader audience17:23
sabotageI'd love to do this all on a wiki17:23
kyleNperhaps when you've completed documenting the options we can convene folks to review/discuss/decide17:23
loolsabotage: Can we ask for a preview of the current guide and your draft comparison of the options?17:24
sabotagemawhalen: will I need to deal with legal disclaimers and such if I put this on a wiki like I do today with the document form 17:24
mawhalensabotage: no problem, we can easily do that17:24
loolsabotage: Perhaps you could send us the links to your documents on the mailing-list(s) and we would schedule a meeting to discuss the options or comment on the mailing-list or simply review them during a meeting?17:24
sabotagesure, I offered it to folks at the PDX sprint, but only bfiller and kyleN seemed interested17:24
sabotagelool: currently it is not on the wed, so would have to be in odt or pdf form17:25
sabotageunless I can get approval to post in html or wiki form17:25
loolI guess that's fine; you can probably attach it as a file on the wiki17:25
lool(If it's ok to redistribute the pdf on the wiki)17:25
sabotageok, so someone direct me to the right wiki to put it on17:25
loolsabotage: Create a page such as https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileAndEmbedded/ThemeToolsGuide17:26
sabotagemawhalen: I'll work with you to ensure that the current version is not a risk to us, and where we want to post it17:26
loolThen describe with a couple of sentences the subjects of the guide and attach it17:26
sabotageok, I'll figure it out lool and send a message to the list17:27
davidmif there is a legal issue use the shared private wiki until the lawyers can sign off17:27
loolsabotage: Can we give you an action to send an intermediate version of the guide and a draft of the options for implementation as links to the mailing-list for next week?17:27
davidmBut I hope it can just be public17:27
loolsabotage: Sounds good17:27
sabotagelool yes17:27
loolAnd next week we can discuss how we go forward with the tpoic17:27
sabotageok, davidm, I'll work with mawhalen to determine where we can start with it17:27
lool[action] sabotage to provide drafts of themes tools guide and implementation options as links on the mailing-list17:28
MootBotACTION received:  sabotage to provide drafts of themes tools guide and implementation options as links on the mailing-list 17:28
davidmsabotage, good enough17:28
mawhalensabotage: there shouldn't be any reason this can't be posted.  I see nothing stopping this and will work with sabotage 17:28
loolAnything else on this subject?17:28
loolbfiller, kyleN perhaps?17:28
sabotagebut by next week it will either be on moblin.org, wiki.ubuntu.com or the private wiki17:28
kyleNi have one point17:28
bfillerI'm good17:28
loolkyleN: 17:28
loolkyleN: Go ahead17:28
kyleNwe don't use gnome-settings-deamon in mobile so monitoring changes to gconf key that sets the current gtk-theme doesn't work17:29
kyleNI'll look more into it for later discussion17:29
ToddBrandtkyleN: we have moblin-settings-daemon17:29
kyleNToddBrandt: it doesn't work in this respect currently though17:30
ToddBrandtIt can perform that function if we turn the functionality on17:30
kyleNturn it on17:30
sabotageok, getting risque...17:30
loolYou want an action?17:30
kyleNand, which of the two possible gtk_theme keys will it monitor17:30
ToddBrandtwe made our own, one sec, lemme get them17:30
sabotageat least two17:30
lool[action] ToddBrandt to turn on moblin-settings-daemon's watching of the gtk theme gconf keys17:31
MootBotACTION received:  ToddBrandt to turn on moblin-settings-daemon's watching of the gtk theme gconf keys 17:31
kyleN /desktop/moblin/interface/gtk_theme17:31
ToddBrandtyea that one17:31
sabotagethis is the kind of discussion btw, that needs to happen to complete the theme guide...it's the details that I am still missing17:31
ToddBrandtalso: /desktop/moblin/interface/icon_theme17:31
kyleNgreat. 17:31
sabotageso we should capture these in the log, do we log these meetings?17:31
kyleNsabotage: we can chat about this too17:32
kyleNI've been experimenting17:32
davidmsabotage, this meeting is fully logged and recorded17:32
sabotageok, email me with a time to chat...I;ve been busy on other work and not on chat much recently17:32
ToddBrandtsabotage: I just need to know what moblin-settings-daemon should do when the gtk_theme and icon_theme change17:33
sabotageit's in the theme guide ToddBrandt ;)17:33
kyleNToddBrandt: regarding gtk_theme, it needs to do essentially what gnome-settings does17:33
davidmsabotage,  Any meeting in this channel can be monitored by mootbot :-)17:33
loolToddBrandt: I suspect you need to do the same things as gnome-settings-daemon which is to set the xsettings17:33
lool(I think)17:33
ToddBrandtok, I'll check out sab's doc then :)17:33
sabotageand I sent you a copy a while back...probably should get you a newer version17:33
ToddBrandtsoudns good17:34
kyleNunbelievable progress!17:34
sabotagelool, a few other things are done too, but that's the gist of it17:34
loolOk, nice17:34
loolEverybody fine with moving to next topic?17:34
lool[topic] lool to document versioning in the ppa into wiki17:34
MootBotNew Topic:  lool to document versioning in the ppa into wiki 17:34
sabotagesome env vars are also changed, and the X start scripts need to be updated too17:34
lool[link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileAndEmbedded/PpaVersioning17:35
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileAndEmbedded/PpaVersioning 17:35
loolI cooked this rapidly, and I found it hard to summarize the key points; I'm taking critics to improve the page17:35
loolI tried giving some concrete examples at the bottom for day to day questions: how do I version my upload17:36
davidmlool, it's a nice first cut, thanks17:36
loolIf there is anybody who has any question about proper versioning, please talk to me and let me try to update the page to be clearer17:36
kyleNlool, I'll be happy to critique it. I need to understand versions better anyway17:37
loolOh, I need to mention dpkg --compare-versions17:37
kyleN(no action needed ; )17:37
bfillersame here17:38
loolIn particular, it would be nice if Moblin folks uploading to the ppa could tell me if that disrupts their workflow or if they are fine with the version numbering scheme17:38
loolOk; I'm going to move to last topic17:38
* rustyl_ reads the link17:38
loolrustyl_: I suggest you consider its usefulness when faced with your next uploads to the ppa and yell at me for the cases which are not covered17:39
lool(But please read it now nevertheless ;)17:39
lool[topic] overwriting changes in ppa packages, revisit this topic next week with Intel developers present.17:39
MootBotNew Topic:  overwriting changes in ppa packages, revisit this topic next week with Intel developers present. 17:39
loolOk, last week we briefly complained on this front, but most Intel folks where away17:40
bspencercause we knew you'd be complaining17:40
bspencerso we hid17:40
rustyl_ok, i'll read through it... but right off the bat i don't see documentation about dealing with moblin packages (i.e. stuff that is not in hardy, and that we don't add ubuntu specific patches, but just keep uploading the next version right off moblin)17:40
loolrustyl_: That's actually also what creates the problem we should discuss now17:40
loolBasically Moblin folks have commit access to moblin git repositories and do changes their; it's their canonical source tree17:41
loolThen, they decide to publish and push to the ppa17:41
rustyl_from the sprint... my understanding was that for moblin packages... if you work off the moblin repositry, and upload exactly what is in the repo, then you don't have to worry about clobbering17:41
loolIt happened that moblin git trees where pushed as it to the ppa17:41
rustyl_i.e. you have a change, you check it into the moblin repo and the push the package17:41
loolrustyl_: Well that's not true17:42
rustyl_lool, how?17:42
loolThe problem is other people than moblin folks are also working with the ppa17:42
loolThey grab packages from the ppa, change them (add a fix for instance), try to think of sending the patch immediately to moblin17:42
rustyl_again... we can change the plan, but my understanding from the sprint was that moblin development would happen on moblin17:42
loolStarting from there, anything can happen: the patch can be rejected, the patch can be forgotten for a while etc.17:43
bspencerlool, if they send a patch to moblin they can get a quick turn-around on us uploading to moblin and pushing a new version to ppa17:43
GrueMasterNot always.17:43
bspencerbut if the patch is not moblin-friendly or whatever, then you are right that it can stall17:43
bfillerbspencer: part of the problem is sometimes we need a quicker turnaround17:43
loolrustyl_: It's entirely possible to do it like this, but IMO that's only feasible if anybody can commit to the canonical source17:43
loolbspencer: That's in the perfect world, but you can't guarantee it17:43
bfillerso we've been pushing the fix to the ppa and sending patches to moblin17:43
bspencerbfiller, I know where you are coming from.  When we have a patch, we want it quick17:43
loolbspencer: It might happen that late night hacking are pushed to the ppa first and the patch only comes the next day leaving plenty of time for another push to happen from another source17:44
bspencerok... so suggestions?17:44
bfillerpossible solution: can some canonical people have commit access to git like you guys have to launchpad projects?17:44
bspencerif I update a moblin package, how will I know if I should push it to the PPA?17:44
loolEither 1) give commit access to ubuntu-mobile members to all moblin git trees: allows to commit to the canonical source tree immediately all the time17:44
loolOR 2) never push directly from git to ppa, always check what the ppa carries and merge with what you planned to upload17:45
loolOR 3) move to bzr haha17:45
kyleN3) +1 ;)17:45
rustyl_1) is chaos that doesn't work17:45
loolrustyl_: How so?17:45
bspencerlool,  even internally we have been tightening #1) to only a few select maintainers17:45
loolrustyl_: Everybody has commit to the ubuntu-mobile bzr branches17:45
rustyl_how can you stabilize anything when you have so many hands in the pot17:46
loolrustyl_: We can yell at someone committing something wrong and revert it easily17:46
rustyl_image if linus granted unfettered write access to the kernel17:46
bfillerrustyl_: what needs to be controls is the pushes to the PPA17:46
loolrustyl_: The number of hands in the pot doesn't change with limiting commit access to the trees: everybody uploads to the PPA already17:46
bfillerrustyl_: folks needs to make sure it is tested against Hardy and works properly17:46
loolrustyl_: I don't think comparing to linux is fair here17:47
bfillerbspencer: your question is very important: when should package be pushed to PPA17:47
loolrustyl_: But then, you realize everybody has upload rights to the ppa, so effectively publishing power17:47
rustyl_ok, for a minute lets talk about the anybody uploads to the ppa so you need to make sure you are not clobbering thing17:47
GrueMasterI concur with the need for testing before pushing. 17:47
bfillerbspencer: I think we need strict rules around this as PPA is supposed to be stable17:47
bspencerI guess that either we have to open our repos to write access (not our preference) or take the hit in verifying that when we push to PPA we have merged new changes (our headache)17:47
loolI think it makes sense to have the same power higher in the chain17:47
lool+1 on bfiller 17:48
rustyl_so the idea is that a person always pulls the source package and does a diff with the real source tree?17:48
rustyl_and then merges in the changes?17:48
loolbspencer: I think it would help to follow 2) if moblin at a real release process17:48
loolNot particularly aimed at bspencer BTW17:48
bspencerbfiller, you mean you don't want a broken mobile-basic-home checked in?17:48
loolIf moblin would say, release tarballs of its projects, without any packaging17:49
bfillerbspencer: you could say that :)17:49
loolThe act of uploading it to a packaged repo could be kept separate from the upstream source drops17:49
rustyl_if all packages only applied patches (from the debian directory) then this would be easier17:49
loolWe could review new upstream source code drops and decide to push them separately from doing incremental packaging fixes17:49
loolrustyl_: That's the plan anyway17:50
rustyl_but when people are actually modifying random files in the source then it's more difficult17:50
loolrustyl_: At least for hildon packages, we decided to follow this path17:50
rustyl_but that's now what's happening right now17:50
rustyl_for example, the changes i clobbered were not in patches17:50
loolrustyl_: We can make that a part of the solution17:50
rustyl_that would make me feel better17:50
rustyl_i can see just ignoring any of the package from the moblin sources... it doesn't really matter if a tarball is uploaded or not, anybody can checkout the source on a tag and nuke the debian directory17:51
loolOk; so I understand moblin as upstream doesn't want to give us commit access, we ranked 1) out definitely?17:51
rustyl_lool, no, that's not what i am saying17:51
loolI think most UME folks would be in favor of 1) naturally :)17:51
rustyl_lool, we do give commit rights to people actively working on a project17:52
loolThe proposal to give everybody commit is rejected though, right?17:52
rustyl_lool, I am not comfortable with write access to any arbitrary person that might be working on ubuntu mobile in some form or fashion17:52
loolLet's look at how we can do 2) properly then17:52
loolAre there objections to the tarball releaes concept I propose?17:53
loolSomething like moblin commiting $next version on one side and then other people looking at whether this version is fit for the ppa?17:53
bfillerlool: so basically you mean do an apt-get source from the ppa, make your mods, then upload the source package to ppa?17:53
rustyl_no objections other then we shouldn't wait till moblin provides tarballs... developers can just checkout the source off a tag to get a given release17:54
loolbfiller: that would be the day to day process17:54
loolbfiller: And if you produce an upstream patch, send it upstream17:54
Mithrand1rrustyl_: then the .tar.gz won't have the same md5sum, which is slightly bad.17:54
bfillerrustyl_: assuming git projects have tags for corresponding PPA release, then don't always17:54
loolrustyl_: We need tarballs in the process because of the way source packages are built (of a .tar.gz + .diff.gz usually)17:54
loolrustyl_: It's best if everybody can agree on the tarball17:55
rustyl_Mithrand1r, i agree that providing tarball releases is a good idea, and moblin will do it, but i don't want people looking at me saying "we are blocked because of moblin"17:55
loolrustyl_: Also, tags are not always properly done17:55
davidmFive minute warning......17:55
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looldavidm: thanks17:55
rustyl_one issue... who will do the initial debianization of all the moblin stuff?17:55
bfillerrustyl_: agreed. How about moblin always tags releases and pushes the tarball?17:56
loolrustyl_: We'll just copy over the debian/ we currently use17:56
bspencerlool, we've improved our tagging.  If you find inconsistencies, please holler17:56
rustyl_lool, ok17:56
loolrustyl_: To be clean, we repack some moblin tarballs to drop the upstream debian/17:56
loolIt would be top notch if moblin could be outputting tarballs without any debian/17:57
loolbspencer: Ok17:57
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loolA while ago, I suggested this be codified in a moblin release process17:57
rustyl_we will also start looking into fixing up moblin to provide project tarballs with md5 sums17:57
loolThat would be nice17:57
loolOk, how do we action that?17:57
loolrustyl_: Who would be working on this on moblin?17:58
rustyl_lool, we have started tagging, but you might find a project that didn't get the memo... which would be a bug17:58
loolWe also need to pass the word to developers / packagers17:58
loolrustyl_: Ok, will report as I see git17:58
davidmOne minute warning17:59
davidmCan extend if necessary, just letting everyone know.17:59
loolEverybody agrees that we want moblin to move to an unified (documented?) release process where they output tarballs without debian/ and people with upload rights to the ppa check each new upstream release before upload?  with debian/patches/ in the source packages17:59
lool(I propose we extend by 10 minutes max to list actions)17:59
rustyl_lool, i agree17:59
bspencerrustyl_, we have a big mtg at 1018:00
loolI propose an action to document the release process at moblin18:00
loolWho would take it on moblin side?18:00
loolI can help, but I can't bless it18:00
* rustyl_ you can assign the action to me18:00
lool[action] rustyl_ (+ lool if necessary) document release process for Moblin modules18:00
MootBotACTION received:  rustyl_ (+ lool if necessary) document release process for Moblin modules 18:00
loolWe revisit this next week and spread the word about the new processes?18:01
rustyl_sounds like a plan18:01
loolAnybody got something to add on the topic?18:01
loolPerfect, everybody is happy!  :-P18:02
loolAny other last minute topic?  seems not18:02
loolAbout to close the meeting...18:02
loolThanks to everybody for attending!18:02
* rustyl_ runs to the next meeting18:02
MootBotMeeting finished at 18:02.18:02
davidmThanks lool for running this thing18:03
* lool leaves for dinner18:04
* ToddBrandt gets breakfast18:05
mawhalenlool: if I'm on https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mobile, choose bugs, how do I see the UME tag?  Maybe I'm not in the right place?  thx.19:28
mawhalenlool: or maybe that is a really stupid question since when you choose bugs it says - Bugs related to Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded developers19:32
mawhalenlool: so never mind19:32
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loolmawhalen: The ume tag is global to the Ubuntu packages20:05
loolmawhalen: let me forward the email I sent to Don20:05
loolmawhalen: There you go20:06
loolmawhalen: You can see the tags on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu20:06
lool(there are too many tags to show on https://bugs.launchpad.net/20:06
loolDoes Mohamed Abbas IRC?20:07
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patmmawhalen, are you there21:16
mawhalenpatm: just back21:26
mawhalenpatm: I was just going to go ping Jay about the cb boot issue - be right back21:27
patmmawhalen, thanks21:27
patmI was trying on moblin channel21:27
mawhalenpatm: there is a private bug but someone was going to open a ume bug, so I'm tracking it down21:30
smagounmawhalen: I opened that bug (in image creator), someone at Intel made the bug private without explanation21:31
mawhalensmagoun: patm I'm going into a meeting, will follow up on email21:33
patmmawhalen, bug says bios v69 resolves the issue21:34
cookie_Just curious...what is the status of ubunut mobile23:34
cookie_anybody using it and on what devices?23:34

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