TheMusoEvening zul.00:34
zulhey TheMuso how goes it?00:34
TheMusozul: Very well thanks. Yourself?00:35
zulgood a bit tired maybe00:35
LaserJockhiya Hobbsee00:47
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crimsun\sh_away: not until the weekend01:30
bddebianHeya gang01:53
bddebianHi crimsun, cody-somerville01:55
ScottKHeya all.01:55
bddebianHi ScottK01:56
ScottKbddebian: Should I just go ahead and fix testresources or is it on your list somewhere?01:58
bddebianAh shit, to be honest I totally spaced on it.  If you can, that would be good.01:58
ScottKbddebian: Well I'll put it somewhere on my list (it won't be at the top) and whoever gets to if first, does it.01:59
bddebianSounds fair :-)01:59
crimsuncody-somerville: pbuild/sbuild if you can't wait ;)02:08
* cody-somerville is :)02:08
crimsun(I couldn't, as I had to return my neighbor's cat5e)02:08
secretlondonhi. I'm working on a main inclusion report and I don't know how to answer what priority questions a package asks in  debconf02:32
Hobbseesecretlondon: does it bring up a debconf prompt when its' installing?02:32
secretlondoni've not installed from\the command line02:33
secretlondonis that the only way to find out?02:33
Hobbseepretty much02:34
slangaseksecretlondon: is there a /var/lib/dpkg/info/$package.templates file when the package is installed?02:34
secretlondonI'll look02:34
slangasek(repeat for each binary package from this source package)02:35
secretlondonthere is no .templates, but there are 5 $package files02:39
slangasekright; if there's no .templates file, then the package contains no debconf templates and therefore shouldn't have any debconf questions at any priority02:43
secretlondonslangasek: thanks02:44
secretlondonI've submitted the main inclusion request *crosses fingers* ;)03:06
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ow1I need some help. I've just created a fix for the ubuntu-server marked ntp bug. Using https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Recipes/Debdiff as my recipe I've made a debdiff, but it's huge. I've just noticed that the changelog shows 'feisty' in my change entry, rather than 'hardy', which I suspect is the cause. Without building a hardy machine or a pbuilder environment for hardy, how do I make a debdiff with a single line fix in04:40
ScottKYou can grab the source from launchpad and use that to make your debdiff against.04:41
ow1I've got the source, made a new tree, fixed the thing, then according to the recipe I do debuild -S, then debdiff old new04:42
ow1But the source is hardy and I'm running feisty.04:42
ow1We're talking a single line bash script difference.04:42
ow1Well, technically two lines :)04:43
* Hobbsee attempts to catch up on motu mail04:43
* Hobbsee should update the wiki, too...04:43
* ow1 notes that Hobbsee is everywhere all the time - working too hard perhaps :)04:43
* secretlondon should go to sleep as its 4.40am04:43
Hobbseeow1: i have an irc proxy :)04:44
Hobbseebut yes, i'm in a lot of places04:44
* Hobbsee is mostly inactive now, too.04:44
secretlondonHobbsee: what are you doing instead?04:44
* secretlondon may actually get a job at some point..04:45
ow1So, apart from either installing a hardy machine, doing a pbuilder or a hardy chroot, how can I create a real debdiff without it showing all manner of other strange changes?04:45
ow1Or can I cheat and edit the debdiff and remove all the spurious stuff?04:46
bddebianextract the source package. Rename the extracted dir.  extract again.  patch and diff -urN foo.orig/ foo/ ?04:46
Hobbseesecretlondon: not so much, actually.  i've been workign an awful lot, replicating a lot of my environment elsewhere on a remote server, doing bits and pieces of scripting, and doing bits less of computing stuff in general04:47
StevenKow1: I'd suggest you change the source, cd .. ; dpkg-source -b <dir> and then debdiff the two source packages04:47
secretlondonHobbsee: fair enough :)04:47
Hobbseesecretlondon: oh, and whinging about things that should be done in other ways :P04:48
Hobbseewhich is probably pointles04:48
ow1StevenK: But I cannot actually build it, seeing that I'm running feisty, not hardy. Besides, why do I need to build it just to get a diff for a bash script?04:48
StevenKow1: Build a *source* package04:49
secretlondonHobbsee: well it will prove that you were right (in the end, possibly)04:49
Hobbseesecretlondon: well, i hope so.  And i'm reasonably confident that i am, in fact, right, on the issues i stand up on . It just makes me rather unpopular in the process.04:50
* secretlondon nods04:51
secretlondonHobbsee: I've crossed loads of people, its one reason I won't go for membership.04:51
ScottKThat's not exactly a bar to membership.04:53
Hobbseesecretlondon: how's membersihp different?04:53
secretlondonHobbsee: because loads of people will turn out to oppose me..04:54
Hobbseesecretlondon: nah.  lots agree with you too.04:54
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ScottKWill any of these people be credible (I've no idea)?04:54
Hobbseenot usually04:55
Hobbseealthough it depends04:55
* ScottK doesn't know secretlondon at all, but I'm not suprised.04:55
secretlondonI crossed Jono basically04:56
Hobbseeoh goody.  new stuff in plasma for kde 4.0.204:56
secretlondonand a`load of losers in my loco team who had issues with women04:56
StevenKsecretlondon: That isn't your issue, but theirs.04:57
Hobbseesecretlondon: it's doable to uncross him04:58
secretlondonhe;s a wanker04:58
* ScottK has yelled at him in person and survived the experience.04:58
Hobbseescottk excluding the bounty on your head, at least...04:59
ScottKOK.  So far.05:00
secretlondonbah 5am05:02
RAOFAlright.  Why does SKIM suddenly decide to pop up everytime I press shift+space?05:04
StevenKI thought SKIM was the KDEism?05:05
RAOFOr whatever it is.05:07
StevenKSCIM, isn't it?05:07
RAOFSomething that describes itself as S?IM is being inconsiderate.05:07
RAOFAnd appearing in the bottom right of my screens.  Which means it's not actually *on* my 2nd screen.05:07
ScottKSo if I do a mass bug file that affect 45 packages I'm good on my '5' for 9 days, right?05:09
StevenKBut you're supposed to fix 5, not file 505:10
StevenKSo file 45, and fix 50.05:10
ScottKThat's one theory I suppose.05:10
* StevenK hides05:10
FujitsuDid we really need an invasive python-central change late last month, that causes FTBFSes in a fair bit of stuff?05:21
vigneshHeya all07:09
warp10Good morning07:11
dholbachgood morning07:12
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ddshello, can someone please sync the revu keychain?08:57
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ddsAlso, can anyone explain why it specifically requires an Elgamal sign/enc subkey? RSA is public domain now...09:04
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geserdds: I guess it will also work with a RSA key with sign+enc capability09:11
ddsgeser: ok, I hope so.09:11
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FujitsuAnybody feel like debugging a petsc FTBFS that has appeared since the 25th?09:30
slytherinFujitsu: which package?09:34
Fujitsuslytherin: petsc.09:34
Fujitsuhttp://builder.ubuntuwire.qeuni.net:9998/package/petsc has build logs from both ends.09:35
slytherinFujitsu: while I have no idea what the package does, I will try to look.09:35
FujitsuI'm trying to get a lot of stuff installable again, and that FTBFS is stopping me from migrating some stuff to gfortran :(09:35
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sorensuperm1: For your merging pleasure: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~shawarma/ipod-convenience/stuff/09:55
Sebastian\sh: Here I am :)10:36
\shSebastian: cool...10:37
Sebastian\sh: So how would I get started? Obviously I should work myself through the wiki. But where would I get the "source" for the PHPUnit package?10:37
\shDear MOTUs, this is Sebastian Bergmann, PHP Developer, Zend Lover, and PHPUnit Upstream Developer :) Give him a warm welcome :)10:38
\shSebastian: are you on hardy?10:38
SebastianZend Lover?10:38
SebastianOf course I am on Hardy.10:38
\shSebastian: ok...add deb-src http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu hardy main restricted universe multiverse to your /etc/apt/sources.list10:39
\shapt-get update10:39
\shSebastian: okok...I should have said, bookauthor of several php related paperware :)10:39
\shok...apt-get install build-essential devscripts dpkg-dev pbuilder debootstrap10:42
\shapt-get install ubuntu-dev-tools10:42
SebastianThe latter should suffice, right?10:42
\shSebastian: ubuntu-dev-tools? well..most likley...but pbuilder you should add10:44
SebastianNope, was also included.10:44
\shah ok..recommends installation is switched on now...it seems10:46
\shSebastian: and now read this first: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PbuilderHowto10:47
lousygaruadid anyone ever thought about creating a `uninstall-kubuntu-desktop` package?10:50
Sebastian\sh: chroot setup is running now.10:50
elmargollousygarua: apt-get remove uninstall-kubuntu-desktop; apt-get autoremove10:51
lousygaruaelmargol, thanks, i will try that10:52
lousygaruai think10:52
lousygaruastill haven't decided if necessary for the machine i am talking about10:52
Sebastian\sh: I am a bit confused by what I get from apt-get source phpunit.10:56
\shSebastian: 1. .dsc file, 2. diff.gz and 3. orig.tar.gz10:59
SebastianWhat I meant is: would I just copy/rename phpunit-3.0.6 to phpunit-3.2.15 and update the files, for instance.11:01
\shSebastian: ah you want to make a new upstream፡)11:04
\shyou do this: wget <your release tar ball of phpunit>11:04
\shSebastian: much better11:06
\shSebastian: go into the phpunit-3.0.6 directory...and say "uscan"11:06
\shSebastian: and then in the very same directory: uupdate ../phpunit_3.2.15.orig.tar.gz11:07
SebastianThis is too easy :)11:08
\shSebastian: now change to "cd ../phpunit-3.2.15/ ; vi debian/changelog" and change the version to 3.2.15-0ubuntu111:10
SebastianIt already did that. I just needed to complete my email address in the changelog.11:10
SebastianWhat is debian/compat about? Does that number need to be incremented for a BC break, for instance?11:11
sorenSebastian: No.11:11
sorenSebastian: It denotes the debhelper compatibility level.11:12
SebastianAh, okay.11:12
sorenSebastian: So it should match the major version of the debhelper, you're build-depending on.11:12
\shSebastian: well, it set the version to 3.2.15-1 ... which is debian style...you want a new version in ubuntu which is not yet in debian...so you need to adjust it to 3.2.15-0ubuntu1 <-- 0 means: not in debian, ubuntu means "package was/is changed for ubuntu" and 1 is the ubuntu revision11:13
SebastianAh, got it.11:13
* \sh kicks mediawiki11:14
SebastianOkay, done.11:15
\shSebastian: vi debian/control: adjust build-dep of debhelper to match version 6 so do debhelper (>= 6) and adjust debian/compat to 611:15
SebastianCan I set maintainer to myself?11:16
\shSebastian: well, the "best" way is to inject the new version into debian, so if you intend to take over the package in debian, yes...but for ubuntu, we set the original maintainer field in debian/control (for universe packages) to: Ubuntu MOTU Developers <ubuntu-motu@lists.ubuntu.com> and we still honoring the debian maintainer, with replacing the old maintainer field with XSBC-Original-Maintainer: <debian package maintainer>.11:19
\shSebastian: if you installed ubuntu-dev-tools, this can be easily achieved with a call to "update-maintainer" from the commandline in the source tree (<path to your director>/phpunit-3.2.15)11:20
\sh.oO(good to know that Sebastian already know how to write gentoo ebuild scripts) ;)11:21
SebastianI don't have update-maintainer.11:21
SebastianAnd I don't see a ubuntu-dev-tools package.11:21
SebastianNevermind, I already installed ubuntu-dev-tools, of course.11:22
Sebastianupdate-maintainer was just not in my autocomplete, yet.11:23
SebastianI also removed an outdated dependency on PEAR_Benchmark and added php5-xdebug as a dependency.11:23
SebastianOtherwise users only get half the fun out of PHPUnit :)11:24
\shSebastian: don't add php5-xdebug as dependency...because it's not needed for using it...push it to "Suggests"11:26
\shSebastian: or if you say: "we need that anyways, but not badly" push it to "Recommends:" which is installed now by default, but the sysadmin can disable this behaviour11:27
SebastianThe package seems to be unmaintained in Debian, btw.11:28
SebastianLast changelog entry is "QA upload, orphaning this package.".11:29
\shSebastian: find out on debian bts on the "wnpp" virtual package if there is a bug report about it...and take it over :)11:30
SebastianI have no clue about Debian.11:30
\shSebastian: one question though: do you need php5-cli only or is libapache2-mod-php5 also valid?11:30
SebastianPHPUnit requires the CLI SAPI.11:30
\shSebastian: ah ok፡)11:31
\shone moment.../me needs to reboot11:31
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mok0hey Iulian11:50
\shSebastian: I have to postpone our session...real life work wants my attention11:57
Sebastian\sh: Okay.11:58
Sebastian\sh: No worries :)11:58
\shSebastian: replacing apache2 + mod_php5 with lighty+php5-fcgi ...11:59
SebastianYay! :)11:59
IulianI'm trying to make a debdiff again to fix bug 198298 but the Maintainer is Debian QA Group. Should I change that with XSBC-Original-Maintainer?12:01
ubotuLaunchpad bug 198298 in nxtvepg "nxtvepg is missing an application icon" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19829812:01
IulianI mean the Maintainer to be MOTU and XSBC-Original-Maintainer Debian QA Group.12:01
slytherinIulian: yes12:01
Iulianslytherin: Okay, thanks.12:01
ScottKFor any MOTU hopefuls (or their mentors) looking for good work to do, Bug 199014 is available.12:13
ubotuLaunchpad bug 199014 in pypar2 "python-xml removal: please drop/replace (build) dependencies" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19901412:13
slytherinHi all. Does anyone know why the CD images for 'ports' (powerpc, sparc etc) have not been built today?12:14
mok0ScottK: wow, that's a lot of packages affected12:14
ScottKmok0: Yes, but it's generally relatively minor changes and in many cases just a sync from Debian since they're doing the same transition.12:15
mok0ScottK: Hmm, how can we avoid duplicating work on all these..?12:17
ScottKmok0: Check for a sync first.  If a package needs non-trivial work send Debian a patch in their equivalent bug.12:18
mok0ScottK: Actually, I meant duplicating the triaging :-)12:18
mok0ScottK: I could commit to a dozen, but I'd hade to duplicate someone elses work12:19
ScottKThe triaging wasn't that hard.  I just looked for rdepends and build-deps.12:19
ScottKAssign it to yourself first12:20
ScottKThen anyone else should know.12:20
mok0... and deassign when I'm fed up?12:20
ScottKI wouldn't assign all of them to yourself.12:20
mok0ScottK: But, they're all under the same bug number?12:21
ScottKYou can assign yourself per package.12:21
mok0Ah, great!12:21
* ScottK is already doing pypar212:22
mok0Man, it's going to generate a flurry of emails on the ML12:22
mok0I'll look at wxwidgets12:23
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ScottKpersia: I just got asked if I'd be willing to prepare an NMU for gaphor to make it work with Python 2.5 as default in Debian.  I thought I'd give you first shot at it since it's your work.13:04
TuxCrafterhi guys13:11
TuxCrafteri am trying to build a package13:11
TuxCrafterand am getting the following message13:11
TuxCrafterconfigure.in:41: option `tar-ustar' not recognized13:11
TuxCrafterdoes anybody now how to fix this13:12
TuxCrafteri installed the star package13:12
TuxCrafterbut it did not help13:12
TuxCraftersolved the problem by installing automake1.913:34
huatshey ScottK13:35
huatsregarding the mail you sent to motu about the python-xml removal13:35
huatsI've just filled a sync request for gramps13:35
huatson LP13:36
ScottKhuats: Then assign gramps to yourself in that bug and make a comment to that effect13:36
huatsdo I have to do anything else ?13:36
huatsthat was my question13:36
huatsdo I also put a fix comitted or not ?13:36
ScottKI'd say fix comitted because the fix is in Debian13:37
huatsthat was my comprehension too13:37
huatsScottK thanks13:39
ScottKNo problem13:39
mok0ScottK: is there a way to clear out dumb comments on LP?13:44
ScottKmok0: Switch to Debian.13:44
mok0ScottK: there should be13:45
ScottKAgreed, but I've given up on investing any time in launchpad.13:45
mok0ScottK; heh13:45
mok0ScottK: This log for bug 199014 will be humongous and messy by the time we get through13:47
ubotuLaunchpad bug 199014 in eric "python-xml removal: please drop/replace (build) dependencies" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19901413:47
ScottKmok0: It will, but we're using the system as designed, so it's really not my concern (I'm dead serious about trying very hard to care about LP - it's just not useful for me).13:49
mok0ScottK: couldn't universe switch to gforge :-)13:50
TuxCrafterwould somebody be willing to help me with a build problem?13:51
TuxCrafterexport PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/home/jelle/libexo/exo/.libs:/home/jelle/libexo/exo-hal/.libs13:51
TuxCrafter./autogen.sh --prefix=/usr13:51
ScottKmok0: Such things have seriously been discussed in the past.  At this point probably not.13:51
ScottK!pastebin | TuxCrafter13:51
ubotuTuxCrafter: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)13:51
TuxCrafteri build a new version of the libexo tools that i need to build an other program thunar but i want to tell the thuar build process where to find the libexo libs that i compiled13:52
ScottKmok0: Did you test build your xml transition debdiffs?13:54
mok0ScottK: yes13:55
mok0ScottK: ... it's only a Suggests: python-xml, so it doesn't do anything in the build13:56
mok0ScottK: ... but I checked that it works :-)13:56
ScottKThat's good.13:56
TuxCrafterScottK: any ideas how to tell the build process the location of the new libexo libs?13:56
ScottKTuxCrafter: You're really better off asking the channel in general.  I'm sorry, but I really don't have time to look into it right now.13:57
TuxCrafterScottK: hmm ok13:58
huatsScottK: can I bother you a bit ?14:01
ScottKhuats: You can ask a question, but I don't promise to have time to answer it.  You're better off just asking in general.  Maybe someone else knows14:03
huatsit is still regarding the python-xml removal : regarding conduit there is a need for sync, someone already wrote a request https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/conduit/+bug/19360514:04
ubotuLaunchpad bug 193605 in conduit "Feature Freeze Exception request for Conduit 0.3.8" [Undecided,Invalid]14:04
huatsI'll be happy to do it, but I don't know what do I have to do...14:04
ScottKFor that one, someone would have to package
huatsScottK it is in debian unstable14:05
ScottKThen do a test build/install of the Debian package, add the build/install logs to that bug and set it back to new.14:06
huatsjust the output of a  pbuilder build would do it ?14:07
ScottKfor the build log14:08
ScottKYou'll need to install it too.  You can install it in a chroot (see pbuilder login)14:08
huatsbefore building it, do I need to changed anything in the sources ? like putting hardy or not ?14:09
huats(I mean hardy in the changelog)14:10
huats(well I realized I said something silly after  writing it)14:14
ScottKNo problem14:20
huatsScottK it is built14:22
huatsand I have kept the build log14:23
huatsnow I need to install it...14:23
huatsScottK and now I simply put this logs in the page ?14:26
huats(in the LP page I mean)14:26
ScottKFor the FFe bug14:27
huatsScottK: done.... Do I need to subscribe someone after ?14:29
ScottKhuats: No.  Motu release was already subscribed.  I'd add a comment that it fixes 19901414:32
huatsSo i need to redo all this steps for every sync request ?14:33
huats(I mean sync request that happens after the FF)14:34
ScottKIf it brings a new upstream verson.14:35
ScottKIf it's just a new revision, it doens't need all the FFe stuff.14:35
huatsthanks !14:35
huatsin the case of a new revision in a sync request, what are the required steps ?14:40
huatsjust subscribe someone ?14:40
TuxCraftersolved my issues14:42
TuxCrafteri just installed the new libexo as workaround14:42
ScottKhuats: Make a sync request bug and then subsrcribe ubuntu-universe-sponsors14:43
emgentheya people15:01
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HighNowhy does updating my system (from feisty to gutsy) remove syslog-ng?15:15
HighNois syslog-ng not the standard and some ubuntu base package require syslog (not ng)?15:16
Ngubuntu-minimal depends on sysklogd15:17
HighNohmpf - isn't it possible to set an alternative here? syslog-ng is far superior and very easy to setup. Why did people choose sysklogd?15:18
superm1soren, thanks soren.  i've not had time to do that :)15:26
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mruizhi all15:56
mattva01 /join #ubutnu16:01
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* HighNo votes for a smaller space key for mattva0116:06
* HighNo needs a little lick to get his update (to gutsy?) done via update-manager. Please excuse me if I am offline for some hours then... :-/16:19
tjaaltonjussi01: knetworkmanager is started on GNOME, please fix :)16:23
mdomschScottK, https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/186026 will be fixed too when you pull the MonitorDB file for kde-guidance16:25
ubotuLaunchpad bug 186026 in kde-guidance "lg flatron l222ws monitor not listed" [Undecided,New]16:25
zulScottK: for the libdb4.3-ruby it should be just removed shouldnt it?16:32
jussi01tjaalton: Im just about to leave for 3 days (going snowmobiling). If someone else has time, you are welcome to it - talk to riddell.16:35
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ScottKzul: Once it has no rdepends, yes.16:42
HighNohehe, s/lick/luck/ if someone noticed...17:03
bobbodebdiff for livemix section of Bug #199014 : http://launchpadlibrarian.net/12462263/livemix_0.49~rc2-0ubuntu3.debdiff17:04
ubotuLaunchpad bug 199014 in eric "python-xml removal: please drop/replace (build) dependencies" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19901417:04
HighNohm, either time is just flying by or update-manager's duration approximation is very pessimistic17:20
jdongwhat would you guys estimate to be the disk usage of compiling GNOME from source?17:20
jdongi.e. the final binaries17:20
rulusI'd like to request a SRU for gnuvd, does bug #180383 meet the requirements?17:22
ubotuLaunchpad bug 180383 in gtkvd "Van Dale website code changed" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18038317:22
tjaaltonjussi01: no problem17:25
HighNohm, was there a bug in the gutsy update manager that makes it count wrong on the needed disk space? I had 2.7G, now have 645M (still shrinking) and it told me it neede 1.8G total for the update?!17:26
emgentheya pople :)17:29
HighNoI knew something would go wrong... Maybe it's just my notebook but I guess the update process was not made to create >1000 processes and eat up to 2G of RAM... :-/18:17
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\shhey emgent18:35
=== juliank0 is now known as juliank
\shhmm...where is xmoto-edit? (regarding bug #196879 there should be one)18:51
ubotuLaunchpad bug 196879 in xmoto-edit "Added .desktop file for xmoto-edit" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19687918:51
\shah it's gone18:59
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ScottKpochu: Are you doing the rest of the emesene FFe?19:20
hellboy195DktrKranz: buona sera :)19:34
DktrKranzhellboy195, :)19:35
bobboRainCT; how come you are assigned to the livemix part of bug #19901419:37
ubotuLaunchpad bug 199014 in livemix "python-xml removal: please drop/replace (build) dependencies" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19901419:37
\shRainCT: your translation will go into 0.9.57 :)19:37
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ScottK2Heya mok0.  I'm just looking at your additional wxwidgets change.  Any of the open bugs in that package you could take a shot at fixing at the same time?19:39
mok0ScottK2: I'll take a look.19:39
mok0ScottK2: Assume you are thinking of serpentine19:40
mok0Ah, wxwidgets...19:41
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dakirahi.. i have a question.. the package qtiplot in (hardy) universe has a serious bug.. the developer is fixing it right now and will put out a new release in the next couple of days.. is there any way to get this into the final hardy?19:42
mario_limoncielldakira, are there new features other  than this bug in the new release?19:44
dakiramario_limonciell: i don't think so..19:45
mario_limoncielldakira, then it shouldn't be any trouble.  just make sure the bug is documented on launchpad19:46
ScottKmok0: No.  wxwidgets2.619:47
ScottKAh.  You noticed19:47
dakiralots of universities and scientists use qtiplot for evaluation and display of scientific data.. one of the core functionalities you need, is integration over the data.. but integration is completely broken in the release included in hardy.. we reported it to the dev yesterday and he's putting out a new release asap..19:47
mario_limoncielldakira, I understand.  just document it on launchpad, that way you won't have to explain this all again to another MOTU to sponsor it19:48
mario_limonciellyou can just say look at this URL, and go :)19:48
mario_limonciellalso it's required at this stage in the development cycle19:48
dakiramario_limonciell, when i report this in launchpad.. do I need to report it in all the details or is it sufficiant to describe the situation19:48
mario_limonciellwhat you told me should be sufficient19:49
mario_limonciellwhen the new version comes out, were you going to take care of the package?19:49
mario_limonciellor were you just "reporting" this as a concern?19:50
dakiramario_limonciell, I think I'd rather contact the maintainer.. my experience with packaging is (still) limited.. I intend going through the MOTU school, though ;)19:51
ScottKbobbo: Assume it's because he's looking at uploading your patch.19:51
mario_limoncielldakira, well most MOTU packages are "group" maintained with everyone on the motu team19:51
bobboScottK; ah :) Still getting used to how this whole thing works19:51
mario_limoncielldakira, but being a science package you may want to contact motu-science19:51
dakiramario_limonciell, thx for the tip.. so for now (until the new release is out), I just open a new bug, right?19:52
ScottK2mok0: Based on your update to the wxwidgets2.6 change, does 2.8 need updating or is it good?19:52
mario_limoncielland its good to document this before hand so its not a surprise later19:52
mok0ScottK2: It needs updating, the debdiff is attached19:53
dakiramario_limonciell: okay, thx.. I will do that! I assume this is the right place to report the bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qtiplot/ ?19:55
ScottK2mok0: For you serpentine debdiff, I see that serpentine recently dropped from Main to Universe, so it needs maintainer adjusted and the earlier change "don't build the muine plugin since it's an universe package" can be reverted.  Please give those a shot and then attach a revised debdiff.19:56
mok0ScottK2: ok, I noticed the plugin was disbled19:57
RainCT\sh: great :)20:04
IulianCan someone please take a look at my debdiff - bug 199201 ?20:04
ubotuLaunchpad bug 199201 in gliv "Missing files in package gliv" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19920120:04
IulianHey RainCT20:05
RainCTbobbo: why do you ask?20:05
bobboRainCT; just curious :)20:05
dakiramario_limonciell, okay done.. thx for the help20:06
RainCTbobbo: ah you've submitted a patch :)20:07
RainCTwill review that then20:07
RainCTHi Iulian20:07
HighNowhat is the proposed update mechanism to get from gutsy to hardy?20:08
RainCTHighNo: update-manager :)20:09
dakiraHighNo: ALT+F2 -> gksu "update-manager -d"20:10
HighNoRainCT: ehm, ok... (noob question, I know...)20:10
HighNodakira: I don't think -d would be enough as hardy is still marked as development, right?20:10
HighNodakira: wouldn't it need at least a -c to that?20:10
* RainCT thinks -d is enough and asks hiself what -c is :P20:11
dakiraHighNo, just did it this way yesterday.. -c is for upgrading from an LTS release20:11
HighNodakira: ahhh20:11
HighNodakira: because I had problems with that on my last update. I wanted to go to feisty but update-manager changed sources in a way that I actually switched partly to gutsy-dev... I was just rechecking now before I do a mistake again20:13
dakiraHighNo, because LTS releases are not supposed to show available new releases until the next LTS is out.. i.e. dappers upgrade-manager will show hardy as soon as it's released..20:13
dakiraHighNo, that shoudln't have happened20:13
dakiraHighNo, anyway.. I think this is really offtopic here.. this is the MOTU channel20:14
RainCTIulian: please check debdiff's for unwanted changes and remove those before uploading them20:23
RainCTIulian: there are changes which aren't documented in the changelog (debian/rules), and you write "move Homepage field.." bug you are actually adding it.. please fix those and I'll upload it20:25
IulianRainCT: Yes, you're right, fixing it right now.20:26
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IulianRainCT: I think it's ready now - http://paste.ubuntu.com/5376/plain/20:39
awen_what is the best way, if you have a patch for package acpi-support? ... the version is 0.105 which suggest it is an ubuntu native package? should you still prepare a debdiff?20:50
* HighNo is running gutsy now...20:51
HighNoI know it's a bit offtopic but I'd like to ask the wiser guys... while trying to update from gutsy to hardy (update-manager -d) I think I have a problem as the update-manager wants to remove ~100 packages, some of them being xrandr, xmodmap, xman, xhost, xkill, system-config-printer, openoffice.orgm, gpgp... that does not sound sane to me, should I update anyway?20:59
awen_HighNo: sounds wrong to me...21:01
bobboHas xmms-dev been removed from Hardy? A package that build-deps on it wont pbuild21:02
awen_HighNo: but it can easily happen if the archive is in a not-so-good state, aka. an important dependency to a package is missing in the archive... usually you should just wait till tomorrow, do an aptitude update, and hopefully it is giving a more sane upgrade21:03
HighNoawen_: so I should not use update manager - at least don't update with it today?21:04
\shbobbo: xmms-dev is still available21:04
bobbo\sh thanks21:04
* \sh stops for tonight....21:05
\shcu tomorrow21:05
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
FujitsuWhy didn't we kill xmms off?21:05
NafalloFujitsu: virtual package against some gtk2-fork? ;-)21:05
awen_HighNo: if it claims to remove "xrandr" (that is the exact name, right?) i would recommend not to... and wait21:06
bobbodoes anyone still actually use xmms?21:06
awen_HighNo: or if you are using a local mirror of the repos, you could try switching to the primary mirror, and see if they are in a better state21:07
HighNoawen_: I can't see which mirror update-manager uses, can I?21:09
awen_HighNo: it uses the same as adept/synaptics... just close update-manager and change it there, then switch back21:09
awen_HighNo: but try again tomorrow... if you don't have any luck, show up in #ubuntu+1 to seek help; if i'm there you're welcome to ping me21:13
HighNoawen_: ah, right. I switched now to the main server... I'll check if things work now, if not I will do it tomorrow21:14
HighNoawen_: at least I managed to leave feisty for gutsy today - and man - are those fonts smooth now...21:15
awen_HighNo: they are nice, no doubt about that...21:16
LaserJockhmm, silly question. where does Gnome put the Trash folder?21:25
SeveasLaserJock, ~/.Trash21:25
LaserJockmy Trash folder looks a heck of a lot like /dev21:26
LaserJockhmm, well that's what I thought, but it's empty21:26
LaserJockso why do I have /dev show up in Nautilus when I go to Trash?21:26
AmaranthIn hardy the trash moved to ~/.local/share/Trash21:28
Amaranthyay standards21:28
LaserJockmaybe I'll try logging out21:30
LaserJockit's somewhat concerning to have /dev in Trash :-)21:30
LaserJockhmmpf, rebooting didn't help21:36
FujitsuAnyone have any insight on bug #199256? The changes in archive state between the two builds are fairly minimal, and I can't see anything that should have broken it...21:37
ubotuLaunchpad bug 199256 in petsc "petsc FTBFS" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19925621:37
mruizhi all21:38
mruizif a debian directory contains control.in and control , which one should be modified?21:38
StevenKcontrol.in, and then there is probably a target in debian/rules to update debian/control21:39
cprovhi guys, does anyone have a minute to help me to get banshee and other gnome apps actually playing music/video on my fresh hardy installation ?21:40
cprovmpg321 & mplayer work fine, I've just upgraded from gutsy :)21:41
Fujitsucprov: ubuntu-restricted-extra, perhaps. Or try playing it with Totem first.21:42
cprovFujitsu: totem and rhythmbox fail in the same way21:43
cprovu-r-e is also already installed21:43
FujitsuSounds like a rather nasty format you have there.21:44
cprovFujitsu: it's a X6121:44
cprovFujitsu: also, as I said, mpg321 works fine21:45
FujitsuThat doesn't use gstreamer. anyway, this is probably better in #ubuntu+1.21:45
cprovFujitsu: yes, of course, gstream cries with: "GStreamer resource error: Failed"21:46
Fujitsucprov: What does gstreamer-properties say the default output plugin is?21:47
cprovFujitsu: alsa21:48
FujitsuTry setting it to PulseAudio.21:48
FujitsuThat's the default nowadays, I believe.21:49
mruizthanks StevenK21:51
cprovFujitsu: the test (the tone) works21:54
cprovFujitsu: but banshee nothing21:54
FujitsuTry setting21:55
FujitsuDamn lag.21:55
RAOFcprov: Have you restarted banshee after changing the gstreamer setting?21:56
cprovRAOF: yes21:56
ScottKTheMuso: Ping.21:59
cprovdamm it works when I run it via sudo21:59
ScottKTheMuso: Would you please ack and confirm Bug 199265 when you have a moment.21:59
ubotuLaunchpad bug 199265 in suitesparse "[FFe] suiteparse 3.1.0" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19926521:59
crimsuncprov: groups|grep audio>&/dev/null;echo $?22:00
FujitsuThanks ScottK.22:00
ScottKFujitsu: No problem.  I'm not worried about you getting it all to work.22:00
cprovcrimsun: '0'22:00
TheMusoScottK: sure22:00
FujitsuDamn petsc.22:00
FujitsuFFe in 30 minutes. Not bad efficiency on your part!22:01
crimsuncprov: and "gst-launch-0.10 playbin uri=file:///usr/share/sounds/startup.wav"?22:01
cprovcrimsun: it failed, let me pastebin it for you, one sec22:03
cprovcrimsun: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/58682/22:03
crimsuncprov: ps -C pulseaudio>&/dev/null;echo $?22:05
cprovcrimsun: err, found it, the System->Sound->Music & Movies was set to AutoDetect22:06
cprovcrimsun: I've set it to ALSA and it worked22:06
cprovcrimsun: '0' for you cmd-line request22:06
crimsuncprov: hum, but this is a fresh hardy install, no?22:06
cprovcrimsun: no, upgrade from gutsy22:07
crimsunah, I see, at :4122:07
cprov... desktop effects on intel video. Amazing :)22:08
crimsuncprov: so pulseaudio is running, and nothing using pulse works.  Is this a direct dist-upgrade?  Have you logged out and back in?22:09
Fujitsucprov: That's worked for ages :)22:09
cprovcrimsun: yes, I 've logged out, rebooted, etc22:09
IulianRainCT: What kind of errors do you get?22:09
cprovFujitsu: ehe, not here, my previous gutsy inst simply refused to enable them22:10
crimsuncprov: please pastebin output from "ls -la .pulse*"22:10
crimsunerr, that should be ~/.pulse*22:10
Fujitsucprov: Ah, 965?22:10
RainCTIulian: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5379/22:11
cprovcrimsun: $ls -la .pulse/22:11
cprovtotal 822:11
cprovdrwxr-xr-x   2 root  root   4096 Mar  6 10:19 .22:11
cprovdrwxr-xr-x 117 cprov sbuild 4096 Mar  6 21:29 ..22:11
cprovcrimsun: sorry ...http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/58686/22:11
FujitsuThose permissions look bad.22:11
crimsuncprov: ~/.pulse* ?22:12
cprovFujitsu: yes, my local "sbuild" user :-/22:12
cprovcrimsun: yes22:12
Fujitsucprov: No, that's not what I was looking at.22:12
IulianRainCT: I will take a look again to see what I can do.22:12
IulianRainCT: Although I don't have a clue about it.22:13
crimsuncprov: ok, that's very similar to 18906022:14
crimsuncprov: although I really, really need ~/.pulse*, not ~/pulse/22:14
cprovcrimsun: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/58688/22:15
crimsuncprov: ok, so it's:22:16
crimsundrwxr-xr-x   2 root  root   4096 Mar  6 10:19 .22:16
crimsuncprov: what user is pulseaudio running as?22:17
cprovcrimsun: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/58690/22:18
crimsuncprov: ok, please add those and ~/.xsession-errors as attachments to bug 18906022:19
ubotuLaunchpad bug 189060 in pulseaudio "$HOME/.pulse and $HOME/.pulse-cookie have incorrect permissions after upgrade from gutsy to hardy alpha 4" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18906022:19
crimsunwe've got a nice race in the daemon, apparently22:20
cprovcrimsun: sure22:20
mok0ScottK2: almost done with serpentine22:21
mok0ScottK2: I'll open up another bug for it22:23
IulianRainCT: I'm going to sleep. I will make a new debdiff or try to fix it tomorrow morning.22:25
IulianGood night all.22:25
cprovcrimsun: done, thank you for helping me with this problem, I've lost a considerable part of my hair :)22:26
cprovFujitsu: RAOF, thank you too.22:26
cprovFujitsu: btw, my video is one GM965/GL96022:27
mok0ScottK2: bug 199277, subscribed to motu-release22:37
ubotuLaunchpad bug 199277 in serpentine "[needs-merge] serpentine_0.9-2 from Debian unstable" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19927722:37
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