armin76Ubulette: he works for Canonical, what do you expect?! :P00:05
Ubuletteyeah, maybe00:15
asacUbulette: hehe ...  no idea. haven't seen that before00:35
asaclooks like a bug00:37
[reed]asac: <timely> why isn't https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/gutsy/+package/ca-certificates part of ubuntu 7.10 out of the box?09:43
Ubulettethis is a depends of openssl09:44
[reed]and openssl isn't installed by default?09:44
Ubuletteand of balsa, mutt, fetchmail, .... maybe we can add it to firefox-3.0 deps09:45
[reed]please do09:45
[reed]it's causing problems like mozilla bug 407748 and others09:45
ubotuMozilla bug 407748 in Breakpad Integration "Ubuntu 7.10 Crash report submission failed: problem with the SSL CA cert" [Normal,Resolved: invalid] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=40774809:45
[reed]cool, thanks09:48
[reed]got a link to some commit that I can show to the people who are asking?09:49
Ubulettethat will be #19409:50
Ubulettehm, causing troubles.. maybe having troubles09:52
asac[reed], Ubulette: firefox depends is certainly the wrong place to fix this09:59
Ubulettewhy ?10:00
Ubulettesame as mutt or balsa10:00
Ubulettewe can also move that to libnss-1d10:00
[reed]asac: it really should be a part of the default install10:00
[reed]kinda silly that it isn't10:01
[reed]making it part of libnss would make sense10:01
[reed]since the certs are part of NSS in the codebase anyway10:01
Ubulette$ apt-cache rdepends ca-certificates | tr '\n' ' '10:02
Ubuletteca-certificates Reverse Depends:   w3mmee   sendmail-base   msmtp   mew-bin   mew-beta-bin   esniper   dtc-postfix-courier   dtc   boinc-client   balsa   w3m   openssl   mutt   libpurple0   libcurl3-gnutls   fetchmail10:02
asac[reed]: we don't have permission to add ca-certificates to libnss10:02
[reed]yeah, move it to libnss... that way not every single mozilla project would need to depend on it individually10:03
asacthere is a bug about it10:03
[reed]asac: how can I get that fixed?10:03
[reed]who needs to grant permission?10:03
asacand it wouldn't make sense either. afaik libnss doesn't even look at that place (might be wrong though)10:03
Ubuletteso ?10:04
asac[reed]: if non of the rdepends is on the CD you need to request addition to the CD seeds10:04
[reed]so, what is using that package then, as installing it fixes a ton of SSL cert problems people are having10:04
[reed]asac: how to do that?10:04
[reed]this is a real problem for us10:05
asacfiling a bug is always a good first step. next you need to assign the right team. i guess ubuntu-archive10:05
asacwell ... ca-certificates has two sets of certificates afaik: highly trusted + others10:06
asaci guess only the first one is enabled by default10:06
[reed]the mozilla ones need to be included10:06
[reed]otherwise, people go crazy trying to figure out why a site works fine on Mac and Windows with any Mozilla product but not with Ubuntu Linux because of the missing SSL certificates that we include by default10:07
asac[reed]: aren't the right ones installed if you install ca-certificates10:07
[reed]installing that package fixes the problems10:07
asacthen there is not need to include additional certificates in that package10:08
asacjust to make that package part of the default install10:08
[reed]so, I should file a bug?10:08
[reed]or what?10:08
asaci cannot decide on that though. but i guess its just that some rdepends which was previously on the CD now isn't anymore10:08
asacif thats the case adding to seeds should be fine10:08
asac[reed]: plesae file a bug and give me the bug number10:08
asaci will take over then10:08
asac[reed]: which sites are affected? bugzilla?10:11
[reed]anything using some of the newer certs (such as our crash-reports.mozilla.com), but we get reports about it a lot10:12
* [reed] waits on bugzilla to give him query results10:13
asacwell. in fact firefox doesn't suffer from it anyways10:14
asaci think the main point here is that no tls suppor is installed for curl by default10:14
Ubuletteok, removing then10:14
[reed]lp bug 152781 then?10:15
ubotuLaunchpad bug 152781 in curl "Curl should depend on ca-certificates" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15278110:15
asaci dropped the depends for now10:16
[reed]who handles updating the cert list in ca-certificates?10:16
[reed]since it says "Mozilla certificates"10:16
[reed]we've added a ton of new certs10:16
[reed]between Firefox 2 and Firefox 310:16
Ubulettelol, i uncommitted it10:17
[reed]need to make sure those get in the package10:17
asacill try to figure10:20
asacprobably not an easy question10:20
asac[reed]: where are those certs?10:21
asachow can i update a .crt ;)10:21
Ubuletteiirc, there's a small doc in the sources10:24
asacok ... i have to figure out procedures first10:32
asacok i think its just cp certdata.txt into the mozilla/ tree10:54
asaccwong1: pong (sorry)11:19
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[reed]woot, flight to Prague has been booked14:17
[reed]though, I think she got my name wrong on the ticket, so I need to make sure about that14:18
=== asac_ is now known as asac
asac[reed]: cool!17:16
asac[reed]: yes, please be sure that the name is right ;)17:16
asachow long is your flight?17:16
[reed]asac: name turned out to be right... seems you all tack on the prefix (Mr., Mrs., etc.) at the end of the first name, which isn't what we do ;)18:28
[reed]asac: 10:20 + 1:40 == 12 hours total of in-flight time :(18:29
[reed]plus time between the two flights at my connection location18:30
asac[reed]: where do you stop? london?20:21
asacdamn thing ... apparently something broke my mail setup21:08
asacnothing is send out anymore21:08
asacok, flushed21:21
asacbug 19914023:22
ubotuLaunchpad bug 199140 in network-manager "Network manager shows and connects to virtual interfaces" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19914023:22
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Ubuletteasac, is cairo in ?23:47
asacwe have to wait till CDs are out23:55
asacguess that is about _now_23:55

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