pammyodd problem here my tv guide shows "unknown" for all channels and dates02:39
pammyhow can i update the guide from command line02:39
superm1hey kids someone want to help me with an experiment?04:02
npurcifulhey like what04:05
superm1okay so here's the low down.04:05
superm1network manager comes up a little later than mythbackend does in some cases04:05
superm1so people run into issues on slave backends04:05
superm1or when they have say a hd home run04:06
superm1so i was proposing an if-up-down script that would restart mythbackend if it caught networkmanager playing funny business.04:06
superm1follow that?04:06
npurcifuli just got my HDHR working like 2 hours ago04:07
superm1does that affect you at elver?04:07
superm1ever even04:07
npurcifuli have seen it yet04:07
npurcifuli am using dhcp direct connect04:07
superm1okay very good04:08
npurcifulbut i was reading about it may be a issue04:08
superm1so you still use network manager then right?04:08
superm1okay then i'm going to have you drop this script in place04:08
superm1and restart the machine04:08
superm1if mythbackend comes up right, nothing broke04:08
superm1if it didn't, u can remove the script04:08
superm1and pretend like it never happened04:08
superm1save it as04:09
superm1 /etc/network/if-up.d/mythtv-backend04:09
superm1and be sure to mark it executable (chmod +x)04:09
npurcifulalright going to reboot brb04:11
npurcifulokay back04:20
npurcifulmyth-backend started up04:20
superm1npurciful, okay great so no harm or foul04:20
superm1and hdhr works and all04:20
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npurcifulam i the only one that keeps getting disconnected here04:36
npurcifuli was just thinkin maybe i foobar'd my internet settings04:43
npurcifuldang, i cant seem to get my ir to work on HDHR05:10
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foxbuntueveryone....make sure to ignore superm106:25
rhpot1992tgm4883_laptop: !06:55
famicomDoes anyone here know where i can get mythbuntu graphics?08:59
superm1famicom, bzr09:01
superm1all the code and graphics are stored there09:01
superm1now if you'd like to help with any of the graphics, we are quite open to ideas :)09:03
famicomactually, im trying to setup mythbuntu.nl09:04
superm1what's that?09:04
superm1er what's that gonna be better yet09:04
famicomdutch website dedicated to dutch TV and mythbuntu09:04
superm1ah neat09:04
famicomhopefully i can centralize all the info that i gathered to get my own box working there09:05
superm1well all artwork is kept in those branches, and any images available on the website are already available at full resolution from the website09:05
famicomas well as posting transponder lists and xmltv listing09:05
superm1so hopefully that should be enough to get you going09:05
famicomallthough for the most part, i gotta get motivated enough to like09:06
famicomwrite content09:06
superm1yeah i know that feeling09:06
famicomso my primary concern is getting that motivation09:06
superm1well once you're up and running let me or another person on ~mythbuntu know and we can link to you from mythbuntu.org09:07
famicomwhat exactly do you define as "running"09:08
famicomalso, is there any chance i could get a raw listing of the current mythbuntu site content09:09
superm1something people will find "useful"09:09
superm1you'll have to ask Daviey about that09:09
* Daviey looks in09:09
superm1okay if Daviey's already up, i should really be in bed.09:10
famicomah, so you guys are the big cheeses?09:10
superm1mmm cheese.09:10
superm1but yes09:10
Davieywe are all rotten cheese09:10
famicomcause if so, i use mythbuntu pretty much daily and i've worked on OSS projects before09:10
famicomso yeah, i want to be a part of this09:10
superm1okay well i'll let Daviey take over at this point, i'm headed to bed, 3:11am :)09:10
famicomah yeah09:11
famicomi've been up for erhm09:11
famicom2 days now :X09:11
famicombut yeah goodnight09:11
Davieysuperm1: sleep well09:11
famicomso Daviey09:11
famicomyou happen to be one of the larger sized dairy products correct?09:11
famicomnot that that much09:12
famicomkinda trying to get enough motivation to start writing09:12
famicomI'm still nto sure if i should write in dutch or english09:14
famicomyeah, i was thinking the same thing09:16
MythbuntuGuest15Hey guys, having some issues with my DViCO IR, anyone care to offer some insight?13:14
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npurcifulhello, i cant seem to get my IR to work on HDhomerun, anyone willing to help15:15
rhpot1991_laptopnpurciful: have you tried posting in the forums about it?15:25
npurcifulmo not yet15:28
npurcifuli tried seaching15:29
rhpot1991_laptopI'd try that, you would have better luck getting a response in there than in here15:29
npurcifuli thinking the signal isnt even making it out of my hdhr15:29
rhpot1991_laptopunless you can find someone in here who has a HDHR15:30
rhpot1991_laptopyou can try #mythtv-users as well15:30
npurcifulwell superm1has one15:31
npurcifulguess he isnt in right now15:32
superm1ive never used the ir in mine15:32
superm1there is  how to somewhere for it15:32
superm1that involves setting up lirc for udp15:32
superm1i want to say15:32
npurcifulyeah, hdhomerun <ID> set /ir/target "<IP>:5000 no_clear"15:33
npurcifulthe start lircd in udp mode, be it never gets the signal15:33
superm1wireshark it15:38
npurcifuli have a usb reciever15:39
npurcifuli just wanted to use the builtin on that was already there15:40
npurcifulokay getting wireshark15:40
npurcifulokay wire shark is like: 981136.301807Silicond_01:26:e6BroadcastARPWho has  Tell
npurcifulhah, got it to work16:15
npurcifulnope just kidding usb recevier was pugged in16:16
npurcifulokay now it is working thanks for the tip on wireshark superm1!16:18
npurcifulbrb going to reboot see it still works16:23
npurcifulgood deal it still works16:33
ViakenI have tried everything I know how to, but I still can't get my box to connect to my wireless network reliably. Using WPA2 on a WRT54G with an Atheros AR5212/AR5213 card. NetworkManager worked reliably, but I'd prefer to avoid having to put in the password to unlock the keyring every boot.17:24
ViakenI've tried setting it up by hand in /etc/network/interfaces and by using gnome-network-preferences.17:25
ViakenAny suggestions?17:25
rhpot1991_laptopViaken: when you set it up in /etc/network/interfaces you need to make another file, let me check my box17:25
rhpot1991_laptopViaken: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=26313617:27
rhpot1991_laptopthats how mine is done17:27
rhpot1991_laptopactually this is a better link: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=202834&highlight=wpa+supplicant+wext17:28
ViakenAh! Figures there'd be something I was missing. :)17:29
rhpot1991_laptopyou can put a wep right into interfaces17:30
rhpot1991_laptopbut wpa needs the wpa_supplicant file17:30
frank_It would be nice if mythbuntu could include network-manager with some sort of automatic connection once you set it up17:32
rhpot1991_laptopfrank_ I believe there was some sort of method of bypassing the password prompt, but I think it broke in gutsy17:33
rhpot1991_laptopI've always just done my work in network/interfaces so I'm not really sure other than what I've read on the wiki17:33
frank_call me lazy but it really frustrates me to edit files to setup networking ;-)17:35
adaptrfrank_: why would you do that ? NMapplet works fine17:35
frank_adaptr: is it installed in mythbunt?17:36
ViakenI think so?17:36
frank_mythbuntu there17:36
adaptrjust enable xubuntu desktop and you'll have a full desktop with applications17:36
adaptrrunning mythtv without a desktop is a pain17:36
rhpot1991_laptopadaptr: not really17:37
adaptryes, really17:37
frank_Yeah but I don't have a wired connection to install that after a mythbuntu install17:37
adaptroh , I could SSH and arrange it to my liking, but there's still quite a bit of cusomization required17:37
rhpot1991_laptopfrank_: you can install anything over wifi17:37
rhpot1991_laptopadaptr: I prefer to do everything in ssh17:38
adaptrmplayer config, mounting my half a dozen NASen17:38
rhpot1991_laptopdrop those NAS into /etc/fstab17:38
adaptrrunning like a baby to IMDB as soon as I start wondering about something :)17:38
rhpot1991_laptopthen they will mount on boot17:38
adaptrrhpot1991_laptop: I need to set them up ONCE17:38
adaptrplus, the audio "player" is utter crap and unusable - my brain needs amaroK17:39
frank_rhpot1991_laptop: What I can't do: Install mythbuntu, set up networking with WPA using gui with the packages installed17:39
rhpot1991_laptopall my mythboxes are only attached to TV's though, so I don't go using them for anything else17:39
ViakenIt seems gnome-network-preferences keeps setting wpa-proto as WPA instead of RSN...17:51
ViakenRegardless of which WPA version I choose in the GUI>17:51
rhpot1991_laptopViaken: there is a file you need to delete17:51
rhpot1991_laptopsuperm1 knows what it is17:51
rhpot1991_laptopya gnome saves that stuff somewhere, you  need to delete it17:51
rhpot1991_laptopits somewhere under a .g* folder17:51
Viaken~/.config somewhere, maybe?17:51
rhpot1991_laptopthere is a profiles folder and you need to find the one that applies to that and get rid of it17:52
ViakenThanks for the help. :)17:52
rhpot1991_laptopbackup first17:52
ViakenOf course17:52
rhpot1991_laptopincase you delete too much17:52
ViakenI usually "mv .folder{,.old}"17:52
ViakenOH! You mean the mythtv user needs READ rights, as well as execute, in order to use the directv.pl script? :P So that's why the recordings were failing! *facepalm*19:05
kjetil_I bumped into two issues when ripping a DVD, don't know if I should report the issues somewhere?19:15
=== kjetil_ is now known as KjetilK
KjetilKthe path was /var/lib/mythtv/videos/ in one config and /var/lib/mythtv/video/ in another19:16
KjetilKand then, I had no script to start mtd19:19
ViakenWhen is automated transcoding supposed to take place?19:27
ViakenNevermind... *goes to search the dogs*19:27
npurcifulhey superm1 you around20:21
Egghead3got a problem with my pvr-150, they seem to be seen and registered in dmsg log, but in backend setup it sez failed to open22:36
rico42955i got myth to compile but have no backend and get strange sql errors22:45
tgm4883_laptoprico42955, why are you compiling myth?22:46
rico42955its what the how to i read said to do22:47
rico42955don't remember it off hand, it's saved on other pc22:48
tgm4883_laptopwell i can almost assure you that the guide is either A) Wrong, or B) Out of date or C) not written for ubuntu22:48
rico42955i do recall ubuntubuild in the title but don't think it was for gutsy22:49
ubotuMythTV is a TV framework for Linux - Instructions for using with Ubuntu at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV22:50
tgm4883_laptopgo here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV#head-a2f3c5d4e6ca44e289fadd6e0f4a5fbded05efa722:50
rico42955i had it working before but had to redo pc22:50
rico42955ok i'll give that a read22:50
rico42955look familiar but isn't mythbuntu a whole distro?22:53
tgm4883_laptopit's added packages and themes to Ubuntu22:59
tgm4883_laptopwhat are you trying to setup?23:00
rico42955just trying to get mythtv to run23:06
rico42955do i need the mythtv-plugins for it to work, seeing what was in there i figured i wouldn't use any of them23:08
Egghead3found my problem with pvr-150 not being recognized, agin after update my grub defaulted to 11-386 kernel, just change it to 11-generica and all is well again23:10
tgm4883_laptoprico42955, is this a single system setup?23:11
rico42955single as in front and back on one pc, yes, or dual boot?23:12
epilidoI made a backup of my saved shows by backing up the directory.  now after a new install can i import the old data so that the new install sees the files??? I can record shows currently but cant seem to figure how to get the old stuff back??23:20
tgm4883_laptopepilido, did you back up your db?23:21
tgm4883_laptoprico42955, front and backend23:21
epilidodo I did not back up the db on the backend.  the back end was the reinstall23:21
directhexthere's a script in contrib to do it23:22
directhexbut messy messy23:22
epilidomessy enough to just pitch the previous recording their not that big of a deal but I would like them??23:24
frank23I'm trying to setup a combined frontend/backend in kubuntu hardy desktop. I used mythbuntu-control-centre to install the backend and frontend. Now I'm in the backend setup database configuration and it says "Cannot login to database?"23:25
frank23not sure what to try next.  the password is the right one that was created randomly23:26

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