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mneptoknalioth: can you find me a #gentoo op?04:35
Hobbseewhat for?  to shoot?04:36
mneptoknah, they have someone in their channel that just annoyed the piss outta #ubuntu04:37
mneptokthey're next, prolly04:37
naliothmneptok: PM me the nick of the individual04:39
* nalioth happens to be a #gentoo op04:40
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ubotuMenZa called the ops in #ubuntu (tarkus (troll))07:27
Myrttiis anyone else following the convo on -ot10:56
jussi01no, 1 line summary?11:06
SeveasMyrtti, sigh, if I had seen it in time he'd be banned11:08
* elkbuntu wishes we had a 'ban in retrospect' allowance sometimes11:09
jussi01does anyone know if auto_bleh has a kick forward option? (without banning)11:28
Seveasa forward is a ban11:32
jussi01ok. 11:33
Mez* nalioth happens to be a #gentoo op <--- aren't you just an op EVERYWHERE ? *steals your superpowers*12:14
jussi01Mez: nalioth is _the_ man, he _owns_ freenode :P 12:15
Mezjussi01, no, christel is _the_ woman she _owns_ freenode :P12:16
jussi01Mez: true, but nalioth is right there beside her :D (rock on nalioth )12:16
jussi01now, how many times did we ping him :P??12:17
Mezthats a scary thought12:17
MezI'm sure he doesnt higlight his own name, I think he highlights on random stuff, he certainly turns up at strange times12:17
jussi01heh, probably, like if you said !sta.ff12:18
Meznah, he doesnt always turn up then :P12:18
Mezmaybe on "piss"12:18
jussi01Mez: I have that on hilight :P12:19
Seveaspiss off :p12:23
MezSeveas, lol - by the way, I think the number you have on Nickserv for you is wrong12:24
MezI tried to annoy you yesterday and it didnt get through12:24
Seveasbattery is dead12:24
Mezah lol, well, when you charge, if you charge in the next 48 hours, you'll have a message from me.12:24
MezIgnore it12:25
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PiciStrawberryjam: Hello, how can we help you today?13:09
Strawberryjamhey there, i have been banned from #ubuntu, might be accidently13:10
PiciLet me take a look at our logs, hold on13:10
Strawberryjami used MIRC power pack as recommended13:10
Strawberryjamand i think it did somthing automatically13:10
Strawberryjamok thnx13:11
Strawberryjambtw...i am new to all this13:11
PiciStrawberryjam: When was the last time you were in #ubuntu?13:14
Strawberryjamabout 2 days ago...i remember right clicking a users name, then i was muted i think...then banned13:14
PiciStrawberryjam: You pasted the definition of 'flatulent' into the channel.13:16
Strawberryjamyep...i remember that turned out to be flooding...not my intention at all13:16
PiciDid you mean to paste that at all?13:17
Strawberryjami was looking for a response to someone that said he farted (lol13:17
Strawberryjamthen that happened...had no idea it would paste it on diff lines13:18
PiciStrawberryjam: Can you Please read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines , #ubuntu is a support channel, its not for joking around, regardless of if other people are doing so.13:19
Strawberryjami also think that my client must have done somthing when i got muted...i have no idea what13:19
Strawberryjami understand that...its my major source of information, i am sorry13:19
PiciStrawberryjam: Please read those guidelines and when you are done you may rejoin #ubuntu.  also take note of the channel topics here and in #ubuntu.13:20
Strawberryjamthank you...one more thing...could you recommend a secure irc client...the one i used was recommendedby a friend, but it might get me into trouble13:21
Myrttion which os?13:24
MyrttiLinux, Windows?13:24
Strawberryjamlinux and windows....i am using pidgin now in linux...13:24
Myrttixchat is nice if you prefer qui13:25
Myrttigui, even13:25
Strawberryjamok...i'll take some time and check them out...thank you for your time, and help13:26
PiciLjL: I was just thinking the same thing. 13:47
PiciAnd now it seems they brough a few more with them.13:48
LjLPici: they're still talking crap13:49
LjLPici: [14:49:28] <apanknen> anybody got any good porn sites <- reason of the kick13:50
PiciLjL: *shakes head*, do they realize that they are muted?13:51
LjLi don't think so13:51
jribwhat's with sudobash?13:51
LjLjrib: uhm i banned him yesterday13:52
Pici08:51:12 <?sudobash> you need to take the second ban down off or i will just keep using proxy servers13:52
dgjonesWas just coming to point out sudobash's comments about a ban, but I see Pici just mentioned it, I'll go in that case13:53
LjL[14:53:37] <sudobash> dude I help people a lot with Ubuntu13:54
LjL[14:53:56] <LjL> come to discuss in #ubuntu-ops if you want13:54
LjL[14:54:09] <sudobash> and I have some strong ties at Dell13:54
LjLsudobash, ban evasion, by policy, is completely unacceptable. since you help a lot as you said, you certainly should have known that, as well as the fact that #ubuntu is far from the right place to appeal a ban.13:55
sudobashok fine i will go to efnet if ubuntu isnt the right place to help people who use ubuntu13:56
sudobashwhich it is13:56
LjLsudobash, as you wish13:57
sudobashman i have used ubuntu for 1 1/2 years now and I help as much as I can... and there a lot of people in there13:57
sudobashyou think i want to be banned from the largest freenode channel where I can help out someone?13:58
LjLsudobash, i don't try to "think" what you want or do not want to do13:59
sudobashi should have not said a thing and i would still be in there helping13:59
LjLi just look at what is acceptable behavior and what is not13:59
sudobashbetter off not knowing my IP anyways the way people talk here about laws, rules and enforcement14:00
sudobashshould have been using a proxy the whole time14:00
sudobashbut you put a block on my nick now14:01
LjLsudobash, i invited you here in case you wanted to discuss, not to make a pointless monologue14:01
Myrttiwhat on earth is this14:01
sudobashyeah could I please have the ban lifted so i can continue to be of some use to Ubuntu users?14:02
LjLsudobash, you certainly know that open proxies are not even allowed by freenode14:02
LjLsudobash: no, not at this stage, and ban evasion didn't help it at all either14:02
LjLhi LukeL, can we help you?14:02
LukeLhi, just curious14:02
sudobashi wasnt sure where to ask for it14:03
MyrttiLukeL: did you read the topic?14:03
LukeLnope, now I have cyas14:03
LjLsudobash: well, i think you've been around long enough to know about this channel, but still, even if you didn't14:04
LjL[14:48] <sudobash> well... i got around your ban14:04
LjL[14:51] <sudobash> you need to take the second ban down off or i will just keep using proxy servers14:04
LjL[14:52] <sudobash> how bout an op taking off the second ban down on the list14:04
LjL[14:52] <sudobash> or you might as well ban this proxy too14:04
LjLthis is not "asking", this is "threatening"14:04
sudobashwhy doesnt freenode prevent proxy connects then?14:04
LjLsudobash: well, i'm not freenode staff, you may want to ask one of them, such as nalioth14:05
sudobashman i have been around but I havent read all the rules14:05
Myrttifreenode != ubuntu, ubuntu != freenode14:05
LjLsudobash: it doesn't take reading the rules to know that the way you handled it is called threatening14:05
sudobashwell i didnt mean to come off like that14:05
sudobashi should have found this channel14:06
PiciWhat about: 2008-03-04T16:41:48 <sudobash> wow and people talk about windows apps and shit... I help people as much as I can here but Im sick of the constant nazi regime act14:06
sudobashand asked14:06
LjLPici: well, that was why i banned in the first place, after i had asked him and others, *kindly*, to bring a couple of offtopic discussions to -offtopic.14:06
PiciLjL: I'm not questioning you ;)14:06
Myrttithat's a nasty line there, sudobash 14:07
sudobashyour right I probably shouldnt be allow back in there but I should take to freenode people about proxy detection14:07
LjLPici: yet i'm explaining, always helps14:07
LjLsudobash, proxy detection is not an exact science.14:08
LjLthat doesn't allow you to dodge bans just because you've been lucky enough to manage to evade the technical measures put against it.14:08
sudobashyeah thats true... i was doing it in high school to get around their blocks and they had no clue14:08
sudobashi didnt think about i just did it not thinking i was breaking a rule but i knew i shouldnt have joined ubuntu... I am just sick of some of the people in there acting like they are better than everyone else... I mean help some noobs out dont bash them and each other just because you are disagreeing about something stupid.14:11
sudobashbut anyway Im sure you are all like what a waste of time14:12
LjLsudobash, i wasn't disagreeing about anything, i was simply asking to bring "windows apps and shit" to #ubuntu-offtopic, where it belongs. that's my duty as an operator.14:12
sudobashi understand that and i was disrespectful at the time so i apologize.14:12
sudobashso like after a month would you consider taking the ban off?14:15
LjLsudobash: yes14:16
sudobashcool I appreciate that14:18
LjLsudobash: meanwhile, do check out the guidelines if, as you said, you haven't before14:18
LjL!etiquette > sudobash    (sudobash, see the private message from Ubotu)14:19
PiciMyrtti: around?14:21
LjLsudobash: and please try to keep in mind that there is no way that you'll *always* agree with what the ops do. people have differing opinions about how a channel should be run, but that never justifies being abusive.14:22
PiciMyrtti: What do you think of the current -ot conversation?14:22
LjLthey're, uhm, talking about marriage?14:22
PiciI meant the marriage jokes about women....14:22
LjLi don't think i've seen the two main partecipants in -ot before14:24
PiciThey don't bother me particularly (not very funny imo though), I just wanted to make sure that someone of the female persuasion was comfortable with them.14:24
Myrttithey're just so old and boring I don't even register them as anti-womenish14:25
PiciTen four.14:25
sudobashvery true14:26
sudobashso yall watch #ubuntu and talk about what they are talking about in there to decide among the @'s what is offtopic and what not? lol thats pretty cool....14:26
Myrttisure they would be a bit offensive, but still they're so old and boring that I wouldn't bother even to lift a finger... (nowait I've done so several times to type this message)14:26
sudobashmay I ask what the bots are coded with?14:26
LjLsudobash, not always14:26
LjLsudobash, ubotu is a customized supybot14:27
Myrttiborderline cases are discussed14:27
LjLPici: -.-. ..-. --14:27
sudobashone second14:27
LjLtwo too14:28
PiciAmaranth: el-kbuntu among others requested it be removed.14:30
LjLPici: what?14:31
PiciLjL: twss14:31
sudobashcould i possibly do some free scripting or c++ to gain access to #ubuntu again?14:32
LjLsudobash, no, a ban is a ban and if we just removed bans on request they'd be no use, yet you can keep helping Ubuntu in many other ways: you can file and triage bug reports, you can answer the forums or support requests, for instance14:33
ubotuThe official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org14:33
Myrttiand the ban will be removed in due time.14:33
sudobashwow how long did i prolong it with the ban evasion?14:34
LjLsudobash: it didn't help. i can't give you a number, we don't have a table with ban lengths...14:34
sudobashalright well I'll leave you all alone14:35
sudobashumm i have a question... some how i managed to play an flv with VLC but for some reason the VLC gui wasnt visible anywhere not even in a terminal and the gnome monitor says that VLC was sleeping and using 0% of CPU... normally it uses over 10% even if minimized... is there a way to recreate this (it was an accident)... the video wasnt playing but the audo was...15:17
sudobashlike a way to force a process to sleep to minimize cpu usage15:18
Picisudobash: This isn't a support channel.15:18
sudobashi know i cant go there i figured you all might be interested in processes that behave strangely operating in sleeping mode and not using cpu but still operating somewhat normally15:20
sudobashor maybe it was just a fluke15:20
sudobashinteresting though if you could get your cpu to do something without directly doing it i couldnt really explain it...15:21
PiciI removed the banforward, made it a regular ban.15:23
jdong*cough* compiz still renders the video in the background15:28
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PriceChildI wonder why I got disconnected.15:39
Picimagnetron: Whats up magnetron?15:40
magnetronhi, i think there's a new bot in #ubuntu-offtopic . TheEgg15:40
magnetrona chatting bot.15:40
Picimagnetron: thanks15:41
Amaranth--- [TheEgg] (n=rbot@c83-250-186-60.bredband.comhem.se) : Ruby bot. (c) Tom Gilbert15:42
Amaranthat least he doesn't try to hide it?15:43
jussi01wha???? root__: root___ root_______ and root________ in #kubuntu16:44
stdinyeah, I noticed that too16:45
Piciand root______16:45
stdinall from Venezuela16:45
Pici/who root_*16:45
no0ticno clones, anyway16:46
stdinall from the same ISP too16:47
ubotustdin called the ops in #ubuntu (PS11)17:45
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Myrttiubotu's lagging again19:06
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about s lagging again - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi19:06
Myrttiat least on -ot19:07
ubotuYou have lag, I don't have lag19:07
ubotuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, magnetron said: !lunix is an illegal hacker operating system invented by a Soviet computer hacker named Linyos Torovoltos. At least, that's what http://adequacy.org/public/stories/2001.12.2.42056.2147.html say..19:10
ubotuIn ubotu, magnetron said: !lunix is a capricious beast, according to http://adequacy.org/public/stories/2001.12.2.42056.2147.html19:14
naliothubotu: tell magnetron about botabuse19:15
Piciubotu: tell magnetron about b19:15
ubotub is an IRC mode that you don't want on your hostname.19:18
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nxvliÂ'm from the Peruvian LoCo Council20:44
nxvland i was wondering what's needed to have ubotu around20:44
LjLnxvl, why is the channel set up as private? :|20:45
nxvllet me ask20:45
LjLnxvl, are you sure it wouldn't be better to have botijo, the spanish-speaking bot?20:46
nxvloh, i didn't know that exist20:46
LjLnxvl, ask in #ubuntu-irc about it please20:47
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ubotuMilitantPotato called the ops in #kubuntu ()22:43
tonyyarussoOkay, someone seriously needs to remind me in about 2 hours that I really need to fix my package and get some MOTUs to upload it before we get any closer to release...It's totally minor, but my memory stinks.  :)23:11
Seeker`tonyyarusso: why not do it now?23:11
tonyyarussoSeeker`: Because the stuff I need to build it is on a computer in a different city.23:12
LjLtonyyarusso, it's not like your shiny ubuntu system comes with a shiny calendar and reminders applet built in...23:14
tonyyarussoLjL: 'course not.  It is however like I'm stuck on a Mac right at this moment.23:14
Seeker`tonyyarusso: ewww :P23:15
LjLtonyyarusso: i'll DDoS you in two hours then23:15
* Seeker` considers installing hardy on his laptop23:16
LjLthat should remind you23:16
tonyyarussoLjL: wfm23:16

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