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seb128is that normal than radeonhd is not installed by default?15:05
jcristauwell there are 3 drivers for the same hardware :)15:08
tjaaltonseb128: yes, it's normal. -ati supports the same chips15:10
tjaalton..and more15:10
seb128is that new?15:10
seb128when I installed hardy on my desktop I got vesa mode15:10
tjaaltonyep, starting from 6.8.015:10
seb128until I installed radeonhd15:10
tjaaltonalpha6 should work OOTB :)15:11
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mvotjaalton: I get random flickering with r500 and radeon, but it works great other than that. is there a open bug about this?16:43
tjaaltonmvo: can't recall.. let me check17:25
tjaaltonmvo: nope, there doesn't seem to be any similar bugs filed, at least not against that package :)17:27
mvothanks, I guess I should file one then17:34
tjaaltonhey bryce 18:17
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tjaalton\sh: hmm, thanks.. I'll see if I can live with it for awhile first18:35
tjaaltonwrong channel apparently :P18:41
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