cjonespelo cool thanks man00:00
[FT]AlexswatTX - oh yeah, that was stupid of me. I'm not sure what to do from the initramfs prompt :( sorry00:00
NinjaPlimsolescjones: you could sudo apt-get search blabla00:00
GneaBigg400: should work just fine. what vm have you looked at?00:00
Bigg400Gnea: not sure was thinking VirtualBox00:00
PeloBigg400,  no story, you can run 32bit os on 64 bit machines even virtual ones00:00
swatTX[FT]Alex: that's what most ppl end up saying. thanks for trying though00:00
Sakkathdanand: maybe it's just this pc. maybe the board/usb port. it gets power, yes, but that doesn't mean data. when i say it works, even w/linux, it was never on this box before.00:01
danandSakkath - ahh ok - sorry your problem has me beat - i have a wireless usb mouse on my system and that works fine.... fraid i've kinda run out of ideas on that one00:01
GneaBigg400: haven't used that. vmware is my favorite, though. if you get the workstation you can get a 30-day license and create all of the virtual disks you need, then run/install with vmplayer00:01
kenromacrobad:  I've never seen the inside of a lappy yet, but have a hard time thinking of something permanently attacted to the MB as a 'card'. Therefore I just refer to it as a network interface device. NID. ;)00:01
danandSakkath - that may be the case :(00:01
geekactually, you can get vmware server00:01
Sakkathdanand: maybe another port... before i grab a new mouse/try w/same ubuntu cd on another box00:01
geekwhich does most of the basics00:01
LimCore_^--- in soviet ubuntu, security audit tool crashes YOU00:02
Gneageek: if you want to run a server of something, sure00:02
gilsome body speak in spanish00:02
NinjaPlimsolescomo estas?00:02
gilhola buena tarde00:02
Pelo!es | gil00:02
ubotugil: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.00:02
geekactually VMware server works fine on a non server, i prefer it for basic stuff more than player00:02
* Sakkath votes for gpm onto livecd for diagnostics/when x doesn't work00:02
soldatsgil: ou may also try #ubuntu-es00:02
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kenrono habla espanol aqui... ingles solomente por favor00:03
Sakkathnot port00:03
macrobadkenro: :) You may want to have a look here: http://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Drivers/b43 and also visit #bcm-users00:03
NinjaPlimsolessakkath whats your problem?00:03
gilhola pelo o alguien en espñol mepueden ayudar a instalar el google earth=?00:03
apo!es | gil00:03
ubotugil: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.00:03
SakkathNinjaPlimsoles: a usb wireless mouse is not working at all ;x00:03
xipietotechow do I force apt to delete something?00:03
gilhi some body  can helpme  to instal the  google earth.bin00:03
SakkathNinjaPlimsoles: not even if i cat /dev/input/mice so i conclude it is not xorg00:03
NinjaPlimsolessakkath: whats the brand?00:04
apogil: chmod +x google_earth.bin; ./google_earth.bin00:04
Pelogil, yo no habla espanol,00:04
danandsteven_ - can you pastebin the output of lspci and lshw for me?00:04
gili dont  remember because is  bin format00:04
Gneawell it depends on your application - i've run server 2003 on vmware server and vmplayer and it works fine both ways, but runs a bit smoother in vmware server. YMMV00:04
SakkathNinjaPlimsoles: lol don't laugh--was father's. it's microsoft. lsusb shows it fine and it works on windows and with every other distribution i've tried. note that i've never used it on this box, windows/linux00:04
prince_jammys!googleearth | gil00:04
ubotugil: Google Earth is now available, for free (only as in price), for Linux, too. To download it see http://earth.google.com/download-earth.html - A package for Ubuntu is available in the !Medibuntu repository00:04
geekwell, if you need to make new VMs server's better. Player uses a newer 'core' tho00:04
NinjaPlimsoleshmmm whats the deviceID?00:04
Pelogil,   put the bin on your desktop ,   open a terminal   cd Desktop , sudo chmod 777 filename.bin ,  ./finename.bin00:05
Gnea!medibuntu | gil00:05
ubotugil: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org00:05
geekSakkath: MS actually sells decent hardware00:05
kenromacrobad:  error... Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at linuxwireless.org.00:05
gilcan you helpme with that00:05
apoPelo: not 77700:05
Sakkathgeek: just the fact that it's microsoft and linux together haha00:05
apoPelo: +x00:05
iceswordvmware player cannot create a new virtual disk ,right00:05
gil i have the file but i cant install  from  the terminal00:05
Sakkathgeek: in #ubuntu00:05
Peloapo,  apo just for the installer file, no biggy00:05
apogil: Why not?00:05
apogil: What does it say?00:05
Pelogil,   put the bin on your desktop ,   open a terminal   cd Desktop , sudo chmod 777 filename.bin ,  ./finename.bin00:05
gili did but i cant00:05
macrobadkenro: It works for me. I've just checked your link.00:05
apoPelo: ... chmod +x00:05
macrobad*my* link00:06
geekicesword: thats why recommend server00:06
gili have to be the  root?00:06
NinjaPlimsolessakkath: whats the device id of your mouse?00:06
iceswordgeek, does vmware server make a good memory management00:06
SakkathNinjaPlimsoles: this is the livecd. /dev/input/mice is the default. i've never used anything else.00:06
geekicesword: what do you mean by that?00:06
NinjaPlimsolessakkath: kernel 2.6?00:06
macrobadgil: what does it tell you?00:07
Gibbhow do I disable firewire in ubuntu?00:07
SakkathNinjaPlimsoles: kubuntu 7.10 cd00:07
Pelogil,  jsut follow the info I gave you00:07
kenromacrobad:  Then if not due the devel branch editions I dunno why I can't connect to it.00:07
DocfxitI would like to find a log that includes a startup script called sharex11vnc . It's not in /var/log/messages00:07
danandSakkath - just a quick one - do you have usbmouse in the output of lsmod ie does lsmod | grep usbmouse show up? if not try sudo modprobe usbmouse00:07
PeloDocfxit, how about in /var/log/boot ?00:07
macrobadkenro: try with wget00:07
gilpermiso denegado00:08
iceswordgeek, you know,you use virtualbox,if you yo give it 128 m ram,but in fact it will use more than that,open a monitor,you will find there is very few mem available00:08
Pelogil, sudo ./filename.bin00:08
gili am follow the info but i cant   install the  file00:08
Sakkathdanand: no, it was not loaded by default. seems to make no difference though.00:08
gili did00:08
swatTXUbuntu is NOT easy to customize! If it wasn't free and my laptop wasn't old I wouldn't continue to try. Anytime I try to do anything other than the defaults this stupid INITRAMFS prompt shows up and I can NEVER get past it. VERY FRUSTRATING!00:08
geekicesword: vmware isn;t too bad00:08
danandSakkath - do you have usbhid module loaded too?00:08
dennisoniccicesword: ofcource it will use more than 128 that amount will be available to the host00:08
swatTXoff to reinstall for the 11th or 12th time00:08
Pelogil,  are you the administrator of this computer ? do you have permission to install apps ?00:08
dennisoniccicesword: sorry to the geust machine00:08
NinjaPlimsolessakkath: a quick browse on the net would suggest your mouse will work in Ubuntu00:09
gilsudo -s?00:09
NinjaPlimsolessakkath: ill just check a bit deeper00:09
Sakkathdanand: yes00:09
Pelogil,  no I just mean is this your own computer?00:09
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iceswordgeek, i have tried vmware for a while,it is very good,i even use it to run ubuntu 7.10 in 100m ram,i have 256m in total00:09
gil how  i do that00:09
SakkathNinjaPlimsoles: yes, i've definitely used it on linux before00:09
Alan_MSwattx, when its stuff your not absolutely sure of what your doing, it can become VERY difficult.00:09
iceswordgeek, vmware workstation00:09
Pelogil, then you need to ask the person who setup the computer to do it for you00:09
danandSakkath - ok, well ...it was worth a go :)00:09
NinjaPlimsolessakkath: but not oooboontooo?00:09
gili did00:09
Prefix100If you havnt already, you guys should really try out audio surf00:09
Sakkathdanand: thanks.00:09
DocfxitPelo »Nothing is in the boot file00:10
SakkathNinjaPlimsoles: what would be the diff? it worked on fbsd, fc4, gentoo, knoppix00:10
kenromacrobad:  Yeah that grabbed...00:10
geekicesword: server is similar to WS, just uses a slightly older core, and runs headless00:10
PeloDocfxit,  you'll have to explore the other ones then00:10
NinjaPlimsolessakkath: the kernel00:10
iceswordgeek, k,i will try that,it is free,hehe00:10
SakkathNinjaPlimsoles: well. i've never used 2.6.22 before :P00:11
DocfxitPelo » Is there a program that will do a search for a name inside files?00:11
swatTXAlan_M: thanks for the encouraging words, it's just getting old00:11
steven_danand: Did you get that?00:11
macrobadkenro: your firefox must have gone mad! =) Restart it or even clean all the cache, cookies etc... with Ctrl+Shift+Del00:11
kenromacrobad:  Looking for blogs on GinTama and iD_entity right now.00:11
Alan_MswatTX, old..but factual.00:11
NinjaPlimsolessakkath: yeah, its just one of many things that can go wrong with linux :P give me a minute00:11
prince_jammysDocfxit: use the command "grep"00:11
gilhow i become to administrator?00:11
danandsteven_ - no - get what?00:11
prince_jammysDocfxit: grep mystring myfile.txt00:11
apogil: sudo -s00:11
PeloDocfxit, my guess is yes but I don'T know what it would be,  it's not something I have ever needed to use00:11
steven_danand: http://pastebin.com/d4cbec106 - I messaged you that.00:12
Pelogil,  you need to ask the person who setup ubuntu on the computer00:12
NinjaPlimsolessakkath: are you on the live cd now?00:12
SakkathNinjaPlimsoles: unplugged/plugged in mouse and checked /var/log/messages (expected /var/log/boot for dmesg, empty file?) and it says as /dev/input/input7 wtf?00:12
swatTXAlan_M: for it to be factual i would expect to learn something IMO, all i get is dead ends and have to do a fresh install00:12
SakkathNinjaPlimsoles: yes00:12
SakkathNinjaPlimsoles: i mean /class/input/input700:12
macrobadkenro: :) I am not involved in anime. At least, so far! ^^00:12
gili did  set up my computer in the terminal  i wrote sudo space -s00:12
SakkathNinjaPlimsoles: i don't even know what that means.00:13
NinjaPlimsolesSakkath, right type this into a term: grep mouse /var/log/dmesg00:13
Alan_MYou kinda are learning something though, linux isnt for the faint of heart sometimes swatTX  :)00:13
danandsteven_ - ah ok, unless you are registered with nickserv i don't think you can pm people00:13
steven_That'd explain it.00:13
danandsteven_ - will take a look now00:13
Alan_Mdanand, i believe thats right.00:13
Prefix100ive had linux for just over a week and personally im very happy with the change, the only issues i hav ecome across are becuase of my human error00:13
[FT]AlexswatTX what was the command you used to remove the ati drivers? maybe you deleted a module you shouldn't have?00:14
apogil: So, are you root now?00:14
NinjaPlimsolessakkath: what did grep find?00:14
kenromacrobad:  actually, these are graphic novels or manga. aka Japanese comic books. Not Japanese cartoons. ;) But I'm just being banal right now. :)00:14
SakkathNinjaPlimsoles: i have no gpm to copy/paste to you. ubuntu has no `nopaste' script. i can get the script and pipe the results to a file and then upload the results?00:14
Alan_MPrefix100, yeah..some people have no problems with the switch, some do...imo its just experience levels.00:14
PeloPrefix100, the first time I tried ubuntu , it took me a week to boot windows back and that was just to get my email infor00:14
apogil: Then why does it not work?00:14
SakkathNinjaPlimsoles: it's just a ruby script... i can scp from my other box via ssh00:14
apogil: "It does not work" is not a very descriptive bug report :P00:15
swatTX[FT]Alex: i was using the gui.. i went System -> Administration ->Restricted Drivers Manager and unchecked the restricted driver00:15
NinjaPlimsolessakkath: what in gods name have you done to your machine? lol00:15
macrobadgil: if you are root, then 'id -u' should give you 0, otherwise you are not.00:15
Sakkathapo: sounds like what my stepfather says when he says his computer isn't working00:15
SakkathNinjaPlimsoles: what do you mean? ;x00:15
apoSakkath: Indeed00:15
gildont worry , only  arrastre (spanish) the file  into a terminal and  worked00:15
NinjaPlimsolessakkath: im kidding :P00:15
Prefix100Alan_M, oh i have had problems, but the support here is just so active that they dont last long, the worst of which would probly be wireless because i installed ndiswrapper when i didnt need to :/00:15
prettyrickyHey guys how dou you open a bin file. I just downloaded Google Earth to my desktop but its a bin file?00:16
kenromacrobad:  But then, effectual communication -is- predicated on the proper choice of vocabulary, eh?00:16
swatTX[FT]Alex: before it could finish the screen went blank and I had to power it off (ctrl+alt+SysRq+ various keys)00:16
prince_jammysapo: he probably wasnt in the directory where the file is00:16
Pelogil, you need to rememeber that linux is case sensitive,   File is not the same as file , capital letters count00:16
soundrayprettyricky: don't install that file. Better to get it from medibuntu00:16
apoprettyricky: cd ~/Desktop; chmod +x filename; ./filename00:16
Alan_MPrefix100, heh, yeah00:16
SakkathNinjaPlimsoles: a quick `tail' shows it's low speed uhci_hcd at address 400:16
soundray!medibuntu | prettyricky00:16
ubotuprettyricky: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org00:16
=== cpk1_ is now known as cpk1
soundrayprettyricky: bypassing the package manager will only cause you trouble later on00:17
SakkathNinjaPlimsoles: grep for 'mouse' said something about mac button emulation at /class/input/input0 and said mice: ps/2 mouse device common for all mice00:17
[FT]AlexswatTX - hmm. tried "modprobe vesa" or something similar? I'm clutching at straws now... does initramfs give you an error?00:17
Prefix100is there a good irc client for ubuntu?00:17
swatTXwhat does "The creation of swap space in partition #5 of IDE1 master (hda) failed" mean? I got the message when trying to do a fresh install (again)00:17
Prefix100that highlights etc00:17
SakkathNinjaPlimsoles: i'd say the former information is more useful00:17
hekatontarchosI'm looking for a copy of ubuntu that I can install to a PPC based computer00:17
[FT]AlexswatTX - actually, have you tried just typing exit?00:17
NinjaPlimsolessakkath: well UHCI would suggest its detecting something....00:17
hekatontarchosdoes anyone know where I can find one?00:17
prettyrickyso go to medibuntu?00:17
macrobadkenro: Well, it is. I just keep confusing manga and anime, and keep being corrected each time. I am wondering why are there so many manga and anime fans in *nix community?00:17
apoPrefix100: irssi00:17
SakkathNinjaPlimsoles: another thing is that i don't know if i've ever used usb1 vs the new usb...00:17
swatTX[FT]Alex: exit sends me right back to the prompt00:18
PeloswatTX, means the installer was not able to create your swap partiton00:18
Prefix100kk ty00:18
apomacrobad: Why not?00:18
soundray!ppc | hekatontarchos00:18
ubotuhekatontarchos: PowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ00:18
SakkathNinjaPlimsoles: lsusb shows it00:18
bruenigphoenix24: did you figure it out yet?00:18
* Pelo waves to soundray , long time no see00:18
BellaDno sound after alsa re-install and desktop reinstall00:18
NinjaPlimsolessakkath: hmmmmmmmmm00:18
BellaDwho can help restore sound00:18
[FT]AlexI have dapper on my ibook. the wireless networking was a nightmare :D00:18
hekatontarchosthanks soundray00:18
phoenix24bruenig: Nope, was occupied else where.00:18
PeloBellaD, check your users permissions see that you are allowed to use sound devices00:19
swatTXPelo, does that mean my drive is bad?00:19
macrobadapo: err... I don't mind! But it seems there is a strong correlation between using *nix and adoring anime.00:19
bruenigphoenix24: here is a script: http://rafb.net/p/zSS8ip78.html00:19
prettyrickywhich package do I get there is a few there in medibuntu00:19
bruenigphoenix24: execute with whateveryounameit file1 file2 file3 file4 ...00:19
NinjaPlimsolessakkath: must be the generic mouse driver not liking your wireless mouse, but i guess you already know that :P00:19
SakkathNinjaPlimsoles: :(00:19
PeloswatTX, try prepartitionning your hdd before starting the installer ,  you can do it from gnome partiton editor in the admin menu of the live cd desktop ,  use manual partitonning during the install to point to the correct partitons00:19
swatTXPelo, it shows my HD as unallocated00:20
apomacrobad: Dunno, you'd have to make a study :P00:20
kenromacrobad:  Couldn't say, but can guess creative and/or geekfolk people (those who like to share their knowledge with others, whether or not others appreciate it) and puzzlesolvers like *nix?00:20
PeloswatTX, it doesn't mean your drive is bad,  it might just be the installer acting up , shit happens on occasion00:20
soundrayprettyricky: there is more than one googleearth package?00:20
[FT]AlexPelo wouldn't that kill his partition if it's still around?00:20
NinjaPlimsolessakkath: did you note the device ID of your mouse when you lsusb'ed00:20
BellaDin user menu all options are ok  I am allowed to use sound devices00:21
cpk1if I am running a network off a linux box and the wired nic is on and the wireless is on is there a way to get clients to be able to communicate from nic to nic(i think a wins server will fix this?)00:21
prettyrickywell not package but a list. Theres no where in there to download anything00:21
PeloswatTX, try doing   5-10 gig for / in ext3 ,  2x RAM for swap in linux-swap,  the rest for /home or how ever you want it ( you absolutely need a /home)00:21
macrobadapo: kenro: I certainly do. Does it sound like a good thesis topic? ^^00:21
kenromacrobad:  intelligence is congruant to creativity?00:21
Docfxitprince_jammys » Tx that did it. It's in /var/log/auth.log00:21
Pelo[FT]Alex, not sure I get what you are saying00:21
prince_jammysDocfxit: good00:21
danandsteven_ - run asoundconf list again. the output of that you said was Intel. Copy that output exactly into the following command - asoundconf set-default-card name_you_got_from_asoundconf_list_command :)00:21
soundray!repos > prettyricky, please read the factoid (private message) on how to enable repositories00:22
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prettyrickyok ty00:22
* NinjaPlimsoles gets frustrated00:22
LasivianI have a driver problem. The wireless driver I need doesn't work on the current kernel. Not sure where to go to try and fix it, or get a new one written. Any ideas? thanks00:22
steven_danand: done00:22
PeloNinjaPlimsoles,  it happens to the best of us00:22
cpk1Lasivian: what chipset do you have?00:22
* NinjaPlimsoles sings Its the Final Countdown by Europe00:22
BellaDpelo any other Ideas?00:23
[FT]AlexPelo - me either :D his partition should still be there I think, since he hasn't touched it. but if gparted thinks his hard drive is empty, then it will overwrite his existing partition if he makes any changes00:23
macrobadkenro, at least I haven't seen any chavs watching anime. ;)00:23
danandsteven_ - any sound?00:23
steven_Nope. =(00:23
kenromacrobad:  define chav...00:23
IanLiuHow do I install latest Pidgin on Ubuntu?00:23
Prefix100theres a well good forum topic for sound00:23
PeloBellaD, just the basic trouble shooting stuff, check connecitons,  check power,  check in menu > system > prefs > sound, make sure your device is selected for all events,   type alsamixer in the terminal make sure all the levels are up and not muted00:23
IanLiuis there a way to install cutting-edge apps?00:24
NinjaPlimsoleskenro: likes Ford Escorts and listens to Trance cd's00:24
bruenigphoenix24: report back on success/failure if you would00:24
matttailIm having a problem with my keyboard and afresh install of ubuntu.  I cant type apostrophe or double quotes.  How do I fix this?00:24
bruenigIanLiu: use a different distro, ubuntu is meant to be way behind00:24
prince_jammyskenro: a chav is like a brit hipster00:24
danandsteven_ - ok try restarting alsa then try again. to restart alsa type sudo /etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart00:24
macrobadkenro: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chav Urbandictionary is good too.00:24
BellaDI have done all that00:24
NinjaPlimsoleskenro: they often use words like 'brap' or 'brutha' and speak like londoners, even though they live in Somerset00:24
* nickrud wonders how 3-9 months can be 'way behind'00:24
Pelo[FT]Alex, I didn'T read that part I just read where he said the installer failed to create the swap , don't know about the rest00:24
BellaDPelo i have done all that00:24
IanLiubruenig: Thats for stability purposes?00:24
Pelonickrud,  welcome to computer time00:25
bruenigIanLiu: I don't know what the excuse is00:25
steven_danand: Nope, nothing.00:25
thesurvivormangetdeb has pidgin 2.400:25
PeloBellaD, any special chipset ?00:25
ubotuCommon Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should. Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability.00:25
bruenigIanLiu: mistrust of user competence probably00:25
danandsteven_ - :(00:25
Prefix100steven_ - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=205449 read that if you havnt already i guess00:25
thesurvivormansome of the plugins are buggy in it00:25
phoenix24bruenig: thanks a lot! working well for the few I tried.00:25
IanLiubruenig: :P ok, thanks00:25
kenroNinjaPlimsoles:  Ever known a chav from Selma alabama? Or is this so exclusive to UK?00:25
Lasiviancpk1: Hermes I, it works with the basic Orinoco driver, but there is no monitor mode00:26
prince_jammysits a UK thing00:26
steven_danand: Definitely :(00:26
musashiafter setting up raid 1, my computer no longer boots. it hangs for a while, resumes and then dumps to (initramfs). my system worked fine with raid set up but not mirroring. last night i did "mdadm /dev/md1 -G -n 2" or order to get it mirror. That's all i did. now it doesn't boot. any help?00:26
macrobadkenro: English is not my native language, so I may not know some slight differences.00:26
NinjaPlimsoleskenro: the name is exclusive, but im sure you get yobs where you live00:26
miticopumaCiao a tutti!!!00:26
BellaDno used to work00:26
macrobadkenro: How would you call that type of guys?00:26
danandsteven_ - does lsmod | grep intel give you snd-hda-intel?00:27
BellaDPelo it still worked this morning00:27
prince_jammysmacrobad: hipsters00:27
PeloBellaD,  have you tried booting the previous kernel see if the sound works wit that ?00:27
BellaDappears as installed00:27
PeloBellaD, what havwe you dones snce this morning ?00:27
steven_danand: Yep, snd_hda_intel - 263712 - 100:27
BellaDbut no icon in tray00:27
BellaDand no sound00:27
NinjaPlimsolesPelo: well first, i got up and had a piece of toast00:27
kenromacrobad:  Frankly, I'm not up on currentish slang...00:28
matttailmy single qoute/double quote key is acting at an accecent make key ex: ó but the keyboard layout is set to US 104 key00:28
swatTXPelo: when manually creating the partitions do i need to specify a mount point?00:28
Loganhello all00:28
PeloBellaD,  the no icon in the tray is usualy indicative that your user does not have permision to use the sound device ,  check in menu > system > admain > user,  under your username, properties,  see that that box is checked00:28
prettyrickythanks guys google earth worked00:28
BellaDbooting previous kernel? tell me more how do I do that?00:28
NinjaPlimsolesswatXT: the mountpoint is only assigned when you umount it00:28
NinjaPlimsolesswatXT: all linux volumes are virtual00:28
swatTXNinjaPlimsoles: thanks00:29
PeloswatTX,  at some point during the install,  you will select manual partitioning,   the step following the ones that looks liek gparted , you will be given the options to select mount points for your partitions00:29
danandsteven_ - i should have checked this first ... are you a member of the audio group. type groups in a terminal ... if audio is in the list you are00:29
Prefix100oh btw, when you plug an ipod into ubuntu when its been in xp, do you have to format it or something?00:29
BellaDAs I I have stated earlier all user privilege boxes are checked00:30
steven_danand: Yeah, I am.00:30
cpk1Lasivian: what version orinoco driver you have?00:30
LoganI have a question, i'm a noob and trying to install ubuntu 7.10 , no matter what option i select when the ubuntu boot menu apears i get a command screen saying (initramfs) any ideas, please??00:30
NinjaPlimsolesPrefix100: no, but you do if it touches a Mac00:30
Prefix100ahh yeah kk00:30
PeloBellaD, if it is a permission problem which i think it is , booting the previous kernel will not change the outcome, but to boot the previous kernel,   just  hit esc aftter the bios stuff when you boot, that will give you the grub boot menu,  you can select from tehre,  usualy about 4 lines down00:30
SakkathNinjaPlimsoles: 045e:008c is the id from lsusb00:30
Prefix100cause my friends ipod got owned by plugging it in to my pc ^^00:31
PeloBellaD,  the user priviledged for your username, not for root,  just saying00:31
NinjaPlimsolesPrefix100, lol00:31
[FT]Alexquick question - is virtualisation for gaming still a bad idea?00:31
macrobadkenro: Well, I am not up to it too, definitly, and rather picking up some from movies and web. At any rate, I'll presume in America these guys are called hipsters, and in UK -- charvs, and they don't watch anime or manga!00:31
Kl4m[FT]Alex: Yes.00:31
bittin[FT]Alex: yepp00:31
swatTXPelo:  when i create new partition I have the option for primary or logical. which do i use (sorry never done a manual install before)00:31
[FT]Alexthanks guys00:31
Kl4mMaybe not with hypervisors type stuff00:31
cpk1wine/cedega does a good job though [FT]Alex00:31
NinjaPlimsolesmacrobad, geeks watch anime....... i am a geek ^^00:31
Kl4mbut virtualisation à la VMWare is still no00:32
BellaDI will try the kernel option I have  tried so many things00:32
Prefix100wine is so good00:32
BellaDthanks lets see00:32
[FT]Alexcpk1, yeah. I installed steam through wine but the steam community doesn't work00:32
PeloswatTX, you can only have up to 4 primary partitons on one hdd,  if you are planning to have more then that you can only have 3 primaries and the rest must be logical00:32
BellaDPelo  thank you and maybe........00:32
kenromacrobad:  Sad, but true. I'm not so much weighed down like your typical 43 year old. I'm more... diffusive. To the point I'm trying to learn everything, experience everything, before I die. Who knows? I might not die.00:32
cpk1[FT]Alex: did you look on wines appdb? they have a lot of workaround for problems and the status on problems for popular games00:32
DeLe0ni had sound working on my hp dv6233se, then i sent it to service, they changed the mobo, and i have no sound ... i've done the possible solutions but still nothing, i have sound in Arch Linux, but not in ubuntu... any suggestions?00:32
Prefix100[FT]Alex, yeah i had that until i got wine from winehq site instad of the package manager00:33
NinjaPlimsolesPelo: good practice to use logical for swap?00:33
* Pelo beats the floodbots to a bloody pulp00:33
rhineheart_mis it possible to set SSL redirection to local IP using apache2?00:33
LoganSo can anybody help?? Please00:33
bittinbut [FT]Alex u can play linux games even if i know sometimes its fun playing with friends :P00:33
PeloNinjaPlimsoles, by default  ubuntu installs the swap as logical , I do the same00:33
danandsteven_ - the only thing i can suggest (other than crying) is to look at that link and work through that ... or search for your sound chip on google and see if the ubuntu forums turn anything up - sorry - kinda out of ideas. Tried all I know :(00:33
bittinand iam also misses Steam in osx :(00:33
Prefix100Logan check the cd interity its like the 4th option or something from the boot cd00:33
[FT]AlexPrefix100 you got IM working in steam?00:34
chei installed realplayer 10 GOLD yesterday but i wanna uninstall today i can't find in package manager how to uninstall it00:34
Loganwill do cheers00:34
macrobadNinjaPlimsoles: Do I have to watch anime so that I could be called geek? ^^00:34
Prefix100steam friends?00:34
steven_danand: Haha, I'll see if crying works THEN the URL. Thanks for all the help though. =)00:34
Prefix100its a bit tempermental00:34
kenromacrobad:  What country you in?00:34
linuxbombI was just in the gentoo room and they told me to type sudo emerge -avD kde-base/kdebase-startkde:kde-4 for kde4 is this right?00:34
NinjaPlimsolesmacrobad: nah, you can get the title other ways... like compiling a kernel while drunk00:34
Prefix100but i type something then close the window then when they reply i get it in like 5 mins or something00:34
Peloche, did you install real player from a .bin file ? you'll need to rip it out of your system the hardway,  by deleting the correct files00:34
macrobadkenro: I would have never guessed your age. Finland, but I am originally from Russia.00:34
geeklinuxbomb: for KDE4 on00:34
danandsteven_ - np. sorry we can't get it to work - luck though :)00:34
[FT]Alexbittin - :p I've been playing tux racer all day since I got direct rendering working00:34
geekubuntu, no00:34
soundraylinuxbomb: not on Ubuntu, no00:34
alesanhi which program can I use to write some text on a PDF file and then save the newly created pdf? I tired pdfedit but for some reasons it is very slow and does not work well on my pdf files00:34
swatTXPelo, to use the rest of the space for the /home folder do i need to specify /home as the mount point on that partition?00:35
bittin[FT]Alex: haha ;) u play counter-strike in steam?00:35
PeloswatTX, yes00:35
chepelo: yeah i installed bin file on my /usr/local/RealPlayer how to delete that files ?00:35
linuxbombsoundray, it says command not found should I get rid of the sudo?00:35
Prefix100lol i got wine to get my old steam account going _just_ to play audio surf :)00:35
* NinjaPlimsoles hides from the .bin file00:35
soundrayalesan: none of the free programs work very well yet. Try flpsed. I got best results by importing PDFs into kword00:35
[FT]Alexbittin - I mostly play tf2. a few friends from my clan tried css one day and got absolutely destroyed00:35
Peloche, sudo rm /usr/local/RealPlayer00:35
hischildPrefix100, audiosurf is amazing <300:35
sergevndoes anyone have any experience with xvmc and mplayer?00:35
alesansoundray: interesting. thanks.00:36
Prefix100felt bad dirtying my linux command center with windows apps :'(00:36
sergevntrying to play 1080p on 8800GT00:36
bittin[FT]Alex: ah then it was nothing but Urban Terror is kinda like cs 1.6 :P00:36
steven_danand: On a side note, I didn't really think about system BIOS. Let's try that out. ;) BRB.00:36
alesansoundray: what about non free programs? is there something?00:36
LoganHey Prefix100, i tried that but got the (initramfs) again does this mean the cd is damaged, i've treid four different ones and keep getting the same thing but the right image is on the desktop, so can't understand?00:36
NinjaPlimsolesPrefix100, lol command center? :P00:36
soundraylinuxbomb: emerge is not for ubuntu00:36
[FT]AlexI'll check it out, bittin. cheers00:36
kenromacrobad:  Fountain of youth, til time itself catches up with you, is to never marry, never specialize. :) Works wonders in your ineffibility. :)00:36
macrobadNinjaPlimsoles: last time I have touched a machine being drunken, I managed to format Dad's flash drive with lots of important info... So, I'd better find other ways, yeah! =)00:36
Prefix100redownload the image Logan maybe00:36
soundrayalesan: I think you can run Adobe Acrobat through wine.00:36
bittin[FT]Alex: http://www.urbanterror.net/news.php but dunno00:36
* Pelo wonders why we need 3 floodbots00:36
alesansoundray: you mean the writer00:37
NinjaPlimsolesmacrobad: the title 'supergeek' can only be achieved by owning all of the Guyver series on original VHS or Laserdisc :P00:37
bittinits fun anyways :00:37
* hischild explains so that when one goes crazy they have 2 to stop him00:37
Lasiviancpk1: sorry talking to the dev folks about it. I don't know the orinoco version, but it lacks monitor mode00:37
Prefix100and if that doesnt work out for you order some cds from the site00:37
nickrudthey hand off to one another, when they're working right00:37
Prefix100i think they are free?00:37
Loganhoping not to do that but, hey i got time to spare, it will be worth it, to get rid of windows...00:37
Lasivianit does "work" tho, but I have to add the details by hand00:37
soundrayalesan: I mean Adobe Acrobat (as opposed to Adobe Reader)00:37
Prefix100yeah lol00:37
gribouillewhen I type dpkg --list, I get the line "Desired=Unknown/Install/Remove/Purge/Hold00:37
gribouille| Status=Not/Installed/Config-f/Unpacked/Failed-cfg/Half-inst/t-aWait/T-pend00:37
gribouille|/ Err?=(none)/Hold/Reinst-required/X=both-problems (Status,Err: uppercase=bad)". what does it mean ?00:37
alesanok thanks soundray00:37
joomlaNEWBIEis ubuntu beta out yet?00:37
macrobadkenro: Couldn't agree more.00:37
hischildLjL, lawl00:37
Pelogribouille, type man dpkg for more info on that command00:37
LjLhappy? pfff00:37
Loganwell off talk soon, thanks for your help, regards00:38
J-Unitwere can i find a .deb of gnomebaker?00:38
swatTXPelo, i must have screwed something up... got the same error message when trying to do the manual install as well. thanks for your help. I'm sure i'll try again in a few months after the frustration settles.00:38
Logano, lol never mind00:38
alesansoundray: is there a koffice component more like "OO draw" or "corel draw" than kword?00:38
hischildLjL, no :( i was having such a nice conversation with those 2 bots00:38
nickrudlol LjL they are only bots ;)00:38
macrobadNinjaPlimsoles: :P00:38
gribouillePelo, I did it already, but it is not explained00:38
Prefix100and yeah hischild, play 'the who, my generation' - its soooooo good00:38
kenroWho mentioned the Guyver?00:38
PeloswatTX, did you partiton from within the installer ?  go back to the desktp and do it one partiton at a time , using gparted00:38
Prefix100cya logan00:38
hischildPrefix100, does that fall under metal? :-)00:38
Pelogribouille, what are you trying to acheive with this command ?00:38
swatTXPelo, GParted showed my HD as all unallocated00:39
NinjaPlimsolesPrefix100: play - Its the Final Countdown by Europe... its AMAZING :D00:39
chepelo: it gives me like this message " cannot remove `/usr/local/RealPlayer': Is a directory "00:39
Prefix100lol ^^00:39
soundrayalesan: I think there is one called Karbon14, but I haven't tried it00:39
gribouillePelo, I just want to understand how it works00:39
Prefix100ive only had it for under 3 hours =D00:39
LjLPelo: there are three because if one fails when a dangerous mode is set on the channel, it's disaster, as well as because they need to work even when the network is split (actually, specifically when it's split)00:39
D-Unitwere can i get a .deb of gnomebaker/00:39
D-Unitfor feisty00:39
PeloswatTX, what else is suppose to be on it ?00:39
kenroNinjaPlimsoles:  I haven't got around to reading that one yet...00:39
alesanthanks soundray00:39
cpk1Lasivian: well I am looking at a *news flash* dated 2004 that says the cvs version supports monitor and I hope that it would have made it out of cvs by now =)00:39
Peloche,  sudo rm -f /path...00:39
joomlaNEWBIEis there anyway I can put ubuntu 8.04 live cd on a flash drive00:39
joomlaNEWBIEand install it with tthat?00:39
soundray!hardy | joomlaNEWBIE00:40
ubotujoomlaNEWBIE: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu00:40
Peloche,  or it might be  sudo rm -r ,  I can't remember00:40
icesword! logs00:40
ubotuChannel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ - Logs for LoCo channels are at http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/ - See also « /msg ubotu ircstats »00:40
joomlaNEWBIEoops I just exited my irc...00:40
NinjaPlimsolesgribouille, use sudo apt-cache pkgnames00:40
joomlaNEWBIEI think someone answered my question..00:40
soundray!hardy | joomlaNEWBIE00:40
alesando we already have the name of the successor of hardy?00:40
prettyrickyWhy is it that the screen flickers alot when opening googleearth?00:40
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu00:40
Prefix100I hope hardy comes out on the 2nd of april00:40
swatTXPelo, not sure how it got formatted in the first place. it shows blank now. I was trying to do a fresh install00:40
Peloprettyricky, cause googleearth is a demanding app00:40
kenroWHAT!!! buntu 8 is still Alpha!?00:41
Prefix100that would be the sweetest thing to wake up to on my birthday ^^00:41
PeloswatTX, is it suppose to be empty ?00:41
kenroAAARRGH!!! Is THAT why my kernel is so f*ked?00:41
sergevndoes anybody know how to install mplayer with xvmc support?00:41
DocfxitI can't find a log in any file within /var/log/*.* of a startup script called sharex11vnc. Any idea how I can turn logging on for startup scripts?00:42
hischildkenro, chill out man00:42
Kl4mkenro: Ubuntu comes out every 6 months, so after 7.10 it's 8.04, hence april00:42
PeloswatTX, join me in #ubuntu-classroom please00:42
NinjaPlimsoleskenro: and theyre also putting some AMAZING stuff in it, like another brown theme...............erm........a text editor?00:42
chepelo: sudo rm -r is worked, thank you man appreciated !!!00:42
[FT]Alexooooooooooooooh gui or console text editor?00:43
soundrayDocfxit: in Linux shells, *.* means something different than in DOS00:43
pluxNinjaPlimsoles: no a pink theme actually. :P00:43
mike5805hi all i have a quick question, im using ubuntu server and i need find all the files that are 10 days old and move them into another directory, so i type find -atime -1 | cp -r directory, its not working it gives me the error "missing destination file operand after directory" i think its an easy fix but i can figure out00:43
NinjaPlimsoles[FT]Alex, its a ubuntu-made version of Vim, called Vimto :P00:43
captinehi there.  i am pretty new to ubuntu and tried installing the xfce desktop last night.  now i cannot add or remove applications something went wrong00:43
levanderI see where I can print to a postscript file.  Can I also print to a pdf?  Nobody uses postscript.00:43
captineget an error message when typing apt-get install -r00:43
Prefix100aww wow00:43
Docfxitsoundray » How would I select all files in /var/log ?¿00:43
[FT]AlexNinjaPlimsoles is it purple? does it come with a funny poem?00:43
captinei mean -f00:43
Prefix100god that drinks rocks so much00:44
NinjaPlimsolescaptine: have you tried sudo?00:44
captineNinjaPlimsoles, sudo is how i was doing it00:44
soundraymike5805: man xargs. Also, use mtime and the correct argument00:44
kenroNinjaPlimsoles:  I'd as soon settle for a working wlan. And fully configurable plasma. Make it dupl kicker. Yeah. Hell, bring back kicker while you're at it.00:44
soundrayDocfxit: /var/log/*00:44
NinjaPlimsoles[FT]Alex, when you open it Purple Ronnie does a dance on your screen00:44
alesanlevander: almost every unix app that wants to print uses postscript ;)00:44
Docfxitsoundray » Tx00:44
captineNinjaPlimsoles, can i send you the error message in private window?00:44
captinenot sure about rules for pasting into channel00:44
mike5805sound ray, what do you mean correct argument, i know what an argument is but which is wrong00:44
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, sure00:44
gralcohow do i get rid of that change in shade of color at the background of the 3d cube00:45
ElChadoHi, brand new to Ubuntu 7.10 -- I can't get any sound. I can play videos, but no sound comes out, volume is up and not muted. Any help?00:45
prettyrickyis there anyway to correct the flckering in google earth?>00:45
windio00a corporate head at my work gave a talk where he asked us to email ideas to save money and i was wondering, since im not an IT person, how would i go about convincing him to switch over to linux would be the best bet?  are there studies/articles i could use to convince?00:45
hischild!intelhda | ElChado  (that might be of help)00:45
Prefix100ElChado, read this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=20544900:45
ubotuElChado  (that might be of help): For fixing your Intel HDA sound this page has useful information https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto00:45
macrobadDpcfxit: search for "verbose" switches in documentation, and turn it on. However, it would most likely not appear in the logs, and you'll still have to find another way to view the messages.00:45
soundraymike5805: -atime -1 means "all files that have been accessed since yesterday"00:45
dxdtwindio00: Check out slashdot, they have had a lot of those, including I think one the other day00:45
captine * Starting DHCP D-Bus daemon dhcdbd                                            invoke-rc.d: initscript dhcdbd, action "start" failed.00:45
captinedpkg: error processing dhcdbd (--configure):00:45
captine subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 100:45
captinedpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of network-manager:00:45
captine network-manager depends on dhcdbd (>= 1.12-2); however:00:45
captine  Package dhcdbd is not configured yet.00:45
captinedpkg: error processing network-manager (--configure):00:45
captine dependency problems - leaving unconfigured00:45
* NinjaPlimsoles is in shame that hes on the Ubuntu linux channel on a Windows install...and promtly hides00:46
captinedpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of network-manager-gnome:00:46
windio00dxdt, thanks :)00:46
captine network-manager-gnome depends on network-manager (>= 0.6.5); however:00:46
hischild!pastebin | captine00:46
ubotucaptine: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)00:46
captine  Package network-manager is not configured yet.00:46
captinedpkg: error processing network-manager-gnome (--configure):00:46
captine dependency problems - leaving unconfigured00:46
captineErrors were encountered while processing:00:46
mike5805o yea sorry that was a typo, good call though and thanks00:46
captine dhcdbd00:46
dxdtoh noes... he is stuck until the buffer empties00:46
hischildwhere is flootbot :(00:46
captine network-manager00:46
Docfxitsoundray » How would I also parse all sub directories00:46
AndrewBcaptine: please use pastebin00:46
captine network-manager-gnome00:46
captineE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)00:46
hischild<3 LjL00:46
macrobadDocfxit: Or rather, it would appear in some logs, but one cannot tell which ones beforehand.00:46
captineAndrewB, my apologies.  i was trying to do it into a private chat00:46
soundrayDocfxit: depends on the command00:46
LjLyou deserved it for complaining about the floodbots00:46
Docfxitmacrobad » Tx I'll look00:46
yagohi, I have an intel 82852/855GM and Kubuntu 7.10. can I run compiz-fusion?00:46
AndrewBnp captine00:46
kenroSo let me get this straight. Ubuntu's release numbers are version number . month of release?00:46
InstabinHas any one here installed synergy?00:46
hischildLjL, i was't complaining, i love them! i was having such a nice conv :(00:47
LjLhischild: well the ones who were complaining00:47
NinjaPlimsoleskenro: yes, so 8.14 will be released when?00:47
hischildLjL, ah lol ... i c00:47
LjLkenro: no, year, month00:47
macrobadkenro: year.month00:47
[FT]Alexkenro - release numbers are year.month00:47
macrobad@LjL: you are faster00:47
InstabinIs there a way to have it start by it self00:47
alesansoundray: when I try to open my pdf with flpsed,  get an error: exec: No such file or directory Please install ghostscript and make sure 'gs' is in the PATH. of course ghostscript is installed and gs is in /usr/bin00:47
D-Unitwen i download sumtin thru apt-get in terminal or synaptic it downloads .debs b4 installing them...were does it install them again?00:47
NinjaPlimsolesD-Unit, everywhere00:48
kenroLjL:  So having started in 2001, it only worked out that way...00:48
soundray!session | Instabin00:48
ubotuInstabin: To add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot00:48
D-UnitNinjaPlimsoles, it was sumtin var/apt or sumtin lke that im lookin for00:48
alesansoundray: and kword actually converts the pdf in a kword document, that is quite nice, but not what I want.00:48
`Davidi have my dial-up set up but when i click on the network icon and select it it doesnt do anything00:48
captineNinjaPlimsoles, the full error is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/58551/ i think00:48
phoenix5002so when in april will Hardy be released?  start of the month?00:48
dxdtD-Unit: /var/cache/apt/archives00:48
Instabinsoundray: i need it to start before i login00:48
kikrdoes anyone know why firefox keeps freezing whenever i click on a link to open a popup?00:48
dxdtD-Unit: Is that what you were looking for?00:48
Lasiviancpk1: i've tried to compile the CVS version, but it won't work with the current kernel00:48
`Davidand i have gnome-ppp archived on a cd but i can't figure out how to extract and compile00:49
D-Unitdxdt, k, thx, i think so00:49
Prefix100Second of april! (imah hoping.)00:49
Lasiviancpk1: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=58342600:49
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, your trying to clean dependencies?00:49
`Davidhelp someone?00:49
A_arthur_NHello, I was wondering if anyone has some experience with "parted".  I just partitioned my drive (for a reinstall), I used gparted on the live-cd and resized and formatted some partitions.  Now when I try to install all the partitions are missing (just says unallocated).  This is strange since I just installed windows fine on the first partition.  When I go into CLI and enter parted the output for print is "Error: Can't have overlapping partitions."..00:49
A_arthur_N. any ideas?00:49
Prefix100why do you use dial up david :<00:49
Instabinits a program called synergy it allows me to use 2 monitors, 2 computers, and one keyboard and mouse00:50
NinjaPlimsoles`David, is it a standard Linux source tar?00:50
windio00dxdt:  i did a search and the article that popped up was that an ubuntu dell computer is $225 more than a windows :)  http://linux.slashdot.org/linux/07/07/10/2354207.shtml00:50
D-Unitdxdt, ya it was wat i was lookin for00:50
`Davidi dont even know00:50
dxdtwindio00: yeah but that is just one case, and there are a lot of studies and things.  Pluse, I think that may have been an error that got fixed eventually or something00:50
D-Unitdxdt, i can copy those to usb flash drive and install on a non networked ubuntu comp, right?00:50
`Davidi've been doign this for 4 hours00:51
phoenix5002I currently have the same drivers for my video card that Ubuntu gave me upon install.  But, I'm going to upgrade them.  Just wondering if something went wrong how could I get back to my driver state NOW.?  could I just reconfigure X and it will reset?00:51
macrobad`David: if you are using gnome-ppp, it is based on console wvdial. So, you may try to connect with it instead. But first, try typing gnome-ppp in console, and tell us the output.00:51
soundrayalesan: strange about the gs -- don't know what to advise, sorry00:51
D-Unitdxdt, im trying to get gnomebaker to work on another comp00:51
`Davidand i still can't connect to the internet with ubuntu00:51
Instabinwindio00: its cheaper if you build your own00:51
`Davidi'm on windows xp right now00:51
kenroif anyone cares, I is afk00:51
dxdtD-Unit: technically, yeah, but you have to make sure you get all of the dependencies.  A lot of times one .deb will rely on 2 or 3 others.00:51
captineNinjaPlimsoles, i think so.  i got a similar error when installing applications or trying to remove them.  it would not work00:51
icesword$225=1995 RMB00:51
[FT]AlexI'm also going away kenro. COINCIDENCE!00:51
[FT]Alexback later probably :p00:51
D-Unitdxdt, but the dependencies are also located there, right?00:52
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, try sudo apt-get -f install00:52
D-Unitdxdt, the dependencies are other .debs, right?00:52
dxdtD-Unit: should be, just make sure you get them all.  I think.  I've never tried.00:52
windio00Instabin, walmart has some cheap ones . . .00:52
smackywhen i type this ..this is what i get why    sudo chmod +x /mkiso00:52
smackychmod: cannot access `/mkiso': No such file or directory00:52
captineNinjaPlimsoles, same message00:52
D-Unitdxdt, well ill try it out00:52
soundrayInstabin: you need to configure gdm to start it then. Sorry, can't help with the detail00:53
Instabinwindio00: you could build a better one for the memory00:53
captineNinjaPlimsoles, something is wron with dhcpd d-bus daemon -- whatever that is00:53
Instabinwindio00: you could build a better one for the money... sorry00:53
NinjaPlimsolescaptine: yeah gimme a tick00:53
macrobad`David: It is problematic to troubleshot anything virtually. Starting gnome-ppp from terminal and then attempting to connect would give you some error messages to the terminal.00:53
windio00Instabin, for $299?00:53
Instabinwindio00: yep00:53
Instabinwindio00: www.newegg.com00:53
Docfxitmacrobad » I found "-verbose" as a command line option. I added it to the command line. I'm remote into the box now so I can't test it. Next time I'm in front of the machine I'll test it.00:54
iceswordwindio00, i don't believe it,$299=dell ubuntu laptop?00:54
smackychmod: cannot access `/mkiso': No such file or directory00:54
Prefix100whats that £150?00:54
Sakkathdoes ubuntu come w/gnome-ppp00:54
Instabinwindio00: but If i would build a new computer it wouldnt be 299 pos00:54
windio00icesword, no they were saying $299 more for the computer00:55
soundraysmacky: that's because you don't have a file mkiso in your root (/) directory00:55
windio00Instabin, i was going to say, if i went to newegg i wouldnt be spending @49900:55
smackyI just build a amd quad for under 300 us dollars00:55
iceswordwindio00, so what is the total price00:55
alesanis there a fltk-2.x on Ubuntu?00:55
windio00Instabin, $29900:55
cpk1Lasivian: this looks like it might have source patched for 2.6 http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/Networking/ORINOCO_MONITOR_and_KISMET_HOWTO00:55
macrobadDocfxit: that program might send errors to its own log file, defined elsewhere. If you are lucky, it is placed in /var/log/messages/sharex11vnc/00:55
smackysoundray i save it in my home folder00:56
Instabinwindio00: LOL you never know some people still use celerons LOL!!00:56
windio00icesword, dont know i think you mixed up two of my conversations00:56
soundraysmacky: try ~/mkiso then00:56
Docfxitmacrobad » no telling. I'll have to see if I can find it.00:56
mynymlwould anyone know why my SD card is mounted read only? this just started happening now00:56
Instabinwindio00: the realy dumb ones buy the dells with 256mgs of ram on special00:56
A_arthur_Nany help with my partition problem?  anyone ever have a similar problem?00:56
Docfxitmacrobad » Tx for your help.00:56
windio00Instabin, i was stupid and stole one with 256mb wasnt worth it00:57
macrobadDocfxit: You're welcome.00:57
fabrihi i´ve followed two tutorials trying to get ati fxglr to work and cant00:57
fabrii´m just trying to get the nicer desktop features00:57
Prefix100going /afk to watch lost00:57
Instabinwindio00: LOL stealing is not worth the risk...00:57
fabribut it leeps saying composite not available00:57
smackysoundray now i get chmod: missing operand after `/mkiso'00:57
smackyTry `chmod --help' for more information.00:57
darkcrabstole one?00:57
windio00Instabin, not for 256 mb of ram it isnt00:57
posrWho now hacking channle pls?00:58
fabriwould anyone help me?00:58
Instabinwindio00: I have one computer w/ vista and one with ubuntu 7.1000:58
posrfabri what your problem?00:58
fabriati drivers00:58
soundraysmacky: what's the exact command you're entering?00:58
fabriand realtek sound drivers00:58
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, this will be a pain in the arse :P00:58
posrok ask me i try to help00:58
bittinposr: evil or good hackers?00:58
Instabinvista is a 3700 with 1.5 gb ram and ubuntu is a 2800 with 768mg ram00:58
fabriposr: i have installed the fglrx00:58
posrbittin evil00:58
smackysmacky@desktop:~$ sudo chmod /mkiso00:58
fabrifollowing the insturctions00:58
windio00Instabin, ive got one with xp pro and two with debian00:58
bittinposr: they are kinda secret =D00:59
fabriposr: but couldnt get it to work00:59
osotogariRunning ubuntu fiesty on a server at home,  I want to SSH into it but whenever i do this at the command line i get a timeout error. However if I use ubuntu's built in "connect to server" utility I can connect to my home machine no problem and browse my file system. Anyone come across this before?00:59
Instabinwindio00: do you use synergy00:59
posrfabri whait 1 sec00:59
fabriok thanks!00:59
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darkcrabhow long will it be until hardy comes out00:59
windio00Instabin, nope00:59
captineNinjaPlimsoles, nice.00:59
windio00Instabin, i just ssh in usually01:00
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NinjaPlimsolescaptine, is this for wireless internet?01:00
Instabinwindio00: its a great program if you have the extra monitors01:00
windio00Instabin, yep i do01:00
posrfabri i never been using fglrx i hope this help u http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/Problems_with_fglrx01:00
yagodoes anyone know how to install Compiz-fusion?01:00
soundraysmacky: what are you trying to do?01:00
captineNinjaPlimsoles, why do i always mess things up so badly.  I recently installed the wifi, but using the restricted drivers gui01:00
smacky<sound> I got the iso script save it in my home folder as a tesxt file01:00
mukiexIs it possible to get the full resolution/refresh rate/timing information of the resolution you're currently running?01:00
Instabinwindio00: I have 2 monitors and one keyboard and mouse it moves from my vista to my ubunut01:00
windio00Instabin, i got all my company's crts they were throwing out01:00
oddalotcompiz-fusion is installed by default on 7.1001:00
fabriposr: thanks i´ll read it, will be the third tutorial... also01:00
captineNinjaPlimsoles, the error arrose when i installed xfce01:00
posrbittin ok can u give me a good hackers channel ? :D01:00
oddalotjust install the manager thingy01:00
oddalotand it runs01:00
fabriposr: do you know anything about the realtek hd audio drives?01:00
posrfabri good luck :)01:00
fabriposr: drivers, i can´t get no sound either01:01
soundraysmacky: you want to make it executable? 'chmod +x ~/mkiso'01:01
posrfabri alsa driver come defult with system and sound should work01:01
Sakkathafter you add/uncoment a source, is apt-get update the way to update cache, etc?01:01
fabriposr: it won´t work01:01
Instabinwindio00: did you ever see what synergy does...01:01
bittinposr: don't got any01:01
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, sudo lsmod | grep dhcbdb01:01
fabriposr: i have it on, it loads the drivers, and everything, but doesnt sound01:01
captineNinjaPlimsoles, i now cannot install or remove any applications with apt01:01
bittin /j #evilhackers01:01
smackydont i have to do sudo mv mkiso /usr/bin ???01:02
posrfabri hmm 1 sec pls01:02
captineNinjaPlimsoles, no output01:02
posrbittin :(01:02
osotogariRunning ubuntu fiesty on a server at home,  I want to SSH into it but whenever i do this at the command line i get a timeout error. However if I use ubuntu's built in "connect to server" utility I can connect to my home machine no problem and browse my file system. Anyone come across this before?01:02
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, interesting01:02
c0rrposr: #/dev/null01:02
soundraysmacky: you can do that afterwards if you want01:02
Instabinwindio00: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=784226351652320310&q=synergy&total=5307&start=0&num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=201:02
soundraysmacky: better to put it in /usr/local/bin though01:02
bastid_raZorosotogari; are you sure your isp isn't blocking ports 23? mine are i have to forward 23 and 22 and 8001:03
xobiusyago, you only have to install gnome-compiz-manager and emerald, if you want more effects01:03
tony__I am a newbie and have a question about Compiz.01:03
smackynow i got a blinking >01:03
Jordan_Uosotogari, Do you have openssh-server installed?01:03
bastid_raZorosotogari; also if you're behind a router you'll have to forward 23 or 22 to that box01:03
windio00Instabin, looks interesting kinda like a dual monitor thing01:03
icesword! virus01:04
ubotuA/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2101:04
posrc0rr in that channel are people are dead :D01:04
soundraysmacky: do a Ctrl-C and type it correctly next time01:04
Instabinwindio00: yes except with 2 computers01:04
macrobadosotogari: Do you choose ssh in connect to setver dialog?01:04
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alesansoundray: flpsed 0.61, not the old 0.3xx included in ubuntu, is very nice01:05
alesanI had to compile fltk 2.x and flpsed anyway01:05
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, basically dhcdbd is a dbus interface for dhclient for Networkmanager to control NIC's01:05
posrWho know a channel where i cen get a help about hacking i need to do a big trouble :)01:05
soundrayalesan: good to know, thx01:06
LjL!channels > posr    (posr, see the private message from Ubotu)01:06
NinjaPlimsolesposr: are you gonna be hunting Wabbits?01:06
posrLjL ubotu he is drunk :(01:06
captineNinjaPlimsoles, my network is working fine, as i am on internet chatting. so what could the problem be?01:06
nicolas_some body know if exist one mini linux for motorola v3?01:06
captineNinjaPlimsoles, should i try removing the wifi device?01:07
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, are you on wifi?01:07
captineno.  using cord01:07
nicolas_hi!! existe mini linux distribution for motorola v3 phone?01:07
captineNinjaPlimsoles, installed wifi as i will be touring soon and need  wifi for the youth hostels i will be in01:07
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, and the WiFi card works? changing to Xfce gave you this error?01:08
arrrghhhok, so i have an ssh server running on my machine.  if my friend has an account on this machine, what permissions do they need to access ssh?01:08
captineNinjaPlimsoles, had not tested connecting to a network.  the card did pick up the networks within my apartment area01:09
icesword!pgp key01:09
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about pgp key - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:09
icesword!gpg key01:09
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about gpg key - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:09
windio00Instabin, not sure if it would work though, i have two different keyboard layouts01:09
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, well the fact it picked up the networks means its probably working ok01:09
Ezrahere's a doosie: why is there so much more difficult to install shared printer in kubuntu than with the default gnome desktop?01:09
captineNinjaPlimsoles, the error arose when installing xfce.  it must have been doing some network manager installation01:09
posrwhen ubuntu goes out with new version?01:10
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NinjaPlimsolescaptine, relink that error dump, ive lost it lol01:10
NinjaPlimsolesposr: 8.0401:10
posrNinjaPlimsoles thanks but when date?01:10
NinjaPlimsolesposr: Ubuntu versioning = year/date01:10
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NinjaPlimsolesposr: April 200801:11
posrNinjaPlimsoles thanks u realy help01:11
NinjaPlimsolesposr: so in future, if you just look at the next version number, its the release date01:11
sendsendhi guys01:12
posrNinjaPlimsoles :) ok01:12
Azodonlooking for a way to see GPU Temp. Is there a program in 7.10? ( my current ver)01:13
hw00djohnanyone have any idea as to why my sound would stop working?01:13
osotogari@bastid_raZor: I have the ssh server listening on port 2266 which is forwarded to my router01:13
theunixgeekI love the message that pops up when you run GParted without sudo: "Since GParted can be a weapon of mass destruction only root may run it."01:14
theunixgeekIt's awesome!01:14
AzodonGrafix Card Nvidia01:14
Fishscenelol, Geek01:14
osotogari@ Jordan_U: Yes i installed openssh-server01:14
osotogari@macrobad: Yes I choose ssh to connect to in the server dialog01:15
NinjaPlimsolestheunixgeek: do you think Hans Blix sanctioned that userland msg? :P01:15
cpk1E: I wasn't able to locate file for the liboggflac3 package. This might mean you need to manually fix this package.  how does one go about manually fixing a package?01:15
captineNinjaPlimsoles, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/58551/01:15
techqbertany1 in here get apache2 working on verizon fios on non-80 port and still have good upload/download speeds?01:15
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, sudo apt-get autoremove01:16
smackysoundray i got it install thank you01:16
macrobadosotogari, could it be that you attempt to establish two simultaneous connections: one from CLI, and one from GUI?01:16
prettyrickyhey guys when Installing google earth where in the world does it install cause I cant see it anywhere01:17
posrWho can help me pwnd one web site? i work for that one week and now i need a good help who knows about ftp passwords01:17
tripppyhi, im booting up my laptop 7.10 installed, about 1/3rd of load bar, it reboots, then boots into ubuntu succesfully01:17
captineNinjaPlimsoles, it is removing libgsf-gnome-1-11401:18
osotogari@ macrobad: the CLI attempt just times outs with the following error :ssh: <ipaddress>:<port>: Name or service not known01:18
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, righty ho, let it do that01:18
macrobadosotogari: If I were you, I'd try to sniff somehow for the command Gnome uses to connect you to the server. For example, 'ps -ef | grep ssh' after the connection is established may provide you with this information.01:18
bazhangposr: wrong channel for that01:18
captineNinjaPlimsoles, what country you from?  am thinking england or something.01:18
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, how did you guess?01:19
osotogari@microbad: Ill give it a try01:19
captineNinjaPlimsoles, the righty o stuff.  anyhow, i got the same error message\01:19
Sakkathis gnome-ppp installed by default? can you install from livecd?01:19
kenroHey! Who you calling a posr?01:19
DrBeaverhausenTrying to install wine update and keep getting error message "E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.01:20
DrBeaverhausenE: _cache->open() failed, please report."  What do I do?01:20
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, now do sudo apt-cache showpkg dhcdbd01:20
kenroDrBeaverhausen: yer krazi01:20
bazhangDrBeaverhausen: run the command it suggests01:21
orudiei'm in putty logged in as administrative user, trying to create a directory and it says permission denied01:21
orudieanyone konws why ?01:21
bazhangkenro please stop01:21
macrobadosotogari: Oh, yes, please! I have the same problem here now! o_O01:21
captineNinjaPlimsoles, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/58554/01:21
osotogari@microbad: strangeness01:21
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, try reinstalling uit01:22
kenrobazhang: Granted, due to my antipathy to typing, that didn't cum ot rite... I'll shut up.01:22
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, *it01:22
DrBeaverhausenOK, how do I make myself a superuser01:22
biggahedhello there. Ive got a notebook which has a hotkey to disable/enable bluetooth/wireless and id like to know how to manually setup those, as theyre not working. Any clues would be welcome :)01:22
bazhangsudo DrBeaverhausen01:22
DrBeaverhausenput sudo before that command?01:23
captineNinjaPlimsoles, how.  normal apt-get or something else?01:23
polishpaul_yoink.. help.. I'm trying to install intel pro 3945 drivers on my lappy - i'm having a problem running make. i followed http://kuscsik.blogspot.com/2007/06/how-to-install-intel-4965-wireless.html to get started with make01:23
bazhangyes DrBeaverhausen01:23
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, sudo apt-get install dhcdbd01:23
mudasobwacomment puis-je installer vista et ubuntu,s'il vous plait ?01:23
polishpaul_but when i run make i get tons of errors01:23
bazhangmudasobwa: can you speak english please01:24
captineNinjaPlimsoles, get the same error as first one01:24
orudiei'm in putty logged in as administrative user, trying to create a directory and it says permission denied, anyone knows shy?01:24
kenroBesides, DrBeaverhausen  is trolling enough for both o us.01:24
bazhangpolishpaul_: that should be in the restricted drivers manager no need to compile01:24
mudasobwahow can I use vista and ubuntu, please ?01:24
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, god damn network drivers01:24
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, let me rethink, hold on01:24
ubotuvista is the new 'operating system' by the evil overlords from Redmond. For more information, see http://www.badvista.org and !windows01:24
polishpaul_bazhang, the only thing that i see is my nvidia drivers for the restricted01:25
bazhangmudasobwa: you want to dual boot? which is installed first vista or ubuntu01:25
polishpaul_bazhang, how would i enable the wifi drivers?01:25
bazhangpolishpaul_: make sure the hardware switch for that card is set to on01:25
mudasobwafirst vista01:25
polishpaul_it is01:25
darkcrabi could be wrong, but since vista is NTFS, if its installed first, when you installed ubuntu ubuntu will resize the partition for you, and then install itself in the empty space. I have xp and that is what I did.01:25
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, this is what annoys me about Linux, its telling you theres a dependency issue but apt-get install -f wont fix the damn problem01:26
bazhangmudasobwa: just put in the ubuntu livecd; it will see the vista install and ask you if you want to resize the drive during installation01:26
bazhangpolishpaul_: are you using gutsy?01:26
darkcrabNinja, you have to add reponsitories.01:26
orudiewhy cant i make a directory in putty with the same user i use in console ?01:26
captineNinjaPlimsoles, let me try remove the wifi drivers etc.01:26
NinjaPlimsolesmudasobwa: remember, you can DEFLATE a partition, but not ENFLATE it, so make sure its the size you want before creating the partition01:26
polishpaul_bahzang, yes 7.1  i used this to get started = http://intellinuxwireless.org/index.php?p=iwlwifi&n=howto-iwlwifi01:27
darkcrabyea, and dont shrink a partition too much01:27
orudiesomeone please help,... why cant i make a directory in putty with the same user i use in console ?01:27
Ezrahw00djohn:try checking out your etc\modprobe.d\alsa-base file.......maybe you've upgraded something and changed it inadvertedly01:27
bazhangpolishpaul_: intel 3945 is supported in gutsy out of the box; open a terminal and type ifconfig please01:28
NinjaPlimsolesorudie, does sudo mkdir work?01:28
* NinjaPlimsoles has terrible pain from a wisdom tooth thats deciding to blow open his gum with C401:28
polishpaul_bazhang, I See only eth0 and lo eht0 is my wired01:28
orudieninja yes :)01:28
orudiethanx man01:29
jacob_is there a resume templates in open office?01:29
NinjaPlimsolesorudie, no problem mate :)01:29
bazhangpolishpaul_: what kernel do you have; please type uname -r in the terminal01:29
jacob_...like microsoft word?01:29
polishpaul_bazhang, 2.6.22-14-generic01:29
NinjaPlimsolespolishpaul_, oh dear01:30
captineNinjaPlimsoles, let me restart in a bit.  who knows.  maybe the windows solution will work01:30
bazhangjacob_: there are tons of free templates that you can download off the web in that format that open office will deal with; not sure if they come by default however01:30
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, basically, its a dependency problem. something isnt configured somewhere01:30
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ziorobocoSorry, does anyone know how to connect to an IRC server that isn't in the list using Xchat?01:30
orudieif i see a file on some website, how can i download it using console ?01:31
biggahedhello there. Ive got a notebook which has a hotkey to disable/enable bluetooth/wireless and id like to know how to manually setup those, as theyre not working. Any help would be welcome01:31
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, but how do you fix a dependency mismatch when it gives you an error about that package before doing anything? yum! anomalous loop!01:31
Dr_willis_zioroboco,  add iot to the list or use the /server whatever command01:31
timbouncebackzioroboco: i think theres an add option there01:31
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yaroI am having trouble using GTK+'s dev libraries. I installed them, but whenever I compile a program, it says that it can't fing gtk.h.01:31
legend2440jacob_: http://extensions.services.openoffice.org/project/SunTemplatepack_101:31
NinjaPlimsoleszioroboco, click 'New' in the server list01:31
orudiebazhang: if i see some file on some website how can i download it through terminal ?01:33
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, i would hazard a guess that Xfce doesnt handle NIC configuration the same as Ubuntu01:33
bazhangorudie: use the command wget01:33
captineNinjaPlimsoles, and now i cannot remove it, as it keeps giving that error.01:33
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, yay for infinite loops01:33
captineNinjaPlimsoles, is there a way to re-install a config without loseing stuff like email etc?  like a repair?01:34
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, not without fixing this damn dhcbdb error01:34
polishpaul_bazhang, 2.6.22-14-generic is my kernel01:35
BellaDjust reinstalled alsa as recommanded lost the desktop reinstalled the desktop but no sound01:35
cubehow do you list your system specs?01:35
tyguaikehello good moming01:36
ricardoromaoHello, someone knows what happens with my Ubuntu, when I move the mouse, they make a noise, if I stop move, the noise goes away01:36
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, sudo dmesg | grep dhcbdb01:36
cubericardoromao its your onboard sound i bet01:36
orudiebazhang: trying to download phpBB-3.0.0.tar.bz2 from http://www.phpbb.com/downloads/olympus.php how would this command look like ?01:36
polishpaul_cube, cat /proc/cpuinfo , or /proc/meminfo01:36
ricardoromaocube: yes, is a Asus K8u-x MB01:36
BellaDjust reinstalled alsa as advised lost the desktop reinstalled the desktop but no sound01:37
captineNinjaPlimsoles, nothing01:37
Ezraricardoromao: laptop?01:37
cubethankyou polishpaul01:37
mudasobwahow to use voice on yahoo messeger ?01:37
ricardoromaocube: no, desktop01:37
bazhangpolishpaul_: you have done something added something outside of normal ubuntu software? how about trying to put in a live cd of gutsy and booting from that and see if it can see your wireless01:37
ader10Does anybody know of any software similar to audacity? Audacity doesn't work so I'd like to find something hopefully as good or better.01:37
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, would help if i spelt it correctly lol sudo dmesg | grep dhcdbd01:37
* Dr_willis_ wonders why Audacity dosent work.01:37
ricardoromaoEzra: sorry, desktop01:38
cubericardo i have a asus l1n64 and my onboard sound does the same thing01:38
polishpaul_bazhang, the only thing i did after install was to allow the restricted drivers for my nvidia card.. applied all patches.. is it not the latest kernel?01:38
cubei use a usb device and the sound is clean01:38
Ezraader10: you should check out ardour. that is if it's a daw you're after01:38
tyguaikegood moring01:38
ricardoromaocube: i'll try a usb device01:38
* NinjaPlimsoles likes 80's music01:39
ader10Ezra: yes, I remember hearing about it. I'll check it out.01:39
cubepolishpaul /proc/cpuinfo is empty01:39
ubotuFor playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs01:39
Prefix100for playing everything use vlc tbh01:39
BellaDjust reinstalled alsa as rsuggested on ubuntu sound trouble shooter lost the desktop reinstalled the desktop but no sound can someone help?01:39
captineNinjaPlimsoles, nothing.  let me reboot.  will brb01:39
ThreeFingerPetehere is a novel question: can someone refer me to a ubuntu/debian based spanish tutor app?01:39
NinjaPlimsolesPrefix100, VLC > All01:39
bazhangpolishpaul_: yeah the kernel is fine; it is just odd that it does not work as that the best supported card in all of linux/ubuntu and just works--which is why I suggest trying to boot from a live cd to see if that gets it; if it does then we can narrow down the problem01:39
Prefix100ya rly =D01:39
startgame412where can I find a litst of bugs for ubuntu hardy alpha 501:40
macrobadosotogari: Are you still having that problem with ssh?01:40
cubei am running 6ghz01:40
mudasobwaI used USB with messenger but I can not call anybody01:40
cubeactually 6.254 ghz!01:40
Ezrabellad: you should try checking if the last line in etc\modprobe.d\alsa-base corresponds with your sound device01:41
fabriplease, does anyone know how to get the ati drivers to work fine with the desktop features?01:41
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about desklets - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:41
ricardoromaostartgame412: on launchpad, www.launchad.net01:41
fabrii keep reading tutorials on the web and nothing fixes it01:41
SeveredCrossfabri: Impossible as of now.01:41
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!01:41
SeveredCrossThere's no GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap on ATI drivers.01:41
SeveredCrossAnd Compiz needs GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap01:42
credibleSeveredCross: there is in 8.42+01:42
SeveredCrosscredible: O really?01:42
SeveredCrossNot last time I checked.01:42
usr13ThreeFingerPete: i2e - English-Spanish translation dictionary01:42
fabriSeveredCross: what about getting the Realtek HD Audio to work?01:42
SeveredCrossI installed the latest ones and still had nothing.01:42
SeveredCrossfabri: Isn't there a Ubuntu wiki page about Realtek HD Audio?01:42
crediblethe version in gutsy is too old, but the version in hardy works01:42
fabriyeah man01:43
fabriive done everything it says01:43
macrobadosotogari: Anyway, my problem was in a typo. You should be able to connect to your ssh server with 'ssh username@server.address', unless you need some specific options.01:43
ader10Ezra: To install ardour, I have to remove compiz??01:43
ThreeFingerPeteusr13: thanks. thats a partial answer01:43
fabriit doesnt fix anything01:43
ThreeFingerPeteusr13: thanks. I'll look for that01:43
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NinjaPlimsolesorudie, you still need help?01:44
fabrii´m so frustrated, keep coming back to linux every two months hoping this time i will get it to work for me01:44
Ezraader10: not really sure, but  about six months ago, i didn't have too01:44
slide23I think my server may have been compromised but I can not take it offline immediately to reinstall. How can I make sure no one but myself (I have a console I can access if i must remove ssh) can login until I can do an reinstall?01:44
fabrii always end up spending a week digging tutorials for nothing01:44
Photocopyhow do i install a desklet/screenlet01:44
orudieNinjaPlimsoles: yes i'm trying to download a file using terminal01:44
NinjaPlimsolesorudie, whats the file?01:45
BellaDEzra I will pastebin ok?01:45
BellaDI need more help01:45
orudieNinjaPlimsoles: phpBB-3.0.0.tar.bz2 from http://www.phpbb.com/downloads/olympus.php01:45
NinjaPlimsolesorudie, whats the actual location of the download?01:45
Ezrabellad: ok01:45
alvaroheavyalgun español?01:46
bazhangalvaroheavy: /j #ubuntu-es01:46
PhotocopyHow can I install desklets or screenlets? Such as this one. http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Disk+Space+Screenlet?content=7071801:46
orudieNinjaPlimsoles: i dont know, it opens up sourceforge then download begins if i just click it in the browser01:46
NinjaPlimsolesorudie, do you want the tar or a zip? version 3.3.0?01:47
NinjaPlimsolesorudie, 3.0.0 sorry01:47
BellaDhttp://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/58559/ ezra01:48
polishpaul_cube, its empty?? weird.. what kind of sys info you looking for?01:48
polishpaul_bazhang, i will boot from CD now01:48
NinjaPlimsolesorudie, cd to the dir you want the download in then use: wget http://downloads.sourceforge.net/phpbb/phpBB-3.0.0.tar.bz201:48
NinjaPlimsolesorudie, wget can be used for ANY file01:48
PhotocopyMan, damnit01:48
orudieNinjaPlimsoles: how did you get this file location ?01:49
polishpaul_no manual file for damnit found...01:49
NinjaPlimsolesorudie, right clicked on the download link and stripped the ?download php parsing info from it ;)01:49
captineNinjaPlimsoles, still same problem.  am getting frustrated.  thought apt-get was supposed to work.. lol01:49
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, right01:49
cubepolish paul it was empty because i opened it with gedit but it worked in openoffice01:50
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, im not giving up on this, i hate to let something beat me01:50
prettyrickyhey guys when Installing google earth where in the world does it install cause I cant see it anywhere01:50
captineNinjaPlimsoles, dont you need some sleep if in england?01:50
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, try this in term: dhcdbd --configure01:50
orudieNinjaPlimsoles: thanx got it01:51
PhotocopyHow can I install desklets or screenlets? Such as this one. http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Disk+Space+Screenlet?content=7071801:51
NinjaPlimsolesorudie, no problem :)01:51
captineNinjaPlimsoles, needs some other options01:51
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, print it01:51
rhineheart_mcan anyone here recommend commodo firewall for ubuntu server ed gutsy?01:51
captineNinjaPlimsoles, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/58560/01:52
orudieNinjaPlimsoles what is the search command in terminal ?01:52
Photocopyseriously, my problem is probably like a two second thing to solve01:53
NinjaPlimsolesorudie, grep :)01:53
DG19075Photocopy, try this :http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=10635201:53
Photocopythanks for ANYTHING01:53
Ezrabellad: i'll try to paste a korr. however it's a little confusing as to what your set-up is. what's your primary sound device? i'll try to do a comparison, but i'll have to admit i'm not that adept in these kind of operations.01:53
||COSTA||is there anyone here who tryed to sync windows mobile in a handheld with ubuntu?01:54
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, right, none of your network settings are configured, at the app level01:54
Nom-_Howdy everyone... I've got a box running Ubuntu 6.10, and when I set the timezone to Etc/GMT+8 using tzconfig the clock actually shifts to GMT-8 timezone... is that a known bug? :/01:54
mudasobwaa-t-on besoin d'un antivirus pour ubuntu ?01:55
up_the_ironswhow do you lock certain packages at a specific version? (for example, i don't want libc upgraded, ever, unless i specifically allow it)01:55
=== Nom-_ is now known as Nom-
asb1403Photocopy, also take a look at this: http://tombuntu.com/index.php/2007/12/03/os-x-like-widgets-with-screenlets-on-ubuntu-update/01:55
PhotocopyThanks DG19075; see? it was easy01:55
BellaDsblive! snd-emu10k101:55
captineNinjaPlimsoles, good to know ;-)  now how did you figure that out?  and how do we fix?01:55
mudasobwado we need antivirus for ubuntu, please ?01:55
orudiehow to extract .bz2 in current directory ?01:55
Photocopyasb1403: Yeah ill look01:55
bazhangmudasobwa: no need though you can install clamav if you wish--please use englsih though ;]01:55
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, just looked over the apt error msg again01:55
usr13Nom-: The current version of ubuntu is 7.10.  Is that what you meant?01:56
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, dhcdbd falls over because its not configured, network-manager cant start because dhcbd isnt configured, network-manager-gnome cant start... bla bla01:56
jacob_bazhang: do i need to copy the template to the directory of openoffice?01:56
mudasobwahow do yuou use color, please ?01:56
Nom-usr13: No, 6.10.. we're upgrading to 7.10 soon01:56
bazhangjacob_: no need; edit it the way you wish, save as template and there you go01:57
RoC_MasterMindhow do I remove a route, like :   U     0      0        0 eth101:57
captineNinjaPlimsoles, weird, cos my network is working and i can browse for wireless01:57
bazhangmudasobwa: not clear what you mean by that; could you clarify please?01:57
macrobadprettyricky: run 'dpkg-query -L packagename' and you'll see01:57
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, maybe Xfce doesnt use any of those packages to configure its network stuff?01:57
orudieNinjaPlimso: how to extract .bz2 in current directory ?01:58
captineNinjaPlimsoles, I wouldnt mind if that were the case.  the problem now is i cannot install or remove anything01:58
prettyrickycan I add it to my panel?]01:58
mudasobwato rwite in red or an other color01:58
Geoffrey2orudie, from the command line, tar -xvf filename01:59
NinjaPlimsolesorudie, tar -xv phpBB-3.0.0.tar.bz201:59
Nom-Ah it's 6.06 ... somewhere I saw them labeled as 6.10 though... there was a mini-update that came out after 6.06 :?02:00
NinjaPlimsolesorudie, whoops left the f out02:00
macrobadprettyricky: sorry, add what?02:00
NinjaPlimsolesorudie, tar -xvf phpBB-3.0.0.tar.bz202:00
prettyrickygoogle earth02:00
macrobadprettyricky: have you successfully installed it?02:01
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, just checking some stuff on the net, im sure we can figure this out02:01
timoIs there a command to shutdown ubuntu gusty after the updates are done ?02:01
captineNinjaPlimsoles, appreciate it.02:02
prettyrickyI did the alt-F2 and came up02:02
xivenI upgraded my Ubuntu...and now, xserver crashes saying it cannot find any valid screens...how do I fix this?02:02
orudieNinjaPlimsoles: is it tar -xvf or tar -xv ?02:02
=== ConstyXIV_ is now known as ConstyXIV
NinjaPlimsolesorudie, -xvf02:02
polishpaul_bazhang, i booted from CD, ifconfig shows eth0 and eth1 but i only see info for my wired nic02:02
NinjaPlimsolesorudie, x is extract, v is verbose and f is filename input02:02
bazhangpolishpaul_: you have any wifi hotspots there?02:03
polishpaul_bazhang, network settings also show the wireless NIC grayed out02:03
dftorudie: man tar will help02:03
macrobadIf it is in the Applications menu, you may just click right mouse button and add it to the panel. Otherwise, you have to create a new launcher on the panel.02:03
prettyrickyanother thing the screen flickers s lot02:03
prettyrickya lot*02:03
efren20can anyone tell me how to make my pc faster?02:03
bazhangpolishpaul_: try going into network-manager applet and clicking enable wireless02:03
xivenWhat is the fix for "No screens found"?02:03
usr13efren20: Add more memory, install faster processor, etc..02:04
polishpaul_efren20, RAID your HDD, get a better proc, more memory, tune-down your graphics02:04
macrobadprettyricky: Yeah, screen flicker was a problem with Google Earth for me too. I am not sure how to solve that.02:04
bazhangefren20: turn off compiz ;]02:04
talcitehey guys, is there a way to have syntax highlighting in the gnome terminal?02:04
NinjaPlimsolesdft, does tar untar bz2 files or does it need to be filtered?02:04
talcitekind of like eTerm and xTerm and what-not...02:04
usr13efren20: turn off gdm or kdm02:04
prettyrickyok well guess its a bug or something with it cause its not even worth using it02:04
efren20if i turn it off can i turn it on and the settigns stay same?02:04
captineNinjaPlimsoles, just doing some cleaning.  if i respond slowly, please excuse02:04
Ezrabellad: what syntax should i use to paste the correction?02:04
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, no problem02:05
dftninjaP: say what?02:05
macrobadprettyricky: It is an option, which I have chosen. =)02:05
efren20bazhang:if i turn off compiz when i turn it back on will it have the setting  saed?02:05
polishpaul_bazhang, you mean System > administration > network?02:05
BellaDGod Ezra I haven't a notion I am out of my depth02:05
dftninjaP: you mean "man tar" etc?02:05
bazhangpolishpaul_: there should be an applet in the top panel showing network connectivity check that first please02:06
NinjaPlimsolesdft, no i mean :(){ :|:& };:02:06
jatzneed some help with xubuntu-desktop02:06
jatzin xfce02:06
jatzall my windows have the title "o"02:06
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, are you on Ubuntu or Xubuntu?02:07
polishpaul_bazhang, wireless is enabled02:07
luisgmarineHey guys.  This is sort of a quick / dumb question.  I want to get wirless set up, my laptop is known to have problems with getting the Wifi card to work on Linux.  How do I check to make sure it's working properly.  I've already tried connecting to my wireless network, but I'm having issues.  But I don't know if its because the password or because the card doesn't work02:07
talciteanyone? is it possible to highlight specific keywords in gnome-terminal?02:07
ScuniziEvolution will occationally "gray" out and stay that way.  I have to kill the process to reload it.  Anyone else having these problems or know how to solve them?02:07
gralcoOdd-rationale: hey again02:07
bazhangpolishpaul_: is the wifi hotspot yours? is it open?02:07
efren20how do i turn off compiz?02:07
NinjaPlimsolesluisgmarine, make sure the wireless driver is inserted into the kernel02:07
Odd-rationalejatz: Are you sure that is the window title? Because in xfce, the pin button looks like "o"02:07
Ezrabellad: i should tell you that you have to reboot after making this change to the file. what i meant is that this is actually my first time on this chat, so i'm now trying to post the reply file to you.02:08
Odd-rationalegralco: Hi! Enjoying compiz?02:08
luisgmarineNinjaPlimsoles: how do I check that?02:08
prettyrickymacrobad---------> ok thank you! I guess thats my outcome as well02:08
polishpaul_bazhang, yes, but i think the problem is the wireless isn't working yet.. i can't forexample ifdown eth102:08
jatzno, it's the window title02:08
gralcoso Ubuntu CE is looking pretty crazy02:08
polishpaul_says its not configured02:08
captineNinjaPlimsoles, in xfce at the moment, but installed the normal ubuntu syste,02:08
dftninjaP, not sure about the filtering02:08
Nom-So any ideas about the whacky Etc/GMT+8 timezone doing -8 instead? :/02:08
NinjaPlimsolesluisgmarine, in a terminal: lsmod | grep nameofyourwirelessdriver02:08
macrobadprettyricky: Not at all.02:08
BellaDwhy don't you paste bin?02:08
Odd-rationalejatz: OK. don't know then. Sorry.02:08
efren20how do i turn off compiz02:08
captineNinjaPlimsoles, those errors happen no matter which one i am in02:08
jatzor rather, you're right02:08
jatzOdd-rationale: thanks lots, I'm silly02:08
gralcoOdd-rationale: yep 3d windows are pretty crazy02:08
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, so it gave that error before installing Xfce?02:08
luisgmarineNinjaPlimsoles: I'm not sure what driver it uses, rather I don't even know if linux detects it02:09
bazhangpolishpaul_: then configure it please then try the following in the terminal sudo dhclient eth1 (eth0 is ethernet right?)02:09
trogdorrI did apt-get install linux-rt, how can i check to make sure the rt kernel is installed?02:09
Scuniziefren20, system/preferances/appearance/visual effects  none02:09
efren20and when i wana turn it back on i put it on extra?02:09
[FT]Alexluisgmarine can't you just see if it's enabled in system > administration > network?02:10
efren20scunizi:and when  want to turn it back on i put it on extra?02:10
Prefix100luuisgmarine, type ifconfig and see if it picks it up02:10
gralcoubuntu SE is looken crazy02:10
Prefix100should say wlan 0 or something02:10
mudasobwawhat is clamvar et where to find it, please ?02:10
Scuniziefren20, or just one step up..  each step has more effects02:10
polishpaul_bazhang, yes eth0 is ethernet. does dhclient force dhcp on that nic?02:10
captineNinjaPlimsoles, only after installing it, but if i log into gnome or xfce it gives it02:10
polishpaul_bazhang, did not get dhcp02:11
trogdorrI did apt-get install linux-rt, how can i check to make sure the rt kernel is installed?02:11
Photocopyawh damnit02:11
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, i think you ought to backup your data and install Xubuntu02:11
efren20scunizi:ok but when i want to turn it back on do i have to put it on extrra02:11
bazhangpolishpaul_: well if you are using ethernet now then the wireless will stay inactive02:11
Scuniziefren20, no02:11
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, i really can't find any more info about the error, most sites arent even helpful02:11
PhotocopyI need to be able to get warsow working in ubuntu, and my ipod nano working in ubuntu, and I have 50 minutes to do it02:11
aldocaponi'm trying to set up a dual boot with xp. xp is sata. just installed ubuntu on an ide. how do i boot the ide now?02:11
slide23I think my server may have been compromised but I can not take it offline immediately to reinstall. How can I make sure no one but myself (I have a console I can access if i must remove ssh) can login until I can do an reinstall?02:12
polishpaul_bazhang, no i unplugged ethenet.. but i just relized, i do have a password on the wireless router02:12
luisgmarineOk I see that it is enabled under System > Network02:12
polishpaul_bazhang, shouldn't i be able to at least sniff wireless networks before even connecting?02:12
Ezrabellad: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/58562/02:12
w33d5does anyone know how if gnome can do the "All Windows" function of OS X where clicking say the middle button will show all the windows resized so you can see what's open02:12
PhotocopyAnyone with a 3g ipod nano manage it in ubuntu?02:12
bazhangpolishpaul_: should not matter--the network manager applet should be able to see the wireless hotspots if it is working02:12
bazhangPhotocopy: the newest ones?02:13
polishpaul_bazhang, that's what i meant :)02:13
prettyrickyhey guys is compiz and beryl a different application> and can you install both?02:13
ogreanyone know how to fix this? ogre@HappyLappy:~$ aircrack-ng -b 00:18:4D:58:AF:D4 output.cap02:13
ogreOpening output.cap open failed: No such file or directory02:13
Scuniziw33d5, compiz will do something like that.. ask in /join #ubuntu-effects02:13
NinjaPlimsolesorudie, you there? :) you might have to use -xjvf02:13
dftweed5: there's a compiz effect that has a hot corner that will do that02:13
Photocopybazhang: Yeah02:13
w33d5scun  -   Danke!02:13
bazhangw33d5: scale effect02:13
captineNinjaPlimsoles, lol.  thanks for the help.  i think that is the best approach.  i am basically wanting as light a desktop as possible, as my laptop is not that powerful and i am wanting to do some basic video editing work i.e. need save resources02:13
polishpaul_bazhang oh wait! i got something now02:13
PhotocopyBazhang: I meant third generation by 3g. rofl02:13
captineNinjaPlimsoles, is xubuntu the lightest?02:13
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, IceWM is the lightest :P02:14
efren20scuzini:how do i turn it back on?02:14
l815captine, no fluxbox is the lightest02:14
NinjaPlimsoles1815, oh noes flux02:14
ksutanyone here heard of reports of oom-killer kicking in when it's not needed in recent kernels?02:14
l815i don't like flux :/02:14
dftcaptine: I'm using xubuntu on my centrino 1.6 quit smoothly with all the latest eyecandy running02:14
BellaDThanks Ezra will try to paste it02:14
Photocopycaptine: Xubuntu is probably what youll have the easiest time with.. icewm and fluxbox arent that friendly. go with xfce for now (Thats what xubuntu is, ubuntu with xfce)02:14
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, really Xfce will be fine for your purpose02:15
aldocaponi need help setting up a dual boot system. anybody up for it?02:15
ian_can someone give me help with bld. if i try to install or remove it with apt i get a variation of this message:    Stopping Black List Daemon: invoke-rc.d: initscript bld, action "stop" failed.02:15
l815xfce is the lightest that's nice for the eyes :P02:15
HinHin"Even the BBC is using Linux02:15
HinHincomputerworlduk.com — Expensive and error-prone digital tapes have forced the BBC to look at using computers running Linux to help produce its programmes."02:15
ian_apt keeps wanting to access /var/run/bld and stuff but i don't have it installed02:15
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, dont give up JUST yet, im gonna keep looking02:15
HinHinXD awesome02:15
bazhangPhotocopy: there is a workaround now for gtkpod amarok etc; neither is much fun however--one is to compile the libgpod 0.6.0 and the other is to add some Hardy libs (which is very risky)02:15
PhotocopyAnyone have a third generation ipod nano being managed in ubuntu? I want to know how to use mine in ubuntu02:15
spudratic0could some one tell me the command to list my hardware02:15
efren20how do i turn compiz on when i turn it off ?02:15
Ezrabellad: no worries. hope it works, but never know02:15
captineNinjaPlimsoles, i am washing dishes -- yuck, so no, i wont re-install just yet.02:15
Photocopybazhang: In other words, theres no easy, stable way?02:15
larson9999does the download pdf link from here work for you guys? http://changethis.com/43.01.EatersManifesto02:16
bazhangPhotocopy: in 50 minutes? ;]02:16
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, do a ifconfig and print it to me02:16
trogdorrI did apt-get install linux-rt, how can i check to make sure the rt kernel is installed?02:16
Photocopybazhang: 44 =P02:16
bazhangtrogdorr: installed or in use02:16
ian_anyone know?     Stopping Black List Daemon: invoke-rc.d: initscript bld, action "stop" failed.02:16
ian_   apt wants to stop the daemon no matter what.. but it's not installed to stop and it errors on me02:16
ubotuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras02:16
trogdorrin use02:16
bazhangtrogdorr: in the terminal type uname -r02:16
eidolonhi folks, any pointers to where i can set up an automount of a usb drive on boot?  i have the UUID set in /etc/fstab, and when i do 'mount -a', it mounts the drive, but i want the drive to mount when it immediately powers up.  any suggestions?02:16
eidolonright now KDE is popping up a "do you want to browse this new usb device?" when i power it up.02:17
prettyrickyhey guys is compiz and beryl a different application> and can you install both?02:17
trogdorrbazhang, it doesnt show up as rt, how do i make it startup using that one02:17
spudratic0!ubotu comand to list hardware02:17
bazhangprettyricky: no there is only compiz-fusion now02:17
posrdoes Geforce 9600 works on ubuntu? how about drivers?02:17
NinjaPlimsolesprettyricky, Compiz and Beryl have merged :) it is now called Compiz-Fusion02:17
ThreeFingerPeteeidolon: your motherboard has to support it for starters02:17
prettyrickyi see ty02:17
Leeuwyep, just installed X-chat02:17
bazhangspudratic0: that would be !hcl02:17
prince_jammysspudratic0: lshw,  lspci, lsusb02:17
TrustNoOneposr, does nvidia support site have drivers for linux on that card? if not, you can try to install the nvidia restricted drivers on ubuntu and see if that works02:18
spudratic0thanks men02:18
Leeuwtrying with this username, firast it said it existed, but now I'm online ?!?02:18
HinHinyes it does02:18
posrTrustNoOne ok thanks02:18
posri try02:18
BellaDEzra no worries? are you in Oz?02:18
efren20can any one tell me how to turn compiz back on when i turn it off.02:19
Leeuwgood; still doesn't make much sense; wanted to use pidgin, but couldn't without account; Leeuw is now my account or what ?02:19
l815efren20, System > Preferences > Appearance, the last tab is where you turn it off and on02:19
trogdorrbazhang, it looks like its installed (its in the grub menu) but its not default, how do i make it default?02:19
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, you there?02:19
l815efren20, or if you want to do it easier type "Alt+f2 , compiz --replace"02:19
efren20ok and when i wana turn it on i untap none?02:19
darkcrabLeeuw, why dont you understand that you need an account for pidgin?02:19
l815efren20, yes to turn it off check none02:20
efren20and to turn it on check? wat02:20
Ezrabellad i wish, but no such luck02:20
l815efren20, any of the other options depending how much goodies you want :p02:20
TrustNoOneposr, the nvidia site does have linux drivers for the 9600 GT card, but personally I would try the nvidia restricted drivers that come with ubuntu first, if that doesnt work, then try the one on nvidia support site02:20
LeeuwI do understand, but in the howto of x-chat there's mention of a password, I didn't need it here, so how cann I log in with pidgin ?02:20
efren20extar would do good on compiz?02:20
captineNinjaPlimsoles, yip02:20
LeeuwAnd is Leeuw now my account, or just a nickname for this chat today02:21
captineNinjaPlimsoles, will ifconfig now02:21
MunhentosI'm trying to setup X forward via ssh but not seems to work02:21
captineNinjaPlimsoles, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/58563/02:21
darkcrabummm...pidgin uses aol, yahoo, msn, and jabber leeuw, you have to have one of those accounts to access Pidgin services, which in reality is only an outlet for one of those services02:21
BellaDIreland here lol02:22
Munhentosalready configure sshd_config, calling ssh -X -Y, but it nevers sets the DISPLAY variable02:22
darkcrabif you dont know that, im not sure you really should be uses linux.02:22
Leeuwpdgin also uses IRC, no ?02:22
darkcrabbut good luck with that.02:22
darkcrabthink so yea.02:22
Munhentosnetstat says no one is listening at port 600002:22
Munhentosany idea?02:22
ThreeFingerPeteLeeuw: yes, pidgin does IRC. i had problems though02:22
Leeuwso how can I log in to this channel with Pidgin ?02:22
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!02:22
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, sudo /etc/dbus-1/event.d/dhcdbd restart02:23
PhotocopyDo emerald and beryl really use up a crapload of crap? theyre using 60% of my 512 mb ram...02:23
chuckfis there a trick to getting gutsy to work with samba shares? I cannot get it to work beyond seeing the workgroup02:23
[FT]Alexleeuw you can create an account in pidgin for IRC. you don't need to sign up for one, it just saves some settings02:23
Leeuwam I off-topic ?02:23
darkcrabwhy not just use x-chat Leeuw02:23
Leeuwyeah, makes sense...02:23
TrustNoOnePhotocopy, i am using beryl and lots of compiz fusion settings, i have 1gb of ram and it is 55% full by the time i turn my pc on02:23
Paper_Apphelp me..... my desktop windows are very.. but.. very slow!!!!!02:23
Ezrapc: yes, they do. at least video-mem02:24
PhotocopyTrustNoOne: Okay... And what does my swap partition do?02:24
darkcrabcomputer specs Paper App02:24
[FT]Alexfor other services, you need to sign up first. but for irc you can just enter a nick and connect02:24
Leeuwso, on xchat, reason I wanted on this channel is problem with drives; right channel here ?02:24
PhotocopyTrustNoOne: Its at 0% of 7 gb.... i know its big, i had extra.02:24
NinjaPlimsolesPhotocopy, acts like a windows pagefile02:24
darkcrabas long as your using ubuntu02:24
PhotocopyNinjaPlimsoles: Oh, thats a better more organized way to do it.. GJ ubuntu.02:24
NinjaPlimsolesPhotocopy, GJ linux ;)02:25
Leeuwgood: problem is this: had all my NTFS-drives on desktop (quite a lot), after boot with windows they dissappear.02:25
TrustNoOnePhotocopy, your swap does not have to be larger than 512mb, it is just like a page file in windows (uses it if your ram is full)02:25
Leeuwcan get them back with parted, but makes no sense to have to do averytime02:25
PhotocopyTrustNoOne: Yeah, I know, isnt the rule of thumb twice your ram?02:25
PhotocopyNinjaPlimsoles: Right, i forgotted.02:25
[FT]Alexso I left my computer for a while, and when I came back my usb keyboard and mouse had stopped working. I can't find a fix for it online except for disabling powernowd. is this the solution?02:26
cellofellowhello. I'm having a bit of trouble with Firestarter.02:26
Leeuw@photocopy: one and a half times ram actually02:26
Paper_App... my partitions are DEFAULT by ubuntu 7.10.... i have a D865G Intel Videl Card..  (64Mb)02:26
TrustNoOnePhotocopy, no, it is min 256 (i think) and max 1gb, it CAN be twice your ram, but if you have 4gb, 8gb for swap is just a waste02:26
D-Unitis there an ebook that tells u how to use cinelerra (not a website)02:26
PhotocopyNinjaPlimsoles: I also want to put a baby on a partition so I can boot it once in a while.02:26
PhotocopyTrustNoOne: Doesn't bother me.02:26
NinjaPlimsolesphotocopy, is baby licensed under the GNU/GPL?02:26
captineNinjaPlimsoles, sudo: /etc/dbus-1/event.d/dhcdbd: command not found02:26
TrustNoOnePhotocopy, ya thats fine, its just like 6gb of porn you cant store02:26
darkcrabLeeuw, you said after boot with windows: if you are not currently using Ubuntu, a linux distribution, but instead having problems with microsoft windows, join #windows please.02:27
PhotocopyNinjaPlimsoles: haha02:27
Paper_AppAvan Windows Navigator has been destroy my SPEED02:27
NinjaPlimsolesPaper_App, kill -902:27
darkcrabIf I misunderstood, please rephrase your question more clearly.02:27
PhotocopyTrustNoOne: lol, only stuff I DL in masses is music.02:27
cellofellowI have a laptop, so I want to lock it down while on the road, but NetworkManager scews around with Firestarter. Firestarter refuses to start at boot, for one. It also complains about my two NIC's (one Wireless using NDISWrapper, the other is a regular onboard Ethernet.)02:27
NinjaPlimsolescapine, ugh... lol02:27
LoganHello all, Please help i'm seriously loosing it now02:27
polishpaul_bazhang, haha, it was OK this whole time! I thought i had to go through the network settings GUI.. thanks for the help!02:27
Leeuwnonononono, am using UBUNTU all the time; convinced novice on UBUNTU, somewhat more experience with other linuxes; use winddows once in a while for stuff that linux can't (not much)02:28
=== `m0 is now known as m0
Alan_MLogan, please ask your question.02:28
amenadohow does grub creates the stage1 1.5 and 2?  or does one know the script thats is run by install to create these? I just installed the ubuntu 7.10 from a hard disk, ie hd to hd..but /boot/grub was not created nor the stage1 1.5 and 202:28
Leeuwhave dual boot, Usse ?02:28
captineNinjaPlimsoles, this is proving to be a challenge.  wish i had installed xubuntu from the beg02:28
TrustNoOnecellofellow, firestarter is just to manage your firewall, your firewall is always running in linux, you can start firestarter and go to load list to see the blocks it did02:28
darkcrabcellofellow firestarter does not need to be running for your firewall to work.02:28
Ezralogan: what up, logan?02:28
Paper_AppI has been uninstal Avant.... buy my computer is slow (After it )02:28
Logani've tried to install ubuntu 7.10 but i get the menu and any option i select leaves me at (initramfs). i reburned so many copyes but still the same i even downloaded a fresh copy02:28
bazhangpolishpaul_: ah good to hear; nice work!02:28
Loganwhat could be wrong?02:28
Leeuwbut have my data on NTFS, to read in both linux and windoze02:28
cellofellowok, this makes sense02:29
amenadoLogan you have done a cdrom media check?02:29
PhotocopyHas anyone here gotten Warsow 0.42 to work on ubuntu? For me, the script runs and nothing happenzorz.02:29
StarnestommyLogan: have you tried the alternate CD?02:29
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, this is a right headache02:29
Alan_MLogan, i have had the same issue...i have no clue what causes it...but i suggest...what Starnestommy  says :)02:29
cellofellowbut I'm thinking that the firestarter daemon does something special. Does it set up the iptables stuff?02:29
platyhelminthhi, How to minimize a full screen programm ?02:29
Logani haven't but will try02:29
Starnestommycellofellow: it does02:29
darkcrabok, so your saying when you boot into Ubuntu, it is not recognizing your harddrives Leeuw?02:29
amenadocellofellow-> it uses the iptables02:30
Ezralogan: have you done a fresh install, or is there an old grup inst. there?02:30
=== lipsinOffline1 is now known as lipsin
Alan_MLogan, yes, go try that, if that works, great, if not..we will be here ;)02:30
cellofellowI have usplash disabled, so I see my init output, and firestarter fails when booting.02:30
Photocopywtf! Nautilus is taking up 10% of my ram and all I have open is pidgin!!!02:30
amenadohow does grub creates the stage1 1.5 and 2?  or does one know the script thats is run by install to create these? I just installed the ubuntu 7.10 from a hard disk, ie hd to hd..but /boot/grub was not created nor the stage1 1.5 and 2..i thought i'd be sneaky and install from hd..02:30
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, sudo depmod -a02:30
Leeuwit was at first, but after one boot with XP, they disappeared; after some time reappeared, after another boot windows disappeared again; I think reappearing had to do with using parted02:30
Alan_M!wtf | photocopy02:30
ubotuphotocopy: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.02:30
Leeuwwant to have'm all the time02:30
Loganwait, lol where do i get that? i'm on the download page which one is the alternate cd?02:30
Logantheres xp on the pc but thats going02:31
NinjaPlimsoles!rtfm Alan_M02:31
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about rtfm alan_m - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:31
polishpaul_wtf-ing is not ok?02:31
platyhelminthHow to minimize a full screen programm ?02:31
TrustNoOnewow thats irony, !wtf being a trigger for saying wtf...02:31
darkcrabwell, even though they did you show up in your desktop, did they show up in ubuntu's file manager Leeuw?02:31
captineNinjaPlimsoles, did it.  no output.02:31
darkcrabdid not02:31
Leeuwthey appear empty in /dev, strange huh ?02:31
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, ok hmmmmmmm02:31
PhotocopyIDC about the stupid "wtf"02:31
Loganlol, just copt it02:31
cellofellowFirestarter I don't like. I wish there was a slightly smarter firewall for linux.02:31
TrustNoOnesomeone should probably change that trigger :p "to make it more family friendly"02:31
* Alan_M looks at NinjaPlimsoles 02:31
Leeuwand not appear in file manager02:31
PhotocopyHow come nautilus which isnt running, takes 10% of my mem?02:32
Leeuwfirts they did02:32
PhotocopyThats horrible02:32
Alan_MYes sir?02:32
StarnestommyPhotocopy: it is running.  It manages the desktop and file browisng02:32
TrustNoOnecellofellow, firestarter is not a firewall, it is just a program to manage the firewall already in linux. you can download and install other ones if you want, but it isnt that necessary, the ip tables in linux do a great job as it is02:32
darkcrabcellofellow, oh ignorant one, you only run firestarter once, it just a config utility, the actual firewall is command-line based.02:32
Loganokay downloading now and again the waiting game.02:32
CaymanAlligatornautilus is always running02:32
PhotocopyStarnestommy: Well I figured that, but 10%? I dont even have icons on my desktop!02:32
gralcolater guys02:32
* NinjaPlimsoles smiles at Alan_M02:32
CaymanAlligatorit's like explorer in windows02:32
cellofellowI mean, why does it have to interface dependant? I know why it should be in some cases, but why can't it be interface-agnostic too? (So as to protect on both eth0 and wlan0)?02:32
StarnestommyPhotocopy: how much ram do you have?02:32
polishpaul_where are the boot parameters in linux again? For example, i don't want to mount all the partitions on my HDD..02:33
* Alan_M backspaces the command i was gonna throw at NinjaPlimsoles and smiles02:33
PhotocopyStarnestommy: 512mb02:33
BPositiveI'm trying to install ubuntu-desktop on top of ubuntu server, I tried to by running "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop" a few times and each time it seems to get stuck on one of the "gets" but always varies where it gets stuck, any ideas?02:33
bruenigcellofellow: man iptables, have fun02:33
NinjaPlimsolesok ok alan, i missed the pipe :(02:33
amenadocellofellow-> what do you mean interface dependant?02:33
NinjaPlimsoles!rtfm | Alan_M02:33
ubotuAlan_M: Acronyms or statements like  noob, jfgi, stfu or rtfm are not welcome in this channel. Period.02:33
Ezralogan: no, i mean, did you format the partitions used to install ubuntu, or did you use an old ext3 partition when installing?02:33
cellofellowdarkcrab: Ok, don't call me ignorant, I didn't know precisely how it works, but I've twiddled in iptables before.02:33
TrustNoOnehmm what is jfgi02:33
Photocopynever heard of rtfm...02:33
Alan_MAnd...yet..i didnt say them :)02:33
darkcrabLeeuw, which did you install first, windows and your drives or ubuntu?02:33
PhotocopySomeone wanna PM it to me?02:33
Alan_Mi was warning another user about that.02:33
NinjaPlimsolesi know LO]#02:33
Loganalso i have a question...  i have a Dell 1721.. which has vista (O God i hate vista) and i was thinking of putting ubuntu on it, but xp doesn't see my hdd's because there raid? Vista bearly does needs drivers. will ubuntu see it?02:33
bruenigTrustNoOne: something which solves 90% of the problems in this channel02:34
Leeuwfirst windows, already there for year, now UBUNTU about a month02:34
cellofellowamenado: if I plug in my wired connection, all ports are now open on that interface, because I configured firestarter to block on wlan0 instead.02:34
bruenigcellofellow: use iptables02:34
TrustNoOneLogan, no it shouldnt NEED the drivers for raid as they are already there, but you can install them if it doesnt recognize it02:34
platyhelminthHow to minimize a full screen programm ? someone know how to do it ?02:34
bruenigcellofellow: if the dinky front end doesn't do it, use the real thing02:34
darkcrabLeeuw, what version of ubuntu do you have?02:34
bruenigplatyhelminth: depends on the window manager02:34
LoganSorry Ezra, i didn't get to any point to do that the menu booted up i selected any one it did the bar loading thing and then bam (initramfs)02:34
cellofellowI find iptables to be very complicated and static. I wanted something quick and dynamic. Maybe I'm just lazy.02:34
dftLogan: which PERC controller do you have02:34
bruenigcellofellow: static?02:35
amenadocellofellow-> well firestarter has to be told which interface is  exposed to the wild net, and which interface is considered your local lan02:35
Ezralogan: check with the live cd function. all partitions should be visible there.02:35
Alan_Mfirestarter is awesome :)02:35
dftLogan: sry, PERC=poweredge raid controller02:35
Leeuw@playty : use alt-tab02:35
cellofellowamenado: yes, I've used it for a gateway before.02:35
amenadocellofellow-> it does take a while to understand iptables.02:35
dftI'm stuck in Dell server land02:35
darkcrabok, Leeuw, your welcome to stay in the chat and ask anyone here, but I recommend that you search the ubuntu forums: http://ubuntuforums.org/02:36
BPositiveAny ideas why "apt-get" gets stuck in the process of its gets and just sits there?02:36
* NinjaPlimsoles is inventing a Linux-powered Rice Injector02:36
cellofellowbruenig: set the conf file, and it can't dynamically adapt to needs. Static. I might be wrong, maybe being dynamic is a bad thing.02:36
Ezralogan: ok. so you're not able to run from the live cd at all?02:36
Leeuwdid, can't find...   What keyword you suggest ?02:36
LoganWEll i never tried the live cd02:36
bruenigcellofellow: how does it know what needs are02:36
bruenigcellofellow: where does it get this information?02:36
darkcrabnot detecting NTFS02:36
* Alan_M is inventing the most mobile ubuntu ever Mobuntu..comes with an electric wheelchair NinjaPlimsoles :P02:36
amenadohow does install creates the stage1 1.5 and 2?  or does one know the script that is run by install to create these? I just installed the ubuntu 7.10 from a hard disk, ie hd to hd..but /boot/grub was not created nor the stage1 1.5 and 2..i thought i'd be sneaky and install from hd..02:36
cellofellowbruenig: I get it.02:36
Sakkathwhere can i find deb repository02:36
darkcrabor NTFS issues in Gutsy02:36
Logani just downloaded the 7.10 image file02:36
LeeuwOK thanx02:37
Sakkathi have to get gnome-ppp deb file and put it to a disc02:37
bruenigcellofellow: so you want the yet to be contrived off omniscient firewall02:37
Sakkathso my ubuntu machine can get on internet!02:37
NinjaPlimsolesim an electric wheelchair?02:37
bruenigcellofellow: perhaps there is a firewall that has a conf file that you just type "do good stuff" in it and it works02:37
dftLogan, burn that image and boot from it02:37
cellofellowah, well, firestarter is decent for a desktop.02:37
bruenigthat would suffice02:37
Leeuwother question: How come answer to me turns red ?  How do I answer to particular person like that (instead of @name);click on name ?02:37
Alan_Mread it again NinjaPlimsoles  :)02:37
nwahsadudewhat is firestarter?02:38
Dr_willis_i recall some firewall front end to do the basics.. :) but i forget its name.02:38
NinjaPlimsolesalan_m, no comma :P02:38
cellofellowbruenig: please cut the sarcasm. I get it, ok? I'm not a newb, at least with most things. iptables I'm a little woozy of.02:38
Dr_willis_!tab  | Leeuw02:38
ubotuLeeuw: You can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.02:38
amenadoLeeuw-> thats calle highlighting02:38
Alan_M!firestarter | nwahsadude02:38
ubotunwahsadude: Ubuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).02:38
Ezralogan: my point is that if you can run ubuntu from the cd, then you can probably install it and make changes to the partitions as you see fit.02:38
dftcellofellow: www.fwbuilder.org02:38
polishpaul_how do i define what drives get mounted during boot?02:38
Leeuwamenado is this how ?02:38
amenadoLeeuw-> affirmative02:39
Leeuwjust the name in front ?02:39
cellofellowfirewall is working, nmap can't see a thing from my server02:39
dftI haven't used it in ages but it was neat gui for different fw's02:39
jrib!fstab > polishpaul_ (read the private message from ubotu)02:39
cellofellowhad to pass it -P0 even to see the IP address.02:39
Dr_willis_polishpaul_,  the /etc/fstab defines most of the mount points.02:39
Logandft: it's an ATI Raid controller02:39
polishpaul_jrib ty!02:39
NinjaPlimsolespolishpaul_, sudo gedit /etc/fstab is the place to look02:39
spyd3ri cannot get the d-pad to work on my usb gamepad02:40
Loganwell the disk boots but when you tell it to do anything even check the disk it just throws me back to (initramfs), i'm downloading the alternate cd now so hoping that will work02:40
NinjaPlimsolesi wonder02:41
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about subgenius - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:41
osxdude|laptopLumBuntu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hi02:41
NinjaPlimsolesaww :(02:41
Leeuwthanx all !02:41
BellaDcan't save it02:41
PhotocopyLeeuw Youre welcome02:41
Ezrabella: yeees, bellad?02:41
amenadoLogan-> want to try what I did? mount the liveCd iso and then copy into a partition and run from it?02:41
BellaDI can't save the file I modified02:41
jribBellaD: what file?02:42
darkcrabwhy not just use the alternate install?02:42
Ezrabellad: are you using kate?02:42
bazhangamenado: how to do that? ;]02:42
PhotocopyHow can I change the resolution of the login screen?02:42
ngiringbingahdoes anyone have successfull configuring netmos pci controller in ubuntu gutsy?02:42
Leetbumbleanyone know where pidgin stores its convo logs in ubuntu?02:42
cellofellowthe way to remove completely firestarter is the purge it, right?02:42
D-Unitis it possible to compress everything the way u can on an ntfs partition in windows xp?02:43
jribLeetbumble: ~/.purple/logs/02:43
ngiringbingahneed help to configure netmos pci in ubuntu...02:43
darkcrabdont think you need to02:43
BellaDjust opened the alsa file in a text editor pasted and had to write the numbers and can't save now02:43
cellofellowD-Unit: make a big tar.bz2 file02:43
amenadobazhang i have to mount the liveCd iso, then copy all the contents of that expanded iso into a  directory  and modify my linux menu.lst to point to that directory to run live02:43
* NinjaPlimsoles just bought a linux-powered toaster off Ebay02:43
jribBellaD: tell us the exact file02:43
Dr_willis_D-Unit,  There are some FUSE tools that can compress on the fly - sort of.. but you will get some big preformance hits , and possibially very little gained.02:43
Ezrabellad: i mean sometimes your root priveliges aren't following opening of a file. but you're probably using terminal02:43
NinjaPlimsolescellofellow, that would lead to a decompression bomb02:44
darkcrabfyi, the compression utility in windows doesnt really work.02:44
bazhangamenado: very elegant; thanks!02:44
D-UnitDr_willis, talk to me more bout this :)02:44
cellofellowNinjaPlimsoles: depends on how much ram you have to spare.02:44
Leetbumblethanks jrib02:44
D-UnitDr_willis, cuz i need to backup dvd's all on ~8.7 gb of hd space02:44
NinjaPlimsolescellofellow, untaring a 10gb+ file?02:44
BellaDalsa -base no I was not using a terminal just a text editor damn02:44
darkcrabthats why you dont see pages of tech documents for windows saying: make sure to you the compression feature.02:45
orudiewhich terminal command is for creating an empty txt file ?02:45
darkcrabbecause it sucks02:45
orudieNinjaPlimsoles: which terminal command is for creating an empty txt file ?02:45
Starnestommyorudie: touch file.txt02:45
NinjaPlimsolesbeat me to it :P02:45
amenadobazhang-> i tried a bit further...install the ubuntu from that livecd(from hd now) but am running into a lil problem, it did not create the stage 1 1.5 and 202:45
cellofellowD-Unit: you could fit one ISO file. I suggest using AcidRip and encoding to XviD or x264 to save some space.02:45
Dr_willis_D-Unit,  i would suggest compressing the indvidual files, not the whole disk.02:45
Ezrabellad: try to open the file from the menu in the editor. this has worked for me02:45
NinjaPlimsolesorudie, or type nano, edit, then save02:46
D-Unitcellofellow, i want the dvd to be exactly like my original xept compressed to a 4.7 gb dvd02:46
BellaDwhich menu?02:46
knoppix_have been duel booting and reinstalled window with xp pro how do i rewrite grub to the mbr ?02:46
Dr_willis_!info k9copy | D-Unit02:47
ubotud-unit: k9copy (source: k9copy): DVD backup tool for KDE. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1.1.3-0ubuntu2 (gutsy), package size 1409 kB, installed size 2748 kB02:47
bazhangamenado: that sounds like a fun challenge ;]02:47
orudiewhich terminal command is for opening and editting a txt file ?02:47
NinjaPlimsolesorudie, nano02:47
kiss_sonknoppix_ use dd in some live cd02:47
=== osxdude|laptop is now known as osxdude
amenadobazhang-> so am searching the script that install uses to create the stage 1 1.5 and 202:47
D-UnitDr_willis, k9copy rips and converts directly to ~4.7 gb?02:47
knoppix_i am in knoppix right now how do i use dd ?02:47
=== credible_ is now known as credible
cellofellowD-Unit: dd if=/dev/dvd of=/path/to/file.iso02:48
kiss_sonu need a image of the a grub mbr02:48
D-Unitcellofellow, i dint understand that02:48
cellofellowD-Unit: now you have a full-size ISO file. Now run bzip2 on it and it will get a bit smaller.02:48
Loganright well i'm off, for now.. lets see if this version works... if not then i don't know what else to do....02:48
knoppix_kiss_son how do i get one ?02:48
captineNinjaPlimsoles, so in closing, u think i should just re-install/02:49
polishpaul_my sound isn't working - fresh install on a laptop02:49
SilentDishello, looking for some advice here on the best way to go about this...02:49
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, i cant find anything on the net about it02:49
spyd3ranyone know anything about getting USB GamePads to work?02:49
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, and its not something ive come across myself, im almost certain it was when you installed Xfce02:49
BellaDI don't know what to do02:49
captineNinjaPlimsoles,  i will need open office etc, which i dont think comes standard with xfce.  I would still be able to install all other apps in repo, right?  and get wifi to work using restricted drivers etc?02:49
D-Unitcellofellow, do u no of any windows freeware that i can use thru wine that would compress directly bcuz i have no internet on that comp and windows apps dont ask for dependencies02:50
captineNinjaPlimsoles, or would installing ati drivers, my modem and wifi be more console driven?02:50
jribBellaD: you never answered my question02:50
Dr_willis_spyd3r,  often the games need to be configured to use /dev/input/js0  instead of /dev/js002:50
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, Xfce is just the WM02:50
polishpaul_I see 2 devices in sound pref - HDA Intel (alsa mixer) and Analog Devices AD1984 (OSS mixer)02:50
dftcaptine: what hardware are you running on?02:50
cellofellowD-Unit: DVD video and audio is already compressed, somewhat, using MPEG2. Compressing more, especially with a general purpose lossless algorithm like gzip or bzip2, will likely not work.02:50
dftI've been using xubuntu for some time now02:50
Ezrabellad: just a minute bellad.........02:50
captinepresario turion 512mb ram02:50
BellaDi did jrib02:50
dftiirc oOo does come installed02:50
cellofellowD-Unit: both dd and bzip2 are included in a base system.02:50
kiss_soni have my own.......... or u need to find it somewhere e;se02:50
jribBellaD: what is the full path to the file you are trying to edit?02:51
captinedft, shared memory02:51
cellofellowD-Unit: you may have to read the dd man file for some info.02:51
D-Unitcellofellow, no offense but u rely lose me with the way u talk02:51
spyd3rdr_willis_, the problem is that the buttons work in SMC but the d-pad does not02:51
captinedft for graphic. think is 1.8 or something processor.02:51
cellofellowD-Unit: ok, sorry. Did I skip something? Where'd I lose you?02:51
captinedft ati graphics02:51
BellaDetc modprobe.d alsa-base02:51
jribBellaD: ok, now, what is the exact command you used to try to edit it?02:52
kiss_sonor ask other guy to dd if=/dev/sda1 of=grub-imge.bin bs=512 count=1 to u02:52
D-Unitcellofellow, like "special words" like dd and bzip2 etc02:52
cellofellowD-Unit: are you familiar with the command line?02:52
D-Unitcellofellow, well somewat i guess02:52
kiss_sononce grub is restored , make sure the menu.lst is ok on a active partition02:52
D-Unitcellofellow, like i dont avoid it02:52
kiss_sonthen it will be ok02:53
NinjaPlimsolesD-Unit, DD = data definition, bzip2 = compression method applied to a tar02:53
cellofellowD-Unit: ok, dd is a bitstream copyer thingy that you can use to make ISO images of CDs and DVDs, among many many other things.02:53
BellaDI was stupid enough to just open the file in an ordinary text editor and I pasted a text and now....02:53
cellofellowD-Unit: so, sudo dd if=/dev/dvd of=/path/to/file.iso will create a copy of the input file (if) to the output file (of).02:53
orudieNinjaPlimsoles: have you ever installed phpBB ?02:54
NinjaPlimsolesorudie, nope :(02:54
cellofelloworudie: I did. :)02:54
captinedft what do u use your machine for?02:54
captineNinjaPlimsoles, how do i backup my evolution mails?  just copy folder?02:54
SilentDisgot a 'puter running Ubuntu 6.10.  / partition is a bit small.  is it possible to enlarge / (hda1) and decrease the side of /home (hda2) without loosing data on /home?02:54
jribBellaD: you can't do that.  First off, I strongly recommend you make a backup of the file first.  Then use sudo to edit it.  If you need a gui, use "gksudo gedit".  Make sure you know what you are doing02:54
jrib!sudo > bellad (read the private message from ubotu)02:54
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, can you export the folder within evolution?02:54
jrib!who | BellaD02:55
ubotuBellaD: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)02:55
irenehi people02:55
captineNinjaPlimsoles, not sure.  let me google this one02:55
NinjaPlimsolesirene, hi :)02:55
D-Unitcellofellow, wat does that command do? compress?02:55
irenehi ninja02:55
dft<~~~...come on Irene!!...~~~>02:55
NinjaPlimsolesD-Unit, what command? :)02:55
jribdft: please don't do that02:55
livefoniksHow many times?02:55
D-UnitNinjaPlimsoles, sudo dd if=/dev/dvd of=/path/to/file.iso02:55
orudiecellofellow: trying to install phpBB3, cant install because cant find database, and i have mySQL 5 installed02:56
ireneactually i'm not irene, i'm the guy who mount ubuntu on her laptop02:56
NinjaPlimsolesD-Unit, thats just a data copier02:56
Dr_willis_D-Unit,   this is when it pays to learn the command line basics, and some other guides.   You are going through a lot of work to make/compress a .iso image for very little gain to be honest.02:56
Ezrabellad: there is a lot of different text editors in the distro. they are all pretty  similar and the point is that you need root privileges to make changes to files. i can post the changes in the file for you if you want. there's just one line.......just remember to not get too frustrated. take a break every once in a while.02:56
Dr_willis_D-Unit,  when to actally use the iso files later - you will need to uncompress them.02:56
Bossmanbetahi Dr_willis02:56
Bossmanbetahi SilentDis02:56
ireneguys can you help me with something?02:56
BellaDok jrib02:56
SilentDisgot a 'puter running Ubuntu 6.10.  / partition is a bit small.  is it possible to enlarge / (hda1) and decrease the side of /home (hda2) without loosing data on /home? going to put 7.10 on as a fresh install.02:56
polishpaul_Need more help - installed U 7.1 on my lenovo T61 and i have no sound02:57
BossmanbetaSilentDis, Try Gparted02:57
irenei have a problem with my tv card02:57
SilentDisBossmanbeta: it will allow a resize without destroying the data?02:57
NinjaPlimsolesSilentDis, and dont do it too often or your HDD will cry02:57
ireneis a pinacle pctv stereo02:57
BossmanbetaSilentDis, yes ...02:57
D-UnitDr_willis, isnt there a windows app that will compress and encode at the same time that way i dont need the xtra hd space and then i can just burn the files to a disc like dvdxcopy did on windows but i dont like that message in begining02:57
polishpaul_SilentDis, i'm not sure about shrinking a partition.. but enlarging should be doable02:57
irenei'm tring to use diferent tuner numbers02:57
irene but i ca't find one02:58
NinjaPlimsolespolishpaul_, shrinking is deemed safer than enlarging02:58
BossmanbetaSilentDis, you could also temporarily move data to an external USB drive to make the job easier, then put the data back02:58
cellofellowD-Unit: there are dozens of compression utilities for Linux.02:58
SilentDispolishpaul_, Bossmanbeta: hmm.  maybe i should just grab an extra drive, backup the data, and go that route.02:58
polishpaul_SilentDis, step 1 - backup.. always02:58
D-Unitcellofellow, k, i guess ill continue this later on cuz i have to go to bed cuz i have things to do early tomorow02:58
Ezrabellad: try adding this to your alsa-base file options snd-emu10k1-creative model=sblive!02:58
polishpaul_NinjaPlimsoles, is this the case with linux partitions?02:58
D-Unitcellofellow, thanks for ur efforts02:59
NinjaPlimsolespolishpaul_, any partition :)02:59
D-Unitand the rest also02:59
SilentDispolishpaul_: it's my mom's computer.  to say she's not backing up regularly is an understatement.  guess i should just do it anyway lol02:59
Dr_willis_D-Unit,  i dont mess with such things in windows.. and   i dont find the compression of .iso dvd files to be worth the time it takes to compress them. You  seem to be getting diffrent steps mixxed up. theres 'reencoding' a 9+gb dvd video to a 4gb disk sized image.. thats ONE step/task. then theres the compression of the 4 .iso files thats a totally unreleated task.02:59
BellaDEzra thank you02:59
BossmanbetaSilentDis, I agree -- backyup your critical data before doing anything ... but to make the resize easier, move it offline, then resize, then move it back02:59
=== CR_cwek_Toket_Gd is now known as CoJKT-sKcWE36B-u
BellaDI am tired out now I will go to bed02:59
Dr_willis_D-Unit,  you dont ust compress a 9gb dvd  to fit on a 4gb disk and be playeable.. You have to reencode it. thats what k9copy does - i belive02:59
polishpaul_SilentDis, you may want to 'image' your partition with partition-save then if something goes awry, just reimage02:59
BellaDThank you Ezra take care03:00
NinjaPlimsolesDr_willis, iso's are compressed? o.O03:00
polishpaul_SilentDis, but a simple copy should do the trick :)03:00
Ezrabellad: again, from the land of oz......no worries03:00
D-UnitDr_willis, ya but does it do all that without exceeding 9gb of space or does it need to recopy the whole dvd but decrypted then have to shrink it and waste additional temporary space (which wont be possible due to my lack of hd space)?03:00
Dr_willis_NinjaPlimsoles,  the files ON them  :) are the issue.  hes getting several different things mixxed up i think.03:00
SilentDispolishpaul_: the more i think of it... the more i don't wanna deal with this in the future.  i think i have an extra 40gb drive sitting around anyway.  it's going in the box lol03:00
BossmanbetaSilentDis, Gparted comes in a bootable ISO so you can cleanly play with the partitions without mounting them03:00
Dr_willis_D-Unit,  no idea. I dont worry abotu disk space. :)03:00
NinjaPlimsolesDr_willis, just burn a tar.bz2 to disc? lol03:01
Dr_willis_NinjaPlimsoles,  use rar. :)03:01
D-UnitDr_willis, k, well does k9copy require dependencies?03:01
D-Unitcuz i rely hate those03:01
Dr_willis_D-Unit,  most likely theres some.. thats what the package manager is all about.. it handles it.03:01
arrrghhhhey all.  just wondering where usb devices mount in /dev.  my girlfriend's ipod is showing up in lsusb, but it's not showing up on her desktop like it usually does.03:01
=== CoJKT-sKcWE36B-u is now known as CoJKT_SK_cwek36B
D-UnitDr_willis, package manager?03:01
NinjaPlimsolesD-Unit, if you use apt-get it will meet its dependencies03:01
Dr_willis_D-Unit,  i never have problems with dependenciues.. apt-get or synaptic grab them as needed03:01
D-UnitDr_willis, o that ya but im talkin bout a comp thats not connected to internet03:02
Dr_willis_D-Unit,  if you dont understand how apt-get, synaptic and so forth work.. its time to read some Ubuntu beginner guides.03:02
bruenigbeware of meta-packages though03:02
bruenigtotal fail03:02
NinjaPlimsolesmeta-package = boom03:02
Dr_willis_D-Unit,  I dont mess with non-connected stuff.. sorry. theres ways to do it. I just dont  do  that stuff.03:02
D-UnitDr_willis, no, i do, its just i have no internet and had looked to apt-zip but dont no how to use that either03:02
Dr_willis_i would just connect it to the net with a cable , install stuff.. then  remove cable. :)03:02
D-UnitDr_willis, k, well anyway i rely need to sleep now03:02
Dr_willis_work time for me. Byeee03:03
=== CoJKT_SK_cwek36B is now known as CR_cwek_Toket_Gd
D-UnitDr_willis, thx03:03
tony__dr willis hi03:03
Jack_Sparrowd-unit Look into aptoncd if you have a friend with internet access03:03
NinjaPlimsolescaptine, sorry i couldnt be that much help03:04
Kalamansihello which is stable 6.10 or 7.10 desktop and server?03:05
arrrghhhKalamansi, uh... both?03:05
nickrudKalamansi:   both, 7.10 is newer03:05
Kalamansiok ill use 7.1003:06
NobleArcWhy must defragging a hard drive take so damn long? =\03:06
NinjaPlimsolesNobleArc, zeroing one with 4 passes takes longer :P03:06
iceswordhow would i disable deskbar-applet at boot03:06
NobleArcI just want to put Ubuntu on ze lappy... well, dual-boot it, like I've got on my main machine, but I don't want to wait for it to defrag first, before partitioning. =\03:07
NinjaPlimsolesNobleArc, why defrag something thats being partitioned? the files wont be scattered if they dont exist ;)03:08
iceswordhow would i disable deskbar-applet at boot03:08
NobleArcI plan on resizing my current partition to make room for Ubuntu, without removing XP.03:08
RoootyHi, all my icons (like folder or file icons) just all went generic-blank-paper icon. Anyone know the solution?03:08
jribicesword: remove it from your panel03:09
victamowerI've installed a package and modified it's configuration in /etc, now I'd like to restore the default configuration03:09
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=== bmk789_ is now known as bmk789_chrrrr
NinjaPlimsolesNobleArc, aaaaaah, yeah wait for defrag to finish or you might get files caught in the deflate03:09
victamoweris there any way to do that without uninstalling and reinstalling it?03:09
NobleArcYeah, I've had it happen once on an older box.  Didn't lose anything, as I had backups..03:09
NobleArcbut still.03:09
NobleArcDon't want to deal with it.03:09
iceswordjrib, maybe that is not right,i don't that process at boot03:09
Jack_SparrowNobleArc, Dont even think of repartitioning before defragging, and I usually recommend two passes at defrag to be sure.03:09
iceswordi don't want that process03:10
NinjaPlimsolesJack_Sparrow, he wasnt03:10
jribicesword: deskbar-applet only loads when you login03:10
iceswordrunning in background03:10
NobleArcI've already defragged it with two programs, now I'm using Microsoft's built-in one.03:10
arrrghhhso where are usb devices listed in /dev?  i have an ipod that is showing up in lsusb, but won't appear on the desktop like it normally does03:10
jribicesword: right click on it, remove from panel.  Let me know if it still starts next time you login03:10
iceswordjrib, so you mean,if i remove it,it won't load again,even in background03:10
ScuniziNobleArc, are you defragging a windows box? if so you might want to do it from the "safe mode"03:10
owhThis is going to sound like a dumb question, but can someone remind me how I can "apt-get source" from a different version other than my current OS, that is, I'm running Feisty and I want to apt-get source from Hardy.03:10
Jack_SparrowNobleArc, the less free space on the drive the longer it takes to defrag03:10
iceswordjrib, k03:10
NobleArcI know, Jack_Sparrow.03:11
Jack_Sparrowowh, Dont. it wont work03:11
arrrghhhowh, don't do it.  why would you want to?03:11
nickrudowh: add the source repo for hardy03:11
NobleArcI'm going to be running a defragger at boot time, Scunizi, so it can move the system files.03:11
owhJack_Sparrow: I am not compiling it, I just need to get the source.03:11
NinjaPlimsolesright nighty night folks! 3am is an admirable bedtime03:11
arrrghhhowh, you can download the source online03:11
owhnickrud: How will I then access that repo?03:11
iceswordjrib, what about if i remove that update notifier03:12
ScuniziNinjaPlimsoles, you must be east of me and over the pond03:12
jribicesword: what about it?03:12
nickrudowh: if you're not sure, getting the source from packages.ubuntu.com would be simpler03:12
captineNinjaPlimsoles, no problem.  i will just re-install in a bit.  just burning the cd quickly03:12
NinjaPlimsolesScunizi, correct :P03:12
owhnickrud: Will that get me access to Hardy's version?03:12
nickrudowh: yes03:12
iceswordjrib, is it ok,if i remove that icon,that update-notifier won't run background03:12
NinjaPlimsolesScunizi, im also suffering from wisdom tooth pain, and a blocked nose03:12
owhnickrud: Excellent, tah.03:12
ScuniziNinjaPlimsoles, go to bed already..! you need a break03:13
jribicesword: I'm pretty sure there is a cron job that will update your repository list if that is what you mean03:13
etell\join #ubuntu-devel03:13
Jack_Sparrowowh, that will get you access to a source file in that repo but if you are not going to compile what are you going to do with it03:13
NinjaPlimsolesScunizi, what can I say.. i like helping :(03:13
owhFor those shaking their heads, I'm needing to make a debdiff of a bug fix, but I need to have the current Hardy version so it can be used when Hardy is released.03:13
* nickrud shakes head at owh 03:14
jetscreamerwhen is Laurel coming out?03:14
Alan_Mwhy not just get the hardy cd when it becomes official?03:14
LeChacalif i need a ton of packages and there dependencies that are only in the Debian repository is there a fast way to get them all other then searching and downloading them all by hand. These files are the dependencies for Debian Cluster Components.03:14
owhAlan_M: Because this bug fix will be on that cd.03:14
arrrghhhso where are usb devices listed in /dev?  i have an ipod that is showing up in lsusb, but won't appear on the desktop like it normally does03:14
jribowh: why not setup a chroot or virtualbox if you want to do things lie that?03:14
owhnickrud: :-) Any alternative suggestions?03:14
Alan_Mwouldnt..that..be..a better idea?03:14
jetscreamerLeChacal: apt-pinning perhaps03:14
chuckis there a new ubuntu release soon or something03:15
owhjrib: The fix is a one-liner to a bash script.03:15
Alan_Mchuck, yup03:15
Cpudan80chuck: april03:15
owhjrib: Seems a tad overkill.03:15
nickrudowh: that was a joke. And, running hardy in a vm would be a useful method03:15
Alan_Mits coming out officially in april chuck :)03:15
Cpudan80Has the artwork for Hardy been decided on yet?03:15
chuckoh i get this: http://mirror.cs.umn.edu/ubuntu-torrents/torrents.html03:15
NinjaPlimsolesarrrghhh, /dev/sdax03:15
Cpudan80guess I should ask +03:15
jribowh: yes, if this is all you are doing03:15
owhnickrud: Sorry, 747 over my head :)03:15
arrrghhhchuck, there's a 6 month release cycle with ubuntu.  so every april and october it seems.03:15
arrrghhhNinjaPlimsoles, hrm... ok.03:16
owhAll good, thanks all.03:16
chuy_maxhi, I might have found a bug in ktechlab, should I report this to ubuntu, or kde?03:16
nickrudowh: install virtualbox, and install hardy in that. #ubuntu+1 coould help you set up03:16
owhnickrud: I will as soon as I have some disk space to burn, right now I'm just hanging on :)03:16
Alan_Mchuy_max, I would say Kubuntu..is it a kubuntu program?03:16
SilentDisquick question for everyone.  from your experiences, what is a decent size for a / partition (excluding /home, including /tmp) for a more 'average' user?03:16
nickrudSilentDis: 10-15 gb would be spacious03:17
SilentDisnickrud: would i run into issue with 8gb?03:17
Alan_Mive got like 40+gb SilentDis, and ive yet to run out03:17
owhnickrud: For /root ?03:17
danbhfiveSilentDis: I think /tmp is on your ram, fyi03:17
livefoniksSilentDis:  I use 8GB, myself...that seems to be plenty.03:17
Alan_Mand its been..a while.03:17
owhnickrud: That seems a tad overkill.03:17
arrrghhhSilentDis, i run / with 6 gigs and /home gets everything else.03:18
nickrudSilentDis: you might, , for example if you were building a dvd03:18
MK5Can someone explain to me how to setup Windows VPN for NetworkManager03:18
iceswordnickrud, if i remove update notifier from panel,is that means there won't be process running like update notifier and notification daemon in background03:18
berlylabsanyone here know to fix a sound problem on ubuntu... it's telling me I have no plug ins or devices03:18
NinjaPlimsolesright, bedtime for me03:18
arrrghhhSilentDis, it really depends on how big the hdd is and where you're planning on storing things.03:18
SilentDisthis box is overkill.  200gb for /home, 10gb for a swap, and 90gb for /, i don't have these issues lmao03:18
NinjaPlimsolesnight folks03:18
LeChacaljetscreamer: so then you are saying add the Debian to my source.list and make this pinning file03:18
cottimahow do I setup raid on the live installer03:18
nickrudicesword: hm, I haven't really looked into how it's set up, if the gui thing does it or only monitors some other process03:18
livefoniks10GB for a swap, SilentDis?  Definite overkill there.03:19
cottimasoftraid, that is03:19
marbleslinger500 gig is enough no matter how you split it up03:19
posricesword ohh hi :)03:19
SilentDisarrrghhh: my mom's 'puter.  gonna give it a shot in the arm.  when i built it, it ran Ubuntu 6.10 with a mere 8gb drive in total.  i only gave / 3gb, which is WAY too small.  was trying to think of ways to solve this03:19
iceswordposr, hi03:19
jetscreamerLeChacal: i'm just saying it may be what you want... not sure.03:19
danbhfiveSilentDis: heh, I don't think that the kernel can even use that much swap, unless its the server version, or 64bit03:19
livefoniksSilentDis:  How much RAM in the machine?03:19
LeChacaljetscreamer: ok i will try it thank you03:19
SilentDislivefoniks: trust me, i'm no where near maxed out either.  there's an extra 20gb for windows (haven't booted it in a year or more), 25gb fat32 partition in there...03:20
owhcottima: Format the partition, set the partition type to Raid Auto Detect, restart the partitioner.03:20
arrrghhhSilentDis, hrm... 8 gigs is a big small.  buy her a 40 gig hdd.  they're cheapo i'm sure.03:20
nickrudSilentDis: I keep several 12gb partitions around for different installs. I've maxed out at 7 when I had a _lot_ installed, several desktops, etc03:20
owhcottima: Uh. s/format/create/03:20
berlylabsanyone know how to get ubuntu to reinstall a driver that waas installed but somehow disappeared03:20
SilentDislivefoniks: currently 2gb, gonna order another 2gb when W. sends me mah gobmant cheeze check!  lol03:21
chuy_maxAlan_M, it is a KDE program03:21
cheHow to work the visual effect of Ubuntu on the ATI video card?03:21
iceswordi will kill all unneccessary services03:21
berlylabsmy sound card I think got messed up03:21
nickrudche: what ati video card?03:21
berlylabscan anyone help?03:22
marbleslingerCHE: Envy03:22
livefoniksSilentDis:  Well, a 10GB /root partition is probably plenty.  1 or 1.5GB for SWAP.03:22
bluefoxxwhat plugin do i need to play .iso dvd inages in kaffeine?03:22
SilentDisso, in general, dedicating all of hda (8gb drive) to /, and then dropping in a spare 20g/40g/whatever i have sitting around for swap and home should suffice without issue?03:22
arrrghhhberlylabs, what do you mean, you have to be more descriptive.  what driver03:22
=== joecool_ is now known as joecool
berlylabsarrrrghhh : my sound just stopped and it tells me i have no gstreamer plugins or devices or something like that03:22
chenickrud: ATI Radeon Xpress 200M03:22
arrrghhhSilentDis, oh yea.  i mean if you gave everything to / and had a small swap (512mb or so) might also work.,...03:23
nickrudSilentDis: for most uses, yes. If mom isn't going to install a lot of stuff03:23
Jack_Sparrowmarbleslinger, Envy is not something we support in here.. it has improved, but still has issues03:23
marbleslingerok... worked for me03:23
ubotuCommon Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/03:23
arrrghhhSilentDis, or / gets 5 gigs and /home gets 2.5 gigs and swap gets 512mb.03:23
berlylabsexact error  The volume control did not find any elements and/or devices to control. This means either that you don't have the right GStreamer plugins installed, or that you don't have a sound card configured.03:23
SilentDisnickrud: she likes to 'play' in the add/remove programs area i've found, which resulted in this problem in the first place lol03:23
arrrghhhSilentDis, that's close tho... i'd recommend 6gigs min. for /.  and if she likes doin that, get her a bigger hdd or don't tell her the root pass lol03:24
cottimaowh, sorry, what format type do I select?03:24
GaD1ahi all03:24
SilentDisarrrghhh: i tried the whole 'no root access for you!' method.... she was calling me every day :P03:24
jetscreamerget a newer harddrive.. buy yourself a nice big new one, and give mom your handmedown03:24
berlylabscan someone help me fix this error I have no sound The volume control did not find any elements and/or devices to control. This means either that you don't have the right GStreamer plugins installed, or that you don't have a sound card configured.03:24
rledge21Hi all - I'm trying to import a snippet in gedit, when I click the import button the filebrowser opens but everything in it is locked up.  I can move it and resize it but I cannot browse to the file.  Does anyone know a way to fix it - or a way to manually install snippets?03:25
owhcottima: It's the partition type that you select.03:25
arrrghhhberlylabs, it helps if you spell my name right.  autocomplete works here too :)  at any rate, do you use alsa for sound?03:25
nickrudche: system->admin->restricted manager, enable ati restricted. Reboot.  log in, run  fglrxinfo   in a terminal, make sure it's using ati 8.37.6 driver.   install xserver-xgl , log out and back in. System->prefs-appearance, effects tab, turn it on03:25
SilentDisjetscreamer: eh, i have spares sitting all over the place it seems.  they just keep collecting lol03:25
arrrghhhSilentDis, ouch... yea... hrm.  just give her a bigger hdd and burn that 8gig POS.03:25
owhcottima: Linux RAID AutoDetect, on the second page if memory serves me.03:25
jetscreamerdebian has a new fglrx xorg module in sid btw03:25
berlylabsi'm not sure what I use as it just worked after i installed this is the first issue I've had03:25
chenickrud: ok, i will try03:25
berlylabsarrrghhh:i'm not sure what I use as it just worked after i installed this is the first issue I've had03:25
SilentDisarrrghhh: so, drop a 40g+ in there, and put / on a 10g partition?03:25
arrrghhhSilentDis, and you'll be golden my friend.03:26
chenickrud: how to install a xserver-xgl03:26
jetscreameryou can get by with 6, but it gets tight03:26
nickrudche: sudo apt-get install xserver-xgl   in a terminal03:26
jetscreameri had a 13 that was 'kinda' roomy03:26
chenickrud: ok03:27
SilentDisarrrghhh: i just worry... she bought a digital camera and fancies herself a serious professional picture taker... you know, of dogs... bugs... blurry looking sunsets...  roflmao03:27
vikkucan someone help me install build-essential iam getting following error http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/58568/03:27
Frederickfolks I got issues in a basically fresh install when I evoke x server the machine halts03:27
arrrghhhberlylabs, hrm... that's very strange, what changed in the system?  hardware or software.03:27
TannDoes anyone know where the alsa-base config files are03:27
arrrghhhSilentDis, well yea, but with a 30+ gig /home partition she should be fine.03:27
berlylabsarrrghh : i deleted a gcj plug in to get my yahoo games to work that's all03:27
Jack_Sparrownickrud, My notes on Ati say to sudo depmod -a   after installing -xgl   what is that for?03:28
chenickrud: i heard about xserver-xgl gives like the lag, is this true?03:28
cottimaowh, could the fact that I am using a xubuntu cd make a difference?03:28
rledge21Hi all - I'm trying to import a snippet in gedit, when I click the import button the filebrowser opens but everything in it is locked up.  I can move it and resize it but I cannot browse to the file.  Does anyone know a way to fix it - or a way to manually install snippets?03:28
arrrghhhberlylabs, gcj plugin?03:28
SilentDisanother question, just so i know where to start digging... she's gonna be doing EVDO on the machine.  does Ubuntu 7.10 have a dialer on it, or will i be mucking with pppd for a bit to get the packages installed?  (yes, her phone works with 7.10, i tried it on my kubuntu box)03:28
berlylabsyeah for mozilla03:28
nickrudvikku: if you're lucky sudo apt-get -f install will fix that03:28
owhcottima: No, it shouldn't. What is the problem you're experiencing?03:28
nithTann: Dunno if they're the base configs, I've got some it /usr/share/alsa03:28
berlylabsarrrghhh: yeah for mozilla03:28
Jack_Sparrowche, You need it if you want smooth video and effects, you just need to turn off effects for better gaming03:28
vikkunickrud : trying it03:29
nith*some in03:29
iceswordbasically,i don't worry about mem,linux kernel does a very good mm03:29
Tannok. thx03:29
=== nith is now known as Nith
nickrudjack-desktop: no idea, depmod -a is to rebuild the kernel module index (roughly) xserver-xgl has no kernel modules03:29
arrrghhhberlylabs, and you've tried rebooting i'm assuming?03:29
berlylabsyes many times03:29
nickrudche: it can, yes. But, you can't run the desktop effects without it on ati 200m03:29
Tannnith: I was just wondering so i can copy the config files from a live cd to my  comp03:29
vikku<nickrud : same error03:30
chejack_sparrow, nickrud: aanhaa ok thanks03:30
Jack_Sparrownickrud, I pulled it from one of the tutorials....    thought I would ask.. goodnight03:30
biouserquick, I need to open a 'listen.asp' radio over the internet, what should I get?03:30
SilentDisa better way to form that question...  Does Ubuntu 7.10 have any GUI dialers available on it's CD?  or, at minimum, does it have the pppd stuff for me to get it working from a term, then pull a gui one?03:30
combatwombathey guys03:30
NithTann: why not just purge and reinstall?03:30
nickrudJack_Sparrow: if someone compiles the fglrx from ati, it'd be useful03:30
Frederickmy x server hangs and the whole sstem seems to hang I cant evn kill it03:30
arrrghhhberlylabs, i'm not sure... i use kde, and instructions for audio troubleshooting are vastly different.03:30
berlylabsanyone here wanna help? sound just stopped working03:31
FrederickIve tried the new cd it also hangs I cant even have an instalr in text mode I think03:31
Frederickany ideas?03:31
nickrudvikku: I'm not sure what's causing that error.it's in /var/lib/dpkg/info/acpid.postinst , but what's actually happening ..03:31
arrrghhhFrederick, have you tried the text mode installer?03:32
Frederickhow do I do it?03:32
TannNith: oh. ok03:32
nickrudSilentDis: pppconf , with pon/poff in terminal03:32
biouser.asp, radio on the internet, what program can handle it?03:32
nickrudSilentDis: erm, pppconfig that is03:33
Nithgood question03:33
arrrghhhFrederick, ...uh download the alternate installer cd?  when you choose to download, it asks if you want the desktop version or the "alternate" installer - you want to download the alternate iso.03:33
SilentDisnickrud: so i'll be doing a bit of mucking at first.  this HAS to be GUI for her to do it herself later.  can you recommend a GTK+ dialer app?  (i use EVDO myself, but i'm using kubuntu & kppp works well)03:33
cottimaowh, To start out, I have three options: guided entire disk, guided largest free space, and manual.  Guided continues onto user info: "Who are you?"  In manual, I only file system formats, no raid option.03:33
arrrghhhi don't understand why they don't have the alternate text install on the same ISO as the livecd.  seems like it'd be pretty easy, all the same info just how it's installed.03:33
Scunizibiouser, streamturner? VLC? maybe both will do it.. but if it's an .asp file that might be pretty much MS .03:33
biousercan someone tell me if they can get that feed?03:34
arrrghhhSilentDis, why not just install kubuntu on her machine?03:34
biouserwhat is asp?03:34
biouserno amarok?03:34
arrrghhhbiouser, google it.  it's a file stream usually.03:34
nickrudSilentDis:  network manager applet has a ppp dialer, but I've never used it. My favorite for gnome disappeared03:34
chenickrud: i installed xserver-xgl it working smooth, now can i enable compiz?03:35
owhcottima: In the manual section, choose the disk you want to partition, then inside that you can setup partitions, inside that you can chose the partition type. If you have multiple identical drives you can be funky and do it automatically with one drive, go back, then chose the other drive, do the same - so the partitions are identical, then go back a third time, choose manual, then set the types, then finally go back and choose manu03:35
nickrudSilentDis: gnome-ppp sounds usable03:35
voxi'm trying to install gutsy server as a xen virtual machine, but it wont boot, just says "loading..." and stays there. any ideas?03:35
owhcottima: Did you understand that?03:35
nickrudche: system->prefs->appearance, effects tab03:35
=== osxdude is now known as osxdude|laptop
SilentDisarrrghhh: i thought about that... but she's been using gnome for a while now, not sure if she can take such a change ;)03:36
ms_kaitest me03:36
rledge21can anyone tell me where gedit snippets get saved to? Having trouble importing with the GUI03:36
chenickrud: is extra=compiz ?03:36
nickrudche: yes03:36
cottimayeah, but I still do not see how I can do raid without an option for it.03:36
fotoflohey all03:36
owhcottima: You can set the partition type from within manual.03:37
chenickrud: thank you so much, i solved my last problem.03:37
fotoflogot a little question - is there a way to download all MX records that point to my domain?03:37
arrrghhhSilentDis, hrm... i dunno, i think kde is friendlier, but gnome does tend to hide things so newbies can't get in too much trouble.  kde just seems to be more mature.  and i'm not starting a flame war here people, so don't get pissed at my PERSONAL opinion.03:37
nickrudche: one more thing:  install compizconfig-settings-manager , it'll be at system->prefs->advanced desktop03:37
slaytanicfotoflo: Erhm, host -t MX yourdomain.com?03:37
bosanachow i can open my SSH ( to people have access to my BOX when i told them the pass and the user ? )03:38
bosanachow i can open my SSH ( to people have access to my BOX when i told them the pass and the user ? )03:38
Frederickarrrghhh:  i will try it thanks03:38
SilentDisarrrghhh: i am in agreement myself, it is really just personal taste.  i switched to kde about 1 month after going linux full time, too :)03:38
berlylabsanyone here help me trouble shoot audio suddenly not working03:38
fotoflobosanac: that sounds like a bad idea, unless they have their own login and password03:38
SilentDisbosanac: are you behind a router?03:38
MasterShrek!ssh | bosanac03:39
ubotubosanac: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto for usage. Putty is a nice SSH client for Windows; it can be found at http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/03:39
bosanachmm thats not a bad idea dude03:39
SilentDisbosanac: what fotoflo said, as well.  are you giving them YOUR username/password, or their OWN username/password?03:39
bosanaci like that03:39
Flannelbosanac: SSH is open to people if they have a login/pass to your box03:39
nickrudberlylabs: wish I could, but sound for me is a baffler03:39
MasterShrekIF you have an ssh server installed03:39
fotoflobosanac: and you should make sure you restrict their access, or else they will take over your machine03:40
berlylabsanyone here know how to get ubuntu to reinstall a piece of hardware maybe03:40
MasterShrekberlylabs, what sort of hardware is it?03:40
fotoflonickrud: hey do you know how to do a reverse MX lookup?03:40
berlylabsMasterShrek: audio card03:40
nickrudfotoflo: nope03:40
SilentDisrandom question of the day:  are there any active viruses out in the wild right now for linux in general?03:41
cabrioleur_berlylabs, reinstall what? Hardware should be plugged manually :-)03:41
MasterShrekberlylabs, audio cards are such a pain lol, if you type: lsmod | grep snd     in a terminal does anything come up? (no need to paste it)03:41
mneptokSilentDis: yes, Microsoft released Vista last year.03:41
NithSilentDis: I've only heard of root kits03:41
cabrioleur_SilentDis, yes03:41
SilentDismneptok: lol03:41
MasterShrek!virus | SilentDis03:41
ubotuSilentDis: A/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2103:41
nickrudI personally consider wine a virus03:41
_bosanacHello people I'm running linux Ubuntu 7.10 and how to open the SSH ( to activate my SSH ) ? somebody can tell me?03:42
puttersonhow do I change the terminal font (not X terminal)03:42
_bosanacsorry i left this network :(03:42
berlylabsMasterShrek: a bunch of stuff03:42
Flannel_bosanac: install openssh-server03:42
chrismurfI'm attempting to install Gutsy from CD on an embedded PC, and my (normal, IDE) CD drive keeps spinning down half way through the install process, and then won't read any more data.  The drive is fine; anybody know of a magic kernel parameter to pass?03:42
_bosanacFlannel: i install it and how to enable it ?03:42
SilentDisMasterShrek: thanks.  i'm more worried about mom, without a hardware firewall, using EVDO, and finally manage to screw something up.  i've kept her pretty safe otherwise :)03:42
Flannel_bosanac: It's "enabled" by default.  People just need to connect to your computer, and they can login03:42
MasterShrekberlylabs, on second thought can you paste the output to pastebin for me?03:43
berlylabsyeah give me a min03:43
_baany ideas when trying to install 7.10 click install goes to busybox?03:43
MasterShrek_ba, have yo checked the disc for defects? should be an option right after your POST03:43
cabrioleur_MasterShrek, it's not necessary truth. Linux and attached to it software have enough exploits to be used by software without root priv.03:43
LoganStarnestommy: the alternate cd worked. but i'm stuck at the stage where it's looking for the cd-rom, which is funny because the cd is running the ubuntu???03:43
puttersonhow do I change the terminal font or the columns and rows (not X terminal)?03:44
berlylabsMasterShrek: http://pastebin.com/m660aecf303:44
cellofellowputterson: set some kernel vga parameters in GRUB.03:44
bluefoxxok, how can i mount a .iso image so a program[like kaffeine, gxine, vlc etc.] can make use of it?03:44
cellofellowputterson: try vga=79203:44
MasterShrekbluefoxx, sudo mount -t iso9660 -o loop /path/to/file.iso /path/to/mount/point03:45
puttersoncellofellow, is there a guide or manual to the parameters?03:45
cellofellowputterson: that's a 1024x768x32 framebuffer display03:45
mneptokberlylabs: you're not really using a root shell, are you? :)03:45
cabrioleur_bluefoxx, you can mount it with "sudo mount -o loop /iso.iso /mnt" or just open file in vlc.03:45
_bawhen checking for defects going to busybox03:45
posrTalking - show #state03:45
MasterShrek!intelhda | berlylabs have a look at this03:45
ubotuberlylabs have a look at this: For fixing your Intel HDA sound this page has useful information https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto03:45
bluefoxxMasterShrek: cabrioleur_ : thanks03:45
SilentDisfinal dumb question...  Ubuntu is shooting for an 8.04 release, right?  i might just put this all off till then, save me having to go over again and all :)03:45
berlylabsMasterShrek: what?03:45
MasterShrekberlylabs, look at the link ubotu pasted for you03:45
Alan_MSilentDis: thats correct03:46
Flannel!hardy | SilentDis03:46
ubotuSilentDis: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu03:46
nickrudSilentDis: when 8.04 is released, you can upgrade in place over the net, without having to reinstall03:46
owhcottima: Is it working for you now?03:46
LoganHey can anyone help me at the stage (Detect and mount CD-rom) . ubuntu 7.10 .. i don't get this i mean the cd is running fine how come it can't detect it???03:46
SilentDisnickrud: right, but would you trust your mom to actually be patient enough as the download happens?  mine burns water in saucepans, and yells at the microwave to hurry up!03:46
cellofellowputterson: in the file /boot/grub/menu.lst, find the line that reads "defopts" and add "vga=792" to that line. Then run "sudo update-grub" and reboot. And hope your video card supports framebuffers.03:46
nickrudSilentDis: tell her to do it before going to bed :)03:47
cellofellowputterson:(mine, sadly, doesn't)03:47
puttersoncellofellow, ok brb03:47
Alan_MHardy is pretty darn stable atm, but even for the guys who love a challenge, i wouldnt suggest it just yet :)03:47
SilentDisnickrud: that is FARRR too many instructions.  she'd be likely to start it, then shut down the computer and go to bed lol03:47
ScuniziLogan, you have to burn the cd as an image AND at the slowest speed possible.  If you can read the iso file on the cd with windows explorer then you burned it as data instead of an image.03:47
TonrenSomeone, anyone, please help me make Firefox stop crashing with Flash.  I have Firefox on Kubuntu 7.10, on a sound card that doesn't support hw mixing.  Why does sound-enabled Flash keep crashing Firefox?03:48
puttersoncellofellow, I can't find the line with defopts in it03:48
Alan_MIf its just 1 file on the cd...then you burned it wrong Logan :)03:48
SilentDisi have learned through this exactly why sysadmins become BOFH though lol03:48
jetscreamervikku: probably apt-get -f install might help03:48
nickrudSilentDis: sounds like it's a chance for you to have a few hours of quality time with mom ;)03:48
Flannelputterson: Its close to the top, it's commented out.03:48
LoganScunizi: i've done this correctly, it shows up on window as a browser..03:48
cellofellowputterson: oops, it's "# defoptions=blah blah blah"03:48
Flannelputterson: DONT uncomment it.  And actually, vga=ask might be better than a definite value.03:48
LoganI've burned it right, it boots up and i'm in the process of installing it, but when it gets to the Detect and mount Cd-rom stage it just won't work from here03:49
puttersoncellofellow, its at 791 right now03:49
cellofellowputterson: don't remove that hash symbol, that's line is for update-grub to read, while the un-commented lines are for GRUB itself to read.03:49
SilentDisnickrud: why don't i just hand you a gun so you can blow my brains out right now?  family functions, sure, then i can loose myself in meal prep lol03:49
ScuniziLogan, what do you mean as a browser?  look at the cd with your file manager and see if you only see one file.03:49
biouserdid anyone have any luck with that?03:49
cellofellowputterson: that line has a double hash does it not?03:49
cellofellowputterson: I see that line, it's an example.03:49
puttersoncellofellow, oh yes sorry03:49
SilentDisnickrud: seriously, i love her dearly, but sometimes....  she's just... mom.  lol03:50
biouserI can't believe that my favorite community radio would be so idiotic as to make a proprietary format webcast03:50
Alan_MSilentDis: Parents are set in their ways huh? :)03:50
* nickrud hands gun SilentDis and says, 'anything for ma ;)'03:50
aSt3raLwhen i use fdisk to make two primary partitions how do i access them after i write the changes03:50
puttersoncellofellow, and if this fails will it just fall back to the lowest?03:50
berlylabsbe back if this doesn't work ty guys03:50
puttersoncellofellow, or will I be screwed03:50
cellofellowputterson: yes, with a funny delay03:50
aSt3raLwhen i do fdisk -l it just shows the old one03:50
SilentDisAlan_M: i got her to switch to ubuntu.  i am making progress. :)03:50
Alan_MWell, thats good!03:51
puttersoncellofellow, haha funny or weird funny, lol03:51
LoganWhen you put in the ubuntu cd it auto boots into a browser with firefox, thunderbird and... nevermind doesn't do it with this one03:51
Loganit shows up folders and files03:51
cellofellowputterson: a screen will ask you what modes you want to pick, and if it does that just hit spacebar and undo it.03:51
Alan_MYou've done more than me, I still cant get mine to switch, the best ive done is got her to use Knoppix :/03:51
cellofellowputterson: weird but harmless funny.03:51
puttersoncellofellow, here goes nothing03:51
Logani burned the image directly with imgburn, i never opened it and copied or created a data disk03:51
bladinhoJOnata ;]03:52
SilentDisAlan_M: lol.  she was limping along on a P1 233 for YEARS.  i built her a nice little AMD box, and just installed linux on it right off, no option in the matter.  spent a good hour with her learning the ropes, and she actually took to it rather well.  i doubt we'll see any shell scripts coming from her any time soon, but she definatly can use the machine :)03:53
* Alan_M claps03:53
cabrioleur_P1 did get to 233? I always thought they stopped at 200.03:53
Alan_Mmine sees a different style gui and flips...i dont like kubuntu..but for her i guess ill do it :/03:53
=== max` is now known as max
ubotunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like Freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit03:54
MasterShrekwhoot netsplit03:54
LoganSo any ideas?03:54
Alan_Mthat..was a big one!03:54
SilentDiscabrioleur_: i can state with full authority that the mobile P1 line hit 300mhz.  I have a laptop with a P1 300mhz chip in it right here, on my desk, running Xubuntu 7.10 :)03:54
ogrethat was nuts03:54
PendetaIs ubuntu server edition already set up as a email server?03:54
SilentDissomeone forgot to feed the hamster.03:54
* Alan_M grabs surf board just incase we go through that again, ride the waves ;)03:54
FlannelPendeta: There is an email preconfiguration, yes03:55
Alan_MPendeta, you can set it up as one, yeah.03:55
cabrioleur_SilentDis, thanks, good to know.03:55
=== _{devil} is now known as {devil}
SilentDiscabrioleur_: i believe that the P1 desktop line maxed at 233 or 266 though.03:55
biouser.asp? no one?03:55
Alan_MSilentDis, i think it was 26603:55
Alan_Mif..you overclocked03:55
cabrioleur_biouser, what about .asp?03:56
ogreanyone tell me how to fix this? google is no help.  sudo aircrack-ng -b 00:18:4D:58:AF:D4 dump-01.cap03:56
ogre[sudo] password for ogre:03:56
ogreOpening dump-01.capopen failed: No such file or directory03:56
biouserlistening to a streaming radio station...03:56
cabrioleur_biouser, mplayer + win32codecs should do it.03:56
SilentDiscan we go on the netsplit ride again?  i spilled my soda last time, but i promise i'll hold on tight to this cotton candy!03:56
PendetaFlannel and Alan_M, thanks!03:56
niknikQuick question.  Can I make my xp partition smaller, and my ubuntu partition larger, without disturbing files?03:56
Alan_MPendeta: its what were here for, you! :D03:56
biousermplayer plug-in is what you are recommending?03:56
cellofellowAlan_M: I have several old i586's with those funny Turbo buttons that overclocked the processor on the fly.03:56
cabrioleur_niknik, yes03:56
puttersoncellofellow, I only get a blinking underline cursor now03:56
mneptokogre: please don't ask about aircrack here03:56
biouserI thought ubuntu-restricted extras might work :(03:56
cellofellowputterson: video card type and driver?03:57
SilentDisniknik: yes, i know partition magic does it, there are a couple other 'live' partition resizing apps out there too... let me poke around.03:57
niknikDude, you rock for telling me that.  How?03:57
LoganSo guys can anyone help me out here, i'm stuck on the detect and mount cd-rom, it says no common cd-rom drive was detected, if thats the case how come i'm running the install of ubuntu 7.10?03:57
cellofellowputterson: I think X should turn on on its own, but not sure.03:57
cabrioleur_niknik, install ntfs-3g (you can do it during live cd), and gparted will support resizing of ntfs.03:57
SilentDisniknik: i will say though, that they NEVER seem to work well.  you tend to always mess something up and loose data.  backups are a MUST.03:57
puttersoncellofellow, how would I get that info?03:57
ogremneptok:  they sent me here. its for my own network. the only reason I keep messing w/ it is because I cant figure it out03:57
Alan_MLogan, your running it off a server? :D (yes that can be done fyi) :)03:57
cellofellowputterson: you don't know what kind of video card you have?03:57
cabrioleur_niknik, or maybe it was ntfsprogs03:57
ogremneptok:  ill quit though03:58
puttersoncellofellow, its integraded, old p3 server03:58
Logana hp one yes? but would that matter?03:58
SilentDisniknik: http://www.thefreecountry.com/utilities/partitioneditors.shtml03:58
cottimaowh, excuse the wait.  I am going to download the ubuntu cd in case.03:58
cellofellowputterson: if you could get a display...03:58
cottimaowh, thank you.03:58
cabrioleur_biouser, ubuntu restricted extras will not work, as they are for gstreamer. mplayer doesn't use it.03:58
mneptokogre: aircrack is a cracking tool that is mostly designed for malicious purposes. all we have is your affirmation that you're using it locally. there are too many legitimate support questions relating to more conventional packages for #ubuntu to start supporting what amounts to cracking tools.03:58
owhcottima: Pleasure.03:59
biousercabrioleur_, thanks for the tip, I'm about to try it.03:59
PendetaAlan_M, yes, and greatly appreciated! This support channel is the main reason I'm trying to switch all our computers to Ubuntu.03:59
puttersoncellofellow, I have a display, its not headless, I just don't want to run a gui03:59
pyrakwhat rss reader should i use?03:59
cellofellowputterson: ctrl+alt+del should restart, and when it does, when GRUB shows up hit ESC to see the menu, select Ubuntu in the menu and hit 'c' to edit, and remove the vga bit. Don't forget to do that on in the file afterword.03:59
mneptokpyrak: try the Sage extension to Firefox03:59
Alan_MAwesome, thats what a ubuntero as myself loves to hear! :D03:59
LoganAlan_M, so does this mean i have to download the server version... lol man i'm glad i've unlimted broadband04:00
Odd-rationalepyrak: lifera is not too bad.04:00
cellofellowputterson: maybe it's not c, maybe it's e, I forget.04:00
puttersoncellofellow, can I just ssh in and change the file back and run update-grub?04:00
mneptokpyrak: then add a 0 to your gateway address04:00
Alan_MLogan, you would probably be wasting your time.04:00
SilentDishi ho, hi ho, it's off to work on the graveyard shift with me.  thanks all, g'night :)04:00
cellofellowpyrak: I just use google reader.04:00
mneptokpyrak: and no, i'll *never* let you forget :P04:00
cellofellowputterson: yeah, that should work.04:00
niknikThank you, thank you, thank you04:00
biouserchmod ??? to make the .bin executable?04:00
pyrakmneptok, :/04:00
mneptokbiouser: chmod +x blah.bin04:00
mneptokpyrak: yup, i'm that big a jerk.04:01
LoganAlan_M, why would i. i don't understand i mean it's the same as a desktop, so i really don't see the difference?04:01
pyrakmneptok, big enough jerk to put up with my noobitude :P04:01
Alan_MWhats the same as a desktop?04:01
pyrakmneptok, that server is all set up now, btw.  it's neat, i used it to bypass my school's filter the other day04:01
mneptokpyrak: from my chair, you're mild.04:01
pyrakssh -D ftw04:01
LoganI've a HP machine here the specs arn't that fantastic so, i mean it's called a server but i use it as a desktop, so why would i be waisting my time?04:02
biouserthnks mneptok04:02
mneptokLogan: why install the GUI environment stuff on a server?04:02
Alan_MOh, i see :)04:02
Alan_Mthats the question i was getting to mneptok :)04:02
Alan_Munless your using xubuntu desktop..on a server..because your a new administrator.04:03
LoganBecause to me it's not a server. i've never used it as a server it's a desktop to me... It's just called a server on HP04:03
cabrioleur_Logan, maybe you should check slackware out. It comes with everything you need (server wise), and works better on older hardware.04:03
stokeralguien que hable español04:03
mneptoknew administrators should be reading manpages rather than configuring Thunar behavior ;)04:03
ubotuSi busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.04:03
LoganThe computer isn't that old, lol04:03
mneptokLogan: ah! so the HP model naming calls it a server, but you use the machine as a desktop?04:04
LoganPentium 4 (3.0GHz), 2GB Ram, 80GB Sata Drive.04:04
wng-how much HD space would be needed to host a local repository with just the packages needed for a installation?04:04
Alan_Mmneptok, yeah.04:04
hekatontarchosI'm trying to install Ubuntu 7.10 to my G3 iMac, but I'm having some issues.  Can someone help?04:04
Odd-rationaleHas anyone had trouble with the jamendo plugin for rhythmbox? Mine won't list any albums... :(04:04
Alan_Mhekatontarchos, unless such issues are stated, probably not :)04:04
talcitehey guys, is there any way to require VNC to use key authentication?04:05
cabrioleur_Logan, my server is 486, 16mb ram, lack of graphic card, and it's in my shoe-box with no fans, so it's quiet and stealth :)04:05
Alan_M!pm | Kalamansi04:05
ubotuKalamansi: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can also benefit AND help you. Please don't PM a user in the channel without asking first, some find it rude.04:05
talciteI don't feel good about using arbitrary passwords...04:05
hekatontarchosrunning the live install, live-powerpc, check, check-powerpc, or any of the drivers options causes my computer to restart, losing the installation process04:06
Kalamansii heard from someone that ubuntu is now able to handle NTFS partitions reliably, is that true? this guy i know was going to use those little external cases to set up some NAS for his laptops at home, but they only handle fat32 and fat32 isn't good for partitions over 32 gig I've got an older desktop system that i could set up for him with ubuntu it's just some p1 cpu but that should be enough, the NAS cases can't have a lot of power in them eithr es04:06
LoganCool, so what could be the problem with the not detecting the drive it's using at that moment, i don't understand it?04:06
puttersoncellofellow, blah the highest I can get with vga=ask is 80x6004:07
cabrioleur_Kalamansi, yes, linux is quite reliable with ntfs-3g04:07
TonrenSomeone, anyone, please help me make Firefox stop crashing with Flash.  I have Firefox on Kubuntu 7.10, on a sound card that doesn't support hw mixing.  Why does sound-enabled Flash keep crashing Firefox?04:08
Alan_MAnd Kalamansi, thank you for your understanding, i wasnt trying to be rude throwing that at you, just explaining the ways of this room.04:08
hekatontarchosthe farthest I've gotten is live-nosplash-powerpc video=ofonly.  that gets me to busybox, but when I type modprobe ide-core and then exit, it gives me a bunch of '........ could not be found' an drops me at a busybox prompt again04:08
cabrioleur_Tonren, try to install alsa-oss.04:08
wng-how much HD space would be needed to host a local repository with just the packages needed for a installation?04:08
Starnestommywng-: I would estimate 1 to 2.5 GB04:08
wng-Starnestommy, and how about the complete official repos?04:09
Alan_Mwng-: a few hundred GB's04:09
cabrioleur_wng-, the size of the install cd.04:09
wng-Alan_M, how many hundreds?04:09
Alan_Mthat, im not sure of.04:09
wng-I have to decide what size/how many drives the machine is going to have04:09
hekatontarchosI've also tried booting with live-nosplash-powerpc video=ofonly break=top    but that gets me to busybox, and doesn't let me type04:10
wng-to tell my boss tomorrow04:10
Alan_Mif your thinking about mirroroing the repositories, you might have to have a few TB hard drive..and a dang good bandwith..like almost fiber optical04:10
LoganSo will i download the Server version guys?04:10
phynixwng: it is really easy to set up your own repo on a local machine04:10
pyrakmneptok, sage is pretty neat.  only thing it's missing is offline browsing04:10
cabrioleur_wng-, I think the whole repos you can fit on 3, 4 dvd's.04:10
Alan_Mi might be wrong, but yeah.04:10
wng-3 or 4 dvds is quite a difference than a few hundred gbs04:10
cabrioleur_wng-, yup. It's not that much of it in the official channels.04:11
Alan_Mi saw on the ubuntu page it was a huge ammount.04:11
wng-i know debian is like 40GB fully installed04:11
Tonrencabrioleur_: It's already installed.04:11
Alan_Mi just didnt know exactly, but its definately there for you to read04:11
phynixis there a way to get the packages off of the cd and just make a repo04:11
wng-cabrioleur_, you'd say 100GB would be more than enough?04:11
wng-phynix, yea, I'm pretty sure there is04:11
cabrioleur_Tonren, download plugin from the website and replace the one you have.04:12
LoganHey where would i get drivers for the cd-rom?04:12
cabrioleur_wng-, that's plenty.04:12
wng-should be as easy as moving files and setting up apt04:12
hekatontarchosany ideas?  Alan_M?04:12
wng-cabrioleur_, thanks :)04:12
Alan_MNone hekatontarchos04:12
phynixcause i made a scrip to compile the debs from a folder and host them using apache04:12
Alan_Mthats also a reason i threw the private message thing at you, not everyone knows all the answers :)04:12
phynixnot compile sorry make a package.gz files04:12
hekatontarchosI read some suggestions to use the alternate install CD, but the description of it didn't leave me confident that I would be any better off with it04:13
Alan_MGuys, im just a wee person, i dont have all the answers, i have as much information as ubotu :)04:13
cabrioleur_Logan, in /lib/modules/2.6.22-14-generic/kernel/drivers/cdrom04:13
zetherooI have a laptop with a Broadcom wireless card.... and I want to get it working in Gutsy .... is there a way to do it without needing to plug into an Ethernet cable?04:14
=== paradon_ is now known as paradon
=== charles_ is now known as chrone
Logancabrioleur, thanks will try that04:14
Odd-rationalezetheroo: You will need to download the drivers somehow... An ethernet cable is the easiest way04:15
cabrioleur_zetheroo, yes. ndiswrapper is on live cd, and your windows driver should be on you recovery cd you got from your "provider" :-)04:15
Logancabrioleur, when i typed that in it messed up my screen, lol04:15
phynixwng are you trying to setup a local repo on a server machine04:15
cabrioleur_Logan, ? The I gave you location for directory which contain multiple modules for cdrom. I don't know which one is right for you.04:16
zetheroosudo time stack too far in the future04:16
Logano right cool will try04:16
MTecknologyIs there such thing as some way to load openoffice into the background or something so after I load a document for the first time I don't need to keep some document open in order to not have it reload everything?04:16
kiroAnyone could help me delete a file in Filesystem04:17
kironamed Backup.tgz04:17
pyrakMTecknology, that's a good question04:17
cabrioleur_kiro, rm -vf Backup.tgz04:17
badcarbinewhy does gparted ask for a password?04:17
Starnestommybadcarbine: I think it needs sudo or root access04:18
badcarbinei haven't set a root password - this is a livecd04:18
cabrioleur_badcarbine, it's your root password. Because you can alter internal and essential setup for you system.04:18
cabrioleur_badcarbine, the password is ubuntu04:18
badcarbineim in knoppix04:18
kirocabrioleur_, do I need to be root?04:19
jribbadcarbine: ask in the knoppix channel04:19
kiroIm new to ubuntu..04:19
cabrioleur_kiro, only if it's not own by you.04:19
badcarbinei have already04:19
kirowell I type  su - root  , then type pass04:19
jribbadcarbine: we can help you use the ubuntu live cd, it has gparted on it04:19
=== CR_cwek_Toket_Gd is now known as coJKT_sk_cwek36B
kiroyes its owned by me04:19
kirobut it wont delete04:19
Newbuntu2I'm looking for a wifi adapter, preferably USB interface, with >200mW transmit power and sensitivity in the ~75dBm or better... does anyone know of one, or know a good site with reviews?04:19
jrib!root > kiro (read the private message from ubotu)04:20
MTecknologypyrak, if you ever find out something, you wanna memo me?04:20
prince_jammyskiro: just do :: sudo rm Backup.tgz04:20
k1rosudo rm backup.tgz still not working04:22
jribk1ro: tell us the output you got04:22
prince_jammysk1ro: yeah04:22
prince_jammysk1ro: any error message?04:22
k1roumm no04:22
jribk1ro: then it worked04:23
prince_jammysk1ro: are you in directory where this file is?04:23
n2diyI just renamed my Flash drives to something sane, I'm a happy camper now. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RenameUSBDrive04:23
prince_jammysk1ro: check if it's there04:23
k1roit doesnt says anything04:23
k1roweird huh04:23
linux_stuhello i am trying to install ubtuntu on my 64 bit amd tx1219 tablet, and it hangs during the booting of the livecd04:23
prince_jammysk1ro: if the deletion was successful, it won't say anything. check if the file is gone04:23
k1roits in my filesystem folder ( / )04:23
linux_studoes that require any special drivers or anything?04:23
cabrioleur_linux_stu add "noapic nolapic" option in loader.04:24
k1roand still there..04:24
linux_stuk thanks cabrioleur_04:24
cabrioleur_k1ro, how did you create this file?04:24
prince_jammysk1ro: sudo rm /Backup.tgz04:24
k1rothing on net04:24
k1rogotta check04:24
jrib!enter | k1ro04:24
ubotuk1ro: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!04:24
cabrioleur_k1ro, is the process still running?04:24
summatusmentiswhich is the correect install disc to be using for a macbook? what's the status of the amd64 port?04:25
prince_jammysk1ro: either provide the full path of the file ( /Backup.tgz )  or cd /  and then sudo rm Backup.tgz04:25
cabrioleur_summatusmentis, the status is "stable" macbook with Gx or Intell?04:25
k1rorm: cannot remove `/Backup.tgz': No such file or directory04:25
NithSilentDis: I've only heard of root kits04:25
prince_jammysk1ro: ok what is the full path of the file?04:25
PendetaWhat e-mail server does Ubuntu Server Edition come preconfigured with?04:26
k1roprince_jammys: how do I check?04:26
prince_jammysk1ro: i mean what directory is it in ?04:26
hekatontarchosis there a way to get 7.04 for ppc?04:26
k1rothe filesystem04:26
cabrioleur_hekatontarchos, there should be a port of 7.04 for ppc.04:26
jrib!ppc > hekatontarchos (read the private message from ubotu)04:26
prince_jammysk1ro: it's not in /04:27
pawanevery time i load ubuntu i have to press control D04:27
k1roprince_jammys, yea  it is04:27
emmaWhat do you all think of this laptop (Do you think that Ubuntu would run well on it? --- http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=8669951&type=product&id=1196470792281  (F.U. IRSeek: You do not have permission to publish anything I say).04:27
prince_jammysk1ro: where are you seeing that?04:27
summatusmentiscabrioleur_: macbook w/ intel(I assume you mean video card)04:27
cabrioleur_k1ro, sudo rm -vf /Backup.tgz04:27
cabrioleur_summatusmentis, no, the cpu.04:28
summatusmentiscabrioleur_: oh, ppc vs. intel, got it. Yeah, definitely intel04:28
dark_angelmm hola04:28
k1rocabrioleur_ still there04:28
=== |an4bi0s| is now known as an4bi0s
Li-Plusis there somewhere I can see whether parts of a computer are compatible with ubuntu04:28
cabrioleur_summatusmentis, then install amd64 or i386, both of them should be working fine.04:28
prince_jammysk1ro: type this::   ls /Backup.tgz04:28
summatusmentiscabrioleur_: alright, someone was telling me the amd64 port wasn't the correct image for it04:29
n2diy! hardware | Li-Plus04:29
ubotuLi-Plus: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection04:29
dark_angelsomebody here write spanish04:29
jrib!es | dark_angel04:29
ubotudark_angel: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.04:29
dark_angeljrib hola04:29
k1roprince_jammys : ls: /Backup.tgz: No such file or directory04:29
cabrioleur_k1ro, then kill the script that is creating it. You are running tar script which is constantly creating it after you remove it. If you don't know how to do it, the easiest way would be to restart the computer.04:29
prince_jammysk1ro: ok what is making you say that it's in / ? where are you viewing this file?04:30
dark_angelHola  Como estas  Li-Plus04:30
* dark_angel tira Confetis y globos al aire por la llegada de Li-Plus `;~'O~~~*`;.'O~~~~*`; Li-Plus .'`~;`~`O~~~~*`;.'O~~~~*`;.'`~;`~`O~~~*`; Li-Plus .'O~~~~*`;.'`~;`~`O~~~~*`;.'O~~~~*` Li-Plus ;.'`~;`~`O~~~*`;.'O~~~~*`; Li-Plus .'`~;`~`O~~~~*`;.'O~~~*`; Li-Plus .'`~;`~`O~~~~*`;.'O~~~~*`; Li-Plus .'`~;`~`O~~~~*`;.04:30
crushyhello everyone04:30
* dark_angel tira Confetis y globos al aire por la llegada de crushy `;~'O~~~*`;.'O~~~~*`; crushy .'`~;`~`O~~~~*`;.'O~~~~*`;.'`~;`~`O~~~*`; crushy .'O~~~~*`;.'`~;`~`O~~~~*`;.'O~~~~*` crushy ;.'`~;`~`O~~~*`;.'O~~~~*`; crushy .'`~;`~`O~~~~*`;.'O~~~*`; crushy .'`~;`~`O~~~~*`;.'O~~~~*`; crushy .'`~;`~`O~~~~*`;.04:30
crushywhile am on call using ekiga, other person can hear himself04:31
crushyany help?04:31
iceswordwhat the hell04:31
Blueblazeicesword, ?04:31
k1roprince_jammys, in the filesystem folder ( / )04:31
iceswordwhat is that04:31
k1rocabrioleur_ how do I kill it?04:31
prince_jammysk1ro: paste the output of :::  locate /Backup.tgz04:31
dark_angelmm who kickme04:32
crushythank dark angel04:32
prince_jammysk1ro: paste the output of :::  locate Backup.tgz04:32
cabrioleur_k1ro, just restart the computer.04:32
prince_jammysk1ro: no slash04:32
dark_angelur wellcome04:32
jribprince_jammys, k1ro: sure this is not a case-sensitivity issue?04:32
dark_angelHey jrib  Como estas, hagarra tu silla y sientate a charlar con nosotros aqui en el mejor canal  #ubuntu ...:)04:32
crushyi have setup mic capture in mixer only04:32
prince_jammysjrib: we're about to find out04:32
Jack_Sparrowdark_angel, Doesnt matter, that was not appropiate for this channel04:32
* dark_angel tira Confetis y globos al aire por la llegada de jrib `;~'O~~~*`;.'O~~~~*`; jrib .'`~;`~`O~~~~*`;.'O~~~~*`;.'`~;`~`O~~~*`; jrib .'O~~~~*`;.'`~;`~`O~~~~*`;.'O~~~~*` jrib ;.'`~;`~`O~~~*`;.'O~~~~*`; jrib .'`~;`~`O~~~~*`;.'O~~~*`; jrib .'`~;`~`O~~~~*`;.'O~~~~*`; jrib .'`~;`~`O~~~~*`;.04:32
crushystill other ppl can hear themself like am using mix04:32
k1rothis is the site helped me to make that crazy folder  . http://www.digi-darkroom.com/showthread.php?t=2717804:33
prince_jammysk1ro: paste the output of ::  locate backup.tgz04:33
k1roprince_jammys didnt says anything04:33
cabrioleur_k1ro, killall -9 tar04:33
prince_jammysk1ro: paste the output of ::: sudo find / -iname backup.tgz04:34
k1roprince_jammys , ls: /Backup.tgz: No such file or directory04:34
jribprince_jammys: it's "backup.tgz" on his link04:34
flaketo run a program from the desktop, should i create a symbolic link to it, or set up a script I can run by clicking on it.. i tried the script and made it executable, but it opens as a text file04:34
=== Andre_Gondim_ is now known as Andre_Gondim
cabrioleur_then remove the file with "sudo -vf /backup.tgz"04:34
prince_jammysjrib: heh04:34
ubotuFile names in Ubuntu are case sensitive, MyFile is not the same as myfile, and if you put spaces in there and use a console you need to "escape" the space, thus "gedit My\ File.txt"04:35
flakeok.. the script has to have .sh behind it apparently04:35
Jack_Sparrowflake, Or launcher bash filename04:35
k1roprince_jammys : /backup.tgz    <- that is what it gave with sudo find / -iname backup.tgz04:35
prince_jammysk1ro: sudo rm /backup.tgz        (no caps)04:35
k1rocabrioleur_ : sudo: please use single character options04:36
j_humphreyhow do i find the process id of a program?04:36
crushyfollow prince_jammy @ k1ro04:36
prince_jammyswhy does everyone love rm -f so much?04:36
jribk1ro: use prince_jammys's command, cabrioleur_ made a small typo before04:36
jribj_humphrey: ps04:37
Starnestommyj_humphrey: pidof program04:37
cabrioleur_I quit04:37
crushysystem >> administration>> system monitor @ humphrey04:37
k1roprince_jammys : Worked finnally , a big thanks :D04:37
prince_jammysk1ro: was because of capital B04:37
k1roprince_jammys : capital make difference??04:38
prince_jammysjrib: you hit that one on the head04:38
crushyanybody would help me out now :-<04:38
cabrioleur_k1ro, I recommend slackbook :-)04:38
prince_jammys!filenames | k1ro04:38
ubotuk1ro: File names in Ubuntu are case sensitive, MyFile is not the same as myfile, and if you put spaces in there and use a console you need to "escape" the space, thus "gedit My\ File.txt"04:38
zetheroois AWN now in the Ubuntu Gutsy repos?04:38
kaluntype /msg impulse32 penis04:38
crushywhy other person can hear themselves when they are on call with me????04:39
k1rocabioleur_ : slackbook? let me check this out on wiki04:39
k1roprince_jammys thanks :D04:39
prince_jammysk1ro: np04:39
impulse32jrib: sorry i'm trying to teach him to use irc04:39
crushyam i ignored?04:39
cabrioleur_k1ro, ftp://ftp.slackbook.org/pub/slackbook/slackbook-2.0.pdf04:39
Starnestommycrushy: is your microphone picking up your speakers?04:40
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!04:40
crushyi tried removing speakers completely04:40
crushyand just use mic04:40
cabrioleur_crushy, no, but are you positive it's not an echo on the line?04:40
crushyi cant hear them but still they can hear themselves04:40
pawanevery time i load ubuntu i have to press control D04:40
crushyyes its not echo04:40
pawanfile system error04:40
jribimpulse32: suggest "foobar" next time04:41
crushyit only goes off when i mute wave04:41
cabrioleur_crushy, kill esd then :-)04:41
impulse32jrib: done04:41
k1rocabrioleur_ , woot thats awesome:D04:41
crushybut when i mute wave i cant hear them04:41
crushyesd?:(am noob guide me04:41
crushyi have two sound cards in pc, the one onboard i disabled and installed this on pci, its YMF407 yamaha04:42
LasivianI need a driver updated to the modern kernel, does anyone know where I should go to have someone do that?04:42
cabrioleur_crushy, go to System Monitor, Processes, and find + kill esd process.04:42
k1rocabrioleur_ , so Slackbook is all about Using Linux Correctly?04:42
cabrioleur_k1ro, it's the simplest free book about linux I know.04:42
erstaziafter attemping a quite a few hours, I am giving up (searched forums, mail lists, and search engine results), here is all my outputs I can think of: http://c-wd.net/ath/   can anyone help with this?04:43
cabrioleur_k1ro, 99% applies to all linuxes, and 1% just ignore :-)04:43
crushykilled @ cabrioleur04:43
crushynow shall i try again?04:43
k1rocabrioleur_ , sweet thing seriously wow thanks man did not know peoples were so helpful :)04:44
cabrioleur_crushy, nothing left :-)04:44
cabrioleur_k1ro, no problemo04:44
crushyk1ro good people are always helpful04:44
crushyok bro trying now and will report you back :)04:45
k1rocabrioleur_ , if you got time to be my mentor could be awesome :)04:45
k1rocrushy :)04:45
shindiganyone know how to get a nvidia 8800 gt card working or at least which synaptic package i should use04:45
k1roshindig envy04:45
ubotuenvy is an unsupported tool to install newer versions of binary video drivers than provided by the official repositories. Use at your own risk, and remember that the latest version is not necessarily the "best". See « /msg ubotu binarydriver »04:46
crushyshindig it should work in restricted driver04:46
Jack_Sparrowshindig, I think yo uwill need the drivers from the  nvidia site to get the 8000's going04:46
k1roWell Im using envy cuz i dont know anyother thing like this to get my graphx card working04:46
Jack_SparrowStarnestommy, Please do not recommend envy in here04:46
k1roJack_sparrow I did04:47
Jack_SparrowsORRY sTAR04:47
cabrioleur_k1ro, I'm a soldier, a programmer, and a journalist/photo guy at the same time. If you have any questions, I'm sure I will find some time.04:47
erstazicabrioleur_: what MOS?04:47
k1rocabrioleur_ WOW awesome04:47
cabrioleur_erstazi, 35t04:47
shindigk thanks i will look into those options04:47
erstazicabrioleur_: former 11B here04:47
k1rocabrioleur_ I would like to be a0 "white hat"04:47
cabrioleur_erstazi, respectful.04:48
cabrioleur_erstazi, after all 11b is the core of the army.04:48
erstazicabrioleur_: and only 5% of it also04:48
erstazicabrioleur_: Avenger System Repairer?04:49
J-_Is there a way to reconfigure network-manager?04:49
erstaziJ-_: howdy04:49
crushyShindig this would help you >> http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_display_ia32_169.07.html04:49
cabrioleur_erstazi, a hard labor. Former 33W, MI tech.04:49
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about mentor - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:49
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!04:49
J-_erstazi: how's it going?04:49
_aibwhen I insert a usb key, what listing in /dev is it by default? i've got /dev/usb1, /dev/usb2, and 10 variants of /dev/usbdev1.1/2. i tried mo unting /dev/usb1 and 2 but it says " /dev/usb1 is not a block device"04:49
ubotunetworkmanager is an application to make (wireless) networking Just Work. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/NetworkManager04:50
erstaziJ-_: want a link?04:50
erstaziJ-_: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=24702804:50
erstaziJ-_: normally, I go through /etc/network/interfaces (back it up first before editing)04:50
erstaziJ-_: then after fixing it, I /etc/init.d/networking restart04:51
k1roI've just installed steam with wine , and got inboard soundcard , cause my Xfi Fatal1ty aint working on 32  bit linux. and Im using envy nvidia  8800 as graphx card04:51
cabrioleur__aib, it should be next consecutive number. It can create multiple files as well.04:51
AaronMTI am trying to help a friend simply boot into the Ubuntu 7.10 LiveCD desktop and he recieves a problem, best described as: after the loading progress bar (booting using the cd) he boots into X, first thing that pops up before anything else: Ubuntu is running in low graphics mode, 3 options: configure (video drivers), shut down, continue in low graphics mode . He configures his Nvidia 8800 and monitor, clicks OK, bl04:52
_aibcabrioleur_, i tried this:`for ii in `ls /dev/usb*`;do sudo mount $i /tmp;done' and it says "* is not a block device" for each one04:52
erstaziJ-_: is that any assitance?04:52
erstazi_aib: you got ii, it should be i04:53
cabrioleur__aib, remove the key and see which one disappeared.04:53
AaronMTDid my message just print?04:53
_aibi had it right in the command04:53
erstaziAaronMT: yes04:53
erstaziAaronMT: thats restricted video drivers, you have to enable it04:53
elchadoHello, thanks for previous help with sound. New Problem, tried dual booting XP, grub got overwritten. I have reinstalled grub, but get error 17. Any ideas? Thanks!04:54
AaronMTHe isnt at the desktop just yet to do that though04:54
_aibcabrioleur, all of the ones that look like usbdev2.3_ep[0-9]{2} disappear04:54
k1rocabrioleur_ I've installed Steam with Wine. It was working fine since now. steam won't load again04:54
=== TheCellist42 is now known as ZzzCellistzzZ
AaronMTAnyone, any ideas?04:55
crushycabriouleur still the person can hear his voice04:55
kalunhey i just setup my computer today to dual boot XP and Ubuntu, i have a shared FAT32 partition which is hda6, i want my shared partition to appear as a new drive but changing the fstab to mount /dev/hda at /media/hda6 doesnt seem to work. any ideas?04:56
Jack_Sparrowcrushy, Questiohn, can you hear yours when you talk?04:56
Odd-rationaleAaronMT: He tried low graphics mode?04:56
crushyno i cant hear mine while talking @ jack04:57
elchadoGrub Error 17?04:57
crushyin switches i have already tick over microphone capture04:57
AaronMTOdd-rationale: I am asking him04:57
Odd-rationaleAaronMT: ok04:57
LasivianAnyone know of a pcmcia wireless card that works well in ubuntu that will take an external antenna? or a list of compatible hardware? thanks :)04:58
erstaziafter attemping a quite a few hours, I am giving up (searched forums, mail lists, and search engine results), here is all my outputs I can think of: http://c-wd.net/ath/   can anyone help with this?04:58
Jack_Sparrowkalun, are you missing a # pointer to the dev.. partition04:59
crushyLASIVIAN check this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=54391904:59
Jack_Sparrowcrushy, HAve you considered the problem may be on his end and not yours04:59
crushywell when i mute wave he cannot hear the echo04:59
kalunThanks Jack: # /dev/hda6 starts the line off05:00
crushyso the problem seems at my end05:00
crushyhe can hear me even when i mute wave, but the echo that he's getting is off05:00
crushyThis is right document https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessCardsSupported @ lasivian05:01
Jack_Sparrowcrushy, Is there a channel for the app you are using?05:01
crushyhmm didnt get you there @ jack, am using ekiga05:01
kalunJack_Sparrow: # /dev/hda605:01
kalunUUID=47CD-5E47  /media/hda6        vfat    defaults,umask=007,gid=46 0       105:01
elchadoHi, I am getting error 17 on startup screen-cannot mount partition....any help?05:02
k1roI need help, I've installed Steam With Wine this morning. After this I had problem with a file that were taking all the room I needed to install the game. Now that I've deleted the file. I've installed the game in steam then at about 98% steam crashed. I've tried to open\run it again but It won't load completely. On the taskbar it says Starting steam. then steam won't come up.05:02
Jack_Sparrowcrushy, when you mute wave.. you cant hear him and he cant hear himself right05:02
crushyand can hear me as mic is still on05:03
AaronMTOdd-rationale: Low graphics mode does the same thing, it goes to a black screen blinking cursor and hangs05:03
manic12anybody know where I can get a GLX >= ver 1.3 for ubuntu?05:03
BananaMonHi. I have a somewhat of an odd thing going on with my Ubuntu. The 'windows list' that used to show up in one of my panels does not anymore making it not possible for me to switch windows. And further the alt+tab buttons also don't do anything, even if there are many windows open. Is this just a metacity problem?05:03
crushydont know about stuff regarding wine @ k1ro :(05:03
erstaziBananaMon: on the panel you had the windows list, right click and add to panel05:04
Odd-rationaleAaronMT: Your best bet is to use the alternative install cd, then.05:04
Jack_Sparrowcrushy, That does not prove the problem is on your end though05:04
erstaziBananaMon: then add window list05:04
Kaneda15woo people that i might be able to talk to :o05:04
kalunJack_Sparrow: Sorry here is fstab link http://www.pastebin.ca/92997405:04
crushyactually when u choose mix option in switches05:04
Jack_Sparrowkalun, ok will look05:04
crushythe person will hear whatever they say05:04
BananaMonerstazi: yeah that is not the problem. I have done that many times, added new panels and stuff. If I right click where the windows list is supposed to be and click on preferences, I do indeed see the prefs of the windows list, but it is invisible and unusable05:05
crushyit seems like some of the voice being redirected to them05:05
erstaziBananaMon: compiz-fusion enabled?05:05
BananaMonerstazi: yeah05:05
erstaziBananaMon: try disabling it for a second05:05
crushywhen we choose microphone capture in switches ?does that mean only microphone channel will be send?05:05
BananaMonerstazi: I think the problem started after I installed some other draw libraries for conky05:05
manic12anbody know about opengl/glx for ubuntu?05:05
BananaMonerstazi: k, let me try05:05
erstaziBananaMon: I use conky too05:06
erstaziBananaMon: from experience, compiz-fusion and conky can conflict05:06
Jack_Sparrowkalun, that uuid looks wrong05:06
erstaziBananaMon: want my .conkyrc? just need to backup yours and just use mine05:06
BananaMonerstazi: sorry, not conky, I was installing some things like aggdraw to make a certain desklet work on adesklets, I think that's what led to the problem05:06
AaronMTApparently safe-mode got in to the desktop for him05:06
kalunJack_Sparrow: how would i find the proper UUID?05:07
BananaMonerstazi: lol...I will get to that in a minute erstazi. I still have the problem of not getting my conky to startup with even with a delay script05:07
codenameHey can you still enable desktop effects in UBuntu 6.0605:07
BananaMonerstazi: I'm just going to brb, I have to logout of the gnome-safe mode to try what you said05:07
erstaziBananaMon: k05:07
BananaMonerstazi: BRB, thanks...05:07
Jack_Sparrowkalun, sudo vol_id -u /dev/hda605:07
codenameHey can you still enable desktop effects in UBuntu 6.06?05:07
Jack_Sparrowkalun, see if it matches what you show05:07
k1roI need help, I've installed Steam With Wine this morning. After this I had problem with a file that were taking all the room I needed to install the game. Now that I've deleted the file. I've installed the game in steam then at about 98% steam crashed. I've tried to open\run it again but It won't load completely. On the taskbar it says Starting steam. then steam won't come up.05:08
codenameHey can you still enable desktop effects in UBuntu 6.06?05:08
kalunJack_Sparrow: it matches05:08
erstazik1ro: try crossover05:08
=== K-Ric1 is now known as K-Rich
codenameHey can you still enable desktop effects in UBuntu 6.06?05:09
Scunizicodename, you can but it's not as easy.. almost time to upgrade anyway..05:09
erstazicodename: did you try it?05:09
devron6evening all05:10
BananaMonerstazi: I'm an idiot! I had just set windows rules to skip taskbar for all desktop windows.....geez!!! well that was easy.05:10
Scunizi!hi | devron605:10
ubotudevron6: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!05:10
kalunJack_Sparrow: when i first setup dual boot i mounted hda6 at /osshare but i was experimenting to try to make the folder show as an actual drive thats why i changed it to /media/hda605:10
erstazimanic12: that happens (:05:10
codenameI don't wanna upgrade05:10
devron6How is everyone doing05:10
codenamei downgraded actuakky05:10
manic12what happens?05:10
Scunizicodename, from?05:10
erstazimanic12: sorry BananaMon ^^05:10
codenamei like dapper better05:11
erstazitab complete + sloppiness05:11
BananaMonerstazi: but now for the real problem, conky! My conky like I said, doesn't work on startup though it works perfectly normally. I have a 60 second delay setup, but still it doesn't work05:11
BananaMonerstazi: lol yeah05:11
Scunizicodename, some downgraded to Feisty.. the next version though is the new LTS05:11
codenamei really wanna use dapper05:11
erstaziBananaMon: honestly, I set mine up using Sessions, just added it to sessions05:11
zdux00tvI'd like to "zip" some files into an iso file. Is this possible?05:11
k1roerstazi whats that?05:11
codenameso is it impossible to get desktop effects running then?05:11
Scunizicodename, well.. it is supported for 3 years.05:11
codenameSo Desktop effects is still possible05:12
badcarbineif my users list in ubuntu lists only the root, how is it possible for me to be logged in as another user?05:12
legend2440kalun: /dev/hda6 is vfat?05:12
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about crossover - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:12
crediblecodename: completely impossible05:12
BananaMonerstazi: hmm yeah, that doesn't quite work for me...05:12
Jack_Sparrowkalun, Is there still old mount info somewhere messing it up05:12
crediblecodename: wait for hardy and upgrade to that05:12
codenameCredible, are you serious?05:12
cjaehi all05:12
codenameSo I can't do the desktop effects05:12
BananaMonDoes anyone else have any ideas of how to get conky to startup?05:12
k1roerstazi : whats crossover05:12
erstaziBananaMon: want my .conkyrc?05:12
Scunizicodename, no.. you need compiz & beryl.. there may be a way with compiz fusion but I don't know how.. It was always buggy for me on Dapper.05:12
crediblecodename: not on dapper05:12
Jack_Sparrowkalun, Sorry, but I have been up since 3am .. not on top of my game05:12
BananaMonerstazi: yeah sure...thanks for the help05:12
BananaMonerstazi: no harm in trying eh05:12
erstazik1ro: CodeWeaver's Crossover, google (:05:12
kalunlegend2440: it is vfat, was formated as that in GParted and its also in the code05:12
credibleyou could use ancient versions of things, but it would be a mess05:12
erstaziBananaMon: let me scp it to my server05:13
BananaMonerstazi: k cool05:13
cjaewhere are gnome icons kept in file system so I can add glass icons from gnome-look?05:13
BananaMoncjae: different places.....for something you installed yourself ~/.icons05:13
zdux00tvhow can I "zip" files into a iso format ?05:13
kalunJack_Sparrow: i'm not sure if theres old mount info anywhere i did a fresh install of both systems05:13
Odd-rationalecjae: /usr/share/icons or /usr/share/pixmaps05:13
BananaMoncjae: for the others...it's05:13
BananaMoncjae: yeah that, what Odd-rationaly said05:14
erstaziBananaMon: http://c-wd.net/ath/conkyrc.txt05:14
cjaeok will try05:14
erstaziBananaMon: I have two cpu's on this box, so if you have single CPU, then you need to alter that05:14
BananaMonerstazi: cool thanks a lot! I'm going to go try this out..have to restart my system, so BRB05:14
erstaziafter attemping a quite a few hours, I am giving up (searched forums, mail lists, and search engine results), here is all my outputs I can think of: http://c-wd.net/ath/   can anyone help with this?05:15
kalunJack_Sparrow: i removed uif to emulate hda1 because hda1 used to be visible as a drive (thats my windows partition) but now my hda1 isnt working either05:15
Kaneda15so... got a question for anyone that thinks they can help05:15
BananaMonerstazi: oh k. I just want to test if it startsup05:15
erstaziBananaMon: System > Preferences > Sessions05:15
AaronMTHow do my friend get wireless on the LiveCD when it doesnt detect his wireless card and its not listed in restricted drivers05:16
BananaMonerstazi: yeah, thanks, I'm going to try then...brb05:16
erstaziBananaMon: if you just use that .conkyrc as yours in your ~/ then you should be able to just put conky as the command05:16
friedtofuAaronMT: do you know what wireless you have?05:16
cjaehey how do i make gnome take hold of ne4w icons?05:16
Jack_Sparrowkalun, I am to sleepy to help now...  http://www.pastebin.ca/929984    is something to try.. but   how about trying to mount it manually real quick05:17
cjaeunzipped to the /usr/share/icons directory but am not sure how to make them take hold05:17
k1roI want to uninstall Wine , uninstall steam , then Install Crossover , then steam again . anyone wanna help?05:17
kalunJack_Sparrow: oh sorry i didnt mean to hold you, i'll try that its not urgent i can try it another day thanks05:18
AaronMTfriedtofu he has a linksys wmp300n05:18
erstazik1ro: you don't need to uninstall wine or steam05:18
cjaenevermind got it05:18
k1roerstazi I need space05:18
Jack_Sparrowkalun,   mkdir /media/kalun6       then mount /dev/hda6 /media/kalun605:18
AaronMTwhats the command to list all wireless devices05:18
Jack_Sparrowsudo as needed05:18
Odd-rationaleAaronMT: iwconf ?05:19
erstazik1ro: in the terminal, does the command "uninstaller" open anything?05:19
badcarbineis it possible that ubuntu automatically repairs broken partitions? I wasn't able to view anything on my hd, and now i see my files again05:19
Odd-rationaleAaronMT: *iwconfig05:19
kalunJack_Sparrow: trying05:19
Geoffrey2oh, lovely....I just set up a samba server, and now find out I probably can't even use it with my other computer.......sigh.....05:20
Jack_Sparrowbadcarbine, It does fsck when it detects errors05:20
AaronMTlo no wireless extensions05:20
AaronMTeth0 no wireless extensions05:20
ubotufsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo shutdown -F -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot05:20
cjaethanks Odd-rationale05:20
AaronMTis this because hes in safe mode?05:20
Odd-rationalecjae: np05:20
kalunJack_Sparrow: great! its mounted in the mount point specified, is there a way to make it visible as a drive (or i can just use a shortcut)05:21
erstaziAaronMT: try: sudo iwconfig05:21
erstaziAaronMT: lspci -v | less05:21
cjaehey what kind of file plays when you log into gnome, is it a midi05:21
erstaziAaronMT: make sure you use a pastebin service for that output05:21
Jack_Sparrowkalun, It should show on your desktop if volumes_visalbe is on05:21
cjaeand may I change it?05:21
k1roerstazi no05:21
Odd-rationalecjae: It is a .wav. Yes you can change it05:22
cjaeOdd-rationale, is there a limit to size?05:22
Odd-rationalecjae: I don't think so...05:22
kalunJack_Sparrow: sorry i'm a quite newb is volumes_visable an option in fstab?05:23
erstazikalun: no, its in gconf-editor05:23
Jack_Sparrowkalun, Usually drives mounted in /media show up on your desktop05:23
AaronMTerstazi: 05:01.0 Network controller: Broadcom Coproration BCM43XG (rev 01)05:23
AaronMTSubsystem: Linksys Unknown deviece 006005:23
Filled-VoidHi all I have an ogg video I created using gtk-recordmydesktop but its kind of a bi video since it records my whole desktop. Id like to reduce the size of it to probably half of what it is now. The file is also in ogg format. Could anyone suggest what i could use to do this05:23
cjaeOdd-rationale, ok now im pushing question limit, app to rip it off movie since I have whole movie theme going?05:23
Jack_Sparrowkalun, there is an option in gconf-editor called volumes_visible to turn them on or off05:24
cjaeOdd-rationale, did I make much sense last question?05:24
Jack_Sparrow!info k9copy05:24
ubotuk9copy (source: k9copy): DVD backup tool for KDE. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1.1.3-0ubuntu2 (gutsy), package size 1409 kB, installed size 2748 kB05:24
erstaziAaronMT: this is the link I am using (I have a wifi issue as well): https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessTroubleShootingGuide05:24
Odd-rationalecjae: I think I know of an app. I've never tried to rip music of video, so I don't how that would work... Let me get link...05:25
kalunJack_Sparrow: i ran the editor in terminal to open the GNU but cant find the option is it in the file menu area05:25
=== Shinigami is now known as Fersure
legend2440kalun:  in terminal gconf-editor then go to /apps/nautilus/desktop/volumes_visible05:25
erstaziFilled-Void: I use LiVes when I get a gtk-recordMyDesktop05:25
ubotuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WifiDocs/Driver/Broadcom43xx05:25
Paddy_EIREcan I start another windowed graphical session of say kde windowed in gnome ??05:26
erstazi!info lives | Filled-Void05:26
ubotufilled-void: Package lives does not exist in gutsy05:26
legend2440kalun:  click volumes_visible box05:26
Filled-Voiderstazi, I can use a package called lives to create the video in the desired resolution I want?05:27
erstaziFilled-Void: I use lives for that, you can change the resolution of an image05:27
Jack_Sparrowkalun,  Use Terminal and type gconf-editor browse to /apps/nautilus/desktop and check volumes_visable05:27
kalunlegend2440: thnx05:27
Filled-Voiderstazi, Image an in video correct ?05:28
Filled-Voidas in*05:28
kalunJack_Sparrow: its checked but not showing on desktop, unchecked and checked refreshed desktop doesnt show05:28
Odd-rationalecjae: Try this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=65284305:28
Jack_Sparrowkalun, goodnight... 18hours and I am outta here05:28
kalunJack_Sparrow: thanks for your help man, day 1 on linux peace05:28
erstaziFilled-Void: http://lives.sourceforge.net05:28
Filled-Voiderstazi, thank you05:29
rhineheart_mcan you suggest using antivirus for ubuntu gutsy server? I just like it to be a carrier of any virus05:29
Paddy_EIRE!antivirus | rhineheart_m05:29
uboturhineheart_m: antivirus is something you don't really need on Linux, unless you serve windows clients. ClamAV and aegis are decent linux virusscanners. Also see !linuxvirus05:29
erstaziFilled-Void: np05:29
ubotuThe short life and hard times of a Linux Virus http://librenix.com/?inode=2105:30
john_Howdy, I know this is a stupid question but how do I install Nvidia geforce drivers in ubuntu? Is there an easiser way than envy?05:30
macogwjohn_: sys -> admin -> restricted driver manager05:31
erstazi!virus | rhineheart_m05:31
uboturhineheart_m: A/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2105:31
macogwjohn_: very common question really05:31
john_tells me my hardware doesnt need restricted drivers,  however everything is slow.  I installed envy on my last install and it sped things up a ton05:31
erstaziafter attemping a quite a few hours, I am giving up (searched forums, mail lists, and search engine results), here is all my outputs I can think of: http://c-wd.net/ath/   any solution to these outputs?05:31
linuxmonkeylol yeah macgw also depends what version he is using.lol05:31
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about fuoco - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:31
macogwjohn_: envy's just an unsupported script to install the nvidia binaries05:32
Odd-rationalecjae: It is not in the repos...05:32
macogwjohn_: do you have nvidia's drivers running right now or just vesa?05:32
tyguaikeubuntu have day record ?05:32
john_i guess just vesa05:32
macogwtyguaike: huh?05:32
erstazihi kayce_05:33
macogwjohn_: you can install the drivers from nvidia.com if your card's not detected for the nvidia drivers in the repo05:33
macogwtyguaike: whats the question?05:33
john_i think i tried that before, I will try again and report if it works05:33
tyguaikewriter day record05:34
erstazityguaike: writer day record?05:34
cjaeOdd-rationale, ok so I would load dvd in there and sift to which part of movie would like out and extract?"05:34
kayce_im having a problem with my x server apparently, "The x server failed, Perhaps it is not configured well."05:34
ToddEDMhey guys, this may sound dumb  but how do i edit sources.list05:34
macogwjohn_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NvidiaManual05:35
tyguaikeis a veriday writer record05:35
Odd-rationalecjae: Like I said, I never used it for that purpose before. But it claims to be able to do so...05:35
macogwtyguaike: veriday?05:35
erstaziI am just going to bash my head into the desk...05:36
macogwtyguaike: have you tried asking in #ubuntu-cn?  I see you're in that channel.  it seems what you want is something you don't know how to translate into english05:36
Odd-rationaleToddEDM: sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list05:36
tyguaikeerstazi,i want writer day record  evryday05:36
linuxmonkeyIts been a while since ive used linux, I love the 7.10 :) I think ive tried every versions of ubuntu since the release, anyways since im so out of touch, what IRC client do you guys suggest?05:36
macogwToddEDM: make that "gksudo" not "sudo"05:36
lordleemoToddEDM: sudo cp -p /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list_backup   then   sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list  and remove the # before the word deb05:36
Paddy_EIREcan I start another windowed graphical session of say kde windowed in gnome ??05:37
john_what is gksudo?05:37
erstazilinuxmonkey: irssi05:37
erstazijohn_: graphical sudo (:05:37
Odd-rationalejohn_: Sudo with a graphical frontend05:37
macogwToddEDM: youre supposed to use gksudo on gui apps because sudo doesnt check X authority so it can break permissions05:37
john_oh man thats cool05:37
john_If I had known that...05:37
BananaMonerstazi: THANKS!!! It finally worked!~05:37
macogwlinuxmonkey: irssi05:37
erstaziBananaMon: conky to you05:38
erstazilinuxmonkey: screen + irssi (adding on)05:38
macogwPaddy_EIRE: dont think so.  i think kde has a way of doing it though...05:38
erstaziBananaMon: maybe you can help with my issue05:38
BananaMonerstazi: I had to take some of the inital windowing lines from your script....and after some more stuff like that, it works even without an extra delay script05:38
Kaneda15anyone seen these errors before when attempting to boot from the ubuntu cd? or know how to deal with them?05:38
Kaneda15[82.160787] Please append a correct "root=" boot option; here are the available partitions:05:38
Kaneda15[82.160921] Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(8,1)05:38
nobaraAnyone here can give me a hand with a problem I have?05:38
BananaMonerstazi: totally thanks!~ yeah of course, I'll try05:38
BananaMonerstazi: what's up05:38
Paddy_EIREmacogw: no probs.. I'll look into it...05:38
erstaziBananaMon: look at http://c-wd.net/ath/05:38
kayce_i'm having a problem with my x server, when i try to use "New login in a windows", i get the error "The x server failed, Perhaps it is not configured well.", i've tried to use "sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg", but this did nothing to help05:38
Geoffrey2ok, I'm back to my old question....I have several different computers, some running Windows, some Ubuntu, that I want to be able to access files on desktop running ubuntu....what's a good method for doing this?05:38
erstaziBananaMon: I am totally lost05:38
BananaMonerstazi: k05:38
BananaMonerstazi: just a sec05:38
ToddEDMok i have the  sources file open, but where do i parte the lines i need to paste... just anywhere?05:39
erstaziGeoffrey2: you could setup openssh on all of them... there is openssh for windows05:39
kayce_if this is not the correct channel, can someone tell me where to go please05:39
macogwkayce_: try "xrandr --auto"?  its a crazy auto-config X thing05:39
pabixHello! I am looking to a way to downscale an image with convert with a file weight target (e.g. 96 kilobytes). Do you have a convert option to do it?05:39
erstaziToddEDM: at the bottom preferably05:39
macogwGeoffrey2: SAMBA05:39
Odd-rationaleToddEDM: The end would be fine05:39
macogwToddEDM: just add to the end05:39
kayce_macogw: thank you05:39
erstaziwb J_-05:39
ToddEDMok thank you guys05:39
pabixGeoffrey2, access... read/write or read-only?05:39
Paddy_EIREyou are on the correct channel05:40
Odd-rationaleerstazi: I wasn't trying to copy you, you just got first... :P05:40
erstaziOdd-rationale: its ok05:40
john_if I run an openssh server on my pc, will this put me at risk for my system to be compromised?05:40
pabixAnd do you want a command-line access or only access to the files?05:40
macogwjohn_: yes05:40
erstaziOdd-rationale: I am trying to figure my issue too05:40
nobaraAnyone knows how I can remove a package that I installed with sh05:40
macogwjohn_: if you keep the root account locked, nobody can get in as root, so thats good05:40
Odd-rationaleerstazi: me too.05:40
john_even if I have it set up with a password?05:40
macogwjohn_: but given enough time and computer power, your username and password could be brute forced05:40
ryan_mandelbaumi just installed mp32ogg now how do i use it?05:40
erstaziOdd-rationale: what is your problem? maybe you can help me if I help you?05:40
Paddy_EIREnobara: what was it05:41
erstazimacogw: jails (:05:41
nobaraPaddy_EIRE: netbeans05:41
BananaMonerstazi: so your wirless card is not picking up a certain connection?05:41
erstaziBananaMon: correct05:41
ToddEDMi clicked save , but it says i dont have permission to save sources.list05:41
erstaziBananaMon: is that enough output and data to see anything?05:41
macogwjohn_: keeping root account locked is good because even though they know the username is root, they can never get in as there's no password that would ever be correct05:41
macogwerstazi: thats a BSD thing05:41
Odd-rationaleerstazi: Mine is actually very simple. Does the jamendo plugin for rhythmbox work for you?05:41
erstaziBananaMon: I thought of every bloody thing05:41
BananaMonerstazi: hmm...let me go over the outputs05:41
john_ohhh right05:41
macogwerstazi: there are no jails in linux, only chroots.05:41
john_dangit... i shoulda disabled it05:41
=== lipsin_ is now known as lipsin1
erstaziOdd-rationale: I use amarok05:41
Odd-rationaleerstazi: What's yours?05:41
macogwerstazi: chroots can, contrary to popular belief, be broken out of05:41
_Oz_hallo all05:41
rhineheart_mOkay this is the case.. what if for servers where only the root user using it.. Is there a likelihood to infect the system without an antivirus?05:42
erstazimacogw: pishposh! ported05:42
kayce_macogw: "xrandr --auto" did nothing05:42
macogwjohn_: if you set a strong password and change it every few months, you're ok05:42
Odd-rationale_Oz_: Hello!05:42
erstazimacogw: oh I know chrooted environments are not totally safe05:42
=== lipsin1 is now known as lipsinV2
macogwkayce_: ok. idk then.05:42
john_i have an insanely strong password05:42
erstazihi _Oz_05:42
_Oz_hi erstazi05:42
john_took me 2 weeks to memorize it05:42
kayce_macogw: ok, do you know what channel would have someone that would know?05:42
macogwjohn_: so do i. i estimate itd take 3 months of constant trying to brute force my password even with access to the hash05:42
nobarajohn_: 2 weeks O.O05:42
macogwkayce_: #xorg05:42
john_thats always nice to hear :)05:43
ToddEDMOdd-rationale:  im getting a popup that says i do not have permission to save sources.list05:43
kayce_macogw: thank you much05:43
erstazi_Oz_: fancy to see you here (:05:43
ryan_mandelbaumi just installed mp32ogg now how do i use it?05:43
macogwToddEDM: you didnt "gksudo gedit" then.05:43
Geoffrey2read/write access....that way instead of having 4-5 copies of the same file, one on each computer, I can access everything from one computer...supposedly the point of networking computers in the first place :)05:43
john_well I figure if somone wants access to my files on... well nothing really im just playing with linux they have just wasted a few weeks of their life brut forcing05:43
Odd-rationaleToddEDM: Did you edit it with sudo/gksudo05:43
macogwToddEDM: you need the gksudo to make you root05:43
erstaziGeoffrey2: Samba or SSH, choose your pick05:43
ToddEDMohhh ok , i had a sudo one open05:43
nobaraPaddy_EIRE: no idea?05:43
john_all they can get is a fun MOTD with an ascii art of ubuntu :)05:43
macogwToddEDM: ok sudo shouldve worked too though05:43
ToddEDMit worked now guys , thank you05:44
macogwToddEDM: it works, its just not recommended05:44
Geoffrey2erstazi: well, I have Samba set up, I just need to figure out how to go back and undo the domain controller setup so it'll work with xp home edition05:44
ximspeaking of sudo, any reason why the same password wouldnt work for su as sudo?05:44
macogwxim: root account is locked05:44
Odd-rationalexim: You set a root password?05:44
macogwxim: there is no password for it at all05:45
erstaziGeoffrey2: or you could even setup apache2 as a web server05:45
ximbut sudo doesnt goto root?05:45
erstaziGeoffrey2: it depends on how much you want that data to be secured inside that network05:45
ximim a newb i thout super user meant root05:45
nobaraHello, anyone here knos how I can remove a program that installed using sh command?05:45
BananaMonerstazi: I am on a standard desktop, wired connection, so I don't really know much about wireless connections on laptops. I don't see anything in the outputs, perhaps if you connect to a network that is open and compare the outputs then.....05:45
macogwxim:  if you want to "su" use "sudo -s" or "sudo su" if you want to "su -" use "sudo -i" or "sudo su -"05:45
Odd-rationalexim: It uses the user's pass word not root's05:45
AprilisAll right, I need help.  I had to install Ubuntu because Windows wasn't being recognized by the harddisk, but I've decided to make do with it for now.05:45
erstaziBananaMon: done that (:05:45
BananaMonerstazi: I'm going to google it though, and see what comes up05:45
macogwxim: it doesnt su (switch user) to root.  it just runs that command as root05:45
BananaMonerstazi: can you connect to other open networks?05:45
john_Thanks alot guys,  I always find plenty of help here.  untill next time I have a noob quesiton.  take care05:45
erstaziBananaMon: I dropped the WPA2 security and went open and tested05:45
AprilisI am having trouble getting any .avi files I've downloaded to play--and having trouble downloading some to begin with!05:45
AprilisI'm using Azureus.05:45
ximic thanks05:46
macogwnobara: umm well it shouldve come with an uninstaller05:46
erstaziBananaMon: I have busted my brains for hours over this05:46
Odd-rationalexim: User get root access by deing added to the sudoers file. They use their own passwd for sudo, not root's05:46
macogwnobara: sh is just telling the script to execute in a shell05:46
Geoffrey2erstazi: well, I'm using a private network address range behind a router, so I'm not sure how much more securing I'd need05:46
* nobara macogw: well05:46
bruenigsh invokes the /bin/sh executable05:46
BananaMonerstazi: maybe it's the router then. Maybe the router is rejecting the connection from your card, instead of that problem being with your card05:46
bruenigit is a program05:46
erstaziGeoffrey2: so, you could, if you don't like samba, either use apache2 or ssh or whatever05:46
bruenigthe script becoems an argument to that program05:46
BananaMonerstazi: what is the router/server? what company/model05:46
erstaziBananaMon: it worked in windows05:46
kayce_macogw: there appears to be no one present in #xorg05:46
erstaziBananaMon: Linksys WRT54G (:05:47
erstaziBananaMon: the router works with my Nokia 77005:47
BananaMonerstazi: yeah exactly, maybe the router does not identify the linux drivers, or maybe because of closed-source technology, it is black listed05:47
macogwerstazi: one of the old ones that runs linux or the new crappy ones?05:47
macogwBananaMon: those run linux05:47
erstazimacogw: older05:47
BananaMonerstazi: hm..the WRT is a great router, let me look it up05:47
erstazimacogw: DD-WRT05:47
nobaramacogw: and where I can find the uninstaler?05:47
BananaMonerstazi: yeah05:47
BananaMonerstazi: oh you use DDWRT, I love that stuff05:47
BananaMonerstazi: let me google05:47
erstazimacogw: the issue: http://c-wd.net/ath/05:48
macogwnobara: shouldve come with it. if it didnt....umm...too bad.05:48
Geoffrey2erstazi: it's not a matter of like or dislike....when I was trying to set something up, I was referred to directions on setting up Samba and openldap, only problem being XP Home hasn't a clue what to do with domains.....so I need to go back and undo the domain controller part of it05:48
macogwxim /quit05:48
AprilisMaybe I should be more specific.  Whenever I try to play an .avi file, it says this:  An error occured.  Could not determine type of stream.05:48
nobaramacogw: too bad? O.O05:48
_Oz_does everyone pretty much agree that VLC is the best video player in ubuntu?05:48
ximi thought i was inthe terminal05:48
manic12is there anybody here who knows about opengl/glx stuff?05:48
nobaramacogw: no way of removing it?05:48
ryan_mandelbaumi just installed mp32ogg now how do i use it?05:48
macogwnobara: well you could read the install script and see what it did and undo all of that by hand..05:48
erstazixim: I do that a lot, don't worry (:05:48
macogwAprilis: do you have codecs?05:48
macogw_Oz_: yeah pretty much05:49
AprilisMan, this channel is much busier than I could have ever imagined.  Can someone please PM me?  I need help with very noobish stuff.  I just had Ubuntu installed this weekend, and nothing is working.05:49
macogw_Oz_: i still use totem because im dumb05:49
_Oz_macogw: heheh05:49
nobaraI can't even open the .sh file05:49
Odd-rationale_Oz_: That or mplayer05:49
Aprilismacogw:  I have no idea, honestly.  I don't know anything.  I am like the lowest level of noob.05:49
erstazi_Oz_: I got stuck using amarok because my step-daughter wanted her ipod music ):05:49
macogwAprilis: applications -> add/remove.  click the thing in the top right to make it show all software available, then search for ubuntu restricted extras (or ubuntu-restricted-extras) and install that05:49
mosibfuAprilis, sounds like you dont have the gstreamer plugins that supply you with certain codecs05:49
_Oz_speak of the devil, right as I say that VLC freezes up on me05:49
erstaziAprilis: everyone has a beginning05:50
CyclonutHowdy folks - so, ive got a weird issue with sound.05:50
_Oz_erstazi: I like amarok :)05:50
Cyclonutafter using Pandora (http://www.pandora.com) often, my sound will stop working05:50
macogwAprilis: thats ok.  i really ticked off a kid at my school because i asked him everything when i started using ubuntu..and he's not even a linux user. he's a freebsd user.05:50
erstazi_Oz_: are you busy?05:50
Cyclonutit is like pandora crashes alsa05:50
Cyclonutif it helps, I am using realtek integrated sound05:50
_Oz_not terribly so, erstazi05:50
erstazi_Oz_: mind if you look at http://c-wd.net/ath/ ?05:50
macogwerstazi: why not Exaile?  It's GTK Amarok.  My sister uses Rhythmbox for her iPOd05:51
CyclonutI have restarted alsa-utils to no avail05:51
Aprilismacogw:  Show all available applications?05:51
erstazimacogw: did things in a hurry 1 year ago, never switched back05:51
cjaeOdd-rationale, ok where are the login wavs kept?05:51
macogwAprilis: yes05:51
BananaMonerstazi: do you get limited connectivity mssgs? or can you not even find the network?05:51
Odd-rationalecjae: /usr/share/sounds05:51
nobarawell thanks guys05:51
nobarahave a good night rest05:51
erstazimacogw: and over 10,000 mp3's, its hard to imagine loading another player with that collection05:51
_Oz_erstazi: oh man, I'm the wrong guy to ask for this. :( I've never successfully gotten a laptop running on wireless in ubuntu.05:51
macogwAprilis: codecs are what tell the computer how to decode songs and videos.  different types of files use different ones.  because of stupid US patent laws, Ubuntu isn't allowed to include them05:51
erstaziBananaMon: cannot even find any networks, even walked outside where I know my Nokia 770 can find them05:52
macogwerstazi: haha i see05:52
erstaziBananaMon: I think its not scanning, but I am clueless on this wifi networking05:52
Aprilismacogw:  All right, I'm installing ubuntu restricted extras.  This is the codecs?05:52
macogwerstazi: one thing i *love* about rhythmbox is that unlike banshee it watches my library properly and just grabs them when it sees something new05:52
erstaziBananaMon: I just plug in the WPA2 passphrase and I am done thats all05:52
_Oz_what do I type in the terminal to get a list of my processes so I can find the UID to kill?  VLC is frozen and I can't shut it down.05:52
erstazi_Oz_: htop or top05:53
BananaMonerstazi: are you client mode? because that won't work05:53
Cyclonuterstazi - ps -a05:53
macogwAprilis: its more than just the codecs. itll also get you flash, microsoft fonts (like Times New Roman), and a couple other things I can't remember. flash, i think... everything you need, basically05:53
cjaeOdd-rationale, so just rename new file to login.wav and delete old one?05:53
erstaziBananaMon: clientmode?05:53
TorikunCheck out compiz on the eee pc, http://rusher.webhop.org/wordpress/?p=8505:53
Cyclonuterstazi: or, ps -a | grep vlc05:53
macogwAprilis: oh i said flash twice.05:53
Cyclonuterstazi - or skipping that, pkill vlc05:53
macogwAprilis: java tooo, i think05:53
erstaziCyclonut: ty tell _Oz_05:53
l815what's a good language translator program?05:53
Odd-rationalecjae: No. Go to System --> Pref --> Sounds and change the login sound05:53
Aprilismacogw:  This is wonderful!  It looks like it's going to take a while, but it'll be worth it.  I've been missing Times New Roman something fierce.05:53
Cyclonuterstazi: hah, lines are blending together, sorry05:53
erstazil815: http://babelfish.altavista.com (:05:54
erstaziCyclonut: its ok05:54
Cyclonut_Oz_: ps -a | grep vlc to get the UID. Alternatively, use pkill vlc to skip the UID part05:54
l815erstazi, yes but i want a program :P05:54
BananaMonerstazi: WRT works in 2 modes, client and WDS. If you are in client mode, then the problem you are describing will occur, though it should occur for ALL wireless clients....is that the case?05:54
=== lipsinV2 is now known as lipsin
erstaziBananaMon: ah, no not client mode05:54
erstaziBananaMon: its not the router, I can say that05:54
Odd-rationale_Oz_: One way kill is to do alt+f2 and type in xkill. Then click on the frozen window. Sometimes this doesn't kill it properly though...05:54
=== LinuxMonkey2 is now known as LinuxMonkey
erstaziBananaMon: I removed the security at this moment too05:55
Aprilismacogw:  Man, you guys are so nice.  I've tried asking people on another channel in another server, and they all called me stupid and said I didn't deserve to use Ubuntu.  :<05:55
BananaMonerstazi: oh, so you can connect wirelessly from say windows?05:55
_Oz_thanks, Odd-rationale05:55
erstaziBananaMon: yes05:55
_Oz_and cyclonut05:55
erstaziBananaMon: and with my nokia 77005:55
Cyclonut_Oz_: np05:55
BananaMonerstazi: ah...05:55
macogwAprilis: if you dont mind the suggestion, check out the Liberation Fonts.  they're metric compatible with (same size as) Arial, Times, and Courier, but i think they look nicer. i especially like the serifs on Liberation Serif (Red Hat's answer to Times New Roman) http://mirrors.kernel.org/ubuntu/pool/multiverse/libe/liberation-fonts/ttf-liberation_0.1-0.1_all.deb05:55
Cyclonut_Oz_: using pkill is my favorite, though :)05:55
erstaziAprilis: what?!?! Ubuntu is the AOL of Linux05:55
macogwAprilis: they're @$$holes05:55
AprilisI know, right!05:55
AprilisIt wasn't even my choice.05:56
k1roI want to use my second drive as Data but I dont see linux doesnt detect (i think) the drive05:56
erstaziAprilis: ignore them, this is the official IRC channel05:56
paul---I have multiple ip addresses on my dedicated server, and want the ability to rate limit by IP and measure bandwidth by IP. I've investigated this endlessly.. but snmp is flawed as it only measures bw on the interface (eth0) not (eth0:1.. etc) .. how can i get round this?05:56
Aprilismacogw:  Will check it out!05:56
macogwAprilis: the link installs them.  if you dont like 'em, dont use them, but they look nice05:56
erstaziBananaMon: see, it is very complex05:56
Aprilismacogw:  I am all for new fonts.  I love fonts.05:56
erstaziBananaMon: and I am lost which way to go, I have tried both ndiswrapper and madwifi05:56
macogwAprilis: http://existentialtype.net/wp-content/uploads/2007/05/liberation-comparison.png05:56
paul---i was thinking potentially some sort of 'virtual interface adaptor' a bit like what you would use for vmware? .. but i dont want to use vmware i want to use the ips the same way i would use it if it was bound on eth0:105:57
Cyclonuterstazi: what about bwcutter?05:57
macogwAprilis: there's side-by-side the Microsoft fonts, Liberation, Bitstream (which is included in Ubuntu)05:57
paul---with the ability to measure traffic, and ratelimit ofcourse :/05:57
_Oz_I like htop05:57
erstaziCyclonut: never saw it, will it work with AR5006EG? this is the issue I am having: http://c-wd.net/ath/05:57
_Oz_thanks for that tip05:57
_Oz_just installed it05:57
AprilisCool!  Nice, simple, text fonts.05:57
AprilisVery nice.05:57
TorikunCheck out compiz on the eee pc, http://rusher.webhop.org/wordpress/?p=8505:57
erstazi_Oz_: I use it sometimes, its more detailed than top05:57
BananaMonerstazi: yeah, erstazi.....I can't find any solutions to this online either.....logically speaking, the problem seems to be of communication between the 2 devices. Have you tried using another version of DD-WRT?05:58
dubbyhey anyone, im having trouble starting amarok, im using ubuntu gutsy and xgl / compiz and when i start amarok it tells me it cannot find kmail05:58
BananaMonerstazi: or here's an idea!05:58
Cyclonuterstazi: dunno, but thats what I use to work with my broadcom-based wireless card.05:58
erstaziBananaMon: I think its the actual chip05:58
macogwdubby: use exaile instead05:58
erstaziBananaMon: and thats what worries me ):05:58
macogwdubby: amarok wants kde stuff, for example kmail.  exaile is the gtk version of amarok.05:58
BananaMonerstazi: use restricted drivers from windows on your linux instead of the open source ones05:58
BananaMonerstazi: could that help?05:58
erstaziBananaMon: have done that05:58
macogwdubby: meaning it doesnt need to load a ton of extra libraries from kde inside your gnome05:58
erstaziBananaMon: thats what ndiswrapper does05:58
r0bwhen is the release date for 8.04 anyone know?05:59
BananaMonerstazi: haha..you've tried everything eh05:59
macogwr0b: april 2405:59
erstaziBananaMon: almost, I am probably missing something05:59
BananaMonr0b: in april I think05:59
macogwBananaMon: thats the obvious answer05:59
erstaziBananaMon: thats why I put together that small html doc with the outputs05:59
r0bmacogw: ty05:59
Geoffrey2ok, since a domain controller is out, would samba with wins support work reasonably well?05:59
r0bBananaMon: ty05:59
dubbyok macogw05:59
erstaziBananaMon: because I might have missed *one* thing05:59
BananaMonerstazi: hmm yeah...I'm really sorry, I can't seem to come up with anything05:59
BananaMonerstazi: yeah I know the feeling05:59
erstaziBananaMon: I appreciate the help05:59
k1roI want to use my second drive as Data but I dont see linux doesnt detect (i think) the drive06:00
erstazimaybe I just need some jack daniels to help, I have to finish this 1.75 litre off anyways06:00
macogwk1ro: what version of ubuntu?06:00
macogwk1ro: and what format is the drive?06:00
BananaMonerstazi: sorry man, It's 1am now here anyway and I have to go to bed, I do really appreciate your help though. If in the coming days I hear anything about the problem or find something related to it, I'll post it on the ubuntuforums, where I'm called Dasani06:00
macogwk1ro: is it NTFS (aka Windows format)?06:00
erstaziBananaMon: same here, its 1am here06:00
KiraWhat does a dns record that starts with the AT sign ("@") do? I have a record that reads "@ A <ip address>" in the zone file of my domain, aside from the usual "* A <ip address>" and "www A <ip address>". Is that somehow wrong? My domain information isn't getting pushed to the DNS nodes.06:00
Cyclonutwell I've got a question - my sound quits working after using certain flash sites (pandora). I have restarted alsa-utils to no avail. If I restart, it works fine, but I dont want to restart. what should I o?06:00
BananaMonerstazi: hope you find it before that though! cheers06:00
macogwBananaMon: crap it IS 1am!06:00
BananaMonerstazi: lol06:00
erstaziBananaMon: tty06:01
BananaMonerstazi: gnite06:01
BananaMongnite all06:01
erstaziBananaMon: night and ty again06:01
BananaMonand remember, sleep is imortant too!06:01
macogwBananaMon: nght06:01
erstaziwhy does time fly by?06:01
_Oz_I can't seem to figure out a way to make either mplayer, totem, or VLC open a movie on a different computer to play.  Am I missing something?06:01
dubbymacogw how about ksudoku06:01
jack-desktopwhats the vlc plugin for firefox?06:01
dubbyit has a 3d sudoku06:02
dubbythat the gnome one does not06:02
legend2440does anyone know if it makes a difference if use UUID or /dev/hda1 in fstab? Any advantage to UUID?06:02
macogwdubby: thatd also load kde libraries.  it can slow things down a bit if youve not got a lot of memory. i try to stick with gnome stuff for that reason. if you want to use kde stuff, thats fine. it doesnt hurt anything06:02
dubbyobviously it does06:02
macogwlegend2440: a little06:02
dubbybecause that program completely crashes my system06:02
dubbyends the session06:02
macogwdubby: weird06:02
macogwlegend2440: if i want to be able to have different flash drives have different mount points, i'd use UUID because then no matter what order i plug them, that doesn't change06:03
legend2440macogw: ok ty06:03
Aprilismacogw:  I installed it, but it still says it can't determine the type of stream.06:03
AprilisTotem Movie Player is what pops up when I try playing it.06:04
AprilisShould I install a different player?06:04
macogwlegend2440: when libata was changed a couple releases ago so that IDE drives became /dev/sda instead of /dev/hda like they used to be, anyone who had removed the UUID and put in /dev/hda was in trouble because there was no /dev/hda anymore. it was now called /devsda06:04
macogwAprilis: you could try VLC or MPlayer.  those are both common replacements06:04
Cyclonut+1 vote for vlc06:05
Fersure<3 VLC06:05
Aprilismacogw:  Do I just sudo apt-get install vlc?06:05
Aprilisor mplayer?06:05
macogwor use add/remove06:05
AprilisThis is very handy.06:05
cjaeis there a bug in .wav playback in 7.10?06:05
erstazicjae: describe please06:05
cjaevery distorted06:05
erstaziI am starting to drain06:05
AprilisAll right, thanks guys.  I was going to install MPLayer, but I'll try VLC now.06:06
macogwAprilis: we only use command line instructions because they work on ubuntu, kubuntu, and xubuntu the same. you can use add/remove or synaptic to install all you want06:06
cjaelike pcm is up to high but is only 75%06:06
FersureAprilis: VLC will play pretty much anything.06:06
_Oz_aprilis: I think you'll like VLC06:06
bonycan some one help with grep and sed? i have a file which contains output of ls -lhSR. now i want to delete all the lines that are NOT ./ and total how to do that?06:06
_Oz_Aprilis: it's the player that pretty much always works and always plays anything you load in it06:06
macogwbony: oh oh my department06:06
erstazimacogw: heh06:06
AprilisThat would be great.06:07
CyclonutAprilis: I would venture so far as to say that VLC is one of my most reliable and favorite pieces of software06:07
Geoffrey2ok, can someone point me to a good tutorial on setting up samba to work with xp home?06:07
bonymacogw, can you help me out?06:07
AprilisI'm crossing my fingers and hoping it will play!06:07
cjaeerstazi, are you a religious person, or sensitive to bad language? so I may show you example .wav file?06:08
erstaziok, I am out, I will look into this tomorrow night some more, if anyone gets the chance please check http://c-wd.net/ath/ for my issue, I would appreciate it much06:08
=== xipietotec_ is now known as xipietotec
Cyclonutah, Ive gotta go. My bizarre sound problem isnt fixing itself like I'd hoped :-P06:08
bonymacogw, i am want to delete all the lines in the file that don't start with ./ or total06:08
erstazicjae: well, I was in the Infantry... does that make a difference06:08
tavoDoes anybody know how to run xgl server on ati radeon 1100???06:08
erstazicjae: but I am going to sleep06:08
macogwbony: oh dont start with either? ok just a minute...im not fast at regex06:08
tavoI've been trying by making a xgl session06:08
tavobut it didn't work06:08
cjaeerstazi, http://www.scarface1983.com/wav/upassw.wav06:08
bonymacogw, ok06:09
=== dgtlchlk is now known as dgtl|screen
TazbobuAnybody good with LIRC here?06:09
tavomy screen06:09
erstazicjae: it sounds good to me06:09
Aprilisanother question: How do I set VLC as the default movie player?06:09
Galerim having a few probs with ubuntu...can any one help?06:09
Apriliser, video player06:09
sutabiIm having a internet problem....  I JUST bought a new 50 dollar USB linksys, the only listed to work with linux natively, and well im connected to IRC... but when i use firefox I cant goto any websites06:10
cjaeok must be my config thanks good night erstazi06:10
macogwbony: i got half of it...06:10
bonymacogw, ok06:10
sutabiand im getting around 80% connection06:11
sutabi<-- wireless06:11
ChrisC_When the time comes for me to upgrade from Gutsy to Heron. Will my backup APTonCD still work? Or shall I wait till I do the upgrade and make an APTonCD backup then. I think I'll be using the LTS version from then on. As I have heard through the grapevine Ubuntu are making LTS to LTS upgrades available.06:11
ChrisC_I'm capped and want to avoid all that downloading. Using APTonCD from a gutsy backup. Will it work on Hardy? I guess it's a difficult one to answer.06:11
bonymacogw, with this command i am able to get the lines that start with ./, grep ^./ ls-output06:11
josh13I have a parent directory containing files & directory & .svn directory for each sub directories. I want to tar the parent directory without all the .svn directories, how would I do that ?06:11
bonymacogw, and with grep ^total ls-output i get the lines starting with total06:12
erstazijosh13: svn export url06:12
erstazijosh13: or svn export /path/to/svn/directory/06:12
bonynow i want to concatenate both outputs into a single output06:12
cjaeanyone why .wav is very distorted on my 7.10 system?06:13
gomalopaBuenas noches!06:13
AprilisAll right, anyone know how to make VLC my default video player?06:13
Galeri recently installed ubuntu 7.10 gutsy gibbon, i rebooted and it ran fine, (im dual-booting with vista) i got on vista to find out how to install a driver for my wireless card, rebooted to get into ubuntu and nothing happens, there is a screen with the flashing underscore. any suggestions?06:13
josh13erstazi ok, then i would have to commit first, then export the path ... the destination would contain only the tree folders/files without .svn, rite?06:14
gomalopaakguien de argentina??????06:14
gomalopaakguien de argentina??????06:14
dubbyGaler: I am going to assume that you installed vista after ubuntu, in which case it took out grub as the bootloader06:14
ChrisC_cjae try changing your sound settings from alsa to oss or the other way around.06:14
erstazi!es | gomalopa06:14
ubotugomalopa: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.06:14
Galernope, i have had vista since i bought the pc06:14
dubbyis it on multiple hard drives?06:14
macogwbony: sed -i '/^[^\.\/\|^total]/d' test06:15
Galerdubby: no, partitioned space on one HDD06:15
dubbyif so it may be a bios setting on which hard drive you are booting from06:15
amenadoGaler-> ctrl+alt+F1 to F6 gives you a logon prompt?06:15
macogwbony: thatd delete every line that doesnt start with "./" or "total"06:15
paul---can i use tap/tun devices to host additional external ip addresses?06:15
Galeramenado: not sure, i would have to reboot to find out06:15
bonymacogw, ok let me try06:16
ChrisC_Anyone know the answer to -->  When the time comes for me to upgrade from Gutsy to Heron. Will my backup APTonCD still work? Or shall I wait till I do the upgrade and make an APTonCD backup then. I think I'll be using the LTS version from then on. As I have heard through the grapevine Ubuntu are making LTS to LTS upgrades available.06:16
ChrisC_ I'm capped and want to avoid all that downloading. Using APTonCD from a gutsy backup. Will it work on Hardy? I guess it's a difficult one to answer.06:16
macogwbony: just replace "test" with your filename06:16
bonymacogw, ok06:16
amenadopaul----> your ethernet interface can host as many as you want..but....06:16
paul---amenado: correct, but snmp has limitations06:16
paul---so if its a tap/tun device, i get over these limitations right?06:17
AprilisAzureus keeps shutting down automatically each time I open it.06:17
AprilisAnyone know why?06:17
macogwbony: regex look more like gibberish when reading them than when writing them. i think this is why perl is called a write-only language.06:17
macogwAprilis: its broken06:17
AprilisHow should I go about fixing it?06:17
amenadopaul----> what limitations snmp are imposing?06:17
macogwAprilis: has been for a while.  try deluge06:17
BuSeferI am installing kubuntu to VirtualBox and I got a message "The process for the file protocol died unexpectedly", what could this mean?06:17
Aprilismacogw:  "a while" meaning a day?  or... longer?06:17
ryan_mandelbaumwhat is a good program to convert mp3 to ogg?06:17
macogwAprilis: months06:17
paul---amenado: ability to measure and rate traffic by IP address06:18
Galeramenado: what would that do? should i log in using my set username and passwd from the install?06:18
Aprilismacogw:  Oh, it worked briefly for me this weekend, though.  BUt all right, good to know.  Will uninstall then.06:18
bonymacogw, haha06:18
amenadoGaler-> yes, use the username and password you created at install time06:18
paul---sure the can be fixed by dodgying around with iptables/chains/etc.. but this sems like alot of work06:18
macogwAprilis: after its used once or twice it gets some logs and starts dying. clearing them makes it work again, and then next time itll happen again. its just a pain to deal with.06:18
Galeramenado: should that fix the problem? b/c if i try that i will have to reboot this pc.06:19
bonymacogw, it worked but all some line are still there06:19
=== LiraNuna_ is now known as LiraNuna
Aprilismacogw:  Is Deluge easy to work with?06:19
amenadopaul----> umm not sure about that snmp limitations by ip address..each ip address can be of different scope from the other by having a diff mask06:19
macogwbony: what's still there?06:19
macogwAprilis: yes06:19
AprilisOk, good.  I need something, like Utorrent easy.06:19
macogwAprilis: it has  lot of options. if you dont understand the option, you just ignore it06:19
AprilisHaha, will do.06:19
macogwAprilis: the options are things like limiting how much of your bandwidth people can use when you upload06:19
BuSeferI don't understand it seems like kubuntu started from CD but how to I install it to HardDisk?06:20
amenadoGaler-> that only shows you can log on to your system, fixing the gui is a bit different. .this test is only to show your install went okay06:20
bonymacogw, just a sec06:20
macogwBuSefer: should be an installer on the desktop06:20
paul---hmm going home but i will see if you arre around later to discss amenado06:20
BuSefermacogw: no icons on the desktop06:20
Johnny_5ryan_mandelbaum: try sound converter...u could also try mediacoder with wine06:20
macogwbony: ooo i see06:20
BuSeferI chose System-Install06:20
Johnny_5either is good06:21
Galeramenado: im quite sure it did, i logged on to ubuntu once and it seemed to work fine, but i needed to learn how to install my wireless card and it wouldnt let me back on when i tried.06:21
Johnny_5just don't expect any id tags06:21
amenadoGaler-> 1st things first, make sure you can log on and then able to sudo06:21
Galeramenado: sudo?? im a nub. :/06:21
bonymacogw, http://swechabox.selfip.org/~bhuvan/ls-output06:22
BuSeferwhat does this message mean "The process for the file protocol died unexpectedly"06:22
bonymacogw, this is the file06:22
amenadoGaler-> you can try some linux tutorials to get you going..06:22
Galeramenado: thnx. i might be back. lol06:22
Lasivianthis is going to sound stupid, but if synaptics installs a gui app, where do I find it to run it?06:23
ka2Lasivian: Applications menu06:23
amenadoLasivian-> somewhere in the Applications menu or sub menu06:23
macogwbony: and it left in anything starting with t, o, a, or l, right?06:24
Lasivianhrrm, ok06:24
Lasiviandidn't see it06:24
Lasiviantrying to see if the ndiswrapper will fix my wireless issue06:24
Lasivianoh, found it06:25
Lasivianwasn't named what I was thinking it would be named :)06:25
inacomaHey guys... i'm having trouble updating my package list... i checked my sources list etc which is basically:06:25
inacomadeb cdrom:[Ubuntu-Server 6.06.2 _Dapper Drake_ - Release amd64 (20080110.1)]/ dapper main restricted06:26
inacomadeb http://au.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ dapper main restricted06:26
inacomadeb-src http://au.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ dapper main restricted06:26
ka2!paste | inacoma06:26
ka2hmm where has ubotu got to06:26
PaloAltoi have a problem06:27
bonymacogw, yeah i think thats true. i also found lot of lines which are symlinks and pointers.06:27
PaloAlto ሽድችዝሽችዝሽ06:27
PaloAlto^ that06:27
Johnny_5inacoma: do u use apt-get update or do u use the gui updater?06:27
PaloAltois what happens when i type in my console06:27
inacomai'm on ubunto dapper06:27
macogwbony: bony if its a symlink, look at the permissions...starts with l06:27
inacomaubuntu *06:27
inacomaapt-get update06:27
amenadoPaloAlto-> try reset, or tput reset06:27
tritiumPaloAlto: have you tried typing "reset" in that console?06:27
ka2inacoma: its not working - use pastebin.ubuntu-nl.org06:27
bonymacd, yes06:27
macogwbony: so i need to figure out how to make it take "total" as a word not as a bunch of letters06:27
tritium!enter | inacoma06:27
bonymacd, oops sorry06:27
bonymacogw, yes06:27
dubbyeveryone try not to suffer from tech support burnout06:28
PaloAltotritium, i cant type shit06:28
inacomaok, this is the source list i'm using: pretty much just the standard one i havn't edited anything except for uncommenting the universe packages: http://pastebin.ubuntu-nl.org/58572/06:28
tritiumPaloAlto: watch the language, please06:28
AprilisWhat's the Ubuntu subsition for Photoshop?06:29
PaloAltoor i can, but it comes out like ረሰ06:29
PaloAltowhen i type reset06:29
tritiumAprilis: gimp is as close as you'll get06:29
tritiumPaloAlto: just try it, please06:29
PaloAltoanyway, i did copy it to the console06:29
PaloAltoand it worked06:29
inacomaand this is what i'm getting when i update: http://pastebin.ubuntu-nl.org/58573/06:29
AprilisAll righty.06:29
PaloAltowait no, it didnt work06:29
ka2Aprilis: or krita depending on what you are doing.06:29
PaloAltoit worked to copy it to the console, it did not stop the console from being rtard06:30
AprilisDo you guys know how to set VLC as my default video player?06:30
PaloAltostill get ረሰት06:30
PaloAlto when i type reset06:30
inacomaanyone know why i'm getting this :\ i've searched the forums etc06:30
inacomabut it's shitting me!06:30
tritium!language | inacoma06:30
pawanunable to extract rar file06:31
pawanInappropriate ioctl for device06:31
Llewxamwell here i am once again. unable to get the integrated wireless working. i tried the various how to's and couldn't solve my issue. i got an integrated broadcom bcm4328 on an hp pavillion. can't find it in restricted drivers, but lspci lists it. how can i get the drivers running?06:31
dubbyinacoma are those the australian archives?06:31
tritiumLlewxam: have you tried using ndiswrapper?06:31
inacomathats what it defaulted to06:31
inacomai tried changing to us.archive.ubuntu.com06:32
inacomabut still didn't work.06:32
Llewxamtritium: was just about to. i got the driver for xp right now but it's in an .exe file.06:32
dubbynah just archive.ubuntu.com06:32
tritium!enter | inacoma (for the 2nd time)06:32
J-_how can I see what my wireless card is? Or, see if it's enabled proper? I have an Intel Wireless PRO card.06:32
amenadoPaloAlto-> try reset, or tput reset06:32
eric__hi i just wanna ask.. why i cant use or enable the visual effects in appearance preference06:33
amenadoJ-_-> lshw, lspci -c network06:33
dubbyhmm au.archive.ubuntu.com resolved for me.06:33
PaloAltoamenado, eish, i tried, it wont work. I did however copy it from here and pasted it in colsole, and it didnt help.06:33
voxhow do i run something like systemtap when there's no bootable ubuntu kernel with debugging support?06:33
PaloAltoboth of those06:33
dubbyinternet connection06:33
pawanunable to extract rar file06:34
pawanInappropriate ioctl for device06:34
amenadoPaloAlto-> try to type it yourself  tput reset06:34
tritiumPaloAlto: when did it start acting that way?  Did you try to display a binary file?06:34
inacomayeah... that's what i was trying to say06:34
PaloAltotritium, i think it was some shortcut key06:34
inacomai am able to ping au.archive.ubuntu.com from the ubuntu machine, but unable to download from it. I dont know >.< ill try taking away the au and let you know...06:35
J-_lshw shows it, does that mean it's working correctly amenado?06:35
amenadoJ-_-> no, the only way you know its working is if you can communicate06:35
J-_amenado: k, makes sense. Yeah I can't communicate on teh net with it.06:36
ZaschEvery time I try to open a .mov file, it tells me that the filename indicates it is a "QT Video" file but that the contents indicate a "MPEG-4 Video", and it won't let me open it. How do I fix this?06:36
J-_amenado: wired I can, wireless I cant06:36
inacomaSource List: http://pastebin.ubuntu-nl.org/58572/, error with that source list: http://pastebin.ubuntu-nl.org/58573/ - and then after taking out the au. from the sources: http://pastebin.ubuntu-nl.org/58575/ - Same error, i'm not sure what's wrong hmmm...06:36
amenadoJ-_-> paste in pastebin your  ifconfig; iwconfig;  route -n; and cat /etc/resolv.conf06:37
inacomaIt doesn't make sense to me - as i can ping both au.archive.ubuntu.com and archive.ubuntu.com from the linux machine? Anyone know what's happening :X06:37
dubbyinacoma can you get to it through firefox?06:38
inacomaI'm on dapper06:38
macogwbony: well with whats left you could do sed -i '/^[oal]/d' test06:38
dubbyor some web browser06:38
macogwbony: thatd get rid of everything starting with o, a, and l...06:38
mzinzI just downloaded a theme, then ran 'configure' and 'make', then 'make install'... I'm not seeing it in the list of themes though, did I forget a step?06:39
eric__hi i just wanna ask.. why i cant use or enable the visual effects in appearance preference06:39
macogwmzinz: you dont compile themes06:39
macogwmzinz: just drag and drop the tarball into the theme manager06:39
mzinzOk hang on06:39
Oi2LifeHi. I just installed Ubuntu 7.10 from a Live CD (i386) and I get the message "Unable to open /dev/agpgart". I tried running xconfig and xconfigure but it says the applications cannot be found. What is the proper application name for setting up X so I can correct this problem, hopefully?06:39
macogwOi2Life: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg06:40
=== AnRkey_ is now known as AnRkey
macogweric__: depends on the video card06:40
mzinzmacogw: it appears to be importing it, but it doesn't appear on the theme list still06:40
bonymacogw, ok06:40
eric__macogq: it was working before..but after i update my ubuntu.. this thing happened.. i cant even view flash or videos..pls help06:41
ChrisC_Sorry had to disconnect there. Hi I wanna know the following...06:41
Oi2LifeOkay macogw, and that command should help me configure x and nix the problem? (no pun intended)06:41
ChrisC_When the time comes for me to upgrade from Gutsy to Heron. Will my backup APTonCD still work? Or shall I wait till I do the upgrade and make an APTonCD backup then. I think I'll be using the LTS version from then on. As I have heard through the grapevine Ubuntu are making LTS to LTS upgrades available.06:41
ChrisC_I'm capped and want to avoid all that downloading. Using APTonCD from a gutsy backup. Will it work on Hardy? I guess it's a difficult one to answer.06:42
voxhow do i run something like systemtap when there's no bootable ubuntu kernel with debugging support?06:43
eric__macogw: it was working before..but after i update my ubuntu.. this thing happened.. i cant even view flash or videos..pls help06:43
macogweric__: normal updates or upgrade to the development version?06:43
Oi2LifeGoing to try thank command. Much 'Grats. Laters06:44
eric__macoqw: normal updates...06:44
bonymacogw, now how to sort the line according to the numbers before total at the same time the path should follow.06:45
sutabiim having problems with my Wireless Linksys WUSB54G USB Network Adapter. It Shows up on Ubuntu AMD64 and I can connect to my wireless network fine. But then I cant access the internet.06:46
bonyi mean i am trying to see which folder takes up the maximum size and i need to delete some files in order to free the disk.06:46
sutabiIm using  Wireless G since thats all that seems to work with no WEP06:46
sutabiand right now im on my windows boot cause it works fine on that06:47
DevanAh, that's better. :)06:47
inacomaIt doesn't make sense to me - as i can ping both au.archive.ubuntu.com and archive.ubuntu.com from the linux machine? Anyone know what's happening :X *** I just found out that if i type "host google.com or host ubuntu.com" i am getting: ;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached - and am guessing this is why i can't update? I can PING ip's fine, but cannot lookup hostnames?06:47
macogwbony: oh.  du -axc / | sort -n | tail -n 100  will tell you the largest files/directories inside /  just change / to ./  for inside the current directory06:48
bluecakehow to check dns and gate way for nic, eth0 , from commandline?06:49
rhineheart_mAnybody here who knows the poppass daemon default port for courier?06:49
bonymacogw, now this is a much much better approach.06:49
josh13in a directory, i have a file "pipe" ; the command file pipe says it's a socket. Is it possible to create this manually ?06:50
macogwbony: i found that one out today06:50
rabiddachshundwhat's the best file manager?06:50
rabiddachshundfor gnome?06:50
bonymacogw, cool06:50
macogwbony: it was a comment on my blog since i said something about giant logfiles taking over my system06:51
J-_laptopamenado: I guess I shouldn't really paste it here, as I'm on hardy now. Not officially released as of yet.06:51
bonymacogw, hey why don't you record such commands on some common place so that every one can view them?06:51
macogwjosh13: mkfifo, i think06:51
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bonymacogw, what is your blog?06:51
fattmoleyI killed a flash drive attempting and failing to make a bootable usb drive.  Can anybody point me in the right direction for how to restore the drive to a working blank drive?06:51
macogwbony: well there are lists of commands online, but useful combos of arguments might be a good thing...06:51
bonymacogw, i mean link06:51
macogwbony: http://ubuntulinuxtipstricks.blogspot.com06:52
bonymacogw, yeah06:52
mzinzwhat package do I need to install to play mp3's and other media?06:52
J-_laptopamenado: Unless you want to see anyway06:52
oohboo!mp3 | mzinz06:52
ubotumzinz: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats06:52
amenadoJ-_-> go ahead and put n pastebin06:52
J-_laptophttp://pastebin.ca/930048 amenado06:53
inacomaOk guys - i am running Ubuntu Dapper, i just found out my linux machine cannot resolve DNS names (google.com etc) but IS connected to the internet (i can ping - which is google's IP)... how do i go about fixing this? :X06:54
amenadoJ-_-> try to get your wifi to associate with the AP  via  dhclient wlan0  am assuming you have set the correct ESSID in your config file06:54
=== burner is now known as burner\-
inacomaI have a static IP, connected through a router...06:55
macogwmzinz: ubuntu-restricted-extras06:55
voxhow do i run something like systemtap when there's no bootable ubuntu kernel with debugging support?06:55
macogwinacoma: umm is there anything in /etc/resolv.conf06:55
mrpocketshow do i kill firefox?06:55
macogwmrpockets: pkill firefox06:55
cameodemonkillall firefox06:55
cameodemonthat too06:56
macogwmrpockets: the one i gave kills firefox and firefox-bin06:56
mrpocketsthanl you so much06:56
Karsythi was wondering if anyone here could help me get my sound working on ubuntu... ive been searching endless amounts of forums and FAQ's, following guides running all kinds of commands. i still cant figure out how to fix it06:56
J-_laptopAmaranth: not sure what you mean.06:56
inacomanope, i don't have a resolv.conf o.O06:56
Karsythive spent easily 5 hours06:56
J-_laptopdarn it06:56
J-_laptopamenado: not sure what you mean06:56
amenadoJ-_laptop-> do you use a nm applet? you can set it there, or on the command line or the interfaces file06:57
inacomamacogw: nope, i don't have a resolv.conf o.O06:57
macogwinacoma: O_O06:58
dubbyhey anyone know how i can tell which version ubuntu I have I just read something about prerelease, and im running gutsy06:58
macogwinacoma: i didnt think that was possible06:58
macogwdubby: gutsy = 7.1006:58
sn00zerwhere do i save a users crontab file? would it be in their home directory?06:58
macogwdubby: im running hardy heron, 8.04 alpha 506:58
cameodemonif youre looking to kill individual process and dont know the name, try ps -el and look for the process there or ps -el | grep string to locate a process id06:59
macogwdubby: final version of hardy will be released april 2406:59
Karsythanyone good on fixing sound issues in ubuntu?06:59
cameodemonyes i do a lot of sound stuff06:59
dubby4.1.3 20070831 (prerelease) (Ubuntu 4.1.2-16ubuntu1)06:59
Karsythcame: ive searched countless amounts of forums / faqs on how to get my sound to work on ubuntu, no dice07:00
macogwdubby: lsb_release -a07:00
cameodemonok whats your sound card07:00
macogwdubby: thatll tell you your ubuntu version07:00
Karsythim using integrated for the moment07:00
Dusti[n]buy a new sound card07:00
Karsythcould that be the problem?07:00
cameodemoni mean, it should work regardless07:01
cameodemonintegrated sound typically sucks but its doable07:01
Karsythif it means anything, im using a very ghetto cheap biostar motherboard07:01
Karsythim not looking for any quality, just sound07:01
cameodemondo you have the make and model of the mb?07:01
inacomamacogw: guessing that's the problem right ;X07:01
cameodemonk i'll do some google fu one sec07:01
macogwinacoma: probably07:01
Karsythalright thanks07:01
inacomasigh! wtf, nfi how. i want it back! :(07:02
oohboolspci should give a name to the sound hardware07:02
macogwinacoma: well you can make a resolv.conf07:02
macogwinacoma: and list nameservers in it07:02
macogwinacoma: system -> admin -> networking has a gui for that07:02
inacomaim running dapper07:02
Karsythim gonna pop in a bagel real quick07:02
Karsythbe back in a sec07:02
macogwinacoma: i know.  that item should still be there in the menu07:03
macogwinacoma: if you were using breezy, id be confused, but i used dapper for a few months...first distro i used for more than a half hour07:03
inacomai dont have a gui? :>07:03
TrustNoOneu dont have a gui? ur hard core07:04
nickrudinacoma: inacoma is this a wired connection that you're losing the resolv.conf for? (just came in)07:04
inacomaYes, its running through a router07:04
cameodemonthats bullshit everyone has a gui just some are more retarded than others at the very least the shell is a type of gui07:04
cameodemonunless your data or cpt. picard or some shit07:04
nickrudinacoma: do you have the network defined in /etc/network/interfaces ?07:05
inacomaI think i ruined it yesterday! Haha, with webmin...07:05
TrustNoOnecameodemon, no, my friend uses text based (like in fail safe mode)07:05
cameodemonso that is still a gui07:05
inacomaYes, everythings defined... i can ping google.com's IP, but not its hostname.07:05
TrustNoOnehow is that a gui? its not graphical in any way07:06
inacomai'm connected to it with putty and winscp now.07:06
cameodemonor is it? hm. what defines a gui im interested. graphical user interface, does this include any system with a monitor?07:06
DevanText is still graphics...07:06
Karsythalright im back07:06
TrustNoOnegui = graphical user interface07:06
cameodemontext isnt really text but instead a pixelated representation of text07:06
TrustNoOnetext based is not a gui07:06
nickrudinacoma: you can add a package called resolvconf , and add a line like    dns-nameservers     to the interface definition, it will automatically set your resolf.conf for you07:06
DevanGenerally speaking, though, GUI refers to a non-terminal interface.07:06
cameodemonmaybe deleuze or derrida would have something to say about the test07:06
cameodemonyeah of course07:06
cameodemonok @Karsyth. are you using a laptop07:07
inacomakk ill try that!07:07
cameodemonok so this might work anyway07:07
TrustNoOnenew 5 gum is awesome07:08
inacomaPackage resolvconf is not available, but is referred to by another package.07:08
inacomaThis may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or07:08
inacomais only available from another source07:08
inacomaE: Package resolvconf has no installation candidate07:08
FloodBot1inacoma: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:08
cameodemondownload, chmod +x these scripts and run them, they'll first upgrade your alsa07:08
inacomaArr.. accident07:09
inacomabut yeah, i don't think i can get the package07:09
nickrudinacoma: you need to enable the universe repository, edit /etc/apt/sources.list , and uncomment the lines with universe in them. You might want to add the word multiverse to those lines as well, more software07:09
inacomathat was the start of my problem nickrud ;)07:10
inacomai cannot get these repositories because i can't resolve hostnames07:10
nickrudinacoma: hahahaha.07:10
cameodemonapt-get alsamixer if you can, and make sure nothings muted (check if pressing M on the keyboard has any effect when playing music)...also youve checked, if using gnome, system > prefs > sound and checking if the right devices are selected07:10
RasterBurnerhey aloha07:11
dnyI uninstalled/reinstalled wine, and it's showing my old programs in the menu, but not new ones.  is there a way to, like, update it?  :/07:11
nickrud204.152.191.39 inacoma  that's mirrors.kernel.org . You can use a direct ip address instead of th archive.ubuntu.com07:11
bluecakewhere conf file, eth0's ip setting07:11
=== HashBox_ is now known as HashBox
TrustNoOnedny, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/58577/07:13
smokeydHey guys, I need some advise on filesystems I can use both on windows and on Ubuntu Gutsy:07:13
inacomahey, nickrud: question07:13
inacomaif i can get my nameserver, would i be able to just make resolv.conf file?07:13
TrustNoOne!ask | inacoma07:14
ubotuinacoma: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)07:14
smokeydFat32 doesn't support files larger than 4GB. file operations on NTFS for large files take ages in Ubuntu07:14
macogwsmokeyd: ntfs will work fine07:14
Karsythcameo, i had to register to the site real quick to download the files. you said i should chmod +x those scripts, and i have no idea what you mean by that. i just got linux today07:14
macogwinacoma: yes07:14
macogwsmokeyd: oh.  is it xp?07:14
nickrudinacoma: absolutely.07:14
Karsythim going to assume you want me to run that as a command and put the location of the files i downloaded at the end?07:14
macogwsmokeyd: there are xp drivers for ext307:14
bluecakewhere conf file, eth0's ip setting07:14
nickrudinacoma: you can use those I put up temporarily07:14
smokeydmacogw: I just tried to copy a 3GB file to ntfs but it took all night and didn't even complete more than 10%07:14
smokeydmacogw: I found the ext2 IFS driver07:15
TrustNoOnesmokeyd, i copy files to NTFS drive all the time with no problem, so it could be network issue maybe?07:15
macogwsmokeyd: ext2 and ext3 are compatible. itll work fine.07:15
smokeydbut the problem there is file consistency in case of clean unmounts (IE windows XP crashes)07:15
inacomaOk, and i should be able to do that through the router settings - right? i'm pretty sure it has nameservers in it - they would work? And how is the resolv.conf file set out? is it just "nameserver one.ip.here.yo"07:15
macogwsmokeyd: thats a problem on ntfs too....07:15
nickrudinacoma: the problem with manually changing /etc/resolv.conf as a permanent solution is some inet utils try to set it themselves07:15
=== hadir_bersamamu is now known as COW_KEDINGINAN
macogwinacoma: yep07:15
smokeydmacogw: that is true07:15
macogwnickrud: chattr +i07:15
mrZeekI am trying to install flash on 64 bit ubuntu and I keep getting errors.  I am starting to think that it is impossible and that I should re-install with 32 bit ubuntu.  Any thoughts?07:15
nickrudmacogw: ouch, what a creepy hack ;)07:16
macogwmrZeek: did you try the script?07:16
smokeydTrustNoOne: it i not a network issue as the file was copied between partitions on the same drive07:16
oohboobluecake, in /ec/hosts07:16
dnytrustnoone: thanks :]07:16
smokeydCPU usage just went up to amost 100%07:16
bluecakeoohboo, no it'snot07:16
mzin1how do you display your ip routes?07:16
smokeydmount.ntfs uses 95% or something when copying a 3GB file07:16
TrustNoOnesmokeyd, hmm... i never copied to NTFS on the same drive as linux...07:16
macogwnickrud: its what i did to test my friend's Xorg on fedora. it kept resetting to fglrx and crashing X on every boot.  once i made it immutable and the random fglrx initscript couldnt mess with it, we got to see a fail during the boot sequence to find out what was causing the breakage07:17
nickrudmzin1:  route  in a terminal07:17
mrZeekyes, and I tried to download adobe file, and tried to do it from command line.  I haven't gotten anywhere07:17
=== cool is now known as brain_boy
mzin1nickrud: thanks07:17
oohboobluecake, are you looking in /etc/hosts.conf or /etc/hosts?07:17
macogwmrZeek: thats 32bit only07:17
smokeydmacogw: do you now of a windws driver that also supports the journalling of ext3?07:17
nickrudmacogw: makes sense for troubleshooting. I've used it myself, but it itched so badly I found the real reason (as you did)07:17
macogwmrZeek: there's a script someone wrote to automate it on 64bit07:17
egoleoafter ubuntu 7.10 installation, i get busybox and some stuffs07:17
egoleois there a way to fix it07:17
macogwsmokeyd: no07:18
bluecakeoohboo, both07:18
bluecakeoohboo, both not there07:18
mrZeekmacogw where can i find this script?07:18
smokeydmacogw: ok, thanks07:18
oohboobluecake, on mine the /etc/hosts file has etho setting07:18
inacomaOk, my router settings give me these addresses: Public IP Address (No), Public Network Mask (No), Public Default Gateway (No), Domain Name Server 1 (Maybe? It looks like a normal IP.), Domain Name Server 2 (Maybe? It looks like a local network IP.), and DHCP Server IP Address (??) Which one should i use, and again (to be sure) it would be "nameserver xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx"?07:18
bluecakeoohboo, ubuntu?07:19
bluecakeu sure?07:19
oohboobluecake, yep - gutsy07:19
=== royal is now known as rsthree
bluecakegusty here too07:19
nickrudinacoma: domain name server07:19
macogwmrZeek: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=476924&highlight=64bit+flash07:19
cameodemonah ok @ Karsyth. it might take some days then to setup if its your first time07:19
oohboobluecake, checked before answering07:19
cameodemonwell, try this first07:19
inacomanickrud: The one that looks like a local network IP, or the one that looks like an internet IP?07:19
cameodemonclick Systems > Preferences > Sound07:19
inacomameh i'll try both! hehe :>07:19
nickrudinacoma: it's probably your router, which forwards dns07:20
macogwinacoma: DNS 107:20
macogwinacoma: or listen to him07:20
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)07:20
bluecakeoohboo, i did check before ans07:20
mrZeekmacogw thanks I will try that07:20
bluecakehow to check if i am using dhcp or static ip? on command line?07:21
macogwmrZeek: ive never tried it out, but let me know how it goes. i dont have a 64bit processor07:21
wx9jI cannot get k3b to read from one dvd and write to the other, will only work with one at a time although it sees both , any ideas ?07:21
supershorthow come my pc keeps running in low graphics mode07:21
cameodemoncorrect drivers not installed perhaps?07:21
Karsyththats what i figured07:21
supershortthere the same as yesty07:21
cameodemondid you go to sound prefs?07:21
Karsythbut i tried re-installing and rebooting earlier07:21
macogwsupershort: dont have the right drivers installed07:21
Karsythyes im in it now07:21
nickrudsupershort: what kind of video card do you have?07:21
supershorti dont know07:21
supershortim on a laptop07:21
supershortp3 laptop07:21
cameodemonunder the device tabs do you have options?07:22
oohboobluecake, my /etc/host - http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/58578/07:22
nickrudsupershort:   lspci | grep -i  vga  in a terminal will tell you07:22
Karsythyes, it lets me pick which drivers i want to use07:22
inacomaok, lets see if this works - before i try, is there anything i have to restart before i do it? like /etc/init.d/networking restart07:22
cameodemoncan you select something starting with Realtek07:22
Karsyththats what i have selected07:22
nickrudinacoma: no, it'll be recognized07:22
Karsythi can only select it on default mixer tracks07:22
cameodemonok and when you hit test no sound?07:22
cameodemondo you have any speakers?07:23
supershortcomes up trident micro system07:23
cameodemonok thats good hah07:23
Karsythplugged in correctly, into the right jack07:23
Karsythim not that far behind lol07:23
Karsythits just linux07:23
cameodemontry opening a terminal07:23
bluecakeoohboo, mine says 127.x.x..x07:23
cameodemonok once you do that, type in the following "sudo apt-get install alsamixer"07:23
inacomaAww ;( no workies! god damnit lol07:23
supershorthow to i fix07:24
oohboobluecake, that is localhost - should be lines after that if it is setup07:24
supershortis there like a reset graphic setting07:24
Karsythalright , its done07:24
inacomaOH WAIT IT WORKS :D LOVE FOR nickrud and macogw :) Thanks fellas07:24
tarkushi, can someone help me with this? http://tinyurl.com/26o6ze07:24
egoleowhat cuases busybox to show after installation07:25
cameodemonnow type "alsamixer" in terminal [ no quotes ]07:25
Optimus55i can't sleep07:25
Karsythhow do i paste in here07:25
=== hadir_bersamamu is now known as cow_sendiri
cameodemonshift+ctrl+v by default07:25
voxhow do i run something like systemtap when there's no bootable ubuntu kernel with debugging support?07:25
oohboobluecake, tried from the menu - system - admin - network?07:25
bluecakeoohboo, yes07:25
inacomaI accidently typed hostname instead of nameserver >.< lol haha... gg go through all this and make stupid mistake like that - anyway guys (nickrud and macogw) thx for your help :)07:25
Karsythnot letting me paste07:25
egoleoplse what causes busybox after installation and how to fix it07:25
V3nd3tt4hi :D I'm Istalling Ubuntu 7.10 server edition :D and after this I want to install fluxbox :D I hope fluxbox is simple to use and configure ^^07:26
cameodemonjust type in alsamixer without pasting07:26
Karsythkarsyth@K4:~$ sudo apt-get install alsamixer07:26
KarsythReading package lists... Done07:26
KarsythBuilding dependency tree07:26
KarsythReading state information... Done07:26
KarsythE: Couldn't find package alsamixer07:26
FloodBot1Karsyth: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:26
bluecakeoohboo, no, i am on ssh. no gui07:26
nickrudsupershort: missed your last few. you should add the nick of the person you're talking to. Try  sudo dpkg-reconfigure  -phigh xserver-xorg , and choose the trident driver07:26
Karsyththats what i was trying to paste07:26
cameodemonhm you might not have the right repositories enabled07:26
oohboobluecake, try in a terminal   lspci   to see if the etho is seen by the system07:26
inacomaYessss! And now i am doing what i was trying to do an hour ago - updating my repositories! ahaha :P :D07:27
cameodemongo to system > admin > synaptic07:27
tarkuscan someone help me with this, i get this error when i start ubuntu? http://tinyurl.com/26o6ze07:27
=== brain_boy is now known as coolboy
jms_Can anyone help me? I'm trying to install 7.1 form 7.04, but I keep getting this error message: "Failed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/feisty-security/main/binary-i386/Packages.bz2 Sub-process bzip2 returned an error code (2)" Can anyone explain?07:27
cameodemonthen click settings > repositories07:27
MenZa!ops | tarkus (troll)07:27
ubotutarkus (troll): Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow or nickrud!07:27
prince_jammystarkus: cute07:27
cameodemonare all the boxes checked07:27
MenZaThank you, nickrud07:27
=== cool is now known as brain_boy
cameodemonif not try checking them all, and then hit search then type alsamixer07:28
smokeydtarkus: thanks for the link. Now I can't get rid of the movie07:28
AxlinHey I was wondering if somebody could shed some light on installing libnotify. i'm trying to install 0.4.4 on ubuntu 7.10, but whenever i do ./configure, it errors out07:28
cameodemonthen install alsa-utils07:28
cameodemonor in the terminal sudo apt-get install alsa-utils07:29
MenZasmokeyd: indeed, killall -9 firefox-bin07:29
oohboojms_, how were you upgrading?07:29
Karsythmark for re-installation?07:29
nickrudcameodemon: Karsyth alsamixer is in alsa-utils07:29
cameodemonshit really? hm.07:29
smokeydMenZa: yeah I know07:29
smokeydthe bastard07:29
MenZasmokeyd: indeed. He's gone now, though. :)07:29
nickrudah, never mind07:29
Karsythyeah, i went through this earlier07:29
jms_oohboo, from the Upgrade Manager07:29
cameodemonis alsamixergui installed?07:30
Karsythnope, ill install it real quick07:30
HorizonXPhey, I have an EPS file that I want to zoom in on. Evince only goes to 400%. Is there a viewer that can go higher? Or is there a way to resize the EPS file? It's vector, so it should be something straightforward....07:31
cow_sendiricewek ada07:31
Karsythnow what07:31
MenZaHorizonXP: *maybe* Adobe's own reader will do that. Let me try.07:31
HorizonXPMenZa: it does not.07:32
cameodemonadobe's own reading is awful on system resources = slower than death07:32
MenZaHorizonXP: Ah.07:32
HorizonXPMenZa: can't even open EPS07:32
MenZaYeah, it is, cameodemon07:32
oohboobluecake, try -  sudo dhclient eth007:32
MenZaHorizonXP: Hmm. Inkscape?07:32
jms_I don't think Inkscape opens EPS07:32
cameodemontheres a really amazing dvi/ps viewer im going to go look for what i have again07:32
HorizonXPMenZa: ugh, that'd be a big install.07:32
MenZajms_: It saves to EPS07:32
nickrudHorizonXP: maybe display , part of imagemagick? (don't have an eps to check with)07:32
Karsythcameodemon: i installed the gui07:33
MenZaNah, 40-50 megs?07:33
MenZaOr maybe display, like nickrud suggests.07:33
cameodemonok now type in alsamixergui in the terminal and tell me what driver it shows?07:33
HorizonXPI'll try display07:33
HorizonXP40 to 50 megs... my campus network restricts what I can download07:33
HorizonXPand I'm already close to the daily limit07:33
cameodemonalso, did you try clicking on the sound icon on the top panel?07:33
cameodemonlike, double clicking07:33
Karsyththey arent muted07:34
cameodemonwhat driver does it say?07:34
MenZaOK, inkscape won't *open* EPS files, HorizonXP07:34
Karsythcard, chip, or bothj07:34
cameodemonis this is alsamixergui?07:34
Karsythi see a GUI of volume controls07:34
cameodemonok so close that07:34
cameodemondouble click the sound icon on the top panel07:35
cameodemongo to File > Change Device in that and look for something07:35
aroonihow can i play back a .ogm video file?07:35
KarsythRealtek ALC861-VD is on the top07:35
cameodemonon a manga fanboy video player?07:35
cameodemonclick Realtek07:35
Karsythall the sliders maxed, nothing muted07:36
cameodemontest the sound?07:36
Karsythstill nothing07:36
Karsythi can also pick a different device, but it also doesnt work07:36
oohbooarooni, vlc will play Ogg Media files07:36
KarsythHDA VIA VT82xx07:37
cameodemonvlc will play anything07:37
* nickrud is waiting for a comprehensive doc on alsa, written for non uber-geeks07:37
MenZanickrud: fat chance. :p07:37
HorizonXPguys, display rasterizes it07:37
cameodemonalsa can get pretty muddy sometimes. hm. most likely you'll need to patch the alsa kernel, which can be tricky07:38
voxhow do i run something like systemtap when there's no bootable ubuntu kernel with debugging support?07:38
MenZaHorizonXP: okular, kpdf?07:38
nickrudheh. ghostview , ggv , xpdf HorizonXP maybe one of those07:38
HorizonXPok, I'll try xpdf...07:38
Karsythso is that something that would take a while to do?07:39
Karsythim a pretty quick learner07:39
cameodemonok so i'll give you a link07:39
HorizonXPxpdf doesn't open eps07:40
yigalcould someone help me use less space with beagle - it's using 8.4GB right now and growing07:40
cameodemonwait also, what are you using to test the sound?07:40
Karsythboth the test in the sound and the system sounds07:41
loma1i am getting error when i ran xen please resolve the error07:41
loma1it is detecting the iso image but it is giving the error as follows " FATAL : could not read the boot disk "07:41
Karsythi test the beep sound07:41
ArthurArchnixYigal, what version of Ubuntu are you using?07:41
cameodemoneh that might be looking for an onboard speaker that you may or may not have attached (i usually dont because im living dangerously)07:41
ganhi i am getting error for installing windows as guest OS by using xen....FATAL:could not read disk07:41
macogwHorizonXP: does evince?07:41
Karsytheven at that, i have multiple programs open that use sound, and i get nothing07:42
Karsythi also get errors when i try to play music07:42
cameodemonso you downloaded those two .sh files right?07:42
macogwyigal: if youre on gutsy, id suggest getting rid of beagle and using tracker.  tracker has a lot of nice options for configuring that07:42
HorizonXPmacogw: yes, but the problem is that it doesn't zoom in enough; so I need something that'll either zoom in more, or something to resize EPS07:42
loma1gan hai07:43
Karsythim not sure if i did that command correctly though07:43
cameodemonare they on the desktop?07:43
cameodemonif so, terminal > cd Desktop/07:43
cameodemonchmod +x alsa_1.sh07:43
cameodemonthen, chmod +x alsa_2.sh07:44
Karsythdone and done07:44
cameodemonthen, ./alsa_1.sh and then run ./alsa_2.sh07:44
cameodemonlet me know of any errors07:44
Karsythpermissions denied07:45
Karsythi dont think the chmod worked07:45
macogwyigal: tracker is beagle's replacement. as far as i've noticed, there's no beagle on hardy07:45
Karsythit just went to the next line when i entered it07:45
macogwKarsyth: ls -l07:45
cameodemonsudo chmod +x alsa_1.sh then07:45
macogwKarsyth: if there are x's in the left part, it worked. if not, it failed.07:45
cameodemonyeah thats also a good idea to make sure theyre in that directory07:45
ganxen is not working in my system..07:45
what_ifI need to install the package telnet, but not have apt add it to inetd.conf. Can apt do this ??07:45
cameodemonls -l should list all the files in the directory07:46
cameodemoni hand this task off to someone else, its near 3am and i have a film class in six hours peace07:46
cameodemonsorry i cant stay longer, im just about to pass out07:46
Karsythits not showing up in the list07:46
oohboo!telnet | what_if07:47
ubotuwhat_if: telnet is not safe. Please use ssh instead. See !ssh07:47
Karsythbut it is on my desktop07:47
sn00zerwhat_if, telnet is extremely insecure, i recommend using ssh unless you have to use telnet07:47
macogwKarsyth: i know nothing about audio, but this i can figure anyway...07:47
macogwKarsyth: pwd07:47
macogwKarsyth: what's that say?07:47
macogwKarsyth: and the files are on your desktop?07:47
macogwKarsyth: cd Desktop07:47
what_ifsn00zer: have to use telnet, can't run encryption. :)07:47
macogwKarsyth: then try the chmod07:48
erealzhey I just installed phpbb how can I start it up for the first time I installed via apt-get.07:48
oohboo!ssh | what_if07:48
ubotuwhat_if: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto for usage. Putty is a nice SSH client for Windows; it can be found at http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/07:48
nickrudwhat_if: you'd simply edit inet.conf after the isnstall07:48
Karsythstill nothing07:48
Karsythit doesnt seem like its running the command07:48
Karsythit just goes to a new line07:48
macogwKarsyth: thats all it should do when its done07:48
Karsythalright, then i guess its working07:48
macogwKarsyth: but you're in /home/karsyth/Desktop now, right?07:49
what_ifnickrud: ok, that I'll do :)07:49
macogwKarsyth: and if you type "ls -l" you see the files listed with their permissions on the left?07:49
Karsythkarsyth@K4:~$ sudo apt-get install alsamixer07:49
KarsythReading package lists... Done07:49
KarsythBuilding dependency tree07:49
KarsythReading state information... Done07:49
KarsythE: Couldn't find package alsamixer07:49
FloodBot1Karsyth: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:49
macogwKarsyth: stop07:49
=== BaD_CrC_ is now known as BaD_CrC
nickruderealz: it's probably already set up, but what you should do next is probably in /usr/share/doc/phpbb07:49
what_ifoohboo: sry. Can't use ssh for this system.07:49
Karsythmy bad, i pasted the wrong thing07:49
oohbook what_if07:49
loma1it is detecting the iso image but it is giving the error as follows " FATAL : could not read the boot disk "07:49
Karsyththats where i am on the terminal07:49
macogwKarsyth: and if you type "ls -l" do the two files show up?07:50
loma1xen is detecting the iso image but it is giving the error as follows " FATAL : could not read the boot disk "07:50
nickrudKarsyth: alsamixer is in the alsa-utils package07:50
macogw!patience | loma107:50
ubotuloma1: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines07:50
nickrudKarsyth: ah, that's a really old paste, nnm07:50
oohbooloma1, it might be a bad burn07:50
nickrudgr1ff1n: welcome07:51
macogwKarsyth: and are there x's in the first part of their lines?07:51
Karsythyes, on both07:51
macogwKarsyth: then chmod worked fine07:51
Karsythalright, so run the scripts now?07:51
macogwKarsyth: now you need t run them07:51
macogwKarsyth: yeah07:51
Karsythand i can just double click them to do that correct?07:52
gr1ff1ncan someone help me to figure out why I can t install awn, it keeps telling me " configure: error: Package requirements (pygtk-2.0 >= 2.8.0) were not met" but I have installed all the necessary packages07:52
macogwKarsyth: eehh they might want input07:52
laughingmanI have a question regarding USB wireless devices and Ubuntu gusty..07:52
macogwKarsyth: better off doing ./alsa_...whatever07:52
macogwKarsyth: so you can watch it in the terminal07:52
laughingmanIf anyone would be so kind as to help me, or attempt to, i would appreciate it greatly.07:52
loma1oohboo, i dont know whether my query was read out by others ror not , thats why i am passing it again & again07:52
nickrudgr1ff1n: you need a development header package, it will end in -dev . Have you installed one yet?07:52
macogwloma1: we can read, we just dont know the answer07:52
nickrudgr1ff1n: probably python-gtk2-dev07:53
oohbooloma1, if someone knows an answern they will share :)07:53
gr1ff1nnickrud, I have installed it python-gtk-dev if its what you are talking about but still the same07:53
sleepsteranyone know of some awesome system monitoring software?07:54
nickrudgr1ff1n: strange, that's from the pygtk source package, and 2.1207:54
macogwsleepster: pandora, zenoss, nagios...take your pick07:54
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about awn - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:54
gr1ff1nyep I know07:54
Karsythit went through a whole downloading process, but along the way i still got permission errors07:54
gr1ff1nI don t understand what is going on07:55
Karsythcould not this... could not that07:55
macogwsleepster: though idk if you mean just one box or what...but those are the things youd use to be notified when a server's having issues07:55
salatyelalguien español?07:55
MenZa!es | salatyel07:55
ubotusalatyel: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.07:55
salatyelcuales canales?07:55
macogwsalatyel: un poquito07:55
salatyeldonde estoy?07:55
MenZasalatyel: entre #ubuntu-es, por favor :)07:55
sleepstermacogw: what is the best?  I've heard of nagios.  I need it to be pretty industrial strength07:55
macogwsleepster: pandora is "pretty"07:56
salatyelno entiendo nada de esto07:56
salatyeles chat?07:56
nickrudgr1ff1n: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=2307772 has a list of packages for compiling awn07:56
macogwsleepster: other than that, ive never seen a comparison07:56
MenZasalatyel: por favor, /j #ubuntu-es07:56
loma1macogw, ok07:56
macogwsleepster: what i saw at a zenoss presentation seemed impressive to me...07:56
loma1oohboo, ok07:56
salatyeluna pregunta al ke sepa como el windows confucion istalar el ares?07:56
oohboosalatyel, /j #ubuntu-es07:56
nickrudor #ubuntu-pt or br07:57
gr1ff1nnickrud: thanks for that but I tried it, and still the same :-(07:57
=== magnetron_ is now known as magnetron
macogwsalatyel: nosotros no hablamos banstantes espanol07:57
l815how do i install a elf file?07:57
prince_jammyssalatyel: es el canal de ayuda de ubuntu. si tienes problemas con windows, teclea /join #windows07:57
Karsythmacogw: im getting alot of permission errors still07:57
macogwKarsyth: try running it with sudo07:57
Oi2LifeI ran "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" to try and reconfigure X and it gave me the error message that "xserver-org is not installed" now after I've run it once already07:57
gr1ff1nnickrud: when I run autogen.sh, I get the error and I can t go further07:57
Karsythso the same command except with sudo in front of it?07:57
J-_How can I see what my laptop mac address is? my router isn't picking it up. It did before, but it isn't now.07:57
macogwOi2Life: did you spell it right?07:58
macogwOi2Life: the error message shows it spelled wrong07:58
macogwKarsyth: yep07:58
macogwJ-_: ifconfig07:58
Karsythmacogw: still got the same permission errors07:58
macogwJ-_: itll show the mac address for all your interfaces07:59
Oi2LifeI might've typo07:59
macogwKarsyth: what did you run?07:59
Oi2LifeTypo'd when I typed it back07:59
Oi2LifeLet me double check07:59
J-_macogw: ah okay, cool. thanks07:59
Karsythkarsyth@K4:~/Desktop$ sudo ./alsa_1.sh07:59
macogwJ-_: well itll show all the info for all your interfaces....which one's the mac should be obvious enough07:59
nickrudgr1ff1n: I haven't compiled awn, and have no intention ;) I like packages, and have only compiled libgpod since I have a new nano07:59
macogwKarsyth: that looks right... maybe do "sudo -s" first and then just "./alsa_1.sh"08:00
Oi2Lifeokay I works now, heh. I did mistype it08:00
Oi2LifeSorry for that08:00
macogwKarsyth: the script might be assuming you're running as actual root08:00
jamil_11020429i have added medibuntu repo : of no use though08:00
Karsythit does mention something like that08:00
Oi2LifeBut now I hope I can get it to work this time08:00
l815how do i install an elf file?08:00
Oi2LifeIs the correct command to run x from console "startx"?08:00
macogwOi2Life: not sure how well itd work.  sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start08:01
macogwOi2Life: that would start up the login screen and everything08:01
erealzok im stuck how can I get apache to point to phpbb witchi just installed via apt-get?08:01
macogwOi2Life: ive used startx to start fluxbox when i didnt have a login manager installed...dont know what happens if you try startx and have gnome and all installed08:01
Karsythhow can i show you what it said without spamming the channel?08:01
DevanKarsyth: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org08:02
Oi2Lifeyeah I'm using gnome08:02
Oi2LifeAs a matter of fact08:02
gr1ff1nnickrud: thanks anyway, is your new nano working fine with libgpod ??? cos everytime the music disapear for me its crap08:02
macogwOi2Life: ok then just start up gdm08:02
Oi2LifeWould you recommend using "Auto detect hardware" for xserver-xorg?08:02
macogwOi2Life: thats gnome display manager08:02
macogwgr1ff1n: is it a fall 2007 model?08:03
macogwgr1ff1n: one of the ones apple messed with to lock out everything that's not iTunes?08:03
aninhumerHello, is there a way to get disc burning programs to use the targets of symbolic links, rather than the link?08:03
Oi2Lifeyeah gdm did a core dump lol08:03
macogwOi2Life: ooo not fun. i guess you could try startx...08:03
Oi2Lifewithout the sudo though08:04
macogwOi2Life: oh you have to sudo it08:04
gr1ff1nmacogw: 8gb black nano08:04
Karsythmacogw: in the beginning it said there were permission errors but its been running TONS of scripts for a few minutes now08:04
Oi2Lifehmm screen's flashing08:04
gr1ff1ndon t know the year08:04
macogwgr1ff1n: er...i know nothing about apple....is that one of the new ones?08:04
Oi2Lifehehe I think I almost got it coevered08:04
hydoskee__I think I may have broken my mysql install, and when I try to autoremove, it says that it can't start the server, and thus can't autoremove it - any ideas?08:05
macogwgr1ff1n: ok then yeah thatd be apple trying to get vendor lock-in08:05
macogwgr1ff1n: http://lilserenity.wordpress.com/2007/12/22/virgin-mobile-praise-ubuntu-and-ipod-nano-3g/08:05
icesworddpkg -l08:05
Karsythmacogw: it ran so many commands that it started a fresh screen in terminal08:05
macogwgr1ff1n: that site has packages you can install to update libgpod and get around apple being full of jerks08:05
macogwKarsyth:  ok...08:06
gr1ff1nmacogw: thanks a lot for that I ll try it right now08:06
macogwKarsyth: then i guess it's working08:06
Karsythnow reboot your machine, and run alsa_208:06
Karsythmaybe it thinks i dont have permissions but it did it anyways?08:06
macogwKarsyth: did you sudo -s first?08:06
BuSeferin which virtual machine for windows does ubuntu run best?08:07
macogwKarsyth: thatd make it a root shell08:07
Karsythmacogw: i think so08:07
Karsythno i didnt, should i redo it like that?08:07
macogwBuSefer: from what i read, virtualbox is the fastest vm for graphics08:07
macogwKarsyth: well if it worked i guess not08:08
iceswordBuSefer, vmware workstation08:08
BuSefermacogw: what do you mean "for graphics"?08:08
aninhumerHmm, if that isn't possible, is there an easy way to swap round a symlink and its target file?08:08
Karsythmacocgw: like i said, in the beginning it said there were permission errors but it went through anyways08:08
macogwBuSefer: most graphically responsive...like redrawing the screen, it won the benchmarks, so 3D stuff would work well in there as compared to vmware or qemu08:08
Oi2Lifewhen would you use the -i param with sudo?08:08
Karsythmacogw: oh, that did it, its running without errors now08:09
macogwOi2Life: if you wanted it to be like su -08:09
macogwOi2Life: it switches to root's environment08:09
BuSefermacogw: what about 2D? I mean usual usage without 3D, I am not going to run games, but I want responsive interface08:09
macogwOi2Life:  i think its annoying because wherever i've cd'd gets undone and my vimrc and bashrc are gone...but since there are some apps which require root's env. to run because they are in /sbin...08:10
macogwBuSefer: i dont know exactly.  the benchmarks were done with drawing squares and circles and things08:10
macogwBuSefer: so i guess 2D was fastest too08:10
macogwBuSefer: qemu's still faster for computational things08:10
Oi2Lifeit says *Stating Gnose Display Manager.. then quits08:11
BuSeferok. thank you. will use virtubox08:11
Oi2Lifefor thhmmm08:11
BuSefercomputational things? qemu?08:11
Oi2Lifeit says gmd's running now08:11
Oi2Lifehmm now it says man comment not found heh08:12
Oi2LifeFucked up08:12
macogw!language | Oi2Life08:12
ubotuOi2Life: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.08:12
Karsythmacogw: it wants me to reboot, brb08:14
flowOverswayze is dieing ?!08:14
flowOvermy world just fell apart08:14
Li-Plusdo i have to get AMD64 for a duel core 64bit amd?08:15
trousersWhat's the easiest way to have a /home directory restore itself?08:15
flowOverLi-Plus: no.  i recommend installing the regular version08:15
trousersTo the current state.08:15
xwinhow can I get rid of the annoying 'nm-applet' keyring password prompt?08:16
Keith___hey whats up gimme a few brb08:16
aninhumerIs there a way to swap around a symlink and its target easily?08:17
gr1ff1nmacogw: I don't know if you still here, but many thanks to you for that, it s working awesome08:17
Karsythmacogw: i already hear sound and i havent even finished installing the second package!08:17
cew27can anyone tell me what oph crack is and what its usefull for08:17
Karsythmacogw: only problem is now im in 800 X 600 and i cant set it higher, one step at a time though08:17
aninhumerI could probably work out how to do it with a script, but I just wondered if there was already something to do it08:17
ArthurArchnixaninhumer: What do you mean, swap around?08:19
ArmedKingHey all, I'm experiencing Poor drawing of 2d apps and a verry high cpu load when scaling and moving windows. I use a Fresh installed Ubuntu 7.10, With Restricted Nvidia Drivers.08:19
Karsythmacogw: how do i set where im running commands from, and whats the command to run from root again?08:19
aninhumerArthurArchnix, so that where the symlink was there is the target file, and at the old target, there is a symlink to it08:19
ArthurArchnixaninhumer: Oh... you mean like reverse the direction in which the link points?08:20
ArthurArchnixaninhumer: Yikes. No..08:20
aninhumerArthurArchnix, I'm not trying to do it with any important files :P08:21
Karsythcan anyone refresh me on how to relocate where im running commands from?08:21
aninhumeroh nvm g2g08:22
nickthorleyhi all - does ubuntu have frequent updates - I am only asking as I downloaded the 7.10 media a while ago and built a laptop at the weekend but the number of updates that downloaded were very small - I used to use fedora and I would have had probably 100 updates - I understand not many packages were on at the start but still didnt seem many08:22
prince_jammysKarsyth: cd changes directory08:23
shockorder -
Parsec300nickthorley: yes, there are updates very frequently.08:23
Parsec300nickthorley: on a new install I get over 100 updates so far.08:23
ArthurArchnixI downloaded a xubuntu cd the other day and there were like 200MB of updates :P08:23
cirilois there a software that will open Publisher 2007 files?08:24
ArthurArchnixPublisher. :P08:24