stondi am a kubuntu user right now thinking about switching to xubuntu is xubuntu a nice desktop and should I switch00:16
Wisteelayes, at least until the KDE4 version of kubuntu is final00:16
stondI am in the middle of a torrent download using ktorrent if i use the synaptic package manager to install the xubuntu will i lose my download and have to start over00:19
Wisteelashouldn't have thought so. though you could always just install xfce from synaptic and try it out that way.00:20
stondI have no need for office software the reason I am switching is because I heard it was faster pluse I heard you can install Windows XP on a virtual HDD00:23
zoredachestond: installing xp in a virtual machine is not unique to xubuntu... you can do that on almost all distrobutions00:24
stondyes but I heard it was easier with xubuntu desktop00:25
zoredachestond: I doubt there is any difference between kubuntu and xubuntu00:26
zoredachethe exact same tools are used in both locations00:26
stondI still think I am going to switch because I am tried of the kubuntu look and I could always go back to kubuntu when KDE 4 release the final and stable version00:28
zoredachexfce is good... I like it, it is worth at least trying.00:29
Wisteelastond, you really might as well just grab xfce from synaptic rather than completely reinstalling00:30
stondwhat is xcfe for00:36
zoredachexfce is the name of the windows manager that is used on xubuntu00:36
zoredachelike kde, and gnome are windows managers00:36
stondoic then i will definetly install it00:37
stondu see i started out using ubuntu on my PS3 then I installed the kubuntu dsktop but I want to try something new00:38
stondis xubuntu good with managing media like video and music00:40
zoredachexfce doesn't do anything with music/videos... The media player you use would need to do that00:41
stonddoes xubuntu come with media software and is it worth a damn00:44
zoredacheyou can use the same media players on xubuntu that you use on ubuntu, and kubuntu00:44
zoredacheI don't remeber what the default is00:44
stondoic thats good00:45
zoredachethere are tons of players in the repository00:45
stondso is it easy to install windows xp on a virtual machine00:45
zoredacheI wouldn't say it is easy, but I wouldn't say it is hard... it depends on what you know and what tools you choose to use00:48
stondwell I am going to try it tonight or tomorrow00:49
stondwell nice talking but i have to go00:50
jatzhey, I'm not on Xubuntu but my problem is with the xubuntu-desktop package01:54
jatzi installed it, tried xfce01:54
jatzbut in xfce every window's titlebar has "o" as the title.01:54
jatzI'd really like to get this fixed cause I'm liking xfce01:55
zoredachejatz: is the 'o' the centered or to the left side?02:29
jatzyeah, it was on the left02:42
jatzI realized I'm silly now02:42
cottimahello, how do I setup softraid on the live installer?03:27
zoredacheI don't think you can...03:30
zoredachebut I am not certain... I know it is easy to do from the alternate-cd03:31
TheSheephi holo12:45
holowhy the little button on the keyboard "Print screen" don't work in xubuntu?12:47
TheSheepholo: it doesn't work because xubuntu doesn't come with a screenshot program that could be bound to this key by default. you can install and bind it yourself if you need it.12:50
TheSheepholo: note also, that you ca easily make a screenshot with gimp or the screenshoter panel plugin12:50
aandersehmm... they should really put scrot into xubuntu by default and bind it to printscreen....12:50
holoTheSheep, but that would assume that window is open and covering the window i want to screenshot12:51
TheSheepaanderse: file a bug :)12:51
quantumsoullhi how can i just install xubuntu instead of lading the livecd session?12:51
TheSheepholo: try it, they hae solved this problem12:51
holoaanderse, they are assuming you don't use windows in linux, so why print screen just console static?12:51
TheSheepquantumsoull: click on the 'install' icon on the desktop of the livecd, or use the alternate cd with a text installer12:52
holoTheSheep, cool, trying12:52
TheSheepholo: you just set a delay12:52
holoheh.. that looks like the old cameras12:53
quantumsoullTheSheep i cant boot thew livecd session12:53
quantumsoulli dont have enoug ram12:53
aandersexubuntu alternate cd12:53
holothey put that thing with the leveler moving and run to the picture making a big fat smile just in time for photo12:53
quantumsoullaanderse what alternate cd does? its an installer without grapic interface? or without the livesession?12:54
aandersequantumsoull: yes, exactly12:55
TheSheepholo: serek!12:55
quantumsoullaanderse ok i think thats the one i need then, but would it ber harder to install?12:55
aanderseit uses the debian based "old school" installer which doesn't use X at all12:55
quantumsoullaanderse so i have to install with commands OO?12:55
aandersequantumsoull: no, it functions pretty much the exact same using an ncurses display12:56
quantumsoullaanderse i have debian already installed, the installation would be pretty much the same as debian u say?12:56
TheSheepas the old debian12:57
TheSheepwith text-mode installer12:57
aandersequantumsoull: ubuntu and debian are fairly similar in some respects... but the xubuntu-alternate installer is very easy to use, pretty much as easy as the graphical one12:57
quantumsoulloh ok, i just wanted to know if with the alternate cd i had to use terminal commands and stuff :)12:58
aanderseno, you will not12:58
aandersei just found this by searching for screenshots of the debian installer: http://freduardo.wordpress.com/2007/05/27/howto-installing-debian/12:58
aanderseit looks much like that; as you can see the functionality is pretty much the exact same as ubuntu with a graphical installer- very easy to use12:59
quantumsoulltoh nice thats what i wanted to know, yes seems pretty easy13:00
quantumsoulli think thats hoiw i installed debian, so shouldn be much problem13:00
quantumsoullif anyone can do it, i surely can too13:01
aandersedefinately, i'm sure you'll do fine :)13:01
quantumsoulloh i booted the livecd on my laptop, trying it right now :)  i wouldnt change xfce for nothing in the world :D13:05
aandersei would add an optional module for thunar to use gvfs :D13:05
quantumsoullaanderse its a package or a module?13:06
aanderseit doesn't exist; i want it to exist :p13:06
quantumsoulloh lol hehe13:07
quantumsoulli thought u were recomending it to me :)13:07
aandersei wish it existed :)13:09
* aanderse searches google13:09
aandersenope, doesn't exist yet13:10
quantumsoullu should build it ;)13:11
aandersenever looked at the source of either thunar or gvfs... heh13:11
TheSheepaanderse: I think that thunar is getting through quite a refactoring for 4.613:13
larjiamy Xubuntu started very slowly.is that normal?13:13
aanderselarjia: how slow are we talking?13:13
quantumsoullhow slow?13:13
aanderseTheSheep: 4.6 seems like it's going to be pretty amazing... whenever it actually comes out ;-p13:14
larjiaI think not less than 2 minutes, it seems dead13:14
larjiathere's no any kind of text on the screen, just black. but later it's OK13:14
aandersedid a google search bring any relevant results?13:15
quantumsoulllarjia did u installed or ur runnig livecd?13:15
larjiaHi, I installed with the livecd13:16
quantumsoulloh ok, how many times have u started xubuntu? or u notice slow startup everytime or was it jus the firs time?13:17
larjiaquantumsoul thanks, each time when i started it's the same situation13:18
larjiai have to wait, say 2 minutes for the logging screen shows up13:18
larjiaone thing i feel strange is that if i start with "recovery mode", there's text information shown on the screen. but if i start normally with the 'generic' option, there's nothing on the screen before the login welcome shows up13:20
quantumsoulllarjia it could be a lot of factors... have u ever installed before any other linux distro? did that distro ran good? and if uhavent could u tell me wich videocard u use13:20
larjiaI installed Redhat linux before. But this time I installed Xubuntu first time on my laptop. My video card, i think is Readon 750013:21
larjiamaybe because it's an old videocad? :-)13:21
larjiaquantumsoull do u think it has something with the swap partition? I don't know if I have swap partition on my hard disk13:23
quantumsoulllarjia almost all videocards are supported in most limux distros13:24
larjiaok it's good to know :-)13:25
quantumsoulllarjia when u install xubuntu if u didnt seleted any partition to put the swap it doesnt matter, u can create it now, but i dont think thats the problem, how much ram ur computer have?13:25
quantumsoullto see if swap would affect in anything at startup13:26
larjia256 Mb ram13:26
quantumsoullmmm well i think that should be enough to start xubuntu smnoothly, but i u have aby doubts u can look for topics on ubuntu or debian wikis about problems with ati videocards13:28
larjiaok thanks i will13:28
larjiaby the way do u know Xubuntu support S3 video cards? I can't find some related information about that13:30
quantumsoulllarjia sounds to me like its X doing something wrong, i mean, using an alternate module to manage ur graphics card13:30
quantumsoulllarjia yes it does, i have an olde desktop computer with an S3 video card and i installed ubuntu ther and it works13:31
larjiaok thanks13:31
quantumsoullif ubuntu works, xubuntu will do it awell13:31
larjiai don't know how to use an alternate module for the moment :-)13:32
larjiabut i will search for info first13:32
larjiai believe the problem is from X13:32
quantumsoulllarjia u dont load the module by urself :), although u can, if its an driver problem, once u install the correct one, it should be configured on X automaticly13:33
larjiaoh yes is there really anything different between livecd and alternate one? I used a livecd13:34
quantumsoulllarjia i havent used the alternate cd, but i dont think it should matter, alternate cd its just to not use the graphic interface installer of ubuntu13:37
quantumsoullbut will install exactly the same system files13:37
larjiai believe so as well :-)13:38
quantumsoull;) hope u can get ur problem fixed :), u should try asking in #ubuntu aswell, there more ppl there13:39
larjianow i guess maybe my cd is bad (I burned it myself) actually I installed Xubuntu twcie, but the two installation is not exactly the same. e.x. the second time i installed xubuntu, the SCIM input method is automatically activated13:39
larjiathanks quantumsoull13:40
quantumsoulllarjia one u download the iso, u can open it with winrar or another program that can open iso files, if dont give u any error then the image is fine, and also if u downloaded it from torrent, it should be fine aswell, also the cd have an option to check the files in it and see if its all good13:41
quantumsoullu should check that option to scan the cd if u want13:41
larjiaok I'll try13:42
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larjiai want to install anjuta on my xubuntu. But i found there's no compiling components (like g++, glib, etc) installed on my xubunt.15:57
TheSheepinstall the build-essential package15:58
larjiadoes the build-essential package include glib?15:58
TheSheepnot sure, you can always install it separately15:59
TheSheepmake sure to install the -dev packages for the libraries you want to use15:59
larjiado we have any shortcut key to activate the console directly?16:01
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demorez213good morning everyone17:06
demorez213has anyone had trouble loading madwifi drivers with the rt kernel (2.6.22-14-rt)?17:07
demorez213i can't seem to get it to work at all and I'm nearly linux incapable17:08
demorez213heya eagle-10117:12
demorez213(as an awesome aside I didn't know that scifi in the morning shows like 8 hours of x-files)17:15
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bloody`hey guys. im running xubuntu, newest version, and it randomly freezes on me, to the point i need to hard reboot my laptop :(. does it both in xubuntu and regular ubuntu, seperate installs.18:59
zoredacheif you use the hotkey 'ctrl-alt-f1' can you get to a console?19:00
bloody`cannot alt ctrl bksp or anything19:00
zoredachewell anyway, something is obviously broke, and if it is truly locked you probably won't have any logs19:00
RandomDestructnmagic sysreq work?19:01
zoredachethat probably means you need to preform simple testing19:01
bloody`i dont know how to check my logs19:01
zoredachetry running without audio19:01
zoredachetry running with just vesa video19:01
RandomDestructnif so that's a safer way to bring it down than just powering off19:01
zoredachetry testing your hardware with memtest86, and so on19:01
bloody`what log could i check?19:01
zoredachebloody`: if it is locked up there probably is NO logs19:02
bloody`there could be? or no?19:02
* RandomDestructn wanders away19:02
zoredachebut feel free to look in /var/log/syslog, and /var/log/kern.log19:02
ellonhey guys, do you know it takes a long time for Xubuntu to shutdown?22:24
ellonI have been wondering... the screen goes to blank and it takes 20~30 seconds to come to the shutdown slash22:25
TheSheepellon: that's long22:29
TheSheepellon: nothing enlightening in logs?22:29
ellonhow can I check the logs?22:29
TheSheepellon: they are in /var/log22:30
TheSheeparoo: the ones from the previous boot have .1 appended at the end22:30
ellonbut it only happens if I shutdown in XFCE; if I go back to GDM before I shutdown, it will only take one second22:30
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