donspauldinganyone at the keyboard in here?04:16
donspauldingguess not atm, later!04:21
jameyCan anyone recommend a good supplier for complete thin clients systems in the UK?08:45
RichEdjamey: pop into #lstp and ask sbalneav when he surfaces in around 5 hours (US time)08:49
RichEdor jammcq08:50
jameyRichEd: thanks a lot08:50
RichEdtheir life & careers are based on LTSP and edubuntu uses the core LTSP08:50
jameygreat, they will surely know then08:51
RichEdjammcq is in fact a dealer / supplier ... us based ... but could surely recommend a local fit for you08:53
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prampatancan you help me to install my laptop wide screen 1280x800 mode10:20
DiskdocAnyone around? I'm trying to debug a problem with my Edubuntu-terminals12:21
DiskdocUSB sticks not mounting.. I followed this guide: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebugLocalDev12:22
ogra_cmpcwhats the prob?12:22
ogra_cmpcgutsy ?12:22
DiskdocYes, Gutsy. ..and arrived at the last step (4). Running the ssh-command in a console on a terminal (set up by means of the lts.conf on the server) I got errors of "permissions denied"12:23
ogra_cmpcDiskdoc, edit /usr/bin/ltspfsmounter on the server, remove the line that sets DISPLAY12:23
ogra_cmpcits a known bug12:23
DiskdocI tried ltsp-update-sshkeys but that didn't help..12:23
DiskdocThanks! I'll try12:23
DiskdocHmm..seems that file doesn't exist on the server!12:26
ogra_cmpclook in sbin, i might have the path wrong12:26
DiskdocFound it.. I should have used locate instead of asking you :) Tireeedd.. Afternoon here in Finland and I'm just off (official) work for a weekend of more work organizing a youth-event12:28
DiskdocAlright..rebooting to test12:29
DiskdocHmm..still won't mount my USB-stick. I'll check the SSH-step again12:32
DiskdocNo..Step 4 of the guide is still giving me Permission denied-errors12:35
DiskdocI didn't remove "env['DISPLAY'] = 'localhost:10.0'" though..just put a # in front12:36
ogra_cmpcfroget about the console :)12:38
ogra_cmpcjust log in and plug in a key12:38
ogra_cmpcit should work12:38
DiskdocThat's what I did.. <:'-o12:39
ogra_cmpcdid you tweak your lts.conf in any way ?12:40
ogra_cmpc(beyond giving you a console)12:42
DiskdocNo really.. I have  SCREEN_02 = "shell" and  SCREEN_07 = "startx" for this terminal12:42
DiskdocI'll run off and check using another, just in case12:43
ogra_cmpcDiskdoc, drop startx12:50
ogra_cmpcXDMCP doesnt support local devices12:51
ogra_cmpc(use ldm instead)12:51
ogra_cmpcso: SCREEN_02 = "shell" and  SCREEN_07 = "ldm"12:51
ogra_cmpcthen try again12:51
DiskdocOops..I knew that, I just forgot! :-P12:54
DiskdocTried plugging my USB-stick into a terminal upstairs in our lab.. It worked! However, right-clicking on the device icons on the deskop there were no option to unmount/eject in the menus12:55
ogra_cmpcno need for that12:55
ogra_cmpcjust yank it out12:55
ogra_cmpcltspfs only acually mounts the device during read or write operations, the resto of the time its unmounted transparetly12:56
DiskdocOh! Interesting12:56
ogra_cmpcso just dont pull it out if you see a progressbar :)12:56
ogra_cmpcthe rest of the time its safe12:56
DiskdocWell, then everything's just peachy :) Thanks for the help12:56
ogra_cmpc(it un mounts two seconds after the last read or write operation)12:56
DiskdocNext project before I get a break is to get openSUSE running on the laptop we use for the projector.. I've put a lot of time trying to get the Broadcom wireless device working in Ubuntu.. I've done it before on other laptops using both bcm43xx and ndiswrapper but for some reason this doesn't want to..12:59
ogra_cmpcdi you try with the retricted-manager gui tool ?13:01
ogra_cmpci'm using bcm43xx since some releases with no probs13:05
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LaserJockogra_cmpc: I'm going to try to do a dfsg repack of squeak's .orig.tar.gz19:22
Kggkhttp://exiousos.com/EDU.html web-based Edubuntu :P23:50

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