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NickPrestacuznt, ?00:03
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NickPresta!away > Corty00:04
Cortyah, ok.00:05
Wolven_UKumm.1 more question..are KDE's settings stored on the /home partition or root? if its stored in /home i'll just reinstall my system..i just dont wanna loose all my settings again..00:06
NickPrestaWolven_UK, a lot of settings and such are stored in ~/.kde/. You may consider backing up that whole folder.00:06
cuzntdidnt you make it so it would auto convert his text to english?00:06
NickPrestacuznt, nope. He apparently knew enough English to say he was from China and how to say goodbye.00:07
Wolven_UKhmm...thanks for the advice everyone i'll see about that in the morning..00:08
TannHow would i go about setting up a soundcard in alsa? I installed an update and alsa stopped recognizing my card00:08
cuzntthat is where i am at00:09
cuzntexcept it never did yet00:09
cuznti dont think there are any really listed00:12
TannHow would i go about setting up a soundcard in alsa? I installed an update and my card no longer works00:12
NickPrestadeuryte, no need for caps. You can join #ubuntu-ops and speak to an op there00:12
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about chathelp - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:13
Dr_willis_the ops are undercover. :)00:15
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NickPrestaDr_willis_, ninjas, really ;)00:16
TannWhat exactally does it mean when Kmix says "Mixer Cannot be found"?00:16
bubbawhat u all use to play embedded videos on firefox?? mplayerplug-in not working well00:17
Dr_willis_I tend to use the totem plugin for firefox.00:17
NickPrestabubba, I use the mplayer plugin. It works rather well. What site are you having trouble with?00:17
bubbai've just download totem but not seeing the plugin00:18
bubbamost of all presta00:18
NickPrestabubba, hmm. strange. I rarely have problems. You could try the 'kaffeine-mozilla' plugin00:19
Daisuke_Idothere's also a vlc plugin00:20
Daisuke_Idowhich, being vlc, should be slightly better.00:20
bubbait plays embedded videos?00:20
Daisuke_Idoby better i mean "better able to handle most codecs due to it being vlc"00:21
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cuzntTann https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToConfigureSoundBlasterAudigySEinBreezy00:24
szakulecTann- no mixer found means kmix can't find any sound devices00:25
Tannszakulec: how would i setup a device?00:25
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szakulecI'm not sure how you normally setup a sound card- in the past I had to compile my alsa drivers from source, which you didn't00:28
ubotuThe packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories00:28
szakuleccan you type lsmod in a terminal and put the output on one of the pastebin sites?00:29
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stondI have a problem with trying to change the Icon of my USB device (AKA my PSP) when I right click and go to propreties and I choose other and I browse to my folder with the png file I want to use but the Icon doesnt change how can I fix this00:35
hrhansenis the newest nvidia driver (169.12) available as a proper .deb for kubuntu somewhere?00:35
stondI have a problem with trying to change the Icon of my USB device (AKA my PSP) when I right click and go to propreties and I choose other and I browse to my folder with the png file I want to use but the Icon doesnt change how can I fix this00:36
cuznt Building alsa-source, step 1, please wait. right now i am doing it00:38
Tannszakulec: http://pastebin.com/d7ec8e92300:38
stondI have a problem with trying to change the Icon of my USB device (AKA my PSP) when I right click and go to propreties and I choose other and I browse to my folder with the png file I want to use but the Icon doesnt change how can I fix this00:39
user5Il file delle voci del desktop00:39
user5ha una voce di menu non valida00:39
user5somebady can you help me ? thank you00:40
GrayFoxsomeone online?00:40
GrayFoxneed help compiling my kernel00:40
stondI have a problem with trying to change the Icon of my USB device (AKA my PSP) when I right click and go to propreties and I choose other and I browse to my folder with the png file I want to use but the Icon doesnt change how can I fix this00:41
user5stond: do you must be root for modify icon00:44
user5must use command sudo00:44
Dr_willis_I noticed under gnome, you can set the icon, and mountpoint and other things for removeable media..   Not quite as easy under kde. :(00:45
ubotuThe core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - For more: /msg ubotu stages00:46
GrayFoxplease have a look at it00:46
Dr_willis_You could summarize the problem. I havent compiled a kernel in years.00:47
GrayFoxsummary: i am getting a weird error message and i do not know how to handle it00:48
stondcan someone tell me what to tpe in the terminal to modify icons such as the one for my PSP it is a ipod and I want to change it00:49
stondcan someone tell me what to type in the terminal to modify icons such as the one for my PSP it is a ipod and I want to change it00:49
stondcan someone tell me what to type in the terminal to modify icons such as the one for my PSP it is a ipod and I want to change it00:51
Jucato!patience | stond00:52
ubotustond: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines00:52
Tannstond: in the terminal type "sudo konqueror" then in konquer go to "/media" and then change the icon (right click > properties)00:52
stondok thank you I will try and see if that works00:53
GrayFoxoh man... this is sad00:53
TannGrayFox: ?00:53
GrayFoxstond posts his problem 4 times and gets his answer00:53
GrayFoxand i try not to spam and i am ignored -_-00:54
stdinif no one knows, no one answers00:54
GrayFoxthat sounds logical :D00:54
coreymon77stond: ya, that doesnt need to be done cmdline00:55
stondI promises i will be more pataint in the future00:55
szakulectann: if you're still there, sorry about taking so long- you apparently have no sound drivers loaded00:55
Jucatonot everyone knows how to compile kernels :)00:55
szakulechow do I get that red colored text?00:55
GrayFoxähm, do you mean in irc?00:55
stondcoerymon77] then how do i do it00:56
GrayFoxif someone writes your nick, you'll get it00:56
hackerkubuntu password?00:56
GrayFoxszakulec: you see?00:56
szakulecGrayFox: thanks00:56
hackerkubuntu-cn password?00:56
GrayFoxhacker: try writing whole sentences00:57
GrayFoxhacker: try writing whole sentences00:57
Jucato!cn | hacker00:57
ubotuhacker: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk00:57
LjL!cn | hacker00:57
* Jucato wins this round :)00:57
GrayFoxshould be easier for us to understand your problem ;)00:57
draikIs libdvdcss2 no longer a package? How do I get it? I cannot get k9Copy to work.00:57
LjLJucato: i was lagged by the kickings, i swear! :P00:57
prince_jammys!medibuntu | draik00:58
ubotudraik: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org00:58
draikk9copy on my laptop works just fine. On my desktop, it just escalates the Elapsed Time to about 12 hours then dies00:58
Jucatodraik: it never was a package from the official repos iirc (and hi btw)00:58
Jucato!libdvdcss2 | draik00:58
ubotudraik: For playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs00:58
draikHey Jucato. How have you been?00:58
coreymon77this is the english channel00:59
prince_jammyshacker:  /joint #ubuntu-cn00:59
Jucatohacker: English only00:59
bubbai need totem plugin anyone knows how to get it00:59
prince_jammyshacker:  /join #ubuntu-cn00:59
Jucato2nd warning already hacker.00:59
coreymon77hacker: english!00:59
re-alignI think he may be having trouble joining the chinese channel01:00
re-alignI think I saw him mention something about a password for that channel some lines ago.01:00
hackerthunderbird install method?01:00
re-alignAs in, needing a password for it01:00
GrayFoxdo you really thing, that channel has a password?01:00
Jucatothere's no #kubuntu-cn channel (which he was asking for) afaik01:00
Tannszakulec: well, its odd though. It was working and then i did an updat and it won't work now01:00
prince_jammys!find thunderbird01:00
hacker thunderbird install method?01:01
Jucatohacker: sudo apt-get install thunderbird01:01
ubotuFound: mozilla-thunderbird-enigmail, thunderbird-locale-be, thunderbird-locale-bg, thunderbird-locale-ca, thunderbird-locale-cs (and 36 others)01:01
GrayFoxoh my dear01:01
szakulecTann: try rebooting- hopefully it will find the snd drivers and load them for you01:01
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about sysfence - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:01
prince_jammyshacker: yes, sudo apt-get install thunderbird01:01
GrayFoxhacker: RTFM01:02
Tannszakulec: I've rebooted several times since the update01:02
JucatoGrayFox: please don't say that01:02
GrayFoxwell, but in this case.... okay... sorry... ^^01:02
GrayFoxhacker: you got a package-manager01:03
GrayFoxhacker: there you should also find thunderbird01:03
hackerapt-get -f install01:03
hackerinstall succeed01:04
hackerevolution 2.12.101:06
hackeri english is very poor!01:08
fabioi'm going to install kde 4 from debian01:08
fabioanyone using already it ?01:08
Jucatohacker: then ask in #ubuntu-cn where you can speak in chinese01:08
Jucatofabio: um.. wrong place to ask?01:08
prince_jammyshe means debian package, probably01:09
fabiokubuntu ~= kde01:09
prince_jammysnot debian distro01:09
ubotuKDE 4.0.2 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. KDE 4.0.2 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.2.php - More information can be found at http://www.kde.org/announcements/announce-4.0.2.php - Support in #kubuntu-kde401:09
fabioi got debian but i suppose this is a plase for kde users01:10
prince_jammysfabio: try #kubuntu-kde401:10
Jucatofabio: it's not good to mix Debian repositories with Kubuntu repositories if you're trying to install KDE 4 from Debian01:10
fabiomy question is very simple01:10
fabioi got debian01:10
prince_jammysfabio: #debian01:10
Jucatoyes. and we got Kubuntu.01:10
fabioyou don't know debian users01:10
JucatoI think there's a #debian-kde channel too01:11
fabiothey don't even waste time about desktop stuff01:11
fabiohow much memory i need ?01:11
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prince_jammysfabio: there's also #kde01:11
fabiowill it run faster than kde 3 ?01:11
hackersudo apt-get install thunderbird01:11
fabioi will go in kde ... bye bye01:12
prince_jammysbye. good luck01:12
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draikprince_jammys: Jucato: Thanks. k9Copy is working now :) Many yays!01:13
jamauranyone know how to mount an iso image from the kubuntu live CD01:13
wswindellprince_jammys helped me install Frostwire  last night01:13
hackerenglish is studied with you01:13
NickPresta!iso | jamaur01:13
ubotujamaur: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.01:13
wswindellThanx a Billion!01:14
oloughlin75Does anyone know if there is a good plugin for amarok and the AWM?01:14
wswindellits really fast01:14
jamaurNickPresta, that doesn't work from a live CD01:14
jamaurioctl: LOOP_SET_FD: Invalid argument01:14
jamaurthat's what I get01:14
jamaurgoogling gives me nothing01:14
wswindellknow of any good irc channels01:14
Jucatowswindell: for?01:15
hackerhave people would and like to do my english teachet01:15
wswindellteen chat, gaming01:15
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Jucatohacker: no01:15
prince_jammyshacker: no, this is the help channel, not the learn english channel01:15
hackermy god01:15
wswindelljucato: teen chat, dating01:15
oloughlin75hacker: That sounds -bad-01:16
Jucatowswindell: hm.. there are lots of channels in freenode, although most are related to free software01:16
wswindellcan you tell a few01:16
Jucatowswindell: you can try ##offtopic or #freenode-social01:16
NickPrestajamaur, is the iso image on the network (nfs or smb) filesystem?01:16
oloughlin75wswindell: and and acedemic related... /list for a list of channels01:16
Jucatowswindell: just be careful with the /list command. you might lag a bit01:16
jamaurNickPresta, it's on the default home directory from the live CD01:16
jamaurI'm trying to create a bootable live USB01:17
jamaurI (foolishly) tried to install from a corrupted live CD01:17
jamaurnow this comp is completely useless save for booting from live cd01:17
jamaurso i need to try to reinstall01:17
NickPrestajamaur, well, aside from making sure you aren't in the directory you want to use as a mount point, I don't know how else to help, sorry.01:18
jamaurbut I can't just burn a new cd from within the live cd environment...01:18
prince_jammysi see01:18
ahmoshi i installed sysfence but,01:18
ahmosNo configuration given01:18
ahmossysfence v0.14, 21-06-200401:18
ahmosUsage: sysfence <config file> [<config file> ...]01:18
oloughlin75jamaur: Try using DSL (Damn small linux) or penlinux... then download and burn the ISO01:18
ahmosso what i can do?01:19
jamauroloughlin, i don't have access to a cd drive01:19
jamaurthe live CD makes it impossible to burn anything01:19
jamaurthere's no other way to mount an .iso image?01:21
oloughlin75jamaur: You can mount an iso image with mount01:21
ghostcan u use custom scripts with konversation?01:21
oloughlin75!mount | jamour01:21
ubotujamour: Partitioning programs: !GParted or QTParted (also "man mkfs" for formatting) - Mounting partitions in Kubuntu, go to System Settings -> Advanced Tab -> Disks & Filesystem. See also !fstab and !DiskMounter01:21
oloughlin75jamaur: I am not sue if you could start the installation from the mounted ISO from the flash drive, though01:22
oloughlin75maybe though!01:22
stondcan some one tell me how to change the uid of files using terminal01:24
oloughlin75jamaur: try it01:24
oloughlin75stond: "man chmod"01:25
bubbai dont understand i've install mplayer plugin..it play like 1 sec and stop01:25
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oloughlin75bubba: wma?01:26
stondthen what I want to change it from 1000 to 001:26
bubbaembedded videos01:26
oloughlin75bubba: It happens to me sometimes when I play wma streams, I am not sure if there is a fix.workaround01:26
oloughlin75stond: I am not sure... read the manual01:27
stondwhat manual01:27
bubbaso what u using oloughlin01:27
oloughlin75bubba: I don't watch that many videos lol01:28
bubbaahhhh :)01:28
oloughlin75bubba: use a real or quicktime stream instead, if its availible01:28
jhutchinsstond: man <command> in console or # command in konqueror.01:28
jamaurokay, fixed it01:29
jamaurcopied the iso to a different partition01:29
stondwhat is the command I am a noob at this01:29
oloughlin75stond: "man" stands for manual01:29
oloughlin75stond: so "man chmod"01:30
bubbamplayer used to do it all oloughlin01:30
oloughlin75bubba: It is what I use... if you download the file it will play... I am not sure why streaming freezes sometimes01:30
bubbaoloughlin i can play it on mplayer url01:31
bubbabut if i go to the site it stop lol01:31
oloughlin75does it to me too lol idk01:32
willis__Wee.. Now that they have switched me from Insight to Comcast! gee.. My service is so much better! i used to never Lose connection every 5 min! its so much better now that i cant even  chat on irc. heh heh..01:33
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cuznti reconfigured my sound driver from source and still no sound in gutsy01:36
karllenzhi mim rather new to linux and need some help with file sharing between ubuntu and osx01:38
oloughlin75karllenz: I /think/ you need samba.. but I am not sure01:38
oloughlin75!samba | karllenz01:39
ubotukarllenz: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.01:39
oloughlin75I am not the one to ask, though!01:39
TannHello all. I am back ;) . I installed some drivers and kmix recognizes my card, but still no sound. help?01:39
karllenzi have samba aka smb01:39
karllenzand i went to the shared folders picked what i wanted to share and i share it as smb01:40
karllenzi see my linux box on my mac but it tells me connection failed01:40
oloughlin75keffie_jayx: try this: http://viebrock.ca/article/22/file-sharing-from-linux-to-os-x-a-quick-guide01:41
willis__karllenz,  you see the shares? or just the machine..01:43
karllenzjust the machine01:43
willis__You may need to manyally install the samba package.01:43
willis__that 'shareing stuff' in kde, never seems to work for me.01:43
karllenzapt-get samba?01:43
ubotuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.01:43
karllenzsudo apt-get samba?01:43
willis__ dont forget the INSTALL option. :)01:44
karllenzsudo apt-get install samba? lol im really still new01:44
oloughlin75karllenz: yep01:44
karllenzill try that01:44
willis__i normally 'sudo apt-get install samba' then i give the users samba passwords with 'sudo smbpasswd -a USERNAME'01:44
Tannwill anyone be able to help my with my issue?01:45
willis__then i manually edit the smb.conf file to enable the home shares.01:45
karllenzok u lost me there lol01:45
oloughlin75!sk | Tann01:45
ubotuTann: Žiadame slovenských používateľov aby v kanáli #ubuntu hovorili po anglicky. Slovensky a česky sa dohovoríte v #ubuntu-cz.01:45
willis__install the samba-doc package, and read the using samba book.01:45
oloughlin75!ask | Tann01:45
ubotuTann: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)01:45
willis__I want to share the whole 'homes' directory for all my users. :)01:45
karllenzo ok01:46
jaweeoloughlin75: minor typo ;)01:46
oloughlin75jawee: Just one letter :)01:46
karllenzthe sudo apt-get install samba said the newest version is already installed01:46
willis__i also enable several public shares, and other things01:46
willis__Now ya know why i manually edit the smb.conf, and dont rely on that kde samba config tool stuff.. :)01:46
karllenzright on01:47
stondcan some one tell me what to type in terminal to change the uid of a file 1000 to 001:48
stondcan some one tell me what to type in terminal to change the uid of a file from 1000 to 001:49
willis__0 is owned by root. 1000 is owned by the first user.01:51
willis__chown root.root whatever01:51
TannKMix is recogonizing my card and all, but there is no sound from any software01:51
willis__ thats changing the owner of a file, not technicially the files 'uid'01:51
oloughlin75Tann: ... what id your sound card?01:51
Tannits a VIA 8237 in my everex gPC01:52
willis__Ive some sound cards/alsa drivers have that isue Tann  the cards are  not totally supported.. but that is a pc that came with the gOS thing?01:52
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Tannwillis__: yes, but what is odd, is it was working fine untill the other day01:53
willis__Tann,  that sounds like some update/upgrade broke somthing then.01:53
willis__Try booting an older kernel from the grub menu - perhaps01:53
mkpaaI updated to kde 4.0.2 and now I'm missing startkde (and can't start x with kde4, but kdm and kde3 work right) - anyone else had similar problems?01:59
Jucatomkpaa: #kubuntu-kde4 please01:59
cmlalexany bttv gurus here?02:00
wswindellsorry, i was wondering about a package called sxs.02:01
david_does anyone know how to find the (hdx,y) id for partitions in grub menu?02:05
nosrednaekim!info sxs02:07
ubotuPackage sxs does not exist in gutsy02:07
nosrednaekimdavid_: 0 would be the equivalend of "hda" and hd0,0 would be the equivalent of hda102:08
david_so I have windows xp on /dev/sda1 in grub it is (hd0,0) and kubuntu is /dev/sda3 in grub it is (hd0,2)02:10
nosrednaekimdavid_: that is correct (if you don't have any pata hard drives in your computer)02:12
david_ok that makes sense.02:13
david_my follow up question is I just installed vista on an Extended Partition and it is /dev/sda4. But the os is on /dev/sda502:14
david_How would I put it in Grub?02:14
nosrednaekimgrub understands extended partitions02:15
nosrednaekimit would be hd0,402:15
david_thanks a bunch02:15
david_will try02:15
stondcan somone tell me why when i type sudo konqueror in terminal i wont let me and say that the uid is 1000 and needs to be 002:17
ubotuIn KDE, use « kdesudo <program> » (Gutsy) or « kdesu <program> » (Feisty and earlier) to run graphical applications with root privileges when you have to. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)02:24
Jucatohe's gone02:25
BluesKajJucato, nosrednaekim , I had a guy telling me I should try 'sidux' - debian flavoured OS ...any comments ?02:28
nosrednaekimBluesKaj: i've heard good things about it... they use rolling release.02:28
JucatoBluesKaj: none that I can tell. it's based on Debian Sid (Unstable)02:29
nosrednaekimBluesKaj: its a bit more like raw debian though02:29
Jucatobut it uses KDE so that's +1 for it :)02:29
BluesKajhave a live cd ...was tempted to install it but the thing that turned me off wasn't the OS, so much as the support chat atitude to new ppl .02:31
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BluesKajguess I'm hooked on (#)kubuntu  :-)02:32
BluesKajno more like mepis or kubuntu IMO02:33
nosrednaekimI mean the chat attitude02:33
Frederickfolks I need some help is the firefox3in1 valid for the last beta release?02:34
BluesKajppl seem helpful to some degree02:34
BluesKajlatest is FF3beta302:35
FrederickBluesKaj: I meant a script which managed to install multimedia suport, java and flash02:36
JucatoFrederick: unfortunately, we can't support 3rd party scripts/apps.. you might want to check in #firefox02:37
FrederickJucato: it was a script form the community :p02:38
Frederickoki it is no major02:38
BluesKajflashplugin-nonfree,mozilla-plugin, and java6, I think02:38
Jucatowhich community?02:38
FrederickI got also no sound, I dont know why02:38
Fredericklspci lists the card, checked alsa mixer02:39
Jucatobest place to ask help about "community" scripts is from the person(s) who made the script :)02:39
FrederickI can play sound files02:39
Frederickand just get no sound02:39
Frederickobviously, sound is turned on, and volume is properly set. :(02:40
BluesKajin the terminal type ,alsamixer02:40
FrederickBluesKaj: Ive done it already02:40
Frederickchecked all settings02:41
FrederickBluesKaj: I get no errors also, I just get no sound02:42
BluesKajkmix ?02:43
=== ps3 is now known as xp_killer
Frederickit is behaving strabge02:44
FrederickI have a nvidia card oki?  HDA Nvidia scroll bar seems strange02:45
muratcould somebody help me ?02:46
murati cannot install amsn02:47
muratand i cannot use kopete02:47
BluesKajmurat, try pidgin02:47
muratpidgin ?02:47
murathow can i install it02:47
Jucatothe same way you install any package02:47
JucatoAdept or Add/Remove Programs or apt-get or aptitude02:48
jaweemurat: wait, wait. what's wrong with kopete?02:48
murati don't know02:48
muratwhen i'm trying to coonnect02:48
muratiti is crashing02:48
jaweemurat: oh, that can be fixed02:49
jaweemurat: it's a problem with msn02:49
murathow can i fix it02:49
jaweemurat: one sec, let me find the deb package02:49
Jucatoif it's a new installation of Kubuntu, you just need to update02:49
muratit is kubuntu 7.1002:49
muratand i think something wrong in my source.list02:50
jaweemurat: just install this: http://www.kdedevelopers.org/node/304102:50
jaweeclick where it says fixed .deb02:50
Jucatojawee: that fix has been put into the official updates already02:50
jaweedownload that, double click to open the installer02:50
jaweeJucato: oh. Well I did that when I first got Gusty...02:50
Jucatohe just needs to update his system to get the update02:50
Jucatoyes because back then it wasn't immediately put into the updates. but now, on a fresh install, you just have to update your system and you'll get it02:51
jaweeJucato: k'do. Didn't realize02:51
muratok i am installing it02:52
muratalso i am new on kubuntu02:52
muratand i'm trying to learn this02:52
jaweemurat: have you used Linux before?02:52
Jucatoyep. that's why I recommended updating your system. keep your system up to date with bug and security fixes02:52
muratno i didn't02:53
murati mean i used opensuse but not as a root02:53
muratjust as a guest02:53
jaweelive cd?02:53
BluesKajodd , I just tried kopete with msn and it works fine , didn't update02:53
BluesKajfirst time used02:54
muratok i am installing package02:54
muratit is installed02:54
muratwhat should i do now ?02:54
jaweerun kopete again02:55
muratthank you02:56
muratit is working02:56
jaweeda nada02:56
jaweeyou still should update your system though02:56
MrJoeyHow do I get a listing of what codecs my lavc has?  (lavc being an audio codec for ffmpeg/mencoder)02:58
murati have some problems with firefox. it is not connecting somewhere03:00
muratis anybody there ?03:02
coreymon77definitely not here03:04
Apple_Catbit more info murat?03:04
coreymon77murat: apple_cat is not here either03:04
* Apple_Cat makes swooshing noises 03:05
muratcould somebody help me ?03:07
Apple_Catbit more info murat?03:07
murati could not updating system with sudo apt-get uptade03:08
Apple_Catwhat's your native language, murat?03:09
muratis it funny ?03:10
muratcould something wrong in my source.list ?03:10
BluesKaj!tk | murat03:11
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about tk - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:11
BluesKaj!tr | murat03:12
ubotumurat: Turk ubuntu kullanicilari, turkce yardim yada geyik icin #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.03:12
Apple_Catthanks, i couldn't find a turkish room anywhere03:13
muratthere is nobody in turkish room03:13
khaledhey can anyone help me03:14
Apple_CatWhat's the problem ?03:15
khaledim tryin to find a linux program that can mount iso files03:15
khaledlike a linux alternative of daemon tools03:15
Daisuke_Ido!iso | khaled03:15
ubotukhaled: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.03:15
khalediim not tryin to burn tho03:16
khaledim tryin to like mount it to the HD then install without a cd03:16
* Daisuke_Ido weeps for the future03:17
Daisuke_Idokhaled: did you read what that said or just skip to the part that said !burning?03:17
khaledim actually trying it atm03:17
=== Ukonpoika is now known as Ukonpoika_
khaledbut i didnt want to try and i can only burn so i wanted to clarify03:18
khaledk when using that code03:21
Erickj92am i able to get flash via sudo apt-get?03:21
khaledhow do i specify the location03:21
khaledkhaled/home/desktop if its on my desktop???03:22
tinErickj92: yes, search on 'flash' to see the choices03:22
Erickj92ok, thanks03:22
murathow can i install compiz fusion on kubuntu 7.10 ?03:23
murathow can i find a source.list for kubuntu 7.10 ?03:28
stondcan some one tell me how to change the icon of a removable medium such as my PSP I can not change the icon from an ipod to a png file of my choose03:28
Frederickfolks I got a fresh install but no sound03:32
stondcan some one tell me how to change the icon of a removable medium such as my PSP I can not change the icon from an ipod.png icon to a psp.png icon of my choose03:33
BluesKajmurat ,alt+F2, kdesudo kate /etcapt/sources.list03:33
BluesKajmurat correction ,alt+F2, kdesudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list03:33
Frederickand without sound I cant program :p03:33
andresjany reason for KDE 4.0.2 suddenly crashing every time I open it? I just upgraded one hour ago...03:34
BluesKajFrederick, lspci | grep audio03:34
stondcan some one tell me how to change the icon of a removable medium such as my PSP I can not change the icon from an ipod.png icon to a psp.png icon of my choice03:35
FrederickBluesKaj: nothing is listed03:36
muratok i need a source.list03:36
BluesKajFrederick, no 'audio controller' ?03:36
muratmine is not correct03:36
Frederickno but03:37
BluesKajmurat go to google and look for one there03:37
Frederick00:07.0 Audio device: nVidia Corporation MCP67 High Definition Audio (rev a1)03:37
Frederickis listed03:37
ubotuThe packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories03:37
BluesKajFrederick, asoundconf set-default-card "nVidia Corporation MCP67 High Definition Audio"03:38
BluesKajFrederick, you may need to DL the driver from nvidia as well03:39
stondcan some one tell me how to change the icon of a removable medium such as my PSP I can not change the icon from an ipod.png icon to a psp.png icon of my choice03:39
Tannstond: did what i suggest not work earlier?03:40
Frederickman it broke my stuff :/03:40
BluesKajstond, right click on the icon , the choose properties/ click on the icon /system icons ...go from there03:40
BluesKajFrederick, go to the nvidia site and find your card and look for linux driver support03:42
stondBluesKaj  that did not work it keeps gooing back to the same icon03:42
BluesKajyou can't choose icons in the list ?03:43
regeyafor whatever reason, in the middle of all the folks having all kinds of problems, I'd just like to say that my machine at this time is working great, afaik nothing's broken, kudos to all developers, not just kubuntu developers, for helping to make this what is for me the maytag of OSes03:44
stondTann I cant figure out the sudo konqueror thing I keep getting a butt load of errors about file uip is 1000 and not 003:44
Tannstond: did konqueror open?03:44
FrederickBluesKaj: oki there is no driver, but damm last kubuntu had no problems with sound03:45
BluesKajstond, right click on the icon , the choose properties/ click on the icon in the properties box /system icons/choose icon in the list03:45
Jucato!kdesu | Tann and stond03:45
ubotuTann and stond: In KDE, use « kdesudo <program> » (Gutsy) or « kdesu <program> » (Feisty and earlier) to run graphical applications with root privileges when you have to. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)03:45
Tannthat works too03:45
Tannyou can run "kdesu konqueror"03:45
Tanni always tend to forget that one03:45
stondBluesKaj when i check the proptries the little pic of the icon in the upper left coner of the window is what i want but it is not changed on the desktop03:46
* BluesKaj puts his head in his hands in frustration 03:47
JucatoI'm not actually sure.. but maybe the icon for media can be set/changed in Konqueror -> Settings -> Configure Konqueror -> File Associations -> media -> ?03:47
Jucatostond: you can also try asking in #kde03:48
Jucatosomeone there might know03:48
Erickj92i dont know what package to pick for flash player for firefox03:49
JucatoErickj92: flashplugin-nonfree03:49
Erickj92Jucato, will i be able to watch youtube videos with that?03:49
Jucatostond: what icon does the PSP use when connected?03:50
monte48lowesI think it has to do with how KDE is handling the PSP03:51
Jucatoor how the system sees it too03:51
BluesKajjucato, he's not following the sequence i gave him to change his icon , I'm sure03:52
NickPrestaI remember I changed my PSP icon from the ipod to a generic removable storage icon and it stayed the same every time I would mount the PSP. *shrug* It appears to work for some and not for others.03:52
JucatoBluesKaj: hold on let me try yours :)03:53
JucatoBluesKaj: where should I right-click again? icon on the desktop or in media:/03:53
BluesKajin the properties box03:54
Jucatohm.. that doesn't work... changing the File Associations icon works though03:54
=== tin_ is now known as tin
Jucatooh wait03:54
BluesKajdesktop first03:54
BluesKajthen the properties box03:54
stondBluesKaj when i typed sudo konqueror did open but i also got a list of errors saying something about the uid is 1000 and not 0 will it still work03:55
JucatoBluesKaj: yes, but not the icon box itself, but the wrench icon that you have to click03:55
Jucatostond: ok here's what you can try to do. follow it step by step ok?03:56
Jucatostond: plug in your PSP, it should show an icon on the desktop right?03:56
BluesKajnot the wrench icon , that just changes the icon for that file association03:56
JucatoBluesKaj: exactly03:56
JucatoBluesKaj: because it's a removable media, not a static file, so the normal icon change doesn't happen03:57
BluesKajhe just wants to change the icon for his ipod ,from his explanation03:57
Jucatoyes. and from his explanation, any change he makes doesn't stay whenever he replugs his PSP03:57
Jucatoactually change the icon for his PSP (which is an ipod by default it seems003:57
mixedI have an XP IDE HD with disk errors, I have it setup as slave in my distro, are there any utilities that will let me fix the errors on the HD?03:57
BluesKajok Jucato , point taken , wasn't aware of that03:57
monte48lowesmixed: testdisk03:58
ForgeAushehe andLinux brings me here :) nice!03:58
ForgeAusI'm in Konversation btw03:58
JucatoBluesKaj: afaik, KDE decides on which icon to use for removable media depending on the type. see the File Associations tree for media03:58
stondok I plugged it in and it show an ipod icon i want to change it to a png icon i have downloaded03:58
ForgeAus(same as in real Kubuntu)03:58
monte48lowesmized: please review Christophe's website. he has very easy to follow directions there03:58
Jucatostond: right-click on the icon. select Properties then click on the wrench icon that you see03:58
Jucato(the wrench icon is at the far right, on the same level as "Type:"03:59
ForgeAusJucato how do I stop kwin and start fluxbox?03:59
ForgeAus(without exiting kde)03:59
JucatoForgeAus: kinda hackish...  make sure you have a konsole or Alt+F2 open otherwise you won't be able to start fluxbox04:00
BluesKajwell sacktime here, night gents and gentilles04:00
ForgeAusok I have a konsole04:00
JucatoForgeAus: kill kwin in the process table (Ctrl+Esc) then type "fluxbox &" in Alt+F2 to start it04:00
Jucatohm.. better stick with Alt+F2 though..04:00
JucatoKonsole might complain about no display set04:00
ForgeAusum I think I need to go to ksysguard to kill kwin04:00
Jucatostond: still with me?04:00
Jucatowel Ctrl+Esc starts ksysguard04:01
prince_jammysfluxbox --replace    is no good?04:01
Jucato(at least the process table part)04:01
Jucatoprince_jammys: nope04:01
ForgeAus(in andLinux control escape still brings up windows start menu)04:01
stondJucato ok now what04:01
ForgeAusits a kernel emulator for windows :)04:01
ForgeAusvery nice imho04:01
Jucatostond: you clicked on the wrench icon? a new window/dialog box should appear04:02
ForgeAusbasically embeds kubuntu in windows04:02
Jucatostond: you'll see the icon for the ipod at the left and "Filename Patterns" at the right. ( just making sure we're on the same page)04:02
ForgeAus(though the desktop is shared)04:02
ForgeAus(because Xming has a "rootless" mode04:03
JucatoForgeAus: er... :/04:03
stondJucato yes I clicked the little wrench in the little bow04:03
ForgeAusat least I think thats what it calls it04:03
Jucatostond: ok, in that new window that popped up, click on the ipod icon to change it, once you changed it. click Apply then OK04:03
Jucatothat should work now04:03
ForgeAusbasicaly means that the x-desktop is "transparent" and it uses Windows' decorators :)04:03
JucatoForgeAus: yeah. the "er..." is for running Linux embedded in Windows :P04:04
ForgeAusI can show you a screenshot, its nice04:04
ForgeAusbut I have to email u I don't htink I can dcc04:04
ForgeAuseither that or if you know how I can paste it to a temp website04:04
JucatoI saw the website :)04:05
stondJucato ok the picture was the same as the icon for my usb sd cardreader04:05
ForgeAusoh ok :)04:05
ForgeAusbut you didn't see my prettier transparent window borders one :)04:05
Jucatostond: so it didn't work?04:05
stondi dont know just a sec04:06
stondJucato ok it changed my usb sd cardreader icon but not the ipod icon which is my psp04:07
ForgeAushehe Jucato if anyone joins here with the nick cobuntu they're probably using andLinux (its the default nickname)...04:07
Jucatoah coLinux...04:08
ForgeAusyes colinux is what AndLinux is based on04:08
Jucatostond: hm.. strange... sorry I have no PSP/iPod to really test it with. only have USB flashdrives04:08
ForgeAus(that + xming + pulseaudio (was esd) and a few other minor things)04:08
Jucatoas far as my usb drive is concerned, it works04:08
Jucatointeresting... or not :P04:09
stondJucato well thinks for your help04:09
ForgeAusI dunno the su pass :( It doesn't have one in the main console but  I didn't use & to run stuff04:12
ForgeAusso I'm a little messed up there04:12
ForgeAusat least I got sudo now :)04:13
ForgeAushehe something I couldn't get for my interix subsystem04:13
Jucatothey have a forum. you can ask there :P04:14
ForgeAusAndlinux does yeah04:14
ForgeAusits also got a channel #andLinux but theres hardly anyone there04:14
* Jucato didn't know colinux was actually still alive04:14
ForgeAushehe apparently so04:14
Jucatoanyway, lunch time.04:15
Jucatostond: try asking in #kde some time about your problem. I vaguely recall some people asking about that in the past04:15
=== chris__ is now known as billytwowilly
mixedmonte48lowes, thanks for the 411, im installing testdisk right now04:20
dthackerjoin #ubuntu04:22
cheebyhi.  running heron.  what package do I need to get vim syntax hilighing?  I did an apt-get install gvim and though all the dependencies would be statisfied.04:27
Apple_Catwhat language do you want syntax highlighting for ?04:29
cheebypython, perl, sql, java, ruby04:29
cheebyon my ubunty system, the whole thing just works.04:30
pshi, does anybody know how to get compiz working on kubuntu with kde?04:33
Apple_Catdo you know if you have all the syntax files in the vim/syntax directory ?04:33
cheebyApple_Cat: not sure.  checking.  just wondering what the command would be to install them.04:34
Apple_Catin vim, :cal SetSyn("perl") will turn it on, replace perl for whichever other language you want04:36
Apple_Catalthough it should autodetect and enable as soon as you save the file, ie. saving a file as foo.py will turn python syntax highlighting on04:38
Apple_Catif you have automatic syntax highlighting on in your vimrc04:38
cheebyyeah.  I'll check that.04:39
* cheeby has to deal with crying baby04:39
vALIENits 4:2004:40
Apple_Cat04:20 ?04:41
ForgeAushow do I set the screenres in Xephyr?04:48
=== vALIEN is now known as v4L13N
ForgeAushehe kewl xrandr worked nicely04:53
ForgeAusoh 2 problems 1 when I go into the nested X-server it has display set to :1 but my external is changed too, how do I prevent that?04:56
ziyodHey guys05:02
ziyodi need help with compiz05:02
ziyodcan someone guide me through05:02
MilitantPotatotry #compiz-fusion05:03
MilitantPotatoHmm, how do I get the module gtop loaded?05:03
ziyodthx Militant05:04
tlaytonApple_Cat: do you have the line needed for the vimrc syntax highlighting?05:06
Apple_Catsyntax on05:07
tlaytonApple_Cat: aha, nice. thx05:07
CaptSilveri have a stubborn ace file, unace e <archive name> isn't working, does anyone know of any other programs that will unace it?05:17
Dracowhat package or option do I need to set to get "autocomplete" in KDevelop05:19
Dracoeven something to the extent of what VIM has05:19
MilitantPotato7zip, peazip05:25
MilitantPotatoah he left.05:25
tinDraco: install kate-plugins05:33
tinactually, the autocomplete may be in just kate, and just needs to be turned on05:34
Dracotin: thanks05:37
Dracotin: kate-plugins must have it because kate doesn't by default05:38
=== root_ is now known as ForgeAus
ForgeAusbroken packages :(05:42
ForgeAusnot quite there yet05:53
ForgeAusit uninstalled konqeror on me :(05:53
MilitantPotatoFGLRX 8.3     March 5, 200805:57
* Apple_Cat celebrates 05:58
MilitantPotatoDiagonal tearing will no longer be noticed when playing a video file using a video player that utilizes the XVideo extension05:58
MilitantPotatoAw, that's the best news I've had all weak05:58
* MilitantPotato tears up05:58
MilitantPotato Video playback will no longer look blocky when playing a video file using a video player that utilizes the XVideo extension05:59
Apple_Cathoo ray06:02
MilitantPotatomm don't compile when tired :(06:03
sandro_can anyone tell me why kubunt isnt reading my media card? do i need a driver?06:06
sandro_do i need to get something from adept manager?06:06
tinreading it how?06:06
tylerhey any body runing kubuntu in vmware?06:07
tinlike not showing up in storage media?06:07
sandro_it just isnt reading my SD card06:07
tinor showing up and looking empty06:07
=== readyx is now known as ready
tincheck that hald is running06:07
sandro_just not registering06:07
tinhald and dbus06:07
sandro_im a newb and just trying linux out06:07
tinthey keep track of hardware and send messages to the desktop environs06:07
tinopen "konsole", type 'ps ax | grep hald' and see if anything shows up06:08
sandro_ok thanks06:08
=== KennethP_ is now known as KennethP
tylerWhat are some tight programs for linux?06:10
tyleri am running in vmware06:11
crackhead_25hey, anyone expert in here? i need some help getting my printer to work.. i've tried everything!06:16
=== prince_jammys___ is now known as prince_jammys
ForgeAushmm ifi t removed konqi and wanted to be tricky I wonder what else it removed on me :(06:17
crackhead_25it's an hp 3550.. it's recognized on lsusb.. and it was working a few days ago, before i did a feisty to gutsy upgrade.. but now, no luck.....06:17
crackhead_25i'm using adobe.ppd.. hpijs.. very typical, recommended stuff...06:17
ForgeAusbtw my packages weren't broken06:18
ForgeAusthere was just a weird dependancy issue06:18
crackhead_25is this a bug? what's going on? anyone help?06:18
ForgeAusonce I installed one of the dependant packages konqi decided it liked me06:18
veirsi installed the restricted extras but still can't play real media files. what else do i need?06:38
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats06:38
MilitantPotatodid you follow that stuff veirs06:38
veirsi followed the first link, let me read second06:39
veirsthose links doesn't really help06:40
veirsi am using xine (caffine)06:41
MilitantPotatotried restarting?06:44
veirsi don't think that's the problem06:44
veirsthink i got it: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RealPlayerInstallationMethods06:45
veirsseems like one is forced to install realplayer06:46
tylersowhat is so dope about kubuntu?06:51
tyleri still dont get it06:51
veirsfairly easy to use for a noob like me06:52
enwenice desktop06:54
=== veirs is now known as asobi
=== asobi is now known as asobiCrash
enwejoin #indonesia06:58
=== asobiCrash is now known as asobi
klobsteris there a kb shortcut to lock the session?07:02
sjckhi, is there a way to install the divx browser-plugin (for opera or firefox)?07:03
membrivesjck, for firefox you have mplayer-plugin and mozilla-plugin-vlc I think07:05
nanothiefhi, I am having a problem with getting kubuntu feisty working in a vmware machine, when I install vmware-tools, window movement becomes very jerky. How can this be fixed?07:05
sjcknanothief  yea but if i try to watch some videos it says i dont have the plugin, when i click install plugin it opens a page which says only for windows : /07:06
membrivesjck, oh, I believe that mplayer-plugin mb only play MPEG07:07
membrivedunno if plays .avi :S07:07
crackhead_25can anyone help with my printer quesiton?????07:09
sjckmaybe I install a 2nd opera with wine07:09
crackhead_25sjck, you need restricted drivers07:09
crackhead_25!restricted | sjck07:09
ubotusjck: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats07:09
sjckno, its for videos streams not for videos on my hdd07:10
crackhead_25where are you trying to stream anything from a .divx format?07:10
crackhead_25usually it's displayed in flash07:10
crackhead_25if it's reading divx, then just save as -- and watch it local07:11
sjckIve no TV, want to watch series while eating..07:11
nanothiefif you save the divx, you don't have to wait until it finishes downloading before you start watching it07:11
crackhead_25sjck, you're watching live tv through a cable card, you mean?07:11
sjckhow can I save it?07:12
sjckno, some unserious sites which I dont want to type in here (:07:12
nanothiefsjck: ...07:12
crackhead_25sjck: you can say it. it's ok. porn!07:14
sjckeating without watching my favorite series is boring. :(07:14
nanothiefsjck: well the download method is different for each site, a firefox extension called unplug can often do it07:17
sjckah, Ive heared of that plugin.. it can download youtube vids too if I remember correctly07:19
nanothiefthats right07:19
sjckalright nanothief thanks for the hint07:20
nanothiefanyway, does anyone know the answer to my vmware problem from above? :D07:22
sjckanother question: kubuntu loads every app i didnt closed before i loged out. is there a way to disable it? I want only a few apps in autorun07:22
asobisystem settings -> service manager -> startup services07:24
sjckasobi dont see what should I uncheck there..07:27
asobiwhatever you don't want to autorun?07:28
sjckthere are no apps or something07:29
sjckonly services which sound kinda usefull07:29
Jucatoservice manager is for services/daemons. not apps07:29
prince_jammyssjck: what you want is session manager-> and make it so it doesnt remember your session07:29
asobior try session manager and select brand new session07:29
Jucatoor you can set it to restore a manually saved session07:30
asobiwhat jammy said07:30
Jucato(so you can manually save what apps you want to be started and never save a session automatically)07:30
asobiwhat's a way to check list of codecs installed?07:31
_eMaX_hi all07:39
_eMaX_anyone knows why this may happen: I've all partitions of my disk to a new one by creating the partitions and then cp -av except for some files like /proc, /tmp, /media, /mnt. I then swap disks and try to boot from the new one. I can boot up to when I try to log in through kdm. This fails (drops me back to the logon screen). Switching to a console, I can log on as my normal user, but not become root, as /etc/sudoers is owned by my normal user, not by root.07:42
_eMaX_Now, when I mount the new disk having booted with the old one, /etc on the new disk is owned by root:root.07:42
sanitariumi need help plz08:13
sanitariumcan i install compiz-fusion to kubuntu??08:13
asobii believe so08:14
sanitariumcan u tell me how08:14
asobii think it comes preinstalled with gutsy08:14
sanitariumi mean to be the main interface08:14
asobii don't use it so i can't really help you much08:15
sanitariumi'am using 7.408:15
sanitariumcuz i have an error with 7.10 with screen resolution08:15
asobigoogle it08:15
asobii think there's a lot of stuff on it08:15
asobiinstallation can't be that hard08:16
sanitariumi know , but configure it makes a lot of problemes08:16
sanitariumanyway thaaanks a lottttttttttt08:17
asobiyea, that's more complex08:17
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=== varun is now known as varun_
=== varun_ is now known as raivarun
raivarunhi everyone08:39
raivarundoes anyone know how to remove and add things to the task bar08:39
Frekurightclick on the bar ?08:47
windvogelMoin Moin08:48
mohiI wanted to install nfs-common but I always get this: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5390/08:50
mohiany idea?08:50
prince_jammysmohi: check this out:: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=68825008:58
invite_Something is driving me crazy with files permissions. I'm trying to set my /dev/SDA7 permission to some foo user. chown is showing on its output that the changes are being applied but when I check the FP just after I find that it stills the SAME !!!09:02
invite_I'm not having this problem with files mounted under / except those of /media09:03
prince_jammyswhat kind of device is it?09:03
invite_What am I missing09:03
invite_my HD partition09:03
prince_jammysit's currently mounted?09:04
prince_jammyscan you paste the output of::  grep /sda7 /etc/fstab09:04
invite_Should I edit the fstab and make it "mountable" by other users than root09:04
prince_jammysyes, that would work. what file system is it? ntfs?09:05
invite_UUID=BE3427F63427B077 /media/sda7     ntfs    user,defaults,umask=007,gid=46 0       109:05
prince_jammysyou need to install ntfs-3g09:06
prince_jammysif you don't have it09:06
prince_jammys!info ntfs-3g09:06
ubotuntfs-3g (source: ntfs-3g): read-write NTFS driver for FUSE. In component main, is standard. Version 1:1.913-2ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 23 kB, installed size 116 kB09:06
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prince_jammyssudo apt-get install ntfs-3g      and i'll show you  my fstab line09:07
invite_i have it already installed09:07
prince_jammysok here goes09:07
invite_and can mount sda709:07
prince_jammysyou may get away with just changing "ntfs" to "ntfs-3g"09:07
invite_ok thanks09:08
prince_jammysthis is mine /dev/sda1       /mnt/windows    ntfs-3g uid=1000,gid=1000,umask=227     0       009:08
prince_jammysyour umask is fine, and so is the UUID09:08
prince_jammysthe other options are probably fine too, except for the "ntfs" part09:09
invite_should I reboot for fstab to take accout of the changes or just umount/ mount09:09
=== Tonio__ is now known as Tonio_
prince_jammysno, just umount and mount09:09
sbucathello  i am trying to compile libquicktime with lame and faac supports, well i am near solution but it says : you need of GTK >=2.4 well perfect xD but what must i install  now?09:11
prince_jammysinvite_: if for some reason it doesn't work, uid=1000,gid=1000  will make you the owner (if your uid is 1000, which you can verify with::  echo $UID )09:11
invite_In fact I still can't change the FP09:12
invite_going to try it now09:12
prince_jammysinvite_: you won't be able to change permissions09:12
prince_jammysinvite_: but you'll be able to write to the partition09:12
prince_jammysinvite_: i don't think you can change permissions of individual files within ntfs, if that's what you want to do09:13
invite_Ok let me resume the situation.09:13
invite_I was able to write on the partition from the begining09:14
invite_but i was unable to transfer some files from it to another PC connected via09:14
prince_jammysah, so i misunderstood your question entirely :)09:15
invite_cause it always prompt that i don't have the sufficient permissions to do so09:15
prince_jammyshacker, come on we went through this yesterday09:15
hacker密码是多少 ?09:15
hackerkubuntu-cn password?09:16
prince_jammys#ubuntu-cn  hacker09:16
storbeckWhat the?09:16
prince_jammysinvite_: i'm ignorant when it comes to smb -- try #ubuntu also, there's more going on there09:17
invite_Ok thanks anyway09:17
prince_jammysinvite_: sorry09:17
invite_going there right now09:17
invite_thanks again09:17
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Ukonpoika_!cn | hacker09:22
ubotuhacker: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk09:22
storbeckUgh, SuSe is already giving me troubles and it's not even installed yet. >.<09:22
el-gokulo???? #kubuntu-cn ????09:22
dhqerror while loading shared libraries: libgtk-x11-2.0.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory09:24
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=== Ukonpoika_ is now known as Ukonpoika
dhq!find libglib-2.0.so.009:32
ubotuFile libglib-2.0.so.0 found in libglib2.0-009:32
hackerhov add the chinese channel09:36
ubotuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk09:36
SlimeyPete /join #ubuntu-cn09:36
hackerwhy my acquiesce for is english channel09:38
Jucatohacker: please, for the last time, speak only English in here09:39
Jucatoyou are already in #ubuntu-cn and there is no #kubuntu-cn09:39
ActionParsniphey all10:01
ActionParsnipanyone using firefox3?10:01
ActionParsnipForgeAus, you using firefox 3 beta?10:06
=== pip is now known as pip_away
ForgeAusnot yet10:09
ForgeAusI was going to wait till it was FireFox 3 full before I got it10:10
ForgeAusbut I must admit I sorely need my native windows firefox upgraded, but still I rarely use it10:10
ActionParsnipForgeAus, its weird and wondered what everyone has had happen to them with it10:10
ForgeAus(I tend to be in either Netscape and/or IE7)10:10
ForgeAusor for small stuff Safari10:11
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=== sbucat_ is now known as sbucat
ActionParsnipwhat is ldconfig deferred processing?10:12
ForgeAusum I'll see if I can find out10:12
ForgeAuswell ldconfig says its configures dynamic linker run-time bindings10:13
ForgeAusmeans it keeps the .dll's (or .so's) up-to-date10:14
ForgeAusI don't know why someone would want to defer it but perhaps its faster that way?10:14
ActionParsnipmakes sense, I've just seen it o much and finally got curious10:15
ActionParsnipcheers ForgeAus :D10:15
ForgeAusheeh all it took was a man ldconfig10:15
ActionParsniphaha nice one :)10:18
seb_i need help !10:20
seb_i tried to install the latest Nvidia driver10:21
seb_( i just installed gusty gibbon )10:21
seb_i launched the nvidia installer ( from nvidia.com )10:21
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto10:21
SlimeyPetethere is a "proper" ubuntu/kubuntu way to do it10:21
SlimeyPetewhich works better for most people10:22
seb_everythings works fines until i reboot10:22
seb_problem with kernel source or womething10:22
seb_i alredy have this problem few years ago10:22
SlimeyPeteyeah, I think it's a common problem. You shouldn't have any trouble if you follow the link above.10:22
seb_i solved it putting a symbolic link somewhere10:22
seb_but i didn't remember10:23
seb_ok i'll try this10:23
seb_i m using Kde10:25
seb_is it the same way ?10:25
SlimeyPeteyes, but the Restricted Drivers Manager is in the KDE system menu10:25
seb_ok :)10:25
seb_thx ^10:25
SlimeyPeteif you click on "System Settings" in the K menu and then click "Advanced" you should see it.10:26
seb_i m in it10:26
seb_but i says my system doesn't need any driver10:26
SlimeyPeteAh. That might be because you've already sort-of installed it.10:27
seb_that's the 3 time i installed it10:27
ubotuAllez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.10:27
max_I neet to know free memory in my system what is the command in C++?10:32
max_I neet to know free memory in my system what is the command in C++?10:32
ForgeAuswow the cli history bash keeps is incredible10:35
seb_well ...10:35
seb_i can't get it :(10:35
seb_first time i get trouble installing nvidia drivers ...10:35
jpatrick!hi | kl4410:43
ubotukl44: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!10:43
kl44anybody tried chicken VNC for mac to control remote desktop in Kubuntu?10:43
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ubotuAllez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.10:48
=== gioppo is now known as no0tic
seb_well ...10:52
seb_i got this error :  http://www.pastebin.ca/931794 when i try to boot with the nvidia drivers10:53
seb_any ideas ?10:53
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nyad55hi could someone help me with compiling my c/c++ program in kubuntu. I am using kate.11:34
nyad55gcc file.c11:35
nyad55this makes an out file which won't execute11:35
nyad55I am lost11:35
Plantaingcc file.c -o file11:36
anolisdoes anyone know anything about CUPS backend scripting?11:38
max_I need to know the error in my socket client what is the command in C or C++?11:38
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PolitikerNEUhello everyone - does anybody know how to load the "proprietary" intel wlan driver in hardy? Because it isn't loaded by default12:01
ForgeAushow do I empty cache .deb's once I'm done with installing them??12:03
ForgeAus(and partial ones)12:03
Jucatoapt-get clean12:03
ForgeAusthey're taking up too much space12:03
ForgeAusthanx Jucato I think I tried that with kpackage but it didn't do it for some reason12:04
ForgeAusat least it didn't seem to do anything and when I checked the cache they were still there12:04
JucatoI'm not familiar with kpackage's UI anymore. but did the command work?12:05
ForgeAuscan't tell you yet too busy running an installer12:05
ForgeAusbut once its don'e I'll try it12:05
ForgeAusI like kpackage alot :)12:06
PolitikerNEUBut kpackage hasn't automatic dependency resolving, right?12:06
ForgeAusits got support for most diff package managers (although I only tend to use apt and slackware, but I do the slackware stuff manually)12:07
ForgeAusum it has some dependancy stuff but I don't think its as good as adepts12:07
JucatoPolitikerNEU: it has12:07
Jucatodependency resolving doesn't depend on the GUI but on the backend. both use APT12:08
ForgeAusboth told me that installing Konqueror = broken packages tho12:08
PolitikerNEUah, ok12:08
ForgeAus(one of the dependancies filled in what it needed to install it)12:08
ForgeAusI don't know why it removed konqui in the first place :(12:08
ForgeAusbut anyway I got it back now so happy about that :)12:08
ForgeAusand its 3.5.8 now12:08
JucatoForgeAus: perhaps what you used before was autoclean and not clean.12:08
ForgeAusahh Jucato with autoclean on does clean not work?12:08
ForgeAuscoz thats probably what I did12:09
Jucatonot familiar with the GUI but there are 2 possibilities: you enabled automatic cleaning of the cache or you chose a menu that ran "apt-get autoclean"12:09
ForgeAuswow this has lots to go to install stuff, I didn't think it was going to be so slow12:10
Jucatoman apt-get12:10
ForgeAusyeah I knew there was clean and autoclean and I did set autoclean on it sounded prudent12:10
eddieftwhey there adnan12:11
spirooDoes anybody know when Summe of Code will end?12:16
spirooGoogle - Summer of Code12:17
ActionParsniphey all12:20
Jucatospiroo: http://code.google.com/soc/2008/faqs.html#0.1_timeline12:21
eddieftwhi ActionParsnip12:23
ForgeAusI wonder what it would take to contrib an AndLinux metapackage12:23
ActionParsniphi eddieftw12:23
ForgeAusits not a full ubuntu backend12:24
ForgeAusin fact I can't even find kwin in the process list12:24
JucatoForgeAus: best place to ask is in their channel/forums :P12:25
ForgeAusapparently it takes too long to get registered for their forums12:25
Jucatoalthough the "not a full ubuntu backend" and "can't find kwin in the process list" is kinda unrelated12:26
ForgeAuswell kubuntu's backend is ubuntu too right?12:26
ForgeAus(at least the non-gnome bits)12:26
JohnFluxForgeAus: are you running gnome or kde?12:26
Jucatoso to speak12:26
ForgeAusJohn kde12:27
JohnFluxForgeAus: are you using compiz?12:27
JucatoJohnFlux: he was referring to http://www.andlinux.org/12:27
JohnFluxJucato: ah okay12:27
ForgeAusI don't think compiz will work with this12:27
JucatoI don't think that really qualifies are "running KDE or GNOME" strictly :)12:27
ForgeAusor at least I wouldn't expect it to12:27
Jucatoyou can't expect kwin running on windows either :)12:27
ForgeAusJucato the installer I got had a kmenu for my windows system tray12:27
Jucatohence "strictly"12:28
ForgeAushehe I had it working in the nested X-server with Xephyr12:28
ForgeAuskwin and all12:28
ForgeAusa full KDE desktop12:28
Jucatothat's different. you're still running KWin in X12:28
JucatoI'm talking about your situation with andLinux12:28
ForgeAuswait whats different about it?12:28
ForgeAusrunning kwin on X and running kwin nested in X ?12:28
JucatoandLinux uses Xming. I don't know if that reuses an X window manager or uses Windows'12:29
ForgeAusneither, x-ming is the x-server not the wm12:30
JucatoI know.12:30
ForgeAusbut I don't get why it doesn't run Kwin because it does use KDE decorators (although it doesn't show them unless you tell xming to show the background)12:31
ForgeAusalso Xephyr :n & export DISPLAY=:n ; startkde worked but it shared the same DISPLAY variable, I needed a separate one12:32
ForgeAusie a session specific one12:32
JucatoI have to admit that andLinux is an alien beast and I don't know the inner workings of it.12:33
ForgeAushehe Jucato I don't expect you to12:33
Jucatobut anyway, your two statements earlier still dont add up :P12:33
ForgeAusyou know how little about Linux I know :)12:33
ForgeAuswhich 2?12:33
Jucato<Jucato> although the "not a full ubuntu backend" and "can't find kwin in the process list" is kinda unrelated12:33
ForgeAusoh the ubuntu backend thing12:33
ForgeAusok well then not a full Kubuntu backend is that happier?12:34
ForgeAusmost of KDE is there (even Kwin is installed, it just doesn't seem to be executed in the default environment)12:34
ForgeAusbut when I killed it for the Xephyr one it caused problems (and wouldn't let me run fkuxbox instead)12:35
ForgeAusbut I didn't get to see the errors on the xterm because I had a window infront of it12:35
ForgeAusended up crashing even windows itself lol12:35
ForgeAuswell lotsa apps I had running in windows anyway12:36
ForgeAus(so I reset)12:36
spirooJucato: thanks12:52
ForgeAusJucato the command to clean worked :)12:52
ForgeAus(ie apt-get clean )12:52
ForgeAusI almost forgot to get back to it :)12:52
Jucatoheh no problem. if it didn't work I'd be perplexed :P12:53
ForgeAusI think kpacage might have precluded sending the command because I'd set it to use autoclean12:53
ForgeAus(ie it probably didn't think it needed to manually clean)12:54
spirooI was mostly glad of Summer of Code when I saw every beautiful projects people are going to do. One of the most gladly news which I think is that someone actullay is goona code Kopete with MSNP15, which is MSN8.1 protocol :P Just lovely.12:54
spirooKrita and Amarok are also gonne get a lift up. Nice nice12:56
dthackerspiroo: Is that the MS-Office communicator format?12:57
ForgeAusrofl the andlinux FLTK console shows mc borders as japanese characters :)13:01
ForgeAusironically an NT console (same one used for cmd.exe) shows it correctly13:02
sigma_1234whens the next alpha of hardy due out?13:06
dthackerthought the cat pulled the keyboard plug out.13:10
user5hi there13:19
user5all is't ok?13:20
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about runlevel - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi13:24
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto13:27
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ahmoshi,Is there a programme that can catch a hanged process,because when i leave my coputer turned on fro 1 hour with out using it,it not respond but the mouse cursor is moving?!!!!!!13:32
PolitikerNEUor: killall <processname>13:36
PolitikerNEU*killall -s 'KILL' <processname>13:36
ahmosyes but when it hangs i'm not able to know the process name13:36
dhqis there any good documentation tool13:37
ibouis there a way to repair the wi-fi connexion after a crash without rebooting ?13:38
dhqibou: what problem are you faicng13:39
iboudhq: i'm downloading with ktorrent and after a while im losing the wifi network and can't reconnect. I'm typing a "sudo modprobe -r ipw3945" in konsole but this command is not executed(the prompt doesn't come back)13:41
ForgeAusI know I need to start a new development project... a pkgunity tool :)13:44
ForgeAussomething that stores a base of packages that can decypher/work with whatever type of package u throw at it (at least .tgz .rpm ,deb), and integrate it into the system harmoniously13:45
ForgeAusas long as the dependancies are met of course13:45
storbeckThat would be interesting.13:45
DexterF[14:35] <ahmos> helloooooooooo!! <- netiquette13:45
DexterFah, gone13:46
ForgeAusstorbeck I agree :) of course13:46
ibou_dhq: sorry my connexion crashed again and i couldn't read your answer13:47
ibou_dhq: did you answer ?13:47
storbeckibou_, Nobody answered you.13:47
k3njiibou: are you using NetworkManager? I have the same problem with the ipw2200 module sometimes. I used to just kill NetworkManager and knetworkmanager and restarted them again. that used to help sometimes. But also not always13:48
ibou_storbeck: and what did Nobody say ? :D13:48
dhqdo you use gdm rite13:48
dhqibou_: do you use gnome13:48
ibou_dhq: i use kde13:49
ibou_k3nji: yes i use networkman ager13:49
aoupihi, how do I use kverbos? it doesn't show any verbs13:49
ibou_i forgot to say that the only way to reboot is to press the power button 5 seconds...13:49
ibou_k3nji: i'll try that13:50
storbeckThe reboot option doesn't work?13:50
ibou_k3nji: thanks13:50
ibou_storbeck: the computer start to shut down but does not finish13:51
dhqwell then knetworkmanager is ok13:51
dhqdo you get the wireless ap in the list13:51
ibou_the wireless ap ?13:52
dhqwell the accesspoint13:52
ibou_which list ?13:52
k3njiibou: easy13:53
ibou_dhq but i can't connect to it13:53
dhqibou_: when you click on that you can connect to the network13:53
ibou_dhq: no13:53
dhqwhat error do you get13:53
ibou_dhq: can't find "essid"13:54
ibou_dhq im also trying on my neighbours wifi but it can't find them too13:54
ibou_so its'coming from my computer13:55
ibou_i have them in the list but can't find them when i'm trying to connect to them13:56
dhqsudo nano /etc/network/interfaces      use pastebin13:56
ibou_k3nji: what do you mean by "easy" ?13:56
ibou_dhq you want me to do that now or when my connexion will crash again ?13:57
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about 3d - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi13:59
ibou_dhq: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/58723/13:59
noaXesswhat is the best 3d desktop engine for my nvidia? compiz?13:59
noaXessor are ther others?14:00
dhqibou_: are there any manual configurations on14:00
ibou_dhq: no there is not14:01
storbecknoaXess, Compiz, Compiz-fusion, Beryl, Xgl14:01
=== darkwizzard_ is now known as DarkWizzard
dhqibou_: i am not to sure14:01
noaXessstorbeck: what do you preffer?14:01
storbecknoaXess, None. :]14:01
dhqibou_: maybe someone else can help you14:02
noaXessok :)14:02
ibou_dhq: ok thanks anyway :D14:02
dhqibou_: sudo iwlist eth1 scan14:02
ibou_dhq: Interface doesn't support scanning :s :s14:03
dhqwhat is your wireless interface name14:03
ibou_dhq: oh sorry its eth014:04
dhqibou_: rplace the above command with eth014:04
storbeckeh0 is your wireless? O_o14:04
hydrogenstorbeck: err, that response you gave about 3d desktop is pretty wrong14:05
storbeckhydrogen, How so?14:05
ibou_dhq: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/58727/14:05
dhqibou_: so thoses are all your networks14:05
dhqyou can connect manually to them14:06
hydrogenstorbeck: compiz + beryl = compiz fusion, so you are basically recommended three different versions of the same software... all of which provide a compositing window manager... Xgl = A server with compositing extensions, installing xgl without compiz does not give you a 3d desktop14:06
storbeckcompiz != compiz-fusion. beryl != compiz-fusion14:06
storbeckcompiz-fusion = compiz-fusion14:07
hydrogenlet me give youa  little history14:07
ibou_dhq: yes but when i connect manually i noticed that after i can't get back the automatic way with knetworkmanager14:07
storbeckI know the history.14:07
hydrogenIn the beginning there was compiz, and all was good14:07
Jucatostorbeck: compiz fusion and beryl re-merged and was renamed compiz-fusion14:07
hydrogenthen  beryl forked because they wrote really bad patches and the compiz maintainer didn't accept them14:07
hydrogenthen there was lots of flaming14:07
hydrogenthen they merged again14:07
dhqibou_: well you could use konsole to connect to the network14:07
storbeckhydrogen, Is it still possible to install beryl?14:08
hydrogenas such, recommending compiz _or_ beryl _or_ compiz-fusion is silly14:08
ibou_dhq: ok i'll try that14:08
hydrogenstorbeck: maybe on older versions of *buntu/unupdated machines14:08
storbeckHow is that silly?14:08
dhqibou_: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=57118814:08
Jucatostorbeck: possible? if you can get your hands on an old, pre-compiz-fusion package/source14:08
hydrogenstorbeck: because that'd be like me recommending someone install kde2.0 or kde3.514:08
storbeckMaybe somebody wants Beryl and not Compiz. He was asking about different ones, not which one is the best.14:08
Jucatoit's like saying "is it still possible to install kde 3.5.0". sure.14:09
thumperis anyone else having problems with Kopete?14:09
=== daiana is now known as day
storbeckHe asked about different kinds, I told him.14:09
thumperKopete starts up but goes non-repsonsive with nothing added to the ui14:09
ibou_dhq: thanks14:09
dhqibou_: did it work ??14:10
hydrogenstorbeck: no, you told him about different versions14:10
hydrogenthey are the same kind14:10
storbeckOkay hydrogen14:10
ibou_dhq: i'll wait for the next crash to try14:11
storbeckFeel free to help him then.14:11
dhqibou_: well ok14:11
hydrogen"Q:What Desktop Envrionments are availible to install" "A: Well, you can install gnome 2.06, gnome 2.08, gnome 2.10, gnome 2.12, gnome 2.14, gnome 2.16, or gnome 2.18"14:11
dhqibou_: all the best :D14:11
ibou_dhq: thanks for your time14:11
storbeckhydrogen, You can stop flaming me now, I've lost interest14:11
dhqibou_: no problem14:12
hydrogenstorbeck: well, at least you learned something useful today! (I hope)14:12
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=== k3nji_ is now known as k3nji
noaXessdoes compiz only has gnome features?14:22
murphMy friend installed kubuntu, but I've never used it. What's the easiest way for him to get / install / enable sshd so i can log in remotely? :)14:26
heathI ma trying to purge and reinstall alsa... apt wants to remove ubuntu-minimal... is that safe??14:27
heathmurph: apt-get install openssh-server14:27
murphheath, thanks :) is there a command to then start sshd?14:28
heathmurph: it will do it all for you14:28
heathjust open and point the port from your router14:29
heathCan anyone help with my alsa problem??14:30
BizMan697anyone know anything about sshfs? i have a question14:32
heathBizMan697: I use it14:32
BizMan697heath, i know u can mount shares so that any computers on your network can use it14:33
BizMan697but is there a way that if im at work, i can view  a mounted folder a thome14:33
heathBizMan697: yeah... you need to open the port on your router and point it to what ever pc has sshd running14:34
BizMan697i would like to be able to acces my movies and music and view them elsewhere14:34
BizMan697on a non LINUX machine14:34
heathBizMan697: the port for ssh is 2214:34
heathBizMan697: you are trying to mount sshfs from a windows machine?14:34
BizMan697im would want to access a sshfs mount on my linux machine a thome14:35
BizMan697from a windows machine at work, to watch movies, listen to music etc14:35
BizMan697i already can securelly ssh into it, vnc through ssh, and even transfer files14:35
BizMan697but i would like to just open it from this end, and stream it so to speak14:35
heathBizMan697: I'm not sure if wondows has sshfs support14:35
murphmmkay, on running apt-get install my friend gets "E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem." - any ideas?14:35
heathBizMan697: what you would need is a VPN14:36
stdinmuibe: get them to run the command it says, with sudo14:36
BizMan697what can i do iwth a vpn, tha ti cant on ssh14:36
heathBizMan697: then on the linux box set up samba14:36
BizMan697its setup already14:36
ForgeAusis there a libapt-pkg-libc6.4-6-3.53 for kubuntu gutsy?14:37
* Jucato points ForgeAus to http://packages.ubuntu.com :)14:38
BizMan697heath, what else would i need to do14:38
heathBizMan697: one sec...14:38
ForgeAusthe cnr client needs it14:38
stdinyou need to forward ports 139 and 445 (TCP), but make sure you have some security on14:39
JucatoForgeAus: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=libapt-pkg-lib&mode=filename&suite=gutsy&arch=any14:39
ForgeAusahh I'm going to have to check if apt and/or aptitude is up to date I think14:41
ForgeAusthats prolly why14:41
heathBizMan697: A vpn gets you in to your network... then you can run anything you want from there14:42
BizMan697ok, where do u recommend i start14:44
heathDo you know if your router at home provides VPN?14:44
BizMan697yes, i believe it does14:45
heathBizMan697: Then you should be able to setup some PPTP connections to the router from the Web interface... i14:46
makdaknife<BizMan697>   try ssh tunneling: http://www.ssh.com/support/documentation/online/ssh/winhelp/32/Tunneling_Explained.html14:47
BizMan697i am already setup for ssh14:48
makdaknifeyes... that's why I suggested tunneling... it allows you to tunnel protocols through ssh without having to go through the hassle of setting up a VPN14:49
BizMan697yeah but how can i watch movies from my work/home through ssh?14:50
=== max__ is now known as xlinx
BizMan697and on windows, from my linux box14:51
heathBizMan697: both will work, but if your router allows you to make users then It's very simple14:51
BizMan697ok well since i have ssh setup arleady, can u gudie me in watching movies from work (windows), from my home machine (ubuntu)14:52
BizMan697heath or mackdaknife any suggestions?14:56
makdaknifefrom what you're trying to achieve, it may make sense just to set up a webdav repository on your linux box and then access that over https14:58
makdaknifewindows works well with webdav. as does linux14:58
heathunless you have vista14:59
heathBizMan697: what files are you trying to stream??14:59
makdaknifehah... if you have vista... don't try to achieve anything!15:00
heathlol... the truth15:00
heathBizMan697: I set one of my customers up with Jinzora and he loves it... it may be your solution15:03
heathzimon: what up15:04
heathzimon: i need to purge alsa and apt wants to remove ubuntu-minimal... is that safe?15:05
zimonheath: fine, thanks .. why do you need to purge alsa?15:05
heathzimon: I recompiled the kernel and added the Intel HD support that I needed now I need alsa to see it15:06
zimonheath: i don't understand .. is the module loaded?15:07
heathzimon: I think so... but on a forum I found someone with the same computer and they had to purge alsa and reinstall for it to work15:09
zimonheath: reinstall from source?15:09
heathzimon: no... just purge then apt-get install15:10
heathBizMan697: did you check out jinzora??15:10
zimonheath: then dpkg-reconfigure alsa-base and alsa-utils should do the same15:11
heathzimon: cool... I give that a shot15:11
heathzimon: you are the man15:12
heathzimon: now how do I get kmix to see it... alsamixer see it fine15:13
zimonheath: maybe you just need to restart kmix or kde .. i don't know15:15
zimonheath: or dpkg-reconfigure kmix ..15:16
Aranelhow can I find my (hd0,0) (hd1..) etc. for GRUB ?15:17
Araneli dont know partition numbers.15:18
jhutchins_wkAranel: What do you know?15:18
heathzimon: thanks for the help once again... kubuntu should pay you for this stuff...15:18
AranelI need to reinstall GRUB,i dont know anything about hdds. i have an SATA and IDE, i only know it.15:19
Araneland I know IDE is (hd0) .15:19
heathgrub only uses hd15:19
zimonzimon: i don't think so ... else i'm expected to know everything ;-)15:20
=== ubuntu_ is now known as abso
stdin /gutsy/boot/grub/device.map has the hd? numbers, and the partition numbers are the same as shown by "sudo fdisk -l" minus 115:20
ubuntu_i l y qualk italien?15:22
ubuntu_fuck you15:22
ubuntu__i l y qualk italien?15:24
ubuntu__there are some italy?15:24
ubuntu__ci sta alcun italliano?15:24
BizMan697io parlo italiano15:24
stdin!it | ubuntu__15:24
ubotuubuntu__: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!15:24
BizMan697pero abiito in america15:24
jpatrickstdin: same guy again?15:25
stdinjpatrick: yep, similar IP too15:26
* genii sips a coffee15:26
ubuntu__onnete a internet con linux con il modem PCI?15:26
jpatrick!it > ubuntu__15:26
Jucatoubuntu__: English only in here15:26
jpatrick!en | Jucato, ubuntu__15:27
ubotuJucato, ubuntu__: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are english only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat15:27
Jucatojpatrick: hm?15:27
jpatrickJucato: long live that factoid15:27
Jucatohm.. ok... :)15:28
ubuntu__please you tell me the italian channel?15:28
hydrogen!it | ubuntu__15:28
ubotuubuntu__: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!15:28
stdinubuntu__:  /join #ubuntu-it15:28
=== hydrogen is now known as Idrogeno
josephwhat is the file folder where the Trash stores files?15:29
IdrogenoI for one support my italian brethren15:29
ubuntu__scusate se parlo in italiano ma come si cambia il nick15:29
Idrogenoor ~/.Trash/15:29
josephthere is no ~/.Trash15:29
ubuntu__fuck you15:30
Idrogenotreres a ~/.Trash here15:30
Idrogenoso speak for yoself15:30
stdinfor you maybe15:30
jpatrickroot_: are we rooted now?15:31
Jucato~/.local/share/Trash is the direct xdg location15:31
josephJucato: thank you15:31
jamadagni_anyone know about skim15:31
JucatoI think GNOME implements it in ~/.Trash by default (and sometimes KDE for some drives/removable media iirc)15:31
=== Idrogeno is now known as Idrogenogone
IdrogenogoneI think kde used to15:32
Idrogenogoneback before xdg became the cool thing to do15:32
jamadagni_i have problems in getting keyboards to work on skim15:32
jamadagni_don't want to go to gnome forthat15:32
jamadagni_can anyone please help15:32
jamadagni_need to use custom-made keyboard tables for indic script15:33
day need to use custom-made keyboard tables for indic script15:36
jamadagni_i have made15:37
jamadagni_custom table15:37
jamadagni_i have also compiled using scim-make-table15:38
jamadagni_and moved to /usr/share/scim/tables15:38
jamadagni_but while right clicking or left-clicking on skim tray icon i am not getting any list of kbds15:38
mikademusI'm very sorry to say I'm getting fed up. I have been spending over a week not, several hours every day, trying to get a stable and up to date Linux system up, and though I have been a M$ detractor for two decades, I'm thinking of switching and becoming a fanboi15:39
jamadagni_hoi mikademus what's the problem15:40
jamadagni_@mikademus: if you state the prob clearly you can get solutions15:40
mikademusI have tried over 12 distro flavours, I have compiled my own kernels, I have done everything, but I can't get a stable system. And now I'm trying Kub8.04a6, and on three different installs it has broken in three different ways15:40
ForgeAusmikademus, perhaps you went the wrong way about it if it took you a week?15:41
ForgeAusmika, first of all whats your definition of stable?15:41
mikademusBooting. Not conflicting at every single thing I try to do.15:41
ForgeAussecondly something like feisty or gutsy would be more likely stable than an alpha of 8.0415:42
jamadagni_yeah @mikademus; don't try alphas15:42
jamadagni_gutsy is very stable15:42
ForgeAusthirdly what kinda ways do you break it?15:42
jamadagni_@day: can you help me with skim15:42
mikademusI'm a techie, I have programmed computers for 25 years... And I *WANT* Linux. I hate WIndows. But finally my enthusiasm is getting worn too thin :(15:42
ForgeAusmika you odn' tneed enthusiasm15:42
jamadagni_@mikademus: ok but don't use alphas just because you are a techie15:43
jamadagni_have you really tried gutsy15:43
mikademusWell, the firtst distro I tried was 7.10. It especially was prone to errors when trying proprietary drivers.15:43
ForgeAusalso note solutions aren't always easy15:43
ForgeAusyes well proprietary drivers can be problematic15:43
ForgeAusthats not 7.10's fault15:43
ForgeAusof course you can use the opensource drivers15:43
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto15:44
ForgeAusthat should work15:44
ForgeAusok what else?15:44
mikademusBasically, I want a system with 2.6.24 to support my Ergonomic 4000 keyboard. Then I want KDE 3.6.8\9 (I think those are the latest non\4 versions?), and I want WINE to try to move as much from windows over as possible. I want Compiz or Metisse, but there's where most problems rise, I think.15:44
mikademus(reading link)15:45
ForgeAusum mikademus I'm detecting an issue here15:45
mikademusplease tell me15:46
ForgeAusyou want a current 3.5.8/9?... and you want compiz and you want this and you want that?15:46
mikademusI just listed my wishes15:46
mikademusI'm a newb in LInux, though a long time supporter15:46
ForgeAuswell first of all I tried metisse and it really slowed down my system it was nice fx tho (built into mandriva)15:46
ForgeAusI'd suggest going for compiz (you don't even need that with kde4 if you want that instead because kwin has good effects)15:47
ForgeAusbut its a sound decision to go 3.5.x15:47
ForgeAusso what video card do you have firstly?15:47
Jucatomikademus: 1. Keyboard depends on the drivers available. 2. KDE 3.5.9 is available in Gutsy (and will be the default in Hardy). 3. WINE doesn't run all Windows apps. 4. see the !compiz factoid for compiz (Metisse is practically dead).15:47
mikademusAs for ATI drivers, perhaps this might be an a6 bug? Doday I've installed it two times from scratch. First time it hadn't installed prop ATI drivers, but failed on installing them. Second install it HAD installed them by default byt they "weren't in use"15:47
BluesKaj'Morning all15:48
ForgeAushmmm mikademus don't use a615:48
mikademusNo, I know WINE doesn't run everything. THat's part of what I want to try out. But I haven't gotten that fdar yet :(15:48
ForgeAusstick with a release15:48
Jucato!appdb | mikademus15:48
mikademusI guess. But then no 2.6.2415:48
ubotumikademus: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org15:48
ForgeAusyes well WINE is good in some ways bad in others, you'd be better to use something like vmware-server instead of wine15:48
ForgeAusmikademus I'd suggest using the repo's ATI drivers instead of ATI's own ones15:49
jamadagni_hello can anyone help with my skim problem?15:49
mikademusAye, virtualisation, but then I'm still not free from Windows. Of course I am not naive enough to think that Wine will run everything, I just hope I can move enough of my environment over that I'll have less and less reason to boot into XP15:49
ForgeAusit takes a few steps to install them... thats all15:50
ForgeAuswell just don't expect much from wine thats all15:50
ForgeAusespecially from anything that requires DirectX15:50
ForgeAus(theres non-free versions of wine like crossover office and cedega which are mostly for Microsoft Office and DirectX respectively)15:51
mikademusWell, Wine isn't my reason for coming here, crying... I haven't even gotten to that yet. As I said, 15 distros later and the only one that works stable and detects my graphic hardware flawlessly is CentOS, and they are the most conservative distro around, and will stay on 2.6.18 for at least a year (=no keyboard). I like Kubuntu, but even the 7.10 acted up alot, especiually when updating the system15:52
ForgeAusmika.. I tihnk your going to have to learn to settle for some stuff...15:53
mikademusEven with no development repos enabled, updating generally sank the system to where it didn't even boot. Which for me meant reinstall from DVD.15:53
ForgeAusI don't know much about CentOS or any rpm distros for that matter (aside from metisse under mandriva)15:53
BluesKajmikademus, picky , picky   :)15:54
ForgeAusmika, it doesn't sound like something linux should be doing (ie sinking your system)15:54
mikademusHehe, perhaps I am, I actualloy wouldn't know. I'm utterly new to the non-idealistic side of Linux15:54
ForgeAusyour not overloading your HDD or RAM are you?15:54
ForgeAuspersonally I find it odd you think its idealistic15:55
ForgeAusI come into linux expecting very little and was actually suprised pleasently by what I got15:55
zimonmikademus: CentOS is an enterprise distribution, so of course it uses older, but more stable software. if you want that from kubuntu, use dapper15:55
mikademusNope, C2D E6600 vanilla system with ATI X800 gfx. Stable and conventional config.15:55
mikademusWell, no, I don't expect enterprise stability. But the stable 7.10 Kubunto was actually less stable for me than Fedora C8, and on pair with their Core9 alpha.15:56
ForgeAusmika you have to realize your particular brand of video card (I have an ATI Radeon myself so I'm in the same boat) is not as easy to install as most under Linux15:56
mikademusForgeAus: ok, I have heard stories about poor Linux support from ATI15:57
BizMan697try ebvy15:57
ForgeAus7.10 should be fine...15:57
ForgeAusbizman you mean edgy?15:57
BizMan697works great at getting the proper drivers and editing your xorg.conf file15:57
mikademusForgeAus: So you think that the gfx might be at the source of the instabilities?15:58
ForgeAusmika if you follow the url I sent you earlier you should be fine15:58
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto15:58
mikademusBizMan697: envy, forgive my ignorance, that is a config utuility for the X server?15:58
ForgeAusmika I think thats one likely problem you have15:58
ForgeAusas for the rest I don't know15:58
ForgeAusthere is an aticonfig util I got from somewhere15:58
mikademusAgain, I'm sorry to come into the channel and vry like a little girl, but my frustration has really been mounting the last days...15:59
ForgeAushehe I know what frustration is like15:59
ForgeAuswe all get it15:59
ForgeAusfrom time to time16:00
mikademusAs for the aticonfig utility, that one failed with some error when running "aticonfig --initial", after installing the dirvers from ATI's support page (a complete reinstall ago)16:00
ForgeAusbut I kinda get the sense that you've been approaching this all wrong... this channel has excellent support for kubuntu16:00
ForgeAusit shouldn't take you a week... only the d/l of the .iso and some config and you should have a relatively stable system16:01
mikademusForgeAus: but you know, that really means that no matter how much I wish it, Linux isn't ready to take on the mainstream desktop competition yet... :(16:01
ForgeAus(either kde 3.5.x - with optional compiz and/or kde4)16:01
ForgeAusmikademus look when I first got into kubuntu I was shocked I got a liveCD that I could browse from before I'd even installed it to a hard drive16:02
ForgeAusI installed it and it worked16:02
ForgeAussure I broke it because I was trying to do stuff it wasn't made to do, but I learnt alot from it16:02
ForgeAusand now I'm pretty much happy with the platform...16:02
mikademusHeh, yeah, that's what I too thought. I started with Xubuntu because I thought I wanted power over flash. But I simply didn't like Xfce, so I went to Kubuntu, and liked it very much. But I had terrible difficlutes with gfx-related stability (twio separate installs, and my system was killed from installing proprietary drivers the first time, and updating the system the second)16:03
ForgeAuswell I don't blame you with the XFCE thing to me its like a gnome-lite almost16:03
mikademusAye, I understand what you mean and agree16:03
ForgeAusmika yes well expect the gfx to take some work but keep a level head and follow the faq through and it should be ok16:04
makdaknifethere are two approaches to reviewing desktop operating systems... one is to say X operating system is not ready for the mainstream desktop, and the other is to say, I'm not really able to get X operating system working the way I want to and probably need to learn more about it16:04
ForgeAusand if you have problems you can always come back here and ask :)16:04
ForgeAusanyway I hope I've eased your issues some... I wish you good luck16:05
ForgeAusmakda it mostly depends on individual experience I think16:06
mikademusThanx for that, but seriously, jost got to ask: you think my expectations are too high? I want support for my keyboard, I want a slick desktoip experience with some nice bling working on my video board. And I am technically proficient --I did manage to make my own kernel on my second day of testing Linux.16:06
ForgeAusthe ATI thing is unfortunate with many distros16:06
ForgeAusmika the slick desktop experience? hmmm I am used to WindowsXP its no slicker or less slick than Edgy/Feisty/Gutsy imho... I'm happy with either16:07
ForgeAusas for your keyboard support is it a conventional keyboard most work with standard 104 is it? drivers16:07
ForgeAusif you have a custom keyboard you may need custom software to work with it? I don't even know if software for it is available...16:08
BizMan697anyway you can change the default ports for apache (they are 80 and 443)16:09
ForgeAusas for your percieved technical proficiency I can believe you have some but remember your in the same breath saying your a linux newbie mostly... and the two are functionally incompatible to some degree...16:09
mikademusIt is a quite unconventional keyboard. It is a jap-extended 109-key board. It is detected with the 2.6.24 kernel, but mandriva had out-of-the-virtuabox-support for it, and it uses an older kernel16:09
ForgeAusso don't expect things to work right off the bat...16:09
zimonmikademus: it's not a big deal to build a 2.6.24 package for ubuntu16:10
ForgeAusum well I can't really help you with the keyboard thing...16:10
mikademusAye, I do not expect to be a linux wizard because I have a tech head, my point was rather that I'm not scared by being thrown into the tecnical side of things16:10
mikademuszimon: ok, that sounds pleasant. Was that the make-kpkg thing you told me about previsouly16:10
zimonmikademus: yes16:11
ForgeAushehe mika I'm not scared of dropping you there if thats what you mean but actually I find things in kubuntu generally don't require that.... :)16:11
BizMan697anyway we can change the defualt ports in apache?16:11
ForgeAusthe thing that scares me the most about linux is compiling software! its still too many bits that can go wrong for me16:11
ForgeAusand I consider myself in the windows world a power user and I'm learning alot about linux for around about a year or so now16:12
ForgeAusbut I have a long way to go16:12
mikademusForgeAus: well, actually sounds quite similar to my situation, then16:12
Dr_WillisGiven all the bits ive seen go wrong with windows.. :)  Ill stick with linux.16:12
isaac_hey, when i installed the proprietary driver of nvidia geforce4 X wont start16:12
Dr_Willisbut we wont start that rant right now. :)16:12
ForgeAus(mika if all else fails you can always install AndLinux in your WindowsXP and toy with it hehe)16:13
ForgeAusisaac don't use the proprietary driver use this one16:13
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto16:13
mikademusForgeAus: the thing that really frustrates me is that when something is messed up (usually from what should be standard operations, like "yum update system" (on fedora), as an example, but also on *ubuntu), the system is basically fried for me and I need to rinstall16:14
ForgeAusDrWillis like what bits? sorry I'm an equal opportunity OS enthusiast :)16:14
ForgeAuswell unless that OS is an RPM based distro rofl16:14
ForgeAusmika you think theres no recovery from package conflicts?16:15
ForgeAusis that what your trying to say?16:15
Dr_WillisForgeAus,  You want to know the total disaster i had with a bluetooth dongle under windows  :) i had to  let windows strt the 'found new hardware' but let it start the dongles own setup.exe.. BUT then i had to tell the setup exe the path to the windows drivers in part..  for some parts.. and other parts had to be off the dongles cd. :)16:15
Dr_WillisForgeAus,  Of course i have other stories..but thats one thats most recent.16:15
stondcan some one tell me how to change the icon of my PSP when I plug it in the icon that it shows is a ipod but I want to change it to an icon that i downloaded and no matter what i do it will not change from that stupid ipod  icon16:15
isaac_ForgeAus: yeah i used that driver16:16
Dr_WillisIts sad that bluetooth has been so.. slow in getting adopted.16:16
ForgeAusDrWillis I have a bluetooth dongle all I did was install the driver from the CD and enable it in the control panel... simple...16:16
Dr_WillisForgeAus,  Yep. thats how it was supposed to work...16:16
ForgeAusperhaps you got an overly nasty peice of hardware?16:16
mikademusForgeAus: I don't know what I am trying to say. Guess why I'm frustrated? :p16:17
ForgeAusthe thing that confuses me most is you saying that it starts the dongles own setup.exe and the dongle itself isn't even installed yet.. thats odd...16:17
Dr_WillisForgeAus,  But windows said it was compatiable, and installed their own drivers..  which dident work.., dongles drivers.. also.. dident work. :) i had to  mixx the 2..  I ended up just using the dngle on my linux box. It works fine there.16:17
Dr_WillisForgeAus,  Lets just say i am not buying any hardware from that company any more. :016:18
ForgeAushehe sounds prudent16:18
mikademusBah, how come that atp-get returns error due to other process using it when none does?16:18
* mikademus sighs16:18
ForgeAusmika another problem is your doing this alone...16:18
Dr_WillisForgeAus,  right. the 'fix' was to use parts of MS drivers.. and the custome dongles drivers..  Now WHY the dongle even needed its own drivers is a good question.16:18
ForgeAusit helps to have some help16:18
ForgeAusyou don't have to feel so frustrated when you have someone with you who knows something about what's going on16:19
mikademusAye, and the cat I'm waiting for isn't old enough to be delivered yet. She could have helped me otherwise16:19
Dr_WillisForgeAus,  then i had the usb printer that under windows - when  i printed a test page.. powerd off the machine instantly.. How do you even Begin to trouble shoot that. :)16:19
ForgeAushehe mika you didn't at first learn windows all by yourself did you?16:19
Dr_Willisbut im heading to ZZZzzz... land..16:19
ForgeAusyou would have used it, say at school or work or with family ...16:19
mikademusForgeAus: will you be my friend? *puppy eyes* Come here and help and I'll make coffe and crumpets lol16:20
ForgeAusthats why the people here as a support base is a good thing16:20
ForgeAuswhen something goes wrong you can come running to ask questions16:20
ForgeAus(it might not turn out as bad as it looked)16:20
mikademusok, so how do I see if there is a rogue atp-get process running, and how do I massacre it?16:21
Dr_WillisLinux is well documented. :) Of course finding time to read.. can be an issue.16:21
ForgeAusanyway... I generally consider people a friend by default unless they do something significant to change that view...16:21
Dr_Willisps ax | grep apt16:21
Dr_Willisthen kill the pid if needed.16:21
ForgeAusa rogue apt-get?... why would there be one of them?16:21
ubotuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »16:21
ForgeAusmika first of all your not using osmething like easyubuntu or automatix(1 or 2)  are you?16:22
Dr_Willisheh - do you answer the Q they asked.. or give them the answer they proberly really need. :)16:22
ForgeAus(they're a kinda "works for me" thing, but they've been known to royally screw with many an ubuntu system)16:23
mikademusForgeAus: no, I'm currently on the 8.04a616:23
ForgeAushehe DrWillis me?16:23
josephdoes dolphin have support for mouse gestures?16:24
Dr_WillisForgeAus,  :) welcome to #kubuntu, here is your Miss Cleo Hat of ESP.16:24
* ForgeAus shrugs joseph I would have thought so but I don't know for sure16:24
mikademusUbuto's advice worked for regaining control over atp-get16:24
* ForgeAus shrugs some more.. and puts the hat aside... 16:24
Dr_Willismikademus,  you dident have  a rogue process runnign then. :) you had one that died.16:24
ForgeAusI don't believe in ESP16:24
Jucato!thanks | mikademus16:25
ubotumikademus: You're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)16:25
Dr_WillisForgeAus,  do you Belive in ESPN?16:25
mikademusOh, dearest Ubuto, you will always be my Eliza!16:25
ForgeAushehe well I don't get that channel but yes I do believe there is one16:25
ForgeAusromancing the bot?16:26
Jucatojoseph: KDE (3.5.9 at the most) has support for mouse gestures globally. that is, it's not limited to a single app. Not sure about KDE 4 though16:26
ubotuLove is like racing across the frozen tundra on a snowmobile which flips over, trapping you underneath. At night, the ice-weasels come.16:26
* Dr_Willis runs to bed to hide from the icd-weasels.16:26
Dr_WillisNight all16:26
ForgeAusnight DrWillis16:26
ForgeAussweet dreamz16:26
Jucatobye Dr_Willis16:26
josephJucato: mouse gestures do not seem to be native in dolphin.16:26
Dr_Willisgoing to sleep and its almost NOON.. :) gotta love 3rd shift!16:27
mikademusHmm, to follow the ATI install guide I need to install dpkg-dev, which fails. Is that in a dev repo?16:27
ForgeAuswait dpkg-dev fails? what error do you get?16:27
Jucatojoseph: there is no "native in <app>" mouse gestures. KDE itself has mouse gestures. look in System Settings -> Accessibility ->Input Actions16:27
josephJucato: thank you.16:28
josephthe gestures are disabled globally16:28
mikademusThis command fails "apt-get install dpkg-dev debhelper libstdc++5 dkms", and the error is "Package dpkg-dev is not available, but is referred to by another package."16:28
ForgeAusok you might have to check your repos16:29
ForgeAusit might be a part of universe or multiverse that may not be active in your sources.list16:29
ForgeAus(the file resides as /etc/apt/sources.list  from memory)16:29
ForgeAusthere are a few ways of changing it16:30
ForgeAusone is treating it as a text file16:30
Sevis_Can anyone please help me change the screen resolution on KDE in ubuntu 7.10?16:30
ForgeAusanother is using Adept (ie sudo adept_manager, and then manage repositories in the menu)16:30
Jucatojoseph: http://kubuntuforums.net/forums/index.php?topic=3086781.016:30
AnnirakSo, I was attempting to add myself to the 'root' and 'www-data' groups to make working with some cgi scripts a little easier.  Now, I have lost the ability to sudo.  I know that I need to reboot to recovery mode, but I don't know what to do then.16:31
ForgeAusthere should be a line deb <url here> <distro code> main restricited16:31
ForgeAusand stuff like that...16:31
josephJucato: thanks16:31
mikademusAll dev repos are eneabled by deafult, except for the backports and official partners16:32
ForgeAuswhere its got main and restricted copy a line below that and replace main and restricted with universe and multiverse (whichever of them you don't have)16:32
ForgeAusok well <distro code>-backports is another one I often add...16:32
stondSevis_ in yooour terminal type sudo apt-get install ps3-utilit then type sudo ps3video -v then make your choice16:32
ForgeAuswell then I don't know why it isn't finding your package...16:32
Sevis_thanks stond, checking now16:33
mikademusIt seems the breakage might be worse, when running adept_manager I get the error "cannot connect to X server"16:33
ForgeAusum you could I guess check http://packages.ubuntu.com16:33
ForgeAusand see what it says16:33
Sevis_stond, it can't find that package16:34
ForgeAusmikademus your definitely running kubuntu 8.04a6 ?16:34
mikademusAbsolutely. That, at least, is no doubt about.16:34
ForgeAusif its ubuntu adept wont be there, if its a live CD then I can't understand how it can't be there16:34
ForgeAusunless you've removed it16:34
ForgeAustry apt-get install adept16:35
ForgeAus(oops sudo first unless your already root)16:35
blendtuxi am looking for a a good openoffice.org advanced calc tutorial, anybody could give me some pointers16:35
mikademus"already newest version"16:35
ForgeAusand you typed adept_manager ?16:35
mikademusIndeed. Error ensues, without accompanying hilarty16:36
stondSevis_ try searching for PS3 utilities in your synaptic package manager16:36
mikademus"No protocol specified, cannot connect to X server"16:36
ForgeAuswait cannot connect to X server is not because Adept_manager is missing16:37
ForgeAusits because your X has a problem16:37
Sevis_no matching applications, stond16:37
ForgeAusyou may need to fix your /etc/x11/xorg.conf file16:37
mikademusYou know I'm runnung a clean install from just when we started this chat? :D16:37
ForgeAusalso if your in the gui (like running it from console) I should have thought of this before...16:38
ForgeAusits not sudo its kdesu (if that doesn't work kdesudo for KDE4 and some newer kubuntu's) so the line becomes kdesu[do] adept_manager16:39
stondwell then I cant help because i am running kubuntu on my PS3 and that is the package i use to change my video mode and resolution output for tvs and monitors rangeing from stanard 480i up to 1080p16:39
stdinkdesu is linked to kdesudo, so it'll still work16:39
Sevis_is there a possibity to edit something manually?16:39
stondi dont know what type of computer are you using16:40
JKIcemanis there a good alarm clock for kubuntu? becourse i can't find any.16:40
nosrednaekimkalarm... or karm16:41
Jucatokorganizer (but probably too big)16:41
ForgeAusif you get the same error you probably need to fix your X11 its not adept_manager thats wrong ... (or if it is thats not all thats wrong)16:41
Sevis_I think I'll just give up and go back to gnome :)16:41
mikademusForgeAus: my x conf file seems... eh... well, what should I look for? The device says "Configured video device", seems a bit sparse to me, but I'm one wet newb16:41
Sevis_thank you for your help16:41
ForgeAusum I'm not sure I'm the one to help you with that16:42
mikademusYou think it could be the alpha?16:42
ForgeAusif you ran through the webpage I sent you earlier it should have helped you with what goes in there16:42
nosrednaekimmikademus: hey... whats wrong?16:42
ForgeAusno I don't think its the alpha16:42
stondcan some one tell me how to change the icon of my PSP when I plug it in the icon that it shows is a ipod but I want to change it to an icon that i downloaded and no matter what i do it will not change from that stupid ipod  icon16:42
ForgeAusum I think theres a line sudo dpkg xserver-xorg reconfigure or something like that to reset your xorg.conf to default16:43
mikademusnosrednaekim: hiya, good seeing you again :) Well, to sum it up I'm on the 8.06a6 and virtually nothing works. I've been pestering poor ForgeAus for the longest time now16:43
=== day is now known as mariposiita
nosrednaekimmikademus: the channel for hardy (8.04) is #ubuntu+116:44
mikademusWhy am I not surprised there's a special channel :p16:44
ForgeAuswell at least I was trying to be of assistance16:46
ForgeAusbut of course as we all know I'm very *trying* rofl :)16:46
mikademusHey, you were of great help!16:47
ForgeAus... sofar16:47
mikademusBut I suspect much of the issues are due to the "alpha" in alpha16:47
ForgeAusmikademus I doubt it16:47
ForgeAusat least in this case16:48
nosrednaekimif its a problem with X, then yes... hardy has lots and lotsa problems with that16:49
mikademusWell, I just got a very helpful recommendation over at #ubuntu+1: "DON'T RUN HARDY". I guess it sums it up quite well.16:50
josephi rather like gutsy16:50
atomicpotatoHardy? Problems with X? Say what?16:52
=== mariposiita is now known as daiana_
mikademusI think it is more statistics than lies. Which of course make it the biggest lie.16:54
BizMan697anyone know how to change the default ports in apahce (80 and 443)?16:57
emilsedghBizMan697: open apache.conf file16:58
BizMan697in there i can make changes?16:58
=== haskill is now known as zeno
BizMan697ok i will take a look when i get home, thank you16:58
MilhousePunkRockHello everyone!16:58
mikademusAnyway, I'm retrying gutsy, if anyone is interested I can get back to you with how that turned out16:59
BizMan697any reason why it has 2 ports opeN?17:00
MilhousePunkRockI am trying to set up a vpn connection to my university with kvpnc. I have imported the cisco-pcf but it does not connect... If I open vpnc on a shell and type in the stuff that it wants to know, it connects, but no program with outside connectivity will work. What am I missing17:00
emilsedghBizMan697: 443 is for ssl (https)17:01
MilhousePunkRockWeird, now it does connect... How to use Konqueror now for the connection?17:02
MilhousePunkRockTo be precise: I need the tunnel IP to be my external IP now...17:03
BizMan697emilsedgh, so should i leave it the same, or there is no problem in using an uncommon port?17:03
emilsedghBizMan697: if you use an uncommon port, users will have to add the port to address17:04
BizMan697even if i portfoward?17:04
BizMan697on my router17:04
emilsedghBizMan697: so if youre hello.com ir, you should type: hello.com:44 or (if the new port is 44 for example)17:04
emilsedghBizMan697: i dunno then17:04
* emilsedgh is so bad in networking17:05
BizMan697well i guess i can always try it17:05
BizMan697what im tring to do is get jinzora 2 up and running so i can access it from anywhwere17:05
=== daiana_ is now known as day
BizMan697any expereince with that kind of stuff emil?17:07
emilsedghBizMan697: oh, please highlight me, with typing my nickname17:08
emilsedghbtw, i dont know what is jinzora17:08
BizMan697im using search irc emilsedgh17:09
BizMan697no options to highlight17:09
BizMan697im at work17:09
emilsedghBizMan697: when you type 'emilsedgh' in you words, my clients alerts me17:09
emilsedghthats highlight17:09
BizMan697oh sorry 'emilsedgh'17:10
BizMan697that work17:10
BluesKajone can also auto-finish a nick by typing thr first few letters of a nick and hitting the tab key17:10
BizMan697not on this web based client :)17:11
emilsedghso youre using ircatwork17:11
makdaknifeBizMan697: nice! so you found a solution to your media streaming problem17:12
makdaknifebtw, your portforwarding on your router will work17:12
makdaknifee.g. on the router set up all traffic to port 80 to be redirected to say port 44 on your linux box17:13
ctx144khoi, kannmir mal wer sagen wie nochmal der KDE grafikviewer heist?17:17
ctx144kwirgentwas mit gview oderso17:17
BluesKaj!de | ctx144k17:17
ubotuctx144k: Deutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de17:17
zimonctx144k: gwenview17:17
ctx144kzimon, merci17:17
=== cxd is now known as cxd_
ctx144kupps sorry - i thought i was in the german channel :)17:18
crackhead_25can anyone helpme print? i have tried everything -- i have a lot of debugging information.. i dont want to copy it all in here and flood... please help!!17:23
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about patebin - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi17:23
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)17:23
crackhead_25nosrednaekim: i have paste binned it.. do you know about printers?17:23
coreymon77 crackhead_25 : wowowowowowow, wait a sec17:23
coreymon77crackhead_25: slow down here17:23
crackhead_25coreymon77: do you know about printers?17:24
coreymon77crackhead_25: whats the matter17:24
coreymon77crackhead_25: a thing or two17:24
crackhead_25coreymon77: i upgraded from feisty to gutsy, and now my printer doesnt work17:24
coreymon77crackhead_25: ill try my best17:24
crackhead_25it worked fine the other day in feisty17:24
coreymon77crackhead_25: which printer are we talking here17:24
nosrednaekimnot much.... but if you give me the pastebin I can take a look.17:24
crackhead_25hp 355017:24
crackhead_25adobe ppd.. hpijs.. very simple17:24
coreymon77crackhead_25: what type is that17:24
coreymon77crackhead_25: whats the model17:24
crackhead_25the simplest hp deskjet17:24
heathzimon: I got sound... all I had to do was add me to the sound group17:25
coreymon77ah, deskjet17:25
coreymon77crackhead_25: have you tried re-adding the printer in system prefs17:25
crackhead_25through which command?17:25
coreymon77crackhead_25: is this a network printer or local17:25
coreymon77crackhead_25: it can be done graphically btw17:25
coreymon77crackhead_25: im taking it the printer is connected locally right?17:26
coreymon77crackhead_25: okay17:26
=== ps3 is now known as xp_killer
crackhead_25lsusb shows it.. ?17:26
coreymon77crackhead_25: does it?17:26
crackhead_25however, the graphical add printer thing doesnt give me the local usb option.. it's grey out17:26
coreymon77crackhead_25: does lsusb show it?17:27
BizMan697how safe is it to leave ports open?17:28
BizMan697even if they are high numbers17:28
crackhead_25coreymon77: yes17:28
coreymon77crackhead_25: give me a sec17:29
ahmoshi i need to install this package (How?) I've tried the terminal but nothing..!17:29
jpatrickBias long as you keep your passwd safe, quite safe17:29
crackhead_25ahmos: sudo apt-get install17:30
BizMan697package name dpgk -i17:30
crackhead_25ahmos: sudo apt-get install pkgname17:30
arunkaleI just started using Vim for programming, and it is SO awesome.17:30
xp_killerif i up grade to gutsy will it remove beryl from my pc?17:31
ahmoscouldn't find this package...I have a problem with nspluginviewr17:31
arunkaleThe only thing that I dislike is the default colours for syntax highlighting in Vim. Is there any place where I can get colour 'schemes'? and if yes, how do i install them?17:31
coreymon77crackhead_25: have you tried using hps printer program thing17:31
=== day is now known as bolando
=== bolando is now known as bolandocachilo
coreymon77crackhead_25: it uses hplip17:32
crackhead_25how do i ?17:32
coreymon77crackhead_25: first thing, check to see if you have hplip installed17:32
=== bolandocachilo is now known as day
coreymon77crackhead_25: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install hplip17:33
coreymon77crackhead_25: put that into console17:33
BizMan697is it dangerous leaving ports 80 and 443 open17:33
crackhead_25coreymon77: i have it already. im in the program. ill see if it does anything.17:33
coreymon77BizMan697: youre on linux now, youre most likely not gonna get hacked17:34
BizMan697just making sure cause i want to create a media server, and i hate leaving low number poirts open17:34
coreymon77BizMan697: but, as a general rule, dont leave ports open unless you need to for a specific reason17:34
BizMan697for ssh i have real high numbers17:34
coreymon77BizMan697: if you need to open ports for a reason, then do so, you'll be fine17:34
BizMan697i need to get in through web pages, to access the media server page to view mp3 nad video17:34
llutzBizMan697: just make sure your listening services are well configured17:35
BizMan697my concern is if i open it on the router, its open on all pc's including windows is it not?17:35
coreymon77crackhead_25: that program might work better than kdes default17:35
coreymon77BizMan697: not if you only open it for your ip address17:35
llutzBizMan697: who told you so? thats wrong17:35
arunkalewhat does mkdir -p do17:36
BizMan697no one, im assuming17:36
BizMan697cause i have to open the port17:36
coreymon77BizMan697: ports can only be opened for specific ips, you can set the port to be open only for your ip, meaning only your computer17:36
BizMan697then port foward it17:36
BizMan697oh ok17:36
BizMan697ur right17:36
llutzarunkale: -p : no error if existing, make parent directories as needed17:36
coreymon77BizMan697: port forwarding opens the port for you17:36
BizMan697how do i set the listening services as u said before17:36
coreymon77BizMan697: and for you alone17:36
ahmosnspluginviewer eats 100% of cpu and makes xserver hangs ,any ideas?17:36
coreymon77crackhead_25: any luck?17:37
BizMan697port fowarding doesnt open the port to my knowledge, i coudnt vnc into my machine without opening it17:37
BizMan697portfowarding alone idndt work17:37
llutzBizMan697: read some basics about networking/services etc.17:38
coreymon77BizMan697: prot forwarding opens the port for your ip alone17:38
coreymon77crackhead_25: it remains closed for everyone else17:38
coreymon77crackhead_25: whoops, sorry, wrong highlight17:38
=== daiana is now known as daiana__
crackhead_25coreymon77: it went through the printing process but no ink came out.. i know the cartridges are full though17:39
llutzBizMan697: a port is open only if you run a listening service on it17:39
coreymon77BizMan697: that was meant for you17:39
crackhead_25coreymon77: it did more than it did before.. it recognized and instaleld.. but now it goes through the printing process and no ink comes out.. that's progress, but not success yet..17:39
coreymon77crackhead_25: but it detected the printer17:39
coreymon77crackhead_25: well, thats atleast better off than we were before17:39
BizMan697so how do i set listening service?17:39
llutzBizMan697: start it17:39
BizMan697and i can do that by?17:40
llutzBizMan697: you need a service like http/ssh/telnet/ftp? so install the daemon/server, configure it to your needs, start it and be happy17:41
coreymon77crackhead_25: im sorry, but the bell is going to ring soon and i have to get back to class, atleast now the printer is detected, keep playing around and ask someone else for help17:41
coreymon77crackhead_25: im sorry, but i have to go17:41
crackhead_25coreymon77: you be back later tonight?17:41
crackhead_25coreymon77: could i email you later?17:41
coreymon77crackhead_25: if you need me ill come on when i get home17:42
BizMan697well ive done that already17:42
BizMan697so they are already started then17:42
coreymon77crackhead_25: i should get home at around 3:15 to 3:30 eastern time17:42
=== daiana is now known as dey
crackhead_25coreymon77: k, im signed in always here.. msg me whenever youre back.. thank you for trying..17:42
llutzBizMan697: so they "opened" a port, they're listening on. No service listening = no open port17:42
coreymon77ill be back later17:43
BizMan697k got it17:43
makdaknifeBizMan697: go to a terminal and type: netstat -l17:45
makdaknifethis will tell you which ports your computer is listening on17:45
makdaknifeideally do: netstat -ln|grep ^tcp17:45
llutznetstat -anp --ip17:46
makdaknifethis will tell you the port number as well17:46
=== dey is now known as mentiritas
arunkaleok, in vim, if i split the window using :new, how do i un-split it?17:46
makdaknifenice llutz... didn't know about the --ip switch17:47
arunkalenever mind17:47
llutzi dislike grep if not needed ;)17:47
makdaknifei live for grep :-P17:48
makdaknifegrep is the lazy person's man17:49
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=== dhqlovesneetha is now known as dhq
Tom47i changed a keyboard seting such that the same key cannot be deptressed sooner than 500ms and cannot relocate where i did this .17:59
=== dhq is now known as iloveopensource
Tom47i changed a keyboard setting such that the same key cannot be depressed sooner than 500ms and need help to relocate where i did this .18:01
makdaknifeTom47:  KDE3-> System Settings -> Keyboard & Mouse18:02
kaminixHmm.... my Kaffeine can't play videos anymore.18:02
makdaknifekaminix: :-( what engine is it using?18:02
kaminixWell, an update a while ago removed kaffeine-xine, but the app says it's still using it.18:03
kaminixTrying a downgrade now. It's the first time I've restarted my laptop since the update which removed kaffeine-xine18:03
mikademusForgeAus: Hiya again, you interested in the continuing adventures of Captain Frustration?18:03
Tom47makdaknife: i have been looking there but cannot see the exact option to reset ... any ideas18:03
kaminixStill not working makdaknife :/18:04
makdaknifekaminix: did you use apt-get to upgrade? I switched to aptitude... its a little safer18:04
kaminixI use aptitude too.18:04
kaminixHmm... might know the cause. I removed KDM for KDE 4 and I think it was set as the active one.18:05
kaminixTrying a restart of X18:05
makdaknifehmmm kaminiz... I'm using kde4 and no problems18:06
makdaknifekdm shouldn't cause a problem with kaffeine18:06
makdaknifeTom47: Enable Keyboard Repeat, set the delay option18:06
mikademusForgeAus: Thanks for trying to keep me on Linux. I have just installed gutsy for the second time since out last exchange. I'm getting very, very tired. I installed gutsy, ran system update, there was some error and crash during system update, grub was fucked up, I was reinstalling again. If this failes again I will officially join the dark side and become a Windows fanboi.18:10
ubuntu_Nice irc client!!18:10
Tom47makdaknife: sorry but thats not the one . that deals with repeating a keystroke by keping a key depresed .18:11
stdin!language | mikademus18:11
ubotumikademus: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.18:11
ubuntu_no no no dont do it!18:11
Tom47makdaknife: my problem now is with typing double leters18:11
ubuntu_Kubuntu rox!18:11
ubuntu_that is easily fixed... try adding: clock=pit or clocksource=pit to the kernel line...18:12
makdaknifeTom47:  sorry I'm not sure which setting you're referring to then18:12
ubuntu_are u in Virtual pc??18:12
ubuntu_I had double letters in many Linus when in Virtual PC...18:13
Tom47makdaknife: ok ... thanks anyway18:14
ubuntu_ok sorry...18:14
makdaknifeTom47: hmmm not accessibility: keyboard... use slow keys?18:14
ubuntu_yes, or sticky??18:15
Tom47makdaknife: ty ty ty .... i reset defaults and now have what i wanted .... great18:18
josephi was doing an upgrade and it says postfix has been "kept back".  what does that mean?18:18
makdaknifeTom47: glad I could help18:18
Tom47makdaknife: was driving me insane18:19
kaminixWie, my Kaffeine works again :)18:21
makdaknifejoseph: packages are usually "kept back" to avoid dependency issues18:21
makdaknifedon't worry about them... they will become available as package dependency issues are resolved18:21
makdaknifekaminix: great! do you know what caused it?18:22
josephmakdaknife: so there aren't any major problems with postfix then?18:22
kaminixmakdaknife: Not entirely sure, but I think it was some problem with a conflicting KDM or something, kdm-kde4 which installed with kde4-core and had been set to active. I removed it and rebooted :)18:23
makdaknifejoseph:  probably not... its more likely that you are making use of conflicting repositories or that a package has been added to the apt repository and has dependency issues18:23
makdaknifekaminix: hmmm I've used both kdm's no problems... prolly just the reboot helped :-)18:24
makdaknifejoseph: http://www.webservertalk.com/archive291-2004-12-626948.html that provides a useful response18:25
makdaknifecheers folks... I'm off18:25
xavhello, i have difficulties to install sound on my dell laptop18:29
xavasoundconf list is empty18:29
=== sbucat is now known as sbucatino
intelikeysshd user can have shell /bin/false can't it ?18:36
intelikeyi can't get sshd to start at boot time.18:36
ForgeAusdid mika go?18:36
ForgeAushmm guess I cant help it if he doesn't listen18:37
geniiintelikey: Does it give some informative message?18:37
intelikeyit doesn't say anything18:38
intelikeygenii i can start it manually  but init doesn't seem to be able to start it.18:38
llutzintelikey: no syslog-entries?18:39
llutzincrease verbose-mode18:39
intelikeyi think i know what i'll do.   i'll rewrite the init script. and be done with it.18:39
intelikeyi've wasted enough time on it already18:39
intelikeyi found it.  it's bashism in the init script that calls /bin/sh not /bin/bash18:42
intelikeyi'll bet it starts now.18:43
=== intelikey is now known as Agent_bob
Arwenwhoa, switching to EXA rendering boosts compositing speed with the "radeon" driver way up.18:45
Arwenremember that if you're stuck on ATI!18:45
* genii makes a note in his lttle black notebook18:45
=== mentiritas is now known as knorborx
=== paolo is now known as persepolis
noaXesswhat about making a video of my desktop working for demonstration?19:10
llutznoaXess: recordmydesktop19:10
noaXessllutz: aha okay. thanks19:10
=== aluno is now known as The_Fodas
The_Fodase ae quengada do GNUX !19:13
The_Fodashello guys to GNUX19:15
BluesKajwhere can I find the option to turn off the bouncing icon ?.. annoying me.19:24
nosrednaekimBluesKaj: kcontrol->general->luanch feedback19:27
nosrednaekimI think.19:27
carlitoxalguien me esta leyendo?19:31
ubotuSi busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.19:32
carlitoxestas online?19:32
LadyNikonlo siento no hablar espanol19:33
LadyNikonmi espanol is muy pokito?19:33
carlitoxhey lady were you from'?19:34
LadyNikonsorry this isnt the type of chat for that19:34
LadyNikonthis is a help channel for kubuntu19:34
carlitoxeee ok thanx19:34
ubotu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!19:35
LadyNikonjoseph: i didnt do that.. because I have no desire to join that channel :D19:35
BluesKajnosrednaekim, i admire your memory ...I'd forgotten  :)19:37
noaXesshave installed compiz in my kubuntu kde3.. it work fine..19:37
noaXessbut seom special things.. if i send any window to the second desktop.. it's gone.. :(.. i think the desktop applet from kde and compiz have not the same destination.. any idea?19:37
nosrednaekimnoaXess: that is probably true.19:38
nosrednaekimnoaXess: you need compiz-kicker19:38
noaXessnosrednaekim: why?19:38
noaXessnosrednaekim: ok19:38
noaXessis this a applet?.. gnome applet?19:39
nosrednaekimnoaXess: because compiz doesn't work well with the kde3 desktops19:39
nosrednaekimnoaXess: its a kde panel applet19:39
nosrednaekim!info compiz-kicker19:39
noaXessnosrednaekim: the use compiz better with gnome?19:39
ubotuPackage compiz-kicker does not exist in gutsy19:39
nosrednaekimnoaXess: yes, it does have better gnome integration19:40
nosrednaekimnoaXess: I believe the kicker compiz package is in backports for gutsy19:40
noaXessnosrednaekim: hm... is there a desktop engine like compiz for kde?19:40
nosrednaekimnoaXess: not for kde319:40
noaXessnosrednaekim: but kde4 i think19:40
nosrednaekimnoaXess: you are using kde4?19:40
nosrednaekimnoaXess: yes, there is one for kde419:41
noaXessno kde319:41
noaXessnosrednaekim: is 4.0.2 really stable.. or are ther some missing apps?19:41
nosrednaekimnoaXess: plenty of missing stuff, but it is stable19:41
noaXessnosrednaekim: ok..19:41
nosrednaekimand it doesn't have as fancy of effects as compiz does19:42
noaXessnosrednaekim: how to enable backports?19:42
nosrednaekimnoaXess: "unsupported updates" I think in the adept manage repositories19:42
noaXessnosrednaekim: aha.. okay. just try..19:42
noaXesscompiz is cool :)19:43
noaXessand if you have a big nvidia grafic than it should be used..19:43
nosrednaekimoh yes :)19:43
josephLadyNikon: let that guy join then19:43
LadyNikonjoseph: good point19:44
carlitoxcompiz problem graphic card19:46
carlitoxati radeon 900019:46
ubotuIf your K menu is out of date, like after installing an application and not finding it in the K menu, you should type "kbuildsycoca" in a terminal to rebuild the KDE configuration cache19:50
=== chagas is now known as eddieftw
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about kbuildsycoca4 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi19:53
dhillonhi...plz help how can i reduce the brightness of my laptop screen...i am having sony vaio...thnks in advance19:57
benpicco__hi, how do i get konqueror not displaying 'system:/media/sdb2/' but "/media/$mountpoint" in the adress bar?19:57
sammyshouldn't kdm try the first resolution in my xorg.conf screen section, not the highest resolution? I edited xorg.conf and set my resoltion with the kde control panel, but after reboot, X keeps making a virtual desktop that's larger than my desktop AND larger than my largest modeline and ignores my previously saved settings19:57
tininJucato what's up?19:58
Jucatowhat were you looking for?19:59
Jucato(from the bot)19:59
tininkde4 doesn't start up19:59
Jucato#kubuntu-kde4 is the place for you :)19:59
tininI always get a screen telling me something that kbuildsycoca crashed19:59
=== sputnick is now known as stardust
tinini'm there, but not too much activity20:00
dhilloni m luvin kbuntu-kde4 on sony vaio20:00
dhillondumped pre-instlled vista20:00
Jucatotry waiting... maybe the guys are still sleeping...20:00
dhillonand it was gud decision :)20:00
tinini think it't this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/meta-kde/+bug/19787920:00
tininso there may be a solution20:00
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=== aleksanteri_ is now known as aleksanteri
=== Agent_bob is now known as intelikey
intelikeywell i got the sshd startup script fixed.   even though it was very hard to track down the actual issue.20:19
=== rignes_ is now known as rignes
intelikeyone doesn't normally suspect a script as being the problem if that script can be called from the command line and works normally there...20:19
intelikeyhmm now i need a way to stop the hdd from cycling20:21
=== hfsdo_ is now known as hfsdo
cuzntxi have sound issues.20:25
cuzntxim on gutsy20:25
cuzntxand i have yet to make sound come out20:26
JoshOvki!hardy > JoshOvki20:26
intelikeyis it kde or alsa related cuzntx ?20:26
cuzntxi can not be sure20:26
cuzntxi do not think it is alsa related20:27
cuzntxas i followed the instructions for d/l20:27
cuzntxand confiure20:27
intelikeycuzntx umm maybe you can.   drop to a console and test#  cat /dev/urandom > /dev/dsp   if you hear whight noise it's not alsa's fault20:27
intelikeyctrl+C to stop it.20:28
cuzntxbash: /dev/dsp: Device or resource busy20:28
intelikeyumm ok.  then i'm guessing that it's not alsa.  but that's only a guess for now.    let's test one more thing to be sure.   openvt -scf 12 -- sudo alsamixer20:30
=== chagas_ is now known as eddiwfw
=== eddiwfw is now known as eddiwftw
=== eddiwftw is now known as eddieftw
intelikeyooops should have added -w20:31
cuzntxillegal vt number `f'20:31
cuzntxopenvt -scf 12 -- sudo alsamixer-w  then?20:32
intelikey   openvt -sfwc 12 -- sudo alsamixer20:32
intelikeytry that one   ^20:32
tekteenroot__: hola20:32
root__como estas20:32
cuzntxCouldnt get a file descriptor referring to the console20:32
cuzntxCould not get a file descriptor referring to the console20:32
tekteenno habla espanol20:32
cuzntxi did sudo module-assistant auto-install alsa-source yesterday20:33
=== cuzntx is now known as cuznt
cuzntmuch better20:33
root__quien habla español?20:33
ubotuSi busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.20:34
intelikey!sound | cuznt i'll defer you to the bot and it's infonodes,20:34
ubotucuznt i'll defer you to the bot and it's infonodes,: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP320:34
tekteenlo siento, no hablamos español20:34
cuzntcat /proc/asound/cards  0 [SI7012         ]: ICH - SiS SI7012                    SiS SI7012 with CMI9739 at irq 2020:34
root__see you20:34
intelikey[17181527.224000] Buffer I/O error on device hdc, logical block 1342048 [17181527.720000] Buffer I/O error on device hdc, logical block 134204820:37
intelikeyi hate dvd's20:37
swattomy monitor screen has gone dodgy, how can i fix it? its all out of propeortiona20:38
intelikeyswatto what did you do,  zoom in ?20:38
swattono, just turned my computer on and the screen was all out of sync20:39
intelikeyswatto  ctrl+alt+-20:39
swattoill try restart x20:39
|Dreams|anyone backup xbox 360 games in here?20:39
Airforce5555hahahahahah this is awesome20:39
intelikeyswatto that sounds like some automatic ubuntu <insert byword here>    you may have to reconfigure xorg to fix it.20:40
swattothats better lol20:40
intelikeyswatto that sounds like some automatic ubuntu <insert byword here>    you may have to reconfigure xorg to fix it.20:40
ailsahello, i am trying to install the flash (non-free) plugin in konqueror (works already in firefox)20:40
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash20:40
swattofixed it just restarted x and seems to be working, thanks intelikey20:40
tekteenailsa: what is the problem?20:41
ailsai think konqueror finds the plugin, but starts the mplayer plugin instead of the nonfree (tested on youtube)20:41
ailsais there a way to tell konqueror to use the nonfree plugin?20:41
intelikeyswatto hope it holds past a reboot for you.   welcome.20:41
ailsai did everything on the RestrictedFormats homepage, but don't have the update-flashplugin command20:43
sammyintelikey: do you happen to know how X & kdm decides the initial root window size will be? is it the largest available from your list of modelines or is it the first?20:44
tekteenailsa: go to settings > configure konqeror20:44
tekteenthen go to plugins20:44
tekteenailsa: click the plugin tab20:44
sammymy X.org log shows that RandR is enabled, but I can't change my root window size. for some reason it's determined to be 1280x1024, even when I change my resolution in the control center, with RandR enabled, the root window size doesn't change20:45
tekteenailsa: tell me when you are done20:45
ailsai have (all in /usr/lib/firefox/plugins) one flashplugin-alternative.so and 5 mplayerplug-in-*20:45
intelikeysammy xorg uses the first size in the list for the particular depth   but kde/kdm is not that streight forward i fear20:46
tekteenailsa: did you go into the settings?20:46
ailsathe flashplugin Description is: FutureSplash Player20:46
tekteenisn't there also a x-shockwave-flash20:47
ailsayes there is20:47
tekteenopen that20:47
intelikeysammy xorg follows the old XFree86 patern on that.  if you know anything about that.20:47
ailsaDescription: Shockwave Flash20:47
tekteenwhat are the suffixes20:47
ailsaswf, but i can't "open" it20:47
sammyintelikey: you're right, somehow. my first defined mode is 1024x768, which I get as a screen resolution, but my root window size is still being set to 1280x1024, which is the largest size defined. I thought kde's control center + RandR would change the root window size, but it isn't.20:48
ailsaonly look at it (in the Plugins-tab)20:48
ubotuThe Flash plugin installation has been broken for some time. A fix has been released now. If the update fails to install Flash, try « sudo apt-get --purge remove flashplugin-nonfree ; sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree »20:48
tekteentry « sudo apt-get --purge remove flashplugin-nonfree ; sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree »20:48
ailsai will try this and come back, if this doesn't fix it20:48
intelikeysammy yeah that's kde's doing and i don't use kde   so maybe someone else in here can help you with that.20:49
sammyintelikey: no worries. I've asked in kubuntu, kde and xorg. it's friday, no one is sitting around in irc channels this afternoon/evening :)20:49
coreymon77crackhead_25: heya20:50
intelikeysammy i'm the console guy not the gui dood.   so out of my league really.20:50
sammyintelikey: cheers to that. linux gui's have a long way to go :) I'll be running mac os's wm when they finally separate it from the rest of their altered freebsd install and let me install it on top of any linux distro20:51
ailsatekteen ubota     did not help20:52
ailsathe flash plugin does work in firefox20:52
ailsabut not in konqueror20:52
intelikeydes quatro sammy20:52
geniiintelikey: Get the sshd working right?20:52
tekteenubotu is a bot20:52
ubotuYes, I can confirm that I am a bot. http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots for all information.20:52
ailsaonly the mplayer plugin is shown20:52
sammykde, gnome, xfce, all of them are too big for their britches. too many users that don't follow up on bugs, not enough developers.20:52
sammyintelikey: scusi? des quatro? the four? no hable... well anything but english20:53
intelikeysammy try blackbox/fluxbox20:53
tekteenailsa: I do not know. konq. hates flash20:53
intelikeyno bells nor whistles   but a clean gui20:54
intelikeywhen i use a gui it's blackbox anymore20:55
intelikeywhich isn't often20:55
sammyI used to run ... one of those on my AIX box at work intead of clunkycrappy CDE20:55
sammyI need the integration. After using macos where every program can share with every other program (ie, add a contact in your address book, you can assign it IM accounts which appear in your IM application etc), I can't go back20:56
coreymon77i have both a macbook and my linux box20:57
wadIn system settings, I specified firefox as my default browser, but clicking URLs in thunderbird email messages does nothing. How could I troubleshoot this problem?20:57
sammyit's just that the foss world hasn't caught up. kontact+kopete does okay, I just feel sometimes like I'm the 1% of users that actually takes the time to file and follow up on bugs. it's not enough20:57
coreymon77i like macos, but linux, especially kubuntu has a special place for me20:58
intelikeyi need the control, fine tune everything,   default is only the starting point for anything on my system.20:58
eddieftwwad: try checking your thunderbird settings20:58
wadeddieftw, I did that too, actually. :-(20:58
wadI fresh out of ideas.20:59
sammyI don't subscribe to people using computers like toasters. It's like cars, you *need* to know how they work. it doesn't help anyone but the people you're paying to fix it when you don't have any idea what is broken or why it broke. that model doesn't work in the OSS world20:59
wadI didn't find any thunderbird settings that looked useful, by the way.20:59
wadAny of you folks use thunderbird? Does clicking on links send the URL to the browser?20:59
intelikeysammy yeah another problem is that some times things get fixed, and the developers of a distro *caugh ubuntu caugh* grab the older unpatched source code to make the next release out of....21:00
sammypeople who just want them to work should go use windows. if you're going to use foss software, you *have* to take the time out of what you'd rather be doing to hunt down bugs and participate in triage. intelikey: I think that's more of wanting a stable release for this 99% I'm talking about21:00
sammythe 99% of users who don't want to file bugs or even know what's wrong, they just want it to work, like their car, or a toaster.21:01
sammyif they're not going to participate, they should be donating $$ to the developers, since they're using something and not giving back.21:01
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about alias - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi21:02
coreymon77sammy: wrong21:02
coreymon77sammy: i dont triage bugs due to lack of time21:02
wadsammy: Some people want to work on their computer. Other people want to work on something, using the computer. They don't care about the computer, if it's not functioning properly, it's just in the way.21:02
coreymon77sammy: but i still do my part21:02
intelikeycoreymon77 there is no "right nor wrong" to an openion.21:02
sammywad: I understand, no no, I see coreymon77's point21:02
intelikeycoreymon77 and i share his openion in most points21:02
sammyI'm just saying, there isn't a large enough community of paid developers to pick up the slack21:02
sammywith cars, there's plenty of mechanics21:03
sammya whole industry worth21:03
=== ubuntu_ is now known as Blah112
coreymon77sammy: i have asked quite my fair share of questions in this channel, and i have gotten alot of help21:03
sammythere's no pile of developers just waiting to fix people's bugs for a flat hourly rate21:03
sammycoreymon77: why do you think I came in here with my issue :)21:03
intelikeywad that's the 99%21:03
coreymon77sammy: but now, when someone asks the same question, i can help them21:03
draikOnce I creat an alias, where else do I need to enter it so that it "sticks"?21:04
coreymon77sammy: just because im not triaging bugs or spending a lot of my time seraching out for them, doesnt mean i cant still contribute to the community21:04
Blah112Hey, i need some help making swap for linux. Should new swap partition be Primary or Logical? Should it's location be at End or Beginning?21:04
intelikeydraik a runtime configuration file21:04
intelikeydraik is it bash ?21:04
* sammy ammends his original statement as not to imply that people who don't triage bugs are moochers21:04
sammyI meant those that do nothing, coreymon77.21:05
draikintelikey: I typed                  alias dvdmount='sudo mount -o loop -t udf'21:05
intelikeydraik ok that's bash.    put it in ~/.bash.bashrc21:05
Blah112Can someone help me?21:06
sammyBlah112: logical or primary doesn't have much to do with what type of partition you choose. you may have 4 primary partitions per drive, and one or more primary partitions can hold 'logical' partitions. it's the way someone got around only being able to have 4 partitions on a drive.21:07
draikintelikey: Done. Thank you much.21:07
intelikeydraik may i sujest that rather than an alias you might want to make a shell script of that command and put it in /usr/local/bin   then you can also use the gui to execute it   (an alias is not normally accessable to gui alt+f2 type things)21:07
sammyBlah112: the location of the partition isn't necessarily important, either. it's just giving you a choice as to what free space you'd like to use on your drive.21:08
intelikeyjust a thought.21:08
draikintelikey: Great suggestion. How do I put the command into shell script?21:08
Blah112Alright. Thanks.21:09
tekteendraik: create a text file21:09
intelikeydraik sudo nano /usr/local/bin/dvdmount     type in the command and save/exit    then  sudo chmod 755 /usr/local/bin/dvdmount    and you're done.21:09
draikintelikey: I use Yakuake when I enter             dvdmount [filename.iso] /mnt21:09
intelikeycommand would look something like this    sudo mount -o loop -t udf "$@"21:10
draikWhat is    "$@"  ?21:11
intelikeyany command line arguments21:11
intelikeywell all command line args actually21:11
draikI thought it was something specific21:11
draikI'm aware of $PATH and such21:12
draikDidn't know if "$@" was specific to something.21:12
tekteenit is21:12
tekteenall command line args21:12
intelikey$1 is the first one $2 the second  $* is all but doesn't preserve spaces in args and "$@" is all and does pereserve spaces21:12
intelikeywhen writing any shell script you wish to pass arguments to  you use one of those ^   and commonly "$@"21:13
intelikey$[1-9 positional arg 1 - 9      $0 is the name of the script as it's called on the command line.21:14
draikSo the text file is only a line that states...                                sudo mount -o loop -t udf "$@"21:15
intelikeyyeap     unless you want to be fancy21:15
intelikey 21:15
intelikey# something about the GNU-GPL here21:15
intelikey 21:15
intelikeyyour commands here21:16
ailsatekteen ubota     i found the error, i had to change in the "file associations" "swf" in the embedding tab to the nsplugin21:17
some_dudewhat package enable zeroconf ?21:17
tekteenailsa: ubota does not exist21:17
intelikeynotice    in a shell script  # starts a comment    EXCEPT! when followed by !  #! is a key that tells linux what interpretor to use     i.e.  #!/usr/bin/prel    will run in perl    #!/usr/bin/python   will run in python21:17
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)21:18
tekteenit was ubotu that helped you and21:18
tekteenubotu is a bot21:18
ubotuYes, I can confirm that I am a bot. http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots for all information.21:18
draikintelikey: http://pastebin.ca/93261521:18
ailsaok, thanks21:18
intelikeydraik yes21:20
jinzougenI'm building something which needs libX11.so or libX11.a, but its configure script can't find it. `locate libX11` yields: /usr/lib/libX11.so.6 and /usr/lib/libX11.so.
jinzougenIs this sufficient? What do I need to do here?21:21
JoshOvkiwhat folder the trash stored in?21:21
blizzzekafter latest updates, i have an ImportError when trying to import kdecore, it says:21:22
blizzzekImportError: /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/PyKDE4/kdecore.so: undefined symbol: _ZN8KService18accessServiceTypesEv21:22
blizzzekrunning 7.10 with kde 3.5.921:22
blizzzek(it worked before ;) )21:22
jinzougenOh nm I gues apt-get can install it for me.21:22
blizzzekit occures on the line: from PyKDE4 import kdeui, kdecore21:23
intelikeyJoshOvki ~/.Trash  most of the users trash should be there21:23
draikintelikey: How do I run it via GUI?21:23
intelikeyalt+f2   and type in21:24
intelikeydraik you can also setup konqueror to allow a right click option for that command21:24
JoshOvkii just needed to know the folder. thanks intelikey21:24
intelikeybut don't ask me to walk you through that one.21:24
intelikeyJoshOvki i mentioned "most" because if you have trashed anything as root it won't be in that folder most likely21:25
JoshOvkigood point21:25
intelikeyand if it is.  you'll have to rm it as root.21:25
intelikeyi.e. you won't own it.21:26
geniigotta go21:26
intelikeyhmmm i need to work a little.    back in a while.21:27
draikintelikey: What would I be looking for so that I may find instructions online?21:28
BizMan697how do i create asimple homepage for my server, so that i can login from a remote location?21:28
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mikdemusUsing Kub7.10, anyone who knows how to handle the "C compiler cannot create executables" when make:ing from Konsole?21:59
nixternalmikdemus: do you have build-essentials installed?22:00
mikdemusI'm not certain. I have made a clean gutsy install from CD.22:01
nixternalgroovy, ya you will need to install build-essentials then... sudo apt-get install build-essentials22:01
nixternaland enjoy your compiling :)22:01
nosrednaekimuhhh "build-essential"22:01
nixternalsame thing :p22:02
nixternalI added the 's'22:02
not_chawsonhello, how do u run gnome on kde??22:02
mikdemusAh, ok, thanks for the fast reply! :)22:02
nixternalnot_chawson: you don't run gnome on kde, but you can simply install the ubuntu-desktop and have gnome reside on the same machine22:02
not_chawsonok but how do you get xfce on gnome then??22:03
nixternalthen when you are at the login screen, you can select whether you want to boot into KDE or Gnome22:03
not_chawsonand wheres my mouse??22:03
nosrednaekim!info build-essentials22:03
limachow can I run rpm files?22:03
ubotuPackage build-essentials does not exist in gutsy22:03
jaweenot_chawson: sudo aptitude install xubuntu-desktop22:03
nixternalxfce won't run on gnome either, but can run side by side, install xubuntu-desktop22:03
not_chawsonoh ok i understand now, will that come in the next windows update?22:04
jaweelimac: you can install the alien package22:04
jaweelimac: sudo aptitude install alien to get it22:04
limacjawee: ok ok22:04
limacoh ok22:04
Feseknot_chawson, Get out of here Chawson you mess! Ok everyone. He really isnt this dumb, he is trying to pretend to be a no0b. :D22:04
nixternalplease quit trolling not_chawson22:04
=== ubuntu__ is now known as warrend
jaweelimac: then do sudo alien -d packagename.rpm and install the package with sudo dpkg -i packagename.rpm22:05
not_chawsonFesek Is Bill Gates In Disguise!!22:05
ubotu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!22:05
limacjawee: gotha, thank you very much :)22:05
jaweelimac: wel, the second should be .deb, but I know you know that. you're welcome22:05
mikdemusnixternal: thanks, it worked. I not get the message that I don't have the X libraries. You know the package name for those?22:06
nosrednaekimxorg-dev I think mikdemus22:06
=== desmond is now known as D3Zz
mikdemusnosrednaekim: you live here man?! :) But I'm happy, you always give good answers!22:06
nixternalthere are so many X libraries that it isn't even funny22:07
nixternalwhat I typically do is find out what is in the header files, if c++ what is in the #includes, and then use apt-file to search for the file name, it will typically list the package the files belongs too22:08
nixternalmakes searching easy most of the times22:08
mikdemusYeah, it makes sense.22:08
mikdemusHmm, I'm compiling KDE themes. Now it seems I need the Qt libraries... O.o22:09
nixternalmikdemus: all qt libs start with either libqt3 or Qt3 and libqt4 for Qt422:09
mikdemusAre there any reason for not getting the Qt4 libs?22:10
nixternalmikdemus: no reason for not getting them...most of the apps you find on kde-apps.org are going to be qt4 nowadays22:11
=== draik_ is now known as draik
eddieftwX just treats your tty7 as a client to the server afaik22:11
nixternaleddieftw: you drinkin' on the job again?22:12
mikdemusI'm a bit o edge about not breaking anything, I've grown a bit cautious into my 20th install in a week.... (no exxageration)22:12
eddieftwi wish i could make a joke, but then i would get banned by the admins nixternal.22:12
mikdemusWhat is the apt-get syntax for searching for a particular package?22:12
eddieftwmikdemus: sudo apt-get install (package name)22:13
nixternalapt-cache search22:13
nixternalmikdemus: ^^22:13
eddieftwsudo aptitude search (package) works for me too22:13
nixternaleddieftw: when searching you don't need sudo22:13
eddieftwnixternal is the boss, you listen to him though22:13
mikdemusok, damn,I am having difficulties remembering everything!22:13
eddieftwmikdemus: it takes time22:15
mikdemusYeah, the initial threshold is rather steep...22:15
mikdemusEarlier today I was so frustrated I seriously considered going back to WInXP and forgetting about Linux :(22:15
nixternalmikdemus: after you break and fix your install a few times, you will start remembering...that is how I did it back in 94/95...I broke my Linux installs on a daily basis, but back then documentation and support was sparse at best22:16
sandro__hi can someone tell me how come my SD card isnt being read in the media slot?22:16
sandro__it doesnt even register in the media section22:17
eddieftwmikdemus: my brother installed ubuntu and forced me to use instead of winXP. but now i love it and hang out in here to help people like you on a daily basis. :P22:17
nixternalsandro__: which version of Kubuntu are you running? did it pop up asking what you wanted to do?22:17
mikdemusAnd I appreciate it!22:17
nixternalalso sandro__, if you could go into a terminal window (Konsole) and type ->   dmesg    <- see if the SD card is being recognized22:17
sandro__ok im new at this sorry for being ignorant, im running what i think is the latest version of kubuntu22:18
eddieftwsandro__: gutsy gibbon. version 7.04?22:19
eddieftwif you have a konsole or terminal open do this: ls_release -a22:19
jaweeeddieftw: 7.10 is Gusty Gibbon. 7.04 is Fiesty Fawn22:19
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mikdemusOk, though having install the latest Qt4 libs, it is still not working. I get "sudo apt-get install build-essentials"22:19
eddieftwand that will print out your working distrobution...22:20
eddieftwnixternal: apparently I *have* been drinking on the job22:20
sandro__so what do i do again?22:20
nixternaleddieftw: go to PyCon with me next week22:20
nixternalsandro__: dmesg22:20
sandro__ok ive done that22:20
nixternalsee if it is recognizing the SD card22:20
mikdemusOk, new attempt. The error message is "checking for Qt... configure: error: Qt (>= Qt 3.3 and < 4.0) (headers and libraries) not found. Please check your installation!"22:20
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nixternaldo you see anything resembling the SD card at the bottom of everything it spit out?22:20
nixternalif not, unplug the SD card and replug it in22:20
nixternalroot_: please do not sign into IRC as root22:21
nixternal!root > root_22:21
jawee!root | root_22:21
uboturoot_: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo22:21
jaweeI win :)22:21
nixternalwth is the "don't sign into IRC as root" one?22:21
sandro__ok i dont see SD card anywhere22:21
eddieftwnixternal: i think i can make it on thursday or tuesday. but i need to talk to my boss and schedule things etc22:22
nosrednaekimmikdemus: apt-get install libqt3-dev22:22
sandro__but there is a blue light22:22
eddieftwi have to go on one of those 'free' days22:22
sandro__wait there is no blue light22:22
sandro__do i need to get something from the adept manager???22:22
aleksanteriwow there's no "don't irc as root" factoids22:23
sandro__like a driver or program?22:23
* aleksanteri searched the db22:23
mikdemusThat package is apparently depricated, I get a batch of alternatives :-?22:23
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sandro__so how do i get my SD card read?22:24
mikdemusperhaps libq3-headers?22:24
nosrednaekimmikdemus: yeah... try that22:24
St0n3-C0lguys...when i boot up my monitor says out of frequency while when i go for Recovery mode option...it works perfectly with init 4 command22:24
St0n3-C0lI get to the desktop22:25
sandro__um,,, hello can anyone help me?22:25
nosrednaekimSt0n3-C0l: in recovery mode, run "sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg"22:25
eigenvalhi, i've installed ubuntu/gnome (7.10) and use now kde. my problem: my usb-sticks are not detected in kde. if i use gnome, the are mounted in /media and shown on the desktop. but i dont find them and a mount (with df) . what is the problem, what can i do?22:25
mikdemusNope, sorry, still get the 3.3 >= Qt < 4.0 error22:25
nosrednaekimmikdemus: what are you trying to compile?22:26
mikdemusKDE themes22:26
eigenval i dont find them and a mount (with df) if i use kde22:26
St0n3-C0lnosrednaekim: Just this command would do ?22:26
St0n3-C0lK will try. Thanks :)22:26
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kam3the jelly stole^H eaten my armour22:27
sandro__so can anyone please tell me why i cant kubuntu to read my card?????????22:27
nosrednaekimmikdemus: ah...ok let me see then...22:27
kam3how to avoid damn jellies and friends from eating away all my good stuff?22:27
kam3sandro__: what card22:27
sandro__i have an SD card22:28
sandro__and it isnt being read22:28
sandro__it doesnt show on media drives22:28
limacI am trying to install maya, and anyone know why I am getting this error: bash: /usr/local/bin/maya: /bin/csh: bad interpreter: No such file or directory22:28
mikdemusnosrednaekim: appreciate it22:28
nosrednaekimmikdemus: try qt3-dev-tools22:28
sandro__the light on the card is off22:28
mikdemusnosrednaekim: sorry, still no dice22:29
xp_killerlimac: wat is maya?22:29
limacuhh.......an animation software22:30
nosrednaekimsandro__: could you plug it in and then pastebin the last 20 lines of dmesg?22:30
sandro__what is that? i just have my card in the media slot22:30
nosrednaekimsandro__: run "dmesg" in a terminal22:31
nosrednaekimmikdemus: ah... you may need "kde-devel"22:31
sandro__how do i past it?22:32
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)22:32
sandro__ok ive got pastebin, and i pasted the  20 lines22:34
sandro__how do i put it on here?22:34
mikdemusnosrednaekim: testing now, I have added quite some megs of headers by know... :p22:34
nosrednaekimmikdemus: hehe22:35
nosrednaekimsandro__: give me the URL22:35
limacso......? why am I getting that error?22:35
nosrednaekimlimac: csh is another shell it sounds like...22:36
nosrednaekimsandro__: doesn't look like your card reaser is supported22:37
mikdemusnosrednaekim: yeah, that was what was needed22:37
nosrednaekimmikdemus: I think that is just a meta package..22:37
nosrednaekim!info kde-devel22:37
ubotukde-devel (source: meta-kde): the K Desktop Environment development files and modules. In component universe, is extra. Version 5:47 (gutsy), package size 7 kB, installed size 40 kB22:37
mikdemusah, ok. ubuto is a useful bot22:38
nosrednaekimyep :)22:38
ubotumikademus: You're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)22:40
mikdemusI feel a dreadful power tugging me, it want to transform me into a smug LIST weenie running Linux and bashing everyone with it, and proclaiming the greatnedd of Haskell22:42
nosrednaekimmikdemus: Haskell?22:43
mikdemusA progamming language, that is very fine and good, but whose users tend to be very superior22:43
mikdemusor act that way22:43
eddieftwLISP atw22:44
eddieftwor so im told by some lisp fans I know22:44
mikdemusPlease, go to a Haskell channel and say that!22:44
farruinn_If I want to compile a program that depends on KDE libraries, do I want kde4base-dev or kdebase-dev? The version for kdebase-dev is shown as "4:3.5.8-0ubuntu2.2". Does that mean KDE 4?22:49
aleksanteridepends on does the program use kde3 or kde422:49
nosrednaekimfarruinn_: if its a kde4 program you want kde4base-dev22:49
farruinn_nosrednaekim: thanks22:50
sandro__<nosrednaekim> so what shhould i do?22:50
farruinn_so what's the deal with 4:3.5.8? Is that KDE 4 or KDE 3?22:50
sandro__so what should i do to get my SD card to read?22:50
nosrednaekimsandro__: run "lspci" and see what youir card reader is called22:50
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nosrednaekimfarruinn_: I think those are kde3 libs that have been specially patched to work well with KDE422:51
farruinnnosrednaekim: ah, ok. Thanks22:51
farruinnI had never seen 4:* in a version number before22:51
sandro__it is in here http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/58807/22:53
mikdemusHmm, compiling (should I say Kompiling to keep with the theme?) KDE themes seems a hassle. Even though all libraries are there kompilation fails. Is there a precompiled theme binary package for Kubuntu?22:53
mikdemussorry, preKompiled22:54
nosrednaekimmikdemus: depends on the theme... which theme is it?22:55
nosrednaekimmikdemus: indeed there are :)22:55
mikdemusseems to be a common base for other themes too22:55
nosrednaekimwell if its a "base" then you will rpobably need to compile anyway22:55
ubotuGlad you made it! :-)22:56
nosrednaekimbut for just domino, I'll find you the deb22:56
mikdemus(sorry, I'm getting wierder by the minute)22:56
nosrednaekimsandro__: http://intr.overt.org/blog/?p=5922:57
sandro__thank you so much22:59
nosrednaekimsandro__: I hope that works..22:59
sandro__it should22:59
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Ax-AxI'm noticeing that my computer slows down if I have the amarok window up23:29
Ax-AxWhen minimized, it'ts normal23:30
fignewAx-Ax: what does top say?23:30
Ax-Ax22635 axel      15   0  150m  51m  28m S 22.3 13.8   2:04.67 amarokapp23:32
Ax-Ax22635 axel      15   0  150m  51m  28m S 30.7 13.8   2:13.61 amarokapp23:32
Ax-Axopen ;S;s23:33
Ax-Ax8% more cpu23:33
fignewis a visualization running?23:34
fignewhow fast is the CPU?23:34
Ax-Axnot very23:35
Ax-Axit wasn't like that some time (months) ago23:36
fignewok 30% usage makes sense for 450mhz23:37
Ax-Axi'm saving for a new computer btw23:38
fignewAx-Ax, Not sure exactly what's going on. :/23:40
Ax-Axit's really annoying23:41
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Synaptivanyone here speak klingon23:48
Daisuke_Idoi'm going to assume that's a joke :)23:49
prince_jammysubuntu is for "human beings", remember23:52
user5helloooo there23:52
=== virtualxexo is now known as xexo
* Daisuke_Ido sips an espresso martini23:53
Daisuke_Idoi think i need to tweak my recipe a bit23:54
X9nLinux1Hi everyone.  I did a reinstall of Dapper on an old iMac yesterday.  All is well.  The HD is a 20G that was partitioned by the installer automagically.  Entire drive was used for this install.  Can I 'redo' the install without wiping it out so that the HD is repartitioned to two 10G sections?23:57
X9nLinux1BTW, the plan is to put OSX on the other partition.23:57
X9nLinux1... or do I need to just start over?23:59

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