mdkemorning all07:52
ubotuNew bug: #199538 in ubuntu-doc "E:O pacote secondlife-install precisa ser reinstalado, mas não foi possível encontrar um arquivo para o mesmo." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19953817:42
mdkesommer: do you know anything about a bzr section being removed from vcs.xml? seems there used to be one but it isn't there any more22:05
mdkebhuvan: ^^22:06
sommermdke: I'm not sure why it's not there22:08
sommerI read through the ml archive some time ago and remember seeing some emails regarding it22:08
mdkesommer: that's good enough for me, I'll put it back :)22:08
sommercool, I'll check over it before hardy... hopefully22:08
mdkeI'll ask the bzr guys to do so too22:08
sommerI know it wasn't there during the gutsy cycle, because I submitted a patch and the only sections were svn and cvs22:09
sommerheh... another server team member asked about a bzr section a while back as well22:10
mdkecool, I just wanted to check that it didn't happen on purpose22:10
sommerif it did it was before my time :-)22:11
sommerthanks mdke22:11
mdkeok, done22:13

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