Ubulettei've packaged it a week ago00:23
Ubulettebed time00:23
Ubulettebtw, you were supposed to answer to mozilla bug 42116800:30
ubotuMozilla bug 421168 in Build Config "firefox using --with-libxul-sdk doesn't install .idl/.h on make install" [Normal,Resolved: wontfix] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=42116800:30
=== readyx is now known as ready
asacbug 19914008:40
ubotuLaunchpad bug 199140 in network-manager "Network manager shows and connects to virtual interfaces" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19914008:40
asaccarlos: ok. do you think we could try the full cycle for ubufox? i have two translation contributions which we could import next to the original en-US.xpi08:55
carloswhere could I get the .xpi files?08:56
asaccarlos: in a perfect world we would manage to get ubufox + xulrunner + firefox translated through launchpad for hardy.08:56
asaccarlos: i have to produce them first ;)08:56
asaclet me look08:56
asac(they are in a bzr branch)08:56
carlosasac: Launchpad will not be ready for that until the end of this month, unless I get the approval from kiko to cherrypick the needed changes...08:57
carlosasac: because we found small bugs with the importer08:57
carlosas you should be aware right now08:57
asaccarlos: i could talk to kiko to emphasize our needs ;)08:59
asachow much code does the change touch?08:59
carlosI will talk with him, don't worry09:00
carlosasac: I had to change some things...09:00
carlosdon't worry I will handle that with my manager09:00
carlosand tell you the answer09:00
asacbtw, will you be in prague?09:01
carlosI don't think so09:02
carlosasac: if you need someone from the translations team, Jtv is the one that is supposed to attend such events now09:11
asacah ok.09:17
asacUbulette: can you dump the buggy_repeat patch for now10:04
asacwe are still getting X updates. i don't want to miss in case it gets fixed10:05
asacUbulette: i will take it that way. can you please close bugs in changelog if possible in future?10:13
asaci will touch the changelog now10:13
asacUbulette: ok you +packages adict ;) ... uploading10:21
asac_with_ buggy-repeat10:21
carlosasac: hi11:49
carlosasac: I just sent you the german translations for firefox and xulrunner in .po file format as Launchpad will generate them11:50
carlosasac: I think I fixed all issues we found, could you confirm whether everything is correct now?11:50
asaccarlos: looking12:01
asaccarlos: the first msgid in firefox-de.po looks like http://paste.ubuntu.com/5399/12:02
asacis that intended?12:02
carlosthat's a special message in .po file format12:02
carloswhich is supposed to be the header12:02
carlosright now, is the xpi 'header'12:03
carlosalthough at the end, it will be changed to be a valid .po file header12:03
carlosasac: is it going to affect your current scripts?12:04
asaccarlos: ok12:04
asacno, shouldn't matter12:04
asactranslation blocks without a #: comment need to be omitted i guess12:04
carlosasac: well, it's even more simple12:05
carlosasac: if msgid is empty12:05
carlosis the header12:05
carlosmsgid ""12:05
carlosmsgstr "Something"12:05
carloswhich is different from:12:05
carlosmsgid ""12:05
carlos"somethign else"12:06
carlosmsgstr "something translated"12:06
asacbtw, ubufox will take a bit. i have to iprove the lp-export.mk helper to sort out locales that are squashed into one .jar ... e.g. ubufox doesn't have en-US.jar + de-DE-jar, but everything is in ubufox.jar12:06
asacbut after that the locale extraction during build should be pretty much finished for all cases12:07
asacthe lp-export.mk will also eliminate all translations that are not en-US12:07
carlosasac: that last part should be done only if the package is in main12:07
asacsure. for now packages need to explicitly enable launchpad translations12:09
asacif they don't this won'thappen12:09
asac(i guess you ment that only main packages can be translated in launchpad atm)?12:09
asacok. in understood. should be fine12:09
carlosif you strip translations for packages outside main, the package will be completely untranslated12:10
asacactually i only want xulrunner-1.9 + firefox-3.0 and ubufox in launchpad for hardy12:10
asac(and midbrowser for mobile)12:10
asac... which is of course not less ambitious ;)12:10
asacmidbrowser will eventually go to main (hopefully soonish)12:11
carlosI'm going to work on adding some extra tests for the bug fixes12:13
carlosand try to get it cherry picked12:13
carlosotherwise you will need to wait until 26th to get it available in Launchpad12:13
Ubuletteasac, oh damn, the buggy repeat was not in the debdiff I wanted you to use but was in my diff.gz (because that's what I've used in my ppa as users requested it)13:19
Ubulette<asac> close bugs in changelog if possible in future <= in this case, there were none, but i usually do13:20
asacUbulette: yeah ;)13:29
asacall fine13:29
asacnow we have buggy-repeat fixed13:29
asacand i don't mind :)13:29
Ubuletteasac, seb is mad now13:51
asacUbulette: just let me do the discussion13:57
Ubuletteasac, http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=4388068&postcount=1814:00
asacUbulette: maybe we can try to come up with a better patch? figure out if XAA is used and then use buggy_repeat?14:21
asacUbulette: we should see if it really fixes the cairo testcase as well14:21
Ubulettei've tried a bit to get the driver name but went to a dead end14:22
asachmm ... and how about getting accellmethod instead of driver?14:23
Ubuletteno idea14:23
asaci will try to get the theory :)14:25
asaci think its a bug for all XAA except nvidia14:26
asacUbulette: ok i think seb is now more or less happy again. sorry that you got dragged into this14:31
Ubuletteso you need both accellmethod and driver name14:31
Ubuletteit's okay, it was my mistake anyway (bad diff.gz)14:32
asacUbulette: he? i uploaded it ... so all this belongs to me14:33
asaci explicitly decided to push this14:33
Ubuletteok ok, so you're fault14:33
asaci just forgot that seb had also reasons to not ship it :)14:33
asac(i always thought i was the only one :))14:34
asacx folks say there is no other way than parsing the log ... ouch14:34
Ubuletteyep, that was my conclusion too14:35
asacUbulette: can you paste the output of xdpyinfo please14:35
asac(i guess you have EXA, right?)14:35
Ubuletteati or nvidia ?14:35
asacyou have ati with EXA?14:35
asacmaybe paste both :)14:36
Ubuletteremember it's a runtime check, running xdpyinfo at each call maybe be worse than the current workaround14:36
asachey :)14:37
asacxpdyinfo just displays properties14:37
asacwe would need to code that for using X calls14:37
asacif we can figure something at all14:37
asacanyway ... looks like there is no information for us14:37
asacand nvidia?14:42
asacUbulette: grep for accell14:48
asacaeh grep -i accel /var/log/Xorg*14:49
asacyeah that info looks good i guess14:49
asacbuggy_repeat = if (xaa_xfree86)14:49
Ubuletteasac, [reed]: i've just confirmed for the UDS15:35
armin76whats UDS?15:35
UbuletteUbuntu Developer Summit15:36
asac \o/15:37
asaci think prague will be lots of fun ;)15:45
Ubulettehope so15:45
Ubuletteit's also a nice city15:45
Ubulettei hope we'll have some free time to visit a bit15:45
Ubulettearmin76, bumb ?15:58
Ubuletteyou've ported the moz patch ?15:59
asacported? ... hehe. not15:59
asacjust diffed15:59
asacthat fixes the black jpegs on zoom for us15:59
asac(most likely because its gone if i disable system-jpeg)16:00
Ubulettequite huge to review :P16:00
asacyeah :)16:00
Ubulettewith tons of asm16:00
asacread jpeg/MOZCHANGES16:00
asacthen you know16:00
asaci would like to extract the patch that fixes those black images ;)16:01
asacappears to be a bunch of performance code16:01
asaclike MMX16:01
asachopefully its not fixed because of that :(16:01
Ubulettei've followed the bug on bonsai for a while16:01
asacwhat id?16:01
asaccan you subscribe me: asac@jwsdot.com16:01
armin76no *g*16:02
Ubuletteit was not the black bug, but a performance related bug16:02
asacwell ... MOZCHANGES doesn't talk about performance changes at all16:02
asacmaybe your bug is about current performance problems?16:02
Ubulettemozilla Bug 4478116:04
ubotuMozilla bug 44781 in ImageLib "Support CMYK, YCCK JPEGs" [Enhancement,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=4478116:04
asachmm starring doesn't work for me16:04
asacdoes it work for you?16:04
asace.g. pushing the star next to the location?16:04
asacnothing happens for me16:04
Ubulettemozilla Bug 41171816:05
ubotuMozilla bug 411718 in ImageLib "Speed up JPEG decoding by 30% by skipping buffer" [Normal,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41171816:05
Ubulettemozilla Bug 36398616:06
ubotuMozilla bug 363986 in ImageLib "nsJPEGEncoder::ReadSegments() and nsPNGEncoder::ReadSegments() do not advance read pointer" [Normal,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=36398616:06
Ubulettemozilla Bug 41137916:06
ubotuMozilla bug 411379 in ImageLib "Add SSE2 processing for JPEG color, use static instead of dynamic arrays" [Enhancement,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41137916:06
asacok its grab and drag that breaks it16:07
asacubotu: yeah ... i understood the static array16:07
Ubulettemozilla Bug 41275316:07
asacUbulette: ^^16:07
ubotuMozilla bug 412753 in ImageLib "Speed up JPEG decoding by another 10%" [Normal,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41275316:07
asacubotu: hmm16:09
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about hmm - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi16:09
asacUbulette: do you have bonsai open right now?16:09
asacdo you see any real bug fix to jpeg in the past 10 years :) ?16:09
asacwhich bug would you suspect?16:11
asac"Landing JPEG_BRANCH" :)?16:11
Ubulettemozilla Bug 38011516:19
ubotuMozilla bug 380115 in GFX: Thebes "Linux 16-bit widget size issues (black rectangle at bottom of long page)" [Major,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=38011516:19
Ubulettemozilla Bug 37829316:20
ubotuMozilla bug 378293 in General "Black regions during unminimizing/unshading/opening Firefox/Thunderbird with Compiz" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=37829316:20
Ubulettedonno, a mix of all those ;)16:20
asacUbulette: last bug is unrelated16:31
Ubuletteyes, i figured that out too16:31
Ubulettehm, should I take the return flight on saturday or friday evening ?16:32
Ubuletteasac, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=71658816:59
Ubulettei don't see that16:59
Ubuletteat least looking at the .dev branch16:59
asacubotu: i think usually we leave on sat17:18
asacUbulette: i usually fly back on sat17:23
Ubuletteme too17:23
asacthere is usually some event on friday night17:23
Ubulettei asked for sun -> sat17:24
asac17:32 < Ubulette> hm, should I take the return flight on saturday or friday evening ?17:24
Ubulettei asked because here, i don't pay17:25
Ubulettedonno how strict it is17:26
asacwell ... usually sat is fine17:26
asacare there no instructions?17:26
asacjcastro: ^^^ can confirm that returning on saturday is right?17:26
Ubuletteok, got the proposals17:27
Ubulette"Fares start from GBP 403.80, however, if you include a Saturday night stay in your trip and leave on the 17th May then the fare is much cheaper at GBP189.80."17:27
Ubulettestrange, i see 97€ here17:29
asacwhats that?17:30
Ubuletteproposal from EYAS17:30
Ubulettei've checked on airfrance.fr17:31
asacso leaving on sun?17:31
asacif you want to visit prague, maybe tell him to hold that flight and forward to claire asking if thats ok17:32
Ubulettenope, i've asked for sun 18 -> sat 24, they proposed sat 17 -> sat 2417:32
asacah ... i remember that some airlines take different rates depending on which coutry you are in :)17:33
asacbut i would stick to EYAS. much simpler for you17:33
Ubulettesat 17 - sun 18 is fossdem17:33
asacask claire anyway ... because hotel room is also additional costs17:33
Ubuletteis that interesting ?17:33
asacmight be17:33
asacno idea who is coming though17:34
Ubulettei'm no big upstream though17:34
asacwell ... :) ... its also: ubuntu meets upstream ;)17:34
Ubulettei've forwarded the email to Claire17:38
jcastroI think most people return on saturday17:50
asacUbulette: you have the bug id for the background thing in your head?17:59
asacoh firefox full text search is great :)18:00
asacUbulette: ok attached more info to it :)18:03
Ubulette[17:02] <Ubulette> it was not the black bug, but a performance related bug18:12
Ubuletteasac, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5413/18:21
asacthat testcase is not yet adapted to show the bug that strikes us18:44
asacthe pad and reflect one are not causing this according to cworth18:44
LaibschI am not yet so familiar with mozilla bug triage procedure19:13
LaibschLooks like it is special (and somewhat incomprehensibly written IMHO)19:14
asac_Laibsch: what do you want to know19:14
asac_where are you looking at :)?19:14
LaibschIn any case, I was wondering how to alert somebody to make a decision whether or not a bug report contains expected behaviour or is a wontfix case19:14
asac_asking here is a good start19:14
Laibschbug 14456019:15
ubotuLaunchpad bug 144560 in mozilla-firefox "doesn't prompt for certificate" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/14456019:15
asac_i am usually in the channel19:15
[reed]WHAT THE?19:15
Laibsch1) Why is there no cc for a mozilla team contact on that bug?19:15
[reed]Microsoft wants to buy Red Hat?19:15
* [reed] sad19:15
asac_Laibsch: "Mozilla Bugs"19:15
asac_is subscribed19:15
asac_[reed]: really?19:16
[reed]check google news19:16
[reed]search for microsoft red hat19:16
asac_rumour or fact?19:16
[reed]see the news19:16
Laibschasac: sorry, my oversight19:16
Laibschasac: Maybe you can close that one with the appropriate response19:17
LaibschI believe the OP reports expected behaviour19:17
[reed]ok, what the?19:17
[reed]I think I got bad news19:17
[reed]bad input19:17
asac_[reed]: so its ok that i can't find anything?19:17
[reed]yeah, I think... this guy doesn't usually make things up19:18
[reed]I'll look more into it19:18
=== asac_ is now known as asac
[reed]ah, my source had a bad source19:19
[reed]oh well19:19
[reed]n/m! sorry for the scare!19:19
asacLaibsch: if you want to help on firefox bugs, please help on firefox-3.0 bugs19:20
asacfirefox will sink soon :)19:20
[reed]asac: got b4 ready?19:25
Ubulettei've packaged b4~rc1 a few days ago19:26
Ubulette[reed], ^^19:29
[reed]ETA was supposed to be today, but due to a Windows PGO issue, that might change19:29
asacgood ... we will roll them on monday i guess19:30
Ubulettemozilla bug 41892619:31
ubotuMozilla bug 418926 in Build & Release "Tracking bug for Build and Release of FF3.0beta4 (Gecko 1.9b4)" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41892619:31
Ubuletteasac, any news for ff3 locales ?19:42
asacyeah ... we have a -de.po export for xulrunner + firefox19:44
asacand we have an algorithm that would convert that into .xpi19:44
asacand two volunteers from -mobile that want to implement that ;)19:44
asacbut no ETA19:45
asacjust that it should there hopefully won't be much problems along the way ... otherwise things will get really messy ;)19:45
asacfirefox hangs more frequently for me starting today20:09
asacmaybe thats cairo?20:09
asachmm ... maybe it started when i build with in-source jpeg :/20:10
[reed]bah, just found a security problem with logrotate20:20
asacUbulette: do you see the background issue with ati opensource driver as well?20:20
asacor just fglrx20:20
Ubulettei dont know. I'm using fglrx because the opensource driver was too slow when I've installed that box20:21
Ubulettedamn, I can't use anything using pulseaudio (/w or /wo esd) once i've played a flash sound/video in ff320:37
Ubuletteasac, this is seriously broken20:44
asacyes. i think its known that pulseaudio is broken20:58
Ubulettemy troubles started 2 or 3 weeks ago21:01
Ubuletteon both boxes21:02
Ubuletteall is fine until I play a youtube video or another flash audio/video content21:06
Ubulettei guess our /etc/firefox3*/* stuff is broken21:06
asacwould be interesting to see if the issue exists in firefox 2 as well21:06
asacUbulette: i am pretty sure that firefoxrc is not considered anymore21:07
Ubuletteme too, i don't see what reads it21:07
asacbut does it help to start firefox manually with a sound wrapper?21:10
asaclike aoss /usr/lib/firefox-3.0b3/firefox21:11
asacor esdcompat /usr/lib/firefox-3.0b3/firefox21:11
asaclooks like that is the wrong wrapper21:12
asacno idea21:12
Ubuletteaoss puts me at 100% cpu21:13
Ubuletteand it still doesn't work21:15
Ubuletteesdcompat is not a wrapper but a daemon21:15
Laibschasac: Can I install FF3 alongside normal FF?21:30
Ubuletteyou can, but you can't run both at the same time21:31
LaibschThat is OK.  I'd only want FF3 for testing bugs as asac suggested21:32
Ubulettehhm, you're not using hardy ?21:32
LaibschWhat I don't want is for the FF3 install to interfere with my regular FF browsing21:32
Laibschnot yet21:32
Laibschstill on gutsy21:32
Ubuletteoh, then it's different21:33
LaibschIs FF3 default on hardy?21:33
Ubuletteyou can install & run both at the same time21:33
asacLaibsch: ffox 3 beta3 should be in -backports21:38
asacinstall from there21:38
Ubuletteasac, i'm not alone: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=71794522:31
asacdoes starting with aoss help?22:33
asacwithout that info i have no pointer22:33
asacdoes the same bug exist when running gnash would be another valuable info22:34
asaci still haven't received answers for these simple questions :)22:34
Ubulette<Ubulette> aoss puts me at 100% cpu22:36
Ubulette<Ubulette> and it still doesn't work22:36
asacdid you start the process directly22:36
asacor the script?22:36
asacbug 19906622:37
ubotuLaunchpad bug 199066 in network-manager "wireless support broken since 0.6.6~rc2" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19906622:37
asacbug 19906622:44
ubotuLaunchpad bug 199066 in network-manager "wireless support broken since 0.6.6~rc2" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19906622:44
Ubulettehm, libflashsupport22:44
asacjust invalidated :) ... hehe22:44
asacwhats libfrashsupport22:45
UbuletteSupport library for sound output of Flash 9 with pulseaudio22:45
asacwhat happens if you uninstall that?22:46
Ubulettei've just installed it22:47
asacdoes that help?22:48
Ubuletteit rocks !22:49
asacisn't that a dependency of flashplugin-nonfree noadays?22:49
asacit is22:49
asacapparently you are not using the package22:49
asacshame on you22:49
asacas usual: better run distro stuff ;)22:50
Ubuletteoh, it's in my user profile22:50
asacwhats strange?22:51
asacwipe it ... use plugin finder dialog to install it22:51
asac... ah right you wiped ubufox22:51
asacthen you have to it manually22:51
Ubulettemy home dir is from my previous box, built in 199822:51
asacyour flash should be pretty old as well then ;)22:52
asacok lets search for bugs and close them :)22:52
Ubulettethat was debian bo or hamm22:53
Ubulettethen all the following22:53
Ubuletteas unstable22:53
Ubulettethen ubuntu edgy22:53
Ubuletteand all the +1 since22:53
asacbug 19966623:00
ubotuLaunchpad bug 199666 in firefox-3.0 "add apport hooks from firefox 2 package" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19966623:00
Ubulettewhat laptops are good those days ?23:06
Ubulettei want to renew mine23:06
Ubulettehm, now I have ff3 taking 30% cpu while i'm not touching it23:09
Ubulettea youtube page23:09
Ubulettedamn, flash23:09
xhakerUbulette: about laptops.. I'm typing on a dell xps m133023:13
Ubulette13" ?23:16
Ubulettexhaker, is the wifi supported ?23:30
xhaker13", and iwl394523:30
xhakerit's one of the laptops dell sells with ubuntu preinstalled23:31
asacUbulette: i hav e 12" lenovo now23:32
asacthats decent23:32
asacbut might be too small23:32
asacyeah the 13" dell is good as well i guess23:33
asacor the 12" ... which unfortunately doesn't ship with ubuntu ... and in germany even only for business customers ;)23:33
Ubulettethe laptop i'm using at work is a dell23:34
UbuletteI've had 2 HP and 3 toshiba before23:34
xhakerUbulette: i'm a fan of the dell d63023:35
asacwait a bit and get the X300 lenovo23:35
xhakerUbulette: they're more sturdy. 14" and you can get it with 1400x900 resolution23:36
Ubulettei have a hard time finding lenovo here23:40
Ubulettehm, even the XPS M1530 (15") seems to be 1280x80023:42
Ubuletteand vista only23:42
asacwith the 15" ubuntu laptop you can upgrade to 1440x900 here23:43
asacfor 30E23:43
xhakerUbulette: latitude d630 or xps m1330 were my options.. they're both good options imo23:44
Ubuletteon dell.fr, ubuntu is only for the 13"23:44
asacwe had that for a week here as well23:44
asacthen they readded teh 15'23:44
asaci wanted to order one for my mother23:45
asacbut couldn't be because there was only the XPS23:45
asacnow there is the inspiron back23:45
asacyes, you can upgrade the M1530 to 1440x900 here as well23:45
asacsame for the M133023:45
Ubuletteinspiron with ubuntu is there23:49
Ubuletteit's an intel video chip23:49
asacyeah thats good23:49
asacor do you want ATI :-P?23:49
UbuletteI kind of like nvidia on my desktop23:50
asacintel is decent23:50
asacat least if you are not into gamin :)23:50
UbuletteMinicard Intel® Pro/Wireless 3945 802.11a/b/g - Europe - Core 2 Duo Processors, what's that ? is that good ?23:58

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