owhmathiaz: I would have expected them to be logged in say /var/log/cron00:00
owhmathiaz: Mail on this server makes no sense.00:00
mathiazowh: I don't think that cron would log the output of jobs to syslog by default.00:01
owhmathiaz: Well according to the cron man page it does, only syslog needs to be appropriately configured AFAICS.00:01
owhmathiaz: Ah /etc/syslog.conf has the cron entry commented out :(00:02
owhTsk, Tsk.00:02
BizMAn8everyone, i am setting up ubuntu server for the first time and i am editing the /etc/hosts file00:03
BizMAn8what do i put as my localhost.local domain name for
owhmathiaz: So, once I've uncommented the cron entry in syslog.conf, which services do I need to restart?00:04
BizMAn8and what do i put for my server's ip address server.example.com00:04
BizMAn8i cant go further in the how to because i do not understand00:04
mathiazowh: /etc/init.d/syslog restart00:05
owhBizMAn8: Any particular reason you're editing /etc/hosts, rather than answering the installer questions?00:05
owhmathiaz: I just wondered if there were others that also needed restarting.00:05
mathiazBizMAn8: did you check the ubuntu server guide ? https://help.ubuntu.com/7.10/server/C/00:06
BizMAn8im done iwth the installer00:06
mathiazowh: nope - only syslog00:06
owhmathiaz: Hmm, all I have is /etc/init.d/sysklogd00:07
BizMAn8im following a guide so that i can create a file and print server00:07
BizMAn8and thats what i should edit next00:07
BizMAn8i dont know what i need to put in a url address that includes my server?00:07
BizMAn8is that for dynamic dns?00:08
mathiazowh: that's it00:08
owhBizMAn8: Is that guide a Ubuntu-server guide, seeing that what you're describing doesn't from memory require any such editing.00:08
owhmathiaz: Yeah, the man page for the two are the same :)00:08
BizMAn8tell me what u think00:08
owhBizMAn8: Hmm, the first comment on that page indicates to me that the author is not a Ubuntu user doing things the Ubuntu way. Giving root a password is a really *bad* idea.00:11
BizMAn8i didnt do tha tpart00:11
BizMAn8just left as is00:11
owhBizMAn8: From there the instructions seem to only get worse.00:11
owhBizMAn8: Is this a workstation or a server installation?00:12
BizMAn8well server on a desktop00:12
owhBizMAn8: Uh, is it a ubuntu-server with a gui, a workstation that you want to use as a server, what is it?00:13
BizMAn8eventualy iwant it to be a ubuntu server with a gui00:13
BizMAn8but for now i jus twant to set it up properly, so that it can interact with windows through samba00:13
BizMAn8then from there i want to make it a file and print server00:13
BizMAn8do some media sharing, etc00:13
owhBizMAn8: From which CD did you install it?00:14
BizMAn8server 7.1000:14
owhBizMAn8: So, what's the bit about "(09:12:31) BizMAn8: well server on a desktop"00:14
rhineheart_mowh: I've read your conversation.. what do you mean with giving root a password is a really *bad* idea?00:15
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owhrhineheart_m: There should never be a need to have a root user with a password. That's what sudo is for.00:16
BizMAn8well im not installing it on a server00:16
BizMAn8its a desktop00:16
owhBizMAn8: Are you talking about hardware or software?00:16
BizMAn8so my desktop will act as a server00:16
rhineheart_mowh: really? honestly.. I've been accessing my server with root.. since I followed the howtoforge installation instructions00:17
owhBizMAn8: Run tasksel, choose samba-server, follow the prompts. Ask questions.00:17
owhrhineheart_m: I'm not saying that you cannot, I'm saying that it's a bad idea.00:17
BizMAn8so i do not need to edit the hosts file00:18
rhineheart_mowh: I'm accessing my box with putty remotely.. with root the user... why you said it's  a bad idea?00:18
owhrhineheart_m: If you don't understand why remote access to the root user is a bad idea then I am unable to assist you.00:19
rhineheart_mowh: okay.. so how to remove the password set for root?00:19
owhBizMAn8: The /etc/hosts file should already be fine and dandy. Leave it alone.00:19
BizMAn8ok will do so00:20
owhrhineheart_m: I suspect that all that needs to happen is deactivate the account, but I wouldn't do that before I checked that.00:20
BizMAn8so install samba and run tasksel?00:20
owhBizMAn8: tasksel will ask you what you want to install, one of the options will be to choose samba. Select it. Magic will happen.00:20
owhAnyone here got comments on restoring the root user account back to the non-password state?00:21
BizMAn8lol thanks owh00:21
rhineheart_mYeah...I want to restore it to non-password state..anybody in the house has an idea?00:22
BizMAn8ok samba is installed00:22
owhBizMAn8: On your Windows box you will have a Workgroup "MSHOME" that contains your server.00:23
BizMAn8i have a workgroup alreadt00:23
BizMAn8and will gie it that name00:23
BizMAn8what do i do after that owh?00:24
owhBizMAn8: Set up some shares.00:24
owhBizMAn8: You'll also need to set up some samba users and passwords.00:25
BizMAn8is that all in the smb,.conf file?00:26
owhBizMAn8: The shares yes, the permissions yes, the samba users no.00:27
BizMAn8where are the shares in the conf00:28
owhrhineheart_m: Yes, it appears that locking is the way to go: sudo passwd -l root00:29
owhBizMAn8: At the bottom.00:29
owhBizMAn8: The items starting with [Thing] are shares.00:30
owhBizMAn8: You can also comment out the home directories directive for example.00:30
BizMAn8owh, do i need a create mask = 077700:32
BizMAn8and directory mask = -077700:32
owhBizMAn8: The comments in the file should explain that to you. Read from the top.00:33
rhineheart_mowh: I have another username in the system. how could I change its password?00:37
owhrhineheart_m: sudo passwd {user}00:37
BizMAn8when i try to create a user00:38
BizMAn8it says fialed to modify password entry00:38
owhBizMAn8: man smbpasswd00:39
owhBizMAn8: Specifically the -a option.00:40
BizMAn8i did sudo smbpasswd -a username00:40
BizMAn8entered my password00:40
BizMAn8retyped it00:40
BizMAn8and go that error00:40
owhBizMAn8: Does the user exist on your system?00:43
BizMAn8no, i just read up on that00:45
BizMAn8how do i add a user00:45
owhBizMAn8: man adduser00:45
owhBizMAn8: And in case you wonder about the difference between useradd and adduser: http://lists.debian.org/debian-powerpc/2004/09/msg00215.html00:46
rhineheart_mowh: I did it already.. But I noticed that I cannot even update the system.. with this command.. sudo apt-get update.... m now in the terminal (putty) with another user00:47
owhrhineheart_m: Is that user allowed to use sudo?00:47
BizMAn8ok i got in00:48
BizMAn8thanks man00:48
BizMAn8appreciate it00:48
rhineheart_mthe system just tell me its not in the sodoers file00:48
owhrhineheart_m: Is this a server or a workstation?00:50
rhineheart_mowh: server00:50
owhrhineheart_m: Ah: udo adduser $user admin00:51
owhsudo adduser $user admin00:51
rhineheart_myou mean.. like sudo adduser $user bert?00:52
owhNo, like sudo adduser bert admin00:52
owhThat is add user bert to the admin group.00:52
owhrhineheart_m: In most server environments I'd be going with on sudo user IMHO.00:53
rhineheart_mthat's the problem then.. I cannot sudo my box.. it will tell me m not in the sudoers list00:53
owhrhineheart_m: Huh?00:54
owhrhineheart_m: Which user installed the machine?00:54
owhrhineheart_m: Also, the group membership only happens after you login, so you need to logout and back in again.00:54
owhs/you/the user/00:55
rhineheart_mm the admin..00:56
rhineheart_mI was the one who installed it.. but forgot my pass00:56
* owh shakes head.00:57
* foo shakes head at owh 00:59
owhrhineheart_m: You likely haven't noticed yet, but if the "new" user isn't a member of admin already and you cannot log in as the original installer and you locked the root user, you won't be able to gain root privileges without rebooting into single user mode and clearing the original installer's password.00:59
owhfoo: Huh?00:59
fooowh: I don't know if there is room for two 3 letter nicks. :)00:59
owhfoo: Look around you, there's more than two.01:00
rhineheart_mowh: okay..so what should I do then?01:01
owhrhineheart_m: First of all, is what I describe the exact state of affairs, or are the other salient details you didn't mention?01:01
rhineheart_mowh: you mean.. I messed up already my root user?01:02
rhineheart_mowh: and no turn-about?01:02
owhrhineheart_m: I don't yet have enough information to answer that.01:03
rhineheart_mowh: ohhhh....well can you tell me how to change the installer username? if ever I could manage to get into the machine??01:04
owhrhineheart_m: Lets start at the beginning before we start getting excited. Where is the server, as in, is it in the same room as you?01:05
rhineheart_myeah.. it is01:06
musashi_I can't get much help on the regular ubuntu channel. it was suggested this might be better. I got some help last night but not a solution yet. I need some help solving a software RAID 1 setup problem. The explanation is too long to post here. I posted it at https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/26489 my thanks to anyone willing to read it and help me.01:06
owhrhineheart_m: Is it mission critical, that is, are other users currently using it?01:06
rhineheart_mI dunno... our company's website is running there..01:08
owhrhineheart_m: Are you the administrator?01:08
rhineheart_myeah.. I am01:08
owhrhineheart_m: Does it have a console/keyboard attached?01:08
rhineheart_mowh: nope.. but I have here01:10
owhrhineheart_m: Are you currently connected to the server?01:10
rhineheart_myeah..but  I have webmin..and ssh server has its menus there..I got an access to webmin01:12
owhrhineheart_m: ssh into the server01:12
rhineheart_mokay...I can.. but the thing there the user I remember is not a member of admin01:13
rhineheart_mand I forgot the admin username and pass01:13
owhrhineheart_m: The /etc/passwd file contains all the users on the system. By running "grep 1000 /etc/passwd" you will find the first user that was created, generally by the installer.01:13
owhrhineheart_m: You shouldn't need administrator privileges to find out which users there are on the system.01:14
rhineheart_mowh: Okay I got the username.. but the password01:16
owhrhineheart_m: Does the username jog your memory?01:17
rhineheart_mowh: is this only more on remembering? what if...I can't really remember?01:18
owhrhineheart_m: You can attempt to "become" that user by trying several passwords using "su - {user}"01:19
owhrhineheart_m: If that is unsuccessful then you will need to reboot your server and do some magic. It's not invasive, but you will bring the server down during that time.01:19
owhrhineheart_m: Before we get to that, I wonder something. Does webmin allow you to add users to a group?01:20
owhrhineheart_m: If it does, then you should be able to add the user you're using to ssh in to the admin group. If you then login as that user, you should be a member of the admin group. The "groups" command will tell you what you are a member of.01:21
rhineheart_mowh: okay. I got it.. it has a capacity to change a user password....but it's not encrypted.. I will  just change it later in the console...01:22
rhineheart_mowh: mmmm....webmin rocks! I got an access back to administrator which is the superuser01:23
owhrhineheart_m: Excellent. The sudo will normally work. You can then set the password for that user from a console.01:23
rhineheart_mowh: thanks for the assistance...01:24
rhineheart_ms/The/Then? what do you mean?01:24
owhrhineheart_m: I'm just glad you didn't have to ruin your uptime :)01:24
rhineheart_mowh: yeah.. Thanks a lot... :)01:26
owhmusashi_: Hmm, that's a bit of a pickle you made yourself there. At this point I can only commiserate rather than offer actual assistance. Perhaps by far the quickest would be to boot off a CD, backup the system, rebuild it, but because I don't know what's actually broken, other than the symptoms you provide, I cannot advise you if that approach is akin to selling a car because the ashtray is full. That is, it will work, but i01:29
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musashi_owh yeah, i'm not too keen on reinstalling just yet. it's all good and should work fine... if it would just boot. i know there is a simple fix out there. i just don't know what it is02:14
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* faulkes- yawns03:26
faulkes-it has been a very long day03:27
sommerwhat up faulkes-03:39
sommerthat's why I take a nap after work :-)03:40
faulkes-which would have been what I would have done, had this not been my first day on a new job and having a pm exam right aftewards03:46
sommerhey all, is there an apparmor profile for ldap-utils?05:54
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josh1857anyone around I am thinking about using ubuntu in a production envirornment but would like to chat with some others who are currently using ubuntu-server06:32
rhineheart_mjosh1857: I am using it.. it works great!06:53
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rhineheart_mI am running ubuntu gutsy server edition. I just want to ask if there's a script or software for ubuntu that will show the server status and information to the public in a safe way that can be accessed through http.10:40
soren"server status"?10:55
sorenIf you just install apache, the default page is one that just says "It works!". That sums it up pretty well, I find.10:55
rhineheart_mI'm talking about how to show to the public the server status on real time]11:00
sorenSo am I.11:00
sorenIf it responds and says "It works!", that's because it works. If it doesn't respond, that's because it doesn't work.11:00
sorenIf you want more info than that, you need to be more specific.11:00
rhineheart_msoren: m not asking here about how to know if the apache server is running.. of course without apache php based website can't run. What I asked about.. if there's a script or software for ubuntu that will show the server status and information to the public in a safe way that can be accessed through http?11:03
lionelthanks soren for fixing xen-meta :)11:13
sorenrhineheart_m:  And I'm asking you what you mean by server status!11:14
sorenWhether it's running or not *is* the server's status.11:14
sorenIf you want more information than that, you need to tell me what you want to know.11:14
* soren goes to lunch11:14
rhineheart_msoren: no problem.. I found this.. http://info.shallax.com/index.php11:14
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rhineheart_mI am running ubuntu gutsy server edition. I just want to ask if there's a script or software for ubuntu that will show the server status and information to the public in a safe way that can be accessed through http.12:16
faulkes-rhieheart: nagois, zabbix, zenoss12:17
nijabahey faulkes-, good morning.  I guess you meant nagios? ^12:32
rhineheart_mis nagios supported by ubuntu?12:40
nawtyrhineheart_m: by supported, do you mean is it in the package tree?12:46
nawtyrhineheart_m: or installable?12:46
nawtyrhineheart_m: or do you mean, does canonical support it as a product?12:47
faulkes-nawty: there are nagios packages available for ubuntu, which are installable12:48
nawtyfaulkes-: of course, but I'm just checking with rhineheart_m what he meant by that :)12:48
rhineheart_mnawty: sorry.. yeah..that's why I meant..12:48
nawtyrhineheart_m: what version of ubuntu are you using at the moment?12:48
rhineheart_mnawty: gutsy12:49
nawtyrhineheart_m: http://packages.ubuntu.com/gutsy/nagios12:49
nawtyand, http://packages.ubuntu.com/source/gutsy/nagios12:49
nawtyrhineheart_m: does that answer your question?12:52
rhineheart_mnawty: thanks..looking.12:55
nawtyrhineheart_m: np12:56
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sommerdendrobates: I was wondering if you have any opinions on bug #196809?14:26
ubotuBug 196809 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/196809 is private14:26
dendrobatessommer: yes I do.  You have been doing a good job with the debuging.  I am packaging a new version today, that has much better error handling.14:28
dendrobatessommer: I will get it in my ppa, and put a comment in the bug.14:28
sommerdendrobates: cool, I just wanted to double check that you'd seen it ;-)14:28
dendrobatessommer: he needs to make sure he is using the fqdn of the DC.14:29
sommerdendrobates: ya, from his replies I think he was.14:30
sommeris it the fqdn of the dc or of the domain?14:30
sommerfrom my testing I needed to use the fqdn of the domain14:30
sommerI believe he did add the fqdn of the dc to the /etc/hosts file at some point, though14:31
Nafalloanyone here with Juniper firewalls? :-)14:52
henkjanNetscreen you mean?14:54
_rubenfrom what ive seen of netscreens im not very fond of them .. have had to help some customers to configure their netscreen to interop with our openswan vpn installation14:59
frame45does anyone know can u run a VOIP service with ubuntu server?14:59
_rubencollegue of mine is installing a new voip server (asterisk) on ubuntu as we speak15:01
frame45could I make a server and then have it run 4 phone #'s to about 10 throughout our offices with viocemail for about 8 people15:01
henkjanNafallo: i do have a few here15:02
_rubenframe45: depending on your hardware and other requirements i dont see any problem with that15:02
frame45would there be a wiki page or anything where I can do some reading up and check out some hardware15:04
Nafallohenkjan: solved it :-)15:05
Nafallothanks anyway15:05
frame45_ruben: Thanks I'm going to have to do some research.15:18
spiekeyhow do i know which driver interface type (hostap/wired/madwifi/prism54) i am using for wlan0?15:27
_rubenno modules loaded15:35
_rubenerm .. that looked semi-apropriate but was in fact my irc client stealing the focus15:36
henkjannever typing iptables again15:38
sommerheh... kinda sounded like one of those master card commercials ;-)15:39
krautone general question: is it safe to give an user the possibility to use chroot /new/chroot via sudo as root? i am using a grsec-patched kernel, so it's not possible to mknod devices within the chroot.15:41
henkjani owe jdstrand a beer15:43
jdstrandhenkjan: glad you like it! :)15:44
henkjanjdstrand: btw, currently i'm using ufw on a gutsy server15:48
mruizhi all15:48
jdstrandhenkjan: you should know that on reboot it may not be enabled on gutsy because of the way the initscript handles ipv6.15:49
jdstrandhenkjan: this will be fixed in the next upload15:49
jdstrand(gutsy only)15:49
henkjanah, okay15:51
henkjanwell, nobody's using ipv6 nowadays :)15:52
henkjanexept we at bit.nl15:52
jdstrandhenkjan: well, it may not start properly (it is still enabled).  so you may need to do /etc/init.d/ufw force-reload after a reboot15:52
jdstrandit'll be fixed soon though15:52
kirklandi'm looking for some help uploading to my ppa in launchpad16:33
kirklandi found this page, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SponsorshipProcess/ppaput which talks about ppaput, but it doesn't look like there is a ppaput in hardy16:33
zulkirkland: gimme a sec16:38
zulkirkland: you want to put something like this in your /etc/dput.cf file http://pastebin.com/m27809a75 and then do dput ppa *.dsc16:39
zulof course change my userid for your userid ;)16:39
kirklandzul: ;-)  cool, thanks.16:39
zulhelp.launchpad.net also :)16:39
zulmathiaz: ping when you are around16:41
mathiazkirkland: https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart16:56
kirklandmathiaz: awesome, thanks.16:57
zulhi foolano17:51
zulmathiaz: got a sec for that samba stuff?17:53
mathiazzul: sure17:59
zulmathiaz: for the no network bug there is a fix for it upstream in samba's bug tracker18:00
ubotubugzilla.samba.org bug 5267 in nmbd "nmbd shuts down when network interfaces go down" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]18:00
mathiazzul: yop - saw that - I'm about to check this out18:00
zulwhich basically means we can backport that patch18:00
zulbut other than that Im ready to upload18:01
zulafter ffe of course :)18:01
mathiazzul: the patch looks good.18:04
mathiazzul: I'd backport it to our current version of samba18:04
mathiazzul: and ask slangasek what he thinks about the patch - he suggested to use an ifup hook to fix the issue18:05
zuli was going to do that after lunch18:05
zulI will do that18:05
mathiazzul: if upstream provided a patch, he shouldn't see any problem with that18:06
zulnot a problem18:06
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nijabafaulkes-: I have reordered the questions quite a bit according to owh suggestion (allmost all of them).20:33
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faulkes-nijaba: nods, understood, will look at it22:07
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rhineheart_mIS there a command that will free some RAM in gutsy?23:31
krautyou don't need to free ram!23:32
rhineheart_mthansk kraut. But is there a way to do it manually?23:34
krautnot without risking a kernel panic23:34
krautor identify the process which consumes ram23:35
rhineheart_mwhat do you mean with risking a kernel panic?23:35
krautbut "cached" ram is ok and shouldn't be changed23:35
krautyou know "kabooom"?23:35
rhineheart_mnope..what I know about kabooom ---like cards. what is it?23:36
krautwhen you delete ram-pointers in the kernel-stack, the kernel will crash23:37
mralphabetrhineheart_m: if you type "free" on the command line, how much cached memory does your system have?23:37
mralphabet             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached23:37
mralphabetMem:       2075184    2026908      48276          0     270980    161052423:37
rhineheart_m             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached23:38
rhineheart_mMem:        255904     251628       4276          0      69720      4265623:38
rhineheart_m-/+ buffers/cache:     139252     11665223:38
rhineheart_mSwap:       746980      30776     71620423:38
J-_laptopIs it possble to install a LAMP server, while hosting an external drive on the server to stream the media?23:38
mralphabetwell, you only have 256mb of memory . .. what exactly were you expecting to have happen? ;)23:39
mralphabetJ-_laptop: sure23:39
mralphabetstorage is storage23:39
rhineheart_mits a server without GUI... no monitor...keyboard..and mouse..23:41
J-_laptopmralphabet: cool, I just find that having having my desktop on all the time doing nothing is a waste of hydro when I can use my server instead which is clocked a lot lower and will be less harsh on the hydro23:41
rhineheart_monline one website hosted there... do you think its not enough?23:41
J-_laptopmy server only has 256mb ram, and drupal/ wordpress run awesome on it23:43
rhineheart_mso what can you say mralphapbet?23:43
mralphabetrhineheart_m: well, it depends on how much traffic the one site is getting, but I can tell you that you still have memory available to other apps (which is what the cached memory is, available for other uses)23:43
J-_laptopIt would be nice to have LVM partitions to act as swap. More than one, but I don't know if it'd work how I am thinking23:44
mralphabetso if you still have memory available, and the performance is acceptable, why would it not be fine?23:44
rhineheart_mits okay.. m just curious knowing about hows23:47
mralphabetand that's fine, but you should just trust the kernel to handle the memory allocation, it does so quite well.23:51
rhineheart_mmralphabet: do you know about nagios?23:52
mralphabetI am familiar with it23:55
rhineheart_mcan you recommend it for a production environment?23:55
faulkes-it depends on the features you need it to provide but in general, it will support a production environment just fine23:58
faulkes-unless you have some whacked out, one off no name vendor equipment nobody has heard of23:59

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