pwnguinwho wrote the screen&graphics program?01:05
pwnguinah, found it. displayconfig-gtk01:08
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desertcPhoronix is releasing an open source benchmarking suite.04:59
desertc... for graphics04:59
desertcThis will be a big step forward toward being able to discuss practical numbers for comparison.05:00
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pwnguinpeoplezwell neat09:24
pwnguini guess that gives my brainstorm submission a bit more weight ;)09:24
pwnguinwell, so far they're only releasing the stuff to make graphics from results09:27
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pwnguinso what all do i need to do to get an onscreen keyboard for gdm?10:45
tjaaltontry #ubuntu-desktop..10:56
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asactjaalton: bryce: how can i figure the driver used for a display?14:25
asacif not driver, maybe i can figure the accellmethod used?14:25
asac(at best programmatically)14:25
tjaaltonasac: I don't think there's a better way than parsing the log :/14:27
tjaaltonrandr might support it some time14:28
asacisn't there an property or something :(14:31
asactjaalton: xdpyinfo displays a bunch of extensions. maybe i can guess something from that?14:32
asactjaalton: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5404/14:32
asacthats hat it spits out for me14:32
asacok at least we could figure fglrx from that i guess :)14:33
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asactjaalton: i would like to hack a bit on xservers xaa code ... how can i do that without trashing my install?15:39
asac(e.g. the question is: how to best build upstream code, while not wiping my existing install)15:39
jcristauasac: http://hoegsberg.blogspot.com/2008/02/building-and-installing-drmdrix-stack.html16:01
jcristauthat might help16:01
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tjaaltonasac: xdpyinfo doesn't seem to reveal the driver, at least not directly :/17:58
asacyeah ... cworth said that such info is currently not exposed by xserver18:02
asacwould need to be added18:02
asactjaalton: ^^18:02
jcristaui don't think there's any plan to add that18:03
tjaaltonwell, it could prove useful.. sometimes :)18:23
tjaaltoncan't think of a use case for myself though18:24
bryceit's a question that's come up a number of times, for various reasons18:30
bryce(usually due to a need to work around some driver-specific problem or other)18:30
jcristaubut then you end up with a pile of workarounds which stay around longer than the driver bugs18:38
brycejcristau: in each case they ended up using the parse-Xorg.0.log, so not providing that data did not achieve that stability-through-secrecy aim18:52
jcristauwell i don't think it's about secrecy. more about not encouraging broken things like that.  and you don't have access to Xorg.0.log if you're a remote client :)18:54
bryceI think there is value in having increased information such as the driver for testing purposes18:55
bryceI've run into this answer before ("not wishing to encourage misuse") but there are definitely legitimate uses for having such info18:56
bryceplus, there are drivers we cannot easily fix, so we have no choices but to work around the issues18:57
jcristauanyway. /me goes back to uploading this week's new releases18:58
=== asac_ is now known as asac
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tjaaltonjcristau: bug 38939 seems similar to the bug you mentioned19:32
ubotuLaunchpad bug 38939 in xorg-server "MPlayer receives BadAlloc when playing very large movies using Xv" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/3893919:32
tjaaltonhuh, so RH has had two patches for libx11, the other for a bug that has 17 dupes20:14
tjaaltondefinately going to include them20:15
brycenow that  dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg no longer prompts for video settings, what should we advise for users needing to workaround areas where configuration cannot be done automatically?  23:08
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