icesword! fstab > JonZenor00:00
Zambeziaudrius: Nvidias homepage?00:00
cookie_rrplay: Xscale, arm architecture00:00
audriusasus home page00:00
soundraycookie_: I have no idea about crosscompiling, but I'm pretty sure you're not asking the right channel. Have you tried a web search? There are plenty of useful-looking hits on "ubuntu arm cross-compile"00:00
Flare183!fstab | JonZenor00:00
ubotuJonZenor: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions00:00
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JonZenorI'm already reading that, but it doesn't mention what type to use to mount a samba share00:01
audriusi wait00:01
cookie_soundray: I did try. and I got a few cross compilers from Ward1983. but they are too hard to use00:01
audriusi will write mor00:01
cookie_I know gcc can do it too00:01
BizMAnhey guys, im setting up my ubuntu server for the first time, and im at the part hwre i edit the /etc/hosts file00:01
BizMAnwhat do i put for localhost.localdomain for
cookie_rrplay: do you know anything that could help me?00:02
BizMAnand what do i put for my servanem.something.com for my ip address00:02
BizMAni dont et it00:02
audriusi used secial program name envy00:02
Faust-Ci need a lil help w/ fstab00:02
audriusbut mmy system crashed once again00:02
^Juan^is there any way to play mobile jar games on ubuntu?00:02
Faust-Chow would you add a share like "Share(space)Name" ?00:02
JonZenorShare\ Name should work00:02
soundraycookie_: ask in a channel where C programming is on topic.00:02
Faust-C^Juan^, java .jar file00:03
JonZenoror 'Share Name'00:03
^Juan^wont work00:03
Faust-CJonZenor, so just use '' not ""00:03
LeChacalJack_Sparrow: another question if you dont mind i am having issues with an error saying i have filled the apt cache how can i clear it and also resize it, in Debian it was in a config file in the apt folder but it isnt there in ubuntu00:03
Jack_Sparrowaudrius, Bad idea...00:03
JonZenoruse not for the type?00:03
JonZenoroh, heh00:03
JonZenornevermind :D00:03
ubotuenvy is an unsupported tool to install newer versions of binary video drivers than provided by the official repositories. Use at your own risk, and remember that the latest version is not necessarily the "best". See « /msg ubotu binarydriver »00:03
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audriusJack_sparrow i tried to just enable my restricted driver adfter restaring it crashed00:04
Azodoni that necessary? the afk memo00:04
Faust-CJonZenor, so sec lemme have you look at my fstab00:04
audriushow u make my name red???00:04
Jack_SparrowLeChacal, Sorry.. no idea..00:04
bruenigaudrius: magic00:04
Starnestommyaudrius: like this?00:05
Azodonaudrius :  like this00:05
Starnestommyaudrius: have someone say your nickname in a message00:05
JonZenorFaust-C: okay00:05
LeChacal Jack_Sparrow: thank you anyways00:05
bruenigaudrius: you have to do ctrl+893 then type00:05
soundrayaudr1us: I can't seem to do it...00:05
audriusbut u nickname is long00:05
bruenigit only appears red once you enter it though00:05
Jack_SparrowLeChacal, Sorry, I must be getting tired...  I should know that one00:05
audriusi will lose many time to write it00:05
Lars_GHi all. Any ideas why I get this trying to load the nvidia module after I install the lattest driver from tar.gz? "FATAL: Error running install command for nvidia"00:05
Starnestommyaudrius: type the first two or three letters then hit the tab key00:05
Ward1983is it possible to setup software raid when installing ubuntu?00:06
neosixLars_G: why do you use tar.gz00:06
prince_jammysaudrius: type the beginning of someones name, and then the tab key to autocomplete their name. like:  prin<tab>00:06
LeChacal Jack_Sparrow: it is ok we all have days like that00:06
Lars_Gneosix: newer?00:06
audriusStarnestommy,  oh thananks00:06
soundray!highno | Lars_G00:06
ubotuLars_G: A higher version number does not mean that it's better. Especially with packages such as the linux kernel. The packages in the Ubuntu repositories are stable and will work fine. You should have a better reason than "newer" when considering compiling from source or using 3rd party repos.00:06
neosixLars_G: aha00:06
audriusJack_Sparrow,  any ideas ?00:06
brueniga higher version does mean it is better00:06
Ward1983i mean software raid with no controller, so no fakeraid, i decided to use my other 2 drives for a regular software raid if possible00:07
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Jack_SparrowLars_G, Does this sound familiar  hit clt-alt-f2, login. run  sudo invoke-rc.d gdm stop. do your nivida stuff, using sudo. sudo invoke-rc.d gdm start to restart X . ctl-alt-f7 to get back to gui, if needed00:07
Jack_Sparrowaudrius, Ideas on what?00:07
Starnestommybruenig: not if the higher version is less stable00:07
Faust-CJonZenor, http://nopaste.com/p/audErByMC00:07
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Lars_Gsoundray: Excuse me but I'm trying to solve problems with the older version so please if you can't help don't assume, you end up like an ass...00:07
Juanis there any way to play mobile jar games on ubuntu?00:07
bruenigStarnestommy: that is a joke word you throw around, you don't even know what it means00:07
Lars_GJack_Sparrow: I installed from shell, with no X running.. heck I don't even have X running now.00:07
bruenigoh they are less stable, garbage, you just say that because you haven't a real reason00:08
audriusJack_Sparrow,  how to enable my resticted nvidia drivers without creshing system00:08
soundrayLars_G: I thought you're the one *looking* for advice. Now you're dishing it out...00:08
Lars_GJack_Sparrow: Plus I see in dmesg the module loaded while (after) compiling...00:08
oboy03good am people00:08
Lars_Gsoundray: I'm dishing advice on a different topic from the one I'm looking advice in. Now you're twice the ass.00:08
soundrayLars_G: insulting people in the process00:08
soundray!ops | Lars_G abusive00:08
Faust-Csoulrider, Lars_G no one cares00:08
ubotuLars_G abusive: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow or nickrud!00:08
Lars_Gsoundray: I'm only repeating an American expression00:08
JonZenorFaust-C: How do I make a .smbcredentials file? can you show me an example of yours? (With pass removed of course)00:09
Lars_GJack_Sparrow: So it somehow loads as a test while compiling but for some reason wont modprobe afterwards.00:09
nickrudLars_G: courtesy, please. Nothing that can be misconstrued00:09
Faust-CJonZenor, sure00:09
oboy03i have a problem this appears evrytime i click on network: the configuration could not be loaded00:09
LinuxMonkeyDont make me wake up nixternal now.lol00:09
Jack_SparrowLars_G, Does this sound familiar... You need to stop gdm in order to install the drivers.. blah blah    hit clt-alt-f2, login. run  sudo invoke-rc.d gdm stop. do your nivida stuff, using sudo. sudo invoke-rc.d gdm start to restart X . ctl-alt-f7 to get back to gui, if needed00:09
audriusJack_Sparrow,  how to enable my resticted nvidia drivers without creshing system00:09
Jack_Sparrowaudrius, what video card00:10
Faust-CJonZenor, http://nopaste.com/p/atcmnbUHk00:10
ZambeziOkay. QCAD was just 2D. Is there 3D CAD for Linux free?00:10
JonZenorFaust-C: thanks00:10
Karsythhow do i force quit a process?00:10
themillZambezi: I've used blender for such things, but it's not really 3D CAD.00:11
Faust-CJonZenor, np00:11
LjL!etiquette > Lars_G    (Lars_G, see the private message from Ubotu)00:11
soundrayKarsyth: with kill or killall00:11
grnmtnsearch for the process with ps xau|grep processname00:11
Karsythso kill, then process name?00:11
grnmtnthen kill the pid number00:11
grnmtnor use killall processname00:11
soundrayKarsyth: no, killall with the name (kill ID)00:11
rrplaycookie: GCC compiler right00:11
Bryan_SierraI need a way to control the PCM volume control via the keyboard media keys.00:12
Neulinghow can I stop the jumping of the letters in the entry box, while typing?00:12
dr_kosmoshey guys... quick question. i have to write summary on different types of open source data storage... all i can think of so far is a flat file and MySQL... can anybody tell me the names of some others?00:12
soundrayNeuling: what entry box is that?00:12
oboy03where is the problem here if i click on administration>network, it says configuration could not be loaded00:12
danand_Karsyth - use the command - kill -9 $(pidof process_name)00:12
Faust-CJonZenor, btw share\ didnt work ...00:12
Neulingit's in Pidgin, IRC Part00:12
Neulingeverytime I type00:12
skydehow can i check memory hardware fail by seconde00:13
Neulingthe letters jump00:13
Karsythok, how do i find the process name again?00:13
grnmtnonly use kill -9 if a regular killall fails00:13
Lars_GInteresting.... insmod works, only modprobe fails00:13
grnmtnto find a process name, you can use top00:13
JonZenorFaust-C: Uhm, it didn't work, says mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on //,00:13
danand_Karsyth - use the command pidof process_name00:13
grnmtnit will list the processes using the most resources at the top of the list00:13
Bryan_SierraI need a way to control the PCM volume control via the keyboard media keys.00:13
Faust-CJonZenor, hmm sec im gonna google a tad more00:13
Karsythwhenever i run that command it just goes to a new line00:14
JonZenori'm trying too00:14
Lars_GOk stuff works with insmod, I wonder if it'll work at reboot. sigh00:14
danand_Karsyth - or use ps -A | grep process_name00:14
JonZenorI need to get ready for work soon00:15
prince_jammysi didn't know about pidof, seems to work like pgrep00:15
oboy03where is the problem here if i click on administration>network, it says configuration could not be loaded, how do i fix it?00:15
komputeshow do you turn off automatic NumLk after login?00:15
jonathan_How can I find out where something went when I download it from synaptic?00:15
danand_prince_jammys - pidof is great... if you know the exact name of the process :) ... firefox ... firefox-bin ...00:16
Lars_GWell back in X now let's see if it fixes the failure.00:16
grnmtnhas anyone had problems with Intel GMA 950 drivers? I just moved a new computer, and everything looks really fuzzy - I can't figure out how to fix it00:16
soundrayjonathan_: package files go to /var/cache/apt/archives00:16
prince_jammysdanand_: i normally do that with pgrep00:16
jonathan_soundray, thank you!00:16
chetnickhow do you add startup programs trough shell ?00:16
soundrayjonathan_: to get a list of files in a package, 'dpkg -L packagename'00:16
Lars_Git did. or so it seems00:16
* danand_ is gonna check out pgrep00:16
Karsyt1i keep lagging out, sorry. how do i find the process list again? im kind of confused. whenever i enter the commands oyu tell me it goes to a blank line00:17
soundrayKarsyt1: that usually means it has worked00:17
Dr_willis_Karsyt1,  the commands, top, or ps, are normally used00:17
Karsyt1alright ive got the list00:17
danand_prince_jammys - pgrep looks pretty cool too :)00:18
prince_jammysdanand_: yeah00:18
Karsyt1im still not seeing the name on the list00:18
Karsyt1i cant figure out which one it is. im trying to run steam install00:18
grnmtnno one here with GMA 950 problems?00:18
Dr_willis_Karsyt1,  ps ax | grep steam00:19
gigamonkeyIs there an easy way to clone my boot drive unto a USB thumb drive such that I could boot from it in a pinch?00:19
grnmtnKarsyt1 - what process are you trying to kill?00:19
Karsyt1a steam install00:19
komputesis there a way to quickly switch between window managers or does one HAVE to log out and back in?00:19
danand_gigamonkey - look into the dd command00:19
Karsyt1im running it trhough wine00:19
prince_jammysdanand_: they seem similar.  pgrep has a few more options, though i normally don't use those00:19
soundraykomputes: some wms have a --replace command line option00:19
Dr_willis_komputes,  many support a 'whatever --replace' option, or depending on how it got launched, you can kill it from a terminal, and run another.00:20
Dr_willis_komputes,  ive seen some that come with menu items to launch alternative window managers.. depends on your needs.00:20
danand_prince_jammys - i usually use pidof in scripts - it's useful to list pid's of all running apps with the name you supply.00:21
komputesdo you know how to do it with xfce, theres no xfce command, like 1800:21
prince_jammysdanand_: i'm seeing one difference: pidof requires the exact name, whereas pgrep works like grep00:22
Dr_willis_komputes,  do what exactly with xfce?00:22
soundraykomputes: I don't think you can switch to xfce without logging out, since it's a whole environment00:22
JonZenorI can't figure out what's wrong! :( everything I look at says smbfs is the correct type, and I don't know what else would be wrong in that line00:22
gigamonkeydanand_: so will something like dd if=/ of=/media/disk/ Just Work?00:22
Lars_GNo ideas why I can insmod the module but not modprobe it?00:22
prince_jammysdanand_: so pidof is probably safer, in scripts, unless you specify to match only the exact string00:22
komputesoh did i say window manager or desktop manager...my bad00:22
danand_prince_jammys - that is the difference ... pidof is great _if_ you know the _exact_ process name00:23
komputesbut good to know i can do twm --replace00:23
Dr_willis_the xfce startup scripts - launch several of the xfce 'parts'00:23
Dr_willis_Im not sure twm supports --replace :)00:23
grnmtnthe problem with tools like pgrep is they aren't universal across all *nix operating systems, unlike ps and grep00:23
komputesyeah,i need to log out for that00:23
danand_prince_jammys - yeah, safer for someone like me at least :)00:23
grnmtnif you're talking about scripting00:23
audriusJack_Sparrow, geforce 8600 gts00:23
komputesby the way, do you know how to turn off automatic NumLk after login?00:24
alanbshepard70Whenever I run apt I get this error linux-image-2.6.22-14-generic: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 2. Anyone know of a fix? Google and the forums offered no help. The only thing I found in the forums to try I've already tried.00:24
MezrissI've noticed only now - umount didn't actually help with thai gmount-iso image. it removed cd only. when i ty to umount it, i get "umount2: Device or resource busy" but it's not like anything is using it yet00:24
JonZenoranybody see anything wrong with this line? //    /mnt/Files      smbfs   credentials=/home/jon/.smbcredentials,iocharset=iso8859-15,codepage=cp850       0       000:24
dnyis there a way to install the  ATI RADEON XPRESS 200 gfx driver, or maybe an alternative?  :/00:24
komputesMezriss: someone made a script for mount/unmount iso00:25
Dr_willis_The fuseiso tool is also handy for mounting iso files00:25
gigamonkeyAh. Never mind, I want to use the /dev/sd<FOO> as the if and of.00:25
magnetronJonZenor: don't use smbfs, it's deprecated. use cifs instead00:25
JonZenorcifs? okay, I'll try it00:25
Dr_willis_The Fusesmb tool - is handy also. you dont have to mess with the fstab :)00:25
JonZenornope, cifs didn't work00:26
rhineheart_mCan anybody in this channel tell me why giving root a password is a *bad idea*?00:26
JonZenormount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on //,00:26
fluohello everybody00:26
Starnestommyrhineheart_m: it makes it easier for an attacker to hack into root00:26
Dr_willis_rhineheart_m,  one layer of security  added on top of the other layers.00:27
Mezrissfuseiso mounts iso in such a manner that i'm able to view it as rooot only. right now i'm looking for a way to make cdrom0 not buisy again or a way to unmount it00:27
neosixrhineheart_m: because somebody can mess your system00:27
fluoI wonder how I can output alsa on /dev/audio?00:27
rrplayalanshephard70: check dmesg  also /var/log   for messages00:27
pipegeekAnyone know how to enable mp3 encoding support for sox in gutsy?00:27
Dr_willis_Mezriss,  your users need to be in the fuse group, then they can mount/unmount the iso image files.00:27
soundrayrhineheart_m: if you need a root shell for something, you can always do 'sudo -i'00:27
rhineheart_mThanks for your inputs guys... how about to a server without GUI?00:27
Mezrissor at least get an idea why is it busy00:27
soundrayrhineheart_m: same thing00:28
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danand_gigamonkey - the dd command will allow you to clone a disk or partition _exactly_ - hence any refs to the disk or partition name will be preserved. use of dd may or may not _just_ work ... you may need to edit things like fstab etc for that to work00:28
morghanphoenixyeah, unless it's a playstation cd, dd never makes an iso of them for me.00:29
sidelilexcuse me, do you know a way to create a multi-bootable disc? I'd like to have a DVD with the ubuntu CD, SuperGrubDisk, SystemRescueCD and maybe others, and everyone to be bootable, with some kind of GRUB-like list at the beginning to choose which one to boot.00:29
audriuswhat means e. g. i am not english...00:29
OFStimedoes anyone know what diagnostics i can do on my laptop to find out why suspend wont work00:29
Flannelsidelil: sure, the regular Ubuntu CD does that already (with the menu), although a little differently00:29
soundrayaudrius: for example00:29
audriussoundray, If your card does not appear in this [WWW] list of cards known by Ubuntu 7.04 NVIDIA binary drivers (e.g. the 8600GT) then there is no Ubuntu 7.04 supported binary driver00:30
pipegeekIs there any way to enable mp3 encoding support in sox without a recompile?  A package I haven't seen?00:30
sidelilaudrius,  e.g is "exemplum gratia", which is "for example"00:30
rhineheart_mows..really? Take a long with this guy...he has been recommending to give root a password in all of his guides... http://howtoforge.com/perfect_server_ubuntu7.10_p300:30
Bruno_is there a way to install mac OS X 10.2 on my ubuntu computer?00:30
soundrayaudrius: e.g. = "for example"00:30
audriusthenks ;)00:30
sidelilFlannel, can I do it with the ubuntu CD? How?00:30
JonZenoralright, I need to go to work, thanks for trying to help guys :)00:30
Flannelrhineheart_m: howtoforge is a bad site for Ubuntu stuff, to be perfectly honest.00:30
morghanphoenixvirtualization, not sure which ones support osx installs though.00:31
rrplayalanshephard70:  did you look here : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=64752100:31
morghanphoenixis 10.2 the intel osx?00:31
rhineheart_mhuh?! really? my server has been set-up the way it is being done there...with a little modification..00:31
soundraymorghanphoenix: have you lost your way?00:32
morghanphoenixsoundray: someone was asking about osx on their computer.00:32
rhineheart_mcan this command  will lock the root? sudo passwd -l root00:32
Flannelrhineheart_m: Yeah, the site doesn't understand the way Ubuntu does things, and as such, tries to set it up like another distro (redhat I believe)00:32
Flannelrhineheart_m: yes00:32
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Bruno_ morghanphoenix: its the jaguar version, idk if its intel compatible...00:33
prettyrickyCan you add OS X to a windows system. I currently have Xp and Ubuntu?00:33
morghanphoenixsoundray: I suggested virtualization and then asked if the version they were asking about was the intel based one, I know the PPC ones rune like a dessicated snail.00:33
soundraymorghanphoenix: got it. Note, !who00:33
Flannelsidelil: http://www.gnu.org/software/grub/manual/html_node/Making-a-GRUB-bootable-CD_002dROM.html is probably the easiest method.  Puts GRUB on the CD, and then you can do whatever from GRUB.  Also, Smart Boot Manager may also be a good choice00:34
sidelilFlannel, thank you very much00:35
ypSamiHey all. Since I'm forced to install imagemagick 6.3.x via source, what is the best way to install via source that ensures a clean uninstall?00:35
soundray!checkinstall | ypSami00:36
ubotuypSami: checkinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!00:36
ypSamilordy that's a convenient binary00:36
ypSamithanks guys00:36
ypSamior.. thanks soundray ?00:36
morghanphoenixSpeaking of which, it's about time I insrtalled it again so I can run XP, forgot I hadn't put it back on since I decided to try the buntus again.00:36
* Mezriss starts to hate Gmount-iso00:37
ypSamiThis is my first time using ubuntu as a serious web server. I'm a debian guy personally.00:37
morghanphoenixStill a pretty new distro when I used it before and was pretty unstable, seems to have improved quite a bit since then, though the lack of an actually root account still annoys me.00:37
FlannelypSami: Why are you choosing Ubuntu over Debian for the server, may I ask?00:38
jonathan_How would I get to "/var/cache/apt/archives?"00:38
soundrayypSami: hardy will come with imagemagick or later -- you could backport it yourself00:38
hischildsoundray, wait.... that actually works? like ... you can install it with that?00:38
Jimdbhey, i have a wierd one, tho I don't think it is impossible to understand and ultimately figure out.  I just installed 7.10 on an HP zx5000 laptop.  The install went well but I had a sound issue.  sound wouldn't play.  If I tried to play the cpu utilization would hit 100%.  If I tried to quit programs such as amarok, etc after terminating they'd still be listed in the system monitor as zombies and the cpu utilization would remain 100%.  I00:38
Karsythanyone know where i install fonts to?00:38
Flannelmorghanphoenix: You're not required to not have a root password; but why does it annoy you?00:38
ypSamiFlannel: Rightscale offers Ubuntu images that are integrated, but not debian. I'd prefer debian.00:38
nickrud!fonts | Karsyth00:38
ubotuKarsyth: Font installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer00:38
danhshey, how can I see what daemon processes are running?  like I know apached and vsftpd are running.  but they don't show up in system-monitor.  only place I can really see them is ps -Al and that's kind of not very easy to read/concise/clear.....00:38
morghanphoenixjust not what I'm used to, keep typing su :)00:39
danhsany suggestions?00:39
soundrayhischild: checkinstall? Apparently so...00:39
EpicLegionHello, would anyone mind helping me with some probs I'm having with my vid card?00:39
danhsI'm a little used to windows where I can see processes from task manager, or services running00:39
morghanphoenixnever had any of my users as a sudoer either, kept all that relegated to root land.00:39
oboy03configuration could not be loaded appears when i click on administration>network, what should i do?00:39
Flanneldanhs: ps aux will show you all of them00:39
danand_danhs  - psgrep... prince_jammys - :)00:40
EpicLegionHey, I got some probs with my NVIDIA card, can anyone help?00:40
MaimsterCan anyone grab this file, (Windows XP SP2) I got this file from this link on a Winblows box in 4 minutes, 39 seconds. The file is 266MB http://www.soft32.com/Download/Free/Windows_XP_Service_Pack_2/4-992-1.html00:40
prince_jammysdanand_: pgrep?00:40
Jimdbdanhs:  go to the system menu, then administration, then system monitor00:40
morghanphoenixkde has a pretty windows like process table, not sure about gnome though.00:40
Flannelmorghanphoenix: sudo provides a lot more flexibility than just having a root account, which is one of the main reasons Ubuntu uses it00:40
danhsJimdb: system monitor not sufficient00:40
soundraydanhs: they *should* show up in system-monitor as well00:40
Jimdbdanhs:  why?00:40
danand_prince_jammys - crap... useless at remembering new commands :)00:40
iceswordMaimster, windows?#windows00:40
MaimsterFor some reason my Linux box needs 3 hours to download this.00:40
Jimdbdanhs:  it has everything that task manager has and more.00:41
Maimstericesword Its just a test.00:41
danhsJimdb: It's not showing apache200:41
prince_jammysdanand_: i thought you discovered another one :)00:41
danhsand I *know* that apache is running00:41
EpicLegionI need some help with my vid card00:41
Mezrissis there a way to learn which process is accesing a file?00:41
iceswordMaimster, use multi thread download tools00:41
morghanphoenixsoft32 is a slow server00:41
danhsoh wait....view was set to "my processes"00:41
soundrayMezriss: lsof00:41
Jimdbdanhs:  top run in a terminal doesn't show apache?00:41
Maimstericesword I just can't explain why my Ubuntu 7.10 is stopping at 10Kbps.00:41
EpicLegionHey, can anyone help me with the prob I'm having with my vid card?00:41
danhsps aux does00:41
danand_prince_jammys - psgrep .... auto shows all the info you ever wanted .... ahhhhh00:41
danhsps -Al does00:42
hischildsoundray, hmm ... i've gotta remember that one then ... i've got a lot to install from source and it's a pain to uninstall something00:42
FlannelJimdb: likely that apache isn't a top process00:42
danhsand system monitor does when I change view to something other than my process00:42
ubotuUbuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://nl.releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Archive - PLEASE use the !torrents to download Gutsy, and help keeping the servers' load low!00:42
icesword!download tools00:42
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about download tools - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:42
rrplayEpiclegion: what is your problem00:42
danhstop doesn't show apache00:42
Jimdbdanhs:  you can stretch the window and i'll show more than 3300:42
EpicLegionrrplay: Well, first off, I should tell you I'm a long time Windows user00:42
danhsJimdb: I can stretch top?00:42
Starnestommyapache is usually apache2 in ps aux00:42
Maimstericesword What does the download tools do?00:42
EpicLegionrrpaly: So I'm kinda new to this stuff00:42
EpicLegionrrplay: Anyway, I have a NVIDIA 8500 GT GeForce00:43
rrplayEpiclegion:: what chipset do you have00:43
danhsyea definitely not in the top 33 or whatever the number is00:43
danhsit is in system monitor tho'00:43
rrplayEpicLegion   nvidia-settings as root00:43
iceswordMaimster, it usually build multi thread downloading00:43
danhsis there a way to see the path to the executable tho?00:43
EpicLegionrrplay: And I've installed the latest linux driver for my card00:43
EpicLegionAnd now00:43
Jimdbdid I ask the wrong question when I asked about HP laptop sound issues?00:43
EpicLegionrrplay: When I try to enable the Restricted driver00:43
EpicLegionrrplay: And reboot00:43
jms1989How can one setup apache2 to stream media instead of downloading and then playing?00:44
EpicLegionrrplay: I go into low-graphics mode00:44
EpicLegionrrplay: And have to select my stuff00:44
Maimstericesword Okay that makes sense, however why is the other machines on the same network out performing mine without extra software? Just strange.00:44
EpicLegionrrplay: And the driver still isn't enabled00:44
danhsahhhh command line.....that is pretty sweet00:44
listeperDoes anyone know if and when eclipse 3.3.x is gonna be included in the package manager?00:44
rrplayEpicLegion: look here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=67418500:44
soundrayJimdb: probably not, but you may have to repeat or rephrase a couple of times until someone jumps on it00:44
Maimstericesword I am thinking about taking this machine to another location to test another broadband account.00:45
soundray!sound > Jimdb, meantime, have you seen this? (private message)00:45
PriceChildlisteper: ubuntu is frozen on release. Only security and critical bug fixes are added.00:45
Jimdbsoundray:  last time I did that I got nailed with "don't repeat your question".00:45
rrplayEpicLegion  nvidia-xconfig -A | less read and select option for your card00:45
danand_danhs - htop is better than top. htop allows you to scroll through all processes00:45
PriceChildlisteper: it may be in ubuntu 8.04, check packages.ubuntu.com00:45
ryanzecis there a good UML software like visio or smartdraw for ubuntu?00:45
iceswordMaimster, what you mean by out performing mine without00:45
danhsdanand_: oooh00:45
soundrayJimdb: no one will say that if you leave 10 minutes or so00:45
audriuswhat graphical iterface u are using kde or gnome?00:45
EpicLegionrrplay: Uh00:46
EpicLegionrrplay: That's not really the problem I'm having00:46
audriuswhat graphical iterface u are using kde or gnome?00:46
Maimstericesword I have 6 machines on this cable modem. They download from that super fast site at like 900 - 1.5Mbps.00:46
Jimdbsoundray:  that's why i didn't repeat it...but...to be honest, my question stated I'd torn through the threads on the support forums and many ppl have no resolution to their hp laptop sound issues.00:46
ryanzecaudrius, was that for me?00:46
iceswordoh, i see00:46
Maimstericesword For some strange reason this newly configure ubuntu 7.10 just can't go fastst than like 30kbps.00:46
listeperThansk PriceChild.00:46
danhsdanand_: that htop.....that is friggin sweet00:46
boxafellahi everyone00:47
Maimstericesword That was why I wanted someone else to download to see what they get for speed.00:47
soundrayJimdb: I see. Have you looked for installation reports on tuxmobil.org ?00:47
iceswordthis is just weird00:47
TrichomeKidOkay, so I was messing with the inside of my machjine (Not that relevant), but when I started up Ubuntu.. the icons on the one taskbar were in the middle.  The Network Connection icon is now in the middle I can't move it.  Anyone know why?00:47
Maimstericesword Exactly.00:47
rrplayEpicLegion: so what is the problem that you are having?? after reading in the forums ?00:47
danand_danhs - you'll never use top again ... :) alias top='htop'00:47
Maimstericesword I have been working with it for 5 days now.00:47
PriceChildTrichomeKid: right click and uncheck lock00:47
danhsdanand_: good call00:47
soundrayTrichomeKid: you must have switched resolutions at some point00:47
rhineheart_mypSami: are you using it for Gallery2?00:47
TrichomeKidPriceChild:  The network icon doesn't have an unlock feature.00:47
orudiecan i create new user and specify permissions through terminal ?00:48
ypSamirhineheart_m: no00:48
boxafellaI've done a lot of research, and found drivers myself.. i've even attempted compiling them, but i haven't had any luck in getting my webcam to work00:48
boxafellacan anyone help me?00:48
jonathan_somehow I accidentally got rid of my desktop, and I can't remember how to put it back on. Could someone help?00:48
jonathan_All I have is my compiz cube picture00:48
EpicLegionrrplay: Okay, the problem is that I enable the restricted drivers for my vid card. On reboot, I'm sent into low-graphics mode. I select my monitor and vid card drivers, and when I get into the GUI, the restricted drivers still aren't enabled00:48
TrichomeKidsoundray:  The resolution is the same.  But I will try switching to a different one.00:48
Maimstericesword The sad part is that I used the Ubuntu Terminal Server Client to do the downloads on the other boxes and they still out performed mine.00:48
soundrayTrichomeKid: the network "icon" is in the Notification Area applet. Right-click the faint dots to the left of the icon00:49
boxafella I've done a lot of research, and found drivers myself.. i've even attempted compiling them, but i haven't had any luck in getting my webcam to work00:49
Jimdbsoundray:  I think sound in linux on laptops has a serious need to be fixed.  I have probably 5 solid laptops here and all exhibit some sound related issues. I'm not sure if you are interested in knowing how I got around my issues.00:49
jonathan_Anyone know the problem?00:49
danand_emma - uh... did u just pm me?00:49
rrplayEpicLegion: did you try those command at the console   nvidia-settings   nvidia-xconfig -A | less00:49
soundrayJimdb: don't let my nickname mislead you -- it dates back to a time when I did ultrasound research00:49
EpicLegionrrplay: Which console?00:50
boxafella I've done a lot of research, and found drivers myself.. i've even attempted compiling them, but i haven't had any luck in getting my webcam to work00:50
iceswordMaimster, i think it is networking issue,not sure,what if you run ifconfig00:50
TrichomeKidsoundray:  Now that you mention it, I can't find those faint dots anymore...00:50
soundrayTrichomeKid: they may be covered up by another applet.00:50
boxafellaanyone at all?00:50
rrplayEpicLegion: the terminal00:50
Maimstericesword I thought about that too. So I did a download internally. My Ubuntu box killed the others by about 2MBps!!00:50
EpicLegionrrplay: No, I haven't00:50
EpicLegionrrplay: Do I need to stop my gdm?00:51
boxafellathanks guys00:51
Mezrisshow should I add user to a group? opened group properties, marked users which I wanted to add, pressed ok. then I've decided to check it and opened group properties again, but none of the users were marked00:51
TrichomeKidsoundray:  Okay, thanks.  The dots are gone now, strange.  But I right-clicked right next to it and was able to move it.00:51
audriuswhat graphical iterface u are using kde or gnome?00:51
rrplayEpicLegion will just try those 2 first00:51
EpicLegionrrplay: k one sec00:51
audriuswuetion for all of u00:51
Scuniziboxafella, what kind of webcam?00:51
Jimdbsoundray:  i am wondering if there's a need to break out this support area into smaller more specialized areas.  I know there are some such as #samba, etc. but there probably should be some for laptops and then broken down by issue:  sound, video, wireless, modems, etc.00:51
Maimstericesword I grabbed the same file from an internal FTP. I got about 8.5Mbps00:51
FlannelJimdb: #ubuntu-offtopic for that discussion, and let me save you the time: not really, it wouldn't ever work.00:51
boxafellaScunizi: a Logitech quickcam preloaded on my XPS 121000:51
Jimdbflannel:  thanks but this isn't off topic.  thanks again tho.00:52
Scuniziboxafella, let me check something.. hang on.00:52
Maimstericesword I think Comcast is blocking me. Only i am NOBODY special.00:52
zippytechany one know how i can get my system to try idap auth after the network is up?00:52
iceswordMaimster, seems it is working fine00:52
FlannelJimdb: it is offtopic, this is support only, that's a meta-support question.00:52
soundrayJimdb: I agree with Flannel on both counts (offtopic and wouldn't work)00:52
boxafellaI have research links, if you'd care to see.. My own troubleshooting exploring00:52
Jimdbflannel, only you think that.00:52
soundrayJimdb: read me carefully00:52
Jimdbflannel:  i asked a sound question00:52
iceswordMaimster, you mean they limit your bandwith00:52
Maimstericesword Definately.  My Ubuntu 6.10 is great. Just weird is all. I can not figure this out.00:52
fluohow can one output audio to /dev/audio?00:52
LjLJimdb, the sound question is not offtopic. the splitting-the-channel thing is.00:53
FlannelJimdb: the sound question is good here.  The channel scheme discussion is offtopic, but we'll all be happy to discuss it there.00:53
soundrayfluo: 'cat file >/dev/audio'00:53
Maimstericesword I was googling and found that comcast with messing with the bitorrent protocol and stuff like that.00:53
Scuniziboxafella, is it the pro version?00:53
fernandoi feel ashamed for asking this question ... but how can I move to #winehq to put a wine question?00:53
LjLfernando: /join #winehq00:53
boxafellai believe so, Scunizi00:53
Maimstericesword They are not under a Class Action Lawsuit.00:53
fluosoundray, I was thinking about the music I'm listenning, not just a file00:53
iceswordMaimster, coz they cause lot of pressur00:53
boxafellaLet me check Dell's website real quick..00:53
fernandoLorenzo : Thx00:53
fernando /join #winehq00:54
Maimstericesword Sorry company!! I can't wait til Verizon comes out with FIOS in my area. I am gone from the little ISP.00:54
LjLfernando: without a leading space00:54
Scuniziboxafella, have you seen this link? http://www.seismo.ethz.ch/linux/webcam.html00:54
Jimdbflannel:  i disagree.  but  you are going off topic yourself according to your rules.00:54
iceswordMaimster, bandwith limit is comman00:54
EpicLegionrrplay: Okay, on the settings command, I got a bunch of "Not Found"00:54
Maimstericesword Then why don't the other machines feel the same limits? They share the same connection.00:55
EpicLegionrrplay: On the -A, I got Syntax error ")" unexpexted00:55
rrplayEpicLegion: nvidia-settings as root  sudo nvidi-settings00:55
EpicLegionrrplay: I did00:55
sam_what is the terminal command to install kde desktop?00:55
rrplaythen you do not have the drivers installed00:55
soundraysam_: 'sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop'00:56
boxafellaScunizi, no00:56
EpicLegionrrplay: Uh, yeah, i do00:56
Scuniziboxafella, also.. are you running Gutsy? if so USB support is a little weird. My Creative cam has to be plugged in when I start the machine to be seen properly.00:56
iceswordMaimster, you said you use a modem ,now can you monitor that modem,i mean how much of bandwith beem used00:56
boxafellaBut it's a preinstalled camera00:56
sam_soundray: thanks00:56
=== ka2zzzz is now known as ka2u
rrplayEpicLegion: do you see the nvidia logo at boot?00:56
boxafellasee http://gentoo-wiki.com/HARDWARE_Dell_XPS_M121000:56
fluohow to output all sounds to /dev/audio? anybody?00:56
EpicLegionrrplay: no?00:56
Maimstericesword Hmm...  good question...  maybe if I use ethereal or something like that.00:56
EpicLegionrrplay: I never have00:56
musashi_I need some help solving a software RAID 1 setup problem. The explanation is too long to post here. I posted it at https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/26489 my thanks to anyone willing to read it and help me.00:56
soundrayfluo: what exactly do you want to achieve?00:57
boxafellaScunizi, this is where I got the instructions on the drivers and install http://openfacts.berlios.de/index-en.phtml?title=Linux+UVC00:57
Scuniziboxafella, true.. :(.. Webcam support in linux is poor primarily because the manufacturers have propriatory drivers that have to be reverse engineered.00:57
soundrayfluo: /dev/audio is a legacy device provided by alsa's oss compatibility modules00:57
f0rmathello guys i am still having problems with nautilus it isn't showing directory contents and the desktop isn't showing at all :S00:57
Maimstericesword What about the Ubuntu Network Tool?00:57
rrplayEpicLegion : ok check out  this file /etc/X11/xorg.conf      change   device nv   to nvidia00:57
boxafellaScunizi, do you have AIM? I must go pick up my sister from work00:57
boxafellaCatch up when I get back?00:58
EpicLegionrrplay: How?00:58
Scuniziboxafella, I don't but there really isn't much else I can enlighten you with... sorry.00:58
iceswordMaimster, i am not sure, coz i have only one machine,just try it00:58
boxafellaIt's quite alright.00:58
Maimstericesword Doing it now.00:58
rrplayEpicLegion: sudo gedit /etc//x11/xorg.conf00:58
faileasis there any package that would let me emulate a mouse with a keyboard?00:59
EpicLegionrrplay: I just see a blank doc00:59
m0u5ehow do you break symbolic links?00:59
m0u5ebesides deleting the folder / link00:59
JorophoseSo I'm trying to compile Geany on my 6.06 machine and following Psychocats guide am going to use "sudo checkinstall -D" instead of "sudo make install". But does this also do the equivelent of "make clean"?01:00
soundrayfaileas: System-Preferences-Universal Access01:00
FlannelJorophose: checkinstall creates a deb file that you install, to remove the installed package, you use package management01:00
Maimstericesword Actually hitting 12 KB/sec01:00
soundrayJorophose: no, you should probably do 'make clean' before the checkinstall step01:01
Jorophosealright, thanks. What happens if I've missed it though?01:01
Jorophoselike ran "make clean" afterwards?01:01
m0u5eanyone know hot to break symbolic links on a directory without actually deleting that actual directory?01:01
Jorophoseor does deleting the directory I was working in clear everything?01:01
FlannelJorophose: make clean won't really do anything except clean up your temporary made files, checkinstall may do it automatically anyway, I dont know.01:02
iceswordMaimster, i am not sure how your internal network is built,but i think it is the bandwith limit01:02
joesoundguyI need help with my cd-rom  Ubuntu gutsy is Mounting but will not browse...only brings m to burn optio01:02
EpicLegionrrplay: You there?01:02
rrplayEpicLegion: sudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:02
JorophoseWell, I think it did try cleaning up temp files. Wouldn't they be stored in the directory and /tmp/ anyways?01:02
rrplaysorry my typo01:02
soundray!gksu | rrplay01:02
uboturrplay: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)01:02
EpicLegionrrplay: Okay01:03
EpicLegionrrplay: What do I change and where?01:03
rrplaythanks for the reminder01:03
soundrayfaileas: does that do what you need?01:03
prettyrickyCan you add OS X to a windows system. I currently have Xp and Ubuntu?01:03
FlannelJorophose: depends on the makefile.  Usually it's all made in . though, or a subdirectory of .01:03
Flannelprettyricky: Yes.  Assuming you have a mac and the installation media.01:03
Jorophose.? As in current? If it is, then I guess there shouldn't be a problem because I deleted the directory after =/01:03
prettyrickyOh it has to be a Mac, I have XP01:04
joesoundguyneed CDrom help.  Gutsy will mount but not browse01:04
osmosiswhere do I set a bash variable that I want to be available to my crontab ?01:04
FlannelJorophose: Then yeah, you're fine.  Again, I'm pretty sure checkinstall cleans all that up anyway01:04
rrplayEpicLegion:   look  Section Device   and   see if you need to change nv   to nvidia01:04
LinuxMonkeymac on pc = violation of your mac software agreement, therefore you would be breaking the law01:04
=== sam_ is now known as sditty
GrayFoxokay guys, the kubuntu-people couldn't help me01:04
Scunizijoesoundguy, what are you trying to browse? the harddrive?01:04
EpicLegionrrplay: Okay01:04
EpicLegionDid it01:04
EpicLegionrrplay: Did it01:04
Maimstericesword You must agree that a bandwidth limit would effect all that is on the connection. Correct?01:04
EpicLegionrrplay: Save?01:04
GrayFoxis there anybody who knows about kernel-compiling?01:04
iceswordMaimster, ohh~01:05
rrplayEpicLegion :save it and then Ctrl alt backspace  and look for the logo01:05
gigamonkeydanand_: seems to have worked--I cloned the built in drive on my asus eee to a 4G thumb drive and I can boot from it.01:05
rhineheart_mhello guys... I have this problem.. is there a chance to recover the superuser account if I forgot it? it's a server without GUI01:06
gigamonkeyAt least it seems I can. The real test will be if the internal drive fails for some reason.01:06
rrplayEpicLegion : you may have to reboot01:06
k1roNeed help running Games (Steam) on wine01:06
`mac`question: network what are they refering to?01:06
Flannelrhineheart_m: superuser account?  you mean the first account you made? (during installation?)01:06
joesoundguyScunizi I am trying to browse a data CD-rom01:06
k1roNeed help running Games (Steam) on wine01:06
fabioanyone using kde 4 ?01:06
`mac`i m not using no router all the examples that i could find for router01:07
Flannelfabio: try #kubuntu01:07
GrayFoxguys, i need help compiling my kernel. "make-kpkg clean" results in weird error-messages01:07
Scunizijoesoundguy, using the live cd? or an installed version of ubuntu?01:07
fabiook thank you01:07
LinuxMonkeyk1ro: good luck, I just got wow to install and run smothly on wine, steam is my next step.lol01:07
k1roLinuxMonkey : I already installed steam01:07
joesoundguyScunizi using an installed version of gutsy01:07
amenado`mac`-> what are you doing?01:08
Maimstericesword 10KB/s was the fastest downlaod.01:08
namegameI just got WoW to install, no running smoothly though...just 1 FPS01:08
k1roLinuxMonkey : but after it finished installing Cs1.6 it wont load again01:08
rhineheart_mFlannel: yeah..01:08
Scunizijoesoundguy, what happens when you try.. and how are you getting to it to look?01:08
Flannelrhineheart_m: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword01:08
`mac`i m configuring my network what does it look like im doing01:08
`mac`comon man01:08
joesoundguyscunizi U mean in terminal?01:08
`mac`just wan a know what are they refering to.01:08
GrayFoxjust have a look01:09
amenado`mac`-> am not a good guesser01:09
iceswordMaimster, you know internal network is the issue,how is it connected01:09
thomas_rrplay: Okay, no logo01:09
Scunizijoesoundguy, if that's what you're trying to use.01:09
=== thomas_ is now known as EpicLegion
EpicLegionrrplay: No logo01:09
rrplayEpicLegion : you may have to reboot01:09
EpicLegionrrplay: Okay01:09
Maimstericesword Every box is connect via hard cable, nothing special though.01:09
danand_gigamonkey - cool :)01:09
EpicLegionrrplay: I'll do that01:09
Maimstericesword One router, one modem.01:09
`mac`i ll figure this out by myself . i see you guys buzy01:09
=== Varka_ is now known as Varka
Scunizijoesoundguy, in terminal "cd /media/cdrom0 (or 1)" <enter> then "ls"01:09
Maimstericesword I even switched cables too.01:10
joesoundguyScunizi....I sorry I not being clear.  THe system is up and running fine except when I insert a CDrom and click Browse I am ALWAYS promted to the Burn window and never get to browse the CD contents01:10
iceswordMaimster, every box automatically gain ip address?01:10
Scunizijoesoundguy, try from the terminal the way I mentioned above.01:10
Maimstericesword Yes.01:10
Maimstericesword Even connect the box directly to the modem, same results.01:11
askerhi, which command is neccessary to find out unused packages? how can i remove them then?01:11
rrplay !deborphan01:11
ubotudeborphan is a program used to clean up packages that are no longer needed (install from Synaptic/Adept).01:11
danand_asker - use sudo apt-get autoremove01:12
iceswordMaimster, ohhh,you think ubuntu itself by someway is blocking speed01:12
joesoundguyScunizi...cdrom0  LS yields nuthin and cdrom1 o such device01:12
Scunizijoesoundguy, ls must be lower case.. you probably know that but I had to say it.01:12
joesoundguyScunizi...it was in the terminal01:12
Scunizijoesoundguy, with lower case.. right? no caps01:13
astheohi, where can i find the fstab file01:13
askerdanand_: then both inquiries are fulfilled?01:13
Maimstericesword Get this...  I just ssh'ed into another Ubuntu 7.10 box. Used Wget for the file and I am getting 782Kb/sec01:13
joesoundguyrScunizi ight01:13
joesoundguyScunizi Right01:13
Scunizijoesoundguy, does it do it only on this cd?01:13
Maimstericesword ETA is under 5 minutes for the 266MB file.01:13
Maimstericesword My box is killing me somehow.01:14
joesoundguyScunizi  No.  Any data cd behaves this way01:14
rhineheart_mFlannel: thanks for the response.. but that one will only work if you're logged as superuser01:14
ugauchohi there01:14
Maimstericesword Maybe, MAIMSTER has MAIMED his own box? lol01:14
astheohi, where can i find the fstab file?01:14
Starnestommyastheo: /etc/fstab01:14
Scunizijoesoundguy, do you have an commercially burned cd's that you can test against? and have you tried burning your own cd's?01:14
Flannelrhineheart_m: No, you reboot to the recovery console01:15
iceswordMaimster, what?01:15
desertcanyone got mythtv set up, so I can ask a couple easy questions?01:15
ugauchoi need support for geforce6600 / display resolution / xorg01:15
joesoundguyScunizi  Yes.  Itś a commercial CD that worx in my other PC and my Mac.01:15
mikehey everyone, i just installed gutsy on my laptop today and im trying to figure out how to sync my second gen ipod and what program i should use to do it01:15
Maimstericesword Just joking, As I can not understand what is going on in my box that is doing this. I setup about 10 Ubuntu 7.10 boxes.01:15
Maimstericesword I bet it is the Intel DG31PR board.01:15
Flannel!ipod | mike01:15
ubotumike: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod01:15
danand_asker - if you have messages from apt saying that packages are no longer required then use apt-get autoremove ... to search for packages etc that are no longer required ... use deborphan01:16
Maimstericesword Probably that is what's doing it.01:16
joesoundguyScunizi..Just tried a commercialy purchased Music CD and the same thing happens01:16
rrplayugaucho: gksudo nvidia-settings01:16
Maimstericesword Time to find another NIC around here to try it out.01:16
iceswordMaimster, so you mean you lack network card drivers01:16
Scunizijoesoundguy, do the lights light on the front of the cd player like it's trying to do something?01:16
Jorge_Is there an Age of Empires equivalent for Linux that anyone knows of?01:16
EleafDoes anybody know of a good time tracking program?  I forgot the name, you type what you are doing and the program records how long you do it.01:16
Maimstericesword If so how am I connected to freenode?01:16
Maimstericesword Using the box now.01:17
EleafI have the program installed, I can't figure out what it is though, I've been searching for 10 minutes01:17
joesoundguyScunizi Yes and disk mounter says the disk is mounted01:17
amenadoEleaf-> time01:17
Eleafamenado, that's to track programs01:17
askerdanand_: thank you. is deborphan a command?01:17
EleafI want to track my activities, like "writing on blog" or "doing work" amenado01:17
ubotuMythTV is a TV framework for Linux - Instructions for using with Ubuntu at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV01:17
Maimster<--- Needs more RUM.01:17
iceswordMaimster, no,it can use restricted drivers,then may stop its function01:17
EleafThere is a program that tracks time, but it won't show up in any searches01:17
joesoundguyScunizi  I think I have a Nautilus problem.  the hardware seems to work01:17
rhineheart_mFlannel: thanks...but my machine doesn't have GUI.. it's a server01:18
manic12_what is the correct way to launch the xserver, if i do sudo xstart it gives me a security warning, if i just do it as a normal user, some apps don't work01:18
Maimstericesword I can check to see if there are any restricted drivers then.. hold checking now.01:18
Scunizijoesoundguy, weird.. I'm afraid I'm out of ideas.. Nautilus might but that won't effect the terminal way of browsing.01:18
EleafI really loath how difficult it is to find something that was so easy to find before01:18
danand_asker - deborphan is  a package you can install - type sudo apt-get install deborphan in a terminal01:18
blood1if my laptop froze and i had to hard-reset, would there be a log to tell me what went wrong. has happened a few times.01:18
xTheGoat121xMy top panel freezes every time I start my computer.01:18
Eleafamenado, I found the program, it's called gtimelog!01:18
Fuze_where do i find out what version of ubuntu im running??01:18
Maimstericesword The only restricted driver that Ubuntu sees are the nVidia drivers and they are cool.01:19
Flannelrhineheart_m: recovery console isn't a GUI.  It's a GRUB option.  It works, trust me.  Boots to run level 101:19
amenadoEleaf-> i know you can.. :P01:19
FlannelFuze_: lsb_release -a01:19
joesoundguyScunizi Perhaps itś an fstab or kernel issue?01:19
Fuze_k  :)01:19
Eleafamenado, indeed, I found it01:19
EleafI just typed in commands, still couldn't find the program in search ;)01:19
Maimstericesword That download is complete. 266MB in almost no time at all.01:19
ugauchocan Pidgin supports video talking?01:19
Maimstericesword Average about 933KB/sec01:19
iceswordMaimster, ok,is there a way you can login to your router,or monitor it01:20
blood1ugaucho: no01:20
myhiar /msg ubotu etiquette01:20
Scunizijoesoundguy, you might be right there with fstab.. it could be a permission problem.. let me check my fstab for the cd rom line and I'll pass it to you for comparisson.01:20
myhiaroops noob01:20
Maimstericesword Yes doing it now.. hold.01:20
Maimstericesword What would I be looking for?01:20
joesoundguyScunizi thnks...standing by01:20
iceswordMaimster, you know,i don't use router01:20
Scunizijoesoundguy, /dev/scd1       /media/cdrom0   udf,iso9660 user,noauto,exec 0       001:21
Maimstericesword Heheh..01:21
Maimstericesword Your smart!!01:21
Wass|I have a dedicated server with FIX IP.  I bought a domain name, and now I would like to link that dn on my ubuntu 7.10 box.  It needs NS 2x.  Where Can i find the information on how to setup a NS on my server ?01:21
joesoundguyScunizi...how do I get to my fstab file?01:21
iceswordMaimster, pardon01:21
Maimstericesword I mean that you are keeping things simple.01:21
Scunizijoesoundguy, from the terminal type gksudo gedit /etc/fstab01:21
blood1wass: look into BIND01:21
=== blood1 is now known as bloody`
Scunizijoesoundguy, it's usually listed toward the bottom01:22
ugauchocan Pidgin supports video talking?01:22
bloody`ugau: no01:22
Wass|bloody` : thanks01:22
ugauchook ty ^^01:22
bloody`wass: np01:22
bloody`wass: its very easy01:22
Flannelugaucho: Ekiga does though.01:22
bloody`wass: pm for help if you want01:23
Wass|bloody`: it's the only thing missed to finish my setup eh01:23
Wass|alright thanks :)01:23
joesoundguyScunizi  /dev/hdc  /media/cdrom0   udf,iso9660 user,noauto    0     001:23
Shrugzcan someone help me is there a way to view all installed packages i installed a package awhile back and forgot what it was. just a way to view a list of all installed packages on the system in ubuntu can someone plz help me out here?01:24
joesoundguyScunizi I on a Toshiba A75 laptop w/ a CD-RW DVD Drive01:24
myhiarDoes anyone have a link to good information on configuring irc? I use X-chat but isn't there a different irc config file that i can set stuff with? tia01:24
FlannelShrugz: dpkg -l (lower case l)01:24
tuxhi, how can i install django-tagging packate to my 7.10 ?01:24
bloody`shrugz run synaptics01:24
ugauchothere is a method to boot ALWAYS ubuntu in 1280x1024 with 3D agp installed (geforce 6600)01:24
ugauchoi have already edited xorg..01:25
ShrugzFlannel? dpkg in the terminal?01:25
FlannelShrugz: yes01:25
ugauchobut crash01:25
Shrugzand i have bloody im stil fairly new to ubuntu so im just confuzzled with it01:25
FlannelShrugz: Or like bloody` said, run synaptic and you can browse them01:25
Shrugzi have01:25
Scunizijoesoundguy, I have two cd roms .. one cd and the other DVD. both are listed the same with the exception of "cdrom1 & cdrom0". also I noticed that yours is listed as /dev/hdc and mine is listed as /dev/scd1 and /dev/scd0.. that might be it.01:26
Shrugzi have flannel i havent seen a list of all installed packages01:26
askerdanand_: how does deborphan work?01:26
FlannelShrugz: you can sort by different things in synaptic, if you sort by installed packages, it'll show you them01:26
Shrugzok ty ill try that01:26
namegameshrugz, run synaptics then click on the small S...01:26
joesoundguyScunizi  Should I just try to edit the fstab from hdc to scd1?01:27
Scunizijoesoundguy, the operative part of that last part is the "s". Maybe changing yours to /dev/sdc0 will make a diff.01:27
Flanneljoesoundguy: what version of ubuntu are you running? Dapper?01:27
joesoundguyScunizi  THis will require a restart right?01:27
joesoundguyFlannel Gutsy01:27
Scunizijoesoundguy, sdc101:27
prince_jammysjoesoundguy: try :: find /dev -name *cd*01:28
darkcrabanybody think of a really exceptional linux game01:28
bloody`same gnome01:28
Flanneljoesoundguy: you shouldn't have hdc in there for gutsy, they should be all SATA drives virtually01:28
Scunizijoesoundguy, no restart neccessary.. just sudo mount -a01:28
bloody`all linux games a nifty01:28
ShrugzTy Flannel bloody flannel and namegame i got it i guess im still geting the hang of ubuntu but hell its a breath of fresh air from windows and a load off my mind with out haveing to worry about things id half to worry about with windows01:28
namegamedarkcrab...not really...imo...there are some good ones, but not "exceptional"01:28
Wass|bloody` : im pming you =O01:28
namegamePersonally, I would keep an eye on Planeshift...it's probably the best 3D MMORPG for linux right now01:29
ryanzecis the a svn client the gives the smae functionality as tortoisesvn on window(if doing right-click to trigger svn commands and stuff)?01:30
darkcrabok cool. Iwill check it out01:30
joesoundguyprince_jammys  tried find /dev -name *cd* and several lines came up including /dev/.static/dev/scd101:30
k1roHow do I uninstall Wine And Steam?01:30
Wass|k1ro : with synaptic ?01:30
rrplayugaucho: gksudo nvidia-settings   select res   also  nvidia-xconfig  -A     see options for agp  re nvagp=1??01:31
oloughlin75sudo apt-get purge wine* steam01:31
prince_jammysjoesoundguy: that looks like it01:31
orudiei have apache running on ubuntu 7.10, i would like to upload my website remotely, how can i achieve this ?01:31
k1rowass| whats Synaptic?01:31
bloody`wass: pm01:31
danand_asker - i'm not sure... i've never really had a need to use it .... apt has always done a good enough job in maintaining my packages...01:31
astheohow do i edit fstab as a root. in kubuntu i would just right click on it and edit as a root...01:31
prince_jammysjoesoundguy: try that in fstab /dev/scd101:31
Wass|k1ro : a GUI for dpkg01:31
k1rooh in System toolbar?01:31
Wass|sudo synaptic01:31
bloody`k1ro: apt-get remove wine01:31
oloughlin75astheo: gksu gedit /fstabfile01:31
bloody`same for steam01:31
tuxhi, how do i install django-tagging to my Ubuntu 7.10 ?01:31
larson9999so is ndiswrapper not going to work pretty soon?01:32
joesoundguyprince_jammys....working it now.....almost therre.....01:32
Wass|apt-get install _anything_here__01:32
bloody`wass: you ready to do this?01:32
larson9999linus is kind of a jerk, eh?01:32
cambazzhow can I open the ssh in ubuntu.01:32
cambazzthere is not even an sshd01:32
Wass|bloody` : i am.. im waiting for your pm lol01:32
bloody`cambazz: apt-get install ssh01:32
Wass|u received my pm ?01:32
bloody`no, ive pm'd you01:33
Scunizijoesoundguy, the difference between scd1 and hcd1 use to be the s stood for sata and h ide.. with gutsy everything is s01:33
prince_jammysjoesoundguy: do you have two cd drives?01:33
namegameopen a terminal and type "ssh name@server"01:33
Wass|ah damn.. i did not registred01:33
askerdanand_: then apt will do so for me.01:33
silas428is there a way for computer A to give internet connection to computer B with just a ethernet cable?01:33
k1robloody` thanks :D you know the command for steam?01:33
prince_jammysjoesoundguy: i have two, and they are scd0 and scd101:33
askerdanand_: thank you anyway. bye CU.01:33
oloughlin75silas428: You would need a crossover cable, amd I am not sure of the setup in Linux01:33
danand_asker - take it easy :)01:33
silas428oloughlin75: I just need to setup linux, it doesn't matter which distribution or anything?01:34
joesoundguyprince_jammys so far the /dev/scd/ does not exist so it couldn mount01:34
oloughlin75silas428: I am not sure...01:34
Scunizijoesoundguy, good luck.. looks like prince_jammys is doing the same thing I was.. and I have to make dinner for the family now.. /dev/scd1 with no / at the end01:34
joesoundguyScunizi TYVM01:34
silas428oloughlin75: thanks, gonna get a crossover right now =)01:34
Scunizijoesoundguy, np01:35
Wass|im registred now eh01:35
cambazzand how could i enable ssh at boot time01:35
chemicalhello from greece01:35
prince_jammysjoesoundguy: what's the output of find /dev -name *scd*?01:35
prince_jammysjoesoundguy: without the question mark :)01:35
Phoenix27I need some help.01:36
joesoundguyprince_jammys...one sec.  tried to mount it and output was mount: /dev/scd is not a block device01:36
bloody`ask away phoenix01:36
k1robloody` thanks :D you know the command for steam?01:36
prince_jammysjoesoundguy: needs a number on the end  (/dev/scd1 for example)01:36
karllenzhow can i share my external usb hdd on my linux desktop with my os x laptop?01:36
bloody`apt-get remove steam?01:36
eric__Im trying to run rtorrent on my server without having to stay logged in via ssh terminal on my main computer thus defeating the point of trying to setup my torrent box anyone have any ideas?01:36
joesoundguyprince_jammys output from /dev -name *scd* is dev is a directory01:37
Phoenix27I'm trying to install Ubuntu using a livecd. I've had it before, but I switched over to Vista to try it. For some reason when I inster the livecd and install it either errors during the installation or it just doesnt even bring up ubuntu. I've tried 2 different CD's one of which is a DVD.01:37
Phoenix27What do I do?01:37
prince_jammysjoesoundguy: you forgot "find"01:37
prince_jammysjoesoundguy: i think01:37
bloody`pheonix: when you boot to the cd, run the option to test the cd for errors01:37
Phoenix27And I ran the problems checker on the first disc and it came up with 173 errors, the DVD won't run anything. It shows the menu but doesnt run any of the applications.01:38
Phoenix27Like "Start and Install Ubuntu" wtc..01:38
bloody`phoenix: try downloading from another mirror, looks like you got a bad copy01:38
joesoundguyprince_jammys I know have the 2 devices showing up but when I browse I am brought to the burn window (surpentine?)01:39
Phoenix27I have no more discs D: and I used a different mirror for each.01:39
eric__im trying to avoid having to physically log into the server solely to load up a rtorrent session in the cli and still be able to ssh into the box to check the status of my downloads...01:39
ryanzecis the a svn client the gives the smae functionality as tortoisesvn on window(if doing right-click to trigger svn commands and stuff)?01:39
k1robloody` the command apt-get remove steam   not working because its not a package , well i think. Steam is a program for games01:40
prince_jammysjoesoundguy: put the device name in your fstab ( /dev/scdX where X is the number )01:40
eric__I just want to be able to shut down all the non core appliance hardware in my house when im sleeping but leave things like downloads and media server running 24/701:40
Wass|bloody` : can u try pm me?01:40
bloody`i am trying01:40
=== joerlend__ is now known as XiXaQ
Wass|weird :( really01:40
Cabal315anyone can help me to connect on AIX CDE using ubuntu01:40
bluebananahow do i know if i use iptables?01:40
bloody`k1ro: is steam installed now?01:40
Wass|bloody` is away: let me be your swear word... i swear you'll be mine.01:40
XiXaQis it possible to move Terminal tabs to the bottom of the screen?01:40
k1robloody` yes01:41
astheohow do i upgrade my gutsy to latest hardy?01:41
orudiecan anyone help me? i have apache running on ubuntu 7.10, i would like to upload my website remotely, how can i achieve this ?01:41
joesoundguyprince_jammys OK the fstab now has scd001:41
orudiecan anyone help me? i have apache running on ubuntu 7.10, i would like to upload my website remotely through ftp using dreamweaver, how can i achieve this ?01:42
=== eric__ is now known as chamunks
tinmanorudie: have ftp or scp it to a shell01:42
prince_jammysjoesoundguy: ok01:42
Wass|astheo : hardy is in beta.. i dont recommend you... but if you insiste... edit  /etc/apt/source.list and change all gutsy to hardy  the.  apt-get update. apt-get dist-upgrade01:42
prince_jammysjoesoundguy: this *should* do it01:42
bloody`k1ro: was it installed thru wine?01:42
k1robloody` I think so :S01:42
bloody`just delete your ~/.wine folder01:42
orudietinman: do i need an ftp server set up for this? or apache is enough ?01:42
tinmanorudie: set up a ftp server then and this has nothing to do with dream weaver01:42
LinuxMonkeybloody`: lol steam is a windows program, its not gonna show up to remove since its installed through wine01:42
tinmanorudie: you would need a ftp or a shell01:42
k1robut steam is still In "Application-> Wine ->program"01:42
k1robloody` but steam is still In "Application-> Wine ->program"01:43
bloody`k1ro: delete that folder01:43
namegameastheo, as far as i know hardy isn't completely ready yet, it's supposed to be officially released in April if my info is correct01:43
joesoundguyprince_jammys scd is not a block device?!\01:43
k1robloody` how01:43
Cabal315join /#unix01:43
eduardHow can I make "/foo/bar/file?id=1" and "/foo/bar/file.php?id=1" point to the same thing?01:43
prince_jammysjoesoundguy: huh. can you paste the output here of this:::   grep scd /etc/fstab01:43
astheowass: i know, thanks!01:43
tinmaneduard: ask in ##php maybe?01:43
bloody`k1ro: rm -Rf /home/<user>/.wine01:43
joesoundguyprince_jammys  BTW I have two cdś now....one mounts and does not let me browse the other does not mount01:43
eduardtinman: #php on freenode?01:44
chamunkscan someone direct me to where i can find out weather or not i can leave an ssh connection and resume it connecting to it later?01:44
joesoundguyprince_jammys /dev/scd0        /media/cdrom0   udf,iso9660 user,noauto     0       001:44
bloody`wass: do you have aim?01:44
prince_jammysjoesoundguy: that is identical to mine01:44
tinmaneduard: ##php on freenode01:45
astro76!screen | chamunks01:45
Phoenix27I swear I have the worst luck01:45
ubotuchamunks: screen is a terminal multiplexer. See http://www.kuro5hin.org/story/2004/3/9/16838/14935 and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GNU_Screen01:45
Wass|bloody` : i have msn01:45
Wass|msn messenger01:45
joesoundguyprince_jammys But mine is broke ;-(01:45
tinmanYou need  registered nick to pm01:45
bloody`wass: join #bloody01:45
chamunksastro76, thanks!01:45
XceIII have a new mobo, the sound is ok, but mute is not there, how can i fix this, thanks.01:45
astro76chamunks: no prob, I use it all the time01:45
Phoenix27I have a million blank CD's all of them 650 mb and Ubuntu is like 684...01:46
k1robloody` the command is not working01:46
bloody`whats it say?01:46
k1robloody` rm -Rf /home/<user>/.wine01:46
chamunksastro76, ahh... i think this just makes it so i can have more than one ssh in one window right?01:46
k1roit doesnt say anything01:46
bluebananaI'm using ettercap. How do i know what "wireless interface" to put in the blank ?01:46
bloody`ls /home/jtughdfs/.wine01:47
astro76chamunks: no basically you'd ssh in, start screen, then you can detach the screen session which stays running, and you can reattach to it later01:47
k1robloody` is it because of capital R     ?  rm -Rf /home/<user>/.wine01:47
=== Kirby is now known as Charitwo
k1roLinuxMonkey you here?01:48
manic12_can anyone tell me the keystroke to resume a suspended process or at least bang on it?01:48
fulat2khi folks, i'm using a latitude d630 with c2d cpu.  everything works but when i resume from suspend, one of the CPU cores goes "missing".  any ideas how to solve this?01:48
LinuxMonkeyk1ro: you have to change <user> with your user name01:48
joesoundguyprince_jammies when I dble click on the cdrom icon on the desktiop I braught to the ://burn01:48
bloody`it needs to be caps01:48
chamunksastro76, so leaving the client disconnected from the server but the program running on the server remains running right?01:48
k1roLinuxMonkey i know this :P01:48
k1roLinuxMonkey i know this :P but is the capital R   need to be little ?   rm -Rf /home/<user>/.wine01:48
bluebananahow do i know what "wireless interface" we're on?01:48
prince_jammysjoesoundguy: but it mounts?01:48
astro76chamunks: yes everything in the screen session is still running01:49
=== Kirby is now known as Charitwo
bartmonHey... Does anyone know if Netbeans 6 will hit the repos anytime soon?01:49
chamunksastro76, so this should be installed server side?01:49
LinuxMonkeyk1ro: no has to be capital as bloody` said01:49
astro76chamunks: yes, it's default in ubuntu01:49
k1rols /home/jtughdfs/.win01:50
prince_jammysjoesoundguy: can you right click on it and "open" or browse  (i have kde, so i don't know how it is in gnome)01:50
chamunksastro76, ahh sweet01:50
bartmonbluebanana: The terminal way is IMHO the fastest. Try executing iwconfig.01:50
k1rols: /home/kiro/.wine: No such file or directory01:50
joesoundguyprince_jammies it has been mounting all along....I cannot browse the files on the disc01:50
bloody`then apt removed it for you01:50
asourdiffeDoes anyone know a way to figure out what config file X11 is using? I have NO /etc/X11/xorg.conf file, but X is still running01:50
bluebananabartmon: you talking to me? or was that a name-typo?01:50
orudiehow can i set up ubuntu 7.10 as an ftp server?01:50
bloody`see if the menu item has a commend it is linked to01:50
manic12_how do you tell a process to reset itself?01:50
k1robloody` how to apt this01:50
bartmonbluebanana: talking to you01:51
bluebananabartmon: ok. i'll get it01:51
ypSamiAnyone know what this means: ranlib: could not create temporary file whilst writing archive: No more archived files01:51
joesoundguyprince_jammies  yes I can.  I cannot see the files however...I bnought the the burn window01:51
willis__!ftp | orudie01:51
ubotuorudie: FTP clients: !Nautilus, !gFTP (for !GNOME) - !Konqueror, !Kasablanca, !KFTPGrabber (for !KDE) - See also !FTPd01:51
bluebananabartmon: thanks! i have it already and i see that i'm on "ath0". (I thought i was on "eth0". BTW, what to these words (eth, ath) mean?01:51
joesoundguyprince_jammies the dirctory is burn:///01:52
tmoney_i need help01:52
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about nautilus - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:52
bartmonbluebanana: They're just short names for a network devices.01:52
prince_jammysjoesoundguy: and it's definitely not a blank cd?01:53
oloughlin75!ask | tmoney_01:53
ubotutmoney_: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)01:53
prince_jammysjoesoundguy: have you tried with other cds?01:53
asourdiffe Does anyone know a way to figure out what config file X11 is using? I have NO /etc/X11/xorg.conf file, but X is still running01:53
Phoenix27I just did that WIn5dsum or whatever in my iso file01:53
tmoney_i have a dell latitude01:53
Cabal315any can tell me how i can access AIX CDE using ubuntu ?01:53
Phoenix27And it said the things were different01:53
nemesis256I'm having problems getting a command to run at startup, see here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=446742801:53
Phoenix27What does that mean?01:54
=== Sir_Sidd is now known as Sir_Sid
joesoundguyprince_jammies  yes...two discs both store bought...one a music cd and the other a store bought data disc01:54
bluebananaso is "ath0" the wireless interface?01:54
willis__asourdiffe,  could look at the logs/output of 'startx' perhaps.01:54
tmoney_and the wireless is broke01:54
bartmonbluebanana: Yeah. From the name I'd guess from the manufacturer Atheros.01:54
bluebananaCoz I tried putting "ath0" into ettercap's Sniff/Unified Sniffing blank, but it says "Invalid Interface".01:54
=== Sleepy_C1der is now known as Sleepy_Coder
[dcr]Hello, I'm trying to use AirCrack and I installed it already, but I dont see it in any of the applications, is there a helpfile online or some?01:55
pkhi'm unsure what version to download for a core2duo (t9500 if it matters) -- i386 or amd64? (the amd64 info at the download site mentions core-2, but a google search seems to indicate there are problems...)01:55
cmlalexubuntu gutsy, STB Gateway OEM Bt848 TV/FM Tuner and mythtv errors: bt848a video (*** unknown/gene [bttv]. Any tips??01:56
bartmonbluebanana: Did you prefix that with /dev/ ? I'm not sure what ettercap takes as the argument but try it.01:56
PriceChild[dcr]: aircrack is a cli application, there are good tutorials at its site.01:56
CelesHey I have a question01:56
bluebananabartmon: ok.01:56
bloody`blue: run ifconfig01:56
danhshey I have a kind of silly question: how is canonical earning money?01:56
bloody`you shoukd have a wlan001:56
prince_jammysjoesoundguy: mmm i'm stuck. you could try restarting, now that you changed fstab. it shouldn't be necessary, but it's worth a shot01:56
PriceChilddanhs: they sell support contracts.01:56
faileaspkh; both would work, but i386 would be a better idea unless you need something specific thats 64 but01:56
[dcr]PriceChild: Thanks :)01:56
danhsthey're a for profit company.....but they give everything away01:56
danhsPriceChild: is that profitable?01:56
CelesWhy is it that you cannot upload pictures from a Nikon Camera to Ubuntu? through a usb cable even.. I dont see any recent pictures in my folder what is wrong?01:56
bluebananaPriceChild: you talking to me (re: aircrack)?01:57
PriceChilddanhs: I don't know, but probably not yet.01:57
bartmondanhs: Support to name an obvious revenue stream.01:57
pkhfaileas, nothing specifically 64.  just wanted to make sure it used both cores fully.01:57
joesoundguyprince_jammies  OK Iĺl give it a while ...TYVM and Iĺl be back on in a few01:57
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
PriceChildbluebanana: no01:57
bluebananabartmon: /dev/ath0 doesn't work01:57
Demorez213can anyone help me, I'm having a problem with synaptic and I'm sure it's really simple01:57
danhswho's doing that?  I come here or search google whenever I have issues.....isn't ubuntu just debian? if you're a debian/linux pro aren't you set?01:57
cmlalexany bttv gurus here??01:57
bloody`blue: try /dev/wlan001:57
faileaspkh: dual core is SMP. you can have that without 64 bit01:57
pkhfaileas, thanks.  downloading now.01:57
Demorez213I have a program that thinks it's broken cause it had an outdated dependency01:57
bluebananabartmon: i found the problem. it's a bug.01:57
danhsPriceChild: Unless they have hackers that will re-write drivers for you or something01:57
bluebananabartmon: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ettercap/+bug/11648601:58
willis__Ubuntu is  branching more and more away from 'just debian' - with each release the differance grows.01:58
bod_hey guys, im using thunderbird, but i keep getting an error from the smtp server saying that my email address is not validated. I've succesfully used thunderbird on previous installations. this is really annoying now cause im unable to send any mail with it. has any got any ideas on the cause or a fix. if not is it possible to use a different smtp server thing?01:58
Demorez213and it runs fine and all is working well01:58
Demorez213and I can't seem to get synaptic to figure out that it's working fine and not damaging my sys01:58
danhswillis__: how do you mean?01:58
ader10what is the typical speed of ubuntu repositories01:58
Demorez213how can I make sure that synaptic will just let me install other repos I need?01:58
XceIIwhat part of compiz has to be installed to activate it?01:58
cmlalex« /msg ubotu etiquette »01:58
willis__danhs,  each release differs more and more from the default debian setup.  :)01:58
sthistlebod_: make sure you have a username/password specified in your thunderbird smtp settings01:58
bloody`demorez: it will01:58
Celesyou guys never answered me :(01:58
PriceChildcmlalex: without the  »s01:58
Demorez213(obviously without uninstalling my beloved program)01:58
CelesJack_Sparrow, where are you?01:59
Demorez213>bloody' it keeps marking the change as removing it01:59
danhswillis__: But ubuntu is just a nicely configured debian....I could, conceivably, hack up my debian with enough apt-gets to replicate ubuntu, no?01:59
Demorez213i've had to re-install it once already01:59
willis__danhs,  i rember when mandrake (or whatever it was called years ago) was just a take off from  redhat.01:59
danhsI think that's a good thing, mind you01:59
bloody`celes: watcha need?01:59
k1roWITH STEAM*01:59
k1rosrry for caps01:59
ypSamik1ro: chill out01:59
willis__danhs,  you could do the same with mandrake, or slax perhaps also.. but that dosent mean a lot.  :)01:59
bloody`k1ro: come to #bloody01:59
CelesI need to find out why I cant get my new nikon pics uploaded onto ubuntu.. it only shows my old ones :(02:00
PriceChildk1ro: why not just use windows for it?02:00
willis__danhs,  ubuntu does not use the debian repos, and dosent try to keep up with all the changes that  are happening in debian.02:00
ader10what kind of chan name is #bloody? :P02:00
ader10ah, I should have noticed02:00
LinuxMonkeylol its bloody channel02:00
philphotoanyone using an IBM T30?02:00
XceIIWhat part of compize has to be installed to activate the rest.02:00
danhswillis__: no?  It doesn't benefit from all the packaging that happens in unstable branch?02:00
CelesOkay no one knows how to answer me02:00
cmlalexany bttv gurus here?02:01
Demorez213>bloody are you certain synaptic won't remove this program again?02:01
willis__danhs,  ubuntu has differnt release schedules and 'ideaology'  -02:01
nickrudCeles: that's probably correct. Try asking (with exact camera model) every 10-15 minutes02:01
bloody`i love bttv02:01
willis__danhs,  check ubuntu web site for more. I gotta head to work. Byee02:01
nickruddanhs: ubuntu syncs with unstable each release, but has some patches that debian hasn't used02:01
cmlalexbloody, i have a STB Gateway OEM Bt848 TV/FM Tuner that has been sooo much trouble...02:02
CelesCoolpix P3 Nikon Camera it wont show new pictures when  transfered through my usb onto ubuntu why is this??02:02
bloody`demorez: yes02:02
bloody`cml?no_webforward_found_for_afraid.org: what kinda porbs02:02
joesoundguyprince_jammies  restarted...no help ;-(02:03
cmlalexbloody, exact error from mythtv setup: bt848a video (*** unknown/gene [bttv]02:03
bod_sthistle, they are, and there both correct02:03
bloody`wrong driver02:03
philphotoany thinkpad users here?02:04
asourdiffewillis > thanks!02:04
myozoundyea I have an x61 tablet whats up?02:04
sthistlebod_: dunno then. check your isp? does another client work (i.e. evolution)?02:04
iceswordi am back,power was cut off02:04
philphotoooohh, X61.  hot!02:04
cmlalexbloody, could you point me in the right direction? its my first manual driver install02:04
dftevening all02:04
philphotomyozound: I'm actually wondering about ethernet built into the mobo on a t3002:05
bod_sthistle, ive had this client working on previous installations, it collects emails, but doesnt send them02:05
myozoundah ok. sorry no help there =\02:05
bloody`cml: google it. there is a million very easy guides to use02:05
chamunksastro76, from the sounds of it screen just puts it in the background or on a lower level than the gui or cli login but what if i shut down my client pc?02:06
PriceChild!jfgi | bloody`02:06
ubotubloody`: Acronyms or statements like  noob, jfgi, stfu or rtfm are not welcome in this channel. Period.02:06
philphotothx though!02:06
cmlalexbloody, for what specifically? ive been on google for the past 2 days for this02:06
LinuxMonkeyk1ro: lol 74% its getting there02:06
sthistlebod_: collecting is pop3 or imap. sending is smtp. If you are getting error that username or password is not right, then sounds like isp question02:06
bluebananaI'm on a wireless network. I'm curently looking at a hosts list. IP address for one of them is 1XX.XXX.0.1 while the IP address for the other one is 1XX.XXX.0.100 (NOTE: I have put the letter X for privacy sake. In reality. The X's represent real numbers). Which of the two is the router?02:07
astro76chamunks: the screen session stays running on the server, you can reattach to it locally or by ssh'ing to the machine02:07
bod_sthistle, ok, how do i check what my isp is and what its set to in thunderbird?02:07
ryanzecI want to  make a shortcut to eclipse in the top on my menu on ubuntu but want to use the eclipse icon, is there a way to get that02:07
ryanzeci manually install eclipse 3.3.202:07
cmlalexblue: ************.102:07
chamunksastro76, Eeeep Im soo emberassed i just had a total noob moment i should have realised i just need to issue the screen command when im logged in via ssh ooops  :P02:07
bluebananacmlalex: the one that ends in just ".1" is the router?02:08
chamunksastro76, my apologies, and thanks allot!02:08
cmlalexbloody, for what specifically? ive been on google for the past 2 days for this02:08
bluebananacmlalex: thanks. how did you learn that?02:08
sthistlebod_: your isp would be whoever supplies your internet connection.02:08
cmlalexblue: just an educated guess. every linksys router is set to by default02:08
bod_sthistle, virginmedia02:09
Kl4mcmlalex: bluebanana: for linksys02:09
Nostah2so whats better about ubuntu then debian02:10
bluebananain the networking world, what does "poisoning mean"02:10
LinuxMonkeyNostah2: The community ofcourse02:10
=== reconnect is now known as recon
danhsbluebanana: I've definitely heard this before....I feel like it's some kind of man in the middle attack or something......02:11
Kl4mbluebanana: In general, make a service believe it has received authentic information when it has not02:11
sthistlebod_: http://www.virginmedia.com/customers/emailgateway.php?category=portal&app=email02:11
cmlalexbloody, for what specifically? ive been on google for the past 2 days for this02:11
rahdukehey i have a really stupid really easy question can someone humor me please02:12
emmaIn #debian they do not have a corporation that records everything that the users say or do to be published on the internet for that corporations profit (F.U. IRSeek: You do not have my permission to publish anything I write)02:12
twistim having trouble installing wine and envy. my dependencies aren't working. could anybody spare a moment to help?02:12
bloody`cml: bttv howto02:12
sthistlebod_: better link http://www.virgin.net/helpme/email/02:12
bod_sthistle,  cheers dude02:12
emmaSo that would be one difference. (F.U. IRSeek: You do not have my permission to publish anything I write)02:12
astro76!language | emma02:12
ubotuemma: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.02:12
astro76ask rahduke02:13
DevourerI just broke my desktop and I can't click on any folders or icons, I can only interface with the windows, what do I do?02:13
bloody`dev: restart x02:13
twistwhere is the pastebin website?02:13
rahdukethanks, I just need to get find out where my DVDrw is in terminal02:13
rahdukei cant find it02:13
gonecrazeeanyone installd the March 5 ATI driver successfully????02:13
bluebananaSo i'm on a wireless network at our home. In our host list, I found the router's ip address ( I see another one: Is that me or someone else? How can i verify?02:13
Devourerbloody`, does x stand for something?02:13
bod_astro76, what was the problem with emma's post?02:13
bloody`ctrl +alt +bcksp02:13
cmlalexbloody, bttv support has been in the kernel since 2.2.0 right?02:14
astro76bod_: abbreviations for foul language are also not allowed02:14
sthistlebluebanana: sounds like the first machine on the network to get an address. that is normally the first dhcp address assigned02:14
bloody`i think, maybe 2.402:14
bloody`def 2.602:14
bluebananasthistle: i don't understand you.02:14
bloody`cml: reg and pm me02:14
bluebananawould that be me or someone else?02:14
Devourerbloody`, how dare! :) Was that the only way?02:14
rahdukethats not cool02:14
bloody`dev: yesish02:14
sthistlebluebanana: that sounds like your IP.02:14
twistcould anybody look at this for me and maybe give me a hand? http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/58702/02:14
Demorez213bloody >it seems it still is telling me it's going to remove these files02:14
bod_astro76, what abreviation? F.U ?02:14
bloody`dev: did it work?02:14
Devourerbloody`, lol, alright.02:14
rahdukei hit ctrl+alt+bkspace and got logged out02:15
twistanyhelp would be appreciated02:15
Devourerbloody`, yeah, I suppose so.02:15
bloody`demorez: pm me02:15
bluebananahow can i verify that it's indeed my IP and not someone else's?02:15
bloody`dev: ok then :)02:15
astro76emma: the only one she used genius02:15
gonecrazeeCATALYST 8.3 --- help instaling it wouod beappreciated02:15
bloody`demorez: just use apt-get02:15
bod_astro76, oh, i thought that was related to the post, i didnt ealise it was meant as an abreviation,.,.my bad ;~)02:15
richard__probably not out in te repos already...?02:15
LinuxMonkeyastro76: i think thwir just trying to start trouble02:15
astro76bod_: sorry thought you were being funny :p02:16
musashi_I need some help solving a software RAID 1 setup problem. The explanation is too long to post here. I posted it at https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/26489 my thanks to anyone willing to read it and help me.02:16
gonecrazeedownloaded it from ATI but  build packagewill not work02:16
elchadoHello, cant get any sound from my speakers. Tried yesterday, it appears my soundcard (intel integrated Realtek ALC883) and can not find the driver on Alsa-project. Any ideas?02:16
reconI have SSH access to a machine with X running on :0. Is there any way to open a VNC server on :0, too?02:16
Maimstericesword_ After some long googling I found the problem. There is a bug in the Realtek driver, they released a new one I will install it now..02:16
dooglusrecon: yes02:16
dooglusrecon: x11vnc can do that02:16
rahdukesomeone just tell me the terminal cmd to get my DVd drive02:16
recondooglus: just what I was looking for. thanks.02:17
reconrahduke: is it mounted?02:17
oldmonkswillhi, i am using hardy heron and it is working great for me! one thing though, although compiz is working fine, i have installed the advanced desktop settings manager-- when i right click on the desktop to enable compiz, it does not show me the "custom" option, so i am unable to get the cube, animations etc. just the default stuff like the wall, is there anyway to fix this?02:17
astro76rahduke: it is most likely /media/cdrom02:17
dooglusrecon: I have: vnc is aliased to `cd; nohup x11vnc -display :0 -rfbauth ~/.vnc/passwd &'02:17
emmaastro76 You mean the abbreviation for Fully Understand?  (F.U. Irseek: You do not have my permission to publish anything that I write.)02:17
Maimstericesword_ So if anyone else has a problem with the Realtek RTL8111 then you know what to do.02:17
tumbleweeim having wireless problems, anyone familiar with SMC2862W-G cards02:17
rahdukehahaha awesome thanks alot02:17
ypSamiAnyone know how to fix this error: ranlib: could not create temporary file whilst writing archive: No more archived files02:18
tumbleweei've tried something like 08340385903894083 ways to get it to work02:18
CaiLICSomewhat less than quick question: What do I do if I'm trying to install Ubuntu (from CD) onto a computer and the computer in question doesn't recognise it as an 'Operating System'?02:18
nickrudemma: no dancing, please.02:18
LinuxMonkeyemma: you know well off it doesnt stand for that, please go elsewere to start trouble.02:18
doogluswhen is hery hardon due to be released?02:18
nickruddooglus: april 24, last I read02:18
dooglusnickrud: thanks02:18
sthistleCaiLIC: As in BIOS? Just set it for pnp os02:18
AXAUser109Can someone help me out with installing ndswrapper?02:19
bloody`ndiswrapper ew02:19
Nostah2what kind of fun stuff is hardy heron going to have02:19
dooglusAXAUser109: you're missing an 'i'02:19
=== AXAUser109 is now known as Mike
Wass|bloody` : whi that afraid.org  I have to use  their NS  as I read02:19
tumbleweemy wireless dongle02:19
Mikedooglus: Ah, crap.02:19
twistIm not not trying to spam the room, but if somebody could help me id really aprpeciate it. http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/58702/02:19
nickrudNostah2: the people on #ubuntu+1 can fill you in02:19
bloody`wass: trust me, you dont want to setup and run a name server02:19
tumbleweecannot work with ubuntu i'm quitting ubuntu cause i can't get it on the internet02:20
CaiLICI've got the BIOS set up to hit the CDROM drive first in the boot sequence, but it doesn't take.02:20
tumbleweeit works fine with puppylinux02:20
MikeI can't quite figure out many commands in the terminal.02:20
mouseboyxtwist, you have to sudo apt-get install wine02:20
Wass|bloody` : .. well.. i need at least to know whats needed for that02:20
nickrud!gutsysources | twist02:20
ubotutwist: gutsysources is in System->Admin->Software Sources, enable (main) (universe) (restricted) and (multiverse) and disable the Cdrom on the Ubuntu Software tab. On the Updates tab, enable (gutsy-security) and (gutsy-updates).02:20
sthistleCaiLIC: Sounds like a bad cd then02:20
sethktwist, did you run the command it suggests (apt-get -f install)?02:20
amenadowhat does "EXT3-fs: mounted filesystem with ordered data mode." do booting a livecd ? and then it fails and gives initramfs prompt02:20
CaiLICI've tried several of them.02:20
Wass|can you go back to the channel 2 mins ?02:20
mouseboyxapt-get -f install wine02:20
twistits not just wine, im having problems with dependencies. envy, etc., i cant get installed02:20
gamegamegood afternoon ubuntu 7.10, dell inspiron 1100, bcm43xx & bcm440x both dont work.  any ideas?02:20
MikeHow can I figure out the password for the sudo command?02:20
recondooglus: why the nohup?02:21
bloody`press enter02:21
StarnestommyMike: it's the password you use to log in02:21
MikeAnd how do I run a file in the terminal?02:21
astro76!envy | twist02:21
ubotutwist: envy is an unsupported tool to install newer versions of binary video drivers than provided by the official repositories. Use at your own risk, and remember that the latest version is not necessarily the "best". See « /msg ubotu binarydriver »02:21
nickrudtwist: you shouldn't use envy, but you don't have the main repo enabled. Do the steps above to get them all02:21
sethkMike, it's your own password.  If you have to figure it out you are in trouble02:21
MikeStarnestommy: It's not taking that password.02:21
bloody`mike: sudo passwd root       it will ask for your user's pass02:21
tumbleweeson of a monkey i don't think anyone hears me02:21
twistalright, ill give it a shot02:21
sthistleMike: to run an executable, type ./command02:21
Starnestommybloody`: no.02:21
tumbleweei quit ubuntu02:21
MikeOkay. Lemme try thi.02:21
tumbleweeback to puppy02:21
gamegameMike: when you installed, which user did you set up, it's that user's password.02:21
Starnestommyhe's trying to use sudo, not the root account, I think02:22
dooglusrecon: so I can close the terminal and have the vnc server live on02:22
oldmonkswillhardy heron (works great!) compiz works, but only the default settings. right clicking on desktop does not give me the "custom" option (that you usually have after installing advanced desktop settings manager) so i have no cube, animations etc. is there a way around this?02:22
recondooglus: oh.02:22
astro76oldmonkswill: #ubuntu+1 for hardy02:22
dooglusI installed hardy heron in a chroot.  is there any way I can boot it?02:22
MikeStarnestommy: Actually, I need root account.02:22
Wass|bloody` : can you go back 2 mins on the channels, i need a little bit of your knowledge :)02:22
oldmonkswillastro76, thank you very much!02:22
MikeStarnestommy: I thought sudo got me that.02:23
sthistleMike: then use sudo su -02:23
tumbleweeANYONE: ANYONE GOT ANY LUCK WITH SMC2862w-G on UBUNTU 7.10???02:23
AntiUSA_how do I use a .jar installer?02:23
astro76!rootshell | Mike02:23
ubotuMike: Using !sudo with single commands is preferable in most circumstances. However, if you really need a root shell, use « sudo -i » (other variants of this commands are redundant and/or potentially dangerous)02:23
nickrudMike: sudo -i will give you a root terminal02:23
StarnestommyMike: it does.  It runs the command after "sudo" as root02:23
bazhangdooglus: better to discuss that in #ubuntu+102:23
MikeHum, okay.02:23
TetracommI tried to install kde4, and after experimenting, the logon screen stopped working.02:23
bloody`wass: im there02:23
Wass|AntiUSA : java -jar /path/to/file.jar ?02:24
gamegamenetwork issue on 7.10 and dell.. is this the right place?02:24
bazhangcaps tumblewee02:24
nickrudgamegame: yes, probably02:24
amenadowhat does "EXT3-fs: mounted filesystem with ordered data mode." do booting a livecd ? and then it fails and gives initramfs prompt02:24
NB2000 /quit02:24
tumbleweecan anyone hear me02:24
MikeDammit, I wish these instructions for installing ndiswrapper weren't so cryptic.02:24
sthistleAntiUSA: that is java.. try java filename.jar?02:24
=== musashi_ is now known as musashi
clw3388need some #!bin/bash knowhow  anyone willing to help?02:25
sthistleclw3388: yeah. it is #!/bin/bash :-)02:25
nickrudclw3388: try #bash , they focus on that02:25
Mike"Go to the source directory and run make distclean and make. As root, run make install"02:25
MikeWhat the hell?02:25
bazhangclw3388: there is also a channel for that if people here do not know #bash02:25
clw3388will do thx02:25
gamegameMIke: you are new to linux, what they are asking you to do is something all linux admins have to do at some point.02:26
astro76Mike: it means type 'make distclean' then 'make' then02:26
gamegameMike: you should read up on linux, and building and compiling...02:26
MikeVery new to linux, but go on.02:26
astro76Mike: sudo make install02:26
nickrud!compiling | Mike02:26
ubotuMike: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)02:26
gamegameMike: buy the book: running linux by walsh.02:26
bazhangMike: take a deep breath ;]02:26
elchadoJust installed ubuntu on laptop, no sound from realtek alc883. any tips?02:26
=== bfiller is now known as bfiller_
gamegameNick: lmao02:26
MikeGeez :O02:26
MikeFor an OS that wants to go widespread, it sure isn't newbie friendly.02:27
MikeReading time, where do I even start? >_>02:27
Jotunn6can anyone hear me?02:27
gamegamecat /home/walsh/running_linux | Mike02:27
clw3388well now #bash is not very talkative02:27
namegameelchado...switch to Alsa sound02:27
StarnestommyJotunn6: yes02:27
bazhang!training | Mike02:27
ubotuMike: A desktop course manual for Ubuntu 7.10 can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Training02:27
nickrudMike: that link I gave you above is a decent start02:27
sthistleJotunn6: no.. but can read what you type02:27
dooglusbazhang: I installed feisty fawn in a chroot.  is there any way I can boot it?02:28
Jotunn6i'm having trouble with wireless device SMC2862W-G02:28
elchadonamegame: how do I do that? i opened alsamixer, and volumes are up and not muted.02:28
Jotunn6i've tried soo many things02:28
LuiCalhi guys, im having a hard time mounting my ipod on gutsy, when i had feisty i only had to connect my ipod and it would be mounted inmediately, but now nothing appears, what should i do?02:28
Jotunn6can't get it running.  it works fine on puppy02:28
Jotunn6but ubuntu is a no go02:28
rahdukeok 1 more question02:28
bazhangJotunn6: what chipset please02:28
rahdukeim sorry to keep bothering eveyrone02:28
gamegamemy turn?  broadcom bcm440x nic is not coming up, any ideas?02:28
=== bfiller_ is now known as bfiller__
Jotunn6any online guide specifically for that wireless usb card?02:29
rahdukeso im trying to burn a 360 Iso in terminal and i set everything up but then i get this error :-( unable to open64("/media/cdrom0",O_RDWR): Is a directory02:29
LuiCalhow can i mount my ipod nano on gutsy?02:29
sthistleJotunn6: found this http://ubuntu-utah.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=24147602:29
AntiUSA_I get an exception error02:29
bazhangLuiCal: newest one?02:29
LuiCalnop, its an old one02:30
MikeHum, is there a simplier to use driver out there for a WRT54G PC card?02:30
bazhangLuiCal: which app are you using to sync it with ubuntu?02:30
nickrud!patience | gamegame02:31
ubotugamegame: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines02:31
MikeI'm going through a lot of pain to make my card work with ndiswrapper...02:31
AntiUSA_<sthistle> it gives me an exception error when I used that command02:31
orudieafter downloading a file , whats the command to install it ?02:31
nickrudgamegame: sorry, wrong nick02:31
Baron27I just installed 7.1 but it didnt add my first account to the sudo user group. Time to reinstall?02:31
bazhangorudie: depends on the file02:31
clw3388on a #1/bin/bash script when running su how do you get it to type your password?02:31
__mikemMike, with the newest release of ubuntu you don't need to use ndiswrapper, you can use restricted drivers02:31
ypSamiIs this a known bug with checkinstall:  ranlib: could not create temporary file whilst writing archive: No more archived files02:31
anarchy_"impossible to find package sun-java5-sdk" after using sudo apt-get install sun-java5-sdk... does anyone know what can I do to make it work?02:31
nickrudBaron27: that makes no sense.   type   groups   in a terminal, are you in the admin group?02:32
LuiCalwell, i used amarok whn i had feisty, but in fesity it would recognized it just by pluggin it02:32
Baron27let me check02:32
gamegame_mikem: I have the same issue as mike, the restricted drivers complain... but ya mike! it might work02:32
orudiebazhang: its proftpd-1.3.1.tar.bz202:32
Jotunn6bazhang : frisbee somthing02:32
nickrud!gutsysources | anarchy_ (you probably don't have multiverse)02:32
__mikemgamegame, the restricted drivers work fine for my broadcom wireless device02:32
ubotuanarchy_ (you probably don't have multiverse): gutsysources is in System->Admin->Software Sources, enable (main) (universe) (restricted) and (multiverse) and disable the Cdrom on the Ubuntu Software tab. On the Updates tab, enable (gutsy-security) and (gutsy-updates).02:32
anarchy_nickrud, ok, thx. I'll try that02:32
gamegameMIke: on the top of your window, do you seee a thinkg that looks like a card ?02:32
gamegamemine says that the fwcutter does not have the source.02:33
Baron27says adm but it wont allow me to sudo02:33
bazhangJotunn6: that is not very precise; if you give me info like that, then my advice to you will be equally vague02:33
__mikemgamegame it can also be accessed under the Administration menu02:33
Jotunn6ok sorry hang on02:33
StarnestommyBaron27: are you in the admin group?02:33
gamegamemikem: you are right.02:33
rahdukeis there anyone who can help me out02:33
=== bfiller__ is now known as bfiller
elchadonamegame: how do i switch to alsa sound?02:33
LuiCalwhat should i do?02:33
gamegameMike: you still there?02:33
bazhangask rahduke02:33
Vad1How can I give espeak a text file to read from the terminal?02:33
Baron27it didn't add the first account to the admin group02:33
nickrudBaron27: very. you can boot into recovery mode and   adduser <name> admin02:34
Mikegamegame: Oh, yeah.02:34
gamegameMike: mikem is right, you might be able to just turn it on under restrickted drivers.02:35
MikeWhere is that?02:35
magickWhat's the easiest way to jail a user to his/her home directory? I've googled and seen a tutorial on recompiling openssh but is there an easier way?02:35
AntiUSA_what all packages do I need to have installed to use a .JAR installer?02:35
gamegameMike: under the admin memu, im having issues booting ubuntu right now...02:35
DevourerIs apt-get install the same as aptitude?02:36
LuiCalhow can i mount my ipod nano on gutsy?02:36
bazhangorudie: why download it when you can install it from the repos?02:36
gamegameMike: system preferences or something like that... then "REstrickted Drivers"02:36
DevourerOr... aptitude install*02:36
__mikemgamegame, its under administration, not Preferences02:36
nickrudDevourer: for nearly all purposes yes, the ubuntu uber-geeks strongly recommend using apt-get02:36
bazhangDevourer: similar in many respects yes02:36
__mikemmike its under administration, not preferences02:36
gamegame__mikem: just trying to help :D02:36
=== AntiUSA_ is now known as AntiUSA
Jotunn6bazhang : PrismFrisbee02:37
MikeI don't see the words "Restrcited Drivers"02:37
__mikemgamegame, I know, but you will find that in the tech support world, if what you tell a user to do doesn't concur with what they see right infront of them, they panic :p02:37
__mikemMike what version of ubuntu are you using?02:37
nickrudMike: it should say restricted manager under the admin menu02:37
gamegame__mikem: sry02:37
MikeNo worries gamegame.02:38
orudiebazhang: i'm using putty02:38
MikeIt's 6.0..something02:38
__mikemgamegame, no need to apologise02:38
__mikemmike, oh, you are using Dapper Drake, no wonder02:38
bazhangJotunn6: please go into terminal and type lspci is this a pci device and lsusb if this is a usb device and give the exact name and number of that chipset please (dont paste just tell me in one line or less)02:38
LuiCalcan someone please help me with how to mount my nano on gutsy02:38
DevourerWhy can't apt-get find vmware-player?02:38
MikeSo, where should I be?02:38
gamegame__mikem: just looking for karma and some nic magic02:38
__mikemdapper drake, I don't know what the proceedure is for drake02:38
__mikemgamegame, :)02:38
bazhangLuiCal: who are you addressing?02:39
MikeAgh, crap.02:39
nickrudadd   deb http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu gutsy partner   to your sources.list, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get  install vmware-server    Devourer02:39
nickrudDevourer: vmplayer isn't in ubuntu02:39
MikeUpgrading time?02:39
Devourernickrud, oh.02:39
LuiCalwell im really a newbie so i dont know how to adresse it02:39
nickrudDevourer: 7.10, anyway02:39
J-_laptopdo I need pulseaudio on both my desktop and laptop to stream desktop to laptop over internal ip, or can I do that with ssh as well?02:39
Devourernickrud, where do I find sources.list?02:39
bazhangLuiCal: being new is really not an excuse; you need to add someone's nick to your questions or they will be ignored or lost02:40
nickrudDevourer: /etc/apt/sources.list02:40
rahdukeso im trying to burn a 360 Iso in terminal and i set everything up but then i get this error :-( unable to open64("/media/cdrom0",O_RDWR): Is a directory02:40
Devourernickrud, thanks.02:40
orudiebazhang: which command would i use to install proftpd from terminal ?02:40
LuiCalbazhang: sorry02:40
Karsythhas anyone here got steam games to run? i have steam installed and my game / mod all installed, but i cant get the game to load. i dont get any errors or anything, just nothing happens when i try to load the game02:41
LuiCalbazhang: can u help me with mounting the ipod please?02:41
Karsyththrough wine, of course02:41
MikeHow should I go about upgrading to the new 7.0x version?02:41
bloody`baz: it should automount02:41
MikeDownload it all anew?02:41
PriceChild!upgrade | Mike02:41
ubotuMike: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes02:41
bloody`mike: use apt02:41
orudiecan someone help me install proftpd ?02:41
bloody`apt-get install proftp02:42
DevourerHow do I get permission to edit and save a file in gedit?02:42
Ezraorudie: sudo apt-get install proftpd02:42
CD_Garageorudie apt-get proftpd02:42
bloody`dev: chmod 755 <filename>02:42
ScuniziDevourer, sudo gedit <file>02:42
Karsythanyone here got steam working?02:42
nickrudDevourer: for system files (like the ones in /etc) use gksudo gedit , never sudo gedit ;)02:42
bloody`dev: or chown thwe folder02:42
MikeThanks everyone, but /I'm out for a bit now02:43
nickrudDevourer: gksudo to run gui apps as admin user, sudo to run command line apps as admin user02:43
luckyoneI have just installed a new graphics card and once it starts loading ubuntu, the signal goes off and it doesn't even take me to a prompt02:43
bazhangorudie: sudo apt-get install packagename02:43
nickrudluckyone: hit ctl-alt-f2, can you log in there?02:43
luckyonenickrud: I don't think my system makes it that far02:44
Devourernickrud, what is the difference between gksudo and sudo?02:44
bazhangLuiCal: this worked in feisty but not now?02:44
luckyonenickrud: I tried to ssh to the box02:44
luckyonenickrud: so I could reconfigure xserver02:45
nickrudluckyone: boot into recovery mode  and run   dpkg-reconfigure -pcritical xserver-xorg to get a default setup (first though, what new video card?)02:45
emmaDevourer gksudo is for opening GUIs with root powers (Get Bent IRSeek: You do not have permission to publish anything I write)02:45
Karsythcan anyone get steam games to launch under wine?02:45
luckyonenickrud: how do you boot into recovery mode02:45
nickrudDevourer: gksudo sets up your working environment a little differently, protecting your home configuration files. sudo doesn't02:45
khyron320What is a good backup package that would let me backup a 100gb folder to DVD but i can still go into just a single DVD to recover a file02:45
nickrudluckyone: hit escape when you see grub 1.5 during bootup, then choose recovery mode02:45
luckyonenickrud: k, will do02:46
gamegamekhyron320: if you are up for it, bacula02:46
pimpnastyI have gentoox and I have unrealircd but I cant change the max users02:46
khyron320bacula in the repo?02:47
AntiUSAwhat all packages do I need to have installed to use a .JAR installer?02:47
pimpnastyAnyone familer with gentox and unrealircd?02:47
Karsythcan someone link me to that upgrade page?02:47
khyron320yup it is =)02:47
LuiCalbazhang: what should i do?02:47
gamegamekhyron320: it's probably overkill02:47
nickrud!upgrade | Karsyth02:47
J-_laptopWhat can I use to stream media from my Desktop to Laptop?02:47
ubotuKarsyth: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes02:47
Karsyththank you nickrud02:47
cjaehey is there any other solution but this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=459101&highlight=hdparm+dvd02:47
rahdukesomeone help me please02:47
=== din_fernandes is now known as din_zZz
iceswordrahduke, ?02:48
elchadonamegame: you told me to switch to alsa sound, would you mind elaborating? Thank you.02:48
cjaeor is there some other way since this material is dated02:48
rahdukeim trying to burn a x360 backup in terminal02:48
bazhangLuiCal: open amarok; plugin ipod, mount it then look for it and correctly identify it in amarok, drag files from amarok to it, then transfer songs02:48
rahdukeand i get this error02:49
rahduke:-( unable to open64("IMAGE1.iso",O_RDONLY): No such file or directory02:49
rahduke:-( unable to open64("IMAGE1.iso",O_RDONLY): No such file or directory02:49
orudiebazhang: ok did that, how would i uninstall it ?02:49
cjae!info k3b02:49
ubotuk3b (source: k3b): A sophisticated KDE CD burning application. In component main, is optional. Version 1.0.3-0ubuntu4 (gutsy), package size 4916 kB, installed size 9436 kB02:49
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about dvdwriting - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:49
LuiCalbazhang: the problem is i dont know how to mount it02:49
Starnestommyrahduke: the file IMAGE1.iso doesn't exist in the current directory the terminal's in02:50
LuiCalhow can i mount an ipod nano on gutsy?02:50
bazhangorudie you really should man apt-get for that info; sudo apt-get remove packagename often suffices02:50
Ezraj- laptop: u can open the source folder and open the temp file from there. of course; this isn't exactly streaming per se, and you'll have to eventually delete the file copy02:50
gamegameubuntu 7.10, insprion 1100, bcm440x nic not working02:50
reconIs there any way to close a CD-ROM drive via command line?02:50
gamegamewireless dead too02:50
reconOr gui.02:51
bloody`eject /dev/cdrom02:51
nickrudLuiCal:   type   tail -f /var/log/syslog   in a terminal. That will show you messages when you plug in the ipod. There might be a clue there02:51
pimpnasty I have a problem Im running unrealircd server and I cant max my users somone said its in a system file anyone familer in this field?02:51
flacomhey all.... anyone has a LCD-TV monitor working on linux?02:51
orudiebazhang: i got this http://pastebin.com/m6977da4602:51
rahdukenow i get this error02:52
rahduke:-( unable to open64("/media/cdrom",O_RDWR): Is a directory02:52
Baron27the group admin didnt exist so I added the user to the root group.. didn't help. Keeps saying that $user is not in the sudoers file.02:52
bazhangorudie why are you installing and uninstalling packages?02:52
reconbloody`: oh, turned out it wouldn't mount because it was an audio CD.02:52
Devourernickrud, I got this when trying to install vmware-player, "Package vmware-player is not available, but is referred to by another package."02:52
pimpnasty I have a problem Im running unrealircd server and I cant max my users somone said its in a system file anyone familer in this field?02:52
nickrudBaron27: gotta have the admin user,  sudo less /etc/sudoers  should have an admin definition line02:52
orudiebazhang: the first time i tried to install it, i abborted in the middle, now its not functioning right02:53
nickrudBaron27: what release did you install?02:53
bazhangorudie what error message did you get?02:53
bloody`orudie: try su, then run the command02:53
Baron27im gonna gedit the soders file and add the user02:53
khyron320this bacula thing sucks ill just make 1 giant tarball02:53
=== tobias_ is now known as tobias
LuiCalok, a lot of lines came out in the terminal, what should i do?02:54
orudiebazhang: i was installing it through webmin, and the browser just took too long and i stopped it, so i guess the installation was corrupt02:54
gamegamekhyron320: that's why i said if you're up for it... and it's probably overkill, maybe someone else has an answer for you02:54
bloody`luical: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org02:54
bazhangorudie: webmin is not supported here; sounds like you need to try again with the install02:54
gamegameneed help getting my wired/wireful con going (in order to fix my wireless)02:55
bloody`game: what u need?02:56
LuiCalcheck it out02:56
orudiebazhang: when i try to install, it says the latest version already installed02:56
catmistakeYou can't say torrents are USUALLY fast. They're fast if you're lucky02:56
catmistakecrud... wrong channel02:56
rahdukei find that BT runs much slower in linux than windows02:56
catmistakebut still true02:56
bloody`cat: torrents are more-than-usually fast for me02:56
gamegamebloddy: i have inspiron 1100 dell laptop, both nic and wireless pci card are broadcom , and not playing nice02:56
bloody`cat: try lowering the number of connections you use to around 6002:56
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!02:57
warriorforgod3/join #firefox02:57
flacomrahduke: depends of the client and how they are configured02:57
bazhangorudie the it is okay if the latest version is installed; you could try to uninstall and reinstall02:58
LuiCalbloody: what should i do now?02:58
jester7orudie: i came in late, what were you trying to install via webmin?02:58
geo_anyone speek greek?02:59
gamegamebloddy`: bloody tick, i just got that... so, you can help maybe?02:59
recongeo_: lambda02:59
orudiejester7: proftpd02:59
bazhanggeo_: /j #ubuntu-gr02:59
orudiejester7: cant uninstall it now, because i stopped the process in the middle02:59
geo_could anyone help me in ubuntu?02:59
orudiejester7: was installing it through webmin03:00
jester7you have to do it via cli03:00
Ezrageo: what do you need?03:00
gamegamegeo_: state your issue, and someone might just jump in and answer03:00
jester7that is the EXACT same issue i had03:00
orudiejester7: cli ?03:00
SpudDoggDoes anyone have any insight into getting postfix working in Gutsy server?  I can't get that machine to send email for the life of me.  Anyone?03:00
jester7command line03:00
flacomgeo_:depends of the problem :P03:00
geo_i cant enable effects03:00
flacomgeo_: compiz?03:00
jester7orudie: i had the same problem with teh same program03:01
LuiCalplease help me mount my ipod on gutsy03:01
geo_i got it03:01
LuiCalsomeone please03:01
flacomgeo_: waht is you video card03:01
orudiejester7: so how can i uninstall it, and reinstall it now ?03:01
geo_ati radeon on board03:01
chumphey guys whats a really minimalistic X?03:01
jester7orudie: sudo apt-get remove proftpd03:01
orudiejester7: cause of this problem, i cant intall a different ftp server now03:01
flacomgeo_: you have opengl configured?03:01
bazhangfluxbox chump03:01
jester7orudie: then sudo apt-get install proftpd03:01
orudiejester7: tried that, returns this error http://pastebin.com/m6977da4603:02
luckyonehello everyone03:02
geo_sorry i am noobe in ubuntu03:02
chumpthanks, hey whats the repo for non-free software?03:02
geo_i think i didnt03:02
flacomgeo_: try glxgeard (I think...)03:02
Starnestommychump: multiverse?03:02
bazhangchump that depends what you want03:02
geo_where i will find glx geard?03:02
jester7orudie: ahh, the install is still hanging.  you may have to reboot, that error usually means an installation is still in progress03:03
jester7and i wouldn't know how to get to that terminal03:03
chumpwell i want Adobe flash(their web sites alien converted one won't install) and windows wmv codecs03:03
bazhangubuntu-restricted-extras has that chump03:03
SpudDoggLuiCal:  plug it in?03:04
SkinnYPuppYgeo_: just type glxgears in terminal03:04
Azodoni can currently use VNC to login from a windows computer to my current desktop ( the one i am logged in on) and take control of it.  Is there a way to allow multiple X logins. So someone can still sit at the machine.03:04
bazhangand win32codecs chump are at www.medibuntu.org03:04
ypSamiWhy would checkinstall fail when make install succeeds?03:04
Azodonin ubuntu 7.1003:04
flacomgeo_: if the gears move smooth... you have opengl configured.. if not... fix that first03:04
orudiezorin: :)03:04
orudiejester7: thanx gonna try that now, i'll let you know if it helped03:05
geo_ok thanks03:05
jester7orudie: cool03:05
flacomAzodon: what vnc server are you using?03:05
Azodonthats what i need to install , ok a VNC server. makes sence03:05
geo_i have opengl03:06
Azodonis there one ubuntu recomends?03:06
LuiCalyes its plugged03:06
bloody`azodon:  apt-cache search vnc03:06
SkinnYPuppYHardy is going to come with a browseable VNC sidebar03:06
orudiejester7: whats the command for reboot03:07
nickrudLuiCal: sorry I was elsewhere for a sec. What came up in the terminal? you can put it on http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org03:07
flacomAzodon: if u need 'n' X sessions... I think is for the port  number... example... is one session.. is another session... is the third session03:07
SkinnYPuppYFree NX seemed to be the best working VNC03:07
joesoundguyhow can I browse cdrom?  It always opens ://burn dialog03:07
zorinlol, he meant remotely03:07
bloody`ls /mnt/cdrom03:07
Azodoni'll try that, thanks03:07
flacomor ls /media/cdrom03:08
geo_but when i go to appearence and try to make visual effects extra it sais ::03:08
geo_the composite extension is not available03:08
gamegamewith lsmod, my b44 is not matched up with anything, but mii has b44 listed.03:08
joesoundguybloody  brb03:09
SkinnYPuppYflacom, is there a way to be logged in multiple sessions on ctl+alt+f whatever I seem to recall doing this back in redhat days been a long time03:09
nickrudLuiCal:  mount | sort , do you see /dev/sda1 or /dev/sda2 shown as mounted there?03:09
geo_i have opengl03:09
geo_but when i go to appearence and try to make visual effects extra it sais ::03:09
geo_the composite extension is not available03:09
flacomgeo_: apt-get install xserver-xgl03:09
magickWhat's the easiest way to jail a user to his/her home directory? I've googled and seen a tutorial on recompiling openssh but is there an easier way?03:10
gamegamenot being pushy, just wondering if i missed a note... about my bcm4401 nic card03:10
rahdukedoes anyone burn xbox360 games in linux?03:10
nickrudgeo_: try   compiz   --replace   in a terminal, it will have more useful error messages03:10
bazhangrahduke: not supported here03:10
rahdukeis it supported anywhere?03:10
flacomSkinnYPuppY: I don't know... thats would me usefull03:11
bazhangrahduke: no as that is not legal03:11
darkcrabwhen you uninstall something in linux, does it leave behind files like in OSX and windows?03:11
rahdukeits a backup03:11
SkinnYPuppYYeah it would...03:11
nickrudheh heh03:11
bazhangdarkcrab: sure03:11
flacomI'm on windows now (yeah.. to bad.. but I need Visual Studio) I will try later03:11
geo_Checking for Xgl: not present.03:12
geo_No whitelisted driver found03:12
geo_aborting and using fallback: /usr/bin/metacity03:12
geo_that said03:12
LuiCalno sda1, neither sda203:12
flacomdarkcrab: maybe the config files03:12
nickrudgeo_: ok, what kind of video card do you have03:12
LuiCalwhat should i do?03:12
grezer34How to you switch GUI's ? I loaded XUbuntu on my server, and I hate it, how do I change to Different GUI ??03:12
flacomgeo_: apt-get install xserver-xgl03:12
geo_ati radeon on board03:12
nickrudgeo_:  as flacom said03:12
SpudDoggDoes anyone have any insight into getting postfix working in Gutsy server?  I can't get that machine to send email for the life of me.  Anyone?03:12
bazhanggrezer34: install one then choose in session at login window03:12
bloody`grezer: apt-get install ubuntu-dekstop03:12
joesoundguybloody ls /mnt/cdrom returns nothing03:12
flacomgrezer34: u mean a different desktop enviroment?03:13
grezer34ok I did that03:13
nickrudLuiCal: hm. It's odd that it's not automounting. A sec while my mind spins in place03:13
grezer34I already installed ubuntu-desktop03:13
grezer34how do I switch ??03:13
geo_flacom where to write this ??? to a terminal..?03:13
flacomgrezer34: but xubuntu?03:13
SkinnYPuppYyep geo03:13
bloody`the login screen03:13
bazhanggrezer34: then choose it in session in login window03:13
SkinnYPuppYcopy paste03:13
bloody`under session03:13
joesoundguybloody Right03:13
flacomgeo_: sudo apt-get install xserver-xgl and type your password03:14
flacomgeo_: you will need to re-start the X03:14
dftnickrud: autofs?03:14
nickruddarkcrab: marking a package for complete removal in synaptic or sudo apt-get remove --purge will remove all traces03:14
joesoundguybloody dble clk on cdrom icon brings me to ://burn window03:14
bloody`right click03:14
l815anyone know how to configure my hard drive to run a bit cooler without degrading performance?03:14
bloody`choose open03:14
joesoundguybloody and select browse?03:14
nickruddft: I'm trying to remember the little I studied about ubuntu's automounting system, if you're up on it please take over ;)03:15
DownsayI'm looking for some help on updating my ubuntu to gutsy, could someone help me?03:15
joesoundguybloody same result....brought to :///burn03:15
bloody`ls /media/cdrom ?03:15
joesoundguybloody actually its burn:///03:15
DownsayI've downloaded gutsy and burnt it to a cd03:15
Scunizijoesoundguy, did you happen to install the 64 bit version of ubuntu?03:15
ubotuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes03:15
Downsaynow when I try to boot from cd after editing my bios settings, it won't let me boot03:15
gamegamehey, that wo4rked03:15
joesoundguyScunizi no03:16
Downsaygamegame, that doesn't help me, I'm getting errors03:16
ubotuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.03:16
chemicalwhat do you suggest  upgrading feisty from ISO or by on-line upgrade???03:16
bloody`!update | game03:16
ubotugame: please see above03:16
Scunizijoesoundguy, good03:16
darkcrabah thanks nick03:16
joesoundguybloody media/cdrom retrns nothing03:16
jonathan_Anyone know how I can turn my desktop back on? I checked something that turns off my desktop.03:16
darkcrabthat is what I was wondering03:16
SkinnYPuppYHere's a link to the VNC client that will be in Hardy Heron it looks cool.03:16
bloody`where is your mountpoint?03:16
dftjonathan: what is that something?03:16
chemicalwhat do you suggest  upgrading feisty from ISO or by on-line upgrade???03:16
grezer34THANKS GUYS ... I wasent reading everything03:16
bazhangchemical online03:17
bloody`use apt-get to upgrade03:17
bloody`!upgrade | chemical03:17
ubotuchemical: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes03:17
darkcrabin synaptic jonathan or startup?03:17
Scunizijoesoundguy, ls is like dir in windows... if you use it on /media/cdrom0 then make sure there is a cd in the driver.03:17
chemicali have a bad feeling about this03:17
l815anyone know how to configure my hard drive to run a bit cooler without degrading performance?03:17
jonathan_dft, I was trying to make it so I have a different wallpaper on every side of my cube, and to do so, I had to turn off my desktop, but now I can't remember how to turn it back on.03:17
joesoundguybloody /mnt/cdrom03:18
ScunizijonathaN, startx03:18
bloody`ls /mnt/cdrom03:18
SkinnYPuppYchemical you are more likely to overwrite or loose something going iso route03:18
gamegame7.10, onboard network card issues.  bcm440x does not work.03:18
ScunizijonathaN, then ctrl+alt+f703:18
geo_i did it ... may i have to do sth else?03:18
darkcrabi downloaded the ubuntustudio theme cause I thought it looked cool int he picture, but its a lot darker than they make it look.03:18
nickrudScunizi: practilcally no one uses startx in ubuntu, it's nearly pointless to mention it. Tell them to restart gdm03:19
flacomgeo_: you need to re-start the X's03:19
w00tsauce22where's a good place to get themes?03:19
bloody`what is startx ? :P03:19
geo_how i will restart the x? sorry i am noobe03:19
nickrud!themes | w00tsauce2203:19
ubotuw00tsauce22: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy03:19
bloody`geo: ctrl+alt+bcsp03:19
chemicalone more thing i'm using the "preload " programm should i turn it off before upgrading?03:19
SkinnYPuppYlogout login03:19
flacomgeo_: control + alt + backspace03:19
Scunizinickrud, ok.. /etc/init.d/gdm restart.. right?03:19
Ezradarkcrab: that's usually the case with screenshots in linux. don't know why03:19
nickrudScunizi: yes03:19
jonathan_scunizi, what will that do?03:19
flacomrestart the x03:20
DownsayCould someone help me with updating my linux?  here's my pastebin:03:20
darkcrabyea seems that way03:20
astheohi..i can't play mp3s in rythmbox while i can in audacious. something to do with gstreamer i think03:20
jonathan_It says: X: user not authorized to run the X server, aborting.03:20
jonathan_Couldnt get a file descriptor referring to the console03:20
Scunizijonasbjork, check out my post several lines up for an alternative method.03:20
BlairKatubloody`: it starts the x server the basic screen out put for graphical display03:20
DownsayFeisty fawn won't update properly for me, if someone could help, it would be greatly appreciated: http://pastebin.ca/93137103:20
bazhangastheo: you have ubuntu-restricted-extras installed?03:20
geo_i did it03:21
Wass|seriously..... you guys hel too much the users here... they ask noob question and you help without bullshiting them... .. im impressed... you rocks03:21
orudiejester7: it worked thanx03:21
Ezrajonathan: root priv?03:21
nickrudDownsay: remove the references to ppa.launchpad in /etc/apt/sources.list03:21
bazhanglanguage please Wass|03:21
flacomgeo_: the effects works?03:21
SkinnYPuppYWass :P03:21
jonathan_Ezra, What?03:21
astheoi don't know. how i check and install it?03:21
dftjonathan: that's a new one for me03:21
joesoundguybloody,  taking forever to get disc out of the drive.03:21
bazhangastheo: go to synaptic package manager and do a search for it03:21
musashii had to boot an older install to fix something. just wondering, is there a way to tell if it's a 32 or 64 bit install? uname -r just says 2.6.22-14-generic03:21
Ezrajonathan: i mean, do you have root priveleges?03:22
BlairKatujonathan_ :  type sudo startx03:22
a1fais there an official guide from debian->stable to ubuntu->7.1003:22
dftmusashi uname -an03:22
jonathan_Ezra, I don't know..03:22
chemicalhave you encountered any problems through the upgrade?03:22
bloody`who did the pastebin03:22
bazhangmusashi: what does lsb_release -a say03:22
bloody`for the update error?03:22
orudiejester7: still there?03:22
Momerath616alfanick: I think you can just run update-manager -d03:22
flacoma1fa: guide for what?03:22
musashidft thanks.03:22
a1fai am running debian-stable, and i am going to go to ubuntu on my laptop03:22
musashibazhang, No LSB modules are available.03:23
musashiDistributor ID: Ubuntu03:23
musashiDescription:    Ubuntu 7.1003:23
musashiRelease:        7.1003:23
musashiCodename:       gutsy03:23
FloodBot3musashi: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:23
gamegamei know someone wants to help me out here.... dell inspiron 1100, my bcm440x nic card is not working.03:23
bazhang!yay | a1fa03:23
Momerath616alfanick: Why not just grab a gutsy cd?03:23
flacoma1fa: you want to pass from debian to ubuntu?? without format?03:23
ubotua1fa: Glad you made it! :-)03:23
gamegameit was yesterday under windows03:23
Ezrajonathan: check out what; see what blairkatu said03:23
geo_what else to try?03:23
a1faflacom: yes03:23
SkinnYPuppYgeo_ what kind of vid card ?03:23
joesoundguybloody changed discs and ls /mnt/cdrom yeilds nothing03:23
flacoma1fa: :S03:23
a1fai've been using debian for 8 years03:23
=== pyrak_ is now known as pyrak
musashididn't think 4 lines was flooding03:23
bloody`downsay: i found your problem03:23
a1fai can just dist-upgrade03:23
billyhello, my ndiswrapper driver for a wg111v3 usb wireless card is giving the error "IOCSIFMTU: Invalid argument" when i run dhcpclient... any ideas?03:23
a1fabut i dont want to do that if there is a cleaner way03:23
geo_ati radeon xpress on board03:23
Scunizijoesoundguy, you might consider reseating the ide cable on the cdrom..unplug it then plug it back in. Make sure the machine is off ofcourse..03:24
oldmonkswillhi, i got something strange going on, compiz is enabled, everything is working, except the animations even though they are enabled?03:24
dftmusashi: did that help or were you just being sarcastic?03:24
flacoma1fa: Maybe is possible... but I think the structure of de ubuntu distro is tottaly different03:24
SkinnYPuppYI haven't done a radeon , someone else perhaps03:24
nickruda1fa: from debian to ubuntu? It'll have some breakage, but I guess you could take the time to manually fix it.  Probably much faster to just install it in a vm or another partition03:24
flacomgeo_: what is the error now03:24
a1fai dont have a cdrom03:24
musashidft sorry. no it helped. didn't mean it to come off bad.03:24
Scunizioldmonkswill, did you install compiz configuration settings manager?03:24
gamegamei've researched it under the forums, but the answers are all for it being a wireless card, which, to the best of my knowledge is not correct at all.03:24
joesoundguyScunizi since the discs mount and they work on the windblows partition Im sure everything is mechanically ok03:24
nickrud!install | a1fa there are ways without a cdrom03:24
ubotua1fa there are ways without a cdrom: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate03:24
Ezraoldmonkswill : try restarting x03:25
Scunizijoesoundguy, sorry I didn't know you had a dual boot going on.03:25
billyhello, my ndiswrapper driver for a wg111v3 usb wireless card is giving the error "IOCSIFMTU: Invalid argument" when i run dhcpclient... any ideas?03:25
jonathan_BlairKatu, i got this: http://pastebin.ca/93137503:25
jester7orudie: no problem...luckily i'd run into the same thing03:25
geo_it says the same think the composite extension is not available03:25
oldmonkswillscunizi, yes i did, i enabled it from there, restarted x, but nothing03:25
oldmonkswillezra, i already did that03:25
joesoundguyScunizi cool03:25
orudiejester7: now, how would i make a user name and a password in pro ftpd ?03:26
Scunizioldmonkswill, did you to to system/preferances/appearance/visual effects and crank it up there as well?03:26
joesoundguyScunizi itś about the browse function in Gnome.  It keeps sending me to the burn:/// instead of nautilus03:26
chemicali'm upgrading right now should i close the "XChat"?03:26
oldmonkswillscunizi, yes i did, i have the cube and everything else, just the animations don't seem to be working?03:26
DownsayWill I be capable of repartitioning my HDD after I upgrade to Gutsy, from Feisty?03:27
Scunizijoesoundguy, did you have any problems installing the system originally?  if so you might reinstall.'03:27
geo_it says the same think the composite extension is not available03:27
BlairKatu 03:27
Downsayhow do I go about repartitioning, or will it ask me if I want to?03:27
bazhangchemical: up to you03:27
jester7orudie: you should be able to add existing users to the ftp group03:27
BlairKatuDownsay: it will ask03:27
joesoundguyScunizi no.  Crap I don´t wanna do that ;-(03:27
ubotuWays to automate installation of Ubuntu on multiple machines are described at https://help.ubuntu.com/6.10/ubuntu/installation-guide/i386/automatic-install.html - See also !cloning03:27
Jack_SparrowDownsay, How were you planning on upgrading03:27
Scunizioldmonkswill, there is another channel for compiz support on ubuntu /join #ubuntu-effects03:27
chemicalbazhang let's say i trust Linux03:27
oldmonkswillscunizi, thank you03:27
Scunizijoesoundguy, I know.. is this your first install?03:27
Scunizioldmonkswill, np03:28
flacomgeo_: did you restarted the X ??? are u sure??? if you re-started the X you needed to login again03:28
bazhangchemical: at some point you need to reboot though03:28
joesoundguyScunizi No....been with Ubuntu since Fiesty was released.03:28
billyhello, my ndiswrapper driver for a wg111v3 usb wireless card is giving the error "IOCSIFMTU: Invalid argument" when i run dhcpclient... any ideas?03:28
Scunizijoesoundguy, if you get to that point you might consider making /home a separate partition if you haven't already done so.03:28
joesoundguyScunizi before that i was a mandrake then mandriva guy03:28
DownsayJack_Sparrow, I don't know how to repartition my HDD, could you help me?  I don't even have enough space on my HDD to upgrade to Gutsy03:28
chemicalbazhang oops...! a problem occured03:28
neosixbilly: try madwifi drivers03:29
orudiezorin: can i do that through webmin ?03:29
Scunizijoesoundguy, you've been around a while.. :)  longer than me.03:29
shenchiendamn you03:29
chemicalbazhang at phase "modifying the software channels" the process can go any further03:29
orudiejester: can i do that in webmin ?03:30
Downsaycould someone please help me repartition my HDD to allow for more space on Linux?03:30
nickrud!language | shenchien03:30
ubotushenchien: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.03:30
Jack_SparrowDownsay, How big is the drive and how much free space..03:30
shenchiencan someone tell me how to format computer03:30
shenchienpls pls03:30
bazhangchemical: let it continue03:30
joesoundguyScunizi  yeah and I like to find and fix the problem.  It is not as efficient as reinstalling but I learn03:30
Karsythhow do i use .run files on linux?03:30
dftshenchien, have you backed up your data03:30
bazhangshenchien: what are you trying to do03:30
DownsayJack_Sparrow, my current drive is very small, I don't know how large, friend set it up, and I've got 300gb of free space on my hdd still remaining (that is being saved for windows use, but I want to split some of that to linux)03:30
neosixshenchien> how do you mean to format03:30
what_ifif I am setting iptables rules at startup, where do I put the rules ??03:30
l815what's the terminal command to make a shortcut on to the desktop?03:30
shenchienmy os got problem03:30
namegameI wouldn't just format a computer...03:30
chemicalbazhang it doesn't fetch the last file03:30
shenchienlinux os03:31
shenchieni want to format and reinstall03:31
Scunizijoesoundguy, I know what you mean.. you've got a weird one going right now though.. never seen that one.03:31
shenchienpls help me03:31
susscorfal815: ln ?03:31
dftwhatif: have you created your rules using iptables -t etc..?03:31
neosixshenchien> just reinstall03:31
Jack_Sparrowshenchien, pls pls will NOT get you helped any sooner and only causes the channel to scroll more03:31
bazhangchemical let it time out and try again--do not quit03:31
Karsythanyone know how to handle .run files?03:31
crediblel815: depends on the type of shortcut03:31
what_ifdft: yes, they are in rc.local. but it feels like a hack03:31
dftshenchien; just boot from an install disk and reinstall03:31
asterick.run?  Never even heard of it.03:31
crediblel815: shortcuts to applications are made by creating .desktop files03:31
namegamechange your BIOS to boot from your cd drive...03:31
l815credible, shortcut of a folder for now03:31
shenchienno need to format03:31
neosixshenchien> how do you mean format03:32
Jack_SparrowDownsay, defrag windows twice...  use gparted to resize the WIndows partition03:32
magickHow can I change permissions on a mounted ntfs drive? I tried changing the umask on the fstab and that works but I want to make sure another user on the machine CANNOT access it while samba shares can.03:32
what_ifKarsyth: set to executable and run them :)03:32
l815susscorfa, i think that's what i'm looking for03:32
geo_thanks a lot03:32
namegamereinstalling the OS usually formats the drive03:32
shenchienalright,i know wht should i do03:32
geo_i did it03:32
shenchienk thx03:32
namegameunless you specify otherwise03:32
l815is it ln <dest> <destination of folder> ?03:32
crediblel815: you can either use ln -s /path/to/folder ~/Desktop/     or create a .desktop file pointing to it in ~/Desktop/03:32
Karsythwhat_if: how do i set to executable?03:32
shenchienJack_Sparrow:you fucking bullsht03:32
l815credible, okay thanks :)03:32
geo_thanks a lot03:32
geo_thanks a lot03:32
geo_thanks a lot03:32
geo_thanks a lot03:32
orudiejester7: any specifics on how i can acouplish that?03:32
bazhangshenchien: language03:32
what_ifKarsyth: chmod +x filename03:32
DownsayJack_Sparrow, I'm pretty new to linux, how do I use gparted to resize the windows partition?03:32
flacomgeo_: u r welcome :P03:33
bazhangnice ;]03:33
darkcrabit is really, really easy downsay03:33
gamegameanyone: i know someone is ready to help me out with that pesky nic card03:33
Downsaydarkcrab, could you help me?  do I type in sudo gparted?03:33
billyneosix, my usb driver isn't supported with madwifi03:33
geo_flacom_: your knowledge is powerfull thanks one more time03:34
Karsythwhat_if: am i supposed to see anything when i run chmod? or is it supposed to just go to a new line03:34
neosixbilly: OK, do you sure you need dhcp03:34
darkcrabdo you already have windows installed? and are you installing from the live CD?03:34
neosixbilly: maybe you don;t need dhcp03:34
billyneosix, yes, i need dhcp03:34
bloody`karsyth: next line03:34
what_ifKarsyth: most times in linux no output equals success. If you want feedback you must say so.03:34
chemicalbazhang it doesn't timing out03:35
l815what exactly does the "~" char do when using it with certain commands and directories?03:35
neosixbilly: is the driver installed properly03:35
billyit's inside of an office network with no free ip ranges on the subnet03:35
bloody`l815: home03:35
Downsaydarkcrab, how do I repartition?03:35
neosixbilly: did you check that03:35
Karsythwhat_if: so then its an exe now? and i just double click it or what03:35
flacomDownsay: gparted ?03:35
billyneosix, as far as i can tell03:35
darkcrabare you repartitioning or resizing?03:35
Jack_SparrowDownsay, Sorry, had to make myself a couple notes...   Let me see if I can find you a tutorial...03:35
billyndiswrapper doesn't report any errors03:35
bloody`ie ~bill will go to /home/bill/03:35
=== RoAkSoAx is now known as ^4nDr3s
l815*bloody', thanks :)03:35
DownsayJack_Sparrow, np, ty for the help you're giving me03:35
jester7orudie: i'd say since you felt comfortable with webmin, do it through there.  the "users and groups" section, under System I believe, works very well for user administration03:35
gamegame1815: the ~ is short hand for your home03:36
bazhangchemical: it will03:36
neosixbilly: what says iwconfig03:36
l815yep bloody told me, thanks anyway :)03:36
darkcrabif your repartitioining then i dont know, if your resizing then thats simple.03:36
billyneosix, i'll pastebin it03:36
neosixbilly: ok03:36
Karsythwhat_if: its still showing on my desktop as a .run file03:36
=== oldmonkswill is now known as obelix
l815wow i just found the perfect theme + icons + window border.. i can now rest at peace T-T03:36
what_ifKarsyth: are you running it from the console ??03:36
billyneosix, http://paste.stgraber.org/125703:37
=== obelix is now known as iobelix
Karsythwhat_if: nope, how would i do that03:37
gamegameafk just incase someone watned to answer me.03:37
neosixbilly: wait a second03:37
Karsythwhat_if: funny that i only know how to compile, make, and make install from the console but i dont know how to run things :D03:37
what_ifKarsyth: open the console and type ./whatever-file.run03:37
bloody`neosix: what command is that?03:37
what_ifKarsyth: I don't know iptables so we're even03:37
neosixbloody`: iwconfig?03:38
Karsythbash: ./: is a directory  < ?03:38
neosixbilly: do you use rp-pppoe or pppoeconf03:38
mzuverinkexcuse me, sorry to interrupt off topic, but what is the gutsy mythtv/mythubuntu channel?  Thank you and again sorry03:38
billyneosix, i'm connecting to a router03:38
ScuniziKarsyth, what_if .. if the file is on your desktop type Desktop/./whatever-file.run03:38
billyi'm not using pppoe03:38
orudiejester7: i'm in users and groups section, what should i do there?03:38
ubotuMythbuntu is an Ubuntu derivative centered upon setting up a standalone MythTV system. See: http://www.mythbuntu.org for more information03:38
Llewxamhey sorry to be bugging again but anyone know how to get flash running in opera? can't stream vids from youtube and the like.03:39
crshmanhi all, I have a new install of ubuntu freshly patched and I tried to enable dual screen output and X crapped out03:39
ScuniziKarsyth, or cd Desktop <enter> then ./filename.run03:39
crshmani am in the CLI right now, is there any utility to set everything back to a new install default?03:39
Jack_SparrowDownsay, This looks like it might be the one I was looking for..  http://nishants.net/articles/ntfsresize.htm03:39
neosixbilly: hmmm,  I don't have router only a wireless card03:40
chemicalbazhang still not timing out are you sure about this?03:40
chipsa964i have a question about getting my internal mic to work if anyone can help03:40
Karsythi think ive got it now, thanks what_if and scunizi03:40
what_ifKarsyth: YW :)03:40
billyneosix, well does your dhcp work with the same drivers?03:40
ScuniziKarsyth, did it try to install?  works the same for the linux version of google earth.03:40
bazhangchemical: how long has this been running? like five minutes, right?03:40
KarsythScunizi: yeah im running the install now03:40
chemicalbazhang yes03:40
neosixbilly: I don't use dhcp only pppoe03:41
CheeseGardenerCould someone help me install the java 2 runtime enviornment?03:41
=== ^4nDr3s is now known as RoAkSoAx
Allos_NerelinUbuntu is the command wget?03:41
CheeseGardenerI'm having trouble installing from a .bin file.03:41
chemicalbazhang what's the "b" plan if "a" fails03:41
Jack_Sparrowcrshman, You can reset gnome settings but not the whole system03:41
[dcr]is the VMWare install supposed to be in ".exe" format?03:41
Karsythwhat_if , Scunizi: if it says i dont have permission does that mean i gotta run it from root?03:41
what_ifKarsyth: yes03:41
DownsayJack_Sparrow, do I have to type sudo before each of those commands once back in Linux?03:41
ScuniziKarsyth, yes.. just put sudo in front of the command03:41
bazhangchemical you can do what you wish but letting it time out is the best option; forcing it quit now could lead to problems03:41
chemicalbazhang partial upgrade?03:41
billyneosix, i see, thanks for the help anyway03:41
DownsayJack_Sparrow, also, I am having problems getting it to allow me to boot via cd even after I changed the bios to have cd as first priority03:42
neosixbilly: OK no problem03:42
Jack_SparrowDownsay, SOme will, but it will be obvious03:42
chemicalbazhang i thing it restores back03:42
DownsayJack_Sparrow, I don't think it will be obvious, I am a complete newb to linux, lol03:42
Jack_SparrowDownsay, MAy I suggest you get the gparted live cd and use it..03:42
l815ubotu !channels03:42
ubotuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines03:42
ubotuGParted is a !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted-livecd.tuxfamily.org/03:42
Karsythso sudo is basically the same thing as running form root without doing sudo -s?03:42
Jack_SparrowKarsyth, yes03:43
chemicalbazhang i'll wait03:43
Lowke1can someone help me install et?03:43
Jack_SparrowKarsyth, but please note.. use gksudo for gui apps03:43
DownsayJack_Sparrow,  can we talk in pm?03:43
bod_hey guys, how user friendly is virtualbox-ose ?03:43
bazhangLowke1: what is et03:43
chemicalbazhang i thing the problem is from the sources i'm getting data for the upgrade03:43
Karsythalright, all makes sense now, thanks everyone :D03:43
chipsa964can someone help me with my internal mic?03:43
ubuntuoohi. my hdd was giving smart errors. i installed ubuntu, and it shows as "3..2..1... loading grub" and then just a blank screen. when i use my recovery disks to install xp, xp loads just fine (after the smart error). any ideas?03:44
bod_!someone | chipsa96403:44
ubotuchipsa964: In place of  "Does anyone/anybody...", please be aware, one persons expert is another persons beginner, please ask your question in full, then see what helps!03:44
chipsa964got it03:44
Jack_SparrowDownsay, Sorry I had to take a call..  YEs a brief pm is ok03:45
chipsa964i cant get my internal mic to work.  I'm still running ubuntu 7.10 live, but i wanna get everything configured so i know what to do when i do the full install03:45
orudiehow can i create a user name and a password in proftpd ?03:45
ubuntuoosorry about that, xchat crashed.03:45
regeyasomeone asked it earlier, the channel for mythbuntu is #ubuntu-mythtv03:45
Jack_Sparroworudie, That isnt a quick answer.. you may want to google a tutorial03:45
bloody`orudie: proftp uses the users on your server03:45
ubuntuoomy hdd was giving smart errors. i installed ubuntu, and it shows as "3..2..1... loading grub" and then just a blank screen. when i use my recovery disks to install xp, xp loads just fine (after the smart error). any ideas?03:45
Ezraorudie: so you installed it ?03:45
sterfry1988hello room03:45
ubuntuoohi sterfry198803:45
orudieEzra: yes03:45
jester7orudie: actually, i'm not sure.  i see that i don't have a ftp group03:46
Scuniziorudie, although I haven't tried it check out http://proftpd-adm.sourceforge.net/03:46
regeyaroom?  im much?  heh, just kidding...term in irc is 'channel' but 'room' works just fine :-)03:46
Lowke1bazhang: enemy territory.. a game03:46
bod_guys im thinkin off gettin vmware of virtualbox for windows to run games. can you give me some insight into the differences of the 2 and how easy installing windows through them is,.ty03:46
nickrudbod_: um, games won't play worth anything in vmware anyway03:47
flacombod_: is tooooo easy03:47
dftbod_ vmware doesn't support opengl or directx iirc03:47
ubuntuoobod_, the only game i play is starcraft, and it works fine in wine.03:47
neosixbod_: yoo can play games with VM03:47
Scunizibod_, easy installs on both.. games may be a problem .. some of them.. you can't install the real video driver inside the vm..03:47
sterfry1988lol i know it is a channel, i havent used IRC since mirc in 99 lol03:47
_Oz_Good (rainy) evening, #ubuntu friends03:47
Lowke1neosix: i couldnt find anything about dependencys03:47
flacombod_: but if you have a "nice" hardware there is no proble,03:47
dftsterfry I lost my irc cherry to Mirc too03:47
chipsa964i cant get my internal mic to work.  I'm still running ubuntu 7.10 live, but i wanna get everything configured so i know what to do when i do the full install.  can anyone help?03:48
regeya_Oz_: good evening...waiting for snow here03:48
Ezra_oz_ : no rain here man.03:48
_Oz_ezra: it's very wet outside03:48
bloody`chipsa: stop spamming03:48
_Oz_regeya: cold, eh?03:48
sterfry1988ya lol i remember those days @find or whatever the code was03:48
* dft is neck deep in snow03:48
neosixLowke1: hmm, did installation pass without errors03:48
chipsa964bloody`, i typed it twice :o03:48
bod_nickrud, flacom, dft, ubuntuoo, neosix, Scunizi, im trying to play Black & white. it runs through cedega but badly, sometimes wont start, tons of probs,. so which one do you recommend, -- its not a high end graphic game,.,. flacom, no problem where in which one?03:48
* nickrud is sitting outside in shirtsleeves03:48
chemicalbazhang i pressen th "cancel" button and the above information appeared :Failed to fetch http://gr.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/gutsy/main/i18n/Translation-en_US.bz203:48
chemicalFailed to fetch http://gr.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/gutsy-updates/Release.gpg03:48
chemicalFailed to fetch http://gr.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/gutsy-updates/main/i18n/Translation-en_US.bz203:48
chemicalFailed to fetch http://gr.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/gutsy-updates/restricted/i18n/Translation-en_US.bz203:48
chemicalFailed to fetch http://gr.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/gutsy-updates/universe/i18n/Translation-en_US.bz203:48
Ezra-oz_ : probably a long way from home, then03:48
FloodBot3chemical: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:48
chemicalFailed to fetch http://gr.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/gutsy-updates/main/i18n/Translation-en_US.bz203:49
ItsMatthere's a random question... I'm not ubuntu-bashing or anything, but is it just me or are a lot of settings and locations different in Ubuntu than in other Linux distros - esp. when it comes to Apache and PHP?03:49
neosixbod_: anyway you can't use vmware for games03:49
* dft wishes he was in Brasil03:49
nickrudItsMatt: those two? absolutely. They use the debian scheme03:49
jribItsMatt: probably the same as debian03:49
chemicalsorry i'm just a noob03:49
bod_neosix, so has to be virtualbox?03:49
FloodBot3root_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:49
bloody`bod: use cedega for games,03:49
bod_whats goin on,.,. 2 spammers in 1 minute03:50
ItsMattis there a reason why they're different or is that just a common Linux distro thing? i.e. setting up versions of programs with config files and that kind of thing in different areas?03:50
sterfry1988<<< is completely new to linux but is liking it so far.03:50
neosixbod_: wine is only solution for now03:50
regeyabloody`: what the heck?  someone asks the same question twice in a minute and that's flooding, eh?  there's all sorts of genuine flooding and ot talk going on; why are you picking on someone with a genuine question?03:50
bod_bloody`, cedega doesnt play all my games very well,. and my wallet hates cedega03:50
bod_neosix, wine doesnt install it properly03:50
namegamecedega didn't cooperate with me trying to install WoW03:50
chipsa964haha thanks regeya03:50
Ezraroot: stop that03:50
bod_neosix, whats wrong with virtualbox? does that not play games either?03:50
chemicalAny suggestion for my problem?03:50
flacomITsMatt: that's the problem of linux distros... (in my opinion)03:50
neosixbod_: do you use apt-get03:50
bod_neosix, yes03:51
d0lph1nK1ngwhen is hardy heron out?03:51
chipsa964im pissed cuz i saw the thread somewhere and i forgot to bookmark it03:51
jester7orudie: i don't think i had to do ANYTHING with the users.  i think all of the users had access to ftp by default03:51
Llewxamspeaking of cedega and gaming, how does guild wars fare with wine and/or cedega?03:51
chipsa964and now i cant find it any more03:51
bod_!hardy | d0lph1nK1ng03:51
ubotud0lph1nK1ng: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu03:51
bloody`bod: you can get cedega free03:51
d0lph1nK1ngthx bod_03:51
neosixbod_: I don't understand apt never full me03:51
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about shouting - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:51
bod_bloody`, how?03:51
bod_d0lph1nK1ng, np ;~)03:51
mattg08is there a macro creation program that i can tell the mouse to go to certain coordinates?03:51
regeyaoh heh...'twas the bout what was shouting03:51
bod_neosix, what?03:51
regeyabot even03:51
namegameI have heard of guildwars effectively running in Wine03:52
neosixbod_: I said apt-get works perfectly for me03:52
bloody`bod: torrents :)03:52
PulsarFlhi..how would I update my kernel?03:52
neosixbod_: I never had problem with it03:52
Llewxamnamegame: which version of wine?03:52
bod_neosix, wine doesnt install this game properly,. apt works fine............03:52
namegamehere is a link03:53
bod_so can i install windows through virtualbox and pllay my game?03:53
sterfry1988Anyone here good with networking ? if so check out my post and see if you could help me out, thanks a lot http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4467658#post446765803:53
neosixbod_: aha, OK  I didn't uderstand you03:53
bod_neosix, ;~)03:53
Llewxamthank you03:53
neosixbod_: what game03:53
bod_neosix, Black & White03:53
regeyashoot...I seem to remember there's a general scripting app for x11 apps, but I don't remember the name03:53
neosixbod_: check on winehq database03:54
bod_neosix, kk, gimme a sec03:54
neosixbod_: ok03:54
jribregeya: zenity? wmctrl?  not sure what you are looking for03:54
Karsyt1ive got enemy territory running but no sound :(03:54
chuck_hi, i just got some black window borders, and i'm wondering how i can change the bar at the top and bottom of the screen's colors, this is gnome03:54
PulsarFlvirtualbox doesn't allow 3d games to be played does it?03:54
sterfry1988did anyone get a chance to take a look at my post ?03:55
jrib!please | sterfry198803:55
ubotusterfry1988: Avoid your questions being followed by a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !patience03:55
bod_neosix, i found this,.,. but doesnt really help me -- http://appdb.winehq.org/appview.php?iAppId=15603:55
regeyajrib: I seem to have forgotten to make that comment as a reply, sorry.03:55
chipsa964i cant get my internal mic to work.  I'm still running ubuntu 7.10 live, but i wanna get everything configured so i know what to do when i do the full install.  what do i do?03:55
regeyajrib: and I wouldn't consider zenity an automation system in any way shape or form03:55
mzuverinkexcuse me, sorry to interrupt off topic, but what is the gutsy mythtv/mythubuntu channel?  Thank you and again sorry03:55
bloody`!repeat | chipsa03:55
ubotuchipsa: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience03:55
jribregeya: devilspie...?03:56
neosixbod_: well it seems that game can't run on Linux sorry03:56
keithclarkhas anyone successfully installed simcity 4 in wine?03:56
dftsterfry reading it now03:56
bod_neosix, well thats not true, cause mine runs, just not very well03:56
* regeya facepalm03:56
chipsa964that was still too soon? i felt like i waited a while :-p03:56
namegameyes keith http://appdb.winehq.org/appview.php?iVersionId=156503:56
ks3sterfry1988: from the diagram, it looks like eth0 is plugged into your internet feed, but it looks to have an internal address assigned to it. is this correct?03:56
bazhangchipsa964: open terminal and type alsamixer and make sure nothing is muted03:56
Karsyt1is there any know issues with wine and 7.04?03:57
chipsa964thanks bazhang03:57
PulsarFldual booting works well03:57
Karsyt1i cant seem to get anything running in wine03:57
neosixbod_: ok no hard feelings :)03:57
bod_neosix, cedega apparently works,. mine had a few problems -- like wouldnt start -- http://games.cedega.com/gamesdb/games/view.mhtml?game_id=231703:58
Jack_SparrowKarsyt1, Did you check the appdb to see if what you wanted to run was supported?03:58
Scunizichipsa964, could be the mic is just muted.. right click the speaker icon up by the clock/date and choose open volumn control.. paw around in there and see if you can flip any switches.03:58
Karsyt1Jack_Sparrow: no, where can i see that?03:58
neosixbod_: well I never used cedega only wine03:58
ubotuThe Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org03:58
Karsyt1nice, thanks03:58
chipsa964thanks Scunizi03:58
keithclarkthanks namegame, but it doesn't work.  it won't let me eject disc one to put in disc two.  It seems you must have two cdrom drives installed.  Too bad.03:59
bloody`keith: to do what03:59
bod_neosix, will virtualbox play it,.,. likely or not?03:59
namegameI have never played it03:59
jribmattg08: try xnee or xmacro maybe03:59
neosixbod_: I realy don't know I never used vb too03:59
chipsa964Scunizi, it only has a playback tab, no record tab or anything03:59
Karsyt1every game was testet with 7.10... so i should probably upgrade overnight?03:59
bod_neosix, ok ty,. is there a virtualbox channel?04:00
namegamecopy the contents of both CDs into a folder and try installing it from there...I installed WoW with the expansion (10 CDs) this way04:00
keithclarkbloody It asks for disc two, but Ubuntu will not allow me to eject the disc because it is still in use.  Catch 2204:00
taime1is there a program that i can paste binary into that will decode it? preferably one already installed?04:00
jribtaime1: what does that even mean?04:00
taime1i was pretty clear.04:00
AntiUSAwhat all packages do I need to have installed to use a .JAR installer?04:00
bod_taime1, binary -- decoded to what ? pizza's?04:00
taime1to text04:00
jribtaime1: can you provide a concrete example of what you want to do?04:01
sterfry1988mudslides ?04:01
PulsarFlI'm bored04:01
PulsarFlanyone have anything entertaining I could do?04:01
[dcr]I have a download thats in different parts in .zip format, but when I try to extract it, everything extracts to different folders, any help?04:01
jribPulsarFl: /join #ubuntu-offtopic   :)04:01
taime1um. concrete: i want to paste binary, and translate it to text04:01
bod_PulsarFl, you can tell me if theres a virtualbox channel04:01
Jack_Sparrowbod_, Try #Vbox04:01
jribtaime1: that doesn't make sense04:01
PulsarFlnot sure bod_04:02
taime1it makes perfect sense04:02
Starnestommytaime1: binary as in compiled program code?04:02
bod_cheers Jack_Sparrow04:02
sterfry1988pulsargl enable the cube in compiz, then pres ctrl+alt+right arrow and see how long before you throw up04:02
Starnestommytiagosab: then binary-to-ASCII conversion?04:02
bod_taime1, ok, decode this 110011011010100010111111100010104:02
[dcr]I have a download thats in different parts in .zip format, but when I try to extract it, everything extracts to different folders, any help?04:02
Starnestommyer, taime104:02
taime1ffs... ones and zeros can translate into words, people.. i just want to know if i can do this without having to google "binary translator"04:02
bod_!repeat | [dcr]04:02
ubotu[dcr]: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience04:02
sterfry1988taime1 cant you just use a calculator04:02
sterfry1988if you want numbers04:03
bod_sorry bout the lol04:03
[dcr]why ?04:03
bod_taime1, ud save time by googling04:03
taime1well, then i suppose the answer is no.04:03
bod_!ohmy | taime04:03
ubotutaime: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.04:03
[dcr]So you dont know how to extract different parts into one folder as a whole extract instead of different files?04:03
PulsarFlsterfry1988 wouldn't even have a clue how to do that04:03
mattg08thx jrib04:03
Lowke1can anybody help me install enemy territory?04:03
sterfry1988decoder for binary = google ?04:03
bod_!ohmy | taime104:03
ubotutaime1: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.04:03
namegamejust bookmark the page that does the conversions...04:03
taime1what language?04:03
SeanInSeattleHey all, does anyone have experience creating playlists for mplayer (audio / video program)?04:04
dftthere's tonnes of java or perl based online converters taimei04:04
taime1wow, this channel is full of retards04:04
bod_taime1, ffs -- abreviations are considered foul language04:04
jrib!info ascii2binary | taime104:04
taime1bo_ according to who?04:04
ubotutaime1: ascii2binary (source: ascii2binary): Convert between ASCII, hexadecimal and binary representations. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.13-1 (gutsy), package size 18 kB, installed size 92 kB04:04
bod_!coc | taime104:04
ubotutaime1: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/04:04
Lowke1can anybody help me install enemy territory?04:04
nite613I just got an alphagrip keyboard. It's basically a usb hub with a keyboard and mouse. Google searches show that ubuntu users have just plugged in the device and it works. I however can't get it listed in /proc/bus/input/device and dmesg has the following for me: http://pastebin.com/d75b0cf2804:04
ks3taime1: if you're just looking to convert binary to some sort of ascii text, you can use uuencode / uudecode04:04
bod_taime1, last chance04:04
taime1okay bod_04:05
Llewxamwell while guild wars installs... how can i fix streaming youtube and such websites in opera?04:05
taime1cuz three letters constitute banning04:05
taime1you stupid fuck04:05
dftgoodbye taimie04:05
namegamewell, you sir show your lack of intelligence there...04:05
bod_no but that does04:05
jribtaime1: why would you say that after being told it was inappropriate..04:05
dftkids these days04:05
SeanInSeattleHey all, does anyone have experience creating playlists for mplayer (audio / video program)?04:05
Lowke1can anybody help me install enemy territory?04:06
bod_yer,.,. cheers Jack_Sparrow04:06
bod_Lowke1, why not tell us your problem04:06
Lowke1I don't know how to install it.04:06
jribSeanInSeattle: iirc, one way is to just list the paths to the files on separate lines04:06
Lowke1I have the .run file, I just don't know how04:06
bod_Lowke1, ok, is there a README?04:06
hotmonkeyluvwhere is the sources.lst stored?04:06
jribhotmonkeyluv: /etc/apt/sources.list04:06
bod_Lowke1, oh, why dont you just install it from repo's? no problems then?04:07
Jack_Sparrowjrib, May I PM you .. briefly04:07
jribJack_Sparrow: sure04:07
dftLowke1; try 'sh < runfile.run' from the console04:07
Ububeginhei guys, does anyone knoe...what is that thing in vista and mac..and the bottom of the screen ..kinda of icon bar...where u can launch applications...does an equivalent ubuntu version exist04:07
nite613There error I'm getting when I plug in the device is this: usb 4-1: string descriptor 0 read error: -71  (http://pastebin.com/d75b0cf28)04:07
keithclarknamegame, when copying from cd to hard drive, did you just name your directories after each CD's name?04:07
bod_dft, why has he got the source? its in repo's04:07
Karsyt1how can i check which version of wine i have?04:07
SeanInSeattleUbubegin: its called a quicklaunch toolbar04:07
bod_Ububegin, yes,.awn04:07
bod_!awn | Ububegin04:07
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about awn - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:07
jribKarsyt1: apt-cache policy wine04:07
namegameno keith, I copied them into one directory, I did not make separate directories04:07
Karsyt1jrib: thanks04:07
Ububeginbod_ : :) ... the bot doesnt know04:08
keithclarknamegame, thanks.  I'll give that a shot04:08
bod_Ububegin, yes it does, imme a sec04:08
rrmhey guys... got a q:  is there a 7.10 ubuntu for ppc?04:08
SeanInSeattlejrib:  Is it possible to create a list of internet radio streams that I can switch between in mplayer?04:08
bloody`!download | rrm04:08
uboturrm: Ubuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://nl.releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Archive - PLEASE use the !torrents to download Gutsy, and help keeping the servers' load low!04:08
sterfry1988my screen goes blank when i hit the power button, any suggestions ?04:09
gigamonkeyI made a copy of my internal hard drive onto a thumb drive with dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdc hoping that I'd be able to boot from the thumb drive should the main drive get scribbled. But I realize now even when I choose the thumb drive at startup it's still actually treating the internal drive as the root drive. What else do I need to change?04:09
dftw00h gnome/compiz on a nice ppc..that would be slick04:09
bod_Ububegin, ok, im not getting a keyword right somewhere,. just search synaptic for 'avant'04:09
bloody`probably fstab04:09
Ububeginbod_ :danke, dude04:09
Lowke1Verifying archive integrity... All good.04:09
Lowke1Uncompressing ETF 1.6-english-5 Installer.........04:09
=== talcite_ is now known as Talcite
SeanInSeattlejrib:  are you still active in this channel?04:10
bod_Ububegin, no proobs,. the full package name is 'avant-window-navigator'   get the  awn manager   aswell04:10
prince_jammysUbubegin: awn is not available through apt, as far as i know04:10
Turn1i just installed 7.10 onto a dell D505 with a broadcom bcm4306... i can see my home network, i can enter the wep key, and then it just spins there forever... anyone know what this could be?04:10
jribSeanInSeattle: yes04:10
bod_prince_jammys, yes it is04:10
sterfry1988dft any suggestions?04:10
SeanInSeattlejrib:  Is it possible to create a list of internet radio streams that I can switch between in mplayer?04:10
prince_jammysbod_: maybe after enabling some special repositories04:10
bazhangUbubegin: you need to add their third party repos04:10
bod_SeanInSeattle, i suppose so, instead of having a file path to somewhere on your disk, direct to the live stream04:10
bod_prince_jammys, 1 sec il let u no04:11
jribSeanInSeattle: be patient please.  From the man page, Play  files  according to a playlist file (ASX, Winamp, SMIL, or one-file-per-line format).04:11
Ububeginprince_jammys,bazhang  : http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Gnome%2BKwin%2BAvant+Desktop?content=61071 ... is it this one04:11
SeanInSeattlejrib:  I'm sorry.  I just saw a request that you accepted for pm'ing, and I wanted to make sure that you were still active here.04:11
bod_prince_jammys, its in gutsy backports04:11
Lowke1Verifying archive integrity... All good.04:11
Lowke1Uncompressing ETF 1.6-english-5 Installer.........04:11
bod_Ububegin, make sure you have the gutsy backports repo enabled04:12
bazhangUbubegin: is that avant-window-navigatorm the osx dock like thing?04:12
Lowke1can anyone help me with this? Seems like Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was installed by another user.04:12
Lowke1You have to install True Combat: Elite as the same user who did install Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.04:12
bod_bazhang, i beat u to that ages ago04:12
pacificohey guys04:12
pacificowhats up04:12
NeophytosHow may we help you pacifico?04:12
bod_pacifico, whatever isnt down04:12
Ububeginbtw, my graphics card is ATI... and the last time, i tried to enable to desktop effects.. my PC went white screen... so is this Avant thing also dependant on the this stuff04:12
bod_Ububegin, yes04:13
bod_!lol | pacifico04:13
ubotupacifico: Please don't use "LOL" and "OMG" and so forth on a regular basis. This is IRC, not IM, and using those lines on their own is not required, and it is rather annoying to the rest of the people in the channel; thanks.04:13
bazhangUbubegin: not sure you read their faq however04:13
bloo`pacifico, ^^^ Read04:13
bod_bazhang, ur not too quick tonite ;~)04:13
pacificobod_, oh ok lol04:13
Lowke1can anyone help me with this? Seems like Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was installed by another user.04:13
Lowke1You have to install True Combat: Elite as the same user who did install Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.04:13
hunshadSomeone can help me with this kind of error :04:14
bod_Lowke1, why do you have to do that?04:14
hunshad Exception EAccessViolation dans le module Oxygene.exe à 008F2BE8.04:14
hunshadViolation d'accès à l'adresse 008F3BE8.Lecture de l'adresse 0000FFF804:14
Lowke1bod_:  what?04:14
ka2hunshad:  thats windows04:14
bod_!lol | pacifico     come on04:14
ubotupacifico     come on: Please don't use "LOL" and "OMG" and so forth on a regular basis. This is IRC, not IM, and using those lines on their own is not required, and it is rather annoying to the rest of the people in the channel; thanks.04:14
hunshadthis is hapenned when i try to run ragnarok with wine04:14
bloo`pacifico, Listen to the bot04:14
Ububeginbazhang : just wanna knoe ... cos i saw link with all the instructions... so wondering whether it is dependant on the **desktop effects*** thingie,if so no need to install it...04:14
bod_Lowke1, why do you have to be the same user?04:14
bloody`omg lol04:14
Lowke1bod_:  i dont knoe04:14
ka2hunshad: #winehq04:14
LogiarIm running WoW trough wine on a dual monitor setup, the monitors are set up to twinview trough the nvidia-settings. I run WoW on my right monitor and occasionally when i right click inside WoW the mouse clicks towards the right side of my left monitor. Does anyone have any idea wether this issue lies with wine, WoW or something else?04:15
* bod_ should put that factoid on a hotkey04:15
d_ebcIs this the location for installation support04:15
Lowke1bod_: can you help me?04:15
bod_Lowke1, i suppose you cant be that user? why not change the owner04:15
Lowke1it says its installed but /usr/local/games is empty04:15
Lowke1I am the owner04:15
Lowke1its the only accoun04:15
pacificoU WAN HAX?04:15
pacificoI HAX U04:15
bazhangUbubegin: you may get limited functionality from it, not sure if it worth the effort though04:15
Cpudan80What the04:15
Cpudan80!ops | pacifico04:15
ubotupacifico: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow or nickrud!04:15
bazhangpacifico: please stop04:15
prince_jammys!ops | pacifico04:15
Cpudan80Thanks nickrud04:16
Lowke1mmm hcild porn04:16
bod_he seemed like a nice bloke to begin with.........04:16
danbhfivewow, speedy04:16
Hobbseemental age of what...2?04:16
namegameI like moderation04:16
Ububeginpacifico: If i find u, i will kill u myself.. u sick bastard04:16
namegamei think some people come in channels and try to get banned04:16
bod_just a thought,.,. the ops call says only in emergencies,. whats classed as an emergency? a fire?04:16
cottimahello, what file system does ubuntu use by default?04:17
keithclarknamegame: No, it looks for the CD04:17
=== _max` is now known as max`
ka2cottima: ext304:17
* bod_ agrees with Ububegin04:17
sterfry1988ha, my comp is on fire what do i do ?04:17
LogiarYes.. There is a fire in the #ubuntu channel :P04:17
namegamethat's strange keith04:17
trollboycan ubuntu use .ttf's?04:17
bloody`yes lol04:17
prince_jammystrollboy: yes04:17
namegamelet me look for some info04:17
prince_jammys!fonts | trollboy04:17
ubotutrollboy: Font installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer04:17
nickrudtrollboy: yes, put them in ~/.fonts04:17
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about fire - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:17
Jack_Sparrowbod_, We are usually here and watching.. use it when a problem persists rather than waking all the ops04:18
d_ebcWhen I try to install Ubunto 7.10, the CD loads, the HDD flashes, the screen turns that off greenish-orange color, then the CDrom/HDD flash in sync. I've let it go for 8 hours and nothing04:18
bod_Jack_Sparrow, so, if noone reacts in a minute or so, then call them,.,.so was the last ops call justified?04:19
Lowke1can anyone help me install enemy territory?04:19
tkots199i need help my sound card won't work now that i have ubnutu04:19
danbhfived_ebc: is it a new computer?04:19
Rolcolis it safe to install KDE programs in Ubuntu?  (not Kubuntu)04:19
bod_Lowke1, uninstall then reinstall from repo's will work fine04:19
d_ebcIt is an older one that runs windows XP04:19
bloody`rol: yes04:19
prince_jammysRolcol: yes04:19
sterfry1988I am trying to forward my eth0 to my eth1 to potentially manage my own DHCP server, currently when i run ifconfig i shows the the eth1 has no IP, and ideas one how i am supposed to configure it? am i to enter the settings manually ?04:19
trollboynickrud, I don't have ~/.fonts04:19
Rolcolmkay.  thanks04:19
nickrudtrollboy:  mkdir  ~/.fonts if it doesn't exist04:20
cottimaka2 thank you04:20
cwraigLowke1: http://cwraig.id.au/?p=1204:20
danbhfived_ebc: have you tried running the checkdisk option? maybe the disk is bad04:20
cabrioleurd_ebc, try acpi=off noacpi in options.04:20
cwraigLowke1: also http://cwraig.id.au/?p=3704:20
namegameKeithclark, check the last post on this page. http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-88495.html04:20
chucktkots199: what sound card?04:20
ops_are_fagsliterally, EVERY OP and person who only speaks through ubotu is a GAWDAMN FAGET04:20
jribSeanInSeattle: no problem, I take a bit to respond sometimes04:20
bod_d_ebc, aso try the alternat/text installer04:20
d_ebcIt loads the menu and I choose the option to install. When do I choose install options?04:20
tkots199blah blah blah04:21
trollboywhat about .otf fonts?04:21
cottimacan linux raid be shared among other distros?04:21
Cpudan80Guess we aren't very popular this evening04:21
cabrioleurd_ebc, I think it's f6 during this screen. add it to the line on the bottom.04:21
namegameI guess some people enjoy being hated...04:21
d_ebcThank you. Let me try that...04:21
Ezraops_are_fags : cut it04:21
cabrioleurcottima, sure. Use the config file.04:21
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about troll - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:21
HobbseeJack_Sparrow: you'll probably need them again04:21
LimCorewhy ubuntu is full of shitty programs that destroy users data?04:21
jribremember, the trolls win when we go offtopic04:22
orudiecan anyone recommend a DNS program ?04:22
naliothLimCore: let us be civil04:22
HobbseeLimCore: last i checked, windows also contained "format"04:22
ks3orudie: dns server? bind04:22
bod_why cant i use tab completion on ops_are_fags    --- my out messages dont show he's quit or been kicked04:22
bazhanglimcore language please04:22
bloody`orudie: BIND04:22
dftorudie: dns server?04:22
jribbod_: he was k-lined04:22
Hobbseebod_: klined.04:22
LimCoreok, why ubuntu is full of  fantastic  programs that destroy users data?04:22
LimCorelike kmail04:22
LimCoreit just my 2 emails04:22
dftbloody`; exacte04:22
LimCorebusiness emails04:22
d_ebccabrioleur: is the command "acpi=off noacpi"04:22
keithclarknamegame, that did not work either.  When trying to run from the hard drive, it looks for disc 104:22
bod_my bad,. they do...04:22
cabrioleurd_ebc, just add the words at the end of the line on the bottom.04:23
naliothLimCore: why are the streets filled with lethal weapons?04:23
tkots199i need help my sound card Multimedia audio controller: ATI Technologies Inc IXP SB400 AC'97 Audio Controller  dosen't work now04:23
bod_danbhfive, yer just found it,.,.;~),.,.ty04:23
d_ebck... just making sure I got the command right... brb04:23
eatatjoes2hey i am having a problem... i installed ubuntu on my external HD and when i boot i get error 21, i tried doing the root and setup thru sudo grub and no prevail can someone help me?04:23
rrmbloody i see no ppc version of ubuntu04:23
LimCorenalioth: because goverment is full of idiots04:23
orudiedft: yeah i suppose ?04:23
ubotuPlease take political discussion to ##politics. Thank you!04:23
donspauldinghey all, I'm using mint linux inside virtualbox-ose and I need to replicate the desktop across 20 machines for a class I'm teaching.  Anyone have any experience doing this?  Should I use remastersys?  LTSP?  VNC?04:23
bod_jrib, what does k-lined mean?04:23
LimCorenow, if kmail fails to have QA why not remove or downgrade it04:23
donspauldingthe classroom machines only have VMWare 6.0 on them04:23
ka2donspaulding: not ubuntu04:23
ka2donspaulding: put virtualbox on them04:24
jribbod_: banned from the server04:24
donspauldingka2, I'd love to, unfortunately the school won't do that.04:24
bod_jrib, oh ok,.cheers ;~)04:24
LimCorenalioth: I think programs that destroy user data should be not present in Ubuntu, don't you?04:25
bloody`rrm: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ports/releases/feisty/release/ubuntu-7.04-desktop-powerpc.iso04:25
dthackerLimCore: I'm putting ubuntu on an old Dell PII  The window for the time zone selector is so big I can't see the "next" button.  The resize option is greyed out.  Is there a fix or am I doomed to the alt install cd?04:25
bod_donspaulding, schools are irritating like that,. im surprised they have *nix on them at all04:25
cabrioleureatatjoes2, it cannot access the configuration file. Check if your partition is o.k. If it is, use the same procedure as to recover mbr after windows installation.04:25
dthackerLimCore: sorry that was for the whole channel.04:25
LimCoredthacker: press the Alt key and then drag the window up04:25
donspauldingbod_: they don't, they're running windows, but they'll let me boot up a nix vm04:25
dsmith_LimCore: whats your problem with ubuntu?04:25
bloody`limcore: tab to the button and press it with spacebar :)04:25
cabrioleureatatjoes2, and check if the config file contains proper writeups.04:26
LimCoredsmith_: kmail is a steaming pile of bugs that just destroyed my emails04:26
SagglesDigression: Anyone ever managed to install Ubuntu through DVI monitors? I'm having issues in that nothing shows up after the ubuntu bootup splash screen :\04:26
naliothLimCore: please rething your outlook.  a tool is a tool.04:26
nickrudLimCore: if you can confirm it wasn't the isp, file a bug on it04:26
dthackerbloody`: I cant see the button....04:26
dsmith_LimCore: do you have backups?04:26
LimCorenickrud: I did04:26
eatatjoes2cabrioleur: how can i check the parition is okay, i know how to do fixmbr to get back into windows but i wanna get this working04:26
bloody`limcore: use thunderbird04:26
SagglesCan't switch to VGA monitors either, because my graphics card.. annoyingly enough doesn't even have any. u.u04:26
LimCoredsmith_: dunno, I will try do download it again from pop server, this time with email client that is not epic failure04:26
bloody`dthacker: tab past the last item you can see and it should be the button04:26
bod_donspaulding, ah, why does microsoft controll our schools,.,. is there a campaign to get *nix on them? there should be04:26
nickrudLimCore: ok. I don't use kmail cuz it did it to me once, was never sure myself04:26
dsmith_LimCore: kmail is useless04:26
LimCorenickrud: cool, can you confirm my bug report please?  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdepim/+bug/19936704:27
pppoe_dudesome girls just drive me nuts04:27
LimCoredsmith_: I think kmail developers are embarassing entire ubuntu04:27
nickrudLimCore: that was a couple of years ago. I don't use kde anymore04:27
=== slaytani2 is now known as slaytanic
donspauldingbod_: I actually used to work at this school, and like many companies, they don't *want* to understand the alternatives to the MS tax they pay.04:27
bloody`gnome is where its at04:27
cabrioleureatatjoes2, the instruction as to when windows installation overwrites mbr. It will tell you how to reinstall grub. Using live cd you can check the partitions and files on them.04:27
LimCorenickrud: apparetnly they are REALLY slow then04:27
* Saggles trolls forums more04:27
blahdeblah-lapRepeating an earlier question in case some new folks are listening: What is the closest equivalent to Ghost on Ubuntu?  I'd like to back up my laptop onto an external USB drive without requiring a network server like Clonezilla does.  Encrypted LVM support on both the source and destination drives would be good.04:27
DG19075uses Evolution himself..no probs at all04:27
dthackerI'll try the Alt Trick04:27
dsmith_donspaulding: they rathr spend thousands of dollars to view the web and read email lol04:27
mzuverinkmyth help anyone?04:28
dsmith_blahdeblah-lap: sbackup04:28
LimCorenalioth: kmail is dengerous program that destroy users data,  there should be a warning that it is experimental, or users will f***ing hate ubuntu04:28
* nickrud lost email with evolution and imap. Luckily I had a backup04:28
namegameI have to second that DG...seems very stable to me04:28
VeNoM-DSI have a quick question regarding fresh installation of Ubuntu. When I'm formatting my hard drive, I've heard I should make two partions and install the file system on one, and /home/ on the other? how big should the first partition be?04:28
eatatjoes2cabrioleur: im using live cd now, sorry im a noob at this, how can i check the partitions and files are on them04:28
eatatjoes2can i pm u?04:28
dsmith_i use thunderbird and leave the messages on the server04:28
no0ticLimCore, if size is right, you could probably read it anyway04:28
dthackerLimCore: yeesh, I've been using it for 5 years without lost mail.04:28
LimCoren00dl3: perahps it have separate headers cache04:28
bloody`venom: depends on how much space you think youll need04:28
naliothLimCore: there are dozens of clients for any given protocol.04:28
LimCoredthacker: pop or imap04:29
dthackerLimCore: pop04:29
LimCorenalioth: exacly, therefore the broken one (kmail) should have a warning04:29
bod_donspaulding, yer, i bet they dont understand they dont have to pay for some other alternatives that 1. work better 2. crash less 3. dont have a stupid window logo 4. have decent support 5. have an app for almost anything you can think of 6. new release every 6 months 7. dedicated vlountry support team 8. a nice interface 9. more secure 10. IS BETTER!!!04:29
VeNoM-DSI'm not sure. the primary hdd is an 80gb bloody`04:29
naliothLimCore: have you filed a bug report?04:29
Extravertwhere do I set my location for my printer?04:29
blahdeblah-lapdsmith_: Thanks for the backup tip, and you're exactly right about email.  :-)  Thunderbird with IMAP is the only one that makes sense to me...04:29
LimCorenalioth: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdepim/+bug/19936704:29
dsmith_blahdeblah-lap: welcome :)04:29
nickrudLimCore: you've done what you can then.04:29
no0ticLimCore, if mail size is right, you could probably read it anyway04:29
bloody`venom: you dont really need it to be seuparate04:30
LimCoren00dl3: how04:30
bloody`venom: do you dualo boot?04:30
dsmith_bod_: heh, nice listing04:30
naliothLimCore: cool, thanks  :)04:30
cabrioleureatatjoes2, http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/reinstall-ubuntu-grub-bootloader-after-windows-wipes-it-out/ <- instructions.04:30
dsmith_bod_: they rather spend thousands04:30
donspauldingbod_: don't knock MS support for their big customers, I'd be happy for a tenth of the level of support from IBM or Google as I got from MS04:30
bod_dsmith_, my point exactly ;~)04:30
catmistakeI need a name of an app that dumps web sites plz, 4 kubuntu. TIA04:30
* dthacker wanders downstairs to see if the Alt trick works04:30
VeNoM-DSbloody`, no04:30
donspauldingbod_: but the rest of your list is pretty much right on04:30
LimCoreI also filed a bug that kmail is a f*** epic failure but they closed it04:30
astheohow to minimize rythmbox in the icon tray?04:30
bloody`venom: use it all then?04:31
no0ticLimCore, do you want to read your lost mail? I know how to do it04:31
keithclarknamegame, I will try the "paperclip" method though!04:31
LimCoreseriously, who can kick the $%^&*( kmail out of ubuntu untill the developers get clue or a QA team04:31
=== asdfasdf is now known as RoAkSoAx
LimCoren00dl3: yes, how to04:31
bod_donspaulding, i was touching more on something will work on xp but not on xp pro or vista rather than major bugs but yeah i know ;~)04:31
eatatjoes2cabrioleur:  it says root (hd0,0) but i installed ubuntu on external hd, but did it install grub there ?04:31
DevourerHow do I install a .deb file?04:31
Kalamansihello what is the good version for server? more secured...what kind of ubuntu?04:31
catmistakeAnyone? Name of kubuntu app that will grab whole sites?04:31
nickrudLimCore: concentrate on getting your mail, this isn't the place to advocate dropping a package04:31
cabrioleureatatjoes2, and here is the problem.04:31
blahdeblah-lapKalamansi: Ubuntu Server maybe?  :-)04:31
bloody`eatatjoe: hd0.0 is thE MBR04:31
Extravertwhat should I set my printer location to?04:32
no0ticLimCore, no0tic :) anyway.. go to .kde/share/apps/kmail/mail/inbux/04:32
no0ticLimCore, no0tic :) anyway.. go to .kde/share/apps/kmail/mail/inbox/04:32
cabrioleureatatjoes2, did you follow any instructions how to do it properly?04:32
Kalamansiblahdeblah-lap what which one?what version for server04:32
astheohow to minimize rythmbox in the icon tray?04:32
bloody`hd0,0 is mbr04:32
LimCorenickrud: where can I advocate that? buggy programs are perfect way to loose users04:32
ubotuUbuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server-specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is 6.06. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ServerFaq/ - The #ubuntu-server channel provides specific support04:32
dsmith_catmistake: downthemall04:32
catmistakedsmith_: APPRECIATED04:32
eatatjoes2cabrioleur:  what'd ya mean? i followed the instructions from that link before04:32
donspauldingbod_: ah, yeah, I was meaning with IIS, they've fixed a number of bugs quickly on the behalf of my former employer (of course, we were the only ones using IIS to its limits, so we had to find the bugs ourselves).04:32
nickrudLimCore: you've done that as best you can, you could take it to the ubuntu-devel mailling list04:32
swatTXhi all. Is there any way to get around having to enter the username/password when i access a network share. How come the 'Remember this password forever"doesn't work?04:32
HobbseeLimCore: which ubuntu release?04:32
bloody`nite guys04:32
dsmith_catmistake: depends on what your trying to do04:33
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about goodnight - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:33
LimCoreHobbsee: amd64 7.10 - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdepim/+bug/19936704:33
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about bedtime - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:33
keithclarknamegame, no go either04:33
Kalamansiwhich one is stable? ubuntu server 7.10 or ubuntu server 6.10?04:33
dsmith_catmistake: trying to make a mirror?04:33
blahdeblah-lapKalamansi: both04:33
keithclarknamegame, I guess you got lucky on your multi CD install!04:33
bod_donspaulding, IIS??? i had major dll probs once with a corrupt install, i called them, they put the phone down and rang me back! then sat there for 2 hours till it was working again,. i was impresed but red alert 2 wont work on xp -- theior answer "so?"04:33
nickrudKalamansi: both04:33
Extravertwhat do I set my printer location to?04:33
eatatjoes2cabrioleur:  when i tried root (hd0,0) and then setup (hd0) it says error 1704:33
dsmith_server2008 is stable.. :P04:34
LimCoreI wonder, are kde programs developers mentally challanged or what.04:34
blahdeblah-lapKalamansi: One is LTS and the other is standard.  Read the fine web site about that.04:34
no0ticLimCore, are you there? I pointed you to your local directory containing your emails04:34
LimCoreso many Kde 3rd party programs are full of bugs that never get fixeds04:34
cabrioleureatatjoes2, it's not hd0,0 in your case. http://www.pendrivelinux.com/2007/09/28/usb-ubuntu-710-gutsy-gibbon-install/04:34
LimCore(it may be a coincidence,as I use mostly K programs anyway)04:34
nickrudLimCore: please, please, you're getting a bit offtopic.04:34
bazhangLimCore: please with the editorializing; we get your point you dont like kmail04:34
dsmith_lim goto #kubuntu04:34
HobbseeLimCore: fyi, kmail is not a third party kde app....04:34
bod_bazhang, at least someone understands him ;~)04:35
* Hobbsee marks the bug as needsinfo04:35
donspauldingbod_: yeah, like I said, the support for big companies was ok.  It's the little guy that MS pokes in the bunghole.04:35
Kalamansinickrud : is it okay to use 7.10 server ubuntu?04:35
LimCoreno0tic: I will ask if I need more help.. .beeing a c++ developer I hope to resolve the problem.  but I would like to have this buggy application fixed or kicked, for the good of other users who may lost emails irreverisably04:35
bod_bod likes amarok04:35
catmistakedsmith_: yeah, I wanna local mirror, 4 myself04:35
LimCoreHobbsee: really? cool I can bash #kde then04:35
HobbseeLimCore: so, find a backtrace, and send it to bugs.kde.org.  you can do nothing here.04:35
HobbseeLimCore: sure, but do it usefully.04:35
nickrudKalamansi: many do. If I were running a really important one, I'd use 6.0604:35
bod_LimCore, why dont 'You' fix it then give it to the developers to put in hardy asap?04:35
what_ifhow do I make it so when I click on a bash script in kde it opens in an editor and does not run ??04:35
=== credible_ is now known as credible
LimCoreHobbsee: no back trace in this time, but I will save state of my stupid box04:36
swatTXhi all. Is there any way to get around having to enter the username/password when i access a network share. How come the 'Remember this password forever"doesn't work?04:36
TheMidnightRiderAnyone know of a good general purpose IDE for web technologies?  (Python, PHP, Ruby, etc...)04:36
dsmith_catmistake: httrack04:36
LimCorebod_: perhaps in free time04:36
bod_what_if, right click --> properties --> open with tab --> choose default prog04:36
donspauldingTheMidnightRider: Komodo Edit  http://openkomodo.com04:36
DracoTheMidnightRider: I personally use kdevelop, works fine unless you really must use GTK and the likes04:36
dftTheMidnightRider: bluefish04:36
HobbseeLimCore: calm down, get it to reproduce, and grab the backtrace then.04:36
catmistakedsmith_: downthemall just downloads individual pages/ links on a page... OOO, checking. thx04:36
LimCorebod_: but if rest of the team sucks one small patch will not fix04:36
darkzerohey all04:36
bod_LimCore, you no, in the spirit of giveing back to the community and all that04:36
dsmith_HTTrack: It allows you to download a World Wide Web site from the Internet to a local directory, building recursively all directories, getting HTML, images, and other files from the server to your computer.04:36
vALIENLimCore :  rewrite thatass04:36
LimCoreHobbsee: in this case there was no crash, simply the email started to not show up, with no reason04:36
bod_LimCore, then send it to the kmail developers not the bug team04:37
keithclarkanyone else on how to install multiple cds on wine?04:37
darkzeroAnyone here know howto use a keyboard shortcut to open and close optical drive?04:37
dsmith_catmistake: I only used that program a few times before04:37
HobbseeLimCore: and do you really expect others to be able to reproduce it with that little amount of info?04:37
bod_keith80403, can you elaborate please04:37
Hobbsee"works for me"  --> close bug.04:37
LimCoreHobbsee: it lost around 5 emails this 2 weeks, apparently it is a common bug04:37
HobbseeLimCore: so, fix it.04:37
dsmith_just 5 emails?04:37
donspauldingTheMidnightRider: if you want tab completion, Komodo is the only way to go.04:37
nickrudHobbsee: for your  text replace:   Works for Me™04:38
Hobbseeor don't use kmail04:38
Hobbseenickrud: ah, thanks04:38
* bod_ thinks LimCore is just lazy04:38
darkzerohmm guess not04:38
chuy_maxhi, when will hardy heron become beta software? (it is alpha now, and it goes stable in april, so no beta?)04:38
dsmith_LimCore: complain about kmail on #kubuntu04:38
LimCoreI'm fixing it04:38
* bazhang agrees with bod_04:38
LimCorewell, debugging04:38
prince_jammysnot even04:38
prince_jammysthere is no "complain" channel04:39
LimCorebazhang: Im fixing someones stupid bug already04:39
catmistakedsmith_: httrack fits the bill, thanks04:39
bod_LimCore, cool, can you add a music player, and a web browser, and a document viewer while your at it04:39
dsmith_np :)04:39
Dracodonspaulding: quanta+ has tab completion, I'd assume kdevelop would too04:39
eatatjoes2cabrioleur:  it says to set USB as boot device in BIOS (my bios only has 3 options.... HD/network/cd04:39
dsmith_#kubuntu-complaints, really means /dev/null04:39
LimCorebod_: bugfree email client is really enouf :)04:39
donspauldingDraco: I include code intelligence when I say "tab completion"04:40
d_ebcDoes anyone know where the "alternat/text installer" is on the website? I am unable to find it.04:40
bazhanggot to go, back later04:40
nickrudd_ebc:  releases.ubuntu.com/7.1004:40
bod_LimCore, but im explaining what people expect of you, know your a kubuntu developer04:40
cabrioleureatatjoes2, invest in lilo then, and you will have to alter the hd a little bit.04:40
TheMidnightRiderLike Intelllisense from M$04:40
dsmith_when did ubuntu 4 come out?04:40
donspauldingDraco: in a strong, dynamically typed language, it's really hard to find an IDE that will give me the methods on a string variable automatically04:40
cabrioleureatatjoes2, sorry, not hd. kernel.04:40
Baxi was playing a game on a low resolution and it just crashed to my desktop, which now appears on that same resolution.  How do I change  the resolution back to normal?04:40
* bod_ gives cookie to bazhang for agreeing with him04:40
ka2dsmith_: 4.10 ?04:40
chequershi all, I have a dell vostro which has integrated video card on the mobo. I have an NVidia 8400GS installed (which windows uses fine), but when I'm trying to boot ubuntu it only outputs video to the onboard adaptor. how can I change this?04:40
ka2dsmith_: in october 200404:40
ka2dsmith_: 10/0404:41
dsmith_hmm so almost 4 years04:41
donspauldingDraco: Komodo rocks the socks for crap like that04:41
ka2dsmith_: year.month04:41
TheMidnightRiderDownloading Komodo now...04:41
* dsmith_ imagins what the next 4 years will rbing04:41
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about komodo - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:41
poningruchequers: reboot with the outside monitor plugged in04:41
TheMidnightRiderwe'll see what's up here in a sec......  do you install from source don?04:41
cabrioleurBax, log out and log in, or go to system->preferences->screen resolution04:41
dsmith_ahh dev tools04:42
catmistakethis is whack... apt-get won't let me install while firefox is downloading... says... unable to unlock the administration directory04:42
Dracodonspaulding: netbeans seems best for ruby tab completion04:42
chequersponingru: you mean after I install with the monitor plugged into the onboard I can then reboot with it plugged into the card?04:42
chequerscatmistake: that means another apt-get is running, it's not about firefox04:42
poningrucatmistake: its probably just downloading in the background04:42
vALIENhey i'd like some pros and cons of Gnome and KDE please04:42
Dracodonspaulding: it's very hard to implement complete properly in reflective languages04:42
eatatjoes2cabrioleur:  also following that tutorial it says umount /dev/sdx1 when i do that for mine which is sdb6 it says 'command not found'04:42
chequerscatmistake: try this command in terminal: ps auwx | grep "apt"04:42
poningruyou should have it disable download in the background04:42
Cyberman2COME HACK US!04:42
Cyberman2paste bin this HACK OUR IRC04:42
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FloodBot3Cyberman2: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:42
TheMidnightRidervALIEN, no04:43
Cyberman2COME HACK US!04:43
Cyberman2paste bin this HACK OUR IRC04:43
catmistakenothing else isusing apt-get04:43
Cyberman2On EvilNet We Currently have 5 Servers.04:43
cabrioleureatatjoes2, umount not found?04:43
bod_vALIEN, were biased go to #ubuntu-bots04:43
Cyberman2COME HACK US!04:43
Cyberman2paste bin this HACK OUR IRC04:43
Cyberman2On EvilNet We Currently have 5 Servers.04:43
namegameblock him if possible04:43
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Cyberman2evil-evilnet.ath.cx (Reaper's Server)04:43
FloodBot3Cyberman2: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:43
swatTXIs there any way to get around having to enter the username/password when i access a network share. How come the 'Remember this password forever"doesn't work?04:43
poningrucan someone just ban that guy??04:43
Chipsa964sorry to bother you all again, but i still cant get my internal mic to work...any suggestions?04:43
poningruthank you04:43
catmistakeps ax | grep a[t-get returns the grep04:43
dsmith_i hate lil' gnomes!...lol04:43
bod_vALIEN, microsoft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!04:43
eatatjoes2cabrioleur:  root@ubuntu:/home/ubuntu# unmount /dev/sdb604:43
eatatjoes2bash: unmount: command not found04:43
DracovALIEN: kde requires a bit more memory, but gnome and xfce really come close04:44
dsmith_there was my biased response04:44
vALIENI like gnome, because.04:44
cabrioleureatatjoes2, not unmount, but umount04:44
namegameit's umount eatjoes...04:44
vALIENbut i'd like to hear others opinions04:44
poningruchequers: wait what isnt working? your laptop screen or an outside screen?04:44
dsmith_kde is close to windows GUI04:44
vALIENI really just cant get into KDE, its always been "slow" for me.04:44
eatatjoes2cabrioleur:  sorry im retarded04:44
dsmith_gnome is different04:44
cabrioleureatatjoes2, happens to the best (yea, right)04:44
drcvALIEN: One's blue and one's yellow (by default)04:44
ubotuTo install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository (in !Backports for !Edgy)04:44
dsmith_kde does require a heavier machine04:44
bod_!ot | vALIEN    not ubuntu support related04:44
ubotuvALIEN    not ubuntu support related: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!04:44
DracovALIEN: kde was really fast on this new system with 128MB and P3 I think04:44
poningruchequers: you can install using graphical safe option and then turn on nvidia driver using system->admin->hardware driver04:45
chequersponingru: it's a destop with integrated gfx card. There's also a PCIE graphics card in it04:45
murlidharhow do i smoothen fonts in firefox ???? i am using a lcd monitor04:45
bod_!lol | dsmith_04:45
ubotudsmith_: Please don't use "LOL" and "OMG" and so forth on a regular basis. This is IRC, not IM, and using those lines on their own is not required, and it is rather annoying to the rest of the people in the channel; thanks.04:45
vALIENsorry :)04:45
poningruchequers: oh!04:45
darkcrablike, when I insert my burned CD's in ubuntu, it reads them, but the tracts are like track 1, do you all know what I have to download to get it to read the track names?04:45
catmistakeoops... had adept open04:45
cinvokeI am a newb, how do you open port 22? please help.04:45
poningrusorry describe the trouble again then04:45
bod_murlidhar, theres a tuto on ubuntu forums, in the tutorial of the week section04:45
chequersponingru: what happens is that the bios boots up and shows the video on the GPU VGA output, but ubuntu outputs video to the onboard VGA output only04:45
jribcinvoke: it isn't closed unless you closed it04:45
DracovALIEN: i.e. not a new system. but trying to start firefox or such like that takes forever (though I hear FF is a memory pig anyway)04:45
murlidharthanks bod_04:45
catmistakethar she goes...04:45
donspauldingDraco: not used Komodo for Ruby (don't a lot of folks use RadRails?), PHP/Python/Perl was what Komodo was developed for, although it also does good with static languages like HTML/JS/CSS04:45
dsmith_I can use ff fine04:45
vALIENDraco: whats FF?04:45
poningruchequers: hmm that is weird... because that is controlled by the bios04:45
poningrunot the OS04:46
vALIENoh feisty fawn04:46
dsmith_actually firefox uses Fx04:46
DracovALIEN: firefox, used that because I mentioned it in the same sentence04:46
poningruchequers: but it works under windows?04:46
StarnestommyFF usually frfers to firefox04:46
vALIENyeah :P04:46
chequersponingru: the only option in the BIOS relates to the first device initialised (eg, for POST output), and that's set to PCIEx (instead of PCI, which is the onboard)04:46
bod_murlidhar, no prob ;~)04:46
chequersponingru: yes04:46
cinvokeI don't think I have a firewall, and I didn't close port 22. I don't think04:46
dsmith_vALIEN: download the iso's and try them out04:46
vALIENwhat iso's04:47
chequersI will try to install it via onboard video and swap over after04:47
cinvokeis there any way to check and make sure?04:47
dsmith_live CD's04:47
vALIENof what04:47
dsmith_of ubuntu04:47
vALIENKDE and GNOME?....04:47
poningruchequers: sorry dude no clue04:47
vALIENim on ubuntu04:47
Frogzoocinvoke: google 'shields up'04:47
bod_vALIEN, perhaps you would be interested in this channel #ubuntu-classroom04:47
poningrucinvoke: why do you need ssh port open?04:47
Dracodonspaulding: I really only use complete for Java because of it's horribly verbose syntax04:47
poningrudo you have ssh running?04:47
vALIENthanks bod04:47
jribcinvoke: sudo iptables -L   will list your iptables rules04:47
chequersponingru: no problem, talking to you at least gave me an idea of what to try ;)04:47
prince_jammysvALIEN: you can install kubuntu-desktop and not lose gnome. then you can uninstall it if you don't like it04:47
vALIENI just saw that there is 1200 users in this channel and wanted some opinion04:48
bod_vALIEN, no probs ;~)04:48
Dracodonspaulding: I've a data structures prof that says we should use stuff like that, and who's never seen C-style inheritance04:48
donspauldingvALIEN: be forewarned, the uninstall of kubuntu-desktop leaves much to be desired04:48
bod_vALIEN, sorry, were tech support #ubuntu-offtopic might help you04:48
vALIENSo running KDE environment from sessions is NOT KDE?04:48
donspaulding(or at least it used to)04:48
KalandrosI have a question for anyone willing to answer: Linux 32-bit v. Linux 64-bit?04:48
Dracodonspaulding: I.e. "how the hell can you expect to access the variable inside just by casting"04:49
bod_Kalandros, depends if you have a 64 bit machine really04:49
KalandrosI do.04:49
fausto_vazhey guys, you know some channel where i can get information about c language?04:49
KalandrosI have the newest Intel.04:49
poningruKalandros: what is this install for? if its for desktop and if you care about things like flash etc.04:49
Cpudan80fausto_vaz: ##C04:49
poningruyou might not want 64bit04:49
prince_jammysvALIEN: if you have kubuntu installed, then KDE appears in your session menu and you would be running KDE04:49
fausto_vazthanks man04:49
cinvokewhat am I looking for in the iptables rules?04:49
poningrucinvoke: first answer that question why do you want that port open?04:49
poningrudo you have ssh installed?04:50
Kalandrosponingru: Well, I am just wondering if I want to use it to make use of my RAM.04:50
bod_Kalandros, do you have more then 2 gig of ram,. because i believe 32bit can only handle 2 gig max04:50
Dracofausto_vaz: yeah. if you need examples of data structures and such ruby (the C code behind it) is really cool04:50
Cpudan80I wouldn't advise installing kubuntu-desktop04:50
ka24 gig04:50
poningrubod_: not it can handle 4 gig04:50
Cpudan80The uninstall doesnt work right04:50
bod_Cpudan80, why?04:50
cinvokeI am setting up ssl connection with a web server that is using ssl to transmit a file04:50
Cpudan80The uninstall fails04:50
Kalandrosbod_:  It's reading 3.2 Gigs of RAM.04:50
poningrueven then it can use more using extension04:50
murlidharbod_: i can't find the topic in the tutorial of the week section.04:50
bod_poningru, really,. and 64bit?04:50
Cpudan80It doesnt remove all the packages04:50
Kalandros32 bit systems can read up to 3.5 RAM.04:50
bod_murlidhar, gimme a sec, il find the link04:50
poningrubod_: uh... its like in terrabytes04:50
Cpudan80KDE sucks anyway04:50
* Cpudan80 ducks04:50
=== vALIEN is now known as v4L13N
Kalandrosponingru: It's exebytes, actually.04:51
* chequers sets Cpudan80 on fire04:51
prince_jammysdesktop war!!04:51
poningruyeah something like that04:51
Cpudan80I just prefer gnome04:51
bod_murlidhar, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=445604:51
Kalandrosponingru: Exabyte, sorry.04:51
DracoCpudan80: unfortunately.. GNOME sucks, Windows sucks, OSX sucks, XFCE sucks04:51
astheoKalandros: you might not want 64 bit coz there are some apps/functionalities not yet optimized for 64 bit04:51
bod_poningru, if only i could afford that much ram ;~)04:51
Cpudan80At least ubuntu lets you choose, and works well with either env04:51
astheoas far as i know :)04:51
=== slaytani1 is now known as slaytanic
Kalandrosastheo: Well, I knew there were one with Windows, I didn't know if it was the same with Linux.04:51
poningrucinvoke: that means you are giving that website full control to your computer04:51
Cpudan80SuSE for example, relies on KDE backends -- and doesnt work so well with gnome04:52
* LinuxMonkey slaps Cpudan80 with a K, Than a D, .....hrmmm...KD....time for food I give up04:52
DracoCpudan80: and CLI sucks, as well. The only non-suck would be AI04:52
keithclarkbod_ Yes, I cannot change discs when trying to install a two disc game, sim city 4, under wine.04:52
Kalandrosbod_: The most feasible amount of RAM you can have in a computer now is barely 8GB. Anything higher and you will be paying about $1,000 a chip. A 4GB chip is upwards of 900 dollars.04:52
murlidharbod_: thanks a lot04:52
=== lipsinOffline is now known as lipsin
bod_keith80403, er, the latest wine can, and so can cedega,,.,. #winehq could help more04:52
astheoKalandros: now you know there are indeed04:52
Dracokeithclark: I personally rip the disk image first, but it still requires being able to unmount it04:52
swatTX_how come i have to enter the username and password everytime i access a networked pc or drive?04:52
darkcrabq: normally my burned CDs show up with their track names if I stick in the CD on OSX or windows, but on Linux they show up as Track 1 or Track 2, any idea why?04:52
AntiUSAdammit, can someone help me with getting FreeSpace 2 Open to intall? it's a .JAR and I don't know how to install it?04:53
bod_Kalamansi, no its not, i can get 4gig of ram for under £10004:53
chequersdarkcrab: probably you need to configure the applicated to download the tracks from the web04:53
dthackerswatTX: because their authentication rules are set up that way?04:53
Kalandrosastheo: It was just interesting to know, I knew the issues. But I believed Linux to be better, as usual. xDDD I jus thave 4 GIgs of RAM, and you know the temptation of using it all...04:53
Kalamansibod_: what?04:53
darkcrabah thanks04:53
bod_murlidhar, no probs,.,. my fonts look lush thanks to thet tuto04:53
chequersdarkcrab: generally they use a service called 'freedb' or 'gracenote'04:53
dthacker!patience | AntiUSA04:53
ubotuAntiUSA: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines04:53
cinvokeit is just opening an ssl connection and sending the file and then closes the connection04:53
keithclarkbod_ I'm using the latest04:53
chequersdarkcrab: sorry, my first line meant 'download the track *names* from the web04:53
darkcrabthanks chequers. :)04:54
nickrudAntiUSA: maybe #java has some java savy people active, doesn't look like there are any here04:54
luckyonenew graphics card is working, can anyone help point out dual head04:54
bod_Kalamansi, sorry wrong guy04:54
swatTX_dthacker: so is that a setting i have to change on the other pc or the ubuntu box?04:54
bod_Kalandros, no its not, i can get 4gig of ram for under £10004:54
cinvokethe ssl server will handle the rest, i just need to open the port04:54
luckyonemultiple monitor under 7.10?04:54
Kalandrosbod_: 4GB chips, not two 2GB chips.04:54
bod_Kalamansi, yer04:55
Kalandrosbod_: Single, 4GB chips.04:55
dthackerswatTX:  I think it's likely the other box.04:55
bod_no damn04:55
bod_Kalamansi, sorry04:55
bod_Kalandros, yer easy04:55
astheoKalandros: well its up to you to decide. its not my machine anyway..:) but whats the use of using it all when you can't capitalize it on some other functinalities04:55
luckyoneanyone know how to do dual monitor setup for nvidia?04:55
LinuxMonkeybod_:  their talking 1 stick not 2.lol04:55
AntiUSAahhh I'm sorry, it wasn't a shot at you guys04:55
bod_LinuxMonkey, im well aware04:55
AntiUSAyou guys are awesome04:55
AntiUSAI'm just frustrated with trying to use a stupid Java installer04:55
LinuxMonkeybod_: yeah im slow typing its very late here.lol04:55
Kalandrosbod_: Oh, excuse me. The prices have come down...I'm looking at them now. Still not feasible, but they've dropped considerably.04:56
dthacker!repeat | luckyone04:56
ubotuluckyone: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience04:56
bod_LinuxMonkey, its 5 in the mornig here04:56
darkcrabhmm...is there a better extracter for linux than sound juicer?04:56
keithclarkI give up.  There appears to be no way to install a two disc Sim City 4 game in Wine.  I've tried the copy to hard drive and the Wine Eject command.04:56
luckyonedthacker: sorry04:56
luckyonedthacker: thought I was squelched or something...04:56
dthackerluckyone: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=221174 would be a place to start04:56
cinvokedoes anybody know how to open port 2204:56
chequersAntiUSA: for a game, I'd suggest reading the documentation if it exists, or trying to find an irc channel for the game04:56
bod_Kalandros, yer, its now alot cheaper then 2 years ago04:56
darkcrabthere has to be a way keith04:56
KalandrosDude...The HP 4GB chip that is $938.87 is backordered. xDDDD04:56
AntiUSAok, thanks04:57
keithclarkI've googled to death and none of the instructions work as written.04:57
prince_jammysAntiUSA: you have java installed?04:57
Kalandrosbod_: In all honestly, I just checked a couple of months ago. I guess I was looking at brand name, the stuff I've never even heard of is the cheap ones.04:57
dthackerkeithclark: have you tried the #winehq channel?04:57
dclarkeI am in the process of installing 7.10 on an AMD64 machine and it looks like a total copy of debian thus far.  Is ubuntu a copy of debian ??04:57
AntiUSAI have not installed it prince jammys... unless it comes with Ubuntu04:57
cinvokeDo I need to remove blackice?04:58
bod_Kalandros, yer, the small branch retailers have the cheapest stuff most of the time,.,. unkown so you pay for the product not the friggin logo04:58
Cpudan80Its based off debian dclarke04:58
Motorsport3hey everyone, my volume control buttons on my laptop control the microphone, and not the master volume. What's going on04:58
PiousMinionWhat determines which options are used to automount a filesystem when a usb drive is plugged in?   There is no fstab entry to edit so I'm stumped.04:58
dclarkeokay .. had to be04:58
prince_jammysAntiUSA: i think you need to install it04:58
Cpudan80The text based installs are very similar dclarke04:58
prince_jammys!java | AntiUSA04:58
ubotuAntiUSA: To install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository (in !Backports for !Edgy)04:58
darkcrabubuntu is basically a debian install yes04:58
dclarkesort of like CentOS is exactly like Red Hat Ent Linux04:58
LimCoreno0tic: the email file is actually gone.04:58
dclarkewhat is the differentiator04:58
prince_jammysAntiUSA: also see if there's anything useful here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=64031204:58
PiousMiniondclarke: stability. :)04:59
dclarkedebian is pretty stable04:59
dclarkeat least .. for me04:59
=== osxdude|laptop is now known as osxdude
AntiUSAthanks guys04:59
darkcrabive tried just about ever distro and ubuntu is definitely my favorite04:59
dthackerkeithclark: There are some hints in this thread, but you have to read a bit. http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-88495.html04:59
dclarkewhat about Fedora ?04:59
dclarkeor Solaris ?04:59
kupesoftdarkcrab: I've tried every spelling of the word favourite, and favourite is mine04:59
darkcrabfedora has gotten better over the years.04:59
Kalandrosbod_: Still, what would you do if you had enough money and decided to fill your 4 DIMM slots with 4GB chips? Have 16GB of RAM and only use 3.5 GB of it, unless you shoot for 64-bit. xDDDD04:59
astheodarkcrab: same here. ubuntu is very stable04:59
darkcrabhehe kupe04:59
bod_Kalandros, im using 64 now haha ;~)05:00
kupesoftdarkcrab: (:05:00
AntiUSAyou guys rock, let's see if this works05:00
keithclarkdthacker, I will check it out.  Yes, I tried winehq channel but no response at all.05:00
Odd-rationaleI'm one of the few archers who defected back to ubuntu. (nothing wrong with arch I really liked it! I don't why I am back...)05:00
DownsayI need some pretty big help...I'm a complete newb05:00
darkcrabof course, ubuntu is better now than it has ever been.05:00
DownsayI need to repartition my hdd05:00
dclarkeokay .. based on what I see thus far .. debian is ubunto is debian and Solaris is entirely something else05:00
Dracoastheo: ubuntu has quirks like sudo refusing to work based on the time of day - LITERALLY05:00
DownsayI downloaded the gparted livecd05:00
Downsayand it won't load when I reboot comp05:01
garrwoodI have hardy (64b) upgrd from 7.10 (64b) Nautilus will not load. I get an error that libbeagle is missing. i see it has been replaced with libbeagle1 but Nautilus is still asking for it. Pls help!05:01
Downsayeven after changing the bios settings05:01
=== credible_ is now known as credible
Kalandrosbod_: The 64-bit can accept up to 2 exabytes, or 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 bytes. xDDDDDD05:01
darkcrabsolaris is mostly for people who want to run a server or workstation.05:01
Odd-rationaleDownsay: Did you try reburning?05:01
Dracoastheo: it's still easy to fix because Ubuntu has the recovery thing05:01
Downsayyes, I've reburned 3x05:01
dthackerDownsay: can you use gparted from the Ubuntu Live CD?05:01
prince_jammysDownsay: put your whole question in one line, it's easier for everyone05:01
Downsayno, I can't load from live cd05:01
keithclarkdthacker, nothing in your link either that works.05:01
dthackerDownsay: try another CD-Rom05:01
Kaneda15so.. who would be able to tell me how i would go about installing the new nvidia vid card drivers? (not the one that is in the restricted drives manager on installation)05:01
bod_Kalandros, yer, i got one of those for christmas ;~)05:02
astheoDraco: all distros have its own quirks. but unbutu has the least..05:02
prince_jammysDownsay: you've been able to boot other CDs, right? such as the ubuntu live CD05:02
dclarkedarkcrab: solaris is mostly for people who want to run a server or workstation ?? isn't that .. everybody ?05:02
DownsayI need to be able to repartition my HDD, I've tried 3 cd-roms, it will not read from a cd (not sure if this is because I already dual boot in windows and ubuntu)05:02
Motorsport3garrwood: I think you should ask in #ubuntu+105:02
Kalandrosbod_: What? Makes no sense...05:02
Downsayprince_jammys, no, I cannot05:02
darkcrabI have two computers, both for school.05:02
darkcrabdont really need a workstation.05:02
dthackerkeithclark: sorry to hear that.  You'll have to wait for more activity in #winehq, post to the forums, or ask the question on launchpad.05:02
garrwoodnew to the irc thing, how do i get there?05:02
bod_Kalandros, i got a 2 exabyte ram stick for xmas last year,.,. ur way behind -- lol05:03
prince_jammysDownsay: have you looked at your bios settings to make sure you have it set to "boot from cd" ?05:03
keithclarkdthacker.....no worries, I still have one XP machine left05:03
Downsayprince_jammys, I've already adjusted bios settings to make for priority to read cd, it won't do it still, it skips and goes straight to which operating system would I like to start, ubuntu or windows05:03
Motorsport3garwood: type /join #ubuntu+105:03
prince_jammysDownsay: i see05:03
Kalandrosbod_: u.u We'd be lucky if they made any HDD, even in an array, close to an Exabyte.05:03
dclarkethis is too noisey .. oh well .. thanks and buh bye05:03
jescishello, I'm trying to run bed. A binary editor for linux, and I get this error: "error while loading shared libraries: libstdc++.so.5: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"05:03
Downsayprince_jammys, my linux is so full I cannot download any upgrades and I'm not sure how to make any additional room05:03
dthackerDownsay: do you have a different CD-ROM you can put in the machine?  If so, I would try that. In my experience, LiveCD's that won't load are almost always hardware.05:04
darkcrabi just put ubuntu on my laptop because I got tired of windows, i was spending more time being annoyed by it than actually doing my work..05:04
Downsaydthacker, no I do not05:04
bod_Kalandros, id be lucky if i can afford a terabyte drive let alone an exabyte ram stick05:04
prince_jammysDownsay: just to clarify, you say you can't boot from ANY kind of live CD, or only from gparted?05:04
Downsayprince_jammys, I cannot boot from any type of cd05:04
AntiUSAthanks prince jammys!05:04
Chipsa964sorry to bother you all again, but i still cant get my internal mic to work after trying some suggestions...anyone have any ideas??05:04
prince_jammysAntiUSA: congratulations05:04
Grifte1Hi, I'm having intermittent working audio issues05:04
dthackerjescis: you will need to find the package that provides that library and install it.05:04
darkcrabtons of people seem to be having audio issues with 7.1005:05
Kalandrosbod_: Dude...I'd want an Exabyte HDD.05:05
Odd-rationaledarkcrab: And after you install ubuntu, you probably spend more time tweaking it... :)05:05
prince_jammysDownsay: strange05:05
darkcrablol odd05:05
Kalandrosbod_: I'd never ever need a new HDD again. xDDDDDDDD05:05
Downsayprince_jammys, is there any way I can make another 600mb of room on linux OS so I can upgrade to 7.10?05:05
Grifte1darkcrab:  yeah, that's the version I'm running05:05
keithclarkdthacker, this appears to be one of those programs that just does not work, unless you are on a dual boot machine05:05
darkcrabna, i am comfortable enough with the command line at this point that it really doesnt bother me anymore.05:05
iceswordDownsay, uninstall some packages05:06
darkcrabmy other computer is a mac.lol05:06
dthackerkeithclark: rats! I love Sim City.05:06
Downsayprince_jammys, I'm really new to linux and I have no idea how to repartition...I lost my HD space when I downloaded and installed Virtual Box...after I tried to install Windows OS on my virtual box I ran out of room05:06
prince_jammysDownsay: the thing is i would just say to use the gparted live CD :)  which you can't do05:06
bod_Kalandros, yer, but hey said that when 8mb drives were comin out, now people fill 500igs05:06
Kalandrosbod_: Exabyte = 1073741824 gigabytes = 1048576 terabytes = 1024 petabytes...05:06
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about mac - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:06
keithclarkdthacker, me too.  That makes Age of Empires, Empire Earth and now Sim City 405:07
bod_Kalandros, yer ok, anyone can use the google converter05:07
darkcrablol ubotu05:07
Downsayprince_jammys, do you have any idea how to uninstall the virtual box and all the HDD space the windows OS took up on it?05:07
prince_jammysDownsay: well, with gparted you would see that repartioning can be fairly simple. the thing is to get it so that can boot that cd05:07
Kalandrosbod_: Yeah, well. We are a long, long, long, long, long, long ways off from Petabytes, let alone Exabytes.05:07
jescisI can't find it in synaptic :(05:07
Grifte1is there no way for me to troubleshoot the audio problems on gutsy?05:07
darkcrabynow keith, if you can, your better off just doing a duel boot.05:07
Downsayprince_jammys, I'm about ready to give up and start fresh and delete ubuntu all together05:07
Kaneda15mm the 64-bit version of ubuntu 7.10 seems rather unstable, not sure if it's just me or what Oo05:07
Odd-rationaleDownsay: sudo apt-get remove virtualbox and delete the ~/.VitualBox dir.05:07
bod_Kalandros, nah, 25 years people wil be sayin " i think il download the entire internet to my pendrive today"05:08
keithclarkdarkcrab, no, I have one machine that way and I don't want anymore like it........05:08
Motorsport3My 64bit install is pretty stable05:08
darkcrabi havent seen a solution yet, but best thing is to search for your audio card on the forums Griftel05:08
DownsayOdd-rationale, do you think you could help me with the deleting of the ~/.VirtualBox dir.?05:08
* Kaneda15 installed last night and has crashed 5 times so far today05:08
prince_jammysDownsay: no, i don't know how to install virtual box. the thing i find disconcerting is the inability to boot from cd. i'm going to look around on the internet05:08
darkcrabk keith05:08
Odd-rationaleDownsay: Sure. It is trivial05:08
jescisubotu libstdc++.so.505:08
keithclarkdarcrab, I understand though!05:08
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about libstdc++.so.5 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:08
prince_jammysDownsay: *uninstall i meant05:08
darkcrabi understand your point of view too keith05:08
Kalandrosbod_: Well, they are working of in Cairo, Egypt on a disc that utilizes holograms and it's supposed to be able to store the entire internet. For businessmen who travel on planes and can't get online, and things like that. You'll be able to check any static data. =]05:09
Odd-rationaleDownsay: Do you want to remove the whole folder or just the .vdi ?05:09
DownsayI want to remove everything associated with it05:09
jescisubotu c++ libraries05:09
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about c++ libraries - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:09
dthackerjescis: do you have libstdc installed?05:09
DownsayIs there any way for me to defrag in linux?05:09
Odd-rationaleDownsay: rm ~/.VirtualBox05:09
Odd-rationale!defrag | Downsay05:10
ubotuDownsay: The default Ubuntu filesystem (ext3) is engineered to avoid fragmentation issues in most cases, see http://linkpot.net/behead/ for a simple example on how it achieves this. A package "defrag" is available in !Universe, however its use is not safe, and is generally not needed.05:10
bod_Kalandros, pointless,.,. unless they have a 100gig download speed and noone else in the world using any bandwidth05:10
keithclarkdarkcrab, I am just stubborn enough to keep looking casually though.05:10
darkcrabit should be able to be done05:10
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots05:10
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion05:10
keithclarkdarkcrab, I've googled to death....nothing works05:10
Downsaysomehow I don't believe that defrag...or something is going screwy with my system even more than I can imagine05:10
DownsayI installed virtual box and on virtual box I installed WindowsXP while installing XP it ran out of space and said it would resume when I was able to free more space05:11
DownsayI have 0 space to free05:11
Odd-rationaleDownsay: Fragmentation is only an issue if your partition is over %90 full05:11
Kalandrosbod_: Who knows, Intel just released the Core 2 Quad with the 65 nm technology and they already said by the end of the year, they are going to release the new 45 nm processor. Who knows, probably by the time that disc comes out, we'll be downloading and measuring it by gigabytes per second.05:11
Grifte1darkcrab: sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.  sometimes it gives me an error message when I boot up the machine. something about GNOME have problems. I've been trying to get it to appear again so I could copy the error message but as it seems to appear at random I haven't been able to do it yet.05:11
bod_Kalandros, yer, but amd will be ahead of intel in 2 years, then they'll die out in 10 years05:12
DownsayOdd-rationale, my partition is 100% full05:12
Odd-rationaleDownsay: Were you able to get any cd to boot? The alt cd?05:12
jescisdthacker, I didn't have any libstd packages installed05:12
DownsayOdd-rationale, no, no cd will boot\05:12
Grifte1either on reboot or when I reset the desktop05:12
Kalandrosbod_: Don't get on this topic, people have been saying that for years. Who has the best Quad-Core out? Intel. The Phenom doesn't even compare.05:12
Odd-rationaleDownsay: How did you install ubuntu?05:12
DownsayOdd-rationale, they will play, but will not boot at startup even after bios has been adjusted05:12
gr1ff1nwould you know why I keep getting the error : configure: error: Package requirements (pygtk-2.0 >= 2.8.0) were not met. When i install wan -> python-gtk2-dev is installed ....05:12
gr1ff1nWhen I install awn05:13
DownsayOdd-rationale, I installed it by downloading Feisty Fawn, burning it to a cd, and then rebooting computer with feisty fawn in my drive (I did this bout 8 months ago)05:13
prince_jammysDownsay: are you able to boot that CD now?05:13
dthackerjescis: My Spidey sense tells me that you will have to do some googling to find which ubuntu package provides this library.   Hang on a sec....05:13
Odd-rationaleDownsay: And since then you can never boot cd?05:13
Downsayprince_jammys, I do not have that cd with me, I am 300miles away at school05:13
bod_Kalandros, yer, but intel are only known worldwide because of their connection with pcworld,. people would never here the word intel unless they worked in developing hardware otherwise05:13
DownsayOdd-rationale, I've never tried since then until today05:14
darkcrabKeith : http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=750005:14
DownsayOdd-rationale, when I download gparted, for example, do I need to extract it and then burn it to a cd?05:14
prince_jammysDownsay: you are positive that you burnt the CD image and not the CD data (in the recent Cd you burnt)?05:14
Kalandrosbod_: But that still supports my point, Intel is over AMD. People ask what AMD is, not Intel.05:14
jescisdthacker, that wont be necissary,it worked thanks. :)05:14
Odd-rationaleDownsay: No05:14
prince_jammysDownsay: you need to burn the iso as image05:14
Downsayprince_jammys, no, I am not positive at all, I'm a newb05:14
prince_jammysDownsay: this *might* be the problem05:15
Downsayprince_jammys, how do I burn as an iso?05:15
dthackerjescis: yay! \o/05:15
prince_jammysDownsay: what software are you using to burn?05:15
Motorsport3Downsay: if the CD can be read from w/in the OS, it should be able to boot from CD05:15
bod_Kalandros, yer, but even without publicity amd are competing with 'if you like' media iants05:15
dthackerbut for future reference you can search for package contents here: http://packages.ubuntu.com/05:15
Downsayprince_jammys, I'll have to do it in windows because I don't have any room to DL the gparted file on this comp05:15
Downsayprince_jammys, I didn't use any software, just copy/pasted it onto a cd-r05:15
Motorsport3Downsay: also, why don't you delete the WinXP virtual machine?05:15
Kalandrosbod_: Eh, I don't really care who wins, there will be a better computer either way. =]05:16
darkcrabGriftel first thing I always go to is the driver. See if you have the proper restricted driver installed. If you do not, then get it. If you do, try to configure it. If it is configured correctly. Then start searching the forums.05:16
Motorsport3Downsay: you copied and pasted what to CD-ARE?05:16
DownsayMotorsport3, I'd like to delete the WinXP VM, but I don't know how (I've already deleted Virtual Box)05:16
cottimaI am having trouble installing linux raid.05:16
bod_Kalandros, true, and fair play,. and why didnt we get !ot 'd during this convo i wonder?05:16
DownsayMotorsport3, yes, I did, my CD-R's are really old, I never use them, so I don't care if they work properly or not, I have plenty of them05:16
Odd-rationaleDownsay: Did you delete the ~/.VirtualBox folder?05:16
Kalandrosbod_: What's that command for? Silencing?05:17
namegameI would try a DVD-R if possible05:17
Motorsport3Downsay: you have to burn the ISO to CD, not copy it to CD05:17
DownsayOdd-rationale, I typed in sudo rm ~/.VirtualBox05:17
prince_jammysDownsay: then what's happening is the CD contains a file gparted.iso or something, which won't boot05:17
ubotuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RaidConfigurationHowto and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto05:17
bod_Kalandros, silencin? what i dont understand -- im not too savy with the irc lino05:17
cottimaI used Anaconda on Centos to partition for RAID 1 and LVM205:17
Odd-rationaleDownsay: Any errors?05:17
Downsaywhat program should I use to burn it as an ISO?  I don't have any programs for that that I know of05:17
DownsayOdd-rationale, no, it didn't show any errors05:17
Odd-rationaleDownsay: From windows or ubuntu?05:17
prince_jammysDownsay: try deepburner, it's free. and select "Burn cd image"05:18
Motorsport3Downsay: on windows or Ubuntu?05:18
Grifte1darkcrab: how do I know if I have the proper driver installed? how do know which driver I should have?05:18
Kalandrosbod_: Well, I didn't know what you said with !ot 'd05:18
rrmhad a question.  can you have xfce only not the gnome libs and all that... sincer i tried that and my system crashed05:18
dthackercottima: and...?05:18
Downsayit will have to be windows because I don't have enough room here05:18
Kalandrosbod_: I'm not a IRC expert either. xDDD05:18
DownsayShould I go ahead and extract the file and then burn as an ISO or don't extract?05:18
Odd-rationaleDownsay: Let me get you link...05:18
prince_jammysDownsay: you can use DeepBurner -- just make sure you "burn cd image"05:18
darkcrabGriftel, well first off, you need to open the hardware manager, and look and see if your devices is recognized and functioning properly. Even if you obviously know its not fuctioning properly, you need to see what the system says.05:19
bod_Kalandros, !ot = !offtopic05:19
prince_jammysDownsay: otherwise you just burn a data cd that contains the iso file. this is why it won't boot05:19
Kalandrosbod_: I don't know what that does. o_O05:19
darkcrabOnce you do that, then you can decide whether you have the proper driver or not by what it says is installed.05:19
Downsayprince_jammys, that's fine, but after I've dl'ed the file I don't know what to do05:19
icesword! BURN05:20
ubotuCD/DVD Burning software: K3b (KDE), gnomebaker, serpentine, graveman, Nautilus-CD-Burner, GToaster, xcdroast (GNOME), wodim (terminal-based). Burning .iso files: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto05:20
Downsayprince_jammys, it shows it as being a zipped file, do I need to unzip it?05:20
bod_!ot > Kalandros      please read pm from ubotu05:20
cottimadthacher, Since I am new to ubuntu, I do not how to install a package on the live cd05:20
Motorsport3Downsay: yes05:20
prince_jammysDownsay: go to deepburner.com05:20
darkcrabpreferences>hardware information05:20
Downsaymotorsport3, after I unzip it then I burn the entire folder as an image via deepburner?05:20
Kalandrosbod_: I see, and thanks. =]05:20
Odd-rationaleDownsay: try: http://isorecorder.alexfeinman.com/isorecorder.htm05:20
prince_jammysDownsay: what is the name of the file you downloaded?05:20
iceswordDownsay, no,you need to burn a iso file05:21
Motorsport3Downsay: no, just the ISO. I say use IMGBURN, www.imgburn.com All it does is burn ISO05:21
bod_Kalandros, no probs and....05:21
Downsayok, I'll try that05:21
dthackercottima: what package are you attempting to install?05:21
bod_!ubotu > Kalandros     you can find the factoid commands here05:21
DownsayI'll be back in a few minutes05:21
Kalandrosbod_: Interesting. =]]]05:22
Downsaythx for the help05:22
prince_jammysDownsay: hold on05:22
prince_jammysDownsay: what is the full name of the file you downloaded?05:22
prince_jammysincluding extension05:22
bod_Kalandros, also only talk to ubotu for your knowledge in a private session, dont flood the channel just so you can see what they do ,.,. eg, type this                /msg ubotu !ohmy05:22
iceswordprince_jammys, i think it is *.zip05:22
DownsayI don't know, I downloaded it from ubotu's descriptions when I typed in /msg ubotu gparted05:22
ubotuGParted is a !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted-livecd.tuxfamily.org/05:23
Motorsport3looks like they're in bz2 and tar files05:23
Lartza_My system has got a little unstable, shuold I reinstall?05:23
cottimadthacker sorry, dmraid05:23
bod_Lartza_, whats unstable about it?05:23
iceswordseems it is iso file05:23
Downsayprince_jammys, then I clicked on the sourceforge http:05:24
Lartza_aMSN stopped working, teewars stopped working, weather applet stopped working, dns problems05:24
keithclarkdthacker, thanks for your help by the way05:24
Downsayprince_jammys, and I downloaded the first gparted iso05:24
Lartza_dns problems are fixed(for now)05:24
dthackerkeithclark: np ;D05:24
Lartza_oh... and internet is slow05:24
bod_Lartza_, id suggest sticking with it, asking bout specific things in here, using alternatives, and waiting a month for the next release ,.,. Hardy05:24
Lartza_I spent a hour resolving a teewars problem on teewars chan and nobody could help05:25
dthackercottima: Have you installed ubuntu?05:25
Lartza_it sotpped working in a reboot05:25
Grifte1Alright I'm looking in the device manager for my M-Audio Audiophile 24/96. I found the profile for ICE1712 which has many sub-profiles for ALSA and OSS.05:25
Ezrawhat does the install - f command do?05:25
Lartza_cant join games05:25
prince_jammysDownsay: then you don't have to unzip anything. the file is already a .iso05:25
Downsayprince_jammys, so once I finish dl'ing this file then I can go ahead and use deepburner?05:26
Lartza_how can i get amsn work?05:26
cottimadthacker, no I have not.  I am trying to do RAID 1, then LVM, then install.  But I can not get neither lvm2 or linux raid.05:26
darkcrabif it doesnt show up in that list of hardware then most likely that is why your having a problem.05:26
prince_jammysDownsay: either that or the other burner that's up there05:26
darkcrabSometimes the linux drivers work, and sometimes they dont.05:26
darkcrabthe price you pay for opensource sometimes.05:27
prince_jammysDownsay: whatever you use, make sure it's set to "burn cd image".  one of the links if you scroll up is for a burner that only burns images05:27
bod_Lartza_, run amsn from terminal then pastebin the error messages05:27
Downsaycould you help me download deepburner and get it set up, I'm not sure how to do that still with Linux05:27
dthackercottima: the partioning tool on the liveCD should handle Raid1 with LVM.05:27
Motorsport3deepburner is on windows05:27
Downsaywhen I go to deepburner.com I then click on download, then first one down that says free05:27
* dthacker has 3 minutes left05:27
prince_jammysDownsay: hold on, what do you mean with linux?05:27
darkcrabso if you dont see the name of your sound card the next step is to do a search for restricted packages for your audio card online05:27
fismoll8hey guys--was wondering what the /sys folder is for--mine is empty and I'd like to delete it05:28
prince_jammysDownsay: i thought you were doing this in windows05:28
DownsayI mean I'm not sure how to install things after I dl them05:28
Lartza_bod_:this might solve other problems because two other programs stopped working same time05:28
Motorsport3Downsay: deepburner is on windows05:28
DownsayI'm in Linux atm05:28
Downsayok then05:28
Downsayso I have to go to windows?05:28
KalandrosAnybody use Wine?05:28
Downsayso I should cancel this dl05:28
prince_jammysDownsay: ok let's clarify - windows or linux?05:28
sutabiAnyone know why I cant set my resolution any higher then 1024x768? this is a widescreen LCD plus it scales a lot higher on windows05:28
bod_Lartza_, getting error messages is always the first step -- we cant fix things unless we know whats broken05:28
Starnestommyfismoll8: it usually holds certain info that the kernel and system programs use05:28
ubotuIn place of  "Does anyone/anybody...", please be aware, one persons expert is another persons beginner, please ask your question in full, then see what helps!05:28
dbmood1what is the problem hacker05:28
Lartza_bod_: there are no error messages05:28
DownsayI'm currently ON linux and I was wanting to burn from Linux right now05:28
fismoll8then why is it empty starnestommy05:28
Lartza_should i strace amsn?05:28
dbmood1and ... you are using a live cd ?05:28
prince_jammysDownsay: oh then you don't need to download anything05:29
Lartza_bod_: no errors05:29
bod_Lartza_, then the program works,.,. do       sudo apt-get purge amsn && sudo apt-get install amsn05:29
prince_jammysDownsay: if you use ubuntu, you can just click on the iso i think and the burner will open a window05:29
Lartza_its not the apt-get version05:29
Lartza_and it stopped working yesterday05:29
bod_Lartza_, why not?05:29
jeffMASTERflexDownsay: just insert an empty disc into your optical drive05:29
Lartza_it starts and the window is grey05:29
bod_Lartza_, wot did you do to break it yesterday?05:29
Lartza_i dont know05:30
Starnestommyfismoll8: don't delete it05:30
prince_jammysDownsay: lol, i thought you said you were doing this from windows05:30
Downsayalright, I'll try that in a few minutes when the DL finishes05:30
DownsayI was going to05:30
Lartza_weather apllet and teewars broke too05:30
Downsaybut I was able to free up enough space that I didn't need to reboot into windows05:30
cottimadthacker, it does not at least the regular 7.10 cd.05:30
Lartza_teewars gives me some error05:30
Lartza_amsn doesnt05:30
dthackercottima: try the server CD05:30
fismoll8no, I won't05:30
fismoll8just did ls -a...files were hidden05:30
Lartza_maybe the teewars message would help05:30
dthackertime to go. good localtime all.05:30
dbmood1what is he trying to do ?05:30
fismoll8however, I have deleted my opt folder...didn't seem to be doing much05:31
dbmood1oh disk space problems05:31
fismoll8same with initrd05:31
prince_jammysDownsay: ok, well once the download is done, you can insert a blank CD and drag the iso file into the "nautilus cd burner" window.  then you select "burn CD image" and burn it05:31
jeffMASTERflexfismoll8: why are you deleting direcotries on / ?05:31
dbmood1burn the media and then resize if you don't want windows remove the c:windows dir05:31
Starnestommyfismoll8: initrd is used in the boot process05:31
fismoll8my computer booted fine without it05:31
Odd-rationaleLartza_: One easy way to start over again is to delete all the "." files in your home directory. That can get rid of some quirks.05:31
fismoll8there were no files in it when I deleted it05:31
Downsaylol, I suck at life, but what is the nautilus cd burner?05:31
Lartza_in the end before sigkill05:32
fismoll8I'm just trying to get an understanding of /--and what directories are really necessary05:32
CarlFKis there an app that will low level format a drive?  (I have a 400gig drive that was 'wipted' and now fdisk won't read it)05:32
Lartza_odd-rationale: tried that with teewars already05:32
YeTr2_was PPC platform completely droped, or will they release a new version w/ the new LTS?05:32
Lartza_odd-rationale: havent tried with amsn though05:32
jeffMASTERflexfismoll8: if it's empty, why do you even bother deleting it?05:32
prince_jammysDownsay: it's a window that will open on it's own - it's the name of the software that burns cds05:32
cottimaokay thank you dthacker.  I just wish I did not have to keep downloading more CDs.  Have a nice day.05:32
dbmood1fismoll8: which are needed ? none just /home and etc if you are backing up really05:32
Lartza_nobody knew what this meant: futex(0xb7bafab8, FUTEX_WAIT, 2, NULL)  = ? ERESTARTSYS (To be restarted)05:32
dbmood1but it will not run without most of the rest05:32
bod_Lartza_, also, try reading the report urslf -- Resource temporarily unavailable05:32
fismoll8you don't need anything else?05:32
Odd-rationaleLartza_: Did it work for teewars?05:33
FlannelYeTr2_: It's officially unsupported (except dapper will be supported until EOL), but there's a community port thats still alive and well05:33
Downsayprince_jammys, alright, I'll be done here in 45 seconds with the DL05:33
jeffMASTERflexfismoll8: if you want to break your system, there are easier ways05:33
fismoll8for backup---what about /bin and /usr05:33
Motorsport3gparted servers are slow05:33
Lartza_the "." thing? no05:33
KalandrosI have a question: I have Wine the Windows Emulator, and the Internet Explorer does not want to work. What do I do?05:33
fismoll8I have a backup of it, so I'm just experimenting05:33
prince_jammysDownsay: i'll be here05:33
FlannelKalandros: #winehq would be a better place to get help (they'll knwo more)05:33
Downsayawesome prince, ty so very much for your help05:33
YeTr2_Flannel: granted that this PC will never see the light of day or the internet for atleast 3 years, I'm trying to find something that will keep PPC going.05:33
Motorsport3what version of IE Kalandros05:33
Lartza_recvfrom(10, 0x9082be8, 1030, 0, 0xbfbdbaf8, 0xbfbdbaf4) = -1 EAGAIN (Resource temporarily unavailable)05:33
Lartza_recvfrom(10, 0x9082be8, 1030, 0, 0xbfbdbaf8, 0xbfbdbaf4) = -1 EAGAIN (Resource temporarily unavailable)05:33
fismoll8I guess I just figured ubuntu could be a bit like microsoft---you know---leaving junk behind that you don't really need05:33
Downsaythe only thing that makes me want to try and learn linux is the help I receive here05:33
KalandrosMotorsport3: Whatever one comes with Wine?05:33
Downsayso thx05:33
Lartza_futex(0xb7bafab8, FUTEX_WAIT, 2, NULL)  = ? ERESTARTSYS (To be restarted)05:33
Lartza_my problems?05:34
YeTr2_Flannel: so, Ubuntu has officially dropped PPC?05:34
FlannelYeTr2_: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ports/releases/7.10/release/05:34
Motorsport3Kalandros: I wasn't aware of wine coming w/ any version of IE05:34
Motorsport3But, I see the exe05:34
dbmood1did ubuntu have ppc ?05:34
KalandrosMotorsport3: When I downloaded the install, it was in the Program Files...05:34
Downsayprince_jammys, What would I like to do, make audio cd, data cd, or ignore?05:34
dbmood1- try debian for ppc05:34
FlannelYeTr2_: "Officially" only because there weren't enough PPC users that were testing (so we couldn't provide adequate bugfixes)05:34
Lartza_im getting you the amsn error05:34
bod_Lartza_, your problem is "(Resource temporarily unavailable)"05:35
prince_jammysDownsay: mmm. try ignore --- and drag the iso into the window05:35
Lartza_teewars ppl said the futex line05:35
FlannelYeTr2_: the PPC versions are now community supported, pretty well, and there's where the images are (for gutsyanwyay)05:35
Flannel!ppc | YeTr2_05:35
ubotuYeTr2_: PowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ05:35
Downsayprince_jammys, it didn't open up a window, should I double click on the blank cd-r on the desktop and then try and click and drag it that way?05:35
FlannelYeTr2_: that page has a lot more info than I could ever convey05:35
Motorsport3Kalandros: I see it, my launched just fine. Are you double clicking it?05:35
Lartza_bod_:all my programs freeze when connecting somewhere05:35
prince_jammysDownsay: try that05:36
bod_!elaborate >  im going to bed, please ask the channel, and read the pm from ubotu05:36
prince_jammysDownsay: i think it also appears in your menu under "places"->nautilus cd burner05:36
Lartza_amsn: connect(9, {sa_family=AF_INET, sin_port=htons(443), sin_addr=inet_addr("")}, 16 and freeze05:36
cottimais the server install cd totally command or is it like debian or anaconda (not gui)?05:36
Downsayprince_jammys, alright, now that I opened it up and dragged it there, I clicked write disc, it brought up the option write as image, I clicked that05:37
nickrudbod_: you sure you want im to read that factoid :)05:37
KalandrosMotorsport3: It loads, but then it doesn't load the Webpage.05:37
prince_jammysDownsay: excellent, that's it05:37
Downsayprince_jammys, then under information it says write disc to: DVDRAM or File Image05:37
Downsayprince_jammys, Do I change it to File Image?05:37
Flannelcottima: Server CD dosen't install a GUI, correct.  But, like all Ubuntu flavors, you can convert/add/whatever to any other version with a single command05:37
Ezranorske brukere: kom til #ubuntu-no05:37
Lartza_my problem in amsn is resource temporarily unavailable too05:37
Lartza_futex(0x8be5174, FUTEX_WAIT, 15, NULL)  = -1 EAGAIN (Resource temporarily unavailable)05:37
prince_jammysDownsay: my guess on that is yes05:37
Lartza_read(5, 0xbff8e404, 32)                 = -1 EAGAIN (Resource temporarily unavailable)05:38
Downsaywow, it took like 2 seconds max to write it as an ISO image file, I'm not sure it worked05:38
Downsayprince_jammys, I guess I'll go ahead and reboot and see if it comes up?05:38
KalandrosMotorsport3: I think I've got it.05:38
bod_nickrud, positive. he asks me too fix something that he doesnt know whats broken, how can we do that,.,. then the error report states its "temporarily" unavailable and still wants a fix05:38
prince_jammysDownsay: try it and come back if it didn't05:38
Lartza_i need some ubuntu geek05:38
Downsayprince_jammys, be back soon:P05:38
Motorsport3Kalandros: what'd you do, because mine was doing the same thing05:39
bod_!gq | Lartza_     read what your pasteing "unavailable"05:39
ubotuLartza_     read what your pasteing "unavailable": Are you sure your question allows us to help you? Please read http://www.sabi.co.uk/Notes/linuxHelpAsk.html to understand how to ask a 'better' question.05:39
nickrudbod_: lol, I was talking about you not adding the nick, and sending it to 'im' . But my humor misses the mark often anyway05:39
Ezradownsay :that's not right05:40
bod_nickrud, lol, oops,.,. yer, perhaps i was just so irritated i forgot,.,.;~)05:40
KalandrosMotorsport3: Well, I have to figure out how to get to it, but I downloaded a new version of IE for Linux.05:40
sutabiAnyone know How to mark an item in an terminal GUI?05:41
bod_sutabi, with a pen?05:41
sutabibod_: ...05:41
Odd-rationalesutabi: space?05:41
sutabithe checkboxes05:41
LimCoreplese help me to kill a ninja05:42
sutabithANKS Odd-rationale05:42
LimCoreanyone uses evolution?05:42
Lartza_teewars, amsn and weather applet stopped working, gives errors when runt with strace05:42
bod_LimCore, wait! ask him if he'll teach you how to be a ninja first05:42
prince_jammysno, i use -mail :)05:42
Downsayprince_jammys, it didn't even burn the cd05:42
bod_LimCore, anyone probably does, but i dont know him that well05:42
Downsayprince_jammys, how did you say to get to nautilus?05:42
prince_jammysDownsay: places->nautilus cd burner05:42
prince_jammysDownsay: ok, we try again05:43
Lartza_teewars:http://www.privatepaste.com/c10brvm9b6 amsn:http://www.privatepaste.com/5c0rDSGcyt05:43
* bod_ apoloizes for his strange sarcastic attitude mood swin05:43
Downsayprince_jammys, I don't even have nautilus, I only have something called cd/dvd creator05:43
Lartza_amsn isnt the apt-get version05:43
prince_jammysDownsay: that's ok05:43
KalandrosMotorsport3: Finally, I got to installing it. xDD05:43
LimCoreso, anyone uses evlopution and can help me confirm a bug?05:43
prince_jammysDownsay: use that05:43
=== cwe_1225 is now known as cEw_im0eTz
Lartza_and the problem occurs to user when trying to connect to server(in game or msn)05:43
prince_jammysDownsay: and drag the iso file in there05:44
Motorsport3Kalandros: w/o IE4Linux?05:44
Downsayprince_jammys, I'm burning again, we'll see if it works this time, this time I chose to burn to dvd rather than to image file05:44
Odd-rationaleDownsay: You are trying to burn iso file in ubuntu? Try putting an empty disc in drive. select ignore in the pop up message. right-clikc the .iso and select burn to disc05:44
KalandrosMotorsport3: No, from what I am seeing, you will need that.05:44
Motorsport3Kalandros: ah ok05:44
chequershi all, ubuntu 7.10 isn't recognising my PCIE video card and is falling back to onboard output. lspci doesn't show the video card in there. What can I do?05:44
punzadato ssh to a non-standard port is just: ssh server:port right?05:44
Downsayprince_jammys, alright, it burnt I believe, I'll reboot and try again05:44
prince_jammysDownsay: yeah, that's what went wrong05:44
Downsayprince_jammys, see you soon05:44
Flannelprince_jammys: no, ssh -p port user@server05:46
KalandrosHungry! D:05:46
KalandrosBe back.05:46
prince_jammyswow Limcore. you find so many bugs. bugs in evolution already?05:46
Flannelpunzada: that was for you (up four)05:46
punzadathank you :)05:46
punzadawas wondering why it wasn't working :P05:46
LimCoreprince_jammys: yes05:46
KalandrosMotorsport3: Dude, got it!05:46
LimCoreprince_jammys: so, do oyu have evolution un ubuntu 7.10 amd 64 to help confirm a bug?05:47
Motorsport3Kalandros: awesome, did you follow a guide? If so, link?05:47
prince_jammysLimCore: no, i uninstalled it. i use k-mail :)05:47
DevourerHow do I install VMWare player?05:47
Kaneda15i have it lim05:47
KalandrosMotorsport3: Well, no I didn't. But, I used the website for Ie4. Hold on.05:47
LimCoreprince_jammys: cool, can yoy help to confirm a bug in kmail05:47
seb963Hey there guys, know if any good autotag plugin to order my mp3??05:47
prince_jammysLimCore: what is it?05:48
KalandrosMotorsport3: http://www.tatanka.com.br/ies4linux/page/Installation05:48
LimCoreprince_jammys: it only appears in amd64 version afair05:48
Odd-rationaleseb963: EasyTag is good05:48
LimCorebecause some developers lacked skills to use proper, stable, kmail version (according to #kde)05:48
seb963Easytag... I'll search for it, thanks a lot Odd-rationale05:48
matrixhello ?05:48
jumbersHow can I check, via the terminal, what file system I have?05:48
LimCorejumbers: mount05:48
macogwjumbers: mount05:48
Motorsport3I use to use easytag, but I have too much music, so I use mp3tag via wine05:48
LimCorematrix: ye?05:48
macogwi use audio tag tool05:49
prince_jammysLimCore: i'm not running on amd6405:49
jumbersThank you05:49
=== cwe_1225 is now known as cEw_iMoetz
matrixhow's evrey body05:49
seb963Motorsport3: thats why I keep a windows partition I dont think im brave enough to do wine05:49
LimCoreprince_jammys: hmm you can then try it on 32 bit anyway05:49
prince_jammysLimCore: what do i need to do?05:49
LimCoreprince_jammys: get a filter.  like a is-not-spam filter (its standard fiter) and have it in as icon on the top box05:49
Motorsport3seb9693, neither did I, but it was stupid easy to install and use wine05:49
LimCoreprince_jammys: then click this filter quickly say 10 times, so it will start to mark 10 messages as not-spam05:50
Lartza_I dont' want to reinstall ubuntu , but I can't figure any other solution05:50
LimCoreprince_jammys: then it should crash.   does it?05:50
Motorsport3seb963, I'm running photoshop cs2 and all my flash drive apps from portableapps.com right now, its awesome05:50
LimCoreand if it does (by this or other method) then some of emails should be damaged (missing email body - they are mepty)05:50
prince_jammysLimCore: hold on05:51
rajui am creating live cd based on ubuntu , it is not booting properly05:51
OrTigaSwhere can i get games?05:51
Lartza_OrTigaS Applications>Add/Remove...05:51
Marduk-Destroyerquick question if anybody knows much about USB05:51
bullgard4I forgot the name of a command that will display a diagram of the boot up process time sequence: init starts a second process and a third etc. The second process starts another process a certain time later and so on.05:52
matrixif something happend to my ubuntu how i can renstall it ( restore it ) without using the CD ??05:52
macogwLartza_: broke it that bad?05:52
macogwOrTigaS: applications->add/remove05:52
macogwOrTigaS: i recommend Frets on Fire05:52
macogwits like Guitar Hero05:52
macogwyou can even use a GH controller05:52
matrixsomeone answer me :(05:52
bod_Marduk-Destroyer, im not sure,. why dont u ask him05:52
rajui am creating live cd based on ubuntu , it is not booting properly what may be the error05:52
Marduk-Destroyerthat would be too easy05:52
Lartza_macogw:  I get some errors on amsn and teewars05:52
bod_!anybody | Marduk-Destroyer05:52
ubotuMarduk-Destroyer: In place of  "Does anyone/anybody...", please be aware, one persons expert is another persons beginner, please ask your question in full, then see what helps!05:52
bullgard4matrix: Please put your Ubuntu question here in this channel.05:52
Lartza_macogw:  weather applet not working and internet is slow05:53
Motorsport3ipv6 disabled?05:53
Lartza_suddenly just after reboot all that05:53
macogwmatrix: live usb05:53
macogwbullgard4:er...bootchart makes png's of it05:53
matrixlive usb ?05:53
Marduk-Destroyerfair enough...I've been running Gutsy on my new laptop using a custom kernel without the SD reader module05:53
Grifte1darkcrab: I just checked the forums and it appears I'm running all the correct drivers, yet for some reason Ubuntu intermittently doesn't recognize the card.05:53
macogwLartza_: Motorsport3 was at you05:53
=== Ce_cHUe is now known as andre
Lartza_Motorsport: yes, if my system hasnt cahnged it itself05:54
seb963Motorsport3: Im not that courageus. Maybe after I get more experienced :D05:54
Marduk-Destroyerit takes a different amount of time, sometimes 10 minutes, sometimes 10 hours, but I consistently lose my USB connections05:54
Lartza_Motorsport: and the slowness is not the biggest problem05:54
Marduk-Destroyermouse, and wireless (internal usb)05:54
Motorsport3seb963, actually, I tested everything in a virtual machine before I completed it on my main system05:54
Motorsport3I def recommend it05:55
OrTigaS`my pc restart again :)05:55
twilligererm, damn clipboard05:56
OrTigaS`where can i DL games?05:56
svatHi, what is the GUI equivalent of "write" or "wall"? I want to send my mother a message; I'm logged in to my home computer and have root.05:56
FlannelOrTigaS`: the repositories!05:56
twilligerI'm thinking about moving from Windows to Linux, I've had experience with Linux before, but not for a while. Which version of Linux is best for wireless internet, as I've been told it is a bad point in Linux05:56
OrTigaS`Flannel: Link?05:56
Motorsport3OrTigaS`: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games05:57
OrTigaS`not there in repo05:57
Motorsport3tons of games05:57
OrTigaS`Motorsport3: thanks... lemme check that05:57
FlannelOrTigaS`: System > Administraton > Synaptic package maanger05:57
Gary_inNYChi, i need to speak to someone about AWN and how minimizing apps to the system tray creates ambiguous behavior with the concurrent launcher in the dock05:57
OrTigaS`Motorsport3: thanks... lemme check that05:57
Chipsa964how do i get kmix if add/remove tells me it cant retrieve some packages?05:57
raiderxxwhat is the command to run a program?05:58
raiderxxFor example: penguin05:58
ubotunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like Freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit05:58
darkcrabGriftel, then likely ubuntu just has a problem with your card. My suggestion to you is try another distribution, like PClinuxOS.05:58
=== joerlend_ is now known as XiXaQ
darkcrabor buy another more linux friendly sound card.05:58
Motorsport3that's nuts05:59
Grifte1darkcrab: thanks... I think :-/05:59
Kaneda15what sound card you having trouble with Grifte1?05:59
Gary_inNYCi want AWN to behave in such a way that when i minimize a program to tray (ex. pidgin, Rhythmbox), the launcher is hidden from the dock as well, sort of imitating gnome panel behavior.05:59
regeyanetsplits are so much fun05:59
prince_jammysLimCore: didn't crash05:59
Gary_inNYCcan it be done?05:59
svatcan I use zenity to pop up a message on another display?06:00
regeyaawn is designed to more closely imitate os x behavior, or more specifically the os x behavior when you hide an app06:00
crediblesvat: DISPLAY=:2.0 zenity --foo ?06:01
regeya(yes, os x has both minimize and hide...yes, I agree that's weird)06:01
chemicalbazhang :my friend job is done...! The Developers did great job06:01
Gary_inNYCyeah, but it's ambiguous when you hide an app to the tray.  people are inclined to click the launcher and get nothing to happen06:01
svatcredible: and if it's not my display, but I have root, it should work, right?06:01
chemicalbazhang :no problems occured06:01
crediblesvat: yes, but it should only be run as root if it absolutely has to be06:02
triorieelI have a window I cant close...is there anything morew powerful then: sudo kill -SIGKILL 1691406:03
Gary_inNYCalso, is there something i can install so that i can rename files in bulk much in the same way gThumb does it?  gThumb's bulk renaming is perfect using context menus06:03
Gary_inNYCsomething for Nautilus even?06:03
Odd-rationaleGary_inNYC: purr is quite good06:04
Odd-rationaleGary_inNYC: *purrr06:04
alex93привет всем06:05
prince_jammys!ru | alex9306:05
ubotualex93: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke06:05
svatwhat is the value of $DISPLAY, usually?06:05
Downsayprince_jammys, I couldn't figure out how to repartition06:06
macogwalex93: privyet06:06
prince_jammysDownsay: but you were able to boot gparted, right?06:06
facundo_Sysinfo for 'facundo-desktop': Linux 2.6.22-14-generic running KDE 3.5.8, CPU: AMDAthlon643000+ at 2009 MHz (4022 bogomips), , RAM: 904/1005MB, 131 proc's, 5.15h up06:06
Downsayprince_jammys, I got it to boot up, I got it to take away hdd from my windows os, but I couldn't get it to be placed onto my linux OS...only to be placed as unallocated06:06
macogwhaha bogomips06:06
bashcahi there all06:07
Motorsport3Downsay: you wanna resize your ubuntu partition?06:07
=== readyx is now known as ready
DownsayMotorsport3, yes, I need to increase the size06:07
DownsayMotorsport3, I freed up 50gb from my windows HDD that is now unallocated06:07
DownsayMotorsport3, but I can't figure out how to open that up for ubuntu to use06:07
prince_jammysDownsay: is the ubuntu partition next to the unallocated one?06:07
Downsayprince_jammys, yes, directly next to it, sda1 is windows, sda2 is linux, sda3 is unallocated06:08
Odd-rationaleGary_inNYC: http://mathrick.org/software/purrr.html06:08
Gary_inNYCsweet!  purrr is exactly what i was looking for.  thx odd-rationale!06:08
Motorsport3Downsay: did you get an error message? when attempting to resize?06:08
DownsayMotorsport3, nope, none06:08
LimCoreprince_jammys: ok, try searching for messages, give condition that subject contains "a"  and serch not in Inbox, but in all Local Folders06:09
LimCoreprince_jammys: what happens?06:09
Motorsport3Downsay: did you right click your ubuntu partition, and choose resize?06:09
DownsayMotorsport3, it said successful...and when I resized, I clicked on the sda2 (linux) and I clicked resize/move...from there I added 50gb to the Right of the current HDD06:09
Motorsport3ok, and then you click apply to force changes06:09
DownsayMotorsport3, I did that, and it came back and said completed successfully06:09
svatcan I get the values of all the displays currently running?06:10
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about charset - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:10
DownsayMotorsport3, yet when I look at it it still shows only 120mb free and then 50gb as unallocated06:10
=== KennethP_ is now known as KennethP
carolushello to all06:10
iceswordDownsay, what is wrong06:10
macogwicesword: wants to make ubuntu have more hdd space on a dual boot06:11
Downsayicesword, I'm not sure, tried to repartition, I took 50gb from windows, successfully, it showed the size of the hd shrink06:11
carolusnew to ubuntu?06:11
carolusI am06:11
carolusjust installed it about a week ago06:11
Grifte1Kaneda15: I'm getting audio working only intermittently with my M-Audio Audiophile Delta 249606:11
Downsayicesword, when I tried to add it to linux, it said successful, but wouldn't update the hdd space allowed for Linux, just put it under Unallocated instead06:11
benny_hi.. I'm really getting tired for youtube (I think it's flash) crashing firefox.  I didn't see anything on ubuntuforums.  Anyone know how to fix?06:12
iceswordDownsay, wait,you said add,how do you add06:12
Motorsport3icesword: he's out of disk space on his ubuntu partition, deleted his windows partition, and wants to add the unallocated free space to his ubuntu parition, correct me if I'm wrong Downsay06:12
DownsayMotorsport3, you're correct06:12
carolusflash in firefox = something to be desired06:13
iceswordi am afraid it is not easy,format that partition,when mount,where to mount06:13
Downsayicesword, I clicked on my ubuntu HDD, clicked resize/move, and then in the box where it says Free MiB to Left and Free MiB to Right, I had 0 to left, and then I put 50000 to right06:13
raiderxxHi, Im having problems putting apps on my desktop. I drag them onto my desktop, but the dont go there. They disappear. Anyone know why?06:13
Motorsport3Downsay: you can read over this article for some clarification, http://howtoforge.com/partitioning_with_gparted06:13
iceswordDownsay, where to mount it06:13
Grifte1did Kaneda15 leave?06:13
penAnyone know when will the bug of the empty cdrom drive be solved?06:13
Downsayicesword, what do you mean where to mount it?  I don't really know what that means06:14
LimCoreprince_jammys: and?  exacly, it crashes while searching in Trash  for me06:14
=== _packetscan is now known as packetscan
iceswordDownsay, you know,after that partition is formatted,where should you mount it to06:14
prince_jammys___Downsay sorry i got disconnected06:14
paul---i have an external ip bound to a tap device i was really really hoping that it would measure the traffic - but it doesnt seem like the traffic is being registered on the tap device by the external ip address works06:14
Downsayicesword, I don't know what mounting is really, nor do I know how to do it:(06:14
paul---how can i solve this :/06:14
prince_jammys___Downsay: i was saying you should be able to select your ubuntu partition, then "resize" and drag it so it takes over the unallocated space06:15
Motorsport3icesword: he shouldn't need to mount anything, he just wants to resize his ubuntu part. he is using gparted livecd06:15
iceswordi see06:15
prince_jammys___what is the ghost command i use to reclaim my nick?06:15
LimCoreprince_jammys___: but it crashes not always it seems06:15
Flannelprince_jammys___: /msg nickserv help ghost06:15
prince_jammys___GHOST prince_jammys06:16
Downsayprince_jammys, hrm, let me try that in a bit, I want to read this website really fast06:16
Flannelprince_jammys___: /msg nickserv ghost nick password06:16
=== prince_jammys___ is now known as prince_jammys
jrgottidamnit...I was hoping to catch Antkin on here...I need some entertainment06:17
Downsayprince_jammys, I'll brb, going to try this again06:17
sizzlewhere do i go for web scripts06:17
prince_jammysFlannel: thanks06:17
=== osxdude is now known as osxdude|laptop
josh18572 questions... what does supported until 2009 mean and what is the most stable server release?06:18
Motorsport3josh1857: supported until 2009 means supported until 2009, and 6.06.106:19
crediblejosh1857: dapper is currently the best choice for a server, and it's supported for 5 years on the server (but almost 2 have expired by now)06:19
iceswordjosh1857, haha,you mean stable,the sole kernel is stable,then you compile new software makes it most stable06:19
Flanneljosh1857: dapper is.  Supported until 2011 (June of 2011)06:19
benny_anyone here use opera?  it play any better with flash?06:20
josh1857supported means?06:20
crediblejosh1857: security updates06:20
josh1857it is retired after that?06:20
Flanneljosh1857: package updates (bugs/security)06:20
josh1857so after that you have to install a newer version?06:20
Flanneljosh1857: After that no more updates, yeah.  You can upgrade from one LTS to the next, however.  Hardy is coming out in April06:20
FlannelMotorsport3: the .1 (and .2) point releases are really only for the isos, not the version itself06:20
Motorsport3Flannel: didn't know that, thanks06:21
josh1857that is still slightly confusing06:21
Flanneljosh1857: What are you confused about?06:21
macogwFlannel: by what math? 2006+3=200906:21
josh1857the bugs/updates06:21
Flannelmacogw: server, 2006 + 5 = 201106:21
macogwFlannel: ooo server06:21
ubotuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto06:21
Flanneljosh1857: Ubuntu has frozen version numbers for its software.  The "versions" of the software it shipped with will always be those (Firefox 1.5, for instance).06:22
iceswordjosh1857, i say,you want stable,why not build a software from source06:22
Flanneljosh1857: The updates you recieve are bugfixes and security issues (which I suppose are also bugs), no new features, and no new versions06:22
macogwFlannel: no i think it has ff2 now because 1.5 gets no security updates06:22
Motorsport3macogw: I think it was just an example06:22
Flannelmacogw: no.  1.5 is getting backported updates, the ubuntu team is supporting it themselves.  2.0 is in -backports though06:22
rhineheart_mhow to prevent ubuntu to be accessible by IP? I want it to be accessed only with domain06:23
josh1857forgive my ignorance i am a bsd user06:23
Motorsport3bsd rox06:23
josh1857we dont have "retired" versions06:23
macogwFlannel: really?06:23
crediblerhineheart_m: I'm not sure exactly what you're asking, but in general that's impossible06:23
Flanneljosh1857: A lot of linuxes dont06:23
Flannelmacogw: http://packages.ubuntu.com/dapper/firefox06:23
macogwFlannel: weirditude06:23
josh1857trying to wrap my mind around it06:24
pyrakcan i use ekiga to make calls through my phone line?06:24
pyrakmeaning, to other land lines?06:24
rhineheart_mcredible: I've seen a lot of sites that can't be accessed by numerical06:24
Flanneljosh1857: Basically once its unsupported, you need to upgrade/reinstall whatever.  It only happens because Ubuntu uses a time-based, frozen version, release methodology.  Instead of a rolling release one (like debian [stable|unstable])06:24
killowndoes anyone know any utility to do overclock on celeron processors?06:24
magnetronpyrak: yes, if you get an account at a SIP broker06:24
crediblerhineheart_m: the domain name is just resolved into an IP addres06:24
credibleso even when you visit a website by domain, it's being fetched by its IP06:25
pyrakmagnetron, i can't just plug in my own phone line?06:25
benny_rhineheart_m: probably some iptables hacks for that.. not that this is a helpful comment. :)06:25
josh1857flannel: so that means i need upgrade or reinstall and setup the entire server?06:25
magnetronpyrak: you could, but that would require special and uncommon hardware06:25
josh1857every 3 years06:25
josh1857or however long06:25
Flanneljosh1857: five years (on the server)06:25
Flanneljosh1857: yes, or you can just stop getting any udpates what so ever06:26
Flanneljosh1857: It's not going to magically stop working, you just wont have any updates06:26
josh1857I understand that it just seems odd for a production server06:26
PiousMinionAnyone know how I can record a video of my screen including the compiz effects?06:27
Flanneljosh1857: Well, if you dont want to be on a treadmill, however long, Ubuntu may not be the right OS for you.  We're not going to lie to you06:28
Odd-rationalePiousMinion: gtk-recordmydesktop will if you have a fast enough computer06:28
PiousMinionOdd-rationale: and if I have an old ratty computer?06:28
Odd-rationalePiousMinion: Otherwise the compiz efect will be kindof slow06:28
Odd-rationale*and choppy06:29
bretton07dose anybody know how to install/use the htc 6 tap06:29
josh1857flannel: i appreciate that :) can you direct me to a ubuntu server based forum or chat room? I would like to chat with some people that run ubuntu on production servers06:29
curioususerbretton07, I might, I've been playing with that06:30
curioususerPM me?06:30
prince_jammysjosh1857: #ubuntu-server06:30
Flanneljosh1857: #ubuntu-server may be appropriate.  depending on the week, its either a support channel for server edition, or a server edition war room.06:30
rajui am creating live cd based on ubuntu , it is not booting properly what may be the error06:30
bretton07i'v installed it to my mogul but im not sure what to do next06:31
cens0redI've always been after a "howto set up apache so you can start tinkering with php".06:31
curioususerbretton07 I have the Titan from Alltel, there's a trick to it06:31
prince_jammysraju: elaborate06:31
raiderxxI am having trouble seeing my applications on my desktop. Can someone help?06:31
Flannel!lamp | cens0red06:31
ubotucens0red: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)06:31
astheohi, is there a linux version of chikka?06:31
CodeninjaI got the same problem as raju, not sure what to do - doesn't run from boot and when it get it running the GUI doesn't load fully, only the background.... When considering I'm a linux nub is a pain06:31
Flanneljosh1857: I believe there's also a section dedicated to the server edition on ubuntu forums (ubuntuforums.org)06:32
curioususerbretton07, if you copy the ROM to your root directory on a blank memory card under FAT32 you can press the combo keys (PWR+CAMERA on Titan) to load it06:32
bullgard4macogw: Thank you very much for reminding me on 'bootchart'.06:32
cens0redFlannel thanks. But that howto seems to be about how to set up a separate server. I only have one box.06:33
raiderxxCan anyone help?06:33
TheCrazyBombHoly ass-crap, this is literally 500x the amount of people i've ever seen in an IRC chat06:33
macogwbullgard4: np06:33
Flannelcens0red: No, the link it gives tells you how to set it all up06:33
bullgard4When I try to observe the file /var/log/bootchart/gutsy-20080305-1.png, mc will object: "Error. /tmp/mc-detlef/mcextelW3ce: 2: identify: not found."06:33
magnetron!language | TheCrazyBomb06:33
ubotuTheCrazyBomb: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.06:33
Flannelcens0red: (on any arbitrary box)06:33
macogwbullgard4: huh? how do you try?06:34
=== Huei is now known as chipsa964
macogwbullgard4:  eog?06:34
Downsayalright, I just got it to work06:34
cens0redFlannel cheers. A bit confusing though, because the firstr para is telling me to install the server CD at boot up.06:34
bullgard4macogw: What does 'eog' mean?06:34
Downsaynow that I have it working I would like to upgrade to gutsy06:34
TheCrazyBombWell, you all have a good day now, you hear?06:34
rajuprince_jammys, it is going upto mounting the filesystem then it says "Begin mounting the filesystem ..Done Alert doent exist Dropping to shell"06:34
Downsaybut there's no upgrade button up top06:34
Odd-rationalebullgard4: Eye of gnome - image viewer06:34
macogwbullgard4: eye of gnome06:34
Downsaynvm, figured it out06:34
prince_jammysDownsay: you were able to resize the partition?06:34
macogwbullgard4: eog /var/log/bootchart/gutsy-20080305-1.png06:35
magnetronTheCrazyBomb: "literally 500x"? that means the larges channel you were in had 2 users06:35
Downsayprince_jammys, yes I was06:35
macogwbullgard4: its the image viewer06:35
prince_jammysDownsay: good06:35
=== lightspeed is now known as veirs
xyblorwhat's a terminal command to find the size of a directory?06:35
macogwxyblor: du -csh dir/06:35
xybloroh thanks!06:35
macogwxyblor: replace dir/ with whatever it is06:35
xyblormacogw: never heard of du06:36
curioususerbretton07, appears the Mogul is the phone I have, it's also called the Titan06:36
rajuprince_jammys, it is going upto mounting the filesystem then it says "Begin mounting the filesystem ..Done Alert doent exist Dropping to shell"06:36
Neekuwhat's the command to see what those two ext3 partitions are for? (home, ...)06:36
curioususerbretton07, the steps should be the same06:36
macogwNeeku: huh?06:36
macogwNeeku: /home is where your stuff goes06:37
prince_jammysraju: ok, i don't know - but post the full question including that error message and someone might know06:37
raiderxxIm having trouble seeing my desktop, and none of my desktop items are showing. Can someone help?06:37
prince_jammysraju: post it to the whole channel06:37
rajuprince_jammys, how to do that06:37
Neekumacogw: i want to resize my linux partitions using partition magic; there are 2 ext3 partitions and 1 swap; i don't know which of the ext3's should become larger, or both?06:37
prince_jammysraju: just rewrite the question from the beginning, including the error message (but don't include my name)06:38
macogwNeeku: depends exactly what you want to do06:38
prince_jammysraju: all i can think of is to try the alternate CD, but maybe there's another way06:38
bullgard4macogw:  eog /var/log/bootchart/gutsy-20080305-1.png works! Thank you for your help. -- Can you guess why mc cannot display this file? --  Is eog the recommended way to consider the bootchart output files?06:38
Lowke1can someone help me with installing enemy territory? i keep getting this error06:38
Lowke1Seems like Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was installed by another user.06:38
Lowke1You have to install True Combat: Elite as the same user who did install Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.06:38
macogwbullgard4: i dont know what mc is06:38
prince_jammysmidnight commander, a file manager06:39
Neekumacogw: i want to enlarge the space for my linux partitions and then install ubuntu on that06:39
bullgard4macogw: mc is the Midnight commander.06:39
rajuprince_jammys, ok06:39
prince_jammysbullgard4: eog is "eye of gnome", an image viewer06:39
macogwbullgard4: because its not an image viewer06:39
prince_jammysbullgard4: you can't view images with mc06:39
Lowke1can someone help me with installing enemy territory? i keep getting this error: Seems like Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was installed by another user. You have to install True Combat: Elite as the same user who did install Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.06:39
Lowke1my usr/local/games is empty.. and i tried installing both Et and tc:e06:39
Flannelcens0red: It recommends that because it's a simplest way to do it.  But adding it to an existing install is really simple as well06:39
Sonjahow do i get the best drivers for my video card? ATI Sapphire06:39
macogwNeeku: ok....well the ext3's are both linux ones so whichever you wanna make bigger, go ahead06:39
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about sapphire - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:39
cens0redFlannel will follow the howto. Bout time I learned php.06:40
bullgard4prince_jammys: hank06:40
Neekumacogw: you mean i should make both of them bigger?06:40
bullgard4prince_jammys: Thank you for helping.06:40
macogwNeeku: it depends what you want to use each for06:40
Neekumacogw: or something else...06:40
prince_jammysraju: the alternate cd is another install cd06:40
macogwNeeku: and how much each gets is totally up to you06:40
macogwNeeku: id suggest a 10GB partition for / and then however much space you want to hold your stuff for /home06:41
Odd-rationaleNeeku: Go to System --> Admin --> System monitor and go to the filesystem tab.06:41
bullgard4macogw: I hear your guess. But I will further enquire. Because mc is such a universal tool that it would surprise me that it cannot handle .png files.06:41
rajuprince_jammys, no , i want to work out my live cd which is based on ubuntu06:42
Neekumacogw: i'm an amateur linux user; but i want to have enough space when i'm using it. i had ubuntu installed on this hard; but now my system is 64bits and i'm going to install the 64bit ubuntu on the same partition, and i don't want to format them...06:42
macogwbullgard4: it doesnt say image viewer when i read the info on it06:42
Odd-rationaleNeeku: It will tell the device (/dev/sdax), Where it is mounted (/) and what size it is.06:42
bullgard4macogw: Ah! Thank you for commenting.06:42
macogwNeeku: you have to format the partition where / goes06:42
jenniHey guys, I'm trying to install a new login manager using Art Manager but the install button is disabled can anyone please help06:43
Prez00would there be any problem on installing ubuntu on SSD sata drive?  I am about to buy a LEnovo ThinkPad X30006:43
chipsa964rich boy!06:43
Prez00gutsy currently runs great on my x6106:43
Neekumacogw: then can i resize it while installing? (getting some space from fat partition)06:43
macogwPrez00: shouldnt be, just make sure you set "noatime" on your /etc/fstab so it doesnt write the disk too much.  SSD's have limited writes06:44
macogwNeeku: yes06:44
Lowke1can someone help me with installing enemy territory? i keep getting this error: Seems like Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was installed by another user. You have to install True Combat: Elite as the same user who did install Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. my usr/local/games is empty.. and i tried installing both Et and tc:e06:44
macogwNeeku: the manual partitioner can do it, i believe.  gparted's on the cd too06:44
Mighty_Penguingparted livecd ftw06:45
chipsa964can anyone give me any suggestions on how i can get my internal mic to work?06:45
jenniHey guys, I'm trying to install a new login manager using Art Manager but the install button is disabled can anyone please help06:45
Prez00macogw: great, thanks06:45
Sonjahow do i detect which video card I have? this is the lspci http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=446851606:45
Mighty_Penguinjenni on gdebi?06:45
jenniWhats gdebi06:46
Odd-rationaleSonja: The VGA line06:46
Mighty_Penguingdebi is a program used to install .deb packages you usually find on the internet06:46
jenniI just went to System > Preferences > Art Manager06:46
Odd-rationaleSonja: lspci | grep VGA06:46
jennino the file is a tar ball06:46
Mighty_Penguinah, cant help, i never used it before06:46
jennifrom art.gnome.org06:46
Mighty_Penguinoh, gnome-art you mean?06:47
Mighty_Penguini actually installed that before not long ago06:47
Sonja03:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Unknown device 94c306:47
Mighty_Penguinhrm, so you want to install a new login? well06:47
Mighty_Penguinhold on a sec let me see something jenni06:47
whos2knowhello... I need some help if someone can help me... my Delgue isn't working right anymore and gives me a boost::filesystem::create_directory.  and when I download a torrent it will give me another error saying it can't create the file.... any help would be great thank you!!06:48
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=== ^HeLpEr`B is now known as RoAkSoAx
Sonjaright now it says i'm using vesa-compliant driver. is there not a better one?06:48
Mighty_Penguinjenni did you download the file?06:48
Mighty_Penguinjenni go to system > admin > login06:48
Mighty_Penguinand go to local, hit install and select the file you downloaded06:49
bod_shevy in #winehq says we suck06:49
Mighty_Penguinshould work :)06:49
bod_apparently thy reckon the wine in ubuntu repo's initially is broken06:49
jenniok ill give it a try, thanks06:50
Mighty_Penguinyep jenni np :)06:50
magnetronSonja: try this: System > Administration > Proprietary Drivers manager06:50
darkcrabanyone got a clue what this means: GLib-CRITICAL **: file gstrfuncs.c: line 186 (g_strconcat): assertion `string1 != NULL' failed.06:51
Odd-rationaleok. I just did the "free the fish" thingy. Now how do I "kill the fish" :?06:52
sterfry1988i am trying to run  a script through the terminal and it says permission denied, i tried running the script via sudo and it says it doesn't exist. any ideas?06:53
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=== ^HeLpEr`B is now known as RoAkSoAx
darkcrabanyone know what this means: GLib-CRITICAL **: file gstrfuncs.c: line 186 (g_strconcat): assertion `string1 != NULL' failed.06:53
sterfry1988figured it out06:54
credibledarkcrab: that there's a bug in whatever app gave that error :)06:54
sterfry1988it had to have "allow execution in the .sh file"06:55
darkcrabcan I fix it credible?06:55
credibledarkcrab: only if you know C and are familiar with the source of the app that had that error06:56
rencore_how can i make java work in firefox?06:56
sterfry1988here is a question, if i have 2 NIC cards in my computer one that receives internet and then other one runs to a switch, do i have to configure the other card?06:56
darkcrabah ok06:56
credibleOdd-rationale: afaik you have to killall gnome-panel :/06:56
sterfry1988rencore: download the plugin06:57
darkcrabdo you think it is ok to continue to run the application credible?06:57
rencore_sterfry1988, what is it call06:57
darkcrabit doesnt seem to have any problems.06:57
sterfry1988rencore: http://www.java.com/en/download/linux_manual.jsp06:58
Odd-rationalecredible: :( I'll just wiat itll i log out...06:59
* Odd-rationale is tired of this fish...06:59
ParanoyaMhas a question about linux os, i need to install asterisk not from root, imake all directories /var/asterisl /etc/asterisk but now asterisk setup is needed to install  files in /sbin  andi am actually afraid of change own rights at this folder? so question in that how to install from not root user files in folder /sbin07:00
SeveasParanoyaM, don't compile manually, use a package07:00
ParanoyaMseveas not acceptible07:01
devron6Evening everyone07:01
ParanoyaMSeveas so there is some problem with manual installation?07:01
SeveasParanoyaM, yes, you seem not to know how to do it. That's why there are packages07:01
ParanoyaMSeveas it is not a reason ) can you explain how to do this? or give link07:03
ParanoyaMwhere i can read about it07:03
ubotuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)07:03
Neekumacogw: how much space do you recommend?07:04
whos2knowanyone help??07:04
macogwNeeku: 10GB for /07:05
Neekumacogw: i'm confused; i don't know if i should move all 'my documents' from my fat partition to here and migrate totally or just leave them there, and ... :-/07:05
macogwNeeku: you can read from FAT just fine07:05
macogwand write07:05
devron6whos2know: what is the problem07:05
macogwdoesnt matter much07:05
whos2knowwell... when i start Deluge it comes up with the error boost::filesystem::create_directory and07:06
devron6hmmm I do not think that I would be able to help you with that one sorry do not know what deluge is07:06
Neekumacogw: i had problems with that... i couldn't edit my mp3 tags in any ways; i used nautilus and every other thing i could...07:06
whos2knowi am unable to download any new files.... when it starts to download it gives me this error07:06
Les_CaesarsI'm trying to install pidgin 2.4 from the source, and it says I don't have Glib2.0 developer files installed. Even though I think I do. Why is "configure" really complaining?07:06
Neekuso you say 10gb for each ext?07:06
devron6who2know: actually are u running it as a super user07:06
J-_laptopis sftp:// ssh?07:06
macogwNeeku: for the root partition (aka / )07:07
gitpikhi all! I'm having trouble with a few avi files on VLC. They work fine in Mplayer, but in VLC the colors are misaligned so that there is a green bar across the top of the screen.07:07
macogwNeeku: if youre having a separate /home partition for easy reinstalls (thats what i do)07:07
SeveasJ-_laptop, it uses ssh as transport07:07
whos2knowwell... i can't get the other error to come up .... but... it's a simular problem.... that it can't write...07:07
whos2knowi've tried to fix the permissions... but... that didn't work...07:07
gitpikI've installed a bunch of different codecs but nothing seems to work :(07:08
J-_laptopSeveas: thank you sir! @lart Seveas for being cool. =P07:08
whos2knowi still downloads the ones that it was downloading before... but... don't download any new torrents.. :\07:08
devron6who2knowsss: i do not know then07:08
Neekumacogw: and what about the swap? my ram is 1gb now; shall i keep it with 1gb size, or make it 2gb?07:08
whos2knowtorrent paused: disk write error, open failed: '/home No such file or directory07:08
J-_laptopSeveas: does that mean, I can still use ssh keys with that protocol to secure the connection?07:08
macogwNeeku: if you make it 2GB you can use hibernate even when more than 1GB is in use07:08
whos2knowthis is the other error code I recieve.. :\07:09
SeveasJ-_laptop, correct07:09
nanobugcan someone possibly help me out07:09
macogwNeeku: if you dont use hibernate or suspend...no need to have 2GB07:09
J-_laptopSeveas: thanks07:09
nanobugi have been trying for over an hour now to get  ubuntu to allow me to use a higher screen resolution07:09
nanobugi have manually edited my xorg.conf and added a custom modeline using a generator and the specs for my monitor from the manual07:10
whos2knowany ideas?07:10
nanobugi have removed all other modelines from xorg.conf except for 1920x144007:10
nanobugbut it still boots up in 1600x120007:10
gitpikincluding the medibuntu codecs and it's still messed up. It's only some avi too not all.07:11
Neekunow that i'm deleting these partitions are they being deleted right now, or they'll be deleted after a restart?07:11
FlannelNeeku: They're being deleted right now (or assuming you've actually committed the changes)07:12
nanobugis there some sort of display mode autodetection in gutsy?07:12
nanobugbecause im not  understanding how it continues to work with 1600x1200 when I have removed all references to 1600x1200 in xorg.conf07:13
nanobugi would at least understand if x refused to start or the screen was scramble07:13
nanobugbut its like my changes in xorg.conf have no effect whatsoever07:13
gitpikanyone have any ideas?07:13
Neekuhow can i merge two fat32 partitions?07:14
ParanoyaMi read manual, there is written that i need to run make install from sudo07:15
ParanoyaMbut i use asp linux, and there is no sudo07:15
cjaeI have a seagate freeagent usb/esata external hdd and it keeps disappearing from all menus and desktop icons and even when it shows it will not miunt. Can I probe the usb connection or something07:15
ParanoyaMthere is su, but i need to install asterisk from users asterisk07:16
SeveasParanoyaM, asp linux?07:16
Seveasthis is an ubuntu support channel, if you don't use ubuntu, don't expect help07:16
ParanoyaMSeveas yes07:16
ParanoyaMSeveas ok then is there any asp linux channel?07:16
Neekuhow can i merge two fat partitions?07:16
Seveasno idea07:16
ParanoyaMSeveas thanks07:17
macogwParanoyaM: you could install sudo07:17
Seveasmacogw, if 'asp linux' has that07:17
PendetaIs there a way to prevent users from playing internet games?07:17
FlannelPendeta: Take away their internet07:17
macogwSeveas: er....oh yeah....well, s/he could compile it07:17
Seveasmacogw, :)07:18
Neekuany ideas?07:18
macogwSeveas: and then use it to finish compiling asterisk.... yay, yak shaving!07:19
PendetaFlannel, is there any other way (besides shooting them)?07:19
prince_jammyshang them07:19
SeveasPendeta, don't install flash or java07:19
prince_jammysthere you go07:19
macogwPendeta: block the websites that have games07:19
FlannelPendeta: Considering the internet has games over HTTP, no, not really.  You could try and do the filter thing, but its unlikely to work, and has lots of false positives, and stuff.07:19
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yigalhas anyone here used gnome-do - what an awesome program07:20
yigalmandrig: hello07:20
gitpikshould i ask again?07:21
Odd-rationaleyigal: I use it!07:21
mandrigSo I just installed Ubuntu, for I think the 3rd time.07:21
yigalOdd-rationale: Isn't it cool, I have beagle and the two together are really neat07:21
darkcrabdoes anyone know how to update ubuntu's clamav to the current version?07:21
mandrigAnd I need some help, could someone help me?07:21
Odd-rationalemandrig: Don't worry. Ive done that too07:21
Neekucan't i merge two partitions using ubuntu partitioner?07:22
yigaldarkcrab: use "#freshclam"07:22
yigaldarkcrab: sudo freshclam07:22
darkcrabno, I dont mean the virus definitions, I mean the actual program.07:22
Odd-rationaleyigal: Have you figured out hot make it not so transparent when using compiz. I can hardly read anything07:22
Odd-rationale* not so transparent07:22
yigalOdd-rationale: I am using metacity with compositing, basically transparent terminals and a few other things but not full blown compiz07:23
yigalOdd-rationale: it's much less resource intensive and does what I want it to07:23
aroonitop seems to be a poor way of seeing where my memory is allocated; is there a better way?07:23
Odd-rationaleyigal: ok. I use metacity for every day computing. Compiz for show off ;) I would like to gnome-do to my demo, but it comes up so transperent07:24
Seveasarooni, a microscope07:24
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arooniSeveas, i have 324MB used of 360 and i cant see the MB allocation for the top processes (mongrel_rails) for instance07:25
armedkingHey all, Last couple of days i had trouble with 2D rendering in Ubuntu (Bringing CPU to 100% when drawing 2D incl Metacity) what i did is test my card on a windows box (Nvidia 8600GTS) with Windows Nvidia Drivers and tested my card on all aspects saying all works ok. Can i assume now that it's a Software problem? Because i want to figure out now what's Causing the problem.07:25
BobSapphow do i install lmsensors so i can sense my cpu temperature?07:26
pluxBobSapp: apt-get install lmsensors07:26
jetscreamerthen run sensors-detect07:26
AntiUSAwhat is the best package to install for playing WMV? for XVID?07:27
jetscreamerarmedking: with windows nvidia drivers?07:27
BobSappthankyou plux07:27
armedkingjetscreamer, yes and i ran the Windows Diagnostics on the card all night.07:27
jetscreamerarmedking: try glxinfo | grep vendor07:27
jetscreamermplayer or anything07:28
armedkingjetscreamer, i just wanted to make sure it's not my card so i can work on the problem at hand07:28
magnetron!codec | AntiUSA07:28
ubotuAntiUSA: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats07:28
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jetscreamerarmedking: try glxinfo | grep vendor  and see if they all say nvidia07:28
armedkingjetscreamer, Yes they do ;-) driver is installed correct. 3D rendering works like a charm but 2D is a pain.07:29
VioletCrimeHeyas everybody! I'm essentially brand-spankin new to linux as a whole. I'm completely lost as to where to start. I keep trying to find a glossary for things like GNOME and other linux-specific lingo so I can start to make sense of it all, but keep coming up empty. Anyone have some links they can toss a newbies way?07:30
armedkingjetscreamer. What i was thinking it had to do something with Mesa (responsible for 2D drawing) lookt more like my box makes Xorg responsible for 2D and not my card07:30
jetscreamerarmedking: is that the ubuntu driver or the nvidia driver07:30
jetscreamerubuntu restricted i mean07:31
gambakufuI'm trying to install libapache-mod-ssl, but I'm getting an error telling me that the package is either missin, obsolete or only available from another source. how do I find out which of those is the actual case?07:31
jetscreamervs nvidia-installer07:31
armedkingjetscreamer, I tryed the driver from Nvidia site, Resticted Manager, and the Open NV driver all with the same result07:31
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about new - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:33
AntiUSAwhen I try to play WMV all I get it a bunch of Pink and green garble07:33
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats07:33
magnetronAntiUSA: did you install ubuntu-restricted-extras?07:34
magnetronAntiUSA: did you try opening the video in VLC?07:34
AntiUSAthing simply looked bad before I installed ubuntu-restrcted-extras07:34
AntiUSAlemme try that07:34
prince_jammysVioletCrime: check this: http://www.linuxdevcenter.com/pub/a/linux/2005/10/27/what-is-a-linux-distribution.html#useful-jargon07:35
magnetronAntiUSA: just install it with add/remove07:35
magnetron!enter | AntiUSA07:35
ubotuAntiUSA: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!07:35
AntiUSAhaha, ok07:35
jetscreamerxine-ui is good07:36
PendetaFlannel, Seveas, and macogw, thanks!07:36
jetscreamerapt-get install xine-ui07:36
armedkingjetscreamer, I'm now on my way of testing with Hardy Alpha 6 to c if that fixes it. Cause it may be because of tha latest kernel Upgrade.07:36
jetscreameryou might just need some codecs though07:36
jetscreamerarmedking: i have no idea, but did you ask in #nvidia ?07:37
gambakufuhow do I change my apt-get sources list?07:37
jetscreameredit it07:37
armedkingjetscreamer, yes they are cleuless as well. But thanks for the chat m8. I'll prob get it fixed somehow. been using Linux for 1.5 years now not planning on giving it up ;-)07:37
AntiUSAVLC gives me the pink and green crap as well07:38
gambakufujetscreamer: where can I find a full list of mirrors?07:38
jetscreameri don't personally like vlc but that's just me07:38
magnetronAntiUSA: does any video files work?07:38
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ubotuUbuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://nl.releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Archive - PLEASE use the !torrents to download Gutsy, and help keeping the servers' load low!07:38
prince_jammysgambakufu: you can change it from the GUI from System->Admin->Software Sources07:38
jetscreamerarmedking: just compile a kernel if you think it might be that07:39
VioletCrimePrince_jammys: Many thanks. This should keep me occupied a good while.07:39
AntiUSAinteresting, none of my videos work after installing ubuntu-restricted extras07:39
prince_jammysVioletCrime: yeah that looks like a good summary. other guides can be quite long07:39
d0lph1nK1ngnvidia driver is crummy on gutsy07:39
AntiUSAI had installed GStreamer before installing ubuntu-restrcted-extras.... could that be it.07:40
magnetronAntiUSA: are you using compiz with an intel video card?07:40
jetscreameri never liked gstreamer if that helps, but no idea07:40
magnetronAntiUSA: those codecs is not the problem, trust me07:40