ZectbumoLarstiQ: thanks :)00:01
james_wLarstiQ: thanks for the tips though, I think it's important to mention.00:02
LarstiQjames_w: last_revision_info also returns a revno, last_revision does last_revision_info()[0], and for Branch6 formats last_revision_info does not touch the revision history, since the information is stored in that branch format00:02
james_wLarstiQ: great, thanks.00:02
LarstiQjames_w: it is especially fun and noticable when doing a revision_history() of Mozilla over the network00:02
LarstiQ9Mb of revision history just to print the revno, ugh00:02
LarstiQZectbumo: I'll go to bed in a second, but I'll read backlog00:03
LarstiQZectbumo: quite a bit of work has been done last summer and it is functional, it could use more polish00:03
LarstiQZectbumo: I suppose you're a VS user?00:03
ZectbumoLarstiQ: I just started00:04
Zectbumoer, was forced00:04
ZectbumoLarstiQ: well, I'm going home from work now, so no worries00:05
LarstiQAmericas timezone?00:06
mwhudsonbeuno: hi00:08
beunomwhudson, hey00:11
mwhudsonbeuno: so i heard a rumour you had some kind of php app we might want to steal ideas from?00:12
mwhudsonbeuno: i have to say i'm a little tired of suggestions like "implement a nice interface with CSS and javascript to navigate history."00:13
mwhudsonbecause the design is much, much harder than the implementation :)00:13
beunomwhudson, right. I've actually been working on a web app for bzr for the last year00:14
beunoso I have quite some work on the interface bits00:14
beunoI should be arriving back home on the 20th, and my primary use of free time will be to get the interesting bits out of it00:14
beunoand open source them00:14
beunoand maybe let you take a peak beforehand to see if it's useful for you00:15
beunothe rest of the PHP should follow, just think the css + ajax might be of more use now00:15
mwhudsonthat would be very cool, yes00:16
beunoso, it wouldn't be impossible to slap a new interface on that?00:16
mwhudsonshouldn't think so00:18
beunocool. I'll be more than happy to work on this with you, using what I already have, or starting from scratch if there are good reasons to do so00:19
mwhudsonis there a public facing version of this app anywhere?00:19
beunomwhudson, no, that's the problem00:19
beunobut I will get it up somewhere I can let you look00:20
mwhudsonbeuno: as i've been posting to the list, it's developing a coherent and sensible model for navigation that's got me stumped at the moment00:20
mwhudsonbeuno: can you explain briefly what you did?00:20
beunomwhudson, yes, let me try00:23
beunobasically, what I have right now, is PHP getting all bzr history into a database. All that is used as a part of our internal workflow software, so there are many unrelated bits. Among those bits, you have one, that is currently broken due to last minute changes, which is history navigation through an ajax interface00:24
beunosince most users that use the system are bzr-ignorant00:25
beunoI went through a few redesigns with a few of the graphic designers to make it easier to understand00:25
beunothat led me to a more comprehensive history navigation, but also to some bzr-unrelated things I have to strip out to open it up to the world00:26
beunoit's all CSS + mootools for ajax effects00:26
beunoso it should be easy to port on top of pyhton00:26
beunothere are also some nice looking icons I have to make sure aren't used somewhere else00:27
mwhudsonthat still doesn't explain to me what the history navigation is like :)00:28
mwhudson(sounds pretty cool though)00:28
beunoah, right00:28
beunolet me try and describe from memory00:28
beunoI don;t think it's too much far off what you have right now, at least what I saw on the last PNG00:28
beunoit shows all revisions, and you can expand them with ajax as many levels deep as there is00:29
beunoeach one has all the relevant information on it, commiter, time, message, files changed/added/removed00:29
beunoeverything related to that revision can be seen by clicking on it00:30
beunoand without refreshing the page00:30
mwhudsondo you have separate views for annotate/file listing/revisions ?00:30
mwhudsonrevisions with diffs, rather00:30
beunothere are some additional links which take you to per-file histories00:30
beunoyes, although, if IIRC, we don't have annotate yet implemented00:30
beunojust file listing and revisions00:30
beunoand you jump from one to the other if needed00:31
beunoof course, none of this seems like much unless I can show00:31
beunowhich I can't, because I'm 16.000km away from the office00:31
mwhudsonwhen looking at the file history, do you show the actual revisions that change the file or the mainline revisions that merge the changing revisions?00:32
beuno(and, about 10 hours work to fix new bugs introduced when updating it)00:32
mwhudson(is there much of a mainline/non-mainline distinction?)00:32
beunoactual revisions that change the file is the one that sticked. Before, we showed the files, just in a very greyed out color to show that it wasn't actually touched in that revision00:33
mwhudsoni'm not sure i understand00:34
mwhudsonyou tried more than one approach?00:34
beunoit evolved over time as people complained00:34
beunoit's been a long year  :D00:35
mwhudsoninteresting :)00:35
beunoyes, I would of really liked to get this out in the open before, but I just kept postpoing til I could clean up the code00:36
beunofor which I ended doing things directly on bzrlib00:36
beunowhich ended up with me at the sprint00:36
mwhudsonheh, i know that one :)00:36
beunoso now I have to go back to the start00:37
beunoI'm sure you do much better  ;)00:37
beunomy thought after the sprint where00:38
beunoif I can show what I have right now to you00:38
beunoand you feel it's worth working on00:38
beunoI can invest a few days in abstracting a bit more so we can share the same interface code00:38
beunoand make sure all future work gets merged back both ways00:38
beuno(or even for some other project, I suppose)00:39
mwhudsonwell, i'm definitely extremely interested in seeing the results of incorporating a year's worth of user feedback00:39
beunoalso, we don;t use IE at all, so there might be some IE-specific CSS and Javascript bugs I don'y know about00:39
mwhudsonwell, i don't either (surprise, surprise) but i'm sure we can find some way of testing it00:40
beuno(my typing is awful today)00:40
beunogood to hear00:40
mwhudsonand/or just paying someone to make the problems go away00:41
mwhudsoni also don't know and don't really want to know php00:42
beunoright, we can talk about that later on, I might be able to put in some time from my web designers into it, but it depends on how bad it is  :p00:42
beunoI'll make sure none leaks into the interface00:42
nDuffhas anyone written a plugin for p4 support?00:42
mwhudsonbeuno: so, when do you think you'll have something i can look at?00:42
mwhudsonsome time after the 20th?00:43
beunomwhudson, exactly  :)   it should be before the end of march, it's high on my ToDo list, especially after the fine folks from Canonical fed me and gave me nice slippers for a whole week  :p00:44
LarstiQnDuff: yes00:44
LarstiQnDuff: that is, I recall robey posting about it00:44
mwhudsonbeuno: i'm away for the last week of march (roughly speaking)00:45
beunomwhudson, ok, I'll probably mail to the list than, start gathering feedback so you have a much bigger backlog to read when you get back00:46
beunoor, spend some more time polishing it00:47
mwhudsonbeuno: well, i don't want to imply anything at all about you, but i always get a little bit afraid when people say they will do something "the week after next" or so00:51
mwhudsonthat it will never happen00:51
mwhudsonso the sooner the better, i can live without polish :)00:52
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beunosounds reasonable00:52
beunoI'll just send it out as soon as I get it running again00:52
beunoat the very least. screenshots00:52
mwhudsonthanks a lot!00:53
beunothank me when it's sent  :D00:53
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abentleyOdd_Bloke: ping01:06
Odd_Blokeabentley: Pong.01:07
abentleyI'm just submitting one of your patches.  What shortname would you like in the log?  Odd_Bloke?  dwatkins?01:08
Odd_Blokeabentley: Go for the latter. :)01:10
abentleyOdd_Bloke: done01:15
ubotuNew bug: #199629 in trac-bzr "Expose bzr source code?" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19962901:15
james_wlast paragraph is quite interesting.01:17
Odd_Blokeabentley: Thanks. :)01:24
jmlwhat's the bug for renaming .bzr.backup?01:31
beunojml, bug #12432501:32
ubotuLaunchpad bug 124325 in bzr "Naming of .bzr.backup directory makes deleting .bzr easy" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12432501:32
jmlbeuno: you were working on renaming the bzr package at the sprint. right?01:33
jmlhow's that going?01:33
beunojml, sent a patch to the list during the sprint01:34
beunolet me fetch the merge request for ya'01:34
beuno(didn't get merged)01:34
beunofeel free/incentived to review (approve?) it  :D01:35
jmlI can't approve it -- don't have voting privs01:36
beunowell, at least you can make some noise!01:37
jmlbeuno: and I'm running out of review juice for today :)01:37
beunoaw, it's fine01:37
beunoit's almost 3am, I should be sleeping anyway01:38
Odd_Blokebeuno: Whereabouts are you ATM?01:38
beunoOdd_Bloke, still in Prague til thursday01:38
Odd_Blokebeuno: Cool.01:38
beunothen, Madrid for a week or si01:38
beunothen, home!01:39
beunoanyway, I'm off to sleep01:39
beunonight everyone!01:39
james_wnight beuno01:40
Odd_BlokeHow long does a PQM run take?02:31
Odd_BlokeAlso, it turns out that I'm the top contributor to bzr: https://launchpad.net/bzr/02:33
Odd_BlokeWho know?02:33
james_wOdd_Bloke: I think it's more than 30 minutes.02:40
james_wmore if the queue is busy, but it shouldn't be at the moment.02:40
james_walthough I can't remember if we still share a PQM with launchpad, which obviously slows things down.02:41
james_wThere's a page somewhere to view the current queue state, but I can never remember where it is.02:41
james_wOdd_Bloke: it seems you get a lot of karma for https://code.launchpad.net/~daniel-thewatkins/02:44
Odd_Blokejames_w: Yeah, thumper said that that's the case currently.02:46
Odd_BlokeBecause few people are using LP Code.02:46
Odd_BlokeWell, the current PQM run has been going for around an hour and a half. :p02:46
thumperjames_w: register some more barnches and you too can bask in the karma glory02:48
thumperOdd_Bloke: aren't you in the UK?02:48
Odd_Blokethumper: I am, yeah.02:49
thumperOdd_Bloke: what the hell are you doing up then?02:49
Odd_Blokethumper: The work I should have been doing last week. :p02:49
james_wthumper: :-)02:51
jameshjames_w: bzr has a separate PQM instance these days.  It may be running on the same box though.02:52
thumperOdd_Bloke: not necessarily few using LP code, just many less than use bugs02:53
james_wjamesh: thanks.02:53
Odd_Blokethumper: Yeah, that's probably true.  Surely that's always going to be the case though, so those who do use it will always have high karma?02:56
Odd_Bloke(Not that that is necessarily a bad thing)02:56
thumperOdd_Bloke: perhpas02:56
james_wit would be great if someone could review http://bundlebuggy.aaronbentley.com/request/%3C1204811147.4995.4.camel@ganieda.vernstok.nl%3E03:46
james_wI think it's a great thing to have, and is quite simple.03:46
james_wOdd_Bloke: you're clearly not doing work, I keep getting bur tracker emails triggered by you :)03:47
Odd_Blokejames_w: I'm multitasking... *shifty eyes*03:49
kanhaiya_kkhi all07:16
kanhaiya_kki want one simple help07:16
kanhaiya_kki had setup bzr07:16
kanhaiya_kkalso i know how to use bzr upto a extent for simple project containing only files.07:17
kanhaiya_kkbut i dont know how to use this bzr for database related projects.07:17
kanhaiya_kkhow this bzr synchronise databases from client to servre ?07:17
kanhaiya_kkcan anybody put light on this ?07:18
lukswhat do you mean by 'bzr synchronise databases'?07:20
luksif you want to upload/download revisions from the server, use bzr pull and bzr push07:21
luksbut you probably mean something different, as you said it in context of 'database related projects'07:21
PengHow should lp: URLs be represented in branch.conf?07:40
PengIt seems they're expanded.07:40
kanhaiya_kkluks: im asking about databases synchronisation07:50
kanhaiya_kkconsider i have a project on server which have mysql database07:50
luksbzr versions files, not databases07:51
Peng(This is with bzr.dev, with the directory service stuff.)07:51
kanhaiya_kkluks: yes yes07:51
kanhaiya_kkthats only i was aksing07:51
kanhaiya_kkluks: okay means bzr ll not play any role for database synchronisation ?07:51
kanhaiya_kkluks: okay thank you07:52
PengAckpth! bzr-svn opened like a hundred connections. Finally, most of the way through, it bombed on some branch.08:09
PengThere was a + sign in the URL>08:10
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kanhaiya_kkluks: need one more help. im bit confuse in that08:48
kanhaiya_kki ll explain you my scenario first08:48
kanhaiya_kki have bzr setup on server08:48
kanhaiya_kki have one project called VTS on server08:48
kanhaiya_kki have 2 clients08:49
kanhaiya_kkim checking out that project on client using bzr checkout sftp:// VTS_local08:49
kanhaiya_kkon client i do changes in file and after that i do ...08:50
kanhaiya_kkbzr commit and bzr update08:50
kanhaiya_kkbut now the problem that i facing is that, i cant browse the changes through browser on server...means using (this is server)08:51
kanhaiya_kkluks: im cuming in 10 min08:52
lukskanhaiya_kk: well, if you want to browse the changes via web, you need to install something that allows you to do that on the server08:53
lukshttps://launchpad.net/bzr-webserve/ and https://launchpad.net/loggerhead/ are two options08:54
luksmaybe there are some others, but I don't know of them08:54
kanhaiya_kkluks: okay09:25
kanhaiya_kkbut the procedure, im adopting is right na ?09:26
kanhaiya_kkluks: i dont want to browse bazaar repository. simply i want to browse my project.09:29
luksnot sure what does that mean :)09:29
kanhaiya_kkare you getting what i mean to say ?09:31
luksI probably repeat this too often in this chanel, bzr is a version control system09:31
luksnot a deployment tool09:31
luksif you want the working tree on the server, you need to create it (but I assume you already have it) and update it everytime you push to it09:32
kanhaiya_kkthat is right. but is it necessary that i have to ssh server and do "bzr update" for reflecting changes09:32
luksthere is push-and-update plugin, which does both in one step09:32
luksbut I'd still consider a different approach09:33
luksusing 'bzr push' to update a live website just doesn't seem right to me personally09:33
kanhaiya_kktell me what is your approach ?09:33
kanhaiya_kkokay okay09:33
kanhaiya_kkthen ?09:33
luksI'd use 'bzr checkout' for the website09:34
luksand then run 'bzr update' every time I want to update it09:34
luksbut I'd push to a different location, never to /var/www09:34
kanhaiya_kkthis is for what ?09:35
kanhaiya_kkmeans due to ?09:35
luksit gives you separation between the source code repository and the running website09:36
luksjust like I'd never install a svn commit hook to update a website, I'd never push directly to a running website from bzr09:37
kanhaiya_kkthen what do you do for browsing the changes from server ?09:37
luks'bzr update'09:37
kanhaiya_kkby doing ssh to server?09:37
kanhaiya_kkthat means i have to provide access to server to each developer ?09:38
luksyou would need to do that with the push-and-update plugin, too09:38
kanhaiya_kkokay fine.09:39
kanhaiya_kkis this comes with apt-get ?09:39
luksthere are other options, like running it regulary from cron or watching for changes in the branch09:39
lukswhat? the plugin?09:39
luksno, I don't think so09:39
kanhaiya_kknow just i want your suggestion ?09:40
luksmy suggestion was to not do it automatically09:41
lukswhich is not what you want :)09:41
kanhaiya_kkgenerally we do opensource development on CMS,PHP projects.09:41
kanhaiya_kkno thats not the case09:41
fullermdI too am often surprised at the number of people who want the VCS to handle deployment...09:42
fullermdAlways seems weird to me.  I did it once with CVS many years ago, and it was horrible.  All sorts of reasons come to mind to avoid it.09:43
kanhaiya_kkso what procedure should we follow, so that each developer dont have to bother about time. means by simply giving 2-3 commands he can commit changes and also can browse the changes from server, without giving them ssh access to server09:43
fullermdNot least among them, that what's in the VCS isn't directly what needs to be deployed.  There's all sorts of things in there that shouldn't go on a live site, the arrangement of the files that should isn't the same, and there's often stuff like permission frobbing that needs to be done too.09:43
awilkinsNeed some kind of continuous intgration server that runs a build / deploy script when you push to a certain branch09:46
kanhaiya_kkluks: ?09:46
awilkinsShame there are no server-side commit hooks yet ; but you could probably adapt push-and-update given that it just uses SSH to run "bzr update" on the target branch after it runs09:46
lukskanhaiya_kk: I don't know of anything that wouldn't involve scripting09:47
luksbut as I said, the whole 'developer dont have to bother' seems wrong to me09:47
luksthe developer _should_ bother09:47
luksand not all changes require just updating the working tree09:48
luksfor example sometimes you need to change the schema09:48
luks(DB schema)09:48
lukshow would you do it if your main repository is the running website and automatic 'bzr update' is the only way to access it?09:49
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kanhaiya_kkluks: hmmm10:02
mlhI have an idea to solve this, but it would indeed need scripting10:02
mlha lot of the scripting could be standardized10:03
kanhaiya_kkmlh: hmm tell me10:03
mlhkeep the metadata has ordinary textfiles10:04
kanhaiya_kkim totally confused. Our team is thinking to use bzr for development server10:04
mlhgenerate or sync to/from the text file with scripts10:04
mlhversion the textfile with bzr (or any other vcs)10:04
fullermdThe rest is just a SMOP   :p10:07
rlubert1hi, I'm using a "bound branches" model...but on the server repository I always get "working tree out of date"...can you help me?10:32
awilkinsrlubert1: Pushes do not update the remote tree10:34
luksI wonder if there is some kind of FAQ page on the wiki10:34
* awilkins vote to have this emblazoned in letters of fire at the top of all bzr documentation pages.10:34
fullermdThere is.10:34
fullermdWhether it includes Q's that are really FA is another matter...10:35
rlubert1awilkins: ok, thanks10:35
kanhaiya_kkcan i get examples for bzr enabled projects ?10:35
fullermdawilkins: If you think it would help; it only tells you so every time you push   :p10:35
awilkinsNo offense to yuo, rlubert1, it just constitutes about 90% of the questions asked in here :-)10:35
Pengkanhaiya_kk: Projects that use bzr?10:36
rlubert1awilkins: I was following this example: http://bazaar-vcs.org/BzrUsingBoundBranches, no problem10:36
* Peng notes that WhoUsesBzr is linked to from the homepage.10:37
kanhaiya_kkPeng: yes10:44
ubotuNew bug: #201362 in bzr-svn (universe) "Bzr-svn cannot be loaded " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20136210:54
rlubert1awilkins: "bzr init-repo --no-trees sftp://centralhost/srv/bzr/X-repo/ "  that is even better...as clearly mentioned on the doc page...... /me10:57
plex1how do I create a branch and check it out of an old revision?12:31
LeoNerdbzr branch -r 10 path/to/parent12:32
plex1what is path to parent?12:32
LeoNerdWell, wherever the parent.. the thing you are branchingh12:32
plex1I'm branching my local copy12:33
plex1do I need to create a new dir in bzr to do this?12:33
LeoNerdWell it'll need to be stored somewhere new12:33
LeoNerdcd .. ;  bzr branch -r 10 whereIjustwas12:33
LeoNerdOr   bzr branch -r 10 . ../some-new-branchname-here12:34
LeoNerdOr other variations on the same theme12:34
plex1got it12:34
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speakmanWhen I'd like to start over with "bzr init", can I just rm -rf .bzr to remove any old bazaar traces from a project?13:26
speakmanOr how do I else remove bzr out of a project?13:28
Odd_Blokespeakman: You can, yes.  However, 'mv .bzr .bak.bzr' might be better, to ensure you don't lose any data accidentally.13:28
speakmanidea; add an "uninstall" option to "bzr"; "bzr uninstall" which removes bazaar from the project. A more clean way than rm -rf .bzr.13:28
speakmanOdd_Bloke: ok thanks!13:28
speakman(can I post this idea as a bug, or how do I post feature requests?)13:30
ubotuNew bug: #201399 in bzr "bzr commit filename commits all files" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20139913:30
nonamekilleri have one question: can i install Bazaar on usb drive and then connect to server from different clients?13:32
speakmanI'm not sure I udnerstand the question asked.13:33
nonamekilleroh my dumn english :(13:34
nonamekillercan i install bazaar on USB?13:34
speakmanI think that's more of a Python question13:35
speakmanyou could check this site out: http://www.portablepython.com/13:36
nonamekilleron the bazaar-vcs.org i read: "Bazaar: ... Embeddable. A key design feature of Bazaar is support from the ground up for pluggable storage formats..."13:36
nonamekilleri want embed Bazaar into my application. Is it real?13:37
radixnonamekiller: bzr is implemented mostly as a Python library, so especially if your application is written in Python, it's very easy to use it as a library.13:39
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nonamekillerradix: can i embed it in my java application?13:43
radixnonamekiller: that's harder :) the easiest for *simple* embedding outside of the Python world is probably by spawning system commands to run bzr.13:44
radixI don't know if bzrlib works in Jython, but if it does that could also be a possibility.13:45
awilkinsJython is only compatible with python 2.213:45
PengIt would be possible to write Python programs that deal with bzrlib to provide an easier interface.13:45
PengIt's pretty good with IronPython though!13:45
awilkinsAlthough I'm told it will be better after the Google Summer of Code13:45
awilkinsPeng: You are joking righ?13:46
Pengawilkins: I don't think so.13:46
PengAlso, didn't Sun just hire the main Jython devs?13:46
radixawilkins: I'm pretty sure it's been updated beyond 2.213:46
radixawilkins: it might not be fully compliant with any later releases, but I know it's got some features from later releases.13:46
awilkinsPeng: I've tried reasonably seriously to get it to work in IronPython, the test suite wont run because there's no "subprocess" module13:46
awilkinsAnd that's just the first stumbler13:47
awilkinsWell, not wuite the first, I patched around the first13:47
radixPeng: they hired some guys. maybe jython will get better13:47
awilkinsBut IronPython introduces a whole bunch of issues, platform caps detection, missing modules, etc13:48
radixI'm hoping some people will notice pypy-jvm and get that working :)13:48
PengI thought you or someone else said IronPython was pretty close.13:48
PengMy mistake then.13:48
awilkinsIronPython can be cadged into loading bzrlib if you patch bzrlib13:48
awilkins(this is the Lapha 8 build of 2.0)13:48
awilkins2.0 alpha 8 is much closer to python 2.4 / 2.5 than 1.113:49
awilkinsI wish I had the time and motivation to take it further, but I don't ; the first thing you'd have to do is write a subprocess module ; either as a lib, or as a builtin for IronPython13:50
awilkinsThe win32 implementation of subprocess in lib doesn't work because it needs mscvrt which isn't a builtin of IronPython13:50
awilkinsAlthough I suppose it might be easier to make a mscvrt module for IPY than a subprocess :-)13:51
awilkinsI had a look, but I've not had the time to get around the Scary Attribute Jungle that's in there13:51
nonamekilleris there exist portable python?13:52
awilkinsI was told Jython is pretty close (by Guillermo Gonzales, I think)13:52
radixnonamekiller: CPython runs on pretty much all the platforms anyone cares for.13:53
radix(not counting mobile ones, but it's pretty good there too :)13:53
awilkinsThere's also a USB distro of the Win32 CPython if that's what you mean13:54
radixoh, is that what "portable" means these days?13:54
awilkinsYou might have to write a quick batch file to open a command prompt with the right ENV variables set up (to make it less of a hassle typing t:\python25\python.exe t:\python25\scripts\bzr all the time)13:57
luksthe py2exe'd installer of bzr and setting BZR_HOME should work on an USB drive13:59
awilkinsTrue, but it's not as fabulously flexible13:59
awilkinsAlthough it's probably faster to load14:00
awilkinsCan you use plugins with that version?14:00
awilkinsApart from some of the GUI ones, according to the page14:01
luksyou can use even the GUI ones14:01
awilkinsEven ones that use GTK and things like win32com?14:01
luksif you install them, then yes14:01
luksbut that applies also to bzr with standalone python, since they are not in stdlib anyway14:02
luksthere isn't really many differences between py2exe'd applications and standalone python14:03
awilkinsI've always just used the "Full Monty" (ahaha) because I knew I'd probably end up hacking the code anyway.14:03
ubotuNew bug: #201409 in bzr-loom "pulling a loom resets to last-recorded state" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20140914:24
p_mashoanyone who can help a newbie ?14:32
james_wp_masho: sure, ask away.14:32
p_mashohave taken a snapshot of a repos.. have hacked two files and addes an image ..so14:32
p_mashodone > bzr add path/to/images/foo.png14:33
=== thekorn_ is now known as thekorn
p_mashobut.. my patch file which I assume I get off bzr diff > patch.file has got all sorts of stuff14:34
Pengp_masho: What do you have a patch for, and what stuff?14:40
awilkinsAnyone recommend a tool for drawing directed acyclic graphs for illustrating version control concepts?14:50
luksvisio :/14:50
* awilkins dry-retches14:50
luksother than that, dot from graphviz14:51
awilkinsI have it, but I hate it because my *other* project is a Big Ball of VBA/VB6 Mud plugin for Visio14:51
* awilkins will probably use Visio *spit*14:51
=== Af1 is now known as AfC
fullermdxfig!   :p15:03
ubotuNew bug: #201422 in bzr-gtk "'WorkingTree4' object has no attribute 'iter_changes'" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20142215:05
=== mvo__ is now known as mvo
james_wp_masho: can you explain what you mean by "all sorts of stuff" please.15:09
p_mashojames_w: its perl (spits)  so its the compiled files generated by make that turn up.. ;-(15:11
james_wp_masho: ah, so you want to ignore them rather than version them I assume?15:11
james_wwhat extension do they have?15:12
james_whmm, are they in a "build" directory or something?15:12
p_mashowhat I want is an ignore15:12
schierbeckphanatic: should i bump the required bzr version?15:13
p_mashoanyway I'm hacking away atmo to make it work the way I want it and will be back here later on how to create the patch file.. in all probability ;-)15:13
phanaticschierbeck: yes, please. send a merge request to the list, and i'll approve it immediately (so you can merge it right now)15:13
phanaticschierbeck: thank you :)15:14
schierbeckphanatic: (1, 3), right?15:14
schierbecknp :)15:14
phanaticschierbeck: yep, jelmer mentioned that in his last mail, and that seems reasonable15:14
james_wp_masho: if you do "bzr rm --keep build" if they are in a build directory, and then "bzr ignore build" you should get what you want.15:15
schierbeckphanatic: okay, it's sent15:16
phanaticschierbeck: wow, it's a 725K diff?15:18
schierbeckyeah, it's the wrong bundle15:18
schierbecki'll send the right one now15:18
schierbeckhehe :)15:18
phanaticshall i let it through the mailing list, or just discard?15:19
schierbeck725K seems rather big for a one-line change...15:19
schierbeckjust discard15:19
schierbeckokay, it's sent15:20
schierbeckphanatic: did this one get through?15:23
LarstiQschierbeck: that's one big line ;)15:30
=== pmezard__ is now known as pmezard
=== schierbeck is now known as __schierbeck__
phanatic__schierbeck__: great, thanks! :)15:47
=== soren is now known as soren_not_joking
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jelmerawilkins: Thanks for that test log16:24
awilkinsjelmer: You're welcome, wish I had more time to hack on it.16:27
jelmerI'm not entirely sure what could be causing those errors though16:27
jelmerit's good to see it's down to 32 errors16:27
awilkinsI might have a look on the train.16:27
awilkinsTHe train is tedious enough without something to occupy the mind16:27
awilkinsAnd my laptop is too wimpy to run my current projects in any sensible timeframe16:28
awilkinsJust used shelve for the first time :-)16:29
awilkins... and I'm just about to use it again :-)16:30
awilkinsGah, why does Eclipse have to be so ANNOYING about it's workspace file structure16:31
=== kiko is now known as kiko-fud
jelmerhey schierbeck16:37
foxhola a todos en el sistema16:38
schierbeckhi jelmer16:38
schierbeckfox: hola mi compadre!16:38
schierbeckor something like that :)16:38
foxhello men16:39
foxhabla en espaƱol16:39
foxcmom esta todo en el sistema16:39
schierbeckfox: tienes una pregunta?16:40
schierbecki really ought to brush up on my spanish skills...16:41
beunofog, este es un canal de habla inglesa, pero si tenes alguna pregunta especifica, podes contactarme por privado e intento ayudarte  :)16:42
beunofox, ^16:42
beunofog, ignore me :D16:42
Odd_Blokefox is gone.16:42
beunoah, irssi is laggy today16:43
ubotuNew bug: #133029 in bzr-svn "Branching scheme documentation needs improvement" [Low,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/13302917:06
=== kiko-fud is now known as kiko
=== dpm__ is now known as dpm
mtaylorhey guys - can I get some logical help on dealing with revision graphs?17:58
mtaylorI'm working on a post push hook17:58
mtaylorto which I get an old revision and a new revision17:58
mtaylorI want to send a log of what's being pushed, which I can get from show_log(old_revision, new_revision) right?17:59
mtaylor(ok, I need more params than that, but that's the idea)17:59
mtaylorexcept when I do that, I get the old_revision included in the log17:59
mtaylorso I want logically old_revision+117:59
mtaylorbut I'm not sure how to get that17:59
mtaylorother than starting at new_revision, walking down the graph until I get to old_revision and backing up one18:00
mtaylorwhich seems ugly...18:00
mtayloram I missing something sensible here?18:00
james_wmtaylor: I think that is right.18:01
james_wmtaylor: I'm not positive there is a better way though.18:01
james_wThere's probably a function somewhere to get all the descendents of new_revision that are not old_revision or it's decendents.18:04
james_wThat is exactly what the log code does to work out the indents.18:04
james_wmerge_sort may be the way to get the information.18:04
james_wsorry, I'm not familiar with the API to give you code though.18:04
LeonidasI'm havin a problem with bzr being too verbose18:18
Leonidasit enables the logger and logs messages into stdout.18:18
LeonidasIs there a way to fix this?18:18
datothere is -q18:19
Leonidasdato: well, it is really not that easy18:19
Leonidascontext: when I use bzr its fine18:20
Leonidasthen someone else uses that checkout, he gets the logging, although he uses the same commands as I do18:20
Leonidasit also complains about "No handlers could be found for logger "bzr""18:22
spivSounds like a difference in installation, maybe?  Different version of bzr, different plugins, something like that?18:24
Leonidasspiv: it is running on the same system18:24
Leonidaswhen I 'su' into his account, I get the same useless logging18:25
mtaylorjames_w: yup. the walking the graph down worked.18:30
mtaylorugly as sin though18:30
mtaylordef get_parent(old, cur, graph):18:30
mtaylor    for new_rev in graph[cur]:18:30
mtaylor        if new_rev == old:18:30
mtaylor            return cur18:30
mtaylor        else:18:30
mtaylor            return get_parent(old, new_rev, graph)18:30
mtaylornew_graph = self.branch.repository.get_revision_graph(self.new_revid)18:30
mtaylorstart_rev = get_parent(self.old_revid,self.new_revid,new_graph)18:31
mtaylordid the trick18:31
james_wmtaylor: does it do what you want when pushing a merge?18:34
spivLeonidas: does "which bzr" report the same bzr in both cases?  Does "bzr --no-plugins" fix teh problem?19:01
Leonidasspiv: yes, both are the same and --no-plugins does not change anything19:04
steluhi, i want to put /etc under version control and i couldn't find any plugin for permissions. i am using "find" command to collect the permisions and ownerships (as a workaround)19:07
steluis there a more elegant solution to this?19:08
LeoNerdbzr specifically doesn't look after permission bits, except the +x bit19:09
hmelandstelu: I haven't tried using it myself, but I think         my $os_name19:10
hmelandhttp://david.hardeman.nu/software.php might solve it.19:10
hmelandDoes metakeeper have bzr support?19:10
hmelandsorry, etckeeper?19:10
steluthank you. i will hava a look at it19:10
PengIt supports git and hg, but there's a bzr plugin, or something.19:11
PengI heard that bzr is missing one hook that etckeeper uses though.19:12
hmelandYup, see the release notes for 0.12.19:12
PengHah, ok.19:13
PengI didn't click "these changes" cuz I assumed it would be a big changelog.19:13
hmelandMe neither, I just read the second bullet point on the page you just linked to. :-)19:14
hmeland... and having now clicked the link, I understand your "Hah" exclamation. :-)19:15
james_wLeonidas: I'm guessing but it might be that the user can't write to their .bzr.log19:20
jelmerhmm, looks like a local import of Samba 4 with bzr-svn now goes at ~2 revs per second19:22
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mtaylorjames_w: not sure... must go check.19:29
=== mw is now known as mw|taco
spivLeonidas: weird.  Something must be different, but I'm not sure what.19:34
=== mwhudson_ is now known as mwhudson
=== mw|taco is now known as mw
Leonidasspiv: my bet would be the permissions, since we share the same checkout20:15
Leonidas(and it worked before)20:15
spivLeonidas: that seems like a weird thing to cause that behaviour, but I guess anything is possible.20:18
abentleyPermissions on ~/.bzr.log, perhaps?20:19
Leonidasabentley: ah, good idea20:20
Leonidasabentley: indeed. That solved it. Thanks a lot20:21
Leonidasabentley: maybe it would be good to include a meaningful error message in cas the logfile is not writeable?20:22
abentleyLeonidas: Absolutely.20:23
james_wI think the problem comes from the logging.get_logger call succeeding but printing the warning and being broken.20:26
james_wit looks like you can check manager.emittedNoHandlerWarning on the logger after any logging call (debug, warn etc.) to find out if this is the case.20:31
Leonidasjames_w: are you able to reproduce the problem?20:42
james_wLeonidas: I haven't tried, I was just looking at the code.20:42
LeonidasIn case you need testers, I volunteer :)20:43
james_wI'm not really sure what the fix would be.20:44
james_wWould you like to file a bug about the issue?20:44
Leonidasjames_w: I'll try.20:53
Leonidashmm, I need to remember my lauchpad login :)20:54
siretartbzr: ERROR: Repository KnitPackRepository('file:///srv/scratch/packages/bzr/repo/.bzr/repository/') is not compatible with repository KnitRepository('http://bzr.debian.org/pkg-bazaar/bzr-builddeb/trunk/.bzr/repository/')21:03
siretarthow to work around that?21:03
james_whi siretart21:04
=== mbp_ is now known as poolie
siretarthey james_w!21:05
james_wsiretart: pull from http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~james-w/bzr-builddeb/trunk instead21:05
james_whow are you?21:05
siretartoh, finally got my hand to do some bzr experimenting again :)21:06
siretarthow are you?21:06
siretartare the bzr branches on alioth obsolete?21:06
james_wsiretart: they are a bit behind at the moment. I'm not sure what the best plan is.21:07
james_walioth was having issues one day, so I pushed to launchpad, and haven't pushed back for a while.21:08
siretarthmm.. now I get this: ... is not compatible with repository RemoteRepository(bzr+ssh://siretart@bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Ejames-w/bzr-builddeb/trunk/.bzr/)21:08
james_wI think having them under pkg-bazaar is useful.21:08
james_wah, that's not nice.21:08
siretartperhaps we can make lp pull from alioth?21:08
james_wyeah, that's probably the best solution.21:08
james_wI don't know what is going on there, I don't think it should say RemoteRepository there.21:09
james_wcan you try http:// for a minute?21:09
siretartif that doesn't work, we could install cronjobs to make alioth pull from lp via cronjobs21:09
siretartbzr: ERROR: Repository KnitPackRepository('file:///srv/scratch/packages/bzr/repo/.bzr/repository/') is not compatible with repository KnitPackRepository('http://bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Ejames-w/bzr-builddeb/trunk/.bzr/repository/')21:10
siretartI'm using bzr 1.0.0 atm21:10
james_wnow that's just plain silly isn't it, it's not compatible with something of the same type?21:11
* LarstiQ wagers subtrees21:12
Peng"bzr info" your local repo and the URL.21:14
PengAlso, upgrade!21:14
siretartsteps to reproduce: bzr init-repo /tmp/foo-repo ; bzr get http://code.launchpad.net/~james-w/bzr-builddeb/trunk /tmp/foo-repo/trunk21:14
PengHeh, format of the remote branch is "unnamed".21:14
PengYep, it's rich-root-pack.21:14
PengYou need a rich-root-pack repo to use it.21:14
Pengbzr init-repo --rich-root-pack.21:15
Pengjames_w: You should upgrade the branch format. It's Branch5, which is what, dirstate-tags?21:15
james_wPeng: probably.21:16
siretartPeng: thanks! that was it!21:17
james_wsorry siretart I don't know how I got rich-root-pack there.21:19
james_whi lifeless21:19
siretartjames_w: no problem. I'm currently rearranging my local repositories on my laptop21:20
siretartjames_w: Ran 256 tests in 28.106s21:32
siretartFAILED (failures=8, known_failure_count=1)21:32
siretartis that expected?21:32
james_wouch, can you pastebin the log please?21:32
siretartthis is running 'your' trunk branch on bzr 1.0.021:34
siretartjames_w: http://siretart.tauware.de/tmp/selftest.log21:35
=== mbp_ is now known as poolie
Leonidasjames_w: ok, wrote that report: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/20158021:35
ubotuLaunchpad bug 201580 in bzr "Better error message on readonly log files" [Undecided,New]21:35
Leonidaserm, exactly :)21:35
james_wLeonidas: thanks.21:36
james_wsiretart: ah, it's picking up your ~/.bazaar/builddeb.conf21:38
james_wsiretart: so blackbox tests are failing, I need to come up with some way to avoid that.21:38
ubotuNew bug: #201580 in bzr "Better error message on readonly log files" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20158021:40
siretartoh, yes, if I remove the orig-dir line, then it gives me this:21:41
siretartOK (known_failures=1)21:41
poolielifeless: would you care to forward bug 181855 to cygwin?21:42
ubotuLaunchpad bug 181855 in bzr "cygwin bzr branch crashes with IOError: [Errno 0] Error" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18185521:42
=== ja2 is now known as jam
LarstiQpoolie: is Bazaar going to participate in GSoC this year?21:47
barry_wark[newbie on OS X] Hello, I'm just starting to work with bzr on OS X 10.5. I used the OS X installer to install bzr. When I try to create a branch from a launchpad project (ipython), using "bzr branch http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ipython/ipython/ipython1-dev", I get an ipython1-dev folder that contains a .bzr folder, but no other contents. I was hoping to get some pointers from some gurus. I will send the output of "bzr branch http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ipy21:56
james_wbarry_wark: try to run "bzr checkout ." in the ipython1-dev folder.21:57
barry_warkjames_w: the result of "bzr checkout ." (from within ipython1-dev) is "bzr: ERROR: File exists: u'/automount/Servers/rieke-server.physiol.washington.edu/Volumes/Data/Users/barry/Desktop/ipython1-dev/.bzr': [Errno 17] File exists: '/automount/Servers/rieke-server.physiol.washington.edu/Volumes/Data/Users/barry/Desktop/ipython1-dev/.bzr'21:58
barry_warkThere's an error when I called "bzr branch http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ipython/ipython/ipython1-dev" as well...21:58
barry_warkbzr: ERROR: Could not acquire lock "[Errno 45] Operation not supported"21:59
barry_wark  warn("lock on %r not released" % self.f)21:59
barry_warkException exceptions.IOError: (45, 'Operation not supported') in <bound method _fcntl_WriteLock.__del__ of <bzrlib.lock._fcntl_WriteLock object at 0x1c3c3b0>> ignored21:59
barry_wark  warn("file group %r was not explicitly unlocked" % self)21:59
barry_wark(oops...sorry about all the new-lines)!21:59
* chadmiller pokes mtaylor.22:00
james_wbarry_wark: ah, ok, you haven't got the branch at all then.22:00
barry_warkyup. sorry for the initial confusion.22:01
barry_warkis it possible that OS X doesn't allow the type of file locking that bzr expects?22:01
lifelesspoolie: not really; lack of a bug tracker is one of the cygwin projects issues, last I looked22:01
chadmillerHas anyone tried to download a fresh copy of the bazaar source code lately?  I wanted to avoid the "http" method, so I tried the "rsync" line listed at "Download", and I think it's broken.  "No repository present" on the result.22:03
james_wbarry_wark: are you on AFS?22:04
james_wchadmiller: I haven't tried rsync22:04
barry_warkjames_w: AFS==Andrew File System? No. If you mean AFP (Apple File Sharing), yes I am.22:04
barry_warkjames_w: of course... we've run into AFP locking issues before. I will try a branch to a local file system and see if that works.22:05
james_wbarry_wark: yeah, sorry, AFP22:06
ubotuLaunchpad bug 114528 in bzr "New working tree format broken on AFP network mounts (locking error)" [Undecided,New]22:06
poolieLarstiQ: intend to22:07
barry_warkjames_w: yes, that's it. branching to a local volume works fine. thank you for the help! i'll add a comment to the ref'd bug.22:07
james_wbarry_wark: thanks. If you have any information about AFP and what sort of locking it supports it might be useful.22:08
barry_warkjames_w: I will try to dig up that information and get back to you.22:09
james_wbarry_wark: great, thanks.22:09
LarstiQpoolie: when is the deadline for mentoring organizations to enlist?22:09
leo2007how can one use bzr in a system that one has no root access?22:10
chadmillerleo2007: You mean install?22:10
poolieLarstiQ: apparently it has closed22:11
poolieLarstiQ: are you interested as a student or mentor?22:11
LarstiQpoolie: certainly not as a student, and I don't think mentor is wise atm22:12
LarstiQjust general interest22:13
leo2007chadmiller: if the repo has been set up in another server, is there a client that's easy to install?22:13
LarstiQpoolie: if, however, there is a shortage of mentors, I'm somewhat experienced with pitfalls now22:13
poolietbh i could live without it; there is a fair overhead in dealing with them and it may be better to just do it ourselves directly22:14
* LarstiQ nods22:14
* LarstiQ also leans in that direction22:14
chadmillerleo2007: You can use "mkdir $HOME/r; python install --prefix=$HOME/r" and set PYTHONPATH appropriately.22:15
leo2007that seems quite complicated22:16
LarstiQleo2007: you can also run bzr from source.22:17
husluif i understand correctly, when i branch in shared repo, it checks if parent dir is a repo, but what if i have a directory structure that's higher than parent, ie not /repo/branch1, but /repo/subdir1/branch1122:17
husluis it possible to for a branch11 to use repo ?22:18
james_whuslu: yes, that's what will happen.22:18
bob2it will look all the way back to /22:18
husluhm, ok but what so from another view, don't put a any shared repo between / and branch if you don't wan't it to be in the shared repo?22:20
LarstiQhuslu: correct22:20
chadmillerleo2007: Well, you could crack the machine, get root, and install it properly.  Which would be less complicated?22:20
husluah, thanks. good to know.22:21
mtaylorchadmiller: boo22:21
* chadmiller fights mtaylor.22:21
* mtaylor stabs chadmiller in the face22:22
* LarstiQ blinks ath the unruly lot22:23
pooliehello chadmiller mtaylor22:29
poolieLarstiQ: also, we have many non-US contributors and the holidays don't perfectly line up22:30
chadmillerleo2007: Sorry, earlier, I left out "setup.py", "python setup.py install ...."22:31
LarstiQpoolie: or not at all for our southern hemisphere ones. So we're not participating then?22:31
LarstiQpoolie: but instead offering promising students an alternative via Canonical?22:32
LarstiQthe year round? :)22:32
* LarstiQ thinks it would be good to have Daniel work on PQM for instance22:32
chadmillerI have a simple patch for bzr source.  Should I send it to the mailing list?22:33
mwhudsonuse 'bzr send'22:33
mtaylorpoolie: hello22:45
mtaylorchadmiller: ooh. what's your patch do?22:45
chadmillerI'll CC you, mtaylor.22:45
ubotuNew bug: #201613 in bzr-loom "pushing looms does not work properly" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20161322:45
mtaylordoes it solve world hunger?22:45
schierbeckhi boys23:02
james_wjam: stupid me, I never call the recursive function.23:09
james_wtold you it was untested :)23:10
mwhudsonwhat is 'bzr grep'23:11
james_wmwhudson: it's a plugin that will grep your branch files.23:18
james_wI don't know if it works on revision trees or just working trees.23:18
mwhudsoni use bzr ls --versioned --null | xargs -0 grep ... for that23:18
james_wyeah, I think that is pretty much what the plugin is at this point.23:19
* Peng notes that hg's grep plugin has a real implementation.23:27
PengOTOH, it's slow and uses tons of RAM. :P23:27
james_wjam: I've got a whole bunch of fixes queued up here. It now actually gets the answer right for at least one.23:34
schierbeckhey guys -- has anyone looked at a bzr extension for gio?23:42
schierbeckit would be cool to be able to use bzr:// url's in nautilus et al.23:43
poolieschierbeck: someone talked about that last week, maybe jelmer?23:58

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