kgoetzi just checked the edubuntu time - its probably 7am for me tomorrow, so i might be able to make it04:49
Nubaeanyone know if firefox-3.0 is beta 3 or 4?08:25
Nubaein the gutsy repos08:25
NubaeI'll ask in ubuntu, stupid question for here08:26
bdgraueNubae: beta3 is in the repos08:52
bdgraueNubae: in gutsy-backports08:53
highvoltage864150K .......... .......... .......... .......... .......... 99% (shew, getting there)09:31
ogra_cmpc_todays image is slightly broken09:31
ogra_cmpc_(missng xorg.conf)09:32
Nubaewonder if firefox 3 beta 4 fixes printing issues09:37
Nubaedoesnt say in their changelogs09:37
highvoltageogra_cmpc_: my md5sum doesn't match yours :'(09:55
highvoltageogra_cmpc_: could I rsync my image (from yesterday) with yours somehow?09:56
highvoltageperhaps I should just give it a go anyway...09:56
=== ogra_cmpc_ is now known as ogra_cmpc
highvoltageogra_cmpc: my md5sum doesn't match yours10:13
NubaeI'm trying to add printers from the command line like so: lpadmin -p hplj -v socket:// -E10:13
Nubaefrom within a chroot (low fat client)10:14
ogra_cmpchighvoltage, you didnt download the .img while i wa uploading it, were you ?10:14
Nubaeasks for root pass, which I put in and it doesn't recognise, then afterwards throws me out after I hit enter with lpadmin: Unauthorized10:14
highvoltageogra_cmpc: nope, it's yesterday's image10:15
Nubaedon't get it, I'm the root user already, why is it asking for a password, and why is not recognising that password?10:15
highvoltageogra_cmpc: could I rsync it from somewhere to this image? or should I give this image a go anyway?10:15
ogra_cmpci dont think theer is an rwsync perocess running on people10:15
ogra_cmpccheck if it boots10:16
ogra_cmpcdding it costs you less than a new dowload10:16
ogra_cmpci just re-checked, the md5sum is fine10:20
highvoltagethanks ogra_cmpc. I'll see what it does when I try to install it, after that I'll download it from a machine at work that wouldn't have any interruptions10:21
Nubaegah, I get connection refused anyway from the low fat client, so much for getting printers to work10:22
ogra_cmpchighvoltage, note that todays image is better but has a nonexistent xorg.conf10:30
Nubaei guess just changing /etc/cups/cupsd.conf from LISTEN localhost:631 to LISTEN:server-ip:631 should work10:32
Nubaebtw, some people have emailed me asking me when ltsp-build-lowfat-client will be in ubuntu, I told them you were quite busy at the moment, but that it was scheduled for a future release10:33
ogra_cmpci hope you wrote it in a way that we can use it as modules to ltsp-buildclient10:34
NubaeI've done nothing but make a howto and test so far10:35
ogra_cmpcah, k10:35
NubaeI would not do that to you :-)10:35
ogra_cmpcwell, the implementation should be done through ltsp-build-client pluguns ...10:35
Nubaeyeah like current kiosk or myth implementations I guess10:36
ogra_cmpclaga has done some awesome work for the mythtv diskless client ...10:36
Nubaeyeah I looked at that10:36
Nubaebut there is still a lot to test before having a usable 'low fat' solution10:36
Nubaebut people seem interested so others are testing it too now, always helpful10:37
RichEdping ogra ...10:42
RichEdi'd like to save a copy of the 7.10 classmate image ... but seem to have deleted the install file ... is there a way to "recover it" from the working install on the cmpc ?10:43
* laga hears his name10:45
ogra_cmpcRichEd, yes, a tricky one ... plug in the key with the new image and edit the syslinux.cfg file .... drop init=/sbin/cmpcinstaller10:46
bdgrauehi laga :)10:46
ogra_cmpcthen you can boot the new image and use it to sqave the old one to a second usb disk10:46
RichEdi don't have a second USB big enough ... any other suggestions ? ... could i use the new image to copy the old one across a network to another machines hdd ?10:47
ogra_cmpcyou can install the new image to an external disk10:49
ogra_cmpcthe new installer allows that10:49
ogra_cmpcso if you have a spare usb key, use that one and keep the old one on the internal disk10:50
ogra_cmpcs/old one/old install/10:50
Nuba1darn, changing /etc/cups/cupsd.conf made no difference in the chroot, still defaults to trying to connect locally10:55
lagaogra_cmpc: http://www.mythbuntu.org/node/134 <- does this look familiar? :)11:03
ogra_cmpccool to see someone uses it11:07
lagayes, superm1 added it..11:08
laganow i just need to add dhcpd.conf wrangling to the control centre11:08
ogra_cmpcvery nice11:08
ogra_cmpcthe first code of LTSPManager had some pretty cool code to handle dhcpd.conf11:09
stgraberogra_cmpc: did you poke pitti/slangasek about the iTalc FFe ?11:10
lagai was just going to sed -i /etc/ltsp/dhcpd.conf -e s/192.168.0/<network>/g ;)11:10
ogra_cmpcsadly i never came around to implement qa write function for it but the ui parts ()ecpecially teh automatic interaction of teh values) was something i was pretty proud of11:10
ogra_cmpcstgraber, i fear we need to patch11:10
stgraberogra_cmpc: yes, me too :(11:10
lagaogra_cmpc: http://laga.ath.cx/mythbuntu-diskless-mcc3.png <- i'm not sure if i've shown you the complete MCC section before11:11
lagaogra_cmpc: i'll take a look at it, maybe i can steal something again :)11:11
ogra_cmpcyou clearly need to meet mpt some day (our UI specialist)11:11
ogra_cmpci'v seen the myth control tool before11:11
ogra_cmpcit scares me11:12
* laga comforts ogra_cmpc 11:12
lagai'll agree that the diskless tab has room for.. lots of improvement in the usability dept ;)11:12
ogra_cmpcif i click "revert gui", do i actually get to see the back of my window ?11:12
lagastill better than doing everything in a shell11:12
lagaogra_cmpc: only if you have compiz installed11:13
ogra_cmpcthe button suggests that somehow :)11:13
ogra_cmpcindeed, its good to have a ui tool11:13
lagaif you ever tried to configure LIRC manually, you'll love MCC11:13
ogra_cmpci never had the need to :)11:14
juliuxhey ogra_cmpc11:31
RichEd== edubuntu meeting = in #ubuntu-meeting == in 15 mins11:45
RichEdogra_cmpc: can i run the image from yesterday off the USB or does it need to be installed ?11:46
ogra_cmpcas i said, you need to modify it to run it as normal image11:46
ogra_cmpchey juliux11:46
juliuxogra_cmpc, suchix contact me, he said there is a school in kassel that get a lot of igel thinclients sponsored but they are not working out of the box with edubuntu, can you help them?11:49
ogra_cmpcyeah he pinged me already11:49
ogra_cmpcgiven that i didnt get more than 3h sleep for the last week i doubt i'll have time before release11:50
ogra_cmpc(3h per day that is indeed :) )11:50
ogra_cmpcdo they match the minimal reqs ?11:51
* ogra_cmpc suspects its either lack of ram or they have an amd videocard11:51
RichEd== edubuntu meeting = in #ubuntu-meeting == now12:03
RichEdogra / ogra_cmpc ? you up for the meeting ?12:05
ogra_cmpcoh, i totally forgot ...12:05
Nuba1hey laga, did u ever try to get your mythtv thin clients to print?12:07
laga(why would i do that ;))12:12
Nuba1print screen?12:13
Nuba1I'm trying to figure out how exactly cups and ubuntu's printer config work together12:14
lagavideo playback is good enough#12:14
lagaNuba1: i use kde anyways ;)12:14
Nuba1yeah, I'm trying to do this for my low fat clients12:14
Nuba1everything else seems to work now12:14
RichEdogra & ogra_cmpc : ping12:32
Kamping_Kaisermissed the meeting?12:35
Kamping_Kaiseri thought it was changed to not be for another 8 hours :|12:36
RichEdKamping_Kaiser: you asked yesterday, and i did say 12h00 UTC :/12:38
RichEdbut raise issues topics here ...12:38
calimerH man there is also #ubuntu :D12:38
HiratoI should probably ask this in the ubuntu channel, but does the packages for ubuntu contain only the binaries for one type of system, or for many (like 32 bit and 64 bit)12:38
RichEdHirato: there is a 32 bit CD and a 64 bit CD12:38
Hiratowell, I'm on 32 bit, and am trying to compile a binary for 64 bit :P12:39
calimerso sounds like we'd have to do a 32 bit and 64 bit package12:39
calimer4 packages + win X\12:40
Hiratoand there's very few lib64 results that return if I do a search of the hardy repos12:40
RichEdHirato / calimer : give me some background and reference to the requirement / question please12:40
Kamping_KaiserRichEd, you did, but i thought the email to edubuntu-devel said 21:00 :(12:40
RichEdi may be able to direct you to an accurate answer12:40
calimerRichEd http://kids.platinumarts.net12:40
* RichEd will check that in a few mins ...thanks12:40
highvoltageogra: it didn't boot :-/12:43
highvoltageI'll have to download the image again then12:43
Kamping_Kaiserwas there anything i should have seen at the meeting? (i was at SA AUUG, so i wasnt near bandwidth)12:55
Kamping_Kaisernight all, i have to crash12:59
RichEdHirato & calimer ... that sort of question would be best in #ubuntu-devel12:59
calimerthanks RichEd :)13:00
RichEdbut, mvo, our master of the masters of the universe has kindly popped in here ... he's under freeze deadline13:00
Kamping_KaiserHirato, the 32/64 question should be asked in #ubuntu (the answer is that its arch specific)13:00
ogra_cmpc_rather #ubuntu-motu :)13:00
Hiratoheh, thanks13:00
ogra_cmpc_if its about new packages13:00
RichEdbut could give you a few minutes of time for concise questions13:00
RichEdi'd suggest you pop up the questions, and calmly keep an eye out for a reponse while you carry on with other work13:01
mvoRichEd: dholbach is really the master of the master, but I'm sure I can help as well13:01
RichEdmvo: sorry dholbach was my first thought, but then doubted my memory ... brain is currently simmering, if not fried13:02
Hiratowell, I just wanted to install some 64 bit bins in my 32 bit system, so I could compiel a 64 bit binary13:02
Hiratowanted 64bit SDL libs13:02
mvoHirato: if you want to make a 64bit package its probably easiest if you just use the launchpad PPA facility, give me a sec to dig out the link13:03
mvoHirato: https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart13:04
mvoHirato: the way it works is that you create a ubuntu/debian source package and upload it to launchpad. that will then take care of the building for both i386 and amd6413:05
ogra_cmpc_or send you nice mails if it cant :)13:05
ogra_cmpc_i.e. your app isnt buildable on 64bit or so13:05
Hiratoit's buildable13:06
HiratoI got it to compile as such, but it just had issues with linking the executable13:06
* RichEd extends thanks to mvo for assisting ...13:06
RichEdback in a bit ... s*** shower & shave ... in an attempt to refresh the brain13:07
Nubaecool, got printers working on my low fat clients =)14:06
willvdlola compadres14:29
CorporateMuskwillvdl: hola14:33
ogra_cmpc__oh, will was here ?14:37
ogra_cmpc__i didnt even notice, bah14:37
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ogra_cmpchighvoltage, have you seen the grandpa of the classmate ? http://people.ubuntu.com/~ogra/cbm.jpg16:53
* highvoltage opens link16:54
highvoltageogra_cmpc: haha!16:54
highvoltageI had an Apple ][ once that was even bulkier and uglier than that.16:54
ogra_cmpcthats a beauty !16:55
ogra_cmpcbulky ...16:55
ogra_cmpcugly ... tsk16:55
ogra_cmpci would pay money to have one catching dust in my corridor16:55
highvoltageoh, me too16:55
highvoltage(if you're talking about the commodore)16:56
ogra_cmpcwell, i wouldnt mind an apple ][ either17:00
ogra_cmpcbut i wouldnt pay for it17:00
highvoltageI wish I had the space for things like that. I remember I mostly learned to read by typing in silly little basic programs from magazines into a ZX Spectrum17:01
highvoltagethose were the days :)17:01
ogra_cmpci had a VIC20 with a /real keyboard/17:02
highvoltageoh, cool!17:08
johnnyogra_cmpc, libxklavier 3.5 should include the patch necessary to make sabayon work in 2.2217:22
ogra_cmpcogra@ceron:~$ apt-cache show libxklavier12|grep Version17:24
ogra_cmpcVersion: 3.5-117:24
johnnyaha.. :)17:24
johnnysorry, not on hardy atm17:24
johnnyi don't have enough ram to keep my various vm up all the time17:25
subsume|workDoes Dvanassche hang out in here?17:35
subsume|workHe's been updating https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuLTSP/LTSPFatClients17:35
ogra_cmpcsubsume|work, not under that nick at least17:44
ogra_cmpcnoth sure whats the real name of Nubae ... bu he's playing extensively with fat client stuff the last weeks17:45
ogra_cmpcso might probably be him17:45
subsume|workNubae in here?17:45
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stgraberogra_cmpc, ogra : bug 20153619:48
ubotuLaunchpad bug 201536 in italc "FF exception, new release of iTalc (1.0.7)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20153619:48
pygioh noes, italc again xD19:54
jbreforthi bdoin20:40

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