alleeMaybe someone feels like verifying the patch in bug 201053 ?00:09
ubot3Malone bug 201053 in digikam "[Hardy] digikam duplicates downloaded images while overwriting existing ones" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20105300:09
HobbseeTonio_: it does seem stable00:10
Tonio_Hobbsee: what ?00:12
Tonio_allee: I can't, no camera here00:12
Tonio_allee: but I can upload once you confirm the patch is good00:12
alleeTonio_: okay, I'll ping you in this case00:13
Tonio_please do00:13
HobbseeTonio_: konversation svn00:17
nixternal_Mibbit FTW!00:18
Hobbseenixternal_: servers ftw.00:20
nixternal_ya, but we can't ssh out of this damn classroom00:22
nixternal_I have been trying to figure out the telnet username/password to this router so I can fix that00:22
nixternal_I can stop everyone's connection, that is about it00:22
jjessegrumble stupid online banking sucks00:24
ScottK2nixternal_: Setting up sshd to listen also on a non-standard port on the server won't work?00:25
jjessenixternal_: you could always pay attention?00:26
nixternal_what for?00:26
nixternal_this is a stupid db class00:26
nixternal_I am working on bugs anyways00:27
nixternal_ScottK2: this guy sitting next to me asked if we use Bugzilla and I said no, then I told what we use and he asked if it was free and I said no, then he made fun of us and "free"00:27
nixternal_ 1 ryanakca 12000:30
nixternal_ryanakca: just know that I am now coming after you00:30
nixternal_I want the top spot and I don't like getting dethroned....careful now :p00:30
Tonio_Hobbsee: hum oki00:31
Tonio_Hobbsee: btw, going with svn version now seems to be a bit arch to me.....00:31
HobbseeTonio_: would probably annoy sho, yes.00:31
Tonio_Hobbsee: we have to discuss this with Riddell00:31
Tonio_Riddell: konversation svn :)00:35
Tonio_Riddell: looks like konversation will be released just after hardy...00:35
jjessequick question, right now best way to upgrade form gutsy to hardy to just edit /etc/apt/sources.list and do a dist-upgrade?  or is there a better way?00:39
RiddellTonio_: doesn't sound worth it00:46
Riddelljjesse: test the new dist upgrader!00:46
Tonio_Riddell: that's also my opinion00:47
jjesseRiddell: testing it now then :)00:49
jjesseRiddell: anything special i need to do?00:49
jjessehrmm i wonder how this works w/ kde4 installed00:51
jjessei guess i will be testing it00:51
Riddelljjesse: runtar, run ./dist-upgrade, hope it works00:53
Riddelland please let me know00:53
jjesseRiddell: ok started dist-upgrade and will let you know how it goes00:54
jjessecurrently modifiying the software channels00:54
jjesseRiddell: if you ar estill there, have an error message want to me use the report bug feature?00:56
Riddelljjesse: please00:57
jjessereport the bug?00:57
Riddellis there a backtrace?00:57
jjesseno i get a message "An unresovleable problem occured whilce caluclating the upgrade"  full screenshot00:58
jjessebug 20124901:01
ubot3Malone bug 201249 in update-manager "[Hardy] update-manager could not calculate the upgrade due to a pre-release version" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20124901:01
Riddelljjesse: do you have kubuntu-desktop installed?01:02
jjesseyes, already the newest version01:03
Riddelljjesse: newest hardy version?01:04
jjesseRiddell: currently running gutsy01:05
jjesseRiddell: attached main.log and apt.log01:06
RiddellI'll ask mvo about it in the morning01:08
Riddellthanks for testing01:08
jjesseRiddell: np i don't have internet access until late at night so i can test tomorrow if you email me or ping me once i get online01:10
jjesse!info firefox hardy01:46
ubot3firefox: meta package for the popular mozilla web browser. In component main, is optional. Version 3.0~b3+nobinonly-0ubuntu4 (hardy), package size 61 kB, installed size 128 kB01:46
jjessefirefox 3.0 correct?01:46
jjessefor hardy?01:46
Hobbseeafaik, yes01:48
jjessethanks Hobbsee01:52
jjessehello btw01:52
nixternalcomo estas02:54
jjessemuy bein e tu?03:00
nixternalasi asi03:01
nixternalI think I spelled that wrong03:01
nixternala si a si or asi asi03:01
nixternalcan't remember...been a long time03:01
jjesseme too03:02
nixternalI don't know what to do tonight03:02
jjessego to bed?03:03
nixternalthat is boring03:05
nixternalI went to bed the other night early, and watched all 4 of the "revenge of the nerds" movies03:05
nixternalthose movies are just classic03:05
jjessethey are classic03:07
nixternaljjesse: what are we going to do with KDE 4 docs this go round? Just a About/Release Notes?03:08
nixternalwe don't have enough time to document everything, and honestly our efforts could be better focused with upstream documentation03:08
jjessenixternal: i think so03:11
* nixternal thinks you should just copy and paste from the book chapter :p03:11
nixternalthat would save a bunch of time03:12
jjesseas khelpcenter sucks03:12
nixternaloh, I am now the full-time Edubuntu writer for the book...hahahaha03:12
jjessehaha sucks to be u03:12
vorianevening :)03:12
jjesseevening vorian03:13
=== tlayton_ is now known as tlayton__
yuriyMez: ping03:47
yuriymornfall: checkboxes on search list and detail view are still not synced04:25
yuriymornfall: clicking fetch package lists when in read only mode causes a crash04:29
yuriyjust leaving you those notes ^^ for the morning because i'll forget later04:30
nixternalyuriy: thanks for setting up the Hug Day stuff04:39
* ScottK2 cheers for a guidance-power-manager crash NOT caused by his latest upload.04:40
yuriynixternal: :)04:58
* yuriy gives up on hadoop and sleeps04:58
Hobbseefreaking launchpad.l.05:08
=== _czessi is now known as Czessi
mornfallyuriy: Yes, the update functionality has no error checking, other than abort().07:09
mornfallyuriy: As for checkboxes, I have added that to TODO so I hopefully don't forget for alpha5.07:09
mornfallyuriy: Ok, fixed.07:29
mornfallWasn't that hard.07:29
mornfallyuriy: (Also, now update/apply buttons are disabled in read only mode).07:36
mornfallyuriy: (pushed)07:36
apacheloggerRiddell: shouldn't knetworkmanager be started in KDE 4 as well?08:40
apacheloggerautostart that is08:40
=== \sh_away is now known as \sh
seregahmm... kioexec doesn't finishes when children process does :(09:36
Riddellapachelogger: it should be now, we moved the file to /etx/xdg/autostart10:07
Mezyuriy, pong10:10
apacheloggerRiddell: doesn't work for me currently10:14
apacheloggerI have to do some investigation10:14
apacheloggerI just had a desktop file conflict on this system10:17
apacheloggerhooray for xdg/autostart10:18
Tonio_Riddell: we changed default settings to qtcurve before it was accepted ? :)10:23
RiddellTonio_: how do you mean accepted?10:24
Tonio_Riddell: MIR accepted and package in main, and kubuntu-desktop depends on it :)10:25
RiddellTonio_: MIR accepted and package in main happened yesterday10:26
Tonio_oki ;)10:27
xRaich[o]2xstdin: Hi. Apachelogger told me to ask you about the kdemultimedia und sdk packets for 4.0.2. They are missing.10:31
RiddellLoads of space on the kubuntu-kde4 CDs today!10:32
Riddellspose I should put openoffice on10:32
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smarterhttps://code.edge.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-members/kubuntu-konqueror-shortcuts/trunk is (imho) ready for release!10:34
Riddellsmarter: does it include a kde 4 package?10:36
smarterIt's the same package, like kds10:36
smarterFor ten .desktop files I don't think it will be worth it ;)10:36
Riddellsmarter: then it can't Depend on konqueror10:37
Riddellsmarter: make it a Suggests: konqueror, konqueror-kde410:37
smarterI'll update the description too10:38
xRaich[o]2xstdin: oh and kdegraphics too. Forgot about that.10:38
mvocould someone with pyqt knowledge have a look at #186157 please?10:53
Riddellmvo: hmm, I'll add to my todo10:55
mvothanks Riddell, maybe its enough to use something like utf8() from update-manager there11:01
Riddellmvo: new dist upgrade tool is working great here11:03
mvoRiddell: wonderful, thanks a lot for the testing11:03
Riddellmvo: the text area needs set to readOnly and I need to test conf file resolution11:03
mvoRiddell: I have a custom "keyPressEvent()" to support basic line editing there. so the debconf readline protocol will work on the terminal and shell calls for stuff like "read" should also work11:05
mvoRiddell: I think the reason for not setting it ReadOnly was that I need it writable to support backspace entering in ther "terminal"11:05
Riddellbackspace entering?11:06
mvoRiddell: yes, the text area supports basic termianl capabilities, and this includes that backspace will move the cursor and delte the last char. I tested that with the debconf readline interface11:07
mvoRiddell:  #186157 should be fixed now11:08
Riddellmvo: it seems to be using debconf for a conf file update (/etc/samba/smb.conf)11:11
Riddellis that expected?11:11
mvoRiddell: you can run "python DistUpradeViewKDE.py $packagename" and it will install or remove the package you give it. good for testing (be careful, it will remove a installed one). I usually test with stuff like "2vcard" or similar harmless packages11:11
mvoRiddell: that is more likely that this is ucf11:11
mvoRiddell: and not a real conffile prompt11:11
mvoRiddell: its a configuration managment system11:12
mvoRiddell: apt-cache show ucf11:12
Riddellmvo: http://muse.19inch.net/~jr/tmp/conffile.png11:12
mvoits a fancy way to merge changes from upstream and users together11:13
mvoyes, that looks like ucf11:13
Riddellso at least I know debconf works :)11:13
Riddellmvo: plenty of space on today's kubuntu-kde4 CDs, looks like your apt changes work11:16
mvoaha, nice11:16
* mvo hugs Riddell11:16
* mvo goes for lunch but will read scrollback11:17
RiddellI see you used the utf workaround for bug 186157, good stuff11:17
ubot3Malone bug 186157 in language-selector "qt-language-selector has bad char encoding" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18615711:17
Riddelleveryone group hug mvo!11:17
Riddellsmarter: is kks good to upload?11:32
seregaI am filing a bug, buggy executable is in pkdelibs4c2a, what should I specify in launchpad 'Package' field? kdelibs4c2a or just kdelibs? Set "hardy" as a tag?11:40
Riddellno tags needed11:40
Riddellmvo: hmm, todays kubuntu live CDs are missing a lot of packages11:45
Riddellmvo: I'm not sure the pattern but lots of kubuntu-desktop Recommends: are missing11:45
Riddellmvo: possibly its the packages from desktop-kubuntu-common which are missing11:46
RiddellTonio_: how does kdelibs.pot look today?11:57
Tonio_lemme look12:01
mvoRiddell: oh :( that sounds like the fix was not that good then12:05
Tonio_Riddell: looks good :)12:06
Tonio_just waiting for the new translation packs12:07
RiddellTonio_: great12:07
smarter"[12:32] <Riddell> smarter: is kks good to upload?" I think so12:07
Riddellmvo: seems like recommends from desktop-kubuntu-common and desktop-common are not installed12:07
Riddellsmarter: ok, I'll upload, thanks12:08
Tonio_Riddell: did you change the seeds for qtcurve ?12:08
Tonio_if not, I can do12:09
RiddellTonio_: yes12:09
Riddellsmarter: "Removed unneeded Build-Dep-Indep on kdelibs-dev" that was needed13:00
Riddellsmarter: uploaded, thanks13:00
Riddellmvo: a full upgrade with the new upgrade tool works well13:00
Riddellmvo: jjesse did get an error testing it because he had KDE 4 packages installed, bug 20124913:01
ubot3Malone bug 201249 in update-manager "[Hardy] update-manager could not calculate the upgrade due to a pre-release version" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20124913:01
RiddellI'm not sure why that should cause an error13:01
mvoRiddell: it seems like that might be unreleated, bad timing: 2008-03-11 20:55:42,698 DEBUG The package 'nvidia-glx-new' is marked for removal but it's in the removal blacklist13:02
TheInfinityhmm ...13:04
Riddellmvo: ok, I'll tell him to try again13:04
TheInfinityanyone who can fix this? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/196242 - its difficult to alphatest the live cd if xorg does not work ;)13:05
ubot3Malone bug 196242 in xorg "[Hardy] bulletproof xorg fails completely with mbp rev3" [Undecided,New]13:05
stdinxRaich[o]2x: I didn't really package 4.0.2, but I'll have a look13:06
RiddellTheInfinity: you need an X maintainer (tjaalton, bryce)13:08
TheInfinityok thanks :)13:08
stdinxRaich[o]2x: yep, apparently those are missing, I'll put those up today13:13
xRaich[o]2xstdin: Thanks :) I really hope for a working Umbrello, since Dia is horrible.13:14
Riddellapachelogger: amarok can't scan for devices13:29
apacheloggerRiddell: in KDE 4?13:31
Riddellapachelogger: KDE 3, amarok 1.4.813:31
Riddellif I click Autodetect Devices I get "No new media devices were found"13:31
mvoRiddell: I commented on the bugreport13:32
apacheloggerI see what you mean13:32
smarterRiddell: why is kdelibs-dev needed?14:03
Riddellsmarter: for kde-config14:05
smarteroh, ok14:06
Riddellapachelogger: who can we ask for help with that?14:11
apacheloggerRiddell: I asked some guys to test this on gentoo as soon as they have time to14:12
apacheloggerthough I think there is just some incompability with latest kde 3, rather than an issue with one of our patches14:12
ScottK2Riddell: At this point I'm assuming that hackery to make guidance displaymanger work with missing xorg bits is reasonably OK as long as it actually works, right?14:14
Riddellmornfall: adept alpha 4 is the business14:16
RiddellScottK2: yep14:16
Riddellmornfall: got a crash though but can't recreate14:17
mornfallRiddell: Backtrace? Or did it abort()?14:25
Riddellmornfall: I forgot to look at the backtrace14:25
mornfallAnd anything in the terminal? (If you run from a terminal...)14:25
mornfallWell, if you run into it again, tell me.14:26
mornfall(There are some known unhandled exceptions and a bunch of abort() calls on errors in fetching update.)14:26
Riddellmornfall: if I search for half a word "umbr" it briefly shows matches "umbrello" but then they disappear14:27
mornfallYes, I am not sure about that. We could do partial matches, but they'll probably pollute the result set.14:27
RiddellI think they'd be useful14:27
smarterdo I need to fill a FF exception for Bespin since it is KDE4 stuff?14:28
mornfallIt does "search as you type", so the not-fully-typed word is expanded to all possibilities for the "partial" search. When you stop typing, it assumes you typed all words you intended in full.14:28
smarterif I want to package a new snapshot14:28
apacheloggersmarter: bespin is non-default KDE package therefore it prolly needs a FFe14:28
Riddellmornfall: I don't think its clear to the user what's happening14:30
mornfallWell, possibly. But... what do you propose? I am fairly sure that doing partial matches on all words will break other searches.14:32
Riddellideally probably full matches at the top, then a header "partial matches" and list those14:32
Riddellthat's probably some hassle though, I don't see just listing the partial matches as being a big problem14:33
mornfallIt could be doable.14:33
mornfallWell, it influences the scoring a lot.14:33
mornfallI can't come up with meaningful examples right now, but let me think a bit.14:34
mornfallWe'll have to try that.14:35
mornfall(People don't expect google to do that, btw.)14:35
Riddelltrue enough14:38
Artemis_Fowlmornfall: I checked some thnigs in Adept's 3 alpha source code and it certainly looks better15:00
Artemis_Fowlmornfall: not that Adept's 2.x code was bad but it needed a more consistent style15:00
stdinRiddell: should I put exiv2 in the KDE4 ppa or will 0.15-1ubuntu2 do? kdegraphics wants >= 0.16-3ubuntu115:00
jetsaredimis there something up with the latest kde packages for hardy?15:00
Artemis_Fowlmornfall: and above all, keep up the good work on libept. it is way better than libapt-front15:01
jetsaredimany time I try to open any k* program it takes literally like a minute for it to respond15:01
jetsaredimbut gtk stuff is fine15:01
Artemis_FowlRiddell: will this bulky font change eventually in Kubuntu Hardy?15:03
=== mvo__ is now known as mvo
yuriyMez: what is "upstream" bugtracking for katapult? i wanted to link an lp bug to a bugs.kde.org bug but couldn't because katapult is a project on lp15:11
* seele waves15:13
jetsaredimis anyone else seeing this issue on hardy?15:13
MezBT upstream is LP15:14
Mezand thats an issue with LP15:14
Riddelljetsaredim: I don't15:19
ScottK2New kde-guidance for testing from hacks-R-us: https://launchpad.net/~kitterman/+archive15:19
Riddellapachelogger: I don't know of any font change15:19
yuriyScottK2: what's changed/what to test?15:19
Riddellstdin: don't put new exiv2 in, it's not binary compatible15:19
Riddellstdin: you'd need to change kdegraphics to not build with it15:19
jetsaredimRiddell: any thoughts as to what might be at the root of my problem?15:20
stdinRiddell: okay then15:20
ScottK2yuriy: This one should work if xorg.conf is missing ServerLayout section.  See Bug #17376815:20
ubot3Malone bug 173768 in kde-guidance "The module Monitor & Display could not be loaded." [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17376815:20
apacheloggerRiddell: ?15:20
apacheloggerthat was for Artemis15:20
ScottK2yuriy: It's a hack.  Be nice please.15:20
Riddellapachelogger: oh, he left, ignore me15:21
ScottK2The key is that it's a hack that I think is extenisble to cover the no xorg.conf case.15:21
yuriyso just check if it runs without that section?15:22
jetsaredimRiddell: any thoughts as to what might be at the root of my problem?15:28
yuriyMez: when you get a chance, could you add information about katapult upstream bugtracking to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingKDE#head-b4b70224e0fa9036c0a9271e736469955862630e15:28
ScottK2yuriy: First would be to check it runs fine with that section and then without, yes.15:30
Riddelljetsaredim: try stracing maybe15:30
mvoRiddell: re apt> I take a look when I finished with some compiz madness15:35
Riddellok, thanks15:36
jetsaredimRiddell: I can't even get focus into a konsole to be able to strace anything15:36
jetsaredimi have two konsoles open and neither will take input15:40
nixternalGUI: checkbox for the "Middle click on a tab closes it" option (which has existed for a long time, but didn't have a GUI).15:55
nixternalPatch by Juan Carlos Torres15:55
nixternalJucato: I was wondering when that would get uploaded :)15:55
Jucatonixternal: never15:58
Jucatoat least as far as KDE 3 is concerned (no new features)15:58
Jucatoas far as KDE 4... well, dunno. but already gave dfaure the patch15:58
nixternalwell, I lost my bet with imbrandon on the gPC...I said it would last no longer than a year on store shelves...it didn't even make 6 months16:02
Jucatosold out or...16:03
jetsaredimRiddell: even something as simple as kdesu gets screwed up16:03
smartermmh, something's wrong with Amarok's translation16:09
smarterin the right-click menu I have: "BROKEN TRANSLATION Edit Track Information..."16:10
jussi01ScottK: ping!16:16
jussi01ScottK: Im just testing this guidance package16:17
jussi01basically I have a working hardy. if I just remove xorg and restart?16:17
ScottKDon't do that16:18
jussi01ok, so how should I proceed16:18
ScottKjussi01: Is displaymanager working OK for you with the current package?16:18
jussi01it wasnt no, havent checked since the update16:18
ScottKCheck the released update and see if it works before you test the PPA pakcage.16:19
jussi01hrmmpph, I installed the upgrade alreeady.16:20
ScottKNo problem16:21
ScottKjussi01: Just see if it works without any xorg changes16:21
jussi01ok. it loads the module, which is already an improvement over last time i checked ~2 days ago16:21
ScottKOK.  Do you remember if you had ubuntu2 or ubuntu3 installed before you installed the PPA package?16:23
jussi01hang on, Ill check16:23
jussi01ScottK: Im not certain, but Im pretty sure it was 3 as I updated around 2 hours ago16:26
ScottKI uploaded 3 on Sunday, so probably.16:26
stdinhad to disable gwenview-kde4 for kdegraphics-kde4 gutsy, but it built16:27
jussi01ScottK: hmmm... seems that its only showing 2 resolutions, (640x480 800x600) while my screen is at 1680x105016:32
ScottKjussi01: OK.  But it didn't run at all for you before, right?16:35
jussi01ScottK: correct16:36
ScottKjussi01: Would you please pastebin your xorg.conf16:36
ScottKjussi01: Please run it from a Konsole window and pastebin any Konsole output you get.16:37
jussi01ScottK: displaymanager is the command?16:38
jussi01hmmm, no it isnt. I think its displayconfig16:39
smarterAmarok in Ubuntu is compiled without --with-mp4v2 but I can edit aac tags with it, anyone know why?16:39
ScottKjussi01: Yes.  Sorry.16:40
jussi01ScottK: nothing from konsole. just runs, when I close exits quietly16:40
ScottKjussi01: If you do something that doesn't affect monitor resolutions, like change the time before it powers off, what do you get (please in  Konsole window again)?16:46
jussi01ScottK: /usr/bin/xset dpms 3600 3600 360016:46
ScottKThat's perfect.16:46
stdinapachelogger or Riddell: debdiff for bug #198470 up16:47
ubot3Malone bug 198470 in kdebase-workspace "wallpaper broken in plasma in kde 4.0.2" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19847016:47
yuriyScottK: runs with and without serverlayout section16:47
yuriythough it detects my card as a 6800.. i wish16:47
stdintest build in my PPA, and works too :)16:47
ScottKyuriy: I'm not a miracle worker here.  I'm mostly focusing on making it not crash.16:48
ScottKyuriy: Thanks for letting me know.16:48
jussi01ScottK: so any more tests I can run to help out?16:50
ScottKjussi01: I don't think so.16:51
jussi01ScottK: ok. let me know if i can help more :)16:51
Jucatonixternal: now I know what you were talking about :)16:51
* Jucato sniffs :)16:51
ScottKRiddell: Here's the situation with displayconfig and partial/no Xorg: I can hack it up to not crash.  It seems that the user gets only a very vanilla set of resolution choices, but it seems other than that it works.  That sounds like worthwhile progress to me.  What do you think?16:52
stdinRiddell: btw, I've given up on ODBC support in Qt, it just doesn't want to work16:57
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nixternalanyone here runnin Gutsy and have KDE 4 installed from PPA, and have an iPod or other, could you try bug #186384 and see if you can reproduce it please?17:01
ubot3Malone bug 186384 in amarok "Amarok does not autodetect devices in Hardy, and in Gutsy with KDE3.5.9 and KDE4 ppa repository" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18638417:01
* txwikinger does not have such fancy stuff like ipods17:07
RiddellScottK: sounds good here17:07
Riddellstdin: hmm, a shame17:07
Nightrosenixternal: apachelogger already asked eean to try it and is investigating - eean said he will test when he gets back home17:09
stdinRiddell: it may (or may not) be a bug in unixodbc, it seems to default to use 64bit values in the source anyway (from what I can see)17:09
nixternalanyone with German locales confirm bug #64168 for me?17:15
ubot3Malone bug 64168 in kdebase "KDE clipboard used with Openoffice does not support Umlauts" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/6416817:15
nixternalworks great with en locales17:15
jussi01nixternal: I have ä and ö's Ill just check17:20
jussi01nixternal: seems to work fine here, I have them on my keyboard, not sure which locale Im on atm though17:22
nixternaltype locale and see17:22
jussi01hmmm, no, Im on en_US for some strange reason, sorry17:23
* jussi01 goes to change that17:23
nixternalya, it works fine for that locale17:23
nixternalanyone on Gutsy able to confirm bug #176949 at all? It works fine on Hardy that I could tell17:24
ubot3Malone bug 176949 in kde-systemsettings "Static IP configuration gives "default gateway IP address is invalid" error" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17694917:24
ScottKjussi01: Can you go to the hardware section of displayconfig and pick a generic monitor that has the resolution you want and get it set that way.17:27
jussi01ScottK: yes, that seems to work (without having applied it, it gives the option)17:29
ScottKjussi01: I'm going to call that a work around.17:29
jussi01ScottK: ok. :)17:29
jussi01Ok, im disappering for a little bit17:31
RiddellTonio__: root eh?17:44
* jussi01 is tempted to !rootirc for the fun of it :P17:45
Riddelljussi01: do it do it17:45
jussi01!rootirc | Tonio__17:45
ubot3Tonio__: It's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.17:45
* jussi01 loves that riddel has a sense of humor17:46
jussi01heh, that was a quick visit17:46
* jussi01 also hates his tab key... :(17:47
ScottKnixternal: Can you help me with getting some guidance displaymanager work arounds documented?18:02
ScottKjussi01: I just uploaded that displayconfig change.18:22
ScottKjussi01: We'll need to release note the work around you had to do to configure display resolution.  I was wondering if you'd be willing to write something up for nixternal?18:23
ScottKRiddell: New guidance uploaded that will survive a missing ServerLayout section in xorg.conf.  I'm going to start on trying to survive a totally missing xorg.conf.18:24
=== smarter_ is now known as smarter
mhbhi folks, hope you are all well19:00
awen_when acpi-support sends a fakekey event and KDE receives it, where is the default policy for what to do specified? ... it seems the $KEY_SLEEP (142) doesn't trigger a sleep (in Hardy), but can't find where to look to fix it19:01
Nightroseheya mhb - everything fine here - and you?19:14
blizzzekRiddell: a wise guy told me to ask you... i am right in getting into python developing. currently i am trying to add an menu to a trayicon. atm i made a class inherited from QMenu. There, i generate an QAction with Text, Shortcut and Visibility and add it to the menu. However, everythings fine, but the fact that there is no text to see (though the value is assigned). do you've got a hint for me?19:14
Riddellblizzzek: qt 4?19:17
blizzzekRiddell: yes19:17
blizzzekon hardy currently, since there are problem with pykde4 (from which i use some things) from ppa on gutsy atm19:18
Riddellblizzzek: and you have a QSystemTrayIcon?19:18
blizzzekRiddell: yes19:19
blizzzekif i right-click it, there appeare "placesholders" for the assigned actions of the menu, but no text19:19
Riddelljust make a QMenu, add actions setContextMenu19:20
Riddellfrom system-config-printer-applet-kde19:20
jussi01ScottK: something like this? or have I got you all wrong: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/59405/19:21
Riddellblizzzek: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5629/19:22
ScottKjussi01: Looking19:24
ScottKjussi01: Yes.  Please get with nixternal about getting it into the beta release notes.19:25
blizzzekRiddell: i looked at your pastes, but still i do not have an idea :( tried some things, but did not work. may you have a look? http://pastebin.kubuntu-de.org/78688719:31
ScottKWould someone on Hardy KDE3 please install and run eric.  It's crashing for me and I'm curious if it's just my system or not.19:35
jussi01ScottK: what is eric?19:36
jussi01ScottK: Im installing now19:36
ScottKIt's a Python editor19:36
ScottKIt's an alternative to Idle.19:36
jussi01ScottK: it core dumps here19:37
ScottKjussi01: Thanks.  OK.  It's not just me then.19:37
jussi01after saying its not configured, then you hit ok and it dies19:37
ScottKSame as me.19:38
jussi01ok, bug time.19:38
jussi01you are welcome19:39
Riddellblizzzek: works for me19:39
Riddellblizzzek: got the full thing?19:39
ScottKAccording to strace it dies in the qt4 part of the package.19:40
blizzzeki can send it. is pastebin enough or would you like the files?19:40
ScottKAny aspiring qt4 hackers want a small project?19:40
smarterScottK: yes :)19:41
Riddellblizzzek: this works for me http://pastebin.kubuntu-de.org/78695219:41
ScottKsmarter: Install eric.  run eric.  watch eric crash.  Enjoy.19:41
Artemis_FowlScottK: when does it seg faults?19:41
ScottKAfter you click ok to config for the first run.19:42
smarterI just finished my C++ book and started my Qt book19:42
Artemis_Fowlsmarter: which Qt book?19:42
ScottKAccording to strace it's a itemviews/qtreeview.cpp line 212119:42
smarterArtemis_Fowl: "C++ GUI programming with Qt 4"19:43
Artemis_Fowlsmarter: good book19:43
Artemis_Fowlsmarter: haven't finished it yet though19:43
ScottKThis one's written in Python with python-qt4.19:43
smarterI saw that19:43
ScottKBeing a Python editor, that makes sense ...19:43
ScottKsmarter: If you can figure a fix so it won't crash, I've got a couple of other changes I need to upload that I can combine it with.19:44
tlaytonScottK: eric 4.0.4 (r1711) runs fine here. although it does prompt me an update is available at kde-apps19:45
blizzzekRiddell: thanks a lot! it was obviously the -style=plastique thing, i did not have originally19:45
ScottKtlayton: What environment are you running it in?19:45
tlaytonScottK: latest greatest hardy, kde 3.5.919:45
ScottK4.1.1 is the latest and they both crash for me.19:45
smartercrash here too19:46
ScottKAre you running the Kubuntu package or the upstream tarball?19:46
ScottKtlayton: ^^19:46
blizzzekwell, looking at the application, oxygene was more beautyful19:46
tlaytonScottK: kubuntu package 4.0.4-1ubuntu1.19:46
tlaytoni did not get a config dialog. could it be that eric is already configured for me from a previous version19:47
ScottKRight.  That'd do it.19:47
Artemis_Fowlmornfall: ping19:48
ScottKThat gives some hope that fixing this one problem will be useful.19:48
tlaytonScottK: ok it does crash if I go to Settings -> Preferences19:50
ScottKtlayton: If you start if from Konsole, what does it say when it dies?19:51
tlaytonScottK: just "Aborted (core dumped)". this outside of using default translation files19:52
jussi01Riddell: we should now unban ubotu methinks19:52
mornfallArtemis_Fowl: pong?19:53
ScottKsmarter: Do you think this is something you can work on?19:53
Artemis_Fowlmornfall: question:19:53
Artemis_Fowlmornfall: I have been playing around with libept19:53
Artemis_Fowlmornfall: doing something like this:19:53
Artemis_Fowlmornfall: http://kde.pastey.net/8372119:54
Artemis_Fowlmornfall: ui.treeWidget_list being a QTreeWidget with Package Name, Installed Version etc19:55
mornfall(Albeit that's probably not my part of the library, but Enrico's.)19:55
Artemis_Fowlmornfall: anyway. the thing is that the QString::number(size_t( PackageRecord( *i ).installedSize() ) ) produces nothing but zero19:56
Artemis_Fowlmornfall: how should the class PackageRecord be used19:56
mornfallIt works for Adept. I don't know about PackageRecord, I don't use that...19:57
mornfallAs I said, I mostly use stuff under core::.19:57
Artemis_Fowlmornfall: how is this implemented in Adept?19:57
mornfallUsing (ept::core::)record::Source.19:58
mornfallYou have record::Source r;19:58
mornfallthen do r.get< record::InstalledSize >( token );19:58
mornfall(The core:: API is based on the ept::Token class.)19:58
mornfallAnd you can get a list of tokens from various places. One would be package::Source.19:59
mornfallpackage::Source pkgs( db );19:59
mornfallCheck tools/ept-cat.cpp in libept source.20:00
Artemis_Fowlmornfall: where is ept::core header file located?20:00
Artemis_Fowlmornfall: ah20:00
Artemis_Fowlmornfall: :)20:00
mornfallept/core/... (There's a bunch of stuff under core::).20:00
buzi'm fighting with a nvidia sata controller. it tells me the disk times out which i believe is some ahci screw up, is there any kernel option to turn off ahci during boot=20:01
Artemis_Fowlmornfall: strange20:02
Artemis_Fowlmornfall: can't find it anywhere20:02
mhbNightrose: I'm well, except not having any time20:02
mornfallWhat's your version of libept-dev? On gutsy, there's no such thing as ept::core.20:02
Artemis_Fowlmornfall: aha20:03
Artemis_Fowlmornfall: ok. will investigate it soon. thx20:04
RiddellScottK: remember beta freeze is tomorrow20:06
ScottKRiddell: I do.  I'm almost certain working with no xorg at all won't get done before the freeze, but that bug is (appropriately I think) milestoned for Beta.20:07
ScottKI'm expecting I'll get it OK'ed.20:08
smarterScottK: after some googling it appears that the problem comes from pyqt 4.3.3 which doesn't like Qt 4.3.420:09
smarterso we just need to wait for pyqt 4.3.420:10
ScottK2smarter: Thanks.20:10
ScottK2smarter: Any chance of a work around since pyqt 4.3.4 isn't released yet?20:15
smarterI'm trying to debug the code right now20:15
ScottK2smarter: Great.  Thanks20:17
Artemis_Fowlmornfall: I foud out what was wrong. As I imagined wrong use of the class....20:17
mornfallWhat was it?20:17
Artemis_Fowlmornfall: wrong use of the class :) the class Package Record should not be used to retrieve info about a package20:18
mornfallCould be :-).20:18
mornfallI couldn't tell off the top of my head...20:18
Artemis_Fowlmornfall: Apt::rawRecord( std::string ) should be used to get the package20:19
Artemis_Fowlmornfall: and then search in it20:19
Artemis_Fowlmornfall: using Package Record20:19
Artemis_Fowlmornfall: thisis the correct use20:20
Artemis_Fowlthis is*20:20
Artemis_Fowlmornfall: therefore the Package Record class is used to search in a package. not get the package...20:21
Artemis_Fowlmornfall: there is no documentation for this. that's why I got so confused20:21
Artemis_Fowlmornfall: anyway. cya20:22
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_buzlooks to me like todays hardy live image is pretty broken21:14
_buznot even the boot menu reacts to key presses21:14
_buzthat is if i didnt burn a bad cd21:17
Riddellnosrednaekim: where's the desktop-effects bzr?21:18
nosrednaekimRiddell: https://code.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-users/guidance/desktop-effects-kde21:20
ScottK2Riddell: Now that I've gotten pyqtconfig back in python-qt-dev where it belongs, I suspect our python-kde3 is carrying an unneeded build-dep on python-qt3.  I'm doing a test build now.  If it works out OK, do you mind if I upload it?21:20
RiddellScottK2: not at all21:21
nosrednaekimRiddell: jpatrick updated the deb already though...21:21
Riddellhmm, failed to build21:23
nosrednaekimRiddell: desktop-effects-kde failed?21:28
Riddellnosrednaekim: yes, due to changes in python-central21:34
nosrednaekimis it something I need to fix?21:35
Riddellnosrednaekim: no, I can do it easily enough21:35
Riddellit's just a packaging issue21:35
nosrednaekimok, thanks.21:35
nixternalryanakca: I told ya to watch out and that I was gunnin' for ya :p21:38
nixternal1  nixternal  158  |   2  ryanakca  12021:39
Riddellnosrednaekim: the images aren't installed though, are they ment to be?21:39
Riddellactually, they are, ignore me21:40
Riddelljust some paths need changed21:40
blueyedIs it possible to add presets to amarok's equalizer?21:42
blueyedthrough kubuntu-default-settings?21:42
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ryanakcanixternal: aaah, no fair22:21
ryanakcanixternal: oh well, I just got home, I'll catch up to you still :)22:21
ryanakca39 bugs to go :)22:22
nosrednaekim158 bugs in a DAY?22:23
NthDegreeno way...22:24
ryanakcanosrednaekim: eh, you can manage if you have a 2-3-4 hours to spend :)22:24
ryanakcanosrednaekim: mind you, those numbers were for the past 7 days :)22:25
nosrednaekimoh! ok :)22:25
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mhbI wonder how many of those you actually fix22:40
nosrednaekimhey mhb, how's it going?22:41
mhbca depend22:42
mhbnosrednaekim: on the one hand, I really enjoy concentrating fully on school22:43
mhbnosrednaekim: staying there each day almost to 19:00, sometimes later22:43
nosrednaekimmust be fun :)22:43
mhbnosrednaekim: on the other hand, I know that in open source hacking word, there's no such thing as two folks taking your place once you step back22:44
nixternalI fix enough that's for sure22:44
nixternalthis kdeprint is a mess22:44
nosrednaekimnixternal: the system-config-printer-kde?22:44
nixternalnot that one, kdeprint itself22:45
mhbnosrednaekim: the academic world is a different place, full of people that are minimalist and really into the unix philosophy22:46
Riddellnixternal: that's why we need system-config-printer-kde22:46
nixternalRiddell: no doubt...I am looking into a kdeprint bug, and my hair turned grey22:47
nixternaljust like that22:47
mhbnosrednaekim: I really enjoy the introduction to unix lecture, because (although I know most of it) it makes me appreciate the beauty of Unix internals22:47
nixternalplay with HP-UX and you learn to not see any beauty22:47
mhbnosrednaekim: like tools that aren't named by fancy names, but by what they really do, like "rm" or "cp"22:47
mhbnixternal: why so?22:48
nosrednaekimdid they tell you what /etc stands for yet?22:48
nixternalmhb: it is a god awful platform to admin22:48
mhbnosrednaekim: the usual et cetera22:49
RiddellI can't work out why khelpcenter-kde4 doesn't find any docs22:49
Riddellor where it looks22:49
mhbnosrednaekim: it may sound strange, but I'd be happy if my window manager was named "wm" and my instant messenger "im" :o)22:50
nixternalit should look in /usr/lib/kde4/share/doc22:50
nixternalit should look in /usr/lib/kde4/share/doc/kde/HTML/en22:51
nixternalit should look in /usr/lib/kde4/share/doc/kde/HTML/$CC :)22:51
nixternalI will get it right one of these days...22:51
nosrednaekimmhb: XD.... but what if you wanted to create a better im? it would be "imim" :)22:51
nixternalRiddell: KHelpCenter is broken in trunk too22:51
mhbnosrednaekim: "bim"?22:53
mhbnosrednaekim: i'd welcome a single "one im to rule them all", though22:53
mhbnosrednaekim: because there's nobody inventing a second rm22:53
mhbnosrednaekim: there's no need for a "extrm" :o)22:53
nosrednaekimmhb: true.22:53
nosrednaekimI suppose its because it was all originally dictated by a corporation, who wouldn't want two tools for the same job22:54
nosrednaekimit'd be SLIGHTLY wasteful ;)22:54
mhbnosrednaekim: AFAIK it wasn't really dictated in the beginning22:56
mhbnosrednaekim: the way we're taught the basics, some fellows from Bell Labs wanted to do an operating system, but there wasn't any need for one of those, so they pretended that they are developing a "text processing system"22:57
mhbthat's why Unix has a lot of text configuration tools, because text processing is what it did well22:58
nosrednaekimwhich is all anyone did back then... no images... or movies I guess22:59
mhbnosrednaekim: I guess so.23:00
coreymon77what are we talking about?23:00
mhbcoreymon77: I was talking about the roots of Unix, but that was offtopic23:02
mhbnosrednaekim: so what's new by you?23:02
nosrednaekimmhb: not much.. just trying to finish up highschool :)23:10
eldariaHey guys, anyone of you know how I can configure bzr and launchpad.net behind a proxy?23:24
eldariaIt looks as if it only supports ssh23:25
Riddelleldaria: try #bzr23:25
Riddelleldaria: it supports http too23:25
ScottK2Riddell: New python-kde3 uploaded.  Except for eric that I'm holding up for another reason, that's the last package touched by the pyqtconfig being in the wrong place.23:26
* Hobbsee grumbles at sven23:29
eldariaRiddell: Thanks, will try that tomorrow. It is when I'm at work I could not figure out how to Upload my changes. it tells I need to run bzr push bzr+ssh://, so intead I type bzr push #bzr+http:// or?23:30
Riddelleldaria: http is read only, you need ssh to write back23:33
ScottK2Hobbsee: Would you please say OK to Bug #18889123:34
* Hobbsee waits for ubotu23:34
Hobbseebug 18889123:34
* ScottK2 hands Hobbsee https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/eric/+bug/18889123:34
eldariaRiddell: ah ok, so I guess I won't be able to check out from work then. oh well will have to mail the changes home, thanks though.23:35
HobbseeScottK2: done23:36
HobbseeScottK2: and how's it beta already?23:36
stdinerm, someone should un-mute ubotu in here23:37
ScottK2Hobbsee: Thanks23:38
Riddelleldaria: you can usually get ssh to work around proxies23:38
eldariawell, we have an ssh stepstone, and I have previously created tunnels a couple of times, but after a couple of incidents (not by me) they started monitoring the usage. so not sure if it is such a good idea. :-)23:41
Hobbseeis there anything major we need fixed for kubuntu?23:46
jjesseevening :)23:47
jjesseRiddell: any word on update manager an the problems i was having/causing :)23:54
Riddelljjesse: mvo said to try again, he commented on the bug23:55
jjesseRiddell: ok i'll reveiw the bug and try again :)23:55

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