james_wnothing, you just need to squint. The encryption algorithm is based on magic eye.00:00
lunksIs it still required w32codecs?00:00
james_wlunks: does https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs help?00:01
DanaGUSA: it's illegal to watch DVDs!00:01
DanaGLovely laws.  (...and I live in the country.00:01
nemoDanaG: the new frustration under linux will be blu-ray :-/00:04
rsknemo yea, bluray seems much more anal than DVD00:05
* rsk pokes dvd-jon00:05
* DanaG would just find out how to rip them under Windows, and then do so.00:08
rskyou can rip them in linux00:08
DanaGOh, I did the same with my dvd-audio sample disk I got with my Audigy2ZS.00:08
rskbut not watch them encrypted00:08
DanaGBy "rip", I mean including decryption.00:08
nemolinux of course was one of the first OSes to have blu-ray support :)00:09
nemo... without decrypting ;)00:09
nemoI kinda wonder if there are decrypting hooks already in the linux packages, all ready slap in some code - theoretically the existing blu-ray crascks would work on older discs00:09
nemoof course, since I don't have a blu-ray player...00:10
rskwhat, you don't have a ps3?00:10
nemodon't even have my Atari anymore00:10
nemoif I'm going to buy a commercial system, will be the wii00:11
nemoassuming I can find one00:11
rski will buy a ps300:11
rskonce silent hill metal gear solid and gran turismo has come out00:11
purepwnageam I taking this out of context or can linux not read blu-ray00:14
purepwnagegoogle is my friend :)00:17
lunkswell, then00:21
lunksI'm having some problems while trying to watch an encrypted DVD. :)00:21
ethana2purepwnage: linux can read bluray00:22
ethana2..it's just not legal, depending on your location00:22
rsklunks: tried mplayer?00:22
DanaGargh, pulseaudio is buggy -- if it crashes, anything using it can start devouring CPU and RAM.00:23
DanaGBut I still use it because it's awesome when you have multiple audio devices.00:23
lunkswell, I'll try restarting first =)00:24
lsmobrianpurepwnage: did u figure out your ssh problem00:26
mooboo1kinda scary, i accidently executed an .exe through wine in firefox00:34
mooboo1it should ask an extra time, if its an executable file00:35
Dr_willisto be like windows vista it should ask 100 times..00:40
Dr_willis'are you really sure you wanted tos elect yes to the previous question?'00:41
purepwnagelsmobrian: no00:41
lsmobrianjust to make sure your server is listening, try 'nmap localhost'   this will output all your open ports and what service is running on that port00:42
lsmobrianyou will need to install nmap00:43
purepwnagelsmobrian: it's not listening apparently00:44
lsmobriannothing that says ssh?   double check you have openssh-server installed  then try "/etc/init.d/ssh start"00:46
lsmobrianneed sudo for ssh start00:48
purepwnagelsmobrian: still doesn't show O.o00:48
lsmobriandoes nmap list any open ports on localhost00:49
purepwnage631 and 590000:49
lsmobrianand the /etc/inid.d/ssh start just had like 1 line, saying OK  ?00:50
DrUnKnMuNkYhey everyone. i'm having some trouble running the utilities from gnome-system-tools (network-admin, users-admin, services-admin, time-admin, shares-admin). i'm pretty sure it's to do with policykit. i get the error msg "The configuration could not be loaded \ You are not allowed to access the system configuration". packages are up to date. anyone know what to do about this?00:51
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lsmobrianpurepwnage:   ps -A | grep sshd00:52
purepwnageader10@ubuntu:~/.ssh$ ps -A|grep sshd00:53
purepwnage 6125 ?        00:00:00 sshd00:53
lsmobrianwow, thats really weird00:53
purepwnageI suppose that's why 8.04 is in alpha00:58
lsmobrianhrm, you said you changed to port 43210 instead of 22, if u change it back, does it work00:59
purepwnageno, unfortunately00:59
lsmobrianmine works when sshd_config has 22, but no to 4321000:59
purepwnageI'll try again00:59
SeveredC1ossIs NetworkManager known to be busted right now?01:00
SeveredC1ossArgh, I have the wrong nick.01:00
=== SeveredC1oss is now known as SeveredCross
SeveredCrossMy NetworkManager won't connect to secure wireless networks at all..it claims to be connecting, then spits out some errors about not being able to connect to the supplicant in /var/log/daemon.log01:01
purepwnageTried again, still doesn't work :(01:01
SeveredCrossAnd then drops to an unencrypted network.01:01
kumarphillyanyone here use cgi irc at all?01:02
nrpkumarphilly: i used to01:03
kumarphillynrp, like do you know how to isntall it on a site01:03
stefano__what is seahorse?01:04
DrUnKnMuNkYSeveredCross: I'm connecting fine to WPA2 networks so I mine's workign atm.01:04
kumarphillynrp can you spare a few minutes to help me01:05
kumarphillyi unzipped it and now where do i upload what to01:05
kumarphillyit doesnt work when i try to upload everything to cgi-bin01:05
nrpwhat error does it give01:06
kumarphillyno error01:06
kumarphillyit just lists me the contents01:06
lsmobrianstefano, front end for GnuPG,  'passwords and encryption keys' in accessories menu01:06
nrpdoes your webserver do cgi?01:07
nrpare the files +x?01:08
kumarphillythey should be:-D01:08
kumarphillyhow should i check01:08
nrpdo you have a shell into the server?01:08
nrpdo you have ftp access?01:09
nrpok, with your ftp client, set file permissions on all the .cgi files to 75501:10
kumarphillydid it01:11
nrpwell, that should have done it.  its possible that perl isnt in the spot the script expects it to be. or for some strange reason, it doesnt have perl01:13
DanaG sudo btrace /dev/sda01:13
DanaGBLKTRACESETUP: No such file or directory01:13
DanaGFailed to start trace on /dev/sda01:13
DanaGload....unload (every 15 seconds).01:13
DanaGBut it's only that bad after suspend and resume.01:14
kumarphillynrp, in cpanel i see 2 things under software/services php pear packages and php confguration01:14
nrpwell, then its possible your host just doesnt give you perl01:15
purepwnageis there a way to make nautilus windows close if the path is removed?01:15
kumarphillynrp, damnit... you know any freehost that does:-D01:15
nrpnope, free hosts tend to suck pretty bad01:15
kumarphillyfree hosts01:18
lsmobriantry googling    free perl host01:21
kumarphillygot one:-D01:21
lunksI'm getting "libdvdread: Invalid IFO for title 1 (VTS_01_0.IFO)." if I try to play a DVD.01:22
boss_has the alsa sound been fixed in -12?01:24
* kumarphilly uploading files to this new free host:-D01:25
paulo-falcaoIs the sound problem (alsa) solved?01:25
paulo-falcaodoes anyone know?01:25
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coz_paulo-falcao,  my question exactly :)01:26
paulo-falcaocoz_, we are in the same boat... ;D01:27
coz_paulo-falcao, well I havent installed the -12 yet so I still have sound  apparenlty it got here later than others got it and i was here when it was mentioned01:27
paulo-falcaowant to see season 2 of Heroes...but with no sound...01:28
paulo-falcaois there any workaround?01:28
coz_paulo-falcao, I dont think so01:29
paulo-falcaothen sleep it is...01:30
paulo-falcaobye, thanks01:30
paulo-falcaomaybe tomorrow :^D01:30
RAOFFor those playing at home, passing "nohz=off" to the kernel doesn't prevent bug #19421401:36
ubotwoLaunchpad bug 194214 in xorg-server "Keys get "stuck" down" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19421401:36
DanaGHere's a workaround: try to avoid doing keyboard+mouse at the same time.01:37
DanaGNote that workaround and fix are totally completely different things.01:37
RAOFAnd switch to Metacity when you want to play games, since it's harder to trigger under Metacity.01:37
PiciAre anyones gnome multimedia keybindings working?01:39
thecryptoIn one of the updates I got rhythmbox was uninstalled. So I haven't seen anything yet...waiting for the partial update cycle I am currently stuck in to break.01:40
DanaGNot working for exaile or decibel-audio-player.01:40
kumarphillyall these host require 24 hours to veirfy01:43
kumarphillyanyone know of any solution01:43
ubuntubetalol, reading this subject is it safe to say there is no support if I accidentally removed gnome-about gnome-panel nautilus?01:47
ubuntubetahappened to me running a dist upgrade01:47
kumarphillynrp, you still there?01:48
DanaGOooooooooh, quodlibet still works!  Sweet.01:51
RAOFAlso for those playing at home: the options "acpi=off" "hpet=disable" and "nohz=off" and "nosmp" do not have any effect, other than to make my laptop hotter & slower.01:51
ubuntubetahow can I restore the missing packages? I have tried reinstall -f reinstall install -f install remove -f remove and also the same using aptitude01:51
kumarphillyanyone else have 143 updates today01:51
DanaGTry aptitude with no parameters.01:51
DanaGThat'll give a nifty text UI.01:51
ubuntubetathats how I got into this mess01:51
kumarphillyand like 82 yesterday01:51
ubuntubetathx DanaG I never knew :D01:52
DanaGOnce you install the plugins and enable the multimedia keys.01:54
DanaGIt also has an awesome "Fix Encoding" (for tags) plugin.01:54
DanaGAnd musicbrainz!01:54
ubuntubetakumarphilly: did your upgrade go flawless?01:56
kumarphillyhowd ya know i upgraded:-D01:57
kumarphillybut yea01:57
kumarphillyit went wll01:57
kumarphillyi did a fresh install of 7.1001:57
kumarphillyinstalled all the updates01:57
ubuntubetawho wouldn'?  being beta users its second nature to wanna upgrade :p01:57
DanaGAnybody know where I can get a transparent, non-permanent, self-adhesive label for me to print the Heron on?01:57
kumarphillyand then got the distribution updgrade01:57
kumarphillytook like 30 minutes01:57
DanaGI always read changelogs before updating anything.01:57
kumarphillybut first successful upgrade in a while:-D01:58
kumarphillyso when the full version comes out, will i need to do another distro updte?01:58
ubuntubetaOMG its grabbing the packages!  I hope this works...01:58
DanaGArgh, quodlibet sucks: it'll only load one folder of songs, and then calls any other folders empty.01:59
ubuntubetalocalepurge after ap-get runs can be a beautiful thing...02:00
DanaGWhat's localepurge?02:01
DanaGEeh, I have more than enough disk space.02:02
ubuntubetaAfter installing anything with apt-get install, localepurge will remove all translation files and translated man pages in languages you cannot read.02:03
ubuntubetaIf you want to configure localepurge you need to edit /etc/locale.nopurge02:03
ubuntubetaThis can save you several megabytes of disk space, depending on the packages you have installed.02:03
DanaGMegabytes?  That's not worth bothering with for my partition.02:08
ubuntubetaI'm cheap with Linux, think I gave it only 8-10 gigs, so at times every little bit helps :D02:08
ubuntubeta*now about those old kernel files...  *tap tap tap02:09
* DanaG has an XP partition, a Vista partition, and an Ubuntu partition; each is 40 gigs.02:10
DanaGI'm pondering getting rid of the XP one, actually.02:10
DanaGThen moving Ubuntu further toward the front of the drive.02:10
ubuntubetawow, nice dude, I have the same setup!02:11
DanaGyay, Hitachi 7k200-200.02:11
ubuntubetaXP is great if you want to compare vista to it02:11
kumarphillyubuntubeta, haha i only gave 5 gig02:11
kumarphillynah i like vista:-D02:11
ubuntubetax64 :)02:12
ethana2kumarphilly: that is blasphemy02:12
kumarphillyyea x64 is ausome02:12
kumarphillyxp 64 bit sucks02:13
ubuntubetaalso planning on installing fedora, the latest beta of opensuse is not only ugly, but I had isues from the start, you would be surprised how easily it will let you blow away partitions without asking if you don't02:13
ubuntubetakeep an eye out02:13
kumarphillyhow many cds you gptta wast02:13
ubuntubetaagreed, ever hear of xp performance edition? ;)02:13
kumarphillyfor fedora02:13
ubuntubeta1 dvd02:13
kumarphillyhell no:-D02:13
kumarphillyis there an alt so i dotnw aist a disc02:13
tech0007hi...is it safe to upgrade to .12-generic of the kernel?02:14
ubuntubetawish there was, think there is a way to install from another from a ocal source, never looked into it though02:14
kumarphillylike wats a network install02:14
tech0007i ran into video,audio issues last time...02:14
ubuntubetatech0007: I think it is, I am using it right now02:14
tech0007ubuntubeta: so do i sudo apt-get update and dist-upgrade to get the .12- kernel?02:15
ubuntubetaget update then upgrade then dist-upgrade02:16
tech0007ok thanks!02:17
ubuntubetathis is coming from someone who just crashed his system doing an upgrade tonight though, you could look for a second opionion02:17
ionstormim having problems getting bootchart to start-up and log boots, how exactly does it start because I havnt ever gotten charts02:18
ionstormid like to know if there is something screwed up in my system preventing it from logging02:19
ionstormI have 3 bootcharts running in backround... root      1045  0.1  0.0   1156   192 ?        S    18:47   0:03 /bin/busybox sh /bin/bootchart bottom02:20
ionstormits regarding hardy02:22
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Mark_MillimanSo have I missed the discussion of  whether FF3b4 is going to be in the repos?02:33
ethana2Mark_Milliman: it will be02:33
ethana2...but last time i checked it wasn't02:33
ethana2oh heck, I'll check again02:33
ethana2oh, i last checked for updates 4 hours ago02:34
ethana2i won't let myself do it again unless it's 6...02:34
Mark_MillimanI know it will be because there are a bunch of enhancements in it over FF3b302:34
ethana2of course02:35
Mark_MillimanYesterday a bunch of people were looking for it, and I sort of expected it today.02:35
Mark_MillimanI guess I could jump the gun and install it myeslf02:36
ubuntubetajust ran it from the firefox site, the .bz2, and none of my plugins and icons worked02:37
ubuntubetayou can run it safely from a folder after extraction to test it out seperately02:37
Mark_Millimanubuntubeta, plugins or extensions?02:37
Mark_Millimanor both?02:37
ubuntubetaI know flash did not work02:37
ubuntubetadidn't really check the extensions well enough02:38
Mark_MillimanAbout half of my extensions still don't work02:38
ubuntubetaevery icon, had a red x on it, as if it lost them all,  I understand they have improved the icons too though, by using existing gnome themes02:38
Mark_MillimanThe only Google extension that still works is Notebook and that was after my tweaking of the package02:38
Mark_MillimanPerhaps it is best to wait for it to appear in the repos02:39
ubuntubetanot even wasting my time...02:39
Mark_Millimanubuntubeta, thanks for the heads up.  You saved me some time tonight.02:40
atrusis there any semi-graceful way of reverting to ipw3945 from iwl3945? I can't connect to my university's open, unencrypted wireless access point in hardy any more.02:45
DanaGHeh, try holding volume hotkeys and watching scim.02:59
l815how do i uninstall a program that doesn't come with an uninstall file?03:10
RAOFl815: How did you install it, and what would an "uninstall" file be?03:11
penI can't enable compiz from appearance03:11
penalthough I have enabled nvidia03:12
l815RAOF, it was a .run file, and sometimes there are unisntall.sh files inside the install directory03:12
RAOFl815: Ah.  In that case: there isn't a way to uninstall it.03:13
l815ROAF, then just deleting the directory would work?03:13
l815or would that leave residual junk :/03:13
penis there a way to fix this?03:13
DanaGatrus: you can blacklist the module.03:13
* ubuntubeta remembers when windows users were that naieve, little did they know there is a registry too03:14
RAOFl815: deleting the directory is probably not a bad fallback.03:14
l815RAOF, okay, then is there a way to search for residual files with a similar name to the program?03:15
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RAOFl815: Generally, no.03:15
RAOFl815: On the other hand, this is one of the reasons why I don't install programs outside of apt ;)03:15
DanaGOr install to /usr/local03:16
DanaG(I put my git compiz there, so it's trivially easy to remove.)03:16
l815RAOF, lol i haven't encountered this with install.sh files because they always come with an unisntall.sh (most of the time). I guess i've learned my lesson haha03:16
l815btw is there a fix for the sluggishness from effects and playing video?03:17
penis there a way to enable compiz manually?03:19
penis it good?03:19
strabespen: just run compiz from the command line or alt+f2...?03:19
pencompiz can't run from appearance after I boot into the new kernel03:19
penso I went back to the old one03:19
penand enable the nvidia again03:20
penthen I can't enable compiz03:20
penit says it's enabled03:20
penwhy can't i enable compiz03:20
penand from the command line don't work either03:21
DanaGglxinfo | grep renderer03:22
penwould it because someone told me to run INIT 1 something in the new kernel?03:22
RAOFpen: So, at least one problem is that your drivers don't work :)03:24
penI enabled it03:24
penand it worked before I boot into the new kernel03:25
penlike the 1203:25
RAOFSo... The first thing that springs to mind is that you're not quite the target audience for Hardy, Alpha 6.03:26
RAOFThe second thing is: do you have the linux-restricted-modules package for your kernel installed?03:26
RAOFThe third is: can you pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log & /etc/X11/xorg.conf files.03:26
penI'm now in the old kernel the -11 one which it worked before03:26
RAOFBut will now be broken, because we updated nvidia-glx-new.03:27
pendoes ubuntu have wgetpaste?03:27
RAOFYou're probably looking for pastebinit.03:27
RAOF!info pastebinit03:27
ubotwopastebinit: command-line pastebin client. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8.2-0ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 7 kB, installed size 84 kB (Only available for None)03:27
penbtw, just to report back that I have linux-restrcted-modules installed03:28
penfor my kernel03:28
RAOFOh, and the output of uname -a, too please :)03:29
penLinux penn-laptop 2.6.24-11-generic #1 SMP Fri Feb 29 22:08:31 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux03:29
penthis is for the log03:30
RAOFRight.  So, your driver is broken :)03:32
RAOFIn particular, it can't find libglx.03:32
RAOFI'd start by "sudo aptitude reinstall nvidia-glx-new"03:32
penthen restart x?03:33
penstill not working03:34
pencan't enable compiz03:34
penbtw, before I came here and using the new kernel I followed this workaround to try to fix my problem with the driver03:36
penI create a link from libglx.so.169.09 to libglx.so03:36
penhow can I reverse that03:36
penI think that's why it's not working03:36
l815anyone know why some things in ff3 started looking strange sometime today? like : http://i31.tinypic.com/33xx2k9.png03:39
penRAOF: can u help me?03:40
penRAOF: I'm not familar with symbolic link03:40
RAOFpen: Oh, right.03:41
RAOFSo, what's happened now is that you've got this symlink that's pointing to the wrong place, because we've updated the driver.03:41
RAOFJust remove it, and reinstall the nvidia-glx-new package.03:41
penremove what?03:42
penwhich file?03:42
DanaGOh yeah, about the "find the first xorg version where it's broken": I can give that a try if there's a relatively easy way to download all old same-version xorg packages.03:42
coz_hey guys03:42
DanaG"resulting binaries" is not easy to get all.03:42
penshould I delete the libglx.so in /usr/lib/xorg/modules?03:43
coz_I have had every version of ubuntu on this partcular system.. I was wondering if any of you have tried compiling things on hardy  so far everything I have tried to compile takes 100% resources  unlike I have seen before03:43
RAOFpen: Yes.03:43
penwell, when I ls the directory I see a red libglx.so03:44
RAOFDanaG: It'd be nice if we had something like the Debian page which archives every single package version ever in Debian.03:44
penand I can't remove it03:44
RAOFpen: Yes, that's because it's owned by root.  You'll need to "sudo rm libglx.so".03:45
penI did03:45
pennot working03:45
penI even use -f03:45
penfinally it works :D03:48
RAOFLet this be a lesson to you not to go behind apt's back! :)03:50
DanaGWhat can I do about getting all old packages at once, then?03:51
RAOFDanaG: I'm not entirely sure.03:52
RAOFWhat I'm planning to do is strip some patches from our X server and see if it still exhibits badness.03:52
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DanaGPerhaps I should start just before Jan 31.03:55
RAOFDanaG: Looking at the changelog, I thought I'd strip out the smart scheduler patch introduced just before then.03:55
coz_anything changes with the sound breakage in -12?03:56
RAOFIt's fixed?03:56
RAOFI think so.03:57
coz_oo  mm   ok maybe i will wait another few days :)03:57
DanaGWorks for me.03:57
RAOFWell; _my_ sound always worked (or very nearly did), so I'm not a particulary good guide.03:57
DanaGLinux GLaDOS 2.6.24-12-generic #1 SMP Mon Mar 10 15:32:00 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux03:57
* RAOF pulls down 600Mb worth of updates to get a non-broken dpkg.04:04
setuidAnyone know when NetworkManager is going to be completed?04:06
DanaGNetworkManager + iwl3945 == ouch.04:06
setuidRight now, it's an almost blank applet with a remove button and some form fields, none of which are editable (even when run as root)04:06
DanaGSucks with suspend.04:06
setuidThere's no Add or New button to add any networks, so I have to run shell scripts manually to bring up interfaces04:07
DanaGYou add them by clicking on them in the list.04:07
setuidi.e. route add default gw, ifconfig eth0 yadda yadda04:07
RAOFDanaG: Fortunately, my nVidia drivers prevent me from running into any _other_ suspend bugs :P04:07
setuidDanaG, There is no "list"04:07
setuidLet me screenshot04:07
DanaGwtf?  I hit my wireless hotkey, and Totem died.04:07
DanaG...and started devouring CPU time.04:08
DanaGWhat the heck?04:08
DanaG"Completely Fair Scheduler" still sucks, in that way.04:08
DanaGClosing lid still sometimes causes audio dropouts.04:08
setuidDanaG, http://code.gnu-designs.com/hardy-NetworkManager.png04:09
setuidThat's what I see when I run it04:09
RAOFsetuid: Oh, _that_.04:09
DanaGNo, left-click the tray icon.04:09
setuidI don't have a tray04:09
DanaGWell, that would explain it.04:10
setuiduh... that's sillhy04:10
setuidIf I run a panel and go to System -> Network Manager Editor... I get the applet in the screenshot above04:10
RAOFAnd that's pretty much exactly what you should get:04:10
setuidWhat is this tray you speak of?04:11
RAOFThat's an editor for the networks that NM has already connected to.04:11
Mark_MillimanMy Network Manager looks the same but I don't have any wireless cards in this machine04:11
RAOFsetuid: So, in your notification area should be an icon looking like a broken network?04:11
setuidWhen I add "Notification Area" to a panel, it's just the single left-side grab bar, nothing in it at all04:12
RAOFYup, that's right.04:12
RAOFLeave it there & it'll collect lint04:12
setuidOk, I think I found it04:12
RAOF(Or just run nm-applet) :)04:13
setuidI right-click it and it says "Edit wireless networks", and when I do... it's the same blank applet in the screenshot above04:13
setuidCan't add/edit/remove anything, because there is nothing04:13
RAOFWhat you _actually_ want to do is _left_ click it, and select the wireless network you want to connect to :)04:13
setuidAnd yet, here I am, on the same machine, talking to #ubuntu+1 wirelessly04:13
DanaGWell, in kde, the left-click brings up "connection status", which is stupid.04:14
DanaGClosing my laptop lid while doing aplay sometimes gives me this:   underrun!!! (at least 745.623 ms long)04:15
DanaGOh yeah, and why does PulseAudio still not give me surround on my emu10k1?04:18
DanaGHeh, and I'm also getting some crackling when playing a 24-bit 96-khz 6-channel audio file through PulseAudio.04:18
DanaGThen again, that IS a 1.9 megabyte per second file.04:19
DanaGHeh, look at the closing comment on here:04:20
DanaG" PA perfectly supports surround sound these days and does a simple but automatic up and downmixing. Closing this bug. "04:21
DanaGBULL!  Does 2 channels on my audigy sound like "perfectly supports surround"?  Nope.04:21
atrusDanaG: how are you creating your sinks?04:22
DanaGThrough HAL.  I can use surround51:1 manually, but I shouldn't HAVE to do that.04:23
atrusby default it uses hal, which (according to #pulseaudio), doesn't have channel information, and just defaults to 204:23
DanaGSo that "perfectly supports surround" really isn't correct.04:23
DanaGIf I had a paid-for product, I'd call it false advertising.04:23
atrusi'd complain more, but alsa doesn't support my surround cards properly anyways :/04:24
DanaGThere ought to be a way to say "hey, if this card X appears, also load this sink Y on the surround interface."04:24
ethana2atrus: would you know enough to tell me how to present two simultaneous users with virtual mono sinks?04:25
ethana2and send one out each channel of my stereo card?04:25
DanaGDuude, google for a cheap USB sound card.04:25
DanaGAren't there some dirt-cheap ones out there?04:25
atrusnot i. ask #pulseaudio, and/or read faq's.04:25
ethana2I'm on #pulseaudio04:25
atrusDanaG: i have 2 usb sound cards, neither works right04:26
atrusone is built into a usb docking station, the other is built into my altec lansing speakers.04:26
atrusthe docking station one it mixes up the channels in the wrong order.04:27
DanaGMy one gives buggy left volume slider.04:27
DanaGYou could also use a single surround-capable device of some sort.04:27
atrusthe altec lansing the mixer doesn't work, and it locks the volume at 100% (there is no manual volume control, just a digital pad that works with the digital mixer)04:28
atrusi've bought enough hardware to try and get around alsa already. i'll just go to windows when i need it to work (both work out of the box without any special drivers installed, of course)04:28
DanaGDoes alsamixer not work with it?04:28
atrusDanaG: newp. locked at 100%.04:29
DanaGIs it pulseaudio doing it, or just ALSA?04:29
atrusDanaG: just alsa.04:29
DanaGOdd.  Why have a slider, then?04:29
atrusDanaG: hm?04:30
atrusthe slider in alsamixer maps directly to the digital pad's led volume display. if you try to change them, you can actually see it minutely switch down to about 99% momentarilly before going back to 100%.04:31
DanaGOh, perhaps it's getting volume-change keycodes?04:32
DanaGThat might do it -- feedback.  Poorly designed thing sending codes on volume change.04:32
DanaGPerhaps it creates an input device.04:33
atrusDanaG: that would stop the digital pad from working, but wouldn't stop alsamixer from working.04:33
DanaGWell, perhaps take a look at /proc/bus/input/devices to see if it shows up.04:34
DanaGOr look at the device in hal-device-manager (the new hardware-info thing sucks).04:34
atruswait a sec, i'll get some headphones in it so when it starts blasting it doesn't blow out the cones.04:34
atrusDanaG: nope, nothing.04:37
Black_MagicWell, i cant seem to get dist-upgrade to work it talks about some packages04:37
Black_Magicerror Authenticating them04:37
atrusDanaG: hal-device-manager is installable again?04:38
atrusnothing in /proc/bus/input/devices anyways04:38
DanaGI still had it around from Gutsy, perhaps.  I hadn't noticed it ever become not so.04:39
atrusDanaG: seems to be in gnome-device manager now actually.04:39
atrusDanaG: it does have a HID device interface.04:39
DanaGYou could try blacklisting it with an fdi file.04:39
atrusDanaG: but again, this wouldn't stop alsamixer from working would it?04:39
atrusif i could get alsamixer working i'd be happy.04:39
atrusDanaG: not following you there04:41
DanaGTemporary idea: find the input device and chmod it 000004:41
atrusDanaG: there's no input device for it in /dev/input04:42
atrusDanaG: funny, i can control the volume with amixer ok04:51
DanaGHmm, that IS odd about amixer and alsamixer.05:01
DanaGFile a bug on it?05:04
DanaGDon't you just love mystery-meat navigation?05:10
DanaGOpenoffice toolbars don't have tooltips.05:10
prasannahey guys, u know how by default theres a glow around the panels in hardy? i'm changed themes, and i'm tryin to get that effect back05:19
naught101anybody know of a way to use a script-like font on a web page without flash or images?05:26
Lynourenaught101: on a page you are looking at, yes. on pages others are looking at, risky05:31
LynoureYou can specify font family or even specific font, but if they don't have it, or better yet have something similar yet radically different, who knows what it will look like...05:32
LynoureBut, probably not stuff for #ubuntu+1, sorry05:33
naught101heh, sorry, I thought I was in another channel05:35
naught101palatino cursive might work though05:35
prasannadoes anyone know how to get that 'glow' effect around the windows?05:38
naught101prasanna: if it's the default, you could delete the preferences folder relating to themes05:39
naught101I don't know what that is in gnome though05:39
StiveGanyone knows how to fix the resolution problem which seems to come from the last update (kernel?) My intel i810 now has only 640-480 :|05:39
StiveGintel 965 in fact.. i810 is the driver..05:41
naught101StiveG: have you tried the intel driver? I thought the i810 driver died with gutsy05:42
StiveGthis is the one I have right now...05:43
StiveGnever had problems with Gutsy before... never on hardy either... comes from last uopdates..05:43
Flannelnaught101: They both exist in Hardy05:43
naught101Flannel: yeah, but i810 has no upstream support05:44
StiveGHardy auto-detect it..05:44
StiveGused to...05:44
StiveGit still detect it.. but no choices for the resolution except 480-640..05:44
Flannelnaught101: right, its an older version (1.7.4 vs 2.2.1).  But still, don't need upstream support necessarily.  Although, I don't see any reason to stick with the older one (unless it doesn't work, of course)05:45
StiveGeverything was working good untill I update my system.. then after the reboot....05:46
StiveGmust be the new kernel..05:46
StiveGno way to set the resolution directly on xorg?05:48
StiveGif I set the resolution on xorg.conf can I get problems?05:51
ethana2gahh, my gui went wierd05:55
ethana2firefox at least...05:55
ethana2big icons..05:55
paul928scim pop-up every time I use the keyboard. Switching automatically from English to Amharic in the middle of a sentence?06:50
DanaGDisable shift-space in the SCIM properties thingy.06:52
paul928DanaG: thanks, I'll try that. It just started after the latest upgrade.06:53
cwillusound's unbroken now eh?07:15
atrusor at least, no more broken then usual :)07:17
atrusDanaG: i did end up filing my experience on alsa's bug tracker, can't remember if/why i didn't do that before.07:18
cwillugoodie; equal or less broken than usual == working on every machine I've ever tried it on :p07:18
Black_MagicYay upgrading my main Ubuntu install now ;)07:25
Black_Magicsupposed to take only 1hr now..07:25
Black_Magic1hr and 12mins..guess it didnt like the other :P07:26
savvas08:23:58 < savvas> does anyone know the package I should mention about this bug: http://pastebin.ca/raw/93939307:27
savvas08:24:45 < savvas> I get such errors while transferring to/from a mobile phone using usb07:27
Black_Magicwhats the new version of Nautilus like?07:44
=== hit is now known as hit^
savvas2.22 ?07:45
DanaGWoah, ksoftirqd is eating all of one of my CPU cores.  What the heck?08:00
DanaGTried to modprobe -r iwl3945; now modprobe is eating 100% of one core.08:06
malnilionMy resolution changes when I log out to GDM screen from 1280x1024 (preferred) to, I assume, 1280x960.  It changes back to the preferred 1280x1024 when I log back in.  Anyone know what might cause this and how I might fix it?08:15
malnilionIt's not a big deal, but it looks ugly.08:15
bmzis the laptop mode drive bug fixed in hardy?08:17
glickhey where can i see a list of new features that will be in hardy hering?08:18
lancerockeim trying to follow this tutorial http://icculus.org/openbox/index.php/Help:XFCE/Openbox and when i type killall xfwm4 it says danny@danny-desktop:~$ killall xfwm408:22
lancerocke<lancerocke> xfwm4: no process killed08:22
RAOFYou know, pulseaudio would be cooler if iwl could consistently push 200Kb/sec over an uncongested network.08:23
DanaGiwl3945 sucks.  I want ipw3945 back.08:30
henkjanjava update fixed sun ilom/elom for me08:30
DanaGiwl3945 causes hangs in modprobe, and brokenness on resume if killswitch is set to radio off.08:31
malnilionDanaG, I hear you...I hate both of them, though08:31
DanaGI'd almost rather have broadcom.08:31
DanaGNetworkManager also sucks at roaming.08:31
malnilionNetworkManager blows08:31
DanaGTry walking around between APs with the same SSID (even if you've connected to them before) --- it doesn't roam!08:32
DanaGAnd Pidgin sits there in a "lights are on but nobody's home" state.08:32
malnilionQuite honestly, the mess otherwise known as wireless in Linux has almost made me consider wiring up my bedroom08:34
=== Scientus_ is now known as Scientus
tonyyarussoI want to build a house and run fibre in it :P08:35
malnilionThat'd be tight08:36
malnilionLAN parties would be sick :)08:37
DanaGEeh, need NICs that can use it, though.08:37
DanaGI refuse to buy any laptop without GbE, even though my house doesn't have it.  The computer lab at Cal Poly does, and that's the bandwidth to the internet.08:37
DanaGGigabit Ethernet Chip:  $( beats me );  [same for the cabling and switches and connection].08:38
DanaGDownloading ISOs and updates from mirrors.kernel.org at 30 megaBYTES per second (that's the fastest I've ever gotten):   sweeeeeeeeet.  ("priceless" is overused.)08:39
tonyyarussoDanaG: yeah, but you can always install media converters in each room until it becomes the standard :P08:39
DanaGOr until computers have 10GbE adapters.08:39
malnilionI look forward to the day I have fiber running straight into my computer.08:40
DanaGISP is only 3 or 5 megabits for ridiculous prices.08:40
DanaGOr 10 for more ridiculous.08:40
DanaGFor my next laptop, I'm gonna' get one that has two mini-PCIe slots, so I can get a "mini-PCIe to PCIe" adapter with a ribbon thingy and give myself a full-size slot externally.08:41
ethana2i had 12Mbit via cox08:41
DanaGI'd like to use it for some C-Media sound card, if they're well supported.08:41
ethana2during their promo period08:41
ethana2but it only ever got up to like.. 208:41
DanaGThen I can go "Office Space" on my Audigy --- or at least, open the shell.08:41
DanaGIf it NEVER reaches the advertised speed, I'd call that false advertising.  I can understand "usually slower", but it should get full speed at least once, and it shouldn't be only 16% speed most of the time.08:42
DanaGI can run (up to) 50 miles per hour! *08:42
ethana2how are you going to saturate a 12Mbit connection in the middle of the US?08:43
tonyyarussoDanaG: it's not false advertising though, b/c the advertising says up to.  It's lame and misleading advertising, but not legally false.08:43
ethana2i only tried torrents08:43
DanaGTry downloading stuff from something on 'internet2'.08:43
DanaG* (only applicable when skydiving)08:43
DanaGSame logic.08:43
DanaGWhat connection do you have now?08:44
tonyyarussohmm, where would one buy optical fiber anyway?08:45
tonyyarussonot newegg apparently08:46
DanaGIT suppliers, likely.08:46
DanaGTry downloading stuff from any of those sites there.08:49
ethana2oh sorry, DanaG08:49
DanaGFirst result is a pdf.08:49
ethana2I have Clearw¡re now08:49
ethana2128k - 1Mbit i think08:50
* ethana2 goes to bed08:50
DanaGtry starting downloading something from mirrors.kernel.org08:50
lancerockeHello. i dont know if its the name of the process because im just following the  tutorial. How do I find out what window manager is running and shut it off? so i can run openbo08:51
DanaG(that's the first site I remember offhand.  You don't need to bother letting it finish to see your speed, though.)08:51
lancerockeis there anyone that cna help me kill my current (unknown) window manager so i can run openbox using this tutorial? http://icculus.org/openbox/index.php/Help:XFCE/Openbox I dont want to logout and login to openbox using the session manager because it has to be XFCE/OpenBox08:58
lancerockeis there anyone that cna help me kill my current (unknown) window manager so i can run openbox using this tutorial? http://icculus.org/openbox/index.php/Help:XFCE/Openbox I dont want to logout and login to openbox using the session manager because it has to be XFCE/OpenBox09:07
DanaGInelegant hackish way: dpkg-divert xfwm4, and symlink openbox over it.09:10
oxigenwhy is my text input method different? where do i setup this default globally?09:15
oxigenthis is annoying bug, if 'normal' user get it as default :/09:16
=== Jettis_ is now known as Jettis
oxigenmust be something related with the latest gnome upgrade..09:17
oxigenAmharic input method? What a hack is this?09:18
* oxigen found that you can change text input method with a right mouse button09:18
* oxigen need to change input default also in a bash?!09:21
oxigenwhich text input method is the best? IPA perhaps? :)09:22
oxigendang, where can i get more info about this?09:22
teamcobraman, this phenom 9500 seems _unstable_ :(09:30
h3sp4wnAre you surprised ?09:30
teamcobrayeah, a bit :p09:31
h3sp4wnThey have a pretty major bug that can only be fixed with a 10% reduction in performance09:31
teamcobrarunning memtest now09:31
teamcobrayeah, the tlb bug, I've read09:31
teamcobrait just seemed like the thing to go with anyway (esp w/ the 780g chipset motherboard)09:31
h3sp4wnIt makes me think the rest might not be ready yet09:31
teamcobrabrb, smoking a cig09:32
teamcobrameh, I was just so happy with my x2 (that I'm typing from)09:32
teamcobrafigured it'd be at least as stable09:32
pwuertzhi, is anyone else having problems with font rendering in hardy?09:35
pwuertzfont-hinting / antialiasing doesn't work properly09:36
h3sp4wnpwuertz: What makes you think that09:36
pwuertzthe fonts are looking bold and unsharp09:36
pwuertzstarted within the last week after some upgrade09:37
mrtimdogAnyone here use gmusicbrowser and having problems with gstreamer playbin plugin not being found?09:37
h3sp4wnpwuertz: first thing to check is if your dpi is right - xdpyinfo| grep res | head -109:37
teamcobraooh ram errors09:37
h3sp4wnRam is even more crazy cheap now isn't it09:38
pwuertzh3sp4wn: 85x83 dots per inch, in the subpixel hinting options, 96dpi is set09:38
h3sp4wnI guess the next desktop I use will get 16GB09:38
h3sp4wnpwuertz: Do you know what it should be ?09:39
h3sp4wn(Monitor spec sheet or whatever)09:39
h3sp4wnpwuertz: where are the subpixel hinting options ?09:39
h3sp4wn(You talking about gnome / kde / xfce)09:39
pwuertzh3sp4wn: gnome appearance preferencces > fonts > details09:40
pwuertzh3sp4wn: I don't know what it should be.. but I know that i never had to play with these settings before09:40
h3sp4wnThat is interesting - mine is also set to 9609:41
pwuertzbut regardless of this setting... I don't think the font-renderer is supposed to wash-out straight lines09:42
pwuertzwell.. the whole thing started when my fonts appeared bigger than usual after some upgrade09:43
h3sp4wnThat implies the dpi got messed up09:43
h3sp4wn(as reported by xdpyinfo)09:44
h3sp4wn85x83 seems very low09:44
h3sp4wnrecently they have started hardcoding loads of stuff for some reason09:44
teamcobrahrmm, looks like my probs are 100% ram related, dropping down to 1x2gb dimm works09:45
teamcobraon a side note, xp x64 also crashes during the installer w/ 8gb ram ;p09:46
h3sp4wnI have had cheap ram that broke when used in dual channel09:46
h3sp4wnbut tested out fine on its own09:46
teamcobraahh... I'll have to find the dual channel setting and disable it09:47
h3sp4wnI only use Corsair now and haven't had issues since09:47
teamcobraI'm probably going to install xp on the temp hd in this box (getting the 2.5tb of sata drives tomorrow, this machine is really a server)09:48
h3sp4wn(10 year warranty is long enough anyway that it will be fine)09:48
teamcobrabut I want to see how the IGP performs playing Stranglehold09:48
teamcobra;) ;)09:48
h3sp4wnWait you use low grade memory in a server ?09:48
cwilludefine 'server' though09:49
teamcobraheh, looks like I'm going to be sending it back (the ram)09:49
h3sp4wnAnything you really don't want to lose stuff on09:49
h3sp4wn(where it matters)09:49
teamcobrayeah, and it does matter09:49
ArtVandalaeHi guys... is hardy going to use Compiz or Metacity as its comp WM?09:50
cwilluArtVandalae, same as gutsy09:50
cwilludepends on your hardware09:50
h3sp4wnI am not using ECC on mine (first time ever even at home) but zfs should keep my data consistant09:50
cwilluthey're not switching to compositing metacity if that's what you mean09:50
ArtVandalaeOh, sorry I meant as compositing WM, because I think WM now offers compositing features as of 2.2209:50
ArtVandalaeah, thanks09:50
cwilluyep, but they're using compiz09:51
h3sp4wnDoes metacity need rebuilding to use compositing ?09:51
cwilluat least, they are as of now09:51
cwilluno, just have to turn it on in gconf-editor09:51
cwillu(had the setting on from a long time ago when it didn't do anything, just about reported a bug when it actually started doing something)09:51
cwillu(I run a big enough desktop on a small enough card that the performance is pretty horrid :p)09:52
ArtVandalaeIt's "subtle"09:52
cwillushadowing and composite (i.e., no visible redraws)09:52
cwilluthe latter is what I miss most from windows09:52
cwilluredraws that aren't reminiscent of when java's swing was really truly horrid09:52
cwilludefault compiz is pretty subtle too09:53
cwillu(at least, ubuntu's default)09:53
cwilluanyone know if ff-beta4 is in the repo's imminently/10:02
dencryptit isnt10:03
cwilluI know it isn't right now, more wondering if anybody has it packaged up, or if I should just download it and do the whole 'home dir install' thing10:04
ArtVandalaeyou could try www.getdeb.net they usually package things up fairly quickly10:04
cwilluno firefox at all10:05
cwilluI'll just download the tar for now10:05
cwilluthanks though10:05
oxigenah, this change of the text input is a nightmare! how to change this in FF?10:05
cwilluhow so?10:06
cwillui.e., typing in a different alphabet now?10:06
oxigenit doesn't type at all, i mean it stops at some point10:06
Ayabarahey. I'm trying to get vmware server working on Ubuntu Hardy, but I get this error: /usr/lib/vmware/bin/vmware: error while loading shared libraries: libexpat.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory10:07
oxigenwhich is application that control text input in gnome?10:07
h3sp4wnThere is a version in restricted-modules (why the source package is so big)10:08
cwilluoxigen, do you have a little keyboard icon in the corner?10:08
cwilluAyabara, how did you install it?10:08
oxigencwillu: no, i removed it yesterday :(10:08
cwilluoxigen, removed the icon, including disabling the shortcuts? (I don't think removing the icon actually does that)10:09
h3sp4wnEither build vmware-package from Debian (and use the tarball from vmware) or use the one from lrm10:09
oxigencwillu: just remove icon, do you know how to put it back?10:09
cwilluoxigen, prefs | scim10:10
* oxigen forgot the obscure name of that annoying app :/10:10
cwilluoxigen, I don't know for sure what the proper method of making it go away is, but what I did was remove all the hotkeys under global setup10:11
oxigencwillu: ah, thanks :)10:11
oxigenoxigen: hmm, where is global setup for hotkeys, i want to disable it too! i dont use hotkeys for desktop(?!), i use hotkeys for blender and ardour.10:13
* oxigen dont think it's smart to use hotkeys for a desktop functions10:14
cwilluoxigen, such as alt-tab?10:15
cwillubut keyboard shortcuts in prefs is what you want :p10:15
oxigenwell, ok, you are right with this one! :)10:15
* cwillu snuggles Federico Mena-Quintero10:21
oxigencwillu: did you delete trigger keys in your scim setup?10:23
cwilluoxigen, yep10:24
oxigenok, thanks10:24
cwillumind you that if something got turned on, turning off the triggers won't disable it, you'll have to find your way through the scim setup thingy and find it10:25
Ayabaracwillu: I downloaded a tar.gz for Gutsy and ran the install script. after upgrading to hardy I thought that running vmware-config.pl should do it10:38
cwilluAyabara, sounds like it did a weird half-install (i.e., put things in non standard places, and didn't update your paths to match10:38
cwilluhave you tried rebooting, or at least relogging?10:39
zniavresomebody tried globalmenu on hardy please?10:40
cwilluzniavre, which way of installing it did you try?10:41
zniavrenoone atm10:41
zniavreno one*10:42
zniavrewith gutsy i built from source10:42
cwilluso you want me to try installing it so I can tell you if it'll hose your system? :p10:42
AnAntHello, I got an nVidia graphics card, and when I boot using kernel 2.4.26-12, the virtual console is blank (can only see the cursor), and X doesn't work properly, I use nvidia-glx-new10:42
Ayabaracwillu: rebooting didn't help.10:42
Ayabaracwillu: should probably reinstall it..10:42
zniavrecwillu: not at all  i just wanted to know if somebody tried without any worries10:42
zniavresorry for miunderstanding10:43
AnAntoops, I meant 2.6.24-1210:43
cwilluzniavre, no idea, sorry10:43
AnAntI got an nVidia graphics card, and when I boot using kernel 2.6.24-12, the virtual console is blank (can only see the cursor), and X doesn't work properly, I use nvidia-glx-new. So I have to use the 2.6.24-11 kernel & downgrade nvidia-glx-new in order to make my laptop work10:44
zniavreok thank you10:44
AnAntanyone else has that problem ?10:44
cwilluAnAnt, could be, I haven't rebooted in a couple weeks10:44
vistakilleranyone use kubuntu hardy?10:44
vistakillerwith kde 3.5.9?10:44
AnAntoh, and sound doesn't work too10:44
cwilluAyabara, ya, best to reinstall10:45
RAOFAnAnt: No.  Works just fine here.10:45
ethana2Is FF3 beta4 in repos yet, by the way?10:45
AnAntRAOF: using nVidia ?10:46
RAOFAnAnt: Yes.10:46
AnAntRAOF: I mean is your sound chip an nVidia one ?10:46
cwilluethana2, nope;  I just downloaded the gz and started it by hand for now10:46
Ayabaracwillu: any advice on how I can do a complete removal?10:46
RAOFAnAnt: No, it's not.  Why would this be a problem?10:46
cwilluAyabara, that'd be why people like package based distros :p10:46
AnAntRAOF: mine is an nvidia10:46
cwilluAyabara, you can probably just delete /usr/local/vm...10:46
AnAnt00:10.1 Audio device: nVidia Corporation MCP51 High Definition Audio (rev a2)10:46
cwilluAyabara, but it's really up to what they did when you installed10:47
cwilluAyabara, there may be a 'make uninstall' target you can run10:47
Ayabaracwillu: found a vmware-uninstall.pl. trying that one10:47
cwillugood bet :p10:47
h3sp4wnWhat has happened with regards to this font rendering stuff10:49
h3sp4wnin gnome 2.20 it was fixed used the edid no longer hardcoded at 96 anywhere10:50
jetsaredimcan someone explain the whole scim thing to me??11:06
jetsaredimI don't understand why as a single-language speaker that doesn't ever need to read/write complicated languages would ever need scim installed on their system - let alone running11:07
void^well, ubuntu comes with many things most users will most likely never need11:08
jetsaredimright - but most of those are not running be default11:08
void^and scim has been quite a pain to setup for a lot of people so i think it's not a bad move11:08
jetsaredimits one thing to install some random piece of software - but quite another to install a frivolous daemon11:09
jetsaredimsame with the damned desktop search daemons11:09
void^i'm sure the configuration isn't finalized yet.. it's still sort of early beta11:10
jetsaredimalpha I believe11:10
mrtimdogscim is a recommended package and not a dependency. It's installed as installing a package installs its recommended packages by default.11:15
=== Blou_Aap is now known as help
mrtimdogWhen I installed hardy, I first installed a minimal installation and removed /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/01ubuntu which instructs apt to do this before installing ubuntu-desktop.11:17
h3sp4wnI dunno why treating recommends as dependancies is the default11:22
h3sp4wn(For anything, its been that with aptitude forever though but its easy to change)11:22
h3sp4wnother box should be 131x132 but its hardcoded to 96 also11:28
h3sp4wn(for Xft11:28
jetsaredimnow I seem to have scim installed - but under kubuntu - so I don't have the options mentioned in the bug that allow scim to be turned off11:28
h3sp4wnaptitude purge scim~i11:30
jetsaredimi would if i could type sudo in a terminal11:31
h3sp4wnctrl - alt + f111:31
jetsaredimnice - purge of skim == remove kubuntu-desktop11:32
oxigenpurge is dirty solution, i believe it's useful in some cases, but as someone said, it's not good to run with some obscure default setup, this must be probably set by user at install time11:33
Unksijetsaredim: its only metapackage, you can let it go11:34
Dr_Willisremoveing any of the packages in the meta-package of kubuntu-desktop will remove kubuntu-desktop wont it.11:34
jetsaredimdoes removing scim affect ubuntu-desktop?11:34
jetsaredimalso - seems kind of odd that it would affect the meta package when removing a package that was only recommended by the metapackage11:35
Dr_WillisIf ubuntu-desktop had it listed as a depenency it should.11:35
jetsaredimDr_Willis: even a recommended dep?11:35
Dr_Willisjetsaredim,  no idea on that. reccommended to me does not mean its required.11:36
Dr_Williskubuntu-desktop may require it, and ubuntu-desktop just reccomends it.11:36
jetsaredimsame to me11:36
jetsaredim$ apt-cache depends kubuntu-desktop | grep skim ...  Recommends: skim11:37
mbirkishi! is there a way to have the pavucontrol show when i double click the volume control instead of the "old" volume control?11:42
mbirkisnevermind, i found the padevchooser11:49
mbirkisit suits my needs11:49
=== Blou_Aap_ is now known as Blou_Aap
Dr_WillisHmm.. Anyone else notice that  when upgrading - it keeps installing the  386 kernel by default? Ive removed the  386 kernel twice now. :)11:59
PiciDr_Willis: I've noticed that on many upgrades.12:01
Dr_Willisalso noticed that  it complained about my grub menu.lst changes.. and if i wasent carefull in what i picked. It would  either. use MY config. which resulted in the new kernels not getting added.. or use the new config, which resulted in  my changes getting removed. :)12:02
Dr_WillisI dont recall the older ubuntus having this issue.12:02
Dr_WillisThe extent of my changes is to uncomment the Windows example entry, so I have windows as my first menu item.12:03
Dr_WillisHmm.. Update says my smb.conf has been locally modified.. and I dont rember ever modifying it  on this machine.12:04
LeerokHey hoy hauki!12:07
steph_Can someone tell me why after an upgrade I don't see proprietary drivers anymore?12:29
Dr_WillisI would guess that your kernel defaulted to the  386 kernel perhaps? i had an issue with that just yesterday...12:30
Dr_Willishad to tell grub to boot the -generic one and reinstall the drivers.12:30
steph_I'm running the rt kernel. Do I use the same procedures?12:31
steph_Thanks Doc ;)12:35
Dr_WillisNo idea on that.12:41
* Dr_Willis looks in synaptic for the rt kernel12:42
firevultureeyesHi, I need to remove from my routing table. I commented out link-local in /etc/networks, now all I need to do is find Ubuntu's equivalent to Fedora's /etc/sysconfig/network file so I can add NOZEROCONF=yes to be rid of forever, what file is this in Ubuntu please?12:59
ThRixXxIs it a good idea to install Hardy Heron ? The alpha6 one12:59
Dr_WillisThere are issues withit..  so if you have to ask.. well id say wait.13:00
Dr_Willisif you want to play with it. go for it.13:00
Dr_Willisnotice the topic message. :)13:00
firevultureeyesDr_Willis, can you help me please?13:01
Dr_Willisfirevultureeyes,  Hmm over my head in many ways. You could grep the files in /etc/ looking for  ZEROCONF13:01
ThRixXxhow long abouts till alpha & ?13:02
firevultureeyesDr_Willis, thanks, nothing found, I have zeroconf uninstalled, but this is something which needs to be specified for this route to disappear13:02
Dr_WillisIve never  had to mess with the networking stuff that much.   Sorry.13:03
firevultureeyesDr_Willis, thank you for the try13:03
LeerokWhat issues are there?13:04
LeerokIt seems to work well enough thus far.13:05
LeerokFor at least Abiword and Firefox.13:05
LeerokWhich is all that's needed, mostly.13:05
PiciThe other day sound completely broke due to a kernel update, that would be completely unnacceptable in a regular release.13:05
LeerokWhat sound card?13:06
PiciLeerok: All of them.13:06
firevultureeyesok this should be enough route del -net netmask dev eth013:09
axisyscan I upgrade to 2.6.24-12 ? I know sound was broken with that release last week ..13:10
Piciaxisys: Sound is fixed now13:10
irelinquishthey fixed my sound13:10
axisysPici: oohoo!13:10
axisysirelinquish, Pici thnx guys13:10
Sadistt0is it hardy somethink like deb unstable or worst ? (sorry english is not my first language)13:10
LeerokMore like deb testing.13:11
savvasSadistt0: something like debian unstable, some if not most packages are checked before being released13:11
savvasthat doesn't mean it's not crashing though :P13:12
Dr_Willissound was totally broke for everyone. :) heh heh13:12
oxigenfor me not!13:12
irelinquishi'm hardy and it is totally stable for me13:12
oxigeni was on rt kernel13:12
Dr_Willisthe 386 kernels seem to keep gettting reinstalled for me.13:12
LeerokI just installed it on some computers yesterday.13:12
Dr_Willisthe smb browsing feature was broke for a long time.13:12
Sadistt0basicly i am a debian user but iplaying with gentoo now but... it is not a distribution for laptop....13:13
LeerokTime for Xubuntu.13:14
savvaswhat's the rt kernel for?13:14
Sadistt0savvas realtime13:14
LeerokRealtime, I think.13:14
savvaser.. what's the difference between -generic and -rt? :P13:14
LeerokWhat does it actually do differently from the non-realtime kernel?13:14
orvokkiDoesn't it actually mean pre-emptive kernel locks + 1000 HZ clock?13:14
oxigenrt is good for a sound low latency13:14
oxigenardour and co13:14
orvokkiHz even.13:15
savvasfor stoneage machines?13:15
savvasok :p13:15
teamcobrawowow, w/ 4gb ram + phenom 9500, the 780g chipset for the win!13:15
LeerokWhat is a phenom 9500?13:16
Sadistt0btw i have a 486sux4 laptop 75mhz/16 mb ram... it works perfectly as  terminal :-D13:16
teamcobraLeerok: AMD quad-core chip13:16
teamcobra2.2ghz on each core13:16
teamcobrayup, it's going to be a server in a few days13:16
LeerokSounds like a machine to play four instances of Dwarf Fortresses on.13:17
teamcobrabut I'm playing with it in the meantime ;)13:17
henkjanteamcobra: i beat you with 2x sun t1000 (1 proc 8cores 4threads p/core) 16G ram13:17
teamcobrathe IGP is _phenomenal_ for a $70usd board though, even plays stranglehold in 1024x768 w/o probs13:17
teamcobrahenkjan, nice ;)13:17
savvasi'll just wait for them to release a core quad-duo :p13:18
teamcobraI really can't explain how surprised I am by the igp though.... radeon hd 320013:18
henkjanand of course an sun x4500 with 48x hdd13:18
savvasthe xen kernel is x86 right/13:19
teamcobrahenkjan: of course, what good would all that cpu be w/o storage? ;)13:19
henkjansavvas: x86 and x6413:19
emilis_infowhat is apparmor? and why does it prevent mysqld from using custom datadir?13:20
LeerokWith /dev/shm, one needs no storage!13:20
savvashenkjan: how does linux-xen which architecture to install then? :\13:20
axisysLeerok: interesting! so /dev/shm is the real memory?13:21
Sadistt0u can install x64 host system and use x32 guests13:21
teamcobrais there a certain point in which more swap would be bad?13:21
Sadistt0but on x32 system u can use x64 guests13:21
LeerokAs far as I know.13:21
LeerokIt does write extremely quickly.13:21
LeerokAnd one can delete files from it extremely quickly.13:22
savvasteamcobra: neah, but I don't think that you need more than 3-4gb :P13:22
LeerokMuch more so than the hard drive.13:22
LeerokIts size is also directly related to the amount of RAM installed.13:22
axisysLeerok: but you need to flush to disk if you need to preserve those data though.. no?13:22
LeerokTherefore, I believe that the entire thing does, indeed, reside within RAM.13:22
teamcobrasavvas: heh, I'm going to be running some _crazy_ shit on this box....  voip server, web server, mail server, other evil shit13:22
teamcobraerp, pardon my language13:23
LeerokBut I use my devshm for downloading anime and reducing load on the hard drive while downloading torrents.13:23
axisysLeerok: and it can be done as write behind through a different thread?13:23
Leerok"write behind"?13:23
teamcobraLeerok: ok, for a machine w/ 8gb ram and serving up remote desktops13:23
savvaswoooaa, hold a sec, what's devshm? :)13:23
savvasah never mind, i'll google it13:23
Leerok"Shared memory".13:23
LeerokBasically, it's a RAM disk.13:24
axisysLeerok: that means u r write process is not getting prioroty and hence u r not introducing any slow I/O13:24
LeerokUbuntu uses it while running from the CD.13:24
LeerokThat's why you can "install" stuff while running from the CD.13:24
Leerokaxisys, I've no idea.13:25
axisysLeerok: its cool13:25
LeerokDid you ever notice that you can apt-get install stuff while running from the CD?13:25
teamcobrahardy on this machine feels so nice ;) I can't wait to see how it runs w/ sata drives (I have a 20gb clunker from the late 90s in here ;p)13:26
LeerokGood lord.13:26
savvasLeerok: yep, that's how i used to chat using irssi while installing :P13:26
teamcobraLeerok: yeah, I had a 30, but it failed ;p ;p13:27
teamcobramy other machines are all laptops ;P13:27
LeerokCan't say I'm a fan of laptops and other portable devices.13:27
teamcobrathe nicest one has a geforce 6150go in it, and this mops the floor w/ it13:27
Sadistt0i have a router with 2x6.4 quantum's on raid0  :)13:28
teamcobraI love my laptop, but I wish it were more powerful every day ;p13:28
teamcobrahahahahah Sadistt013:28
LeerokMopping the floor with electronic equipment sounds like an appalling idea.13:28
teamcobraI'll probably use this chipset in the near future for a ubuntu htpc, going to give alienarena a run in a minute ;)13:28
Sadistt0it works several yrs for now13:28
lunksThere's a volume slider called "PCM" which, if set it to anything higher than 'middle' range will degrade sound performance badly.13:50
macogwanyone here using the iwl3945 driver and unable to use WEP13:50
mithrohi! I just did an update and now all my fonts have changed - I really preferred the older ones13:51
macogwyeah that happened last week13:51
macogwthe dpi changed according to some people13:52
macogwjust play around with that section13:52
Unksiyea it changed for me too, but then after one reboot it changed back13:52
Unksishame though, it was better for that while :P13:52
mithromacogw: it seems to be more then just the DPI :/13:53
mithromacogw: as I seem to have the same DPI but the fonts look totally different13:54
mithroit is almost like there are two monospace fonts installed13:56
Sadistt0dpi 96 looks fine with tahoma13:56
macogwso..nobody else uses iwl3945?13:57
Sadistt0wifi in linus is a mess13:58
Sadistt0linux even13:58
* mithro uses iwl394513:59
Sadistt0i have atheros wifi card on my laptop... it works only with ndiswrapper13:59
mithromacogw: you getting performance problems?13:59
macogwif i connect to a WEP-protected network, it just keeps asking for the passphrase13:59
macogwit never finishes connecting14:00
macogwmithro: ^14:01
glancehurm. Anyone else having problems with console-kit?14:01
mithromacogw: works fine with both WEP and WPA for me14:01
glanceconsole-kit-daemon[5506]: WARNING: Failed to acquire org.freedesktop.ConsoleKit14:01
mithrojust loads of spam in dmesg14:02
macogwhmm ive tried two different wep networks14:02
lunksThere's a volume slider called "PCM" which, if set it to anything higher than 'middle' range will degrade sound performance badly.14:02
lunksI'm not expecting this behaviour. :)14:02
macogwi use wpa at home so i never noticed, but i couldnt figure out what was wrong in the cs department, except i was at a friend's yesterday and his wep-based wireless refused to accept the password from my laptop....works fine from his suse laptop14:03
lunksSadistt0, I wish I had your card =~14:03
Sadistt0lunks why ?14:04
Sadistt0atheros AR5007EG14:04
lunksSadistt0, it works much better than mine (a broadcom)14:04
Sadistt0no drivers at this time :)14:04
lunksSadistt0, you probably should use madwifi14:04
lunksnot sure14:04
Sadistt0madwifi donesn't support that chip14:05
lunksbut yes, atheros cards are among best wireless card for windows14:05
Sadistt0only unnoficial patch for madwifi but.....14:06
Sadistt0~ 50 % packet loss14:06
lunkshmm too bad14:07
glancemadwifi is a good driver.14:07
glanceone of the better.14:07
Sadistt0but not for new chipsets :)14:08
glanceis't that guy still emploied by atheros for hacking on madwifi?14:08
mithroso any idea how to fix the font things back to the way it was before14:08
Sadistt0try dpkg-reconfigure fonconfig14:10
Sadistt0and remove ~/.fonts.conf14:10
teamcobrawow, 171fps in nexuiz14:11
mcquaidI'm still on gutsy, but I installed hardy for a friend (alpha 6) and noticed that for any program, if I select a program in the menu and choose add to desktop, there are no icons14:12
mcquaidjust shows the blank paper type icon14:12
mcquaidis this a known bug?14:12
Sadistt0mithro http://howtoforge.org/sharp_fonts_gnome14:12
strabesmcquaid: you probably shouldn't have installed hardy on a friend's computer; it's still in development and quite buggy.14:12
Sadistt0try to enable desktop icons on gconf configurator14:13
mcquaidstrabes, yes I would have rather gone gutsy, but he just got this hardware, his onboard sound is only supported in latest alsa, and he needed the latest nvidia for his onboard nvidia 715014:13
savvasmithro: try sudo fc-cache -f -v && fc-cache -f -v ~/.fonts14:13
Sadistt0mcquaid Applications > System Tools, open the Configuration Editor. In the Configuration Editor, select apps and under that nautilus and desktop. Check the available boxes to display the desktop icons of your choice. Icons include Computer, Network Servers, Home Folder, and of course Trash.14:14
strabesmcquaid: oh, bummer.14:14
mcquaidso if I went gutsy he'd have no nvidia and no sound, so I told him this is in development and he was aware that it's in a state of flux at the moment14:14
LeerokGutsy has no nvidia and no sound?14:15
LeerokYou mean Hardy?14:15
mcquaidSadistt0, computer network servers, home folder icons appear fine.  it's any other app. firefox, gedit or anything else he manually adds to his desktop14:15
mcquaidLeerok, his onboard sound is only supported in alsa 0.14+ which is not in gutsy. and his onboard nvidia 7150 requires 169 which again is not in gutsy14:15
LeerokOh, I see.14:16
mcquaidso it was hardy or nothing.  or i could have installed gutsy, and   manually compiled alsa and nvidia which is a pain14:16
Sadistt0a pain ? :)14:16
Leeroksudo apt-get build-dep (alsa)14:17
Leeroksudo apt-get -b source (alsa)14:17
LeerokWhatever the name of the alsa is.14:17
mcquaidLeerok, that's using the source packages in gutsy, which is outdated14:17
LeerokErr, just thought about it, and it probably wouldn't work.14:17
mcquaideverything is working pretty good for him, just minor issues14:18
mcquaidanyway, so could someone tell me if they add say firefox to the desktop do you get an icon?14:18
lunksSadistt0, Wouldn't this work?14:20
strabesmcquaid: When I add a firefox launcher to the desktop it doesn't have the firefox icon14:22
strabesmcquaid: when i add it to panel, it does.14:22
mcquaidok thx strabes14:22
mcquaidstrabes, are you on alpha 6 or do you update daily?14:22
strabesmcquaid: you can easily fix this by just going to properties on the icon and choosing your own.14:22
strabesmcquaid: installed from alpha 5, dist-upgrade daily14:22
mcquaidyes, i told him that on the phone, but gnome never defaults to the icon dir which is annoying14:23
strabesmcquaid: i don't use the SVN or anything14:23
mcquaidwhy don't they fix that...14:23
PiciWhat icon does it get?14:23
strabesmcquaid: it's just a file selection box14:23
strabesPici: it's just a piece of paper on my screen14:23
mcquaidlike a blank piece of paper14:23
mcquaidya same thing14:23
mcquaidgnome of old used to bring you to an icon selection screen. categorized. now it's just the file chooser and it's up to the user to know where to look14:24
PiciI was having an issue with a launcher icon on gnome-panel yesterday.14:24
Picimcquaid: Really? The gnome-panel launcher thing gives you the icon select thing.14:25
mcquaidhis icons on the panel are fine, just the desktop14:25
strabesmcquaid: try /usr/share/pixmaps/firefox-3.0.png14:25
Sadistt0lunks no :) 10+ % packet loss == not working  :)14:25
mcquaidthx strabes14:25
setuidAnyone know how to get a VPN connection working (using pptp) from Linux through SecurID?14:25
strabesmcquaid: i just added a launcher to my panel and then went to properties & clicked on the icon to find where it was.14:25
mcquaidPici, no what I meant was, gnome (forget what version) about 2 years ago used to give an icon select thing14:25
setuidI found this: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/howto-configure-ubuntu-fedora-linux-pptp-client.html14:25
setuidBut it doesn't seem to work, because NetworkManager is braindead14:25
Sadistt0NetworkManager is a good idea but in practice is a piece of ..... :)14:27
strabes?? nm-applet works great...?14:27
strabesfor me.....14:27
setuidSure, I've configured the VPN connection there and then... nothing. There's no way to access it, launch it, start it, etc.14:28
Picistrabes: nm applet works for the first time for me in hardy14:28
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shirishubotu Ubuntu Small Business Server14:45
ubotwoHow should I know?14:45
shirishubotwo: I was talking to the bot, not to do you, dear sir/ma'am.14:46
probonohi all, how can I mount something in hardy so that it does _not_ show up on the dektop as a mounted disk? (i'm trying to loop-mount an ISO that should NOT show up on the desktop)14:46
ubotwoI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots14:46
ubotwoUbuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server-specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is 6.06. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ServerFaq/ - The #ubuntu-server channel provides specific support14:47
jetsaredimis anyone seeing issues with the latest kde packages?15:07
jetsaredimall of my kde apps (konsole, kaffeine, etc.) when I try to launch a new app or move - it takes forever to paint a new window15:08
jetsaredimas in, the window will show up and you can see the outlines of all of the qt objects in the window - but they are non-functional/blurry15:09
jetsaredimI would think this is system-wide, but my gtk apps seem unaffected by this15:10
jetsaredimfirefox, thunderbird, pidgin all seem to work fine15:11
jetsaredimis anyone else seeing this behavior??15:12
jetsaredimI just installed hardy on this system last weekend and finally got everything setup the way I like it15:12
jetsaredimall of my kde apps (konsole, kaffeine, etc.) when I try to launch a new app or move - it takes forever to paint a new window15:13
=== Scientus_ is now known as Scientus
khamaelhow much slower is wubi compared to a regular install?15:33
vistakillernot to much khamel15:39
=== [NNUser] is now known as ike_x
lunaphyte_hi :)15:43
jetsaredimso - no one is seeing the same problems as me in kde on hardy???15:44
jetsaredimcan anyone suggest how I might be able to fix this?15:44
KrimZonis anyone else having problems getting audacity to use any sound devices?15:45
tgelterprobono: did you figure out your issue?15:46
vistakillerjets what problem?15:47
jetsaredimany time i open a kde app it just hangs for about a minute while painting15:48
jetsaredimall the kde apps freeze15:48
vistakillerno i dont have this prob15:48
vistakillerhave you install gpu driver?15:49
jetsaredimwell - the thing is15:49
jetsaredimall of my gtk apps are fine15:49
jetsaredimfirefox, thunderbird, pidgin15:49
jetsaredimall fine15:49
jetsaredimbut my konsole windows refuse to take any input15:49
vistakilleri dont have this problem and i always run compiz-fusion15:50
void^i've seen that issue when running Xgl on fglrx and kde15:51
jetsaredimi'm not running anything complicated like that15:51
jetsaredimi'm running the nvidia drivers15:51
tgelterprobono: launch gconf-editor, then choose:    / ---> apps ---> nautilus ---> desktop   .    Then uncheck the "volumes_visible" option15:51
jetsaredimwhatever is latest in hardy15:51
probonotgelter: i hoped i could define this more fine-grained, not globally but at mount-time (e.g. mount -o loop,nonotshowondesktop ;-)16:01
probonoespecially, loop-mounted ISOs should not launch in a new window16:02
jetsaredimi'm seriously losing my mind16:02
probonotmpfs doesn't show up on the desktop, so there must be a way to suppress it16:02
=== Dana1 is now known as DanaG
tgelterprobono: I don't doubt that there's a way, I'm not familiar with one16:04
probonoor in other words, i want to get it back as it was until gutsy16:04
probonosomething must have changed in hardy16:04
probonoand i want to undo that change16:05
probonoup to gutsy, loop-mounted ISOs did not come up on the desktop and did not open a nautilus window16:05
probononow they do16:05
savvasprobono: there is a way, mount it in /mnt/ instead of /media/, it won't show up on your desktop :)16:10
probonoi even mount it in $HOME/.tmp/mnt16:10
probonoand it _does_ show up16:10
savvasbugi t16:13
savvas*bug it :P16:13
probonothat's a bug, and you can reproduce it?16:13
savvaswell it's bugging me that's it doesn't have a way to mount a hard drive without popping it up on desktop16:14
savvasI guess it'll come up in wishlist16:14
probonoit really breaks the operation of my app :-)16:15
savvasput [wish] along with your subject :P16:15
probonowhich package should i file this against?16:15
savvasno idea16:15
savvasprobono: give me the link to confirm afterwards16:19
probonoyes savvas16:19
Skiessistill no ff beta 4?16:22
jester7window 216:23
savvasno Skiessi16:23
Skiessibut why?16:23
Skiessithey say it's a lot better o_o16:24
savvasIf you can't wait, you can try the binary :p16:24
* lamalex is waiting for the package to land in hardy16:29
lamalexbut wants it to land now!!16:29
savvasall good things in life delay :P16:29
* lamalex puts on his zen hat16:30
jester7i missed it..is beta 3 the one currently in hardy?16:30
orvokki!info firefox16:30
ubotwofirefox: lightweight web browser based on Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version (gutsy), package size 8960 kB, installed size 26008 kB (Only available for None)16:30
orvokkiWhy does that give package versions for the wrong release?16:31
lamalexubotwo needs to be linked to hardy repo in here16:31
orvokkiIt did.16:31
mousecloneI was told to ask here .. so i'm just going to paste16:31
orvokkiOr I mean, it was. Something's broken.16:31
mousecloneI have a hardware question.  I'm looking at building a new pc for 8.04.  I'm looking at the AMD Phenom 9500 setup.  I'm wondering if Ubuntu 64 will take advantage of the proc?  Also should I go nVidia or ATI? I know that nVidia is closed source drivers and ATI is open, any recomendations?16:31
lamalexmouseclone: are you set on an AMD setup?16:32
rskmouseclone: sure the phenom is good, if you want to use ati with open source drivers it will only woork good up too r200. afaik 9200 as higest. no 3d for r300 and up. nvidia's closed source binary woorks good for all cards16:32
savvasmouseclone: intel or nvidia are currently the best, 64-bit does not have java plugin for firefox16:33
lamalexrsk: that's going to be false soon, if not already16:33
lamalexAMD released specs for all of their cards and drivers are in the works16:33
orvokkilamalex: Probably doesn't matter for Hardy though.16:33
orvokkinVidia would still be the better short-term investment.16:34
lamalexunfortunately, but to build a system for one release is foolish, in 6 months there will be a new release16:34
rsklamalex: writing a complete driver for all cards out there will take more than a few months.16:34
mouseclonewell I do game and I have been a really big fan of AMD for a very long time.  I also like nVidia over ATI, I just looking for the better set up16:34
savvaslamalex: it's a long term release ;)16:34
rsknot 'soonish'16:34
lamalexsavvas: yeah, but that doesn't mean you're going to use it for all 3 years16:35
savvasmaybe it will16:35
orvokkimouseclone: If you're not going for integrated, you can always upgrade to an ATI later.16:35
savvasmy server beside me will :P16:35
DanaGI'm sick of my nvidia issues; come summer, when I get myself a new laptop, I will seriously consider ATI (as long as they're not significantly worse than nvidia) then.16:35
lamalexsavvas: but graphics driver probably don't matter to your server16:35
orvokkiThough Intel is making alot of progress on that front too as far as I've heard.16:35
DanaGFor a server, you might as well save power by going integrated.16:36
DanaGAnd it'd be cool get something that can give you native-resolution framebuffer.16:36
orvokkiDanaG: Very true.16:36
mousecloneI have also been looking at the dual socket AMD boards as well16:36
savvaslamalex: true, but then again.. it's nice to have fancy stuff on a desktop/server heh16:36
mousecloneI don't buy a PC but once every 7 to 10 years.  I i over kill what I do get.. and try to buy for future upgrads like videocards16:37
lamalexmouseclone: IMO intel is the way to go if you're building it for linux16:37
orvokkimouseclone: As for the 64bit vs 32bit, as far as I've heard there is no significant speed difference and 64bit Linux has a bit worse software support.16:38
savvasintel has good ram memory sharing support16:38
orvokkiSo at least *I* would go for a 32bit Ubuntu with a 64bit processor if it's for desktop use.16:39
mousecloneorvokki: software support i can get around with a 32bit install.  I just know that one day 64bit software will take hold and I just want to be ready for it16:39
orvokkimouseclone: That will possibly not happen in years still.16:40
frank_mouseclone: I've been ready for years for 64bit and still haven't switched. The preformance difference is not great for regular desktop use16:40
mouseclonei'm just glad to see hardware taking a stand where software will not move.. It will be good for software to program for hardware again16:40
orvokkiYou might as well put your /home on another partition and just reinstall if/when the change comes.16:40
orvokkiThe change probably comes at the lates on 2038.16:41
mousecloneorvokki: /home is on another drive right now16:41
orvokkiAt latest even.16:41
orvokkiSo 30 years is the ultimate deadline for a 32bit only system.16:42
orvokkiOr did I remember wrong?16:42
orvokkiApparently no.16:42
mouseclonesorry about that16:42
mouseclonepidgin crashed16:42
orvokki18:42 < orvokki> So 30 years is the ultimate deadline for a 32bit only system.16:43
frank_orvokki: no not really. the unix time variable could be made unsigned.16:43
orvokkifrank_: Hmm, true. Isn't that already done on some *nixes?16:44
frank_orvokki: probably... I don't know16:44
orvokkifrank_: Which header file is it defined in? I could attempt to check.16:45
frank_orvokki: don't know16:45
orvokkitime.h would be a good guess.16:45
DanaGHmm, I didn't manage to find an unbroken xorg; I even managed to get a wrong kbd driver (wrong major ABI version).16:48
RaspberryWhy is it still so complicated to mount a SMB / Windows Network Share in Ubuntu16:49
RaspberryI haven't found a way to setup auto-mounting on login where I can be prompted for my password ... otherwise I have to store the password in plain-text in the /etc/fstab or in the "service" I'm starting with the session16:50
DanaGnope, xorg still sticky.16:51
RaspberryYou can go to network and find the server and access the resources, but only for that instance of Nautilus or whatever you're using ... none of the applications that want to open or save documents to that location can without having you re-authenticate, if they can at all16:51
tritiumRaspberry: have you tried libpam-mount?16:52
Raspberryok -- so if I was using Ubuntu as a "regular" user -- how would I do that?16:53
orvokkiHmm, maybe you could add the resource to /etc/fstab without password without automount to let it mount it for a normal user or something?16:54
you_idiotwhy does my login screen show a silhoute and not the picture as in `about me`?16:54
RaspberryI'm venting a bit because Linux is such a flexible operating system, but out of the box there's no way to create a persistant network share/connection without a large amount of pre-knowledge... especially with command line stuff16:54
Raspberryyou_idiot: because that's the default16:54
Raspberryyou_idiot: depends on the gdm theme you're using16:55
orvokkiInteresting choice of a nick, by the way.16:55
you_idiotRaspberry: I have another that shows ther pics, cant remember what Ive done16:55
probono#201470 savvas16:55
orvokkiRaspberry: Anyway, how about that idea on my previous line?16:55
Raspberryorvokki: http://www.kroon.co.za/howto.php?howto=cifs_pam_mount16:56
DanaGOkay, I've found a non-sticky xorg:16:56
tritiumRaspberry: did you see my question?16:56
RaspberryI'm reading about it16:56
probonosavvas: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/20147016:56
ubotwoLaunchpad bug 201470 in ubuntu "Should be a way to mount silently (no desktop icon, no window opening)" [Undecided,New]16:56
DanaG(newer versions are 1.4.1)16:56
Raspberrytritium: http://www.kroon.co.za/howto.php?howto=cifs_pam_mount16:57
tritiumRight, I'm asking if you've tried it.16:57
RaspberryNo I just found out about it when you mentioned it16:57
Raspberrythat's why I said I'm reading about it16:57
tritiumI never got a nick highlight, so I didn't see a reply.16:58
Raspberrynp :)16:58
orvokkiRaspberry: By the way, you probably want to prefer nfs over samba if possible. It's a lot faster. :)16:58
Raspberryorvokki: nfs has always been a pig for network bandwidth16:58
Raspberryorvokki: has that changed?16:58
tritiumRaspberry: I've used libpam-mount before, and it worked quite well.16:59
orvokkiRaspberry: *shrug* At least it gives better throughput than samba.16:59
orvokkiThat's all I know.16:59
Raspberrytritium: I'm using libpam for my fingerprint scanner ... and it works great16:59
savvasthanks probono17:01
Raspberrythere really should be a way that yuou can persistantly mount shares... be it NFS or SMB with just the GUI17:01
Raspberryin Nautilus I have a bookmark or whatever they call it ... and that woks, but none of the applications can use it... and open / save file dialogs in Gnome don't support accessing network resources on the fly -- which is poor... which is why I love Konqueror / Doph3n / KIO ... it has consistant behavior throughout it's uses17:03
Raspberryhere's another way to do it ... but not great... http://www.mattvanstone.com/2007/11/automatically-mounting-windows-smb-shares-in-ubuntu-v3/17:06
JDahldid something weird happen with keybindings in the last upgrades?17:15
PiciJDahl: multimedia keybindings?17:16
JDahlPici, no, it's like there some typing assistant gone nuts when I type, deleting characters, reordering characters, adding accents etc17:19
PiciJDahl: You mean scim?  Yes, that is a known issue.17:19
PiciPerhaps changing your type to aramaic at random.17:20
JDahlaha - good to know I am not alonẹ.17:20
LunksHow do I compile a module? Not on kernel's dir, just the module source code.17:44
LunksBut it's extracted from a kernel source.17:45
Yaccii have a problem17:47
Sadistt0who don't17:48
fak3rYacci: rule number 1:  ask a question.17:55
YacciI need time17:55
Yaccibecause in the other channels they talk to me at the moment...17:55
YacciOkay, now. My titlebars an windowborders etc. are away.18:02
awen_anybody working on an IBM Thinkpad and using Ubuntu Hardy (= not Kubuntu)?18:02
YacciHow can i get them back?18:04
nemoYacci: launch metacity18:04
nemocompiz died18:04
nemooh well18:04
Yaccinemo: I can not launch metacity18:08
Piciawen_: I am.18:08
YacciWindowmanager-Error: unable to open X display18:09
PiciYacci: Where are you running the command from?18:09
awen_Pici: do suspend/hibernate buttons work (eg. fn+f4 and fn+f12)? and you haven't modified the acpi-scripts?18:10
nemoYacci: you could always launch metacity from a terminal18:10
nemoif you can't figure out any other way to do it18:10
nemoYacci: ctrl-alt-f1, log in, DISPLAY=:0 metacity&18:10
nemobut alt-f2 should work18:11
PiciYacci: You cant run things that run in xwindows from the ttys unless you prefix it with your display ID18:11
nemoPici: which I did :)18:11
Piciawen_: I havent tried them, I dont usually suspend or hibernate on my laptop18:11
DanaGOh hey, I've temporarily fixed my key 'stuckage' by going back to xserver-xorg-core18:11
Picinemo: right, I was typing mine out when you repsonded :)18:11
DanaG1.4 (not 1.4.1)18:11
jester7window 318:11
awen_Pici: if you have time to do a test, i would really appreciate it... i'm trying to find out if a bug is kubuntu specific18:12
awen_Pici: not nescessarily now :)18:12
YacciPici: And what is my DisplayID?^^18:12
nemoYacci: odds are it is DISPLAY=:0  as I posted in my instructions :-p18:13
vistakilleranyone with kubuntu can run beagle search tool?18:13
Piciawen_: Can't do it now anyway, I'm ssh-ed into the laptop and a few miles away from it18:13
Yaccihey cool it worked18:13
Yaccithank you18:14
YacciDo I have to do it everytime when i start my computer?18:14
awen_Pici: no problem... makes it a little hard, i guess18:15
nemoYacci: no18:16
nemoYacci: you should use metacity as your default, which is also accessible in settings.18:16
nemoYacci: theme settings - also a tab if you rightclick on desktop and chose change background18:17
nemoYacci: but you should also figure out why compiz is failing18:17
nemoyou might be missing graphics acceleration or something.18:17
nemoYacci: it'd be easier to play around with this if you opened a terminal first18:17
nemothen you could do compiz --replace& then metacity&18:17
nemoa lot more painlessly18:17
YacciChecking for Xgl: not present. What does that mean?18:19
nemoYacci: probably should go to #compiz-fusion for more detailed debugging ;)18:20
nemoYacci: so. again. right click on desktop->Change Desktop Background->Visual Effects->None == metacity18:20
nemoany other value, compiz18:20
YacciNow ubuntu told me i need to restart.18:22
nemosay, out of curiosity, is wine still broken for the people here?18:26
rsknemo: no it's fixed now18:36
Yaccinemo i think the problem has something to do with the kernel [anything]-24-1218:37
gluerwhat am i doing up at 5:40am18:40
nemoYacci: probably just missing some nvidia/ati driver18:41
nemorsk: sweet.18:41
=== ktogias_ is now known as ktogias
iteranyone know where the "monitor resolution settings" applet keeps its conf (hardy)18:46
nemoxorg.conf? :)18:47
nemooh. no. you're right18:47
nemoit does store it in gconf18:47
nemoI remember. I had that issue too.18:47
askandSlow flash performance when compiz is  activated, is that a known bug in hardy?18:49
iteryeah, I, ahem, disabled my primary lcd on my hardy laptop18:49
iterroot login works fine of course18:49
iterjust have to find where in gconf that config is18:49
nemoI was lucky. I just set my resolution to something idiotic18:49
crdlbaskand: that would be a bug in flash18:50
crdlbit doesn't use any sort of acceleration, so it's naturally quite slow in compiz18:51
nemoaskand: by any chance is opengl slow too?18:51
nemoaskand: also, do you have some crappy intel graphics card? :)18:51
askandcrdlb: oh..hm no I dont have intel..its an ati..and so far I only know that flash is slow when compiz is turned on and fast when it is turned on :)18:52
crdlbbecause of how compiz works18:52
nemoiter: by any chance would it be the keys under /desktop/gnome/screen ?18:52
gewi have a b43 wireless , anyway i can change the wlan0_rename ( whatever i googled is not working)18:52
crdlbaskand: drawing is more expensive in compiz, so you see flash's inefficiency18:53
gewlets say to wlan0 or eth118:53
nemoiter: oh, and I think that ATI, at least, has a monitor configuration gui...18:53
nemonot sure what *that* does18:53
nemoprobably edits xorg.conf...18:53
askandcrdlb: hm but it works on other computers.. thats the strange thing18:53
askandcrdlb: that make it look like its the graphiccard doesnt it?18:53
crdlbwell, with a fast graphics card and CPU, you might not notice it as much18:54
nemoyeah. with my crappy intel card I have to avoid most of the fun compiz stuff :-/18:54
iternemo: hmm don't seem to have /home/user/.gconf/desktop/gnome/screen18:54
iterit's an ATI chipset but everything worked before I borked it18:55
nemoiter: I was just poking around in gconf-editor - but that would imply you didn't change it. unless it hasn't been written out to disc or something18:55
iterno, I've restarted the machine so it's on disk for sure18:56
nemoiter: I've never been clear on when the gconf dæmon alters stuff. I wish, for example, you could modify your ~/.gconf without having to stop it then start it first.18:56
iteryeah that would be nice18:56
nemoiter: no xorg.conf.xxxyyyyzzz files? :)18:56
iterwell I have em but they're all empty18:57
iterstandard hardy setup I assume18:57
nemoiter: ummm. xorg log? starting X without gnome? *shrugs helplessly*18:57
iterif I could remember how to make ls return the full path I could do something like "for i in $(ls -R); do grep Resolution $i; done18:58
DanaGHmm, xserver-xorg-base 1.4 (not 1.4.1) unbreaks keys (or rather, unstickyfies).18:59
nemoiter: why not use find?19:00
nemoiter: or hell, recursive grep19:00
iteryeah or locate19:00
iterdidn't work :p19:01
nemoiter: well. find has the -exec :)19:01
nemogrep -irl "Resolution" ?19:01
iterI guess it doesn't have 'solution' in the file19:01
nemofind -exec grep -iq "resolution" {} \; -print19:01
amx109im having trouble with partitions being automounted with one error - the directory appears to be empty. a manual umount/mount fixes this. i think it has somethig to do with the 'removable drives' bit of ubuntu19:03
amx109eg adding the 'disk mounter' applet to my panel shows all my partitions as removable drives. anybody have any insights?19:04
akumar_how many people here use chatzilla19:11
akumar_if not wat do you use19:11
nemoirssi + screen19:11
nemothat way I don't have to disconnect19:11
iterirssi forever19:12
nemobut chatzilla is my next fav - in part perhaps because people using chatzilla can see my face19:12
nemo(if using the mozfaces theme in prefs)19:12
nemoiter: irssi + w3m + centerim + pine + screen personally :)19:12
nemoiter: and cacaview for those annoying captchas :)19:12
nemo(set as my default w3m viewer)19:12
savvasnemo: do you know a way to retry connections indefinitely in irssi?19:12
nemosavvas: I thought that was the default19:13
nemohm. maybe I overrode it so long ago I forgot19:13
shirishguys don't know why but rhythmbox refuses to play19:13
savvasuhm maybe19:13
nemosavvas: I've had it retry for days at a time19:13
h3sp4wnpulse maybe19:13
savvasbut i want it to retry even if it doesn't resolve19:13
nemooh. that seems silly19:13
nemowhy not just connect by IP?19:13
savvasbecause i'll be disconnected :P19:14
savvasi mean i want it to retry even if I'm not connected to the internet, because sometimes I get disconnected19:14
nemosavvas: ... that I'm pretty sure it does, since I've been disconnected before19:15
savvashm.. you mean if I put IP instead of the server name it might work?19:15
nemobut then, I do run my own DNS :)19:15
nemoand DNS cache19:15
nemosavvas: IMO yes19:15
savvasworth a shot19:15
nemosavvas: or you could add the name to your /etc/hosts19:15
nemosavvas: or run DNS services :)19:15
savvasi let avahi-daemon do its magic :p19:16
nemowell, if you ran DNS it'd find those services just fine :)19:16
nemoplus, you can make fun domains :D19:17
nemosavvas: http://☠.m8y.org/js/chess.xhtml <- fun domain :)19:17
nemopunycode is fun19:17
savvasyou're not nemo from undernet/mozilla, are you? :p19:21
nemosavvas: well. I haven't been on undernet in ages. so not that one19:21
nemosavvas: but obviously from moznet, as noted by my comment above :-p19:21
oliver_g2the x11something upgrade problem is known, yes?19:22
savvasnemo: probably your evil twin :)19:22
oliver_g2what I was wondering is, why didn't apport give me a "crash report" for the failed upgrade, which it seems to do usually?19:24
oliver_g2also, why does the update-manager freeze afterwards (is that related to the broken upgrade)?19:25
thoreauputicis there a "bleeding-edge" repo for hardy that gets the very latest uploads earlier? Looking for the *-21 kernel and it isn't showing up with hardy-updates etc enabled19:27
thoreauputicdon't all speak at once ;-P19:27
oliver_g2thoreauputic: not sure, but aren't all Hardy uploads immediately made available?19:28
h3sp4wnthere is -proposed19:28
oliver_g2maybe the server you use isn't up-to-date yet...19:28
h3sp4wnI thought kernels were uploaded direct though19:28
thoreauputicoliver_g2: I'm using the archive.ubuntu.com server :)19:28
thoreauputicI'll try -proposed...19:29
oliver_g2thoreauputic: well how did you know about the *-21 kernel?19:29
thoreauputicoliver_g2: noted in a bug report that it has been uploade19:29
nemosavvas: gimpnet is the other one I'm usually on19:29
h3sp4wncould have been a typo19:29
thoreauputich3sp4wn: no, it's in the official feed as well19:30
thoreauputich3sp4wn: fixes framebuffer, supposedly19:30
h3sp4wnI wonder why they would skip so many revisions19:30
thoreauputicpresumably the in between ones didn't work ;-)19:30
oliver_g2latest on packages.ubuntu.org is *-12 it seems:19:31
thoreauputich3sp4wn: it's actually
h3sp4wnI would just incriment it when it next worked19:31
oliver_g2oh... wait19:31
oliver_g2it's *-12.20 :-)19:31
h3sp4wnso its just another revision of -12 that makes more sense19:31
* thoreauputic tries hardy-proposed...19:32
h3sp4wnIs it usplash on 1920 x 1200 by any chance that is fixed19:32
thoreauputicgrrr still not there... oh well, I shall wait patiently and try later19:35
thoreauputich3sp4wn: see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/129910 - Ben Collins comments near the bottom of the saga19:36
ubotwoLaunchpad bug 129910 in linux "Blank ttys when using vesafb (vga=xxx)" [Medium,Fix released]19:36
h3sp4wnI believe you19:36
thoreauputicfix released but still not available, apparently :(19:36
h3sp4wnIt doesn't affect my nvidia box though19:37
h3sp4wnand this box uses radeonfb19:37
thoreauputich3sp4wn: I use nvidia - it affects the tty framebuffers on all hardware19:37
thoreauputic vga=xxx produces blank ttys19:38
thoreauputicI'm trying to nake a no-X live CD based on hardy and this is a show stopper for me19:39
h3sp4wnWithout usplash ?19:39
thoreauputicsee above19:39
thoreauputicI know whereof I speak :)19:39
h3sp4wnI know its not affecting me - maybe I won't reboot for a bit19:39
thoreauputicare you using vga=xxx on your kernel line?19:40
thoreauputicif not, it won't affect you19:40
h3sp4wnI have radeonfb in my initramfs19:41
thoreauputicthat didn't answer the question :)19:41
h3sp4wnits of the new form wait a sec19:42
thoreauputicyou are using 0x format?19:42
thoreauputichex, whatever it is19:42
h3sp4wnsorry someone banging on my door - it does work19:43
thoreauputich3sp4wn: if you are getting 80x25 in a tty then the framebuffer isn't working19:43
thoreauputichmm maybe I'll try that format...19:44
h3sp4wnI dunno if it works for vesafb though19:44
thoreauputicright - well it needs to because the CD could be used on all kinds of hardware19:45
h3sp4wnCan you not just deal with this from a script in the initrd19:45
oliver_g2anyone know the bugreport for the failing libx11-data upgrade?19:45
thoreauputich3sp4wn: already did that19:46
thoreauputich3sp4wn: it was OK until -2019:46
h3sp4wnwhether to use radeonfb or not19:46
thoreauputicthen it broke again19:46
savvasoliver_g2: apt-cache policy libx11-data19:46
savvas1.1.3-1ubuntu2 ?19:46
thoreauputich3sp4wn: I would have to include all kinds of stuff - I have no way of knowing what users are running so it has to be generic19:47
savvasoliver_g2: i have it installed19:47
oliver_g2savvas: failed to install here19:47
savvaswhat's the full error? dependency problem?19:47
thoreauputich3sp4wn:  http://inx.maincontent.net <-- that's the project19:47
oliver_g2with "Kann neue Version von »./usr/share/X11/locale/microsoft-cp1251« nicht installieren"19:47
oliver_g2savvas: "cannot install new version of ./usr/share/X11/locale/microsoft-cp1251"19:48
thoreauputich3sp4wn: trying to update it to Hardy :)19:48
savvasoliver_g2: what's your archive mirror? archive.ubuntu.com ?19:48
oliver_g2ls -l /usr/share/X11/locale/ gives weeeird output :-(19:48
oliver_g2savvas: afaik I use server for Germany19:48
oliver_g2ah no... seems to use main server actually19:49
savvasoliver_g2: try replace the de one with uk.archive.ubuntu.com or archive.ubuntu.com19:49
savvashm, then it's weird :P19:49
oliver_g2savvas: the update came through and I suppose if the downloaded package was broken, the checksum would have found that19:50
h3sp4wnthoreauputic: right - for me at least though whether I am using radeonfb (or I guess another accelerated one) is the difference between links2 -g19:50
savvasdrwxr-xr-x 2 root root  4096 2008-03-12 08:42 microsoft-cp125119:50
savvasdrwxr-xr-x 2 root root  4096 2008-03-12 08:42 microsoft-cp125519:50
savvasdrwxr-xr-x 2 root root  4096 2008-03-12 08:42 microsoft-cp125619:50
h3sp4wnbeing just fine and not nice to use at all (with directfb)19:50
oliver_g2-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 38542 2008-01-07 13:50 locale.dir19:50
oliver_g2d????????? ? ?    ?        ?                ? microsoft-cp125119:50
oliver_g2d????????? ? ?    ?        ?                ? microsoft-cp125519:50
oliver_g2d????????? ? ?    ?        ?                ? microsoft-cp125619:50
thoreauputich3sp4wn: do you have links2 -g running without suid root? Fiddled permissions?19:51
thoreauputich3sp4wn: I can get it running by changing various perms, but it freezes when called from a script19:51
oliver_g2is there a way to force fsck on boot?19:52
savvasoliver_g2: it might be because you're using the deutche version? :\19:52
h3sp4wnthoreauputic: I use grml for that19:52
bernierHi, I can't get my HDA intel soundcard to wok on hardy even if it was working under gutsy. i followd this tutorial a19:52
savvasoliver_g2: yeah, boot in a live cd :P19:52
h3sp4wndunno what they have I never looked19:52
bernierbut didnt work19:52
thoreauputich3sp4wn: grml ? Interesting - haven't heaed of that19:52
* thoreauputic looks up grml19:52
savvasoliver_g2: there was a way to increase the number of mounts, but i forgot19:52
savvasoliver_g2: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=30047719:53
Parsec300Is it normal in Hardy at the time that some program icons are not added in the menu whereas in Feisty they are? Like if you added WinRar through wine? It doesn't show in the WINE menu.19:53
oliver_g2ah well... lets try the recovery mode... last time it fixed X, lets see whether the single-user mode works for harcore stuff as well :-)19:53
h3sp4wnthoreauputic: I like grml they have some similar ideas (using screen etc) But its been around for quite a while now19:54
bernierHi, I can't get my HDA intel soundcard to work on hardy even if it was working under gutsy. i followed the HdaIntelSoundHowto tutorial but it didn'twork. Can someone help me?19:55
thoreauputich3sp4wn: apt-cache show says it is used with zsh ?19:55
h3sp4wnm-a a-i alsa19:55
oliver_g2savvas: the broken directory might be because Hardy runs in Virtualbox, and I used VBs snapshot mode extensively, so maybe that screwed up the filesystem :-/19:55
h3sp4wnthoreauputic: http://grml.org/ that is what I am talking about19:56
thoreauputich3sp4wn: thanks, looking :)19:56
h3sp4wnBut grml does use zsh instead of bash with is a plus for me19:56
savvasoliver_g2: ouch :P isn't there a defragmentation/check option in vbox?19:56
oliver_g2savvas: good idea :-)19:57
thoreauputich3sp4wn: thanks for the tip - I will look at grml: might give me some answers and ideas19:57
savvasoliver_g2: if you find it, let me know, i'm a bit lost :P19:58
oliver_g2savvas: lost? in what way?19:58
savvasi couldn't find such a thing19:58
savvasmaybe it was in vmware19:59
savvascan't remember19:59
oliver_g2ugh... after reboot, it starts up with what looks like kernel panics :-(20:00
fuocoany pulseaudio savvies here? I have a weird problem with it I wasn't able to debug since long ago. Any sound played through gstreamer/pulsesink results in a strong noise20:01
fuocowhen I go directly to alsa sound works perfectly20:02
savvasoliver_g2: it should fsck'ing, scanning the /dev/ drives20:04
savvasdid you force any updates?20:04
Black_Magicis there a backup way to  reverse the hardy upgrade20:04
oliver_g2savvas: it doesn't even boot - seems to panic during reboot20:04
savvaslike sudo apt-get install and kept back updates?20:04
Black_Magicif something goes wrong and leaves you between gusty20:04
Black_Magicand hardy?20:04
oliver_g2gardy? or husty?20:05
Black_Magicmy last install was something like that20:05
Black_Magiccouldnt use gtk because20:05
Black_Magicit couldnt install python things..20:05
savvasBlack_Magic: you keep pushing upgrades20:05
oliver_g2no, afaik there's no official way to downgrade20:05
Black_Magicany unofficial..20:05
savvasi'm afraid there isn't anything that guarantees a safe upgrade20:05
=== Dana1 is now known as DanaG
Black_Magicim hopping everything goes right20:06
Black_Magicim getting stuff like this https://develop.participatoryculture.org/trac/democracy/wiki/DevelopmentDocs20:06
Black_Magicnot that20:06
savvasBlack_Magic: i think i told you before, or maybe it was someone else, format root / partition and keep your /home in a separate partition, this way you can upgrade or downgrade quite easily20:06
Black_Magicunknow media type 'x-content/software'20:06
Black_Magicand other things like that20:07
savvasah that's normal :)20:07
savvasthat's not fixed yet :P20:07
Black_Magici was getting worried20:07
Black_Magicand i got something about20:07
oliver_g2Black_Magic: IIRC I get several "x-content/something" messages as well during normal Hardy upgrades20:07
Black_Magic a package being trunkulated20:07
Black_Magica pakcage20:07
Black_Magictrying to catch it it keeps going fast..20:07
bernierHi, I can't get my HDA intel soundcard to work on hardy even if it was working under gutsy. i followed the HdaIntelSoundHowto tutorial but it didn'twork. Can someone help me?20:07
savvasbernier: apt-cache policy linux-generic20:08
savvas  Installed:
savvas  Candidate:
oliver_g2maybe "truncated" means it wasn't downloaded correctly/completely?20:08
savvasis this your case bernier ?20:08
nemosavvas: heh. think he hit the wrong one? :)20:08
savvasnemo: yeah :p20:09
bernierit is20:09
Black_Magic/sbin/idconfig.real file /usr/lin/libkdecore.so.4.2.0.dpkg-new is trunculated20:09
ubotwoLaunchpad bug 194214 in xorg-server "Keys get "stuck" down" [High,Confirmed]20:09
Black_Magicthats the entire thing20:09
nemoDanaG: yeah. pissed me off that they duped the far older bug to that one20:10
Black_Magicno cid supplement specified for some things..20:10
bernier<savvas> that's the case20:10
savvasbernier: try this: sudo modprobe snd-hda-intel20:10
Black_Magicbut im pretty happy20:10
DanaGBut I've tracked down something helpful: the version 1.4 (not .1) lacks the issue; the very next packaged version has the issue.20:10
Black_Magicbernier i have a toshiba labtop i thought the sound wasnt working but it acctually was20:10
savvasbernier: any output?20:11
Black_Magicchange the controled thing to digital20:11
Black_Magicinstead of PCM20:11
bernierno output at all20:11
savvasbernier: ok now do this: alsamixer20:11
savvasbernier: press the up or down arrow, see if the master volume moves20:11
bernierit doesn't20:12
savvasbernier: keep it pressed20:12
savvasfile a bug, with this: lspci -nnv20:13
nemoDanaG: mm. dunno if you've found anything that helpful.  people have widely varying trigger conditions. one guy swore just disabling a driver did it for him20:13
Black_Magicdpkg -warning while removing wicd directory /opt/wicd/encryption ect ect...not empty so not removed..?20:13
nemoDanaG: but, is one more data point at least20:13
savvasbernier: sorry, *file a bug, with this: sudo lspci -nnv20:13
Black_Magicand some other things too say that20:13
Black_Magicwill that effect anything..?20:13
h3sp4wnbernier: did you actually try building alsa 1.0.16 ?20:13
DanaGI have an Intel wifi card.20:13
Black_Magiccan i just go back and do aptitude to fix it?20:13
bernier<h3sp4wn> yes ive done it20:13
h3sp4wnbernier: and installed the modules ? and rebooted ?20:14
bernierdid exactly that20:14
Black_Magicbernier you should of made a package :/20:14
bernierused to work on gutsy20:14
h3sp4wnTry oss then maybe if you want20:14
oliver_g2Black_Magic: you can probably fix it manually (aptitude seems a good idea) but I suppose the system will not be as good as a reinstalled system :-)20:14
bernieryeah i should20:14
Black_Magicjust do a make clean20:14
Black_Magicand then download checkinstall20:14
darrendhi guys, any idea why only some of my icon themes work in hardy?20:15
Black_Magicand do make ... fakeroot checkinstall20:15
Black_Magici think fakeroot will keep it from acctually installing it..20:15
h3sp4wnWhy would anyone use fakeroot when its in the repos20:15
Black_Magicor otherwise you can just do sudo checkinstall20:15
h3sp4wnand setup properly20:15
h3sp4wn!info alsa-source20:15
ubotwoalsa-source: ALSA driver sources. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.14-1ubuntu2 (gutsy), package size 2767 kB, installed size 2892 kB (Only available for None)20:15
Black_Magicidk any other way to not install it20:15
h3sp4wn!info alsa-source hardy20:16
Black_Magiclol err20:16
Black_Magicubotwo is pyshic20:16
savvasBlack_Magic: oliver_g2 is right, try "sudo aptitude -f install" see what happens, then after everything is done: sudo aptitude reinstall ubuntu-minimal ubuntu-standard ubuntu-desktop20:16
Black_Magicit aswerd before you asked..20:16
h3sp4wnIt answered after20:16
h3sp4wnBut won't answer for hardy20:16
h3sp4wn1.0.16-0ubuntu4 is the version in hardy20:17
h3sp4wnand you can build it with module-assistant20:17
bernierso what should I do?20:17
Black_Magicisnt the new xorg supposed to support AIGLX better..20:18
Black_MagicHow so?20:18
h3sp4wnaptitude install module-assistant alsa-source && m-a a-i alsa20:19
h3sp4wnBut you said you already did that20:19
h3sp4wnno one20:21
maccam94so, i'm hoping the shift + space shortcut (input method selection) won't be the default right?20:21
maccam94because that's really easy to hit by mistake20:21
maccam94and it's sometimes used in stuff like games20:21
h3sp4wnyou can remove scim if you want its only a recommend for ubuntu-desktop20:21
DanaGPulseAudio doesn't work with PulseAudio.20:22
h3sp4wnThere is plenty of stuff used by gnome that other apps want to use20:22
maccam94h3sp4wn: well yeah i manually removed the shortcuts20:22
h3sp4wnmaccam94: sudo aptitude purge scim~i (that is all I did)20:22
h3sp4wnit cannot run if it s not on the disk20:22
maccam94but that behavior definitely shouldn't be the default for 8.0420:22
h3sp4wnDepends who you are20:23
nemoI like scim :)20:23
h3sp4wnIf you are someone who needs scim but cannot set it up20:23
maccam94h3sp4wn: most people will only need to set their keyboard configuration at install time20:23
h3sp4wnThen how is that different to the rest of the annoying crap we get by default20:23
DanaGTry typing with shift-space.20:24
DanaGYou'll find that SCIMeats your spaces after any CAPITALletters.20:24
h3sp4wnI removed scim - I don't need it20:24
DanaGIhave disabled that "feature", but I still use scim.20:25
Jordan_UDanaG, NO it doesn'T foR mE20:25
maccam94it's extremely obtrusive20:25
maccam94that shortcut should be changed or removed20:25
DanaGIf you type quickly, you can accidentally trigger it.20:25
h3sp4wnI do need to get my sun type 6 usb keyboard working right though (UNIX layout)20:25
Jordan_UDanaG, never mind, misunderstood20:25
DanaGSun type6?  Ugh, they have those in the lab here; I hate where backspace is.20:25
h3sp4wnI don't use backspace anyway20:26
h3sp4wnno need to - just use ctrl + h20:26
Jordan_UFor some reason network-manager will attempt to connect to my wireless network but won't succeed, but iwconfig will20:26
h3sp4wnor ctrl + k for delete20:26
DanaGAnd the "unlabeled" key is the same as one of the left-column ones.20:26
h3sp4wnThe diamond key is supposed to be meta20:27
DanaGIt is for me; try setting layout to something like "acpi standard".  Also use xev.20:27
DanaGAnd where's super?20:27
maccam94btw what is hyper?20:27
h3sp4wnDunno - I am not bothered for that I only use ctrl + meta mainly20:27
h3sp4wnsometimes alt20:28
maccam94ctrl alt shift meta...20:28
DanaGProps.  Stop.  Again.20:28
DanaGOdd key names, those are.20:28
h3sp4wncut copy paste undo those are useful keys20:28
savvasdid anyone see a bittorrent icon on .torrent files?20:29
h3sp4wnIf they are mapped right20:29
savvasI'm asking in case something is bad here20:29
Black_Magicanyone want to explain how Upgrading from Hardy -> Gusty or from * Ubuntu distro to * ubuntu distro works?20:29
Black_Magici dont get it you install Gusty..20:29
Black_Magicand ypoou upgrade to hardy..20:29
Black_Magicdont you still have gusty..20:30
maccam94Black_Magic: no, the packages are replaced20:30
h3sp4wnYou cannot downgrade20:30
maccam94h3sp4wn: he just got the names mixed up the first time20:30
Black_Magicmaccam94, Oh20:30
h3sp4wnBlack_Magic: Its cleaner than a similar Windows upgrade20:31
h3sp4wnBut not as clean as a Debian upgrade in my experience20:31
Black_Magich3sp4wn: Err.. Windows Vista...20:31
Black_Magici mean that upgrade manager thing that makes you use IE just to upgrade packages..20:32
h3sp4wne.g - windows 2000 -> windows xp (with loads of apps installed) the end result is a mess20:32
h3sp4wnIts better than that but not a perfect upgrade often20:32
savvashello world20:35
oliver_g2tss... usually the echo comes _after_ you say hello...20:35
echo_I was wondering how to get GeForce 6100 Video Card to work in Harly at 1024 x 768 insted of 640 x 48020:35
mooboo1please, put new firefox beta4 in repository!!!20:35
h3sp4wn(display "Hello, World!")20:36
echo_My Friends name is Echo and I have her computer at my house to get rid of windows and install linux20:37
oliver_g2scheming again?20:37
oliver_g2echo_: maybe you should better install Gutsy then... Hardy is still in _Alpha_ phase!20:37
h3sp4wnoliver_g2: I write my signal processing assignments in scheme and then translate them to the format they want after (Matlab)20:38
echo_Ya and that one for some reason carps out the audio20:38
echo_whan I do updates20:39
Black_MagicHow does a Backport work....?Just package a needed program or driver that has only a source?20:39
Black_Magicor is there something more to it?20:39
oliver_g2h3sp4wn: well I'm a C++ guy and don't know neither scheme and matlab :-)20:39
Black_Magici may want to backport for Gusty from Hardy20:39
echo_ya hardy worked as well perfect till I did the upgrades20:39
savvasBlack_Magic: then you use http://packages.ubuntu.com :)20:40
h3sp4wnoliver_g2: I am avoiding C++ as long as possible20:40
nemoh3sp4wn: C? :)20:40
h3sp4wn(I can use it if I want or C)20:40
oliver_g2echo_: still... Hardy is supposed to be stable in about a month, so either you have to hold back the computer till then, or prepare her for some crashes and instability and lots of updates..,20:40
Black_Magich3sp4wn: thats gunna bite you and me in the a** eventually20:41
h3sp4wnNext year I have to use it20:41
oliver_g2C++ is nice, if you get used to it20:41
h3sp4wnI don't see why its good for embedded though20:41
oliver_g2echo_: I would recommend you find out why audio in Gutsy doesn't work for you, and fix that20:42
echo_Ya I thought it mght save them time if I installed it now so I don't have to redo there computer in a month20:42
maccam94Black_Magic: do NOT install Hardy if you ever want to revert to gutsy20:42
nemoecho_:  my audio problem in hardy was with pulseaudio - I had to switch to alsa20:42
Black_Magicmaccam94, im fine with Hardy20:42
Black_Magicwhenever the upgrade finishes20:43
Black_Magicalso i can just make another partion and install it i have20:43
Black_Magic43GIGS of extra space laying around20:43
oliver_g2h3sp4wn: well ok... I have no clue of embedded systems, so can't say whether c++ is good there; bit at work, we use and deliver fast machines with lots of RAM and C++ works good with that20:43
echo_Ya I did the upgrades now I can't get any higher tehn 640x480 for video20:43
Black_Magicright now only  thing on y hardrive is parted (ram based install) and Ubuntu20:43
maccam94"Backports" is a repository where newer versions of packages are available after the release of that version of Ubuntu20:43
echo_also the KDE4 I sinstalled doesn't do any thing20:44
oliver_g2echo_: you installed nvidia driver and did all the "official" stuff for getting nvidia cards to work under Ubuntu?20:44
oliver_g2echo_: afaik KDE4 is also not end-user-stable yet :-/20:44
Black_Magicmaccam94: Well ubuntu is almost forcing you to upgrade to hardy all the majour fixes well most are in hardy... and some packages needed only work in hardy like latest X.org ect..20:44
h3sp4wnI don't think they are forcing anyone to do anything20:45
echo_ya maybe I will have to reinstall again and try to see if they fixed it20:45
h3sp4wnYou can run dapper if you want20:45
oliver_g2Black_Magic: which packages do you mean that only work in hardy?20:45
maccam94Black_Magic: right, eventually some of that stuff might make it into gutsy or whatever20:45
maccam94things like Xorg or the kernel won't or gnome won't20:45
h3sp4wnI know something that was removed from hardy I use that was orphaned in Debian20:45
Black_Magicoliver_g2, The latest X.org Latest Compiz compiz plugins from git only work on the hardy version of compiz err newer nautilus ect and other things just cant remeber too many right now20:46
Black_Magicand there are some good bug fixes in hardy too better support for AIGLX and things like that20:47
echo_I will try to reinstall again I guess20:47
h3sp4wnBlack_Magic: What video card ?20:47
oliver_g2echo_: have you been in #ubuntu with the audio problem yet?20:47
Black_MagicATi Raedon ect ect..20:47
maccam94oliver_g2: there was a glitch yesterday with the kernel20:48
savvasand ubuntu husty :P20:48
Black_Magicmy card is sucky but it works better in linux than in Windows20:48
maccam94oliver_g2: they compiled it without alsa20:48
h3sp4wnBlack_Magic: newer than r200 ?20:48
Black_MagicATI Raedon Xpress 200M /20:48
Black_Magiceverything works really well tho20:48
maccam94that is a sucky card20:48
maccam94surprisingly tho20:48
Black_Magicbut it works good20:48
oliver_g2maccam94: yes, noticed that :-) but echo_ apparently had audio problems in Gutsy, and the missing alsa was in Hardy, no?20:48
maccam94i installed hardy on a dinosaur laptop20:49
h3sp4wnXiG works better for me than cards much more powerful and new20:49
h3sp4wnwith this20:49
maccam94oliver_g2: yeah20:49
echo_No I just looked in forms could not get it to work some one said tehy will fix it so I just figured I would go to Harly so I can get the fix now and harly works for audio fine20:49
oliver_g2maccam94: out of interest, how old was that laptop?20:49
maccam94the laptop had a radeon 750020:49
h3sp4wnATI Technologies Inc Radeon Mobility M6 LY20:49
Black_Magicmaccam94: in windows it lagged like hell when i installed some cool eyecandy20:49
maccam94i want to say 7 years20:49
h3sp4wnmaccam94: as an experiment try the XiG demo on that card20:49
maccam94it barely had 3D acceleration in gutsy20:49
maccam94it runs compiz out of the box, smoothly even20:50
Black_Magicmaccam94: so it was either upgrade to vista and buy a new labtop or upgrade to linux and keep my labtop and pwn  vista vista gets on my nerve..20:50
oliver_g2I have a Dell Inspiron 3500 (400MHz P2, 256 MB, no 3d accelaration) - would Hardy + Gnome desktop work there :-D20:50
maccam94Black_Magic: i've got a better laptop now20:50
echo_Vista Home Basic sucks Premium is okay20:50
maccam94it was just a test20:50
Black_Magicmaccam94: Im gunna get a MacBook Pro and have it customized20:50
maccam94it was temporarily my main laptop for the summer20:50
mooboo1did the update today remove shadows from compiz?20:50
mooboo1i dont have any shadows, with or without compiz20:51
maccam94i've got a dellbuntu inspiron 1420n20:51
h3sp4wnFor me - XiG works as well as anything I have used (with 16MB video ram) and XFree8620:51
maccam94i want to get an M1330n tho20:51
h3sp4wnall in /usr/X11R620:51
maccam94h3sp4wn: what's XiG?20:51
h3sp4wnCommercial X server20:51
Black_Magich3sp4wn: OMG my sucky card has more video ram :P! i have 64 :/...20:51
oliver_g2echo_: did you find a bug report for that audio problem? I would think it should be fixed in Gutsy as well...20:51
echo_Home Basic Crashes a lot and if it is OEM MS wil not help20:51
maccam94h3sp4wn: link?20:52
ethana2...Is FF3b4 in repos.... /now/?20:52
Black_MagicWhy does Open Source have more support then something like Apple Nvida or Microsoft20:52
h3sp4wnmaccam94: http://www.xig.com/Pages/Demos/INDEX-Summit.html20:52
echo_that is Why Echo wants Linux she is mad at MS20:52
ethana2Black_Magic: because it's just better ;)20:52
mooboo1please, put new firefox beta4 in repository!!!20:52
ethana2i'll check for it...20:52
Black_Magicwhen is the stable coming out20:53
h3sp4wnmaccam94: For me was worth it maybe not for you (rest of laptop is p3-m 1.7ghz / 2gb ram / 160gb hdd)20:53
echo_see ya I am going to do another reinstall20:53
Black_Magichow does putting ram in labtops work..?20:53
Black_Magici was gunna put two 512MB things inside so ill have 1.5Gig ram20:54
Black_Magicwrong channel..20:54
ethana2Black_Magic: you may not have room20:54
h3sp4wnBlack_Magic:  you usually need sodimms etc also20:54
Black_Magicethana2, how about just one so il atleast have 1GIg ram20:54
ethana2Black_Magic: there's usually only a spot for two modules20:54
Black_Magicethana2, is there a 1GIG or 2GIG ram stick?20:55
ethana2Black_Magic: I can be happy with half that....20:55
ethana2well yeah, they exist20:55
Black_Magicyea...my buddy has Windows on his computer and it takes 30mins for him to even be able to use it because its soo slow when it first starts20:55
maccam94h3sp4wn: my current laptop is a 2GHz Core2 Duo, Intel X3100 graphics, 1GB ram20:55
maccam94but i don't get the point o fthis20:56
maccam94does it use different graphics drivers?20:56
ethana2just intel drivers20:56
h3sp4wnmaccam94: The point is compared to those drivers xorg sucks (even with intel)20:56
ethana2I wonder if they'll all be on gallium by Ibex....20:56
maccam94h3sp4wn: i mean for nvidia and stuff20:56
Black_Magicwhat other configureation graphics can you use with Ubuntu besides xorg?20:57
maccam94i've got a desktop with an nvidia 8800 GTS20:57
ethana2Black_Magic: xorg is basically /the/ graphical server20:57
h3sp4wnYou cannot use them for nvidia - my other laptop has a quadro fx 1600m20:57
Black_Magicany other graphical servers out there better then xorg..?20:57
ethana2Black_Magic: not even close20:58
h3sp4wnXiG with the right card if you pay20:58
h3sp4wnethana2: I guess you never actually tried XiG20:58
ethana2Black_Magic: there was actually a y-server.....  but drivers?  nope20:58
Black_Magicwhats XIG...20:58
h3sp4wnXSun is pretty good as well if you have the right card20:58
h3sp4wn(and Solaris)20:58
Black_Magicerr is this good or bad..? package libavahi-qt3-1 is already installed and configured20:59
h3sp4wnNo Xorg support at all for my XVR-100020:59
Black_Magicand other packages are comming up like that..20:59
ethana2the latest firefox is not in my updates...20:59
ethana2they're probably just making sure they do it perfectly so nothing gets messed up....20:59
h3sp4wnBlack_Magic: http://www.xig.com/Pages/Edu/OpenSourceATI.pdf21:00
Black_Magicso im getting things like packages already being configured..21:00
Black_Magicand installed21:00
h3sp4wnDon't think doing that perfectly is the issue21:01
h3sp4wn(at least until there is the beta)21:01
Jordan_UFor some reason network-manager will attempt to connect to my wireless network but won't succeed, but iwconfig will21:06
=== never|mobi is now known as neversfelde|mobi
slackernHey guys, trying to get the desktop effects running with a Geforce2 MX card and the restricted driver but i don't seem to be getting it to work, maybe anyone has a link or know of something special that needs to be done?21:08
maccam94slackern: which version of the nvidia driver are you using?21:09
slackernIt's the legacy version, let me check on the version number it's the 7x.xx series though21:09
maccam94that's all i wanted to know21:09
oliver_g2does Geforce2 support all that stuff necessary for desktop effects?21:10
oliver_g2anyone knows?21:10
slackernahh alright, checked with glxinfo and such and it looks correct and all but doesn't let me enable the desktop effects21:10
coz_oliver_g2,    Compiz requires at least a Geforce2. A Geforce 6xxx or greater is recommended for optimal performance and full support of beryl/compiz-fusion's feature set. For common nvidia problems, see !nvdeco and !blackwindows.21:10
oliver_g2oh ok21:11
Black_Magicoh cool article21:11
oliver_g2slackern: you're in luck it seems :-)21:11
coz_oliver_g2, that last part  ! nvdeco is pulled from #compiz-fusion21:11
Black_Magicthx who ever recommended it21:11
coz_slackern, no that will only work on #compiz-fusion21:11
Black_Magicyay a couple packages like KAffine need to be fixed but i can do that when it finishes and reboots21:11
Yaccihouston, we have a problem21:11
Black_MagicYacci, What is it?21:12
coz_guy  !nvdeco will not work on this channel  it only works in #compiz-fusion channel21:12
Black_Magicoh i mean21:12
Black_MagicEarth to Yacci Yacci Commin whats the problem?21:12
YacciMy panels are "down"...21:12
slackernhaha, alright i'll check there, thanks for pointing me in the right direction, not used to the nvidia stuff really, just had this card laying around here and thought i would give it a spin.21:12
coz_no problem21:12
Yaccii think i just need to restart them or something like this21:13
Black_Magictry err..21:13
Black_Magickillall gnome-panel21:13
mooboo1please, put new firefox beta4 in repository!!!21:13
Black_MagicMooboo1, stop worring us21:13
Black_Magicgo do it your self21:13
Black_Magicif your soo worried about it package it and send it to someone who can.21:14
coz_mooboo1, there is a beta four already?21:14
oliver_g2coz_: then, do you perchance also know whether desktiop effects work on Via Epia boards?21:14
Yacciwow, it worked21:15
Yaccibut it killed all the open programs...21:15
Black_MagicYacci, YW ;)21:15
mooboo1coz_, yes! :)21:15
coz_oliver_g2, not sure  but the main videos that compiz fusion work on are  nvidia ati and intel21:15
Black_MagicYacci, Sorry it usually just kills all stuff in panel and then when it restarts it updates it..21:15
Black_MagicYacci, Usualy used it gnome-panel doesnt show a new just installed program21:16
oliver_g2huh? killall gnome-panel kills all open apps?? is that supposed to happen?21:16
Black_Magicoliver_g2: its not21:16
oliver_g2ah ok21:16
mooboo1did the shadows disappear with the update today?21:16
Black_Magichow come i havent seen the policy kit packet install yet?21:16
YacciI just clicked onto the clock and the panel went "down"21:18
Black_Magicpost at  screenshot on a site so we can see21:18
Black_Magicwhat you mean21:19
Jordan_UFor some reason network-manager will attempt to connect to my wireless network but won't succeed, but iwconfig will21:19
Yacciwith "down"? I think there isn't anything to see. It didn't react anymore.21:19
YacciI just clicked on the time in the upper right corner to view the calender... And then it happend21:20
Black_Magicjyou need to reboot or something..21:21
Black_MagicYay on the last lil notch hopefully everything goes well between now and the 100% mark21:21
oliver_g2Yacci: did the panel "freeze"? Or disappear? Or move?21:21
Black_Magictry killall again21:22
oliver_g2does the desktop itself freeze as well?21:22
oliver_g2and does it happen every time?21:22
Black_Magicalso if that doesnt help do Ctrl-Alt-Backspace and then reloggin it may be X doing it21:22
Black_Magicand a simple restart may help21:23
Black_Magicrestart of x that is21:23
RAOFDanaG: GOod job on the X checking, thanks.21:23
lamalexYacci: do you have any google calendars in evolution?21:25
lamalexah, nm21:26
lamalexthere's a bug that causes it to crash if you do21:26
oliver_g2did you change anything in the calendar, the clock, or evolution, at all?21:27
Yaccino never21:29
mooboo1Please! I beg you, when I delete file, please make it confirm the action with a warning!21:29
mooboo1Please, fix this!21:29
mooboo1I cant risk using GNOME if my data is not safe!21:29
mooboo1Delete data without confirmation and warning is very scary!21:29
oliver_g2mooboo1: usually it does warn I think...21:29
hydrogenI wouldn't risk using gnome21:29
RAOFmooboo1: When does it do that?21:29
hydrogento be honest21:29
mooboo1oliver_g2, it only warns when you hold down ctrl and press del21:29
oliver_g2ughh... really, it doesn't warn...21:30
mooboo1oliver_g2, if you press only "del" it doesnt warn21:30
RAOFmooboo1: Aaah.  That's because it isn't deleting your file, just moving it to the trash.21:30
mooboo1oliver_g2, yes it dont warn, try create a file, and delete it21:30
amx109mooboo1, ure files will be in the 'recycle bin'21:30
oliver_g2bug report, stat!21:30
mooboo1RAOF, on a floppy, cd, USB memory, or NTFS partition, it wont move it to trash21:30
RAOFmooboo1: Right.  So, that's a bug.  Thank you for finding it.21:31
mooboo1RAOF, even if it moves it to trash, you can accidently delete it to trash without knowing it, then clean trash without inspect all files in trashbin21:31
mooboo1RAOF, please fix it21:31
iterhey hey, see all I needed to do was go have lunch21:31
mooboo1my rhythmbox crashed when i tried to skip in a mp321:31
RAOFWell... I can't.  Or rather, I could, given time.  You want to file a bug against nautilus on Launchpad.21:31
tgelterhow can I get a description of an update available using aptitude?21:31
mooboo1RAOF, okie21:32
oliver_g2btw. the Trash icon doesn't seem to update correctly anyway, which is additionally confusing21:32
oliver_g2tgelter: maybe Shift + c does what you want?21:32
Black_Magicalot of the KDE Aps i have installed failed to install..21:33
Black_Magiclike ktorrents21:33
Black_Magickdelins4c2a kaffine kiso kmouth ksayit..21:33
tgelteroliver_g2: thanks, that works while interactively in aptitude, what about using the aptitude (or apt-get, apt-cache, etc.) command?21:34
Black_Magicpackage libavahi-qt3-1 is already installed and configured21:34
Black_Magicwrong one..21:34
Black_Magicguess cant copy/paste from the terminal..21:34
oliver_g2tgelter: hm, don't know about the non-interactive frontends21:34
Black_Magicwell sorry for talking soo much..21:34
oliver_g2Black_Magic: in terminal, mark text with mouse and paste with middle click :-)21:35
Black_Magiconly two buttons atm21:36
Black_Magicsec plugging in 3 button mouse..21:36
oliver_g2afaik you can press both buttons to emulate middle click21:36
mooboo1Black_Magic, only 2 button mouse? wtf? 1980 called and they want their mouse back21:37
mooboo1Black_Magic, when did you buy your mouse? 1982?21:37
mooboo1oh lol21:37
oliver_g2mooboo1: 1990 called and want their mp3s back - everybody uses ogg today...21:38
mooboo1oliver_g2, yes ogg are great, i like it, but unfortunaly nobody uses it, if you search on DC++ or something, nobody use it, all groups release in MP321:38
mooboo1as per 'warez standard'21:38
Black_Magicwhat is ogg coded in?21:38
mooboo1yes they do have a STANDARD in warez lol21:38
mooboo1C or C++ i think, not sure21:39
Black_Magicanyone want to explain how ogg works with video21:39
Black_Magicand Music?21:39
Black_MagicMP3 can only do music..21:39
burne1ogg theora does video... ogg vorbis for music21:39
RAOFogg is a container format; you stick various streams in it.21:40
RAOFburne1: Or dirac, or tarkin, or ... for video.  (Yay Schrödinger 1.0!)21:40
coz_Black_Magic,  have you used gtk-recordmydesktop at all?21:42
coz_Black_Magic,  the result is an ogg video21:42
coz_ok I must have misunderstood21:43
Black_Magicyay the upgrade is finished all that is left is to change that annoing devleopers version in the Grub Menu21:43
Yaccieeeeh? I just did "sudo mount -t ntfs-4g /dev/sdb1 /media/Volume -o force", it said it has forced mount and reset $LogFile and the tells me " failed to access mountpoint /media/Volume: No such file or directory". What does that mean?21:50
macogwYacci: make your mountpoint first21:51
macogwdid you mkdir /media/Volume ?21:51
Yaccino, but i can normaly access to this21:52
macogwfrom hal's automount or from manual21:53
macogwhal's automount does mountpoint magic21:53
YacciNo, I couldn't get into my externel HD "Volume".21:53
YacciSo, I did this command21:54
Yaccinow I can, so there is no problem21:54
Yaccibut i wonder why it says no such file or directory21:54
OmnipotentEntityThe newest update for Hardy messed up my keyboard settings.  Whenever I press the numlock key it changes my keyboard (apple keyboard) into a laptop numpad.  (I'm using a desktop)  Restarting X fixes the problem as well as starting a new X server (but only for that session of course.)  Any ideas on how to change my keyboard's behavior?21:55
Black_MagicErr, i logged in  to the -12 kernal and there where some crash reboots got rid of them but i cannot enable compiz..21:57
Black_Magiconly problem right now21:57
Black_Magici even got sound ;)21:57
macogwOmnipotentEntity: play with system -> preferences -> keyboard?21:58
OmnipotentEntityUsing kubuntu actually, there isn't many options there.21:58
oliver_g2Black_Magic: maybe try running "compiz" from command line?22:00
oliver_g2at least that was useful under Gutsy...22:01
Black_Magic:/.../usr/bin/compiz: 400: /usr/local/bin/compiz: not found22:01
astanhey. anyone running kubuntu hardy have problems with "select buffer paste" between KDE apps and firefox? for me it doesn't work.22:02
astanKDE app -> KDE app works, but not to firefox.22:02
oliver_g2afaik under Ubuntu, /usr/bin/compiz is a script which checks whether your hardware supports desktop effects, and then calls compiz.real...22:02
astan(with "select buffer paste" i mean selecting text and then pasting with middle mouse button).22:03
oliver_g2so, there's some indirection involved...22:03
oliver_g2Black_Magic: what does "which compiz" tell you?22:03
Black_Magicalso it says xgl not present thats because im using AIGLX22:04
oliver_g2maybe you could try reinstalling all compiz packages...22:04
Black_Magicany simple command with22:04
Black_Magic* in it..22:04
Black_Magiclike a simple way to do that22:04
oliver_g2ah... not that I know of :-)22:04
oliver_g2start aptitude22:04
oliver_g2press / , type compiz, press + on every compiz package22:05
oliver_g2then g , and again g22:05
Black_Magicin the thing22:05
oliver_g2ah, you can probably also run synaptic, which might be easier22:06
Black_Magicyay the new XGL fixed my problem with flickering windows i think22:07
Black_Magicwith MMPORG games22:07
ethana2...is canonical going to make their own hardware store like apple?22:07
ethana2so people can just go online and buy a ubox/22:07
=== zenmae_ is now known as zenmae
ethana2..without having to track down vendors..22:07
ethana2hmm... maybe it should be /an ubox/22:08
h3sp4wnIts hard to find ubuntu supported laptops with decent service contracts22:08
ethana2in any case, yes, what he said22:08
ethana2and canonical could buy in bulk and stuff22:08
h3sp4wn(Mine for example is certified for SLED only)22:09
h3sp4wnmy thinkpad is ibm22:09
ethana2...so any thoughts on that?22:09
Black_Magicok thx i remeber a LOOONG time ago using aptitude22:09
Black_Magicand then forgot how i used it :/22:09
ethana2to counter 'mac' and 'pc'22:09
h3sp4wnWould people actually do it I dunno22:10
oliver_g2how about Dell laptops?22:10
h3sp4wnI don't trust Dell22:10
ethana2maybe just a page on ubuntu.com listing all available models22:10
ethana2so people can compare /on/ ubuntu.com, make their pick22:10
ethana2and then are directed to the other sites to buy22:10
h3sp4wnI don't really know how good HP support is for laptops22:11
h3sp4wn(But I know Dell support for servers was problematic for me)22:11
h3sp4wneven with the best support contract22:11
iterwow, sucks22:11
iterI've had nothing but great response from the dell folks22:11
iterI'm in .edu land, dunno if that matters22:11
h3sp4wnSun is the best (I guess IBM is the same quality)22:12
iteryeah Sun is great22:12
iterwe have quite a few sun machines too22:12
iterexpensive though22:12
h3sp4wnThey don't sell laptops though22:12
iter$5000 for a 3 year gold support contract22:12
h3sp4wnThey would have someone on site within 4 hours to debug a kernel issue for us22:13
h3sp4wnand get us a hotfix by the next day22:13
twbIs upstart doing inetd's job in Hardy?22:13
twbIf not, what is?  I can't find /etc/init.d/openbsd-inetd22:13
macogwinetd? pretty sure upstart is a replacement for init22:14
macogwnot inetd22:14
h3sp4wnMaybe nothing by default22:14
macogwyeah we had to install inetd on red hat in school, i think22:14
h3sp4wndid you try installing inetd/openbsd-inetd/xinetd22:14
twbInstalling an inetd service DIDN'T Recommend or Depend install an inetd :-/22:14
tritiumtwb: upstart is a replacement for /sbin/init22:14
iteryeah my /etc/inetd.conf is empty22:15
twbmacogw: yes, upstart *initially* is a init replacement, but it's scheduled to replace everything else over time.22:15
iterall these config files w/nothing in em22:15
twbiter: probably because you're not running a server.22:15
macogw"everything else"?22:15
h3sp4wntritium: Yeah but if what was in the original design was actually implimented then it should have replaced inetd long ago22:15
twbmacogw: cron, at and suchlike22:15
h3sp4wnLook at Solaris SMF22:15
twb*atd, that is22:15
itertwb: that's correct, hardy is on a vaio laptop right now22:15
macogwtwb: i thought anacron was cron's replacement22:15
twbNo, anacron is a cron "meta" job.22:16
h3sp4wnanacron is no cron replacement22:16
itertwb: but I would recommend xinetd anyway22:16
tritiumh3sp4wn: I know nothing about that.  All I know is upstart was to replace init.22:16
ethana2i'm thinking i may consider buying a SPARCbook and installing ubuntu server22:16
twbtritium: it *does* replace init22:16
ethana2any thoughts?22:16
h3sp4wnBut whether init actually was the problem is debateable22:17
tritiumtwb: I know22:17
oliver_g2whats a SPARCbook?22:17
h3sp4wn(Its the other stuff that would actually be useful)22:17
twbUnfortunately it still doesn't do much good because nobody has rewritten the init.d scripts :-/22:17
macogwoliver_g2: Sun laptop22:17
iterethana2: I installed 6.06LTS on a old sun enterprise 250, it was kind of a pain to install but works great ever since22:17
h3sp4wnoliver_g2: made by tadpole iirc22:17
oliver_g2why install Ubuntu _server_ on a laptop?22:17
h3sp4wnThey are indestructable (or the one I dropped down some steps when I was 15 was)22:17
iterbut sparc is expensive and slow, get x86 for a laptop really22:17
iteroliver_g2: sun enterprise 250 is a server22:18
ethana2what if AMD rendered it/22:18
ethana2on 65nm?22:18
h3sp4wniter: Really ? My blade 1000 (with an XVR-1000 video card) 2 ultrasparc 3's 8mb cache each22:18
h3sp4wnIts fast as hell still22:18
h3sp4wn150000 fc drives22:18
holzmodemhi i have a problem with overlapping of 2 desktop after configure an external monitor >>http://www.kluenter.de/desktop.png how can i solve it22:19
iterh3sp4wn: I was talking about the US-II procs on the sparcbook22:19
h3sp4wniter: I was thinking of the original sparcbook sorry22:19
ethana2holzmodem: ...bug22:19
itersparc is fine for server workloads22:19
iterwe have a few old v480's that work awesome22:20
h3sp4wnIts fine for desktop as well22:20
ethana2holzmodem...  you may want to wait until 4.1..  or .. hmm22:20
holzmodemi know, i dont want to use the externel monitor, i want only my old configuration22:20
h3sp4wnyou can get most of the apps I need for sparc Solaris22:20
h3sp4wn(That you cannot get for x86 solaris)_22:20
ethana2I'd be talking linux...22:20
holzmodembut i dont't know hot can i reset it22:20
ethana2i don't want to mess with solaris/opensolaris22:20
tgelteris there already a bug report somewhere about flash being broken under x86_64 ?22:20
zenmaeI have some problems getting twinview to work correctly, the taskbar is just stretched across to screens and everything is zoomed (especially firefox)22:20
h3sp4wnno zfs22:20
ethana2holzmodem: ...how many DE's do you have installed?22:20
h3sp4wnor dtrace etc etc22:21
ethana2i've never used either, what's so great?22:21
ethana2i dont' run databases and i don't really develop22:21
iterwe're getting a sunfire x4500 real soon, I'm quite excited about that one22:21
iterit's x86 though22:21
h3sp4wnTry and get a ultrasparc t222:21
l815is there any fix for the blurry fonts in open office?22:21
Black_Magicdo i need to state something to get AIGLX working...22:21
iter24T of space in 4U :) :)22:21
Black_Magicor do i just need to install XGL?22:21
holzmodemethana2: DE's?22:22
h3sp4wnethana2: data staying consistant22:22
ethana2desktop environment22:22
h3sp4wnThe thing is you can have anything Linux has22:22
ethana2exactly.. drivers22:22
ethana2you could make a combo of hardware..22:23
h3sp4wnpretty much - but the same is not the case the other way round22:23
ethana2that /only/ linux and X could take advantage of22:23
h3sp4wnI am careful about what hardware I et22:23
holzmodemethana2: only kde422:24
h3sp4wnkde4 is mostly working with opensolaris22:24
ethana2holzmodem: i have kde4 installed but i found it too buggy yet22:24
ethana2so i use gnome22:24
ethana2i would reccomend..22:24
ethana2sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop22:24
ethana2...but there may be someone else who can give you better advice22:25
h3sp4wnholzmodem: try a few maybe you find something you like22:25
l815is there any fix for the blurry fonts in open office?22:25
Jordan_UFor some reason network-manager will attempt to connect to my wireless network but won't succeed, but iwconfig will22:26
tritiuml815: what do you mean?22:26
l815tritium, fonts are blurry and faded, which makes it hard to read.22:26
tritiuml815: I've not experienced that22:27
l815tritium, strange, it happens in gusty and hardy T-T22:27
tritiuml815: screenshot?22:27
l815tritium, okay one sec22:28
OmnipotentEntityThe newest update for Hardy messed up my keyboard settings.  Whenever I press the numlock key it changes my keyboard (apple keyboard) into a laptop numpad.  (I'm using a desktop)  Restarting X fixes the problem as well as starting a new X server (but only for that session of course.)  Any ideas on how to change my keyboard's behavior?22:29
l815tritium, i reinstalled open office, which seems to fix it kinda, but now the menus and just the look is like win 98 T-T22:30
mooboo1did the window shadows disappear with the update today?22:37
l815tritium, i got a screenshot22:37
astro76mooboo1: I got funky window shadows after updating yesterday22:37
mooboo1astan, oh "funky" ?22:38
l815tritium, http://i27.tinypic.com/sfe8i0.png22:38
mooboo1mine was pink before, now since the update today, they're gone22:38
tritiuml815: it displays fine on my screen22:38
mooboo1tritium, take a screenshot of his screenshot to proove it!22:39
l815tritium, it looks blurry from 12 lower22:39
tritiummooboo1: ;)22:39
tritiuml815: the smallest of your fonts look fine to me.22:39
l815tritium, weird, i've asked 3 classmates, they all say the same as me22:40
tritiuml815: look at your screenshot with a different computer monitor22:40
l815tritium, the screenshot looks ok even on my computer, but it could just be the screenshot not picking up the blurriness22:41
l815compare it to the xchat22:41
l815it's no where near as clear22:41
tritiumNo, it could be the screenshot showing that it's your display, and not OO22:42
Black_Magicno luck..22:42
l815lol sorry but doesn't seem you get it22:43
DasKreechsound issue fixed?22:43
l815you can clearly see the difference from xchat, gnome, and all my other apps compared to OO.22:43
l815so sounds like you're used to it, or just can't tell :/22:44
mooboo1make ubuntu start faster plz22:48
mooboo1fast boot rox!22:48
mooboo1slow boot decreases your productivity and increases the TCO!22:49
mooboo1waste time, waste electricity, less work done22:49
mooboo1must employee when he wait for ubuntu to boot instead of pay for work22:50
ethana2fast startup idea:22:51
ethana2restart-hibernate as shutdown option22:51
ethana2mooboo1: find that on brainstorm and vote it up22:52
mooboo1i never use hibernate22:52
RAOFThat's because it doesn't work :)22:53
ethana2i have a friend who has a HDD with bad areas on it22:57
oxigenaww, no more fun with blender and compiz together, this was ok exactly one day :(22:58
ethana2will ubuntu automatically keep them out of the file system with a fresh install?22:58
mooboo1ethana2, he can try to use the software 'badblocks'23:00
mooboo1i dont know23:00
mooboo1"badblocks is a Linux utility to check for damaged sectors on a disk drive. It marks these sectors so that they are not used in the future and thus do not cause corruption of data."23:01
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OmnipotentEntityThe newest update for Hardy messed up my keyboard settings.  Whenever I press the numlock key it changes my keyboard (apple keyboard) into a laptop numpad.  (I'm using a desktop)  Restarting X fixes the problem as well as starting a new X server (but only for that session of course.)  Any ideas on how to change my keyboard's behavior?23:15
OmnipotentEntity i also need to unset my numlock armed with only an on screen keyboard and a mouse.  how do i do this?23:16
jester7when the beta comes out next week, will alpha update to the beta via simple updates, or will it look like a distribution upgrade?23:19
RAOFOh, bother.  Xserver git requires mesa git to build properly.  Gah.23:20
RAOFjester7: The beta is just a repository snapshot, as are all the alphas, and indeed the final release.23:24
RAOFAs such, if you're running Hardy now, it'll look just like any other update (because the Beta is a social construction; the repositories don't know anything about it).23:25
jester7ok, thanks.  exactly what i was looking for23:26
jester7makes perfect sense23:26
mooboo1apple <shivers>23:27
virtualddoes anyone know whether the xorg in hardy has config/hal support built in?23:31
virtualdesp. in regards to input hotplugging via fdi file23:32
jester7!info ccsm23:37
jester7boo...what's the actual package called?23:37
RAOFcompizconfig-settings-manager, of course!23:38
jester7i tried that in hardy...no dice23:38
jester7bah..being dumb, didn't have the repos enabled23:40
virtualdso.. anyone have any idea how to determine what options a package was compiled with? I'm sure its documented somewhere.. just can't figure it out23:46
Picivirtuald: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+builds should give you more information than you need23:47
[Neurotic]I don't suppose Hardy has anything new to make my life easier to try and record my usb mic while I run Skype?23:48
sliptteesWhere is .Trash in the hardy?23:49
[Neurotic]hmnn.. having a look now23:49
[Neurotic]Thansk pwnguin23:50
RAOFslipttees: ~/.local/share/trash, I believe.23:50
sliptteesRAOF: i'll se23:50
sliptteesRAOF: :D23:50
sliptteesRAOF: That there now?23:51
savvas[49393.582026] FAT: Directory bread(block 496) failed23:53
[Hardy]TuTUXGmy usb is not working after last update?23:58

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