kwwiitell me which middle window part is the best:09:55
artnaythe middle one I guess09:59
artnaywill gdm have "face browser" by default?10:00
kwwiinope, that was pushed back to hardy+110:00
artnayoh, ok. why?10:00
andreasngdm 2.22 (not 2.20 that will be used for hardy) comes with face browser by default if I recall correctly10:01
kwwiibecause it is a major code change (we are going to do a 3D compiz based one10:01
artnayandreasn: why's 2.20 being used in hardy? http://live.gnome.org/RoadMap - Improvements on the default look of GDM10:24
artnaydo those improvements include some sort of tweaking to face browser code?10:24
andreasnartnay: they rewrote the whole thing and it wasn't ready in time for gnome 2.2210:25
artnaydidn't know that, thanks for the info10:26
andreasnso it was decided by the gnome release team to use gdm 2.2010:26
Tm_Thi artnay and kwwii11:07
kwwiigood thing nobody is around20:52
cody-somervillekwwii, hmm? ;)20:52
* kwwii finished up the gdm changes20:54
cody-somervillekwwii, In firefox and other apps, I noticed that the lines that used to exist to seperate the widgets no longer exist after that upload that made changes to the .gtkrc of the default theme.20:55
cody-somervillekwwii, Was that on purpose?20:55
* _MMA_ scoffs at Ken's attempts to "pretty up" Ubuntu and thinks he should become a professional beer drinker.20:56
kwwiicody-somerville: nope, I think that is a known problem in firefox20:57
kwwiito be honest, i think that we will switch back to ubuntulooks very soon now20:57
* cody-somerville nods.20:57
cody-somervilleI wonder if I can get an IRC client for my blackberry20:59
kwwiiI think that you can on many of them20:59
_MMA_Oh come on kwwii. No fun retort? :P21:01
kwwii_MMA_: just wait till I am done and I ask you to test this for me :-)21:01
kwwiithat will be funny enough for me21:01
_MMA_I just say it works. ;)21:02
kwwiianyway, my wife is on a business trip so I am home alone with my son...I am too tired to be making jokes21:02
_MMA_Ok. Save 'em for Prague. :)21:03
kwwiioh, man, that is coming up too21:05
_MMA_Yep. Yay for 11hr flights. I gotta strait shot from Atlanta to Prague.21:11
kwwiiat least you don't have to change flights21:22
kwwiii live 2.5 hours away and it will take me like 6 hours to get there21:23
_MMA_kwwii: Well I take a 45min hop to Atlanta from Raleigh. Sit there for an hour then catch the flight to Prague.21:43
kwwii_MMA_: shouldn't be too bad for a free trip to prague :-)21:47
_MMA_Naa... Berlin woulda been better. :P I'm also looking to going to Dublin afterward.21:56
kwwiihehe, Berlin is AMAZING21:58
kwwiioh well, eventually, I will finish gdm and go to bed22:33
kwwiiI have an update for the wallpaper (the one I showed you) as well as an update for gtkrc murrine22:34
kwwiigdm will be the biggest change I guess22:34
_MMA_kwwii: Fon. Got a screenshot?22:36

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