owhHiya, just lodged Bug #201237 for tasksel, but it applies to hardy alpha 6. How do I tell LP that?00:17
ubotwoLaunchpad bug 201237 in tasksel "tasksel does not work if installed on a machine with no network" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20123700:17
owhOne suggestion made was to lodge a new bug at: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+bugs, but that seems to imply that I need to close this bug and do it again. That doesn't make sense to me.00:19
bdmurrayowh: A bug is assumed to apply to the latest version of the package which would be Hardy.00:19
owhbdmurray: Except that it doesn't show up in the hardy bug list, so it is unlikely to be dealt with prior to release.00:19
owhOr am I mistaken?00:20
bdmurrayYou could nominate it for the Hardy list then.  You can do this on the left hand side of the bug remote in the pink Actions menu.00:21
owhbdmurray: Hmm, well, LP shows it as nominated, but it still doesn't show in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+bugs - am I missing something?00:23
bdmurrayowh: nominations need to be approved by an Ubuntu driver member00:23
bdmurrayotherwise the Hardy list would be much longer. ;)00:24
owhbdmurray: Fair point. Well, in that case, I've done my part I think - thanks for the help.00:24
bdmurrayowh: thank you for submitting the bug00:25
owhbdmurray: That's the easy part :) - I try to hold my end up with fixing and patching too :)00:26
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PiciHm.  Where would a bug regarding the gnome multimedia keys go? It doesnt appear to be specific to one application.02:10
james_wPici: what's the problem?02:10
Picijames_w: The gnome multimedia keybindings don't appear to be working in Hardy (at least track forward and back). Exaile, Sonata (i think it supports it) and decible-audio-player are not working...02:12
PiciAlthough now someone says that quod-libet does (/me looks)02:12
james_wPici: can you try rhythmbox?02:13
Picijames_w: sure, moment02:13
james_wPici: also, are these special keys on your keyboard?02:13
Picijames_w: They are, and they appear to be working in Rhythmbox02:14
james_wI guess that they are bugs in the other apps then. If rhythmbox picks them up then they are working ok.02:14
Picijames_w: roger that02:14
james_whowever if they are relying on something else to relay the messages then that may be at fault.02:15
PiciI'm going to do some looking around02:16
RAOFPici: The problem is that there's a new mmkeys API.02:16
PiciRAOF: Aha.02:16
RAOFPici: Rhythmbox will (should) work, everything else needs updating.02:16
PiciRAOF: Is it necessary to log a bug for each of them? or how does something like this work?02:17
RAOFPici: What you'd want to do is to file a bug against one of them, and then go "also affects" all the others.02:18
RAOFIt's essentially one-bug-per-package, but with the same bug number.02:18
PiciRAOF: Do you happen to know what version of python-mmkeys the api was changed in?02:20
RAOFUm, it's probably not python-mmkeys; it's gnome-settings-daemon which publishes the multi-media key info.02:20
RAOFSo gnome-settings-daemon changed how it publishes the MMKeys information (again), and the non-Rhythmbox apps aren't looking in the right place.02:22
jjessebdmurray: you around?02:57
jjesseneed some help triaging bug #35605, as the bug references Mandrivia03:01
ubotwoLaunchpad bug 35605 in kdeartwork "kpartsaver segfaults" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/3560503:01
jjessethe bug is  marked as fix released in kdeartwork, do i assume its been fixed in mandrivia?03:02
jjesseand mark it the same?03:02
bdmurrayjjesse: looking03:14
bdmurrayI'd mark it Invalid as Mandriva doesn't use Launchpad, there isn't a remote Mandriva bug for the bug watch that we know of and because the Mandiva affects was probably added wrongly.03:16
techno_freakbdmurray, a general question. when a bug filed on a project which falls under a loco team in launch pad, who can unsubscribe the team from the bug?03:25
techno_freaki meant, the project was included the team's project list (which was again not known how)03:26
bdmurrayTeam admins can unsubscribe the team from a bug report.  Do you have a link for the issue you are talking about?03:27
techno_freakbdmurray, yes, one minute.03:27
techno_freakbdmurray, bug #183958 someone marked it as security issue thinking that it would stop mails from that bug.03:28
ubotwotechno_freak: Bug 183958 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/183958 is private03:28
techno_freakand as private too03:29
bdmurrayI can't see that bug report, but as the Ubuntu Bugs team owner I have the ability to unsubscribe the team from bug reports like 35605 that was mentioned earlier.  Ubuntu Bugs shows up as a "direct" subscriber and when I click on Subscribe/Unsubscribe I see "Unsubscribe Ubuntu Bugs from this bug"03:31
bdmurrayDoes that help some?03:32
techno_freakbdmurray, i was able to see it, but when i was seeking help from people here some one made it a security issue after which it is not viewable at all03:32
techno_freakbdmurray, yes. i understood what you said. :)03:33
bdmurrayjdstrand: can you see it?03:33
bdmurraytechno_freak: what package was the bug about?03:36
techno_freakbdmurray, BBox if i remember it right03:36
yuriyhmm how do i add an upstream bug watch? looks like the interface has changed since i last did this03:40
yuriyi did also affects project but there isn't a place to put in a bug03:40
bdmurray+Project if it is far upstream03:41
bdmurrayyuriy: for what package?03:41
yuriybdmurray: bug 20128103:41
* bdmurray waits for it03:41
yuriyheh, katapult, upstream bug here: http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14059103:42
techno_freakbug #20128103:42
bdmurrayI was hoping ubotu or ubotwo would say something03:42
tritiumThe bots are having issues today, bdmurray03:42
* yuriy notes taht ubotwo has quit^^03:42
techno_freakubotu sometimes becomes too slow to respond, think it is overloaded too much03:43
yuriyin this case it's not here at all though03:44
bdmurrayyuriy: your bug is really weird03:44
bdmurraySo katapult doesn't use Launchpad for bugs?03:45
yuriywell it's a package in ubuntu, and it's a component of kde and has bugs on bugs.kde.org03:46
bdmurrayWell, somebody setup a Katapult project in Launchpad and that is why this is behaving differently.03:47
bdmurrayThe Status shows them using Launchpad for bugs03:47
* yuriy pings said someone to find out03:48
bdmurrayThe "driver" of the project are the katapult-dev team and there you can find the team owner.03:48
yuriymhmm, i did03:49
bdmurrayWell, so that's why you can't add a link to the kde bug report.03:52
kkubasikhey, can someone take a look at https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox-3.0/+bug/19310806:17
kkubasikits been marked a low priority06:17
kkubasikbut it makes firefox almost unusable for several users06:17
kkubasiksorry =/06:17
savvasdoes anyone know the package I should mention about this bug: http://pastebin.ca/raw/93939307:23
savvasI get such errors while transferring to/from a mobile phone using usb07:24
savvas(whose free space is about 100mb)07:25
ogra[69854.011266]  sde: sde107:45
ogra[69854.027239]  sde: p1 exceeds device capacity07:45
ograyour partition table is broken on the device07:45
savvasyou mean the phone card is the problem?07:46
savvashm give me a sec, i'll back my files and format it07:47
ograwrite a proper partition table to it :)07:48
ogracfdisk is your friend07:48
savvasFATAL ERROR: Bad primary partition 0: Partition ends after end-of-disk07:49
savvasogra: it's a memory stick pro duo on sony ericsson w810i, think it matters?07:50
ograno idea, i just saw the errormessage in your paste :)07:52
savvasi'll try format it with their software in the phone, i'll try it in about 20 minutes07:53
savvasremind me to hug you unofficially :P07:54
savvasogra: do you happen what type should i use? I just formatted using the phone software and it's happening again :\08:15
savvashm it says FAT1608:17
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savvasogra: every time I disconnect & reconnect the usb to my mobile phone, it says unallocated disk space in gparted08:32
savvasthe weird thing is that the mobile phone internal memory seems ok08:32
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jdstrandbdmurray: I don't have access to that bug either (which is a little odd actually)11:03
techno_freakjdstrand, it was marked as a security issue by some one thinking it would stop the bug mails being sent to all people in the team. even the team admin is not able to view it11:09
pedro_good morning!11:11
jdstrandtechno_freak, bdmurray: sounds like an LP issue if noone can se it11:15
techno_freakjdstrand, any idea whom i should bug to get it solved? :)11:23
pochujwendell: hi, I'm forwarding the change at bug 191716 to the debian maintainer, but he's asking me whether there's a backtrace of one somewhere... do you have one handy, or a way to trigger a crash due to that change?11:31
jwendellwhere's bugbot :'(11:38
jwendellpochu, link, plz11:38
pochujwendell: http://launchpad.net/bugs/19171611:55
pochujwendell: ubotu is lagging these days :)11:55
jwendellpochu, ah, anjuta... I've just replied there11:56
pochujwendell: oh, I see. thank you :)12:00
jdstrandtechno_freak: how about joing #launchpad and asking there?12:01
jdstrand(sorry for the delay, had to get my son ready for school)12:01
PiciUbotu is not well these days... been trying to get in contact with Seveas to whip it back into shape, but no-go.  I'll see if I can get one of the backup bots in here.12:03
techno_freakjdstrand, sure, thanks12:03
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primes2hIs there someone in here having a laptop with ati chipset?13:07
primes2hbad news.13:09
primes2h'ati' (radeon) driver is going to be blacklisted from compiz.13:09
primes2hSo all people happily using compiz with this driver (open source) on a laptop won't be able to have compiz by default.13:10
Piciprimes2h: link?13:10
primes2hbug #19713513:11
primes2hI opened a bug to whitelist my card (because I never had problem with compiz)13:12
primes2hHave a look #20133013:12
PiciI see that Travis Watkins (Amaranth) is looking at it, I trust he'll do the right thing.13:13
primes2hProbably there are other people that don't have problems with 'ati' driver and compiz, but it should be better to let it know.13:14
primes2hThis choice (to blacklist completely 'ati' driver) would affect a lot of people...13:15
primes2hThe real problem is that ati proprietary drivers don't support all chipset.13:17
primes2hso who (like me) has these chipset won't be able to use compiz by default.13:19
primes2hEven if it has been working very well until now.13:20
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MagicFabis there a way to make a bug " depend"  on another in LP ?15:03
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pedro_something like bug 95419 ?15:07
ubotwoLaunchpad bug 95419 in malone "Record dependencies between bugs" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/9541915:07
pedro_hey hey16:25
qensegot to go, bye16:33
affluxI came across another bug reported via apport but invisible for ubuntu-bugcontrol :(17:25
affluxI asked for the report in bug 183685, the new bug is bug 20107117:26
ubotwoLaunchpad bug 183685 in compiz-fusion-plugins-main "compiz.real crashed with SIGSEGV" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18368517:26
ubotwoafflux: Bug 201071 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/201071 is private17:26
bdmurrayafflux: you could ask Nikolai to subscribe to the bug to figure out what is going on17:29
affluxbdmurray: yes, but exactly the same happend some days ago with bug 199911, which was requested from me in bug 19042817:31
ubotwoLaunchpad bug 199911 in emerald "emerald crashed with SIGSEGV in gdk_gc_new_with_values() (dup-of: 139877)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19991117:31
ubotwoLaunchpad bug 139877 in emerald "emerald crashed with SIGSEGV in gdk_gc_new_with_values()" [Unknown,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/13987717:31
ubotwoLaunchpad bug 190428 in emerald "emerald crashed on "alt-tab" windows switching" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19042817:31
qensehello again17:33
affluxhi qense17:33
bdmurrayafflux: it looks like the reporter added Crash bug triagers for universe as a subscriber manually.  Does that sound right to you?17:35
affluxbdmurray: I asked him to do that, because we had no access17:35
affluxbdmurray: I opened a crash bug myself lately, and it was only apport who was subscribed automatically. I think ubuntu-crashes-universe should be added automatically (I think that's how we used to did that)17:36
bdmurrayafflux: How did you open the crash bug? via nautilus or was it reported automatically?17:40
affluxautomatically, IIRC17:41
affluxor maybe apport-cli17:41
secretlondonthis is supposed to be the pob with apport and gutsy?17:46
bdmurrayafflux: I'm looking at the code now17:47
secretlondonpitti apparently stopped apport retracing gutsy bugs according to hhdgh17:47
affluxmine wasn't even gutsy :(17:47
afflux(in case that's correct, I think there should be some sort of announcement on the MLs)17:48
secretlondonyes, the story was that it was due to the age of some launchpad -python thing17:49
secretlondonin which case we should update the python..17:49
secretlondonbut this is second hand..17:50
affluxah, looking at my bug, it hasn't been retraced, either, but the need-i386-retrace tag has been removed17:52
pedro_hey afflux17:53
affluxhi pedro_17:53
affluxnumber is bug 19984617:53
ubotwoafflux: Bug 199846 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/199846 is private17:53
affluxshould I open it?17:54
pedro_ouch forbidden17:54
bdmurrayafflux: could you subscribe me to it?17:54
affluxbdmurray: huh, found two accounts for "brian murray". I suppose it's brian-murray?17:55
bdmurrayyes, that's me17:55
affluxhi rockstar_18:00
rockstar_hi afflux18:01
affluxyou can watch new bugs arriving in #ubuntu-bugs-announce , that's a good start for triaging18:01
rockstar_afflux, thanks.  I was kinda combing through, looking for dupes right now.  The dual monitor set up is helpful for that.18:02
affluxoh right. I changed one monitor to LCD, that doesn't really work well with a second CRT as dual setup ;)18:02
bdmurrayafflux: I'm under the impression there was an issue with the retracer for a while.18:09
affluxah, right18:10
affluxI'm reading -devel, btw ;)18:10
bdmurraypedro_: I'm looking at the Ubuntu Desktop test cases and was wondering if you could take a look at some of it.18:45
pedro_bdmurray: ok i'll take a look to them later18:45
bdmurraypedro_: okay, there are some "!!!" caveats I'm concerned about.  there's also a whole bit about installing brasero, we can remove that now right?18:46
pedro_yes that's now shipped by default so that part (the install) can be removed18:48
bdmurrayright, okay I'll rip that out18:48
askandSlow flash performance when compiz is  activated, is that a known bug in hardy?18:48
bdmurraywell or remove the testing bit18:49
bdmurrayer install18:49
calchttps://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openoffice.org/+bug/184887/comments/8 <- bug reporters with a sense of humor ;-)19:16
ubotwoLaunchpad bug 184887 in openoffice.org "OpenOffice crashes when importing csv file into calc" [Undecided,Fix released]19:16
qensewow! another crash of OOo, do you think it has the same cause! :P19:17
calclook at the powerpoint file attached to the comment ;-)19:17
calcneither one crashes on hardy so i marked it fixed, but the file is funny ;-)19:17
pedro_i feel sorry for his cat :-P19:18
qenseit did crash at my hardy19:18
calcoh hmm /me runs over to his amd64 box19:19
qenseI've got a .crash file19:20
calcah need to upgrade my box first before testing, has ~ 400 packages to download19:20
calcqense: please reopen with the crash file19:21
qenseanother bug?19:21
qenseand mark the one you marked as fixed as duplicate of mine?19:21
calcqense: oh i can reopen it and then you just attach to the same bug19:21
calcok its new again19:22
calcin about 30m i can test up on my machine as well19:22
qenseapport is already uploading the error logs19:24
qenseit's bug 20152419:28
ubotwoqense: Bug 201524 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/201524 is private19:28
calcqense: ok thats fine19:28
qenseyou're in bugcontrol?19:28
calchmm i don't have permission to view it yet19:29
calcbdmurray: can you assign that to openoffice?19:29
calcqense: apparently i just have rights to change bugs, etc not view private ones19:29
qensebugcontrol members should be able to view private apport bugs and look for private parts and remove that19:30
qenseI can make the bug visible19:31
qensebut it still needs retracing19:31
qenseis the retracing for amd64 working?19:31
* calc doesn't know19:31
calchopefully :)19:31
calcamd64 and i386 are the two main platforms19:32
alex-weejcan someone do a quick test for me please? just remove the GNOME notification area from your panel and re-add it19:32
alex-weejit comes back without any icons on my system19:32
qenseanyway, I need to go19:33
calcbrb, lunch19:34
seb128alex-weej: confirmed19:34
alex-weejseb128: do you know if there's an open bug for it? someone has one open on launchpad but it's not Incomplete, Low19:35
alex-weej*it IS Incomplete, Low19:35
ubotwoLaunchpad bug 195915 in gnome-panel "removing notification area from the panel" [Low,Incomplete]19:35
seb128alex-weej: not that I know19:35
seb128alex-weej: in fact it's really broken, if you open an application using the notification area it doesn't add the icon there19:36
alex-weejyeah i noticed that too19:36
alex-weejseb128: killall gnome-panel19:39
bdmurraycalc: I don't have permission to view that bug either19:39
alex-weejit comes back to life, (albeit without n-m... groan)19:39
affluxIs there a special reason why the upstream project for hardy's source package "emerald" has been set to "beryl"?21:01
affluxI'll change it back to "emerald" if noone raises any objections21:04
bdmurrayafflux: is the upstream watch in bug 147529 right?21:06
affluxbdmurray: it's emerald, not beryl. I clicked "next" and didn't check because I forwarded an emerald bug some days ago where the project was correct21:07
affluxbdmurray: I invalidated the beryl task and added emerald21:07
bdmurrayafflux: okay, my concern is there isn't a relationship between the "emerald" project and its bug tracker21:10
bdmurrayso if someone tries to add also affects project emerald they won't see information about which bug tracker to use21:11
affluxdo you mean the LP project or the upstream?21:11
affluxah, LP21:11
bdmurraythe lp project21:11
bdmurrayif you look at https://launchpad.net/linux/ you can see which bug tracker the kernel uses21:13
affluxI think mvo can change this21:13
bdmurrayI actually have the power to do it21:13
bdmurrayopencomposting.org is the right url for them?21:14
affluxyes. They don't really have an own website, it seems to be distributed along with compizfusion21:15
bdmurrayafflux: okay, I updated the project.  It should be easier to add upstream bug watches now.  At least thats the theory21:18
affluxwhy "theory"?21:19
bdmurrays/theory/my understanding/ ?21:19
affluxokay, you still have to paste an url, but the "also affects project" page now lists the used bug tracker21:20
bdmurrayyeah, it'd be neat if you could just put a # there if the tracker is known21:20
affluxokay, I'm going to bed. good night!21:21
bdmurraygood night!21:21
Gninecan't login - blank screen | 8.04 2.6.24-11-generic x86_64 | after update on 3.10.200822:45
phoenix24When does the HUG Day Start ?23:14
bdmurrayphoenix24: probably now in Europe somewhere23:15
rockstar_HUG day?23:15
rockstar_BUG day makes more sense...23:16
=== bdmurray changed the topic of #ubuntu-bugs to: Hug Day! https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay/20080313 | Ubuntu BugSquad | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugSquad | Documentation: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HelpingWithBugs | If you have been triaging bugs for a while, please apply to https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-bugcontrol/ - http://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-bugsquad
cudjoehi everyone!23:17
bdmurrayIt's been traditionally called Hug Day23:17
cudjoeI've just submitted a debdiff, changed the status to Fix Released.23:17
cudjoebut did get really well the Sponsoring Queue23:18
cudjoesomeone could tell me please ?23:18
bdmurraycudjoe: Fix Released should be used if the fixed package is available in the archive23:18
cudjoebdmurray: oops. I was following "the 5 a day" tutorial :) that's my first one !23:19
bdmurrayit's easy to change back23:19
cudjoeI change it back.23:19
cudjoehow could I submit it ?23:20
cudjoelike I mean push it in the queue23:20
bdmurraywhat package is the bug about?23:21
cudjoeexaile. here it is :https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/exaile/+bug/9586023:21
greg-ghmmm, getting error when trying to add some bug numbers to my 5-a-day file: "'190092' has already been added today" even though I don't see it in my file online23:21
bdmurraygreg-g: is it in someone elses?23:22
greg-gbdmurray: oh, it is in my local copy of my file23:24
cudjoestate changed to "Fixed commited" in Exaile (ubuntu)23:24
cudjoeIn the tutorial it says > "Add it to the sponsoring queue or upload it yourself"23:25
greg-gbdmurray: in that case all I would need to do is do a bzr commit in my 5-a-day-data dir later right (since there is still a lock on the branch)23:26
greg-gthat is a question23:26
bdmurraycudjoe: take a look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SponsorshipProcess23:26
bdmurrayI believe you are supposed to subscribe a team to the bug23:26
bdmurrayThen it will get on their radar23:26
cudjoeOk. I did not get that when reading the page.23:27
bdmurraycudjoe: which tutorial were you reading?23:27
cudjoethis one : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/5-A-Day23:28
cudjoeShould I do "subscribe someone else" and select "ubuntu-main-sponsors"23:29
bdmurraygreg-g: I'm not sure how the 5-a-day bzr branch is setup.  normally with bzr branches I do a pull, commit, push.  In this case I'd just add another bug.23:29
bdmurrayexaile is a universe package though so it would be uubuntu-universe-sponsors23:29
greg-gbdmurray: yeah, just thought of that too :)  good excuse to keeping triaging23:30
cudjoebdmurray: ok done. thanks for helping. I was almost there :) Next ones are going to be easier.23:32
bdmurraycudjoe: lokoing at your patch the debian/changelog file has an issue23:33
cudjoereally ? ...oh.23:34
bdmurrayto get the bug automatically closed the format should be (LP: #95860)23:35
phoenix24Anyone Triaging Totem Bugs (help here) ?23:35
cudjoebdmurray: I saw the "Closes" format in the previous entries of the changelog...Should I rebuild it ?23:36
bdmurraycudjoe: the closes format may have been specific to a different bug tracking system23:37
bdmurrayand yes rebuilding it would be best, I imagine a sponsor would say something23:38
blueyedShould the KDE bug day also mention #ubuntu-bugs? (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay/20080313/KDE)23:41
cudjoebdmurray: done. Regarding the page, I had read it, but it's pretty confusing (for non native speaker maybe)23:42
bdmurraycudjoe: The sponsorship page?  I agree and have contacted someone about it.23:42
blueyed..or even the main page (-"/KDE")?23:42
cudjoeIt should mention that SponsorshipProcess consists in subscribing the team to the bug :)23:43
cudjoethanks everyone. I hope not to have to bother anymore.23:43

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