Linux_FresherHello, I downloaded a file called Ubuntoon-2Feb2008.tar.bz2    .. this is supposed to be a theme file,  as per the instructions, i went to System--> Preferences --> Appearance --> Install --> desktop file Ubuntoon-2Feb2008.tar.bz2  .. but it says installation failed  :(09:38
rzrasac: here i am :)10:45
asacrzr: hi ;)11:06
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crevettesomeone on hardy can confirm me a bug ? press the exit launcher on the panel wait the menu with a lot of choices appears, and press esc16:45
crevette=> the menu disappears but the screen stays opaque16:45
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Linux_Freshe1Q: how to make a folder go to TRASH after hitting DELETE key ? right now i deleted 2 folders using delete key .. they are not there in trash can ..  Q2: also, is there undelete util in ubuntu ? ]19:50
james_wLinux_Freshe1: you are better off asking in #ubuntu19:53
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