pochuI didn't feel very well this morning but I'm fine now :)10:59
pochuseb128: I think it'll be better for someone else to do the g-s-t updates... I don't have hardy here and won't have it until the next week (when the new desktop arrives) ...11:00
pochuseb128: I could do the updates themselves, but not build / test them :(11:00
seb128pochu: alright11:01
seb128I'll do those11:02
pochuthank you11:02
pochuhuats: feel free to do anjuta again ;)11:03
huatsok great11:04
huatspochu: I will...11:04
huatsthis afternoon is it ok ?11:04
pochuhuats: whenever you want is fine ;)11:04
pochuif you don't do it in a week I'll take care of it :p11:04
huatsI'll take care of if thus11:04
pedro_good morning!11:11
pochuhey pedro_11:11
pedro_hello pochu11:13
slomoseb128: ok, so... please sync gtk, service-discover-applet, banshee (0.13.2+dfsg-6)... :)12:09
slomopochu: is there a delta between ubuntu/debian for gnome-keyring and seahorse? or can those be synced too?12:09
slomoseb128: banshee/gtk are incoming, service-discovery-applet was uploaded weeks ago ;)12:10
pochuslomo: for seahorse there is the keyserver.ubuntu.com patch (at least), for gnome-keyring there shouldn't be any important one (there's Standards-Version, descriptions, dependencies wrapped...) but I'm not pretty sure, I'd have to double-check12:14
slomopochu: ok, well, check and sync if you want :)12:15
pochuslomo: sure thing, I'll likely do that next week (and merge seahorse)12:15
seb128slomo: synced12:35
slomoseb128: thanks :)12:36
seb128you are welcome12:36
seb128thanks for working on those changes ;-)12:36
seb128slomo: (or somebody else having a clue about mono), could you look at updating evolution-sharp? there is a new version available that should work on GNOME 2.2213:01
seb128bug #19445613:01
seb128dholbach: you might want to do the gnome-web-photo update, the new version should work using xul1.913:07
dholbachseb128: OK13:25
seb128dholbach: danke13:25
kwwiiKeybuk: which is better? http://sinecera.de/gdm_tweak.png13:31
Keybukwhich box?13:34
KeybukI like the middle one13:34
seb128the bottom one13:35
kwwiiKeybuk: yeah, I mean the box...how do you like the background?13:38
Keybukbackground is nice13:42
mvoAmaranth: do you have anything pending for compiz? otherwise I'm going to upload a new version with compiz-decorator soonish13:51
Amaranthnothing really important13:51
Amaranthi'll do the nvidia thing late13:52
mvoAmaranth: which one?13:52
Amaranthchecking for nvidia-settings before using it13:52
mvoAmaranth: I commited that already :)13:52
Amaranthah, then i have nothing13:53
AmaranthWell, I have something, but you didn't give me any feedback :)13:53
mvoAmaranth: oh?13:55
Amaranthbug 17330313:55
Amaranthwe lost ubotwo?13:55
Amaranththat is not a change we should make last minute, safe looking or not :)13:56
Amaranthi'd like to get it in before beta freeze13:56
mvook, I will check it out when I finished with the other bits13:57
mvoAmaranth: hrm, something is not working in the decorator plugin, it does not start compiz-decorator14:25
Amaranthmvo: it'll only work if no other decorator is running14:25
mvothere is no other decorator running14:26
Amaranth[: 38: ==: unexpected operator14:29
mvoAmaranth: yeah, missing nvidia-settings check14:30
mvoAmaranth: update your compiz bzr14:30
Amaranthin compiz-decorator?14:30
Amaranthi have nvidia-settings installed14:30
Amaranthi put the path to compiz-decorator in the decoration plugin, removed the bits to start it from compiz-manager, and it worked fine14:31
mvoAmaranth: did you logout/login again in between?14:32
Amaranthi made sure no decorator was running though14:32
mvocould you please try that?14:32
Amaranthalright, brb14:32
Amaranthmvo: worked fine14:34
mvoAmaranth: how strange, I wonder what is going on with my system then14:35
Amaranthbad path to compiz-decorator?14:36
Amaranthis compiz-decorator +x?14:36
mvoif I start it from a terminal it works fine14:36
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
mvoAmaranth: meh, its the problem again that setting something in metadata/$foo.xml.in does not automatically propergate it to gconf :( - the default in ccsm is compiz-decorator, the default in gconf is empty14:42
Amaranthah, i set it manually14:42
Amaranthbut the gconf stuff gets generated from the xml.in files, no?14:43
mvo__seb128: gconf is playing tricks with me, I have a compiz-decorator.schema file and that contains a default value "compiz-decorator"15:00
mvo__but it does not show up in gconf-editor or gconftool15:01
mvo__it says "" there15:01
seb128mvo__: what is the key name?15:01
seb128mvo__: ping?15:03
mvo__http://paste.ubuntu.com/5671 - but its not commited yet, just in my local tree15:03
seb128mvo__: url doesn't work15:04
mvo__seb128: sorry, /apps/compiz/plugins/decoration/allscreens/options/command15:04
=== mvo__ is now known as mvo
seb128mvo__: re, sorry phone call from some random dsl provider again15:07
seb128mvo_: grep /apps/compiz/plugins/decoration/allscreens/options/command /etc/gconf/schemas/* -r ?15:07
mvoseb128: http://paste.ubuntu.com/562015:09
seb128mvo: /etc/gconf/gconf.xml.defaults/%gconf-tree.xml:                                                        <entry name="command" mtime="1186490208" schema="/schemas/apps/compiz/plugins/decoration/allscreens/options/command"/>15:09
seb128mvo: that is not good15:09
mvowhat does it mean?15:10
seb128mvo: we don't use /etc/gconf/schemas for years, could you look at the value there?15:10
seb128mvo: it means you installed that schemas out of the packaging system or that something wrote to /etc which is a sysadmin location and takes over the package value15:10
seb128mvo: edit /etc/gconf/gconf.xml.defaults/%gconf-tree.xml and look at the value it has there15:11
mvoseb128: it seems to have no value, just a reference to the schema, but I moved the file away now and killed gconfd-215:12
mvoand its all good now15:12
mvostrange, I wonder where this file comes from15:12
seb128it's created my gconftool-2 when doing a schemas install15:12
seb128mvo: we use the gconf-schemas wrapper nowadays15:13
mvois it safe to remove the entire tree?15:13
huatsmvo: hello :)15:13
mvohuats: hello!15:13
seb128mvo: which uses GCONF_CONFIG_SOURCE=xml:readwrite:/var/lib/gconf/defaults15:13
mvohuats: today is the day for gnome-commander15:13
seb128mvo: default upstream uses /etc/gconf/schemas15:14
seb128mvo: maybe you ran some make install or installed the gconf directly using gconftool?15:14
huatsmvo: ;)15:14
mvoseb128: thanks for your help! I suspect somehow I ran something with compiz in the past that might have installed it. is it safe to remove this entire tree?15:14
seb128mvo: yes15:15
Amaranththis is why i only install stuff from packages ;)15:16
seb128mvo: as said we don't use the location for a while so it's not likely you have any package installing values there and if they do that's a bug15:16
mvoAmaranth: generally I do that too :) but it seems something has slipped thourgh15:18
seb128could have been a buggy compiz package installing it the old way15:18
Amaranthmaybe it was a compiz-quinn package :P15:19
seb128anyway you will not likely figure now how you got it15:19
mvomeh, still not working, but apparently for other reasons now :/15:23
* mvo sighs and takes a break15:23
seb128slomo: can you look at bug #20121815:24
ubotwoLaunchpad bug 201218 in gst-plugins-ugly0.10 "[Hardy] Seeking is broken in Rhythmbox" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20121815:24
slomoseb128: might be the fault of my patch, yes15:24
seb128slomo: do you recommend reverting the change or do you want to update it or something?15:25
slomoseb128: maybe revert later, first try to debug :)15:25
slomoseb128: i can reproduce it, yay15:40
slomoseb128: funny that it only happens with rhythmbox and not totem or banshee ;)15:41
slomoseb128: mp3parse has more than this regression now anyway, have to get it fixed for hardy release a bit harder ;)15:46
huatspochu: I've filled a bug for anjuta15:52
huatsbug 20144015:53
ubotwoLaunchpad bug 201440 in anjuta "Please sponsor anjuta 2.4.0 into hardy" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20144015:53
huatsand I have subscribed u-u-s...15:53
seb128huats: maybe you can sync on debian?15:54
huatsseb128: hum... sure15:54
huatsI'll have a look15:54
slomoseb128: hah, found the bug :)15:54
seb128slomo: that was quick ;-)15:55
huatsbut since pochu asked me about the update, i haven't look at debian :(15:55
seb128huats: that's alright, I just noticed they did update too now15:55
huatsseb128: I just have to check about the libgraphviz3 -> libgraphviz4 transition15:56
huatsappart from that I think it is possible15:56
huatsseb128: they still depend on libgraphviz3 while we have done a transition to libgraphviz415:57
huatsso a sync is not possible...15:57
huatsright ?15:57
seb128is that orange for you guys?16:01
huatsnope for me16:01
huatsbut may be I am not understanding :)16:02
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seb128bah, none of those is working16:10
Amaranththen 7text16:14
seb128I'm trying the change from bug 15554316:14
ubotwoLaunchpad bug 155543 in xchat-gnome "Does not send IRC color escape codes properly" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15554316:14
seb128that doesn't work16:15
Amaranthi didn't even notice it did that16:15
seb128I get the color only on the client where I write16:15
Amaranthdid you get my color?16:15
Amaranththat's why16:16
Amaranththe channel has +c locked16:16
slomoAmaranth: i don't get it either and i use normal xchat ;)16:16
Amaranthonly the channel owner can unlock that16:16
Amaranth+c means strip color16:16
Amaranthcolor will not work here16:16
seb128still not16:16
Amaranthtry #foobar123 or something :)16:16
slomoseb128: you can sync gst-plugins-ugly now if you want ;)16:17
seb128slomo: cool16:17
seb128Amaranth: I tried on #debugubuntu16:17
seb128looks like both variant are working16:17
Amaranththe patched version is "more correct"16:18
seb128is there a rfc or something documenting that?16:18
Amaranthno, IRC colors are an mIRC extension16:18
seb128I hate having to spend time or useless changes like that16:18
Amaranthand mIRC is \00316:18
seb128Amaranth: what is  then?16:19
seb128Amaranth: what is % C then?16:19
Amaranthi have no idea, never seen that before16:19
Amaranthand the %%C thing doesn't work for me16:19
seb128what client do you use?16:19
Amaranthi just get the literal %%C16:19
seb128can you join #debugubuntu?16:20
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ubotwoLaunchpad bug 201127 in network-manager "(Hardy) please remove Network Manager Editor from Internet and Preferences" [Undecided,New]16:57
alex-weeji've attached a more appropriate Desktop Entry for nm-editor16:57
alex-weejthat changes the name to "Wireless Networks" and removes it from "Internet"16:57
mvoAmaranth: I'm too stupid to set default options in decoration, compFindOption in decoration.c does not return anything for me, I'm a bit clueless currently17:08
Amaranthmvo: eh?17:08
mvoAmaranth: no idea really, setting it in metadata/decoration.xml has no effect for some reason, settings it manualy in ccsm seem to work ok17:09
mvomaybe something broken in my local settings, but I don't want to upload it like this :)17:10
Amaranthsetting it in decoration.xml doesn't make it show up in ccsm?17:10
mvoit shows up there, but its not applied on startup for me17:11
Amaranthyou have this stuff in bzr?17:12
mvoAmaranth: yeah, just run bzr-buildpackage17:12
mvoAmaranth: and don't forget to reset command to default, when I change it it seems to work17:12
Amaranththat stuff never works for me, i always end up just copying the debian/ into a manually extracted tree17:13
Amaranthheh, i don't even have it installed17:14
Amaranthwhoa it got smart, it downloads the orig.tar.gz for you17:14
mvoyeah, the latest version orks very well for me17:14
Amaranthfails to build anything, of course...17:15
mvocan you try "bzr-buildpackage --merge" ?17:15
mvothat should be the default, but maybe I forgot to set it17:15
Amaranthit deleted everything...17:15
Amaranthwiped out the whole build tree17:15
Amaranththen tried to apply patches to files that were no longer there17:16
Amaranth--merge made it go17:16
mvocool, I need to checking the config that it uses that always17:18
Amaranthalright, installing this package put /usr/bin/compiz-decorator in decoration settings17:22
Amaranthand it did not start a decorator...17:22
mvoI wonder if there is something crazy going on with the startup order of the plugins or something17:22
mvosomething that makes decorator not find the gconf stuff yet17:23
Amaranthi don't think that is possible, ccp is the first plugin loaded17:24
Amaranthhmm, if it change it to just "compiz-decorator" manually it starts17:25
mvoyeah, once I change it in gconf or ccsm its fine for me too17:25
* mvo adds some debug output17:27
Amaranthmvo: this is certainly infuriating17:33
mvo"infuriating" ?!?17:33
* mvo looks for a dictionary17:33
Amaranththink "arg!!!!!"17:33
mvoAmaranth: I think I have some rought idea why it happens, its just strange that this hasn't be noticed way earlier17:33
Amaranthwhat is your idea?17:33
mvocompSetStringOption() is called in decorSetDisplayOption() - that returns FALSE if the current option and the new value are the same17:34
mvoAmaranth: and only if ifcompSetStringOption returns TRUE runCommand() is later executed17:35
mvomaybe I should talk to danny about this17:36
mvohm, no maniac anymore17:36
Amaranthonestone is still here though :)17:37
alex-weejoh man i just realised you can reply to bug threads by email17:45
alex-weejoh man oh man that is so awesome17:45
onestonemvo: I don't see why this should be a problem17:48
onestonemvo: or are you killing the current decorator and you want the decoration plugin to start it again17:48
pochuhuats, seb128: I don't think we can sync from Debian right now due to a libneon transition in Debian. But basing the update on the Debian package and just changing the build-dependency should work17:50
mvoonestone: it seems like runCommand is not executed if I set the default in metadata/decorator.xml to something like "gtk-widnow-decorator" because it is only run when compSetStringOption() returns TRUE. but it seems I get a FALSE because "o" and "value" have the same string17:50
pochuhuats: would you mind doing that?17:50
mvoonestone: this means that on startup with the default (e.g. gtk-window-decorator) no decorator is started17:51
mvoor am I misunderstanding something here (i.e. how I should setup the default decoration in the decoration plugin)17:51
huatspochu: no pb at all...17:51
onestonemvo: decoration does not start the decorator if it's set in the xml file on startup?17:51
mvoonestone: yes17:52
mvoonestone: I want to make a ubuntu systemwide default in the xml file17:52
huatspochu: tomorrow, can it wait tomorrow ?17:52
onestonemvo: this can be fixed17:53
=== dpm__ is now known as dpm
slomoseb128: you want to sync my next gtk upload too ;)17:54
seb128slomo: is it only a warning or a crasher?17:55
seb128will sync anyway17:55
slomoseb128: warning that will cause crasher on 64 bit archs (sizeof (FILE *) vs. sizeof (int))17:56
mvoonestone: yeah, fixing that would be cool. are you looking into it or should I give it a go?17:57
onestonemvo: commited17:59
mvoonestone: that was *fast*17:59
* mvo hugs onestone18:00
mvojipiee, works now!18:08
mvoAmaranth: your tested the stacking patch I suppose?18:12
Amaranthmvo: of course :)18:12
Amaranthi've been using it since i created it, haven't noticed any problems except it fixing those bugs :)18:12
Amaranthwhich makes sense, these are very small and exact changes18:15
mvoyeah, please commit18:16
pochuhuats: sure, no hurry18:16
mvoAmaranth: with all the fixing going on in git-head we are going to need to update again very soon :)18:16
Amaranthyeah, onestone's commits should get intel and ati gamers off our backs :)18:17
mvoyep, that is really cool!18:17
Amaranthmvo: i actually need to go run an errand so I can't do it right now18:17
mvomeh, dinner time for me too18:17
Amaranthi'll do it when i get back18:18
mvoAmaranth: when will you be back?18:18
mvoAmaranth: or just I just add it when I'm back from dinner?18:18
Amaranth30-45 minutes18:18
mvook, that should be fine18:18
mvohave fun!18:18
* mvo &18:18
Amaranthalright, back19:18
=== asac_ is now known as asac
Amaranthmvo: committed19:31
mvoAmaranth: thanks19:34
mvoseb128: do you mind if nautilus-share goes into bzr ;) ?19:41
seb128mvo: yes19:42
* mvo mubles something19:42
* seb128 hugs mvo19:42
seb128no, that's alright ;-)19:42
mvoAmaranth: after the final test, I will upload a new compiz19:43
mvothanks seb12819:43
seb128you will just have to deal with me complaining if bzr doesn't work correctly again ;-)19:43
seb128mvo: no problem19:43
mvono huats anymore?19:52
Amaranthin a week i'm going to close like 100 bugs19:58
Amaranthin compiz, i mean19:58
Amaranthno response for over a month19:58
Amaranththen we'll be under 200 bugs again (and forever this time, damnit)19:58
mvoyou rock!19:59
* mvo uploads a new compiz20:01
Amaranthah, pedro_ is closing them for me, even better :)20:06
pedro_it was time a month after the hug day20:07
Amaranthi don't like to be the villain :P20:07
Amaranthyeah, although i did most of my stuff a couple days after that20:07
Amaranththat bug day was actually what got me going on triaging compiz bugs again, was sad that it was so bad an event had to be setup to deal with it20:08
pedro_hehe nice20:10
* Amaranth watches bug count fall rapidly20:13
* Amaranth watches inbox fill rapidly20:13
Amaranthyay all but one of our decorator bugs should be fixed now20:14
alex-weejAmaranth: can you fix the Show Desktop button now? :)20:16
Amaranthalex-weej: No, I like the way it works now :)20:16
alex-weejit's annoying, the tooltip icon says "minimises all windows". and it doesn't with compiz.20:16
alex-weejdoes with metacity20:17
Amaranthit does minimize all windows20:17
alex-weejevery OTHER time20:17
Amaranthno, it's a toggle button20:17
alex-weej50% of the time it minimises20:18
Amaranthyou can clearly see that it is pressed in in show desktop mode20:18
alex-weej50% of the time it swamps you with the windows that were hidden last time20:18
Amaranthalex-weej: Like I said in the bug report, do you want us to enable the showdesktop plugin so we have an effect just like OS X to make it clear what is happening?20:18
alex-weejAmaranth: i've just seen your mail. let me have a play and figure it out.20:19
Amaranthwoo, down to 24320:21
* Amaranth hugs pedro_20:21
alex-weejAmaranth: yes, that is about a million times better for my brain.20:21
Amaranthalex-weej: hehe20:22
* pedro_ hugs Amaranth back20:22
* alex-weej still wants a minimise all function, but can live20:22
Amaranthand the bug it had in gutsy is gone so we should be able to do that20:22
alex-weejAmaranth: there is no "to sides" function. i guess apple has evil patents on that or something?20:22
Amaranththere is a Left/Right option20:23
Amaranthalthough it seems to only go Left for me20:23
alex-weejmaybe all your windows are on the left20:24
alex-weejon os x they go to the top, bottom, left and right20:24
alex-weejand also a translucent black edge is created around the screen to indicate that you can click it to get your windows back20:24
alex-weejthat would be good, it's a bit weird having only the small corners of windows visible on the screen20:24
AmaranthI thought we did that20:24
alex-weejalso, they need to ramp to their opacity rather than just jumping :)20:25
AmaranthFile a wishlist bug so I don't lose it :)20:25
Amaranthoh, i have two monitors so right means on that monitor20:26
Amaranthalex-weej: actually, please file those bugs upstream20:27
alex-weeji don't have an account20:27
Amaranthless work for me ;)20:27
alex-weejand i'm really not that bothered, i use metacity because i like to play 3d games rather than just 3d windows :P20:27
Amaranthalright then, i hope i remember to forward them :)20:27
Amaranthwith unredirect fullscreen windows 3d games should work fine20:28
Amaranthalthough if the game changed the resolution it wouldn't unredirect, this is fixed upstream now20:28
Amaranthwe'll have that soonish20:28
alex-weejwhat's going on with indirect acceleration?20:28
alex-weejthere was some progress with the intel driver a year or so ago wasn't there?20:29
alex-weejonly setup that can do it right now is proprietary nvidia :/20:29
Amaranthredirected direct rendering?20:29
Amaranthneeds ttm and dri220:29
Amaranthmaybe (for intel only) by the end of the year20:29
Amaranthwell, nouveau will probably get it too around that time, dunno about ati20:29
alex-weejle groan20:29
pedro_see you later20:30
alex-weejthe new updates-available icon from tango sucks, can we have the Human one back?20:30
alex-weejwell i guess it doesn't suck, but mixing tango with human does and we already have a human one20:31
AmaranthOops, forgot about that :)20:45
Amaranthbug 9945320:45
ubotuLaunchpad bug 99453 in kdepim "kdepim exchange connector doesn't work in offline mode" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/9945320:45
mvoseb128: still here?21:59
seb128mvo: yes22:00
mvoseb128: I may have a nautlis-share with install support for samba soonish22:01
seb128mvo: ah, excellent!22:02
Ubulettewhen I login using gdm, my res is 1440x900 like i configured it, using AutoLogin, I get a virtual screen of 1920x1200 instead. Is it a gdm issue ?22:02
seb128not sure what is to blame there22:03
Ubulette100% reproducible for weeks22:04
Ubuletteused to work before22:04
seb128I doubt it's a gdm bug though22:05
Amaranthbug 3783422:09
ubotuLaunchpad bug 37834 in ubuntulooks "Hard to read text over progress bar (dup-of: 37603)" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/3783422:09
ubotuLaunchpad bug 37603 in ubuntulooks "Ensure that foreground and background color combinations provide sufficient contrast when viewed by someone having color deficits" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/3760322:09
Amaranthphew, bot still working22:09
Ubuletteseb128, found it, that's nvidia-xconfig's fault.. so it's displayconfig-gtk22:16
mvoseb128: http://people.ubuntu.com/~mvo/nautilus-share/ if you want to have a look, seems to work for me, but I had a crash earlier, not sure if that was just coincidence22:17
seb128Ubulette: ok22:17
seb128mvo: trying22:17
seb128mvo: works fine here22:20
* seb128 hugs mvo22:20
mvoseb128: nice! what do you think? uploading or talking to ubuntu-release first?22:21
seb128mvo: uploading, then talk to those to get it used ;-)22:22
mvoseb128: uploaded and bed-time22:24
* mvo waves22:24
emberseb128 what is missing for 22.0 on hardy?22:31
seb128ember: nothing not claimed22:32
seb128gnome-power-manager, ted is working on it22:32
seb128and cheese, the mobile team is doing the update22:32
seb128we don't want this one22:34
seb128they reverted strings change22:34
emberi didn't know i was checking releng versions22:35
pochugood night23:25

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