agoevand have added a diff patch to bug #1259665900:43
agobug #18611400:44
agowubi rev 451 is up00:46
TheMusoago: Ok that updated mounthost made no difference.00:53
TheMusoLet me reboot in recovery mode to see how things look...00:54
TheMusoago: Still mounted ro.00:57
agohmm can you set -x in mounthost to see where it fails?00:58
TheMusoYep, give me a bit so I can boot into a live disk to adjust it.00:59
agosure, might be that there are some earlier errors00:59
* ago thinks about folders mount-moved in initrd01:01
agoI'd assume that a loopdevice within a ro host is also ro01:06
agoand in scripts/local we mount-move /host into a ro loopdevice (not sure if that is allowed)01:07
agoTheMuso you might want to have set -x also in initramfs-tools/scripts/local to check that01:08
TheMusoago: Ok, I'll get the script's contents dumped to a log file for both scripts, and I'll apstebin them both.01:09
agoI am out of space and cannot create a vfat vm before backup/cleanup...01:11
ubotuLaunchpad bug 186114 in wubi "umountroot cannot handle fuse host mounts" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18611401:14
* TheMuso re-generates the initramfs01:16
agoubotu, that must be a record....01:16
TheMusoWooho. It would help if I made the mounthost script I copied over executable. :S01:29
TheMusoago: initramfs-tool scripts/local output: http://pastebin.com/m99dbdb602:04
TheMusoago: mounthosts: http://pastebin.com/m1d0d3f2b02:05
agoTheMuso: mounthost seems to have executed the following command successfully:02:13
agomount -n -o remount,defaults,rw /dev/disk/by-uuid/747E-E96F /host02:13
TheMusoago: But /host is still ro.02:13
TheMusoLet me boot it again, just to be sure.02:13
agoinitramfs does not show any error during mount-move, I assume you stopped that to get the log02:14
agoI know that for instance ntfs-3g cannot be remounted at the moment #18611702:15
agoI wouldn't expect the same issue to extend to vfat, but you never know...02:15
agocan you try to mount/remount vfat from a live session?02:16
TheMusoHrm ok maybe with the recent mounthosts update, host is now mounted rw, however things still crash out, which amkes me think its the initramfs code that is the issue.02:16
agowell if it is mounted rw, one less I guess...02:17
TheMusoYeah, even now I can't remount the root filesystem read-only, still says /host/ubuntu/disks/root.disk is wrte-protected.02:18
TheMusoSo the initial mount from the initramfs sticks.02:19
TheMusoEven accross the pivot, which makes sense.02:19
agoah so /host gets remounted but / does not...02:19
TheMusoYes, and cannot.02:20
agoI went through that long time ago'...02:20
TheMusoOnce we pivot, the remount of /host by mounthost is treated as a separate entity it seems.02:20
agoIRC the solution is not to use mount -o loop02:20
agobut use losetup instead and the mount /dev/loop002:21
TheMusoThat doesn't appear to be used.02:21
agoit is in initramfs-tools/scripts/local02:21
agomount ${roflag} -o loop -t ${FSTYPE} ${LOOPFLAGS} "/host/${LOOP#/}" ${rootmnt}02:21
TheMusoI still don't quite follow what you are saying.02:21
agoyou split mount -o loop in 2 operations02:22
ago1) you create a loop device with losetup02:22
ago2) you mount that normally without "-o loop" since now it is available as /dev/loop#02:22
TheMusoUm, so what difference would this make with initramfs tools, and vfat being mounted ro?02:22
agoas mentioned I went through that ~1 y ago', but I think that for some reason when you use mount -o loop the hosted device is marked for life with the host settings02:23
agowhile if you split, the 2 are independent02:23
agosort of02:24
TheMusoBut is there a reason why vfat gets mounted read-only in initramfs in the first place, an ntfs doesn't?02:27
agoyes there was an exception for ntfs, since it could not be remounted02:28
agothe relevant line is:02:28
ago([ -z "$LOOP" ] || [ "${FSTYPE#ntfs}" = "$FSTYPE" ]); then02:28
TheMusoyeah I saw that02:28
TheMusothat makes sense.02:28
ago1 solution is to delete  || [ "${FSTYPE#ntfs}" = "$FSTYPE" ])02:29
agoso that whenever there is a loop device it gets always mounted rw02:29
TheMusoHrm, but wouldn't it be saner to use losetup as you previously mentioned?02:29
agoother solution is to use the losetup + mount /dev/loop02:29
TheMusoAnd let mounthost remount it rw?02:29
agoI think so02:29
agoand when 186117 is addressed we can remove the specialcasing for ntfs02:30
TheMusoI'll research the losetup stuff now if you'd like, and I'll d a test. If it works, I'll upload a fix.02:30
agoreplace the mount -o loop with the above (I assume that losetup is available in initrd, do not remember now)02:32
TheMusoI can check02:33
TheMusoYes, it is in the initramfs.02:35
TheMusoOk, I'll make a change, and test.02:36
agoTheMuso, really need to go to bed 3am here...02:53
TheMusoago: Thats fine, I'll let you know how it goes.02:53
agothanks a lot for everything02:53
TheMusoYou're welcome.02:53
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evandThe noninteractive oem-config bug seems to not stop there.  When noninteractive is used it cannot find any of the packages on the local cd mirror.  I'll take a further look in the morning.08:19
superm1evand, oooh yuck.  that's worse than expected :)08:24
cjwatsonthat's ... special08:34
xivulonTheMuso any luck yesterday?10:36
TheMusoxivulon: It still crashes out. I need to get a complete boot log for you.10:37
cr3is there a way to preseed an installation so that deb-src repositories aren't generated in the sources.list?13:37
cr3also, is there a way to prevent hardy-updates from being generated too?13:37
cjwatsonno, sorry (to both)13:48
cr3cjwatson: that's fine, I'll workaround in late-command.14:32
cr3when installing a new package, during the Setting up phase, I sometimes get: Not replacing deleted config file /etc/...14:32
cr3I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask but this is breaking packages being installed :(14:33
cr3or just running dpkg-reconfigure package_name returns the same error message14:34
cr3err, warning message :)14:35
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cr3aha! it was a ucf problem which can be fixed with ucf -p /etc/...15:08
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evandThis noninteractive bug is horribly confusing.  gtk_ui and noninteractive are using the same code during the actual install routine, yet the former is able to install packages from the CD and the latter complains about them not being in pool.18:26
evandCuriously, if I interrupt the process with a sleep and run apt by hand (setting the appropriate options) it works just fine.18:27
mario_limonciellthat would make it rather difficult to sort out -18:47
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cr3after the installation has completed, in late-command, is there a way to add repositories to sources.list and apt-get a few more packages?19:05
cr3the reason for wanting to apt-get new packages so late is that I want to be very strict on the repositories used during the installation19:06
cjwatsonuse apt-setup/local0/repository etc.19:06
cr3and, the problem with running apt-get in late-command is that /proc doesn't exist on the target system so apt-get fails horribly :)19:06
cr3cjwatson: the problem is that repositories specified that way are used during the installation of the system proper19:06
cjwatsonno they aren't19:07
cjwatsonthey're used for language packs, but that's all19:07
cjwatsonrelevantly, they're used for pkgsel/include19:07
cjwatsonwhich is what you really want19:07
cr3cjwatson: indeed relevantly, thanks a lot for that info!19:07
cjwatsonyou can bind-mount /proc if you need to (necessary when not using in-target), but it shouldn't be needed with that different approach19:08
cjwatsonand then just preseed the things you need to preseed in the normal way, using a preseed file19:08
sorencjwatson: Why bind-mount /proc rather than just mount it?19:15
yennesneed help installing boost19:53
yennesis anyone here?19:53
cjwatsonsoren: either works20:49
sorencjwatson: Ok.20:55
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cr3I'm getting an error code 100 during pkgsel because the repository used during the installation doesn't have deb-src nor hardy-updates. Is there a way I could hook into preseed before pkgsel is called to strip sources.list or should I emulate deb-src and hardy-updates on the server side?22:17
cr3and it seems that pkgsel is forcing an upgrade, or maybe I could be wrong: The following NEW packages will be installed:...22:23
cjwatsonthere's a /usr/lib/pre-pkgsel.d22:54
cjwatsonnew packages doesn't sound like an upgrade22:54
cr3ls: /usr/lib/pre-pkgsel.d/*: No such file or directory;  WARNING **: Configuring 'pkgsel' failed with error code 122:59
cjwatson(if you want it); it won't be failing for that reason anyway22:59
cr3oh, there's also this line: The following packages will be upgraded:22:59
cr3right, just a warning. at what point should I be creating /usr/lib/pre-pkgsel.d/?22:59
cjwatsonupgraded> maybe needed in order to install language packs; it certainly doesn't run a real upgrade23:00
cjwatsonI know that for an absolute fact23:00
cr3some of the files under the upgraded packages include: apt apt-utils dhcp3-client dhcp3-common gcc-4.2-base initramfs-tools libgcc1 libsasl2-2 libsasl2-modules libssl0.9.8 libstdc++6 ntpdate python python-minimal python2.5 python2.5-minimal tasksel tasksel-data23:00
cjwatsonif you want to hook in before pkgsel to do something, create the directory from preseed/early_command and drop an executable script in it23:01
cjwatsoncould I see the full log, please? it's hard to guess from snippets23:01
cr3cjwatson: sorry, I removed the log and reverted to doing all my mangling in late-command. I will try again to polish my preseeding once all the tests have completed.23:02
cjwatsonI don't see anything in there that could obviously be forced, but if it were a significant enough mismatch between image and archive then it's possible23:02
cr3ok, so I might try to strip hardy-updates and deb-src in a pre-pkgsel script. I think that would be clean23:04
cjwatsonpkgsel does: install appropriate language-pack-$LANGUAGE for basic localisation; run tasksel to install bulk of packages; install rest of language packs (e.g. language-pack-gnome-$LANGUAGE) and language-support-$LANGUAGE23:04
cjwatsonand other miscellaneous (non-apt) bits and pieces around that23:05
cjwatsonis this a CD or net install?23:05
cr3cjwatson: net install23:05
cjwatsonok, in that case I apologise for misleading you earlier23:05
cjwatsonrepositories specified with apt-setup/local* are indeed used for installing the system as a whole in the case of net installs23:06
cjwatsonbut not for CD installs23:06
cjwatsonI get a bit CD-centric sometimes23:06
cr3cjwatson: heh, don't worry about it, I need to understand exactly what's going on and learning from mistakes helps tremendously23:06
cjwatsonyou could cheat in a potentially interesting way23:06
cjwatsonin pre-pkgsel.d, remove deb-src and -updates as you wish23:07
cjwatsonbut also copy /target/etc/apt/sources.list to /target/etc/apt/sources.list.apt-setup, and add the extra local repositories you want23:07
cjwatsonpkgsel will move the latter file into place before processing pkgsel/include23:07
cr3cjwatson: so perhaps I'll also add my other repositories in pre-pkgsel23:07
cjwatsonthis is complete undocumented cheating, and piggybacks on how CD stuff happens to be implemented, but ought to work23:08
cjwatsonit's the easiest way I can think of to add local repositories in a net install but not have them used for the bulk package installation stage23:08
cr31. cp /target/etc/apt/sources.list /target/etc/apt/sources.list.apt-setup; 2. mangle /target/etc/apt/sources.list.apt-setup; 3. let 'er rip23:09
cr3cjwatson: this certainly beats my current workaround: have my test suite apt-get packages :(23:09
cjwatsonyou will probably want to remove deb-src and -updates from /target/etc/apt/sources.list before copying23:09
cr3that is totally evil and I'm ashamed to even mention it23:09
cr3cjwatson: so I might as well invert steps #2 and #123:10
cr3unless /target/etc/apt/sources.list is actually used by the installer to install the system23:10
cjwatsonit is23:11
cr3ok, I really need to jet, taking spiv out for a beer :)23:11
cjwatsonit uses /target/etc/apt/sources.list up to just after tasksel finishes23:12
cr3oh, thanks for the info, I'll be careful to get those steps straight23:12
cjwatsonthen copies sources.list.apt-setup into place, then installs pkgsel/include stuff, then installs rest of language packs23:12
cr3crystal clear :)23:13
cjwatsonnight, enjoy beer :)23:13
cr3meeting brad bollenbach as well, nice evening ahead :)23:13
xivulonhmm I do not seem to be able to remount a loopfile inside vfat....23:51
xivulonif I start with a ro mounted host, I can remount the host but not the hosted loopfile23:52
xivulonif I start with a rw host+hosted. I can remount ro the hosted fs, but not the host23:52
TheMusoxivulon: Whats interesting, si when I made those initramfs changes locally and tried again, it crashed, but the loop mounted root fs was mounted rw. I'd need to check to be sure, but thats what I can remember.23:55
xivulonstrange I am tru23:56
xivulontrying to replicate on a vfat partition23:56
xivulonI mount vfat partition ro (that contains an ext3 file)23:56
xivulonthen do losetup on the ext3 file in there23:56
xivulonthen mount the loop device ro23:56
xivulonthen remount the vfat partition rw23:57
xivulonthen remount the loopdevice rw23:57
xivulonand... ...it does not work23:57
xivulonbut iirc it used to work23:57

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