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katkinpopey: ping10:39
popeykatkin: pong10:40
katkinpopey: how are things?10:41
popeykatkin: up and down :)10:41
popeykatkin: i seriously need to get that stand back to you! :(10:41
popeyI am really sorry10:41
katkinpopey: things are a bit mad here in the run up to 8.04 - but very exciting too, esp as it is my first LTS release10:41
katkinpopey: ah yes, the stand, we need it quite urgently for an event10:42
katkinpopey: could you get it back to me by the end of the week at the latest?10:42
popeykatkin: hmm, let me make a call - I am currently working away from home at the moment10:42
katkinpopey: ok, when will you be back?10:43
popeythe weekend10:43
juliuxhey katkin 10:44
juliuxkatkin, can you send out some cds for an ubuntu marketing event at the university of hamburg?10:44
katkinok, well if you're able to send it back on Monday, that is manageable too10:44
katkinpopey: just shout if you need us to help arrange for a courier to pick it up10:45
katkinpopey: I have someone here who can arrange that easily10:45
katkinpopey: we really need it back asap though, we've been without it since September and a couple of events have already passed that we needed it for10:46
katkinjuliux: a few questions, have you put the request through Ship It? When is the event? How many CDs would you be looking for?10:46
juliuxkatkin, not yet in shipit, the event is at the 26.3 200 cds are fine10:47
popeykatkin: it was last used by bracknell LUG, have asked them (Alan Cocks) to drop it off at my place and we can get a courier to pick up from there?10:48
katkinok, ideally all CD requests for events should go through ship it10:48
katkinpopey: OK sure, I will get my colleague Cezzaine to contact you to arrange for a courier to pick it up from you on Monday then10:49
katkinjuliux: would server CDs be any use to you?10:49
popeykatkin: ok, apologies for having it so long and being generally crap10:49
juliuxkatkin, i think for that event are normal cds better10:50
katkinpopey: no worries10:50
juliuxkatkin, i will open a request at shipit10:50
juliuxkatkin, i hoped you can fast up the approvement;)10:50
katkinjuliux: ok, please can you give me a contact name, phone number and address of where they need to be delivered to and I will see what I can do10:51
juliuxkatkin, i will send you an mail10:51
katkinjuliux: ok, so you need them to arrive on or before 26th March?10:51
juliuxthe university of hamburg ask us on cebit10:52
popeykatkin: have you seen http://podcast.ubuntu-uk.org/ ?11:11
popeykatkin: or does your sound card still not work? :(11:11
katkinpopey: nope I haven't seen it yet, but yes my sound card works now :)11:12
popeyyay, you can listen then :)11:13
popeybe interested to know what you guys think11:13
katkinpopey: sure, I'll do my best when I get the time. . . . ;)11:14
juliuxkatkin, i canĀ“ t open a request on shipit, the fields for the address are to small11:41
juliuxi canĀ“ t add the whole name11:41
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