dholbachgood morning07:08
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probon1hi all, i'm trying to make an image, but i keep getting errors that HAL is not configured10:35
probon1is there a known bug?10:35
probon1this is on hardy10:35
probon1using the moblin image creator, mccaslin-lpia platform, ubuntu-mobile target 10:36
probon1Setting up hal (0.5.10+git20080301-1ubuntu1) ...10:45
probon1polkit-auth: This operation requires the system message bus and ConsoleKit to be running10:45
loolprobono: Curious12:24
loolprobono: Could you please file a bug against MIC on launchpad?12:24
loolIt should work12:24
dns53has anyone tried to install ubuntu-mobile hardy on an eeepc?12:36
probonolool: i need to experiment more12:57
probonolool: using the deb from moblin.org, i don't get this problem12:57
loolprobono: What MIC are you using?12:58
probonois there any way to get full hardware support (as in the Ubuntu live CD) into a moblin image?12:58
loolHmm I'd rather approach your goal the other way around: start from a live CD and add -mobile bits12:58
probonolool: at my 1st attempt, i used the one from hardy. now i'm using the one from moblin.org, on gutsy - this works (created a live usb image)12:58
probononow when i boot into that, my mouse doesn't work12:59
loolYou're running the moblin MIC package on gutsy targetting hardy?12:59
probonoyes, basically12:59
probonoworks w/o errors12:59
loolThat's known not to work then; the problem is between the system dbus of gutsy and the hardy packages installed in the chroot12:59
loolprobono: Run hardy on your host12:59
probonolool: now i'm getting confused13:00
probonousing hardy as a host, using hardy's mic did *not* work13:00
probonousing gutsy as a host, using moblin.org mic, *did* work13:00
loolprobono: Were you creating hardy based images?13:00
probonoi'm not sure about that, acutally13:01
probonoas i said, i'm new to this13:01
loolprobono: Make sure you wipe your ~/.image-creator and projects between your trials13:01
loolprobono: That's fine, don't worry13:01
probonoalso, platforms ilke "mccaslin-lpia" are not exactly self-evident13:01
loolprobono: Oh come on, it means mccalsin on lpia  ;)13:01
probonoisn't there a platform "pc "?13:01
probonothat equals the hardware that a ubuntu live cd assumes?13:01
loolprobono: No, McCaslin is an Intel platform; just like Menlow13:02
loolprobono: You can try running these kernels, but they might not work13:02
probonoi have i945 machines, can't that work?13:02
loolIf you want generic support, you should add generic kernels13:02
probonoi915 also13:02
dns53what platform works with an eeepc, or should i install ubuntu and the meta package?13:02
loolWell we're not targetting anything else than mccaslin and menlow ATM13:02
probonodns53: welcome to the club :-)13:02
loolNot PCs, not EeePC13:02
probonodns53: i'm in the same boat13:03
loolBut you're welcome to try running the software13:03
probonodns53: we should start a pc/eeepc target13:03
probonolool: yes. it does run, only it doesn't see my mouse (synaptics touchpad)13:03
dns53well what are the differences in cpu architecture? 13:03
probonowhich is why i was asking how i can enable full ubuntu standard live cd hardware support13:03
loolprobono: Ubuntu Mobile is currently aimed at touchscreens13:04
probonolool: i understand that, but i'm lacking the hardware13:04
loolIt's preconfigured for some hardware platforms such as the Q1 Ultra13:04
probonowould like to get my development started w/o buying prerelease hardware13:04
loolprobono: At this point, you're "on your own"  :-/  You will have to revisit things like the missing packages or change the Xorg config13:04
loolWe're not trying to support all hardware in a generic fashion at the moment13:05
loolprobono: You should be able to run apps in Xephyr though and installing standard Ubuntu packages will simply work13:05
probonolool: would it be hard? (i imagine it would basically involve a set of drivers packages)13:05
loolprobono: If you're large on disk, simply install a regular Ubuntu and add the mobile packages13:05
dns53well the ubuntu-mobile works on gutsy when you add the missing package13:05
probonodns53: how would i do that? is there a wiki page on that?13:06
probonoi'd also want my ubuntu to boot directly into mobile, not into gnome13:06
* probono loves the usb-image-generator though13:06
probonocome on, q1 is >1000 EUR13:07
dns53well just install ubuntu (eeexubuntu in my case) then install ubuntu-mobile, there was a package missing from the dependencies i can't remember what it was m something13:07
probonodns53: my actual goal would be to have a live cd/usb13:08
dns53sure, but you can atleast get something working the normal ubuntu way. i did test the image-creator but no targets worked13:09
probonomccaslin-lpia works, i can see the start screen, just have no mouse13:09
probonothis is on a i945 machine13:09
probonodns53: after i installed ubuntu-mobile, how do i launch it?13:12
probonohow do i replace gdm with it?13:12
dns53it should appear as a desktop entry in gdm, you may need to write your own script to launch it yourself and remove gdm13:14
probonook, thanks13:15
probonodns53: does a stock ubuntu live cd work with the eeepc?13:15
probonouck (ubuntu customization kit) should allow one to remaster a live cd to include ubuntu-mobile, i guess13:16
dns53well you need to do some hacks to get everything working fine, X has a wrong resolution, madwifi needs to be customised. there are some scripts to add these things to a gutsy install13:17
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pat_mcgowanrustyl_, how do you tell moblin-media to switch between using gstreamer and helix15:20
rustyl_pat_mcgowan, moblin-media will use the first media service it finds, and it finds the media service via the *.conf files in /usr/share/media-services/16:16
pat_mcgowanrustyl_, thanks for your earlier response17:46
cwong1Does anyone out there know anything about how /usr/share/applications/default.list is being created?18:42
bfiller_mjg59: trying to debug a problem on custom hardware with custom hotkeys. I'm using setkeycodes scancode keycode to map scancode to keycode. After doing so, still not getting keycode when using xev. Any ideas?18:51
bfiller_mjg59: I noticed you have worked on hotkey-setup package and thought that might help..18:51
mjg59bfiller_: What keycode are you setting it to?18:51
bfiller_mjg59: 9718:52
mjg59Hm. Ok, should be safe.18:52
mjg59Does evtest show it turning up?18:52
bfiller_mjg59: I haven't tried that18:52
mjg59That'd be a good thing to try18:52
bfiller_mjg59: will do, thanks. 18:52
bfiller_mjg59: also, what startup file should I put my "setkeycodes" command such that they are installed always?18:53
mjg59Best would be to add to hotkey-setup18:53
bfiller_mjg59: that can be used regardless of hardware?18:54
loolcwong1: dpkg -S tells me it's shipped by desktop-file-utils: /usr/share/applications/defaults.list19:10
loolcwong1: However, it's not checksummed; I'd guess it's updated subsequently when packages are installed; I would suppose update-desktop-database does so19:11
loolcwong1: Please don't call it directly in your postinst and postrm though, but leave it to dh_desktop to add the magic19:13
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mjg59bfiller_: Yeah, as long as there's dmi information from the platform19:42
mjg59bfiller_: If not, we'd need to work out something else :)19:42
cwong1lool: ping20:30
loolcwong1: pong20:36
loolcwong1: But do feel free to pack a question along with the ping to allow me to pong with the answer ;)20:36
cwong1lool: desktop-file-utils is not in the fset in MIC. Should it be?20:37
loolcwong1: I think we should use the fset concept as little as possible and instead rely on what the ubuntu-mobile package pulls for us; isn't it pulled by some other package?20:38
cwong1lool: Not that I know of20:38
cwong1lool: Also, the file default.list that get install when you do apt-get install  desktop-file-utils doesn't really fit our mobile enviroment20:39
cwong1lool: if desktop-file-utils is being pull in by an ubuntu-mobile package, would it be alright for one of our moblin package like home sreen to install it?20:43
loolcwong1: What's the problem with it?20:43
cwong1s/is/is not/20:43
cwong1lool: some of the mime type pointing to wrong app.20:44
loolcwong1: Are they pointing to one of the installed apps or an unavailable one?20:44
cwong1lool:  for example html is pointing to firefox instead of the midbrowser,   media file pointing to totem instead of moblin media player20:44
loolcwong1: Theoritically, this file should be updated after the installation of desktop-file-utils as its postinst calls update-desktop-database20:45
loolSo the contents of the file should reflect the installed apps and what they declare supporting20:45
loolIf you see mismatches, I'd first start by fixing the list of installed apps or the .desktop files which have been installed20:45
loolIf that's not enough, we can look into overrides20:46
cwong1lool: so what you are saying is that all packages should do a db_update_desktop during the install, right?20:46
loolcwong1: All packages should call dh_desktop during their *build* and this will make them call update-desktop-database after their installation and removal20:47
loolcwong1: Well, all "desktop" related packages which ship .desktop files naturally20:47
loolYou don't need your kernel to call that obviously ;)20:47
cwong1lool: if the default.list file is not there, will updaet-desktop-database create one for you?20:48
loolcwong1: It should; look at /var/lib/dpkg/info/*.postinst20:48
loolWell don't look at that, grep it rather20:48
cwong1ok.  Thanks for the info.  I will look into it further.20:49
loolgrep -l update-desktop-database /var/lib/dpkg/info/*.postinst20:49
loolcwong1: These are the snippets inserted by dh_desktop which will cause update-desktop-database -q to be run20:49
cwong1lool:  looks like if the file default.list is not there, update-desktop-database -q doesn't create one for you.  Any idea?20:59
loolcwong1: The file should be there as it's shipped by desktop-file-utils21:01
loolcwong1: dpkg -L desktop-file-utils | grep defaults21:01
cwong1lool: Yes if only you have install desktop-file-utils, but as I said before I don't think desktop-file-utils is part of the ubuntu-mobile image.  Correct me if I am wrong.21:03
cwong1cwong1: lool:  at least if it is not part of the image being created by moblin's image creator21:04
loolcwong1: Checking21:12
cwong1lool: k21:13
loolcwong1: That's probably correct indeed21:13
loolI only see ubuntu-desktop pulling it21:13
loolcwong1: As a stop gap measure, add it to your fset21:13
loolcwong1: The fix is in updating the ubuntu-mobile package21:13
cwong1lool: ok. so someone from your side will fix this, right?21:14
loolcwong1: Yes; you're welcome to file a bug21:15
cwong1lool: ok..  Thanks.21:16
loolagainst ubuntu-meta21:16
loolcwong1: Will be fixed by next ubuntu-meta upload (committed in our tree)21:27
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